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As it happened: Test day two
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
07:38 Good morning everyone and welcome to AUTOSPORT's live coverage of the second day of Formula 1 testing from Barcelona.

Barcelona paddock day two07:40 It's a wet and windy day here in Spain with temperatures hovering around the eight degree C mark. Quite simply, it's horrible, as the view from the way in shows.

07:43 Plenty of driver changes from yesterday to today to let you know about, including Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso taking over testing duties from, respectively, Mark Webber and Felipe Massa at Red Bull and Ferrari.

07:44 The driver list in full is as follows...

Red Bull: Vettel
Ferrari: Alonso
McLaren: Button
Lotus: Grosjean
Mercedes: Rosberg
Sauber: Hulkenberg
Force India: Sutil
Williams: #BOTTAS
Toro Rosso: Ricciardo
Caterham: van der Garde
Marussia: Chilton

07:45 And, as Jonathan Noble pointed out in yesterday's blog, today's weather could have a big impact for teams and fans.

07:57 Sky looks REALLY grey out of the press room window, so conditions could get worse rather than better.

08:00 And the session is under way

08:01 Romain Grosjean, who drove yesterday, and Nico Rosberg, who didn't, head out first.

08:03 Daniel Ricciardo's Toro Rosso and the Caterham of Giedo van der Garde head out. Rosberg has come back in.

08:07 Ricciardo and van der Garde come straight in, Grosjean follows.

08:08 Sutil heads out for his first lap as a 2013 Force India driver. Grosjean goes straight back out.

08:09 Sutil in, Button out. Lots of installation laps basically!

08:12 Reigning world champion Vettel heads out, as does Maldonado, winner here last season.

08:14 Only eight degrees out there today and cold and wet. Makes us wonder where else we could be that would be warmer. Let us know how hot it is if you live near a track. Emails to please.

08:18 Precious little going on out on track now. Well, nothing actually now that Grosjean's pitted. Still no laptimes set 19 minutes in to the day's running.

08:21 @Lotus_F1Team
"First task of the morning is driving around and doing pitlane drive-throughs and rolling bite point"

08:24 Alonso heads out for what's probably another installation lap.

08:27 Our plea for weather information is paying off. Vivek Sundar suggests this test takes place in the baking-hot conditions of Buddh - convenient for the trip to Australia too. Speaking of Australia, Cyberhack informs us that Melbourne is 14 degrees right now.

08:30 Think we may be on to a couple of winners here. Both Adelaide (scene of the V8 Supercars season-opener this weekend) and Kyalami are 28 degrees today. Thanks to Brad Larsen and Warren Ea for that info. Spielberg, by the way, is -1, according to Andreas Chrastka.

08:31 We at least have some times on the board now. Jenson Button's 1m48.748s lap gets the ball rolling.

08:32 Daniel Ricciardo knocks him off the top spot by over 1.8 seconds, while, as Button improves by half a second instantly.

08:34 Another second knocked off Ricciardo's times. Everyone out on wet tyres bar Vettel, who is on inters.

08:36 Rosberg goes top by a tenth from Ricciardo. He's on inters too.

08:37 The Mercedes driver improves his previous best by a couple of tenths that time around.

08:38 Red flags for a car stopped on the track next to Turn 9.

08:39 It's Ricciardo's Toro Rosso that has come to a halt.

Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso08:42 And here it is, with a shoddily-taken picture from one of AUTOSPORT's mobile phones. The flatbeds are in attendance now.

08:47 @marussia_f1team "The start of our programme is slightly delayed as we finish adding some new parts to the car that arrived late last night."

08:50 Green flag. And we're running again.

08:54 Back to our weather debate, Abdullah says Sakhir should be 27 today while Georges Bertagne tells us that Paul Ricard is 11 degrees and sunny. John Oreovicz brings us the news that Indianapolis is -1 and in snow. Thanks for all your messages. Let's focus on what's going on in Barcelona now.

08:55 And right on cue, Vettel goes fastest on a 1m42.760s.

08:57 Vettel knocks another three-tenths of his table-topping time. The Red Bull driver is on the green-stickered inters. I say stickered, the markings are, in fact, stencilled on by the good people at Pirelli.

08:58 Alonso and Sutil set their first competitive times of the day. P7 and P8 for now.

09:00 Contrary to the information contained in the circuit's driver line-up list, it's Pastor Maldonado in the Williams today, not #BOTTAS.

09:06 Sutil appears to be on unmarked tyres, while the rest are still combining wet and intermediate-tyred runs.

09:10 Only Maldonado is left in the garage as Chilton goes over the line to complete his first lap.

09:14 Good question from David Goddard on email, who asks with Hamilton and Rosberg both wearing yellow helmets, how can we tell them apart this year?

Simple answer David. From side-on the helmets are different enough that you won't have a problem. From head-on, Rosberg's Mercedes symbol above his visor is on a grey square background (right). Hamilton's is on a yellow background (left), as this quite appalling photoshop job indicates. Hope that helps.

09:23 Sorry, technical failure in the media office. And we're back!

In the meantime, Rosberg has gone quickest on 1m40.940s.

09:24 Alonso also improves to go third for Ferrari on 1m43.399s.

09:29 And then goes to second.

09:34 We have a Williams on track at last, and Maldonado instantly goes to P8. Ricciardo improves by over half a second at the same time, but stays P5.

09:37 A little over 90 minutes in and Rosberg, the current pacesetter, has completed the most laps on 21. Grosjean has 18 and Vettel 14. Maldonado has completed only four and is out on unmarked tyres.

09:39 Good news for fans of @Jean-Eric Vergne. He'll be joining us on AUTOSPORT live this afternoon to answer your questions. Email to ask him whatever you like. We'll ask him the best ones.

09:42 A big improvement for Jenson Button. Over two seconds found as he moves up to P6.

09:45 Sutil is still pounding around on wets. Six laps into this current run and over 10s off his best time. He'll be gathering useful data as to how far they can go before disintegrating totally. The rest are on inters.

09:49 Alonso pits, having just set his best time of the day. The Ferrari mechanics instantly pounce on his cars and place some large (and garisly-coloured) covers to mask the intricate details of the car's rear end.

09:54 Maldonado charges up to second. He's within a second of Rosberg's pace-setting time now.

09:56 Slight improvement for Alonso, who stays third, while van der Garde gains a second further back.

10:03 Inters still very much the order of the day at the moment. Alonso's Ferrari is now wearing one of the awful-looking sensors on top of his airbox, although he does improve time-wise and is now in second.

10:04 Rosberg improves the pace at the head of the field. His new fastest overall time - still on inters - is 0.7s up on the previous mark.

10:08 Rosberg improves again and is the first man into the 1m39s, still on his inters. Grosjean instantly moves up to second. Track conditions are coming to these guys.

10:10 Grosjean improves again. Now did i spot slick tyres on that Lotus?

10:12 Nope. Eyes are clearly failing. Still inters on Grosjean's Lotus.

Caterham F1 201210:13 If you missed it earlier, Caterham announced its reserve drivers for the coming season. Clue: there's an American and a Chinese driver. Any guesses?

10:13 New fastest lap, and this time from Ricciardo, 0.3s faster than Rosberg's previous marker.

10:15 Vergne and Rosberg are moving quite dramatically across towards the pitwall on each lap as they attempt to keep their intermediate tyres cool.

10:20 Button goes second on what are unmarked tyres.

10:23 Sutil goes out and climbs to fourth, completing back-to-back laps in the mid-1m40s.

10:27 Yet more improvement from Sutil. Seven more tenths found and he's now P2.

10:31 We haven't had any rain since arriving at the track this morning, and temperatures are stabilising (although not expected to exceed 13 degrees today). The most recent laps were completed on intermediate and unmarked tyres.

10:33 A big new fastest time from Alonso. That's 1.5s up on Ricciardo's previous best.

10:34 And Vettel slots into P2 as well.

10:36 Both Alonso and Vettel are still on inters. The crossover point yesterdat (in far brighter sunshine than we have now) was at around the 1m34s mark, although Paul di Resta did set an initial time in the 1m38s and brought his marker down to that magical 1m34 in the space of three laps.

10:37 Grosjean sets a new best time, 1m38.145s.

10:38 Hulkenberg also improves to go fourth.

10:39 They were the only two on track, but Rosberg now joins them.

10:44 Rosberg goes back to the top. A 1m35.894. That's another huge step forward on what's gone before.

10:45 A slight surprise, that Rosberg time came in spite of him running inters. Perhaps we'll have to wait until after lunch for the slicks to be brought out.

Alonso10:49 Alonso goes up to P2, still half a second off Rosberg's best time though. Here, by the way, is that awful-looking periscope sensor. Glad they can't use them in races.

10:53 Sutil goes third. He set the best middle sector of the day so far too.

10:55 For an overview of the latest updates, have a look at our test blog.

10:56 And Sutil goes to the top of the timesheets with just over an hour to go.

10:59 Don't forget to send over your questions to for Jean-Eric Vergne. We'll put the best to him this afternoon.

10:59 Van der Garde improves to go sixth for Caterham.

11:03 Maldonado goes top for Williams, 1m33.166s.

11:03 Rosberg completes a 15-lap stint on inters.

Pastor Maldonado11:04
Many times have been sent on inters, but Maldonado is now on supersofts.

11:04 And he goes quicker, 1m32.340s

11:06 He now does a 1m31.341s, with Hulkenberg going second with 1m31.378s.

11:07 Hulkenberg jumps Maldonado, who also improves. Slick tyres are clearly the things to have now.

11:09 Hulk is the first man below 1m30s today and he now comes in. Maldonado is in too, so we're left with no cars on track.

11:09 Not for long, though, as Alonso and Chilton make their way down the pitlane.

11:11 Alonso is on mediums, Chilton on unmarked tyres, Ricciardo on softs. Webber has just gone out on mediums.

11:14 And Alonso goes fastest, over a second faster than anyone else so far.

11:15 Button is out on mediums and knocks Alonso off top spot.

11:16 Pic pits. He was the last man on inters.

11:17 Lots of improvements now as the teams get their first runs on slicks today.

11:17 Rosberg now goes fastest on 1m27.672s

11:19 Button goes back to the top, 1m25.936s.

11:21 For a moment the top three were covered by just 0.2s, but that Button lap has moved McLaren clear.

11:23 Grosjean has put on mediums and jumps up the table, first to fifth, then fourth. So we have McLaren-Mercedes-Ferrari-Lotus.

11:23 Button still lapping faster than the rest, in the 1m27s.

11:26 Maldonado (on mediums) goes fifth. Grosjean improves but is still fourth.

11:27 Grosjean is still chipping away at his times, now down to a 1m28.698s. Most cars have now pitted, including Button.

11:28 The McLaren was the fastest car on track and Button did nine laps.

11:30 Times are still a little off last week's best, and Webber's 1m22.7 yesterday.

11:30 Hulkenberg jumps to fourth, Chilton has also improved.

11:32 And now the Sauber goes second, 1m27.246s.

11:32 Remember, there's still plenty of time to get your questions in for @jeanericvergne. You can tweet us using #Autosportlive or email

Adrian Sutil Force India F1 201311:33 As most head in, Sutil goes out for his first run on slicks.

11:34 And goes fifth on medium tyres.

11:35 And now the Force India has gone second, 1m26.152s.

11:38 Another 1m26 from Sutil, not quite as quick as his best.

11:42 Bit of light relief from Mercedes:

@MercedesAMGF1: @LewisHamilton yesterday to BBC5Live on how it feels to drive an F1 car: a cross between a rollercoaster and a bucking bronco. Sounds fun :)

11:44 Grosjean improves to go ahead of Alonso.

11:44 Constant speed run from Alonso as he rejoins the action.

11:46 Alonso comes straight back in. Only Grosjean is now on track.

11:46 And it's a quick turnaround for Alonso, the Ferrari heads out again.

11:49 And Alonso in-and-out again. A bit of pitstop practice for Ferrari? The squad was very strong in the pits last season.

11:51 The session has been stopped. The only car not in the pits is Grosjean...

11:52 But this time it looks like the car has stopped, possibly out of fuel, rather than an off, as happened yesterday.

11:52 He's stopped near Turn 9.

11:53 We've been getting a lot of questions over email about the unmarked tyres and what they're for. We've been to ask Williams chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar about it.

11:54 Xevi Pujolar: "They were the Romanian tyres. They are the same compounds, soft and hard, but they are produced in Romania [in case transportation from Pirelli's main plant in Turkey is impossible] and they should be exactly the same standard compounds. Everyone has four sets. They come free. You have 100 sets for the year and these four are on top of the 100. Two sets are soft and two are hard."

12:00 The sessions has ended with no more running, as Grosjean's Lotus is retrieved.

12:00 Lotus described it as a "non-specific stop".

12:01 So, Button ends up fastest for McLaren, with Sutil and Hulkenberg next.

12:01 It's the lunch break now; let's hope it stays dry for the afternoon so we can see some quick times.

Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso F1 201312:02 We'll be back at 2pm Spanish time (1pm in the UK) for the afternoon session, during which we'll fire your questions at Jean-Eric Vergne.

We hope you can join us.

12:57 Right, we're now (slightly) refreshed. Less than three minutes to go before the afternoon session gets going.

12:58 Sky is still grey and it's quite windy, but we're hoping the weather will hold for some decent runs on slicks.

12:59 Read our report for a summary of what happened this morning.

13:00 And we're off

13:00 First car down the pitlane is Rosberg, who is currently fourth fastest after this morning's running.

13:02 For a look at the Merc developments, and those of the other teams, be sure to take a look at our Tech Blog.

13:02 It looks like Rosberg is on the medium tyres, which is what most of the quick times from the morning were set on.

13:04 Hulkenberg heads out for Sauber as Rosberg comes in.

13:06 van der Garde is now out too.

13:07 Hulkenberg, on mediums, immediately goes faster than he did this morning. There could be a few improvements soon.

13:08 And he goes quicker again, now just 0.052s behind Button's best from earlier.

13:08 Button now heads out too.

13:10 Sutil's Force India, second this morning, goes out. Van der Garde's Caterham is on the supersoft.

13:11 Sutil is on the mediums, as is Button.

13:12 And the McLaren immediately goes quicker than earlier - 1m25.225s.

13:14 Hulkenberg pits. Van der Garde improves, but is still slowest of the 11 runners.

13:15 After one slow lap, Button does a 1m25.4. Chilton is now also on track.

13:17 And he goes faster. He's already said he has enjoyed being Marussia's only driver.

13:18 Only Button and Chilton are currently on track.

Max Chilton Marussia F1 201313:19 Chilton's efforts have taken him to sixth and he is currently lapping as quickly as Button, in the 1m27s. Both are on mediums.

13:21 Apart from his one slow lap, Button has done two 1m25s, a 1m26, and three 1m27s so far on this run.

13:22 Maldonado joins in. Williams feels it has made progress since 2012.

13:23 Chilton in, Hulkenberg and Sutil back out.

13:24 Button has also come in, so not a long run.

13:25 Hulkenberg improves to 1m25.570s.

13:26 But Sutil goes even quicker to move to the top - 1m24.286s.

13:28 Hulkenberg improves by a fraction, but is still third with the Sauber.

13:30 Sutil, who was on the mediums, pits. That leaves just Hulkenberg out there.

13:31 But he's now in as well.

13:32 Given the conditions and concerns about the weather, it's a surprise not more cars are out there.

13:33 Vettel heads out for Red Bull

13:35 Vettel improves straight away to go third.

13:36 And now a 1m25.218s to go second, ahead of Button.

13:37 A few more cars are now out with Vettel: Rosberg, Grosjean, Chilton and Maldonado.

13:38 Vettel in and it looks like he was on the hards. The team is making more of an effort to cover the car today.

13:39 Grosjean improves to go second, on the mediums.

13:40 Rosberg and Chilton both improve slightly.

13:43 A debate in the AUTOSPORT office has just reached us: What's your favourite Italian racing car of all time?

Tweet your answers to #autosportlive or email

13:44 Meanwhile, Sutil has extended his advantage at the top by a few thousandths - 1m24.215s.

Ferrari 330 P413:47 To get the favourite Italian racing car debate started, @krt917 picks the Ferrari 330 P4.

13:49 Vettel is back out on track.

13:49 Plenty of suggestions rolling in for our favourite Italian racing cars debate.

There's no shortage of picks at AUTOSPORT either. @mrjamieoleary has gone for the Maserati 300S.

Alfa Romeo 15513:53 Favourite Italian racing cars... @noblef1 picks the glorious Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM.

13:53 We've only got Grosjean and Vettel out on track at the moment, but the Lotus has just done its best lap of the day.

13:55 Favourite Italian racing car... Suggestions from the AUTOSPORT office include the Ferrari 512M, F1/87 and 641, the Maserati 250F and the Lancia LC2. Quite a broad range. What? No Fiat Uno Cup car?

13:56 Grosjean follows that new PB up with a 1m24.7 and a 1m25.3.

13:57 Vettel continues to lap on the hard tyre. He's just done a 1m27.9.

13:59 Chilton heads out as Vettel comes back in. Loads of cameras snap away to try and catch any Red Bull secrets.

Andrea Moda14:00
Favourite Italian racing car... Some suggestions from you now.

@deadlycowpat9t: Ferrari F50GT
@amit_mandalia: Ferrari 156 sharknose (now that is cool)
@beano_b: Ferrari 312 T4 (plenty of Villeneuve fever there)

Best response yet comes from @crackers250, who claims it's a toss-up between the Life L190 and the Andrea Moda S921 (pictured)!

14:00 Button, the pacesetter this morning, leaves the pits. He is currently fourth.

14:01 The McLaren is on the medium compound Pirellis.

14:01 Alonso has come back out too.

14:03 Button goes quickest again with 1m23.924s

14:05 Button's next lap is a 1m24.6. Whenever he goes out he tends to immediately go quickest, but it's always tough to know what fuel loads people are running. And whether they are on new or worn rubber.

14:05 1m26.0s on the next lap for Button, so quite a drop off there.

Red Bull F1 2013 DDRS14:07 Red Bull running passive DRS could be one reason why there are so many cameras pointed at the RB9 every time it comes in.

14:10 Button is now in the 1m28s, slower than Sutil is currently lapping.

14:12 Favourite Italian racing car...

Some more suggestions here from you.

Peter Gay: Ferrari 250 GTO (Innes Ireland TT winner)
David Coker: Ferrari 312 B1
Yves Melchior: Ferrari 333SP
Yusuf Padghawala: Pagani Zonda F (a first suggestion for this)

And there's so much love for the 330 P4 we can't even squeeze all the mentions onto this page.

14:14 There's a banner in the stands calling for Kubica's comeback. Mercedes has left the door open for him, but in the DTM rather than F1 at the moment.

14:16 In fact, there are banners for Schumacher, Kubica and Pedro de la Rosa here. It's highly unlikely any of them will be racing in F1 this year!

14:16 Grosjean improves to go back to second, 1m24.155s.

14:20 A mid 1m24 and then a 1m25.4 for Grosjean's next two laps. Slightly slower drop-off than we saw from Button earlier, though it's similar. His next lap is a 1m26.5.

14:21 And Grosjean pits. Only Rosberg is currently on track.

14:23 Vettel heads back out.

Mercedes F1 201314:25 Big lock-up for Rosberg at the end of the back straight, so the drivers are trying.

14:26 Vettel goes second quickest with 1m24.142s.

14:28 Hulkenberg has also improved. The top five cars are currently covered by 0.6s

14:29 Which backs up what a lot of people think: that this year is going to be very open.

14:30 Vettel's next lap is a 1m24.7 and he's on the mediums.

14:31 And Ricciardo improves for Toro Rosso to go sixth, 1m25.483s.

14:33 Grosjean is the first man under 1m23 today, with 1m22.716s.

14:33 We're still flooded with suggestions for your favourite Italian racing car. Here's a few more:

Caju ter Kuile: I hesitate between the Ferrari 333 SP and the Maserati Tipo 61 'Bird cage'.

Malcolm Merrington: Ferrari 250LM though the noise of a 512S is gorgeous – so thick you can cut it.
Lancia Delta
Ruediger Andorfer: De Tomaso 505-38 (F1) or the Lancia Delta HF Integrale.
(And that's all the excuse we need for a fever shot of Didier Auriol in full flow).

Vito Orsini : What about the 750cc mono albero and 1000cc bialbero Abarths.

14:35 Can anyone beat Perez's best from last week, 1m21.8, in the last hour and a half of today's running? Maldonado's pole from the 2012 Spanish GP was 1m22.285s.

Both are in range if the rain holds off.

14:37 Button improves to 1m23.181s on the medium tyres.

14:39 Grosjean is out on the softs and his times are falling away pretty quickly. Button, on the mediums, has just done a 1m24.6.

14:40 Yet more in the favourite Italian racing car debate:

David Tremayne: The Ferrari P4 for sure, but also the CanAm model. Plus the 1968 version of the 612, and the Maserati 151.

Graeme Miller: So many great ones to choose from, but how about the Lancia D50 before Ferrari got their hands on it.

14:44 Button now in the 1m27s with the mediums, but Grosjean has given up on the softs and come in.

Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso F1 201314:45 And while suggestions continue to fly in, a reminder that we'll have Toro Rosso's Jean-Eric Vergne as our Live guest shortly.

Here is the man himself on more formal duty, launching the STR8 at Jerez, which worryingly seems a very long time ago already.

14:46 It's pretty hard work for the teams with the cars coming in and out all the time. For a light-hearted look at what it's like to work in an F1 team, read our Secret Mechanic's Diary.

14:49 Maldonado finally comes back out to move himself up the order to sixth, 1m25.275s.

14:50 And Hulkenberg improves to third.

Jean Alesi Canada F1 199514:54 A final few (for now at least) Italian racing car favourites before we welcome Jean-Eric Vergne to AUTOSPORT Live.

Peter Nygaard: Has to be Ferrari 312B from 1971!

Michael Randall: My favourite has to be the Ferrari 412T2. It was the last V12 formula 1 Ferrari, the last 'blood red' Formula 1 Ferrari, and, piloted by the amazing Jean Alesi (who also won his only Grand Prix in it), the last No. 27 Ferrari. What more could you want?

David Pittard (following from the MTC): My suggestion is the Ferrari 550 Maranello GT1 car! Loved watching the championship with those cars in it!

Gabriel Kinzler: The Lancia Stratos Gr. 4. End of discussion :p

14:57 While we're on the Ferrari theme, Alonso is currently on a run with the hard tyre, and has been lapping in the 1m31s and 1m32s.

14:59 Van der Garde bumps Alonso to the bottom of the table with 1m27.465s.

15:01 And then he improves to 1m27.096 to move ahead of Rosberg. Chilton also sets a new best, 1m25.805s.

15:02 Hulkenberg pits after a small moment at Turn 1.

15:05 Most head towards the pits, but Alonso continues his long run on the hards, still in the 1m32s.

15:08 Alonso comes in for a pitstop and goes straight back out again.

15:08 Rosberg, on mediums, and Ricciardo are the only other cars on track, but they are together!

15:09 Maldonado heads out for Williams.

15:12 And he goes fourth with 1m24.068s. Rosberg improves to 1m26.655s.

15:17 Alonso dips into the 1m29s on this run, presumably as the fuel burns off. This looks like a race simulation.

Force India F1 201315:18 Force India is worried about the weather and reckons it is going to call it a day.

15:20 Vettel, Chilton and van der Garde all improve, with the Red Bull now third.

15:23 Maldonado records a 1m23.628s effort to go third and now the rain is threatening again.

15:30 As spits of rain return, most drivers have headed for the pits.

15:31 We almost made it through the whole day dry...

15:32 Alonso, however, is continuing his long run.

15:34 And the Spaniard is now on intermediate rubber.

15:36 Rosberg joins him now out on the circuit. These two have done more laps than any of the others today. Rosberg has done 112 laps, Alonso 95.

15:38 Maldonado and Ricciardo head back out, but it's doubtful we'll see any more improvements today.

15:39 Vettel also heads down pitlane, with inters on his Red Bull.

15:40 It's what you've all been waiting for (well, maybe)... Our live chat with Jean-Eric Vergne.

15:40 Ricciardo comes through the pits for a practice stop before heading back out again

15:40 First question comes from Phil from Germany, who asks: "Jean-Eric, it's your second year of racing in Formula 1. What have you learned from last season and what would you like to improve on compared to 2012?"

15:41 Jean-Eric Vergne: "I learnt many, many things. The Formula 1 world is a difficult one, especially for a young driver. Four or five years ago people were doing many, many days of testing compared to now. Lewis Hamilton did so many days. He probably had more mileage under his belt before his first grand prix than I have now. It’s pretty difficult. Without going into details, everything I’ve learned is very important. In terms of improving, I need to sort out qualifying. It’s not the be-all and end-all though; I have to think bigger picture. I have to think of the race and everything else. I’m not too worried."

15:41 Just 20 minutes of running left today. Teams and drivers must be getting a bit frustrated now with the mixed weather that has hit the first two days of testing

15:42 Another practice stop for Ricciardo

15:42 Red flag

15:43 Just waiting for the timing screens and CCTV to give us an idea of who has stopped. Could well be an out of fuel test by one of the teams

15:44 It's van der Garde who has stopped between Turns 4 and 5

15:44 Definitely some mechanical issue as he has pulled over on to the grass on the inside. He is out of the car and trying to hitch a lift back to the pits

15:44 Taner Selv asks: "How do you compare last year's car with the new one?"
JEV: "The new one is definitely better. It’s a new car, new suspension, new chassis, new everything. There’s no carry-over from last year, except the drivers. But how it is compared to the other teams, I can’t say."

15:46 The rescue truck is with van der Garde already. Car should be back at the pits in a few minutes which means they should be able to resume the session soon

15:47 Richard Poulter asks: "When you got into F1, what was the biggest surprise?
JEV: "I remember the day of my first F1 test, which was in Abu Dhabi in the Toro Rosso. I had to do a constant-speed run at 100kph down the back straight. I wasn’t full throttle coming out of the pitlane. I wasn’t full-throttle anywhere until I got to the straight on my first lap. As I came onto the straight I went full throttle and my head was thrown back in my seat. The acceleration was just incredible. I went through 100, 200kph. I couldn’t see what speed I was doing. Then I saw the marker board to brake and I braked and the sensation of the braking was incredible too. I was like ‘woah!’ That was one hell of a first impression. After that, I picked up the rest of it pretty quickly.

15:49 The Caterham crew has got a nice green cover for its CT03 as it gets lifted on to the back of the truck

15:49 Aurelien from Paris: "Do you have what it takes to gain promotion to Red Bull next year?"
"It’s hard to say what you need to do, or even if there will be a seat available. If there is then Daniel [Ricciardo] and I will both want it, but so will a lot of other drivers. I think at the very minimum you need to beat your team-mate and have a really good, consistent season. But if I spend time worrying about that, I won’t improve myself or move forward."

15:52 The rescue truck has taken a short cut back to the pits, and we are green again

15:53 Only eight minutes to go but cars are heading out already. We have Grosjean, Button, Maldonado, Ricciardo, Chilton and Rosberg on track

15:54 Now Vettel and Hulkenberg have joined the action too

15:55 Every second counts in testing at this stage, so there are a few practice pit stops going on. Ricciardo and Button have been in and out of the pits

15:55 David Toth: You have been part of Red Bull's junior programme for years. If you got an offer from another bigger team, would you accept it or would you wait for a vacancy at Red Bull?
JEV: "Everything has to be considered. I want to be a world champion and I’m sure that if Helmut Marko thinks I’m the kind of driver that can be a world champion at Red Bull, then one day I’ll be racing for them. If not, I won’t. It makes no real sense to try and make plans like this at the moment.

15:56 Red flag again

15:57 @ZuzF1: For this year you and Daniel have new engineers. Was it your decision or the team's? How much input have you had on the STR8? Did you have a wish list of what you would like?
JEV: "My old engineer wanted to do something else, so that meant I had to change. It was a team decision because after only one year in F1, you don’t have the ability to influence that kind of decision. Maybe a more experience driver, or a world champion, could request an engineer and get them, but I don’t have that kind of pretention."

15:57 Looks like Maldonado has stopped at the end of the pit straight

15:58 With only two minutes to go, it is unlikely that we will get a restart here

15:58 Indeed, the chequered flag comes out bringing an end to the day's proceedings.

15:59 Brian Lelas asks: Despite outscoring your team-mate last year, there seems to be a general opinion that he had a stronger season than you, mostly down to the qualifying record. Do you think that this is a fair assessment of 2012 for you and the team?
JEV:: "Fair or not, we both had a pretty average season last year, considering the car we had. Personally I could have done much, much better. It is fair to say that Daniel did better than me in qualifying, but to finish him in the championship was not easy, because when you start from further down the grid, it’s not easy to score points. Plus you have to look bigger picture in qualifying these days. Last year there were a lot of times when the rear tyres were going to be a concern in the race, so you had to set your car up to understeer in order to look after the tyres. Of course, you have to live with this through qualifying too, which is a disadvantage. Things like that put you behind in qualifying, but come back to you."

15:59 So Grosjean ends day two of Barcelona on top of the times - with Fernando Alonso at the bottom!

JEV16:00 But we still have Jean-Eric Vergne here so we'll plug on with the questions for a few more minutes.

16:02 Bogata Borbely asks: Are you disappointed that we have three French drivers on the grid but no French GP? And if you could choose a place, where would you like to have your home race?
JEV: "Yes, of course. I’d have loved the chance to race in front of my home crowd. It’s a big shame for the French fans. I don’t really mind where it is. The track I started at was Le Mans, and it’s my favourite, so I guess that would be quite cool, but I like Paul Ricard too.

16:04 @pietlambert asks: In a marathon, which F1 driver would win and where would you finish?
JEV: Jenson does a lot of triathlons, and Fernando does a lot too. I think they’d be very good. Maybe I’d be on the podium. I do a lot of training, but I’ve never done a marathon, or even had an ambition to do one. I’d prefer to concentrate on F1 and leave other competitions for other years."

16:05 @jacknaven asks: When did Red Bull sign you to their junior program and what do you think prompted them to sign you?
JEV: "They signed me at the end of 2007 after I’d won Formula Campus in France. We had a shoot-out in Formula Renaults. I was fighting against four other guys, one of whom was Daniel [Ricciardo], and I had two lots of four laps, both on new tyres, to show how fast I could be. I just put everything into those laps, because I knew that without Red Bull, my career could be over right there. I think I was well-prepared for the Red Bull philosophy because every year I raced, right from karting, I knew I had to win or it would be over. My family was not so rich and at one stage my father had to sell both the cars to keep me going."

16:07 And finally, @Katieonapodium asks: What is the greatest sacrifice that you have had to make since started your career?
JEV:"Giving up school and moving from my home to La Rochelle to be close to SG Formula (the team he raced for in Formula Renault) and then moving to Milton Keynes. La Rochelle was a lot nicer than Milton Keynes."

16:08 And that's a wrap. Thanks to everybody who sent in a question for Jean-Eric Vergne and to those of you that weighed in on the weather debate and the greatest Italian racing car discussion.

16:09 And, of course, a massive thanks to Jean-Eric Vergne himself for taking the time to answer your questions.

Max Chilton Marussia F1 201316:10 We'll be back with more of the same tomorrow. Good night from Barcelona.

P Driver Team Time
1  GrosjeanLotus 1m22.716s
2  ButtonMcLaren 1m23.181s  +0.465
3  MaldonadoWilliams 1m23.628s  +0.912
4  VettelRed Bull 1m23.743s  +1.027
5  HulkenbergSauber 1m23.744s  +1.028
6  SutilForce India 1m24.215s  +1.499
7  RicciardoToro Rosso 1m25.483s  +2.767
8  ChiltonMarussia 1m25.598s  +2.882
9  van der GardeCaterham 1m26.316s  +3.600
10  RosbergMercedes 1m26.655s  +3.939
11  AlonsoFerrari 1m27.878s  +5.162
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Overcast High Temp: 10°C / 50°F
Track: Damp
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