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As it happened: The 92nd Indy 500
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
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16:00 Since 1909 the fastest drivers in the world have pitted their wits against one another in a battle of speed, skill, car control and daring. A battle lasting 500 tortuous miles determines who is the fastest of all, and who has the right to call themselves Indianapolis 500 champion.

Today, the 92nd running of the greatest spectacle in racing will take place, and another driver will have their likeness etched onto the world famous Borg-Warner trophy and will savour the milk in victory lane.

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Let's hear your views on who will win the great race.

16:05 The month of May has been a difficult one this year for the Indycar drivers. Rain washed out the second qualifying day, resulting in only the first 11 grid positions being established after the first weekend of qualification. Two further practice days were rained out, giving a headache to those drivers who were marginal on speed. On Friday, Carb day practice ran for just 11 minutes before the rains arrived yet again.

Today the weather is beautiful and we expect and dry and sunny race, with a maximum temperature around 24 degrees Celsius.

With Carb day washed out, the early stages of the race will be extremely important, as drivers wrestle with cars that they haven't run in anger on the course for over a week. The drivers will spend the early laps of the race dialling their cars into the track conditions of the day.

16:10 Scott Dixon held off a late challenge from teammate Dan Wheldon to claim pole for this year's 500, on the vital opening day of qualifying that set the grid from pole to 11th. Dixon's pole-winning four lap average was 226.366 mph for the Target Chip Ganassi entry.

Ryan Briscoe led the Penske challenge in qualifying and will start third, with teammate Helio Castroneves on the inside of row two. The Andretti Green trio of Danica Patrick, Tony Kanaan and Marco Andretti took the subsequent grid slots, with Vitor Meira, Hideki Mutoh, Ed Carpenter and Tomas Scheckter also qualifying on pole day.

Day two of qualifying was rained out by the fickle Indiana weather, leaving a scramble on day three to set times for grid slots 12-32. Townsend Bell was fastest on that day, earning himself a spot on the outside of the fourth row.

AJ Foyt IV made it into the field on Bump Day by taking the final spot, while Mario Dominguez, Roger Yasukawa and Max Papis missed out on the last grid spots in a dramatic conclusion to the qualifying sessions.

Here is a full grid for the 92nd Indy 500:

Indy 500 grid

16:15 Tactics and pit strategy are ever-important at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The battle between the drivers on the racetrack is matched by the battle between the crews on pitroad. With up to seven pitstops expected today for fuel and tyres, it's down to the crew chiefs in the pitlane to determine when is the best time to stop, and to ensure that the right wing changes are made at the driver's request.

The spotters up in the tower also play a major role in the race. In constant contact with their drivers, the spotter must - as far as possible - keep their driver out of trouble as they circulate the racetrack.

Good calls from the spotter to warn the driver of danger, great pitstops and a well-balanced racecar will enable the driver to do their job, stay on the lead lap and be there at the end when they race the last hundred miles.

16:25 We have the cars, drivers, teams, a packed speedway and near-perfect weather. This morning the build-up has been electric, and the fans have been flocking to the speedway since the gates opened early this morning.

The 2008 race marks the first since the IndyCar and Champ Car series ended their damaging 12 year split. The feeling that of the dawning of a new era in Indy-style racing surrounds the event.

The cars were pushed from Gasoline Alley into the pitlane in readiness for the race. Concerts have kept the spectators entertained in the hours leading up to the start of the race, and the marching bands and American pagentry has been in full flow.

Moto GP rider Nicky Hayden has been on track demonstrating what a Moto GP bike can do to the assembled crowd, ahead of the inaugural bike event at the speedway later this year.

Finally, a short time ago, the field of 33 were pushed onto the grid, where they remain during the final hour before they get turned loose for 500 miles of racing.

16:32 Driver introductions are now taking place down on the Yard of Bricks as the 33 racers are presented to the enormous crowd.

"I know I have a good car. I know how this race is - I don't expect anything. I'm here to do my job. If I don't get the job done I won't get frustrated, but I will do my best."
Tony Kanaan, Andretti Green Racing

16:37 The field of drivers are lined up on the front stretch for a commemorative photograph.

16:39 The drivers now make their way back towards their racecars. The assembled crowd is yelling and cheering wildly for their favourites in the main grandstand.

16:46 The festivities continue at Indy with a parade of military personnel to mark the Memorial Day weekend.

16:51 The grid assembly looks fantastic as the crews stand behind their cars, making for a colourful display. Truly, the calm before the storm.

16:51 "God Bless America" is being performed by Florence Henderson from the podium.

16:54 The national anthem is now performed by Julianne Hough on the victory podium, as we move closer and closer to the start time.

16:56 A flypast of two F-18 and two F-16 jets screams overhead at the speedway.

16:57 The crowd is going nuts in the speedway, as the drivers are told to move towards their cars.

16:58 Archbishop Daniel Buechlein is delivering the Invocation from the podium as the drivers begin to get in their cars.

17:02 Famed American entertainer Jim Nabors is up on the victory podium to sing the traditional 'Back home again in Indiana.'

This is a welcome return for Nabors, who has performed the song most years since 1972, but had to miss last year's rendition due to illness.

17:03 The traditional plume of multi-coloured commemorative balloons have been released to float up and away from the Speedway.

17:03 Indianapolis Motor Speedway chairman Mari Hulman George delivers the most famous words in open-wheel racing: 'Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!'

17:04 With a roar from the crowd, the engines fire in to life on the starting grid.

17:05 There is sound coming from everywhere as the crew-chiefs give the signal that their cars are ready, and the field of 33 begins to start the first of their pace laps.

17:06 Two-time Formula One world champion Emerson Fittipaldi leads the field in a gold pace car.

17:07 The pace laps continue as the drivers warm up their engines and tyres, ahead of what we anticipate being a spectacular 500 miles of racing.

17:10 11 drivers are considered to be rookies in this field, that including a number of former Champ Car drivers with significant oval experience.

17:10 Completing the second pace lap, the starting grid are ready as we begin the final pace lap ahead of the start of the race.

17:11 11 Rookies, 22 established drivers, and 500 miles of racing are ahead as the field begins to accelerate into turn three ahead of the start.

Lap 1: The race is underway and the cars stream in to turn one.

Lap 1: The Ganassi duo lead away and Scott Dixon gets the jump ahead of Dan Wheldon on the first lap of the race.

Lap 2: The first lap has been completed without incident.

Lap 2: Dixon leads it from Wheldon, Briscoe and Kanaan in a very cautious start from all the drivers.

Lap 3: Wheldon pulls to the inside and wants to take the lead, but ducks in back behind his teammate.

Lap 4: Tomas Scheckter is making good progress in the early laps and moves into fifth place.

Lap 5: Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick, Marco Andretti, Hideki Mutoh and Vitor Meira make up the top ten in the early running.

Lap 5: Scheckter continues his forward charge and has caught up to the back of Ryan Briscoe, as the front three begin to pull clear daylight ahead of Kanaan.

Lap 7: Dan Wheldon moves inside teammate Dixon to take over the lead of the race.

Lap 9: The caution flag comes out.

Lap 9: The top five are building a gap over the rest of the field.

Lap 9: Debris on the racetrack in the turn two area brings out the yellow flags.

Lap 10: The pacecar comes out and has picked up the field, and is now controlling the pace.

Lap 10: Some of the crews are getting ready for an early pit stop.

Lap 10: The piece of debris on the track was Bruno Junqueira's right-side mirror which has fallen off his car.

Lap 10: Pitstops for the leaders this time round as they take advantage of the first yellow of the day.

Lap 11: Dan Wheldon leads the pack back out from the stops.

Lap 12: Four of the 33 cars stayed out on the track and did not pit. Junqueira now leads the race ahead of Buddy Rice, Justin Wilson and Sarah Fisher.

Lap 13: Bruno Junqueira now pits, handing the lead over to Buddy Rice. While in the pits Bruno will have a new mirror attached. In fact there is more trouble for Bruno as the engine cover is taken off. He is in trouble.

Lap 13: Sarah Fisher has spun her car and is stuck on the grass in turn three.

Lap 13: Sarah Fisher has spun onto the warm-up lane, keeping the yellow flags out for longer. Replays show that she was weaving to keep her tyres warm and looped the car around.

Lap 14: The yellow period is now continuing to allow for the recovery of Fisher's car.

Lap 14: Buddy Rice now assumes the lead, ahead of Justin Wilson. These two drivers have stayed out during the yellow. Dan Wheldon is third, Dixon fourth and Tony Kanaan fifth.

Lap 14: Sarah Fisher's car is now being towed into pitlane, where the crew will attempt to refire the machine and get Sarah back into the action.

Lap 16: Helio Castroneves is sixth followed by Tomas Scheckter, Ryan Briscoe, Danica Patrick and Marco Andretti make up the top ten under caution.

Lap 17: We should go back to green the next time by start-finish.

Sarah Fisher's crew have restarted the car and she is now back out on the track.

Lap 17: The field begins to accelerate in anticipation of the green flag.

Lap 18: The pace car comes down pitroad and we are back to green flag racing.

Lap 18: Buddy Rice leads them down on the restart, and holds onto the lead ahead of Justin Wilson.

Lap 20: Rice and Wilson, knowing that they don't have the fastest racecars at this stage of the race, and running low on the racetrack on the main straight taking to the inside line near the pitwall to protect their track positions against the Ganassi cars.

Lap 21: Taking the inside doesn't matter to Wheldon, as he sweeps around to retake the lead of the race.

Lap 21: Marco Andretti is moving up, passing Ryan Briscoe for eighth.

Lap 22: Scott Dixon moved swiftly into second behind his teammate, before Wilson then passed Rice as well.

Lap 23: So Wheldon leads the race now, ahead of Scott Dixon, Justin Wilson and Buddy Rice. Tony Kanaan is keeping touch in the fifth position.

Lap 23: Danica Patrick is now looking to catch the Penske of Brisco for ninth.

Lap 25: Brit Darren Manning is moving through the pack in the AJ Foyt car and is running eleventh.

Lap 26: The front runners are now settling down into a groove again. Justin Wilson in third is hanging on well to the back of the two Target Chip Ganassi cars, as the three of them begin to stretch out a gap over Buddy Rice in fourth.

Lap 28: Pitstops will be due soon for the two drivers who stayed out during that first caution - Justin Wilson and Buddy Rice.

If they are forced to pit under green they risk going a lap down at this early stage of the race.

Lap 30: Bruno Junqueira has returned to the track, having been forced by IndyCar officials to replace his lost mirror.

Lap 31: Wheldon, from Dixon, Wilson, Rice and Kanaan continue round as our top five. Wilson making it a leading trio up front, but his crew are getting ready for his first stop.

Lap 34: Wilson and Rice of course are hoping for yellow so that they can make a gain during their pitstop.

Lap 34: Justin Wilson pits from third position and that's an early negative for the British driver. Rice also comes in from fourth place.

Lap 35: Both drivers rejoin the fray but have gone a lap down.

Lap 36: So with those stops the order now is Wheldon continuing to lead it, from Dixon, Kanaan, Scheckter and Helio Castroneves in fifth.

Lap 37: Ryan Briscoe is on pitroad and this is unscheduled. An early stop for the Australian plus a front wing adjustment and he's away again.

Lap 38: The race comes under yellow for the second time.

Lap 38: Graham Rahal has crashed in turn four, glancing the wall and he is out of the race.

Lap 39: Replays show that Rahal was making good progress through the field passing easily on the inside of the racetrack. Through turn four the 19-year-old then tried a move on the outside, moved up into the grey and pushed out and grazed the wall.

Lap 39: Ryan Briscoe reportedly pitted to try and resolve a vibration on the number six car.

Lap 40: Most of the field now pit under yellow. Dixon had just taken the lead from Wheldon before the yellow came out.

Lap 40: Danica Patrick had a terrible pit stop and has fallen way down the order.

Lap 41: AJ Foyt IV is out of the race, after his car caught fire during a bad pitstop.

Lap 41: The young member of the Foyt dynasty has no serious injuries from the fire.

Lap 43: Once again the caution has been extended by a second incident. Track teams continue to clean up in both turn four and the pit lane, where water from fighting the Foyt fire is running across the road.

Lap 43: Back on the track Scott Dixon reassumes the lead of the race, with Dan Wheldon in second. The 500 has been dominated by Ganassi so far today. Tony Kanaan is again third, with Tomas Scheckter fourth and Helio Castroneves in the leading Penske in fifth place.

Lap 44: The slow stop for Danica Patrick is finally replayed, showing troubles for the left front wheel man on the Andretti Green team.

Lap 45: AJ Foyt IV is climbing back into his car and they are going to try and get him back out on the track after that unfortunate pit incident.

Lap 45: One lap to go before the restart.

Lap 45: Scott Dixon controls the pace as the field comes off the short chute and into turn four accelerating hard.

Lap 46: The pack hammers towards turn one as they are back to racing.

Lap 46: The Ganassi duo hold the first two positions on the restart with little challenge coming from Tony Kanaan behind them.

Lap 49: Darren Manning runs sixth with Ed Carpenter, Helio Castroneves, Vitor Meira and Hideki Mutoh making up the top ten as we approach quarter distance.

Lap 50: Marco Andretti has moved in front of Tomas Scheckter and takes over fourth position.

Meantime Wheldon makes a move on Dixon but tucks in behind and remains second to his teammate.

Lap 52: Ryan Briscoe has lost out badly after pitting just before the caution came out. He now runs 26th and has work to do.

Lap 53: The Target Chip Ganassi cars of Scott Dixon and Dan Wheldon continue to lead the field. Tony Kanaan is third, hanging onto their tails. Marco Andretti is fourth, with Tomas Scheckter in fifth place.

Lap 54: Scheckter makes a move on Andretti and slices inside the Indiana Jones-sponsored Andretti Green machine in turn one. Scheckter retakes fourth, Andretti fifth.

Lap 56: Tomas Scheckter is currently the fastest of the top five drivers and is homing in on the leading three. Kanaan in front of him continues to stay very close to Dan Wheldon.

Lap 58: The Vision Racing team are preparing to send their car back out after the earlier pit lane fire for AJ Foyt IV.

Lap 59: Darren Manning is running some good laps at 221 mph as he bids to catch the leading five cars.

Lap 59: Danica Patrick is staging a comeback from that poor pit stop. The Japan winner is now up to 13th.

Lap 60: The gaps are now static in the top five with no imminent challenges among them. Dixon still ahead of Wheldon, Kanaan, Scheckter and Marco Andretti fifth.

Lap 60: The caution is out for the third time for a single car crash.

Lap 61: Marty Roth has brushed the wall coming out of turn four, and the 49-year-old is out of the race, in almost an action replay of the Rahal incident earlier.

Lap 63: Roth, coming round turn four got way high into the dirt in the grey area on the outside of the racetrack, and washed up towards his destiny with the wall at the exit of the corner.

Roth is out of the car and seemingly ok.

Lap 63: Helio Castroneves has damage to the front wing on his Penske. He will have to replace the nose at this pit stop.

Lap 64: The recovery crews are out there on the course removing the crashed racecar of Marty Roth. The field continues to circulate behind the pace car.

Lap 64: Helio came off turn four into the scene of the Roth crash, striking some debris and damaging the wing.

Lap 65: Most of the field pit this time round.

Lap 65: Scott Dixon again beats Dan Wheldon and Tony Kanaan off pit road.

Lap 65: Marco Andretti picked up a spot at Scheckter's expense, and runs fourth.

Lap 67: Darren Manning's impressive run has hit a setback and he is forced to pit for repairs to his front wing after contact in the pits with Buddy Rice.

Lap 67: Marty Roth's car is now lifted away from the racetrack to the infield, as the recovery crews continue to clean up the track surface at the exit of turn four.

Lap 68: Manning's team owner AJ Foyt is clearly unhappy about the pit lane incident.

Lap 69: The pace car continues to lead the field round during our third caution period of the day. Dixon is the leader, with Ganassi teammate Dan Wheldon second, Tony Kanaan third, Marco Andretti fourth and Tomas Scheckter in fifth place.

Lap 69: A lengthy yellow continues as the track teams continue to clean up from Roth's crash.

Lap 70: Ed Carpenter runs sixth, ahead of Hideki Mutoh, Vitor Meira, Townsend Bell and John Andretti.

Lap 71: At the front it has been a cautious race so far, with the favourites for victory well aware that it's the 200th and last lap of the race that counts the most.

Andretti and Scheckter have swapped positions a couple of times, but other than that it is a surprisingly tame 92nd running of the greatest spectacle in racing.

Lap 71: Darren Manning and Ryan Briscoe have pitted close to the restart, with both having fallen behind the leaders after hitting trouble.

Lap 72: The clean-up from the Roth accident is now complete, and we'll get the green flag next time by.

Lap 72: Dixon begins to accelerate and bring the field through turns three and four ahead of the restart.

Lap 73: The field returns to green flag racing after another lengthy caution.

Lap 73: Scott Dixon holds onto the lead through turns one and two in another static restart at the head of the field.

Lap 75: The front four now are beginning to pull away and leave Tomas Scheckter trailing in fifth.

Lap 76: Vitor Meira has slipped up to seventh in a hairy three-wide move involving Carpenter and Mutoh.

Lap 78: Tony Kanaan once again begins to close up to the back of the two Target Ganassi cars. Kanaan is holding a watching brief and at this stage is content to keep the two leaders in sight.

Lap 81: The Ganassi duo continue to lead the pack around the speedway, with Wheldon now ahead of Dixon, who has Kanaan and Andretti closing up behind him.

Lap 81: The caution is out again for a crash involving Jaime Camara.

Lap 81: Jaime Camara has crashed heavily, and the rookie is out of the race. Similar to the Roth and Rahal accidents earlier, Camara got the push and slid up into the wall at turn two.

Lap 82: The contact with the wall was considerable, and the right side of his car was wiped out. The car then slid down towards the inside of the track and the safety crews are now working to recover the car.

Lap 82: Camara's Conquest Racing car is heavily damaged and has dropped a large amount of fluid across the race track.

Lap 84: The pits have yet to open as clean-up continues in turn two.

Lap 84: The mobile cleaning trucks are out in the turn two area putting oil-dry down to clear up the fluid dropped during the Camara incident. The pace car continues to lead the field round.

Lap 85: All but three cars pit this time round.

Lap 85: Ryan Briscoe has stayed out in the Penske as the field heads for the pits.

Lap 85: Dixon, Wheldon, Kanaan, Andretti and Scheckter remain in the same order in the race off the pit road.

Lap 87: The field are still being led down the warm-up lane in turn two as the recovery and track clean-up after the Jaime Camara crash is being completed.

Lap 89: It's another long caution to make the track ready for racing again.

Lap 90: The clean-up is now complete at turn two and we should be back to green soon at Indianapolis. One more lap of yellow and we'll be racing next time by. Dixon, Wheldon, Kanaan, Andretti, Scheckter and Carpenter is the top six.

Lap 91: Scott Dixon accelerates towards the start finish line.

Lap 92: The green is in the air and we are racing again at Indy.

Lap 92: Wheldon pulls to the inside and takes over the lead of the race from Scott Dixon.

Lap 94: Tony Kanaan passes Scott Dixon for second on the following lap, and also passes Wheldon in turn one as the Ganassi stronghold is broken.

Lap 95: Ed Carpenter, Vitor Meira, Danica Patrick and Ryan Hunter-Reay run sixth to ninth as Hideki Mutoh slides to tenth.

Lap 95: Kanaan has the speed and is running quicker than any of the cars around him, and he comes up behind Wheldon and sweeps past the Englishman in turn one. Kanaan leads the race for Andretti Green Racing.

Lap 97: Tony Kanaan is running way quicker at 220 mph than any other car in the top ten. He continues to pull away from the Target cars and suddenly the 500 has woken up. It's game on at Indianapolis.

Lap 99: Kanaan leads the race ahead of Wheldon, with Dixon third as we approach the halfway stage of the race.

Lap 100: Scott Dixon closes up, having recovered, and the Kiwi overtakles teammate Wheldon for second, with Marco Andretti also coming into the mix.

Lap 100: Tony Kanaan leads for Andretti Green as we reach half way in the Indy 500.

Lap 103: Ryan Hunter-Reay has slipped by Danica Patrick for eighth.

Lap 103: Andretti pulls to the inside of Wheldon in turn three and he passes for third. Scheckter then also overtakes Wheldon and up into fourth.

Lap 105: Helio Castroneves is back up to 12th as he recovers from striking crash debris.

Lap 105: Suddenly the order has changed as the field begins to get racing and they begin to start battling on the track. Tony Kanaan leads the race ahead of Dixon, Andretti, Scheckter and Dan Wheldon now struggling to hang onto them in fifth.

Lap 106: The caution is out for a crash involving Tony Kanaan.

Lap 107: Sarah Fisher is also involved as she struck the spinning Tony Kanaan. Both drivers appear to be unhurt.

Lap 107: The top three are dicing and Marco passes Kanaan for second.

Chaos then immediately ensued as Kanaan - forced up into the outside dirt and dust offline - tried hard to keep his car from going into the wall, got loose, and spun on the track. Sarah Fisher was in the wrong place at the wrong time and collected the spinning Kanaan.

Lap 108: The pits are now open and almost the entire field are heading for service.

Lap 109: Dixon leads off the stops from Andretti, Wheldon, Scheckter and Carpenter.

Lap 110: Sarah Fisher's car is now on a hook and being taken down pitlane to her team, where the damage will be assessed. Tony Kanaan's car similarly has been recovered from the track and is on its way down to the Andretti Green team.

Lap 111: Ryan Hunter-Reay will be sixth at the restart from Vitor Meira, Danica Patrick, a recovering Helio Castroneves and Townsend Bell.

Lap 111: The pace car continues to lead the pack around. We should go back to green soon.

Lap 114: Jeff Simmons has pulled up on the front straight.

Lap 114: The yellow is now extended, after Jeff Simmons has tagged the wall as he was moving round at the back of the pack.

Replays show that Jeff was minding his own business at the rear of the field when suddenly his ABC car turned sharp right into the wall at low speed.

Lap 116: Ryan Briscoe has pitted the Penske again for a strategic fill-up of fuel.

Lap 116: Simmons' car came to rest close to the yard of bricks, and has since been lifted away by the recovery crews.

Lap 117: We will go green next time by.

Lap 117: Scott Dixon now assumes control over the field, and he leads them round. Dixon now begins to up the pace as they come through turns three and four ahead of the restart.

Lap 118: It's green waved by the flag man and back to racing.

Lap 118: Wheldon makes a move on Andretti at turn one but doesn't make it past.

Lap 120: Dixon continues to lead, Andretti second, Scheckter is third with Wheldon fourth and Ed Carpenter fifth.

Lap 120: Things are getting racy behind the top five as Vitor Meira and Oriol Servia move up with hard-fought moves off the restart.

Lap 121: Castroneves is now round Servia and is chasing down Danica Patrick for eighth.

Lap 122: 24 cars are still on the lead lap as we pass through the 300 mile mark.

Lap 122: Marco Andretti passes to the inside of Scott Dixon in turn one and takes over the lead of the race.

Lap 125: Andretti maintains a slight advantage of Dixon, as Vitor Meira moves around Ed Carpenter and goes into fifth spot.

Lap 126: Helio Castroneves is still tailing Danica Patrick for eighth.

Lap 127: Andretti, Dixon, Scheckter, Wheldon and Meira are our top five, as Scheckter now begins to home in on Dixon as a battle develops for second place.

Lap 129: Wheldon is suffering with the balance going away with his Ganassi car, and Meira takes advantage to move into fourth.

Lap 131: Ed Carpenter also passes Wheldon who is ailing with a bad push condition on his car. He is struggling to get off the corners and running much higher than any other car on the racetrack.

Lap 131: Dan Wheldon is now down to seventh as Ed Carpenter and Ryan Hunter-Reay both get around the ill-handling Ganassi.

Lap 133: The caution is out once again for a crash by Justin Wilson.

Lap 134: Yellow on the racetrack, and it's Justin Wilson who has spun and crashed his McDonalds sponsored car against the wall, smashing the rear wing to pieces. In turn one he got loose and spun down towards the inside guardrail.

Lap 134: There isn't a lot of damage on the car other than the rear wing was broken and hanging off the car as he brought the car to a stop on the inside of turn two.

Lap 134: Wilson has climbed from the car and seems to have avoided injury.

Lap 135: The field is streaming in to the pit lane for another round of stops.

Lap 135: Almost the entire field come into the pits on this lap under yellow.

Lap 136: Marco Andretti leads them off from Dixon and Scheckter.

Lap 136: Ed Carpenter has killed the engine in his Menards entry leaving the pits, dropping him way down the order. The crew restart the car and he joins the back of the queue. Replays show that he didn't pull close enough to his pitbox entering the pits.

Lap 137: Mario Moraes now takes over the lead of the race, as he stayed out on the track while the rest of the field came in.

Lap 138: Behind Moraes is Andretti, Dixon, Scheckter and Vitor Meira.

Lap 138: As they cross the line this time, it will be one lap to go before we are racing again.

"I was running behind Darren (Manning) and experimenting with my lines, but as I came out of the corner the car began to go light, then I spun and hit the inside wall. That's how it goes I guess."
Justin Wilson, out of race.

Lap 138: Dan Wheldon has fallen to tenth for the restart but will hope that new tyres and adjustments will have improved his car.

Lap 139: Moraes leads the field down toward the restart.

Lap 140: Green, green, green call the spotters as we race once again.

Lap 140: Marco Andretti wastes no time in dusting off the rookie but Scott Dixon nails them both and takes over the lead in turn one, Andretti second, Moraes third.

Lap 142: Helio Castroneves is on the move forward as a slow Moraes causes a spate of near-misses.

Lap 144: Helio runs fifth for Penske as they continue to recover from early stuggles. His teammate, Briscoe, is also back up to eighth.

Lap 144: Mario Moraes is a mobile chicane as the field explore all kinds of lines to get round him. A few drivers had narrow escapes trying to pass him, but they all made it and now Scott Dixon leads the race from Marco Andretti, Scheckter, Meira and Castroneves has moved up to fifth.

Lap 147: Ryan Hunter-Reay slips up the inside of Danica Patrick in turn one as Ryan Briscoe also joins the battle over sixth.

Lap 148: Tomas Scheckter is marginally faster than Dixon and Andretti on the last lap as he turns a lap of 220 mph against their 219s. The gap is static between the three of them.

Lap 149: Townsend Bell sends an incredible pass on the inside into turn one as he passes both Manning and Wheldon in a single move.

Lap 151: Dan Wheldon's challenge for a second victory in the 500 is all but over as he slides down the order to 14th.

Lap 151: Three-quarters of the 92nd Indy 500 is now in the books.

Lap 152: 21 cars remain on the lead lap as Scott Dixon continues to lead the race ahead of Marco Andretti, with Tomas Scheckter in third.

Lap 154: Alex Lloyd has crashed into the pitlane to bring caution to the speedway.

Lap 154: Alex Lloyd has crashed in the pitlane, and we see his car skating sideways to a halt on the pitroad. The safety crews are on pitroad quickly and attending to the crashed car.

The pits are closed.

Lap 154: Lloyd is unhurt after sliding into the pitlane following a turn four crash.

Lap 155: Alex Lloyd pushed up in turn four and glanced the wall lightly with his right rear wheel. The wheel was dislodged from its mounting and Lloyd then spun sideway down to the inside, and coincidentally into the pitlane, where he continued to slide for a further few seconds. Fortunately no-one was around and Lloyd slid harmlessly to a standstill.

Lap 156: The pits are now open and we expect most of the field to stop this time round.

Lap 157: The whole field come in with the exception of Ed Carpenter, and he takes over the lead while everyone else pits.

Lap 157: Dixon is off first from Meira and Castronves. Marco Andretti lost a couple of positions.

Lap 157: Tomas Scheckter, who was fourth, has a problem in the pits and his climbing out of the car. Scheckter's strong run is over and the South African is out of the race, after a halfshaft failure.

Lap 159: Dan Wheldon has made a further pit stop as the Ganassi driver continues to struggle.

Lap 160: Ed Carpenter leads the field towards start-finish.

Lap 160: The pace car comes down pitroad and we are back to green flag racing.

Lap 161: Scott Dixon immediately makes a move on Carpenter for the lead, but Vitor Meira slices between the two of them to lead at Indianapolis!

Lap 162: Vitor Meira leads, from Dixon, Castroneves and Marco Andretti as Ed Carpenter slides rapidly through the field.

Lap 166: Meira continues out in front, with Dixon now coming under pressure from Helio Castroneves.

Lap 167: The top four are beginning to break away from the rest of the field.

Lap 169: Ryan Hunter-Reay leads the chasing pack in fifth from Ed Carpenter, Danica Patrick, Ryan Briscoe, Buddy Rice and a recovering Darren Manning.

Lap 169: Ryan Hunter-Reay is out on his own in fifth, as Meira continues to lead the Indy 500 with just over 30 laps to go. Marco Andretti is now closing up on Helio Castroneves.

Lap 169: Milka Duno has brought out the eighth caution after a spin in turn three.

Lap 171: Milka Duno was under attack from Buddy Lazier for position on the track, and the two of them came together, making light contact. Lazier emerged unscathed but Duno had light damage to the right front wheel, and she spun bringing the car down towards the grass on the inside.

She shut off the engine, and was instructed to stay in the car by her crew chief. However, there is further damage to the car and she is forced to retire from the race.

Lap 171: There are 30 laps to go and this pit stop will fuel them to the finish.

Lap 172: The field come onto pitroad en masse this time round.

Lap 172: Scott Dixon leads Vitor Meira off the pit lane but Briscoe has clashed with Danica Patrick.

Lap 172: Amazing incident in the pitlane, as the drivers fight for their lives to make it off pitroad after the stops, knowing that this was the last set of pitstops and it was a run to the end from here.

Ryan Briscoe left his Penske pitbox, and Danica Patrick tried to squeeze through between Briscoe and the outside wall in the pitlane exit. The pair made contact, and Patrick is out of the race.

Lap 172: Helio Castroneves is third behind the pace car, ahead of Marco Andretti.

Lap 173: Danica Patrick has suspension damage and she is done for the day. Ryan Briscoe also has suspension damage, and his car is being repaired frantically in the pits by the Penske crew.

Lap 173: Danica Patrick climbs out of her Andretti Green car and the crowd is going wild. She is stalking her way down towards Briscoe's car.

Lap 174: Patrick, her face twisted with anger, is prevented from giving Ryan Briscoe her thoughts, and is led away, back towards the Andretti Green pit.

Lap 177: The pace car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

Lap 179: The race for victory is hotting up and the drivers are getting very racy out there in the heat of battle. Dixon continues to lead it under green, with Meira behind him Castroneves in third and Andretti pushing hard in fourth.

Lap 179: 20 laps to go this time by and Dixon continues to lead the race for the milk.

Lap 179: Meira begins to close up behind Dixon for an attack at the lead.

Lap 180: Meira loses ground through turn four, blunting his attack. Dixon holds on for now.

Lap 182: The top four have the fight for the win to themselves. Dixon continues to lead with Meira behind him.

Lap 183: Castroneves is third, Andretti fourth, Hideki Mutoh has moved into the fifth position and Ryan Hunter-Reay is sixth.

Lap 186: Dixon now stretches out a slight advantage and has a gap over Meira, Castroneves and Andretti.

Lap 186: Ed Carpenter passes Hideki Mutoh for fifth place.

Lap 187: Carpenter passes Mutoh for fifth and is closing on Marco Andretti.

Lap 188: Dixon is stretching a lead at the front as the former series champion tries to win at Indy for Chip Ganassi.

Lap 189: Marco Andretti is now looking at the gearbox of Castroneves for third.

Lap 191: Vitor Meira continues to run a strong second for Panther Racing.

Lap 192: Less than 25 miles to run in the Indy 500.

Lap 192: Marco Andretti has dispatched Castroneves and is closing on Meira for second.

Lap 194: Dixon has a narrow lead from Meira as Andretti is the man on the move.

Lap 196: Meira is holding off Andretti for now, which is exactly what Scott Dixon wants to see in his mirrors.

Lap 197: Meira's pit crew are trying to encourage their charge but Dixon has the vital lead with three to go.

Lap 199: Dixon slices through the back markers as they head for the white flag.

Lap 200: The leader sees the white flag and begins the final lap of the race.

Lap 200: Scott Dixon is in turn two and heading for victory lane.

Lap 200: Dixon wins the 92nd Indy 500 for Target Chip Ganassi!

20:41 Vitor Meira finishes strongly in second, holding off the late charge from Marco Andretti.

20:43 Helio Castroneves is fourth for Penske, followed home by Ryan Hunter-Reay, Hideki Mutoh, Buddy Rice, Darren Manning and Townsend Bell.

20:44 Chip Ganassi is heading down pit road to join the celebrations for Dixon's win from the pole.

A crucial moment came at the final pit stop when the team managed to jump Vitor Meira.

20:45 Dixon accepts the victory garland and a kiss from his wife.

20:46 He is handed the famous milk and takes a gulp, before pouring it wildly over his head.

20:50 The race report and classification is now available:

Dixon takes Indy 500 victory

"I just couldn't believe it. I just thought something was going to go wrong.

What a day! We seemed to have a good car and we just had to hold on to it and try and stay in front of those cars on the restarts. You're a sitting duck, we had so many yellows today, it was so hard to get into a rhythm.

I think our car actually had a little bit too much drag in it but, coming towards the end, as long as we got a good jump on those guys, I don't think they were going to get past us."
Scott Dixon, Indy 500 winner

21:00 As Scott Dixon tries to take on board the fact that he has just won the Indy 500, we draw a mammoth day of coverage to a close.

From a rain-hit and action-packed Monaco Grand Prix to an Indy 500 with drama, incident and plenty of caution flags, it has been a spectacular running of motorsport's biggest day.

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Race Length: 200 Laps
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Mainly cloudy High Temp: 24°C / 75°F
Track: Dry
Sunday 25 May Start GMT
 The 92nd Indy 500 16:00
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