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As it happened: Test day four
By Geoff Creighton, Pablo Elizalde and Matt Beer
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Good morning! Welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for our coverage of the final day of testing at Jerez

08:01 The sun is shining today and the air temperature is 11 degrees Celsius. It looks like the teams will be able to enjoy a productive day

08:02 Jarno Trulli is the first man out. The Italian is making his debut at the wheel of the Lotus T127 today

08:03 The breakfast of kings for Lotus's Mike Gascoyne..

@MikeGascoyne: - m&ms and a diet coke...breakfast for kings, album this morning : sterephonics - decade in the sun

08:04 Webber, Alguersuari, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Kubica, Trulli, Liuzzi, Rosberg, Glock and Kobayashi complete their installation laps

08:08 Quick updates from the teams...

@MyLotusRacing: 9am and Jarno's just completed his installation lap with no problems. Time to crank up The Jam in Mike Gascoyne's office.

@InsideFerrari: Installation lap at 9.02: everything is ok on the car.

08:08 The session has been stopped.

08:08 Just eight minutes into the session and we have the first red flag of the day

08:10 It appears to have been caused by Kobayasahi, who had already set a fast time

08:11 Not the best of starts for the Sauber team, who is hoping to make up for the time lost yesterday due to a problem with the fuel system

08:12 Kobayashi stopped his car right after the chicane

08:13 Renault also happy with the weather..

@rf1paddockpass: Installation lap complete for Robert on our final day of testing in Jerez. Conditions are bright and sunny, just like yesterday.

08:15 Spanish rabbits intrigue Ferrari...

@InsideFerrari: Did you notice how many rabbits are visiting the track in these Jerez testings? Especially in the early morning and late afternoon...

08:17 Only two drivers have set a time so far, with Kobayashi already in the 1:20s despite just two laps. Rosberg is 11 seconds behind

08:21 Quite a lot more fans are visiting Jerez today. The Alonso-weekend-sun combination is a good one, of course

08:23 Green flag

08:24 Jenson Button jumps onto the track to complete his installation lap

08:25 Tonio Liuzzi is the third man to set a time today, lapping in the 1:22s with the Force India

08:26 Button also records a time, although not a significant one

08:28 Yesterday's pace-setter Webber also completes his first timed lap, still over four seconds off Kobayashi

08:29 Webber improves to a 1:23.4

08:31 Our man on track reports no damage to the Sauber of Kobayashi following his stop:

@m_glendenning: No obvious damage to the Sauber, so whatever the problem was, here's hoping they can sort it out quickly

08:32 Glock begins his day of work with a lap of 1:23.758. A good opportunity today for Virgin to get some solid running

08:33 Trulli completes his first timed lap as a Lotus driver

08:35 Glock has set Virgin's fastest lap of the week: 1:22.856. A promising time for the newcomers

08:37 Alrguersuari and Kubica are the only two drivers yet to set a time

08:40 Trulli starts picking up speed, getting down to 1m28.980s - still 8s off the pace at this stage, though.

08:40 Hulkenberg has also sliced a few fractions off his best time, but remains sixth.

08:43 Kubica comes out and goes straight to sixth - which becomes seventh as Alguersuari goes fifth with his first flying lap of the day.

08:44 Some Virgin insight from AUTOSPORT's @m_glendenning: "Bumped into Lucas di Grassi in the paddock - he's disappointed at lack of running yesterday, but encouraged by the potential in the VR-01"

08:44 Alguersuari improves to 1m22.014s on his second lap, so goes up to third.

08:46 Kobayashi is back out on track already, along with Liuzzi, Webber, Kubica, Hulkenberg and Trulli, while Alguersuari has ended his run and pitted.

08:49 Liuzzi takes the top spot from Kobayashi, who is now back in the pits. The Force India does a 1m20.036s, putting Liuzzi 0.7s ahead.

08:51 @tonyfernandes: "Good to get jarno in. Good times as his first time in car. People forget we are last team to test. All other have had 2 tests minimum one."

08:52 Quite a short run for Liuzzi, four flying laps and back into the pits. Alguersuari sets out again.

Jarno Trulli08:53 An 0.8s improvement for Trulli, who stays ninth.

08:57 And now down to 1m27.486s for Trulli as he continues to settle in.

08:59 Alonso sets out to join Alguersuari and Trulli.

08:59 While the Lotus keeps chipping away at its times, Trulli now on 1m27.324s.

09:00 Alguersuari comes back in, Kubica leaves the pits.

09:01 An improvement from Alonso straight away, down to 1m21.088s and up to third.

09:01 But that becomes fourth within a few moments as Kubica gets down to 1m20.538s and takes second.

09:03 Both Kubica and Alonso improve their times on their next laps, doing a 20.1 and 20.4 respectively, which puts the Ferrari back into third.

09:04 Expect rapid improvements this morning as the circuit is likely to still have a few small damp patches from overnight rain and fog.

09:04 Weather prospects for the test look great, though - a few scattered clouds at the moment and no sign of rain.

09:05 Rosberg gets up to speed and puts Mercedes fourth.

09:05 And then third with his next lap.

09:06 Hello to Mark Webber, who we have been informed often checks in on AUTOSPORT Live during our testing coverage. Thanks for reading, Mark.

09:08 Another milestone for Lotus with Trulli having completed his first 19 laps in the T127 now - @tonyfernandes: "First mission complete. All drivers now tried car. Now we build. Great to see our IT man Scott helping on the flaps. That's lotus racing"

09:09 Liuzzi lowers the benchmark to 1m19.795s - not far off the best times of the Jerez fortnight.

Jarno Trulli09:09 @MikeGascoyne promises a few tweaks for Trulli: "Jarno getting into it slowly. New heel rest for the next run should improve driver comfort."

09:10 Faster still for Liuzzi, down to 1m19.650s, and then back to the pits.

09:12 Hulkenberg improves to sixth, but only fleetingly before Alguersuari takes it off him.

09:15 A fairly long run for Alonso by the looks of thing - 11 laps in now. He started out in the 1m20s but has tailed off to 1m22s.

09:18 Button leaves the pits for what will be his first proper run of the day.

09:18 Webber improves to 1m21.194s and seventh place.

09:19 Kubica goes quickest on 1m19.254s, 0.4s ahead of Liuzzi.

09:20 Alonso has come in after 12 laps, averaging 1m21.7s.

09:21 Button starts getting up to speed.

09:22 An update on the lap count so far: Kubica - 19, Liuzzi - 16, Rosberg - 12, Alonso - 25, Kobayashi - 15, Alguersuari - 24, Webber - 28, Hulkenberg - 32, Glock - 8, Button - 7, Trulli - 19

09:22 Kubica improves his time a little further, down to 1m19.114s, while Button comes back in.

09:25 Alguersuari has gone back up to sixth on an eight lap run that averaged 1m21.6s.

09:26 Three cars on track now: Kubica, Hulkenberg and also just heading out is Trulli

09:27 Hulkenberg is 12 laps into a run, mostly in the 1m24s.

09:27 Kubica has just pitted, he did six flying laps, averaging 1m19.4s.

09:28 Kobayashi comes out as well.

09:29 Trulli knocks 2s off his previous best. The new heel rest clearly helped.

09:30 But not as much as his increasing familiarity with the T127, obviously.

09:30 Down to 1m24.7s for Trulli on the next lap.

09:30 That puts the Lotus ahead of world champion Button, although the McLaren has only done seven laps so far today.

09:31 And most of those have been in and out laps.

09:32 Now down to 24.686 for Trulli.

Jaime Alguersuari09:33 Alguersuari is now out again as well.

09:35 @tonyfernandes: "Go Jarno go jarno go jarno. 1.24 .686. Very happy Team principal. Ahead of world champion button. Hahaha. Well we can dream."

09:42 Kobayashi just did a four lap run, averaging 1m25.2s, Hulkenberg has pitted after 17 laps mostly in the 1m24s, and Trulli was out for eight laps, averaging 1m25.2s.

09:42 On track now: Alonso, Alguersuari and Webber.

09:44 Another slight improvement from Alguersuari, but he stays sixth.

09:46 Button comes out again, will the world champion start setting representative times on this run?

09:48 He does, straight up to third place with a 1m20.036s.

09:49 Kobayashi and Liuzzi are also out now.

09:50 @MikeGascoyne: "Jarno getting more comfortable in the car and picking up pace. Starting to work on the setup now"

09:50 Button improves again to take second, 0.4s behind Kubica.

09:52 Quicker still next time around, 1m19.387s, but still second.

09:53 Button then comes in - that was a three lap run at 20.0, 19.5 and 19.3.

09:56 Trulli has rejoined to continue his Lotus acclimatisation. Fellow new team Virgin has stayed in the pits since Glock set his best times just over an hour ago.

09:58 AUTOSPORT's @m_glendenning is popping down to Lotus: "Time to go for a chat with Heikki. It will be my second visit to Lotus today, as I raided their espresso machine an hour ago"

10:00 Two hours in, and it's Kubica on top with a 1m19.114s, ahead of Button by 0.2s and Liuzzi by 0.5s.

10:00 Most laps of the morning: Hulkenberg on 46, then Webber on 40 and Alonso on 39. Alguersuari has done 38, Trulli 35.

10:00 Glock has only done eight, Button just 12.

10:02 Recent run stats: Webber did eight laps, averaging 24.2. Alonso did 12 laps, averaging 22.0. Alguersuari did eight laps, averaging 21.5.

10:02 Rosberg, Hulkenberg and Trulli are the men on the circuit at present.

10:02 Rosberg is seven laps into a run, mostly in the mid-1m21s.

10:04 Liuzzi sets out as well.

Robert Kubica10:08 Current pacesetter Kubica leaves the pits once more.

10:08 As does Button.

10:10 And the world champion's first flying lap takes him straight to the top - a 1m18.8s that is the fastest of the Jerez fortnight so far.

10:14 That was another short run from Button, who did a 1m19.5s next time around and then pitted.

10:14 Trulli is back in the pits after an eight lap run with an average of 1m28.8s, as Lotus concentrates on heavy fuel testing and set-up work.

10:16 Looks like Kubica is on heavier fuel now - he's done five laps with consistent 1m24s laps compared to the 19.1 he did earlier.

10:16 Liuzzi has just come back in after six laps averaging in 1m23.2s.

10:17 Rosberg recently finished a run too, he did 11 laps at an average of 1m21.9s.

10:20 Kubica has come in after seven laps with an average of 1m24.4s.

10:21 It's now just Webber on the circuit, he's on the second lap of his latest run.

10:21 The session has been stopped.

10:22 Red flag, by a process of elimination it looks like Webber is the cause.

10:24 Confirmation that Webber prompted the stoppage. The Red Bull has come to a halt near the fourth turn.

Heikki Kovalainen10:31 Our man in the paddock Mark Glendenning has returned from his chat with Heikki Kovalainen.

10:35 The session has restarted.

10:35 Green flag, Kubica first to make a move.

10:37 We understand Heikki Kovalainen is an AUTOSPORT Live fan too, hopes he enjoys the coverage today now that he's handed the T127 to team-mate Trulli.

10:38 Weather forecast from @m_glendenning: "Clouds are starting to move in - storms are expected for tonight; let's hope the rain holds off until then"

10:39 Alguersuari has headed out to join Kubica, who seems to have resumed his long run with times back into the mid-1m24s.

10:44 Trulli leaves the pits again, the Lotus has already done 40 laps today.

10:45 Just two laps for Alguersuari before he pitted again - a 23.9 and a 25.1.

10:50 Rosberg joins Trulli and Kubica on the circuit.

10:51 Kubica's times have dropped to 1m26s, Trulli is doing 1m28s. Rosberg starts out with a 1m24s.

10:52 Just a swift out and back in for Rosberg.

10:55 Button and Hulkenberg set out from the pits.

Fans at Jerez10:56 Pleasant weather and a weekend date means a healthy crowd at Jerez today.

10:57 Button produces a 1m19.0s on his first flying lap - can he beat his 1m18.8s from earlier?

10:58 Trulli comes in after six laps, starting slowly then running consistently in 1m27s.

10:59 Just out and in laps for Hulkenberg, as Alonso sets off.

11:00 Trulli resumes running too.

Jenson Button11:02 A short run for Button once again, he pits after three laps in 19.0, 19.2 and 19.7. Alonso is lapping in mid-1m23s, Kubica in mid-1m25s.

11:04 Rosberg and Alguersuari set out.

11:04 A slight improvement from Trulli, 0.045s quicker than his earlier best.

11:06 The times as they stand with just over three hours gone, laps in brackets: 1 Button 1m18.871s (21), 2 Kubica 1m19.114s (54), 3 Liuzzi 1m19.650s (29), 4 Rosberg 1m20.150s (37), 5 Alonso 1m20.436s (43), 6 Kobayashi 1m20.751s (30), 7 Alguersuari 1m21.053s (53), 8 Webber 1m21.194s (43), 9 Hulkenberg 1m21.919s (63), 10 Glock 1m22.856s (8), 11 Trulli 1m24.641s (51)

11:06 Another faster time from Trulli, down to 1m24.2s.

11:08 A relatively busy track now with Rosberg, Alonso, Kobayashi, Alguersuari, Hulkenberg and Trulli all turning laps.

11:10 Alonso comes in, a six lap run averaging 1m21.5s.

11:12 Five laps for Alguersuari, averaging 1m23.0s, and now as he pits, Liuzzi emerges.

11:16 Button rejoins, his first lap is a 1m19.6s.

11:17 Trulli has pitted after taking his day's tally up to 57 laps. That last seven lap run saw him average 1m25.9s.

11:22 Button's day of sprint runs continues: 19.6, 19.6, 20.0 and back into the pits.

Jarno Trulli11:23 @MikeGascoyne: "57 laps done. Reliability looking good. Changing brakes as Jarno not happy with brake bite. Otherwise good progress"

11:27 Alonso started out with a 20.9 on his latest run, then a 21.5.

11:27 Rosberg just completed a 10-lap run, averaging 1m23.4s but with a best of 1m20.8s, while Liuzzi did six laps, averaging 1m23.2s.

11:27 Hulkenberg and Kobayashi are onto longer runs - 12 laps each now and both in the mid-1m23s.

11:30 Kobayashi ends his run after 12 laps with a quick pitstop practice. The Sauber's average pace was a 1m23.3s.

11:37 Hulkenberg is now onto lap 21 of this run and lapping in the low 1m24s. Alonso has done 10 laps in this stint, starting off in 1m21s, now in 1m22s.

11:39 Hulkenberg pits after 20 laps, averaging 1m23.8s. Alonso alone on track now.

11:39 Not for long though, as Alguersuari sets out.

Kobayashi and Glock11:43 Glock has only done eight laps today and has been in the pits for the last three hours. Some insight on Virgin's situation from @m_glendenning: "Still no word on Virgin's problems, but Glock has just climbed into the car so we should see him back out soon"

11:44 @m_glendenning adds "di Grassi mentioned ongoing niggles with the hydraulic system yesterday, so that could be a clue"

11:45 Alonso has pitted, that was a 12 lap run with an average of 1m21.9s.

11:47 Glock emerges again as predicted.

11:48 Liuzzi and Rosberg rejoin too.

11:53 Glock has done four laps on this run now, all mid-1m23s.

11:54 And the Virgin returns to the pits.

11:56 As one new team pits, the other exits the garage - Trulli sets off again.

12:04 A half-time times and laps update with four hours to go at Jerez: 1 Button 1m18.871s (26); 2 Kubica 1m19.114s (54); 3 Liuzzi 1m19.650s (43); 4 Rosberg 1m20.150s (60); 5 Alonso 1m20.436s (61); 6 Kobayashi 1m20.751s (45); 7 Alguersuari 1m21.053s (64); 8 Webber 1m21.194s (43); 9 Hulkenberg 1m21.919s (91); 10 Glock 1m22.856s (14); 11 Trulli 1m24.281s (63)

12:04 On track now: Rosberg, Alguersuari, Hulkenberg and Trulli

12:06 @insideferrari: "It's nice to see many people on the grandstands: the Alonso effect is working well in Spain. We can expect even more in Montmelò next week."

12:06 Rosberg pits after a 12 lap run, mostly in high 1m21s.

12:07 As one German pits, another emerges - Glock brings Virgin back out.

12:08 Looks like yet another long run building up for Hulkenberg: eight laps gone now, laps consistently in the low 1m23s region.

Fans at Jerez12:11 Ferrari just mentioned the Alonso fans - here are a few dozen peering down from the steps and balcony trying to catch a glimpse of their hero at the back of the garage.

12:13 Just a few slow laps for Glock this time. Meanwhile Button is heading out for another run.

12:16 Alguersuari has pitted, he did five laps all in the mid 1m22s.

12:18 Hulkenberg's stint is now up to 16 laps, and he is the first man to do over 100 laps in total today. Button is also still out, and Kobayashi has just emerged.

12:19 We haven't had any time improvements for a while, but Kobayashi knocks 0.2s off his previous best straight out of the pits. He stays sixth, though.

12:20 He then finds another half a second on his next lap and takes fourth from Rosberg.

Kamui Kobayashi12:25 Another improvement from Kobayashi, still fourth but now 1m19.8s.

12:26 Trulli and Rosberg are back out, while Button is on his longest run of the day so far - six laps down and lapping in 1m25s.

12:27 Kobayashi keeps getting quicker - another few tenths shaved off that time around to bring him to within 0.004s of Liuzzi's third position.

12:28 And now he takes third with a 1m19.600s.

12:33 Kobayashi pits after that rapid run - 11 laps in all, averaging 1m20.3s.

12:35 And also pitting is Hulkenberg - his 24 lap stint saw him averaging 1m23.5s and takes his total laps for the day up to 111.

12:35 Button, Rosberg and Trulli remain on the circuit.

12:40 Kobayashi comes out again. He has to find another 0.7s to start challenging Button for the top spot.

Jenson Button12:41 Button is 10 laps into a run, every single one of them a 1m24s. Rosberg has done a 12 lap stint in 1m21s and 1m22s.

12:41 Trulli has done eight laps this time, initially in the 1m26s and 1m27s, but now down to 1m25.9s.

12:43 Trulli and Button pit - they're up to 78 and 46 laps respectively today.

12:45 Rosberg has also now done 78 laps - but Hulkenberg is way ahead in the Saturday mileage standings with 111 laps to his credit.

12:47 Rosberg pits, his run was 15 laps with an average of 1m21.7s. That leaves Kobayashi alone on-track - and going a little quicker again.

12:53 Kobayashi keeps chipping away at his time, down to 1m19.514s now.

12:54 This run bodes well for Sauber - 10 laps all between 1m19.5s and 1m20.2s.

12:54 Still some way off Button's 1m18.8s from this morning, but that was set on a very brief stint.

12:58 Kobayashi pits - his times from that stint: 19.7, 20.2, 19.6, 19.7, 19.5, 20.2, 20.0, 19.8, 19.5, 19.5, 19.5

Jarno Trulli12:58 The track doesn't stay empty for long, as Trulli sets off from the Lotus pit.

13:00 A times and laps recap with three hours to go: 1 Button 1m18.871s (46); 2 Kubica 1m19.114s (54); 3 Kobayashi 1m19.514s (71); 4 Liuzzi 1m19.650s (43); 5 Rosberg 1m20.150s (79); 6 Alonso 1m20.436s (61); 7 Alguersuari 1m21.053s (71); 8 Webber 1m21.194s (43); 9 Hulkenberg 1m21.919s (111); 10 Glock 1m22.856s (18); 11 Trulli 1m24.281s (79)

13:02 A new personal best from Trulli to start his run: 1m23.647s.

13:04 Just two flying laps for Trulli that time: a 23.6 and a 23.8. Kobayashi resumes running as the Lotus pits.

13:06 Kobayashi improves again, he's now within 0.074s of Kubica's second place.

13:06 Liuzzi comes out to join him.

13:11 Kobayashi continues to lap in 1m19s, while Liuzzi pops back into the pits.

13:14 Looks like pitstop practice for Liuzzi. Kobayashi continues his stint, and Trulli comes out again.

13:15 Improvement immediately from Trulli, down to 1m23.4s, but still not quite able to get off the foot of the times.

13:18 Trulli pits after that lap. Out comes Button again.

13:18 Kobayashi has just finished another eight lap run, averaging 1m19.9s.

Force India pit practice13:20 Liuzzi is just nipping in and out of the pits at present.

13:20 Alguersuari comes out to join Button.

13:25 Just Button and Alguersuari on track still, both lapping in mid-1m25s.

13:27 Trulli sets out again too.

13:30 News from @m_glendenning: "Renault has been quiet for a while, but the team says all is OK - just trying some set-up changes, and hoping to have Kubica back out ASAP"

13:31 And from @insideferrari: "Ready to be back on track after a significant set-up change in the car."

13:31 On the circuit now: Button, Alonso, Alguersuari and Trulli

13:33 Trulli and Alguersuari back in, Kobayashi sets out for another run.

13:42 On track now: Button, Kobayashi, Alonso, Hulkenberg - and Alguersuari, Kubica and Trulli just leaving their pits.

13:49 Button completes an eight lap run with an average of 1m25.9s, Hulkenberg returned to the pits after three slow laps, and Kobayashi kept up his consistently strong pace by doing nine laps with an average of 1m19.9s.

13:49 Alonso pits now too after a 10 lap outing, mostly in 1m21s. Liuzzi sets out to join Kubica, Alguersuari and Trulli.

13:51 Trulli is now on 95 laps for the day - vital mileage for Lotus.

Red Bull garage13:52 Webber popped out for a quick out and in run a short while ago, but has not done a flying lap since he caused a red flag three and a half hours ago.

14:00 Two hours to go, here is the list of top times and laps so far: 1 Button 1m18.871s (64); 2 Kubica 1m19.114s (66); 3 Kobayashi 1m19.188s (92); 4 Liuzzi 1m19.650s (57); 5 Rosberg 1m20.150s (84); 6 Alonso 1m20.436s (75); 7 Alguersuari 1m21.053s (92); 8 Webber 1m21.194s (44); 9 Hulkenberg 1m21.919s (122); 10 Glock 1m22.856s (18); 11 Trulli 1m23.470s (102).

14:03 Of those on track now, Kubica is 12 laps into a stint then began with 1m23s laps but is now into 1m22s.

14:03 Liuzzi has done eight laps in the 1m24s region, Rosberg is six laps down and has been in the 1m21s throughout.

14:03 Alguersuari's current 13 lap stint started in the 1m24s but is now in 1m23s, while Trulli's 12 lap run has come down from 1m26s to 1m25s.

14:05 News on Webber's problem from @m_glendenning: "Red Bull is still tracing the problem that stopped Webber earlier today, but has made a precautionary engine change"

14:06 Robert Kubica was briefly in the pits to wrap up a 14 lap run, but is back on track again in the Renault.

14:10 Jarno Trulli continues to circulate in the 1m27s bracket in his Lotus. His pace has been dropping off quite a bit during this run.

14:12 Nico Rosberg is the fastest man on track at the moment, setting high 1m21s in the Mercedes.

14:13 Kubica is now five laps in to his resumed run and has broken in to the 1m21s.

14:16 World champion Jenson Button is back on track in his McLaren.

14:18 Rosberg is now 17 laps into his current run and has found a consistent pace in the mid-1m21s.

14:20 More from @MikeGascoyne on the plan at Lotus:

"111 laps completed for Jarno with no problems. Sticking with long runs to get mileage on the car. Full program is 140 laps"

14:21 Trulli recently completed a 20 lap run, with the average time just under 1m27s.

14:23 Kubica is still at work in the Renault and his times are improving as the fuel burns off. A 1m21.081s is his latest effort.

14:26 @MikeGascoyne explains the times set recently by Trulli:

"First long run pace was good but jarno reported big rear drop off over last 5 laps. Need to protect the rear tyres more"

The Italian was initially lapping in the 1m25s region, but dropped off into the 1m27s as the stint wore on.

14:26 Liuzzi has taken to the track in the Force India, giving us six current runners.

14:32 Kubica's last three laps have been the 1m20s on his ever-improving long run.

His brief visit to the pits was for a practice stop, report @rf1paddockpass.

14:32 Alonso and Trulli have joined in for some more running, leaving just Rosberg, Webber, Hulkenberg and Glock in the pits.

14:34 Trulli is heading back to the Lotus garage after a single tour but Rosberg is now back in action for Mercedes.

14:38 Button has wrapped up a 14 lap effort in the McLaren, while Kubica's long run ends after 22 laps with the best a 1m20.757s.

Wheel gun14:40 Plenty of practice pit stops going on this afternoon, with tyre changes set to be the critical factor in stops this year thanks to the refueling ban.

14:43 Mark Webber is now back out in the Red Bull, with the team having recovered from the car trouble that stopped the Australian earlier.

14:44 Fernando Alonso is now six laps in to a run with his Ferrari F10. The Spaniard's current pace is in the 1m24s region.

14:46 Nico Hulkenberg clocks a 1m22.503s to commence his latest run in the Williams.

14:47 Alonso pits the Ferrari, leaving just Webber and Hulkenberg on track.

14:49 The session has been stopped.

14:50 Timing suggests Hulkenberg hasn't made it back around and is the likely cause of the latest stoppage.

14:50 The Williams driver has pulled to a halt on the main straight.

14:53 With just over an hour remaining in this test, this gives the teams a chance to plan their last runs of the week.

14:53 Hulkenberg's car is quickly returned to the pits and the session is back underway.

14:54 Liuzzi, Alonso and Webber are already heading out.

14:58 Alonso has resumed his run with a 1m23.427s, followed by a 1m23.762s.

15:00 Webber is currently clocking a series of high 1m22s laps in the Red Bull.

15:02 Button and Kubica are also back out for the first time since the recent red flag.

15:04 Kubica is the fastest man out there at the moment, recently setting a 1m21.865s.

15:08 In to the final hour, here is the list of top times and laps: 1 Button 1m18.871s (82); 2 Kubica 1m19.114s (96); 3 Kobayashi 1m19.188s (113); 4 Liuzzi 1m19.650s (71); 5 Rosberg 1m20.150s (107); 6 Alonso 1m20.436s (98); 7 Alguersuari 1m21.053s (120); 8 Webber 1m21.194s (70); 9 Hulkenberg 1m21.919s (137); 10 Glock 1m22.856s (18); 11 Trulli 1m23.470s (120).

15:10 The headline times haven't changed for a couple of hours now, with long runs being the focus so far this afternoon. Perhaps we will see some lower-fuel efforts before the end of the session.

15:13 Force India are looking forward to the season ahead:

@clubforce: "Also if Jerez is anything to go by, its going to be a great season. A very competitive season for F1 as a whole."

15:15 Jenson Button is now eight laps in to a run in the MP4-25. The world champion's pace has been a bit varied with a 1m22.197s best lap and a recent slow tour of 1m24.624s.

15:19 News from AUTOSPORT's @m_glendenning:

"Virgin's running has been curtailed by further hydraulic problems today, but Glock is back out again"

15:20 Glock has completed four laps to end that lengthy spell in the garage, but has now returned to the Virgin pit.

15:22 Trulli is back on track in the Lotus. @MikeGascoyne reports a 25-lap long run is the plan to wrap up the first test for the T127.

15:22 Alonso and Webber are lapping with similar pace at the moment in the low 1m22s bracket.

15:23 Kubica breaks through 100 laps completed as he commences an outing in the Renault.

15:25 Webber has upped his pace, clocking a 1m21.773s.

15:27 Kubica is also setting 1m21s laps at the moment.

15:28 Trulli is on the promised long run, with his latest times improving in to the low 1m26s region, following a series of 1m27s laps early in the run.

15:29 Rosberg and Kobayashi are both back out with just 30 minutes of the test remaining.

15:33 Teams have been testing Bridgestone's softer compounds this week, whereas only the harder rubber was on offer for the previous test.

Force India say: "We've noticed that the softer compounds grain very quickly in the low temperatures. The mediums last 10 - 12 laps. They should however handle better in the higher temperatures we'll see in the races."

Williams FW3215:36 No sign of Nico Hulkenberg since his Williams caused the most recent red flag.

Trulli in the Lotus has now taken over the lead in the 'most laps today' stakes, with 140 for the Lotus.

15:40 Button is now five laps in to a run with the McLaren, setting times in the 1m22s.

15:42 Timo Glock improves his best with a 1m22.433s in the Virgin.

15:44 Liuzzi in the Force India is clocking some good times at the moment with his latest a 1m20.125s.

15:45 Optimism from our man @m_glendenning:

"Into the final 15 minutes. Let's see whether we can break from tradition and get through it without a red flag"

15:46 Button, Kubica, Liuzzi, Alonso and Alguersuari are lapping at the moment.

15:49 Alonso is now 26 laps into a lengthy run with consistent 1m22s pace.

15:50 Button pits after a 12-lap effort, averaging a 1m22.8s

15:52 We're down to just Kubica, Alonso and Alguersuari circulating for these final few minutes. Surely some other teams will send their cars for a final few laps?

15:55 Alonso is now 30 laps into his run and the Spaniard has picked up the pace into the 1m21s region.

15:56 Rosberg has popped out for a late lap or two in the Mercedes.

15:57 Glock has also joined in with the Virgin. Hydraulic issues have limited that car to just 26 laps so far.

15:58 Rosberg has improved his best time slightly to a 1m20.063s, but remains fifth quickest.

15:59 The session has been stopped.

16:01 It's another late red flag with a minute to go. Glock's Virgin is the cause.

16:01 Rosberg had improved by a fraction to a 1m20.061s just before the stoppage.

16:02 Glock's car is stopped at Turn 5 and that's the end of pre-season testing at Jerez.

16:05 So Jenson Button tops the final day for McLaren with a 1m18.871s lap, but the longer runs shoul hold some clues to the current pecking order and there will be a lot of pouring over laptimes to do before the next test.

16:06 Thanks for joining us today. Stick with AUTOSPORT for all the news, reaction and analysis.

Live coverage resumes from Barcelona next Thursday.

P Driver Team Time
1  ButtonMcLaren 1m18.871s
2  KubicaRenault 1m19.114s  +0.243
3  KobayashiSauber 1m19.188s  +0.317
4  LiuzziForce India 1m19.650s  +0.779
5  RosbergMercedes 1m20.061s  +1.190
6  AlonsoFerrari 1m20.436s  +1.565
7  AlguersuariToro Rosso 1m21.053s  +2.182
8  WebberRed Bull 1m21.194s  +2.323
9  HulkenbergWilliams 1m21.919s  +3.048
10  GlockVirgin 1m22.433s  +3.562
11  TrulliLotus 1m23.470s  +4.599
All timing unofficial. Updated: 15:59 GMT
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 14°C / 57°F
Track: Dry
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