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As it happened: Qualifying
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Open11:45 Hello everyone and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Live for continuing coverage of round eight of the 2013 Formula 1 world championship season. The practice sessions have been completed and now it is time to qualify for tomorrow's British Grand Prix.

Nico Rosberg and Mercedes are looking good at the 5.891km former airfield circuit this weekend - on single-lap pace at least - with the German fastest in Friday's second practice and again this morning with a time of 1m31.487s, just 0.146s clear of his team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel was left trailing more than half-a-second back in third place, just ahead of Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber, with Romain Grosjean fifth and Daniel Ricciardo enjoying a fine weekend thus far in sixth position.

Rosberg pips Hamilton in final practice

The drivers must now focus their attention on three segments of qualifying and getting the best grid position possible for tomorrow's 52-lap race.

11:47 Pirelli has confirmed that the tyre failure for Perez at Copse in final practice was caused by a cut in the sidewall, with no relation to recent debate over tyre construction and adhesives.

The McLaren driver lost considerable time in the morning session while damage to the car - caused by the flailing remnants of the tyre - was repaired.

Perez tyre blow 'not delamination'

11:49 Conditions remain dry - if a little on the cloudy side - around the circuit, but there is no threat of rain during the rest of this afternoon's track action and the prospects for tomorrow are stunning.

A light-to-moderate north-west wind has picked up a little in the break between final practice and the upcoming qualifying session, while air temperature is on the rise and set to reach 20 degrees Celsius.

11:52 Here's how the qualifying battle stands after seven rounds:
Qualifying head-to-head

Vettel         7 - 0      Webber
Alonso         5 - 2      Massa
Button         4 - 3      Perez
Raikkonen      7 - 0      Grosjean
Rosberg        3 - 4      Hamilton
Hulkenberg     7 - 0      Gutierrez
Di Resta       4 - 3      Sutil
Maldonado      2 - 5      Bottas
Vergne         3 - 4      Ricciardo
Pic            3 - 4      Van der Garde
Bianchi        6 - 1      Chilton
Tyres11:55 Medium and hard compound rubber on track this weekend and, as usual, the softer option looks like the favoured qualifying tyre.

Gaps between the best lap achieved on a longer run with the hards and the late flying attempts on mediums were not enormous this morning, giving leading outfits the chance to escape Q1 without deploying the quicker rubber.

With a competitive field up front, teams will be going all-out in the fight for leading positions, though bearing in mind the need to conserve some rubber for a demanding race tomorrow.

11:57 Track temperature has shot up to 32 degrees Celsius, with a few minutes to go until the start of the session.

11:57 Massa's car is back in one piece again after disrupted practice for the Brazilian with a shunt yesterday and engine gremlins this morning.

0 min: Green light and Q1 is underway.

0 min: Sebastian Vettel weighs himself prior to getting ready for the session. It will be a few minutes before we see him out on the circuit.

0 min: Hulkenberg is the first man out this afternoon with hard rubber on his Sauber.

0 min: The noise level rises and the airhorns blare as Lewis Hamilton is shown on screen, in his car and ready for some action. Can he grab pole this afternoon?

1 min: Gutierrez is also on circuit as Sauber elects to bank times with both drivers on hard compound.

1 min: Rosberg is strapped into the other Mercedes as he slowly prepares for a first run on the circuit. Can he make it three session in a row on top?

2 min: Grosjean and Chilton join the early runners.

2 min: Maldonado is informed that there is more of a cross-wind now on the main straight, just giving him something extra to think about.

3 min: Bottas and Maldonado exit the pits and join the early runners on track. Both are using hard tyres.

3 min: 1m35.806s is the first time of the segment from Hulkenberg in the Sauber.

4 min: Vergne joins the first group on track, as Hamilton walks across the pitlane and gives the fans a wave.

4 min: Gutierrez takes over at the top of the early order in 1m33.697s.

4 min: Ricciardo is on track in the other Toro Rosso. Given the performance of both drivers in the practice sessions, the Italian team can set its sights on Q3 this afternoon.

5 min: Massa heading out in his repaired Ferrari on hard tyres.

6 min: Grosjean is the next to head the order with a new best of 1m32.586s.

6 min: Bottas joins the fun and goes second with 1m32.874s.

6 min: Maldonado's opening effort places him fifth, with a time of 1m33.328s.

6 min: Di Resta is now on track for a first run in the Force India.

7 min: Massa takes sixth fastest with his opening effort as he attempts to recover from a difficult start to the weekend.

7 min: Vergne goes fifth with his first attempt - 1m33.250s.

8 min: But Ricciardo is again on form and the Australian is up in third behind the two Lotus drivers with 1m32.792s.

8 min: Di Resta is fastest of all through the first sector of the lap.

8 min: Grosjean continues to edge forward the benchmark with a 1m32.401s now the leading time.

9 min: Di Resta is looking good here for a strong time and he completes the lap in 1m32.546s. That's second quickest.

10 min: Alonso grabs the top spot with a 1m32.266s.

10 min: But it doesn't last long as Grosjean takes back the P1 spot in 1m31.964s.

10 min: Maldonado improves his time and moves into eighth with 1m32.870s.

11 min: Ricciardo completes another lap and goes second in the Toro Rosso, with 1m32.227s.

11 min: Rosberg soon changes all that and goes quickest of all with 1m31.355s.

11 min: Hamilton then usurps his team-mate and goes fastest of all with a lap of 1m30.995s.

12 min: Button finally gets the thumbs up at McLaren and heads out for his first attempt.

12 min: So now we have Hamilton and Rosberg up front for Mercedes with Grosjean third, Ricciardo fourth, Alonso fifth and Vergne sixth.

13 min: Another wobble at Becketts for Alonso and he's been mowing the grass at Chapel once more.

13 min: Both Mercedes drivers set their times on medium compound tyres. They have almost one second on third placed Grosjean.

14 min: Mercedes is saving its hard tyres for the race - a sensible tactic, given how often we have seen both cars go backwards in recent events.

15 min: The Sauber pair have dropped to 14th and 15th but are now out on medium rubber for another attempt.

15 min: Adrian Sutil has popped up into fourth position in the Force India with a time of 1m32.002s.

15 min: Webber completes his first timed lap and moves into a solid third position with 1m31.605s, using the hard compound.

16 min: Vettel completes his first effort a little while later and is fourth with 1m31.854s.

17 min: Van der Garde remains in the Caterham pit with little need to run today after his 10-place grid penalty for causing collisions in Canada.

17 min: Perez springs up to fifth fastest on medium rubber with a lap of 1m31.953s.

18 min: Button finally escapes the drop as he goes seventh with a late run on medium rubber.

18 min: Massa has now slipped to 18th and needs a lap to escape the cut.

18 min: With the exception of van der Garde, everyone has now set a time. Bottas, Massa, Pic, Bianchi and Chilton are in the dropzone.

19 min: Maldonado is 16th and in danger of getting the bump while Bottas in 17th is starting a timed lap now.

20 min: Vergne improves with a time of 1m32.105s and he moves up to 12th.

20 min: The flag is out on Q1.

12:20 Massa looks on course to make the next segment, which will be bad news for Maldonado.

12:20 14th it is for Massa, which drops Alonso to a worrying 15th.

12:21 Bottas improves to 16th and puts Gutierrez into the dropzone.

12:21 Maldonado then improves to 16th and safety, dropping his team-mate Bottas back into the dreaded elimination zone.;

12:21 Van der Garde clocks a late time for 21st, but he's still going backwards from there with his grid penalty.

12:23 Not looking stellar for the Ferrari pair today, making it through in 14th and 15th with some notable stability issues in the high-speed.

12:24 While Gutierrez will be the disappointed man at Sauber after being shuffled down to elimination in 18th with the late scramble.

12:24 Here is the list of eliminated drivers after that first segment:

17) Bottas 1m32.664s
18) Gutierrez 1m32.666s
19) Pic 1m33.866s
20) Bianchi 1m34.108s
21) Van der Garde 1m35.481s
22) Chilton 1m35.858s.

12:25 Up front, Hamilton and Rosberg are looking good, with the leading car again half-a-second clear of the third placed driver - Raikkonen.

12:26 The remaining 16 drivers that have progressed will now face the next challenge. They have 15 minutes to try and get into the top 10 shootout.

0 min: Green means go again...

0 min: Webber and Sutil are immediately onto the circuit.

1 min: Medium tyres is Sutil's choice, while the Australian heads out on the harder compound.

2 min: Di Resta, Maldonado and Vergne also head out for a run.

2 min: Massa sets off again with medium tyres on the Ferrari.

2 min: Webber and Sutil are now into a timed lap, as Ricciardo comes out.

3 min: Rosberg and Hamilton are on track for Mercedes.

3 min: Webber gets the ball rolling with a time of 1m31.341s.

3 min: Sutil is next over the line and he goes second with 1m31.410s.

3 min: Alonso is also on track again as Ferrari look for solutions to a car that isn't so far living up to expected form around this circuit

4 min: Di Resta goes third with a time of 1m31.812s, while Maldonado slots into fourth - 1m33.170s.

5 min: Vergne is into fourth in the Toro Rosso with a lap of 1m32.024s, as Webber pits after just one timed lap.

5 min: Ricciardo continues on for another lap and goes third with 1m31.757s.

5 min: Massa clocks a 1m32.375s, which is only enough for seventh fastest.

5 min: But Rosberg blasts round on used mediums and takes over with 1m31.028s.

6 min: Alonso finds more with a 1m31.401s, currently fourth.

6 min: Hamilton backs up his team-mate and moves into second place with a lap of 1m31.224s - also on slightly used medium tyres.

7 min: Sutil finds some more pace and moves ahead of Alonso and into fourth with 1m31.359s.

7 min: Rosberg in back into the pits. He leads the pack with Hamilton second, Webber third, Sutil fourth, Alonso fifth and Ricciardo sixth.

8 min: Vettel is yet to leave the garage in the Red Bull and would appear to be saving sets of tyres.

8 min: Massa has already slipped to 11th and needs to find much more to escape the cut this time.

9 min: Vettel exits the pits now on medium tyres and expect this to be one of his one lap wonder efforts.

10 min: Rosberg is informed over the radio that the plan is to go again in Q2, but that they are already well inside the projected cut-off time.

11 min: Vettel is into his timed lap now and fastest of all in the first sector of the lap.

11 min: Ricciardo heads out for another run in the Toro Rosso. He is sixth at the moment.

12 min: Vettel puts a time on the board and look at this - he goes fastest of all with 1m30.990s.

12 min: Button has been in to the pits for some fresh rubber. He is currently 12th and facing the drop.

13 min: Maldonado is only 14th out of 14 on the timesheet and it doesn't look good for the Williams driver.

13 min: Massa heads out for a last-minute attempt to make it out of the elimination list.

14 min: Vergne has just ruined his latest effort. He was on for a decent time but he ran wide in Becketts.

14 min: Ricciardo moves up to third place with a time of 1m31.182s. The Australian can begin to dream of Q3 again here.

15 min: Perez finds traffic in the final sector and his effort is only good enough for 12th. Not looking great at McLaren right now.

15 min: Flag out, but still plenty to play for...

15 min: All 16 drivers now have a time on the board at this late stage. Vergne, Perez, Button, Massa, Maldonado and Hulkenberg are in the dropzone.

12:42 Adrian Sutil leaps up to third spot with 1m31.097s.

12:42 Button grabs 10th, just, but can he be bumped from there?

12:43 Di Resta has also improved. He is seventh with 1m31.291s.

12:43 Raikkonen is now shuffled out of the cut. He comes around to take over 10th and dumps Button out of the pole shootout!

12:44 Disaster on home soil for McLaren as both Button and Perez are eliminated in Q2.

12:44 Massa couldn't save it either, ending up 12th while Alonso had to throw his car around to scrape through in eighth.

12:45 A busy end to the qualifying segment. Here are the six drivers who have been eliminated:

11) Button 1m31.649s
12) Massa 1m31.779s
13) Vergne 1m31.785s
14) Perez 1m32.082s
15) Hulkenberg 1m32.211s
16) Maldonado 1m32.359s.

12:46 A disappointing end for Jean-Eric Vergne. Both Toro Rosso drivers have been quick so far this weekend, so 13th is below par.

12:48 Up front, Vettel and Webber upped the ante and ended up first and second, with Rosberg third and Hamilton only sixth.

12:49 So here is the list of 10 drivers that have made it through to the shootout:

Sebastian Vettel
Mark Webber
Fernando Alonso
Kimi Raikkonen
Romain Grosjean
Nico Rosberg
Lewis Hamilton
Paul di Resta
Adrian Sutil
Daniel Ricciardo.

0 min: The battle for pole is go at Silverstone.

0 min: Ricciardo is first out onto the circuit in the final segment.

0 min: He is out there on medium tyres, but there are no other immediate takers.

1 min: Webber and di Resta head out now, with Rosberg following them.

1 min: Alonso is trying some hard tyres for his first attempt.

2 min: Ricciardo crosses the line and is now into his timed lap.

2 min: Sutil heads out as he tries to cement a strong grid slot for the Sliverstone-based Force India outfit.

2 min: The Australian is first on the road and comes through sector one in 29.253s.

3 min: Ricciardo gets the ball rolling with a time of 1m31.579s.

4 min: Webber takes over from his fellow-Australian at the front with 1m30.508s.

4 min: Alonso slots in a current third fastest to Rosberg and Webber.

4 min: Rosberg is next to top the list with a lap of 1m30.231s.

4 min: Then Hamilton moves to the front with a lap of 1m30.096s ahead of his team-mate.

5 min: Grosjean now grabs best-of-the-rest behind the Mercedes and Red Bull pairs, dropping Alonso, using hards, to sixth.

5 min: Raikkonen has remained in the Lotus pit and will only be making one run.

5 min: So we have Hamilton up top, then Rosberg second, Webber third, Vettel into fourth with 1m30.677s and Grosjean fifth.

6 min: Di Resta and Sutil both pitted without setting times, having been out on used rubber for the early part of this segment.

7 min: Rosberg and Webber are back on track from second and third spot.

8 min: Fresh medium compound all round now as drivers head out for the final shot at pole.

8 min: All 10 drivers are now on the circuit for a final run as the session builds to a fascinating crescendo.

9 min: Hamilton, Grosjean and Vettel are close together on the circuit and will be the last men over the line.

9 min: Di Resta is the first man through the first sector in a time of 28.7s.

10 min: Webber is two-tenths faster than the Scot through the first sector of the lap.

10 min: Di Resta sets a quick first sector time as he begins a single attempt.

10 min: The flag is out but the laps continue...

13:00 Hamilton is fastest of all with 28.5s in the first section.

13:01 Di Resta grabs fifth place for the moment in 1m30.736s.

13:01 Webber is only second with a time of 1m30.220s.

13:01 Rosberg takes over at the front with 1m30.059s.

13:01 Sutil falls in seventh fastest on a strong day for Force India.

13:01 But Hamilton takes it back from Rosberg with a time of 1m29.607s and the crowd cheers!

13:01 Vettel can only manage third with 1m30.211s.

13:01 Grosjean leaps up to eighth fastest, dumping Alonso to a disappointing 10th.

13:02 Lewis Hamilton claims pole position for tomorrow's British Grand Prix!

13:02 That great fifth-place time from di Resta stuck through the late scramble, which is a fine job by the Scot today.

13:02 It's a wonderful pole at home for the Briton and he beats Rosberg by over four-tenths of a second, with Vettel third.

13:03 Webber is fourth in the other Red Bull, with di Resta fifth, Ricciardo sixth, Sutil seventh and Grosjean eighth.

13:03 Raikkonen ends up down in ninth spot and Fernando Alonso rounds out the top 10 on a difficult day for Ferrari.

13:05 Remember we've got plenty more live coverage on AUTOSPORT this weekend as Race Centre Live continues with all the updates from GP2 and GP3 at Sliverstone along with MotoGP, WTCC and much more.

13:05 We'll also have live streaming of the Blancpain Endurance Series race from Paul Ricard at 13:00 GMT on Sunday.

13:05 It's Mercedes up front and we are set for great day tomorrow. Join us at 12:30 BST for all the British Grand Prix coverage.

Session length: 60 minutes
Overcast High Temp: 20°C / 68°F
Track: Dry
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