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As it happened: Test day two
By Pablo Elizalde and Matt Beer
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live's coverage of the second day of this week's testing at Jerez

08:02 The weather right now is not too promising, and the track is damp

08:03 Red Bull, Virgin and Toro Rosso take the track as soon as the green flag is waved

08:04 Drivers scheduled for today can be found here:

Jerez test's full driver line-up

08:06 Heikki Kovalainen is at the wheel of the Lotus today. The team has solved its power steering issues and the Finn will be able to use it today

08:08 Weather update from AUTOSPORT's Mark Glendenning:

@m_glendenning: The track is wet, but there's only light rain for now

08:09 All drivers have now completed their installation laps. Only Nico Rosberg has set a time so far

08:11 Rosberg stays on track and manages a 1:39.551

08:13 Kovalainen is using a new helmet design now that he's at Lotus:

@H_Kovalainen: Sneak preview of my new crash helmet...

08:18 Buemi and Glock are currently on track. Virgin will be hoping for some valuable track time after a frustrating day yesterday

08:19 The team was hindered by elusive hydraulics problems for most of the day

08:22 Pedro de la Rosa sets the fastest time of the day with a 1:32.3, showing the track conditions are far from great

08:23 The teams are still frustrated by the poor weather...

@InsideFerrari: Nothing new at Jerez: just rain, rain and more rain to come...

08:28 De la Rosa improves to a 1:29.691. Glock is on a 1:32, having managed eight laps so far

08:31 Only four drivers have set a time so far

08:34 Make that five drivers now, as Barrichello has just posted a 1:32.423

08:36 Glock has already managed more running in some 35 minutes than in all of yesterday's session. The German is on 13 laps so far with the Virgin Racing car

08:39 Massa moves to the top of the times with his first full "flying" lap

08:39 The session has been stopped.

08:39 And here's the first red flag of the day

08:41 Red flag was probably caused by Petrov or de la Rosa. It's still not clear

08:42 Wrong. It was apparently Glock going off at the second corner

08:47 Glock went off at the Michelin corner. His car is being recovered now. A real shame for the Virgin driver, who had already managed 15 laps

08:53 Green flag

08:54 Massa is the first man out of the pits

08:55 The Brazilian is joined by Vettel, the quickest man yesterday

08:55 Hamilton also jumps onto the track

08:57 1:30 for Massa and Vettel, 1:34 for Hamilton

08:59 Vettel goes second quickest with a 1:29.330

Heikki Kovalainen09:03 Kovalainen is still in the pits after just three laps. The Finn is yet to set a time

09:06 Hamilton is on a five-lap run with intermediate tyres at the moment

09:13 The doors of the Virgin garage have been closed as the team works on the car after Glock's "off"

09:16 Rosberg moves into fourth with a 1:30.2. Massa is still the only driver in the 1:28s

09:19 Only Rosberg on track now as the rain intensifies at Jerez

09:21 The action stops as Rosberg returns to the pits. It's very dark at the Spanish track

09:22 Ferrari reports a problem with Massa's car:

@InsideFerrari: We have a technical issue: the stop will not be short... Nothing serious but it will take time to sort it out.

Sebastian Vettel09:25 If yesterday was frustrating for the teams, after less than 1.5 hours into today's session, the mood is likely to be even worse. More rain predicted for the rest of the day

09:26 Barrichello breaks the silence and heads out of the pits with the Williams

09:29 And he returns to the the pits immediately. The track conditions are very poor right now

09:31 And the heavy rain falling now is not helping

09:32 Now it's Hamilton who braves the conditions with the McLaren

Timo Glock09:35 An image of Timo Glock's incident earlier. The German at least didn't hit anything, but it's still unclear what caused his exit

09:36 Meanwhile, all the electricity sockets in the Jerez media centre have lost power..

09:37 Hamilton stays on track and sets a time of 1:39.3

09:38 1:38.020 for Hamilton on his second flying lap, and 1:38.9 on the third

09:39 Full wet-weather tyres for the Briton

09:41 Hamilton still going: 1:37.5 on the fourth lap of his current run

09:44 The McLaren driver goes back into the pits after five laps. The best was a 1:36, showing that the conditions are far worse than when the quickest times were set

09:45 It's still raining

09:48 Buemi is now heading out with the Toro Rosso

09:49 Glock leaves the pits for the first time since his incident

09:52 The Virgin car goes straight back into the pits after an installation lap. Buemi is now alone on track

09:54 1:42 for Buemi on a very wet track

09:57 A 1:40 now for the Swiss driver

09:59 A two-lap run for Buemi comes to an end and the track falls silent once more

10:01 Now it's Barrichello's turn to entertain, the Brazilian heads out of the pits with he Williams

10:04 Barrichello drives through the pits and goes out again

Jerez testing10:05 This is what it feels like to be at Jerez right now

10:07 The session has been stopped.

10:07 Red flag

10:08 Although that's not interrupting much this time

10:13 The red flag appears to have been caused by the standing water on the track, not by any incidents

10:13 The green flag is waved again

10:14 Bridgestone is also having an interesting day..

@andystobart: no rain, but now no electricity in our motorhome, although we still have the net by laptop glow

10:18 No rain, but no one on track either

Heikki Kovalainen10:25 This is what happened to Kovalainen's Lotus earlier this morning. The Finn is yet to set a time

10:27 Hamilton leaves the pits

10:29 We have confirmation that the previous red flag was caused when Barrichello went off slightly. He returned to the track immediately with no problems

10:30 Hamilton has completed an installation lap and is back in the garage. No action on track once more

10:32 The conditions are not even good enough for pitstop practice, it seems..

@ClaireVWilliams: The team are trying to do pitstop practice with RB but it's too wet - only two done so far. Keep your fingers crossed for some dry weather!

10:34 Di Resta and Vettel are now on track

10:34 And Rosberg and Glock join them. Busiest moment of the last hour

10:38 Barrichello makes it five cars on track

10:40 A 1:31 for Vettel as conditions seems to be improving

10:41 Kovalainen has also taken to the track with the Lotus

10:41 The Finn, Vettel and Glock are now the only men running

10:45 1:31.9 for Vettel, 1:33.5 for Glock, 1:36.7 for Kovalainen

10:45 Buemi joins the action in the Toro Rosso

10:47 Kovalainen goes back to his garage

10:49 Lap count so far today: Barrichello 28, Hamilton 27, Glock 25, Rosberg 24, di Resta 20, Buemi 20, Vettel 17, Massa 14, de la Rosa 8, Kovalainen 7, Petrov 1

10:51 Some more F1 news away from Jerez:

Funding woe costs Parente Virgin role

10:52 Glock returns to the pits with 26 laps completed so far. Vettel is still going, lapping in the 1:30s, in what it is an 11-lap run so far

Sebastian Vettel10:57 Fifteen laps for Vettel so far with the current run. That's one of the longest stints today

10:59 Kovalainen back on track. He joins Vettel, Barrichello, di Resta and Buemi

10:59 @m_glendenning: Conditions are still not great, but they're still the best they've been all day. Having 15 consecutive rain-free minutes helps

11:01 After just an installation lap in the morning, Petrov heads back out with the Renault. He still has no time though

11:05 Petrov sets his first time of the day: 1:42.590

11:08 Twenty-lap run for Vettel. That's officially the longest run so far today, and the Red Bull driver keeps going

11:09 Five cars on track - Vettel, Kovalainen, Glock, Buemi and Rosberg. Vettel is quickest by some margin

11:10 1:29.055 for Vettel, his quickest time of the day. He's less than two tenths off Massa now

11:12 Rosberg jumps up to second with the Mercedes. He and Massa are the only drivers in the 1:28s

Nico Rosberg11:15 After his initial flyer, Rosberg is now lapping in the 1:30s

11:16 Vettel finally stops after 25 consecutive laps with an average time of 1:30.810

11:18 Glock continues to rack up the miles in the Virgin. He is now on 33 laps, which is like three times what he managed yesterday

11:20 Rosberg pits too, leaving Glock and Buemi alone on track

11:22 Massa is back in action

11:24 And now back to the pits..

11:25 Only di Resta and Glock stay out. The German has completed 38 laps so far

11:27 Vettel heads out for another run in the Red Bull

11:31 A short run for the German, who is back in the pits after an installation lap

11:32 Glock also stops after a 13-lap stint. Average laptime: 1:34.137

11:34 Meanwhile, the other new team is back on track, as Kovalainen takes the Lotus out of the pits

11:36 Petrov is still slowest, but now the Russian is just four tenths of Kovalainen's best

Vitaly Petrov11:39 Petrov dives into the pits and leaves Kovalainen alone on track, with Barrichello now heading out

11:42 Massa and his Ferrari jump onto the track too

11:43 Kovalainen is currently on a seven-lap stint, with the last three laps in the 1:34s

11:44 1:34.4 is Massa's first laptime since his return to action

11:46 Massa sets a 1:36 as Vettel joins him on track

11:47 Red flag

11:47 The session has been stopped

11:50 Kovalainen has caused the third red flag of the day after going off at Turn 3

11:52 The Finn was enjoying a trouble-free eight-lap run when he lost control of his Lotus and got stuck in the gravel

11:55 The front wing is missing from the Lotus. The question is if they have a spare one

12:08 @clairevwilliams is trying to stay optimistic about the weather: "Apparently there's more rain on the move to the north of the track, let's hope it keeps moving that way!"

Kovalainen's crashed Lotus12:16 Lotus reports that it is evaluating the damage to Kovalainen's car, as work continues to retrieve the T127. It appears the front wing has been badly damaged.

12:17 The pause is at least providing a chance for track conditions to improve a little. There is no rain falling at present, although it remains cloudy and windy over Jerez.

12:19 The session has restarted.

12:19 Massa, Hamilton, Petrov and Barrichello lead the way out of the pits as the session resumes.

12:22 Renault stayed in the pits for the first few hours this morning, but the team says this was just to avoid the worst of the weather, not because of any problems.

12:24 Petrov now makes the most of the improving conditions to set his best time of the day.

12:27 Barrichello improves on his morning time by just over a second. Hamilton has now returned to the pits.

12:29 Another improvement from Petrov too, the Russian getting down to 1m30.6s

12:30 Barrichello shaves another half a second from his best time as well.

12:32 Hamilton heads back out to join Massa, Petrov and Barrichello.

12:33 More gains from Barrichello - he's now within half a second of Vettel's benchmark time.

12:34 Massa has pitted at the end of a 10 lap run, in which he averaged 1m34.169s.

12:35 Petrov heads in as well, having averaged 1m33.9s across his eight laps.

12:36 Now it's Hamilton's turn to make progress after a quiet morning. The former champion logs a 1m31.633s on his second flying lap of this run.

12:38 Barrichello's progress continues with a 1m27.577s that sees him depose Vettel by a comfortable 1.1s. The Brazilian is also the most active driver of the day so far, with 63 laps under his belt.

Rubens Barrichello12:40 Barrichello has been alternating between flying laps and much slower tours - his times varying from that 1m27s to 1m34s and 1m35s

12:42 Weather frustration update from @insideferrari: "The wind is making the day even more troubled..."

12:45 New pacesetter Barrichello pits after 17 laps, having averaged only 1m30.9s thanks to the 9s variation between his best and worst flying laps.

12:46 Now Hamilton has the track to himself, and is lapping in the high 1m31s.

12:48 Massa and Petrov return to the track to keep Hamilton company.

12:50 An apologetic Kovalainen confirms that Lotus is out of action for the rest of the day, @H_Kovalainen: "Had a crash and damaged front wing, session over for us. S..t! My mistake, tomorrow we go again..."

12:52 Looks like the track is improving - Petrov gets straight down to a 1m28s on his first flying lap of this stint.

12:53 ...and then edges closer to Barrichello with a 1m27.8s.

12:54 Hamilton has pitted after a 12-lap run mostly in the 1m33s, and Rosberg is now on track with Petrov and Massa.

12:57 Another slight improvement from Petrov, but Barrichello remains on top.

12:59 Rosberg is circulating in the 1m29s on this run, slightly slower than his earlier time, while Massa is in the 1m32s region.

13:00 Three hours to go, and the leading order is Barrichello on 1m27.577s, 0.251s ahead of Petrov and 1.1s ahead of Vettel.

13:01 More Lotus news from @MikeGascoyne: "Slight off for Heikki. Knocked off the front wing. Spare on its way but will not be here until 2am in the morning so no more running today"

13:02 @MikeGascoyne: "Conditions drying up so a shame not to get any dry running today"

Nico Rosberg13:04 Rosberg and Petrov both head in. Just four laps for Rosberg, averaging 1m30.1s, while Petrov completed seven laps with an average of 1m30.7s, pulled down by some very slow mid-run times.

13:10 With his car sidelined for the rest of the day, @MikeGascoyne takes time to update the Lotus fans: "Made some progress on the hydraulic issues we have been having. Guess we will have time to test that progress this afternoon!!!"

13:11 Massa has ended his run having done 11 laps with a best of 1m28.9s and an average of 1m31.0s.

13:12 That means the track is now empty as teams wait for the track to dry a little more.

13:18 Hamilton ends the silence and returns to the circuit.

13:19 Massa and Petrov resume running too.

13:22 Hamilton and Massa don't stay out long, both now back in the pits, leaving Petrov alone on the circuit.

13:23 Straight down to a 1m28.3s for Petrov - will he beat Vettel's benchmark as he builds up to speed on this run?

13:25 No he won't, because he too returns to the pits.

13:30 With the track empty again, here's a commercial for Finnish TV station MTV3's F1 coverage with Heikki Kovalainen in a starring role

13:32 Barrichello and Vettel start their next runs.

13:37 Vettel gets down to 1m28.1s, but stays third.

13:44 Just a four lap run for Barrichello this time, averaging 1m31.5s.

13:44 As the Williams comes in, Hamilton leaves the pitlane in his McLaren.

13:45 But both Hamilton and Vettel come in soon afterwards, leaving the track empty once more.

13:57 Latest lap counts with just over two hours to go: Vettel - 49; Hamilton - 44; Massa - 46; Buemi - 43; de la Rosa - 8; di Resta - 33; Petrov - 34; Barrichello - 74; Rosberg - 41; Glock - 41; Kovalainen - 30

13:58 And Barrichello sets out to add to his tally for the day too.

14:05 Just a run of in and out laps for Barrichello this time.

14:05 Down at Force India, di Resta has just handed over to Tonio Liuzzi, who embarks on his first run of the week.

14:07 Cryptic stuff from @redbullf1spy: "The older German driver had lunch at our place today. Who? A clue: he won the championship more than six times. You know the one. Him..!"

14:08 And some more straightforward information on Williams's afternoon plans from @clairevwilliams: "If the weather permits, the team will be doing set-up work and Bahrain race prep this afternoon"

14:14 Nine laps to kick off Liuzzi's afternoon - a best of 1m30.6s and an average of 1m31.6s.

14:16 Vettel, Massa and Rosberg setting out at the moment.

14:17 Vettel gets within 0.02s of his best time so far on his first flying lap of this run.

14:18 The wind has now died down... but the rain is starting to return. It isn't heavy yet, but this could be bad news for teams hoping for a productive afternoon.

14:20 In other news, AUTOSPORT has today launched a Digital Edition of its weekly magazine.

AUTOSPORT launches Digital Edition

Ferrari14:24 Pitstop practice and similar work for Ferrari at present, @insideferrari: "We're just carrying on some work on race procedures as the track conditions are not really helpful to do anything different..."

14:27 Just Rosberg on track now, lapping around half a second off his best time from earlier.

14:31 Some good weather news for tomorrow, latest forecasts suggest conditions will dry up during Friday morning - and could then stay fine for the rest of the test.

14:32 A Lotus repair update from @MikeGascoyne: "Starting to put the car back together. If we had a spare front wing would be out again today but have to wait until tomorrow"

14:33 And @redbullf1spy clarifies that their 'older German more than six time champion lunch guest' mentioned a moment ago was "not Heinz-Harald Frentzen"...

14:34 Glock comes back out for his first run in three hours. Vettel and Massa are also on track.

14:34 Ferrari has been practising pitstops recently, watched by Williams.

14:35 Barrichello also comes out for another run.

14:36 Ferrari has found the weather frustrating today.

Timo Glock, Virgin, Jerez testing14:41 Everyone now back in the pits except Glock, who is up to 46 laps.

14:46 Petrov goes out to join Glock.

14:47 Mercedes is also trying to make the best of the weather, @officialmgp: "Nico's done a few more laps but the conditions aren't great so we're also doing some work on race procedures and hoping it might dry out."

14:49 Glock comes to the end of an eight lap run which saw him lapping around 1m33.5s but also dipping down to 1m31s.

14:50 A quick pitstop and straight back out for Glock this time as Virgin pushes to get some mileage after the fraught start to its pre-season testing. Petrov is staying out as well.

14:53 Just one flying lap for Glock - but it's his best of the day, 1m30.4s. Virgin is up to eighth, and within 3s of the pace.

Tony Fernandes and Fairuz Fauzy14:56 Lotus boss Tony Fernandes is still delighted with progress despite Kovalainen's accident curtailing the team's day, @tonyfernandes: "Good day despite heikki going off. Using time to fix hydraulics. Morale great. Such a can do attitude. Got good 30 laps in."

14:57 Excitement from @virginracing: "Go Glock Go! Just completed his best lap today: 1m30.4s. We're in eighth position now."

14:57 And practicalities from @insideferrari: "We've done several pit-stops: it's time to train the crew for Bahrain!"

14:59 An hour to go until the end of today's action, and it's still Barrichello fastest ahead of Petrov and Vettel. Just Massa and Rosberg - both working on pitstops and race preparation - on track now.

15:02 Barrichello comes out again too. With 89 laps to his name so far, the Brazilian looks like the only man who will get near the 100 lap mark today.

15:05 The teams seem to have given up on performance work for now, with Barrichello, Rosberg and Massa coming in and out of the pits to practice race preparations.

15:08 Glock takes to the track again - is Virgin going to climb further up the order?

15:11 Petrov and Buemi pop out then swiftly return to the pits, while Glock starts off with a 1m35s.

15:20 A longer run from Massa now, interspersed with a few quick trips through the pits. He's lapping under 1m30s once more, but has yet to beat his 1m28s from this morning.

15:21 Buemi and Petrov are on pitstop practice, while Glock is lapping in the 1m37s this time.

15:25 A slightly busier circuit heading into the last half hour. Vettel, Massa, Rosberg and Glock all on track, and Liuzzi just joining them.

15:32 Hamilton and Barrichello head out too.

15:33 Rosberg returns to the pits following a short run of laps around 1m35s.

15:34 Barrichello is on a similar pace, while Massa and Vettel are lapping in 1m30s.

15:34 Lots of pitstops for Liuzzi, and times between 1m36s and 1m39s for Glock at present.

15:37 The session has been stopped.

15:39 Looks like Glock might have been the cause of this stoppage.

15:47 Still not totally clear why the red flag is out this time. Waiting to see what is returned to the pits.

15:48 The session has restarted.

15:48 Whatever the problem was, it swiftly resolved itself and the session is back underway for another 12 minutes.

15:48 No one back out yet though.

15:49 Hamilton, Massa and Buemi set out for a last run.

15:51 Liuzzi, Petrov and Rosberg join in too.

15:54 The track is busier now than it has been for much of the day, but changes to the order look unlikely, with fastest man Hamilton only in the 1m30s.

15:54 @clairevwilliams: "Our chief test engineer tells me it's been wet, then dry, then wet again. As soon as you go out on slicks, you have to come in for wets!"

15:56 Rosberg finds more speed and improves to 1m28.515s, lifting him above Massa to fourth.

15:58 Rosberg is now back to 1m30s, while Hamilton is in the 1m32s.

15:58 More news on the Lotus repair from @MikeGascoyne: "Changing engine for tomorrow also as a safety precaution"

15:59 Massa is in the 1m31s, and Buemi in the 1m32s.

16:01 Rosberg is the fastest man on track in the final moments, producing a string of 1m29s laps.

16:03 The remaining cars head back to the pits as the test day comes to a close.

16:05 Just Hamilton left to come back in now.

16:05 So another frustrating day of wet testing at Jerez ends with Rubens Barrichello fastest for Williams, and Vitaly Petrov a surprise second for Renault.

16:06 Barrichello completed the most laps of the day on 98, with Massa not far behind on 92.

16:06 The least active driver was Pedro de la Rosa, who spent the majority of the day in the Sauber garage after eight early laps.

16:07 Thanks for following today's test with AUTOSPORT, join us again tomorrow for what the forecasters currently expect to be a brighter and more productive day for the teams.

P Driver Team Time
1  BarrichelloWilliams 1m27.145s
2  PetrovRenault 1m27.828s  +0.683
3  VettelRed Bull 1m28.162s  +1.017
4  RosbergMercedes 1m28.515s  +1.370
5  MassaFerrari 1m28.879s  +1.734
6  De la RosaSauber 1m29.691s  +2.546
7  Di RestaForce India 1m30.344s  +3.199
8  GlockVirgin 1m30.476s  +3.331
9  LiuzziForce India 1m30.666s  +3.521
10  HamiltonMcLaren 1m31.633s  +4.488
11  BuemiToro Rosso 1m32.678s  +5.533
12  KovalainenLotus 1m33.554s  +6.409
All timing unofficial. Updated: 16:08 GMT
Intermittant showers High Temp: 12°C / 54°F
Track: Damp
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