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As it happened: Test day one
By Pablo Elizalde and Steven English
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT's Live coverage of the first day of this week's Formula 1 test at Jerez

08:02 Here is today's line-up: Ferrari/Massa, McLaren/Hamilton, Red Bull/Vettel, Mercedes/Schumacher, Sauber/de la Rosa, Williams/Barrichello, Renault/Petrov, Force India/di Resta/Liuzzi, Toro Rosso/Buemi, Virgin/Glock, Lotus/Fauzy

08:04 Felipe Massa is first to take to the track, followed by Fairuz Fauzy who is giving the new Lotus its first outing in an official Formula 1 session

08:05 Sebastien Vettel, Paul di Resta and Sebastien Buemi, Rubens Barrichello, Vitaly Petrov and Pedro de la Rosa are all out as well - that's eight of the 11 teams on track already

08:09 The circuit is still damp first thing this morning, but the skies are more clear than they were for much of last week

08:17 Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher went out as well, but all the cars are now back in the pits after a quick installation lap. The Virgin is the only one not to run so far

08:20 Vettel is now out for a second run in the Red Bull

08:22 Fauzy takes the Lotus back out for its second run, followed by Hamilton and de la Rosa

08:26 Fauzy completes the first flying lap for the Lotus, a 1m46.652. Vettel, de la Rosa and di Resta are the only others to set times so far, all in the 1m33s

08:30 Schumacher's first flying lap is a 1m30.549, followed closely by de la Rosa who is also down into the 30s

08:33 Schumacher and Fauzy are back in the pits. de la Rosa, Vettel and di Resta still circulation, joined now by Hamilton, Barrichello and Buemi

08:36 The session has been stopped.

08:39 We have the first red flag of the day, but it's not yet clear who or what caused it

08:43 @m_glendenning: is AUTOSPORT's man on the ground at Jerez this week. Look out for his updates during the week

08:44 It looks as though Hamilton may have caused the stoppage

08:55 We're back underway. It was Hamilton that caused the red flag - we're waiting for word from the team on the cause

08:56 Lotus happy with Fauzy's first outings

@mylotusracing: Fairuz just did a couple of laps on a wet track with no problems, he's in now for some adjustments. Watch this space for more updates...

08:59 Just four minutes of action before the second red flag of the day

09:01 It looks as though Paul di Resta has had a spin in the Force India

09:07 Laps completed in the first hour: Vettel, 12; de la Rosa, 10; di Resta, 9; Barrichello, 8; Buemi, 8; Hamilton, 5; Schumacher, 5; Massa, 4; Fauzy, 4; Petrov, 1

09:13 The session is back underway with Massa and Buemi first out

09:15 The track is still wet, but there's no sign of any more rain for the time being

09:17 Massa sets the fastest time of the day so far - a 1m30.327s

09:23 Barrichello, de la Rosa and Vettel out as well now, while Massa and Buemi are each five laps into their runs

09:25 Weather update: track temperature 13 degrees, air temp also 13. Clouds are starting to move in

09:26 The first drops of rain are falling, only lightly for now...

09:27 Massa and Buemi are back in the pits after seven laps each. Massa was lapping consistently in the 30s, Buemi in the 33s

09:28 Still no sign of Virgin after 90 minutes, and Petrov has only completed a single installation lap in the Renault

09:29 di Resta heading back out in the Force India following his spin half an hour ago

Fairuz Fauzy09:34 Fairuz Fauzy taking the Lotus out for its first laps earlier this morning

09:36 Fauzy is now back out for another run in the Lotus. Massa and Barrichello also on track

09:39 Fauzy is straight back in again. Barrichello is now 10 laps into a run, but his times are jumping around between 33s and 35s

09:41 Schumacher heads out again in the Mercedes

09:45 de la Rosa, Vettel and Fauzy head out as well, that's six cars on track now

09:46 Barrichello ends his run after 14 laps, but heads straight back out after a quick stop

09:47 Petrov is on track in the Renault, having so far only completed a single installation lap

09:48 Fauzy does a 39.8 in the Lotus, just seven tenths slower than Hamilton's best lap of the day so far

09:49 Petrov is back in the pits after another installation lap. Fauzy down to a 1m35s in the Lotus, five seconds slower than Massa who is fastest

09:50 Barrichello does his quickest lap of the day so far on his first flying lap of this run

09:53 Massa is now on his 12th lap of this run, lapping consistently in the 1m31s now

09:54 Barrichello has improved again, to a 32.7

09:55 Eight cars out on track now, just Vettel, Petrov and di Grassi in the pits

09:57 Massa pits after 14 laps of steadily increasing his pace. But he's straight back out again

10:02 Laps completed after two hours: Barrichello, 32; Massa, 27; Buemi, 22; de la Rosa, 19; di Resta, 17; Vettel, 16; Fauzy, 16; Schumacher, 13; Hamilton, 9; Petrov, 2

10:04 Ferrari is using its second chassis for this test, #282

The team says: "The car doesn’t sport any major updates compared to last week: just some minor aerodynamic and mechanical updates for these days, while the main novelties will be used next week during the tests in Barcelona."

10:07 Barrichello and Buemi improve their times, both lapping in the 1m31s

10:09 Vettel does the fastest lap of the day so far on the first flying lap of a run - a 1m29s

10:11 Vettel, Barrichello, di Resta and Fauzy on track at the moment. Barrichello and di Resta 16 and 12 laps into their runs

10:12 Vettel in, Schumacher out. Barrichello has now done six consecutive laps within 0.6s of each other in the 1m31s

Lewis Hamilton10:16 Hamilton hitched a ride back to the pits after his McLaren stopped and caused the day's first red flag

10:17 Barrichello goes second quickest, setting a 30.1 on the 19th lap of his current run

10:18 Petrov has just started Renault's first flying lap of the day...

10:19 The rain had eased off, but it's coming down again now

10:21 The rain drives Petrov back into the pits - still no time for Renault

10:22 Barrichello pits after 20 laps, but he's straight back out again and now the only car on track

10:24 Ferrari frustrated by the weather this morning - it's raining heavily now

@insideferrari: Showers coming and going... It's difficult to do a proper test today so far.

Felipe Massa10:30 Ferrari doing its best to hide the rear end of the F10

10:32 It looks as though Williams is doing a race simulation. Barrichello has done runs of 14 and 21 laps, with quick pitstops in between, and is now six laps into a third stint - lapping in the high 32s

10:37 Finally, the sun is out in Spain. It's still raining though

10:39 Hamilton is back out in the McLaren after a long absence. Schumacher and Barrichello also on track

10:40 Barrichello now on the 11th lap of this stint. His times are steadily improving as the fuel load comes down - the last eight have all been in the 1m32s

10:42 Hamilton does McLaren's first competitive laptime of the day, a 30.4 - fourth quickest

Felipe Massa10:42 Unfortunately for Ferrari, we can see the back of its car when it's moving

10:44 Virgin pipes up for the first time today. Timo Glock is about to join in

@virginracing: Tweeters, my Tweeters - Timo is just about to leave the garage for his installation lap. Go go go!

10:46 Eight cars on track now, with 1h45m since the last red flag...

10:47 Barrichello pits again after a 15-lap third stint

10:50 de la Rosa goes quickest, breaking into the 28s

10:55 AUTOSPORT's Mark Glendenning has heard movement at Virgin too

@m_glendenning: Signs of life at Virgin - the car was just fired up in the garage.

10:57 Schumacher is 11 laps into a run for Mercedes, lapping in the 34s

10:58 de la Rosa pits after a six-lap run, during which he lowered the best time of the day to a 27.8

10:59 The track is drying, and the Glock heads out in the Virgin - all 11 cars have now been out

11:01 Barrichello is back out and onto his 63rd lap of the day

11:03 Schumacher sets his best time so far on the 12th lap of his current run, 30.2

11:04 Petrov is now in his first proper run of the day, setting a 33.6 three laps in

11:05 There's now a dry line appearing on some parts of the track, but the cars are still throwing up spray elsewhere

11:07 Glock is back in the pits in the Virgin after a single installation lap

Weather at Jerez11:09 Sunny, cloudy, wet and dry all at once at Jerez

11:12 Just de la Rosa, Barrichello, Schumacher and Fauzy on track now. The Lotus has done 35 laps this morning

11:17 Barrichello breaks into the 29s on his 73rd lap

11:17 The drying track is bring faster times now - Massa into the 28s

11:18 Barrichello joins Massa in the 28s, while di Resta is back out in the Force India and down to a 1m31s

11:19 @m_glendenning: Proper dry line now. Ambient temp has crept up to a balmy 15.C, track temp is 23.C

11:20 Glock is back on track and does a 1m34s on Virgin's first quick lap of the day

11:21 Fauzy improves to a 34.3 - the battle of the new teams is on

11:22 Massa does the best time of the day, a 1m27.665, and Vettel is into the 27s too

Fairuz Fauzy11:24 The track is the fastest it's been all day now, looking positively dry in places

11:25 Red flag. Third of the day

11:28 It looks as though Barrichello has stopped out on track somewhere

11:41 There are still the occasional drops of rain, but with the sun out the circuit is slowly drying. Expect the quickest times of the day so far when the session resumes

11:42 We're back underway. Fauzy and di Resta are first out

11:46 Changeable weather continues: it's clouding over again with a few more spots of rain

11:47 di Resta improves the Force India's best to a 30.0

11:53 Massa improves the best time into the 1m26s. Hamilton and di Resta the only other drivers on track

11:57 Hamilton goes second fastest with a 27.6

11:58 Laps completed after four hours: Barrichello, 78; di Resta, 60; Vettel, 51; Schumacher, 50; Fauzy, 46; de la Rosa, 44; Massa, 43; Buemi, 37; Hamilton, 28; Petrov, 12; Glock, 4

12:00 Hamilton goes fastest on a 1m25.742s, while Massa pits at the end of a seven-lap run

12:04 Hamilton down to a 25.1, eight laps into his run

12:10 Hamilton is into the 1m24s now. Di Resta is the only other car on track, everyone else must have gone to lunch

12:12 Maybe Vettel and Petrov aren't hungry, they're out on track now too

12:14 Look, shadows! Could it be a dry and sunny afternoon of testing?

12:15 Just Hamilton, Massa and Petrov out now. Petrov improves to a 30.3

12:17 Hamilton is onto the 17th lap of this run. His times are darting around between the 24s and 28s

12:18 Massa goes fastest on his second flying lap, a 1m24.309s

12:18 ...and improves it to a 1m23.619s next time round

12:19 Hamilton meanwhile is in the 25s, but now 18 laps into a stint

12:22 Hamilton improves his best to a 24.3, but Massa goes faster still - 23.2

12:23 Hamilton pits after 21 laps, Massa still only five into this run

12:30 Only the brave have turned out to watch another wet day at Jerez

12:32 Ferrari is happy with its morning runs, despite Massa stopping on track

@insideferrari: Another usual problem for Felipe, who stopped in the track... Anyway he is the quickest so far: 1.23.204 with the slicks

12:34 Session stopped while Massa's car is retrieved

12:39 Green flag. Petrov is first back out

12:42 Longest single runs of the day so far: Schumacher, 24 laps; Barrichello, 21 laps; Hamilton, 20 laps; di Resta, 16 laps; Massa, 14 laps; Vettel, 10 laps; Buemi, 10 laps; Fauzy, 8 laps; de la Rosa, 8 laps; Petrov, 7 laps; Glock, 2 laps

12:43 Vettel and di Resta join Petrov on track

12:47 de la Rosa and Vettel lapping in the 29s, and Petrov in the 30s. Nobody is anywhere near the pace of McLaren and Ferrari

12:49 Vettel goes second quickest on a 23.5

12:50 Di Resta, Petrov and Buemi all set their best times of the day as the track continues to dry

12:57 Buemi improving his times significantly with every lap he completes. The Swiss has just moved into fourth with a 1:25.2

12:59 1:24.810 now for the Toro Rosso driver, on his seventh lap of the run

13:00 Buemi dives into the pits, leaving Vettel as the only man on track

13:03 Vettel is currently on the tenth lap of his run. He has lapped mostly in the 1:23s and 1:24s

13:05 The Red Bull driver continues on track, setting his fastest time of the day so far: 1:23.440 on his 12th lap of the run

13:07 Vettel's last five laps: 1:23.8, 1:23.4, 1:23.4, 1:23.6, 1:24.5

13:09 Schumacher, Fauzy and Buemi join Vettel on track. The Red Bull driver is on the 15th lap of his run and the 70th in total today

13:10 The busiest man so far is still Barrichello with 78 laps

13:12 Force India not enjoying its greatest day:

@clubforce: Apart from the minor spin its been a fair outing for Paul. He's moved the times down consistently. Not our best day though.

13:13 Fauzy improves his best time by some three seconds and puts the Lotus nearly another three ahead of the Virgin car

13:14 Schumacher also makes a big improvement that sees him move to seventh position

13:15 The times continue to tumble, and Schumacher is now in sixth with a 1:26.8

13:16 Vettel is just 0.017 off Massa's time after his latest improvement. The German is currently on his 19th lap of the run

13:17 Fauzy brings the Lotus back into the pits as de la Rosa joins the action with the Sauber

Sebastian Vettel13:21 Vettel now on 78 laps and about to surpass Barrichello as the man with the most laps completed so far today

13:22 Petrov is also on the move, setting a 1:26.5 to move into sixth place

13:24 After a 24-lap run, Vettel finally returns to the pits, with 80 laps completed in total

13:25 Weather update from our man at Jerez:

@m_glendenning: Skies are as clear as they've been all day - if it stays like this then times will be a lot quicker in the final two and a half hours

13:27 Petrov and Schumacher alone on track

13:32 Laps so far: Vettel 80, Barrichello 78, di Resta 64, Schumacher 66, Buemi 55, de la Rosa 53, Fauzy 52, Massa 50, Hamilton 45, Petrov 34, Glock 4

13:33 Lotus boss is delighted with his car's first outing so far:

@tonyfernandes: 50 laps done. Without power steering FAUZY has done an awesome job. 1.31 2 seconds behind williams and 3 ahead of virgin.

13:34 Hamilton leaves the pits and joins Schumacher, Buemi and de la Rosa on track

13:36 Schumacher has moved to fourth with a 1:24.532

13:36 Virgin preparing to send Glock back out, this time with slick tyres

13:38 Buemi sets a 1:23.3 to move into third with the Toro Rosso

13:39 And, not surprisingly, Vettel sets the fastest time of the day - 1:22.818 - and then improves to a 1:22.639

13:43 A further improvement for Vettel, who lowers the benchmark to 1:22.593

13:45 Hamilton returned to the pits without setting a time

Sebastian Vettel13:47 Vettel clearly looking very strong in these conditions. Seven-lap run so far for the Red Bull man

13:51 Vettel back to the pits after eight laps. Schumacher is still on track doing a long run: 24 laps so far

13:52 The Lotus jumps onto the track again, joining Schumacher and de la Rosa

13:56 Once more, Hamilton leaves the pits in the McLaren

13:57 As Fauzy comes back in after two timed laps. No improvement for the Lotus driver, who is still nearly ten seconds off Vettel's pace

13:58 Hamilton completes another installation lap and returns to his garage. Schumacher has also pitted and so there are no cars on track

13:59 Wrong. Schumacher just drove through the pits and is back out

13:59 He's done that three times already

14:01 Finally, Glock and the Virgin car take to the track again after those initial four laps earlier on. The German is now on slicks

14:02 And he goes back into the pits as the rain hits Jerez once more

14:05 Not surprisingly, as the rain hits the track, the action comes to a stop

14:07 Heikki Kovalainen on the weather:

@H_Kovalainen: Its been dry for a while but just got hit with massive rain! Things going well Fairuz driving without powersteering but no problems...

14:08 Lotus's tech chief Mike Gascoyne says Fauzy is driving without power steering because of a supplier issue

14:10 An encouraging start for Lotus despite the power steering issue, especially when compared with rival Virgin, who has managed just five laps so far

14:11 Speaking of which, both Glock and Fauzy take to the track

Fauriz Fauzy14:15 Glock manages an installation lap before returning to the garage. Fauzy stays on

14:18 Ferrari is still working on the problem that stopped Massa earlier

@InsideFerrari: Still working on the car for the afternoon programme. We missed a dry window as another shower made the track wet once again.

14:20 Barrichello heads out of the pits to join Fauzy. It's getting colder and the clouds are covering the circuit

14:23 Fauzy has done six consecutive laps now, in the 1:39s and 1:40s

14:26 Barrichello has done two 1:36s and a 1:44

14:27 Proving that the conditions got a lot worse with that last shower

14:30 Fauzy is on his longest run of the day so far, with ten laps completed and still running

14:34 The Malaysian and Barrichello are running in similar times at the moment, with Fauzy slightly faster on the last lap

14:37 1:39.6 for Fauzy, 1:40.0 for Barrichello. They are still the only two men on track

14:39 Barrichello stops in the pits as Fauzy completes the 15th laps of his run. A total of 72 for Lotus thus far. Good effort for the first day

14:43 Hamilton leaves the pits again, but will he complete a timed lap?

Dietrich Mateschitz14:45 @redbullf1spy: Look sharp. The boss is in town.

14:47 Fauzy pits, Hamilton stays out and sets a time of 1:27. Glock rejoins the track with the Virgin car, and so does Barrichello with the Williams

14:48 Fauzy's run was 18 laps with a best time of 1:37.494

14:49 Hamilton stops in his garage again after just one timed lap. Barrichello is the only driver running

14:52 Meanwhile at Force India, Adrian Sutil has taken over from team-mate Paul di Resta at the wheel of the VJM03

14:54 This is worth noting:

@eddstrawF1: When comparing dry times from Jerez this week, remember that Bridgetone has taken softs as well as medium & hard tyres

14:57 Barrichello is again the man with the most laps completed today with 95. The Brazilian is still running and being joined by Sutil

Ferrari, Jerez testing14:57 The high-tech world of Formula 1 is sometimes... not so high-tech

14:59 Massa is finally back on track with the Ferrari

14:59 This time without any bags covering his rear wing and diffuser

15:01 Massa has covered 51 laps so far. He is alone on track

15:01 Lotus reports that it's done for the day. Back in action tomorrow with Kovalainen

15:03 With less than an hour left, here's the lap count: Barrichello 99, Vettel 90, Schumacher 87, Fauzy 76, di Resta 74, Buemi 67, de la Rosa 62, Massa 53, Hamilton 52, Petrov 38, Glock 10, Sutil 5

15:05 Petrov joins Massa on track. The Brazilian is lapping in the 1:33s, some 10 seconds off the pace set earlier

15:07 1:33 for Petrov, 1:32 for Massa

Vitaly Petrov15:10 A 1:31 for Petrov now. Conditions seem to be improving, but probaly not fast enough for the times to change before the day is over

15:12 Massa is back in the pits. Now the entertainment is provided by Schumacher and Sutil, who have joined Petrov

15:12 Sutil has set a 1:30.310, leaving the two new teams - Lotus and Virgin - at the bottom of the times

15:15 Another improvement for the Force India driver: 1:29.824

15:16 And another one, 1:28.985

15:16 Schumacher, meanwhile, is lapping in the 1:31s, with Petrov in the 1:32s

15:18 Massa and Hamilton head out of the pits for another run

15:20 Another update from @m_glendenning: It's been more or less dry for a couple of hours now and with rain expected in the coming days, the teams are making the most of it.

15:23 Sutil shows the conditions are improving by going quicker than Barrichello. Schumacher, Hamilton, Massa, Buemi and de la Rosa are also in action

15:24 The fastest man in de la Rosa in the 1:26s

Sebastian Vettel15:26 With 35 minutes to go, Vettel's fastest time seems pretty safe, unless a late rush dries up the racing line completely

15:28 Barrichello is the fist (and only) man to go over the 100-lap mark with the Williams. Schumacher is about to join him

15:29 Hamilton's last lap was a 1:25.7, compared to his fastest so far of 1:24.3

15:31 1:25.0 for Hamilton

15:31 Lotus boss Fernandes elated with today's progress:

@tonyfernandes: 76 laps. Great day well done fairuz. Great day for lotus. Great day to see a British brand back in action. Great day for Malaysia.

15:32 Red flag

15:33 Hamilton was just two tenths off his best time when the session was stopped. Unsure about the causes of the stoppage yet

15:35 It seems like Barrichello's car stopped on the back straight

15:36 It's the fifth red flag of the day, and the second caused by Barrichello. The other three were Massa, di Resta and Hamilton

15:42 You can probably expect a late rush of cars now

Rubens Barrichello15:44 Barrichello's car is currently being carried back into the pits. There will be some 15 minutes left when the action resumes

15:48 Green flag with 12 minutes to go

15:49 Vettel, Massa, Schumacher, Petrov, Sutil jump onto the track

15:50 Hamilton also takes to the track

15:53 1:28 for Vettel, 1:26 for Massa. Buemi and de la Rosa are also on track. That's eight cars in total

15:53 1:25.8 for Massa as Hamilton sets his best time of the day: 1:23.842

15:54 Hamilton appears to be the man to watch in these dying moments of the session

15:55 The Briton improves by around a tenth - 1:23.799 - but stays in fourth

15:56 1:24.6 for Schumacher and de la Rosa, the two quickest men behind Hamilton at the moment. Vettel running in the 1:25s

15:57 Now Vettel, Massa and Hamilton lapping in the 1:24s

15:57 Hamilton moves into second with a 1:23.017. Can he go one better in the three minutes remaining?

15:59 Sutil also makes a significant improvement and jumps up to sixth

16:01 Nine drivers on track as the session is about to end

16:01 Chequered flag is out

Sebastian Vettel16:02 Vettel keeps the top spot, from Hamilton, Massa, Buemi and de la Rosa

16:04 Final times appear on the right side of the screen

16:05 That's if for today's coverage. Visit AUTOSPORT for a full report of the test and all the reactions from the teams and drivers

16:05 AUTOSPORT Live will be back tomorrow at 9am CET (8am UK). Thanks for reading us

P Driver Team Time
1  VettelRed Bull 1m22.593s
2  HamiltonMcLaren 1m23.017s  +0.424
3  MassaFerrari 1m23.204s  +0.611
4  BuemiToro Rosso 1m23.322s  +0.729
5  De la RosaSauber 1m23.367s  +0.774
6  SchumacherMercedes 1m23.803s  +1.210
7  SutilForce India 1m24.272s  +1.679
8  Di RestaForce India 1m25.088s  +2.495
9  PetrovRenault 1m26.237s  +3.644
10  BarrichelloWilliams 1m27.320s  +4.727
11  FauzyLotus 1m31.848s  +9.255
12  GlockVirgin 1m34.453s  +11.860
All timing unofficial. Updated: 16:04 GMT
Overcast High Temp: 15°C / 59°F
Track: Damp
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