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As it happened: Test day four
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
07:37 Good morning from Barcelona and the final day of 2013 Formula 1 pre-season testing from Spain.

07:40 Two weeks from now the season-opening Australian Grand Prix will be over and we will know (sort of) exactly what the competitive order is. For now, it's total guesswork.

07:41 Today though, with the weather looking good, we should see plenty of race simulations from the teams, pointing towards some kind of idea of how fast each car is.

07:42 Our suspicion is that we'll get a reasonable idea of the order, except when it comes to Red Bull. They may run heavy and wait for Melbourne before showing exactly what the RB9 can do. But let's see...

07:54 The driver list for today in the press room is:
Red Bull - Vettel
Ferrari - Alonso
McLaren - Button
Lotus - Raikkonen (but we are awaiting confirmation after he missed yesterday)
Mercedes - Rosberg
Sauber - Hulkenberg
Force India - di Resta
Williams - Maldonado/Bottas
Toro Rosso - Ricciardo
Caterham - Pic
Marussia - Bianchi

07:57 For what's happened so far, have a look at our blog, trackside verdict and tech overview.

Nico Rosberg08:00 And we're off. Rosberg, Bianchi and Raikkonen head out.

08:01 And Hulkenberg and Button. And Pic. The teams are eager to get up and running on the final day of testing.

08:02 Ricciardo joins in for Toro Rosso. All putting their installation laps early.

08:02 Rosberg comes by the pits on a constant speed run.

08:05 Strange-looking sensor in front of the left sidepod on Rosberg's Mercedes.

08:08 10 cars have now either been out, or are currently on circuit, but nobody has yet done a flying lap.

08:09 Everyone has now been out on track. Alonso comes past the pits on the soft tyre.

08:12 @ScarbsF1 confirms it is an aero rake, which has a load of airflow sensors, on the front of the Mercedes. Presumably the team is trying something new on the front end.

08:12 Di Resta is the first to set a flyer, 1m28.643s.

08:14 Hulkenberg now does a lap. Like di Resta, he is on the medium tyre.

08:15 And the Sauber now goes fastest on 1m27.651s.

08:17 The track is quiet again, so nobody is doing a long run yet.

08:18 Bianchi heads out.

08:21 Bianchi is the third man to set a time, with 1m32.906s.

08:22 And then 1m31.989s.

08:26 Bianchi pits, so the track is empty once more.

Charles Pic08:28 Pic heads out for Caterham.

08:29 There's a decent crowd gathering in the stands, with an 'Alonso, you'll never walk alone' banner being the biggest so far.

08:30 Vettel heads down pitlane on hards. Maldonado also hits the track.

08:33 Constant speed test for Button, Maldonado completes a slow lap on hards.

08:35 Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is in the pitlane. First time we've seen him this week.

08:36 Pic and Maldonado both improve as Rosberg heads out for Mercedes.

08:38 Rosberg does 1m22.825s on mediums. That is just over two seconds slower than Hamilton did yesterday on the softs.

08:40 Alonso comes by on the soft rubber.

08:40 And Rosberg now does 1m22.381s

08:41 Alonso goes second, just under the 1m26 mark.

Fernando Alonso08:43 Hulkenberg, on the medium, jumps to second. Alonso comes past the pits doing a constant speed test.

08:44 Rosberg and Hulkenberg are currently lapping in the 1m24s on the medium tyres.

08:47 Ricciardo keeps improving his time while on the hard tyre.

08:48 Button goes second on 1m24.255s, Bianchi also improves.

08:49 The McLaren is on the mediums.

08:51 Di Resta does 1m27.319s. The Force India is currently sixth.

08:54 Di Resta and Bianchi improve again, then pit. Only Vettel and Raikkonen have yet to set a time.

08:57 Alonso goes second quickest with 1m22.988s. Vettel heads out, on supersofts.

08:57 Bianchi improves again. Alonso is on the medium tyre.

09:00 Rosberg, quickest so far, is now out on an unmarked set of tyres.

09:02 And goes quicker, on 1m21.277s, so it must be the soft tyre!

09:02 Huge screens around the Ferrari as soon as it stops.

09:04 Rosberg was the fastest of all so far in sectors two and three on his 1m21.3s lap.

09:05 Pic has moved back ahead of Bianchi in the fight between Caterham and Marussia.

Pastor Maldonado09:06
Maldonado improves twice to go fourth. We now have Mercedes-Ferrari-McLaren-Williams.

09:08 Rosberg pits, leaving just Maldonado, Pic and Bianchi out on track.

09:09 Maldonado comes in after his run on the hard tyres.

09:13 Raikkonen has only done one installation lap. Vettel has completed eight laps, but all have been in or out laps.

09:13 Ricciardo hits the track, Pic comes in.

09:14 As does Bianchi for a quick stop, then the Marussia heads straight back out.

09:16 Ricciardo, who is on the medium, improves to 1m25.023s.

09:17 And now he is in the 1m24s to move ahead of Hulkenberg.

09:19 Alonso, Hulkenberg and di Resta are now on track too.

09:19 And di Resta moves Force India to fourth on 1m24.284s.

09:20 Alonso has done another 1m22, just 0.007s slower than his best.

09:23 The Ferrari's next laps are 1m23.5 and 1m25.0 as the medium tyre falls away. Button is now also out on the medium.

09:24 Di Resta and Bianchi pit, leaving just Alonso and Button out on track. Alonso conducts a constant speed test.

Jenson Button09:25
Bianchi heads straight back out and Button improves to 1m23.533s.

09:26 Alonso brings the F138 in as Button blasts by, this time recording a 1m24.4.

09:27 And the McLaren then records 1m25.2.

09:30 So 3 laps on the mediums:

Alonso - 1m23.0s, 1m23.5s, 1m25.0s

Button - 1m23.5s, 1m24.4s, 1m25.2s.

But we don't know fuel loads!

09:30 And Button carries on, 1m26.0 and 1m27.0s.

09:31 Pic improves to 1m24.840s for Caterham, on the medium tyres.

09:32 Button now pits and goes straight back out.

09:34 Pic's medium-tyred time is only around 0.6s off team-mate Giedo van der Garde's effort from yesterday, set on the soft.

09:36 Vettel heads down the pitlane. Will he finally set a time?

09:39 Maldonado improves with a 1m23.986 and Alonso also goes quicker with 1m21.739s.

09:40 And Vettel sets a time! He goes third, 1m22.844s.

09:41 Alonso was on unmarked soft tyres for his time. Vettel is also on softs.

Montjuich Park09:42
A bit of discussion going on in the Barcelona press room about the history of the Spanish Grand Prix. Neither @krt917 nor @mrjamieoleary had even been born when Montjuich Park - about 45 minutes down the road from where we're sat - held its last race. We both agree its fever though, so here's a sneaky pic.

09:42 After a slow lap, Vettel goes again and does a 1m23.9.

09:43 Hulkenberg is back out in the Sauber as Maldonado's Williams returns to the pitlane.

09:43 Vettel does a 1m25.8 on the softs.

09:44 Hulkenberg goes fifth fastest with 1m23.778s on mediums.

09:45 A 1m26.3 for Vettel, still lapping on the softs. Alonso pits.

09:45 So let's throw open the doors to a bit of nostalgia. We want to know what are your favourite Spanish GP memories. Email us at or tweet us at @autosportlive. We'll pick the best ones to feature on the blog during the remainder of the morning (and we'll dig out more cool pics too).

09:52 A brief lull, with only Ricciardo doing proper laps, in the 1m24s and 1m25s on the medium tyre.

09:58 And this explains why Raikkonen hasn't recorded a time:

@Lotus_F1Team Though Kimi is fighting fit, the E21 has a little gearbox sniffle. Kimi's having a quick nap as we apply Vix vapour rub to the box

10:00 So, at the half-way point of the morning session the order is:

Mercedes-Ferrari-Red Bull-McLaren-Sauber

10:01 Alonso and Button head out.

10:03 Button improves to 1m23.302s, but is still fourth.

10:04 Alonso goes fastest, 1m21.024s on the soft tyre.

10:05 That is the second fastest time of this final test so far, only behind Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes lap set yesterday.

10:05 Alonso's next lap is a 1m23.1.

10:06 Vettel is now out too, on unmarked tyres.

10:07 Maldonado and di Resta both improve on the mediums.

Sebastian Vettel10:08
Vettel improves to 1m22.514s, so he's probably on the soft unmarked tyre.

10:09 Rosberg is out on the softs. Button is doing a longish run on the hards, so he should be able to better his 1m23.3 on softer rubber.

10:10 And Rosberg responds to Alonso's mark with 1m20.723s, less than 0.2s slower than Hamilton's best yesterday.

10:14 Rosberg and Alonso pit. Button is doing 1m26s on the hard, Vettel 1m27s on his unmarked tyres.

10:14 A 1m28 for Vettel now, Button pits.

10:18 Bianchi continues giving his Marussia team pitstop practice. Only he and Ricciardo are now circulating.

Michael Schumacher10:24
Time for some of your favourite Spanish Grand Prix memories.

Kicking us off is Stefan Sek, who says: "Schumacher’s first win for Ferrari in Barcelona in the wet. An amazing drive in terrible conditions. He was using different lines to anyone else looking for grip and running about 3 seconds a lap quicker than anyone else. Amazing."

10:25 Alonso improves to 1m20.809s, less than a tenth behind the pacesetting Mercedes.

10:27 Button is out on the hards again.

10:27 Alonso's best is now almost half a second faster than Massa managed yesterday.

10:30 Di Resta improves again, 1m23.739s.

10:32 The midfield pack looks tight. Less than a tenth currently covers Force India, Sauber and Williams.

10:33 Vettel is on another unmarked tyre run. Only he and Button are on track at the moment.

10:33 Pacesetter Rosberg joins them.

10:37 Rosberg records a 1m20.794s on the soft.

10:38 Pic takes Caterham to fifth, 1m23.638s.

10:39 He is on the soft tyre.

Gilles Villeneuve10:40 Favourite Spanish GPs:

Carlos Flores Martin: "My favourite memory from the Spanish GP has to b e the final laps - well, it was almost half the race wasn't it - of the 1981 race at Jarama, with Gilles Villeneuve holding off that wild bunch of cars and. My then favourite driver, Elio de Angelis, finished closer to the front than he'd ever been before - although still in fifth place."

@mrjamieoleary loves this shot because there's a Ligier in it.

10:45 Alonso heads out on softs. Only the Ferrari and Maldonado are currently on circuit.

10:45 And the Williams goes fourth with 1m22.767s on the soft tyre, knocking Button to fifth.

10:47 Hulkenberg is back out on the medium.

10:48 Alonso does a 1m20.900s, so, like Rosberg, he has missed out on an improvement by a fraction.

10:50 Alonso was the quickest of all so far today in the first sector, set a personal best in the second, but lost out in the third.

10:51 Meanwhile, Hulkenberg has taken Sauber to fifth on 1m22.855s. That's not a bad lap on the medium tyre.

Mansell Senna10:55 Favourite Spanish GPs:

@nobleF1 picks an obvious one: “It’s a cliché, I know, but I can’t look past Mansell passing Senna in 1991 and that iconic sight of two of F1’s all-time greats dueling just inches apart. Mansell proved over and over again that he’s the one man Senna couldn’t intimidate, no matter how hard he tried.

Need a refresher? Watch it here.

10:56 An update from Lotus:

@Lotus_F1Team We think the gearbox has picked up Kimi's bug so we're drafting in a replacement. Fortunately, it doesn't need to be flown in from Paris

10:58 Hulkenberg goes third fastest with 1m21.541s. He's on an unmarked set of tyres, so almost certainly the softs. Bianchi has also improved.

11:00 And now Pic's Caterham records 1m23.115s.

11:01 We're expecting most teams to try race runs this afternoon, so the last hour of the morning session could include the final 'qualifying' efforts.

11:02 Vettel is currently in the 1m23s and 1m24s on the medium tyre.

11:03 Alonso is back out on the softs. Can he topple Rosberg? The Mercedes is also currently on track.

11:04 Favourite Spanish GPs...

Borbely Bogata: "My favourite memories of a Spanish GP come from 2011 when a very strong Sebastian Vettel was holding off Lewis Hamilton to take an unusually close victory."

11:05 And Alonso does it, a 1m20.606s, just a fraction down on Hamilton's best yesterday.

11:07 And Rosberg responds again with 1m20.130s on the softs. That is the best time we have seen this week.

11:08 Maldonado also improves, on the soft, but fails to dislodge Hulkenberg from third.

11:10 And di Resta moves to sixth on 1m22.828s. He is on the medium compound.

11:11 Hulkenberg, the only man on track at the moment, records 1m21.7. That is two tenths off his earlier best.

Johnny Herbert11:13 Favourite Spanish GPs...

Not at all influenced by the fact that @johnnyherbertf1 is sitting just across from him in the press room, but @mrjamieoleary got pretty excited when Brentwood's fastest export left the pits with a rear jack still attached to his Benetton during the 1995 race. Johnny took his first F1 podium that afternoon too.

11:14 Alonso goes back out on the soft...

11:15 The Ferrari improves, but not by enough to beat Rosberg's Mercedes.

11:17 It does, however, put Alonso ahead of Lewis Hamilton's best of 1m20.558s yesterday.

11:18 Button is out. He's finally going to have a run on the soft tyre with just over 40 minutes to go.

11:18 We could just as well be covering the 1995 Spanish GP today. Johnny Herbert (in a Benetton that day) is now chatting with Mika Salo (Tyrrell) while Damon Hill (Williams) has been spotted in the pitlane. Martin Brundle (Ligier) is in the paddock too.

11:19 Bianchi improves, but the Marussia is still slowest to have recorded a time.

11:19 Button goes fourth, 1m21.664s.

11:21 Di Resta has also improved, running on the soft.

11:22 Rosberg is out again. Can he do a 1m19?

11:23 No, it's a 1m20.180s. Vettel heads out on the medium.

11:23 Button in the 1m21s and 1m22s on the soft.

11:25 Alonso is now out on another set of softs.

11:26 Vettel does a 1m22.7 on his medium tyre.

11:27 Alonso does a 1m20.503s, so still second.

11:30 Maldonado has a go on the supersoft, but doesn't improve. Di Resta is now out on softs.

11:32 And the Force India improves to 1m21.984s, but remains fifth.

11:34 Vettel in. Another lull, with only Rosberg and Ricciardo out there.

11:35 Alonso heads out again.

11:37 Rosberg is on the medium tyre and has first flying lap is a 1m26. Alonso has gone the other way and is trying the supersoft.

11:37 The two pacesetters are now the only cars on track.

11:38 Another 1m26 for Rosberg on the mediums. Alonso, not far behind, does 1m21.208s on the supersoft.

Mika Hakkinen David Coulthard 200111:38 Favourite Spanish GPs...

Matias in Finland: “The most memorable Spanish GP has to be the 2001 race when Mika Hakkinen – whom I was a huge fan of – was on his way to a fourth straight Barcelona win, only to retire on the final lap with smoke pouring out of the back of his McLaren. I couldn't believe either my own eyes nor Mika’s bad luck, for which he was probably almost as famous as he was for his talent.”

11:39 The Ferrari's time is almost exactly the same as Massa did on the same tyre yesterday.

11:41 Alonso in, Bianchi out.

11:42 Rosberg still circulating on the mediums, now in the 1m27s.

11:43 Bianchi records 1m23.167s in the Marussia to jump Ricciardo.

11:44 Button is now out on unmarked tyres.

11:45 Rosberg is still lapping in the 1m27s.

11:45 And Button goes third for McLaren with 1m21.444s.

11:47 Ricciardo improves, but is still last. Vettel heads out on mediums.

11:51 Rosberg's pounding around on the mediums and lapping well off his pace on the softs. He's done 46 laps so far this morning - 13 less than Alonso in second.

11:53 A 1m29.2 followed by a 1m28.4 for Rosberg on those mediums. If only we knew what fuel load he was running with.

11:55 Alonso's straight into the pits and before we can even get across to the window to see what tyres he has on, the Ferrari mechanics surround the car. Those screens have something of a 'hospital cubicle' feel to them.

11:57 There's only four minutes left, but Kimi Raikkonen has made it out in the Lotus, gearbox freshly-installed.

11:59 Two flying laps brings Raikkonen into the 1m24s. He's still last, and he's using the soft tyres. Rosberg's mediums have dropped from a 29.2 four laps ago to a 29.6 now, and di Resta - out on the supersofts is around 0.6s off his best time on softs.

12:00 The chequered flag is out for the end of the session.

12:01 Heading into the final lunch break of pre-season testing, it's Nico Rosberg on top from Fernando Alonso with Jenson Button third in his McLaren. Red Bull, not showing its true pace, has Vettel seventh for now.

Rosberg12:03 Join us again from 13:00 UK time (14:00 CET) for full coverage of the afternoon session, in which we should see some race runs on heavy fuel loads and get the best indication yet of who is setting the pace, and who is lagging behind.

13:01 And we're up and running again!

13:01 We're expecting more race runs than qualifying-style efforts this afternoon, but we'll do our best to keep an eye on how everyone is getting on.

13:02 Rosberg, fastest this morning, is already out on the mediums.

13:03 We're also expecting Max Chilton to take over from Bianchi at Marussia and Valtteri Bottas to replace Pastor Maldonado at Williams.

13:05 Raikkonen, who had gearbox problems this morning, immediately goes quicker on 1m23.890s for Lotus.

13:08 Rosberg does a 1m29, then a 1m27.

13:08 Chilton, on hards, sets a time (1m32.028) to get himself on the timesheets.

13:10 Button, who is also on mediums, is running much slower than Rosberg, so he could be carrying a lot o fuel.

13:13 Kimi pits. He's lost a lot of running time this weekend, so his programme may be quite different to everyone else's.

13:15 Chilton improves. His best time from Friday's running was 1m25.6.

13:16 It will be interesting to see how close he can get to Bianchi's times from this morning. Bianchi has a better junior record and has experience as an F1 tester, but has had less running in the MR02.

13:18 Rosberg in the 1m29s and 1m30s, 10 laps into his stint.

13:22 And back in the 1m28s. Good of Mercedes and Rosberg to do this run so early; hopefully it will give us a benchmark run for later.

13:23 It is a longer run than Hamilton did yesterday. He did several 10-lap stints, but not a race distance.

13:23 Di Resta comes past the pits and pulls out to pass Pic in the Caterham.

13:25 Rosberg continues. Hamilton was pretty please with the car yesterday, as we explored in our blog.

13:26 Di Resta is on a run on softs, Raikkonen has just gone out on mediums.

13:26 Alonso is also out, on softs.

13:28 Rosberg pits at last and does not go straight out again, so it's not a race run.

13:29 Ex-McLaren man Marc Priestley was impressed by the Mercedes when he joined AUTOSPORT trackside yesterday.

13:30 Alonso does a 1m25 on the soft, Button a 1m32 on the medium.

13:33 Raikkonen on mediums: 1m25.2, then pits
Alonso on softs: 1m26.2
Button on mediums: 1m32s

13:35 Favourite Spanish GPs...

AUTOSPORT has just thought of another great Spanish GP: Ayrton Senna's Lotus just holding off the charging Williams of Nigel Mansell at Jerez in 1986. One of F1's closest finishes.

13:36 Back to the current action and Alonso is in the 1m27s on his soft-tyred run, though the previous lap was a slow 1m32.

13:38 Hulkenberg is having a run on softs, but he is 10 seconds or more off his pace this morning on the same rubber, so he is presumably very heavy with fuel.

13:39 Alonso does a constant speed test down the start-finish straight so he is not yet on a proper run.

13:39 Pic completes a 15-lap run for Caterham.

13:40 Button pits, Rosberg goes back out on mediums.

13:41 Di Resta is now on a stint with the hards. Alonso pits after his soft-tyre run.

13:42 Rosberg does a 1m27.6, Hulkenberg is now out on hards.

13:43 Only Rosberg, Hulkenberg, di Resta and Pic are currently on track.

13:43 A 1m27.1 for Rosberg. Hulk does a 1m29.9.

13:45 Hulkenberg on the hard, 1m29.4. Rosberg on the medium, 1m27.6.

13:49 Hulk now into the 1m31s, a slow lap for Rosberg - 1m40s. Did he back off? Make a mistake? Either way, he does a 1m28.3 next time through as he continues his run.

13:50 Kimi takes the Lotus back out, on mediums.

13:51 And a 1m28.7 for Rosberg.

13:51 Raikkonen sets a new personal best, but there is surely a lot more to come from Lotus today.

13:53 AUTOSPORT's team saw some GP2 teams parked up outside this morning, ready for their testing to start later in the week, and some of the mechanics/engineers have just been spied apparently trying to get into Red Bull!

13:54 Bottas comes out for his first laps of the day, on unmarked Pirellis.

13:54 And records 1m24.882s.

13:55 Another slowish lap from Rosberg, so this run won't give us the answers we're looking for!

13:56 Alonso takes the Ferrari F138 down the pitlane.

13:56 And Button goes out on hards.

13:57 Hulkenberg, still circulating on the hards, is in the 1m32s at the moment.

13:58 Alonso is on softs.

14:00 Rosberg and Button lap in the 1m29s, Hulkenberg is now in the 1m33s on his long run.

14:00 Kimi pits, and Hulkenberg finally pits after a 12-lap run on hards.

14:01 The Sauber goes straight back out again. Alonso is in the 1m25s on his soft tyres.

14:02 Hulk is on the mediums now, while di Resta is on the hards. They are quite close together.

14:04 Rosberg continues on this stint. Last lap took 1m29.442s.

14:05 Rosberg finally pits after 17 flying laps.

14:09 If you want a quick look at how today's times compare to the rest of the final Barcelona test, have a look at our test reports:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

14:10 Another constant speed test for Ferrari.

Hulkenberg currently in the 1m30s on mediums.

14:12 Di Resta, on quite a long run with the hard, is in the 1m31s.

14:13 And now the Force India comes in after a 12-lap run.

14:14 Button also pits, after 11 laps on the hards. The McLaren's pace was pretty similar to Force India's on that run, but we don't know what fuel loads they are running. We suspect McLaren may be a bit heavier.

14:15 Vettel finally goes out, on unmarked tyres. Red Bull has been pretty clever so far with its use of the unmarked rubber...

14:16 Red Bull is keeping everyone, including the teams, guessing.

14:16 Di Resta is now out on the mediums, 1m29.934s.

14:17 Hulkenberg, much further into his medium-tyred run, laps in 1m30.7.

14:18 Vettel does 1m34.699s, which tells us very little.

14:19 And then a 1m24.915s, one of the fastest laps of the afternoon.

14:23 Vettel's flying laps this stint:

Hulkenberg is in the 1m31s, di Resta on 1m28s/1m29s.

14:23 Vettel laps in 1m27.5 and he is now not far behind Hulkenberg.

14:24 Button is out, again on hards.

14:25 Hulkenberg comes in as Rosberg goes out.

14:25 And Hulkenberg straight out again.

14:26 Vettel does 1m29.245.

14:26 Bottas does his best lap of the day, 1m23.605s.

Vettel pits.

14:28 Hulkenberg is back out on mediums and is not far behind di Resta, also on mediums.

14:29 Button on hards: 1m30.279s. Rosberg is back out on mediums and does a 1m26.980s.

14:30 Hulkenberg edges 0.3s closer to di Resta.

14:31 Rosberg, 1m27.184s. Ricciardo comes out and is on hards.

14:31 Hulkenberg edges closer to di Resta again. Will the close proximity spoil their runs?

14:32 Alonso goes back out on unmarked tyres, Rosberg laps in 1m27.618s.

14:34 Alonso does 1m26.7 on the unmarked tyres. Rosberg 1m28.2 on mediums.

14:35 Hulkenberg does a slow lap. Could this be to give himself some room? He had been getting nearer and nearer to di Resta's Force India.

14:35 Alonso 1m27.1, Rosberg 1m28.5.

14:36 And di Resta pits as Hulkenberg gets straight back into the 1m29s.

14:37 Alonso 1m27.5, Rosberg 1m29.5.

14:37 di Resta has gone straight back out on mediums.

14:38 Vettel goes out and guess what...he's on unmarked tyres again. How many of those does Red Bull have?!

14:40 Alonso, on unmarked tyres, is now pretty close to Rosberg, on mediums.

14:40 di Resta does a 1m26.573s lap on his new mediums, then a 1m27.3. Hulkenberg pits.

14:41 A slow lap from Rosberg allows Alonso through.

14:42 So it's a 1m29.1 for the Ferrari and a 1m36 for the Mercedes.

Vettel does a 1m24.490s on his unmarked rubber.

14:43 Another 1m29 for Alonso on his, while Rosberg laps in 1m31.8s.

14:44 Ricciardo is lapping in the 1m24s on his unmarked tyres, so he is currently the fastest driver on track.

14:45 Vettel does a 1m27 and has overtaken Rosberg (1m34). Alonso has just recorded 1m28.985s.

14:45 Button continues on his hard-tyred run and is now in the 1m32s. Rosberg pits.

14:46 As does Ricciardo. Di Resta continues past the pits with a 1m29.1.

14:48 Button finally comes in.Di Resta does another 1m29s on the mediums.

14:50 Chilton joins Vettel and di Resta on track.

14:50 Vettel pits.

14:52 Chilton improves, but is still at the bottom of the times.

Vettel on umarked tyres14:54 An example of why people can't decide exactly where Red Bull is at:

14:56 Bottas goes out on softs with the Williams FW35.

14:58 And Bottas does a 1m22.721s to go eighth. That's 0.3s off Maldonado's best this morning.

14:59 The F1 rookie has been a fraction behind his team-mate at this test, but that's probably not a disaster given that Maldonado won the GP here last year!

15:00 Button is back out. Di Resta is still out there, 1m29.535s last time through.

15:01 Button is on the hards again, 1m30.817s.

15:02 Di Resta pits. Ricciardo heads out. We're not getting the full race simulations we expected.

15:03 Miracle of miracles! Vettel goes out and he has pant on his tyres. It's orange, so that's the hard. Hopefully we'll be able to compare this to Button, who is in the 1m30s.

15:04 Ricciardo comes slowly down the pitlane.

15:04 Button does 1m29.893s.

15:04 So Vettel's 'target' is 1m30-1m30-1m29.

15:05 Button does a 1m29.916, so pretty consistent in this stint on the hards.

15:07 And Vettel does a 1m23.492s! So either McLaren has a major problem, or the Red Bull is A LOT lighter...

15:07 Bottas is out on the softs, Alonso on the hards.

15:09 Bottas improves his time to 1m22.524s to move closer to his team-mate's morning time.

15:10 Raikkonen, on mediums, improves to 1m23.399s.

15:11 Alonso does 1m25.9 on the hards, Vettel - further into his run - does 1m26.4 on the same compound.

15:12 Button is still going round in the 1m30s. Vettel does 1m27.2, Alonso 1m26.2.

15:14 Chilton improves to 1m26.314s.

15:14 Rosberg is out on mediums.

15:15 Kimi is in. Vettel 1m27.6, Alonso 1m27.2.

15:18 Rosberg 1m26.9 and 1m28.3 on mediums.

15:19 Vettel has come in and Alonso's times have now fallen into the 1m31s, almost as slow as Button on his long hard-tyred run.

15:22 Button finally comes in.

15:22 Rosberg still in the 1m28s.

15:24 Hulkenberg has strung together a number of 1m28s and 1m29s on mediums. Button has finally switched to mediums too.

15:26 Kimi goes out on softs.

15:27 And the Lotus sets 1m21.866s to go sixth fastest.

15:29 Button does a 1m28.537s. That's not very quick for the mediums, so for McLaren's sake, let's hope he really is carrying a lot of fuel.

15:29 Bottas is having a go with the supersoft.

15:32 Another 1m28 from Button. Alonso is in. Rosberg is also in the 1m28s.

15:33 Bottas comes in. Like most, he hasn't been able to improve on the supersoft tyre.

15:35 Vettel heads out on hards.

15:39 Kimi improves again to 1m21.658s. The Lotus is now fifth quickest today.

15:42 Only four cars on track now. Things seem to be winding down.

15:46 Pic is still lapping near his best for Caterham, but most other cars are either in the pits or lapping relatively slowly.

15:49 Just 10 minutes of 2013 F1 pre-season testing to go!

15:50 Raikkonen goes for another time, but can't beat his recent 1m21.658.

15:51 With no race sims happening, will anyone try a last-gasp glory run?

15:52 Practice pitstop for Red Bull. Not quite the excitement we were after, but important work nonetheless.

15:52 Quite a few cars heading out on track.

15:57 Lots of cars flash by the pits, but nobody seems to be going for a quick time.

15:58 AUTOSPORT's Jamie O'Leary has noticed that Red Bull and Toro Rosso are not changing tyres at their pitstop practices, but McLaren is.

15:59 Raikkonen does another 1m21.9. The Lotus is easily the quickest car out there at the moment, but remains fifth overall.

16:00 And that's it. Pre-season F1 testing is over for 2013.

16:00 We didn't get the race runs we were after, but we did get quite a bit of data.

16:02 We'll start number-crunching and talking to people in the paddock to bring you lots of pre-Melbourne analysis in the magazine and online in the coming days.

16:02 Be sure to look out for our blog and any news on tonight.

16:04 Thanks for joining us to see Mercedes end the second Barcelona test on top.

Roll on Melbourne!

16:28 For a quick summary of today's running, take a look at our test overview.

P Driver Team Time
1  RosbergMercedes 1m20.130s
2  AlonsoFerrari 1m20.494s  +0.364
3  ButtonMcLaren 1m21.444s  +1.314
4  HulkenbergSauber 1m21.541s  +1.411
5  RaikkonenLotus 1m21.658s  +1.528
6  di RestaForce India 1m21.664s  +1.534
7  MaldonadoWilliams 1m22.415s  +2.285
8  VettelRed Bull 1m22.514s  +2.384
9  BottasWilliams 1m22.524s  +2.394
10  PicCaterham 1m23.115s  +2.985
11  BianchiMarussia 1m23.167s  +3.037
12  RicciardoToro Rosso 1m23.628s  +3.498
13  ChiltonMarussia 1m24.103s  +3.973
All timing unofficial. Updated: 15:39 GMT
Mainly sunny High Temp: 14°C / 57°F
Track: Dry
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