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As it happened: Weather Forecasts and Reports
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
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Mon 15:00 The fourth round of this year's FIA Formula One World Championship heralds the start of the European season. The Circuit de Catalunya is the location for the 2008 Gran Premio de Espana Telefonica. For the teams and drivers this is a welcome return to the European circuits. Less traveling and the luxury of the team motorhomes await the Formula One fraternity this weekend at Montmelo.

The circuit lies approximately 20 kilometres north of Barcelona, and the race weekend is usually a pleasant, sunny affair at the time of year when the Mediterranean is just beginning to warm up after the cool winter. This year's event will be no exception, making it 12 years since we had a wet or even remotely damp Spanish Grand Prix.

As we move towards the race weekend, an area of high pressure, covering much of central and southern Europe during the weekend will ensure plenty of sunshine, pleasant warm temperatures and virtually no chance of rain during the three days. The mainstream weather sites such as and Weather Underground are also believing that the high pressure will dominate, and have run a sunny and warm forecast accordingly.

The local Spanish meteorology website is also running with plenty of sunshine for the weekend.

This week the only question is whether the high pressure will remain in control. Through the week the synoptic charts will give us the necessary answers.

Temperatures will stay in the 20-22c / 68-72f range between Friday and Sunday.

The Circuit de Catalunya is prone to changing wind conditions, and for this year's event the drivers and teams will have to grapple with a light breeze which is expected to change in direction as the weekend progresses. A gradual swing from a south-easterly on Friday through to a south-westerly on Sunday is expected. Wind speeds are predicted to be between 11-14 km/hour.

In summary, we are set fair for a bright and sunny Spanish Grand Prix weekend.

Wed 12:58 Owen, in the forum pane, points to an interesting prediction from another source.

After checking the situation thoroughly, we conclude that fine and dry is still the theme for the race weekend. The high pressure block has arrived today over central Europe, and will remain in effect through most of the remaining part of this week, giving dry and mainly sunny conditions to Catalonia.

Later on Saturday, the high pressure begins to slip away eastwards, but with no low pressure systems on the horizon, Barcelona and the Circuit de Catalunya will remain dry, although wall-to-wall sunshine may become sunny intervals as the odd patch of cloud passes over.

The mainstream weather sites are not buying into any chance of rain during the weekend. have shifted their rain chance percentage to between 10 and 20 percent, merely as a token gesture to acknowledge the high pressure area moving away.

If there are any significant changes to the weekend forecast, this page will be updated.

Fri 19:20 Friday was a dry and bright day at the Circuit de Catalunya. Temperatures peaked at 24c during the afternoon session, a somewhat more comfortable level than previously experienced at Imola when the circus made the April return to Europe.

Saturday is expected to be similar - a warm and dry day. There remains little chance of rain affecting the Spanish Grand Prix.

Many of the drivers' comments after Friday practice reflected on a struggle to deal with the variable wind conditions, particularly in the afternoon session. Similar wind levels are expected tomorrow and Sunday, so the problem is unlikely to go away.

Sat 18:56 Saturday afternoon and evening remained dry, and bright, with high pressure firmly in control over much of central Europe.

Throughout Sunday, this high pressure block will begin to slowly move eastwards, allowing a little more cloud to move in across Spain than we have seen during the weekend so far.

Conditions will remain dry and very bright however, with a good amount of sunshine. The only difference in comparison with the last two days, being that we should see some high cloud occasionally which may cause track temperatures to fluctuate throughout the race period.

The maximum temperature on raceday will reach 22 degrees celcius.

Please join us on Live at 08:00 on Sunday, for raceday at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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