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As it happened: Test day two
By Pablo Elizalde and Steven English
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Good morning! Welcome to AUTOSPORT Live. Today we will be covering the second day of testing from Barcelona

08:00 Another sunny day in the Catalan city, albeit a bit windy

08:01 Check the full driver line-up to see who will be in action today

08:02 There seems to be good news coming from Virgin following yesterday's crash:

@lucasdigrassi: Good morning. The guys have done an amazing job overnight and the car is looking good. We will continue the working schedule as normal.

08:03 Most drivers go out to complete installation laps

08:05 Jarno Trulli is at the wheel of the Lotus today. The Italian has done his installation lap already

@MikeGascoyne: Installation lap done at 9:00am, no problems with the car

08:07 A lot of fans at the track already. 15,000 people visited the circuit yesterday

08:10 Virgin is expecting to hit the track in less than an hour

08:11 A truck full of McLaren parts has pulled up in the paddock

08:11 @NobleF1: Vettel, Kubica, Alonso, Hulkenberg, Liuzzi, Alguersuari, Trulli, de la Rosa and Hamilton have all done installation laps

08:13 No times recorded yet

08:14 And as we write that, Schumacher completes the first flying lap in the Mercedes GP

08:17 Schumacher keeps going and improves to a 1:25. It appears the German will complete a short run

08:18 Interesting information from Bridgestone:

@andystobart: Yesterday the soft compound was used by teams in Barcelona, with just a side garnish of medium & super soft action. Good despite green track

08:19 Pedro de la Rosa and Trulli have now set times too. The Spaniard goes quickest with a 1:23.6

08:21 De la Rosa goes faster: 1:22.932 on his second flying lap

08:23 Fernando Alonso completes his first timed lap of the day - 1:23.453 - and moves to second

08:24 De la Rosa, meanwhile, continues to improve

08:24 Now the Spaniard returns to the pits after a four-lap run

08:25 Alonso moves to the head of the times with 1:22.613

08:26 Hulkenberg is also on track with the Williams. The German has set his first time

08:27 1:22.200 for Alonso

08:28 Another slight improvement for Alonso on his fourth lap of the run: 1:22.163

08:29 It appears Alonso has gone off track briefly

08:30 The Spaniard is back into the pits after a four-lap run. Liuzzi is the only man on track at the moment

08:31 1m23.857 for Liuzzi, his best so far

08:34 Lotus boss says Fauzy needs to work on his pace:

@tonyfernandes Yesterday was a good experience day for Fairuz. He got experience on a Formula One car. Now knows what he needs is to do to improve pace.

08:35 Liuzzi reports that the track conditions have improved since yesterday:

@clubforce: Tonio: 'Track is much better today, balance is quite good with a bit of understeer...but it feels OK.'

08:36 Trulli heads out again with the Lotus

08:39 Forix reveals that Alonso and Massa have been the two busiest men so far in testing. Massa has done the most laps so far with 622. Alonso follows with 613, not including today

08:43 Alonso is back on track, joined by Alguersuari

08:44 Best time for Alonso - 1m21.418 - and the Ferrari driver is not over a second ahead of his rivals

08:46 Yet another improvement for Alonso, who goes a tenth faster

08:48 The Ferrari driver goes quicker once again and is now 1.3 seconds ahead of de la Rosa

08:50 1:21.183 now for Alonso, who is on the fifth lap of the current stint

08:52 The Spaniard returns to the pits after his five timed laps. His average was a 1:21.336, which looks pretty strong

08:54 Renault is still working on Kubica's car:

@rf1paddockpass: Alonso’s setting the pace in the first hour. Robert’s still waiting to go back out. Those adjustments are taking a bit longer than expected.

08:57 Alonso has not only gone quicker than Webber - fastest yesterday - but the Spaniard has also done it while on a longer run.

08:58 It's a Spanish 1-2-3 at the top of the times now, as Alguersuari moves into second

08:59 Alguersuari improves even more - 1:22.139

09:00 The Toro Rosso driver joins Alonso in the 1:21s and is just eight tenths behind

09:01 Trulli is also on track and improving his times, but the Italian is still some seven seconds off the pace

09:02 Alguersuari completes a three-lap run and returns to his garage. His average time over the three laps was 1:22.117

Fernando Alonso09:05 Alonso heads back out for another run. He's sharing the track with Hulkenberg and Trulli

09:07 Hulkenberg sets his first proper time of the day - 1:26.702 - and moves into sixth

09:08 Sebastian Vettel gets his name on the timesheet with his first timed lap - 1:23.746

09:08 Alonso goes faster on his first run and becomes the first man to lap in the 1:20s

09:11 1:20.792 for Alonso now. Not his best, but still very fast

09:11 The Spaniard eases off and sets a 1:22.150 on his third lap of the run

09:14 He is back up to speed now, setting a 1:20.801. Alonso is on track with de la Rosa, Alguersuari and Hulkenberg

09:15 Alonso pits after a five-lap stint. Average time: 1:21.122

09:16 Twenty one laps for the Ferrari driver in the first 75 minutes of the session. He managed 11 in the first four hours yesterday

09:18 De la Rosa shaves three tenths off his best time, but stays in third

09:18 Only Hamilton, Kubica and Glock are yet to set a time

Pedro de la Rosa09:20 De la Rosa is left with the track to himself

09:22 But he heads into the pits, as Hamilton joins the track

09:22 Schumacher goes out too

09:24 Hamilton and Kubica complete their first timed laps, the Briton up to fifth

09:27 Hamilton goes quicker on his second flying lap and moves up fourth

09:27 Alonso leaves the pits, joining Hamilton, de la Rosa, Hulkenberg and Kubica

09:28 1:22.924 for Hamilton

09:31 Vettel joins the track as Alonso sets the first time of his run: 1:21.038

09:33 One more lap in the 1:20s for Alonso - 1:20.896 - as Hamilton continues to improve his times

09:33 1:22.924 for the McLaren driver, who now heads back to the pits

09:34 @NobleF1: The Mercedes GP car is running with the upgraded aero package today - but the final 2010 diffuser spec will wait until Bahrain

Jarno Trulli09:41 Only Trulli on track now, lapping in the 1:29s and 1:30s with the Lotus

09:42 Read the latest on the construction of the Korean GP circuit:

Korean GP construction still on schedule

09:46 Virgin is still hard at work trying to get Glock out as soon as possible:

@VirginRacing: Last of the new bits to repair yesterdays crash arrived from uk 1 hour ago - Timo should be out soon...

09:47 Hamilton, Schumacher and Vettel are on track

09:48 De la Rosa also joins

09:49 Fans keep arriving at the track:

@InsideFerrari: Traffic jam outside of the circuit: another effect of the Alonso-Ferrari combination...

09:50 Vettel has improved his best to a 1:23.1. The German is fifth quickest

09:51 Another update on Virgin's progress:

@VirginRacing: The guys are busy completing the car rebuild after a long night at the track and Timo will be hitting the asphalt very soon...

09:53 Liuzzi moves up to second in the Force India, the Italian having set a 1:21.812

09:56 Liuzzi is back into the pits after a two-lap run in the 1:21s

Alex Yoong09:57 Former GP driver Alex Yoong is in Barcelona working for Lotus

09:58 Alguersuari jumps ahead of Liuzzi with the Toro Rosso, the Spaniard back into second with a 1m21.697

09:58 Trulli has made a significant improvement and is now in the 1:26s, still at the bottom of the times

10:03 Vettel hasn't set spectacular times so far, but the Red Bull driver is already the busiest man with 30 laps

10:05 Alguersuari shaves a tenth off his best time

10:05 And a further few hundreds of a second now

10:09 Lap count: De la Rosa 31, Vettel 30, Hulkenberg 29, Alonso 28, Trulli 27, Alguersuari 24, Liuzzi 19, Hamilton 18, Schumacher 14, Kubica 13

10:10 Liuzzi is back into second spot after posting a 1m21.401

10:11 Alonso comes back out for another run. Him and Kubica share the track

10:13 Toro Rosso is working on set-up changes in Alguersuari's car. The team says the Spaniard is likely to be out again in about 30 minutes

10:15 This is how a Williams chassis travels back to the factory:

@ClaireVWilliams: - If u see this transporter on the roads between here & the UK, give it a wide berth (& a wave!), that's chassis 1

10:18 Liuzzi continues to make progress, the Italian now setting a 1m21.056, just three tenths off Alonso

10:20 No cars on track right now

10:24 Hulkenberg drives his Williams out of the pits

10:27 Schumacher joins his compatriot on track

10:30 It's two world champions in action now, as Alonso jumps onto the track once more

Michael Schumacher10:31 Schumacher sets his best time of the day on his first flyer. A 1:24 for the German

10:32 Alonso goes even quicker with the Ferrari - 1m20.637 for the Spaniard, who is four tenths ahead of Liuzzi

10:34 Glock has done an installation lap, and Virgin is now working on another issue before the German is sent out again:

@VirginRacing: Installation lap OK on rebuilt car - a new start procedure outside the garage highlighted a small heat shield issue which is being fixed.

10:36 Three-lap run for Alonso, with an average of 1m20.991

10:37 Vettel and Kubica have improved, the German to a 1:22 and the Pole to a 1:24

10:40 A 1m21.606 for Vettel, who is now up to fourth

10:43 Vettel returns to the pits after a four-lap run with an average of 1m22.367. He is still a second of Alonso's best

10:44 Track temperature is 26.1 degrees at the moment. Air temperature 15.4

10:44 De la Rosa improves by a tenth of a second and stays in fifth

10:46 A further improvement sees de la Rosa move into third. The Spaniard is now in the 1:21s

Sebastian Vettel10:48 Vettel is back on track and sets a 1m22.272 on his first full lap

10:53 The Red Bull drivers dives back into the pits after three laps. He hasn't improved his best time

10:54 Hamilton, Schumacher and Hulkenberg are out on track at the moment

10:55 An update from Mercedes on Schumacher's work:

@OfficialMGP: Some more changes to the car and Michael is now out doing a sequence of runs with some practice pit stop activity.

10:56 Hamilton posts his quickest time yet - 1m22.696 - on his first flying lap

10:57 A good morning's work for Force India:

@clubforce: Morning programme has been completed and we're moving on to longer runs this afternoon after the lunch time break.

11:00 A small improvement for Hamilton, who is now less than two seconds off Alonso's pace

11:02 Alonso heads out of the pits, joined by the other two Spaniards: de la Rosa and Alguersuari

11:05 Alguersuari completes just an installation lap to check the changes made to his car

11:05 De la Rosa stays on and seems to be carrying out qualifying simulation

11:07 The Sauber driver set a best time of 1m21.463, just three hundreds off his best, before returning to the pits

11:09 Alonso appears to be carrying a lot of fuel onboard now. Four consecutive laps in the high 1:24s and 25s for the Ferrari driver

11:10 De la Rosa was quick to return to action and improve his best to a 1m21.234

11:13 Ferrari says Alonso's morning has been productive. Forty six laps for the Italian team so far

@InsideFerrari: Back on standard for Alonso. So far it was an interesting and productive day.

Fernando Alonso11:14 The Spanish driver is on a longer run now, having completed nine laps in a row

11:15 In other news, there is a new GP2 Asia champion:

Valsecchi clinches GP2 Asia title

11:16 Lotus has been working on Trulli's seat and the Italian is ready to hit the track again

@MikeGascoyne Seat fixed and ready to go again. Jarno not happy with the balance so will do some tests to investigate

11:21 Hulkenberg has set his best time of the day on his 53rd lap

11:22 The Williams racer has completed the most laps so far this morning

11:22 De la Rosa is still doing qualifying simulations and moves up to second spot with a 1m20.973

11:23 Hulkenberg improves too, to a 1m25.017

11:24 Trulli is finally back on track again after some tweaks to his Lotus

11:25 Alonso is 16 laps into the current run and still going. The Ferrari driver is running like clockwork in the high 1:24s and low 1:25s

11:27 Vettel has improved his time and moved into fourth

11:28 The Virgin car finally emerges from the pits again. Will Glock complete his first run now?

Mercedes safety car11:30 This is the new Mercedes safety car for the 2010 season, by the way

11:31 Glock now appears on the timesheet after completing his first timed lap

11:32 1m27.421 for Glock, who has gained a second per lap over the last three

11:36 Alonso completed a 20-lap run, with an average time of 1m25.112

11:38 Eight laps for Glock, who is sharing the circuit with Hulkenberg

11:41 Trulli is back out, as the three drivers at the bottom of the times share the track

11:42 That didn't last long: Trulli is back in the garage

11:42 Glock makes another improvement, now to 1m27.067

11:43 Schumacher joins the action in the Mercedes

11:45 1m26.6 for Glock, who is now ahead of Trulli in the timesheet

11:46 Glock pits after 11 laps

11:47 Ferrari is done for the morning. The team will work on set-up changes and be back on track after the lunch break

11:47 Schumacher has just improved his best time by some three seconds, moving into sixth

11:48 Hamilton has also set his best time yet, a 1m22.152

11:49 Just ten minutes left before the one-hour break for lunch

Lewis Hamilton11:51 Schumacher pits and leaves Hamilton, Kubica and Hulkenberg alone on track

11:53 Kubica wraps up a three-lap stint with an average of 1m25.904

11:54 Trulli heads back out with fives minutes to go before the break

11:55 Glock joins the Italian on track, and so does Hulkenberg

11:58 Just two minutes to go and four drivers on track

12:00 Chequered flag is out

12:00 1m23.513 for Hulkenberg, who stays in eighth as the morning session comes to an end

12:02 Lap count is: Alonso 60, de la Rosa 46, Liuzzi 26, Vettel 55, Alguersuari 36, Schumacher 45, Hamilton 39, Hulkenberg 82, Kubica 44, Glock 18, Trulli 40

12:03 Live commentary will return in less than an hour for the start of the afternoon session

13:01 Liuzzi's Force India is the first car out of the pits to kick things off after lunch

13:03 Liuzzi is straight back into the pits after a quick installation lap, but Vettel is on track now

13:07 Here's a re-cap of the morning's action in case you're just joining us

Alonso sets dominant Barcelona pace

13:08 Just an installation for Vettel too. Liuzzi has just gone onto the first flying lap of the afternoon

13:11 Schumacher and Trulli are on track as well now

13:13 Liuzzi is now on the fifth lap of his run, lapping six seconds slower than the time he set just before the lunch break - 27.4, 27.2, 27.4, 27.2

13:17 Schumacher is lapping the 1m24s and Trulli in the 1m27s, as Vettel joins the track again

13:20 Lotus is enjoying the Spanish sun after Jerez

@mylotusracing: doing various tire runs and mechanical set ups....sunny, warm and totally lovely

13:22 Vettel is also in the 27s, while Trulli has taken the Lotus back into the pits after seven laps

13:28 Weather update from Barcelona: Skies are clear and sunny. Air temp 17.4 degrees, track temp 30.6

13:29 @clairevwilliams All the drivers ran safety car practice runs just before lunch. They have to meet a certain time that is transmitted to their dash. Clever.

13:30 Liuzzi is now 16 laps into his long run, lapping in the 27s throughout. Schumacher is 12 laps into his, mostly in the 24s but just did a solitary 1m21s

13:30 Alguersuari is out there too in the Toro Rosso and Alonso has just started a run in the Ferrari

13:33 ...not a very long one, though. He's back in the pits

13:36 Trulli does his best time of the day, taking the Lotus into the 1m25s

13:37 Schumacher pits after 15 laps, Liuzzi is 20 laps in now, with Vettel and Alguersuari on long runs as well. Looks like race simulation time

13:41 @tororossospy: Jaime is on a race simulation now, in front of bigger crowd than used to watch the Grand Prix here before Alonso came to F1.

13:42 Liuzzi has made a quick pitstop and is out to start stint two - he spent almost all of the first stint in the low 1m27s

13:43 Vettel and Alguersuari are the only other cars on track, both a dozen laps into their runs

13:45 Hamilton, Hulkenberg, Kubica and Glock are still to emerge after the break. Big lunches maybe

13:47 Liuzzi, Vettel and Alguersuari are still going, as Alonso heads back out

13:49 Alonso drives straight through the pitlane and back out again. Beginning of a Ferrari race simulation perhaps

13:52 Hamilton must have finished his pudding, he's out for the first time this afternoon. De la Rosa, Trulli and Glock all head onto track as well

13:54 @clubforce: Race sim going as planned so far. Tonio has made one stop. Lapping in 27' early on and now around the 25'

13:57 Vettel is now on the 25th lap of this run, the last 10 times have all been in the 1m26s

13:57 Liuzzi is 10 laps into his second stint and has broken into the 1m25s

13:57 The other driver on a long run is Alguersuari, who is 22 laps in and in the 1m27s

13:58 Glock improves Virgin's best lap of the day by 0.007s. It' still more than a second slower than the Lotus though

14:03 Jaime Alguersuari heads out to start a long run for Toro Rosso

14:04 ...not for long. Vettel heads in to keep Schumacher company

14:05 Hulkenberg and Kubica join the track too. The Mercedes is the only car in the pits

14:06 Hulkenberg improves Williams' best time of the day to a 23.1

14:08 Laps completed after five hours: Vettel, 88; Hulkenberg, 84; Alonso, 75; Liuzzi, 67; Alguersuari, 67; Schumacher, 61; Trulli, 60; de la Rosa, 57; Hamilton, 49; Kubica, 47; Glock, 29

14:08 Hulkenberg is straight back into the pits after improving. Hamilton and Kubica have pitted too

14:09 Lotus is starting Trulli on a long run

@mikegascoyne: Jarno out on a 30 lap run

14:10 We have the first red flag of the afternoon, sounds like it might be the Lotus - so much for that long run

14:11 @mikegascoyne: Hydraulic leak has stopped the car

14:11 Confirmed that it is Trulli's stranded Lotus that caused the red flag

14:13 Force India will resume Liuzzi's race simulation as soon as it goes green

@club force: Red flag now, unfortunate. Car won't be touched now until the track goes green so race sim can be resumed.

14:14 Trulli was 11 laps into his stint when the car broke, lapping between 1m28s and 1m30s

14:15 @nobleF1: Trulli's car has stopped at Turn 6. The recovery truck is now at the scene

14:21 Longest stints completed since lunch: Vettel, 30 laps; Alguersuari, 26 laps; Liuzzi, 22 laps; Schumacher, 16 laps; Alonso, 13 laps; Glock, 13 laps; Trulli, 10 laps; Hamilton, 10 laps; de la Rosa, 9 laps; Hulkenberg, 1 lap; Kubica, 1 lap

14:21 Alonso and de la Rosa head straight back out at the green flag

14:22 Liuzzi and Hulkenberg are back on track too

14:25 Williams jumps up to fifth on the timesheet as Hulkenberg does a 21.5

14:27 Hulkenberg improves again, down to a 21.1, and moves up to fourth ahead of Vettel

14:29 Hulkenberg pits straight away so just two flying laps on that run

14:32 Hamilton and Glock are back on track, but it's Alonso, Liuzzi, Vettel and Alguersuari on long runs again

14:33 Lotus explains Trulli's failure

@mikegascoyne: A seal failed in the power steering. New rack going on now

14:33 Glock shaves another tenth off Virgin's best time

14:34 @noblef1 Alonso has caught up with Vettel now on track - and not having an easy time getting past

14:34 @noblef1: Sneaky Alonso missed the chicane at the final corner to try and get on run on Vettel down the main straight - but didn't get close enough

14:35 Glock takes the Virgin into the 1m25s now, just four tenths slower than the Lotus

14:35 Alonso backs off from behind Vettel to give himself some space

14:39 Long run comparison: Alonso is 11 laps in, doing frequent 24.7s, Liuzzi is 10 laps in doing mid-low 24s, Alguersuari is 10 laps in, also doing mid-low 24s

14:39 Hulkenberg goes second fastest with a 20.9 on the first quick lap of his latest run

14:40 Hulkenberg knocks Alonso off the top spot on the second lap of that run with a 1m20.614s

14:42 Williams brings Hulkenberg in after just two flying laps. Low fuel work seems to be going well

14:43 It's nice to see people getting so excited about testing times

@clairevwilliams: Take that Fernando! The hulk just took your number 1 spot! 1.20.614

14:46 There's not a lot in it between Ferrari and Force India on this run. Alonso is 16 laps in, with his last seven times between 24.6 and 24.9, while Liuzzi is also 16 laps in and has just broken from mid 24s to a 23.9

14:47 Vettel is the first driver today to hit 100 laps, lapping mostly in the 25s

14:49 Mercedes preparing to send Schumacher back out

@officialmgp: The car's been in the garage for a little while whilst we made some changes but Michael's back in now and almost ready to go out...

14:54 Hamilton is 15 laps into a run in the McLaren but has only just broken into the 1m26s

14:55 Lotus almost ready to send Trulli back out

@mikegascoyne: Rack fitted and car setup checked. Jarno getting ready to resume run with rear setup change

14:56 Alonso has breached the low 24s, now 24 laps into his run

14:59 Schumacher is straight into the low 24s on the first three laps of his run. It will be interesting to see how much fuel he has on board and how long this run lasts

15:01 Liuzzi has ended his run. If it was a race simulation it was a two-stopper over 60 laps

15:02 Alonso, Schumacher, Vettel Alguersuari and de la Rosa are all on track and all lapping between 24.3 and 24.7. Hamilton is the only other car out, he's in the high 26s

15:05 On the whole Liuzzi's regular times improved by around three quarters of a second from the start to the end of his stints

15:05 Trulli is back on track in the Lotus following the car's earlier hydraulic failure

15:07 Laps completed after six hours of running: Vettel, 114; Alonso, 110; Alguersuari, 100; Hulkenberg, 93; de la Rosa, 92; Liuzzi, 90; Hamilton, 73; Schumacher, 71; Trulli, 64; Kubica, 51; Glock, 43

15:08 Some team-to-team love from the Williams camp

@clairevwilliams: - It's not in my nature to be nice about other teams (sorry!) but I'm loving the Lotus!

15:09 Schumacher pits after nine laps in the mid-high 24s

15:15 Force India is finished for the day

@clubforce Race sim has finished and that's the close of the programme for us today. The team will now move to prepare the second chassis that will be tested tomorrow by Adrian Sutil.

15:15 Alguersuari pits after a 33-lap run

15:17 Alguersuari's laps were very consistent during run, mainly in 1m24s

15:21 de la Rosa and and Vettel both in 1m23s early in their runs

15:22 The session has been stopped.

15:23 Vettel has stopped out on track in the Red Bull

15:24 @mylotusracing: last hour of testing, we are ready to be out there in a few minutes time

15:25 Weather update: air temperature - 18.2; track temp 28.3

15:29 Still waiting to hear of the cause of Vettel's stoppage

15:31 Trulli first car out at restart. Half an hour to go

15:33 Alonso and Schumacher have also gone back out

15:33 De la Rosa out too

15:35 Laps completed with just under 30min to go: Vettel, 125; Alonso, 123; De la Rosa, 105 Alguersuari, 104; Hulkenberg, 95; Liuzzi, 90; Hamilton, 84; Schumacher, 75; Trulli, 67; Kubica, 53; Glock, 51

15:36 Hulkenberg out now

15:37 @rf1paddockpass: Limited running this afternoon so we'll try the race distance later this week. Robert's still working on set-up.

15:38 Alonso and de la Rosa in 1m22s, but fuel levels unknown

15:39 Hulkenberg does a 1m20.857s

15:39 ... and then goes in the pits. That's a couple of short runs since the session restarted. Qualifying simulation runs?

15:42 Alonso into the 1m21s, 6 laps into run

15:42 Another red flag

15:43 It looks like it might be the Lotus again. Everyone else back in

15:48 It's definitely Trulli who has caused the red flag, but it's not clear why yet

15:49 Alonso, de la Rosa and Hamilton out at restart

15:51 @insideferrari: A very intense afternoon for Alonso. Race simulation completed successfully Now there is a lot of work for the engineers to analyse the data

15:52 @mylotusracing: it's a wrap. we are done for 2day. will set the car up for tomorrow. weather f/cast for tmrw in now-sunny Barca, will be a chance of rain

15:52 Alonso in the 1m21s again

15:53 Into the last 10 minutes now. Hulkenberg still fastest, but is in pits. Alonso, de la Rosa, Schumacher, Hamilton and Glock still on track

15:55 De la Rosa, Hamilton and Glock in

15:57 A bit of Ferrari humour. Clearly happy with their day...

@insideferrari: It is possible that some rabbits will be around as usual in the last minutes of the afternoon session

15:57 Schumacher in, just Alonso left on track

15:58 Just two minutes to go for someone to knock the Williams rookie off top spot

15:59 It looks as though Alonso has caused the red flag

15:59 Session has been flagged off

16:04 @clairevwilliams: We won!! Session ended just a couple of mins early as Alonso spun off, leaving the Hulk at the top of the charts

16:09 @mikegascoyne: Jarno went out on new tyres but stopped with another steering rack hydraulic problem. Lots of work tonight. Generally very good progress on setup direction today from Jarno. Long way to go but direction very clear

16:10 That's it for today. Tomorrow's commentary from Barcelona will kick off at 8am UK time

P Driver Team Time
1  HulkenbergWilliams 1m20.614s
2  AlonsoFerrari 1m20.637s  +0.023
3  De la RosaSauber 1m20.973s  +0.359
4  LiuzziForce India 1m21.056s  +0.442
5  VettelRed Bull 1m21.258s  +0.644
6  AlguersuariToro Rosso 1m21.571s  +0.957
7  SchumacherMercedes 1m21.689s  +1.075
8  HamiltonMcLaren 1m22.152s  +1.538
9  KubicaRenault 1m24.912s  +4.298
10  TrulliLotus 1m25.524s  +4.910
11  GlockVirgin 1m25.942s  +5.328
All timing unofficial. Updated: 15:30 GMT
Sunny High Temp: 18°C / 64°F
Track: Dry
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