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As it happened: Friday practice one
By Emlyn Hughes, Charles Bradley and Scott Mitchell
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Vettel07:45 Hello everybody and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live, as we bring you rolling updates and all the latest information from round 12 of this year's FIA Formula 1 world championship - the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Sebastian Vettel arrives at the parkland setting with the knowledge that he'll have a new team-mate next season and an extremely healthy 46-point lead in this year's title race. Another dominant victory at Spa-Francorchamps last time out has left the competition with an enormous task ahead if they are to stop the German from chalking up his fourth straight championship. Ferrari hero Fernando Alonso leads the challengers with Lewis Hamilton and the consistent Kimi Raikkonen also within range, but they need podiums and race victories quickly.

In the constructors' standings, Red Bull has a large 87-point advantage, but there is a reasonably tight battle for second spot between Mercedes, Ferrari and Lotus. You would think that the Scuderia will be aiming to do something about that on home turf this weekend.

First practice begins in less than 15 minutes. As always, the teams and drivers will work through an installation run and conduct some aerodynamic tests, before getting to grips with the circuit and making sure they have baseline set-up, from which to move forward with this weekend.

07:50 Here's how the standings look after Spa:
World Championship standings, round 11:

Drivers:                    Constructors:             
 1.  Vettel        197        1.  Red Bull-Renault          312
 2.  Alonso        151        2.  Mercedes                  235
 3.  Hamilton      139        3.  Ferrari                   218
 4.  Raikkonen     134        4.  Lotus-Renault             187
 5.  Webber        115        5.  McLaren-Mercedes           65
 6.  Rosberg        96        6.  Force India-Mercedes       61
 7.  Massa          67        7.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari         25
 8.  Grosjean       53        8.  Sauber-Ferrari              7
Monza07:55 While rain was never too far away from the action two weeks ago in Belgium, there is little prospect of showers this weekend at the quickest circuit on the Formula 1 calendar.

It is dry, warm and sunny around the royal park this morning and it is set to stay this way during both 90-minute practice sessions, although there could be some patches of cloud developing during the afternoon.

A light easterly breeze will create a bit of a head-wind as the drivers barrel down towards the Ascari chicane and then on towards the Parabolica, while air temperature is set to reach 26 degrees Celsius later today.

07:57 Pirelli has brought the hard and medium compounds to its home event and it is the former that we will see the teams working with in this first session.

07:58 Mark Webber wanders into the garage to get ready for today's action. The Australian is a little late to work this morning.

07:59 James Calado will be gathering data for Force India this morning, in place of Adrian Sutil.

0 min: The practice session is underway.

0 min: A reasonably large crowd in gathering around the Monza circuit, with no takers willing to get out there just yet.

0 min: Rodolfo Gonzalez is ready and waiting to leave the garage in his Marussia. He's in for Jules Bianchi this morning.

1 min: First car out, and it is Max Chilton in the Maurssia.

2 min: Gonzalez in the second Marussia is also out swiftly, as are Romain Grosjean in the Lotus and McLaren's Sergio Perez.

2 min: Ricciardo, Bottas, Vergne and Maldonado are all on track for an installation run in the morning sunshine.

3 min: Sauber pair Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Gutierrez are out for their installation laps.

3 min: Ricciardo and Bottas have crossed the start-finish line and have moved into a second tour of the circuit.

4 min: The Caterhams of Heikki Kovalainen - standing in for Giedo van der Garde this morning - and Charlies Pic are on the circuit.

4 min: Di Resta and Rosberg are on track to check the basic functions of their machines.

4 min: Gutierrez crosses the line for a second lap. Chilton and Gonzalez pit at the end of their installation laps.

5 min: Felipe Massa is the first Ferrari on circuit, and the Tifosi applaud as he makes his way round.

5 min: Ricciardo pits at the end of his second lap in the Toro Rosso. Similarly, Bottas comes in.

5 min: Grosjean and Jenson Button go for a second lap, but the former pits at the end of his.

6 min: Button and Gutierrez also peel into the pits instead of setting a time.

6 min: Calado, Webber and Hamilton are on track working through an installation run.

6 min: Kimi Raikkonen has stayed out for a second tour of the circuit.

7 min: Webber rounds the Parabolica and veers right into the pitlane. He is wheeled into the garage.

7 min: Alonso is now on track, and the Tifosi are on their feet.

8 min: And Raikkonen brings his Lotus into the pits at the end of his second lap.

8 min: A wave to the crowd from Alonso, who is back into the pits.

9 min: Widespread data analysis taking place in the pitlane now after that raft of installation runs.

10 min: Once the telemetry analysts are satisfied that all is okay, they will signal to each race engineer that it is fine to continue with the morning programme.

11 min: Vettel is the final driver to join the circuit this morning.

11 min: The inevitable lull while that takes place offers a chance to read James Hunt's harrowing account of the 1978 Monza crash that claimed Ronnie Peterson's life, and his efforts to save the Lotus racer.

James Hunt's diary: A black day at Monza

13 min: Vettel crawls through the pitlane to the end. He practices a start and rejoins the circuit for a second tour.

13 min: Alonso sits very calm in the Ferrari garage. Flo-vis paint was visible on his team-mate Massa's rear wing on his installation lap.

14 min: Gutierrez heads back out on to the circuit.

14 min: Engineer Rocquelin gives his driver plenty of instructions for the second lap, as Rosberg heads back out in the Mercedes.

15 min: The Sauber of Gutierrez rounds Parabolica but peels into the pits once more.

15 min: Vettel returns to the pits in the Red Bull and he is in to stay for a while.

16 min: Gutierrez continues through to the end of the pitlane for a practice start. Done, and he's on his way again.

16 min: Rosberg also returns to the pits at the end of the lap leaving Gutierrez out there on his own.

17 min: Hard tyre-shod Gutierrez now rounds Parabolica and starts another lap. Will we see the first time of the session now?

17 min: Race control is quick to remind the teams via its communication system that practice starts must be carried out before the end of the pitwall on the left. Naughty, naughty...

18 min: Gonzalez joins the Mexican on the circuit in his Marussia.

19 min: Gutierrez returns to the pits again, and this time he's wheeled back into his garage. No times yet.

19 min: Gonzalez picks up the baton though and continues to start another lap.

20 min: Two personal bests for Gonzalez on this effort, could this be the first flier? He's approaching Parabolica now...

21 min: He continues to cross the line. 1m34.918s for the Marussia driver is the first timed lap of the session.

22 min: Vettel is quite content to take a sip from his drink at the back of the garage, while the mechanics continue to fettle his car.

22 min: Two purple sectors for Gonzalez as he continues to push. He improves to a 1m30.795s.

23 min: Across the other side of the garage, Webber is in deep conversation with one of the Red Bull engineers.

23 min: Button doubles the number of cars on track, joining the action in his McLaren.

24 min: Gonzalez improves again to a 1m30.277s, on his sixth lap in the session.

25 min: Button completes his out lap and crosses the line to start a lap on the hard tyre. He's purple in sector one.

25 min: Chilton makes it both Marussias on track.

26 min: Button crosses the line and stops the clock at 1m29.494s for a new session benchmark.

27 min: His team-mate Perez has also joined in the fun, and has started a lap.

27 min: Gutierrez is back on the circuit now too.

28 min: Button improves on a 1m27.715s, while Gonzales has set a 1m29.075s.

28 min: Chilton splits his compatriot and his team-mate on a 1m29.075s before Perez sets a 1m27.899s.

29 min: Button's backed off, but Perez is pushing. He's quickest in sector one on this flier.

29 min: Signs of movement elsewhere, as Bottas and Rosberg are getting ready and moving towards their mounts.

30 min: Perez goes quickest on a 1m27.238s.

30 min: Button requests a wing-flap change: “We need to go down on the front wing, very oversteery in Ascari and Parabolica.”

32 min: Another new benchmark for Perez, 1m26.663s.

32 min: Pastor Maldonado is also getting ready for some morning action in the Williams garage.

32 min: Button's now flying having run through the pits last time around.

32 min: Button improves his time but stays second on a 1m27.123s.

33 min: Pic leaves his Caterham garage and gets a reminder to do any pitlane practice start before the end of the pitwall.

34 min: Track is getting busy now as Grosjean, Hulkenberg, Kovalainen and Massa join the fun.

34 min: More purple sectors for Perez who lowers the benchmark to 1m26.007s.

35 min: Track temperature is up to a warm 34 degrees as the sun continues to shine down over Monza.

35 min: Grosjean posts a time of 1m28.651s to get the Lotus on the board in fourth.

35 min: Pic is told: “Just a reminder from the FIA that if you do a practice start it must be done before the end of the pitwall on the left.”

35 min: Hulkenberg is also off the mark with a 1m30.392s, slowest of the times set.

36 min: Bottas joins the circuit in the Williams, as Hamilton gets ready in the Mercedes garage.

36 min: Massa bumps Grosjean down a place, slotting in front of the Frenchman on a 1m27.927s.

36 min: The man of the moment, Daniel Ricciardo, heads out in the Toro Rosso for his first meaningful run since the installation.

36 min: But the Lotus driver completes his second flier in 1m27.226s to go third.

37 min: Maldonado, Webber and Vettel all head out to get some running.

37 min: Both Caterhams have set a time. They prop up the timesheet, Pic with a 1m30.914s and Kovalainen a 1m33.216s.

38 min: Massa's second flier yields a 1m26.991s. Hulkenberg's improved to sixth on a 1m28.364s.

38 min: Grosjean has also broken the 1m27s barrier, going second on a 1m26.664s.

38 min: Vergne, Rosberg and Calado head out and suddenly we have 14 drivers on the circuit.

39 min: Webber joins the party with a time of 1m27.652s. That time places him fifth initially.

39 min: Raikkonen is on track in the second long-wheelbase Lotus.

39 min: Rosberg is told over the team radio that it's going to be three timed laps to gradually build temperature into the tyres.

40 min: Bottas moves into fifth place with a time of 1m27.450s.

40 min: Hulkenberg improves his time, and he's now seventh on a 1m27.500s.

40 min: Webber moves up a couple of spots to third with 1m26.672s, as he continues to build his pace.

40 min: Massa cuts the gap to Perez to 0.442s with a time of 1m26.449s.

41 min: Raikkonen gets on the board in ninth with a 1m27.608s.

41 min: Ricciardo is seventh after his opening effort - 1m27.464s.

41 min: Vettel goes second with his first real attempt of the weekend - 1m26.056s.

42 min: Perez continues to head the list as we approach the halfway stage with a time of 1m26.007s. Vettel is just 0.049s off the Mexican.

42 min: Raikkonen's second effort jumps him up to sixth, a 1m26.666s for the Lotus man.

42 min: Webber is third with Massa fourth, Grosjean fifth and Raikkonen rounding out the top six for now.

42 min: Despite venturing onto the track seven times, Gutierrez is yet to set a time in the Sauber.

43 min: Vettel comes round again and duly tops the list with 1m25.914s as he continues to up the pace.

43 min: Rosberg is told some intel from the pits as Mercedes monitors its rivals on track: “Tyre warm-up is on the slow side, so suggest three continuous laps rather than slow laps to bring the tyres up. That’s the feedback from looking at the other cars.”

43 min: Ricciardo crosses the line and his improves to seventh place with a time of 1m26.660s.

43 min: The Caterhams have got themselves off the foot of the times. Pic is 16th of those who have set a time on a 1m28.649s. Kovalinen is 18th on a 1m29.205s.

44 min: Raikkonen shoots up to second on a 1m26.003s, less than a tenth behind Vettel.

45 min: Maldonado has locked up heavily into the first chicane. He bails out of it and takes to the escape route, before rejoining shortly before the Curva Grande.

45 min: Alonso's first flier has him 12th, on a 1m27.204s and he's going purple on his second effort.

46 min: The Ferrari driver pops up to fourth on a 1m26.009s, two-thousandths slower than Sergio Perez.

46 min: Jean-Eric Vergne posts his best lap of the session so far, but 1m27.234s only places the Frenchman 13th.

47 min: Gonzalez has been the busiest man in this session, he's on his 13th lap at the moment.

48 min: Vettel is back into the pits after his first run, while we have 0.095s covering the top four drivers for now.

48 min: Alonso backed off for his third lap but is on it now, going purple in sector one.

48 min: Gutierrez is on track again. Will the Mexican finally set a time?

48 min: Alonso goes fastest on a 1m25.863s.

49 min: Raikkonen, now bumped down to third, rejoins the fray.

50 min: Gutierrez does indeed set a time at the 10th time of asking. He's 16th on a 1m27.761s.

51 min: The top four spread between Alonso, Vettel, Rosberg and Raikkonen is now just 0.078s, with Perez only 0.144s back in fifth spot.

52 min: Alonso is in the pits for a nose change. Meanwhile McLaren mechanics check over Button's rear wing. He's under investigation for unauthorised use of DRS.

52 min: Di Resta is finally out for his first run since the installation lap much earlier in the session.

53 min: Gonzalez pits with 15 laps under his belt so far in the Marussia.

53 min: Meanwhile Gutierrez has improved to a 1m27.116s. He's now 14th, and ahead of team-mate Hulkenberg.

53 min: Barreling down under the trees on-board with Hamilton as he approaches the Roggia chicane... And we exit stage right as the Briton misses his braking point. He takes to the escape road and continues.

54 min: Alonso and Perez are back on track.

54 min: On rejoining the circuit, Hamilton rode squarely over one of the yellow and black speed humps. That will not have done his Mercedes' floor much good.

55 min: Vettel is back out for another run of laps. He remains in second place, but no - that becomes third as Hamilton tops the pile with 1m25.565s.

56 min: Chilton joins in the fun again. He's 18th at the moment on a 1m27.869s.

57 min: Alonso, after that front wing change, had a couple of pedestrian laps upon rejoining the circuit but he's upping the ante now.

57 min: So Hamilton puts 0.298s between himself and Alonso, with Vettel third, Rosberg fourth, Raikkonen fifth and Perez in sixth spot.

57 min: Di Resta has put down some laps and the Scot is up to 15th position in the other Force India, with a best time of 1m26.879s.

58 min: Alonso blitzes the first two sectors but is slightly slower in the final part of the lap, but still improves to second on a 1m25.600s

59 min: Grosjean, 11th at the moment on a 1m26.593s, is back out in the Lotus.

59 min: Button starts a flier in his McLaren. Team-mate Perez is on track as well.

59 min: Maldonado comes back out for another run. The Venezuelan is 10th in the classification, with a best time of 1m26.545s.

60 min: Button shuffles up the leaderboard from 16th. He goes 14th with a 1m26.766s.

61 min: Gutierrez is enjoying a competitive session. He improves to eighth on a 1m26.194s.

61 min: Hamilton is looking good this time round, but he has a poor final sector and does not improve the benchmark after posting two fastest sector times.

62 min: While team-mate Raikkonen sits in the garage, Grosjean runs straight on at the first chicane.

63 min: Button improves to seventh on a 1m26.083s, one place behind team-mate Perez whose early effort is still enough to keep him near the sharp end.

64 min: Grosjean navigates the first chicane without drama this time, and sets a personal best in sector one.

64 min: Hulkenberg starts a flier and promptly follows Grosjean's example from the lap before, running straight on at the first chicane.

65 min: Grosjean caps a solid if unspectacular lap with another green final sector, and goes 10th on a 1m26.295s.

65 min: Rosberg heads out for another run and clearly gets left and right mixed up, as he practices a start from the end of the pitlane.

66 min: Massa is back on track in the Ferrari. The Brazilian has clocked just eight laps so far, the joint-lowest alongside Paul di Resta.

66 min: Button edges a fraction closer to his team-mate, personal best first and final sectors improving his time to 1m26.035s.

66 min: Maldonado has been off track but he was able to continue at the Ascari Chicane. He heads straight for the pits.

67 min: Pic is winning the Caterham battle, and a 1m28.065s improves his time but does not move him up from 20th position.

68 min: Webber reports: "I think it's important to we make one more lap"

68 min: Replays coming through of Maldonado's incident and no wonder he came straight back in. He locked his brakes approaching Turn 9 and skated across the grass at high speed.

68 min: Hulkenberg keeps it together this time and completes the lap in 1m27.224s. He stays 18th, more than a second behind team-mate Gutierrez.

69 min: Pic does now move himself up the leaderboard. He's 19th now, winning the Caterham-Marussia battle on a 1m27.818s.

70 min: Hulkenberg's difficult session continues, he's in the pits now having been stuck in third gear.

70 min: Hulkenberg reports: "Problem exit of Turn 1, something in the gearbox." He's told to "come back without shifting".

71 min: Rosberg improves by just over one-tenth of a second with 1m25.784s but he remains in fourth position, behind Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel.

72 min: Massa's been racking up the laps on this run, he's now on his fifth tour. That last lap saw him turn up the wick a touch with a personal best in the final sector.

72 min: And as we say that, he backs right off in the first sector.

73 min: Meanwhile, his Ferrari team-mate Alonso is starting another lap having rejoined the action.

73 min: Hamilton leaves the garage and he also practices a start from the right-hand side of the pitlane exit, as he heads out onto the circuit.

73 min: Gonzalez hits the 20-lap mark in his Marussia. He's slowest on a 1m29.526s.

73 min: Vettel also joins the racetrack, while Ricciardo comes into at the end of his second run.

75 min: Raikkonen is out again in the Lotus. He's still fifth, team-mate Grosjean is 10th and in the pits.

76 min: Kovalainen is posting green sectors but not improving his lap as a whole. He's not moving from his penultimate place on the timing screen.

77 min: Raikkonen has a bit of a wobble through Parabolica and, despite setting a personal best through sector one, doesn't improve this time.

78 min: James Calado joins the circuit for a final run of laps in the Force India. He is 17th so far after 16 laps, just 0.4s down on di Resta's time.

78 min: Kovalainen gets his time down to 1m28.839s, but he stays 21st and is still a second behind regular driver Pic.

79 min: Hulkenberg's session goes from bad to worse. As he exits his garage to rejoin the session, his Sauber stops halfway down the pitlane. His mechanics are rolling him back now.

81 min: According to the timing screens, Alonso's just clocked a 70s first sector. The crowd favourite has 19 laps to his names thus far.

82 min: Make that 20, as Alonso completes another lap. Team-mate Massa has only completed 12 laps in this morning's session.

82 min: Vergne moves up the order to ninth position with 1m26.155s, as we see replays of Calado running slightly wide exiting the second Lesmo. He continued without too much problem.

84 min: While a host of others are out on track and not improving, Raikkonen sets a personal best in the first sector. His second sector is uninspiring though.

85 min: No improvement for Raikkonen, but he has gone green yet again in sector one.

86 min: Another mistake at the first chicane for Grosjean. He slightly locks the front right tyre and takes to the escape road.

87 min: We then see a replay of Perez skating over the gravel on the exit of the second Lesmo.

88 min: Kovalainen has found a turn of speed in the Caterham, improving to a 1m28.192s.

88 min: On board with Alonso and the Spaniard backs off exiting the first chicane. Is the Ferrari driver winding up for one final flier?

89 min: Rosberg is advised by his engineer: “Less apex speed in Turn 8, [Ascari chicane] more kerb to get a better exit.”

09:30 The session has ended. Drivers already on a timed lap may complete it.

09:30 Alonso heads into the pitlane, and stops at the end to do a practice start. His team-mate Massa nearly runs into him!

09:31 Massa was likely set to follow Alonso's example, but the red light came on just as he arrived at the end of the pitlane. The Brazilian stamped on the brake but crossed the white line. He's out the car now.

09:32 Some mild amusement there at the end of the session, but it's Lewis Hamilton who tops first practice at Monza with a time of 1m25.565s.

09:32 Massa reports: "The light was red so I braked and I stopped after the line, so I don’t know if it’s OK or not." Rob Smedley tells him to stop there and they'll come and get him.

09:33 Alonso is second, just 0.035s down on the British driver, with Rosberg third, Vettel fourth and Raikkonen in fifth for Lotus.

09:33 Perez is sixth just ahead of McLaren team-mate Jenson Button, with Webber eighth, Maldonado ninth and Vergne rounds out the top 10.

09:35 Perez's early effort ended up good enough for sixth and that will leave the Mexican encouraged. Ditto his countryman Gutierrez, who finished a strong 11th.

09:35 His Sauber team-mate Nico Hulkenberg had a less enjoyable session, struggling on-track before a gearbox problem ended his morning early. He finished just ahead of Charles Pic, who won the battle of the backmarkers.

09:37 That Ferrari faux pas between the two drivers is small potato compared to the 1993 Friday practice incident at this circuit, when Jean Alesi attempted to move out of the way of team-mate Gerhard Berger approaching Ascari, just as the Austrian was on a hot lap and moving the same way to get past him.

The resulting shunt was enormous and was one of the main headlines for the rest of that particular weekend.

09:37 But back to the present and it's Hamilton up front in the early going. Join us later for all the action from second practice at Monza.

Session length: 90 minutes
Clear skies High Temp: 26°C / 79°F
Track: Dry
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