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As it happened: Test day four
By Geoff Creighton and Matt Beer
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:00 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for coverage of the 15th and final day of pre-season testing for 2010.

08:01 The weather heavily disrupted yesterday's running, with light rain and drizzle giving poor track conditions for much of the day.

Sunday has dawned overcast and windy at the Circuit de Catalunya.

08:02 The air temperature is 14.7 Celsius and the track is 16.1.

08:03 Vettel, Kubica, Buemi, MAssa, Kovalainen, di Grassi and Kobayashi have all taken to the circuit for installation laps.

08:05 Today is set to be a busy one as the teams pack in their final preparations before heading to Bahrain for the first race. Both high-fuel race simulations and low-fuel qualifying runs will be on the agenda for the final hours of testing.

08:07 Robert Kubica has clocked the first time of the day in a 1m35.074s before returning to the pits in the Renault.

08:10 Changes in the line-up today see the return of Michael Schumacher to the Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton back in the McLaren, Kubica taking over the Renault, Kovalainen in the Lotus and Di Grassi in at Virgin Racing.

08:10 Michael Schumacher has started a flying lap run with his first time a 1m25.129s.

08:12 Virgin are happy with their installation lap:

@VirginRacing: "Slicks on, all checked over, engine cover back on and ready to go."

08:13 A 1m24.384s is an improved best from Schumacher the next time around, followed up by a 1m24.506s.

08:15 Kovalainen gets a time on the board with a 1m29.941s in his Lotus.

08:17 Di Grassi gets the day underway for Virgin with a 1m31.347s lap.

08:17 Meanwhile, Kobayashi improves the benchmark time with a 1m24.073s in the Sauber.

08:19 It's an improved second tour for Kobayashi as he stretches his advantage with a 1m23.978s lap.

08:21 Times continue to improve from the running drivers as they warm the tyres and feel out the current grip levels.

08:23 Kobayashi, Kovalainen and Di Grassi continue to circulate in these early stages.

08:24 Felipe Massa slots in third quickest with his opening effort of 1m24.516s.

08:26 Massa tops the order now in a time of 1m23.345s.

08:29 Massa improves on his latest lap to a 1m23.296s

08:31 Vettel has clocked a first flyer of the day in 1m27.294s, followed up by a 1m26.578s to go fourth. He will be hoping for much more running today to bounce back from a troubled 51-lap programme yesterday.

08:32 Massa continues to lap in the 1m23s bracket and was just a fraction off his best on his latest tour.

Felipe Massa08:34 Massa has ended his six-lap run, leaving only Vettel on track for now.

08:35 These times are still some way off the best of the test so far - a 1m20.614s set by Nico Hulkenberg on Friday.

08:36 We should see some more qualifying runs later today getting in to the 1m20s when the track is fully rubbered-up again.

08:37 Adrian Sutil slots in second quickest with a first flyer of 1m23.539s before taking the top spot with his next lap of 1m23.079s.

08:38 Vettel is the only other man on track, now seven laps into a run for Red Bull, lapping consistently in the 1m26s bracket.

08:41 Our man @NobleF1 tells us: "McLaren is practicing pit stops with Lewis this morning"

Quick stops are vital this year due to the banning of refuelling, which used to give the mechanics plenty of time to change tyres.

08:41 More from @NobleF1 in the paddock:

"Red Bull Racing is giving Vettel more time in the car because of yesterday's disruption. He will hand the RB6 over to Webber at lunchtime"

08:42 Kovalainen is the only man lapping at the moment.

08:46 Heikki is three laps into a run so far in the 1m28s.

Hello to team principal Tony Fernandes, who tweets he is "Following Heikki on Skype and AUTOSPORT."

08:47 Buemi slots in fifth with a first timed effort of 1m25.991s for Toro Rosso.

08:48 Kobayashi, Buemi, Kovalainen and Di Grassi are the current runners.

08:50 Rubens Barrichello has joined the circuit for his first timed laps of the day in his Williams.

08:52 Buemi improves to fourth with a 1m24.251s.

08:53 Di Grassi clocks a 1m27.381s - it's been a much better day so far for Virgin, with 16 laps completed in the first hour.

08:56 Massa is back on track in his Ferrari F10 with a 1m22.203s to start his run and take the top time away from Sutil.

08:57 A 1m21.849s the next time by improves Massa's advantage at the top of the timesheet.

08:58 The session has been stopped.

08:59 Our first red flag of the day, just as Hamilton had popped up to fourth with a 1m24.213s.

09:00 Rubens Barrichello is off in the gravel at Turn 4.

09:00 The Williams driver had recently improved to eighth fastest with a 1m27.249s.

09:02 It's one corner earlier than yesterday for Barrichello's off and the recovery team is moving in to collect the Williams.

09:03 @NobleF1 reports: "It looks like he has spun off - his car is beached sideways in the gravel"

09:08 Circuit officials are expecting a restart at 10.14 local time, just over five minutes away.

09:10 The wind is troubling teams this morning as it impacts the aerodynamics on the high-speed portions of the circuit.

Force India via @clubforce say: "Adjustments being made to programme today due to the high winds and bad track conditions - times are two secs off same time yesterday. Now going to do race sim in the morning followed by qualifying runs in the afternoon. Adrian's out of the car."

09:14 Green lights and we're back underway at the Circuit de Catalunya.

09:14 Schumacher, Vettel and Kovalainen are straight out.

09:18 Vettel improves to fifth with a 1m24.230s.

Sebastian Vettel09:19 And goes even better the next time around to take fourth quickest in 1m23.508s.

09:20 Schumacher is also improving with his latest a 1m23.556s - fifth quickest.

09:21 Kobayashi clocks a 1m22.859s in his Sauber to take second quickest.

09:22 Kobayashi, Schumacher and Vettel continue to circulate.

09:24 Another improvement for the Sauber with a 1m22.713s. Schumacher, meanwhile, has been in the pits for a practice nose change at Mercedes.

09:25 Down at Virgin, there's more work going on to the car.

@VirginRacing: "Fitted third new gearbox last night to run in for Bahrain. Changing a split CV boot, should be out soon."

09:27 Schumacher clocks a 1m23.235s to take fourth away from compatriot Vettel. The German pair are the only two on track at the moment.

09:28 Mike Gascoyne at Lotus Racing backs up the reports of difficult conditions today: "Heikki into the program but high winds and low grip making conditions tricky"

09:29 Kovalainen has just left the pits in the T127, while Schumacher is back in the Mercedes garage after a six lap outing, split by that nose change.

09:31 The teams will be hoping the wind dies down and rubber levels increase on the circuit to allow some meaningful qualifying simulations this afternoon.

09:31 Kovalainen improves to his best time of the day - 1m25.732 - as he begins the run in his Lotus.

09:33 We've not seen Kubica's Renault since an early pair of installation laps.

The team explains, via @rf1paddockpass: "A few changes were needed after the install lap. Robert will be back out soon for some set-up work and to try our new front wing."

09:35 Schumacher and Kobayashi have joined the track, making it three current runners with Kovalainen's Lotus.

09:36 Hamilton is now out in the McLaren, while Kovalainen heads to the pits.

09:38 Bad news for current pacesetter Massa via @InsideFerrari: "Last day of testing didn't start with too much luck for Felipe Massa. A technical issue will keep him in the garage for a while."

09:39 Hamilton springs up to third quickest, clocking a 1m22.980s in the MP4-25.

09:40 He follows it up with a 1m22.777s, just fractions off Kobayashi's best.

09:41 The Sauber driver has recently pitted after a few laps in the 1m23s.

09:42 Hamilton is on the move with this run and takes second quickest in 1m22.397s.

09:43 Lewis backs off to a 1m25.907s on the next tour. The less-than-ideal conditions today make it even more difficult for the teams to judge relative pace.

09:44 Hamilton's latest is back up to speed - 1m22.812s

Lewis Hamilton09:47 Hamilton heads for the pits with a 1m22.612s final time on his six-lap outing.

09:48 Vettel moves up to fourth quickest, clocking a 1m23.046s in the Red Bull.

09:49 Massa is now back out after the mechanics quickly fixed the issue with his Ferrari.

09:49 Vettel breaks into the top three with a lap of 1m22.701s.

09:51 Massa is straight back to setting the pace as he improves the benchmark time to a 1m21.269s.

09:52 Schumacher is the next mover on a rapidly-evolving timesheet as he puts the Mercedes up to second quickest with a 1m21.318s.

09:53 Massa does a 1m26s on his latest lap but Schumacher is now on top - 1m21.039s.

09:55 Schumacher pits after a two-lap run, so that looks like a qualifying test for the German.

09:56 Massa edges closer to his former team-mate with a 1m21.162s.

09:57 Felipe pits the Ferrari after four timed laps - 1m21.269s; 1m21.561s; 1m26.654s; 1m21.162s

09:59 That quickest time came on the second short run for Schumacher. Rosberg was completing similar runs in the Mercedes yesterday, with the best time a 1m20.686s - but the drivers are sure the track is slower today.

10:02 Massa is back on track, while Kobayashi is the only other driver lapping at the moment.

10:04 Massa tops the order - 1m21.014s

10:06 But now the red flag is out.

10:06 Kobayashi has stopped at Turn 9 in the Sauber.

10:07 The Japanese was four laps in to a run, lapping around 1m24s

10:11 The recovery team is picking up the Sauber for the trip back to the pits.

10:12 The restart is expected in three minutes - at 11.15 local time.

10:14 The session is back underway.

10:15 Buemi in the Toro Rosso is the first man out.

10:16 Di Grassi is also mobile in the Virgin, with the change of a CV boot now completed.

10:17 Massa and Kovalainen are on track as well.

10:17 Barrichello also resumes for the first time since the spin that caused the earlier red flag.

10:19 Barrichello resumes with a 1m24.702s to go eighth, ahead of Kovalainen's Lotus.

10:21 Buemi is up to fourth quickest in the Toro Rosso, clocking a 1m22.402s.

Sebastien Buemi10:26 After a couple of slow tours, Buemi is back to an attacking lap in 1m23.190s.

10:26 Barrichello pips Sutil for seventh quickest with a 1m22.908s.

10:28 Rubens continues his move up the order, now clocking a 1m22.501s to take fifth before heading to the pits.

10:30 Schumacher is back on track for another run in the Mercedes.

10:30 Hamilton is now five laps into a run with quite a varied pace, but his latest is a 1m22.549s.

10:32 Mercedes report set-up changes for Schumacher, who flashes by in 1m21.180s on his first lap of the run.

10:33 Next lap by is a 1m20.920s as Schumacher tops the times again.

10:34 Massa is back on circuit, with Vettel the only other runner at present.

10:35 Schumacher pits after two flying laps, following the usual pattern of a Mercedes qualifying run.

10:37 Massa's response is immediate as he puts the F10 back on top with a 1m20.891s.

10:37 Barrichello is the only other man out at present.

10:38 A slightly better second flyer from Massa as the tyres warm - 1m20.834s.

10:39 Barrichello is also on the move as he goes third in the Williams with a 1m21.741s.

10:40 Massa pits after a two-lap run that put him back on top of the order.

10:42 The teams can't do much about the strong wind, but grip levels will improve throughout the day as more rubber is laid on the asphalt surface

10:43 Di Grassi has resumed in his Virgin while Barrichello continues to lap - setting high 1m21s and low 1m22s laps.

10:46 Hamilton is back in action for McLaren.

10:47 Sutil is also back out in the Force India, with the team saying this is to be a long run.

10:50 Hamilton improves to a 1m22.097s but remains fourth quickest overall.

10:53 Massa is heading out again in the Ferrari.

10:54 Vettel sets a 1m21.951s to put the Red Bull up to fourth.

Adrian Sutil10:55 Sutil is clocking 1m27s laps to start his long run.

10:56 A 1m20.567s further extends Massa's advantage at the top and is the quickest time of the test so far.

10:56 Slightly quicker again on the second lap for Massa - 1m20.539s.

10:57 Both Massa and Schumacher have found the tyres giving more pace on the second lap of a short run.

10:58 Massa pits after two laps again, while Vettel continues to improve - now a 1m21.660s for the Red Bull.

10:59 Robert Kubica is finally out after spending all the morning so far waiting for his Renault to be readied by the mechanics.

11:00 Kubica completes his first flyer of the day in 1m26.250s.

11:01 Vettel has pitted after a quick, four-lap run: 1m21.951s; 1m21.713s; 1m22.072s; 1m21.660s

11:02 Here's the plan at Renault via @rf1paddockpass: "Robert’s back on track completing an out lap. Then we’ll launch into that set-up programme. It’s going to be a busy afternoon."

11:04 Barrichello takes third quickest with a 1m21.441s in his FW32.

11:05 Schumacher is out again in the Mercedes to see if he can challenge Massa's latest benchmark.

11:06 Under an hour until lunch now, Schumacher, Barrichello, Buemi, Sutil, Kovalainen and Kubica are all on a suddenly busy track.

11:07 1m20.835s for Schumacher on the first flyer of this run.

11:09 The form so far today suggests a quicker second lap ... 1m20.804s edges Schumacher closer to Massa's best.

11:10 Schumacher again pits the Mercedes after a two-lap qualifying test.

11:12 Sutil is now on lap 15 of his advertised long run. The pace has been late 1m26s, with some laps in the 1m27s.

11:13 Most laps so far today goes to Kovalainen in the Lotus, which has been trouble-free for 55 tours.

11:13 Vettel is on track and setting his best time through the first two sectors.

11:13 Hamilton is also on for an improved time in the McLaren.

11:14 Vettel goes third quickest with a 1m20.821s.

11:15 Hamilton is indeed quicker - 1m20.660s and now second, just behind Massa.

11:15 It looks like this is happy hour just before lunch and time for more teams to try qualifying runs.

11:17 Vettel demotes Schumacher with a 1m20.667s second lap, while Hamilton is fractionally quicker again in 1m20.653s.

11:18 A 1m20.917s followed by 1m20.804s for Vettel the next time by, but interesting that Red Bull are running more laps than some others for these qualifying simulations.

11:19 A slow lap for Hamilton is followed up by a 1m20.592s and he's right on Massa's pace.

11:20 Schumacher is on track to provide the next point of interest.

11:20 Hamilton and Vettel head for the pits to wrap up those quick runs.

11:22 A 1m20.745s from Schumacher to start his latest run.

11:22 The German is fastest of all through sector one on the next lap but the second sector is not his best ...

11:23 It's a 1m20.772s and he remains fourth.

11:24 Another two-lap outing is over as Schumacher pits the Mercedes.

11:25 It's not been a good day so far for Kubica, but he demotes the Lotus with a 1m24.640s.

11:26 Hamilton is back out and this could be another qualifying run from McLaren.

11:28 Hamilton is quickest through speed trap as he starts his first fliying lap, but sector one isn't the best.

11:28 Massa is also out to counter these latest threats to his top time.

11:29 Not a good lap for Hamilton - 1m24.451s.

11:31 Hamilton has been running behind Barrichello's Williams, clocking a 1m21.469s the last time by.

11:32 Hamilton is now out of traffic and is the quickest man through the first sector on this lap.

11:32 Thoughts from Ferrari on the recent burst of activity:

"Last half an hour looked like a Q3 session. Felipe has the best time but does not mean he's necessarily the quickest."

11:33 Hamilton takes the McLaren to the top with a 1m20.472s.

11:35 The new pacesetter heads for the pits after a four lap run - 1m24.451s; 1m21.469s; 1m30.535s; 1m20.472s - recovering from that traffic to set the best time of the test.

11:37 Massa, Vettel and Schumacher are now in action.

11:38 Further down the order, Sutil and Kubica are on long runs, lapping in the 1m24s bracket.

11:41 Massa, Vettel and Schumacher seem to have switched to race fuel levels and are lapping in the 1m25s and 1m26s range.

11:42 These drivers may be testing the new rules that require them to start the race on the same set of tyres used for their best Q3 lap.

11:42 As parc ferme continues to apply between qualifying and the race, the teams will also want to know what they need to do on set-up so the car works with both low and high fuel.

11:43 Hamilton is also back out in the McLaren.

11:45 Hamilton starts this run with a 1m24.292s.

11:45 Massa, Vettel and Schumacher continue to lap in the high 1m25s and low 1m26s range, pretty much confirming the move to heavy cars.

11:47 Hamilton does a 1m23.800s the next time around - quicker than the others from the top four, but not challenging for a qualifying time.

11:48 @VirginRacing explains the latest problem with the VR-01:

"We hope to get back out before lunch, we had a recurrence of a hydraulic problem, mileage related, that's fixed in our Bahrain package."

11:49 Hamilton is back in the pits, while Massa, Vettel and Schumacher continue to lap in the 1m25s and 1m25s region.

11:51 @MikeGascoyne with an update from Lotus:

"Weight distribution test finished with positive result. Now preparing car for race distance in the afternoon"

11:53 Sutil is still working on a race simulation for Force India. He pitted after 24 laps and is now 11 tours in to the second stint.

11:54 Massa has ended his heavy run in the Ferrari after 17 laps, averaging a 1m26.1s.

11:55 Vettel and Schumacher continue for now, but lunch is less than five minutes away.

11:58 Schumacher wraps up his high-fuel test after 14 laps, averaging a 1m26.3s.

11:59 Di Grassi is out for a brief run in the repaired Virgin before the flag falls for lunch.

12:00 The flag is out to signal the one-hour lunch break at the Circuit de Catalunya.

12:00 Vettel, Sutil, Kubica and di Grassi tour back to the pits.

12:02 Vettel completed 19 laps on his high-fuel run, with the average also a 1m26.3s.

12:03 It's been an interesting morning in Barcelona. Commentary resumes at 13.00 GMT for the final three hours of pre-season testing.

12:08 Here's our round up of the morning action:

Hamilton shows pace on final morning

12:45 A quick reminder that AUTOSPORT Live coverage continues throughout the season, with minute-by-minute commentary on all the track action at every grand prix.

Live coverage of free practice from Bahrain begins at 06:45 GMT on March 12th.

12:54 Not long to go now before the action resumes for the final three hours of 2010 pre-season testing.

12:54 The morning turned into a sneak preview of a 2010 qualifying session - with McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes and Williams all within half a second on low fuel runs.

Lewis Hamilton12:55 Will the afternoon turn into a similar sprint, and can anyone beat Hamilton's current benchmark of 1m20.472s?

13:02 Kubica leaves the pitlane to kick off the afternoon running.

13:04 Di Grassi comes out as well.

13:05 As does Kobayashi. Neither Renault nor Sauber got involved in the qualifying simulations this morning, so might show their pace this afternoon.

13:07 Just an out-lap for Kobayashi, while Kubica starts his afternoon with a 1m26.7s and di Grassi does a 1m27.0s. Barrichello is on track now too.

13:08 Improvement for di Grassi, he does a 1m26.160s but stays at the foot of the times for now.

13:09 Kubica is doing 1m26s, but is on a long run, as @rf1paddockpass explains: "The plan is to evaluate the new front wing try for the race distance."

13:10 @nobleF1: "Back from lunch with Mike Gascoyne at Lotus - who reckons most people will go for long race runs this afternoon"

13:11 Gascoyne's prediction looks spot on so far, with Barrchello doing 1m27s and Kubica in 1m26s. Di Grassi's laps have varied between 1m26s and 1m29s on this run so far.

13:12 @virginracing enjoying its so far serene day: "So nice to be out right at the start of the session. Next we'll be making the change that John Booth has wanted to try all week."

13:12 Pacesetter Hamilton leaves the pits.

13:13 Di Grassi has pitted after a run that went: 27.0, 26.1, 29.6, 28.8

Lucas di Grassi13:14 Although Virgin did have a hydraulic issue earlier, it was confident the part in question was at the end of its life, rather than last week's problems having come back to haunt the team.

13:15 Mark Webber has taken over the Red Bull from Vettel for the afternoon. He gets himself on the board with a 1m23.823s.

13:15 Hamilton comes straight back in.

13:16 Webber gets down to 1m23.168s on his next lap.

13:18 Kubica has been in the 1m26s throughout this run, with Barrichello now at a similar pace.

13:18 Kobayashi is out and has started with a 22.8 - just shy of his morning best.

13:19 Next lap is an improvement, the Sauber driver gets down to 1m22.2s.

13:21 Webber and Kobayashi both shave a tenth from their times.

13:22 That could have been a qualifying run from Kobayashi - he did 22.8, 22.2 and 22.1, then pitted.

13:22 Webber moves ahead of Sutil and into eighth.

13:25 Webber improves to 1m22.7s now.

13:26 The Australian then pits. Now on track: Hamilton, Sutil, Kubica and di Grassi.

13:26 Barrichello's run was 11 laps, averaging 1m27.0s.

Adrian Sutil13:27 Force India says Sutil has resumed an earlier race simulation and is heading into his final 15 lap stint.

13:29 Race practice for Hamilton, who is lapping in 1m27s and 1m26s.

13:30 Massa comes out. This could give a straight comparison between McLaren and Ferrari race runs.

13:31 Kubica continues to hammer out consistent laps on his long run - every one of his 19 laps in this stint has been between 26.0 and 26.8.

13:33 Buemi and Sutil are both doing mid-1m23s on this stint.

13:34 Hamilton is picking up pace - his stint started with two mid-1m27s laps, followed by five in 1m26s, and is now down to 1m25.9s.

13:35 Massa has started with a 1m26.3s.

13:35 Kubica has also broken into high 1m25s.

13:36 Seven cars out: Hamilton, Massa, Barrichello, Kobayashi, Buemi, Sutil and Kubica.

13:37 Both Massa and Hamilton lap in 1m25.9s - they are 4 and 10 laps into their stints respectively.

13:39 A big jump by Kobayashi, who does a 1m21.2s. That's a second better than his earlier time, but he doesn't gain a place.

13:40 Buemi has pitted after a seven lap run averaging 1m23.6s.

13:40 Kobayashi is back in the pits after that single flier.

13:41 Hamilton is getting quicker during his run, lapping in 1m25.6s last time, while having started with some high 1m25s, Massa is now back in mid-1m26s.

13:42 That pattern continues with a 25.4 for Hamilton and a 26.5 for Massa.

13:42 Kobayashi has rejoined already.

13:43 Webber sets off for his second run of the day.

13:43 Massa gets back down to 26.0, while Hamilton continues with a 25.5.

13:45 Kubica recently made a tyre stop during what looks like a race simulation, which has been pretty much entirely in the 1m26s.

13:46 Quickest lap of the stint from Hamilton, a 1m25.2s.

Robert Kubica13:47 Kubica gets down to mid-1m25s. Massa has stayed in low 1m26s recently.

13:48 Sutil beats his morning time by 0.071s.

13:49 Webber is gaining on Massa on the track, and currently lapping 3s faster than Ferrari as they work on different programmes.

13:50 Looks like Sutil's time came at the end of his race simulation as he has now pitted.

13:50 His final stint was 16 laps, averaging 1m24.6s.

13:50 Schumacher has set off for the first time since lunch.

13:52 Hamilton's progress continues: 1m24.908s on his 20th lap.

13:52 Massa is 14 laps in and doing mid-1m26s.

13:52 Barrichello completes a ten lap run that averaged 1m25.6s.

13:52 Hamilton dives in for a swift pitstop.

13:53 Massa backed off a few laps ago and let Webber through.

13:56 Fresh tyres and a lighter fuel tank equal more speed for Hamilton, who does a 1m24.3s.

13:57 Massa's turn to pit for tyres - he did 17 laps in that first stint, averaging 1m26.4s.

13:58 Looks like that's the end of Massa's run rather than a tyre stop, as Ferrari wheels his car into the garage.

13:58 @noblef1: "Schumacher is definitely on a race run - his pit board is counting him down for a further 62 laps"

13:58 News from Renault too, @rf1paddockpass: "Robert’s race distance is going nicely. He’ll be in for a pit stop in a couple of laps."

13:59 Webber has finished an eight lap run that averaged 1m23.5s.

13:59 Hamilton now down to 1m23.9s.

Michael Schumacher13:59 Schumacher's long run has started 27.0, 26.9, 26.8

14:00 Hamilton's first three laps on his race run earlier in the hour were: 27.5, 27.6, 26.7

14:01 We're into the last two hours of 2010 winter testing. Hamilton still fastest on 1m20.4s ahead of Massa, Vettel and Schumacher.

14:01 On the lap count, Hamilton leads the way with 81, Vettel has done 76 and Massa 73.

14:03 Now it's just Hamilton, Schumacher and Kubica on the circuit.

14:03 Hamilton is on lap 26 of this run, six laps since a tyre stop, and is lapping in mid-1m23s.

14:04 Schumacher is seven laps in and doing mid-1m26s.

14:04 Kubica has done 37 laps and is just making another tyre stop following a 17 lap mid-race-simulation stint. He's been lapping in mid-1m25s.

14:07 Kubica set off after that tyre stop but then pitted again. Kobayashi, Sutil and Weber have begun runs.

14:09 Sutil makes a big jump in time - 1.6s quicker than before, he's up to seventh with that 1m21.4s.

14:09 Webber shows his pace now too: a 1m20.496s to go second, just 0.024s behind Hamilton.

14:10 That makes it eight cars within 0.999s at the top of the times.

14:11 Kobayashi improves too, setting a 1m20.9s, 0.3s faster than before, as Sutil finds another tenth.

14:11 Webber did a 20.6 on his second lap of that run.

Felipe Massa14:11 Massa has come back out of the Ferrari garage and resumed running.

14:17 Since rejoining Massa's pace has mainly been mid to high 1m22s, so he must be lighter than on his earlier stint of 1m26s laps.

14:18 Hamilton is doing 1m23.2s meanwhile, 36 laps into his run, 15 laps since his last tyre change, and with another 30 to go according to the McLaren pit board.

14:18 Schumacher is now on lap 17 of his stint and doing consistent mid-1m26s.

14:24 A new personal best of the day from Kubica, who does a 1m23.759s but stays 10th.

14:24 Hamilton makes another swift tyre stop.

14:24 Schumacher is pitting too.

14:25 Massa comes in from an 11 lap run that averaged 1m23.5s.

14:25 Schumacher rejoins with fresh tyres.

14:26 Kubica improves by another 0.2s.

14:27 Elsewhere in the pack, Barrichello is six laps into a run that has all been between 23.9 and 24.4 so far, and Buemi has just finished a five lap run averaging 1m23.5s.

14:27 Another slight improvement from Kubica as he does a 1m23.4s.

14:31 Force India is spending the afternoon on qualifying simulations now - and Sutil goes another tenth quicker, getting down to 0.748s adrift of Hamilton.

14:31 Kubica goes a tiny bit quicker again, as Sutil returns to the pits.

14:32 @noblef1: "Just spotted in the Barcelona paddock - Thierry Henry"

14:34 Hamilton is now into mid-1m22s lap, six laps after his last pitstop and 46 laps into the run.

14:35 Schumacher is on lap 26 of his race simulation, with five laps on his tyres, and dong high 1m24s.

14:36 Also still out, Webber doing mid-1m25s five laps into a run, and Kubica doing low 1m23s after nine laps.

14:39 Hamilton's times have slowed as he has got stuck behind Schumacher.

14:41 Another qualifying run from Sutil and another 0.021s improvement.

14:42 Just 0.004s slower on Sutil's second flying lap.

14:43 After five laps stuck under Schumacher's rear wing, Hamilton is past and into clear air.

14:47 With a clear track, Hamilton's times came down by 2s. The McLaren pit board says seven laps to go.

14:48 Schumacher is 36 laps into his run, 15 laps since his tyre change, and has just got down from mid 1m25s to high 1m24s.

14:49 Webber is doing high 1m24s too after 14 laps, Massa is four laps into a run of 1m23s laps.

14:49 The Mercedes pit board says another 30 laps to go for Schumacher.

14:52 Barrichello finds 0.008s over his previous best, and stays seventh but only 0.445s from first.

14:54 Barrichello goes a tenth quicker and takes sixth from Kobayashi.

14:54 More problems for @virginracing: "We are still suffering a similar problem to the one before lunch."

14:55 Some STR info from @noblef1: "Toro Rosso is spending the afternoon working on experimental mechanical set-up changes"

14:57 A great time from Sutil - a 1m20.611s brings Force India up to fourth, just 0.139s off the pace.

14:57 Hamilton has brought his long run to a close, it was 66 laps in the end with two tyre stops, and consistent 1m23s in the final stint once past Schumacher.

14:58 The Mercedes has just made its second tyre stop of this race simulation and is continuing.

15:00 Webber recently completed a 20 lap stint, averaging 1m25.1s.

15:00 Massa, Schumacher and Kubica are the men on track as the final hour of winter testing commences.

15:00 Eight cars are within 0.439s at the front of the field after today's flurry of qualifying simulations - which bodes well for a thrilling season.

15:01 Hamilton still has the highest lap tally for today, having done 121 so far.

15:05 Massa pits after 13 laps, mostly in 1m22s and 1m23s but with several 7-8s slower as well.

15:05 @rf1paddockpass: "Long runs over for now.Time for some set-up work in the final hour."

Renault is one of the few teams that doesn't seem to have showed its low fuel pace today.

15:09 Schumacher is doing a string of mid-1m23s, seven laps after his tyre stop and 53 laps into this race simulation.

15:10 It's only Kobayashi and Schumacher on track now.

15:11 Red flag as Kobayashi stops at Turn 2.

Theirry Henry15:16 While the action is paused, here's photographic proof that Thierry Henry is at the test, as the footballer watches a McLaren pitstop.

15:19 The session has restarted.

15:20 Green flag again, but no rush out of the pitlane.

15:20 Barrichello comes out now.

15:21 The session has been stopped.

15:22 That didn't last long - Barrichello's Williams has ground to a halt on its out lap.

15:35 Stefan GP continues to reiterate that it wants to be on the Bahrain grid:

Stefan GP confident of F1 place

15:35 We're back underway with 25 minutes to go.

15:35 Unsurprisingly there's a rush of cars heading straight onto the track.

15:36 Hamilton, Webber, Massa, Schumacher, Buemi, Kubica and Kovalainen all take to the track.

15:36 Of those left in the pits, Barrichello and Kobayashi caused the recent red flags, and Virgin has had another glitch to resolve on di Grassi's car.

15:37 Sutil is the only other man not out.

15:39 The string of interruptions cut short Schumacher's race simulation. The Mercedes pit board says he has eight laps to go.

15:40 The former champion starts with a 1m23.3s. Hamilton and Massa's first flying laps are 1m22.6s and 1m23.2s respectively.

Ferrari crew15:40 While the action hots up again on track, in the paddock the teams are already getting a headstart on packing up at the end of a short but gruelling winter testing month.

15:41 Kovalainen has come straight back in after a 1m26.8s lap.

15:41 Barrichello reports that a hydraulic problem caused his car to stop.

15:43 Schumacher gets down to 1m22.9s as his race simulation draws to a close.

15:44 Hamilton was mostly in mid-1m23s in the last stint of his long run, although earlier in the race simulations the McLaren had been quicker than the Mercedes.

15:44 Right now, Hamilton is doing 1m22.4s, while Schumacher has just done a 1m22.8s.

15:45 With the top teams all on heavier fuel pace now, it looks unlikely that we'll see anyone depose Hamilton in the last 15 minutes.

15:46 Five cars on track: Hamilton doing low 1m22s, Webber doing low 1m25s, Massa in low 1m24s, Schumacher in low 1m23s and Kovalainen in low 1m26s.

15:46 The session has been stopped.

15:46 And another red flag with 14 minutes to go.

15:47 After a fairly smooth start to the afternoon session, that's the third interruption in the last half an hour.

15:47 Cars are heading back to the pits, not yet clear who has caused this.

15:48 It appears to be Kovalainen's Lotus to blame this time.

15:48 Which has left fellow newcomer @virginracing frustrated: "Just putting the finishing touches to the car. And of course - a red flag!"

15:48 The Lotus has stopped at Turn 4.

15:50 There should still be time to get the session going again for a few minutes once Kovalainen's car has been retrieved.

15:51 The session will restart in five minutes.

15:51 So there will be time for five minutes of running for those with cars still functioning.

Thierry Henry15:53 While the marshals retrieve the Lotus, here's a close-up to emphasise that it really was Thierry Henry under that hood in the McLaren garage.

15:54 The Lotus is on a truck ready to return to the pits.

15:55 Engines are firing up in the pitlane again.

15:56 Restart likely to be imminent with the Lotus now nearly back in the pits.

15:56 The session has restarted.

15:56 The recovery truck pulls off to the infield so the session resumes - four minutes of winter testing remain.

15:57 Everyone who hasn't caused a red flag recently heads straight out

15:58 So that's Hamilton, Webber, Massa, Sutil, Schumacher, Buemi, Kubica and di Grassi all on track for a final push.

16:00 It's probably just going to be one flying lap each.

16:00 The session has been stopped.

16:01 Another red flag, so that's it for pre-season testing in 2010.

16:01 Even before the session was stopped, the sector times suggested no one was going for a low fuel flier.

16:02 That red flag might've been a bit of timing system confusion, as the screens at Catalunya now say chequered flag instead.

16:02 Either way, it's still the end of the final test day.

16:03 So Hamilton ends this epic test day with the fastest time - but just 0.4s covers McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Force India, Mercedes, Williams and Sauber after today's qualifying simulations.

16:03 Hamilton managed the most laps today - 134 for McLaren. Schumacher was next up with 123, while Massa did 114 and Kubica 107.

16:04 Virgin again did least mileage - 47 laps for di Grassi.

16:05 Thanks to everyone who has followed the winter testing season with AUTOSPORT - including all the drivers and team personnel who we understand have been reading our efforts.

16:05 Although that's it for our testing coverage, AUTOSPORT Live will be back with its usual minute-by-minute commentary on all the track action at every grand prix.

Live coverage of free practice from Bahrain begins at 06:45 GMT on March 12th.

P Driver Team Time
1  HamiltonMcLaren 1m20.472s
2  WebberRed Bull 1m20.496s  +0.024
3  MassaFerrari 1m20.539s  +0.067
4  SutilForce India 1m20.611s  +0.139
5  VettelRed Bull 1m20.667s  +0.195
6  SchumacherMercedes 1m20.745s  +0.273
7  BarrichelloWilliams 1m20.870s  +0.398
8  KobayashiSauber 1m20.911s  +0.439
9  BuemiToro Rosso 1m22.135s  +1.663
10  KubicaRenault 1m23.175s  +2.703
11  KovalainenLotus 1m25.251s  +4.779
12  Di GrassiVirgin 1m26.160s  +5.688
All timing unofficial. Updated: 14:57 GMT
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 18°C / 64°F
Track: Dry
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