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As it happened: Saturday practice
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Rosberg08:55 Hello everyone and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for continuing coverage and rolling updates from round eight of this year's FIA Formula 1 world championship - the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.

Rain rendered Friday's first session meaningless, but the teams and drivers were able to get some slick tyre running completed during the afternoon, where Nico Rosberg set the pace with a time of 1m32.248s in his Mercedes.

The German ended up 0.299s quicker than the departing Mark Webber, with Sebastian Vettel third, Paul di Resta a fine fourth, Lewis Hamilton fifth and Daniel Ricciardo in an extremely positive sixth position.

Rosberg puts Mercedes on top in P2

Now they have just 60 minutes of practice time left to perfect the set-up, gather enough data about both types of Pirelli tyre on offer this weekend and complete their tests with varying amounts of fuel. In the final 15 minutes, the drivers will get a fresh set of softer tyres and the session will really come to life.

08:56 It's all-change on the weather front, with yesterday's rain sliding south-eastwards and away from the UK, leaving drier, brighter weather to move in behind it.

It will be dry for the on-track action today, but remaining rather cloudy and just the odd sunny spell from time to time. A light breeze has veered round to a north-westerly, while air temperature is expected to reach 20 degrees Celsius during qualifying.

Tyres08:57 Finally a dry day for the teams to complete the delayed evaluation of Pirelli's race rubber for this weekend - the medium and hard tyres.

After spending time on development rubber yesterday, outfits will be keen to get a read on the durability of the hard tyre around this demanding circuit before a pre-qualifying blast on the softer option.

"The medium and hard race compounds so far show a difference in lap time of around one second," observed Pirelli's Paul Hembery after Friday's sessions.

08:57 Track temperature is up to 19 degrees, with a few minutes to go until the start of final practice.

08:58 Nico Rosberg is getting ready for action. He is about to climb into the car. At Red Bull, Webber is already strapped in.

09:00 Maldonado is warned that there is a tail wind into Turns 10 and 15, as he gets ready for action this morning.

0 min: Green lights and practice is underway.

1 min: Sutil joins the early runners on track, followed by Ricciardo, Vergne, di Resta, Webber and Maldonado.

1 min: Raikkonen heads out in his Lotus and the open slots around the airbox suggest the team is sticking with its passive DRS device on that car.

1 min: Vettel joins the group and heads out there to work through an installation run.

2 min: Bottas is next out onto the circuit, as the early runners come back into the pits.

2 min: Massa returns to the pits in his re-built Ferrari, with the team repairing the machine overnight after his shunt in second practice.

3 min: No move yet from either Mercedes driver, as Webber and Vettel return to the pits.

3 min: Both Lotus drivers have continued into a lap against the clock already.

3 min: 1m34.367s is the first time of the day from Raikkonen.

4 min: Hamilton and Rosberg have joined the racetrack.

5 min: Grosjean slots in second fastest to his team-mate with a slow tour in 1m41s.

5 min: Hamilton reports a big vibration from the car already. This is just his lap out of the pits.

5 min: 1m34.184s is the second attempt from Raikkonen to improve the leading time.

5 min: Bottas completes his first timed lap and moves into second spot, behind Raikkonen with a time of 1m37.148s.

6 min: Rosberg and Hamilton have moved into a second lap and look like putting times on the board immediately.

7 min: Rosberg comes round in 1m38.436s and moves into third position.

7 min: Hamilton also completes his first timed lap and goes fifth with 1m38.415s.

8 min: Bottas also completed another lap and has improved to third spot with 1m34.712s.

8 min: Grosjean improves to a 1m34.254s, going second fastest to Raikkonen's benchmark.

9 min: So now we have Raikkonen and Grosjean still leading the way for Lotus, with Bottas third, Perez fourth, Pic now fifth and Hamilton sixth.

9 min: Alonso is on track in his Ferrari, warming up the hard tyres on the Hangar straight.

9 min: Rosberg improves on his second effort with 1m37.588s. He moves up a spot to sixth, demoting team-mate Hamilton to seventh.

10 min: Perez clocks a 1m34.154s to top the times in his McLaren.

10 min: Hamilton is told over the radio that the only section where he is losing out to Rosberg is in Copse corner, where the German is taking the fast right-hander in fifth gear.

11 min: Further improvement from Perez on his hard tyres with a new benchmark of 1m33.607s.

11 min: Hamilton has improved his time with 1m36.714s but he has slipped further down the order to 10th position.

12 min: Bottas gets his hard tyres working well and moves to the front with a time of 1m33.603s.

13 min: Ferrari is getting on with a some early running: Massa has joined the order in fifth fastest, while team-mate Alonso is seventh.

13 min: Only 11 drivers have put times on the board so far. Sutil, Vergne, di Resta, Webber, Maldonado and Vettel are all in the pits.

13 min: Problems for Perez as the left rear tyre has failed on the McLaren.

14 min: Large chunks of tyre debris on circuit and we have the red flag.

15 min: Perez is touring back to the pits very slowly. He tells the team that the "tyre exploded"

16 min: This will be of concern to Pirelli, with the manufacturer having made attempts to prevent delaminations with improved glue.

16 min: The others have reacted as you would expect and toured back into the pits slowly.

17 min: Perez returns to the McLaren pits with little remaining of his destroyed left rear tyre.

18 min: Replays suggest that the tyre failed at Copse, though the incident appears to have been missed by TV cameras.

18 min: The session will restart at 10:20 local time.

18 min: Perez has stepped out of his McLaren as the team go to work on repairing the car.

19 min: Webber is already rolling down the pitlane and takes up position at the exit.

20 min: Green light and we're back underway.

20 min: Webber exits the pitlane and he is followed out by Sutil in the Force India.

21 min: Vergne, di Resta Maldonado and Vettel all head out for a run. None of these drivers have posted a time on the board yet.

21 min: Ricciardo and Rosberg also head out for a run, as Webber crosses the line and begins a timed lap.

21 min: Button is also underway in his McLaren as outfits look to get the busy morning plans back on track.

22 min: Webber is fastest of all in the first sector of the lap, as he continues apace on hard tyres.

23 min: Webber also quickest through the second sector and he tops the table with a time of 1m32.560s.

23 min: Vergne improves his pace and moves into seventh spot with 1m34.287s.

24 min: Rosberg did come out with the initial group, but returned to the pits immediately after one lap.

24 min: Hefty work now taking place on Perez's car, with that tyre failure having destroyed the floor in front of the left rear wheel.

24 min: Ricciardo moves into second place, 0.853s behind Webber with a time of 1m33.413s.

25 min: Vettel is out there with flow-vis paint covering the right-hand side of the Red Bull.

26 min: Di Resta has moved up to third with 1m33.510s, while team-mate Sutil also moved up the list with 1m34.255s. He is 10th.

26 min: Webber finds two-tenths of a second and lowers the benchmark to 1m32.369s in the other Red Bull.

28 min: Ricciardo improves with a time of 1m33.047s. but his lap was severely compromised by Bottas. He remains in second spot.

28 min: Bottas held his line through Stowe corner, as Ricciardo was aiming to move through swiftly. The Australian had to take a wide line and lost some time.

29 min: Vergne is next to improve and the other Toro Rosso driver moves into second with 1m32.580s.

29 min: Drama for Alonso through the rapid sweepers at Becketts, running wide across the grass after a moment on high-speed understeer.

29 min: Di Resta also improves and the Scot goes third with 1m32.935s.

30 min: Webber remains up top at the halfway stage with a time of 1m32.369s, but Vergne is just 0.211s shy in second spot, with di Resta third.

30 min: Ricciardo is fourth in the second Toro Rosso, ahead of Sutil fifth, Bottas sixth and Perez in seventh spot.

31 min: Alonso pits to wrap up his outing on hard tyres. He's eighth, with team-mate Massa in ninth.

31 min: Ricciardo completes another lap on hard tyres and he moves into second with 1m32.475s. We have Australians one and two on the timesheet.

34 min: Hamilton gets to grips with the hard tyres and tops the tree with a lap of 1m32.317s - 0.052s clear of Webber.

36 min: Button comes around in an improved 1m33.798s but that's only enough for 10th fastest at the moment.

37 min: Vettel is on track but quite content to work through a high fuel run presently. He is down in 20th position with a best time of 1m37.116s.

37 min: Massa, now on the medium compound, clocks a 1m33.273s lap to go seventh fastest.

38 min: Webber heads back out for another run, with just over 21 minutes of the session remaining. He remains in second spot, just behind Hamilton.

38 min: Replays show a major oversteer moment for Massa on that lap at Becketts, with the Brazilian doing a good job to avoid a sizable off.

39 min: Rosberg is on a much better lap this time round. He shoots straight into second spot, just behind his team-mate with 1m32.192s.

39 min: Alonso, still on hard rubber, sets the fastest time through the first sector.

40 min: Vettel was on his best lap of the stint, as he continued working with high fuel and hard tyres, but he has elected to pit.

40 min: 1m32.454s moves Alonso up to fourth fastest with the harder tyres.

40 min: Webber retakes the top position with a time of 1m32.078s.

41 min: Hamilton has also leapfrogged team-mate Rosberg and the Briton is back in second with a lap of 1m32.140s.

42 min: Vettel didn't stay in the pits for too long. He is back out there on the same set of hard tyres. He remains in 20th position.

42 min: Hamilton hammers round for another lap and takes the top position with a time of 1m31.750s.

43 min: It's a Mercedes double-shuffle as Rosberg moves into second spot with 1m31.833s, demoting Webber to third.

43 min: Alonso is fourth, with Ricciardo fifth, Vergne sixth, di Resta seventh and Sutil in eighth position.

44 min: Vettel returned to the pits and no doubt the team will be looking to take out some of that heavy fuel load in the next few minutes.

45 min: Repairs continue at McLaren after that earlier tyre problem for Perez. Still a bit of work to do before that car can go out again.

46 min: Raikkonen is now pushing for a lap on the medium compound.

46 min: 1m32.498s is the effort from Raikkonen on the softer tyres, going sixth fastest.

47 min: Perez has climbed aboard his McLaren as the team wraps up its rapid repair job.

47 min: Only two drivers on track, as the rest get ready for a qualifying simulation run on the medium tyre. The fun will get underway in a moment.

48 min: This is definitely the calm before the storm, as Ricciardo pits, leaving Raikkonen out there with no-one to play with.

49 min: Problems now at Ferrari as Massa is out of his car and the team are working hard under the engine cover.

50 min: That could be further delay for Massa, with several mechanics investigating that drama with the Ferrari.

51 min: Meanwhile, thumbs up at McLaren and Perez is back on track with a new set of tyres on the repaired car.

51 min: Maldonado heads out for a run with medium tyres bolted onto the Williams. He is 15th in the classification.

52 min: Ricciardo heads out on medium tyres, as does di Resta. Vergne follows them out, then Bottas.

53 min: No move yet from Hamilton, Rosberg or Webber, but Vettel is now out there on his medium tyre run.

53 min: Webber heads out. You guessed it - mediums.

53 min: Not looking good for Massa, with that work on his car getting ever more serious. He's unlikely to get out again in this session.

54 min: Hamilton leaves now while Rosberg remains in the garage a little longer.

54 min: Rosberg is now out, as Maldonado moves up to 12th with a time of 1m33.445s.

55 min: Di Resta improves in eighth spot with a time of 1m32.896s.

55 min: Alonso doesn't improve with his latest attempt, having just made the switch to medium compound.

56 min: Vettel leaps up the list to third spot with 1m32.037s in the Red Bull.

56 min: Car off at Chapel... and it's Perez again!

56 min: Rosberg immediately returns to the pits.

57 min: Several drivers struggling through Becketts this morning and Perez has had a wild moment of oversteer, sliding out onto the grass.

57 min: Webber does not improve and remains in fourth spot with 1m32.078s.

57 min: Perez is back underway and that wasn't a tyre drama this time.

57 min: Grosjean pings up to fifth fastest with a medium compound attempt in his Lotus.

58 min: Maldonado improves again but he doesn't move up from 12th - 1m33.245s.

58 min: Bottas improves with a time of 1m33.379s, but the Finn is only 17th.

59 min: Hamilton had posted a fast first sector time, but he ran wide and onto the grass at Brooklands corner. He has continued and is on another lap.

59 min: Perez has been called to the McLaren pits and that may be the end of a dramatic session for the Mexican.

60 min: The flag is out on final practice at Sliverstone.

10:00 Ricciardo improves to sixth spot with 1m32.440s.

10:00 Rosberg steals the top time away from Hamilton with 1m31.487s.

10:01 Vettel completes his final lap of the session and does not improve on third spot.

10:01 Meanwhile, Chilton has been off at Chapel but has continued in his Marussia.

10:01 Sutil improves on his final effort with a time of 1m32.536s. He finishes up in ninth.

10:02 So it's Nico Rosberg who tops the final practice session at Silverstone for tomorrow's British Grand Prix with a time of 1m31.487s.

10:02 He edges out Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton by 0.146s, with Vettel half-a-second back in third and Webber fourth.

10:03 Grosjean ends the session in fifth spot, ahead of Ricciardo sixth, Alonso seventh and Raikkonen in eighth.

10:03 Sutil is ninth with his Force India team-mate di Resta rounding out the top 10 after a much busier session.

10:04 We have Mercedes leading Red Bull and then the rest. Will the order remain the same in qualifying? Join us later for all the action.

Session length: 60 minutes
Overcast High Temp: 20°C / 68°F
Track: Dry
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