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As it happened: WRC Finland, Moscow DTM, Argentina WTCC
By Matt Beer, Sam Tremayne, Mark Glendenning, Jamie O'Leary, Kevin Turner, David Evans and Scott Mitchell
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Thu 09:00 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live, where today we will be bringing you live updates from the latest round of the World Rally Championship in Finland.

Thu 09:03 While we're only in Finland at the moment, today is the start of a busy weekend's racing on Race Centre Live. Tomorrow evening we'll be bringing you updates from WTCC testing at Termas; IndyCar Mid-Ohio practice and NASCAR Pocono qualifying.

This weekend also sees us travel as far as Moscow, Los Angeles and Snetterton - so that's your DTM, X-Games and BTCC updates sorted as well.

For now, though, we'll focus on the WRC. Here's what you need to know...

Thu 09:05 WRC - Finland: SS1 begins at 09:15 (GMT) - that's 10:15 in Britain - and there will be little respite for the teams and drivers with real break in the schedule before the end of SS6 this evening.

Mikko Hirvonen made the perfect start to his home round of the championship with the fastest time in yesterday evening's qualifying session.

Thu 09:08 WRC - Finland: As a result, Hirvonen will run 14th on the road. This is the running order for today:

1 Tahko; 2 Prokop; 3 Andersson; 4 Nikara; 5 Sordo; 6 Meeke; 7 Hanninen; 8 Ostberg; 9 Mikkelsen; 10 Latvala; 11 Novikov; 12 Neuville; 13 Ogier; 14 Hirvonen.

Thu 09:10 WRC - Finland: Sebastien Ogier was not overly happy with his setup in qualifying - though that's not likely to deter the runaway points leader too much today.

Besides, he was already boosted last weekend by the news that regular co-driver Julien Ingrassia would indeed be fit to partner him on the rally. And he can't have it all his own way.

Thu 09:15 WRC - Finland: Riko Tahko begins SS1 - the first, 4.45km Himos leg - and the second half of the season is now underway.

Thu 09:19 WRC - Finland: 2m50.0s for Tahko to kick off the day's running. We'll have a bit of road clearing from the next two or three cars before the serious times start, though.

Thu 09:25 WRC - Finland: Prokop is now atop the times - 2m47.9s his effort. Andersson comes through 3.6s down after a spin, and then the Mini of Nikara 0.2s further back - and complaining of a lack of power.

Thu 09:27 WRC - Finland: The first of the expected front-runners comes through, with Dani Sordo clocking in at 2m43.4s.

Thu 09:29 WRC - Finland: Meeke's is next over the line, and goes a tenth faster than Citroen regular Sordo.

It's the first appearance for Meeke in the Abu Dhabi team - competing in place of Khalid Al Qassimi. He wasn't too unhappy with that run, despite it not being the cleanest.

"Down the hill is really bumpy," he says. "A corner up the hill tightened up on me and a lost a second or two."

Thu 09:31 WRC - Finland: Hanninen spins on his way to the third fastest time thus far - 1.2s behind Meeke, 2m44.6s is his time.

Thu 09:32 WRC - Finland: Incidentally, Sebastien Loeb reckons Meeke will struggle this weekend. Very, very early stages so far, but the stand-in has already outpaced one regular.

Loeb warns Citroen's Meeke facing tough Rally Finland

Thu 09:32 WRC - Finland: Meeke, though, is not a fan of Himos and he's not wrong. It's not the best stage in Finland. Running out of the car park for a ski slope, the route weaves its way around some cones before going up and down a nursery slope.

Thu 09:32 WRC - Finland: However, Meeke's been deposed of top spot now. Mads Ostberg comes through in 2m40.9s to go 2.4s clear.

Thu 09:37 WRC - Finland: We have another new stage leader. First, Mikkelsen slots in 0.6s behind Ostberg. But a wild Latvala is next up, and he puts his VW quickest - 2m40.3s the new benchmark.

Thu 09:39 WRC - Finland: Next up, it's Novikov, but he can't quite beat his Ford team-mate. It's third place for Evegeny with a 2m41.2s.

Thu 09:40 WRC -Finland: Feeling a bit bad about having a go at the Himos stage... Typically with Finland, fever is not far away. Torittu is the next stage and that hasn't been used since 1985, when Timo Salonen (pictured on the rally) went fastest in a Peugeot 205 T16. Salonen completed the 4.83-mile stage in 4m18s.

Twenty-eight years on, the stage is a little longer (5.15 miles). It will be fascinating to see what the times are like.

Thu 09:41 WRC - Finland: ...and we have a trio of Fords in a row. Thierry Neuvilles slots into fourth place, 0.1s behind Novikov.

Thu 09:43 WRC - Finland: Ogier comes through and knocks his team-mate from the top of the times. "It's a little bit slippy," says the championship leader. "You have to be in the perfect position from the beginning," he adds.

Well, 2m39.1s on the opening stages has him in exactly that position with Hirvonen left to run.

Thu 09:44 WRC - Finland: And Hirvonen cannot deny Ogier his "perfect position". 2m40.5s for the qualifying topper puts him third in SS1.

Thu 09:45 WRC - Finland - SS1 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +1.2s; 3 Hirvonen +1.4s; 4 Ostberg +1.8s; 5 Novikov +2.1s.

Thu 09:48 WRC - Finland: Robert Kubica was leading WRC2 having completed the first stage in 2m52.1s, but he's been knocked off top spot by Esapekka Lappi, who has gone 1.1s quicker.

Thu 09:51 WRC - Finland: World Rally Championship history is made! Tunnocks-backed Irishman Robert Barrable is the first driver to complete a WRC stage in an R5 category car. He's in one of M-Sport's finest Fiestas.

Thu 09:55 WRC - Finland: In other WRC2 news, Elfyn Evans is 0.3s behind Kubica, while a rather agitated Eyvind Brynildsen has gone joint quickest at 2m51.0s.

Thu 09:55 WRC - Finland: And if you're wondering at the inclusion of Tunnocks in that other post, it's because Tunnocks PR genius Paul Evans has carpet-bombed the media centre with milk/dark chocolate tea cakes and caramel wafers.

Personal favourite, however, is the all-new caramel and coconut wafer. Tunnocks fact number one: more than five million are eaten every week. This week, most of those will be consumed in Jyvaskyla by AUTOSPORT.

Thu 10:00 WRC - Finland: Back to WRC2, though, and another new leader - Jari Ketomaa. 2m48.5s his time, and our attentions now starts to shift towards the return of that classic second stage.

Thu 10:12 WRC - Finland: Between those teacakes, and the upcoming return of the 4.3-mile Torittu stage, AUTOSPORT's David Evans is a happy man in Finland.

Sadly, unlike in 1985, the stage will not feature the pace-setting Peugeot 205 T16. But we'll find out how the current crop of machines get on after the first cars hit the road at 10:40 GMT.

Thu 10:25 WRC - Finland: Rain! We have rain in Jyvasklya. The cars are down at the rally's most southerly stage now (about 50 miles south of rally HQ) - but this weather's chasing them...

Thu 10:43 WRC - Finland: SS2 is underway, with Tahko and Prokop leading the cars onto the stage.

Thu 10:48 WRC - Finland: Tahko's time is 4m37.9s - that's some way off Salonen's '85 time of 4m18s (though comparison is both futile and rather unfair). Prokop is right on the limit chasing him, and is faster through the first two splits...and goes 1.8s faster. Andersson is on stage and going even faster - while Nikara and Sordo have also started their runs.

Thu 10:50 WRC - Finland: Andersson sounds dejected after throwing away a strong run. "I don't know, I don't know," he says. He was almost two seconds faster than Prokop at the second split but a second spin in two stages leaves him seven seconds down at the line.

Thu 10:55 WRC - Finland: Nikara is the new name at the top of the SS2 times having completed his run in 4m33.2s. That's 0.5s faster than Sordo's since managed, and Kris Meeke is also faster than the Spaniard through the first split...but loses time with a puncture in the final half. He estimates it costs him 7/8 seconds, and comes through third fastest.

Thu 10:59 WRC - Finland: The times are flying in now. Hanninen goes quickest with a stage time of 4m30.8s. But Ostberg is absolutely flying, and topples Hanninen. A 4m26.6s for Ford man Mads.

Thu 11:02 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen is quite a bit down on Ostberg through the first split - and almost five seconds behind after the second. He comes through only 3.9s down, though.

Latvala, meanwhile, is quicker than Ostberg through the first split. But in the second split, he's significantly slower...

Thu 11:05 WRC - Finland: Problems for JML, then. The left-rear suspension arm has broken and the wheel is damaged...a problem, given the lack of a service. He came through almost 40s down on Ostberg.

"The car went a little bit wide and I hit a stone and it broke the suspension," he explains. "I don't know what we have to fix it but we will see."

Thu 11:06 WRC - Finland: No such issues for Novikov, who comes in just behind his Ford team-mate with a time of 4m27.8s.

Thu 11:09 WRC - Finland: A fantastic run for Neuville puts him first of the Fords and the new man on top of the times. 4m26.1s for him.

Thu 11:12 WRC - Finland: Ogier through now. 4m29.0s, so the VW man loses time on the lead Fords there. Hirvonen then comes through with 4m26.9s: "It was really slippery," he notes. A few problems, but he adds: "I'm happy with that."

Thu 11:15 WRC - Finland - SS2 results: This is the top five through the stage, then. A win for Thierry Neuville!

1 Neuville; 2 Ostberg +0.5s; 3 Hirvonen +0.8s; 4 Novikov +1.7s; 5 Ogier +2.9s.

Thu 11:20 WRC - Finland: A little bit of a problem with the WRC timing - Ogier's time was 4m29.2s, and he drops back to fourth overall. This is what that stage win for Neuville means for the overall leaderboard, which is very, very close.

1 Neuville; 2 Hirvonen +0.0s; 3 Ostberg +0.1s; 4 Ogier +0.9s; 5 Novikov +1.6s.

Thu 11:22 WRC - Finland: Meanwhile, it's a much more promising run for Kubica in WRC2. He's 3.1s quicker than Lappi through this stage, so he's now a second ahead of him overall, too.

Thu 11:27 WRC - Finland: Quickly looking ahead to Saturday... and there's a very big treat in store for spectators in one section of Ouninpohja. The organisers have built a new jump in the stage (clearly, Finland's short on jumps...) and Tommi Makinen will be the first man over it.

And he'll be flying over it in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III he used to win this event in 1996. Makinen will also drive the car on a lap of the Killeri super-special stage tonight.

Thu 11:28 WRC - Finland: Paddon leapfrogs Kubica overall by going 2.5s faster on the stage but Jari Ketomaa goes even quicker - 4m38.3s (and 7s ahead of Paddon overall).

We think, though, that Elfyn Evans' 5m15.9s is wrong - noise has been made that he in fact completed it in 4m38.1s. More on that when we know.

Thu 11:39 SS3 will get underway before too long - and now Finland starts to test the drivers even more. Koukunmaa is an 8.5-mile stage; that's longer than the previous two combined. So if it's this close at the end of that, we're absolutely in the early throes of a mega rally.

Thu 11:55 Almost 20 minutes until we should see the first car on SS3. They really haven't gone far yet - Finland does tend to be quite like this. With the cars on the limit in so many fast corners, the times are always quite close.

Thu 12:05 AUTOSPORT has spotted a legend in Finland, and got all excited about the prospect of a just-for-fun competition. So, open a new tab, and tell @davidevansrally who the megastar is he's captured on his mobile...

Thu 12:07 Apologies for the quality of the picture - turns out there was some olive oil smeared across the lens of the iPhone, which probably didn't help the process.

If you need a hint - this fella won the 1000 Lakes loads of times - as many times, in fact, as Tommi Makinen and Timo Salonen put together...

Thu 12:20 WRC - Finland: Bit of a worry here in press office. There's a smell of burning - and it's getting stronger...

Thu 12:21 WRC - Finland: ...and as the media are distracted, Tahko gets SS3 underway.

Thu 12:23 WRC - Finland: Latvala-watch. Repairs have been made as best as possible, and they'll be taking the start of SS3 after that suspension damage suffered on the previous stage. It's a gruelling run to make given they've not been to service...only time will tell how well they have repaired that car.

Thu 12:26 WRC - Finland: And relax... Turns out the smoke was from burning rubber from the stunt team in the car park. Just as well, I was figuring out what to save in my dash from the burning building: Tunnocks were top of the list!

Thu 12:28 WRC - Finland: First car through SS3, Tahko reports damp conditions - slipperiest stage so far.

Thu 12:32 WRC - Finland: Early times from SS3: Tahko 7m22.9s; Prokop 7m19.9s and P-G fastest despite oversteer on 7m10.7s.

Thu 12:36 WRC - Finland: Sordo struggling for confidence, feels the Citroen DS3 WRC is moving around too much beneath him. The Spaniard is third quickest behind P-G and Nikara.

Thu 12:39 WRC - Finland: Mega time from Meeke... 7m01.1s. And that comes with a front-right puncture for the last three miles!

Meeke said: "That was a beautiful stage, I really enjoyed that one. I think the road will clean a little bit, but it was just lovely to drive through there. I absolutely love this car!"

Thu 12:45 WRC - Finland: Mads and Mikkelsen can't beat Meeke's time. Ostberg couldn't find the rhythm in a stage he usually likes and goes well in.

Mikkelsen relaxed and still learning the Polo on his third Finland in a World Rally Car. He said: "I know there is more speed to come, I am not doing anything crazy."

Latvala-watch... hasn't started the stage.

Thu 12:50 WRC - Finland: Neuville goes fastest with 7m00.3s. And the joint rally leader reckons he could go even quicker in his Qatar M-Sport Fiesta.

"These are new pace notes," said Neuville. "There are some corners where we could go faster - but already we are going quickly!"

Thu 12:51 WRC - Finland: Ogier immediately eclipses Neuville with 6m59.4s.

Thu 12:54 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen fourth fastest and not feeling relaxed enough. Neuville still joint leader, but now sharing P1 with Ogier.

Latvala expected to start the stage at 16:03 local time.

Thu 13:04 WRC - Finland: Latvala has checked in to the start of the stage.

Brynildsen still struggling with misfire on his Fiesta R5. Elfyn Evans fastest WRC 2 through so far. Ketomaa coming...

Thu 13:08 WRC - Finland: Ketomaa still leads WRC 2 from Paddon. The Finn still loving his new Fiesta R5 and goes six seconds faster than his nearest WRC 2 rival in Koukunmaa.

Thu 13:11 WRC - Finland: Latvala starts the stage 28 minutes later after working on the left-rear wheel of his Polo R WRC. His late arrival at the start means a 4m40s penalty will be added to his total time.

It's unlikely Volkswagen's Finnish star will be repeating his 2010 1000 Lakes win...

Thu 13:18 WRC - Finland: Latvala makes it through the finish with toe-out on left-rear. His time was 10m01.7... three minutes down on team-mate Ogier's benchmark.

Latvala said: "I will try to make it through, but it will be tough. The suspension is damaged, but I am happy how well it has taken it so far."

Thu 13:20 WRC - Finland: SS3 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +0.9s; 3 Meeke +1.7s; 4 Hirvonen +2.0s; 5 Ostberg +3.7s.

Overall: 1 Neuville; 2 Ogier +0.0s; Hirvonen +1.2; Ostberg +2.9s; Novikov +8.3s.

Thu 13:31 WRC - Finland: There's now about an hour's gap before the start of the next stage. Until then, we'll bring you any updates if we get them, and if you've just joined us - here's everything you need to know about the first afternoon's set of stages on Rally Finland...

Neuville and Ogier share lead

Thu 13:54 WRC - Finland: Given Ketomaa's brilliant run so far in the Fiesta R5 (he's 13s clear at the head of WRC2 at this stage), here's a very relevant little something from June to break up this lull in stage action.

Back then, AUTOSPORT had a chance to sample rally's new formula. And even though there was a bit of a shunt, AUTOSPORT loved every minute of it.

R5: a taste of rallying's saviour

Thu 14:19 WRC - Finland: The start of the second bout of stages for the opening day of Rally Finland is about 15 minutes away. Unbelievably, the lead is still shared. We thought for certain the 8.5-mile SS3 would break the leaders up. We were wrong.

Thu 14:37 WRC - Finland: We're back to Torittu for SS4, so an 8.3km - or just over five miles - route. It's underway, and we should have the first times soon.

Thu 14:45 WRC - Finland: Tahko's through, with a slow first split and a bit of damage. I think you can add two and two together. 4m43.0s is his time, but as Martin Prokop comes in he's 13s quicker in the first split...but only betters Tahko to the tune of 0.7s.

It should of been more. "I made a stupid mistake and missed a junction," he admits.

PG Andersson comes through and does keep it together this time - he's the benchmark now. 8.8s quicker on 4m33.5s.

Thu 14:45 WRC - Finland: Well, I say that. Nikara puts in a stunning final part of that run to go top, 1.7s quicker than Andersson.

Thu 14:51 WRC - Finland: Dani Sordo's troubles continue. He comes in third fastest so far - 1.8s down on Nikara. To compound that, Meeke comes through in the sister car with a time of 4m30.9s - 2.7s quicker.

"If I get a puncture, I'm out of the rally," reckons Meeke, who isn't carrying a spare wheel after his earlier woes. He's taking it a bit easier, it seems.

Thu 14:54 WRC - Finland: Hanninen, though, comes through to immediately depose Meeke in the Ford. 4m28.3s for the Swede and then Ostberg comes through 2.7s slower. Good run by Hanninen, aided by a mistake from Ostberg, who went off the road.

Thu 14:56 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen also runs on at a junction and says he spent a lot of time in neutral trying to find reverse. And Novikov has posted a slow first split time. SS4 catching out a few drivers.

Thu 14:57 WRC - Finland: Conditions may not be helping them, mind. The weather is looking more miserable than ever in service park right now.

Brollies are up and big, black clouds are gathering... Forecasters reckon it will brighten up tomorrow or certainly on Saturday.

Thu 14:58 WRC - Finland: Andreas drops 9.2s as a result of his off, good enough only for 10th at the moment. Novikov admits to a mistake, too, which saw him lose 18s to Hanninen in the first split, and 11.4s in total.

Thu 15:01 WRC - Finland: Thierry Neuville, the joint-leader of this rally, comes through unscathed, but 0.5s down on Hanninen.

Thu 15:03 WRC - Finland: "No problems for us," says Ogier as he brings the car in a fraction slower than Neuville - handing the Belgian a 1.6s rally lead for now. It's easy to mess up on a stage like, reckons the Frenchman, and he's pleased to survive.

Thu 15:05 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen comes in. "I was really surprised how bad the stage was. It's really in a bad condition."

However, no dramas for the Citroen star. "No worries, we came through without any problems," he adds. Too right - he comes through to win the stage, but you'll never guess what the situation is at the top of the overall leaderboard...

Thu 15:07 WRC - Finland: We are still seeing a shared lead of Rally Finland! Hirvonen gains 1.1s on Neuville to put him back on level terms with the Belgian. Fantastic fight so far.

SS4 results - 1 Hirvonen; 2 Hanninen +0.6s; 3 Neuville +1.1s; 4 Ogier +2.7s; 5 Meeke +3.2s.

Overall - 1 Neuville; 2 Hirvonen +0.0s; 3 Ogier +1.6s; 4 Ostberg +5.1s; 5 Hanninen +12.4s.

Thu 15:10 WRC - Finland: Kubica extends the advantage he has over Lappi in WRC2, but the front three are still to run. The Pole is not as dominant here as he was in Italy, but is hanging in there.

Thu 15:13 WRC - Finland: Time to put you out of your misery... it was six-time 1000 Lakes winner Markku Alen who was on his mobile telephone outside Volkswagen earlier.

Thu 15:14 WRC - Finland: Evans finishes his SS4 run and drops 1.7s to Kubica. Just three seconds separates those to in the battle for third in WRC2 - Paddon and Ketomaa still to come.

Thu 15:18 WRC - Finland: Paddon and Ketomaa are finished on SS4 - it's a bad run (figuratively speaking) for the former. He slips behind Evans now overall, while Ketomaa's R5 storms to a time 5.3s quicker than Kubica.

Thu 15:30 WRC - Finland: Next up is the second Himos stage. That's 8.32km in length - another 5.1-mile stage. That'll kick off in about half an hour...can anyone make this rally their own?

Thu 15:41 WRC - Finland: Latvala-watch: He's struggling. Timing has his SS4 run at 6m54.8s. That's 2m27.1s off the Hirvonen benchmark, and leaves him 10m behind after four stages.

Thu 15:46 WRC - Finland: Quick aside, Pirelli confirmed back in the WRC next year. Hankook coming as well, to make four tyre manufacturers in 2014 (DMACK and Michelin already here).

Thu 15:55 WRC - Finland: Five minutes to stage start. A 'two-lapper', essentially, of this morning's Himos opener. No JML, who has retired from day one.

Thu 15:59 WRC - Finland: Here's that news on Pirelli and Hankook joining the WRC from next season.

Thu 16:08 WRC - Finland: We're underway for SS5. Prokop comes through something's happened to Tahko.

Thu 16:10 WRC - Finland: Ah, a problem with the live timing service means we're having a spot of trouble giving you times. But, we've had three cars through - Prokop, Andersson and Nikara. No sign of Tahko.

Thu 16:11 WRC - Finland: Times! Nikara is 3.2s quicker than Prokop, and Anderssen half-spins his way through, a further two seconds back.

Thu 16:15 WRC - Finland: The two Citroens come through slower than Nikara, with Meeke another 2.7s quicker than Sordo.

Thu 16:16 WRC - Finland: Ostberg was part of that particular quarter and is now quickest, 5m24.9s the time to beat. Hanninen comes through 0.1s slower than Meeke.

Thu 16:18 WRC - Finland: That closes the gap between Meeke and a top five position to 1.5s, and puts him a full 20s ahead of Sordo. What chance, we wonder, of this being a regular sight next season?

Thu 16:19 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen leads the next quartet over the line. "I really wanted to be in that group before!" Conditions not great in Finland, it's not fast from the VW man - 7th fastest. Novikov, Neuville and Ogier to come.

Thu 16:20 WRC - Finland: And we have Tahko! "We lost the throttle I think. I don't know what's wrong."

Thu 16:22 WRC - Finland: Novikov completes the stage in 5m29.1s to go fifth, briefly. He's bumped back to seventh as Neuville's strong form continues with the fifth fastest time - and puts an additional 0.9s on Ogier, who knocks the Ford man back too.

Thu 16:24 WRC - Finland: Ogier has also lost out to Ostberg now, and could drop back to fourth overall now. Hirvonen needs to beat 5m28.0s to take the outright lead of this rally. What does he manage...

Thu 16:25 WRC - Finland: A nightmare for Hirvonen! He complains about the amount of water on the stage and loses 16s on Ostberg, dropping to fifth overall. Drama in Finland.

Thu 16:27 WRC - Finland - SS5 results: 1 Ostberg; 2 Nikara +1.3s; 3 Meeke +2.2s; 4 Hanninen +2.3s; 5 Neuville +3.1s.

Overall: 1 Neuville; 2 Ostberg +2.0s; 3 Ogier +2.5s; 4 Hanninen +11.6s; 5 Hirvonen +12.9s.

Thu 16:29 WRC - Finland: How that's shaken out is a somewhat unlikely top three for the stage with Ostberg leading Nikara and Meeke.

In terms of the rally, Ogier drops to third, and it's a Ford 1-2. Hanninen an impressive fourth, too, with Meeke just 0.2s behind Hirvonen in the battle for fifth.

Thu 16:32 While the WRC received a good bit of FIA news today, F1 did not. Russia has missed the deadline to submit its application to the FIA to hold a Formula 1 race in 2014.

You can read that story here.

Thu 16:34 WRC - Finland: Not a good run in WRC2 for Evans, more than 10s slower than Kubica, and the Pole jumps into the podium places.

Thu 16:40 Far afield from the Finnish woodlands, the new Asian Le Mans Series kicks off this weekend in South Korea. 11 cars are entered, but the series boss reckons that will grow over the remainder of the season.

Thu 16:41 WRC - Finland: This has turned into a very, very strong stage for Robert Kubica. Paddon comes through 8.7s down and the Citroen man is into second overall!

Thu 16:47 WRC - Finland: WRC2 leader Ketomaa comes through and loses five seconds to Kubica. There's 19.5s between them now, so Kubica is certainly not out of the fight against the R5 Fiesta.

Thu 16:57 WRC - Finland: SS6 is the short, 2km blast around the Killeri Super Special Stage. That'll get underway about 20:30 local time - 6.30pm in the UK.

Thu 17:19 WRC - Finland: SS6 is approaching. Are we going to see any final twists after an entertaining opening day of Rally Finland?

Thu 17:34 WRC - Finland: The Super Special begins. Prokop is the benchmark with 1m35.7s, 2.2s quicker than Tahko.

Thu 17:36 WRC - Finland: Nikara and Andersson are up now; and guess who are next? It's Meeke vs. Sordo. That's a mental fight as much as anything else.

Thu 17:38 WRC - Finland: Nikara beats Andersson by 0.5s, completing the stage in 1m32.9s.

Thu 17:40 WRC - Finland: And Sordo wins the battle of the DS3s. 1m32.6s for the struggling Spanird, Meeke 0.6s back and slots into third.

Thu 17:43 WRC - Finland: Despite that defeat, it's been a very impressive debut so far for Meeke. He's waxing lyrical about the DS3.

Thu 17:44 WRC - Finland: Ostberg vs. Hanninen now...and the latter wins the battle of the Fords. But only with a time of 1m34.2s - 1.5s quicker than the Norweigan, but only good enough for fifth. That could cost Ostberg, who was second overall after SS5.

Thu 17:47 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen and Kubica, and the VW goes comfortably top of the times for SS6 with an impressive 1m30.4s. An equally impressive run from the WRC2 star, whose 1m34.6s outpaces Ostberg.

Thu 17:50 WRC - Finland: That run does cost Ostberg. Neuville comes through with a rapid 1m28.8s. The other M-Sport Ford of Novikov is also below the 1m30s mark - 1m29.4s

Thu 17:52 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen's SS6 effort is 1m29.7s; Ogier's 1m31.5s. Neuville in control now.

Thu 17:54 WRC - Finland - SS6: 1 Neuville; 2 Novikov +0.6s; 3 Hirvonen +0.9s; 4 Mikkelsen + 1.6s; 5 Ogier +2.7s.

Overall: 1 Neuville; 2 Ogier +5.2s; 3 Ostberg +8.9s; 4 Hirvonen +13.8s; 5 Hanninen +17.0s.

Thu 18:18 WRC - Finland: A quality effort from Neuville on the opening day - though we've barely completed a quarter of the running. So far, though, the Belgian has coped admirably with difficult conditions.

His consistency has earned him the lead - pace on the Super Special cemented it. The M-Sport Fords look good, with Ostberg just shy of Ogier in third.

Thu 18:25 WRC - Finland: That is that for AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live's opening day in Finland. A thoroughly entertaining nine-or-so hours of sparring, wouldn't you agree?

Remember, tomorrow's running starts at 06:48 GMT (07:48 in Britain). We'll leave you with the report of the second trio of today's stages. Thanks for your company, and see you in the morning.

Thierry Neuville leads after opening day

Fri 06:30 Hello and welcome to the Friday's coverage on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live. Much of today centres around the second day of Rally Finland running, but there's more action to come later on...

Fri 06:32 We'll be bringing you live updates from Argentina WTCC testing before the official stuff starts tomorrow, as well as IndyCar practice from Mid-Ohio and NASCAR qualifying from Pocono.

Fri 06:35 WRC - Finland: That's a matter for much later in the day, though. You're joining us now because you're eager for the resumption of what could potentially be a fantastic scrap for Rally Finland honours. AUTOSPORT applauds your commitment to the early start - we'll be your guides for the next 12 hours of running.

Fri 06:38 WRC - Finland: SS7 kicks off in 10 minutes time. But, just to refresh you, here's what happened yesterday.

In the morning, points leader Sebastien Ogier and Thierry Neuville held a shared lead after SS3, the former winning the first and third stages.

His VW team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala hit early troubles, while the M-Sport Fords and the Citroens of Mikko Hirvonen and Kris Meeke (making his debut in the works DS3) excelled.

Thursday report - SS1, SS2 & SS3

Fri 06:40 WRC - Finland: There was no service between SS3 and SS4, just a slight gap. When the stage started, victory for Hirvonen moved him into a joint-lead with Neuville, in place of Ogier.

The points leader went on to lose more time on SS5 and the Super Special, SS6. However, disaster for Hirvonen on the penultimate stage of the day cost him even dearer.

Victory on the Super Special helped cement Neuville's position at the top - but it's far from comfortable. With nine stages today, we'll get a much better idea as to whether the young Belgian can hold on.

Thurday report - SS4, SS5 & SS6

Fri 06:42 WRC - Finland: All in all, a good day's work from the Belgian. But he'll need to be even sharper today. Here's the running order, with SS7 kicking off at 06:48 GMT on the nose:

Latvala; Tahko; Prokop; Andersson; Nikara; Sordo; Mikkelsen; Novikov; Meeke; Hirvonen; Hanninen; Ogier; Ostberg; Neuville.

Fri 06:45 WRC - Finland: Rarely seen Mikko Hirvonen as wound up as he was at the start of the Killeri stage last night. Both he and Jarmo Lehtinen were raging about the decision to send them into Himos later than expected.

Fri 06:45 WRC - Finland: The organisers did point out that regulations allow for them to make alterations to the running order. Mikko needs to put all of that behind him and get on with making up the time lost in SS5 today.

Fri 06:47 WRC - Finland: And here's a question for you as day two of Rally Finland gets underway… when was the last time there wasn't a Finn on the provisional podium at the end of a leg?

There's no doubt, it's the first time Belgium, France and Norway have been in that order on this event. Realistically, all hopes of a successful defence of Finnish honour depend on Hirvonen – or a big and sustained charge from Hyundai’s test driver in a Fiesta Juho Hanninen.

Fri 07:01 WRC - Finland: Latvala is coming to the end of his SS7 run and with Tahko, Prokop and Andersson also on the stage, and slower through the splits. We should have the day's first time any minute now.

Fri 07:03 WRC - Finland: 10m28.6s for Latvala. So what's the stage looking like? "Everything is OK," he says. "It's a really, really long stage. Sometimes it was a bit slippy, but I don't know, it was OK."

PG, meanwhile, has a disastrous first split - coming through some 35.5s slower than JML. Andersson had a rather spin-happy first day, so we wonder whether that's another error...

Fri 07:09 WRC - Finland: Three times on the board - Latvala; Tahko and Prokop. We'd expected Andersson through but he's 1m32s down after three splits so PG's difficult start to the rally continues into today.

Further behind, Sordo and Mikkelsen have started their runs. They are both slower than JML's first and second split times.

Fri 07:12 WRC - Finland: Andersson says a broken differential is to blame - and he's struggling through with front-wheel drive at the moment. Nikara, Sordo, Mikkelsen and Meeke will be the next times we see, and they're all looking slower than JML. Impressive effort from the stage-opening Polo man.

Fri 07:14 WRC - Finland: More problems for Sordo...he comes through fourth fastest, 23.7s down on Latvala. He sounds dejected, and with good reason. That SS6 victory over Meeke aside, it's been a massively underwhelming start to the rally.

Fri 07:19 WRC - Finland: And as if to compound Sordo's misery, his new team-mate is about to come through significantly faster. First, though, Novikov pops in behind the two VWs, 16.3s down.

And Meeke's in. It's the second fastest time so far, 10m33.7s. His impressive start to Rally Finland continues.

Fri 07:24 WRC - Finland: We said before the start of SS7 that Mikko needed to get his head down and deliver after that setback yesterday. Well, he's done just that. 10m26.2s - the fastest time so far.

The battle for fifth rages after Meeke's run, which was 0.3s slower than Hanninen. 0.8s behind them now.

Fri 07:26 WRC - Finland: And if anything else could turn Hirvonen's frown into something more pleasant, it's Ogier coming through 4.9s slower - which means Hirvonen is just 3.7s behind the championship leader now.

Ostberg comes through in 10m26.6s - so he will nip ahead of Ogier on the overall rally standings.

Fri 07:29 WRC - Finland: Big change at the top - that run from Ostberg was very good, it turns out. Erstwhile rally leader Neuville completes the stages in a rather tardy 10m37.4s. That's bad enough to drop him to third overall, 1.9s off the lead.

Fri 07:31 WRC - Finland - SS7 results: 1 Hirvonen; 2 Ostberg +0.4s; 3 Latvala +2.4s; 4 Ogier +4.9s; 5 Hanninen +7.2s.

Overall: 1 Ostberg; 2 Ogier +0.8s; 3 Neuville +1.9s; 4 Hirvonen +4.5s; 5 Hanninen +14.9s.

Fri 07:34 WRC - Finland: The WRC2 guys are running in lead order - so Ketomaa was first through in 11m02.7s. That's added 16.6s to his advantage over Robert Kubica, who is now just one second ahead of Hayden Paddon. Elfyn Evans drops to fourth with a very slow SS7, 46.3s slower than Ketomaa.

Fri 07:44 WRC - Finland: If you were wondering what Latvala can do if he replicates that kind of pace for the rest of the rally...probably not a great deal.

He's 20m35.6s off the lead after his SS2 problem, late arrival for SS3 and day one withdrawal after SS4. Jari-Matti will open the Palsankyla stage at 07:56 GMT - SS8 is a shorter, 8.6-mile route (13.92km).

Fri 07:50 WRC - Finland: Yesterday's roads south of Jyvaskyla were great, but it's the stages today and tomorrow that have really got the drivers excited.

The Jukojarvi, Palsankyla, Mokkipera and Lankamaa quartet are immense this morning. And AUTOSPORT is heading for the big jump in the middle of SS8…

Fri 08:04 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Some news to bring you from Mid-Ohio. 2007 McLaren AUTOSPORT BRDC Young Driver of the Year Award winner Stefan Wilson will make his IndyCar debut next month.

Wilson, who finished third in Indy Lights in 2011, will run with Dale Coyne Racing alongside brother Justin in Baltimore.

Stefan Wilson set for IndyCar debut

Fri 08:08 WRC - Finland: Latvala's completed SS8, in 7m08.6s. We'll see if that's going to get him anywhere near to the top three, as his early SS7 did.

Fri 08:14 WRC - Finland: Prokop comes through 15.7s slower than the Finn. Andersson, continuing with that broken diff, is naturally considerably off the pace - the next represenative time will be Nikara.

Fri 08:18 WRC - Finland: Nikara slots in 5.2s behind Latvala. Sordo is 10.8s down on the Polo after the second split...and finishes 13s behind. 7m21.3s, and this is what he has to say: "To be honest this stage I feel good but the times are really maybe it was not so good."

Fri 08:22 WRC - Finland: A rapid first split time for Meeke, but he's lost a lot of time in the second...

Fri 08:24 WRC - Finland: It's a result of an off for Novikov - ahead of him in the order, who lost 2m13.3s in the middle split, hitting some logs. Meeke's got caught behind him, and the Citroen driver is fuming.

"Some guys need to learn some lessons. We have a broken windscreen and a puncture because Novikov wouldn't move out of the way. Jesus, you've only got to look in the mirror and get out of the way."

Fri 08:26 WRC - Finland: That really, really hurt Meeke. He dropped 15s alone in the second split, and eventually lost 24.7s to Latvala.

Fri 08:27 WRC - Finland: As that pair flashed past AUTOSPORT on SS8, Novikov's bonnet was up - but the M-Sport man was still absolutely on it.

Fri 08:32 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen, meanwhile, has come through 1.4s slower than JML but five seconds quicker than Hanninen.

Ogier, Ostberg and Neuville start rapidly but lose time in the second part of the stage. Ogier, though, matches his team-mate's time and, probably by virtue of tenths/hundreds, is atop the timing screens.

That's enough to put the championship on top of the overall standings, too, as Ostberg comes in a second down - and loses the lead by 0.2s. Fantastically close!

Fri 08:35 WRC - Finland: Neuville completes the main SS8 running 2.2s in arrears to the Polos: "No risk, clean run. I could have gone a bit better but it's a stage everybody knows from the past but I don't know so well, so I had to be careful."

SS8 results:1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +0.0s; 3 Ostberg +1.0s; 4 Hirvonen +1.4s; 5 Neuville +2.2s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +0.2s; 3 Neuville; +3.3s; 4 Hirvonen +5.1s; 5 Hanninen +19.3s.

Fri 08:40 WRC - Finland: This has been AUTOSPORT's vantage point for SS8. That should show why Novikov's effort with an errant bonnet was so entertaining!

Meanwhile, the WRC2 guys have flashed past us - and finished their runs. Jari Ketomaa nudges his lead up to 40.8s, beating Kubica by 0.2s on that stage. Evans takes 2.4s out of Paddon in the battle for third, but there is still 28.3s between them.

Fri 08:42 WRC - Finland: And from one stage, straight to another. SS9 is imminent. Another 8.6-mile route (13.74km) on the Mokkipera.

Fri 08:47 WRC - Finland: By the way, legend-watch is a bit quieter this morning. Did spot Ilkka 'Kiki' Kivimaki in the toilets at Paviljonki earlier, but given that he was, er, busy, we thought a picture might not be the best idea...

Fri 08:59 WRC - Finland: Latvala is through, and it appears to be a clean run. "It's getting better. It's a shame what happened yesterday but I went out there to push for it and it didn't work out this time."

Meanwhile, Citroen Top Driver update. Brit Alistair Fisher, who was having a storming run in the lead, has apparently stopped on SS8.

Fri 09:00 WRC - Finland: Apologies for a bit of a delay, there. We're struggling to get times through here. As soon as we've got them, you'll have them.

Fri 09:02 WRC - Finland: We've had six drivers complete SS9 now - Latvala; Prokop; Andersson; Tahko; Nikara and Sordo. But still no times!

What we can tell you, though, is Fisher rolled in SS8 - he's OK, but has retired from the lead of the Citroen Top Driver Academy.

Fri 09:07 WRC - Finland: Novikov brings his Ford in. "The car is OK but the windscreen is broken so it's hard to see," he says. 7m29.5s for him - and we know he's well of the pace, we just don't know what the pace is!

Fri 09:10 WRC - Finland: Aha! We have times to bring you. Just to bring you up-to-date, here is the top three: 1 JML 6m49.8s; 2 Nikara +3.5s; 3 Meeke +4.4s.

Fri 09:10 WRC - Finland: And having typed that, 6m49.5s for Hirvonen sees him just edge the Polo to take top spot!

Fri 09:12 WRC - Finland: Meeke's frustration with Novikov for the previous stage still lingers, but at least he has reclaimed sixth positions from Mikkelsen on that stage.

Fri 09:14 WRC - Finland: Not good for Hanninen, who has had an off on that run. "I went a bit wide and hit a rock and something broke. It feels quite bad so we'll see."

Could that end his challenge for the top five? He'd had a great run until then but comes through 28.4s down, and falls behind Kris Meeke overall.

Fri 09:20 WRC - Finland: Ostberg storms through the stage in 6m49.1s; Ogier only in 6m51.7s. That means the Norweigan is back atop the times! Neuville's is a 'sluggish' 6m55.2s, and he's slipped behind Hirvonen in the overall standings now too.

Fri 09:22 WRC - Finland - stage results: 1 Ostberg; 2 Hirvonen +0.4s; 3 Latvala +0.7s; 4 Ogier +2.6s; 5 Nikara +4.2s.

Overall: 1 Ostberg; 2 Ogier +2.4s; 3 Hirvonen +5.3s; 4 Neuville +9.2s; 5 Meeke +44.5s.

Fri 09:23 WRC - Finland: Disaster for Elfyn Evans in WRC2. He stops three times on stage, and says: "I'm not sure if we can keep going to be honest."

Fri 09:26 WRC - Finland: Bad news, Hanninen fans. It seems his day is done. The crew will attempt to return tomorrow under Rally 2 rules.

Fri 09:30 WRC - Finland: The WRC 2 order remains as you were. Ketomaa has added another six seconds to his lead over Kubica with a 7m17.3s. Paddon complained of struggling to "get the car where he wants it" after his run.

Fri 09:46 WRC - Finland: SS10 is the longest we've seen. 23.66km in length - that's 14.7 miles. And it's just about to kick off.

Fri 10:00 WRC - Finland: AUTOSPORT's Rally Finland concentration was just interrupted by a phone call from touring car driver Tommy Rustad.

Probably best known for his Independent title-winning '98 season in the BTCC, and championship successes in the Norwegian and Swedish series, did you know he was also rather successful at going sideways?

Not quite a rally driver, he has dabbled in European Rallycross - winning a race in Martin Schanche's Ford RS200 at Mondello Park in 1992, and finishing third in the championship in 2006.

Perfectly timed, that call - because SS10 is now underway. JML is in the final half of the stage.

Fri 10:04 WRC - Finland: Latvala comes through in 11m35.2s. Prokop is few, quite some way down, and now we wait for the rest...

Fri 10:12 WRC - Finland: Latvala is really flying today. As the first few drivers come through, Nikara is second - 15s back - and Sordo third, a massive 29.2s in arrears.

Fri 10:14 WTCC - Argentina: Some WTCC news, from a bit earlier: Honda will run a third works Civic for Takuya Izawa, the current Super GT championship points leader, for his home race at Suzuka.

Takuya Izawa to race for Honda in Suzuka WTCC round

Fri 10:18 WRC - Finland: The troubles times of Novikov continue. "Very hard," he says when asked how hard it's been to battle on with the car, more than a minute off the pace. "It's very difficult to drive."

Meeke, meanwhile, comes through nine seconds down on JML to take second place. "When I've got nobody in front I'm really, really enjoying it," he remarks.

Fri 10:18 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen flies into the stage lead - 11m34.5s. His strong form today continues. "It could have been better," he reckons afterwards.

Fri 10:24 WRC - Finland: Ogier goes fastest on SS10 with 11m30.7s, and as Ostberg comes through he cannot match the Frenchman's speed. We're not sure of the Norwegian's exact time, but we do know he holds on to the rally lead.

Fri 10:25 Breaking MotoGP news: Cal Crutchlow will join Ducati next season on a two-year deal.

The 27-year-old Briton replaces Nicky Hayden after five seasons.

Crutchlow seals 2014 MotoGP Ducati switch

Fri 10:28 WRC - Finland - SS10 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +1.6s; 3 Neuville +3.8s; 4 Hirvonen +3.8s; 5 Latvala +4.5s.

Overall: 1 Ostberg; 2 Ogier +0.8s; 3 Hirvonen +7.5s; Neuville +11.4s; 5 Meeke +57.1s.

Fri 10:39 WRC - Finland: It's Ketomaa, Kubica, Paddon still in WRC2. Paddon clawed back a few seconds to the Pole on the that stage, finishing second behind Ketomaa, who now has a lead of more than a minute.

Fri 10:58 WRC - Finland: The dramas for Novikov; Andersson and Latvala mean Ketomaa occupies the final spot in the top 10. Not a bad run in the R5 car at all. Certainly more successful than AUTOSPORT's...

R5: a taste of rallying's saviour

Fri 11:02 WRC - Finland: This is what you need if you're only just joining us - AUTOSPORT's full report from the first four stages today is now online.

Fri 11:11 It's a bit quiet in Finland, but stick with us. We'll be keeping you up-to-date with any news that breaks - including some more MotoGP info after the Crutchlow news - in the meantime, before WRC running resumes just after 1.30pm UK time.

Fri 11:27 Here's that MotoGP news: Yamaha has signed Moto2 title contender Pol Espargaro on a two-year deal, and will place him at Tech 3 to replace Ducati-bound Cal Crutchlow.

Pol Espargaro gets Tech 3 ride

Fri 11:46 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A quick look ahead a few hours to IndyCar practice, which will take place at 11am local time (that's 4pm in the UK).

Ryan Hunter-Reay was fastest on the rain-interrupted test day on Wednesday. The reigning champion outpaced Simon Pagenaud and Will Power.

Fri 11:58 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: There's a bit of team re-shuffling gone on since the last race in Toronto.

Oriol Servia is stepping in at Panther Racing. He was 12th quickest on Wednesday, taking the place of Ryan Briscoe, who broke his wrist last time out and has since undergone surgery.

James Davison is set to make his IndyCar debut, filling the second Dayle Coyne Racing seat. The two-time Indy Lights winner at Mid-Ohio impressed the team in a test earlier in the summer, and was 21st of the 24 runners on Wednesday.

There's also speculation over whether Luca Filippi (pictured) will indeed take Alex Tagliani's place at Bryan Herta Autosport this weekend. The GP2 race-winner was 18th fastest in the test.

Fri 12:15 WRC - Finland: Good news for Kris Meeke fans... his hand injury is all sorted. He trapped the index finger on his left hand between the jack and the car door, but Citroen's doc has fixed him up ready for the afternoon.

And the event better news is that team principal Yves Matton is delighted with what he's seeing from Meeke.

"Kris is driving very well," said Matton. "Like I said he already justified the decision to let him drive with his [qualifying] performance. He continues to drive with no splits, just to drive on his own feeling. I am happy."

Fri 12:17 WRC - Finland: Meeke's not the only driver running without split times - rally leader Mads Ostberg is also in the dark, time-wise.

"I want to do my own thing," he said. "I don't want the pressure from the split times. It does definitely make it more interesting when I get to the end of the stage and I have no idea what the other guys have done around me. But it seems to be working for me right now, so I won't change it."

Fri 12:25 WRC - Finland: This is how the rest of the day's running will work here. It's the second time around the morning's stages, starting with SS11 (Jukojarvi; 21.9km) in just over 10 minutes time.

Then, give-or-take every hour from then, we have SS12 (Palsankyla; 13.92km), SS13 (Mokkipera; 13.74km) and SS14 (Lankamaa; 23.66km), before the Killeri superspecial that makes up SS15.

Fri 12:28 WRC - Finland: First, though, a little throwback to yesterday. Tommi Makinen delighted the crowds at Killeri last night and will do the same again tonight when he wheels out the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III he used to win this event in 1996.

Big crowds went wild for Tommi, who was co-driven around the superspecial by Kaj Lindstrom.

Fri 12:32 WRC - Finland: Let's quickly recap the top five overall before Latvala attacks Jukojarvi for the second time today.

1 Ostberg; 2 Ogier +0.8s; 3 Hirvonen +7.5s; 4 Neuville + 11.4s; 5 Meeke +57.1s.

In WRC2, this is the top three (gaps to class leader, not Ostberg): 1 Ketomaa; 2 Kubica +1m04.5s; 3 Paddon +1m13.1s.

Fri 12:38 WRC - Finland: One man who will not be attacking Jukojarvi is Juho Hanninen.

Hanninen admitted his consideration that he might have a puncture in SS9 was a little optimistic. The Finn demolished the right-rear corner of his Fiesta RS WRC on a rock near the end of Mokkipera.

Fri 12:49 WRC - Finland: Latvala's time on SS11 is 10m25.3s. Further back, Prokop is well down - he's had a problem somewhere.

Fri 12:52 WRC - Finland: Prokop's water temperature is sky-high, and he says he's been struggling with the engine since the start of the stage. Mikkelsen and Novikov have started their runs and are a fraction shy of Latvala through the first split. The tail-enders are just completing their efforts.

Fri 12:56 WRC - Finland: 10m39.0s for Sordo, who seems chirpier than yesterday. He's still losing time to Nikara's Mini, though.

Fri 13:01 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen comes in five seconds slower than Latvala, and Novikov is next over the finish, 0.1s quicker than the second Polo.

Fri 13:03 WRC - Finland: A much more straightforward run for Novikov this time. It's little wonder he couldn't see where he was going following his shunt on the eighth stage this morning.

Having seen the accident, there are a few wondering whether he could see where he was going before the shunt... And, you might notice both door mirrors remain in tact...

Fri 13:04 WRC - Finland: Meeke is over the line in fifth, 10m33.8s for the Citroen man, while team-mate Hirvonen then goes top having completed the stage 10m23.3s. Ogier, though, is flying...

Fri 13:07 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen was complaining "it's unbelievable how bad" the stage was. He should be more concerned about the time dropped to Ogier - the flying Frenchman comes through in...10m18s. That's five seconds quicker - very impressive.

Fri 13:10 WRC - Finland: In fact, it's so quick, Ogier now leads the rally. Ostberg is second, but 4.6s down. So he drops to second overall, 3.8s behind the new leader.

Fri 13:12 WRC - Finland: Neuville slips into third on the stage, 0.5s behind Ostberg. That's SS11 over with for the main runners - WRC2, 3 etc. to come. Here's what it means...

SS11 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +4.6s; 3 Neuville +5.1s; 4 Hirvonen +5.3s; 5 Latvala +7.3s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +3.8s; 3 Hirvonen +12.0s; 4 Neuville 15.7s; 5 Meeke +1m12.1s.

Fri 13:15 WRC - Finland: Another four seconds or so added to Ketomaa's WRC2 lead. The R5 going from strength-to-strength here. Paddon claws 3.2s on Kubica, 5.4s between those two now.

Fri 13:26 WRC - Finland: While we're in Makinen-appreciation mode...Did you know that the 123 points he accrued in the '96 season, the year in which he won his first world title, was outscored only once (Loeb, 2005) until 2010 - when the Frenchman rattled off three utterly dominant campaigns?

Fri 13:28 AUTOSPORT had the pleasure of speaking to Tommi after he was reunited with his '96 Mitsubishi yesterday avening.

"It was nice to be back in the car again. The memory was good and the car felt very good – especially as it has been in the museum for so long!

"We had a problem with the clutch not releasing, which was a shame, but we will be back and driving again today."

Fri 13:46 Here's a reminder of what's coming up this afternoon, as well as the rest of the weekend. All times BST (GMT-1)

Friday, August 2:
IndyCar Mid-Ohio practice: 4:00pm
WTCC Termas testing: 4:30pm
WRC SS14, SS15: 4:32pm-7:15pm
IndyCar Mid-Ohio practice: 8:30pm
NASCAR Pocono qualifying: 8.10pm

Saturday, August 3:
The culmination of the WRC action from Finland, as well as Moscow DTM qualifying; Snetterton BTCC practice and qualifying; then WTCC practice and qualifying; IndyCar third practice and qualifying and Indy Lights qualifying, too.

Sunday, August 4:
Sunday sees a tin-top feast, with races from the DTM, BTCC and WTCC. There's also X-Games updates from Los Angeles, and races from Mid-Ohio for Indy Lights and IndyCar.

Fri 13:50 WRC - Finland: Latvala is getting stuck into Palsankyla, by the way. He started SS12 about five minutes ago. No Martin Prokop - his engine problems preventing him from starting the stage.

Fri 13:53 WRC - Finland: "It's not very comfortable to drive in the rough," says JML, after completing the stage in 7m08.3s.

Fri 13:56 WTCC - Termas: It being the first time the series has visited Argentina, there's understandably a buzz of excitement around Termas.

Everyone was eager for this weekend to arrive - and none more so than Bamboo Chevrolet man James Nash, who had a bit of a mammoth trek to the circuit...

@JamesNashRacing: "Final part of the trip. Bus to the hotel. 32 hours so far!"

Fri 14:02 WRC - Finland: A few more times on the board for SS12. Mikkelsen is second, 2.1s behind his team-mate, ahead of Nikara and Sordo. PG Andersson is at the foot of the times.

Fri 14:09 WRC - Finland: Let off for Hirvonen! His tyre is off the rim. Not good news for the Citroen man at all. So what happened? "I was off in a fifth-gear corner, hit the bank and started to roll. But somehow I just carried. We have two punctures, lost a lot of time - but really it's a miracle we are still here!"

Fri 14:10 WRC - Finland: Kris Meeke has slotted in behind Latvala, while Novikov came in 8.6s down. Hirvonen, despite that massive moment, somehow only loses 18.7s. That's the slowest of the runners - but he's clearly very relieved just to get through the stage after that.

Fri 14:11 WRC - Finland: Sebastien Ogier, though, has no such dramas. He flies through the stage, completing it 4.9s quicker than his team-mate.

Fri 14:12 WRC - Finland: Ostberg loses a further 6.1s to Ogier on that run...the next few stages could be crucial to his hopes of winning this rally, as he's now 9.9s behind the championship leader.

Fri 14:15 WRC - Finland: "I couldn't have gone any faster," says Neuville, who flies to second in the stage and claims third overall from Hirvonen.

SS12 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +1.7s; 3 Latvala +4.9s; 4 Ostberg +6.1s; 5 Meeke +6.2s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +9.9s; 3 Neuville +17.4s; 4Hirvonen +35.6s; 5 Meeke +1m18.3s.

Fri 14:19 WRC - Finland: A puncture for WRC2 leader Jari Ketomaa on the road section means he starts behind Robert Kubica. But guess what? He extends his lead by 0.4s. Still firmly in control.

Fri 14:22 WTCC - Termas: In just over an hour's time, WTCC history will be made as the drivers take to the Termas track for the first time - in preparation for the championship's first race in Argentina.

We've already seen, though, than James Nash is less-than-thrilled by the long haul to South America. He's not the only driver who's been Twitter, either...

Fri 14:23 WTCC - Termas: Here's Honda's hashtag-happy Tiago Monteiro @TiagosWorld18): "We made it ! 1700km. #myjourney to @CircuitoTRH was great! Thank you #honda & #HondaArgentina"

@DarrylOYoung seemed less thrilled by his trip: "6hr flight HK to NY, 6 hour layover in NY,10hr flight NY to Buenos Aires, 2hr flight BA to Rio De termos hondo,1hr taxi ride to circuit!!"

@TomCoronel, though, seemed rather satisfied in general: "Arrived @CircuitoTRH here #Argentina ready for @FIA_WTCC race here. Nice circuit cool combination of corners".

Fri 14:26 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The cars haven't been onto the track at Mid-Ohio yet, and we've already had the least-newsy bit of news of the year, with BHA finally confirming that Luca Filippi will make his IndyCar debut this weekend.

Not unexpected, considering that a) he tested with them on Wednesday, and b) we spotted him hanging around the team garage this morning.

Fri 14:28 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: So that means we have two first-time drivers in the field this weekend, with James Davison preparing to have his first outing with Dale Coyne Racing (see 11:58). Remember that in case there's a 'what do Luca Filippi and James Davison have in common' question in the 2017 AUTOSPORT Christmas Quiz.

Fri 14:32 WRC - Finland: Ready and waiting for the start of SS13; so in this brief moment before the peace is shattered, we'd just like to take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of Rally Finland.

Fri 14:35 WRC - Finland: The Mokkipera stage is underway, the shortest of the day at 8.5 miles (13.74km). We're rattling through the stages at the moment.

Fri 14:38 WRC - Finland: And Latvala makes short work of the shortest stage. 6m51.4s for the Polo driver.

Fri 14:41 WRC - Finland: Andersson is the second car through, 11.8s down. We think he'll just be mightily relieved to have a fully-functioning car again.

Fri 14:45 WRC - Finland: Somebody appears to have told Dani Sordo he's competing in a rally. He absolutely blitzes Mokkipera to go quicker than Latvala by 0.3s.

Flying run from the Spaniard - exactly what the under-pressure Citroen driver needed. Now to crack on with the rest of the rally.

Fri 14:49 WRC - Finland: Sordo's quicker than two VWs, as Mikkelsen finishes the stage 0.7s slower than the Spaniard. Novikov is next in, a disappointing 6m59s.

Meeke is just about to finish - and he's quickest so far through the first couple of splits.

Fri 14:51 WRC - Finland: Meeke to Sordo: "Anything you can do, I can do better." Or stage times to that effect. He flies through SS13 in 6m50.0s to go quickest for now.

Fri 14:55 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen reaches the finish, five seconds slower than Meeke and in fifth. Any damage from that SS12 near-miss?

Ogier deposes Meeke from top spot. 6m47.7s for the lead VW. He's absolutely flying. Ostberg, though, has matched him in the early part of the stage...

Fri 14:56 WRC - Finland: Meeke and Novikov incident has now gone to the event stewards and is officially under investigation.

Fri 14:59 WRC - Finland: Ostberg loses time in the final part of the run, dropping a further 2.5s to the rally leader. The Norwegian is actually slower than Meeke - but only by 0.2s.

His M-Sport team-mate Neuville, though, has an even worse time at the close of the stage. He's got a front-left puncture, and completes the stage in 7m02.5s.

Fri 15:01 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Home-state hero Graham Rahal leads the field out of pitlane to get the first session of the weekend started.

Fri 15:02 WRC - Finland: "It was at the beginning, after a big jump. What can you do?" The Belgian is rather philosophical. He's still 10.7s ahead of Hirvonen overall, though, so holds the final podium positon - but he did lead this rally at one stage, remember.

SS13 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Meeke +2.3s; 3 Ostberg +2.5s; 4 Sordo +3.4s; 5 Latvala +3.7s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +12.4s; 3 Neuville +32.2s; 4 Hirvonen +42.9s; 5 Meeke +1m20.6s.

Fri 15:06 WRC - Finland: Novikov has moved back into the top 10, at the expense of Kubica. The Pole (pictured), claimed a stage win in class yesterday but today has lost a lot of time.

He lost another 1.7s to WRC2 leader Ketomaa on that stage, but extended his own advantage over third-placed Paddon to more than 20s.

Fri 15:08 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Two early livery observations. 1) The lemon-lime popsicle Angie's List livery looks as bad on Tristan Vautier's car as it did on Katherine Legge's at Indy. 2) Panther has changed its National Guard camo paint job to pink for this weekend to honour female soldiers.

Military strategy fact: Pink is rarely an effective camouflage colour.

Fri 15:12 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: If we're going to take the time to poke fun at Vautier's livery, it's only fair to also point out that right now he owns the fastest lap of the morning. Debutant James Davison has just moved up to P2. The session is 12 minutes old, and at the moment seven cars have set times.

Fri 15:16 WRC - Finland: We may have neglected to mention earlier that the incident between Meeke and Novikov is to be investigated by the stewards.

If he is judged to have been seriously impeded, the 30s he dropped on the stage could be credited back to him - putting him on the fringes of the podium fight between Neuville and Hirvonen.

Fri 15:27 WTCC - Termas: 10 Race Centre Live points to anyone who has the least-confusing explanation of this picture. You know where to find us: @autosportnews.

Fri 15:35 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: There's just under 15 minutes left in this first session, and other than cars going around in circles, not a lot has happened. Ganassi is leading the way, with Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti at the top of the timing screens, and Justin Wilson is just behind them for a provisional Honda 1-2-3.

Quickest of the Chevys is James Hinchcliffe. Of the rookies, James Davison is currently 19th, while Luca Filippi has completed just four laps and is 23rd.

Fri 15:35 WRC - Finland: Used the gap between stages to talk to Pirelli's Paul Hembery about the firm's return to the World Rally Championship next season. All very exciting and great to see the Italians coming back to a series in which they enjoy such a rich heritage.

Hembers now off on holiday. Enjoy...

Fri 15:44 WRC - Finland: Prokop won't be back tomorrow after his team discovered damage to the engine in his Ford Fiesta RS WRC. He had run in the top 10 earlier today.

Fri 15:47 WRC - Finland: Latvala through SS14. "We had a clear day and I really enjoyed Lankamaa second time through, the ruts weren't as bad as the stages before.

"It's nice to go to Killeri now with no rain. It's 20 degrees, sunshine, the rally is on - what more could you want?"

Latvala's countryman Jarkko Nikara was quicker than him through some of the early splits, but the Mini driver has dropped back later in the stage.

Fri 15:49 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Scott Dixon remains on top with a 1m05.7096s; 0.02s quicker than team-mate Dario Franchitti. Ryan Hunter-Reay completed the top three. There's another practice session to come this afternoon.

Fri 15:50 WRC - Finland: P-G Andersson still not happy with the handling of his private Fiesta. "The car is moving too much," he said, "but at the same time, there is more to come from the driver."

Andersson is 24s down on Latvala's Lankamaa benchmark.

Fri 15:54 WRC - Finland: Odd problem for Nikara in the stage - the car's mobile telephone was lying on the floor at the finish.

"I was making a few calls in the stage!" joked the former Pirelli Star Driver. "I had no problems, there were some narrow places where I was a bit careful. There were a lot of rocks outside and I didn't want to risk anything. We can push harder tomorrow."

Nikara 13s down on Latvala, but 4s up on Sordo. The Spanish DS3 driver was happy at the end of the stage after what had been a very tough morning and early afternoon.

Sordo said: "The stage before this one was really nice, this one was more slippery with a lot of gravel, but it's OK."

Fri 15:55 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen missing left-rear wheel. He's out for the day.

Fri 15:58 WRC - Finland: Sheared bolts look to be the reason for Mikkelsen's missing wheel.

"I hit nothing!" he said. "There was a big vibration and then the wheel just flew off."

With cars not allowed to travel on three wheels during the road sections - and nothing for the Norwegian to attach a spare wheel to - his rally ends after SS14.

Fri 16:00 WRC - Finland: Meeke escapes a big moment when a rock hits the bottom of the DS3 WRC.

"It threw the car into a big wheelie," he said. "I don't think people appreciate just how deep the ruts get on the second run through."

Meeke departs in a philosophical mood. "This is the best hard day I've ever had in the WRC. This car is beautiful."

Fri 16:05 WRC - Finland: Ogier fastest through so far and looking good to further his advantage at the front of the field.

"It's been a good day," said Ogier. "I had to be careful to avoid the puncture, but I am happy."

Broken front-left rim for Ostberg, drops 25.8s to Ogier.

"It's a lottery now," said the Qatar M-Sport driver.

Fri 16:07 WRC - Finland: Neuville second quickest to Ogier. The Belgian is up to second following team-mate Ostberg's problem, but Volkswagen's championship leader is now 36.3 seconds clear at the front of the field.

Fri 16:10 WRC - Finland: Meeke 33 seconds behind Citroen team-mate Hirvonen at the end of the forest stages today. Could be a fascinating fight if the stewards give him back the 30 seconds he lost following Novikov in Palsankyla...

Fri 16:11 SS14 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +4.1s; 3 Latvala +4.7s; 4 Meeke +12.1s; 5 Hirvonen +16.8s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +36.3s; 3 Ostberg +38.2s; 4 Hirvonen +59.7s; 5 Meeke +1m32.7s.

Fri 16:16 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Dixon leads Ganassi practice one-two

Fri 16:17 WRC - Finland: Major post-stage tiredness kicking in at the AUTOSPORT desk. In previous years, the press office has been well served by a freezer regularly filled with Magnum ice-creams. Unfortunately not this time.

And, to make matters worse, we're fresh out of tea cakes. Get that Mr Tunnocks PR man? Fresh supplies needed, please...

Fri 16:37 WTCC - Argentina: History is made in South America. The WTCC has officially christened the Termas de Rio Honda circuit.

Today's pre-weekend test is now seven minutes old, and it's Norbert Michelisz who leads the way with a 1m52.368s. Just the 13s clear of the field right now.

Jose Maria LopezFri 16:45 WTCC - Argentina: We're in unknown territory, but the timesheets take on a familar look as Yvan Muller hits the front.

Fractions behind him though is newbie, and home favourite, Jose Maria Lopez. The 30-year-old, a three-time Super TC2000 champion, is competing for the Wiechers BMW squad this weekend.

Fri 16:47 While the WTCC is filling the gap between the penultimate WRC stage and the superspecial nicely, we do have a slight lull in activity.

But do stick with us, because not only do we have the conclusion to another entertaining day of Rally Finland, we also have scene-setting sessions from the States in the form of second IndyCar practice and NASCAR Pocono qualifying.

Fri 16:51 WTCC - Argentina: Tom Chilton jumps into third, just ahead of Lada's James Thompson, while Rob Huff and Tiago Monteiro complete the sequence of having all five manufacturers represented within the top six at present.

Fri 16:52 WTCC - Argentina: And just as we say that, Pepe Oriola crashes the party by going top with a 1m50.905s, nearly half a second clear of the field.

Fri 16:53 WRC - Finland: Kris Meeke will be looking to cap off another fantastic day as he revels on his DS3 debut. He's earned no shortage of additional supporters this weekend.

He won over ex-F1 pedaller @KarunChandhok at the Goodwood Festival of Speed when the pair met in 2011. And the Indian driver's tweeted his support of the rally star for this weekend: "Great run by @krismeeke on his comeback to WRC in Finland ! Met him a couple years ago at @fosgoodwood - top bloke!!"

Fri 16:58 WTCC - Argentina: Into the final five minutes, and there's improvements across the field. Alex MacDowall, James Nash and Tom Chilton all record personal bests, before Tiago Monteiro trumps them all by going quickest with a 1m50.904s.

He and Oriola are still the only men under the 1m51s barrier.

Fri 17:02 WTCC - Argentina: The chequered flag falls to bring an end to a frantic final few minutes, and its Yvan Muller who has the honour of topping the WTCC's first track action in Argentina.

Yvan Muller WTCCFri 17:03 WTCC - Argentina - Friday test:

1 Muller; 2 Chilton; 3 Tarquini; 4 Huff; 5 Michelisz; 6 Monteiro; 7 Oriola; 8 Nykjaer; 9 Thompson; 10 Coronel (11 Lopez)

Muller, incidentally, ends the session as the only driver to get below the 1m50s.

Fri 17:09 WRC - Finland: Press office panic over... Snowballs have arrived. Sizeable shunt, however, after trying to do one of the coconut-covered marshmallows in one.

Fri 17:22 WRC - Finland: 10 minutes until the start of the superspecial stage. Ogier is well clear at the moment - can the chasing M-Sport Fords do anything about that?

As with yesterday, it's a 2.06km blast at Killeri.

Fri 17:28 WTCC - Termas: Here's the report from the test session. Yvan Muller set the pace as they took to the Termas de Rio Honda circuit for the first time.

Muller fastest in Friday testing

Fri 17:34 WRC - Finland: Lukyanuk and Salo have started the SS15 running - the former 1.4s quicker on 1m26.5s.

Fri 17:35 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: US television is full of high-quality entertainment, and to that end, AUTOSPORT is pleased to have just been made aware of a reality show called 'Pregnant and Dating'.

The reason we tell you this is not because of it's undoubted cultural contibutions to western society, but because it transpires that the second episode featured Dale Coyne Racing rookie James Davison.

We've already done the hard work and found a link - James's segment starts at around 1m22. Watch it, but don't blame us if you lose a tiny bit of your soul.

Fri 17:38 WRC - Finland: Kruuda beats Paddon in their WRC2 fight on SS15, 1m27.3s for the former as the Australian comes through with a mechanical problem, 25s down.

WRC2 leader Ketomaa reaffirms his dominance by beating Robert Kubica on their run by 0.6s - the leader completed his run in 1m25.0s.

Fri 17:44 WRC - Finland: A boost for P-G Andersson, who beats Nikara, with a 1m23.1s. But Meeke makes sure that's short-lived, beating his best friend Novikov on their run. 1m22.4s for the Northern Irishman.

Fri 17:45 WRC - Finland: If Kris Meeke is any more effusive in his praise about the Citroen DS3, you could be forgiven for thinking he was a dealer. A cracking couple of days for him - outside podium shout, should the stewards hand him back those 30s?

Fri 17:47 WRC - Finland: Latvala and Sordo fall just short of Meeke's effort, falling in just behind him in that order.

Fri 17:51 WRC - Finland: Mikko Hirvonen beats Nevuille by 0.1s on SS15...and the Belgian has another puncture! Rear-left. "It was already punctured the stage before, and I had no other spare wheel," he reveals.

Fri 17:54 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Massively impressed by Luca Filippi. He has been in the series for about five minutes, and has already figured out the only two places in the paddock where you can get a decent espresso. Last year, it took AUTOSPORT until Milwaukee to get its coffee set-up dialed in.

Fri 17:56 WRC - Finland: Ogier denies Meeke a win on the superspecial by half a second. Ostberg slots in behind Latvala in fourth, and closes to 0.9s behind his team-mate Neuville in the battle for second.

SS15 results: 1 Ogier; 2 Meeke +0.5s; 3 Latvala +0.7s; 4 Ostberg +0.8s; 5 Sordo +0.8s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +38.1s; 3 Ostberg +39.0s; 4 Hirvonen +1m01.4s; 5 Meeke +1m33.2s.

Fri 18:23 NASCAR - Pocono: Qualifying gets underway for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Pocono in less than an hour's time. Plenty opportunity then to take a look at how the points look - in particular, who's on the fringes of missing the Chase cut-off from 11th downwards.

Ryan Newman's just beyond this list in 16th - but gave himself an outside shot with victory at Indianapolis last weekend (pictured). Jimmie Johnson remains in command.

Championship standings after 20 of 36 rounds:
(Chase starts after round 26)

1 Jimmie Johnson 740
2 Clint Bowyer 665
3 Carl Edwards 655
4 Kevin Harvick 648
5 Dale Earnhardt Jr 616
6 Matt Kenseth 615
7 Kyle Busch 610  
8 Greg Biffle 565  
9 Kasey Kahne 564  
10 Jeff Gordon 559  
11 Tony Stewart 558  
12 Martin Truex Jr 554  
13 Brad Keselowski 553  
14 Kurt Busch 546  
15 Jamie McMurray 553

(43 points for a win)

Fri 18:30 WRC - Finland: Here's how Sebastien Ogier stormed into a commanding Rally Finland lead, aided by misfortune for the impressive M-Sport Fords.

Ogier pulls clear of rivals after day two

Fri 18:40 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Second practice is not for almost another hour, so here's a look at how the race for the title is shaping up. Scott Dixon continued his epic Toronto form into the first practice session. Can he continue to close the gap on Helio Castroneves this weekend?

Championship standings after 13 of 19 rounds:

1 Helio Castroneves 425
2 Scott Dixon 396
3 Ryan Hunter-Reay 356
4 Marco Andretti 355
5 Simon Pagenaud 309
6 Tony Kanaan 307

(50 points for a win)

Fri 18:49 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Indy Lights are out on track at the moment, and shockingly, the field size is in double figures. We've got an 11-car grid this weekend, including the BHA entry. We like this one because a) it's another IndyCar team fielding a Lights car, which is a good sign, and b) the driver's name is Axcil Jeffries. The Zimbabwean is currently seventh-fastest, ahead of series regulars Gabby Chaves and Juan Pablo Garcia.

Fri 19:07 Looking ahead to tomorrow (all times BST) and Rally Finland kicks off the day's running early, with a 6:26 start for SS16. The rally will run through to late afternoon UK time - will anyone be able to topple Ogier by the end of the 23rd and final stage?

We'll then be bringing you updates from DTM practice in Moscow early in the morning (7:45) before qualifying gets underway at 13:40.

You'll get your domestic fix when we bring you the two BTCC practice sessions (9:25 and midday respectively) and qualifying for the opening race at 15:20, as Race Centre Live continues its exotic weekend by adding Thetford(ish) to Finland, Russia, Argentina and the United States.

Both Termas WTCC practice sessions take place after midday, the first at 12:30 and the second at 15:00.

RCL then goes Stateside, with IndyCar third practice at 15:30; Indy Lights qualifying at 18:00; and IndyCar qualifying at 19:00.

Fri 19:08 NASCAR - Pocono: First, though, we must concentrate on the now. Race Centre Live may be 12-and-a-half hours old today, but is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, we're literally just getting started. It's qualifying time at Pocono.

Fri 19:25 NASCAR - Pocono: We've had the first five drivers set their qualifying laps. Juan Pablo Montoya's 178.056mph effort leads the way after the very early running.

Fri 19:31 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag for second practice.

Fri 19:32 NASCAR - Pocono: Greg Biffle goes quickest on a 50.130s, 179.5mph lap. Seven times on the board, Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski up next.

Fri 19:36 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Hinchcliffe has had a bit of a moment at the exit of Turn 11. It looks like there's a little damage to his front wing, but nothing too major.

Fri 19:40 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: We had a closer look at Hinchcliffe's car as he returned to pitlane, and it actually doesn't look like there is any damage at all. The session is now back underway, with Justin Wilson leading the times.

Fri 19:41 NASCAR - Pocono: 10 runners down, as we have a new lap record. This is the first time the Gen-6 NASCAR has qualified on the Pocono track, and Kyle Busch drives home a sub-50s lap (49.823s) that breaks the 180mph.

Fri 19:52 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A 'proper' red flag incident this time, with Tony Kanaan having found the tyres at Turn 12. Leading the times right now is Simon Pagenaud.

Fri 19:55 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A perfect chance to drop this in, then. Ryan Briscoe's wrist injury ruled him out of Mid-Ohio this weekend, but he's here in spirit - and in helmet. Compatriot James Davison has been forced to borrow one of Briscoe's lids for the weekend due to his own not being up to IndyCar spec.

Especially nerdy fans will recognise that this is the second time this year that someone other than Briscoe has raced in Briscoe's kit - Oriol Servia borrowed his race suit at Texas.

Fri 19:56 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Here we go again. There are 20 minutes left on the clock.

Fri 19:58 NASCAR - Pocono: Busch still holds provisional pole from Biffle, with 16 times now set and Clint Bowyer about to make it 17. Current top five is 1 Busch; 2 Biffle; 3 Keselowski; 4 McMurray; 5 Burton.

Fri 20:07 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Nine minutes remaining, and Will Power is currently quickest - it's the first time this weekend that a Chevy-powered car has been on top. Team-mate Helio Castroneves is just behind him, with Ganassi's Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon third and fourth.

Fri 20:09 NASCAR - Pocono: Oh, that was close. Kurt Busch comes within a whisker of joining Kyle in the 49s, but falls just short. He sets a 50.085s lap (179.69mph)...and then Ryan Newman does what he fails to do!

Newman scrapes in to the now two-man club by a whisker - 49.999s and 180.004mph. Second place, good work. 21 drivers have now set times.

Fri 20:10 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: We were just about to comment on the fact that Ryan Hunter-Reay was mired down on the outer fringes of the top 20 when he suddenly leapt up to P1.

Fri 20:17 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Will Power leaps up to P1 with his final lap, with Scott Dixon finishing up P2 ahead of Ryan Hunter-Reay. Rounding out the top five are Dario Franchitti and - impressively - Luca Filippi.

Fri 20:24 WRC - Finland: Controversy of the day in Finland was Evgeny Novikov rejoining ahead of Kris Meeke after an SS8 accident and then delaying the series returnee.

Stewards have now ruled that Novikov did unfairly block Meeke, and have reprimanded the Russian and given Meeke 23.7s back.

Fri 20:25 NASCAR - Pocono: Bit of a frantic rush from Jimmie Johnson's Hendrick team to get the points leader out in time to make his qualifying run. And was it worth the wait!

He goes quickest, by 0.004s, and the speed of that lap was 180.654mph. 28 times are on the board as we start to really get into the thick of qualifying.

Fri 20:29 NASCAR - Pocono: Joe Gibbs just lost pole when Kyle Busch was demoted, and his team-mate Denny Hamlin can't take it back for JGR as he only manages seventh on his lap.

Fri 20:32 NASCAR - Pocono: Provisional poleman Jimmie Johnson reckons his 49.819s lap wasn't the best he could do.

"I went over a second faster than what I did in practice, so with another lap I think I could polish my flow a little bit," he said. "I threw everything I had at at. What a great race car. And some cloud cover came in, and I made the most of it on my lap."

It took two attempts to get his Hendrick Chevrolet through technical inspection.

"We had to go through again - the left-rear toe was a whipping one thousandth of an inch out..."

Fri 20:35 WRC - Finland: What that means is Meeke will start tomorrow's running just 8s behind team-mate Mikko Hirvonen. What a result it would be for the Northern Irishman to finish top Citroen on his competitive debut in the DS3...

We also don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but the M-Sport Fords have hit a few problems today. Is Meeke in with an outside shot of a podium? It would be a somewhat unexpected result - and would definitely surprise Sebastien Loeb.

Fri 20:37 NASCAR - Pocono: Carl Edwards puts himself into third in the Roush Fenway Ford, a tenth off pole, and demoting last week's Indianapolis race winner Ryan Newman.

Fri 20:40 NASCAR - Pocono: Nine cars left, and not many of them can threaten Johnson.

His team-mate Dale Earnhardt Jr might have a shot, Kevin Harvick is also still to run, and last man out Marcos Ambrose was quick in practice.

But on track right now is Joe Nemechek and he won't be scaring Johnson.

Fri 20:44 NASCAR - Pocono: AJ Allmendinger is out now. He's on Phoenix Racing duty this weekend, with a few more JTG Daugherty outings later this year too. He goes a solid 14th.

Fri 20:48 WRC - Finland: Here's a round-up of the top three's feelings at the end of day two.

We've got an unusually emotional Ogier talking of how long he's dreamed of leading to the finish in Finland, and some very bullish fighting talk from M-Sport Ford pair Mads Ostberg and Thierry Neuville.

Fri 20:49 NASCAR - Pocono: Not only is Dale Earnhardt Jr no threat to team-mate Johnson's provisional pole, he can only qualify his car on row 12 in 24th place.

Kevin Harvick was 13th, so Marcos Ambrose is the last man who might topple Johnson.

Will PowerFri 21:00 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Will Power and Scott Dixon go into qualifying day as the men to beat, while newcomer Luca Filippi starred. Here's the story of Mid-Ohio practice:

Mid-Ohio practice two report

Fri 21:00 NASCAR - Pocono: Marcos Ambrose goes eighth quickest, and that means another Pocono pole for Jimmie Johnson.

Fri 21:01 NASCAR - Pocono - qualifying results:

1 Jimmie Johnson; 2 Kyle Busch; 3 Carl Edwards; 4 Ryan Newman; 5 Kurt Busch; 6 Joey Logano; 7 Greg Biffle; 8 Marcos Ambrose; 9 Denny Hamlin; 10 Aric Almirola.

Fri 21:28 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Some interesting news emerging from the Mid-Ohio IndyCar weekend as sporting rules are tweaked in response to some controversies in Toronto last month.

Fri 21:34 NASCAR - Pocono: Bit of post-qualifying intrigue at Pocono as Kyle Busch appears to imply that Jimmie Johnson's issues getting through technical inspections might be contrived to give him later runs in the qualifying order. Johnson denies the existence of "a masterplan"...

Jimmie JohnsonFri 21:39 NASCAR - Pocono: For full details of the latest episode in Jimmie Johnson's increasingly extraodinary season (even by his own epic standards)...

Pocono NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying report

Fri 21:45 And one final piece of evening news for Friday night - a grid boost for British Formula 3's next event at Brands Hatch in a week's time.

Fri 21:48 That's it for Race Centre Live for Friday August 2, but we're back bright and early at 6.15am BST/5.15am BST for 14 straight hours of global motorsport coverage, including...

* The deciding day of Rally Finland

* The DTM makes its Moscow debut

* WTCC's first event at Termas de Rio Hondo in Argentina

* The BTCC resumes at Snetterton after its early-summer break

* Qualifying for the Mid-Ohio IndyCar race

Plus news updates from NASCAR at Pocono and X Games in Los Angeles ahead of their main events on Sunday.

Thanks for your company today, join us again tomorrow.

Sat 05:25 Good morning and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for the deciding day of Rally Finland, tin-top action from Moscow, Argentina and Norfolk, plus the best of American stock car, single-seater and rallycross competition.

We'll be here for the next 14 hours or so providing as-it-happens updates from our correspondents around the globe.

Sat 05:30 WRC - Finland: Eight stages left today, two loops of four including the infamous 33 kilometres of Ouninpohja. We kick off with 14.95km Surkee.

Juho HanninenSat 05:33 WRC - Finland: Thirteen World Rally Cars are still running, beginning with those delayed so far this weekend in Riku Tahko, Juho Hanninen, Jari-Matti Latvala, P-G Andersson and Evgeny Novikov.

Sat 05:35 WRC - Finland: Here are the top 10 standings beginning the morning:

1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +38.1s; 3 Ostberg +39.0s; 4 Hirvonen +1m01.4s; 5 Meeke +1m09.5s; 6 Nikara +2m18.6s; 7 Sordo +2m45.0s; 8 Ketomaa +6m13.9s; 9 Novikov +6m38.5s; 10 Kubica +7m24.1s.

Sat 05:44 WRC - Finland: Latvala is quickest of the early runners.

His rally went awry very early on, with suspension damage on SS2 eventually causing his retirement from leg one.

That means he's only 42nd overall. But that's also a sign of how competitive the entry is this weekend: he's 20 minutes off the lead with his Rally 2 penalties included, yet that time gap would often still get you in the top 10 (or even the top five on weekends of crazy attrition).

Sat 05:50 WRC - Finland: Terrible stage for Dani Sordo, who complains that he cannot get any confidence with his Citroen's rear sliding too much. He is slowest of all so far.

Sordo is chasing Jarkko Nikara for sixth this morning. Nikara also ends the stage pretty nonplussed, saying he couldn't get any rhythm at all.

But he still added 15s to his advantage over Sordo, taking that up to 40s and making sixth place look a bit more comfortable.

Sat 05:52 WRC - Finland: The stewards' decision to give Kris Meeke some time back after being blocked by Evgeny Novikov yesterday gives Meeke a shot at chasing down Mikko Hirvonen for 'top Citroen' honours today.

A slight blow on Surkee though as Meeke has a spin, although he's pretty chilled about the whole thing.

"I did a full 360 at the last junction. I had to stop, turn around, stop, turn around. I lost maybe 10 seconds," he says.

"But we're under no pressure this morning, Mikko was always going to go flat-out."

Sat 05:55 WRC - Finland: Mikko Hirvonen beats Latvala to the best time so far by 0.2s, which moves him 16s clear of Meeke.

Mads OstbergSat 05:57 WRC - Finland: M-Sport team-mates' Thierry Neuville and Mads Ostberg's battle for second is the headline story this morning and the Norwegian is going to pass his team-mate as he takes the stage win so far by two seconds.

Neuville loses 4s to Ostberg.

"I went straight on a junction, so I lost like five or six seconds," says Neuville. "I tried to push but I when it was tricky I took no risks. I learned in the first junction that it's hard to make up time!"

Sat 06:00 WRC - Finland: Leader Sebastien Ogier takes it easy as he maintains his advantage.

"I'm not in a position to take any risks, so I take some time to start my day," he says.

Sat 06:02 WRC - Finland - SS16 results:

Stage: 1 Ostberg 8m04.9s; 2 Hirvonen +2.0s; 3 Latvala +2.7s; 4 Neuville +4.0s; 5 Ogier +5.5s; 6 Mikkelsen +7.3s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +33.5s; 3 Neuville +36.6s; 4 Hirvonen +57.9s; 5 Meeke +1m14.5s; 6 Nikara +2m25.9s.

Sat 06:03 WRC - Finland: No troubles for the WRC2 leaders on Surkee as Jari Ketomaa, Robert Kubica and Haydon Padden maintain their spots in first, second and third.

Sat 06:34 DTM - Moscow: Russia stages its first DTM race this weekend at Moscow Raceway.

For some reason series organiser the ITR opted not to tack on an extra practice session on Friday to allow drivers to acclimitise to the new track.

That means the 90 minute session begins in a little over 10 minutes.

Sat 06:39 DTM - Moscow: Following the DMSB's decision this week to uphold Mattias Ekstrom's disqualification from victory at the Norisring - while not promoting Robert Wickens to the win either - here's how the championship looks:

1 Mike Rockenfeller (Phoenix Audi), 69
2 Bruno Spengler (Schnitzer BMW), 67
3 Christian Vietoris (HWA Mercedes), 55
4 Gary Paffett (HWA Mercedes), 47
5 Robert Wickens (HWA Mercedes), 45
6 Augusto Farfus (RBM BMW), 33

Sat 06:40 WRC - Finland: The early runners are now the nine kilometre Leustu stage. Jari-Matti Latvala is quickest so far, ahead of Evgeny Novikov.

Andreas MikkelsenSat 06:43 WRC - Finland: He may not be in contention for points after losing a wheel yesterday, but Andreas Mikkelsen is enjoying himself a lot this morning, and he's just gone fastest so far on SS17.

Sat 06:45 DTM - Moscow: The green light is on at the end of the pitlane and DTM cars take to the Moscow Raceway circuit in anger for the first time; Andy Priaulx leading the way in his RMG BMW.

We say 'in anger' because there was a 15-minute roll-out yesterday, albeit with drivers limited to only two complete laps.

Sat 06:52 DTM - Moscow: It's the expected ever-changing leaderboard to begin with as the drivers attempt to learn the circuit at speed. Seven minutes in and Jamie Green is setting the pace in his Abt Audi in 59.417s.

Sat 06:54 WRC - Finland: Thierry Neuville strikes back against M-Sport team-mate Mads Ostberg. The Belgian sets the stage pace with a time 0.9s quicker than the Norwegian.

Now there are 2.2s between the pair heading for Ouninpohja in the battle for second.

Sat 06:57 WRC - Finland - SS17 results:

Stage: 1 Neuville 5m03.9s; 2 Ostberg +0.9s; 3 Ogier +2.1s; 4 Hirvonen +3.6s; 5 Mikkelsen +3.6s; 6 Latvala +4.9s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +32.3s; 3 Neuville +34.5s; 4 Hirvonen +59.4s; 5 Meeke +1m22.6s; 6 Nikara +2m29.2s.

Still Ketomaa comfortably leading Kubica in WRC 2.

Sat 06:57 DTM - Moscow: Daniel Juncadella has a big lock-up heading into Turn 4. That's some smoke pouring off the front of his RSC Mucke Mercedes, but he unloads the brakes and continues.

Sat 06:59 DTM - Moscow: Green improves the pace-setting time to 59.251s, an improvement of over two tenths of a second.

Sat 07:03 WRC - Finland: Next up is Ouninpohja. Why so much fuss over this stage? Because it encapsulates everything Rally Finland is legendary for in 33 particular spectacular kilometres: 169 jumps and some very, very high speeds.

Sat 07:03 DTM - Moscow: Finally the first interesting moment of the session as Gary Paffett runs off-track exiting Turn 1 in his HWA Mercedes. He keeps going, albeit with quite a bit of grass and other debris lodged in his air intake.

He simply understeered off and TV replays now show him giving the brake bias a major adjustment.

Sat 07:04 WRC - Finland: Or as Mikko Hirvonen just put it:

"Ouninpohjaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Time to swich off my brain."

Sat 07:06 DTM - Moscow: Ekstrom goes to the top of the timesheets, but is demoted by team-mate Green within a minute. Those Abt Audis are one and two currently, Green's pace-setting lap coming in 59.141s.

Sat 07:06 WRC - Finland: Ouninpohja is coming... The traffic on the E63 towards Jamsa is incredible as the locals head for their annual pilgrimage.

Mads Ostberg said last night: "This stage has become a bit of a superstar that everybody has to love."

There's a good reason for that - it's the best road in the world. And those standing alongside the yellow house mid-way through are the luckiest in the world. Unfortunately AUTOSPORT's in a press office with no windows.

Sat 07:11 DTM - Moscow: The TV cameras are currently focusing on eighth-placed Miguel Molina. And if anyone's had a dismal 18 months in terms of luck in the DTM, it's the Lloret de Mar resident.

Don't forget, he had two poles in the final three races of 2011 and is the only Spaniard to stand on a DTM podium.

Molina is currently eighth in his Phoenix Audi.

Sat 07:18 DTM - Moscow: Wickens overdoes it negotiating what looks to be the trickiest section if the track. Andy Priaulx has an off there too a minute or so later.

Both recover without leaving the asphalt run-off while Edoardo Mortara locks up heavily into the hairpin and stops on the exit.

Sat 07:19 DTM - Moscow: Half an hour in and the order is: 1 Green; 2 Ekstrom; 3 Mortara; 4 Tambay; 5 Scheider; 6 Rockenfeller; 7 Albuquerque; 8 Juncadella; 9 Molina; 10 Tomczyk.

Sat 07:20 DTM - Moscow: And as that's being typed, points leader Mike Rockenfeller does successive laps that take him firstly to the top of the timesheets and then increases his advantage.

Sat 07:29 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller's found something extra (probably a few extra pushes of the DRS button) and finds nearly three tenths of a second to increase his advantage at the front.

Sat 07:32 DTM - Moscow: Molina goes P1, half a tenth up on Phoenix team-mate Rockenfeller.

Sat 07:33 DTM - Moscow: There's some debris lying on the track. It looks suspciously like a rear light fitting from a Mercedes.

Sat 07:38
DTM - Moscow: Incidentally, if you've seen the above picture - currently appearing on our home page - and think this race is taking place on a street track around Red Square, you might be disappointed.

Moscow Raceway is, in fact, about 50 miles outside the city centre. We just haven't got any images of the cars on track yet.

Sat 07:39 WRC - Finland: The best stage on the calendar is underway as Riku Tahko heads onto Ouninpohja. It's very, very fast and very high-flying.

Sat 07:45 DTM - Moscow: Vietoris overruns Turn 7 and has to spin-turn his Mercedes to rejoin the track. Russ Swift would be proud.

Sat 07:46 DTM - Moscow: With an hour of the 90 minutes behind us, the order is: 1 Molina; 2 Rockenfeller; 3 Ekstrom; 4 Mortara; 5 Albuquerque; 6 Green; 7 Hand; 8 Scheider; 9 Wickens; 10 Tambay.

Sat 07:49 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: One of the biggest stories of the Mid-Ohio weekend is the debut of Italian talent Luca Filippi, and what that could mean both for his career and the struggling Bryan Herta Autosport team. Here's how Filippi was feeling following Friday practice:

Filippi: no pressure on IndyCar debut

Sat 07:50 DTM - Moscow: Tambay does a Vietoris at Turn 7. Green earlier managed to run wide at the same corner and take a bit of grass as he attempted to rejoin.

Oulton Park BTCCSat 07:55 BTCC - Snetterton: After six long weeks, the British Touring Car Championship resumes at Snetterton today, with practice commencing shortly.

The wins so far have been shared between usual suspects Matt Neal, Jason Plato and champion Gordon Shedden, plus rising star Andrew Jordan and returning ex-champ Colin Turkington in WSR's new BMW.

All five are closely grouped at the head of the standings at the season's halfway point, and Plato's rookie MG team-mate Sam Tordoff is surely close to a maiden win as well.

Championship standings after 15 of 30 rounds:

1 Matt Neal 224
2 Andrew Jordan 205
3 Jason Plato 188
4 Gordon Shedden 188
5 Colin Turkington 184
6 Sam Tordoff 148

(20 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sat 07:56 DTM - Moscow: Wickens spins at Turn 3, the rear end of his Mercedes getting bogged down in the gravel.

Out comes the tow truck to drag him out and the Canadian is on his way again.

Sat 08:01 WRC - Finland: Jari-Matti Latvala is fastest of the early cars through Ouninpohja, but it's Mikko Hirvonen and the M-Sport Fords that we'll be keep a close eye on.

Dani Sordo continues to struggle: slowest so far, lacking in confidence, and briefly off at a hairpin.

Sat 08:03 DTM - Moscow: Ekstrom takes over at the top with a lap just 0.003s quicker than Molina's previous benchmark. The Swede's first sector was particularly impressive.

Sat 08:05 DTM - Moscow: Ekstrom then goes even faster next time around, shaving another hundredth off the benchmark. This is ultra-close and a good warm-up for this afternoon's qualifying session.

Sat 08:06 WRC - Finland: Incredible performance from Kris Meeke as he goes fastest so far, four seconds up on Latvala.

Sat 08:07 WRC - Finland: Meeke doesn't stay in front for long, as Mikko Hirvonen - currently the Ouninpohja all-time record-holder, beats him by 14s.

Sat 08:08 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg is second quickest, 2s off Hirvonen. Thierry Neuville's pace on the splits has been astonishing so far though...

Sat 08:09 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg is slightly frustrated:

"If you push too hard you can lose time, so I tried to back off a bit but maybe I did it too much. Not a bad stage, but I should have been fastest."

Sat 08:11 WRC - Finland: Neuville tails off very slightly at the end and is second fastest so far, 0.1s behind Hirvonen - and that moves him back to second overall, just 0.3s ahead of team-mate Ostberg.

Sat 08:12 WRC - Finland: Ogier takes the win on the first run of this classic stage, two seconds faster than Hirvonen.

"I've dreamed of doing this stage in a World Rally Car and that was amazing, it was so nice," says Ogier.

Sat 08:13 DTM - Moscow: Hot lap from Bruno Spengler puts the champion half a tenth up on Ekstrom with two minutes to go. Filipe Albuquerque and Roberto Merhi make it an unusual-looking top five.

Sat 08:16 WRC - Finland - SS18 results:

Stage: 1 Ogier 15m26.7s; 2 Hirvonen + 2.6s; 3 Neuville + 2.7s; 4 Ostberg +5.2s; 5 Meeke +15.8s; 6 Latvala +20.1s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +37.2s; 3 Ostberg +37.5s; 4 Hirvonen +1m02.0s; 5 Meeke +1m38.4s; 6 Nikara +2m58.2s.

Sat 08:18 DTM - Moscow: Practice results: 1 Spengler 58.666s; 2 Ekstrom, +0.041s; 3 Albuquerque; 4 Molina; 5 Mortara; 6 Rockenfeller; 7 Scheider; 8 Werner; 9 Hand; 10 Wickens.

Sat 08:25 BTCC - Snetterton: The BTCC is back, as practice begins at Snetterton.

Sat 08:36 BTCC - Snetterton: No hurry to get things going, the Rob Austin Audis are the only cars to log any laps so far.

Sat 08:36 BTCC - Snetterton: Andy Neate is out for his first session of the year, in his new IP Tech Chevrolet Cruze.

Sat 08:39 BTCC - Snetterton: AUTOSPORT is out at the trackside for this first BTCC session of the summer. Our BTCC correspondent Kevin Turner and in-house racer/National Editor Ben Anderson have decamped to the Brundle/Nelsen Esses, where the weather is sunny but windy.

Sat 08:41 BTCC - Snetterton: Matt Neal, then Sam Tordoff go fastest, but few look like they're really trying for flying laps yet.

Sat 08:43 BTCC - Snetterton: First sighting of James Kaye in AmD's new Honda Civic.

AUTOSPORT newsdesk this week noted that our 'Kaye switches to Honda' mag headline could easily have been from 1995...

Sat 08:48 BTCC - Snetterton: It's now an MG one-two at the front, with Jason Plato leading Sam Tordoff by a tenth and the rest half a second back.

Bruno SpenglerSat 08:53 DTM - Moscow: Champion Bruno Spengler holds the early advantage as the DTM field got to grips with Moscow Raceway ahead of qualifying.

Moscow DTM practice report

Sat 08:57 BTCC - Snetterton: Lea Wood pulls off with a lot of smoke from his S2000 Vauxhall.

Sat 08:59 WRC - Finland: Onto the last stage of the morning loop, the 7.49km Painaa.

This will be the power stage later on so drivers seeking those three bonus points will be sussing this out carefully.

Sat 09:00 WRC - Finland: As usual for today, Jari-Matti Latvala is the early pacesetter in the group of Rally 2 delayed runners.

Sat 09:11 BTCC - Snetterton: Andrew Jordan grabs third late on, while Mat Jackson spins.

The MGs end up quickest, with Plato ahead of Tordoff.

BTCC - Snetterton - practice one results:Sat 09:12
1 Plato; 2 Tordoff; 3 Jordan; 4 Newsham; 5 Morgan; 6 A Smith; 7 Turkington; 8 Shedden; 9 Austin; 10 M Jackson.

Sat 09:13 WRC - Finland: Mikko Hirvonen pips Latvala by two seconds to go fastest so far, but reckons he made a few little slips and can go quicker.

Sat 09:16 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg blasts through 3.7s quicker than Hirvonen. He wants second place back...

As Meeke put it about the battling Ostberg and Neuville: "every stage is a power stage for those boys today".

Sat 09:19 WRC - Finland: Neuville loses second to Ostberg again, the gap now 2.8s going into the decisive loop. The Belgian reckons his team-mate kept his tyres in better shape.

Meanwhile Sebastien Ogier comes through calmly with the fifth fastest time - and says he's not too fussed about the power stage.

"I don't think we need any more points..." he says, and he's probably right.

Bet he still blitzes the power stage, though...

Sat 09:32 WRC - Finland - SS19 results:

Stage: 1 Ostberg 3m47.7s; 2 Neuville +3.1s; 3 Hirvonen +3.7s; 4 Latvala +5.7s; 5 Ogier +6.0s; 6 Mikkelsen +6.2s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +31.5s; 3 Neuville +34.3s; 4 Hirvonen +59.7s; 5 Meeke +1m39.9s; 6 Nikara +3m03.1s.

Sat 09:45 WRC - Finland: All eyes are on the incredible fight for second as Sebastien Ogier closes on his first Rally Finland win.

Rally Finland Saturday morning report

Sat 09:47 WRC - Finland: One element of Rally Finland has just been decided: home driver Andreas Amberg has come through to win Junior WRC, which doesn't use the full route.

He had a very close battle with Sandor Parn and championship leader Pontus Tidemand, before breaking clear as all three had various dramas on Friday.

Sat 11:05 BTCC - Snetterton: And we're up and running in session two.

Sat 11:07 BTCC - Snetterton: Thus far in testing and this morning, the MGs have set the pace. Can anyone touch them this weekend?

After its wiring loom fire in session one, Lea Wood's Vauxhall Vectra is heading back out.

Sat 11:15 BTCC - Snetterton: Sam Tordoff's MG is the first person below 1m59s. to set the early pace.

AUTOSPORT is back in the media centre now so it is easier to see the times coming in

Sat 11:16 BTCC - Snetterton: And Jason Plato does a 1m57.629s, which is faster than his best in the morning. That's just a fraction off Frank Wrathall's 2012 pole.

Sat 11:18 BTCC - Snetterton: Andy Neate heads out in his brand new Chevy Cruze. He was 20th in session one.

Sat 11:24 WRC - Finland: The deciding loop of stages is underway and we're back on Surkee, with Jari-Matti Latvala fastest so far.

Given that the VW driver wanted to be winning this event before his early suspension damage, he absolutely will not care in the slightest which distant position he is ultimately classified in.

But we've just noted that he progressed from 42nd to 26th this morning.

Sat 11:25 BTCC - Snetterton: Sat next to 1992 BTCC champion Tim Harvey talking about his fantastic outing in his old Ford Sierra RS500 at the Silverstone Classic last weekend.

Watch out for a piece in AUTOSPORT magazine, along with our Super Touring special on August 15.

Sat 11:26 WRC - Finland: With four stages left, the key question is who gets second: Mads Ostberg, Thierry Neuville, or neither of them?

No sign of either M-Sport driver making a mistake so far, though. This morning they swapped places on every stage, pulled further clear of Mikko Hirvonen's works Citroen and generally continued to star.

Sat 11:28 BTCC - Snetterton: Andrew Jordan and Sam Tordoff exchanging second place, but they are still almost 0.8s slower than pacesetter Plato.

Markko Martin wins 2003 Rally FinlandSat 11:32 WRC - Finland: If Mikko Hirvonen can't get any higher than fourth, this will be only the second Rally Finland in the event's history to have no Finns on the podium, as France's Ogier leads Norway's Ostberg and Belgium's Neuville at present.

The only other time the Finns were kept out of the top three in their 'home grand prix' was in 2003, when Markko Martin (Estonia) finished ahead of Petter Solberg (Norway) and Richard Burns (Britain).

It could easily have been a Finnish win as Marcus Gronholm was leading Martin when his Peugeot had a wheel-bearing failure. His countryman and team-mate Harri Rovanpera crashed early on.

Here's Martin celebrating with then Estonia prime minister Juhan Parts.

Sat 11:33 BTCC - Snetterton: Warren Scott having a few fuel problems with his brand new VW Passat.

Sat 11:37 WRC - Finland: This second-place battle gets better and better, as this time Thierry Neuville trims 0.8s back from Mads Ostberg and gets the gap back down to exactly two seconds.

"Can you imagine how boring it would be to not be in a battle?" jokes Ostberg.

They're both clearly loving this.

Sat 11:40 WRC - Finland - SS20 results:

Stage: 1 Ogier 7m57.2s; 2 Neuville +0.2s; 3 Ostberg +1.5s; 4 Latvala +3.9s; 5 Hirvonen +4.2s; 6 Mikkelsen +7.0s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +33.0s; 3 Neuville +35.0s; 4 Hirvonen +1m03.9s; 5 Meeke +1m50.1s; 6 Nikara +3m15.8s.

Sat 11:40 WRC - Finland: Yes, Ogier accidentally went fastest again there...

No drama in WRC2, still Jari Ketomaa leading Robert Kubica and Hayden Paddon.

Sat 11:41 BTCC - Snetterton: Gordon Shedden goes to second in the session, the first time a works Honda Civic has done a proper time today.

The order is now Plato-Shedden-Tordoff-Newsham-Jordan.

Sat 11:44 BTCC - Snetterton: Tordoff goes fastest, with a 1m57.415s. Only a minute to go now.

Sat 11:46 BTCC - Snetterton: And as the flag comes out, Tordoff improves again to end up fastest with 1m57.388s.

Only Plato has got under 1m58s so the MGs are looking good.

Sat 11:50 BTCC - Snetterton: Triple Eight Ian Harrison says the MGs aren't even working very well:

"It bodes well, but there are no points for this. The car's still not right so we've got work to do."

Goodness knows how quick they will go if they do get the MG6s working right!

Jimmie JohnsonSat 12:14 NASCAR - Pocono: Sprint Cup qualifying took place on Friday afternoon, with Jimmie Johnson securing another pole.

There should be two practice sessions this morning, but the first might be delayed by a damp track.

The Truck Series is with Cup at Pocono, while the Nationwide field has a night race at Iowa Speedway later today.

Sat 12:17 WRC - Finland: For a change it's not Jari-Matti Latvala setting the early pace on SS21, Leustu, because Evgeny Novikov has just nipped ahead of him by a tenth.

Sat 12:19 WRC - Finland: Dani Sordo reckons stages are getting very rough and he wouldn't want to be in a crucial battle right now.

"If you are having to push like Ostberg and Neuville, it's very easy to get a puncture or take a wheel off," he says.

Sat 12:25 WRC - Finland: Moderate drama for Kris Meeke with a half-spin on SS21, but it doesn't cost him too much.

Sat 12:27 WTCC - Argentina: We're just over five minutes away from first official practice in Argentina.

If you missed it, Yvan Muller led an RML Chevrolet one-two in pre-event testing. His 1m49.878s is the early benchmark.

Sat 12:28 WRC - Finland: Ostberg might have lost second to Neuville as he has a half-spin on this short stage.

Sat 12:30 WRC - Finland: Ostberg keeps second, but only just. Neuville is exactly 0.1s behind his team-mate with only Ouninpohja and the power stage to go.

Sat 12:32 WTCC - Argentina: Green, and first practice is underway at the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit. Cool conditions for now, but that's not expected to last for long.

Sat 12:32 DTM - Moscow: We're just 10 minutes away from DTM qualifying and with the track so unfamiliar, we could be looking at an upset in the order.

Practice didn't turn out that way as champion Bruno Spengler set the pace, ahead of Mattias Ekstrom.

Sat 12:33 WTCC - Argentina: We had three spins in testing yesterday, and we already have a red barely two minutes into today's practice session.

That said, the delay is apparently for technical issues with the broadcast rather than any on-track incident.

Tom Coronel WTCC 2013Sat 12:37 WTCC - Argentina: No word yet on how long a delay we're facing. Tom Coronel and team-mate Darryl O'Young were the only men to have completed their first lap before the stoppage was called.

Sat 12:37 WRC - Finland - SS21 results:

Stage: 1 Neuville 5m03.2s; 2 Ostberg +1.9s; 3 Ogier +2.7s; 4 Novkov +3.9s; 5 Latvala +4.0s; 6 Mikkelsen +4.9s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Ostberg +32.2s; 3 Neuville +32.3s; 4 Hirvonen +1m10.0s; 5 Meeke +1m57.8s; 6 Nikara +3m26.9s.

Sat 12:38 NASCAR - Pocono: Cup practice day weather report from AJ Allmendinger:

"It's def not 78 and sunny here in Pocono. Weather man wrong so far. Damn rain. Hope we can get some practice in today."

Sat 12:40 DTM - Moscow: Q1 gets underway. Remember the top 16 progress into Q2 with the slowest six eliminated.

Sam TordoffSat 12:42 BTCC - Snetterton: It's all MG so far in Norfolk.

Snetterton BTCC practice report

Sat 12:44 WTCC - Argentina: Not too much of a delay then. Green flags fly once more, and we're back underway.

We'll have 30 minutes too - the clocks have been reset to cancel out those lost few minutes.

Sat 12:44 NASCAR - Pocono: Add Richard Petty Motorsports to the list of NASCAR folk grimacing at the Pocono sky:

"It's dark, it's cloudy and light rain is still falling. Going to be a long morning."

Free practice should be 16 minutes away, but it won't be.

Sat 12:47 DTM - Moscow: It's all Audi so far. Mike Rockenfeller was first into P1 in 59 seconds dead, but currently it's Abt driver Adrien Tambay at the front in 58.935s. So close.

Sat 12:48 WTCC - Argentina: Muller wastes no time getting up to speed - despite the cool conditions his first flyer is a 1m49.943s, less than a tenth off yesterday's benchmark. No one else is within half a second of him at present.

Sat 12:49 DTM - Moscow: Spengler puts his BMW on top in 58.791s, with four Audis right behind him and Gary Paffett the best of the Mercedes drivers in sixth.

Sat 12:51 WTCC - Argentina: Home favourite Jose Maria Lopez, who looked good yesterday in testing, vaults to third, just behind Norbert Michelisz. He's in the mid-1m50s though; Muller is in the 49s.

Sat 12:54 DTM - Moscow: Jamie Green and Filipe Albuquerque improve to go second and third ahead of Tambay.

With just four minutes left, the drivers heading out of qualifying are Tomczyk (again), Wickens, Wehrlein, Wittmann, Priaulx and Merhi.

Incredible, if you're more than 0.4s off the pace, you're not heading towards Q2.

Sat 12:56 DTM - Moscow: Merhi is off in the barrier. he won't be making Q2. The Spaniard, 22nd currently, put the power down too harshly on the outside kerbs and spun across the track.

He wound up in the gravel, kissing the barrier and stopping.

Sat 12:57 DTM - Moscow: Miguel Molina pumps in a quick one just in time to go 16th and knock Timo Glock into the drop zone. Can the German regain some pride on his final lap?

Not quite. He's out.

Sat 12:58 DTM - Moscow: Q1 ends with Spengler on top. Eliminated are: 17 Glock; 18 Wickens; 19 Tomczyk; 20 Wittmann; 21 Priaulx; 22 Merhi.

Sat 13:00 DTM - Moscow: Four BMWs eliminated in Q1 then, while another of the Bavarian machines goes fastest. Weird.

LopezWTCC - Argentina: Tom Chilton temporarily pops into third, but he's quickly demoted as Lopez goes second, just 0.005s shy of Muller.Sat 13:01
'Pechito' is the only man other than Muller to break the 1m50s barrier.

Sat 13:02 WTCC - Argentina: Lopez incidentally is by far the quickest BMW driver - Stefano D'Aste is next up in 11th, more than one second down the road.

Sat 13:04 WTCC - Argentina: Typical of the man. Muller responds instantly by finding three purple sectors and slashing almost a second off his previous best.

He's now dropped down to a 1m49.096s, which puts him eight tenths clear of the field. Only Lopez and Michelisz are within one second of the Frenchman.

Sat 13:06 DTM - Moscow: Timo Glock after not making Q2:

"I was behind Molina on the track and he was one place ahead of me in the times, and somehow he was very slow - especially in the final sector.

"I don't know if the team told him to go slow to stop me improving, because it was a very strange way to drive."

Sat 13:07 DTM - Moscow: Q2 is now underway. The best 10 will make it into Q3.

Sat 13:09 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller is quickest from the get-go yet again. 58.654s is faster than Spengler managed on his way to setting the Q1 pace.

Sat 13:10 DTM - Moscow: Spengler is initially struggling to replicate his Q1 form. He's down in 10th after his first couple of laps. No problem if that's where he ends up though - 10th gets you into Q3 just the same as first.

Sat 13:12 DTM - Moscow: A couple of uber-quick laps from RSC Mucke Mercedes duo Pascal Wehrlein and Daniel Juncadella push Paffett and Spengler down into the drop zone.

With Vietoris and Mortara down there too, this final two minutes could get very interesting.

Sat 13:13 WTCC - Argentina: We're into the final minutes now, and there's finally some cheer for Tiago Monteiro. After an earlier engine change - which means he'll start from the back of race one - he pops up into second, albeit still more than 0.7s down on Muller.

Sat 13:14 WRC - Finland: The second run through Ouninpohja is underway. Is this where our incredible battle for second will be settled? And will anyone else throw away a position?

Sat 13:14 DTM - Moscow: Ekstrom goes fastest and is immediatley knocked off the spot by Dirk Werner. We never saw that one coming....

Spengler, lying 16th, completes his lap and goes ninth. He - and pretty much everyone else, has one more lap to improve.

Sat 13:15 WTCC - Argentina: Tom Chilton now jumps into second, although he's still more than six tenths down on his team-mate. The chequered flag flies as he completes his lap.

Sat 13:16 WTCC - Argentina - Free Practice 1:

1 Muller; 2 Chilton; 3 Monteiro; 4 Lopez; 5 Michelisz; 6 Thompson; 7 Tarquini; 8 Valente; 9 Huff; 10 MacDowall.

Sat 13:16 DTM - Moscow: Q2 ends with Werner fastest. Eliminated are: 11 Tambay; 12 Albuquerque; 13 Wehrlein; 14 Scheider; 15 Hand; 16 Mortara.

Sat 13:25 DTM - Moscow: Q3 is now underway. The top four drives from 10-minute session make it into the one-lap Q4.

Sat 13:28 DTM - Moscow: For some reason Wehrlein is in Q3, despite having been only 13th quickest in the last part of qualifying.

No news on why, but we suspect he's been stripped of his best lap time and then had the penalty rescinded. We'll keep you informed.

Whatever the reason, it means Molina has been knocked back to P11 from 10th and so misses Q3.

Sat 13:30 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller again heads the field early on, his 58.423s lap putting him ahead of Ekstrom, Spengler and Green.

Sat 13:33 DTM - Moscow: A minute to go and the four for Q4 looks like being Rockenfeller, Ekstrom, Farfus and Spengler.

Green and Paffett are trying hard to get in there though.

Sat 13:35 DTM - Moscow: Paffett looks racy, but fails to improve on seventh place - just 0.4s off provisional pole.

Sat 13:36 DTM - Moscow: Q3 ends with Rockenfeller, Ekstrom, Farfus and Spengler making it into the pole position shoot-out.

Eliminated are: 5 Green; 6 Werner; 7 Paffett; 8 Werhlein; 9 Juncadella; 10 Vietoris.

Sat 13:36 WRC - Finland: Early advantage for Neuville on Ouninpohja. He takes 1.5s out of Ostberg on the first split, which would be enough to get him into second.

Jari-Matti Latvala is fastest so far.

Sat 13:38 WRC - Finland: Neuville is flying. He's 4s quicker than Ostberg at the second split.

Sat 13:40 DTM - Moscow: We've had confirmation that a timing glitch initially caused Wehrlein to be shown in 13th in Q2, and that once it was corrected, he was elevated to eighth. That's why he appeared in Q3 without initially seeming like he made it.

Sat 13:42 WRC - Finland: Tracking system shows Kris Meeke stopped on SS22...

Sat 13:43 WRC - Finland: Ostberg has matched Neuville's pace ever since the Belgian opened that early advantage.

Sat 13:44 WRC - Finland: Confirmation that Meeke has crashed out of the rally on the penultimage stage. The crew are OK.

Sat 13:45 WRC - Finland: More drama as Ostberg's splits show him 17s off Neuville now. That would seal second for the Belgian.

Sat 13:45 DTM - Moscow: We've had Q4 delayed for a quite fantastic reason.

Russian overlord Vladimir Putin's jet is going to fly overhead and the airspace has been officially closed.

That means the medical helicpoter is unable to take off, should anybody need it, so no track action can go ahead for now.

Sat 13:46 DTM - Moscow: We're being told the airspace is being shut for two hours.

Does that mean we've got a grid then, based on Q3 times?

Sat 13:47 WRC - Finland: Immediately a sign of how much Meeke has impressed the WRC field this weekend as rival team M-Sport tweets its commiseratons:

"Commiserations to Kris... but a great drive on his return to the WRC all the same!"

Sat 13:49 DTM - Moscow: It's official. Q4 is cancelled so Mike Rockenfeller takes pole based on Q3 times.

Sat 13:49 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg completes the stage and reveals he spun avoiding a large rock. Thierry Neuville is now almost assured of second place.

"There was a massive rock in the road," says Ostberg. "I had to avoid it, we went off the road and we spun.

"It was either hit it and retire, or go off the road and hope we don't destroy the car. The stone was way too massive, I had no chance and had to avoid it."

Sat 13:50 WRC - Finland: Neuville comes through with the fastest time so far, beating the record Hirvonen set a few minutes ago. But he suspects Sebastien Ogier will beat him as he backed off once he knew second was sorted.

"I was very, very fast everywhere, but then I got the split from Mads and I saw Meeke stop so I slowed down towards the end," Neuville says. "When I saw Kris in the ditch, I took it very carefully."

Sat 13:52 WRC - Finland: Sebastien Ogier blasts away the Ouninpohja record with a time of 15m08.9s.

Sat 13:54 NASCAR - Pocono: Sprint Cup morning practice and Truck Series qualifying have now both been cancelled due to rain. It's not clear whether practice two will happen or not, with organisers' focus on ensuring the Truck race can take place.

Sat 13:54 DTM - Moscow: Mike Rockenfeller on that bizarre Q4 cancellation:

"Different country, different rules...."

Sat 13:57 WRC - Finland - SS22 results:

Stage: 1 Ogier 15m08.9s; 2 Neuville +4.6s; 3 Hirvonen +7.7s; 4 Latvala +13.5s; 5 Ostberg +24.4s; 6 Hanninen +27.8s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +36.9s; 3 Ostberg +56.6s; 4 Hirvonen +1m17.7s; 5 Sordo +6m01.7s; 6 Novikov +8m36.6s.

Sat 13:59 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Mid-Ohio's proximity to the state's Amish settlements creates some road hazards rarely seen elsewhere. AUTOSPORT encountered this en route to the track this morning.

Sat 14:04 BTCC - Snetterton: AmD boss Shaun Hollamby reckons the team's new S2000 Honda Civic will prove quicker than the outgoing VW Golf once they get on top of it.

"We've had very little running with the car, but the difference is night and day," he said of Gordon Shedden's 2011 machine.

"It's a proven car and we've got to get the best out of it. I can't see why it can't go as quick as it did two years ago and it isn't at the moment, so we need to work out why.”

Sat 14:04 DTM - Moscow: That's only the second real pole of Rockenfeller's DTM career, his one at Brands Hatch in May came after Martin Tomczyk was thrown out of qualifying for failing a post-sesson weight check.

Sat 14:11 DTM - Moscow: Full report from a bizarre qualifying session that involved Vladimir Putin (kind of) right here.

Sat 14:17 WTCC - Termas: Yvan Muller has been a class apart so far in Argentina, while locals will be thrilled with Jose Maria Lopez's speed.

Termas de Rio Hondo WTCC practice one report

Sat 14:20 BTCC - Snetterton: Off we go for BTCC qualifying. The MGs have set the pace so far.

"It's my team-mate I've got to beat," Sam Tordoff told AUTOSPORT just before the session.

So, can he defeat Jason Plato for his first BTCC pole?

Sat 14:22 Top three reasons for session stoppages this year in our opinion:

3. Cable for an overhead TV camera falls on the track during NASCAR Cup race at Charlotte. Leader Kyle Busch's car significantly damaged (May 27).

2. Vladimir Putin's jet is due to fly over Moscow raceway, resulting in closure of airspace above track and grounding the medical helicopter. Final part of qualifying abandoned as a result (August 3).

1. IndyCar practice at Detroit halted as family of ducks invades track (May 31).

You couldn't make it up.

Sat 14:27 BTCC - Snetterton: Mat Jackson sets the first proper time with 1m58.936s in his Motorbase Ford Focus, before Colin Turkington goes top with 1m57.838s.

Porsche GT ace Nick Tandy is not out this weekend, even though he was rapid for Motorbase in the test last month.

Sat 14:29 BTCC - Snetterton: And the MGs move to the front - Tordoff on 1m56.817s and Jason Plato, with 18kg of ballast, on 1m56.919s.

Sat 14:31 BTCC - Snetterton: Tordoff improves to 1m56.696s. The fastest non-MG is currently Gordon Shedden's Honda on 1m57.179s.

Sat 14:34 BTCC - Snetterton: Aron Smith crashes at Riches after going sixth. It was a big impact after he spun across the track and hit the barriers, so the session has been stopped.

Sat 14:36 BTCC - Snetterton: So, with 17 minutes to go, the order is: Tordoff, Plato, Shedden, Jordan, Turkington, A Smith, Goff, Welch, Austin, Morgan.

Championship leader Matt Neal appears to be struggling with 45kg of success ballast, currently 14th.

Sat 14:36 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: We didn't even get a chance to tell you that the green flag was out for Saturday practice before it was replaced by a red one. It's for a track inspection. There was rain overnight, although the Pro Mazda and Lights cars have already been out.

Sat 14:39 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The session has restarted.

Sat 14:41 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: We're had two conflicting explanations for that stoppage: as well as the track inspection one we mentioned, it has now been suggested that the reds were brought out after Takuma Sato took a trip over the grass.

Sat 14:44 WRC - Finland: The final stage is underway. Overall positions are settled, with Mads Ostberg's excursion on the last stage dropping him too far behind Thierry Neuville in the battle for second, so the focus is on the power stage bonus points.

Sat 14:47 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Only Dale Coyne rookie James Davison has done any meaningful running so far this morning, and not surprisingly, the Australian is the early pace-setter. There is just under half an hour to go.

Sat 14:48 BTCC - Snetterton: With Smith's car removed and a few barrier repairs made, we're back underway at Snett.

Sat 14:48 DTM - Moscow: Audi Sport head Dr Wolfgang Ullrich on the bizarre Putin-related cancellation of Q4:

"We cannot compromise the safety of our drivers ever. So if the helicopter cannot fly, we cannot send them onto the track. This is the right decision."

WTCC 2013Sat 14:53 WTCC - Argentina: As we digest the bizarre conclusion to DTM qualifying, we're also building up to this evening's WTCC's shootout. Before that though comes second practice, which is less than 10 minutes away now.

Sat 14:56 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Nasty shunt for Charlie Kimball, who lost it in the middle of Turn 1 and skidded backwards into the tyres. He's already out of the car, but there's a fair bit of damage for the Ganassi crew to deal with before qualifying.

Sat 14:59 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: While the safety team mops up assorted Dallara bits and rebuilds the barrier, EJ Viso is the man looking down at everyone else from the top of the timing screens. Josef Newgarden and Justin Wilson are P2 and P3, with 16 minutes left on the clock. Everyone has done at least an installation lap with the exception of Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan.

Sat 14:59 BTCC - Snetterton: Championship leader Matt Neal improves to 10th, but is immediately bumped back to 11th by Adam Morgan. It seems Neal is struggling with the 45kg of success ballast he has to carry in his Honda Civic.

Sat 14:59 WRC - Finland: The early runners have completed the power stage and it's Latvala, Novikov and Hanninen in line for the bonus points right now. They don't expect to stay there.

Sat 15:01 WTCC - Argentina: Green flag, and a considerably warmer second practice is underway.

Sat 15:02 WRC - Finland: Dani Sordo completes the rally and will be fifth overall, a long, long way behind the leaders.

"The result is good but I am disappointed with myself," he admits.

Sat 15:04 BTCC - Snetterton: Tom Onslow-Cole pulls off in his Team Hard VW Passat. Will that prevent late improvements?

Sat 15:05 WRC - Finland: Andreas Mikkelsen finishes the rally. He's not in the power stage bonus running and he'll be well outside the top 10 having taken a wheel off his VW yesterday.

Sat 15:05 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Away we go again. There are a bit over nine minutes remaining.

Sat 15:06 DTM - Moscow: Mike Rockenfeller has been on pole before in the DTM, but never in such bizarre circumstances.

Moscow Raceway DTM qualifying report

Sat 15:07 BTCC - Snetterton: And the flag is out. Tordoff takes his first BTCC pole, from Plato, Shedden, Jordan and Turkington.

Lea Wood is the top S2000 runner.

Sat 15:07 WTCC - Argentina: Tom Chilton goes top early on with a 1m49.825s. Chevrolets fill out four of the top five spots, with Lada's James Thompson (currently third) crashing the party.

We have yellow flags in the final sector - Rene Munnich has run into the gravel at Turn 11.

Sat 15:09 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen's disappointing rally ends with only the fifth-fastest time on the power stage. Still Latvala, Hanninen, Novikov in line for the points.

Sat 15:11 WTCC - Argentina: Another early practice red, as Munnich's SEAT will need recovering.

Sat 15:13 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg secures third place overall at the end of his stunning battle with team-mate Thierry Neuville.

He can't quite add the power stage bonus as he's half a second off Latvala.

Sat 15:14 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Anither red flag. The reason? Take your pick. At Turn 12 we have James Hinchcliffe in the tyres, at Turn 1 we have Will Power in the gravel. There was only a minute or so left, so I'd say that's it for the session.

Sat 15:14 DTM - Moscow: Some news from earlier that we failed to mention as other events took over revolves around a number of penalties handed out for offences commited during practice.

Dirk Werner, Augusto Farfus and Andy Priaulx were fined, respectively, 200, 250 and 650 Euros for speeding in the pitlane. The difference in the size of each fine relates to how fast each driver was going.

Marco Wittmann has been fined 1000 Euros after the MTEK team pushed his car to and from the scruitineering bay during the session.

Sat 15:15 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Josef Newgarden finishes on top ahead of Marco Andretti and Viso. The cars will be back on track for qualifying in just under three hours.

Sat 15:17 WRC - Finland: Thierry Neuville brings his brilliant rally to an end with the fastest time so far on the power stage, clinching second overall in the process.

That will also bring him right onto Latvala's tail in the battle for second place in the championship.

Rene Munnich WTCC 2013Sat 15:20 WTCC - Argentina: They build the gravel traps deep in Argentina, it seems. After a lengthy delay we're finally back underway.

Sat 15:23 WRC - Finland: Ogier crosses the finish line and claims his first Rally Finland victory.

Sat 15:23 WTCC - Argentina: Not looking good for the Munnich squad in general - after Rene Munnich's Turn 11 off, work is taking place under the hood of Rob Huff's SEAT, while Marc Basseng is also in the pits. Every other driver is out on track.

Sat 15:24 WRC - Finland: So that's Ogier's fifth win from eight rallies this year.

He had to settle for second on the power stage though, as Neuville capped his amazing weekend with a maximum bonus score.

Sat 15:28 WRC - Finland: Jari Ketomaa completes the rally and wraps up the WRC2 win after dominating the class from the outset.

Robert Kubica comes through too and confirms second place on his Finland debut.

Sat 15:30 BTCC - Snetterton: Sam Tordoff on his first BTCC pole: "I didn't expect to get that lap time. This place has always been kind to me over the years and we're looking strong for the races."

AUTOSPORT strongly suspects an unhappy works Honda camp - third and 11th - when we head down to the paddock shortly...

Sat 15:31 WTCC - Argentina: Eight minutes left of second practice, and Alex MacDowall still leads from Tom Chilton and Jose Maria Lopez. That all might change though - Yvan Muller has just started his flyer...

Sat 15:32 WTCC - Argentina: ...but after a relatively innocuous first sector, Muller abandons and heads for the pits.

Sat 15:35 WTCC - Argentina: MacDowall shifts the benchmark further, dropping down to a 1m49.341s. He's almost half a second clear of Chilton now, and more than 0.6s ahead of Lopez.

Sat 15:36 WTCC - Argentina: More frustration for Muller, who - for the second time now - sets a new overall best in sector one, only to find yellows ahead. This time they're for Rob Huff, who is off at Turn 8.

Sat 15:40 WTCC - Argentina: Muller won't be denied however. Next time round he sets a new overall best...or at least he did. Moments after the Frenchman comes round, Chilton usurps him at the head of the timesheets. The Briton managed a 1m49.034s, the fastest we've seen so far in Argentina.

Sat 15:42 WTCC - Argentina: The chequered flag flies just after Chilton secures top spot, ahead of Muller, MacDowall and Monteiro, who also improved at the death.

Sat 15:42 WTCC - Argentina - Free Practice 2:

1 Chilton; 2 Muller; 3 MacDowall; 4 Monteiro; 5 Michelisz; 6 Lopez; 7 Oriola; 8 Tarquini; 9 Thompson; 10 Nash.

Sat 15:46 WRC - Finland: Huge cheers for Esapekka Lappi as he comes through the power stage.

After suspension problems on Friday, the young Finn in the works Skoda is only classified 11th in WRC2. But the fans clearly see him as the hope for the future... especially on a weekend when Latvala and Hirvonen haven't delivered.

Keith CroninSat 15:48 WRC - Finland: Three-time British Rally champion Keith Cronin wrapped up the WRC3/Citroen Top Driver win, finishing 1m14s clear of points leader Sebastien Chardonnet.

Sat 15:50 DTM - Moscow: Mercedes' Roberto Merhi is pretty critical of his own performance in qualifying. He starts last after spinning into the barrier in Q1.

"I pushed too much once again and came completely off the track. I need to draw a line under this day and focus fully on the race."

Sat 16:05 WTCC - Termas: Still the RML Chevrolets leading the way after the final practice session before qualifying, but this time it's Tom Chilton on top.

Termas de Rio Hondo WTCC practice two report

Sat 16:17 BTCC - Snetterton: Not of great consequence to today - with only one more support race left to run - but it's started to rain here at Snetterton. The Renault Clio Cup UK drivers will be relieved, as they had just taken the chequered when the heavens started to open.

In that Clio Cup race, by the way, was the man the FIA Institute Academy recently dubbed the most impressive young driver in Europe. Lithuanian Ignas Gelzinis finished where he started - 16th.

AUTOSPORT's David Evans was at the Institute selection process in Austria - and was impressed with what he saw.

Sebastien OgierSat 16:22 WRC - Finland: For the first time in a decade, and only the second time ever, there were no Finns on the podium in the rally every still wants to be called the 1000 Lakes.

Here's the full story of Sebastien Ogier's latest win, Thierry Neuville's biggest weekend yet, and Kris Meeke's audition for a return to the top level.

Rally Finland report

Sat 16:24 Still coming up on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live tonight...

IndyCar qualifying from Mid-Ohio, where we'll also be keeping an eye on Indy Lights.

Updates from the NASCAR world at Pocono and Iowa, and from X Games in Los Angeles, as the build-up to both the rallycross and Ken Block's competitive Gymkhana Grid brainchild continues.

Sat 16:26 NASCAR - Pocono: It's official, there won't be any Sprint Cup practice at Pocono today due to the dreary weather.

Whatever dry track time can be found today will go to the Truck Series to get its race in. With rain having cancelled qualifying, the grid is set by practice results, with Miguel Paludo on pole.

Sat 16:54 BTCC - Snetterton: Just back from the paddock. Good to hear that Ricky Collard, 17-year-old son of Rob, is making progress after his bad karting crash in Italy.

Still some time before he can come home, especially due to his lung injury, but he is on the mend. We hope he gets well soon.

Sat 16:58 BTCC - Snetterton: Honda's Peter Crolla is hoping the Civics will be more competitive tomorrow than they were in qualifying.

"I don't think the MG will race as well as it qualified and I don't think we qualified as well as we'll race," he said. "It could change around."

Gordon Shedden will start third, while the team is investigating why Matt Neal could only qualify 11th.

Sat 18:00 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: IndyCar qualifying is just about to get underway, but in the meantime we've just Gabby Chaves win a pretty close battle for Indy Lights pole against Peter Dempsey.

Sat 18:03 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The first qualifying group is now on track.

Group 1: Dixon, Franchitti, Kimball, Hinchcliffe, de Silvestro, Castroneves, Newgarden, Viso, Wilson, Davison, Saavedra, Carpenter.

Sat 18:13 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A couple of upsets already, with James Hinchcliffe and Helio Castroneves being bumped out in the opening phase of qualifying.

Progressing to phase two: Franchitti, Kimball, Dixon, de Silvestro, Wilson and Viso.

Eliminated: Hinchcliffe, Castroneves, Davison, Newgarden, Saavedra, Carpenter.

That was especially impressive by Kimball, who had that big accident this morning.

Sat 18:14 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The second group is about to go out.

Group 2: Power, Hunter-Reay, Filippi, Andretti, Pagenaud, Kanaan, Bourdais, Vautier, Servia, Rahal, Jakes, Sato.

GymkhanaSat 18:16 X Games - Los Angeles: This weekend's X Games event in Los Angeles features something new and typically inventive from Ken Block..

The WRC fan favourite and precision-driving folk hero has turned the premise of his hugely popular Gymkhana videos into a rally-style sport, in which drivers have to navigate a course featuring cones, barrels and other obstacles, plus performing drifts and donuts at certain spots, all against the clock.

Here's a look at the course for the format's X Games debut tonight.

Sat 18:18 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Luca Filippi has gone off at the final corner on his out-lap. It's hard to tell whether he made it as far as the wall or not.

Sat 18:21 Indy Lights - Mid-Ohio: A grid back up to double figures and a decent battle for pole between two talented drivers. A good start to the weekend for Indy Lights.

Mid-Ohio Indy Lights qualifying report

Sat 18:22 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The cars head back out, including Filippi. That means that his car was probably fine, although he'll lose his two best laps for causing the stoppage. There are just over three minutes left, so things will be frantic for everyone.

Sat 18:28 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Hunter-Reay, Pagenaud, Power, Vautier, Andretti and Jakes will all go through to the next round.

Eliminated are Bourdais, Sato, Servia, Kanaan, Rahal and Filippi. Filippi 's last lap was actually good enough for fourth, but due to his causing the red flag it didn't count.

Sebastien OgierSat 18:30 WRC - Finland: A fifth win of the year brought Sebastien Ogier closer still to clinching his first title, but the significant mover in the points after today's Finland finale was Thierry Neuville.

Only countback now separates M-Sport's rising star from Volkswagen's Jari-Matti Latvala, and the Citroen drivers are trailing in his wake.

Ogier might be long gone, but seeing who ends the year as runner-up is going to be intriguing.

Championship standings after eight of 13 rounds:

1 Sebastien Ogier 181
2 Jari-Matti Latvala 91
3 Thierry Neuville 91
4 Mikko Hirvonen 73
5 Dani Sordo 69
6 Sebastien Loeb 68

(25 points for a win)

Sat 18:31 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: So the 12 drivers getting ready for the second qualifying phase are Franchitti, Kimball, Dixon, de Silvestro, Wilson, Viso, Hunter-Reay, Pagenaud, Power, Vautier, Andretti and Jakes.

Sat 18:36 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The second round of qualifying has begun, and Scott Dixon leads the queue out of pitlane.

Sat 18:48 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Phase two ends, and Power, Andretti, Hunter-Reay, Dixon, Franchitti and Kimball will alll progress to the Fast Six.

It's the end of the afternoon for Wilson, Pagenaud, de Silvestro, Jakes, Vautier and Viso.

Wilson was unfortunate there - he was on the bubble, but Andretti managed to squeeze one final lap in and bump him out right at the end.

Sat 18:52 WTCC - Argentina: We're less than 10 minutes away from the start of qualifying at the Rio Hondo circuit.

Yvan Muller topped first practice in cool conditions earlier today, while Tom Chilton prevailed in the second session. RML locked out the top two slots in both though - can anyone halt the squad in the shootout?

Sat 18:59 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The Fast Six is in swing, with Dario Franchitti staking an early claim to pole. Lots of time still left though.

Sat 19:00 WTCC - Argentina: Green flag, and the field roll out from the pitlane - which, if you haven't seen, is build of tents rather than garages.

Sat 19:01 WTCC - Argentina: Regardless of the result, both Rob Huff and Tiago Monteiro will start from the back of the race one grid after being forced to take engine changes earlier today.

Sat 19:04 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Hunter-Reay takes provisional pole with one minute remaining

Sat 19:05 WTCC - Argentina: Alex MacDowall runs wide and through the dirt. No such issues for fellow Chevrolet man Yvan Muller - he bangs in a 1m49.158s on his first flyer to go top.

Sat 19:07 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The chequered flag waves, and Ryan Hunter-Reay claims pole for tomorrow's race ahead of Will Power. Scott Dixon and Marco Andretti will share the second row.

Sat 19:07 WTCC - Argentina: Muller straight back into the pits. Only Chilton was able to match his feat of getting into the 1m49s straight out the box. We're yet to see times meanwhile from Tarquini, Huff, Thompson or Kozovskiy - the latter two having not gone out at all yet.

Mehdi BennaniWTCC - Argentina: Ten minutes to go in Q1, and D'Aste, Basseng and Bennani are currently the men just missing the cut. ROAL duo Tom Coronel and Darryl O'Young are on the bubble.

Sat 19:16 WTCC - Argentina: Frantic work all along the pitlane as we enter the final five minutes of qualifying. Muller currently leads from Chilton, Oriola, MacDowall and Lopez. Nash, Thompson and Valente are on the bubble.

Huff and Tarquini are yet to set a competitive time meanwhile - the former not even managing a flying lap thus far.

Sat 19:17 X Games - Los Angeles: Earlier we mentioned that Ken Block's Gymkhana Grid stunt driving/rallying/drifting hybrid makes its X Games debut tonight.

Former World Rally Championship and Intercontinental Rally Challenge man Patrik Sandell is now a firm part of the rallycross/X Games scene, and in this video he gives a taster of the Gymkhana course and concept, complete with opinion-dividing soundtrack.

Sat 19:18 WTCC - Argentina: Huff heads out with three minutes on the clock, which means he'll have one stab at making the Q2 cut.

No such drama for out top four - Muller, Chilton, Oriola and MacDowall are all in the pits.

Aron SmithSat 19:18 BTCC - Snetterton: Motorbase driver Aron Smith mangled his Ford in a very heavy crash in qualifying earlier today.

But he tells AUTOSPORT he is confident both he and his car will be fine for tomorrow's races.

Sat 19:21 WTCC - Argentina: The chequered flag flies, but we still have some quick laps being put together, including Huff's first effort of the session...

Sat 19:22 WTCC - Argentina: but he won't make it - a 1m50.314s is only enough for 14th, and he misses the cut. Nykjaer meanwhile jumped to third with his final effort.

Sat 19:24 WTCC - Argentina - Qualifying:

Through to Q2:

1 Muller; 2 Michelisz; 3 Nykjaer; 4 Monteiro; 5 Tarquini; 6 Chilton; 7 Oriola; 8 Lopez; 9 Nash; 10 Thompson; 11 MacDowall; 12 Valente.

Out in Q1:

13 Basseng; 14 Huff; 15 Monje; 16 Coronel; 17 D'Aste; 18 Kozlovskiy; 19 Ng; 20 O'Young; 21 Munnich; 22 Bennani; 23 Engstler.

Sat 19:27 WTCC - Argentina: Finding a good tow seems to be the order of the day as the field heads round for the start of Q2. RML currently lead the pack.

All six Chevrolets made it through to Q2. We also have one BMW (Lopez), one Lada (Thompson), one SEAT (Valente) and the three Hondas.

Sat 19:30 WTCC - Argentina: Muller, picking up a tow from Chilton, slams in a 1m48.333s which will take some beating. Michelisz and Oriola also break through the 1m49s, but both are more than six tenths down on the Frenchman.

Sat 19:31 WTCC - Argentina: Lopez, the sole BMW representative, goes green in all three sectors but only winds up 10th, 1.3s off pole.

That does at least give him provisional pole for race two. Valente and Thompson are the two men behind him as we head into the final three minutes.

Sat 19:35 WTCC - Argentina: Oriola, the RML and Bamboo Chevrolets and the two works Hondas are all running in tight formation fighting for the perfect tow. Shades of the Salzburgring as Lopez comes round the outside and passes seven cars in one swoop.

Sat 19:36 WTCC - Argentina: Chequered flag, but there's still time for things to change as Chilton goes purple in sector one.

Sat 19:37 WRC - Finland: All the WRC series were in action in Finland, and with some very decent rising stars (one rather famous) among them, it's worth us recapping how the ladder championships stand too.

Finn Andreas Amberg took his first Junior WRC win today, but second place for Pontus Tidemand strengthens his grip on the championship.

Tidemand is well worth watching: he has the same management as Andreas Mikkelsen (and Mikkelsen's old co-driver Ola Floene), is Henning Solberg's stepson and ran in the top six on his World Rally Car debut in Sweden this year before an engine failure.

If he hangs on and wins the Junior title, he'll earn a 2014 WRC2 campaign in a Ford Fiesta R5.

Championship standings after three of six rounds:

1 Pontus Tidemand 77
2 Jose Suarez 48
3 Sander Parn 43
4 Andreas Amberg 42
5 Yeray Lemes 31
6 Martin Koci 24

(25 points for a win)

Sat 19:37 WTCC - Argentina: There were indeed improvements, but no change right at the top - Muller makes absolutely sure he's on pole with a brilliant 1m47.920s.

Chilton snatches second, but is 0.503s down, while Michelisz and Tarquini are the only other men within one second of Muller.

Lopez meanwhile does indeed secure 10th, and with it pole for what will be only his second WTCC race.

Sat 19:38 WTCC - Argentina - Qualifying:

1 Muller; 2 Chilton; 3 Michelisz; 4 Tarquini; 5 Oriola; 6 MacDowall; 7 Monteiro; 8 Nash; 9 Nykjaer; 10 Lopez; 11 Valente; 12 Thompson.

Ryan Hunter-ReaySat 20:09 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Nothing to choose between IndyCar's big guns in the pole fight, with an Andretti/Penske/Ganassi top three.

Mid-Ohio IndyCar qualifying report

Sat 20:21 WTCC - Rio Hondo: So far no one has mastered the WTCC's new venue in Argentina anywhere near as well as Yvan Muller...

Rio Hondo WTCC qualifying report

Sat 20:26 That's the end of AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for Saturday August 3.

European motorsport has a slight lie-in tomorrow so we'll be back around 11am GMT/midday BST for another packed day, featuring the BTCC from Snetterton, the DTM and WTCC's first ever races at Moscow and Rio Hondo respectively, Mid-Ohio IndyCar, Pocono NASCAR Sprint Cup, plus recaps of the Nationwide and Truck Series races from today and X Games' first taste of Gymkhana Grid.

Sun 10:39 DTM: Moscow It's raceday at Moscow Raceway. And after yesterday's bizarre Vladimir Putin-influenced stoppage to qualifying, we could do with a seamless train of events.

Points leader Mike Rockenfeller starts from pole based on Q3 times with fellow Audi man Mattias Ekstrom alongside him.

Champion Bruno Spengler starts fourth in his BMW.

Championship standings after 5 of 10 rounds:

1 Mike Rockenfeller: 69
2 Bruno Spengler: 67
3 Christian Vietoris: 55
4 Gary Paffett: 47
5 Robert Wickens: 45
6 Augusto Farfus: 33

(25 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

DTM 2013Sun 10:41 DTM - Moscow: There's a new rule in place for today's race; so new, in fact, that it's only been published this morning.

Should the race be stopped beyond 75 per cent distance (and therefore have a result declared), any driver that has not completed their mandatory pitstops will have the average vector added to their race time for each remaining stop.

At Moscow Raceway the vector is 29 seconds, so if you're unlucky enough to be leading without having stopped at all, that will be a 58-second penalty effectively.

Sun 10:42 DTM - Moscow: The race is due underway at 12:30 UK time (13:30 CET).

Sun 10:48 Good morning and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live. We've a plethora of action today, stretching all the way from Moscow to Argentina, and encompassing everything from IndyCar to rallycross.

First up though is Norfolk, and the opening race of this weekend's BTCC triple-header at Snetterton, which comes up at 1200 BST/1100 GMT.

Sun 10:51 BTCC - Snetterton: We've got Sam Tordoff starting from his first pole, with team-mate Jason Plato just behind.

MG/Triple Eight team boss Ian Harrison confirmed to AUTOSPORT this morning that there are no team orders, other than 'don't hit each other'.

"They know what's expected of them," he said.

Sam and Jason, you have been warned!

BTCC 2013Sun 10:51 BTCC - Snetterton: Race wins this season have so far have been shared between usual suspects Matt Neal, Jason Plato and champion Gordon Shedden, plus rising star Andrew Jordan and returning ex-champ Colin Turkington in WSR's new BMW.

That could change today however, after Sam Tordoff captured his maiden pole position. Plato and Shedden were next up, but points leader Neal could only manage 11th.

Championship standings after 15 of 30 rounds:

1 Matt Neal 224
2 Andrew Jordan 205
3 Jason Plato 188
4 Gordon Shedden 188
5 Colin Turkington 184
6 Sam Tordoff 148

(20 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 10:55 BTCC - Snetterton: Further back, we have new cars for Andy Neate (Chevrolet Cruze starting 23rd) and Warren Scott (VW Passat starting 27th). Both are just aiming to put mileage on their cars today.

"We're treating the races as testing," said Scott, who has suffered a number of new-car glitches this weekend. "The car feels great."

Sun 11:01 BTCC - Snetterton: We reckon the cars starting on the soft Dunlop tyres are the three WSR BMWs, Rob Austin's Audi, Dan Welch (Proton), Robb Holland (Insignia) and Andy Neate (Cruze).

Sun 11:07 BTCC - Snetterton: And Tordoff makes a good start to lead.

Sun 11:08 BTCC - Snetterton: Welch spins off as Tordoff leads Plato and Shedden.

Turkington has jumped to fourth, while Jordan and Aron Smith have already changed places twice.

Sun 11:10 BTCC - Snetterton: Bratt's bonnet has come loose and is up on the windscreen - he won't be able to see much like that!

Sun 11:11 BTCC - Snetterton: Bratt inevitably pits. Shedden sets the fastest lap, so maybe he can take the fight to the MGs.

Sun 11:13 BTCC - Snetterton: Wrathall pulls off - a shocking weekend so far for him.

Sun 11:14 BTCC - Snetterton: A new fastest lap for Tordoff and he now has a lead of 1.3s over Plato. Shedden is still third, then a small gap back to Turkington.

Lea Wood leads the S2000 class.

Sun 11:16 BTCC - Snetterton: Most of the frontrunners are gradually spreading out, but Matt Neal has made it to 9th and is pressing Jack Goff's Vauxhall Insignia.

Matt Neal BTCC 2013Sun 11:18 BTCC - Snetterton: Neal dives by Goff into Montreal, so that is 8th now for the points leader. Tordoff is now 1.6s ahead of Plato at the front.

Sun 11:20 BTCC - Snetterton: Shedden is now pressing Plato for second, but Tordoff looks like he is heading for his first BTCC victory...

Sun 11:21 BTCC - Snetterton: Colin Turkington's WSR BMW, running the soft tyre, is now edging towards the Plato-Shedden battle for second.

Sun 11:25 BTCC - Snetterton: So, with Tordoff out front, we have three champions battling for second - Plato, Shedden and Turkington. Jordan is a lonely fifth and Aron Smith has Adam Morgan as a shadow in the battle for sixth.

With problems for Griffin and Kaye, Lea Wood's S2000 position is even stronger.

Sun 11:25 DTM - Moscow: Start is five minutes away. Rockenfeller on pole from Ekstrom.

Sun 11:27 BTCC - Snetterton: Neal runs wide at Williams and Jackson powers by into eighth.

Sun 11:29 BTCC - Snetterton: The field heads onto the final lap, with Tordoff leading by around three seconds and Plato holding off Shedden and Turkington in the battle for second.

Sun 11:30 DTM - Moscow: We're underway and immediatley Green passes Spengler for fourth as Rockenfeller leads Ekstrom and Farfus into Turn 1.

Sun 11:32 BTCC - Snetterton: Tordoff has it. A maiden BTCC victory for the 24-year-old, who heads a MG one-two as Plato resists heavy pressure to clinch second.

Shedden will complete the race one podium, with Turkington missing out by the narrowest of margins.

Sun 11:33 DTM - Moscow: End of lap 1: 1 Rockenfeller; 2 Ekstrom; 3 Farfus: 4 Green; 5 Spengler; 6 Werner.

Sun 11:34 BTCC - Snetterton - Race 1:

1 Tordoff; 2 Plato; 3 Shedden; 4 Turkington; 5 Jordan; 6 Smith; 7 Morgan; 8 Jackson; 9 Neal; 10 Collard.

Sun 11:36 BTCC - Snetterton: Less than three tenths of a second to choose between Shedden and Turkington across the line, while second to fifth (Plato through to Jordan) were covered by just 1.8s.

The quartet's late battle allowed Tordoff to slip away slightly - his winning margin was 2.5s at the flag.

Sun 11:36 DTM - Moscow: Contact between Spengler and Molina at Turn 1! Spengler spins, having been tagged by the Spaniard.

Spengler had alread been demoted to eighth by Paffett and Tambay. He was ever so slightly wide as Werner passed him at Turn 1. The gap invited Molina through, and the contact followed.

Sun 11:42 DTM - Moscow: Molina is straight into the pits for tyres (a slow lap could have been due to a puncture) while Spengler has dropped to 15th.

With the pit window opening on the same lap, Green, Paffett, Albuquerque, Hand, Scheider and Molina all pit.

Sun 11:44 DTM - Moscow: Spengler is in on the following lap for the option rubber and is now 21st. He'll climb up before the end, we suspect.

Sun 11:50 DTM - Moscow: Molina looks like he's out. His car is in the garage and the team is looking at his front suspension.

Sun 11:51 WTCC - Argentina: We're around 10 minutes away from this morning's warm-up at the Rio Hondo circuit.

Thankfully, we'll have a grid decided by qualifying rather than the stewards - yesterday's finish to Q2, which we said had echoes of the Salzburgring farce, was indeed investigated by officials. This time however drivers got away with a stern talking to - no repeat of the mass grid changes then.

Sun 11:56 DTM - Moscow: About three quarters of the field have now made their first stops.

The best battle on the field is for 17th between Juncadella and Wittmann.

Incidently, we've just seen a replay of Juncadella being nerfed off at Turn 1 on the first lap by Molina. The rear end of his car has damage, but nothing that ought to slow him down too much.

Sun 11:59 BTCC - Snetterton: Tordoff on his first BTCC victory:

"I knew I had the pace so if I got off the start I'd probably be OK. I was nervous before the start, but this place has always been good to me."

Sun 12:01 WTCC - Argentina: Green flags, and this morning's 15-minute warm-up is underway. We'll have a five-hour gap until the first of today's two races, which kicks off at 1820 BST (1720 GMT).

Sun 12:03 DTM - Moscow: Order at one-third distance is 1 Rockenfeller; 2 Farfus; 3 Tambay; 4 Werner; 5 Wickens; 6 Ekstrom; 7 Paffett; 8 Hand; 9 Wehrlein: 10 Scheider.

Sun 12:05 DTM - Moscow: Spengler had made up a couple of places to lie 19th. He passes Priaulx as the Brit makes his first stop and then forces his way by Mortara, who has now become the first man to pit for the second and final time.

The bad news for Bruno is that he has now been lapped by Rockenfeller.

Yvan Muller WTCCSun 12:06 WTCC - Argentina: For once it's not Yvan Muller fastest out of the box - James Thompson goes top early on with a 1m49.866s. Muller is second though.

Speaking of Muller, his RML team were fined €5000 after technical checks revealed the reverse gear ratio did not match the specified homologation. Muller was unaffected though, meaning he will still start from pole for today's opener.

Sun 12:08 DTM - Moscow: A total of 30 of the 24 laps have been completed as Werner and Paffett stop from third and sixth spots.

Now this could be interesting... Paffett has come out alongside Tomczyk, a man he's had a bit of history with over the past 12 months.

Sun 12:10 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller, who has yet to stop from the lead on his option tyres, now has third-placed Ekstrom less than 28s behind him, but having stopped once.

With 29s estimated for stops, he's likely to come out behind his stablemate. Will Audi make Eki play the team game?

Sun 12:13 WTCC - Argentina: Bamboo takes over at the top, as Alex MacDowall and James Nash go first and second. Thompson still best of the rest, while Huff - whose qualifying was ruined by turbo issues - has just started his first flyer.

Sun 12:13 DTM - Moscow: Mortara is out. He's in the garage, his Audi having run slowly with some front-end damage immediatley prior to him pulling in.

Spengler, by the way, is 16th and closing on Juncadella. Points are not out of the question for the champion.

Sun 12:16 DTM - Moscow: Mortara confirms his retirement was due to a handling problem with his car. Contact with first Juncadella and then Wittmann are the cause, according to the Italian.

Sun 12:17 WTCC - Argentina: Chequered flag flies. As it does, Jose Maria Lopez jumps to the top of the timesheets, while Huff's first flyer is good enough for third. Alex MacDowall splits the pair, while Mikhail Kozlovskiy jumps up into fourth - a very rare top 10 for the Lada man.

Sun 12:17 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller's laptimes are dropping off now. Has the German been left on this set of option Hankooks for too long?

Wehrlein DTM 2013Sun 12:19 DTM - Moscow: Bad news for Wehrlein. It's a very long second stop for the Mercedes man and he's dropped way down to 17th.

Spengler now holds 14th spot, although only one man who has not completed his stops lies behind.

Sun 12:22 DTM - Moscow: Ekstrom is now only 25.7s behind Rockenfeller and will almost certainly take the lead when the German stops.

There's a good battle for fourth overall between Green and Farfus, which is interrupted as the Brazilian makes his final stop.

Farfus exits alongside Paffett. The inside for Paffett at Turn 2 becomes the outside at Turn 3 and Farfus just hangs on to what is an actual 10th place.

The battling will have held up both - not to mention Rockenfeller, who is about to lap both. Advantage Ekstrom?

Sun 12:24 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller makes his first stop on lap 44 of 74. A 3.4-second stop is not as fast as we've seen today and, as expected, he exits a couple of seconds behind Ekstrom.

Tambay has taken the lead momentarily, but was 5s behind Rockenfeller before the stops and so is unlikely to gain anything.

Sun 12:25 DTM - Moscow: One lap later and Green is in from fourth. As he exits the pits Farfus sails by, so no change there. He's ahead of Paffett too, so it's very much honours even.

Sun 12:27 DTM - Moscow: Two-thirds distance and the order is 1 Tambay; 2 Ekstrom; 3 Rockenfeller; 4 Hand; 5 Werner; 6 Scheider; 7 Wickens; 8 Farfus; 9 Wittmann; 10 Green.

Sun 12:30 DTM - Moscow: Just 22 laps remain as Wickens falls from eighth to 13th with his final stop.

Everyone bar leader Tambay, Ekstrom, Rockenfeller, Werner, Scheider and Wittmann have made all their pitstops.

Tambay is the only man not to have stopped at all - a quite sensational 53-lap (so far) stint on options. He's lapping within a tenth of a second of Ekstrom too.

Sun 12:33 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller stops for the final time after just 11 laps on that initial set of standards. He drops to third.

Sun 12:33 DTM - Moscow: Finally Tambay pits on lap 56, but the Frenchman is delayed on the way in as Wittmann - who has just served a stop/go penalty, attempts to leave the penalty bay at the same time.

Sun 12:37 DTM - Moscow: The roles are being reversed right now as Rockenfeller is taking time out of Ekstrom. The Swede now has 52 laps on his current set of options while Rockenfeller is six laps into a fresh set of standards.

Rockenfeller is just 22.4s behind. Is this true pace or Ekstrom playing the team game to support his stablemate in the quest for the championship.

Sun 12:41 DTM - Moscow: Ekstrom pits for the final time from the lead on lap 66 of 74.

Tambay, as expected, takes the lead, but still has a stop to go. Rockenfeller skips past into second. Job done from Audi Sport.

Tambay, incidentally, looks like he's on for about fifth place at the moment, unless he can pick up his pace a little.

Sun 12:42 DTM - Moscow: Paffett gets by Green for fifth at Turn 1, but not without rubbing bodywork with his countryman and former team-mate.

Both, you may remember, won the McLaren AUTOSPORT BRDC Award earlier in their careers.

Sun 12:43 DTM - Moscow: Tambay pits from the lead as the pit window closes. He exits in fourth place behind Farfus, but will have fresher rubber, so might just be able to do something about the Brazilian.

Sun 12:46 DTM - Moscow: Remember what we said about Tambay's tyres? It's turning out to be true. The Audi man is right on Farfus's tail and narrowly misses taking the final podium spot with three laps to go.

No DRS any more, you'll remember. Its use is banned once the pit window closes.

Sun 12:48 DTM - Moscow: Rockenfeller starts his last lap.

Sun 12:48 DTM - Moscow: Mike Rockenfeller wins for the second time in 2013. Ekstrom makes it an Audi one-two while Farfus denies the marque a clean sweep of the podium.

Sun 12:49 DTM - Moscow - result: 1 Rockenfeller; 2 Ekstrom; 3 Farfus; 4 Tambay; 5 Paffett; 6 Green; 7 Hand; 8 Werner; 9 Scheider; 10 Vietoris.

Sun 12:50 DTM - Moscow: Abt team boss Hans-Jurgen Abt denies team orders were used, but does say this...

"It's about doing the best job for Audi today. Eki did a great job."

Cryptic. But you get the picture.

Sun 13:07 DTM - Moscow: Mattias Ekstrom, when asked about whether he deliberatley finished behind Rockenfeller to help his title fight:

"The DTM is about having some friends. The titles I won I had some help from Mike. I knew if he had a trouble-free race today then I wasn't going to fight him."

So there you go then.

Sun 13:08 DTM - Moscow: Championship points: 1 Rockenfeller, 94; 2 Spengler, 67; 3 Paffett, 57; 4 Vietoris, 56; 5 Farfus, 48; 6 Wickens, 45; 7 Ekstrom, 38; 8 Wittmann, 33; 9 Werner, 26; 10 Hand, 26.

Sun 13:21 BTCC - Snetterton: Dan Welch was rather unhappy with the actions of Rob Collard in the first BTCC encounter.

Father John - rallycross legend and team principal - has been to the officials about the opening-lap incident which saw Welch spin to the back of the field. Here's what Welch Sr had to say:

"We have seen the Clerk of the Course with our point of view. He has cameras with many angles and they will make an informed decision. Dan had just overtaken Matt Neal on the first lap and Rob Collard was maybe a bit unnecessary."

Collard finished 10th, Welch recovered to 17th.

Sun 13:26 BTCC - Snetterton: The cars are heading out for race two. Sam Tordoff will again be starting from pole, but now he has 45kg of ballast to cope with.

Sun 13:43 BTCC - Snetterton: Race two gets under way and Plato grabs the lead, with Turkington getting inbetween the battling MGs.

Sun 13:44 BTCC - Snetterton: So the order at the end of lap one is Plato, Turkington, Tordoff, Shedden, Jordan and then the two Motorbase Fords.

Sun 13:45 BTCC - Snetterton: Griffin goes off and brings out the safety car.

Sun 13:51 BTCC - Snetterton: And the race gets under way again, with Plato heading the field.

Griffin was hit by Nye at Riches, which left the Focus in the gravel.

Sun 13:54 BTCC - Snetterton: Tasty battle between Shedden and Jordan ends with Shedden being tapped wide at Oggies and losing places.

And leader Plato slows! Turkington leads.

Mike RockenfellerSun 13:54 DTM - Moscow: This could have been a pivotal weekend in the 2013 DTM title chase. Here's the full story of how Mike Rockenfeller capitalised when Bruno Spengler was tripped up in Russia:

Moscow DTM race report

Sun 13:56 BTCC - Snetterton: So now we have Turkington leading race one winner Tordoff, Jordan and then Aron Smith and Mat Jackson.

Sun 13:57 BTCC - Snetterton: Jordan dives by Tordoff at Agostini for second. The MG seems to be struggling with the extra weight.

Sun 14:00 BTCC - Snetterton: And Tordoff is falling back rapidly now. Not a good race for MG. Jordan is now pushing leader Turkington.

Sun 14:02 BTCC - Snetterton: Turkington's stout defence means we now have an eight-car fight for the lead!

Sun 14:05 BTCC - Snetterton: Turkington clearly doesn't have the pace, but he is putting his BMW in all the right places to keep the soft-shod Civic behind.

But then Jordan forces by on run to Williams, Turkington runs wide and loses lots of places.

Sun 14:07 NASCAR - Pocono: After Saturday's rainout robbed Sprint Cup teams of two practice sessions, organisers say there will be a competition caution on lap 20 today for teams to check tyre wear.

Jimmie Johnson will start from pole, ahead of Kyle Busch.

Sun 14:08 BTCC - Snetterton: A pretty marginal move from Jordan that, but it gives him the lead from Aron Smith, Neal, Jackson, Tordoff.

Shedden and Turkington were the worst affected in the drama and are now seventh and eighth.

Sun 14:11 BTCC - Snetterton: Matt Neal's great drive continues as he goes round the outside of Smith at Montreal to get the inside for Palmer. Honda look like getting a one-two now after MG did in race one!

Sun 14:13 BTCC - Snetterton: So Jordan wins, from Neal, Smith and Jackson after a dramatic race.

Hats off to Frank Wrathall, who charged from the back to 10th.

S2000 once again was won by Lea Wood.

Gianni GiudiciSun 14:18 BTCC - Snetterton: So that didn't work out quite as Turkington hoped, but while that race was underway, the Superstars International Series announced that he would be making a guest appearance for its British rounds at Donington Park on September 1.

Turkington to make Superstars debut

Sun 14:19 DTM - Moscow: Augusto Farfus on finishing third - and top BMW driver.

"Third feels like a victory today. The Audis were way too fast to match. The battle with Tambay was amazing too; it's great when two drivers can race hard like that, but also clean."

Sun 14:32 BTCC - Snetterton: Andrew Jordan happy with his combative performance:

"I bided my time with Colin [Turkington]. He was defending well. He ran wide at the right-hander and I got up the inside."

Sun 14:45 Here's how the rest of the day shapes up on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live...

We'll be recapping some of the weekend's events and providing championship updates, as well as news from the debut of Ken Block's Gymkhana Grid competition at last night's X Games, and updates from the Mid-Ohio IndyCar warm-up and Indy Lights race.

Then our headline events are... (all times BST, which is GMT+1)

17.00: BTCC Snetterton race 3
18.00: NASCAR Sprint Cup Pocono race
18.20: WTCC Rio Hondo race 1
20.20: WTCC Rio Hondo race 2
20.40: IndyCar Mid-Ohio race
22.00: X Games Rallycross Los Angeles

Sun 14:54 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: AUTOSPORT has just returned from a lengthy visit to the BHA truck in time for the start of the morning warm-up session, which will be underway shortly.

We'll share some of Herta's thoughts in due course, but suffice to say he likes what he's seen of Filippi so far, both inside the car and out.

"He reminds me a bit of Zanardi - he's a nice guy, he talks to everyone, he smiles ... I think he could be really popular over here."

Sun 15:02 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The cars are on the track. Despite some iffy weather over the past few days, it looks like the conditions will be perfect for the race.

Andrew JordanSun 15:06 BTCC - Snetterton: An eight-car lead battle ended in a controversial collision and a breakaway win for Andrew Jordan in race two.

Snetterton BTCC race two report

Sun 15:07 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Josef Newgarden and James Jakes seem hell-bent on hitting each other in the pits. They've made practice stops on each of the last two laps, and on both occasions Newgarden has almost been released into the side of Jakes' car.

Sun 15:09 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Eight minutes in, and the current pacesetter is Dario Franchitti.

Kris MeekeSun 15:09 WRC - Finland: Arguably the biggest story of the Rally Finland weekend was Kris Meeke's performance on his return to top-level rallying. He blew away Citroen team-mate Dani Sordo and was set for fifth until a penultimate stage shunt.

Meeke took that error pretty hard...

"I was so close to a dream weekend. I was only about one kilometre from the end of the stage and in a corner I went a bit in the loose, but I thought it would be fine. But the rear got caught, dug in and rolled.

"Like the rest of the stages, I knew I could try to improve the stage time on the second pass. I am sorry about this.

"It's been fantastic to work with the team over the rally, I learned so much – it's been an incredible experience and you cannot imagine the pain I feel inside."

Sun 15:15 DTM - Moscow: Has Mike Rockenfeller just put one hand on his first DTM championship crown?

His Moscow win today puts him 27 points clear in what is otherwise a very tight points battle.

Championship standings after six of 10 rounds:

1 Mike Rockenfeller 94
2 Bruno Spengler 67
3 Gary Paffett 57
4 Christian Vietoris 56
5 Augusto Farfus 48
6 Robert Wickens 45

(25 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 15:16 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Pretty sure that fire coming out of the back of Tristan Vautier's car isn't meant to be there. He pulls off the track and brings himself to a stop by easing into the barriers.

Sun 15:20 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Vautier has returned to his pit box, which happens to be directly below AUTOSPORT's vantage point in the media centre. We have an unrivalled view of the young Frenchman making a lot of hand gestures that we interpret to mean, 'At first, the car wasn't on fire. Then it was'.

Sun 15:22 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The cars head back out with nine and a half minutes left to run.

Sun 15:28 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: EJ Viso spins in Turn 2 and brings out the reds. The current leader is Will Power.

Sun 15:30 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: That was quick. The green flag waves with two minutes remaining.

Sun 15:35 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The session ends with Justin Wilson at the top ahead of Simona de Silvestro and Marco Andretti.

Sun 15:58 BTCC - Snetterton: Not long now before the final, reversed-grid, race at Snetterton. Dave Newsham will start on pole, from Gordon Shedden, Colin Turkington and Adam Morgan.

Sun 16:03 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The Indy Lights race is only three laps old but there has been some early drama for points leader Carlos Munoz, who had a massive spin and dropped from fourth to last.

Sun 16:12 BTCC - Snetterton: The finale is under way and Turkington grabs the lead from row two.

Sun 16:14 BTCC - Snetterton: Newsham has been shuffled back as Austin flies up from row seven to top six.

Big crash - Plato rolls. Safety car is out.

Sun 16:15 BTCC - Snetterton: Plato is out and seems OK. Newsham is also out. Not yet clear what happened.

Sun 16:19 BTCC - Snetterton: It appears Neal and Newsham made contact on the run to Oggies at the same time as Bratt touched Plato exiting Williams and sent the MG off.

Sun 16:21 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Approaching mid-distance in the Lights race, and Gabby Chaves is on track for his first win of the year. He's more than 3.0s ahead of Peter Dempsey.

Further back, Carlos Munoz is making a good recovery from his earlier mishap and is about to pass Axcil Jefferies for P6.

Sun 16:23 BTCC - Snetterton: More chaos at the restart. Bratt and Welch off, Ollie Jackson spins down the road from Riches.

Ahead of all the madness, Turkington leads.

Sun 16:27 BTCC - Snetterton: Shedden is really pushing Turkington now and the two leaders lean on each other at Montreal.

Sun 16:30 BTCC - Snetterton: Shedden attacks Turkington into Agostini and spins the BMW around.

Shedden now leads.

Sun 16:31 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Tristan Vautier will get a 10-place grid penalty for today's race for an engine change, which follows on from that fire during warm-up this morning. He'll now start 21st.

Ryan BlaneySun 16:32 NASCAR - Pocono: The build-up is underway at the Tricky Triangle, with the race due to start within the hour.

Pocono doesn't have the greatest reputation for delivering thrilling races, but maybe we'll be in luck and the Cup event will be as good as yesterday's Truck race.

That ended with two attempts at a green/white/chequered finish and 19-year-old Ryan (son of Dave) Blaney bursting through to win.

Sun 16:34 BTCC - Snetterton: Shedden looks comfortable in the lead, from Mat Jackson and Aron Smith, who has Adam Morgan right behind him.

Sun 16:39 BTCC - Snetterton: Tordoff has charged up to sixth and is now pressing Jordan for fifth.

He powers by on the run to Riches with three laps to go.

Sun 16:42 BTCC Snetterton: And now we have a five-car fight for third: Smith, Morgan, Tordoff, Turkington, Jordan.

Shedden and Mat Jackson are well clear.

Sun 16:43 NASCAR - Pocono: With only six more races until the Chase field is set, those at the top of the standings - especially runaway leader and Pocono poleman Jimmie Johnson - can feel pretty confident.

Reigning champion Brad Keselowski isn't quite in a Chase spot yet, and neither is consistently impressive underdog Kurt Busch. They are just behind current Wildcard place holders Tony Stewart and Martin Truex Jr.

Championship standings after 20 of 36 rounds:

1 Jimmie Johnson 740
2 Clint Bowyer 665
3 Carl Edwards 655
4 Kevin Harvick 648
5 Dale Earnhardt Jr 616
6 Matt Kenseth 615
7 Kyle Busch 610
8 Greg Biffle 565
9 Kasey Kahene 564
10 Jeff Gordon 559

(43 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 16:45 BTCC - Snetterton: Gordon Shedden takes the flag to win, from Mat Jackson. Aron Smith holds on to third to make it two Motorbase Fords on the podium.

Sun 16:51 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A late yellow made things interesting in the Lights race, but Gabby Chaves was able to hold on to take his first win of the year. Peter Dempsey was second ahead of Jack Hawksworth, while Carlos Munoz recovered to fourth.

Gymkhana GridSun 16:56 X Games - Los Angeles: WRC regular and general dude Ken Block brought something different to X Games in Los Angeles last night, with the debut of his Gymkhana Grid contest.

It's a head-to-head timed run through a precision-driving course like those used for his Gymkhana films. Here's the view AUTOSPORT's Toby Moody had from his ESPN commentary booth.

Block himself got knocked out in the first heat by Rallycross ace Liam Doran.

Doran and his Prodrive Mini then met Global Rallycross champion Tanner Foust in the semi-final, with a four-second penalty for Doran whacking a barrier proving crucial.

The final was Foust versus ex-WRC and IRC man Patrik Sandell, with Foust winning to claim his first X Games Gold since 2010.

Sun 16:58 X Games - Los Angeles: We'll have more from X Games tonight when the Rallycross starts. Travis Pastrana is looking forward to it...

"Good morning @XGames! Best @GlobalRallyX course yet. Ready 2 get in my @Dodge #dart & kick a$$"

Sun 17:06 WTCC - Argentina: We’re around 20 minutes away from the opening race at the Rio Hondo circuit. We’ve not exactly been short of winners so far this year - Yvan Muller, Michel Nykjaer, Pepe Oriola, Gabriele Tarquini, Tom Coronel, Rob Huff and James Nash have all triumphed in 2013 – and we could well add to that list given Jose Maria Lopez will start from pole in the reverse-grid second race.

Despite the spread of victors, the season has been characterised by consistency, at least of one man – Muller. Ten podiums from 14 races has given him a massive points lead over the chasing pack, which is currently being led by Yokohama Trophy challengers Nykjaer and Nash.

Championship standings after 14 of 24 rounds:

1 Yvan Muller 282
2 Michel Nykjaer 160
3 James Nash 138
4 Robert Huff 135
5 Gabriele Tarquini 134
6 Tom Chilton 111

(25 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 17:09 NASCAR - Pocono: The national anthem is done (today courtesy of country music singer-songwriter Eric Lee Beddingfield) and drivers are getting into their cars.

Sun 17:11 NASCAR - Pocono: And shouting "drivers start your engines!" today is actor and comedian Dane Cook.

Ken BlockSun 17:17 X Games - Los Angeles: Toby Moody's summary of Gymkhana Grid's debut: "Good fun. Short, sharp racing. Very Ken Block. Very LA. 250,000,000 views over his five Gymkhana videos say it deserves to be part of X Games"

Sun 17:20 WTCC - Argentina: Not quite lights out - a poor first attempt at the typical rolling start means we're waved round for one more formation lap.

Sun 17:21 WTCC - Argentina: We'll try this again...

Sun 17:22 WTCC - Argentina: No problem this time round. Muller keeps his lead, but Chilton gets squeezed by Michelisz on the outside and drops to fifth, behind Tarquini and Oriola.

Sun 17:24 NASCAR - Pocono: We're away and Kyle Busch goes for the lead... but there's already a three-car shunt.

Sun 17:24 NASCAR - Pocono: Juan Pablo Montoya, Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Matt Kenseth get tangled up at Turn 1.

Sun 17:24 WTCC - Argentina: Tarquini runs off onto the grass and loses three spots. Nykjaer now fifth, Nash sixth, and Coronel eighth after battling his way past Thompson.

Sun 17:26 NASCAR - Pocono: Montoya hit the left rear corner of Stenhouse's car, which spun into the wall and takes Montoya's Chevrolet with it.

Kenseth was pinched between them but doesn't look like his Joe Gibbs Toyota sustained any real damage.

The Earnhardt Ganassi crew are working on Montoya's car with hammers and tank tape.

Stenhouse is back to the garage for more comprehensive repairs.

Sun 17:26 WTCC - Argentina: Muller simply easing away from the chasing pack now, as Michelisz starts bunching a chasing group of Oriola, Chilton, Nykjaer, Nash and Tarquini.

Sun 17:28 NASCAR - Pocono: Running order is Johnson leading Kyle Busch, Newman, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle.

Sun 17:31 WTCC - Argentina: Muller serene out front, but it's all happening behing him. Chilton gets by Oriola and then picks off Michelisz, who responds, only for the Briton to steal ahead once more through the final turns.

Michelisz loses momentum and is helpless as Oriola and Nykjaer come past on the straight. Its gets worse too - Nash dives down the inside at Turn 1, goes too deep and hits Michelisz, allowing Lopez to also slip by. Second to eighth within one lap.

Sun 17:34 WTCC - Argentina: Further down the order, Huff has charged from the back of the grid to ninth, while Monteiro - who started one spot ahead of the Briton - is now 10th after picking off Marc Basseng.

Oriola all over Chilton, and he gets through at Turn 9. Tarquini and Nykjaer are now all over the RML Chevrolet.

Sun 17:35 NASCAR - Pocono: Back to green and this time we actually get some racing laps.

It's three and four-wide in the midfield, but up front Jimmie Johnson is leading with Kyle Busch on his tail.

Montoya is rejoining in his repaired car.

Sun 17:36 NASCAR - Pocono: This is good news for Johnson - the Busch brothers are going side by side for second and giving him some breathing space.

Sun 17:37 WTCC - Argentina: Michelisz, Huff and Monteiro now staging a great fight for eighth. Nash in the Bamboo Chevrolet is just a few car lengths down the road too.

Sun 17:38 NASCAR - Pocono: Look out Juan Pablo, Stenhouse is unimpressed...

"It looks like the #42 just ran straight in and forgot to turn or forgot we go left. Seems like he forgets a lot these days. We won't forget that one."

Sun 17:40 NASCAR - Pocono: Jamie McMurray pits to have debris cleared from the front of his car. By the colour of the debris, it seems to have come from his Earnhardt Ganassi team-mate Montoya's car...

Sun 17:41 NASCAR - Pocono: Very easy for Johnson right now. He leads by 2.8s. But there's a competition caution coming up in seven laps' time for teams to check cars after yesterday's rain.

Sun 17:41 WTCC - Argentina: Lopez pulls off a fantastic move to snatch fifth from Nykjaer. Into our final lap now.

Sun 17:41 NASCAR - Pocono: Back to yellow, Denny Hamlin has banged the wall at Turn 3.

Sun 17:42 WTCC - Argentina: Muller takes victory in the first WTCC race in Argentina, from Oriola and Chilton.

Huff picked off Nash on that last lap to take eighth, having started from the back of the grid.

Yvan Muller WTCC 2013Sun 17:43 WTCC - Argentina - Race 1:

1; Muller; 2 Oriola; 3 Chilton; 4 Tarquini; 5 Lopez; 6 Nykjaer; 7 Michelisz; 8 Huff; 9 Nash; 10 Monteiro.

Sun 17:44 NASCAR - Pocono: This will now count as the competition caution. Everyone pits.

Sun 17:44 NASCAR - Pocono: ...or maybe not everyone. Johnson among the cars staying out.

Sun 17:47 NASCAR - Pocono: Radio traffic from Hamlin to the Joe Gibbs team after that accident mostly consisted of swearing.

Sun 17:49 NASCAR - Pocono: Restart on lap 18. Johnson and Kyle Busch stayed out and keep first and second, with Paul Menard and Brad Keselowski now behind.

Sun 17:54 NASCAR - Pocono: Johnson is back into a clear lead, with Keselowski on Busch and looking for second.

Sun 17:55 NASCAR - Pocono: Keselowski sweeps past Busch for second on the front straight. Johnson is 3.1s ahead.

Sun 18:01 NASCAR - Pocono: Keselowski gets Johnson's lead down to 1.9s then the gap stabilises.

Gabby ChavesSun 18:03 Indy Lights - Mid-Ohio: Another new winner in Indy Lights, where quality is making up for the lack of quantity.

Mid-Ohio Indy Lights race report

Sun 18:04 NASCAR - Pocono: Leader Johnson makes his first pitstop on lap 35, with Keselowski coming in next time around.

Kurt Busch now hits the front. He's the best-placed of those to pit under the caution earlier on.

Sun 18:09 NASCAR - Pocono: Kurt Busch leads by 2.5s over Kasey Kahne, with another 6s gap back to Jeff Gordon.

Johnson, Keselowski and Kyle Busch are back in 14th, 16th and 20th after their pitstops.

Sun 18:10 NASCAR - Pocono: Both Kurt Busch and Kahne pit, so Gordon leads.

Carl Edwards has picked up a pitlane speeding penalty.

Sun 18:15 NASCAR - Pocono: As the drivers making their second stops filter in, Johnson and Keselowski are back to first and second, and the 2012 title rivals are now absolutely together.

Sun 18:19 Indy Lights - Mid-Ohio: Gabby Chaves's victory has brought him into the thick of the title hunt, helped by disappointing days for Carlos Munoz and Sage Karam.

Championship standings after nine of 12 rounds:

1 Carlos Munoz 349
2 Gabby Chaves 334
3 Sage Karam 333
4 Jack Hawksworth 309
5 Peter Dempsey 306
6 Zach Veach 257

(50 points for a win)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 18:20 NASCAR - Pocono: David Gilliland has slammed the Turn 2 wall, so it's back to caution.

Running order is Johnson, Keselowski, Kurt Busch, Kahne, Kyle Busch, Gordon, Logano, Menard, Newman, Earnhardt.

Sun 18:23 NASCAR - Pocono: Most leaders are into the pits under yellow. Kurt Busch beats Johnson out, but Keselowski hasn't stopped so rises to the front.

Sun 18:25 NASCAR - Pocono: Danica Patrick and Marcos Ambrose bash into each other on pit road and continue, as Tony Stewart joins Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards in picking up a pit speeding penalty already today.

Sun 18:29 NASCAR - Pocono: Back to green on lap 57, and Kahne passes Keselowski for the lead after a long side by side battle.

Sun 18:30 NASCAR - Pocono: A large number of cars stayed out during that pit sequence, so erstwhile leaders Kurt Busch and Johnson are back in 12th and 16th.

Keselowski has another look at Kahne, it doesn't pay off, and now the champion is under attack from Jeff Gordon.

Gordon SheddenSun 18:37 BTCC - Snetterton: Andrew Jordan and Gordon Shedden's wins today gain them some ground in the points, but despite not taking a victory in Norfolk, Matt Neal is still out front.

A very bad day for Jason Plato, though. Despite MG starting the weekend with dominant pace, his haul today was a second place, a retirement and a violent roll.

Championship standings after 18 of 30 rounds:

1 Matt Neal 256
2 Andrew Jordan 247
3 Gordon Shedden 234
4 Colin Turkington 219
5 Jason Plato 206
6 Sam Tordoff 172

(20 points for a win)

Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 18:41 NASCAR - Pocono: Leaders Keselowski, Kahne and Gordon are cycling through their next pitstops. Johnson is now up to fourth and appear to rise to the lead.

Sun 18:44 NASCAR - Pocono: AUTOSPORT has an odd fascination with the start-and-park end of the field. Last week at Indianapolis, everyone finished!

But this week Michael McDowell, Josh Wise and Alex Kennedy have already bailed out.

Sun 18:45 NASCAR - Pocono: Johnson blows his right front tyre while leading!

Sun 18:47 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Tristan Vautier has been handed a grid penalty for an unapproved engine change.

Fire damage also forced his Schmidt team to scavenge most of the back end of its spare car in order to get Vautier's car repaired for the race.

Sun 18:47 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The race start is still about 45 minutes away, but early signs are that it should be worth the wait. Will Power said on Friday that the race was a clear three-stopper, but Ganassi is optimistic that the Honda can make it on two stops. If it does transpire that the Chevys are three-stopping and pushing like hell, and the Hondas are two-stopping and saving fuel, things could get interesting.

One factor that could count against Ganassi is the race distance, which is five laps longer than last year.

Sun 18:47 NASCAR - Pocono: Johnson makes it back to the pits and the Hendrick crew change tyres and check for damage.

The championship leader had just lapped Martin Truex Jr when the tyre gave up, sending him into the wall.

Doesn't look like damage was too significant as the pitstop was relatively quick. He managed to get back out without losing a lap! The caution immediately coming out and slowing the field helped there.

Liam DoranSun 18:50 X Games - Los Angeles: The field has been split for tonight's main Rallycross event.

Group 1 includes European Rallycross champion Timur Timerzyanov, Ken Block and Travis Pastrana.

Scott Speed and Patrik Sandell are the star names in Group 2.

Mini ace Liam Doran will be up against Brian Deegan and Toomas Heikkinen in Group 3.

Rhys Millen is making his X Games Rallycross comeback this weekend and is in Group 4, along with Anton Marklund and Tanner Foust.

Sun 18:50 NASCAR - Pocono: Looks like it wasn't quite so simple for Johnson. He's back in the pits for further repairs.

Sun 18:56 NASCAR - Pocono: Just past half-distance, strategies are re-converging again with recent yellows and it's Kahne leading Keselowski, Gordon, Earnhardt and Newman.

The Busch brothers are back in eighth and ninth, Kyle ahead.

Sun 18:57 NASCAR - Pocono: Slow restart for Kahne and Keselowski blasts into the lead.

Johnson has resumed in 28th.

Brad KeselowskiSun 19:00 NASCAR - Pocono: This has already been a great weekend for Keselowski.

He made a rare 'double duty' dash over to Iowa Speedway to take part in yesterday evening's Nationwide race and came away with a win.

Sun 19:01 WTCC - Argentina: The pitlane has opened at Rio Hondo, signifying we're around 20 minutes away from the start of our second and final contest.

If you missed it, race one was a wild affair - at least from second down. But with Yvan Muller starting from 10th, and home favourite Jose Maria Lopez on pole, race two could be even better.

Sun 19:04 NASCAR - Pocono: Kahne is right back on Keselowski's tail as they hack through traffic. Thoroughly decent race.

Sun 19:06 NASCAR - Pocono: Kahne slips inside Keselowski to retake the lead with 68 laps to go.

Ken BlockSun 19:08 X Games - Los Angeles: Here's the Hoonigan crew getting Ken Block's Ford ready for practice, which isn't far away.

Sun 19:09 NASCAR - Pocono: Another tyre blow and another caution. This time it's David Stremme's Swan Toyota.

Sun 19:17 NASCAR - Pocono: Martin Truex Jr was the only driver who didn't pit there and he now leads.

Everyone else is back on the same strategy, running as follows: Kahne, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Stewart, Earnhardt, Gordon, Biffle, Newman, Edwards.

Keselowski is back in 15th, he took four tyres as most took two.

Johnson is only 30th, he just took a penalty for having too many crew members working on the car in his last stop.

Sun 19:17 WTCC - Argentina: We're underway, with Lopez leading the field around the formation lap. Standing start for race two, of course, which should favour Lopez and the BMWs.

Sun 19:17 NASCAR - Pocono: Truex keeps the lead at the restart, as the Buschs go three-wide with Kahne. Kyle gets through, Kurt doesn't.

Sun 19:20 WTCC - Argentina: Great start for Lopez and he has the early lead. Monteiro jumps Nykjaer for second, while Tarquini jumps from ninth to fourth.

Sun 19:20 NASCAR - Pocono: Aric Almirola loses his left rear tyre and spins gently into the Turn 3 wall. Timmy Hill ends up the wrong way around in the ensuing traffic jam too.

Sun 19:22 NASCAR - Pocono: Johnson is already back in the pits for yet more repairs.

Sun 19:23 NASCAR - Pocono: The out-of-sequence Truex pits, as do some midfielders.

Up front it's going to be Kahne leading the Busch brothers.

Sun 19:23 WTCC - Argentina: Lopez almost two seconds faster than anyone else on that opening lap. Muller is on a charge meanwhile - he picks off Oriola down the straight and then passes Nash on the outside of Turn 7 to steal into fifth.

Sun 19:24 WTCC - Argentina: Make that third for Muller. Tarquini gives him an unintended helping hand after clashing with Nykjaer. The pair run wide, and in the ensuing clash Muller simply slips by into third. Just Monteiro between him and Lopez now.

Sun 19:25 WTCC - Argentina: More contact. Chilton and MacDowall collide, dropping the former to 21st.

Muller now all over Monteiro, who has closed to 1.2s of Lopez.

Sun 19:27 X Games - Los Angeles: Last night the Irwindale Speedway X Games venue was all asphalt, cones and shipping containers with holes in them for Gymkhana Grid.

Now the dirt has arrived ready for Rallycross, as Tanner Foust shows in his picture.

Sun 19:29 WTCC - Argentina: Something you don't see everyday - Muller makes a mistake. He gets too close to Monteiro, gets slightly loose on the inside dust and tags the Honda, which runs deep and through the gravel at Turn 7. Muller in second, but he might face a penalty for that. Monteiro now ninth.

Sun 19:29 NASCAR - Pocono: Back to green, Kyle Busch attacks Kahne first, but loses out to brother Kurt, who also has a go at Kahne, before losing second back to Kyle again.

Sun 19:31 WTCC - Argentina: Drive-through penalty for Muller. Huff meanwhile has retired through damage, while team-mate Basseng has a massive moment at Turn 5 after contact with Coronel and only just manages to hang on. He's dropped to 19th though.

Sun 19:32 NASCAR - Pocono: Yellow for a multi-car crash. Travis Kvapil, Jeff Burton and Danica Patrick among those involved and damaged.

Sun 19:32 WTCC - Argentina: Muller's penalty is a massive gift for Lopez - not only will the Frenchman drop back, but Monteiro is also out of the picture. He now leads by 4.4s from Tarquini. Oriola, Nykjaer, Michelisz and Monteiro are next up.

Sun 19:34 NASCAR - Pocono: That started when Kvapil and Patrick touched, went into long sideways slides towards the wall, and both Menard and Burton ploughed into Patrick.

Sun 19:34 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Drivers are in their cars, and the command to start engines is moments away. Whoever controls the Mid-Ohio PA is trying to add to the atmosphere by playing Slade's 'Cum On Feel The Noize'. The crowd appears unmoved.

Sun 19:36 WTCC - Argentina: Three laps to go, and Thompson in eighth is suddenly struggling. Valente, O'Young, Coronel, MacDowall, and Chilton are swarming.

Sun 19:37 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Drivers, start your engines.

A colleague overheard this comment from a fan in the paddock earlier:

'Hey, that's not Danica. That's James Hinchcliffe'.

Was it the Canadian accent that gave it away, or the beard?

Sun 19:37 WTCC - Argentina: Five-car fight fights have a strong history of ending in tears, and its O'Young who loses out. After picking off Thompson in excellent fashion, he's then tagged by Valente and sent into a spin. Valente eighth now, but he's unlikely to keep that. Thompson clearly has gremlins - he's just ground to a halt one lap from the flag.

Sun 19:38 WTCC - Argentina: Onto the last lap, and Lopez has more than three seconds in hand over Tarquini and Oriola.

Sun 19:39 NASCAR - Pocono: Danica's verdict on her shunt:

"These cars rely on side force and when someone is outside of you it makes it a little looser. I don't think I went in there like a hero. I just got loose, chased it up, spun around and unfortunately it ends the day."

Sun 19:40 WTCC - Argentina: Lopez does it. The Argentine wins on his first weekend in the championship, leading from lights to flag in a messy Rio Hondo finale.

Muller fails to score for the first time this year after his drive through.

Sun 19:41 WTCC - Argentina - Race 2:

1 Lopez; 2 Tarquini; 3 Oriola; 4 Nykjaer; 5 Michelisz; 6 Monteiro; 7 Nash; 8 Valente; 9 Coronel; 10 D'Aste.

Sun 19:43 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag! Everyone is safely through the first sequence of corners.

Sun 19:45 NASCAR - Pocono: Back to green with 44 laps left and Kahne makes a clear break this time.

X GamesSun 19:46 X Games - Los Angeles: Ken Block has just gone fastest in the first seeding session. Here's the view AUTOSPORT's Toby Moody has. The cars don't use the massive ramp thing...

(,,,though Ken Block probably wants to)

Sun 19:49 NASCAR - Pocono: Big radio debate going on at Penske. Keselowski dropped to 15th at the last pitstops when he took four tyres while most took two, and he's struggling to get back through the field. They're pondering if there are any tricks to pull at the final stop to turn things back around.

Sun 19:49 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Ryan Hunter-Reay has opened a small gap over Will Power, who is under increasing pressure from Scott Dixon.

Most of the action has been between fourth and eighth; a battle that involves the remaining Ganassi cars, Justin Wilson, Marco Andretti and Simona de Silvestro.

At the back, Luca Filippi has made up three places from last on the grid, and is lining up Tristan Vautier.

Sun 19:51 NASCAR - Pocono: Kurt Busch has taken second from brother Kyle.

AUTOSPORT feels the need to praise Kurt a bit: he's made Furniture Row a consistent frontrunner and victory challenger, and has so far this year only been in the headlines for the right reasons.

Sun 19:54 NASCAR - Pocono: Meanwhile it seems after his early retirement from this race, Denny Hamlin took time to describe ex-driver turned TV analyst Kyle Petty as "a moron", having taken exception to some of Petty's judgements during today's coverage.

Sun 19:56 NASCAR - Pocono: Here's Penske's move. Keselowski pits a lap earlier than anyone else and takes two tyres.

Now Kahne comes in from the lead and takes four.

Sun 20:01 BTCC - Snetterton: News just in and there will be no changes to the results of either races two or three.

WSR had protested both results after its driver Colin Turkington was taken out of the lead in each event following contact from Andrew Jordan in race two and Gordon Shedden in race three.

No further action was the verdict on the Jordan/Turkington race two incident, while Shedden was fined £500 and given three penalty points for the race three collision.

Sun 20:04 NASCAR - Pocono: The leaders have completed their final pitstops so it's a straight fight to the flag.

Kahne leads Earnhardt by 5s now, with Gordon, Newman, Kurt Busch, Keselowski, Stewart and Kyle Busch next up.

Kurt Busch had a relatively slow stop, while Keselowski was among those who jumped forward by only taking two tyres.

Ryan Hunter-Reay IndyCar 2013Sun 20:05 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Can't tell you much about gaps, because the IndyCar live timing screen is stuck on lap nine, while the leaders are about to start lap 20.

We've had a few early stoppers, but the lead three is still Hunter-Reay, Power and Dixon.

Sun 20:06 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon has passed a fading Earnhardt for second, but Kahne is 6.6s ahead and the out-of-sequence David Ragan is still in Gordon's way. Twenty laps to go.

Sun 20:08 NASCAR - Pocono: AUTOSPORT wouldn't object to a debris caution right now as what has been a pretty tight race up front gets very spread out in the closing stages...

Sun 20:09 X Games - Los Angeles: Seeding runs are complete for the Rallycross showdown, and Brian Deegan was quickest, slightly faster than Ken Block.

Sun 20:14 NASCAR - Pocono: NASCAR race control heard us, there's a debris caution with 12 laps to go. Kahne had been 7.6s ahead...

Sun 20:16 NASCAR - Pocono: So in theory, as we've got Hendrick cars one-two-three with Kahne, Gordon and Earnhardt, this shouldn't be too wild at restart.

Newman, Kurt Busch, Keselowski, Stewart and Kyle Busch right behind will be in a hurry, though...

Sun 20:19 IndyCar Mid-Ohio: Timing is back! We're now at lap 30, and the lead three pitted together and rejoined in the same order, albeit closer together. Current leader, out of sequence, is Charlie Kimball.

Sun 20:20 NASCAR - Pocono: Restart with eight laps to go, and Gordon is alongside Kahne and trying to complete a move.

Sun 20:21 NASCAR - Pocono: Hendrick's lead pair are still side by side. Gordon finally makes it right in front of team-mate Kahne and into the lead. Kurt Busch is hard on their tails.

Sun 20:22 NASCAR - Pocono: A win would help cement Gordon's Chase status, and would be his first triumph since last year's finale. He's now got a bit of air between himself and Kahne with five laps left.

Sun 20:23 NASCAR - Pocono: Matt Kenseth is into the inside wall, back to caution!

Sun 20:25 NASCAR - Pocono: Looking like a one lap shootout now. It's Kahne's chance to get back at Gordon.

Newman, Kurt Busch and Keselowski are next up, having demoted Earnhardt.

Kenseth's crash was a solo spin with a light bump into the wall.

Sun 20:27 NASCAR - Pocono: Going to be a green-white-chequered finish. Gordon will take the inside.

Sun 20:28 NASCAR - Pocono: Great restart for Gordon, but then Kahne carries a lot of speed down the outside into Turn 1 and gets alongside and slightly ahead.

And now Kahne completes the move and is back in the lead with a lap and a half to go.

Sun 20:30 NASCAR - Pocono: Kahne takes the win, followed by Gordon, Kurt Busch, Newman, Earnhardt, Keselowski, Logano and Kyle Busch.

IndyCar 2013Sun 20:32 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Kimball pits from the lead, and rejoins ahead of Ryan Hunter-Reay. Simon Pagenaud currently leads, but is due to stop in a few laps.

Kimball is 18s behind Pagenaud, with Hunter-Reay a further 6.1s back. Lots of different strategies at work here.

Sun 20:34 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Graham Rahal has made his way up to 11th, and earned some praise from father/boss Bobby over the radio:

"I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it. Good job."

Sun 20:37 NASCAR - Pocono: "It's strange how quick your emotions change in racing..." reflects Gordon as he finds himself ruing second place.

Sun 20:37 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Rookie watch: James Davison is quietly doing a stellar job and is up to seventh, although he'll be in the pits soon. He admitted to AUTOSPORT on Friday that he's a little concerned about his fitness, so don't be surprised if his times drop off in the final third of the race.

Luca Filippi is 18th and stalking Tony Kanaan.

Up at the front, we've just passed the halfway mark, and Simon Pagenaud has pitted from the lead. Kimball regains control of the race, while Pagenaud rejoins in second ahead of Hunter-Reay.

Sun 20:41 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Seeing the progress that Charlie Kimball is making up at the front, Ganassi has changed its strategy and pitted both Dixon and Franchitti. They've rejoined ninth and tenth, with Franchitti now ahead of his team-mate. It's going to be interesting to see how this pans out.

With Dixon now back in the pack, James Hinchcliffe has moved up to fifth behind Power.

Jimmie JohnsonSun 20:41 NASCAR - Pocono: Early leader Jimmie Johnson as professional as ever after getting back up to 13th following his tyre-induced shunt.

"I'm just really proud of the effort to work through this. I guess I hit so hard it knocked one of the spark plug wires off one of the cylinders as we were running on seven cylinders, but we figured that out.

"Unfortunately we had that flat when I was leading, but that's racing."

Sun 20:52 NASCAR - Pocono: Brad Keselowski's day didn't turn out as well as he hoped and that Chase place still isn't secure. But he's nothing if not bullish.

"We're not going to hold back any punches. There's five races left, and I tell you now, this is going to come down to the last lap at Richmond."

Sun 20:53 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Ryan Hunter-Reay and Will Power make their final scheduled stop from third and fourth. Hunter-Reay's stop is delayed by problems with his fuel nozzle, which allows Power to exit ahead of him.

Sun 20:58 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Kimball pits, and rejoins in second.

Sun 21:01 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Top three are Pagenaud, Kimball and Franchitti, but both Pagenaud and Dario are due to stop again.

Sun 21:03 X Games - Los Angeles: Not long to go until the main Rallycross event. Intriguing course here at Irwindale Speedway: the first corner is the big wide oval turn, then it all gets narrower and dirty...

Sun 21:07 X Games - Los Angeles: First heat red-flagged after Steve Arpin arrived into a dirt turn at wildly optimistic speed and took Brian Deegan into the wall with him. We'll try that again.

Sun 21:07 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: It's all happening. Pagenaud pits from the lead and rejoins just ahead of Kimball. The Ganassi driver manages to get back ahead after a couple of corners, but they've both got to clear the lapped car of EJ Viso.

Third-placed Dario Franchitti is almost 27s back. The teams that tried to two-stop appear to have outsmarted themselves today.

Kasey KahneSun 21:13 NASCAR - Pocono: Two late yellows and a thrilling battle between two Hendrick team-mates made this way more entertaining than the last Pocono Cup round.

Pocono NASCAR Sprint Cup race report

Sun 21:16 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Nine laps left, and Kimball has a 4.9s gap - and a couple of lapped cars - between himself and Pagenaud.

Sun 21:17 X Games - Los Angeles: Sverre Isachsen holds off Brian Deegan to win heat one as both go through to the final. Deegan lost ground getting squeezed at the start.

Sun 21:19 X Games - Los Angeles: Here comes heat two. Liam Doran's Mini needed rapid repairs after a practice crash. He's up against Patrik Sandell, Rhys Millen and Anton Marklund.

Sun 21:21 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The best battle - and the one with the greatest championship implications - in these final stages are between sixth and tenth, with Castroneves, Dixon, Wilson, Andretti and Hinchcliffe all involved. Don't assume that's the order; it's changing constantly.

Sun 21:24 X Games - Los Angeles: Liam Doran wins that one in the Mini, with Patrik Sandell right on his tail throughout.

Closest they got was when Sandell gave Doran a big nudge into the joker shortcut on the first lap.

Sun 21:27 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Well I don't think anyone expected this before the race. Charlie Kimball crosses the line to claim his first career IndyCar win, and Simon Pagenaud follows him a few seconds. Dario Franchitti was third ahead of Will Power and Ryan Hunter-Reay. Helio Castroneves managed to stay ahead of title rival Scott Dixon for sixth.

Rookie watch: James Davison and Luca Filippi finished 15th and 16th respectively.

Sun 21:30 NASCAR - Pocono: Amazingly despite his puncture, crash and subsequent struggle to 13th, Jimmie Johnson still leaves Pocono with a bigger points lead than before after a quiet weekend for Clint Bowyer.

Kasey Kahne moves up to eighth thanks to his win.

Brad Keselowski is now 12th, but the second Chase wildcard spot still belongs to Martin Truex Jr, who is 14th but has won this year, unlike the reigning champion.

Championship standings after 21 of 36 rounds:

1 Jimmie Johnson 772
2 Clint Bowyer 695
3 Carl Edwards 688
4 Kevin Harvick 675
5 Dale Earnhardt Jr 656
6 Kyle Busch 646
7 Matt Kenseth 638
8 Kasey Kahne 612
9 Jeff Gordon 602
10 Greg Biffle 599
11 Tony Stewart 594
12 Brad Keselowski 592

(43 points for a win)

Sun 21:34 X Games - Los Angeles: Travis Pastrana is among the drivers in the next heat. He's raced over to Los Angeles after contesting last night's NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Iowa Speedway, where he only managed 27th after a puncture.

Sun 21:40 X Games - Los Angeles: Toomas Heikkinen breaks away to win heat three. Scott Speed muscled into the lead during an epic first-corner battle, only to run wide at the next turn.

Speed gave it everything to try to catch up, bouncing off Travis Pastrana in their battle for second and then sliding into the barriers on the last lap.

So Speed has to resort to the Last Chance race, while Heikkinen and Pastrana are straight through.

Sun 21:41 X Games - Los Angeles: Star names in heat four are Tanner Foust and Ken Block. They'll want to join Heikkinen, Pastrana, Doran, Sandell, Isachsen and Deegan in the grand final.

Sun 21:46 WRC - Finland: While we're talking rallying (ish), Rally Finland ran from Thursday to Saturday this week, and featured an emotional win for Sebastien Ogier and an amazing second place for Thierry Neuville.

It also featured some significant movement for big names in the feeder series.

The Citroen Top Driver contest makes up the majority of the WRC3 field, and offers a 2014 campaign in a WRC2 Citroen R5 as its prize.

Sebastien Chardonnet - the man selected by the French federation to follow in namesakes Loeb and Ogier's footsteps - still leads that championship, but three-time British Rally champion Keith Cronin's Finland win brings him right into the hunt.

Championship standings - drivers count best five scores from six rallies:

1 Sebastien Chardonnet 73 (4 rallies)
2 Keith Cronin 53 (3 rallies)
3 Quentin Gilbert 40 (3 rallies)
4 Bryan Bouffier 29 (2 rallies)
5 Christian Riedemann 25 (3 rallies)

Sun 21:53 X Games - Los Angeles: Heat four is the best of the bunch.

Ken Block, Timur Timerzyanov and Tanner Foust go three-wide on lap one, with the Russian European Rallycross champion then pressuring Block for the first half.

As Block pulls away, Foust and Timerzyanov clatter into each other repeatedly in an outstanding battle for second.

They almost both end up buried in the wall on the penultimate lap, allowing Bryce Menzies to get between them and demote Timerzyanov to fourth.

So Block, Foust, Heikkinen, Pastrana, Doran, Sandell, Isachsen and Deegan in the final, Speed and Timerzyanov the biggest names counting on the Last Chance race.

Robert KubicaSun 22:00 WRC - Finland: Seeing Cronin get a WRC break would please a lot of people, but for many hoping a certain Polish superstar will revitalise rallying's public profile, it's the WRC2 standings that really matter.

Robert Kubica calmly produced a strong second place on his Rally Finland debut, while Jari Ketomaa dominated on his first appearance of the year.

With both Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari and Nicolas Fuchs choosing Finland as one to skip, Kubica is making rapid progress towards the head of the table.

Championship standings - drivers count best six scores from seven rallies:

1 Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari 93 (5 rallies)
2 Nicolas Fuchs 78 (6 rallies)
3 Robert Kubica 76 (4 rallies)
4 Yuri Protasov 65 (6 rallies)
5 Sepp Wiegand 55 (4 rallies)
6 Armin Kremer 40 (4 rallies)

(25 points for a win)

Sun 22:06 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Yesterday when asked if he'd push for the power stage win, Sebastien Ogier said he didn't really need any more WRC points...

His countryman Yvan Muller probably feels much the same. Despite failing to score after a penalty in today's second race at Termas de Rio Hondo in Argentina, Muller's WTCC points lead is still growing.

Championship standings after 16 of 24 rounds:

1 Yvan Muller 312
2 Michel Nykjaer 180
3 Gabriele Tarquini 166
4 James Nash 146
5 Rob Huff 139
6 Tom Chilton 130

(25 points for a win)

Sun 22:09 X Games - Los Angeles: Timur Timerzyanov is up against it to make the LCQ. His crew are working hard to get his VW back in shape following his bruising battles in heat three.

There's also frantic work going on in Steve Arpin's awning. The Canadian shunted in the first heat.

Charlie KimballSun 22:12 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Ganassi took a fourth straight win, but not with the driver you'd expect...

Mid-Ohio IndyCar race report

Sun 22:15 X Games - Los Angeles: The LCQ doesn't get far. Rhys Millen stalls, and as Anton Marklund tries to dodge round him, he tangles with David Sterckx and ends up slamming head-on into the wall and nearly toppling the finish tower.

Marklund needs a bit of time to get himself out of his car and is checked over by medics.

Scott Speed had been leading. Timur Timerzyanov didn't make it onto the grid.

Sun 22:19 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: As Charlie Kimball's win brings him up to eighth in the standings, another top-six finish keeps Helio Castroneves clearly on top.

Championship standings after 14 of 19 rounds:

1 Helio Castroneves 453
2 Scott Dixon 422
3 Ryan Hunter-Reay 388
4 Marco Andretti 377
5 Simon Pagenaud 350
6 Dario Franchitti 342

(50 points for a win)

Sun 22:22 X Games - Los Angeles: Slight delay to proceedings as the concrete barrier needs a little attention after Marklund's impact with it.

Sun 22:25 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Charlie Kimball makes winning sound easy:

"It’s nice when the team gives you such a great car. All I needed to do was to hit the lap times they needed me to. For a while they were saying 67.5s, and I threw down a couple 67.1s. They said OK, see if you can do a 66. We just kept pushing the limit.

"Simon [Pagenaud] was on a similar strategy. I caught traffic at just some of the wrong times, so that meant that he came out of pitlane ahead of us. But we had the momentum to take the lead and make the pass for what turned out to be the win."

Sun 22:28 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: As usual, we've been bombarded with post-race FACTS. (They're always issued in capital letters).

Some are interesting. For example, Charlie Kimball is the ninth different winner this year.

Some are not. Case in point:


Since last year, in other words.

Sun 22:33 X Games - Los Angeles: That last chance race was a thriller. Scott Speed led away but Rhys Millen slid past him on the second lap.

Bryce Menzies then had a shot at passing Speed for second as he took the joker, only to clout the wall in the process.

So it's Millen and Speed into the final, along with Block, Deegan, Heikkinen, Sandell, Isachsen, Foust, Pastrana and Doran.

Sun 22:37 X Games - Los Angeles: After 11 years in Los Angeles, this is X Games' farewell to the city. From 2014, its American centrepiece moves to Austin.

Sun 22:44 X Games - Los Angeles: Front row is our heat winners: Isachsen, Heikkinen, Block and Doran.

Behind them, the heat runners-up: Deegan, Sandell, Foust and Pastrana.

And tagging along at the back, the LCQ survivors Speed and Millen.

Sun 22:45 X Games - Los Angeles: Isachsen jumps the start and leads, but there's a multi-car crash that wraps up Block, Doran and others.

Sun 22:46 X Games - Los Angeles: Heikkinen breaks away to lead from Foust, as Isachsen takes his penalty stop and bursts back out in fourth behind Pastrana.

Sun 22:47 X Games - Los Angeles: A lock-up from Heikkinen lets Foust close in a little, as Isachsen retakes third from Pastrana.

Sun 22:48 X Games - Los Angeles: Speed and Sandell tangle and litter the course with rearranged tyre barriers as Heikkinen pulls away again.

Sun 22:51 X Games - Los Angeles: Heikkinen dodges around Block and Sandell's damaged, limping cars and wins his second Gold of the X Games Rallycross season.

Foust is second, an overjoyed Isachsen is third and launching straight into celebratory donuts.

Sun 23:00 That's the end of AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for this Rally Finland weekend.

Next weekend is a relatively quiet one for global motorsport, but Race Centre Live will be in action from late afternoon Sunday with updates from British Formula 3 at Brands Hatch, the NASCAR Sprint Cup turning left and right at Watkins Glen, and the American Le Mans Series at the USA's finest racetrack Road America.

See you then.

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