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As it happened: Friday practice one
By Emlyn Hughes and Jamie O'Leary
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Vettel08:45 Hello everyone and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live after what was a lengthy three-week break. Formula 1 is back this weekend and it returns to its original birthplace for round eight of the 2013 world championship - the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.

Sebastian Vettel arrives in Britain with a handy 36-point lead in the title race and the knowledge that he will have a new team-mate next season - reasons to be cheerful all-round for the German. Fernando Alonso lies in second spot, with the consistent Kimi Raikkonen a further 12 points back in third. Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg are all just in touch, but they need to start racking up podiums to keep the runaway leader in sight.

Practice one is set to begin shortly. As ever, the teams and drivers will go through their installation runs and perform some constant-speed aerodynamic checks, before moving into more general set-up work, but that may be more difficult than usual this morning due to the foul weather - more on that in a moment.

08:48 Here's how the standings look after Canada:
World Championship standings, round 7:

Drivers:                    Constructors:             
 1.  Vettel        132        1.  Red Bull-Renault          201
 2.  Alonso         96        2.  Ferrari                   145
 3.  Raikkonen      88        3.  Mercedes                  134
 4.  Hamilton       77        4.  Lotus-Renault             114
 5.  Webber         69        5.  Force India-Mercedes       51
 6.  Rosberg        57        6.  McLaren-Mercedes           37
 7.  Massa          49        7.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari         20
 8.  Di Resta       34        8.  Sauber-Ferrari              5
08:51 Weather conditions are far from ideal at the former WWII airfield this morning. Persistent rain fell for much of yesterday afternoon and evening and further bands of rain have crossed Northamptonshire this morning.

So we start proceedings with a wet circuit and little chance of it being busy during the first session. Further showers could merge into longer spells of rain towards lunchtime, keeping the track wet well into the afternoon.

There is a light westerly breeze and air temperature is expected to struggle up to 19 degrees Celsius later.

Tyres08:54 Wet rubber looks like the choice for first practice as once again the weather disrupts the best-laid plans of teams looking to evaluate this weekend's selection of the medium and hard Pirelli slicks.

This is also bad news for the opportunity to test the modified construction of hard tyre, closer in characteristics to the 2012 rubber, which had been planned today.

Pirelli has ruled out racing the modified Kevlar-belted tyres before the Belgian GP after failing to get unanimous support from all teams, but this will further dent the evaluation of that rubber.

08:56 The track surface is looking decidedly wet as we wait for the first session of the weekend to get underway. Track temp is 17 Celsius.

08:57 Rain continues to fall around the circuit, but the main grandstand is packed full of loyal Formula 1 fans.

08:57 As is par for the course in these conditions, race control has ordered the disabling of the DRS on each car.

08:58 Lewis Hamilton is wandering around the Mercedes garage, as Paddy Lowe gets down to serious business for his new team.

0 min: The practice session is underway.

1 min: No takers as yet in the damp conditions, but Sebastian Vettel is in his RB9 and getting comfortable ahead of his installation run.

2 min: Bottas and Maldonado head out for a run in their Williams entries.

3 min: Wet tyres for both Williams drivers, as they check over the condition of their cars. Track conditions are wet, but okay to run at the moment

3 min: @mycaterhamF1: "Olivier Panis in the garage pre-FP1 with Double D

4 min: Esteban Gutierrez is on his out-lap in his Sauber, and the team indicates Nico Hulkenberg will be following him out shortly.

4 min: Rosberg heads out to check over the basic functions of his Mercedes in the soggy conditions.

5 min: Di Resta is next out onto the circuit, as Rosberg winds his way past the old pits and towards the end of his first installation lap.

6 min: Max Chilton is on-track now in his Marussia. Another installation lap looking likely here.

6 min: Rosberg returns to the pits, with Sutil joining team-mate di Resta on track. Lewis Hamilton is also out there now.

7 min: Hulkenberg has now completed his installation lap. There was a brief yellow flag when the German was the only man on the track.

7 min: Di Resta has crossed the line and moved into a second lap in the Force India.

7 min: The out-going Mark Webber heads out for his first lap. He will be glad to finally be in the car and away from the barrage of questions.

8 min: Both Caterham drivers are on installation laps as Jules Bianchi finishes his. Still nobody has competed a flying lap.

9 min: Di Resta returned to the pits after two tours, while Hamilton is also in after a single lap of the circuit.

9 min: Webber also brings his Red Bull in for checks after a solitary installation lap.

12 min: As he does so, Vettel ventures out onto the track to check over the track conditions. He soon finds that they aren't very good.

12 min: Romain Grosjean has had his installation lap, but Kimi Raikkonen remains in the garage. Ice cream time perhaps?

12 min: Vettel duly returns to the pits after one lap of the circuit. It may be a while before we see him again.

15 min: Little action on the circuit presently, as teams elect to wait and see if track conditons improve.

16 min: Three drivers have yet to head out for an installation run this morning - Kimi Raikkonen, Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo.

16 min: Fernando Alonso looks like he doesn't have a care in the world as he chats to Ferrari test driver Marc Gene at the front of the garage.

Gene, incidentally, finished third at last weekend's Le Mans 24 Hours, a race that featured several rainy spells. So perhaps he's offering some advice...

16 min: Meantime, as far as the weather goes, the rain continues unabated.

17 min: @pirellisport: We also brought 2 sets per car of a hard prototype tyre which we already had in Spain on the Friday - where it rained as well.

19 min: Pirelli certainly isn't having a lot of luck with these prototype tyres, as Rosberg chats freely with his engineers in the Mercedes garage.

19 min: Gutierrez, who has yet to set a laptime, yesterday paid tribute to Mark Robinson, the marshal who was killed while tending to the Mexican's car during the Canadian Grand Prix.

21 min: Maldonado is advised to jump out of the car by his Williams race engineer.

21 min: The Venezuelan is told that they will take a view on running once they see some others heading out onto the track.

22 min: Bottas is also told by his engineer that they are not planning to run anytime soon, so he jumps out.

23 min: Bottas' race engineer correctly assumes that they will learn nothing by being first onto the circuit in these conditions, so it's better to wait.

24 min: There's plenty of non-F1 action going on this weekend, from MotoGP - where everyone and anyone seems to be doing their best to injure themselves - to NASCAR, GP2, GP3 and World Touring Cars.

You can follow all of that on Race Centre Live today and throughout the weekend.

If It's the best F1 coverage you're after though, stay right here.

25 min: As soon as a car moves we'll be on it, although the rain is continuing to fall and track temperature has dipped to 16 degrees Celsius.

28 min: One driver who has remained in his car in Lewis Hamilton. He is strapped into the Mercedes, but with no immediate sign of movement.

28 min: The weather does seem to be getting worse and worse. More umbrellas are going up and the drivers seem to be less and less inclined to be going out.

29 min: An odd sight is that of hundreds of spectators moving round the track by using the now 'pedestrian tunnel' that used to be the run between the old Abbey chicane and Bridge corner.

Now that was a great section of track!

31 min: It was better still during the old days of Formula 1 summer testing, where you could stand up against the fence, just 10 metres from the circuit and watch the drivers hurl themselves into Bridge corner. Sadly, no more.

32 min: Just over half-an-hour of the session gone and we have no times posted on the board, due to continuing rain.

32 min: Max Chilton indicates that he is planning to wait for some of the standing water on the circuit to abate before heading out again.

35 min: Jenson Button: "FP1 at Silverstone is like this every single year."

39 min: If anything, the rain has become heavier over the last few minutes. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is much better, hence little incentive for the drivers to get out there.

39 min: At Williams, Pastor Maldonado has been summoned by the boss for a chat, as we see Daniel Ricciardo preparing to head out for a run.

40 min: The sound of music finally as Ricciardo guides his Toro Rosso out of the garage and onto the sopping wet pitlane.

40 min: The Australian gets a huge cheer from the fans in the grandstand as he heads out onto the track.

41 min: This should be an installation run here and indeed we can hear Ricciardo working through the gears down the short straight towards the complex.

43 min: Circuit conditions are pretty bad to be honest and Ricciardo beings the car in after one lap to complete his installation run.

43 min: Ricciardo is wheeled into the garage and the data download and telemetry checks will begin following that run.

43 min: Paul di Resta: "I've never had the chance to drive at Silverstone on slicks on a Friday." Quite an amazing claim.

44 min: Now it is the turn of Toro Rosso team-mate Vergne to get out there and check the condition of his car.

44 min: Ricciardo notes on the team radio that the car felt fine and that the circuit was fine for full wet tyres.

45 min: Vergne fights the rear of the car through Becketts as he attempts to put down the power. He comes into the pits at the end of the lap.

46 min: This leaves the track empty once again, with Raikkonen the only driver yet to head out onto the circuit this morning.

47 min: Vergne also reports that everything is fine on the car, but he also says that in his opinion there is far too much standing water on track.

52 min: Esteban Gutierrez takes to the track. I wonder if we'll get more than an installation lap here.

53 min: The Mexican pits, does not stop at his garage, and makes a practice start as he rejoins the track.

55 min: Gutierrez's action is triggering further movement along the pitlane. Vettel is getting ready again in the Red Bull garage.

56 min: As you might expect, it's full wets (that's the blue-marked Pirellis) on Gutierrez's car.

Once more he pits. Once more he does not stop.

59 min: Gutierrez pits again and this time he does stop, allowing his mechanics to wheel him backwards into the garage.

60 min: Just 31 minutes remaining and still not a single flying lap has been completed. Could we really have the headline 'nobody fastest in FP1'?

61 min: It has happened before of course, on the Friday afternoon of the Belgian Grand Prix back in 2005. Liuzzi crashed at the top of the hill approaching Les Combes and no-one fancied going out after the resulting red flag.

62 min: Vettel breaks the silence and heads out onto the track to check over the condition of his car.

64 min: Vettel is advised to return to the pits. The driver would like another lap, but is instructed again to pit, which he does.

65 min: Engineer 'Rocky' pulling rank there but it was the right decision. Vettel states on the team radio that the standing water is very bad down the straights.

66 min: Meteo France informs the teams that this band of steady rain will continue through until the end of the first practice session.

67 min: Vettel remains in the car, perhaps signalling that he will be out again before the end of the session.

68 min: The packed crowd opposite the pits is beginning to become a little restless, as they start to cheer, perform a Mexican wave and blast their airhorns.

71 min: They have paid good money to stand in the rain today and rightly want to see some action.

However, the forecast is much better for Saturday and Sunday, so the fans' wishes are at odds with the teams' best use of their time this weekend given the weather.

71 min: At Red Bull, Vettel is keeping himself occupied by swapping steering wheels. Further along the pitlane, we can hear music again...

72 min: And it is Ricciardo who is heading out for another run with just under 18 minutes left on the clock.

74 min: Full wet tyres obviously for the Australian. He crosses the start-finish line and let's see if he completes a timed lap here....

75 min: Oversteer for Ricciardo out of Luffield and he blasts into Copse and into the Becketts section.

76 min: Ricciardo comes down the Hangar straight and let's see. He does complete the lap and gets the ball rolling finally with 2m00.029s.

77 min: Just 13 minutes left on the watch and Ricciardo stays on it as he looks for a second timed lap.

77 min: Still no sign of anybody else looking to take to the track. Ricciardo is most certainly the guinea pig for this session.

77 min: Oversteer again for Ricciardo exiting Copse at high speed but he hangs onto it well. He is beginning to throw the Toro Rosso around.

78 min: Ricciardo completes the lap and lowers the time to 1m57.992s.

78 min: As the Australian continues on, so Lewis Hamilton is now being strapped into his Mercedes.

79 min: Jules Bianchi ventures onto the circuit in the Marussia.

80 min: Ricciardo brings his Toro Rosso into the pits, so two timed laps there for the Australian, as Rosberg heads out in the other Mercedes.

80 min: Vettel is also on track now in the Red Bull Renault.

81 min: Maldonado heads out for a run and we suspect the track will become rather busy in the remaining nine minutes. Bottas joins him.

81 min: Hulkenberg (Sauber), Alonso and Massa (Ferrari), Perez (McLaren) and Chilton (Marussia) are all on track now too.

81 min: Hamilton is lowered to the garage floor and he drives out for a run.

82 min: Ricciardo is back out for another run on the circuit after a short stay in the pits.

82 min: Webber is standing in the Red Bull garage watching the monitors. It is unlikely that we will see him before the end of the session.

83 min: Bianchi sets a time: 2m10.529s. That's 13 seconds slower than Ricciardo, but it puts him on the board.

84 min: Alonso, Massa and Hulkenberg all pitted after their almost-laps.

85 min: Maldonado moves into second, ahead of Bianchi with 2m01.682s.

85 min: Bottas gets on the board in fifth spot with a time of 2m04.646s.

85 min: Five minutes remain, as Gutierrez goes second fastest in 1m57.992s - 2.5s off Ricciardo.

86 min: Hamilton completes his first timed lap of the weekend and he goes quickest of all with a time of 1m55.458s.

86 min: Massa is the slowest of the eight men to set a time so far - 2m06.534s.

86 min: Charles Pic is in the barrier at Club with the front missing from his Caterham.

87 min: Maldonado has lowered his time to 1m59.480s. He is now fifth in the classification.

87 min: Yellow flags are covering off Pic's accident.

88 min: Hulkenberg goes second - 1.8s slower than Hamilton's pace-setting time. That's despite a major twitch going through Copse that sends him off the track momentarily.

88 min: No move from Vettel or Webber in the final moments.

89 min: Van der Garde rescues some pride for Caterham as he goes sixth quickest. Bianchi and Chilton are eighth and ninth for Marussia with Massa the slowest man to have completed a lap - over 11s off the pace.

89 min: Ricciardo is fastest of all in the first two sectors of the lap and the Australian goes P1 with a time of 1m54.249s.

10:30 The session has ended. Drivers already on a timed lap may complete it.

10:30 Gutierrez nips into third, ahead of Sauber team-mate Hulkenberg by 1.3s.

10:30 Vergne pops up into sixth spot with a lap of 1m57.891s.

10:31 Bianchi has a pair of green sectors to his name.

10:31 Maldonado is one of the last to cross the line. He goes third with a time of 1m55.354s.

10:31 Bianchi finds 0.9s on his final lap, but remains ninth.

10:31 Bottas comes through on his last lap and moves into sixth spot with 1m56.361s.

10:31 Hulkenberg's final lap brings him back up to second, 0.8s behind Ricciardo.

10:32 Replays show Gutierrez spinning at Abbey on what might well have been his slow-down lap. He didn't hit anything and continued.

10:32 Daniel Ricciardo is fastest in the first practice session at Silverstone, for Sunday's British Grand Prix with a time of 1m54.249s.

10:33 Hulkenberg ends up second in the rainy conditions, with Maldonado third, Hamilton fourth, Gutierrez fifth and Bottas in sixth spot.

10:33 Vergne is seventh in the other Toro Rosso, with van der Garde eighth, Chilton ninth and Bianchi rounds out the top 10 after a quiet session.

10:36 That's it for FP1. We'll be back at 1345 UK (1445 CET) for FP2 with - hopefully - better weather and some more cars on track.

10:38 In the meantime, you can follow what's happening in GP2 and GP3 at Silverstone, plus MotoGP qualifying from Assen, on Race Centre Live.

Thanks for logging on. We'll see you later.

Session length: 90 minutes
Rain High Temp: 19°C / 66°F
Track: Wet
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