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As it happened: The Monaco Grand Prix
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Rosberg11:30 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for round six of the 2013 FIA Formula 1 world championship - the Monaco Grand Prix from the streets of Monte Carlo.

Nico Rosberg blazed a trail to grab pole yesterday in difficult and drying track conditions with a superb lap of 1m13.876. Lewis Hamilton claimed second spot to ensure another Mercedes front row lockout on the grid, ahead of Sebastian Vettel in third, Mark Webber fourth, Kimi Raikkonen fifth and Fernando Alonso only sixth.

Rosberg takes third straight pole position

Mercedes11:32 But there was consternation this morning in the principality after it emerged that Pirelli requested Mercedes to stay behind at the Circuit de Catalunya two weeks ago, following its disastrous performance where Rosberg and Hamilton fell away from the front row to finish down in ninth and 11th.

The outfit completed 1,000km of tyre testing over the course of three days and the news has prompted an angry response from rival teams.

Red Bull demands answers over Mercedes' secret Pirelli test
Red Bull protests Mercedes over secret Pirelli F1 tyre test

So there is a lot of angst in the pitlane and this sets us up perfectly for some determined drives and potentially a lot of action in today's 78-lap encounter.

11:33 The pitlane is now open for drivers to drive around to the already packed and bustling grid.

11:34 Here's how the standings look heading into today's Monaco Grand Prix:
World Championship standings, round 5:

Drivers:                    Constructors:              
 1.  Vettel         89        1.  Red Bull-Renault          131
 2.  Raikkonen      85        2.  Ferrari                   117
 3.  Alonso         72        3.  Lotus-Renault             111
 4.  Hamilton       50        4.  Mercedes                   72
 5.  Massa          45        5.  Force India-Mercedes       32
 6.  Webber         42        6.  McLaren-Mercedes           29
 7.  Grosjean       26        7.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari          8
 8.  Di Resta       26        8.  Sauber-Ferrari              5
11:38 Weather conditions are the best for some time and we are set for a dry race.

It is sunny around the Cote d'Azur this afternoon with hardly a cloud in the sky, a light sea breeze coming in off the Mediterranean and a maximum air temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

11:40 Cars lining up on the grid under sunny skies, with strategists surely relived that rain will not be a factor this afternoon.

11:42 Here's how the grid will line up for this classic street encounter.
Pos Driver                Team      
 1. Nico Rosberg          Mercedes
 2. Lewis Hamilton        Mercedes
 3. Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault
 4. Mark Webber           Red Bull-Renault
 5. Kimi Raikkonen        Lotus-Renaults
 6. Fernando Alonso       Ferrari
 7. Sergio Perez          McLaren-Mercedes
 8. Adrian Sutil          Force India-Mercedes
 9. Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes
10. Jean-Eric Vergne      Toro Rosso-Ferrari                           
11. Nico Hulkenberg       Sauber-Ferrari
12. Daniel Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari
13. Romain Grosjean       Lotus-Renault
14. Valtteri Bottas       Williams-Renault
15. Giedo van der Garde   Caterham-Renault
16. Pastor Maldonado      Williams-Renault
17. Paul di Resta         Force India-Mercedes
18. Charles Pic           Caterham-Renault
19. Esteban Gutierrez     Sauber-Ferrari
20. Jules Bianchi         Marussia-Cosworth
21. Felipe Massa          Ferrari
22. Max Chilton           Marussia-Cosworth *

* Five-place gearbox penalty
11:43 Strong chance of deployment here - the safety car is ready for action at the front of the grid but has yet to be used so far this season.

11:45 The pitlane is now closed. Any driver not on their way to the grid by now, will have to start the race from the end of the lane, once the rest of the field has taken the start.

11:46 A packed crowd around the grandstands rises to respect the Monaco national anthem, as it is played out over the public address system.

Tyres11:49 While controversy is never far away when it comes to rubber, Pirelli's soft and super-soft tyres are the selection for the high-quality asphalt on this classic street venue.

Thanks to slow speeds, degradation is expected to be far lower than experienced so far this year, but teams will be looking at the state of the rear tyres, which take punishment under traction out of the slow corners.

Outfits would like to make the distance on one stop, but two tyre changes could open up a complex strategy picture - especially if the safety car finally makes an appearance.

Mercedes is looking to control the pack from the front, but several rivals are surely in a position to pounce if the front-row team once again runs into tyre trouble.

Dry rubber is in plentiful supply today, with the Q3 drivers starting on super-soft and having plenty of tyres left following the damp start to qualifying.

11:49 Final preparations now on the grid as it begins to clear, with the throng of media and VIPs being asked to leave.

11:52 While the tyre test controversy continues to simmer, Mercedes locks out the front row with renewed hope that its drivers can hold the pack.

11:52 The grid girls also begin to clear away, leaving the team members down there to fettle the cars and the race engineers will be having final conversations with their drivers.

11:53 Overtaking remains near-impossible here, despite the single DRS zone down the pit straight.

11:55 Strategists will be looking for the field to spread out in the early stages, allowing leading contenders to pit and emerge in clear air.

11:55 Just five minutes to go until the formation lap begins at Monaco.

11:56 Track temperature is up to 37 degrees Celsius, as the mechanics begin to push the large tyre trolleys away from the grid.

11:57 Nico Rosberg has cool air pumped into the cockpit of his pole-sitting Mercedes. The gloves are off and battle will commence soon.

11:59 Plenty of potential for first corner incident here, as demonstrated in GP2 on Friday, so the drivers will need to be cautious into Turn 1.

11:59 Early indications are that Ricciardo, Grosjean, Gutierrez and Massa will start on the soft compound, which is the harder choice this weekend

11:59 The engines fire with seconds to the formation lap.

12:00 The formation lap begins at Monaco. Rosberg answers the call and leads the field of 22 away from the grid.

12:01 Bianchi did not get away from the grid and is being pushed towards a gap in the wall.

12:01 Rosberg leads the rest of them through the tunnel and down to the harbour front.

12:01 Bianchi is pushed by his mechanics as they look to get him into the pitlane.

12:02 Button reports a "lot of clutch slip" in his McLaren, which could lead to a poor launch.

12:02 Rosberg rounds the final corner and heads for home.

12:03 The front few rows are in position and the pack is forming up nicely. Are you ready? We await the lights...

Lap 1: The five red lights go out and we are racing around the streets of Monaco!

Lap 1: Rosberg gets a poor start off the line but is just able to hold off Hamilton into Ste. Devote.

Lap 1: Down to the harbourside chicane for the first time, it is Rosberg from Hamilton under pressure from Vettel and Webber.

Lap 1: Rosberg is making a quick escape out front as Vettel piles the pressure on second-placed Hamilton.

Lap 1: We have yellows and a shunt down the hill to Loews involving van der Garde.

Lap 2: Webber is secure in fourth, tailed by Raikkonen and Alonso.

Lap 2: Maldonado comes into the pits with a damaged front wing.

Lap 2: Perez is seventh on the road after some squabbling with team-mate Button on the first lap.

Lap 2: Vettel continues to harry Hamilton while Rosberg streaks away up front.

Lap 3: Van der Garde is also in for a new nose. Replays show that Maldonado hit Pic and then immediately afterwards van der Garde hit him.

Lap 3: Rosberg leads by a second from Hamilton, who has Vettel just about attached to his gearbox in these early stages.

Lap 3: DRS is now enabled, allowing the chasing drivers to open the rear wing down the pit straight.

Lap 4: Behind the leading group we have Sutil ninth, Vergne 10th, Hulkenberg 11th, Bottas 12th, Ricciardo 13th and Grosjean in 14th.

Lap 4: Racing into lap four, Rosberg leads from Hamilton, Vettel, Webber, Raikkonen, Alonso, Perez and Button.

Lap 4: Di Resta is 15th in the Force India ahead of Pic, with Gutierrez 17th, Massa up to 18th, Chilton 19th, Bianchi 20th and Maldonado 21st.

Lap 4: Button complains that team-mate Perez cut the chicane on the opening tour to remain ahead. "He's got to stop turning in on me guys," he says

Lap 4: Van der Garde brings up the rear and he is four seconds behind Maldonado's Williams.

Lap 5: Mercedes is holding the pace as a tyre-conserving 1m22.5s lap, with no change in the lead train in these early stages.

Lap 5: Maldonado in 21st posts the fastest lap so far with a time of 1m21.901s. He took on another set of super-soft tyres when the front wing was changed.

Lap 6: Replays show good starts from the Mercedes men off the front, with Hamilton briefly eying a move on Rosberg before defending from Vettel.

Lap 6: Chilton in 19th is beginning to hold up the progress of team-mate Bianchi. Marussia is watching the situation closely.

Lap 6: That's still how it runs on the road, with Hamilton having shaken off the initial heavy pressure from Vettel on the last few laps.

Lap 7: Hamilton could pay later for this spurt of pace, with the team urging the Briton to minimise his "slip angle"

Lap 7: No position changes further down either but Massa in 18th is all over the back of Gutierrez, while Chilton is still ahead of Bianchi.

Lap 7: Rosberg leads by 1.4 seconds at the moment, with Hamilton still second and pulling a similar margin over Vettel now.

Lap 8: Maldonado in 21st sets another new fastest lap of the race with a time of 1m20.941s. He is 19s behind the Marussia pair.

Lap 8: Webber, fourth, and Raikkonen, fifth are right with Vettel, while Alonso is falling back slightly in sixth, likely preserving rubber.

Lap 9: Pic is slowing in the Caterham. He has now stopped and the car has caught fire.

Lap 9: He climbs out while the ACM marshals get to work with a fire extinguisher.

Lap 9: Webber is advised that the field is not spreading enough for a two-stop plan, and is being asked to preserve rubber for a one-stop.

Lap 9: Pic's demise promotes Gutierrez to 16th, Massa to 17th, Chilton to 18th and Bianchi to 19th position.

Lap 10: The incident is still being covered with yellow flags, as the marshals look to remove the Caterham.

Lap 10: The midfield is still around 10-15 seconds off the lead, with Mercedes keeping the pace relatively sedate in these early stages.

Lap 10: Meantime, di Resta has been into the pits and taken on a set of soft tyres. He rejoined in 19th.

Lap 10: Meanwhile, the McLaren pair have switched positions, unseen during that smoky Caterham drama.

Lap 11: Alonso, who is taking it very easy at the moment, now has Button on his tail.

Lap 11: Behind Alonso and Button there is a train of cars featuring Perez, Sutil, Vergne, Hulkenberg and even Bottas who is 12th.

Lap 12: Di Resta is recovering after his stop. He posts the fastest lap of the race - 1m20.558s. The Scot remains in 19th and is 7.6s behind Bianchi.

Lap 12: One stop is the strategists' vision at the moment as the field continues to bunch up and run close together in the mid pack.

Lap 13: Rosberg leads by two seconds from Hamilton, with Vettel a similar margin back in third.

Lap 14: Di Resta posts another new fastest lap with a time of 1m20.379s. He is just 2.5s behind Bianchi now.

Lap 14: The window for a two-stop will open up shortly, but if Rosberg pitted now he'd likely end up behind Massa down in 16th.

Lap 15: It seems a mighty ask for Mercedes to go anything like half distance on the starting set of super-softs, so there is plenty strategy to come

Lap 15: Di Resta has passed Bianchi and moved up to 18th position. The Marussia driver will feel even more aggrieved now that the team didn't release him ahead of Chilton a few laps ago.

Lap 16: Alonso's pace remains in the late 1m22s bracket, with Button leading the train behind. The Spaniard appears to be on major tyre conservation

Lap 16: Behind the top eight, Sutil remains in ninth spot with Vergne 10th, Hulkenberg 11th, Bottas 12th and Ricciardo in 13th position.

Lap 16: Leader Rosberg is told his "pace management" is good by the Mercedes team.

Lap 17: Vettel is now 4.1 seconds off the lead, caring for his rubber, while Alonso is now clocked 11.1s behind leader Rosberg.

Lap 18: Di Resta now moves through ahead of Chilton and up into 17th spot. His next target is Massa, who is just two seconds ahead.

Lap 18: Still a troublesome pack to feed out into if any of the leading contenders do pit, with a stop likely to end up around Grosjean and Massa.

Lap 19: Both those out-of-position drivers started on the harder tyres and will plan to go deep into the race with strong pace.

Lap 19: Rosberg has cemented his lead in recent laps, now 2.1 seconds clear of Hamilton, with Vettel a similar margin further back.

Lap 20: Other than di Resta clearing the Marussia duo, positions are static through the field over the last few laps as everyone wonders who will blink first and come in for a stop.

Lap 20: Rosberg's pace remains strong at the moment, with rival teams still pondering if they can undercut the Mercedes with an earlier stop.

Lap 22: Rosberg is now being asked to increase his pace over the next few laps as Mercedes prepare to defend from an early Red Bull stop.

Lap 22: Maldonado in 20th position has caught Bianchi (who is now 4.4s behind Chilton, incidentally) and will be looking for a way through.

Lap 22: Leading teams are still eying the field spread, with Bottas the last man on super-soft in 12th, some 24s off the lead.

Lap 23: Paul di Resta in 17th was side by side with Massa as they crossed the line, but the Brazilian held on into Ste. Devote.

Lap 23: Vettel could soon trigger a pitstop frenzy if he pits in an attempt to come out behind Hulkenberg, who currently runs 11th, 17s off the lead.

Lap 23: Ricciardo pits the Toro Rosso and he rejoins in 19th position on super-soft tyres.

Lap 24: Bianchi has also been into the pits. He took on soft tyres and is back out there in 20th spot.

Lap 24: There is a sizable gap between Hulkenberg and Bottas, which could soon become a great place to resume from an imminent stop.

Lap 24: Vettel appears to be pushing now, edging closer to Hamilton's Mercedes.

Lap 25: We said Maldonado would be attacking Bianchi... He did at the chicane and the pair made very slight contact. Both continued.

Lap 25: That gap between Hulkenberg and Bottas continues to build, with no cars for around 10 seconds there.

Lap 25: Webber now grabs the fastest lap at a 1m19.750s, around a second faster than the leader.

Lap 25: Chilton has been into the pits, taken on soft tyres and he rejoins still ahead of team-mate Bianchi.

Lap 25: Both Mercedes drivers are now being asked to run faster than the target laptime as the first stop draws near if two are planned.

Lap 26: Red Bull pulls the trigger with a stop for Webber.

Lap 26: Van der Garde brings the Caterham in from 21st and last position. He takes on soft tyres and rejoins.

Lap 26: Soft tyres for Webber and he's away in the big gap behind Hulkenberg.

Lap 26: Webber rejoins in 11th, as di Resta puts a wonderful move on Massa round the outside into Ste. Devote. Superb!

Lap 27: Raikkonen is next to pit, as does Button. Both will resume behind Webber but in clear air from midfielders.

Lap 27: Di Resta therefore moves up into 15th place and now Massa pits at the end of the lap.

Lap 27: Massa takes on super-soft tyres and rejoins the race in 19th position.

Lap 28: Crunch time now for Mercedes, with the team needing to make a decision on the next move. A stop now for Rosberg could put him in with Vergne

Lap 28: Raikkonen rejoined in 10th with Button behind him in 11th spot.

Lap 28: Hulkenberg now pits from eighth, further releasing Webber for a push on his fresh rubber.

Lap 28: Sutil is up to sixth spot now with Vergne seventh, Weber eighth, Raikkonen ninth and Button 10th.

Lap 29: Rosberg is pushing now and could be on course to exit the pits ahead of Sutil if he pits now...

Lap 29: Bottas is 11th with Grosjean 12th, di Resta up to 13th, Gutierrez 14th and Hulkenberg in 15th spot after his stop.

Lap 29: He does't as Alonso comes in for his change of rubber, resuming right with Raikkonen.

Lap 30: Gutierrez comes in, takes on super-soft tyres and rejoins down in 18th place, ahead of Massa but behind Chilton.

Lap 30: Rosberg now nicely clear of Sutil in the field spread but a safety car could be costly...

Lap 30: Huge shunt at Ste. Devote and Massa is again in the wall!

Lap 30: Massa did climb out of his battered Ferrari and we wait to see what happened here.

Lap 30: Perez and Vergne dive in for reactionary stops, but there is no call for the safety car just yet.

Lap 31: Vettel makes the pitstop this time as the safety car is deployed.

Lap 31: The safety car has been deployed.

Lap 31: That's disaster for Mercedes, who surely should have pitted with that pace car threat.

Lap 31: Oh would you believe it - it's a carbon copy of his accident on Saturday morning.

Lap 31: The safety car has picked up the Red Bull pair and Mercedes may be able to make it slowly back to the pits for a double stack.

Lap 31: Massa locked both front brakes and hit the barrier before the corner and then skated sideways across the track and into the other wall.

Lap 31: Rosberg rounds the final corner and heads into the pits.

Lap 31: Hamilton is also in as the Mercedes change rubber.

Lap 31: Massa is now being attended to by circuit medical staff, who place a neck collar around him.

Lap 31: Vettel is coming along the pit straight and Hamilton feeds out behind the Red Bull pair.

Lap 32: Plenty of confusion with the order here as the Red Bulls were released to complete the rest of the lap at mandatory speed while Mercedes pit.

Lap 32: The safety car remains on the track as Massa sits down and collects his thoughts, while the FIA doctors remain on the scene.

Lap 32: But it is clearly Rosberg leading from Vettel, Webber and Hamilton, who lost out with the need to stack in that pitstop.

Lap 32: Hamilton will surely be ruing the decision not to pit in immediate reaction to the Massa shunt.

Lap 33: Raikkonen is fifth in the train with Alonso sixth, Button seventh, Perez eighth, Sutil ninth Vergne 10th, di Resta 11th and Hulkenberg 12th.

Lap 34: Ricciardo is down in 13th place with Grosjean 14th, Bottas 15th, Chilton 16th, Gutierrez 17th, Maldonado 18th, Bianchi 19th and van der Garde 20th.

Lap 34: Still a long way to go here, with Mercedes surely worried about how Rosberg's tyres will fare over the distance with Red Bull pressure.

Lap 35: Rosberg continues to head the pack under safety car, given reminders as to the restart rules by his Mercedes team.

Lap 35: Lapped cars can now pass the safety car.

Lap 35: Van der Garde picks his way through the snake and is clear to go round and catch the back of the pack.

Lap 35: Vettel is told his tyres were marginal after that first stint, suggesting it will be "difficult" for rears to make the distance.

Lap 36: He was the only lapped driver, as Bianchi comes into the pits from 19th position.

Lap 36: Webber already has 10 laps on his tyres and could be under some pressure from Hamilton, if Mercedes has improved its tyre management.

Lap 36: Bianchi rejoins on a set of soft tyres, still in 19th position.

Lap 37: Van der Garde came round to the end of his next lap, pitted and has taken on another set of soft tyres. He remains in 20th position.

Lap 37: Hamilton will surely be fired up to make it back past the Red Bulls, after the questionable strategy of driving past an open pitlane with the safety car threatening after Massa's shunt.

Lap 37: The medical car has finally left the crash scene and is making its way round the circuit towards the pits.

Lap 38: Rosberg is told he had 60% life remaining on his rear tyres, which is very encouraging news for the lead Mercedes.

Lap 38: The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

Lap 39: The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

Lap 39: Rosberg leads them away from Vettel, Webber and Hamilton.

Lap 39: Raikkonen runs fifth from Alonso, Button and Perez.

Lap 39: Rosberg streams down to the harbour for the first time as Hamilton looks for a move on Webber's Red Bull.

Lap 40: Alonso is also looking racy, seeking a way past Raikkonen's Lotus.

Lap 40: Track temperature is up to 42 Celsius and there are unconfirmed reports that Felipe Massa has been taken to hospital.

Lap 40: Vettel is told not to chase Rosberg after the news that the leader is "not marginal" on tyres, with the Red Bull concerned about its wear.

Lap 41: Hamilton again looks for a move on Webber at Tabac, with that pair in a raging battle...

Lap 41: The scrap continues around Rascasse as Hamilton attempts a bold move, but Webber defends brilliantly and the pair remain third and fourth.

Lap 41: Great racing there between Hamilton and Webber and that battle is sure to continue over the next few laps.

Lap 42: Chaos up front. At the back of this group we have Button in seventh followed immediately by Perez, Sutil, Vergne, di Resta and Hulkenberg.

Lap 42: Rosberg already has a two second lead as Mercedes piles the pressure on Red Bull after the restart.

Lap 42: They are nose-to-tail all the way from Webber in third to Ricciardo in 13th, then a 1.9s gap to Grosjean in 14th.

Lap 43: Alonso is also looking for an open door but gets a wallop from Button at the hairpin!

Lap 43: They continue but now Perez dive bombs his team-mate into the chicane, taking over seventh place.

Lap 43: Remarkable move from Perez there, with Button having to yield to the bold dive from his team-mate.

Lap 44: Button is asking McLaren to check the data from his front wing and told that everything appears to be intact.

Lap 44: The train continues and there are little touches here and there, but no damage for any of the protagonists - yet.

Lap 44: Rosberg leads by 1.5 seconds over Vettel with Webber chased by Hamilton then the scrap between Raikkonen and Alonso.

Lap 44: This is becoming reminiscent of the late stages of the 2005 race when they had to remain on a single set of tyres.

Lap 45: Perez, seventh, is now on the tail of Alonso... but not for long as Perez tries his move on the Spaniard.

Lap 45: Alonso uses the run-off to defend from Perez and that could be controversial if stewards feel he used that to remain ahead.

Lap 45: The pace has dropped all the way to the 1m23s bracket. The field is covered down to van der Garde in 20th place by 14 seconds!

Lap 46: Replays show Alonso did cut the inside of the kerb at the chicane while defending from Perez there.

Lap 46: Perez complains of the chicane cut by Alonso, which the Spaniard says was done to avoid a collision and clouting wall.

Lap 46: The race has been suspended. The cars will return to the red flag line on the start/finish straight to await a restart.

Lap 47: Massive shunt at Tabac between Chilton and Maldonado.

13:11 Chilton was attempting to defend from Maldonado on the run to Tabac. The pair made contact and Maldonado was launched into the barrier.

13:11 The leaders are now picking their way through the debris after that major barrier damage at Tabac.

13:12 Maldonado spun round immediately and ended up wrapping the Tecpro barrier round his car, blocking the circuit.

13:12 Outfits are now scrambling to send teams of mechanics to the cars on the grid.

13:13 Maldonado climbed out of the car and was able to walk away from what was an astounding incident.

13:13 The cars are now stopped in position order on the front straight, with teams getting the chance to check over the cars.

13:14 The race will resume behind the safety car once the track repairs have been completed.

13:15 A team of ACM marshals is now manhandling the Williams behind the barrier and then they can start to look at the barriers.

13:15 Teams are free to change tyres on the grid, which will be a relief at Red Bull, where the distance remaining was a major concern.

13:16 Webber, in particular, already had 20 laps on his tyres so a fresh set will be a big advantage to the Australian.

13:16 Bianchi was immediately following the incident between Chilton and Maldonado. He couldn't avoid running into them and made it back to the pitlane with a damaged front wing.

13:18 A new challenge for the strategists now, deciding what set of tyres to fit now. A fresher set of the harder compound seems wise.

13:19 So the order as it stands in this suspended mode is as follows...

13:19 Nico Rosberg is the race leader with Vettel second, Webber third, Hamilton fourth, Raikkonen fifth and Alonso in sixth position.

13:21 Perez is seventh ahead of McLaren team-mate Button in eighth, Sutil ninth, Vergne 10th, di Resta 11th and Hulkenberg in 12th spot.

13:21 Ricciardo is 13th with Grosjean still down in 14th, Bottas 15th, Gutierrez 16th, Chilton 17th and van der Garde in 18th.

13:21 No news yet on a restart time as the barriers continue to be fettled at Tabac.

13:23 A roadsweeping truck has arrived on the scene at Tabac and is clearing up the shards of carbon fibre that are undoubtedly all over the track.

13:24 The race will be resumed at 15:35 local time.

13:26 Radio conversation suggest that Alonso will have to give back position to Perez, but debate continues in the Ferrari camp.

13:27 The huge incident between Chilton and Maldonado is now being investigated by the stewards.

13:28 Ferrari has confirmed on Twitter that Massa is "alright" after that earlier shunt, but is undergoing medical checks.

13:29 Repairs are complete at Tabac as the track is declared clear.

13:30 Five minutes to the restart as Button calls for a front wing adjustment.

13:31 Early indications are that the Mercedes pair are going for super-soft rubber to resume.

13:32 Vettel and Webber have also fitted qualifying-used super-softs, according to Pirelli data.

13:34 Super-soft looks like the choice for the top six.

Lap 47: The Monaco Grand Prix resumes behind the safety car.

Lap 47: Maylander leads the field through Mirabeau and down the hill, as the mechanics clear the grid.

Lap 47: The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

Lap 47: Raikkonen appears to have gone for the harder tyres, a brand new set of those on the Lotus.

Lap 47: Race control confirms that Perez is being allowed past Alonso to correct that chicane-cutting defence from the Spaniard.

Lap 47: Are you ready? Here we go again...

Lap 48: The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

Lap 49: Status quo out front for now as Rosberg leads from Vettel, Webber and Hamilton.

Lap 49: Everyone is behaved so far on the restart lap, with positions remaining static as they settle in to the final phase of the race.

Lap 50: Chilton has been given a drive-through penalty by the stewards for causing that collision with Maldonado.

Lap 50: Rosberg leads by 1.2 seconds as they flash past again.

Lap 51: The DRS is enabled again as Rosberg pulls away from a train of Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Perez, Alonso and Button.

Lap 51: Hamilton is looking for that Rascasse move on Webber again and tries a jink on DRS as well.

Lap 51: The gaps remain close and behind the leaders we have Button in eighth, Sutil ninth, Vergne 10th, di Resta 11th and Hulkenberg 12th.

Lap 51: Hamilton seems confident his tyres will make the distance now, piling the pressure on the Red Bull pair.

Lap 52: Hamilton is all over the gearbox of Webber now and this pair are having a great scrap over the final podium place.

Lap 53: The train continues all the way down to van der Garde in 17th position. He is 11 seconds off the lead.

Lap 53: Adrian Sutil gets brave with Button at Loews and he forces his Force India through into eighth position.

Lap 53: Rosberg's lead is now 1.8 seconds over Vettel as Hamilton continues to harry third-place man Webber.

Lap 54: Perez is the man on the move again as Perez tries the dive into the hairpin. Raikkonen had to take deep to the run-off to avoid the McLaren.

Lap 54: Perez also appeared to miss the chicane there, so he's likely to remain behind Raikkonen this time.

Lap 55: Sutil is determined to have more fun with the top order. He is on Alonso's gearbox (seventh place) now.

Lap 56: Hamilton is now being warned of damage to his tyres, responding that he's "just trying to get past, man"

Lap 56: Sutil tries a moves around the outside of Alonso at Loews but has nowhere to go and remains in eighth position.

Lap 57: Nose-to-tail really throughout the field, with still over 20 laps to run to the end.

Lap 58: Sutil does it again! He's up the inside of Alonso at Loews and he makes it work and is into seventh place.

Lap 59: Rosberg is now 3.2 seconds clear of Vettel, who appears to be taking it easy at the moment with Red Bull still warning of marginal tyres.

Lap 59: Perez is now warned of Sutil's successful moves at the hairpin as he starts to come under pressure for sixth place.

Lap 60: But Rosberg is the only one who can breathe. The train stretches from second all the way down to Gutierrez in 16th spot. He is 12s off the lead.

Lap 61: Bianchi is out of the race. His front brakes were showing signs of serious wear and he has spun out of the race at Ste Devote.

Lap 61: DRS has been disabled as the shunted car of Bianchi is recovered from the Ste. Devote run-off.

Lap 62: Raikkonen is quite close to Hamilton now as the train sweeps around another tour.

Lap 62: The incident at Ste. Devote is being covered by yellow flags but the Marussia should be cleared soon.

Lap 62: Green flags out at the first corner and the circuit is all-clear once again.

Lap 62: DRS now back on again as Hamilton comes closer to Webber once more.

Lap 63: The safety car has been deployed.

Lap 63: But we have further yellows at the exit of the chicane after contact between Grosjean and Ricciardo.

Lap 63: Replays show that Grosjean attempted to pass the Toro Rosso by running over the top of it. That didn't work and both suffered damage.

Lap 63: Grosjean made it back to the pits and has taken on a new front wing, before rejoining.

Lap 63: Huge debris on track after that shunt so the pack does need to be under control of the big Mercedes pace car.

Lap 64: But Ricciardo's car is extensively damaged and the Australian has effectively been punted out of the race.

Lap 64: Gutierrez and Chilton come in during this safety car phase and take on another set of tyres.

Lap 64: Rosberg is picked up as the leader from Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Perez, Sutil and Alonso.

Lap 64: They rejoin in 15th and 16th positions, with Grosjean running last in 17th place.

Lap 64: Still a lot of debris on the circuit at the chicane. The safety car train passes the crash scene one more time, then the marshals will go to work.

Lap 65: A handful of marshals are hastily picking up the remaining debris, as Grosjean pits another time and this is a long stop.

Lap 65: Still 25 minutes left on the two-hour race clock, which was halted during that earlier race suspension.

Lap 65: Grosjean is wheeled back into the Lotus garage and would appear to be out of the race.

Lap 66: Another lap ticks by as this caution continues to help the tyre preservation.

Lap 66: But bad news over the radio for Raikkonen, who is told that water is being lost from his engine due to overheating.

Lap 66: The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

Lap 66: Getting back to race speed will surely help cool Raikkonen's engine.

Lap 67: The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

Lap 67: Rosberg leads them up the hill from Vettel, Webber, Hamilton and Raikkonen.

Lap 67: All clear so far in the first few corners, but you have to wonder who is going to be in the wars next.

Lap 67: Perez is next up in sixth with Sutil seventh, Alonso eighth, Button ninth and Vergne 10th.

Lap 68: Perez is putting the pressure on Raikkonen, who seems to lack grip on his harder tyres.

Lap 68: Hamilton complains of graining, so will be happy that Raikkonen is under pressure from behind.

Lap 68: Di Resta is 11th and pressing to get that final point, with Hulkenberg 12th, Bottas 13th, van der Garde 14th, Gutierrez 15th, then Chilton.

Lap 69: 10 laps remain in a lengthy Monaco Grand Prix.

Lap 69: Vergne in 10th is coming under high pressure now from di Resta in the Force India.

Lap 69: Rosberg still looks comfortable out front as Perez and Raikkonen come to blows again.

Lap 70: Raikkonen and Perez are spotted by race control missing the chicane as we await replays from the local director.

Lap 70: Perez was steaming down the inside there, with the door closing as Raikkonen turned into the chicane.

Lap 70: Perez has clanged his front wing on the inside barrier but appears to be continuing for the moment.

Lap 71: But it is disaster for Raikkonen as the Finn is forced to pit with a puncture.

Lap 71: Button takes advantage of the melee and sneaks through, ahead of Alonso and into seventh place.

Lap 71: That puts Perez up to fifth, with Sutil now sixth.

Lap 71: Perez is still managing to drive his McLaren for the moment, with Sutil and Button now right on his tail.

Lap 72: Behind them, Button is now seventh with Alonso eighth, Vergne ninth, di Resta 10th, Hulkenberg 11th, Bottas 12th and Gutierrez 13th.

Lap 72: Vettel now sets the fastest lap as he is clocked 2.1 seconds behind leader Rosberg.

Lap 72: Gutierrez posts the fastest lap of the race so far in 13th place - 1m18.685s.

Lap 72: Hamilton is still putting the pressure on Webber, who is traditionally the Red Bull man to use more of the rubber.

Lap 72: Van der Garde is 14th with Chilton 15th and Raikkonen rejoined from that stop all the way down in 16th spot.

Lap 73: Chilton in 15th is just 0.4s behind van der Garde in another intense Caterham versus Marussia battle at the back.

Lap 73: Behind that squabbling pair, Raikkonen in 16th is on their tail, after posting a new fastest lap of 1m17.941s.

Lap 74: Rosberg is now five laps from home as it all kicks off behind.

Lap 74: Perez has run out of grip in his damaged McLaren, pulling wide at Rascasse and allowing Sutil through.

Lap 75: So now we have Rosberg four seconds clear of Vettel, with Webber third and Hamilton still on his tail.

Lap 76: Sutil has taken advantage of all the little incidents and is into fifth spot, with Button sixth, Alonso seventh and Vergne eighth.

Lap 76: Di Resta is ninth with Hulkenberg 10th, Bottas 11th and Gutierrez in 12th position.

Lap 77: Raikkonen has passed Gutierrez and is up into 12th place.

Lap 77: Rosberg is just over a lap away from becoming the first son of a famous father to win this prestigious event.

Lap 78: Vettel now sets the fastest lap but Rosberg is long gone out front.

Lap 78: Raikkonen then immediately passes Bottas and moves into 11th. He is on Hulkenberg's tail.

Lap 78: Raikkonen has passed three cars in two laps. He drills Hulkenberg and moves into 10th.

14:21 Nico Rosberg wins the Monaco Grand Prix!

14:21 A fine drive from the Mercedes man, sweeping aside the earlier controversy over last week's Pirelli test to dominate the weekend.

14:21 That matter is likely to be debated by stewards this afternoon, so the result will remain provisional for now.

14:21 Red Bull grabs second with Vettel and third with Webber, profiting from the timing of the safety car for Massa's accident.

14:21 Hamilton comes in fourth and will surely be frustrated to miss the podium after the safety car stop scramble.

14:22 It's a fine fifth for Sutil in the Force India, just reward for some bold overtaking moves today.

14:22 Button comes in sixth, ahead of a disappointing seventh from Alonso in the Ferrari.

14:22 Jean-Eric Vergne comes home in a fine eighth place with di Resta chasing him home in ninth for Force India.

14:23 As we mentioned, Raikkonen drilled Hulkenberg into Ste. Devote at the start of the final lap, then pulled away by 6s to finish 10th.

14:23 "With all the events going on, you managed it perfectly," says Ross Brawn as he congratulates Rosberg on today's win.

14:24 Out of the points, Hulkenberg ends up 11th, with Bottas 12th, Gutierrez 13th, Chilton 14th and van der Garde 15th.

14:25 Perez is the final classified finisher in 16th position, having pulled off at Anthony Noghes with six laps to go.

14:26 Six drivers retired from this afternoon's race:

Grosjean and Ricciardo came to blows at the chicane, while Bianchi retired in the pits after that huge shunt between Maldonado and Chilton. Massa crashed heavily again at Ste. Devote and Pic was the first retirement from this afternoon's encounter.

14:26 Rosberg is handed the winning trophy and is delighted to win here, 30 years on from his father's triumph.

14:27 Vettel receives his award for second place. He raises it above his head and looks pleased with his day's work.

14:27 Webber is also very happy with his return to the Monaco podium as he gets the third prize.

14:27 Ross Brawn is on hand to pick up the constructors' trophy.

14:29 The German national anthem rings out over Monaco for today's winners - Nico Rosberg and Mercedes.

14:30 The top three drivers stand atop the steps and pose for the traditional end of race photograph, before receiving deserved congratulations from HRH Prince Albert.

14:32 All smiles for Vettel as he cements a 21 point lead over Raikkonen in the title race, with the Finn making that remarkable late score.

14:33 Alonso is now a further eight points back in third, chased by Hamilton, Webber and the boosted score for Rosberg.

14:35 Two podium places for Red Bull extends its advantage in the constructors', pulling clear of the scrap between Ferrari, Lotus and Mercedes.

14:36 With plenty of incident during the race, and the huge controversy over Mercedes' recent tyre test, there is lots more to come from Monaco.

14:36 Stick with AUTOSPORT for all the news and reaction to today's events.

14:38 Nico Rosberg claims a stunning victory and becomes the first son of a famous father to win around the streets of Monte Carlo. Keke will most certainly be proud today.

The race was shaped at the start when Rosberg just did enough to hold off Mercedes team-mate Hamilton into Ste. Devote.

From then on, the German was able to somehow control the pace and resist the challenges of the leading group behind him, while for others the day ended much more abruptly.

Felipe Massa had another bizarre incident - a carbon copy of his crash on Saturday morning. He is being checked at hospital hopefully the news on his condition will be positive over the next few days.

Maldonado also suffered a heavy race-stopping crash as the final stages of the race turned into a demolition derby, but it is a great day for Mercedes and Red Bull and there will be much partying tonight.

This was the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix weekend on AUTOSPORT Live. Thanks for joining us over the last four days. We will be back to do it all over again for the Canadian Grand Prix in two weeks' time.

Race length: 78 laps
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Track: Dry
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