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As it happened: Qualifying
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
16:45 Hello everyone and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Live for continuing coverage of the penultimate round of the 2009 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

The crowds have flocked to Interlagos as their hero Rubens Barrichello joins Sebastian Vettel in taking the fight to Jenson Button in the battle for the world championship.

Three very interesting practice periods have been completed and now it is time to qualify for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

16:46 Thundery downpours and sunny intervals have dominated the weather throughout the day and there could be more chaos in store for qualifying.

Conditions were drying out for a time after morning practice, but the rain has returned and there is much more rain still to come from the south-west.

Track conditions are wet and there will obviously be concern within the team garages in the lead-up to the session.

The maximum temperature this afternoon will reach 22 degrees Celsius.

Medical Car16:48 The heavy rain earlier meant that the medical helicopter could not fly. Practice was therefore delayed by 42 minutes.

There was plenty to entertain fans in the meantime as the track flooded in places, teams swept water away from the garages and lightning flashed all around the circuit. One bolt managed to wipe out the Meteo France rain radar, meaning that the teams had no advanced warning of any further rain.

Eventually the first wave of thundery showers passed and a truncated 18-minute session got underway with atrocious track conditions.

Nico Rosberg was easily the star of the show, setting quicker and quicker times that McLaren drivers Heikki Kovalainen and Lewis Hamilton could not match in the early stages.

The mini-session was shortened still further when Romain Grosjean was perhaps too confident running through heavy standing water at the exit of the Descida do Lago. He exited stage right, flew into the air over the bumpy grass and, having landed, he then met his destiny with the armco barrier. The job was completed as the Renault came to rest in a large puddle of deep water on the grass. Fortunately, Grosjean was completely unhurt.

Kazuki Nakajima finished second to Williams team-mate Rosberg with Button third, Alonso fourth and Sutil fifth, once again proving his wet weather skills in the Force India.

Rosberg tops shortened practice three

16:50 Here is a look at how the qualifying battle is shaping up within each team so far this season:
Qualifying head-to-head

Hamilton       11 - 4      Kovalainen
Fisichella	0 - 3      Raikkonen
Kubica		8 - 7      Heidfeld
Alonso		5 - 0      Grosjean
Trulli	        0 - 0      Kobayashi
Alguersuari	0 - 6      Buemi
Webber		1 - 14     Vettel
Rosberg	       12 - 3      Nakajima
Sutil		3 - 0      Liuzzi
Button		8 - 7      Barrichello
Romain Grosjean16:52 Motor racing enthusiasts love to debate and discuss the action on track, and the live forum at the bottom of the screen is your chance to let everyone know your thoughts on events as they unfold at the circuit.

• How will the heavy showers today affect qualifying?

• Who has the best set-up in both dry and wet conditions?

• Can Jenson Button qualify at the sharp end of the grid to give himself a good chance of securing the podium he needs tomorrow?

Tell the world what you think.

Click the SHOW LIVE FORUM link in the red bar at the bottom of your browser window if you'd like to join the debate.

16:52 A heavy, thundery downpour continues to soak the Interlagos circuit. There is a chance that qualifying could be delayed if the medical helicopter is unable to fly.

Nico Rosberg16:53 The weather is going to play a major role in the outcome of today's qualifying session, which is all set up to another Saturday afternoon thriller.

Grip levels are set to change throughout the session and, unless it dries completely, which is now unlikely, the outcome of each period may reflect the order of drivers completing laps with the best of the track conditions.

The teams also have to lock-off the set-up of their machines when parc ferme commences at the start of the session. After a disrupted set of practice sessions, this will be a difficult decision for the engineers on how they compromise the settings for this afternoon and the potentially improved conditions expected tomorrow.

Conservation of the sets of wet tyres is unlikely to be on the mind of the race engineers this afternoon, as good tyres in the garage for tomorrow, when it may well be dry, is suerly a lower priority than a good grid slot.

The drivers also need to be careful not to spin off. Any car that stops on the circuit will take no further part in the session.

16:55 What is sure to be a dramatic qualifying hour is due to start in five minutes.

16:56 The track temperature is matching the ambient at 17 Celsius as rain continues to fall heavily.

16:57 The safety and medical cars are taking a tour of the circuit to determine whether conditions are safe to begin the qualifying session.

16:57 Track conditions are extremely poor, with plenty of standing water.

16:57 The safety car driven by Bernd Maylander peels into the pits, as the medical car takes up its position at the top of the Senna S

16:59 Rubens Barrichello is sitting in the Brawn, watching the monitor closely as the rain lashes down over the circuit.

16:59 The drivers are preparing themseleves for what is sure to be a chaotic scramble.

0 min: The qualifying period has started.

0 min: Drivers will be keen to get a lap in the books in case conditions deteriorate.

1 min: Sebastian Vettel is on track, along with Alguersuari, Buemi, Rosberg, Nakajima and Button.

1 min: The BMW team tells Nick Heidfeld they expect the rain to ease after five minutes.

2 min: Over half the drivers are now on track to try and set a time in atrocious conditions.

2 min: Sebastian Vettel heads into a qualifying lap in the Red Bull. There is standing water everywhere and this is a supreme test of skill.

2 min: The track is awash with standing water.

3 min: Conditions are almost impossible and Vettel is finding it difficult to press the throttle pedal anywhere around the circuit.

3 min: There is a strong possibility of drivers repeating the likes of Romain Grosjean's aquaplaning off this morning.

3 min: Vettel deserves a medal for bringing the car round in 1m39.694s, the first time on the board.

3 min: Fisichella slots in behind Vettel with a 1m40.703s

4 min: Jaime Alguersuari goes third with 1m41.141s with Rosberg fourth.

4 min: Fisichella has spun his Ferrari and is stranded at Turn 1.

4 min: The session has been stopped.

4 min: Seven drivers have clocked a time so far.

4 min: Fisichella spun and stalled in the Senna S, with his car stopped on the racing line.

4 min: The Italian climbs out of the Ferrari and is running back up the hill towards the pitlane.

4 min: Lewis Hamilton was on a lap when the red flag came out and he is returning to the pits, telling the team conditions are very slippery.

4 min: The Brazilian marshals are working to lift away the car to safety. Fisichella will take no further part in the qualifying session.

4 min: Rain continues to lash the circuit, with 15m53s remaining at the restart.

4 min: The rain is extremely heavy and there is no immediate let-up in sight. Vettel's lap was amazing to watch as he guided his Red Bull powerboat round the track.

4 min: Vettel tops the times for the moment with 1m39.694s, ahead of Fisichella, Alguersuari, Rosberg, Grosjean, Nakajima and Buemi.

4 min: They are the only seven drivers to put a time on the board before the red flags came out.

17:11 Hamilton, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Kubica, Alonso and points leader Button had left the pits and were on the circuit when the red flag stopped the session.

17:11 Race control has announced that Q1 will not continue until conditions improve.

17:13 Mark Webber sits in his car as he awaits further advice from the Red Bull team on the weather and the prospect of the session restarting.

17:15 Jaime Alguersuari is clearly tense in the cockpit of the Toro Rosso. His race engineer tells him that he did a good job on his lap and to try and keep calm.

17:15 Rain has eased in recent minutes and the medical car is again on track to check the conditions for race control.

17:17 The medical car completes its second lap of the qualifying session and returns to the Senna S.

17:17 The qualifying session will restart at 14:18 local time.

17:17 Tonio Liuzzi is told on the team radio that he is fueled for the remaining minutes of the session so that he can keep circulating.

17:18 Lewis Hamilton is ready to head out at the restart.

4 min: The session has restarted.

4 min: Most of the drivers are heading out immediately to begin lapping the circuit. Most of them still need to post a time on the board.

4 min: Hamilton leads the cars through the puddles and around to begin a flying lap.

5 min: Lewis dodges the puddles on the run down to the end of the first sector and is over four seconds up on Vettel's benchmark.

6 min: The rain continues to fall lightly for the moment as the drivers continue on their first flying lap since the session was restarted.

7 min: Hamilton is almost nine seconds up as he ends the second sector and crosses the line with a 1m27.473s.

7 min: Rubens Barrichello slots in second spot with 1m27.718s behind Hamilton.

8 min: Nico Rosberg goes third with Webber fourth and Nakajima fifth. There are 12 minutes left on the clock.

8 min: Robert Kubica slots in fifth with a 1m29.017s in the BMW.

8 min: Sebastian Vettel drives for the line and he posts a 1m29.202s for eighth place, but Rosberg is flying and he takes the top spot for now.

9 min: Hamilton improves his time to a 1m26.310s but has slipped to fourth.

9 min: Rosberg posts a 1m24.356s in the Williams to take over at the front, ahead of Barrichello and Alonso.

9 min: Ferndano Alonso slots in third on the ever-changing timesheet.

9 min: Jenson Button is fifth with 1m26.162s as the pace improves with each lap completed.

10 min: Kimi Raikkonen pops up to fourth as track conditions begin to improve as the laps continue.

10 min: This session is going to come down to the last few cars to complete a hot lap. So far the drivers are able to keep the cars on the road.

10 min: All cars but Fisichella, who is out of the session, are on track for a lengthy run.

10 min: Nick Heidfeld is now up to fifth in his BMW.

10 min: Mark Webber makes it a Red Bull one-two for the moment as Button comes up into third place.

10 min: Kimi Raikkonen improves his time to go second quickest in the Ferrari.

11 min: Kazuki Nakajima now takes his turn at the front with a great 1m24.154s in the Williams.

11 min: Robert Kubica pops up to third in the BMW as Rosberg again sets the quickest time - 1m22.828s.

12 min: All 20 drivers have posted a time on the board. Giancarlo Fisichella is obviously last after his incident and will be eliminated.

12 min: Hamilton is told to keep running as more rain is heading for the circuit.

12 min: Jaime Alguersuari, Nick Heidfeld, Jarno Trulli and Romain Grosjean are also in the elimination zone at the moment.

13 min: Hamilton is sliding down the order and is now 16th and under threat of elimination.

13 min: Jenson Button springs up to fourth with a good effort in the Brawn.

14 min: Alonso is forced to pit for tyres and fuel. He has tumbled to 14th.

14 min: Hamilton is not quick on this next lap either. He slides down another spot to 17th.

14 min: Robert Kubica improves to third.

14 min: Hamilton comes into the pits and takes on another set of full wet tyres.

15 min: Rain is falling again in the pitlane.

15 min: Lewis leaves the pitbox with five minutes remaining. Sebastian Vettel has also dropped way down to 17th place.

16 min: Vettel completes an improving lap, but only moves up to 16th place. The German could be in real trouble here.

16 min: Nico Rosberg continues to top the standings with Williams perhaps having tailored its settings towards these wet conditions.

16 min: Vettel simply must get into the top 15. If the Brawn drivers progress and Vettel is mired down the field his chances of victory tomorrow will take a major dent.

17 min: Vettel completes a slow lap and begins another attempt.

17 min: There are few improvements at this stage as the rain appears to have worsened.

18 min: Lewis Hamilton has spectacularly lost control of the McLaren exiting Turn 5. He continues.

18 min: Romain Grosjean has been for a spin at the Curva do Sol but his car remains intact and he continues.

18 min: Hamilton pits and his day is over. The world champion is eliminated.

19 min: Sebastian Vettel is still down in 16th. He has one minute left to somehow nail a good lap to move through to Q2.

19 min: Barrichello and Button are comfortably through in fifth and sixth.

19 min: There is no chance of improving now as heavy rain again strikes the circuit.

20 min: The qualifying period has ended. Cars that have already started a lap may complete it.

17:34 Vettel is not going to make it! The rain is back and falling heavily. He is outside the time he needs to make it through to the next stage.

17:34 Sebastian Vettel aborts the lap and pits. He is eliminated!

17:35 The first period of qualifying has been completed. The following five drivers have been eliminated:

16) Vettel
17) Kovalainen
18) Hamilton
19) Heidfeld
20) Fisichella.

17:35 Extremely heavy rain is now falling as the paddock reflects on several shock eliminations.

17:36 A massive downpour is now falling at Interlagos, potentially delaying the session further.

17:36 Race control expect Q2 to begin at 14:42 local time but conditions are going downhill quickly.

17:37 An extremely angry Sebastian Vettel hurls the steering wheel off as he climbs out of the car, having been eliminated. Advantage Brawn.

17:37 The medical car has again been dispatched to check the worsening track conditions.

17:38 Vettel stomps away towards the Red Bull hospitality area, with his championship hopes now sadly in tatters.

17:39 It is also a disaster for the McLaren drivers. Neither Hamilton or Kovalainen could put a quick enough lap together.

17:40 The second phase of qualifying has been delayed.

17:41 Race control are waiting for conditions to improve before the session resumes. Unfortunately, heavy rain continues to fall.

17:43 The photographers and marshals are looking for shelter with this heavy shower still lashing the circuit.

"Wow! Our car was so bad. You couldn't go flat-out down the straight. I went to 70 percent throttle and the car let loose on me. Our downforce level compared to some of the others really shows in these conditions."
Lewis Hamilton, 18th, speaking to BBC TV

17:45 The rainfall radar, now repaired after the earlier lightning strike, shows more showers progressing towards the circuit.

17:48 There is no let-up in the rainfall, with water pouring into the drains around the circuit.

17:48 The medical car is again on track, splashing through the puddles.

17:50 Nico Rosberg did a great job during the less wet portion of that first qualifying period. He was the only man to post a lap in the 1m22s bracket.

17:52 We will of course stay fully live with all the track activity until this session reaches a conclusion. The way it's looking at the moment, that could be anytime.

17:54 Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull is being wheeled back from the FIA garage where Vettel abandoned it after his shock elimination from Q1.

17:55 The medical car is out there once again sampling conditions, so that race control can be informed whether the session is safe to continue.

17:56 The second phase of qualifying will begin at 14:57 local time.

0 min: A chaotic scramble for the top ten has started.

0 min: The Williams drivers are the first out onto the circuit.

1 min: Most of the drivers are out to bank a time as there is always the chance of conditions getting even worse.

1 min: Kobayashi, Trulli, Buemi, Webber and Sutil are also out there as Rosberg crosses the line to start another waterski-ing lap.

2 min: Conditions are extremely challenging with standing water all over the circuit.

2 min: Liuzzi has crashed heavily in the Force India.

2 min: The session has been stopped.

2 min: The Italian has crashed heavily and his Force India is badly damaged.

18:00 The rear of the car is smashed but thankfully Liuzzi climbed out of the car and is okay.

18:01 Replays show a number of incidents for the drivers in near-impossible conditions.

18:03 Replays show that Liuzzi lost control of the Force India on the start-finish straight and simply aquaplaned sharp left into the pitwall.

18:03 The rain has eased slightly in recent minutes.

18:03 The VJM02 then careereed out of control towards the outside wall at Turn 1 and smashed itself to pieces.

18:04 At the time of the crash, the Williams drivers were still on their hot lap. No-one has set a time so far in this second qualifying period.

18:06 Nico Rosberg is staying in the cockpit of the Williams in the garage. He watches the monitor to see how the clean-up is going.

18:07 The track is slowly beginning to drain as the rain eases.

18:08 Mark Webber states sternly on the team radio that there are rivers everywhere on the circuit and that he is strongly opposed to an immediate restart.

18:11 The skies are brightening to the east but there is thunder overhead and the chance of more rain moving in.

18:13 The medical car is taking another lap of the track to assess the latest conditions.

18:15 There will be 12m24s remaining in Q2, if it ever resumes.

18:15 Race control again state that the session will not re-start until conditions do improve.

18:16 The Meteo France rainfall radar shows yet more rain coming towards the circuit.

18:17 Heavy rain has resumed all around the circuit.

18:18 So far in qualifying the quickest time has been posted by Nico Rosberg - 1m22.828s. Kimi Raikkonen was second with Kubica third, Nakajima fourth, Barrichello fifth and Jenson Button in sixth.

That was the result from the first period of qualifying.

18:18 Adrian Sutil is told on the radio that rain could continue for the next hour!

18:19 Kamui Kobayashi was seventh with Grosjean eighth and Adrian Sutil in ninth position at the end of the first phase.

18:19 It is lashing down again, with track conditions deteriorating once more.

18:23 The fervent crowd erupt in voice as Rubens Barrichello is shown on the big-screen TV coverage.

18:24 Race control announce that the next track inspection will take place at 15:30 local time.

18:25 Rain continues to fall, but radar images do show a break in the weather about half an hour away.

18:30 The next track inspection is due, but it is clearly still raining heavily, adding to the standing water around the track.

18:31 The medical car is again out for a lap of the circuit. A huge plume of spray is kicked up by the big Mercedes.

18:33 The medical car completes its latest lap of the Interlagos circuit. Race control will now decide what the next course of action is.

18:34 Race control state that there will be another track inspection at 15:45 local time. Therefore, another 15 minute delay.

18:35 The rain has increased to a downpour.

18:38 Kamui Kobayashi is waiting with his helmet on, with his debut qualifying session having been a difficult one so far.

18:40 The longest qualifying session in recent memory was at the 2002 Japanese Grand Prix, when a huge crash involving Allan McNish caused a stoppage lasting well over an hour.

We still have some way to go to beat that session.

18:41 The recent heavy shower has eased and it is back to raining moderately at the moment.

18:42 The medical car is again splashing through the standing water around the circuit.

18:43 If you have just joined us expecting to see the latest updates on qualifying at Interlagos, the news is that the session is still in progress with heavy rain and poor driving conditions delaying the action.

18:45 Conditions are now slightly brighter, with the rain easing, but it will take a while for the track to drain.

18:46 The easing of the rain has been short-lived, with more heavy drops falling in the pits.

18:48 The next track inspection will take place at the top of the hour - 16:00 local time.

18:50 Heavy rain continues, despite slightly brighter skies.

18:52 Skies continue to clear in the distance but it is still raining.

18:53 Jenson Button is climbing back into his Brawn, although a restart seems some time off at present.

18:54 The rainfall radar does show the showers clearing out of the area.

18:54 However, the circuit it currently awash, with rivers of water running down the track.

18:55 Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa are picked up on the TV coverage, to the delight of the crowd.

18:59 The rain has eased off a little but there is a lot of standing water still to drain from the track.

18:59 Rain continues to clear out of the area, with a lengthy dry spell heading for the circuit.

19:00 The medical car is heading out again for another track inspection.

19:02 The start of qualifying was initially delayed due to poor conditions. They eventually got going before Fisichella spun in the Senna S, bringing out the red flags.

The first part of qualifying was restarted and ran to a conclusion. Nico Rosberg was quickest, but, down the field, Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen and Sebastian Vettel were all amazingly eliminated as others improved their pace in the wet conditions.

Second qualifying began, but was soon stopped following a huge accident on the start-finish straight involving Tonio Liuzzi. He emerged unscathed but his Force India was badly damaged.

At the moment, we are in a lengthy stoppage while race control waits for conditions to improve with 12m24s left on the Q2 clock.

19:03 The rain has eased, almost to a stop.

19:04 Qualifying will restart at 16:10 local time

19:04 Kimi Raikkonen is sitting in his car, as is Sebastien Buemi. Now that the signal has been given we will see more drivers getting ready for action.

19:05 These two sessions will be frantic, with the track conditions drying throughout, although it may be a little tricky early in the restarted Q2.

19:06 The Williams pair of Rosberg and Nakajima set the pace in Q1 as high downforce levels paid off for the team.

19:07 The sun is even managing to poke through the clouds as conditions overhead improve rapidly.

19:08 The extremely patient and soaked Formula 1 fans at the circuit are going to get the action they deserve. Qualifying will restart in just under two minutes.

19:08 There are still major areas of standing water in the pitlane and on the circuit.

2 min: The session has restarted.

3 min: Rubens Barrichello leaves the Brawn garage on full wet tyres to check out the conditions.

4 min: Despite the rain easing off, track conditions are still very difficult for the early part of this session.

4 min: Nico Rosberg crosses the start-finish line and begins a flying lap after a long, long delay to the qualifying session.

4 min: Full wet tyres are clearly the choice for now, although the circuit will dry as the session progresses.

5 min: With no rain due for at least the next few minutes, this second part of qualifying will come down to the last driver across the line again.

5 min: Rosberg posts the first time on the board in Q2 - 1m21.815s.

6 min: Webber goes second with 1m22.441s and Nakajima is third with Kobayashi fourth.

6 min: Barrichello slots in fourth position with a time of 1m22.777s.

6 min: Kimi Raikkonen slots in slowest after a gentle opening lap, before setting the fastest first sector.

7 min: Rosberg lowers the target time down to 1m21.460s with his second flying lap.

8 min: Raikkonen moves up, all the way to the top, with a new benchmark of 1m21.378s.

8 min: Robert Kubica is currently fourth but times are changing rapidly.

8 min: Kamui Kobayashi runs wide at the Ferradura and onto the extra asphalt run-off. He recovers and continues on this run of laps.

9 min: The sun continues to break through the clouds with the track drying rapidly.

9 min: Nico Rosberg comes into the pits for a set of intermediate tyres as the sunshine ... yes, sunshine blazes down over Interlagos.

10 min: Romain Grosjean is slowest of those to set a time so far. Team-mate Alonso is on his opening effort.

10 min: Raikkonen leads the pack with 1m21.378s from Rosberg Barrichello and Trulli with just under five minutes of second qualifying remaining.

10 min: Mark Webber goes fastest of all with wet tyres - 1m21.185s.

10 min: Kimi Raikkonen pits to take intermediate rubber.

11 min: Mark Webber continues to find speed on full wet rubber and goes quicker with again with a 1m20.906s.

12 min: Jaime Alguersuari, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Romain Grosjean are all in the dropzone at the moment. Liuzzi is already out following his crash.

12 min: Rosberg's first effort on intermediates is a 1m22.691s, slower than his full wet runs.

12 min: Jenson Button has stayed out on the circuit with full wet tyres while others are taking intermediates!

12 min: The championship leader could be in real trouble here using the wrong tyre as the racing line dries out.

12 min: The BMW team make a stop with Kubica taking intermediates.

13 min: Fernando Alonso is up to seventh and currently out of the drop zone.

13 min: Button is now 13th with two minutes to go and no chance now to change those tyres.

13 min: Nakajima clocks a 1m21.242s on intermediate rubber to go second.

14 min: Buemi, Alguersuari and Grosjean have all failed to improve on their last couple of laps. Meantime Button is on a do or die effort to move up from 13th.

14 min: Mark Webber extends the benchmark to a 1m20.803s.

14 min: Button is outside the time he needs to make it into the top ten. This is all going wrong for the Brawn driver ...

15 min: Rosberg takes the top spot as intermediates become the tyre of choice.

15 min: Button doews not improve and stays mired in 13th and just one flying lap left.

19:22 The segment is over. Who can make the top ten?

19:23 Sutil springs up to second quickest with a lap on the full wet rubber.

19:23 Button is on his final effort and his second sector is not fast. It could be all over here ... it's a slow lap and Button is out!

19:23 Robert Kubica moves out of danger with a intermediate tyre effort for seventh.

19:24 Rosberg and Nakajima set the pace with intermediates to round out that dramatic segment.

19:24 A late effort from Buemi to go fourth drops Kobayashi out.

19:24 The Toyota debutant had a spin at the Curvo do Sol on his final run.

19:24 The first period of qualifying has been completed. The following five drivers have been eliminated:

11) Kobayashi
12) Alguersuari
13) Grosjean
14) Button
15) Liuzzi.

19:25 Rubens Barrichello made it through in 10th spot as team-mate Button is sensationally eliminated. Sebastian Vettel won't be the only one kicking doors tonight.

19:26 Romain Grosjean failed to escape the drop in his Renault, while team-mate Alonso made a late escape.

19:27 It would seem an incredible decision for Button to stay on those wet tyres while others were coming in for intermediates. Nico Rosberg topped the session on the correct tyre.

19:28 Intermediates will clearly be the tyre of choice for the shootout.

19:28 The track conditions will improve throughout, meaning the last man over the line may hold the advantage.

19:29 The Williams pair look extremely strong, with the car and its downforce level ideally suited to these conditions.

19:29 The following 10 drivers have made it through to the final shootout in qualifying:

Nico Rosberg
Kazuki Nakajima
Jarno Trulli
Sebastien Buemi
Adrian Sutil
Mark Webber
Robert Kubica
Kimi Raikkonen
Fernando Alonso
Rubens Barrichello.

0 min: The battle for pole is now underway.

0 min: Jarno Trulli, Sebastien Buemi, Mark Webber and Rubens Barrichello all head out onto the circuit.

1 min: The cars stream out to begin a string of timed laps. The teams will have added extra fuel to allow the drivers plenty of track time.

1 min: Alonso and Kubica are at the rear of the pack as they begin timed laps.

2 min: The first flying laps of the shootout are underway now.

2 min: Adrian Sutil is the only driver yet to run. Force India are likely going for just one run of laps here.

2 min: The cars are now on intermediate rubber and fuelled for the race so could be quite different to the end of Q2.

3 min: Mark Webber gets the ball rolling with a time of 1m22.621s, but Buemi is quicker instantly and takes the top spot.

3 min: Kimi Raikkonen slots in third in the early order.

3 min: Buemi leads the way with 1m21.721s ahead of Webber, as Adrian Sutil joins the racetrack.

3 min: Nakajima is currently fourth, with Rosberg fifth.

4 min: Fernando Alonso splits the Williams pair to take fourth for Renault.

4 min: Rosberg is touring slowly, looking for a space in traffic.

4 min: Buemi improves on his second flyer and lowers the time to 1m21.387s.

5 min: Rubens Barrichello drives the home fans wild with 1m21.167s to take over at the top of the list.

5 min: Robert Kubica is on a good lap in his BMW - and it's over half a second quicker than Barrichello for provisional pole.

5 min: Rosberg is now the fastest man through the first sector.

5 min: Mark Webber goes second to Kubica with a lap of 1m20.779s in the Red Bull.

6 min: Kimi Raikkonen is up to fourth.

6 min: Jarno Trulli now takes a turn at the top with 1m20.596s.

6 min: Rosberg snatches the ever-changing pole time before running wide at the Senna S.

7 min: Nakajima has slipped to eighth as the scramble continues.

7 min: Trulli is on a real flyer with his next effort and he surges back to the top with 1m20.333s.

7 min: The teams are opting to remain out, with track conditions improving all the time.

7 min: Barrichello demotes Trulli to second place with another rapid lap - 1m20.210s and the home boy leads the pack.

8 min: Almost all the drivers are on improving laps.

8 min: Mark Webber is on a good lap ... and yes, he takes his turn at the top with 1m20.109s with Barrichello second, Trulli third and Raikkonen fourth.

8 min: Kimi Raikkonen is now fifth, despite the fastest final sector with the help of KERS.

9 min: Nico Rosberg improves again and is now third.

9 min: Webber has provisional pole at the moment but Barrichello is coming once again and looks set to top the list for the third time in this mini-session.

10 min: Chequred flag, but the laps continue ...

10 min: Webber improves to 1m19.668s in an effort to stave off Barrichello's charge ...

19:41 It's Barrichello! The local hero sends Interlagos nuts with 1m19.576s to hold pole for the moment.

19:41 Sutil, Buemi and Kubica are still on improving tours.

19:42 Adrian Sutil is on his final effort and he drives for the line ... it's third for Force India. A great result with Webber second.

19:42 Kubica scores seventh, with Raikkonen cementing fifth.

19:43 Rubens Barrichello scores a crucial pole in Brazil.

19:44 The crowd go wild for Barrichello as he gets out of his car.

19:44 Mark Webber will start alongside the local boy on the front row of the grid, with Adrian Sutil a fine third and Jarno Trulli fourth.

19:45 This may be a major turning point in the championship battle, with Barrichello on pole and team-mate Button down in 14th.

19:45 Kimi Raikkonen will start on row three in fifth with Sebastien Buemi a career-best sixth. Nico Rosberg was the man to beat in the first two parts of qualifying, but trailed in seventh when it counted.

19:46 Robert Kubica placed eighth for BMW, with Kazuki Nakajima ninth and Fernando Alonso rounding out the top 10.

19:46 Barrichello, Webber and Sutil are all delighted after the trio performed brilliantly in that heavily-disrupted session.

19:46 What an incredible qualifying session and grid we have for tomorrow's Brazilian Grand Prix.

19:49 Well this throws up all sorts of possibilities for the race and indeed, the world championship.

Jenson Button will have a lot of work to do from 14th on the grid, while Barrichello can run near - or at - the front during the early stages.

Things are even worse for poor Sebastian Vettel. The unlucky German will need to pass 14 cars tomorrow before he can even see Barrichello.

19:49 Our round-up of an unbelievable qualifying session, lasting approaching three hours, is now available:

Barrichello on pole, Button down in 14th

19:52 It started with a rain-dance, but in the end it is the Paulistas who are the ones dancing for their home town hero, Rubens Barrichello.

The grid is set, and we can all look forward to an awesome 71-lap race tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with us here on AUTOSPORT Live and make sure to join us from 14:30 GMT tomorrow for what promises to be an exciting Brazilian Grand Prix.

Session length: 60 minutes
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 22°C / 72°F
Track: Wet
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