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As it happened: Test day four
By Geoff Creighton, Matt Beer and Steven English
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
07:55 Welcome to AUTOSPORT's Live coverage of the final day of this week's four-day Jerez test - which takes us up to the halfway point of pre-season testing already.

07:56 After three days of sunshine, it's a cloudy scene at Jerez this morning, and some teams are expecting rain later.

07:58 With no experience of the Pirelli wets and intermediates yet, teams are likely to be glad of some wet mileage.

That's in contrast to this time last year, when persistent rain at Jerez was making the teams nervous that they would be desperately short of dry running before the season-opener.

08:00 Here's the weather latest from features editor @TeamAnglais: "lots of cloud around at Jerez today, forecast says there's rain on the way. temps now - air 9, track 10, 7mph wind"

08:01 The green light shows and we get going for Sunday.

08:02 Force India, Lotus, Williams, Red Bull, Force India, Renault and Virgin go straight out.

08:02 It's Bruno Senna in the Renault today after Nick Heidfeld's spectacularly successful audition for the team on Saturday.

08:02 No news on Renault's plans yet, but we would be stunned if the verdict was anything other than a deal for Heidfeld.

08:03 Paul di Resta is staying out in the Force India as most head back in. This is likely to be a two-lap installation run rather than a flying lap, though.

08:03 Senna is among those doing one lap and back in again.

08:04 Kamui Kobayashi brings the Sauber out now.

08:05 'Teams having a subtle spy on other teams' latest from AUTOSPORT news editor @glenn_autosport: "Renault's performance yesterday has attracted some attention. Red Bull team member hanging around opposite the team's garage."

08:05 Di Resta comes back in.

08:06 As Kobayashi completes his installation lap, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button bring the Ferrari and McLaren out respectively.

08:07 @glenn_autosport: "Red Bull's spy heads down to McLaren, awaiting the return of the MP4-26 to the pits"

08:07 Nico Rosberg brings the Mercedes out.

08:07 He was fairly glum after Thursday, but the car flew in Michael Schumacher's hands over the past two days, so Rosberg's fortunes today will be keenly watched.

08:08 We've had 10 of the 11 cars do installation laps now. Just waiting for the Toro Rosso. Hispania is absent all week, choosing to do filming work with Pirelli at Monza instead.

08:09 The driver line-up is basically the same as Saturday's, with only a couple of changes. Rosberg takes over from Schumacher at Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton handing the McLaren back to Button, and Senna getting his Renault outing.

08:09 Button did two installation laps then pitted, so we still await the morning's first time.

08:09 Just seeing the first signs of some sunshine breaking through the thick cloud.

08:10 Di Resta goes back out again.

08:10 @glenn_autosport reports that the Red Bull 'spy' is getting a warm welcome at McLaren: "McLaren are taking it well, chatting to the Red Bull man then pretending to shield his prying eyes!"

08:12 Looks like we might see a time from di Resta.

08:12 The Scot had issues with the new Force India's brakes yesterday, but the team is confident that it could resolve the problem for today.

08:13 Di Resta is doing a constant speed aero test, going slowly down the straight. So this won't be a proper lap time if he completes it.

08:14 A big crowd of photographers gathers at the Renault pit as Senna rejoins.

08:14 Depending on where you stand in the Lotus/Lotus row, you'll either think the sight of a Senna helmet in a black and gold car with Lotus logos and a Renault engine is wonderfully evocative, or it will make you cross.

08:15 Senna and Barrichello both start flying laps.

08:16 Di Resta posted the first time of the day with a 1m30.944s, but that featured his deliberately slow cruise down the straight. He's now come in.

08:16 Here's a proper time: Barrichello does a 1m22.221s in the Williams.

08:17 Senna does a 1m28.302s on his first lap in the Renault.

08:18 As his previous F1 experience comes from a test in the not-very-good 2008 Honda, a season in the not-very-good 2010 Hispania, and various demonstration runs in older cars, the 2011 Renault might come as a culture shock.

08:18 Senna improves to 1m25.201s, while Barrichello has got down to 1m21.923s.

08:18 Kovalainen and Kobayashi are rejoining the track too.

08:18 If there is some rain on the way, teams will be keen to press on and get through programmes this morning while the track is dry.

08:19 A 1m25.4s for Senna on his second lap, while Barrichello does a 1m22.0s.

08:20 The Lotus and Sauber crossed the line together, but Kobayashi was quickly past so doesn't look like either was trying the adjustable wing.

08:20 They set their first times of the day - a 1m25.627s for Kovalainen and a 1m26.690s for Kobayashi.

08:21 Senna is now back in the pits.

08:22 Barrichello, Kobayashi and Kovalainen are still out. The Sauber and Lotus backed off on their last laps, while the Williams did a 1m23.3s.

08:22 Kovalainen was back ahead of Kobayashi, so maybe they are experimenting with the rear wing system after all.

08:23 Drivers reported yesterday that tests of the rear wing timing loop and the light system in the cockpit worked very smoothly

08:24 Kovalainen stayed in front of Kobayashi next time around, and then the Sauber backed off.

08:25 Both drivers improved to 1m25s, with Kobayashi now second.

08:25 Vettel starts his day with a quiet 1m32.803s.

08:25 Alonso and Rosberg are out again too.

08:26 @TeamAnglais asked @MyTeamLotus "are you and Sauber teaming up for some rear wing testing?" but the team replied "haha! not as far as we know!"

08:27 Kobayashi improves to 1m24.362s, he stays second.

08:27 Kovalainen has trimmed his time to a 1m25.405s.

08:28 Alonso goes up to second with a 1m23.145s.

08:29 That was the Ferrari's first time of the day.

08:29 Rosberg did a 1m45.620s then returned to the pits.

08:29 Alonso closes in on Barrichello with a 1m22.012s.

08:29 Button brings the McLaren back out.

08:33 A very breif pause in the action there but Alonso breaks the silence by trundling to the end of the pitlane and revving his Ferrari. The packed grandstand opposite the pits draws breath.

08:33 The Spaniard has the track to himself for the moment.

08:34 The grandstands around the end of the lap aren't yet full to bursting point, but it's still early on Sunday and the weather might have put some people off.

08:35 Despite the sun peering through for a bit, it's now gone misty over at Turn 5.

08:36 Alonso is also back in the Ferrari garage, meaning there is no action on circuit for the time being.

08:37 So it's a good time to remind you to email questions to our team in Jerez. Drop us a line on and we'll see what we can find out for you.

08:38 Kobayashi breaks the silence and heads out in his Sauber C30.

08:41 Meanwhile @TeamAnglais is keeping an eye on the threatening skies: "is humidity linked to likelihood of rain? I'm no weatherman, but it's 88% now and it looks pretty grey outside..."

08:41 Signs of that lull ending now as di Resta, D'Ambrosio and Senna all head out.

08:43 Kobayashi clocks his best time of the morning with a 1m22.318s and is currently third quickest.

08:44 Di Resta improves his best in 1m24.728s and moves up to fourth fastest.

08:45 But he is soon bumped down by d'Ambrosio, who puts the Virgin fourth fastest with his 1m24.706s first effort of the day.

08:47 In contrast to @TeamAnglais, AUTOSPORT Live's @radarguruf1 does know about weather and passes on his forecast: "#F1 test final day: Increasing cloud today at #Jerez with light rain this afternoon, turning heavy this evening. Strong SW wind, max 16c"

08:49 On the timesheet, Kovalainen is now holding the hotly contended fourth place with a 1m24.023s, dropping di Resta to fifth and d'Ambrosio to sixth.

08:49 That doesn't last long either as Vettel clocks his first decent time of the day to go fourth in 1m23.104s.

08:51 It's a further improvement next time by for Vettel with a 1m22.994s as he closes in on the third-fastest time of Kobayashi's Sauber.

08:52 Alonso is getting his day underway with a couple of laps on this latest run in the low 1m23s bracket.

Tyres08:54 First question of the day from the inbox ...

Nicole Chatrath says: I heard that the teams had to change their set-ups to get more constant times out of the Pirelli tyres. Is that true? If it is, is the Red Bull running well because they have managed to have constant times such as 1m22s for some laps? Next question, how would you rank the different teams by what you know by know? features editor @TeamAnglais answers:

"As you would expect with new cars and new tyres at the start of a season, all the teams have been trying a wide range of set-ups to A) get the best performance out of each of the four compounds, and B) make the tyres last for as long as possible during a stint. We have seen laptimes remain much more consistent over longer runs the further we get into testing, which suggests they're having some success.

"By what I know, I wouldn't attempt to rank the teams because I'd almost certainly get it wrong. We haven't seen enough yet.

"The Red Bull has looked extremely impressive on track and has kept its fast times more consistently than anyone else so far. But Ferrari has shown similar form while posting faster outright times. As for McLaren, it is still several days behind in new car mileage, having only used its car for the first time here. We won't really be able to compare them until the end of the Barcelona test, perhaps even Bahrain."

08:55 At the top of the times, Barrichello further extends his advantage with a lap of 1m20.677s.

08:56 That's by far the quickest the FW33 has been around Jerez and in the top five times from the test as a whole.

08:56 Button moves up to fifth quickest with a 1m23.602s in his McLaren.

08:57 Barrichello's next lap is a 1m21.212s.

08:59 Another tour for Barrichello in the Williams and this time it is a 1m21.535s.

09:00 Button improves his time with a 1m23.602s but remains fifth quickest for now.

09:01 Senna is also feeling his way into the Renault R31 as he clocks a 1m23.437s to move up to fifth fastest.

09:03 Barrichello's stint continues with his seventh lap a 1m21.811s.

09:06 @InsideFerrari was particularly vocal about the rain disrupting proceedings last year, but is now looking forward to the possibility of some wet-weather testing: "The weather today is not as nice and warm as in the previous days. Rain could come later in the day but this year it would be more than welcome!

"In case of rain, then there will be the possibility to test Pirelli intermediate and wet tyres"

09:06 Rosberg is up to fourth fastest in his Mercedes with a lap of 1m22.773s.

09:07 Kobayashi and di Resta have also made minor improvements, with the Sauber third quickest and the Force India now eighth.

09:09 Barrichello wraps up an eight-lap run with his best the session-topping 1m20.677s falling off to a 1m22.131s in the latter stages.

09:10 Strong times from the Brazilian, but as ever we don't know his tyre choice or fuel load.

09:11 Alonso is on the move now in his Ferrari, clocking a 1m21.074s to kick off his latest outing.

09:15 Alonso is back in the garage after two flying laps, leaving only Virgin's MVR-02 on track at the moment

09:16 D'Ambrosio moves it up the order as well with a 1m22.985s to secure fifth fastest.

09:18 This is a vague outline of the plan from @MarussiaVirgin: "A bit cloudy in jerez. So we will be flexible with our programme today. Jerome is driving, as you probably know :-)"

09:19 Meanwhile, Barrichello sets the fastest time of the test so far with a 1m19.832s in his Williams.

Senna09:21 Joe Smith asks if we know what testing programme Renault have put Senna on? If it's different to Heidfeld, that would seem slightly unfair?

AUTOSPORT news editor @glenn_autosport says: "There seems to be some confusion out there surrounding Senna's test today - remember that he's not here to be compared to Heidfeld.

"Renault team boss Eric Boullier has already ruled Bruno out of being in contention for the drive, because he doesn't meet the team's requirement of being an experienced driver. He's giving the Brazilian some time in the car to help him build his experience, but any cockpit time Senna gets is Renault keeping one eye on the long-term future.

"Heidfeld's test yesterday was very much all about the short term. Renault's programme is likely to be different to yesterday - it's worth pointing out that the team has planned to do some very long runs for the past two days and has ended up running out of time, so that could be on the agenda."

09:23 Barrichello's pace drops off to a 1m21.813s by the fourth lap of his run.

09:24 The only other man on track at the moment is Buemi, who has recently taken over tenth fastest on a leisurely start to the day at Toro Rosso

09:27 Six laps on from his table-topping 1m19s effort, Barrichello is lapping in the mid 1m22s bracket.

09:28 Senna has left the pits to start his next run for Renault.

09:28 Still only two cars on track though as Buemi is back in.

09:29 Barrichello pits too after that rather spectacular stint. He did eight-laps, averaging 1m21.7s.

09:30 The Williams's run started with the benchmark 1m19.832s straight out of the box, then went up to 1m21s and eventually 1m23s.

09:30 Renault pit board says this will be a nine-lap run for Senna.

09:31 Some analysis of Barrichello's run from @TeamAnglais:

"Rubens Barrichello's 1m19.832s this morning has bettered the fastest laps of the first three days of this test (Massa 20.7, Schumacher 20.3, Heidfeld 20.3).

"The time came on the first of an eight-lap stint and the drop-off (1.5s slower seven laps later) suggests he wasn't on the super soft tyre.

"No disrespect to Williams, but if the FW33 can do a 19.8 without resorting to super low fuel and super soft tyres, it makes the 20.3s from earlier in the test look pretty meaningless. You have to wonder how quick the front runners could go if they really went for it."

09:32 Senna sets his best time so far, 1m22.994s.

09:32 Alonso sets off again.

09:33 Another improvement from Senna, a 1m22.771s. He sneaks ahead of Rosberg into fourth.

09:34 Button rejoins in the McLaren as well.

09:34 A consistent run from Senna, who does a 1m22.8s next time past.

09:36 A quick out and in for Button, and he returns to the pits.

09:37 Senna is now in the mid-1m23s, while Alonso's run has started off in the mid-1m21s range.

09:37 Next to head out is di Resta in the Force India.

09:38 Here is Renault's schedule for Senna via @OfficialLRGP: "Bruno is doing some new tyre runs this morning and evaluating some changes to the car. Longs runs are planned after lunch."

09:39 Senna's times briefly went up to 1m24s, now he's back to a mid-1m23s. He's already logged 25 laps this morning.

09:40 Senna just went purple through the speed trap at S1. That's the exit of the fast left hander at Turn 4, so measures high-speed cornering more than top speed.

It's worth noting that the Red Bull and the Renault have been consistently the fastest two cars through there

09:40 Di Resta improves his time to a 1m23.444s.

09:41 Alonso has pitted. He did four laps, starting with a 1m28s, then three mid to high 1m21s.

09:42 It's worth remembering that Renault's plan to do a long run after lunch (as it mentioned in its tweet just below) is something it has intended to do for the last couple of days only to run out of time after a few glitches and red flags.

09:45 Vettel is now out for Red Bull. The champion team hasn't really showed its hand at Jerez yet, avoiding the battle for headline lap times. But its long runs have been very impressive.

09:46 Senna is back in the Renault pits. He did an 11-lap stint, averaging 1m23.6s.

09:46 So although Renault said that was a new-tyre run, it certainly wasn't a qualifying simulation. By the standards of this week, Senna was on a relatively big fuel load.

09:47 A new best from Vettel, who goes fourth on a 1m22.563s.

09:48 He improves to 1m22.222s and third place on the next lap.

09:49 General impression from the sky is that rain looks less likely now than when we got here this morning. There's a bit more sun and lighter clouds. Afternoon forecast still says rain, though.

09:49 Buemi leaves the pits in the Toro Rosso, as Vettel comes past with a 1m22.7s.

09:50 Alonso is back out as well.

09:51 Straight up to third place for Buemi with a 1m21.914s, the Toro Rosso pipping the Red Bull.

09:51 Kobayashi has come out in the Sauber.

09:53 D'Ambrosio joins the fray in the Virgin.

09:54 Good run from Buemi, he improves to 1m21.749s, staying third.

09:55 Quicker still from Buemi, 22.682s now, as Kobayashi goes fourth on a 1m22.207s.

09:56 Buemi's latest best lap is 0.001s off his time from yesterday.

09:57 And now Buemi pits after that swift three-lap stint.

09:58 After that flurry of activity, most cars pit and D'Ambrosio has the track to himself.

10:00 A quarter of the way through the final day, and Barrichello is clearly on top with that 1m19.832s - the fastest lap of the week and 1.2s faster than Alonso in second place.

Buemi, Kobayashi and Vettel are next up, with Senna sixth.

10:01 Barrichello also tops the mileage list for this morning, having done 31 laps. Kobayashi has done 30, Senna 29 and Alonso 28. Lowest is Buemi on 14.

10:01 Button leaves the McLaren pits.

10:02 The session has been stopped.

10:03 D'Ambrosio is the only car not back, so the Virgin looks like the cause of this stoppage.

10:04 Recovery vehicles are heading towards the back straight, which is an area we can't see from here.

10:04 The timing screen says the Virgin has stopped approaching Turn 6, which is Dry Sack.

10:05 We can just make out the recovery track stopped about 200 metres before the corner, so we can guess the car parked rather than had an accident.

10:07 While we're paused, Daniel Gerber from Switzerland has requested an update on how Kobayashi and Sauber are getting on today.

He's fourth on a 22.2, done on the second of a three-lap run 10 minutes ago, and he has done 30 laps in total.

10:07 If you've got any questions for us, email

10:08 On second thoughts, the truck is probably 300 metres from the corner.

Jerome D'Ambrosio10:08 Virgin not yet sure what's gone wrong either, @MarussiaVirgin: "Looks like the car has stopped, but hopefully not too serious"

10:11 The crowd is getting bigger in the stands out the back of the circuit now the sun is poking through a bit more.

But it's still windy, not t-shirt weather so far today. 13.8 degrees air temperature, 18.9 on the track.

10:11 The timing screen says the track is clean, so no fluids spilt by the Virgin.

10:11 The truck is still at the scene, can't tell from here if the car has been picked up yet.

10:12 The lorry is on the move now, bringing the car back to the pits. We'll take a look as it returns to the paddock.

10:16 The Virgin is back at the pits now. As usual, the car is covered up, but the cover is bulging in all the places you'd expect for an F1 car, so no major damage. Looks like it was a mechanical failure.

10:16 The session has restarted.

10:16 Back to green at Jerez.

10:17 Buemi is first to set off in the Toro Rosso, followed by Senna's Renault.

Jenson Button10:18 Then Button in the McLaren.

10:18 Rosberg leaves the pits for Mercedes too.

10:19 Here come current top two Barrichello and Alonso as well.

10:20 Senna improves immediately, going to fourth with a 1m21.990s.

10:21 That's 1.6s slower than the time Heidfeld eventually reached on Saturday, but as we underlined earlier, this isn't a shoot-out.

Renault is giving Senna the chance for some development mileage, but if for any reason it chooses not to sign Heidfeld, it will be phoning the likes of Pedro de la Rosa and Tonio Liuzzi rather than handing the car to Senna, as the team wants experience.

10:25 The red flag is out again.

10:25 Rosberg in the Mercedes hasn't made it back and is stopped out at Turn 7.

10:28 Force India's thoughts on the interruptions, from @clubforce: "Another red flag, this time a Mercedes. Liking the quiet but not this stop start laps!"

10:28 Rosberg slowed exiting Dry Sack and pulled off to the right, stopping at the edge of the track.

10:28 There are lots of Mercedes people over there, looking at the rear of the car and crouching around the left-hand side.

10:29 The recovery truck had only just got back from dropping off D'Ambrosio's broken Virgin. Now it's heading out to get the Mercedes.

10:29 The fans opposite the pits are passing the time by cheering 'Alonso, Alonso'.

10:29 We think he's their favourite.

10:30 Quick work down at Dry Sack - there's a cover on the Mercedes and it's being lifted onto the truck now.

Fans10:31 A huge cheer from the fans now. Either Alonso stuck his head out of the garage or they're easily amused.

10:33 Because the teams go out onto the track and carefully oversee the recovery of their cars during testing, it takes much longer to get incidents cleared than during a race weekend.

10:33 Plus the practice in testing, where there are fewer personnel at the track, is to red flag the session every time a car needs retrieving and to bring the car back via the circuit - rather the race weekend method of covering incidents with yellows and lifting cars quickly out of the way.

10:34 There seems to be an awful lot of arranging happening on the flatbed of the lorry before it gets moving.

10:34 Now it gets going.

10:35 Again there are no spills to clear up, the system says the track is clean.

10:36 These stoppages aren't helping the teams get through their programmes in time to do long runs this afternoon.

10:37 Back to green at Jerez as the Mercedes is returned.

10:38 Buemi is first to head to the end of the pitlane, and then out.

Fernando Alonso10:39 For a moment it looked like only Toro Rosso was in a hurry to get going, but now Alonso and Barrichello set off.

10:40 Senna is also leaving the pits, so the current top four are on the circuit.

10:42 Thanks to Force India for recommending us to a fan, much appreciated @clubforce: "There's no live coverage unfort but some online coverage - autosportlive has a great feed"

10:42 Force India now out on track too with di Resta. Vettel is leaving the pits as well.

10:43 No spectacular times yet on these runs - Alonso, Buemi and Senna have kicked off in the mid-1m23s.

10:43 Remember if you've got any questions for our testing team to answer, you can email

10:46 Buemi is the first to come back in after those runs. Just three laps for Toro Rosso - 23.2, 23.1, 23.6

10:47 Alonso was right behind di Resta for the first half of that lap.

They were very close during the run down the back straight, with Alonso passing into Dry Sack.

Bruno Senna10:47 Fastest man on track at the moment is Senna, he's lapping in mid-1m22s.

10:49 Vettel is close to his best pace of the morning, he's just lapped 0.009s shy of his current 1m22.222s best.

10:50 Lots of cars are setting out now, we have seven on track on just Buemi, Rosberg, D'Ambrosio and Button in the garages.

10:50 Kobayashi jumps to second with a 1m20.601s, 0.7s behind Barrichello.

10:51 Virgin reveals the cause of D'Ambrosio's stoppage, via @MarussiaVirgin: "The problem with Jerome's car was just an oil pressure sensor, so he stopped as a precaution. We are replacing and should be out fairly soon"

10:53 We've just had an email from 1980s grand prix winner Patrick Tambay to tell us we're doing a "great job" and that he's following our coverage. Thanks Patrick, great to have you with us and we'll try and keep it up.

10:53 Busy track by testing standards as Buemi comes out to make it eight cars in action.

10:54 Any other F1 names who are with us this morning are welcome to let us know via

10:54 And everyone is invited to submit questions via that email too.

10:55 Kobayashi comes in, as Button sets off in the McLaren.

Jenson Button10:55 We've had a question on McLaren's progress. Graham Lamond from North Yorkshire says: "Is it just me, or is anyone else concerned by McLaren's lack of showing so far? They have missed one test (planned), but now are saying they are short of parts. Seems like a lot of lost opportunity over two tests." features editor @TeamAnglais replies:

"It isn't just you, we've had quite a lot of questions this morning from folk concerned about McLaren. The team deliberately waited until Jerez to test the MP4-26 for the first time. Valencia was still used to gather useful data on tyres and some new parts, so that wasn't a total loss.

"If you remember the first couple of days at Valencia, a lot of teams didn't do much more than installation laps, systems checks and basic set-up work. It wasn't until here that we really got to see some proper comparable stints.

"So for McLaren at Jerez, it's still learning about the new car, getting over teething troubles etc. We still haven't seen anything approaching a long run, so we can't possibly know how it compares to Red Bull and Ferrari. Given the red flags so far today and forecast rain for this afternoon, it will probably be a couple of days into Barcelona before we get any indication as to where it stands."

10:57 Button sets his best time of the day, a 1m22.278s.

10:57 Vettel is in the 1m23s at the moment, as is Senna. Alonso is doing 1m24s.

10:59 Senna has pitted. He did an 11-lap run with an average of 1m24s, though that was distorted by a one-off 1m32s mid-run. His best times were in 1m22s, but he went up to 1m23s later in the stint.

11:00 Kobayashi, Buemi and Kovalainen also pit.

11:02 Three hours in and Barrichello is still firmly on top for Williams.

11:03 The team has had a tough week up to this morning, but it's not the first time during testing that a squad has jumped from nowhere to the front, with Mercedes having flown on Friday and Saturday after a troubled Thursday.

Rubens Barrichello11:04 That just shows how hard it is to draw any meaningful conclusions at this stage. With big variations in tyre compound performance, fuel loads affecting lap times by 5-6s, and KERS and adjustable wings also offering extra speed, it's worth bearing in mind what yesterday's pacesetter Nick Heidfeld said last night: "Most guys here, if they take the fuel out and put very soft tyres on all day, nearly anybody could be in front."

11:05 We've had an email in from Susie Stoddart and Toto Wolff to say: "2000m high in the Alps and we are also enjoying the live coverage from Jerez!"

11:06 The session has been stopped.

11:06 Kobayashi has caused this stoppage.

11:06 The Sauber is in the Turn 8 gravel.

11:06 Looks like he spun off.

11:08 That's three red flags in the last hour now - not great news for teams trying to make the most of the final day, especially with rain expected at the end of the afternoon.

11:08 We think Kobayashi might have hit the wall in that incident. He's either in the barrier or very close to it.

It's hard to see from this angle but we'll check for damage when the truck picks the Sauber up.

11:08 The lorry has got down to the scene of the incident.

11:09 Kobayashi appears to have lost it very early, right at the entry to the corner.

11:10 @clubforce: "Do we think the fans here come for one thing? Commentator has spent past minute shouting 'Alonso' repeatedly"

From what we've heard in the stands, that's all the commentary they're looking for today.

11:10 A JCB-style forklift vehicle has arrived at the Sauber incident, which suggests the tyre wall might need putting back together.

11:12 Lotus technical chief Mike Gascoyne isn't here - after day one he headed to Abu Dhabi to see the squad's new GP2 arm Team AirAsia in the Asia series opener.

It was a good debut, with Davide Valsecchi taking a third and a fifth place, while his team-mate Luiz Razia had a lucky escape from a massive startline crash in race one.

@MikeGascoyne: "Back in Norfolk after overnight flight from Abu Dhabi. Test team in Jerez doing a great job"

11:13 The crane has lifted Kobayashi's car onto the truck and where it picked the Sauber up seemed some distance from the wall.

With the car covered up, there's no obvious sign of crash damage from the shape.

11:14 Perhaps @clubforce has a better view from their end of the pitlane...?

11:16 Back to green.

11:18 No one hurried out, but now Buemi and Barrichello get going.

Nico Rosberg11:20 Nico Rosberg was the cause of one the recent red flags. No word from Mercedes yet about the nature of the problem.

11:22 Just two cars on track still, so time for another question via

Alasdair Thom in Orkney says: "I notice both Renault and Force India having brake issues. That surprised me because I thought they aren't 'new' components so the teams should know how they work or are they playing about with different materials to get an edge on competitors?"

AUTOSPORT news editor @glenn_autosport replies:

"Renault and Force India haven't been having the same issues with brakes. The Renault problem was specific to Vitaly Petrov, who was having trouble getting used to the feeling from the brakes when the KERS is recovering the energy. He says that when he first hits the pedal the brakes want to lock straight away, so much of his programme here on the first two days was about getting a better feeling with the brakes.

"As for Force India, the team is confident that Paul di Resta's problems yesterday were a one off, which will be solved switching back to a few preferred elements of its braking system today. Paul's issues weren't related to KERS, as the team isn't running its car with the unit at this test."

11:23 Feel free to email if you've got any questions, if you're an F1 person reading our coverage, or - now we know that Susie Stoddart and Toto Wolff are following us from an Alpine mountain - if you're reading from somewhere unusual. Anyone on a boat?

11:25 Senna comes out again for Renault.

11:27 Alonso and di Resta have joined the track too.

11:32 On his second lap of this run, Alonso is right on Senna's tail.

11:32 Barrichello has been out the longest of the current drivers on track, heading up to lap eight of a run that has been in the mid to high 1m26s.

11:33 The Williams is with the Ferrari and Renault now too.

11:33 But Alonso quickly passes it on the back straight, and Senna follows him.

11:35 Button leaves the McLaren garage.

Bruno Senna11:35 Current pace - Senna and Alonso are both in low 1m24s, Barrichello in mid 1m27s, di Resta in low 1m26s.

11:37 Button starts his run with a 1m24.0s.

11:38 Buemi has rejoined now as well.

11:40 Tobias Borg says: "I am not enjoying your excellent feed from a boat, but from a boat store in a frozen Stockholm, Sweden. Keep up the good work!"

He also asks: "I know the teams are just testing with one car, but do they run all tests and set-ups on the same car during all the tests? Or do they use both cars to get them properly set up for the season opener?"

Thanks Tobias. That's the closest we've had to a boat yet! And to answer your question, yes the teams just bring one car to the tests.

11:40 Buemi again improves his time straight away, doing a 1m21.213s. He stays fourth.

11:41 Senna and di Resta are back in from their eight-lap runs. The Renault was averaging 1m24.2s, the Force India 1m25.9s.

11:42 This is a long run by Barrichello, he's onto his 15th lap, the vast majority in 1m26s.

11:43 This could be a lengthy stint for Ferrari too, as Alonso goes up to 10 laps. He started off in mid-1m23s, now on mid-1m24s.

11:44 After that quick start with a 21.2, Buemi's times went up to 23.3 then 22.8.

11:44 And now the Toro Rosso pits.

Jerome D'Ambrosio11:48 While Barrichello, Alonso and Button continue on the circuit, our latest 'driver looking puzzled at a stopped car' pictures have arrived, here's D'Ambrosio a couple of hours ago.

11:49 Barrichello is up to 19 laps now, which is about a long a run as we've seen by anyone in a single stint this week. His times have gone up through 1m27s to 1m28s.

11:50 Button and Alonso are both doing mid-1m25s, the McLaren after eight laps, the Ferrari after 14.

11:50 Vettel heads out in the Red Bull, which is only sixth at present.

11:51 Red Bull seems to be taking a canny approach to the winter. Remember how last year we weren't quite sure just how rapid its car was until Vettel blew everyone away in Bahrain qualifying?

11:51 After topping the opening test day of the winter at Valencia last Tuesday, Red Bull has been happy to let others hog the headlines again.

11:52 Button has pitted, that was a nine-lap run averaging 1m24.4s.

11:52 In comes Alonso as well, he did 16 laps at an average of 1m25.2s.

11:53 Barrichello presses on, he's onto lap 22 of his stint.

11:54 We have our first viewer on a boat!

Peter Standing says: "I'm on a boat on the River Dee near Chester following on the AUTOSPORT website, great coverage. How much quicker are the cars on the straights when they use the adjustable rear wing?"

It's impossible for us to give an accurate reading because there are no speed traps on the straights here (the traps are all on corner exits, unfortunately) and there's no way to record which times were set with wing open or closed anyway.

We'll try to find out for you, but Jenson Button did say on Friday that the boost from opening the wing on a straight is similar to the boost from pressing the KERS button.

11:54 Just wondering Peter, were you already on your boat reading the site, or did you bring the boat out when we asked for readers on boats...?

Sebastian Vettel11:55 That was a short run for Vettel, he did a 23.4, 22.8, 22.9 and then pitted.

11:58 On his last few runs, Buemi has immediately set a new personal best for the day on his firsy flying lap.

11:58 Not this time, but he was close - a 1m21.288s compared to his current best of a 1m21.213s.

11:59 Barrichello ends his marathon 25-lap run. He averaged 1m27.5s, and was fairly consistent - doing mostly low 1m27s at first and drifting towards 1m29s at the end.

11:59 The Williams comes straight back out.

12:00 With several teams hinting that long runs are on their agendas this afternoon, hopefully we'll get some good data to compare to that from Barrichello - if the rain holds off.

12:01 Halfway through the day now, and the order remains: Barrichello, Kobayashi, Alonso, Buemi, Senna.

The Williams has set the fastest time of the week on a 1m19.832s, and is 0.7s quicker than the Sauber.

12:01 Barrichello has also notched the highest mileage of the day, making up for Williams's disrupted earlier tests with 77 laps this morning.

12:01 Ferrari continues to show very encouraging reliability, with Alonso on 66 laps. Vettel and Senna have also passed the 50-lap mark.

12:02 But just 18 laps each for D'Ambrosio and Rosberg, who both caused red flags earlier and have not come back out since.

12:03 Barrichello sets a 1m25.4s on the first lap of this run. You could speculate that he's trying a race simulation, and has set off on fresh tyres with the same fuel load he finished the last stint on - but that's pure guesswork.

12:03 Buemi is sticking to three-lap stints at the moment. His times for the run just finished: 21.2, 22.3, 22.7.

12:03 Alonso and di Resta come out.

12:04 For the benefit of readers joining us for the first time today (on boats, up mountains, on public transport or wherever), there's no official lunchbreak during tests these days, so teams pause to their own schedules. That means we normally get some quieter hours around now.

12:05 Got any questions for us? Keep them coming to

12:06 Di Resta improves to 1m23.111s, but stays 10th.

12:07 On the subject of famous racing names following our coverage and people watching from boats...

"We're in a Citroen C6, trying to keep warm out the back of the Force India garage, it looks like and handles like a boat! Coverage is fantastic, unmissable, even at the track!" - Marino and Dario Franchitti

12:09 Especially for the Franchittis, an update on their cousin di Resta - he's onto lap four of his current stint, and having backed off to a 1m30s on lap two following his next best of the day, he's now on a 1m24.0s.

Kamui Kobayashi12:11 Looks like Kobayashi didn't get as far as the barrier when he spun earlier. First pictures are in, showing the car mid-gravel-trap, and the Sauber is heading back out again so can't have been much damage.

12:11 Di Resta has pitted, while Kovalainen is setting off.

12:12 Barrichello didn't stay out long on his next run. He has pitted after five laps that averaged 1m25.6s.

12:13 Kobayashi starts his new run with a 1m28s, then a 1m24s. Alonso has been going in and out of the Ferrari pits on this stint.

12:14 AUTOSPORT news editor @glenn_autosport is back from a trip trackside: "Very interesting spell trackside - one team in particular clearly holding something back. Will reveal all in tonight's blog"

PLUS subscribers can read previous instalments of his blog while they're waiting for the next update...

12:15 Kovalainen is onto lap five of a run, very consistently between 1m25.0s and 1m25.3s so far.

12:16 Button is rejoining in the McLaren.

12:17 @BSenna updates the world on his first morning in the Renault cockpit: "A successful first morning in the Lotus Renault. A very full test program, a great feeling, good pace but more work to do.."

12:17 Kovalainen pits after after 1m25.0s.

Bruno Senna12:19 Unseen from the media centre, but caught by the photographers, it seems Senna had a bit of a spin earlier.

12:20 Kobayashi has pitted after five laps, mostly in mid-1m24s with a couple notably slower.

12:21 Veteran F1 engineer Frank Dernie, who worked for Williams, Lotus, Benetton, Ligier, Arrows and Toyota, has been in touch with his thoughts on testing:

"Enjoying the live coverage from the test. I thought readers may be interested in the type of testing teams are likely to be doing.

"Every engineer has a different approach to keeping the others guessing. The fact is that, by miles, the most important thing everyone needs to do is learn how to get the best from the tyres. You learn almost nothing running light, so it is unlikely that any serious team will run low fuel at all, or if they do one or two runs only.

"A car set up well for the tyres whilst heavy will be good light, the converse is almost never true. It means that it is quite likely nobody important will show their true pace before the first race.

"Getting a race distance on the car is crucial. The best way to evaluate the competitiveness of the teams will be to compare the pace in the race simulations, but this data is rarely published, unfortunately.

"The list of fastest times, which is always published, is probably the least useful testing information an observer gets!

"Cheers, Frank"

12:22 This is going to be a 10-lap run for Button. He's started it with mid-1m23s laps.

12:23 It's just the McLaren and Buemi on the circuit now, the Toro Rosso doing mid-1m22s.

Heikki Kovalainen12:25 Lots of readers are asking via if all is well at Lotus today.

No dramas reported by the team, which is working through a planned programme and recently did a five-lap run in mid-1m25s. Yesterday Kovalainen didn't start showing rapid pace until the afternoon.

12:27 That's an artistic bit of photography with a deceptive perspective by the way, it's not quite as easy as it looks for a car to land in the lake here...

12:27 Kovalainen is leaving the pits again now, as is Force India's di Resta.

12:28 Chris Broadhurst from the Mercedes GP factory says: "Could you mention in your, I must say excellent, coverage a big shout out to all the factory staff pushing hard for the 2011 season. These efforts sometimes go without a thought from the fans. Thanks and keep up the good work!"

Of course, Chris. Here's to the factory staff of all the Formula 1 teams and the hard slog they've all put in for this season.

You really would be amazed how many people and how much work it takes to get an F1 driver and his car onto the track.

PS. Hopefully this has got you in less trouble than the last mention we did of the Mercedes GP factory. Has the lasagne improved?

12:29 And another shout out for Jaki Scheckter, nephew of 1979 F1 world champion Jody, who is with us from Johannesburg, South Africa.

12:30 Button comes in, that was an eight-lap run averaging 1m24.1s. He started with three 1m23s, then a string of mid-1m24s.

12:32 Earlier today Toro Rosso was sticking to short runs and Buemi was regularly beating his best time of the morning. Looks like he's running heavier now, he's onto lap seven of a stint and up to 1m28s after several 1m26s.

12:32 Currently just the Toro Rosso and Force India on the circuit as Kovalainen didn't stay out long.

Paul di Resta12:33 Di Resta is up to lap five on a stint, lapping in high 1m27s.

12:36 Anthony Heard from London sent an email titled 'is testing pointless?'

I hope not Anthony, otherwise what are we all doing here?!

He went on to ask: "If teams are hiding their true pace, what is the point? Or is testing more about the teams getting as much information about the car than what is on the timesheet."

You've answered yourself, you don't need me for that one.

12:39 Chris Broadhurst from Mercedes GP has mailed back to confirm that the lasagne at the factory has indeed improved since Valencia. Glad we could help!

12:39 Still just di Resta and Buemi on the circuit, both lapping in mid to high 1m28s.

12:39 Kobayashi now comes out to join them in the Sauber.

12:40 AUTOSPORT Live readers interested in rallying may also like to know that after the Rally Sweden's five-way lead fight stretched out again this morning, Mads Ostberg is now gaining on Mikko Hirvonen rapidly and it looks like they'll start the last stage just a couple of seconds apart...

12:41 Back in F1, Buemi has pitted after his longest run of the day so far. He did 11 laps, averaging 1m26.9s.

12:43 Looking ahead to the afternoon, the final few hours of this test should be intriguing, with plenty of cars intending to go on longer runs - which might give us the most relevant times yet.

There's also still a prospect of the first rain of the winter arriving before the day is out, and with new Pirelli wets to try, teams will be desperate to take advantage of the wet track for once.

12:44 Di Resta is lapping very consistently in 1m28.5s and 1m28.6s in the Force India, and is now onto lap 11 of this run.

12:48 Kobayashi started his current run with a 1m28s, but he's since been in the mid 1m23s to low 1m24s.

12:48 While di Resta's times have gone up into the 1m29s.

12:50 Kobayashi comes in, so just di Resta on the circuit now.

12:52 And now the Force India pits too, so the track is empty.

12:56 While it's quiet, a quick reminder that you can follow AUTOSPORT Live on our iPhone app - which also has all our news, features, results and galleries optimised for your shiny Apple gadget.

Find out more on the app here

12:57 The good news is we are also putting the finishing touches to an Android version of the app, which will be available in the next few weeks.

12:57 Kobayashi breaks the silence and heads out in his Sauber.

12:59 The skies continue to threaten here, so the teams will be hedging their bets between some longer runs in the dry or a welcome chance to test Pirelli's wet tyres.

13:01 Full-on race simulation work, including pitstops to change tyres at the end of each stint, really kicked in at the Barcelona test last year - although it was the final outing before the first race and the Jerez tests were badly rain-affected last year.

13:04 The teams will obviously look to do some race simulation work in Bahrain, being a week before the actual grand prix there, but Barcelona is also a good opportunity to properly evaluate the cars over a full race distance, given the high-speed demands of the circuit.

Kobayashi13:04 Kobayashi is still the only man on track, lapping in the mid 1m23s at the moment.

13:07 The Japanese has chalked up 60 laps today, behind only Barrichello (84), Alonso (72) and di Resta (67) in the milage stakes.

13:09 Rosberg and d'Ambrosio are tied for the fewest laps so far at 18, and neither have been seen since causing earlier red flags.

13:12 Kobayashi is now on the 10th lap of his lonely run, with times fading from his earlier 1m23s to a low 1m24s pace.

13:16 Still just the Sauber circulating as a lot of the teams catch up on some lunch and look over the data collected so far today.

13:19 Kobayashi pits after 13 laps, leaving the track empty. He certainly had no problems with traffic on that run.

13:21 But the crowd don't have to wait long for some more action and they are definitely pleased to see Alonso heading out.

13:22 Di Resta joins the Spaniard on track.

13:24 Here's the plan from @ClubForce: "Paul out doing some long runs now."

13:25 Everyone is keeping an eye on the weather today and @glenn_autosport reports back from his venture outside that it is pretty blustery.

13:27 The wind is currently clocked at 11mph and could be giving the drivers a bit of a headache by upsetting the cars - something we often hear complaints about through qualifying when drivers are pushing to the limits.

13:29 Di Resta has kicked off what we are told is a long run with a couple of laps in the mid 1m27s bracket.

13:30 Alonso is circulating consistently in the low 1m25s, while Kobayashi has promptly returned from a visit to the Sauber garage.

13:32 There's still plenty of cloud around, with the odd opening of blue sky, but nothing too menacing for the moment.

Mist13:34 The track temperature has been as high as 27 Celsius today, but is now 22.8 degrees, with the ambient just 16. It was a little misty earlier as well.

13:36 Alonso is still pounding around in the 1m25s, with his laptimes dropping off in the order of a tenth each time by.

13:38 An update from @H_Kovalainen, who we've not seen on track in the Lotus T128 for about an hour: "Been delayed today with a water leak, team looking for a solution now, very windy conditions"

13:40 Di Resta is now 12 laps into his run, lapping in the 1m28s.

13:41 Kobayashi had been catching the Scot on track, but interestingly chose to stay right behind the Force India for an entire lap.

13:42 The Sauber is now through after a move at Dry Sack and, with Alonso, all three keep hammering the laps in.

13:43 @ClubForce is definitely watching the weather radar: "A weather change on the horizon we hear so changing the run plan slightly to get everything in"

13:46 Di Resta is clocking laps around 1m29s, now 16 circuits into his long run.

13:48 17 laps in, Alonso has also used the best of his Pirellis and is now two seconds slower than his time straight out of the pits.

13:50 The track temperature is fluctuating a lot due to the coming and going of cloud cover.

@glenn_autosport remarks that the graph on the timing screen for the last hour or so looks like a side on view of a roller coaster!

13:51 Di Resta has pitted the Force India after a 15 lap run, starting in the 1m27s and ending up in the 1m29s.

Vettel13:52 Alonso has been in and out of the pits after 19 flying laps, while Vettel has joined the circuit in his Red Bull.

13:54 Meanwhile Renault are working on getting Senna's car back out - @OfficialLRGP: "A few mechanical problems have kept Bruno in the garage for a while. He should be back out soon. About 15 mins."

13:56 It's been a while since we've seen the R31 actually - Senna last pitted at 12:40 local time, that's over two hours ago.

13:57 Doesn't look like Alonso changed tyres during that pit visit as he clocked a single 1m27.890s before heading back to the Ferrari crew.

13:59 Mercedes DTM racer Maro Engel isn't on a boat, but he is at least by the sea ...

"On the beach in Brazil and really enjoying the live coverage, thanks! Great to get more info and insight into what the F1 colleagues are testing. Keep up the good work!

"Maro Engel"

14:00 Vettel's outing was brief - just a 1m29s and a 1m27s lap before returning the RB7 to its garage.

14:02 Button in the McLaren and Buemi in the Toro Rosso are the only drivers circulating right now.

14:07 Button is now eight laps into a run with the McLaren MP4-26, with times now starting to fade through the 1m25s.

McLaren14:10 Iain Garrick says: Hello from the windswept Shetland Islands. There's a boat laid up about 10 metres from my front door - does that count? There's been much speculation about where the McLaren's exhausts exit - do you any more?

Sorry Iain, I don't think being near a boat counts now that we've had someone actually on one.

We've seen (and published) images of the pipes at the rear of the car that look like exhausts, and we've seen the theories that they come out elsewhere. But, as far as we're aware, nobody has yet been able to conclusively prove anything one way or the other. We've got our technical correspondents on the case though, so hopefully there'll be an analysis in the magazine soon enough.

14:14 Alonso has been in and out of the pits a few times recently - @InsideFerrari says of the plan for this afternoon: "we will do a couple of long runs but not a proper race simulation"

14:16 Still no sign of Rosberg's Mercedes or d'Ambrosio's Virgin since both came back the pits on the back of the recovery truck during a spate of red flags mid-morning.

14:19 @MarussiaVirgin said the team thought it had a sensor problem but the car is still not back in action almost four hours after the stoppage.

14:19 Kovalainen's Lotus is back underway following an earlier water leak and he sets his best time of the day at a 1m23.599s.

14:21 Button had still been in the 1m25s after 16 laps of his long run but it seems the rubber is past its best as he is clocking 1m28s now

14:24 The McLaren is back in the pits now after an interesting end to that 20-lap run for Button with times fading to 1m29.743s on the last tour.

14:28 Vettel is now 12 laps into a long run, but it hasn't been the most consistent outing of the RB7 - with times varying either side of 1m26s.

14:30 D'Ambrosio's MVR-02 has fired up and is heading out for its first lap since coming to a halt on track at 11:27.

Rosberg14:31 Rosberg is also on the move after a similar delay while his Mercedes MGP W02 was fettled. We're still not sure what the problem was there.

14:33 Rosberg gets stuck into a flying lap and improves his best time with a 1m22.748s.

14:36 Vettel's pace is in the 1m27s after 16 laps of his long run, having started out in the 1m25s. Of course we don't know what Pirelli compound he's testing or the fuel load involved.

14:38 Teams are still wary of the threatening skies, but @glenn_autosport has been chatting with the Pirelli crew and they think the rain will hold off - at least until the end of the session.

Alonso14:41 Amzy Singh from London asks: I was wondering why the teams don't use all available time in the test for lapping the track. Since there is such little testing, wouldn't it be best to get as many laps as possible under their belt? Alonso did around 130 laps yesterday. Why doesn't everyone do that?'s @TeamAnglais says: "I'm sure a lot more teams would have liked to have got through 130 laps yesterday, but it's all dependant on what their programme is at any given time. There's no benefit from just driving round and round endlessly, they're looking to achieve something specific every time they leave the pits.

"When the cars are still very new, as the McLaren and Force India are here, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the teams are ready to start doing long runs, which is when they accumulate the laps. One of the most important parts of testing is understanding the tyres and how changes to the cars affect the performance. Every time they make a single change, they need to test it against their baseline, otherwise the data would be meaningless. That's why we're seeing so many runs of three to six laps.

"Then if you factor in the time it takes to make those bigger changes to the cars, replace parts, solve problems that come up, fix mechanical failures etc, the car spends more time in the garage than it does on track, that's testing. The lap counts should continue to rise throughout the later tests though, as teams focus more and more on race simulations."

14:42 Kovalainen clocks a 1m21.632s in the Lotus to move up to fifth fastest.

14:43 D'Ambrosio is also back out again after a brief spell in the Virgin garage to check over the repaired MVR-02.

14:46 Ryan Verrastro from Pennsylvania, USA says: "Being an F1 fan in the United States is often frustrating because our TV coverage has to constently go through the ABCs of F1 in an effort to not lose the novice audience.

"I love that I have your site as a gateway of information and up-to-date coverage like today's testing - on a Sunday no less! Without your efforts we'd all be lost over here. Thank you for being a one-stop shop for us truly committed F1 fans here in the States!"

You're quite welcome Ryan, we're pleased to be of service across the pond, too. And if you're watching back home in the UK, I hear the weather is rubbish there so you may as well stay inside and follow us to the end of the day.

14:48 On track, Buemi and d'Ambrosio are lapping while pacesetter Barrichello is out again in the Williams.

14:51 This is Barrichello's first outing in nearly three hours and he kicks it off with a lap of 1m24.677s, followed up by a 1m23.135s.

14:53 With just over an hour left at Jerez, there's still time to ask the AUTOSPORT team your questions. Add to the bulging Live mailbox by dropping a line to

14:55 We'll also take your questions via twitter to @autosportlive, although that's a lot of things for us to keep an eye on when it gets busy!

D'Ambrosio14:57 Alonso is back out in his Ferrari now, with d'Ambrosio also returning to action after a brief visit to the Virgin pit.

14:58 Reports from the teams of a few spots of rain around as we approach the final hour.

14:59 @TeamAnglais is going to take a look outside and see what's going on with the weather.

15:00 It doesn't seem to be too damp on the balcony outside the press room, so he's off to the roof for a better look at conditions.

15:04 Our man is back from the roof and reports: "It is raining. Just a few spots for now, but wind is up and clouds coming from direction of Dry Sack."

15:05 The red flag is now out.

15:06 Barrichello in the Williams looks to be the cause as the rest return to the pits.

15:07 The recovery truck has been dispatched in the direction of Dry Sack, and it looks like the Williams has stopped on the approaching straight.

15:07 Once again the timing screen tells us that the track is clean, so nothing has spilled out of the Williams.

15:08 Unfortunately this one is out of our line of sight from the pits, but the recovery is underway.

15:10 Pirelli had been hoping to see some rain today so that the teams can learn about the crossover times between its dry, intermediate and full wet rubber.

15:11 Although the tyres have been tested on artificially dampened circuits in Pirelli's private tests, everyone would like to get a feel for the wet rubber before it sees action in the first wet race.

15:13 Waiting for the Williams to get back to the pits on the truck, so let's take a look at some of the long run times set earlier today ...

15:15 Here's some long run analysis from @TeamAnglais

It's taken most of the day, but we now have some long run data to look at Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren against one another. Again, we don't know the tyre compounds (as similar as they appear) or the excess fuel loads, so it's only a vague comparison at best.

Vettel and Alonso did 13 and 16-lap stints respectively. The times jumped around a bit and Vettel's is slightly shorter, but if you follow their general pace it's pretty similar.

26.4, 23.1, 22.2, 22.6, 23.0, 23.0, 28.5, 23.3, 24.6, 23.7, 23.5, 23.9, 34.1

23.1, 23.1, 23.1, 24.2, 25.1, 23.7, 23.3, 23.7, 24.1, 24.2, 24.2, 24.3, 24.8, 25.2, 25.3, 25.5

Then we have Alonso and Button on 20 and 19-lap stints - the first long stint we've seen from the McLaren MP4-26. They start out very evenly matched, then the McLaren hangs onto faster times for longer but plummets further than the Ferrari.

25.0, 25.0, 25.0, 25.2, 24.9, 25.6, 25.7, 25.7, 25.8, 26.0, 26.0, 26.1, 26.1, 26.5, 26.6, 26.8, 27.7, 27.2, 27.7

24.5, 24.9, 24.9, 25.0, 24.9, 25.1, 25.3, 25.7, 25.7, 25.3, 25.5, 25.5, 25.7, 25.8, 25.8, 26.0, 28.6, 28.5, 29.7

15:17 Barrichello's car is en route to the pits now on the recovery truck, meaning we should get a restart in a few minutes.

15:18 The session is back underway.

15:19 Senna, Vettel and Alonso head straight out with just over 40 minutes of the test remaining.

15:19 D'Ambrosio and Rosberg join the rush out of the pitlane.

15:22 As a reminder, Pirelli is yet to announce how it will mark the tyres to differentiate between the two compounds available on a race weekend.

Motorsport director Paul Hembrey said recently that: "We will make that decision public for the Bahrain race."

15:23 Senna clocks his best lap of the day with a 1m21.400s in the Renault. His follow-up, a 1m24.487s, isn't quite so good.

15:24 Nick Heidfeld is still at Jerez for the Renault team and has just popped up on the pitwall.

Senna15:26 Senna, Rosberg, Vettel and d'Ambrosio remain on track now.

15:28 Those spots of rain before the red flag didn't seem to make much difference to the track surface and Vettel is lapping comfortably in the 1m23s now.

15:30 Rosberg is now six laps into a run, which started off a bit slow but has evened out into a 1m25s pace.

15:33 Vettel has started his run in the 1m23s bracket and is still there seven laps later, although he's dropping off a tenth or two each time by

15:34 Di Resta is back out in the Force India. He's chalked up 98 laps so far today and looks a bit more comfortable in the car after braking issues yesterday.

15:35 Alonso is again king of the lap count in Spain and has been around Jerez 109 times today.

15:35 The red flag is out.

15:36 Looks like it is di Resta in the Force India at Turn 6 - Dry Sack.

15:37 @ClubForce know what is going on: "Paul had a mechanical problem on the front of the car and has stopped on track. He's fine.

He's stopped in the gravel at t6 and waiting for rescue vehicles to take the car back so we can look at what happened in more detail"

15:38 The recovery squad is in action for the fifth time today.

15:40 Let's have a look in the mailbox while we await the flatbed truck.

15:43 It looks like di Resta is deep in the gravel - hardly something he'd do if slowing with a problem.

15:44 The rain is also falling now, quite heavily infact.

15:44 Those two things may be connected in some way ...

15:45 Or perhaps not, as the rain has only just got much worse with people now diving for cover.

15:47 It won't be long until intermediates are required, but there's only 13 minutes left on the clock.

15:48 Of course the teams don't yet know how wet it has to be to make the switchover - which could be different to the Bridgestone days.

15:50 The truck is on its way back to the pits, so there's probably going to be a few minutes of action before the test ends at the top of the hour.

15:52 The track is open again with a steady, light rainfall.

15:52 Buemi is heading out, but we didn't spot his choice of rubber as he flashed by.

15:53 Alonso, Rosberg and Barrichello are also out to sample the conditions.

15:55 Those out now are definitely on Pirelli's wet rubber, although it's tricky to tell which type.

15:57 McLaren aren't on track, but several of the team are on the pitwall watching the others go by with great interest.

15:58 Heidfeld is another interested observer as Barrichello, Alonso, Buemi and Rosberg continue lapping.

15:59 Barrichello has clocked a 1m40.398s, with Alonso going round in 1m38.720s.

15:59 Buemi is the quickest man out there at the moment with a lap of 1m35.893s in his Toro Rosso.

16:01 The chequered flag is out at Jerez.

16:01 Alonso clocks a 1m37.790s as he passes the pits for the final time.

16:02 This is valuable wet running on the Pirellis for the first time, so it is surprising to see only four drivers really taking advantage of the experience.

16:03 As they trail back to the pits, that rounds out four days of testing at Jerez.

16:04 Thanks for following from the Jerez Live team: @glenn_autosport, @TeamAnglais, @EliGP, @gcreighton and Matt.

16:04 Also thanks to our sponsor of this week's coverage - the 2011 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

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16:05 Testing resumes on Friday with four days of action at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona.

16:06 As ever, AUTOSPORT will be out in force there with @eddstrawF1, @TeamAnglais and @gcreighton joined on the ground by tech guru Gary Anderson

16:06 Follow us for all the Barcelona updates from Friday morning onwards

P Driver Team Time
1  BarrichelloWilliams 1m19.832s
2  KobayashiSauber 1m20.601s  +0.769
3  AlonsoFerrari 1m21.074s  +1.242
4  BuemiToro Rosso 1m21.213s  +1.381
5  SennaRenault 1m21.400s  +1.568
6  KovalainenLotus 1m21.632s  +1.800
7  RosbergMercedes 1m22.103s  +2.271
8  VettelRed Bull 1m22.222s  +2.390
9  ButtonMcLaren 1m22.278s  +2.446
10  D'AmbrosioVirgin 1m22.985s  +3.153
11  Di RestaForce India 1m23.111s  +3.279
All timing unofficial. Updated: 16:04 GMT
Rain High Temp: 14°C / 57°F
Track: Damp
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