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As it happened: The Canadian Grand Prix
By Emlyn Hughes and Matt Beer
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Sebastian Vettel16:30 Hello everyone and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Live on this fantastic motorsport weekend for coverage of round seven in the 2011 FIA Formula 1 world championship - the Canadian Grand Prix from the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal.

Sebastian Vettel starts today's 70-lap race from pole position with Fernando Alonso alongside him. Felipe Massa is third on the grid as Ferrari bounces back to form, while Mark Webber did well to bounce back from a KERS issue on Saturday morning to claim fourth on the grid.

The first wet race of the season beckons and the teams will get a chance to run the Pirelli intermediate and wet tyres. The only knowledge the drivers have of this tyre during a grand prix meeting this year was during the rain-soaked first practice session for the Turkish Grand Prix.

The pitlane has just opened and the drivers are now on reconnaissance laps to check out the track conditions.

16:32 Both Ferrari drivers are on track to sample the grip level as they make their way to the grid.

Rubens Barrichello16:33 Conditions were damp and drizzly from the word go this morning, but in the last hour the conditions have deteriorated.

A band of rain coming in from the south-west has produced some heavier pulses and the track is soaked as we build up to the race.

The rain is expected to stay in a wet or damp condition at least until half-distance - and it may be wet all the way through depending how long it takes for this latest band of rain to pass over the city.

Temperatures have cooled dramatically with the arrival of the rain, with a maximum of just 17 degrees Celsius this afternoon.

16:34 Nick Heidfeld is wheeled back into the garage after one checking lap. The team may want to make another change before he goes out again.

16:35 Jenson Button has gone to the grid on a set of intermediate tyres.

16:36 Here's a reminder of the standings after six rounds:
World Championship standings, round 6:     
Drivers:                    Constructors:             
 1.  Vettel       143        1.  Red Bull-Renault          222
 2.  Hamilton      85        2.  McLaren-Mercedes          161
 3.  Webber        79        3.  Ferrari                    93
 4.  Button        76        4.  Renault                    50
 5.  Alonso        69        5.  Mercedes                   40
 6.  Heidfeld      29        6.  Sauber-Ferrari             21
16:36 Jaime Alguersuari will start today's race from the pitlane.

16:37 Toro Rosso has opted for a full wet set-up change, prompting a pitlane start for the Spaniard.

16:39 Motor racing fans love to debate and discuss the action on track, and the live forum at the bottom of the screen is your chance to let everyone know your thoughts on events as they unfold at the circuit.

• Who will have the advantage in today's wet conditions?

• How many times will safety car driver Bernd Maylander be called into action?

• Would you like to see a fully wet race, or a changeable event with wet and dry conditions?

Tell the world what you think.

Click the SHOW LIVE FORUM link in the red bar at the bottom of your browser window if you'd like to join the debate.

16:40 Sebastian Vettel has arrived on the grid and taken up his pole position slot. He climbs out of the car and will continue discussion with his race engineer.

16:41 The rain appears to have stopped all around the circuit, but the track remains wet and will certainly be wet for the first stint of the race.

16:41 Poleman Sebastian Vettel tells TV interviewers that the track will be too wet for intermediates at the start.

16:42 Here is the grid line-up for today's race:
Pos  Driver                Team
 1.  Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault
 2.  Fernando Alonso       Ferrari
 3.  Felipe Massa          Ferrari
 4.  Mark Webber           Red Bull-Renault
 5.  Lewis Hamilton        McLaen-Mercedes
 6.  Nico Rosberg          Mercedes
 7.  Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes
 8.  Michael Schumacher    Mercedes
 9.  Nick Heidfeld         Renault
10.  Vitaly Petrov         Renault
11.  Paul di Resta         Force India-Mercedes
12.  Pastor Maldonado      Williams-Cosworth
13.  Kamui Kobayashi       Sauber-Ferrari
14.  Adrian Sutil          Force India-Mercedes
15.  Sebastien Buemi       Toro Rosso-Ferrari
16.  Rubens Barrichello    Williams-Cosworth
17.  Pedro de la Rosa      Sauber-Ferrari
18.  Jaime Alguersuari     Toro Rosso-Ferrari
19.  Jarno Trulli          Lotus-Renault
20.  Heikki Kovalainen     Lotus-Renault
21.  Tonio Liuzzi          HRT-Cosworth
22.  Timo Glock            Virgin-Cosworth
23.  Narain Karthikeyan    HRT-Cosworth
24.  Jerome D'Ambrosio     Virgin-Cosworth
16:45 The pits are now closed. Any driver not on the grid by now, will be required to start behind the rest of the field.

16:46 A huge crowd is gathered at the circuit and they rise in unison to respect the national anthem, 'Oh Canada', as it is played out over the public address system.

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16:51 The race will start behind the safety car.

16:51 That means the extreme wet tyre is mandatory for everyone and no one can gamble on intermediates.

16:52 A developing squall line with heavy showers is building just to the west of the city. It is expected to arrive around an hour into the race.

16:55 There are five minutes to go until the start of the Canadian Grand Prix.

16:56 Track temperature is 20 degrees with an ambient of 19 Celsius. It is not raining currently.

16:58 Fernando Alonso has his visor up and is looking around at the condition of the track from the cockpit of the Ferrari.

16:59 The engines fire into life with less than one minute to go.

17:00 As this is a wet race, DRS use is banned until the FIA declare otherwise.

17:00 The safety car moves away and Sebastian Vettel begin to forward as the first lap of the race begins.

17:00 There is plenty of spray being kicked up as the field heads through the fast corners at the start of the lap.

17:01 Jaime Alguersuari is released from the end of the pitlane and he joins the back of the queue.

17:01 Puddles at the Turn 3/4 chicane look mostly off-line.

17:01 Race control sends out the official message confirming DRS is disabled due to the weather.

17:02 Paul di Resta squirts the throttle exiting Turn 8 and discovers there is little grip, as the rear end of the Force India steps out.

17:02 In-car cameras suggest visibility is tough but not impossible.

17:02 Vettel completes lap one behind the safety car.

17:02 Alonso runs slightly wider at Turn 2, assessing the grip on the outside.

17:04 Massa's engineer Rob Smedley informs the Brazilian that further heavy rain is expected 15 minutes into the race.

17:04 Alguersuari of course has a full wet set-up on the Toro Rosso. His first challenge will be to negotiate his way past the Virgin and HRT cars.

17:04 The leaders come through to complete a second safety car lap. Still no indication of it coming in.

17:05 Meantime, the squall line is getting ever-closer to the circuit, as it approaches from the west. There will be a period of moderate to heavy rainfall for a time, when it arrives.

17:05 "It's okay, it's wet but normal," reports Hamilton over the McLaren radio.

17:06 Onto a fourth lap behind the safety car.

17:07 The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

17:07 With only a little experience of Pirelli's wets from testing and no wet running this weekend, the crossover point from wets to inters or even slicks is a total unknown.

17:08 Vettel starts backing the pack up at the exit of the Turn 10 hairpin.

17:08 Alonso tucks right in behind Vettel

17:08 Vettel slides through the final chicane to get the race underway.

17:08 Alonso immediately draws alongside on the outside at Turn 1

17:09 Hamilton and Webber make contact at Turn 1.

17:09 Webber is spun right down the order.

17:09 Vettel leads from Alonso, Massa, Rosberg and Button.

17:09 Relatively clean through the opening complex of corners, but Webber is way down the list after that spin.

17:10 Button runs wide at the Turn 6/7 chicane and loses out to Schumacher and Hamilton.

17:10 Vettel completes the first racing lap with a 2s lead over Alonso.

17:10 Massa is right behind Alonso in third, then a small gap back to the two Mercedes and two McLarens.

17:11 Vettel is flying, 1.2s quicker than Alonso in the first sector of the second racing lap.

17:11 Schumacher slithers sideways at the second chicane and Hamilton gets close, but cannot pass.

17:11 Di Resta has made a fine start and runs eighth with Heidfeld ninth, Kobayashi 10th, Petrov 11th, Maldonado 12th, Sutil 13th and Webber 14th.

17:11 Hamilton goes very wide over the run-off at the Turn 10 hairpin after getting down the outside of a defensive Schumacher.

17:12 Alguersuari has made up two places and runs in 22nd having passed D'Ambrosio and Karthikeyan.

17:12 Vettel pulls out a further 2.2s over Alonso on this lap. The lead is now 4.2s.

17:12 Replays show Hamilton diving down the inside of Webber at the first corner of the race, then slithering into the Red Bull as they turn in.

17:12 The position changes down the field are amazing. Kobayashi is storming up in eighth ahead of Heidfeld ninth, Maldonado 10th, Petrov 11th and Webber up two places to 12th.

17:13 Di Resta has made a mistake somewhere and slipped down five places to 13th.

17:13 Another replay of the Schumacher/Hamilton incident shows the McLaren putting two wheels on the grass and twitching onto the run-off, with Hamilton falling behind Button.

17:13 Leader Vettel has been over the grass at the Turn 8/9 chicane.

17:13 His lead is big enough that it doesn't matter.

17:13 The two McLarens make contact on the pits straight.

17:14 Hamilton has a lot of damage and could be out.

17:14 He is crawling along the first part of the lap with his left rear wheel trailing.

17:14 "What is he doing?" says Button over the radio in reference to his team-mate.

17:14 The safety car has been deployed.

17:14 Hamilton parks his damaged car on track and the safety car comes out.

17:15 Just before the McLaren incident, race control had announced that the Turn 1 incident between Hamilton and Webber was under investigation.

17:15 Button comes into the pits.

17:15 Hamilton climbs out of the McLaren and walks away with another no score on his points total.

17:15 Replays show Hamilton getting a better run out of the final chicane and drawing slightly alongside Button, but clipping his team-mate, and bouncing into the pit wall.

17:16 Button has changed to intermediate tyres.

17:16 Some order is now restored as the field catches up to the safety car.

17:16 Teams had to hurriedly withdraw their pit boards as Hamilton hit the wall in that clash.

17:17 Button rejoins from the stop in 12th position, behind Pastor Maldonado.

17:17 Race control says there will be no action over the Hamilton/Webber incident.

17:17 With Hamilton out, any penalty would be pointless.

17:18 Hamilton's car is now being lifted away by a tractor unit.

17:18 Vettel leads behind the safety car, followed by Alonso, Massa, Robserg, Schumacher and Kobayashi.

17:19 Heidfeld is seventh with Petrov eighth, Webber ninth and di Resta has recovered to 10th position.

17:20 Hamilton's damaged McLaren is now being slowly taken away by that tractor unit and escorted by the Canadian marshals.

17:20 The squall line is just arriving over the circuit now. It wil become heavy in a few minutes.

17:21 Race control has announced that the McLaren clash is under investigation, and also that Hamilton is under investigation for a safety car period speed incident.

17:21 Button is subject to the same investigation. Drivers have to hit target times between sectors when the safety car is called.

17:21 Maldonado is 11th with Button 12th, Sutil 13th, Barrichello 14th, Buemi 15th and Trulli 16th as the umbrellas go up in the grandstand.

17:22 The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

17:22 Hamilton is standing at the side of the road at Turn 5 watching the safety car train come past.

17:22 Red Bull informs Vettel over the radio that Button is on intermediates.

17:23 Vettel is backing the pack up very early this time, slowing before the Turn 10 hairpin.

17:23 Now Vettel accelerates out of the hairpin and tries to make a break.

17:23 The safety car peels into the pitlane and we are racing once again!

17:23 Schumacher immediately attacks team-mate Rosberg at the restart.

17:23 Vettel has a clear lead into the first corner.

17:24 A circumspect restart by all the drivers in the lower half of the order, but now Webber is trying to get past Petrov's Renault for eighth.

17:25 Vettel is pulling away rapidly, as Massa follows Alonso closely.

17:25 Rosberg continues to fend off Schumacher and Kobayashi.

17:25 Jenson Button has been handed a drive-through penalty. He immediately answers the call and comes in.

17:25 Vettel's lead is already back up to 2.5s.

17:25 Button exits the pitlane and back into the fight, but he is well down the order.

17:26 Vettel is already putting a further second onto his lead after two sectors of his next lap.

17:26 Alguersuari is making further progress. He is up to 19th, having passed Glock and Liuzzi.

17:27 Alonso is picking up a little pace and is a second ahead of Massa now, but 3.4s down on Vettel.

17:27 Webber is working very hard to pass the two Renaults for seventh and eighth.

17:28 Replays show Webber getting past Petrov into Turn 3 after a side by side run with the Russian, who went wide at Turn 1.

17:28 Vettel's lead is up to 4.1s over Alonso.

17:28 Button is ripping his way through the midfield and is now past Maldonado and into 11th position coming into the Casino hairpin.

17:28 There is a 4s gap between the two Ferraris in second and third, and the two Mercedes, which are chased by Kobayashi.

17:28 Barrichello pits and this will be for intermediate tyres.

17:29 Alonso skips over the grass at the last chicane and continues ahead of Massa.

17:29 Barrichello rejoins in 22nd place and immediately into a fight with Karthikeyan.

17:29 Webber is now all over the back of Heidfeld for seventh.

17:30 Vettel stretches his lead to 5.1s.

17:30 Button is the fastest in the middle sector of the lap. He is still 11th, but homing in on Paul di Resta.

17:30 Webber looks at Heidfeld again into the final chicane but can't get through.

17:30 Sutil pits to take on intermediate tyres, with many teams now getting ready to bring their cars in.

17:31 Webber makes it past Heidfeld into seventh and sets off after the Mercedes and Kobayashi.

17:31 Barrichello is on the back of Liuzzi and will take over 19th place very shortly.

17:31 Alonso pits from second.

17:31 Rosberg pits from fourth.

17:31 Both Alonso and Rosberg will take on intermediate tyres.

17:31 Button has caught di Resta and he may leap up the order soon with pitstops for many cars now.

17:32 Maldonado and Buemi come in for intermediate tyres.

17:32 Alonso rejoins between the Renaults, and slices ahead of Petrov.

17:32 Race control says the McLaren collision will be investigated after the grand prix.

17:32 Vettel leads Massa by 7s now that Alonso has pitted for intermediates.

17:33 Leader Vettel stays out.

17:33 Schumacher pits from third.

17:33 Rubens Barrichello has just set 1m35.289s and is on the same pace as the leaders. He is up to 17th and passing cars every lap.

17:33 Alonso passes Heidfeld into the last corner, that will put him fifth.

17:34 The flying Button is charging up behind the two Renaults.

17:34 Schumacher pits for intermediate rubber and he drops down outside the top 10.

17:34 Button breezes past Petrov on the back straight, but rain is falling harder.

17:34 Conditions are suddenly getting much worse.

17:34 Barrichello is up to 15th as the rain becomes much heavier. The squall line has hit the circuit like a switch.

17:34 The safety car has been deployed.

17:35 The drivers on intermediates are set to struggle now.

17:35 Alonso and Button pit again to go back to wets as the safety car comes out

17:36 It seems that the safety car was sent out purely because of the intensity of the downpour.

17:36 Many stops now as the teams react to the weather and the safety car. Alguersuari, Kovalainen, Barrichello, Maldonado and Trulli are all in this time round.

17:36 Vettel pits from the lead.

17:36 Vettel will take on fresh wets. He had not been picked up by the safety car yet.

17:36 Webber pits as well.

17:37 Massa will now lead the grand prix behind the safety car.

17:37 Timo Glock did not come into the pits for tyres. He has yet to stop and is still on his original set of wets in 15th.

17:37 Webber changed his steering wheel at the pitstop due to a downshift problem.

17:38 The track is now absolutely sodden again.

17:38 Massa pits just before he caught the safety car.

17:38 Buemi comes into the pits for wet tyres and rejoins at the back end of the top 20.

17:39 Schumacher is into the pits and he takes on wet tyres. He rolls back into the race but is outside the top 10.

17:40 The field is now forming up and Vettel is back in the lead thanks to Massa's stop, with Kobayashi second.

17:40 Vettel radios his team to say the level of water from Turns 9 to 13 is "undriveable".

17:41 Vettel, Kobayashi, Massa, Heidfeld, Petrov, di Resta, Webber and Alonso are the current top eight.

17:41 De la Rosa is ninth in the Sauber but has yet to stop, ahead of Button 10th, Rosberg 11th, Schumacher 12th, Sutil 13th and Alguersuari 14th.

17:42 Vettel is reiterating over the radio that he thinks it is far too wet for the race to resume in the near future.

17:43 Glock is up to 15th after yet another clever wet tyre strategy, with Barrichello 16th, Liuzzi 17th, Buemi 18th and Karthikeyan 19th.

17:45 Maldonado has slipped down to 20th. There is going to be chaos in the midfield when this race restart. We have HRTs and Virgins mixed in the middle of the pack with quicker cars behind.

17:46 The rain is now falling very heavily as the worst of the squall line passes over the Gilles Villeneuve circuit.

17:46 The race has been suspended. The cars will return to the red flag line on the start/finish straight to await a restart.

17:47 The mechanics begin moving the equipment towards the grid as the cars work through lap 25 at slow speed, while heading towards the start-finish straight.

17:47 The safety car brings the field to a halt on the pits straight.

17:48 With many drivers complaining over the radio about the intensity of the rain, the poor visibility and the standing water, the red flag is no surprise.

17:49 Leader Vettel stays in his sodden car as a crew member brings him an umbrella.

17:49 As the race will begin again under the safety car, everyone will have to be on wet for the restart whatever happens with the weather now.

17:49 But drivers can switch to fresh sets of wets on the grid if they wish.

17:50 We've taken a look at the latest local radar images. This rain is likely to continue with this intensity for another 30 minutes or so.

17:50 The Red Bulls and Ferraris were on fresh wets already, whereas the rest of the lead pack already had 24 laps on their tyres.

17:52 Third-placed Massa climbs out of his car.

17:52 The rain is absolutely lashing down on the start-finish straight.

17:52 Puddles are growing around the circuit as the rain continues to pound down.

17:52 It is absolutely impossible to try and run a Formula 1 car effectively in the conditions we have right now.

17:53 Alonso, still in helmet and KERS, walks off the grid and heads into the pitlane.

17:56 As the rain gets even harder, teams are covering their cars on the grid.

17:57 Petrov remains in the Renault, eyes closed, sheltering under an umbrella.

17:57 The radar does suggest that the rain will ease off in the next 20 minutes or so, and clear the area completely in around 45 minutes, but that is clerly under 'nowcast' review as images continue to feed in.

18:01 Marshals in curious vehicles are trying to blow a huge amount of water off the circuit.

18:02 All teams have now put covers over their cars, while Mercedes has erected a small awning.

18:02 Kobayashi remains in his car, totally enveloped in a cover.

18:03 While the race remains under red flag condition, let's take a look at the order after 24 laps ...

18:03 Vettel leads the sensational Kobayashi, with Massa third, Heidfeld up to fourth, Petrov fifth and di Resta in sixth place.

18:04 Webber had climbed back up the field to seventh after spinning on the first lap, with Alonso down to eighth and de la Rosa in ninth.

18:05 Button rounds out the top 10, ahead of Rosberg 11th, Schumacher 12th, Sutil 13th, Alguersuari 14th and Glock 15th.

18:06 Barrichello was working his way up the field and is 16th with Liuzzi 17th, Buemi 18th, Karthikeyan 19th and Maldonado 20th.

18:06 Kovalainen is 21st for Lotus ahead of team-mate Trulli and D'Ambrosio is last in 23rd.

18:07 Lewis Hamilton is the only retirement so far, having clashed with McLaren team-mate Button in the early stages.

18:08 Several drivers had not stopped when the red flag came out. Kobayashi in second, Heidfeld fourth, Petrov fifth, di Resta sixth, de la Rosa ninth and Glock 15th and Karthikeyan in 19th place.

18:09 Hamilton's damaged car is being brought back to the pits, dangling behind a truck.

18:10 A relaxed looking Schumacher is back in the Mercedes garage, wrapped up in a cosy top and chatting with guest Ken Block.

18:12 As TV cameras focus in on the water building up on the cover over one of the Ferraris, a mechanic dutifully clears the puddle away.

18:12 Hamilton's car has made it back to the pitlane behind its truck.

18:13 Hamilton has told interviewers that the team ordered him to park because of his suspension damage - but he believes he only had a puncture.

18:14 Differing red flag strategies at Mercedes: while Schumacher hangs out with rally drivers, Rosberg remains in the cockpit, helmet on and talking with his engineers.

18:15 Both Renault drivers have opted for the garage now.

18:21 The radar shows that this heavy rain may continue for another 20 minutes or so. That shower line is continuing to feed more rain in from the south-west.

18:22 Just a few miles to the north conditions are clearing, but the circuit is now sitting as the northern edge of this latest band of rain and the downpour continues.

18:25 Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is boldly walking down the circuit with an umbrella to assess conditions for himself. He'll find it's wet...

18:26 Some saturated marshals continue doing their best to clear the track with brooms.

18:27 Officials are driving round the track in course cars assessing the level of standing water.

18:27 Rest assured, we will continue with commentary through to the end of the race - whenever that may be.

18:27 The Mercedes sportscars slosh through some very deep puddles off-line on the back straight.

18:31 We've had some incidents at the Ile Notre Dame over the years, but not a rainstorm of this magnitude.

18:31 In 1983, the island suffered a complete power failure at the start of the race and no television pictures were possible, so the race had to be started again once power was restored, around an hour later.

18:32 1989 and 1990 were of course the two chaotic wet races. Thierry Boutsen in particular has fond memories of the '89 event.

18:33 But none of the wet events at Montreal over the last 33 years had rain like we've seen this afternoon. It continues to fall heavily.

18:35 Vettel has had enough on the grid and he too heads towards the garage.

18:38 While the drivers have been granted the opportunity to take five during this suspension, the team members looking after the cars on the grid aren't so lucky.

18:38 One man who is happy to remain in the car is Jerome D'Ambrosio.

18:39 He is continuing to chat with the engineers while he sits in the cockpit of the Virgin with his helmet on.

18:39 With little else to do, Renault crew members are drinking coffee and laughing in the pitlane.

18:42 Track sweeping vehicles are attempting to pump away as much of the water as possible, but it continues to rain heavily.

18:44 The fans are getting a drenching, but they remain patient and hopeful - as we all do - that the race can be resumed.

18:45 Latest radar images show that the rain should stop in the next 10 to 15 minutes.

18:50 Visibly, conditions are brightening up a little around the Montreal skyline. The rain continues to fall but it is beginning to ease off.

18:52 Road sweeping vehicles are continuing to try and move the worst of the standing water off the race track.

18:53 No lack of effort from the marshals either, as one hapless fellow does his best with a good old-fashioned brush.

18:55 To remind you, we will keep going with commentary until the race is concluded. At this rate, it could be when darkness descends ...

18:56 Even when the rain stops altogether, there will still be an enormous amount of heavy standing water on the racetrack.

18:56 But for now, it continues to fall.

18:59 Narain Karthikeyan is also told via the HRT team radio that the rain should stop in around 10 minutes time.

19:01 Kamui Kobayashi is one of the last to have bailed out of his race car and head for the garage.

19:04 Circuit course cars are again lapping the track to check out the latest conditions.

19:06 Mark Webber is in the Red Bull garage, chatting to his engineer Ciaron Pilbeam and Adrian Newey, as the rain continues to fall.

19:07 It's certainly not coming down as heavy as when the red flag first came out, but it is continuing moderately.

19:10 Adrian Sutil is in the Force India garage and chatting with the engineers as another course car tours the circuit to check out the conditions.

19:11 The covers are slowly coming off some of the cars on the grid, as the rain eases to just a few spots.

19:14 Michael Schumacher decides it's okay to play outside now that the rain has stopped. He walks over to the Mercedes pitwall.

19:20 The radar shows that the main band of rain has now cleared Montreal. There are one or two scattered showers dotted around to the south-west, but it looks much better for the next few hours.

19:22 Rubens Barrichello is another man to visit the team pitwall, as he discusses with the Williams engineers what happens next.

19:25 Another light shower is expected in the next five minutes. Race control will wait for it to pass through before deciding its next move.

19:26 The FIA stewards - including double world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, who joins them this weekend - have just returned from a track walk.

19:27 They wandered down towards Turn 2, then turned round and headed back to the pits.

19:28 Nick Heidfeld is back on the grid and standing next to his Renault, as he watches the sky to see if this latest shower comes in.

19:34 Team personnel on the grid are now wandering around with hoods down and jackets unzipped. It's definitely getting brighter in Montreal.

19:34 Still no word on when the race might be restarted though, as we approach two hours since the action was halted.

19:36 Race control states that the race will be resumed at 15:50 local time.

19:37 Another message flashes up to state that when the race resumes, wet tyres must be fitted.

19:38 The safety car will lead the field away from the red flag line when the race resumes.

19:39 To remind you, here is the running order as we approach the resumption of the race ...

19:40 Vettel leads the sensational Kobayashi, with Massa third, Heidfeld up to fourth, Petrov fifth and di Resta in sixth place.

19:41 Webber is seventh, with Alonso down to eighth and de la Rosa in ninth. Button rounds out the top 10, ahead of Rosberg 11th, Schumacher 12th, Sutil 13th, Alguersuari 14th and Glock 15th.

19:42 Barrichello is 16th with Liuzzi 17th, Buemi 18th, Karthikeyan 19th and Maldonado 20th. Kovalainen is 21st for Lotus ahead of team-mate Trulli and D'Ambrosio is last in 23rd.

19:44 The drivers are all back with their cars now. Felipe Massa is in the cockpit of the Ferrari with his helmet on.

19:45 The rain is getting heavier once again as the teams continue the restart procedure.

19:47 There are 46 laps of the race left, and another one hour and 14 minutes until the two-hour limit is hit.

19:48 With no further interruptions, a full distance could be possible... But it's unlikely the remaining laps will run incident-free.

19:49 That shower, which was quite heavy, seems to have passed again.

19:49 One minute to go until the resumption and the engines begin to fire into life.

19:50 The safety car moves away and the race is resumed.

19:50 On this lap so far, the spray looks slightly lighter than at the original start.

19:51 The fans roar as the cars leave the grid and head through the early part of the lap.

19:51 The sky overhead is certainly the brightest it has been.

19:52 The first lap after the restart is completed, as the safety car stays out.

19:53 So with a new set of wets we expect fun and games down the field when the safety car comes in.

19:53 Glock in 15th and Liuzzi in 17th are out of position, and drivers like Maldonado, Barrichello and Buemi may need to exercise some patience early on.

19:54 How will Kobayashi handle taking the restart with a shot at the race lead?

19:54 Webber, Alonso and Button will be keen to make rapid progress from seventh, eighth and 10th.

19:57 Lap 28 is completed with the safety car still heading Vettel and Kobayashi.

19:57 The safety car remains in control of the field and begins another tour.

19:57 A calm Massa reports that visibility is "okay" over the radio.

19:58 Kovalainen is touring slowly on the circuit with a problem.

19:58 Kovalainen reports on the Lotus team radio that he has hardly any drive.

19:59 The safety car stays out into lap 30.

19:59 He is told to come into the pits next time by.

20:00 Kovalainen brings the Lotus into the pits and is immediately pushed back into the garage.

20:01 The leaders complete another lap with no sign of the safety car coming in.

20:02 Ironically the sun makes a brief appearance as di Resta rounds Turn 6 and continues in sixth.

20:03 The leaders weave impatiently to keep tyre temperature up as they head into lap 32.

20:04 With sunshine over the circuit and spray decreasing, the restart surely cannot be far away.

20:05 Also, with the rate that the water is being cleared off the track, they will quickly be in for intermediates.

20:06 Still no sign of the race resuming as the field completes lap 33.

20:07 The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

20:07 D'Ambrosio pits and takes on intermediate tyres. He rejoins still in 23rd place.

20:08 Button predicts over the radio that everyone will soon be in for intermediates as the racing line clears.

20:08 Vettel backs the pack up on the approach to the Turn 10 hairpin once again.

20:08 Now he accelerates and gets the race back underway at long last.

20:08 The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

20:09 The Red Bull crosses the restart line with a good gap over Kobayashi.

20:09 Massa attacks Kobayashi down the outside, but the Sauber holds the Ferrari off.

20:09 Schumacher, Sutil, Glock, Barrichello and Buemi are all straight into the pits for intermediate tyres.

20:09 Kobayashi gets a bit of breathing space in second and leaves Massa with the Renaults.

20:10 Di Resta is still fending off Webber, Alonso and Button for sixth.

20:10 Heidfeld, di Resta and Button pit for intermediates.

20:10 Vettel leads by 2.4s over Kobayashi.

20:11 Button, de la Rosa and Alguersuari pit. Maldonado is also in and Karthikeyan crosses the line in ninth!

20:11 Vettel looks set to put another 2s at least onto his lead on this lap if he stays out.

20:11 Jerome D'Ambrosio has been given a drive-through penalty for having the incorrect tyres fitted when the green flag was shown for the restart

20:12 Vettel stays out but Kobayashi, Massa, Petrov, Webber, Alonso and Rosberg all pit.

20:12 The Ferraris are having to queue in the pits.

20:12 Kobayashi gets out just ahead of Massa still as they rejoin in front of Heidfeld.

20:12 Vettel stays in the lead with Heidfeld now second, di Resta third and Schumacher crosses the line in fourth position.

20:13 The safety car has been deployed.

20:13 Alonso has spun off and beached the Ferrari at Turn 3.

20:13 Button is touring back to the pits with a left front puncture.

20:13 Alonso's car is perched atop the kerbs and cannot move.

20:13 Vettel comes into the pits from the lead.

20:13 The champion should stay ahead as he had not yet caught the safety car.

20:15 Button attempted to pass Alonso at Turn 3 but the Ferrari turned in and the pair made contact.

20:15 Alonso has got out of the car and retired from the race.

20:15 The Ferrari made light contact with the wall on its rear as well as being stuck on the kerbs with its front wheels in the air.

20:15 Button makes it back to the pits. He gets a fresh set of intermediates and is underway again.

20:16 After that flurry of stops and action, Vettel still leads Kobayashi, Massa, Heidfeld, di Resta, Webber, Schumacher, Petrov, Rosberg and Sutil.

20:17 Barrichello is 11th with Maldonado 12th, Alguersuari 13th, Buemi 14th and D'Ambrosio 15th.

20:18 Glock is 16th with de la Rosa 17th, Trulli 18th, Karthikeyan 19th, Liuzzi 20th and Button rejoined last in 21st.

20:18 The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

20:19 The stewards are investigating the Button/Alonso collision.

20:19 And yet again, Vettel is bringing the pack to a crawl at the hairpin ready for a restart.

20:20 The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

20:20 Vettel charges away from Kobayashi as they head to the restart.

20:20 Schumacher has a good look at Webber for sixth as racing resumes.

20:20 Vettel is already scorching away from Kobayashi, who this time has a more comfortable gap back to Massa.

20:21 Button set 1m31.635s as he bolted to catch the back of the snake just as they were crossing the line.

20:21 Schumacher is being creative in his efforts to pass Webber for sixth.

20:21 Webber breaks away from Schumacher and attacks di Resta for fifth at the hairpin, but the Force India defends.

20:21 Button has already passed Liuzzi to take over 20th.

20:21 Di Resta has a slight look at Heidfeld for fourth approaching the final chicane.

20:22 Vettel is 1.5s in the lead at the end of the first racing lap.

20:23 Webber gets very sideways at the hairpin and Schumacher gets an easy pass for sixth.

20:23 Rosberg is concerned he may have a puncture. Before the start he was hit up the back by Sutil. Sutil's Force India has slight damage to the front wing.

20:23 Di Resta slides into Heidfeld at the final chicane and damages his front wing as both slither over the grass.

20:23 The Force India understeers badly at the next corner as the damage takes effect.

20:24 The front wing is now coming apart and di Resta has to move off-line and let other cars past.

20:24 Barrichello has also passed Rosberg and Maldonado follows through. They run in 10th, 11th and 12th.

20:24 Vettel's lead is up to 2.4s.

20:24 Webber is eager to get back past Schumacher for what is now fifth.

20:24 Button has passed Karthikeyan and Trulli. He is now 18th and about to get Glock.

20:24 The stewards will investigate the Alonso/Button tangle after the race.

20:25 Vettel's lead stretches to 3.7s as Kobayashi continues to fend off Massa.

20:25 Di Resta pits and the front wing is changed. He roars off back into the action, but has lost a lot of time.

20:25 Heidfeld has Schumacher and Webber right behind him in the battle for fourth.

20:26 Sutil had got up to eighth but has now been given a drive-through penalty for overtaking behind the safety car.

20:26 Webber moves right off-line on the long straight, seemingly to cool his tyres on the wetter part of the track.

20:27 Massa's engineer Rob Smedley urges him to get Kobayashi "out of the way" so they can get after Vettel.

20:27 Button has passed several more cars and is up to 14th. Di Resta rejoined in 19th place.

20:27 Vettel sets a new fastest lap of 1m29.520s and brings his lead up to 4.6s.

20:28 Schumacher has passed Heidfeld for fourth.

20:28 Schumacher also sets a new fastest race lap.

20:28 Race control says DRS can now be used.

20:28 Sutil comes in to serve his drive-through penalty. He rejoins in 14th place.

20:29 The stewards are investigating the touch between Heidfeld and di Resta.

20:29 Webber triggers his DRS but cannot pass Heidfeld yet.

20:29 Barrichello is now eighth but some six seconds behind Petrov. Rosberg is on the Brazilian's tail, with Maldonado 10th.

20:29 Massa is now all over the back of Kobayashi for second as the Ferrari takes fastest lap.

20:30 Webber runs slightly wide at the Turn 6 chicane as he swarms around behind Heidfeld.

20:30 Alguersuari is 11th and Button is up to 12th. Buemi is 13th with Sutil 14th and de la Rosa 15th.

20:30 Webber can trigger his DRS but has lost too much to Heidfeld on acceleration out of the hairpin.

20:31 Vettel leads by 5.5s, with Kobayashi a second ahead of Massa.

20:31 Fourth-placed Schumacher is pulling away from Heidfeld and edging closer to the Kobayashi/Massa battle.

20:32 Webber gets very close to Heidfeld again but is still losing too much out of the corners.

20:32 The race stewards are busy this afternoon. Rosberg and Sutil before the restart is the next incident to be investigated.

20:33 Schumacher takes fastest lap and gets to under 3s behind Massa.

20:33 Button has caught the fight between Maldonado and Alguersuari for 10th. He passes the Williams for 11th.

20:33 Vettel's lead goes up to 6.2s as he sets another new fastest lap on the drying track.

20:34 Button gets the run on Alguersuari on the penultimate straight and takes over 10th, as Sutil comes into the pits.

20:34 Schumacher loses a little time going briefly off the road at Turn 8.

20:34 Rosberg has passed Barrichello to take over eighth.

20:35 Webber pits from sixth place

20:35 Paul di Resta has been given a drive-through penalty for causing a collision.

20:35 Vettel puts another 1.7s on his lead and is now 7.9s ahead.

20:35 Barrichello also pits from ninth. He is followed into the pits by Buemi.

20:35 Webber switches to super soft slicks.

20:36 A massive shuffle for second sees Schumacher go from fourth to second as Kobayashi moves in the opposite direction.

20:36 Vettel's lead is now 11.6s as the battle behind goes crazy.

20:37 Webber drops down the list outside the top 10 after that stop, but he is managing to keep heat in his dry tyres and is mighty quick.

20:37 Replays show that Kobayashi ran wide, pulled back across to fend Massa off, and then both found Schumacher sweeping past them.

20:37 Massa then passed Kobayashi into the hairpin.

20:37 Button, Alguersuari and Maldonado all come in this time round.

20:37 Schumacher pits, surely for slicks.

20:38 Sutil comes into the pits and the Force India mechanics wheel him back into the garage.

20:38 Massa in for slicks too, and Heidfeld.

20:38 Vettel, Kobayashi and Petrov stay out.

20:38 Schumacher gets out still ahead of Massa.

20:38 Webber sets the fastest lap of the race on his slicks.

20:38 Webber is lapping nearly 3s quicker than leader Vettel.

20:39 Vettel pits from the lead.

20:39 De la Rosa is one of the last to pit for dry tyres. Trulli and D'Ambrosio follow him in.

20:39 Massa has picked up front wing damage.

20:39 Kobayashi and Petrov also come in for slicks.

20:39 Button is up to ninth and will definitely climb higher with chaos and minor incidents happening all over the place.

20:39 Rosberg also changes to dry tyres.

20:40 Massa comes back in to change his front wing.

20:40 Webber is right on Schumacher's tail and fighting for what will be second when the pitstops shake out.

20:40 Massa lost control of the Ferrari on slick tyres and glanced into the Armco barrier. He has resumed after that front wing change.

20:41 Di Resta is in and out of the pits from 15th place.

20:41 Webber triggers DRS on the long straight, looks to the inside of Schumacher, but finds it too damp off-line and has to cut the chicane and back off.

20:41 Vettel leads by 10.7s over the Schumacher/Webber battle, with Kobayashi next up ahead of Button, Heidfeld and Petrov.

20:42 Button has breezed past Kobayashi into fourth place.

20:42 Barrichello is now eighth with Alguersuari ninth, Rosberg 10th, Maldonado 11th and Massa recovering in 12th.

20:42 Webber is already right back on Schumacher's tail.

20:43 But Button is fastest of all, lapping 4s quicker than Vettel.

20:43 Heidfeld slides into Kobayashi at Turn 2, breaks his front wing, then crashes at Turn 3.

20:43 The Renault goes right down the run-off so no safety car should be required.

20:44 Heidfeld had run into the back of the Sauber out of Turn 2 as the Renault got a better exit. Its damaged front wing then spectacular folded under the car on the next straight and sent Heidfeld flying off the road.

20:44 Massa in 12th is also running four seconds per lap quicker than those immediately ahead of him.

20:44 The safety car has been deployed.

20:44 Webber remains all over the back of Schumacher, while Button is flying up behind them both, lapping 4s faster.

20:44 There is a substantial amount of Renault wing debris on the run to Turn 3.

20:46 As they head round to the safety car, Vettel leads from Schumacher, Webber, Button and Kobayashi.

20:46 Petrov is sixth with Barrichello up to seventh, Alguersuari eighth, Rosberg ninth and Maldonado rounds out the top 10.

20:48 Massa is 11th with Buemi 12th, de la Rosa 13th, di Resta 14th, Glock 15th and D'Ambrosio 16th.

20:48 Scary incidents at Turn 3 as marshals attempt to pick up debris while cars come through not yet behind the safety car.

20:48 One marshal falls over in the road, but escapes unscathed.

20:50 The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

20:50 Button is behind Glock's Virgin for the restart. The Briton is asking on the radio how long the cars ahead have been on slicks.

20:51 Vettel backs off towards the hairpin and prepares for another restart.

20:51 Vettel charges away but Schumacher goes with him.

20:51 The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

20:51 Schumacher looks to the outside before the chicane.

20:51 Button is quickly past the Virgin but is a little way behind the top three.

20:52 Vettel is pulling away as Webber attacks Schumacher and Button catches both.

20:52 Schumacher, Webber and Button are absolutely together but it's very damp off-line and DRS cannot be used yet.

20:52 Chaos in the midfield and Massa is picking his way through past a slowing Maldonado and into 10th.

20:53 Webber has a half-look at Schumacher into the final chicane.

20:53 Vettel leads by 2.2s over Schumacher.

20:53 Massa also passes Barrichello towards the end of the lap and takes over ninth.

20:53 Petrov has passed Kobayashi for fifth but is 7s behind third place already.

20:53 Maldonado pits after a very slow lap on the restart. He has dropped right down the field.

20:53 Rosberg is now attacking Kobayashi for sixth.

20:54 Maldonado rejoins. His team-mate Barrichello was also slow but has recovered his pace in 10th.

20:55 The game is over for Maldonado and he pulls off at Turn 2 after that stop.

20:55 Webber flies past Schumacher using DRS but then cuts the chicane.

20:55 Button attacks Schumacher but cannot take the position.

20:56 Webber quickly lets Schumacher back past after Turn 2 to avoid a penalty, then slots in ahead of Button still.

20:56 Now Webber must try again when they return to the DRS zone.

20:56 Button is tucked right in behind Webber.

20:57 Webber misses the chicane again and Button slices through into third.

20:57 Webber had been trying to attack Schumacher with DRS but was not close enough and braked too late for the final chicane.

20:57 As he slid sideways on the exit, Button was able to fly through into third.

20:58 Button immediately attacks Schumacher and will be close enough for DRS.

20:58 Sure enough, Button can hit his DRS and he flies into second ahead of Schumacher.

20:58 Button is up to second and 3.1s behind Vettel, and lapping a lot quicker.

20:59 Behind this amazing scrap between the top four, Petrov has fallen back by 10 seconds in fifth, with Kobayashi sixth and Rosberg seventh.

20:59 Button is clearly pushing to catch Vettel, he takes over a second out of him in the first two sectors of the next lap.

20:59 Now Webber is back on Schumacher's tail and ready to hit DRS.

20:59 Button has Vettel in sight.

20:59 Webber is still not close enough to pass Schumacher.

20:59 Massa has passed Alguersuari to take over eighth position. The Spaniard is ninth and Barrichello rounds out the top 10.

20:59 Button takes 1.5s out of Vettel's lead and is 1.6s behind with four laps to go.

21:00 Button takes 0.2s off Vettel in sector one.

21:00 Vettel matches Button in the next sector.

21:00 Di Resta is 11th and catching Barrichello by more than one second per lap. The Scot may yet snatch a point.

21:01 Button only managed to take 0.3s off Vettel on that lap. Three to go.

21:01 Webber finally makes it past Schumacher for third.

21:01 The Red Bull used a straightforward DRS move down the outside towards the final chicane.

21:01 Schumacher then slid over the chicane, but the place was already lost.

21:01 Di Resta is just 0.6s behind Barrichello as they begin the fight for the final point.

21:01 Vettel has found enough speed to stay just ahead of Button.

21:02 Rosberg has passed Alguersuari and is up into eighth place.

21:02 Button only takes a tenth off Vettel, they're 1.1s apart with two laps to go.

21:02 Petrov posts his fastest lap of the race - 1m19.054s and is catching Schumacher.

21:03 Button edges slightly closer.

21:03 Vettel locks up at the hairpin but keeps it tight.

21:03 Button is close enough to trigger DRS.

21:03 The fight for the final point is over as di Resta pulls off with problems, leaving Barrichello well ahead of Buemi in 11th.

21:03 Button is now 0.9s behind heading onto the final lap of the race.

21:03 He will be close enough to hit DRS on the run to the flag.

21:04 Vettel runs very wide, gets sideways at Turn 3, and Button sweeps into the lead.

21:04 Massa is on Kobayashi's tail and will try to take sixth on the final lap.

21:04 Button is set to win his first race since China in April 2010.

21:04 Despite a clash with his team-mate and a penalty that dropped him to last, Button is within sight of victory.

21:04 Button crosses the line to take a remarkable victory in Canada!

21:05 Vettel finishes 2.7s behind, defeated for only the second time this year.

21:05 Webber resists a resurgent Schumacher to take third.

21:06 Button goes unsurprisingly crazy over the radio.

21:06 "A fantastic win. We deserved that after the race we had. It's been a long time coming," roars Button.

21:06 Petrov crossed the line in fifth and Massa snatched sixth in a side-by-side race over the line with Kobayashi.

21:07 Replays underline that Vettel nearly spun off completely as he went wide at Turn 6 in the crucial mistake on the last lap.

21:08 Alguersuari finished eighth behind Kobayashi, with Barrichello ninth and Buemi rounding out the top 10.

21:09 Rosberg was very slow on the last lap and lost points. He ends up 11th with de la Rosa 12th, Liuzzi 13th and HRT team-mate Karthikeyan 14th.

21:09 Button bounds over to his crew and father in parc ferme for some well deserved celebrations.

21:10 A clearly disappointed Vettel shakes hands with McLaren's Paddy Lowe.

21:10 Karthikeyan led home a train of cars all fighting for that 14th place. D'Ambrosio, Glock and Trulli were all on his tail.

21:12 The drivers step out onto the podium and God Save the Queen rings out over the circuit Gilles Villeneuve for Jenson Button and McLaren.

21:12 Button receives his award for a fine victory. He raises it aloft and gets huge applause.

21:13 Paddy Lowe collects the constructors' award for McLaren.

21:13 Sebastian Vettel is handed his prize for second place. He masks the disappointment of losing the victory well with a smile.

21:14 Mark Webber gets his trophy for taking third after a determined drive from the midfield after a spin on the first lap.

21:14 The champagne sprays on the podium at the end of an unbelievable Canadian Grand Prix.

21:19 Seven drivers retired from today's race:

Di Resta pulled off to the side of the track with a technical problem after being heavily involved at the sharp end in the first half of the race.

Pastor Maldonado pulled off at Turn 2 after a slow lap and a stop to try and fix the problem on the last restart.

Nick Heidfeld caused the final safety car period when he nudged the back of Schumacher at Turn 2 rode over his own front wing.

Sutil retired in the pits after a difficult race.

Alonso turned in on Button at the second to last restart, the pair made contact and Alonso spun backwards into the Turn 4 wall and retirement.

Kovalainen retired in the pits after a technical problem.

Lewis Hamilton was the first casualty when he clashed with team-mate Jenson Button in the opening phase of the race.

21:21 Vettel lost the lead on the final lap but still maintains a healthy lead in the championship as the sport returns to Europe for the mid-summer leg of the championship.

21:26 Well, what an amazing race - what an amazing weekend. Button gives McLaren a great boost with victory but the Red Bulls were there once again, and Michael Schumacher can finally take something positive out of his Formula 1 comeback, after a fighting drive.

This was the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix weekend on AUTOSPORT Live. Thanks for your company over the course of a great motorsport weekend. Both the Le Mans 24 hours and the Canadian Grand Prix were fascinating.

We will be back for all the usual coverage for the European Grand Prix at Valencia in two week's time.

Race length: 70 laps
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 19°C / 66°F
Track: Dry racing line
Monday 06 Jun Start GMT
 Canadian Grand Prix weather 15:00
Friday 10 Jun
 Friday practice one 13:50
 Friday practice two 17:50
Saturday 11 Jun
 Saturday practice 13:50
 Qualifying 16:45
Sunday 12 Jun
 The Canadian Grand Prix 16:30