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As it happened: Test day two
By Pablo Elizalde
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for the second day of testing at Jerez

08:00 The circuit is still damp in places, but the sun has come up and it looks like there will be dry running

08:03 Scheduled drivers for today are M. Schumacher, Webber, Button, Alonso, Kobayashi, Hulkenberg, Kubica, Liuzzi, Buemi and Glock

08:04 As the session gets underway, Buemi, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Kubica, Liuzzi, Glock and Kobayashi jump onto the track

08:06 Michael Schumacher arrives in the garage (via @OfficialMGP):

08:08 There was no record crowd yesterday at Jerez, with around 5000 people visiting the track. Remember there were nearly 40,000 people at Valencia, although the weather was much better too

08:09 Air temperature is 13 degrees Celsius today. Not bad for 9am

08:11 A few installation laps completed, but no times yet

08:12 Button takes to the track with the McLaren

08:16 No action on track now, as everybody seems to be waiting for the asphalt to dry up now that the sun has made an appearance

08:24 First red flag of the day. Seems to have been caused by Hulkenberg

08:28 Hulkenberg has gone off at the Angel Nieto corner, getting stuck in the gravel. The car seems to have no damage

08:30 Some info from @ClaireVWilliams: This morning, the Hulk will be carrying out aero & weight distribution tests and cooling runs

08:38 And all of a sudden it starts to rain again. Slightly, but still

08:42 The session is restarted. Webber and Buemi hit the track

08:44 Fortunately the rain seems to have stopped

08:46 Webber moves to the top of the times with a 1:28.318, ahead of Alonso and Buemi

08:49 Times dropping quickly, as Webber sets a 1m26.341s with the new Red Bull RB6

08:51 Track temperature up to 18 degrees now

08:53 Nico Rosberg is keeping himself busy out of the cockpit today: (via @OfficialMGP)

Nick Heidfeld08:55 Nick Heidfeld begins life as Mercedes GP's reserve driver. He is not expected to drive this week though

08:59 Hulkenberg's problem was due to an engine shutdown - if any readings go outside set parameters it's shut off automatically so not a failure

09:03 Kubica has completed seven laps, but without a time yet. Just in and out of the pits

09:04 First hour update: 1 Webber 1m26.341; 2 Buemi 1m26.361; 3 Kobayashi 1m27.689; 4 Alonso 1m29.584; 5 Schumacher 1m33.105; 6 Button 1m33.555

09:07 Liuzzi, Hulkenberg and Kubica are the only three drivers yet to set a time

09:08 From @NicoHulkenberg: just had a little technical problem, but no need to worry anyway.

09:12 Schumacher moves up to third with a 1m27.645

09:16 Webber goes even quicker - 1m25.591s - and is now over seven tenths ahead of Buemi

09:17 Another improvement for Webber - 1m25.158s - as Schumacher moves to second, still over half a second off the Australian's pace

09:20 Schumacher moves to the top of the times with a 1:25.116

09:21 That didn't last long for Schumacher. Now Buemi tops the times with the Toro Rosso. The Swiss is the first driver in the 1:24s

09:23 The times are tumbling as the track continues to dry up. Buemi's best is now 1:23.016

09:26 And now down to 1:22.041

09:34 Buemi nearly two seconds ahead of Alonso as the times continue to tumble. Only Hulkenberg is left to set a time

Mark Webber09:36 Webber has been the busiest man so far, with 24 laps completed

09:40 Glock has managed nine laps with the Virgin Racing car, the same amount as Liuzzi

09:49 Liuzzi and Webber out on their own on track now. Hulkenberg still in the pits while Williams works on a hydraulic leak

09:58 The times seem to have settled a bit now, but there is still a lot of room to improve. Buemi's best is still nearly a second slower than Rosberg's fastest lap from yesterday

10:00 Laps so far: Buemi 20, Schumacher 25, Kubica 19, Webber 30, Alonso 18, Liuzzi 21, Kobayashi 18, Glock 9, Button 8

10:00 Schumacher improves significantly and moves into second

10:03 From @InsideFerrari: The weather is getting better. Alonso completed 18 laps, best time 1.23.823. We are preparing everything for long runs and pit-stops

10:11 The session has been stopped

10:12 Webber's Red Bull seems to have hit trouble for the second day running

10:14 Apparently there was no one on track when the red flag came out. Webber was just the last man on track, but he didn't seem to stop. More soon

10:15 It now seems like the red flag has been caused by some debris on track

10:21 Green flag as Alonso and Kubica return to the track

10:26 Buemi sets the fastest time of the week so far - 1:20.504. Over four tenths quicker than Rosberg's best from yesterday

10:27 Meanwhile, Button has finally set a competitive time to move into second position

Timo Glock10:33 We are trying to get confirmation that the debris that caused the red flag was from Glock's car

10:34 Track temperatures continue to rise. Now around 20 degrees Celsius

10:42 Schumacher has completed a ten-lap run, lapping in the 1:23s, before returning to the pits

10:47 Little running for Button so far despite his second fastest time. The Briton has completed 13 laps in nearly three hours

10:49 Petrov, who was scheduled to drive today, was replaced by Kubica because Renault wanted the senior driver to be on track while it's dry. Rain is expected tomorrow and Saturday

10:54 Alonso, sixth quickest so far after 31 laps, is back on track, lapping in the 1:23s with the Ferrari

10:58 @eddstrawF1: Remember, 10kg of fuel can broadly make 0.3s per lap difference. And these cars can carrying anything up to around the 160kg mark

Robert Kubica11:05 Times after three hours: Buemi 1m20.504s; Schumacher 1m21.403s; Button 1m21.528s; Kubica 1m22.129s; Webber 1m23.164s; Alonso 1m23.265s; Kobayash 1m23.739s; Liuzzi 1m24.120s; Glock 1m29.964s

11:15 Laps so far: Buemi 28, Button 18, Schumacher 50, Kubica 27, Webber 45, Alonso 43, Kobayashi 23, Liuzzi 21, Glock 11

11:20 Williams is hoping to be back in action soon. @eddstrawF1: It was a hydraulic leak that triggered the engine shutdown. The hydraulic leak is being repaired now

11:29 Alonso on a long run. He has the track for himself after Schumacher and Webber completed their runs

Timo Glock11:34 This picture might confirm that it was indeed Glock who caused the red flag when he lost his front wing

11:35 Finally, Hulkenberg returns to the track after Williams solved the problems with his car

11:39 Hulkenberg sets his first time of the day and moves to eighth position

11:43 More progress from the Williams driver as he sets a 1:21.823 that puts him in third

11:48 Alonso sets the sixth fastest time - 1:22.564 - on the 41st lap of his long run. The Spaniard has been the busiest man so far with 71 laps in total

11:51 Still just 11 laps for Glock and his Virgin Racing team today. That's a total of 16 so far at Jerez

11:53 And that's from the first new team to get its car running. Things will be very hard for anyone flying straight to Bahrain for its F1 debut

11:54 Alonso makes another improvement, to 1:22.178

11:57 Button sets his fastest lap of the day, also posting the quickest time in sector 3. He is just 0.177 behind Buemi now

11:58 And now it's Buemi who goes quicker, lowering his best mark to 1:20.026

Fernando Alonso12:00 Alonso completes his long run - over 40 laps - with a best time of 1:21.928. He is fifth fastest

12:09 Weather forecast says serious rain expected tomorrow. That should mean lots of long runs this afternoon

12:10 @InsideFerrari: Long stint completed without any problem. Alonso's best time so far is 1.21.928. Lap time quicker and quicker at the end of the stint

12:16 Laps so far: Alonso 79, Webber 60, Schumacher 60, Buemi 58, Kubica 43, Kobayashi 39, Liuzzi 33, Button 29, Hulkenberg 23, Glock 11

12:17 Felipe Massa has arrived at Jerez. The Brazilian is scheduled to drive the Ferrari for the next two days

12:20 Virgin says it will be unable to run anymore today

12:21 The team had a problem with the front wing mounting. The issue has been identified, but it is missing spare parts so it will be unable to return to the track today

12:25 Virgin's Nick Wirth says he has been very encouraged by the early performance of the car despite the lack of running. Story on AUTOSPORT soon

12:32 You can read the Virgin story here:

Parts shortage halts Virgin test

Tonio Liuzzi12:34 @clubforce: Tonio doing some tyre work now, having some graining issues and understeer but getting lots of data

12:42 Rubens Barrichello has arrived at the track too. He will take over from Williams team-mate Hulkenberg tomorrow

12:45 @OfficialMGP: Time for a quick lunch at MGP! 68 laps for Michael this morning and his fastest time was a 1:21.907.

12:48 Hulkenberg sets the top speed at the end of the straight: 269.3 km/h

12:53 According to Ferrari, Alonso's 47-lap run was used to "collect data on the new tyres’ behaviour with different fuel loads on board"

12:55 Kubica is the only man on track now. Some teams having lunch before the final three hours of work

13:00 No significant changes in the timesheet as the test reaches the fifth hour

Timo Glock13:06 Timo Glock is now watching the action from the side of the track after being forced to stop testing early

13:10 @ClaireVWilliams: - Have you seen inside our trucks? This is our makeshift machine shop

13:14 Kobayashi apparently doing a long-ish run with the BMW Sauber. Eight laps and counting

13:18 Liuzzi: "Things are getting better and better. At the moment we are concentrating on the big items and trying to get those sorted and this afternoon we'll move onto set-up. It's going well so far, and it's a bonus the weather has stayed dry for so long."

13:28 Not much action at Jerez at the moment. But the last two hours are likely to be very busy

13:30 Webber is currently on a long run, while Kobayashi is still on track. The Japanese has improved and is now ahead of the Australian and Liuzzi

13:32 Kubica also improves by a few tenths, but stays as sixth fastest

13:33 Now he Pole has Webber behind him, the Red Bull driver having improved to set the seventh fastest time. Alonso is back on track after his long run earlier on

Kamui Kobayashi13:34 Kobayashi goes a tenth quicker as Webber finishes his run and returns to the pits

13:39 Alonso sets his best time of the day with a lap of 1:21.839. He is now fourth

13:47 After his 47-lap run earlier, Alonso has now completed a ten-lap one, improving his time to a 1:22.764. The Ferrari driver is now back in his garage

13:50 Eighty-nine laps for Alonso so far. Buemi follows with 79, Webber with 74 and Kubica with 72

13:52 Buemi, who has been fastest for most of the day, is now on a longer run, lapping in the 1:22s and 1:23s

13:54 @ClaireVWilliams: Nico is still putting the laps in on set-up work, 42 so far, despite that small hydraulic problem this morning

13:58 Alonso improves his best time to a 1:21.673

Spanish fans13:59 His fans, meanwhile, say they have been "waiting for eight years for this moment"

14:03 Red Bull warns Ferrari and McLaren have improved:

RBR: Ferrari, McLaren have improved

14:05 Mark Webber returns to the track after around 30 minutes and improves to a 1:22.043, still seventh quickest

14:10 Alonso back in the pits after another 10-lap run. He's done 99 laps so far

14:12 Webber completes a seven-lap run and returns to the garage

14:15 Schumacher on track with, apparently, a lot of fuel onboard. It could be the start of the long run

14:18 Kobayashi makes an improvement of three tenths, to a 1:22.444

Michael Schumacher14:23 Ten laps so far for Schumacher on the current run

14:33 Back in the paddock there is a crew with cameras and smoke machines in what apparently is the shooting of a running shoe ad on a Mercedes GP truck..

14:35 Liuzzi sets the fastest speed at the end of the straight - 270.7 km/h - and also moves into fourth position

14:36 And the Italian goes even quicker - 1:20.754 - becoming one of the four men who have lapped Jerez in less than 81 seconds today

14:37 In other news, Silverstone has confirmed the 2010 British Grand Prix will take place on the new Arena layout. Story on AUTOSPORT soon

14:38 Alonso leaves the pits to start his 100th lap of the day

14:39 Here's the Silverstone story:

Silverstone to use new track for 2010 GP

14:47 Schumacher keeps going: 27 laps so far on this run

14:57 @ClaireVWilliams: - I believe these are Rosberg & Schumi's road cars for the week...

15:02 The final hour gets under way, and Buemi is still sitting on top of the times quite comfortably

15:04 Schumacher has finished a 35-lap run. He didn't look as fast as Alonso, but fuels loads are a mystery

Sebastien Buemi15:06 Buemi, Button, Alonso, Webber and Hulkenberg sharing the track at the moment

15:16 Kobayashi leaps to fifth position thanks to a 1:21.377

15:20 Forty minutes left and everybody back in their garages

15:28 It looks like six drivers will go over the 100-lap mark today: Alonso, Schumacher, Buemi, Webber, Kobayashi and Kubica

15:31 Schumacher improves by nearly nine tenths of a second and moved up to fifth, still a full second off Buemi's pace

15:38 Quite big differences at the top of the times, and it doesn't look like the bigger teams are too interested in doing low-fuel, glory runs to finish the day. There's still 20 minutes left though

15:41 Two red flags today, caused by Hulkenberg and Glock, to add to yesterday's two, triggered by Webber and Rosberg

15:48 Schumacher, Buemi, Button and Kubica are on track with some ten minutes to go

15:48 Red flag

15:49 It now seems a tradition to have a stoppage when the session is about the end. Apparently Button has stopped on track

15:54 Button caused the third red flag of the day when his McLaren stopped at the sixth corner. We are yet to find out if the session will be restarted or not

16:00 Button's car is being recovered. Time has run out, but they could still extend the session

16:01 Green flag

16:05 The session is now officially over

16:06 We are trying to confirm that Kobayashi's late flyer has sent the Japanese driver to the top of the times

Kamui Kobayashi16:08 Pending official confirmation, Kobayashi has gone quickest, beating Buemi by less than a tenth

16:11 @clubforce: Kobayashi might send us down one position. His timing pending official confirmation though.

16:13 That's all for today's live coverage. For more information about today's test, check AUTOSPORT's website. Thanks for reading us.

P Driver Team Time
1  KobayashiSauber 1m19.950s
2  BuemiToro Rosso 1m20.026s  +0.076
3  ButtonMcLaren 1m20.618s  +0.668
4  HulkenbergWilliams 1m20.629s  +0.679
5  LiuzziForce India 1m20.754s  +0.804
6  SchumacherMercedes 1m21.083s  +1.133
7  AlonsoFerrari 1m21.424s  +1.474
8  KubicaRenault 1m22.003s  +2.053
9  WebberRed Bull 1m22.043s  +2.093
10  GlockVirgin 1m29.964s  +10.014
All timing unofficial. Updated: 16:06 GMT
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 15°C / 59°F
Track: Dry
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