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As it happened: The British Grand Prix
By Geoff Creighton and Emlyn Hughes
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Hamilton11:30 Hello everyone and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live for coverage and rolling updates from round eight of the 2013 FIA Formula 1 world championship - the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.

Lewis Hamilton put in a sublime performance to the delight of the home crowd to claim pole position with a lap of 1m29.607s, more than four-tenths of a second clear of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Sebastian Vettel was left trailing in third place, just ahead of Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber. Paul di Resta delivered a great lap to secure fifth spot, but his car was later found to be under the weight limit by the scrutineers, so he was excluded from the qualifying results and starts today's 52-lap race from the back of the grid. Daniel Ricciardo is the beneficiary and he moves up to fifth spot, with Adrian Sutil inheriting sixth.

Hamilton storms to Silverstone pole

11:31 The pitlane is open for the drivers to make their way to the grid. Lewis Hamilton leaves the garage and heads out to check the condition of his Mercedes.

11:32 Mark Webber rolls through the pitlane and back out for a second tour of the circuit.

11:33 Pastor Maldonado almost misses his stopping point at the end of the pitlane and narrowly misses clouting into the back of Charles Pic. They avoid contact and both practice a start at the end of the lane.

11:34 Here's how the standings look after Canada:
World Championship standings, round 7:

Drivers:                    Constructors:             
 1.  Vettel        132        1.  Red Bull-Renault          201
 2.  Alonso         96        2.  Ferrari                   145
 3.  Raikkonen      88        3.  Mercedes                  134
 4.  Hamilton       77        4.  Lotus-Renault             114
 5.  Webber         69        5.  Force India-Mercedes       51
 6.  Rosberg        57        6.  McLaren-Mercedes           37
 7.  Massa          49        7.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari         20
 8.  Di Resta       34        8.  Sauber-Ferrari              5
11:38 The weather has improved day by day at the Northamptonshire circuit and we have glorious conditions for this afternoon's event.

There is no chance of rain and it will be dry with plenty of sunshine over the next couple of hours. However, there is a light-to-moderate south-westerly breeze, but air temperature is pleasant as the mercury climbs to 23 degrees Celsius.

11:40 Both Red Bull drivers have made it to the grid after a couple of checking laps. They are out of the cars and involved in last-minute conversations with their engineers.

11:41 Polesitter Hamilton is pushed towards the front of the grid by his mechanics, followed by Rosberg's car.

11:42 Here's how the revised grid will line up this afternoon:
Pos  Driver               Team/Car
 1.  Lewis Hamilton       Mercedes
 2.  Nico Rosberg         Mercedes
 3.  Sebastian Vettel     Red Bull-Renault
 4.  Mark Webber          Red Bull-Renault
 5.  Daniel Ricciardo     Toro Rosso-Ferrari
 6.  Adrian Sutil         Force India-Mercedes
 7.  Romain Grosjean      Lotus-Renault
 8.  Kimi Raikkonen       Lotus-Renault
 9.  Fernando Alonso      Ferrari
10.  Jenson Button        McLaren-Mercedes
11.  Felipe Massa         Ferrari
12.  Jean-Eric Vergne     Toro Rosso-Ferrari
13.  Sergio Perez         McLaren-Mercedes
14.  Nico Hulkenberg      Sauber-Ferrari
15.  Pastor Maldonado     Williams-Renault
16.  Valtteri Bottas      Williams-Renault
17.  Esteban Gutierrez    Sauber-Ferrari
18.  Charles Pic          Caterham-Renault
19.  Jules Bianchi        Marussia-Cosworth
20.  Max Chilton          Marussia-Cosworth
21.  Giedo van der Garde  Caterham-Renault
22.  Paul di Resta        Force India-Mercedes
11:44 The grid is packed with racing heroes from the past. Emerson Fittipaldi was here yesterday, while Derek Warwick, Nigel Mansell, Sir Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost and John Surtees are patrolling the grid this afternoon.

11:45 The pitlane is now closed. Any driver that hasn't set off on a reconnaissance lap will have to start today's race from the end of the pitlane, once the rest of the field has taken the lights.

11:46 A packed Silverstone crowd rises to respect God Save the Queen as it is played out over the circuit public address system.

11:47 The spectators cheer enthusiastically at the end of the anthem, while the mechanics down there on the grid continue to fettle the cars ahead of this afternoon's 52-lap race.

Tyres11:50 It's the medium and hard Pirelli rubber on offer this weekend, which some outfits consider a conservative choice for this venue, despite the high-speed corners that place a significant demand on the tyres.

Mercedes, conserving the harder rubber in qualifying to use as a favoured race tyre, is hoping the track temperature doesn't get too high today to help keep its demands on the rubber under control.

Weather a threat to Mercedes hopes

Ferrari, meanwhile, struggled for pace on Saturday and should be happy to see blue skies over the venue this afternoon.

With overtaking set to be straightforward thanks to two sizable DRS zones, there are plenty of strategy options available to the teams. Two stops looks to be the optimistic plan, while three changes of tyre could be needed for those charging away from the front.

11:51 Final preparations now as drivers begin to get comfortable in the cars ahead of the start.

11:53 Mark Webber puts his helmet on and moves towards his Red Bull. The Australian is starting from the second row of the grid today.

11:53 Two DRS zones are available here, with the chasing car's rear wing opening down the lengthy Wellington and Hangar straights.

11:53 Sir Jackie Stewart is in conversation with Red Bull team boss Christian Horner as many of the VIPs and the grid girls start to clear the grid.

11:55 Just five minutes to go until the formation lap begins at Silverstone. We are set for 52 racing laps this afternoon.

11:56 Final choice of tyre being bolted on the cars now, with the Q3 drivers forced to use the medium compound rubber for the first stint.

11:56 Track temperature continues to climb and is now 31 degrees Celsius. Could this dent the chances of the Mercedes pair on the front row?

11:58 Vettel puts his gloves on, as Hamilton gets some much-needed cool air pumped into his cockpit with not long left to go now.

11:58 Early indications are that Button, Vergne, Hulkenberg, Gutierrez, Pic, di Resta and van der Garde will start on the harder tyres.

11:59 Hamilton left his gloves until 55 seconds to go - talk about keeping things calm until the last moment.

12:00 The formation lap begins at Silverstone. Hamilton leads the field of 22 away from the grid.

12:00 All 22 drivers have left the grid without problem, as Hamilton moves down the Wellington straight and into the complex.

12:01 Blasting past the old pits and into Copse, Hamilton is taking them round quite quickly so far.

12:01 The polesitter is beginning to slow the pace down as he enters the Becketts complex and heads into the Hangar straight.

12:02 Hamilton is instructed to back the grid up as he makes the turn for home.

12:03 The field moves round Club, as Hamilton stops at the pole. The front few rows are forming up nicely.

12:03 The grid is now set and we have 52 racing laps this afternoon. Are you ready? We await the lights...

Lap 1: The five red lights go out and we are racing at Silverstone!

Lap 1: Hamilton makes a great start and leads into Turn 1 but Rosberg is swamped by Vettel with Webber in fourth.

Lap 1: Through the complex and past the old pits for the first time it is Hamilton from a fast-starting Vettel, who is past Rosberg already.

Lap 1: Damage for Mark Webber initially after the start and he is dropping down the list. He is 15th!

Lap 1: Sutil is up to a fine fourth in his Force India, with Massa leaping through the traffic to make it up to fifth place.

Lap 2: Behind the leading trio we have Sutil up in fourth with Massa fifth, Raikkonen sixth, Ricciardo seventh, Button eighth and Grosjean in ninth

Lap 2: Behind Grosjean, Alonso made a poor start and is 10th, followed by Perez 11th, Hulkenberg 12th, Gutierrez 13th and Webber is 14th now.

Lap 3: Di Resta has made a positive start and the Scot is up in 18th position after starting at the rear of the field.

Lap 3: Hamilton is pulling clear of Vettel for the moment, clocked 1.2s ahead as they complete the second tour.

Lap 3: Webber had passed Gutierrez, but the Mexican took the position straight back from the Red Bull driver. The Australian is still down in 14th.

Lap 3: Rosberg, third, is falling away slightly from Vettel, with Sutil, Massa, Raikkonen and Ricciardo running close together behind.

Lap 3: Replays show a fine launch from Vettel, powering past Rosberg's Mercedes to comfortably take over second place.

Lap 4: Replays of the start show that Webber made a shocking getaway and he was swamped by other cars. He turned into the first corner, only to find Grosjean already there and the pair made light contact.

Lap 4: Massa also had a monumental getaway from his lowly grid slot, powering past team-mate Alonso and then surging around the outside.

Lap 4: Webber has been told over the radio that he has some front wing damage, but the Australian has remained out on track.

Lap 4: Alonso is making progress. He is up into eighth spot and looking to get on the tail of Ricciardo.

Lap 4: Massa gained six places off the start and now runs in fifth, currently boxed up behind Sutil's Force India.

Lap 5: Sutil is already six seconds off the lead and Mercedes is delighted to see that gap building in the field behind Rosberg.

Lap 5: Webber is up to 12th position now, having passed both Saubers of Gutierrez and then Hulkenberg in short order.

Lap 5: Di Resta continues his climb through the order. He is up to 16th and about to challenge Vergne in the Toro Rosso.

Lap 5: Alonso moves left and right behind Ricciardo into Stowe, but the Toro Rosso driver holds firm and maintains seventh.

Lap 5: Hamilton continues to build his lead for the moment, clocked 2.1 seconds up on Vettel's Red Bull.

Lap 6: Ricciardo in seventh is beginning to drop away from Raikkonen, because he has his mirrors full of Alonso's Ferrari. Grosjean is ninth.

Lap 6: Perez continues in 10th with McLaren team-mate Button in 11th. Button mentions on the radio that he can feel his tyres overheating.

Lap 7: Raikkonen, sixth, is now right on the tail of Massa and could be setting up a DRS move, aided by the passive system on the Lotus today.

Lap 7: Webber is 12th and now on the back of the McLaren pair, with Hulkenberg 13th, Gutierrez 14th, Vergne 15th and di Resta 16th.

Lap 7: Webber zooms up to the back of Button's McLaren and takes 11th easily into Stowe corner.

Lap 7: Vettel begins his repsonse to the Mercedes charge with a new fastest lap of 1m38.105s. He's still two seconds behind leader Hamilton, though

Lap 7: Oh no! Disaster for Hamilton, who is touring with a rear tyre failure

Lap 8: Drama at Silverstone and the field is coming through past the Briton. 15th and falling.

Lap 8: The former leader is tumbling down the order with debris flaling from the blown left rear.

Lap 8: Replays show that Hamilton's left rear let go on the Wellington straight. He has made it to the pits.

Lap 9: The crew go to work and have checked the floor. Hamilton back out there but he is stone last.

Lap 9: Vettel is now leading by 2.2 seconds from Rosberg, with Sutil now up to third position.

Lap 9: Yellow flags are out in the problem area where there is still a fair amount of tyre debris.

Lap 9: We have a car off... and it is Massa with a punctured left rear!

Lap 9: Di Resta has pitted from 13th position and he drops down the field to 17th spot.

Lap 10: Replays show the left rear blowing on Massa's car as he pulled out of the Aintree corner, which will surely be a concern down at Pirelli.

Lap 10: Webber comes in and he gets a new nose, as well as a set of hard tyres. He rejoins down in 14th position.

Lap 10: Gutierrez and van der Garde have also been into the pits.

Lap 11: Massa makes it back to the pitlane and the Ferrari crew goes to work. He falls to 22nd.

Lap 11: Raikkonen is in the pits this time for a change of tyres.

Lap 11: Button has been into the pits, as has Alonso. The Spaniard has rejoined in ninth position.

Lap 12: Meanwhile, Vettel is storming off up front as Rosberg and Sutil head in for first pitstops.

Lap 12: The ever-changing order behind the leaders now has Vergne up in sixth with Grosjean seventh. Alonso passes Grosjean and is up to eighth spot.

Lap 12: Hulkenberg is one of the last to stop. He drops down the order to 16th position.

Lap 12: Vettel is being called in for service at Red Bull this time.

Lap 13: Webber is still 12th after that round of stops, but he posts the fastest lap of the race on medium tyres - 1m37.376s.

Lap 13: Meanwhile, Alonso has slipped past Vergne to take over what is now fourth place as Perez also makes an initial stop.

Lap 13: So Vergne, who has yet to stop is fifth, with Grosjean sixth, Raikkonen seventh, Ricciardo eighth and Perez in ninth.

Lap 14: This is chaos! Now Vergne has a tyre failure in spectacular fashion on the Hangar straight and he was lucky to keep it together.

Lap 14: Rosberg sets the fastest lap at 1m36.743s and now runs just under three seconds behind leader Vettel.

Lap 14: Vergne makes it back to the pits a few corners later and he gets a fresh set of boots.

Lap 14: Vergne drops down the order to 18th position, just behind Hamilton.

Lap 14: The safety car has been deployed.

Lap 16: Maldonado had just been into the pits before the safety car deployment.

Lap 16: With debris strewn around the cirucit, the safety car is out to control the field.

Lap 16: Bottas and Pic come straight in for a change of tyres, promoting Hamilton to 14th.

Lap 16: Vettel is told on the radio that he did have tyre damage during the first stint and is ordered to stay off the kerbs.

Lap 16: Behind the safety car, Vettel leads from Rosberg, Sutil, Alonso, Raikkonen, Grosjean, Ricciardo and Perez.

Lap 16: Behind Perez we have Webber up to ninth, Button 10th, di Resta 11th, Hulkenberg 12th, Gutierrez 13th and Hamilton 14th.

Lap 16: Maldonado is 15th ahead of Vergne 16th, Bottas 17th, Pic 18th and Bianchi 19th.

Lap 16: A bag of debris has been hurriedly returned to the Pirelli facility in the paddock as the tyre supplier attempts to pinpoint the cause of these failures.

Lap 16: Chilton is 20th, van der Garde is 21st and Massa is 22nd. The Ferrari driver has just been into the pits again.

Lap 17: Massa is back out there with medium tyres bolted onto the car. He is catching back up to the back of the train.

Lap 17: Pirelli engineers are also examining rubber from the first stops, with reports of cuts to the left rear from the Red Bull team.

Lap 18: On track, a load of marshals are checking for debris at every corner of the racetrack.

Lap 18: There is a long way to go from here as the circuit is swept of tyre debris.

Lap 18: Up front, Sutil in third place is on the medium compound for this stint, while hard tyres are largely the choice to go some distance.

Lap 19: Now there are two roadsweeping trucks on the Hangar straight, helping with the recovery of tyre debris.

Lap 19: Vettel is again told to keep off the kerbs, particularly at Turn 4 - The Loop.

Lap 20: Meanwhile, Adrian Newey is shown studying a photograph of a sizable cut in a tyre, with a hand-written message of "pressure up 2 psi".

Lap 21: The safety car will pit at the end of this lap.

Lap 22: The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

Lap 22: Vettel storms away up front from Rosberg, Sutil, Alonso and Raikkonen.

Lap 22: Perez dives up the inside of Webber into Turn 1 and he takes eighth.

Lap 22: But Webber bides his time and retakes the position away from the Mexican into the complex. Webber back into eighth.

Lap 23: Sutil, still running a strong third, now has Alonso all over his gearbox.

Lap 23: Alonso knows that he must maximise his points score today as Vettel once again storms off out front.

Lap 23: Behind the leaders, Grosjean is maintaining sixth with Ricciardo seventh, Webber eighth, Perez ninth, Button 10th and di Resta in 11th.

Lap 24: Hulkenberg is 12th with Sauber team-mate Gutierrez 13th. Hamilton is becoming extremely impatient behind them in 14th spot.

Lap 24: Vettel leads by 1.4 seconds over Rosberg as the DRS becomes available again.

Lap 24: Drivers not paying too much attention to the "stay off the kerbs" messages as they push on regardless.

Lap 24: Hamilton has another go against Gutierrez into Copse and he takes 13th position away from the Mexican. Next target - Hulkenberg.

Lap 25: Massa is ripping his way through the pack. He is already up to 18th spot and challenging Bottas.

Lap 25: Bottas sweeps round Vergne and Massa follows through a short time later, so now we have Bottas 16th, Massa 17th and Vergne 18th.

Lap 26: Sutil has shaken off Alonso to some extent since the restart, with Raikkonen now harrying the Spaniard's Ferrari.

Lap 26: Hulkenberg pits from 12th place in the Sauber, releasing Hamilton.

Lap 26: Vergne, who had been dropping back, is also into and out of the pits. He has dropped down to the rear of the field.

Lap 27: Rosberg is still keeping Vettel in sight at this phase, clocked 2.5 seconds behind the lead Red Bull.

Lap 27: Grosjean continues in sixth with Ricciardo close behind in seventh Webber still eighth, Perez ninth and Button rounding out the top 10.

Lap 28: Bit of ebb and flow in that Sutil, Alonso, Raikkonen battle as the Ferrari closes on the Force India once more.

Lap 28: Di Resta is 11th with Hamilton 12th and Gutierrez pits from 13th, promoting Maldonado.

Lap 28: Ricciardo makes his move and is through ahead of Grosjean. The Toro Rosso driver moves into sixth spot.

Lap 28: Sutil now has Alonso all over his gearbox on DRS but the Spaniard is forced to jink around debris on the circuit at Stowe.

Lap 29: Replays would suggest that Gutierrez had some incident at the end of the Hangar straight. He possibly hit a braking marker board, hence his recent pitstop.

Lap 29: Raikkonen has dived into the pits for what looks like an early stop in the Lotus.

Lap 30: Van der Garde has also been into the pits from 20th position.

Lap 30: Vergne passed van der Garde and Chilton before the Caterham driver came into the pits. He is up to 20th position.

Lap 30: Alonso responds to Raikkonen with a pit visit of his own.

Lap 31: Gutierrez has been into the pits again. This time he gets a new front wing and gets underway in 21st position.

Lap 31: Grosjean pits the Lotus and drops down the field to 14th position.

Lap 31: Alonso is slightly delayed by Grosjean in the pitlane... and that's put him out behind Raikkonen on the road!

Lap 31: So Webber is promoted to fifth spot, with Perez sixth, Button seventh, di Resta eighth, Hamilton ninth and Raikkonen in 10th.

Lap 32: Webber now pits the Red Bull. He gets a set of medium tyres and rejoins the race in 11th position, just behind Alonso.

Lap 32: Meantime, Hamilton is attacking fellow-Briton di Resta in an effort to wrestle eighth place away from the Force India driver.

Lap 33: Button is told by his engineer that he'll be in at the end of the lap. The McLaren driver responds and gets a fresh set of tyres.

Lap 33: Meanwhile the Blancpain Endurance Series event at Paul Ricard is starting shortly and we have full live streaming from the event on

Lap 33: Di Resta is leading a train with Hamilton under attack from Raikkonen and Alonso. Both move through past the Mercedes driver.

Lap 33: Vettel's lead is now 3.4 seconds over Rosberg, with Mercedes keeping up pretty strong race pace this afternoon.

Lap 34: Di Resta then pits the Force India from what was a temporary fifth place He drops down the field to 15th spot.

Lap 34: Sutil dives in to the Force India pit for his latest stop.

Lap 34: Webber moves ahead of Hamilton as well and takes over fifth place, as the pair zoom up the order in the pitstop phase.

Lap 34: That brace of stops puts Raikkonen up to third place with Alonso on his tail in fourth.

Lap 35: Rosberg heads in for his second stop, taking another set of the hard tyres.

Lap 35: Bianchi has been into the pits from 18th spot. He takes on hard tyres and drops one position.

Lap 35: Charles Pic was up to 17th position in the pitstop phase. He comes in and takes on medium tyres. He drops down the list to 18th.

Lap 36: Vettel heads in for a reactionary second stop and resumes in the lead.

Lap 36: Vergne is in the pits from 17th position. He drops down the field.

Lap 37: Vettel is told that the team has pumped up his tyres to protect the leader from the threat of punctures.

Lap 37: Vergne is wheeled into the garage and this is terminal for the Frenchman. He is out of the race.

Lap 37: Webber, meanwhile, is on the move at the moment, having passed Alonso and is now on the tail of Raikkonen's Lotus.

Lap 38: Hamilton has been into the pits and rejoined in 11th, but he is now embroiled in a wheel-to-wheel fight with di Resta.

Lap 38: Di Resta takes the place back from the Mercedes and he's back into 11th.

Lap 38: Hamilton wrestles 11th back from di Resta with a nice move into the Wellington straight.

Lap 39: Alonso's pace has faded in recent laps and he is now almost three seconds behind Webber, who continues to harass Raikkonen.

Lap 39: Bottas comes into the pits from 15th position.

Lap 39: Behind the leaders, Sutil is running sixth with Ricciardo on his tail in seventh, Perez eighth, Button ninth and Grosjean 10th.

Lap 39: Rosberg is told that rear wear is not a issue at Mercedes, with the limit being fronts in this race.

Lap 40: Hamilton is 11th and running much faster than Grosjean on the road. The gap between them is 1.4s. Di Resta is 12th with Massa in 13th spot.

Lap 40: Ricciardo is all over the back of Sutil's Force India and he makes a move into Copse... Oh that was close. Positions maintained.

Lap 40: Rosberg is still within two seconds of leader Vettel as Mercedes keeps the Red Bull under pressure during this unusual race.

Lap 41: Sutil left Ricciardo little space to work with and the Toro Rosso driver needs to keep his waits about him. This is the battle for sixth.

Lap 41: Raikkonen, third, can't match the lead duo's pace and has a lot of pressure from Webber and Alonso over the final podium slot.

Lap 42: Vettel slows.... it's not a puncture but he's out of the race!

Lap 42: Gutierrez pits the Sauber from 16th position. He drops down the field to 19th.

Lap 42: "Lost drive," exclaims Vettel as he pulls to a halt in the Red Bull right in front of the pits.

Lap 42: The safety car has been deployed.

Lap 42: Disaster for Vettel but delight for his championship rivals as the German wanders away from his stricken Red Bull.

Lap 42: Rosberg is given the immediate call for a fresh set of tyres.

Lap 42: More drama. Rosberg takes over at the front with Raikkonen second, Webber third, Sutil fourth, Ricciardo fifth and Perez sixth.

Lap 43: Rosberg heads in for his set of rubber to the finish, as does Webber.

Lap 43: Vettel crosses the pitlane and he walks dejectedly into the Red Bull garage.

Lap 43: Raikkonen does not pit but has remained behind Rosberg on the road.

Lap 43: Grosjean, di Resta and Massa have all come into the pits. They were 10th, 11th and 12th.

Lap 43: Sutil and Ricciardo have also stayed out, leaving them third and fourth. Webber is fifth, while Perez is up to sixth.

Lap 43: Raikkonen is questioning that call not to pit, but is told by Lotus that it is too late now with the safety car train formed up.

Lap 44: Button is seventh in the queue with Alonso eighth, Hamilton ninth, Grosjean 10th and Massa 11th.

Lap 44: Lapped cars can now pass the safety car.

Lap 44: Vettel walked over to the pitwall and had a quick word with team boss Christian Horner, before wandering back into the garage, where he was given a round of applause by the team.

Lap 44: Chilton and van der Garde are one lap down in 19th and 20th positions.

Lap 44: Webber is told that there is no need to look after his rubber and to go for it from here.

Lap 44: Radio traffic suggests that Rosberg had tyre trouble developing before that safety car and was lucky to be able to make a free change.

Lap 45: One interested visitor to the Red Bull garage is tennis star Lleyton Hewitt, who is there supporting Webber.

Lap 46: The safety car comes into the pitlane and we are racing once again.

Lap 46: Rosberg sprints away from Raikkonen, who is now on 16-lap old rubber.

Lap 46: Hulkenberg was able to nip through on Maldonado and take over 13th position in the Sauber.

Lap 46: Webber is already storming forward as he blasts past Ricciardo to take over fourth place.

Lap 46: Alonso in eighth makes a good move on Button into Copse and he takes over seventh spot.

Lap 46: Next target for Webbber is Sutil, who is also on old tyres.

Lap 47: Another tyre has gone and it's Sergio Perez. He keeps it together on the Hangar straight.

Lap 47: Tyre debris over the circuit once again as Perez tours back slowly to the pits.

Lap 47: Rosberg leads by a second from Raikkonen, while Sutil runs third with Webber closing... not for long, he's through!

Lap 47: Webber comes through the complex in third place and chasing down Raikkonen on his worn-tyred Lotus.

Lap 47: Perez comes in and this looks bad. He is wheeled into the garage with a lot of damage to the floor.

Lap 48: Alonso continues his charge through the field. He is sixth now and all over the back of Ricciardo.

Lap 48: Alonso is up to sixth and putting massive pressure on Ricciardo, barging his way through into fifth.

Lap 48: Hamilton is right with them and he nips through ahead of Ricciardo to take sixth position.

Lap 48: Five laps remain in the British Grand Prix.

Lap 48: Webber looks for DRS on Raikkonen and is right in the battle for second place.

Lap 48: Side-by-side through Stowe and Webber is through into second place with a remarkable move!

Lap 49: This is a mega charge from the retiring Webber. Can he now race down leader Rosberg?

Lap 49: Behind the leading group, Hamilton is now sixth and on Sutil's gearbox, with Massa seventh!

Lap 49: Hamilton surges through ahead of Sutil and takes over fifth position, as Perez watches all this on the monitors hardly believing it.

Lap 49: Webber continues to chase down Rosberg with just over a second between Mercedes leader and the chasing Red Bull.

Lap 50: Alonso is now right with Raikkonen, while Hamilton is also on that pair in the battle for vital points.

Lap 50: So Sutil drops to sixth with Massa close on him in seventh Ricciardo eighth, di Resta ninth and Grosjean in 10th position.

Lap 50: Rosberg cements his lead at 1.4 seconds as the battle rages on behind him.

Lap 50: Hulkenberg is 11th with Maldonado 12th and Button losing out badly. He is down to 13th spot.

Lap 51: Two laps remain in a breathless finish to the British Grand Prix.

Lap 51: Alonso surges up to the back of Raikkonen and passes the Finn into Stowe. Alonso moves into third place.

Lap 51: Raikkonen is slipping back and Hamilton in fifth is all over the back of the Lotus driver.

Lap 51: Di Resta has been off track but continued without losing ninth place, as Hamilton charges past Raikkonen into fourth at Stowe.

Lap 52: Rosberg is a lap from victory at Silverstone.

Lap 52: Massa has passed Sutil and he takes over sixth position.

Lap 52: Grosjean is into the pits. It promotes Hulkenberg into 10th place with half-a-lap to go.

Lap 52: Grosjean is wheeled into the garage. He retires.

13:36 Nico Rosberg wins the British Grand Prix!

13:36 A fine drive from the German to his second victory of the season after team-mate and home hero Hamilton hit tyre trouble.

13:37 Webber grabs a brilliant second for Red Bull after a dramatic battle back through the field.

13:37 It's a great third place from Alonso as he once again makes the most of a difficult day for his title rivals.

13:37 Hamilton comes around right on the tail of Alonso, taking fourth after the disappointment of an early tyre explosion while leading from pole

13:38 Raikkonen comes home fifth, with Massa ending up sixth after a tremendous final stint. Sutil was seventh with Ricciardo eighth.

13:39 Di Resta survived and finished in ninth spot and Nico Hulkenberg claims the final point of the day, after Lotus pulled Grosjean in.

13:40 Out of the points, Maldonado ended up 11th with Bottas 12th, Button a lowly 13th, Gutierrez 14th, Pic 15th, Bianchi 16th and Chilton 17th.

13:40 Van der Garde was 18th, while Grosjean was classified 19th after being pulled in by the team. Perez was classified 20th.

13:41 Delight for Rosberg as he steps out of the winning car and celebrates with his Mercedes team.

13:42 Only two drivers officially retired from the race.

Vettel dramatically slowed when in the lead with a transmission failure, while Vergne was eventually pulled out of the race, some time after he suffered the most spectacular tyre failure of all those we have witnessed this afternoon.

13:45 The top three drivers walk out onto the podium and the German national anthem rings out for today's winners - Nico Rosberg and Mercedes.

13:46 Rosberg collects the winner's trophy for his fine drive through the tyre chaos at Silverstone today.

13:46 Tony Ross, Rosberg's engineer, is on hand to collect the constructors' prize for Mercedes.

13:47 Mark Webber receives his award for second place in today's race. He smiles and lifts the trophy above his head, at his last British GP.

13:47 Alonso wraps up the podium awards with his prize for third place.

13:48 The champagne sprays on the podium and the drivers soak eachother, before they stand atop the podium for the traditional end-of-race photograph.

13:48 Damon Hill is on had to interview the podium drivers.

13:49 Many talking points this afternoon, but the retirement of Vettel is precisely what his title rivals needed to close up the points chase.

13:51 Vettel's lead is now 21 points over Alonso, with Raikkonen a further 11 markers back in third place.

13:52 Hamilton, Webber and Rosberg are now close together in the standings, but still with ground to make up on the top three.

13:53 Another win for Mercedes leaves it a point ahead of Ferrari in the constructors' battle, closing slowly on Red Bull.

13:53 Stick with AUTOSPORT for all the reaction to an eventful British Grand Prix.

13:55 Well, where do you start with that one? What a race! Rosberg collects the big prize in two of the last three races and is beginning to mount a title charge, as Hamilton and Vettel falter through no fault of their own.

A tremendous event, but there will be a lot of questions regarding Pirelli and the changes to the construction of its tyres. The spate of punctures will also surely require investigation into the kerbs and drainage solutions around the first sector of the circuit.

There were many great drives, but Sutil and Ricciardo will be disappointed to have slipped back towards the final stages of the race, while Button ended up pointless at home. But without doubt, the day belongs to Nico Rosberg and Mercedes.

This was the 2013 British Grand Prix on AUTOSPORT Live. Thanks for your company over the last three days of action. It's a double-header so we will be back on Friday, as the teams get down to business at the German Grand Prix.

Race length: 52 laps
Mainly sunny High Temp: 23°C / 73°F
Track: Dry
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