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As it happened: Test day four
By Geoff Creighton
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for coverage of the fourth and final day of this week's pre-season test at the Circuito de Jerez.

08:01 The track is now open for business, but conditions are again far from ideal.

08:02 Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel are first out for installation laps.

08:02 It's a chilly day in southern Spain, with air temperatures of 7 Celsius and the track is fully wet with some standing water.

08:03 The weather is still far from ideal, with more light rain falling at the circuit this morning.

08:05 Vettel, Kubica and Barrichello are now back in the pits after completing installation laps.

Jaime Alguersuari08:07 Rain hampered running for most of yesterday as Jaime Alguersuari topped the timesheets with the fastest lap of the week so far, a 1m19.919s, during a brief spell of dry running in the first hour.

08:08 Today's forecast suggests things should gradually improve, but it will take quite a while for the circuit to dry out.

08:09 Adrian Sutil has completed an installation lap, with the VJM03 now repaired after the electronic problem that stopped him yesterday.

Force India report via @clubforce "Adrian on the radio, says standard wet tyres should be OK for running right now"

08:10 Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa are currently on track.

08:11 AUTOSPORT F1 editor Edd Straw (@eddstrawf1) is once again our man at the circuit and will be reporting back on events throughout the day.

08:12 Felipe Massa has clocked the first time of the day, having stayed out for a few laps. His time is a 1m29.010s.

08:14 The lineup of drivers is largely unchanged, although Michael Schumacher is back in action for Mercedes and Robert Kubica resumes his testing of the Renault R30.

The teams are only allowed to field one driver for each test day.

08:14 Schumacher is on track at the moment, setting a first flying lap of 1m34.571s.

08:15 @eddstrawf1 reports: "There's not much spray out there, so the track isn't as bad as it was late yesterday."

08:17 Times improve as former team-mates Massa and Schumacher feel out the grip levels this morning. Massa has now done a 1m28.299s in the Ferrari before pitting, with Schumacher on 1m29.806 as he continues to lap in his Mercedes.

08:20 Schumacher has pitted to end his run but Robert Kubica is now out for some laps in the Renault.

08:22 Barrichello and Alguersuari join Kubica on track

08:24 Kubica does his first complete lap, a 1m31.125s. That puts him third fastest of the three drivers to set a time so far

08:26 Barrichello has clocked his first time of the morning - a 1m28.672s

08:28 Mercedes report on its first laps of the day:

@officialMGP "Michael's been out for his first laps to check the car and the condition of the track"

08:29 Barrichello now tops the order with a 1m27.919s as Vettel joins him on track.

08:32 Vettel is on to a flying lap for the first time today while Sutil is back out - the Force India team clearly happy that the car is now fixed.

08:33 Vettel clocks a 1m28.323s to put his Red Bull on the board - currently third quickest.

08:34 Even quicker next time around for Vettel as he tops the early order in 1m27.764s.

08:35 Sutil's programme is also underway as he slots in fifth with a 1m29.822s.

@clubforce "Adrian back on track to start programme now. On the plan today, set up and brake work plus tyre comparisons if it dries out."

08:38 Vettel has dropped off slightly from his table-topping effort and is currently lapping in the mid 1m28s bracket. Sutil is the only other man testing the conditions at the moment.

08:40 Yesterday's pacesetter Jaime Alguersuari is the next man to head out, joining Vettel on track while Sutil is back in the pits.

08:43 Vettel is on his 10th tour now, continuing to lap close to his benchmark time

Adrian Sutil08:45 Adrian Sutil via @clubforce "The warm up was very good, no problems. Nice to handle."

08:47 Felipe Massa is back on the circuit in his Ferrari, while Alguersuari has ended his brief run in the Toro Rosso.

08:49 Vettel's lengthy run in the Red Bull continues, although his pace has fallen off slightly in to the 1m29s.

08:51 A tardy 1m40.661s lap for Vettel there but it's unclear what slowed him so much - he's still circulating, along with Massa.

08:54 Pedro de la Rosa is now on track for the first time today in the Sauber.

08:54 Vettel is still on track, clearly keen to test a long run in these greasy conditions.

08:55 Weather update from @eddstrawf1 "It's not raining now and the gloomy clouds look like they are heading away from the track. Can see some blue sky coming!"

08:56 That's good news for the teams and in line with the forecast, which expects things to slowly dry up.

08:59 We've yet to see Lucas di Grassi in the Virgin today. It hasn't been an easy week for the newcomers:

Virgin frustrated by lack of mileage

08:59 Vettel continues, with Alguersuari, Sutil and Schumacher now also on the circuit.

09:02 The session has been stopped.

09:04 It appears that Vettel in the Red Bull is the cause of the stoppage.

09:05 The young German had been on a lengthy run in the RB6, completing 22 laps so far.

09:06 @eddstrawf1 "Vettel had been out for a while - wonder if they opted for an 'out of fuel' run, as Rosberg did yesterday.

"Teams like to run the car out of fuel at least once to work out exactly how far they can push it. Don't know if that stopped Vettel though."

09:10 A check on the laptimes during the halt: 1. Vettel 1m27.764s; 2. Barrichello 1m27.919s; 3. Massa 1m28.299s; 4. Sutil 1m29.025s; 5. Schumacher 1m29.768s; 6. Kubica 1m30.270s; 7. Alguersuari 1m32.655s.

Hamilton, Di Grassi and De la Rosa are yet to complete a timed lap.

09:11 Vettel's Red Bull is being collected on a flat-bed truck.

09:12 All the while, the weather continues to improve with brighter skies moving in. The track should dry up over the next couple of hours, setting up some proper dry running this afternoon.

09:17 It will take a while for the track conditions to improve, with very little racing rubber on the asphalt after so much wet running.

09:20 The recovery of Vettel's Red Bull is finally complete and the track is open again.

09:20 Alguersuari, De la Rosa and Massa are early takers of the green light.

09:21 Barrichello is also heading out in his Williams.

09:22 Massa is the first man to clock a time after the restart as he flashes over the line in a 1m29.165s.

09:24 De la Rosa completes his first flying lap in 1m31.736s. Lewis Hamilton is also on the circuit in the McLaren, having not been out since an early installation run.

09:27 Hamilton is straight in at the top of the order as he benefits from new tyres on an ever-improving track. It's a 1m27.044s from the McLaren.

09:28 Hamilton continues to slash the benchmark time with a 1m26.833s.

09:30 Everyone else is circulating several seconds off Hamilton's pace, but remember the fuel loads are unknown and the others have been out already, taking the best grip out of their tyres.

09:32 Times are likely to improve rapidly over the next hour as the circuit continues to dry. Alguersuari, De la Rosa, Sutil and Massa are also on the circuit.

09:34 Hamilton has pitted to end his short, table-topping run.

09:35 From our man @eddstrawf1: "Asked Vettel what the problem was and got a shrug of the shoulders and a smile - looked like can't say rather than don't know!"

09:37 Track drying continues, with Massa, Sutil and Barrichello circulating in the 1m29s bracket.

09:42 Rubens Barrichello moves up to second quickest in the Williams as he clocks a 1m27.657s.

09:45 Barrichello is quicker again next time around, 1m26.763s, which is the best time of the day on an ever-drying track.

09:47 Massa makes a brief tour of the circuit, while Lewis Hamilton is back out in the McLaren.

09:48 Sutil is moving up the order in the Force India and is now third quickest.

09:49 Barrichello is the man finding the grip at the moment as he improves the benchmark time to a 1m26.537s.

Hamilton is also straight into the 1m26s bracket.

09:50 From @eddstrawf1: "Just had a quick check of the track conditions - still damp but if there are enough cars on track it'll be dry later on"

09:51 While Barrichello heads to the pits, Hamilton takes back the top time with a 1m26.023s.

09:52 These times are still way off the 1m19.919s set by Alguersuari in the dry yesterday.

09:54 Alguersuari heads out now. Hamilton is still doing low 1m26s. De la Rosa is in the 31s

09:55 Hamilton has now pitted after a relatively short run.

Jerez weather09:58 Weather conditions continue to improve - here's how cold, dark and miserable it was a couple of hours ago.

09:59 Alguersuari has the track to himself at the moment.

10:00 From @eddstrawf1: "Teams will be wary about wasting sets of tyres in these drying conditions - could do with the sun coming out really"

10:02 Thoughts on the conditions from Force India via @clubforce:

"Dry in Jerez for now. Adrian says it's on the verge of being dry enough to switch to slick tyres."

10:06 Felipe Massa is back on track and sets his best time of the day. He's just clocked a 1m27.645s.

10:06 Vettel is now heading out in the Red Bull, having caused a stoppage earlier when the car ground to a halt.

10:07 Massa improves to third quickest with a 1m27.495s effort in the Ferrari.

10:09 @eddstrawf1: "Massa is the fastest on track on a 1m27.396. Looking at the track, we aren't far away from seeing people trying slicks"

10:10 Vettel is back up to speed, clocking a 1m27.638s.

10:11 Edd has popped down to Virgin and reports work still going on to ready the car for action. Di Grassi is the only driver yet to take to the track today.

10:13 Alguersuari continues a long run in the Toro Rosso but his pace is around five seconds off the likes of Massa and Vettel at the moment.

10:14 Alguersuari pits, leaving the track to Massa and Vettel.

10:18 Vettel clocks a 1m27.026s to move up to third quickest.

10:20 Onwards and upwards for Vettel as he slots in second with a 1m26.215s.

10:21 Next time around and it is a new time to beat from Vettel - 1m25.874s.

10:22 Massa is the only other man on track at the moment, lapping around 1m30s.

10:23 Track conditions are obviously improving and it can't be long before someone opts for a go on slicks.

10:23 1m25.782s is the latest quick lap from Vettel, who heads for the pits.

10:26 @eddstrawf1 reports "very bald intermediates" on Vettel's car, while Massa has also concluded his run.

10:27 It looks like this could be a lull in the action as teams ponder the move to slick tyres.

10:29 At the moment, the track has some dry patches, but not a dry line - so dry tyres would be a little risky, given most teams still don't have large supplies of spare parts for their new cars.

Mercedes detail10:33 Absolutely nothing happening at the moment, so here's a nice detail shot of the Mercedes. We've not seen Schumacher out since a brief run in the first half hour.

10:39 Pedro de la Rosa finally breaks the silence and heads out in the Sauber.

10:41 Massa is also back on the circuit in his Ferrari F10.

10:44 It looks like Massa and Sutil are trying slick rubber, although it is hard to tell with a lot of very warn intermediates left over from the earlier running.

10:45 Massa improves his time with a lap of 1m27.070s.

10:46 It was just an exploratory tour for De la Rosa, leaving Massa and Sutil on track.

10:47 Massa clocks a 1m26.444s - third quickest - and is on for further improvement.

10:49 Quicker again for Massa to go second in 1m25.957s - clearly his tyre choice is working in the current conditions.

10:50 We're pretty sure Massa is on slicks, although it's hard to be sure from a distance.

10:50 1m25.842s for Massa and now only a fraction off Vettel's benchmark.

10:51 Big gains coming for Massa now as he warms those tyres. 1m25.021s is the new time to beat.

10:52 Sutil is lapping in the 1m29s bracket and De la Rosa is back for more.

10:54 Massa is back on it after a slow lap and furthers his advantage with a 1m24.599s.

10:55 Faster still from Massa with a 1m24.022s. Clearly, it is time for the rest to use slicks.

10:57 The track is far from ideal for dry tyres, with damp patches and a lack of rubber on the highly-abrasive surface. Any tyres used up at the moment will have a lot of life taken out of them, which is likely why most drivers are waiting for conditions to improve.

10:59 Massa marches on with a 1m23.976s, while De la Rosa is also slick shod and moving up the order.

11:01 Massa completed his 60th lap of the day but the time is just off his 1m23.847s best.

11:02 Lewis Hamilton has joined the circuit as Barrichello goes second in 1m24.806s.

11:05 De la Rosa is now third quickest as Barrichello improves again with a 1m24.013s.

11:06 It was just a single tour for Hamilton, who is now back in the McLaren garage.

11:07 With Massa seeming to have used the best from his tyres, compatriot Rubens Barrichello takes the top time for Williams with a 1m23.356s.

11:10 Jaime Alguersuari is also moving past the runners who remain in the garage during this rapid improvement in the track conditions.

11:10 Robert Kubica joins the fun as Barrichello improves again to 1m23.144s.

11:11 The teams are delighted with the prospect of dry running:

@InsideFerrari: "Finally we can run on dry tyres... Already 66 laps completed by Felipe who is currently doing a long run"

11:12 Kubica vaults up to third for now on the rapidly-changing timesheet.

11:13 Little can be read in to the current times as the track is improving by the lap.

11:14 Barrichello is stretching his advantage at the top with a 1m22.319s

11:16 From @eddstrawf1: "Hamilton has just gone fastest in the main speed trap - 270.0kph"

11:18 Schumacher hasn't emerged since the track improved enough for slick rubber, hence why he is currently shown well off the pace. The German will surely be back in the mix after lunch.

11:19 Lunch is also in the plans at Force India via @clubforce:

"Lunch break for Force India. Planned exhaust change happening and will be back out for running this afternoon."

11:20 Vettel has edged up into fourth quickest with a 1m24.846s.

11:22 Massa continues on his long run, with the pace settling in around the mid 1m24s.

11:29 Massa has been out for about 25 laps now and is currently clocking times just over 1m24s.

11:32 Adrian Sutil says he is thrilled with the performance of Force India's VJM03:

Sutil expects best ever season start

11:35 Massa's times are improving as his fuel burns off and the track continues to rubber up.

11:35 News from @eddstrawf1: "I'm told the Virgin is about to head out"

11:37 The Virgin car has struggled for mileage so far this week, so the team will be hoping for some trouble-free outings this afternoon.

11:39 Slick tyres are now ideal for the conditions with the track almost dry.

11:40 Massa improves his best time to a 1m23.073s after a lengthy run of over 30 laps.

11:42 Lucas di Grassi pulls out of the Virgin garage, taking his car on to the track for the first time today.

Felipe Massa11:45 While the Virgin is back in the pits to be checked over, Massa's epic long run continues with a new personal best of 1m22.697s.

11:50 Massa is the only man on track at the moment and is edging closer to Barrichello's benchmark time. Latest lap: 1m22.641s.

11:51 The session has been stopped.

11:52 It looks like Massa has stopped on the far side of the track.

11:53 The Brazilian had chalked up almost 40 laps on a long run with the Ferrari F10.

11:54 Details via @eddstrawf1:

"Looks like a car-related problem for Massa.

"Recovery vehicles are with the Ferrari F10 and will bring it back shortly."

11:57 The teams are very happy to see the weather taking a turn for the better, after so much lost running this week:

@rf1paddockpass: "The rain has eased off and the track is drying. Slicks are now the way to go so the afternoon should be more productive."

Michael Schumacher12:01 Michael Shcumacher hasn't been on track for a couple of hours but Mercedes plan some action soon:

@officialMGP: "Michael will be out again in the not too distant future with the track now looking much improved as thankfully it has stayed dry."

12:06 The green flag is out and Alguersuari is the first man to resume running.

12:08 Vettel is also heading out in the Red Bull.

12:12 Vettel is straight on it with a 1m22.972s.

12:13 Kubica was briefly on track in the Renault and moved up to fourth with a 1m23.277s

12:17 Vettel's progress continues with a 1m22.752s lap.

12:17 Lewis Hamilton is also back out.

12:18 The McLaren hasn't completed any significant running since the track dried up, so it will be interesting to see Hamilton's times.

12:20 A 1m25.730s is Hamilton's first effort of the run.

12:20 Di Grassi is mobile again in the Virgin. Hopefully he'll get a time on the board.

12:21 De la Rosa just finished a six-lap run and Barrichello is now out. Did a 23.797s on his first complete lap. Hamilton improves to a 1m24.760s

12:22 Di Grassi breaks the beam in 1m33.035s for Virgin's first time of the day.

12:24 A 1m29.734s next time around from Di Grassi

12:25 Hamilton is also improving lap-by-lap, recently clocking a 1m24.065s, which is sixth fastest at the moment.

12:27 Di Grassi is now pulling clear of Schumacher's early-session time. A 1m27.780s is now the best for Virgin, while we still await Schumacher's return to the circuit.

12:31 Hamilton looks to be on a fairly long run and has settled in to a low 1m24s pace - that's similar to the early stages of Massa's run. Of course, we don't know how much fuel is involved and the track will grip up as dry running continues.

12:35 12 laps now in the books for Di Grassi in the Virgin - that's one more than Shcumacher, who we're told is about to go out.

12:36 Schumacher is out of the pits in his Mercedes.

12:38 Meanwhile, Barrichello is setting the pace with a 1m21.334s to go over a second clear at the top of the order.

12:40 Barrichello improves again to a 1m21.097s, while Schumacher springs up to second immediately with a 1m22.000s

12:40 There's even more from the German as he clocks a 1m20.971s to top the order.

12:43 Next time around it is a 1m20.613s from Schumacher to edge even further ahead.

12:44 After a leisurely start to the day, clearly Michael is chasing some quick times this afternoon.

12:45 Lewis Hamilton continues on his long run with the pace still in the 1m24s bracket.

12:46 Meanwhile, Schumacher is just a fraction off his best with a 1m20.661s.

12:48 Barrichello is circulating in the 1m22s, with Kubica also long running a 1m25s pace. Remember, there could be a substantial difference in fuel loads depending on each team's testing plans.

12:53 Schumacher's quick run has come to an end as the car has ground to a halt.

12:54 From @eddstrawf1: "Really irritatingly that has ended the McLaren long run - Hamilton had done 26 laps when that happened"

12:56 The Mercedes is being recovered to the pits on the back of a truck.

13:01 Adrian Sutil's Force India has been in the garage for a while. The team reported earlier that they were making planned changes to the exhaust system.

13:09 The lights are still red in Jerez. Mercedes are testing their version of the digital lollipop, with pitstops times for tyres only set to be a major factor this year.

13:10 Recovery of Schumacher is finally complete and the track is ready for action to resume.

13:11 Lucas di Grassi in the Virgin is the first man out.

13:14 De la Rosa and Massa have also joined the fray.

13:16 The latest from Mercedes:

@officialMGP: "After stopping out on track, the car's back in the garage and the guys are just checking it over to make sure everything is ok."

13:18 Massa resumes his programme with a 1m22.071s in the Ferrari.

13:19 Kubica records a 1m22.120s to move up to fourth fastest today.

13:22 Mercedes are yet to enlighten us about why the car stopped but say Schumacher is ready to go out again.

13:23 Schumacher is indeed now on track.

13:25 Hamilton is also resuming work in the McLaren. Lewis was deep into a long run before Schumacher's stopped car brought things to a halt.

13:27 A 1m22.432s is Schumacher's pace early in this run.

13:29 Barrichello is out in the Williams, lapping close to his best time in the 1m21s.

13:31 Schumacher and Hamilton are running close together on the circuit and at a similar pace in the 1m24s.

Lucas di Grassi13:33 A much better day for Virgin as Di Grassi clocks a 1m26.881s on his 21st lap.

13:35 Barrichello is the quickest man on the circuit at the moment as he continues his stint in the 1m21s.

13:37 Hamilton moves up to sixth quickest with his best lap of the day - 1m23.393s.

13:39 With a few cars heading to the pits, only Hamilton and Barrichello are circulating at the moment.

13:41 De la Rosa is now out for a run in the Sauber, while Barrichello has pitted the Williams.

13:43 It looks like Hamilton is continuing the long run he was on before the last red flag. His pace is improving, with a new personal best of 1m23.365s.

13:45 De la Rosa clocks a 1m22.635s to go fifth fastest.

13:46 Meanwhile, Force India say they are nearly ready to run again:

@clubforce: "VJM03 almost ready to go. Bodywork being fitted and Adrian putting helmet on after scheduled stop."

13:49 Felipe Massa is back out in the Ferrari and improves to a 1m21.959s - which is still third quickest.

13:50 Massa trims his time a bit more, clocking a 1m21.850s.

13:53 A weather check from our man on the ground @eddstrawf1:

"Track temp 15.6c; Air temp 8.8c; wind 3mph northerly; humidity 72%. Nice and dry here in Jerez"

13:54 Robert Kubica and Felipe Massa are both lapping in the 1m22s at the moment.

13:54 Force India say that Sutil is about to go out for a 10 lap run.

13:57 Massa wraps up his outing, leaving Hamilton still working on that long run.

13:57 Sutil has left the Force India garage as promised.

Fans13:59 Quite a decent crowd on hand today, but nothing like the scenes of Alonso mania seen at Valencia. The home hero will be back in action here next week.

14:01 Sutil moves off the foot of the timesheet with a 1m22.967s

14:02 Schumacher, De la Rosa and Barrichello are also out, along with Di Grassi in the Virgin.

14:03 Barrichello takes the day's best time on a 1m20.341s.

14:05 Di Grassi has got the best Virgin time down to a 1m25.683s.

14:07 An improved 1m22.709s takes Sutil ahead of Vettel, who we haven't seen in a while.

14:10 Ferrari tell us:

@InsideFerrari: "An off track without any consequence for the car at the end of the last run. Felipe did already 115 laps, best time 1.21.850."

14:12 Massa is now heading out for another run.

14:15 Schumacher has quite a long run going at the moment, with pace varied around 1m23s on recent laps.

14:16 Robert Kubica sets a 1m21.577s to move his Renault up to third quickest.

14:18 Massa's early efforts on this run yield a 1m21.959s followed by a 1m22.156s.

14:19 News from Force India:

@clubforce: "Adrian seems pretty happy. Balance consistent and time looks OK. Programme continuing until end of the test."

14:20 Only Massa and Kubica are circulating at the moment.

Robert Kubica14:24 Kubica pits, leaving Massa on track, now joined by Hamilton. It's hard to miss the R30 in this striking livery.

14:27 From @eddstrawf1: "Massa is now on his 125th lap. To put that into context, the last GP at Jerez was 69 laps."

14:29 Sutil is back on the track, joining Hamilton, while Massa has pitted the Ferrari.

14:31 A 1m20.605s puts Sutil second quickest in the Force India.

14:33 Sutil climbs all the way to the top with a 1m20.334s, the best time of the day.

14:36 Another slight improvement from Sutil at the top of the order - 1m20.325s.

14:37 Kubica and Barrichello are out for runs at the moment.

Lucas di Grassi14:40 Di Grassi continues his efforts at the wheel of the Virgin. It has completed 36 laps so far today without problems, which is good news for the team after a troubled week so far.

14:44 De la Rosa is improving his best times at the moment, currently sixth quickest on a 1m22.134s.

14:47 Force India are pleased with Sutil topping the times:

: "Looking good. Adrian finishes the run with a best time of 1:20.325. Coming back in now"

14:48 Massa improves his best to a 1m21.673s but remains fifth fastest.

14:50 Schumacher, Massa and De la Rosa are lapping at the moment.

14:52 Massa is the quickest of the trio, lapping close to his best time in the 1m21s bracket.

14:55 Jaime Alguersuari is back on track after a lengthy spell in the Toro Rosso garage.

14:57 Just over an hour remaining at this test. With some decent dry running now in the books, will teams be tempted to take out some fuel and go for headline times?

15:00 Alguersuari improves his best time to a 1m24.072s, but remains only 9th fastest for the moment.

15:06 Michael Schumacher is back on track in the Mercedes, lapping in the 1m22s.

15:08 De la Rosa has ticked through 100 laps but pitted the Sauber, while Massa is way ahead with 137 tours today.

15:13 Progress from Virgin with Di Grassi recording a 1m22.912s, moving up to eighth.

15:14 Sutil has shaved a fraction of the benchmark with a new best of 1m20.253s.

Lewis Hamilton15:15 Hamilton is out looking for an improved time at the moment and this was him attacking the circuit earlier this afternoon.

15:16 Sutil's run continues, with a 1m20.180s now the time to beat.

15:18 From @eddstrawf1: "Sutil now fastest in speed traps one and two - Force India aero efficiency in action"

15:22 Kubica and de la Rosa join the circuit for some more running.

15:23 Kubica is straight on it with a 1m21.563s, his best time of the day.

15:25 It is quite busy on track now, with only Schumacher, Barrichello, Vettel and Di Grassi in the pits.

15:26 Vettel hasn't been out for quite a while, so there may be some work going on with the Red Bull.

15:27 Massa and Kubica are the quickest men on the circuit at the moment, lapping in the 1m22s bracket.

15:28 Force India are quite pleased with themselves:

@clubforce: "Adrian Sutil: master of understatement: 'That was quite pleasant.'"

15:29 Vettel is now out of the garage for a late run. He's been sat on the sidelines for a couple of hours.

15:30 Hamilton has been out for quite a while and is lapping in the 1m23s, not far off his best time of the day.

15:32 Vettel is up to fourth quickest with his first flying lap of 1m21.423s.

15:34 Di Grassi joins Vettel and Hamilton on track. The Virgin has now broken through 50 laps completed today.

15:36 Vettel closes to just over a second off Sutil's benchmark with a 1m21.203s in the Red Bull.

15:39 Vettel, Hamilton and Di Grassi lapping at the moment but some late, low-fuel runs are quite possible with just over 20 minutes remaining.

15:41 Alguersuari has joined the track. His 1m19.919s yesterday morning still stands as the best time of the test.

15:46 Felipe Massa heads out to commence his 150th lap of the day.

15:47 Massa improves immediately to a 1m21.509s, going fifth fastest.

15:49 Schumacher and Sutil have joined the circuit for late runs. Force India say they will be lapping until the flag.

15:50 Di Grassi and Hamilton are also out for some late laps.

Lewis Hamilton15:52 Hamilton is the man on the move as he sets the best time of the day - 1m19.952s

15:54 Hamilton improves to a 1m19.684s. He's fastest of the whole test now.

15:55 There's even more on the next lap from Hamilton as a 1m19.583s extends his advantage at the top.

15:56 Kubica springs up to fourth quickest, clocking a 1m20.358s in the Renault R30.

15:59 Just a couple of minutes left now, but still time for some late changes.

15:59 Vettel is the man most likely, he's on a flying lap now.

16:00 The chequered flag is out.

16:02 Vettel came over the line in 1m23.292s, well off his best time.

16:03 So Lewis Hamilton ends the first week in Jerez on top after a late lap of 1m19.583s in the McLaren.

16:06 The weather has played a part in making this test difficult for the teams, and there is only a few days to analyse the data before testing resumes again at Jerez on Wednesday.

16:07 Stick with AUTOSPORT for all the round up and analysis as we catch up with the drivers over the next couple of hours, and join us again next week for full coverage of week two in Jerez.

P Driver Team Time
1  HamiltonMcLaren 1m19.583s
2  SutilForce India 1m20.180s  +0.597
3  BarrichelloWilliams 1m20.341s  +0.758
4  KubicaRenault 1m20.358s  +0.775
5  SchumacherMercedes 1m20.613s  +1.030
6  VettelRed Bull 1m21.203s  +1.620
7  MassaFerrari 1m21.485s  +1.902
8  De la RosaSauber 1m22.134s  +2.551
9  Di GrassiVirgin 1m22.912s  +3.329
10  AlguersuariToro Rosso 1m24.072s  +4.489
All timing unofficial. Updated: 15:56 GMT
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 12°C / 54°F
Track: Dry
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