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As it happened: FR3.5 and Euro F3 title deciders, Petit Le Mans, Talladega NASCAR
By Matt Beer, Jamie O'Leary, Glenn Freeman, Scott Mitchell and Dan Cross
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Sat 11:30 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for a weekend that holds great significance - for a number of reasons.

As well as being the title-deciding races for Formula Renault 3.5 (Barcelona) and European Formula 3 (Hockenheim, where the latter is supporting the DTM finale), it is also the very last American Le Mans Series race. And what better place for a send off than Road Atlanta, which hosts the 16th running of the Petit Le Mans.

Sat 11:34 European F3 - Hockenheim: AUTOSPORT's Jamie O'Leary has found his hero of the weekend at Hockenheim.

Step forward Van Amersfoort Racing's Stuart Gates, who went above and beyond to help our man fix his shoe with a combination of chassis adhesive and gaffa tape.

The shoe was almost ripped in two thanks to a bizarre incident minutes earlier involving a table leg.

Sat 11:35 European F3 - Hockenheim: Ferrari protege Raffaele Marciello is looking to wrap up the title here, and looked to be well on his way to doing that by securing a double pole in qualifying.

However, Felix Rosenqvist isn't going down without a fight, as he secured a dominant victory in the opener earlier today. You can read that report here:

Rosenqvist keeps title hopes alive with win

Sat 11:43 FR3.5 - Barcelona: While Marciello's F3 lead was cut in his opening race, his FR3.5 counterpart Kevin Magnussen is aiming to avoid a similar scenario.

The DAMS racer secured pole position ahead of the first race today, in which he can secure the title.

Kevin Magnussen grabs pole for potential decider

Sat 11:48 FR3.5 - Barcelona: The cars are making their way around from the pits to the grid, and as they do, the clouds are parting and the sun is coming out.

Sat 11:50 MotoGP - Phillip Island: Qualifying has already taken place for tomorrow's race, so we will not be bringing you any coverage - apart from news, of course. And boy do we have a story here.

After it was resurfaced at the end of 2012, the Phillip Island track has become grippier, faster and more abrasive than it was before (and even then it was a bit of a brute).

The net result? The first dry race in MotoGP to require mandatory mid-race bike swaps.

Tyre fears force mandatory mid-race bike switch

Sat 11:56 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Five minutes until the penultimate race of the 2013 season kicks off. Here's what pole-sitter Kevin Magnussen needs to do to seal the crown today:

If Stoffel Vandoorne (starting 4th) wins, Magnussen needs to finish sixth or higher.

If Vandoorne is second, Magnussen needs to finish 10th or higher.

With no pitstop today, Vandoorne is going to have his work cut out to keep the championship open heading into tomorrow's finale.

Sat 12:00 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Everyone has made it away cleanly for the formation lap.

Sat 12:04 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Magnussen is away well and holds off Stevens into Turn 1. Vandoorne passes a slow-starting Buller for third.

Sat 12:05 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Safety car is out after a multi-car crash at Turn 2.

Sat 12:07 FR3.5 - Barcelona: The cars involved were Sorensen, Melker, Nato, Stockinger and Cunha. They have all stopped, while Negrao has made it around to the pits and now rejoined.

Magnussen leads the field behind the safety car, with Stevens and Vandoorne next up.

Sat 12:10 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Replays of the crash show that it was triggered by somebody tipping Sorensen into a roll at Turn 2. The field is still behind the safety car, now on lap four with 36 minutes remaining.

Sat 12:13 FR3.5 - Barcelona: With the safety car still out (and the first lap shunt under investigation), here's the top 10:

1 Magnussen; 2 Stevens; 3 Vandoorne; 4 Buller; 5 Sirotkin; 6 da Costa; 7 Amberg; 8 Laine; 9 Move; 10 Aleshin.

Sat 12:14 FR3.5 - Barcelona: We've finally had a replay showing who Sorensen collided with - Melker.

Sat 12:16 FR3.5 - Barcelona: The race is back under way with 30 mins to go.

Sat 12:18 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Stevens judged Magnussen's restart well, but the championship leader then pulls out half a second on him in the first sector. Everything looks pretty clean behind so far, although da Costa is all over Sirotkin for 5th.

Sat 12:19 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Magnussen leads by 1.6 seconds after the first racing lap.

Sat 12:24 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Credit to Stevens, who is the only person in the same race as Magnussen it seems. He kept the gap from going over two seconds in the early laps after the safety car, and he's just taken 0.3s out of the gap by setting the fastest lap.

The chasing pack, led by Vandoorne, is slipping away from the top two.

Sat 12:25 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Stevens takes 0.4 out of Magnussen that lap, the lead is down to 1.2s

Sat 12:28 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Magnussen has responded to Stevens' charge and extended the gap by 0.1 with his best lap of the race so far. Crucially, Vandoorne is now five seconds off the lead.

Sat 12:29 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Sirotkin has done a good job so far to run fifth, easily dealing with da Costa behind him. But the Russian's rear wing is broken, and he's forced to pit.

Sat 12:32 FR3.5 - Barcelona: 15 minutes to go and Magnussen appears to have Stevens back under control. A fastest lap from the McLaren junior takes his lead to 2s.

Sat 12:34 European F3 - Hockenheim: It turns out Kevin Korjus's early exit from race one was down to a damaged rear rose joint.

The Estonian says he took a delicate hit at the rear - so delicate he didn't even feel it - which did the damage with just a lap gone.

He'd made it up to sixth by that point, and he's confident of a similar performance later.

Sat 12:36 DTM - Hockenheim: Don't forget you can watch live video coverage of the qualifying session live on AUTOSPORT by clicking right here.

Dirk Werner set the pace in practice in his Schnitzer BMW, and you can read more of that in our practice report:

Werner quickest for BMW in practice

Sat 12:36 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Magnussen continues to ease away out front, doing more than enough to secure the title today if things stay as they are.

Further back, da Costa has come alive and is now right on Buller's tail for fourth.

Sat 12:39 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Buller is feeling the pressure from da Costa. He locks up into Turn 10 at the end of the backstraight, then runs wide at Turn 12 but just about holds onto the place. Da Costa is moving around in his mirrors as much as he can looking for a way through.

For those on Magnussen-watch, his lead is 2.4s with 7 mins to go.

Sat 12:40 DTM - Hockenheim: Qualifying is due to start in three minutes.

Mike Rockenfeller - the new champion - is sat at the end of the pitlane waiting to go.

Sat 12:41 DTM - Hockenheim: We're off. Q1 is 16 minutes long with the top 16 making it into Q2 and positions 17-22 being set.

Sat 12:42 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Heart-in-mouth stuff as Magnussen locks up at Turn 10, costing him nearly 2 seconds. He now leads Stevens by 1.0s with just under 5min remaining.

Sat 12:44 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Sorensen and Melker have been called to report to the stewards after the race regarding their first lap collision.

Magnussen and Stevens are matching each other out front, so the gap is still 1.0s.

Sat 12:44 DTM - Hockenheim: Augusto Farfus is the first man to post a time in 1m34.567s, but he's swiftly knocked off the top spot by Adrien Tambay's 1m43.167s.

Sat 12:46 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Buller blocks da Costa on the backstraight, and the Red Bull junior locks up. Buller then runs wide at Turn 10, allowing da Costa to slip through into fourth.

Further back, Martsenko slams into Zanella at the same place, leading to a shake-up at the tail end of the points.

Sat 12:47 DTM - Hockenheim: Tambay improves his session-leading time by a tenth, but it lasts just a minute as Marco Wittmann goes P1.

Wittmann's time is swiftly removed as he's judged to have exceeded track limits at Turn 1 that time around.

We can see that being quite a problem this afternoon.

Sat 12:48 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Stevens won't let Magnussen off easily today. He's still in his mirrors as they start the final lap, and the gap is 0.8s.

Sat 12:49 FR3.5 - Barcelona: Kevin Magnussen takes the race win and the 2013 Formula Renault 3.5 championship.

Stevens pushed him all the way to the flag and takes a well deserved second, with Vandoorne third and powerless to stop Magnussen lifting the crown.

Sat 12:51 FR3.5 - Barcelona - result: 1 Magnussen; 2 Stevens; 3 Vandoorne; 4 da Costa; 5 Buller; 6 Amberg; 7 Laine; 8 Move; 9 Fantin; 10 Webb.

Sat 12:52 DTM - Hockenheim: Halfway through Q1 and it's Tambay leading from Andy Priaulx

In the drop zone are: 17: Wehrlein; 18 Farfus; 19 Hand; 20 Merhi; 21 Juncadella; 22 Werner.

Sat 12:54 DTM - Hockenheim: Two minutes to go in Q1 and still Farfus has not set a time that will get him into Q2. It would be a huge shock if the man second in the points does not progress...

Sat 12:55 DTM - Hockenheim: And as we say that, up he pops into sixth. That pushed Mortara back into the drop zone with a minute to go.

Sat 12:57 DTM - Hockenheim: Drama right at the end of Q1 as Juncadella pulls a blinder out of the hat to climb from 22nd to 17th and knock Jamie Green out of contention....

Juncadella is then eliminated himself as Wehrlein goes sixth. What a final minute!

Sat 12:58 DTM - Hockenheim: Q1 ends with Tambay quickest.

Eliminated are: 17 Juncadella; 18 Mortara; 19 Green; 20 Vietoris; 21 Merhi; 22 Hand.

Sat 13:04 DTM - Hockenheim: Joey Hand says, after qualifying last: "The car is really loose and really tough for me to drive. I have no idea why. It was really tough."

Sat 13:05 DTM - Hockenheim: Q2 is now underway. Ten minutes this time, with the top 10 making it into Q3.

Sat 13:06 DTM - Hockenheim: Remember how we mentioned that exceeding track limits at Turn 1 could be a major problem?

Here's a look at the number of times it's happened in qualifying so far... and this is a scrolling screen. This doesn't even scratch the surface...

Sat 13:09 DTM - Hockenheim: It's a BMW 1-2-3 at the moment with Spengler ahead of Farfus and Wittmann. There are no Brits in the top-10 though, with Paffett 14th and Priaulx 16th.

Sat 13:10 DTM - Hockenheim: The TV cameras just panned into the Mercedes garage, revealing ex-F1 team boss Eddie Jordan with Mark Blundell and Paffett's best friend Ty Gardener.

Sat 13:11 DTM - Hockenheim: Three minutes left of Q2 and in the drop zone are: 11 Wickens; 12 Scheider; 13 Albuquerque; 14 Wehrlein; 15 Paffett; 16 Priaulx.

Priaulx, incidentally, is yet to set a lap time.

Sat 13:13 DTM - Hockenheim: Sensational lap from Priaulx as he goes second on his first flyer of the session!

That should easily put him into Q2. He's a changed man since that brilliant run at Bathurst last weekend!

Ironically, that lap knocks RMG team-mate Martin Tomczyk out of the Q3 positions.

Sat 13:16 DTM - Hockenheim: Chequered flag is out at the end of Q2. Eliminated are: 11 Tomczyk; 12 Wickens; 13 Scheider; 14 Albuquerque; 15 Wehrlein; 16 Paffett.

Tomczyk and Albuquerque both had good attempts to improve after the chequered flag had gone out, but fell short.

Sat 13:18 DTM - Hockenheim: So for the third race in a row (barring any post-qualifying penalties), there will be no Mercedes starting inside the top 10.

Sat 13:21 DTM - Hockenheim: Mattias Ekstrom, incidentally, popped up into P1 late on in Q2, showing renewed vigour after his Bathurst outing (sharing a Triple Eight Holden with Priaulx).

Sat 13:24 DTM - Hockenheim: Q3 is now underway. Ten minutes again, but this time only the top four progress to the single-lap pole shoot-out.

Sat 13:27 DTM _- Hockenheim: Spengler goes fastest, his 1m33.468s lap knocking Glock off the top spot.

If Glock qualifies better than eighth, it will be a new career best and represent real progress after he made Q3 for the first time at Zandvoort a few weeks ago.

Sat 13:30 DTM - Hockenheim: Nice lap from Miguel Molina, who pops up into second with three minutes to go. Molina was on pole here two years ago, you may remember...

His tenure in second doesn't last long as Werner - the practice pace-setter - takes the spot. Rockenfeller is the other man currently in a Q4 spot.

Sat 13:32 DTM - Hockenheim: Wittmann makes it interesting by climbing to fourth on his opening lap, and Tambay can't match him as he goes fifth.

Even he is quickly deposed by Ekstrom, who now holds P5.

Farfus is now back to ninth, with Priaulx repeating his Q2 trick of staying in the garage as long as possible.

Sat 13:33 DTM - Hockenheim: Priaulx's first lap puts him fifth, and he has another opportunity to make Q4 as he crosses the line with 40s remaining.

Sat 13:34 DTM - Hockenheim: Astonishing! Timo Glock goes fastest, having pulled three tenths out of nowhere in the final sector. He's certain to make Q4 for the first time with that.

Sat 13:35 DTM - Hockenheim: Come on Andy Priaulx.... The Brit goes around and takes fourth. That will put him in Q4 for the first time in his DTM career.

Sat 13:36 DTM - Hockenheim: Progressing into Q4 are Glock, Spengler, Werner and Priaulx.

A BMW lock-out of Q4. Very impressive...

Eliminated are: 5 Molina; 6 Wittmann; 7 Ekstrom; 8 Tambay; 9 Rockenfeller; 10 Farfus.

Sat 13:41 DTM - Hockenheim: Andy Priaulx gets Q4 underway. It's one lap for each of the four drivers, and they do it one-at-a-time.

Sat 13:45 DTM - Hockenheim: Priaulx goes to provisional pole in 1m34.081s, but his lap looked a tad scrappy, especially at the Nord Kurve and Sud Kurve.

Werner is next up.

Whatever happens, this will be a career-best starting spot for Priaulx, who has never done better than sixth in qualifying.

Sat 13:48 DTM - Hockenheim: Werner goes to provisional pole in 1m33.453s, three tenths up on Priaulx.

Werner's best career qualifying spot is fourth, although he started third at last year's season opener after Edoardo Mortara exceeded track limits in Q4 and had his time deleted.

Sat 13:50 DTM - Hockenheim: It's not going to be pole for Werner as Schnitzer team-mate Spengler knocks him off the top spot by 0.129s.

Now only Glock can deny the Canadian.

Sat 13:52 DTM - Hockenheim: Glock completes his lap third, but immediately has his time taken away for exceeding track limits.

That means the order is this: 1 Spengler; 2 Werner; 3 Priaulx; 4 Glock.

Sat 14:17 Now the dust has settled on a frantic early afternoon of motorsport, here's a little reminder of why you should stick with AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live.

Coming up in about an hour, we have coverage from the second European F3 race at Hockenheim, where Felix Rosenqvist needs to repeat his race one win if he is to deny Raffaele Marciello the title.

While that goes on, we also have coverage of the last ever American Le Mans Series race. There is no better place for it than Road Atlanta, no better race for it than the Petit Le Mans. Bring your tissues.

Sat 14:21 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Talking of ALMS, in honour of its final race this weekend, sportscar guru Gary Watkins has been casting his mind back over the championship's greatest encounters.

When pushed to put together a top 10, this is what he came up with:

The 10 greatest ALMS races

Sat 14:26 FR3.5 - Barcelona: It's going to be a while before Kevin Magnussen gets a moment to himself today after winning the championship. There are currently several Danish TV crews camped outside his garage waiting for interviews.

Post-race, Magnussen said he couldn't find the words to describe his feelings, and he admitted that he started to feel the pressure of the whole situation in the closing laps.

Sat 14:27 FR3.5 - Barcelona: There's been plenty of praise from Magnussen's rivals, too. Antonio Felix da Costa described his recent form as "perfect", while Stoffel Vandoorne said he has been "unbeatable".

Today's second place finisher Will Stevens called Magnussen "the best driver outside of F1 at the moment". High praise indeed.

Sat 14:28 DTM - Hockenheim: Mercedes head of motorsport administration Wolfgang Schattling says: "Our performance today is undiscussable".

There speaks a man under pressure this weekend.

Sat 14:30 DTM - Hockenheim: Andy Priaulx attributed his career-best third spot on the grid to abandoning left-foot braking and switching back to his favoured right foot.

"I had nothing to lose, so rather than hang back from it without testing first, I just went for it. Look at the result. I wish I'd done it sooner."

Sat 14:31 NASCAR - Talladega: Of course, we're not just Stateside this weekend for Petit Le Mans. Oh no. Qualifying for the race made famous (well, not quite - poorly imitated, perhaps?) by Will Ferrell - Talladega - is coming up at 17:10 BST. Shake n' bake.

There has been a bit of news in the build up, chief among which is the announcement that NASCAR has suspended Richard Petty crew chief Todd Parrott after he violated the championship's substance abuse policy. Meanwhile, Elliott Sadler is standing in for Brian Vickers at Michael Waltrip Racing.

Sat 14:43 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Just 45 minutes to go until the last ALMS begins (we know we are repeating ourselves, but it's the end of an era!) Now seems as appropriate a time as any to remind you of what happened in qualifying.

Neel Jani beat Lucas Luhr to pole, while the GT element was topped by Matteo Malucelli's Risi Ferrari 458 Italia. Our all-encompassing report will tell you more:

Petit Le Mans: Neel Jani puts Rebellion on pole

Sat 14:52 DTM - Hockenheim: Here's how Bruno Spengler claimed pole position for the DTM finale:

Spengler grabs Hockenheim pole

Remember, you can watch the race unfold live on AUTOSPORT tomorrow.

Sat 15:01 DTM - Hockenheim: Spengler, the outgoing champion don't forget, will be looking to round off 2013 with a win. And there are several other drivers who have plenty to play for, even though Mike Rockenfeller wrapped up the DTM title with a round to spare last time out.

As AUTOSPORT's Jamie O'Leary explains, Spengler's just one man with something to prove this weekend.

Last chance for Rocky's rivals

Sat 15:05 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: We're just a few minutes away from race two, in which Raffaele Marciello needs only a fourth-placed finish to be crowned champion.

The only man that can beat him to the crown, Felix Rosenqvist, is on pole.

Sat 15:07 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Stefano Coletti, Nick Cassidy and Antonio Giovinazzi all had 20-second penalties, suspended for races two and three, hanging over their heads.

In short, all three had drive-throughs in race one for exceeding track limits, and were then warned again before the end.

If any does it again for the rest of the weekend, 20s will be added to their race times.

Sat 15:08 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Warm-up lap is finishing and the cars are on the grid.

Sat 15:10 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Rosenqvist makes a great getaway from pole with Alex Lynn slotting in ahead of Marciello. Tincknell holds fourth, but loses it to Auer at the Spitzkehre.

Sat 15:12 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: End of lap 1: 1 Rosenqvist; 2 Lynn; 3 Marciello; 4 Auer; 5 Tincknell; 6 Giovinazzi; 7 Muller; 8 van de Laar; 9 King; 10 Cheever.

Sat 15:15 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Four laps in and it's pretty processional at the front. Rosenqvist has around a one-second lead over Lynn with these two going away from Marciello.

Third place for the Italian will be enough to make him champion today, no matter what happens to Rosenqvist. He has a rear-gunner too in the shape of Prema team-mate Auer.

Sat 15:17 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: A terrific battle is raging for fifth between Tincknell, Giovinazzi and Muller, with the Carlin driver looking like he's holding the other two up.

The run up to the Arena on lap five features the trio virtually side-by-side, but as Giovinazzi and Muller push each other wide, Tincknell is given a breather.

Sat 15:17 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: There is a beautiful, and wonderfully intricate, tribute to the late Sean Edwards at Road Atlanta in the form of a specially-liveried Porsche. Fans on the grid walk have been signing the side of it; very touching.

Here's a shot of the front, courtesy of ALMS safety car driver Jason Altzman on Twitter.

Sat 15:19 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: In race build-up news, the damp track is drying and some cars are making the change to slick tyres. Will it be a universal decision though?

Sat 15:20 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Cheever noses inside Derani for 10th at the Arena, the Brazilian clearly struggling for grip.

Heading up towards the stadium, Derani and Fortec team-mate Serralles all but come to blows, the Puerto Rican losing out as Blomqvist passes him.

Sat 15:25 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The teams get the call to fire up their respective machines' engines...the final ALMS race is almost upon us.

Sat 15:28 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Kevin Korjus and Felix Serralles, both of whom were on the fringes of the top 10, take drive-through penalties handed out for exceeding track limits.

They're both outside the top 20 now.

Sat 15:29 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Andre Rudersforf is out. The Ma-con driver has come to a halt in the gravel at the Mercedes Arena, having hit Gelael up the rear and broken his suspension.

Only one word for that... Numpty.

Sat 15:30 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The cars have left the grid, with more rain on the way...

Sat 15:31 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: ...And the green flag is out. The 16th Petit Le Mans, and final ALMS race, is underway. Jani leads for Rebellion.

Sat 15:32 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: An early change for GT lead as Farnbacher hauls the SRT Viper ahead of polesitting Risi Ferrari of Malucelli.

Sat 15:33 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: The TV director seems very keen on cutting to shots of Marciello's girlfriend, Zdenka.

Can't for the life of us think why...

Sat 15:34 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The mixed weather conditions have also helped shuffle the early GT order. Sellers has brought the #17 Falken Porsche into the pits for a change to slick tyres and the #55 BMW looks as though it's followed suit.

Sat 15:36 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Luhr is pressuring Jani for the lead, and is within a second of the Rebellion car. Guy Cosmo leads LMP2 for Level 5, while it's all kicking off in GT. Farnbacher's edged clear, but Gavin (Corvette), Magnussen (Corvette) and Malucelli (Ferrari) are squabbling over second.

Sat 15:37 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Bizarre incident at the Spitzkehre as Serralles and Korjus collide on the way into the corner.

The T-Sport machine has damage and limited braking, but manages to stop on the asphalt run-off next to the track.

Serralles gets alongside Korjus and drives into the side of the stopped car, launching it into the air. He then accelarates full-throttle and flies over a Ludwig kerb on his way back to the track.

They're sure to have differing opinions on what happened there, but the stewards will certainly want to see Serralles after that.

Sat 15:37 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Well, Level 5 did lead LMP2. Cosmo pits for slicks, and we fear this might get a bit confusing as the different tyre choices get sorted out in the early stages...

Sat 15:40 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: We don't need pitstops to change the order every time though - Luhr has wrested the overall lead from Jani at Turn 10. Brave move.

Sat 15:41 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: While the Serralles/Korjus kerfuffle was going on, Auer made it past Marciello for third.

Crucially, fourth will still give the Italian the title.

We have two laps left.

Sat 15:41 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Bit of a problem as Jani dives into the pits for slick tyres. Rebellion drop the car before the left-rear gets changed, and that's lost them a bit of time.

Sat 15:42 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: One lap to go for Marciello for the title. Rosenqvist still leads.

Sat 15:43 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Rosenqvist wins for the 10th time this year with Lynn and Auer completing the podium.

Sat 15:44 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Marciello is the Formula 3 European champion courtesy of his fourth-placed finish.

That's back-to-back drivers' titles for Prema Powerteam, adding to Daniel Juncadella's of 2012.

Sat 15:45 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Luhr brings the Pickett car in for a change to slick tyres, and how costly was that Rebellion error...well, not very.

Luhr struggles on his outlap on cold tyres and, as he fends off a gaggle of GT cars (yes, that's typed correctly) Jani capitalises and hauls the Rebellion car right onto the back of the Pickett machine.

Sat 15:46 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Race 2 result: 1 Rosenqvist; 2 Lynn; 3 Auer; 4 Marciello; 5 Tincknell; 6 Muller; 7 Giovinazzi; 8 King; 9 van de Laar; 10 Cheever.

Sat 15:49 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Epic GT battle for third as Magnussen gets a run on Malucelli but is rebuffed into Turn 10, which allows John Edwards' #56 BMW to nip ahead of the Corvette. Breathtaking stuff!

Sat 15:51 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Out of view, Jani has indeed got ahead of Luhr. They'll be passing the DeltaWing car soon. The leaders though are the #25 and #8 LMPC cars of Oswaldo Negri and Kyle Marcelli!

Sat 15:55 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Jani has been epic in dispatching slower cars in the early stages and now takes the overall lead of the race. More importantly, he's put 11s between himself and Luhr - despite his pursuer having the fastest lap of the race. Great traffic management.

Sat 15:59 DTM - Hockenheim: A touching tribute to Sean Edwards from the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany.

All the drivers are observing a moment of silence on the grid ahead of the race while every car is carrying a sticker in memory of the Brit, who died in Australia earlier this week.

TalladegaSat 16:01 NASCAR - Talladega: Qualifying gets underway for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race here at Talladega in less than 10 minutes’ time.

Aric Almirola and Jimmie Johnson set the pace in practice yesterday.

Almirola did it without regular crew chief Todd Parrott, who has been suspended indefinitely for violating NASCAR’s substance abuse policy.

The Richard Petty Ford driver topped the first session with a blistering lap of 47.406s (202.000mph) around the massive 2.66-mile oval. Johnson was quickest in the second session in which only 29 cars took part and the five-time champion set a time of 48.873s.

Chase leader Matt Kenseth was 17th and 12th quickest in practice one and two respectively.

Sat 16:05 NASCAR - Talladega: We've had drizzle here as well this morning and the jet driers are out on track. There shouldn't be any delays to qualifying, however.

Sat 16:05 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: After the first half hour, the two lead LMP1s now circulate at the head of the field about 17s apart. The plucky PCs of Negri and Marcelli remain third and fourth overall!

Sat 16:09 NASCAR - Talladega: And now the rain has picked up, so ignore our prediction that qualifying wouldn't be delayed.

Sat 16:09 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Remember the Falken Porsche? It pit early for slick tyres, which dropped it right down the field. Sellers has made slow progress, but is 24s off the back of the next group of GTs. He is significantly quicker than them, mind.

Speaking of Porsches, here's a GTC update: Nelson Canache leads, as he has done since the start. The cars are rather spaciously spread out.

Sat 16:11 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Eek, that got a bit close. Luhr slices past two Porsches (the #48 GT and #11 GTC cars respectively) who then collide, almost in avoidance. Bizarre, but they both continue. For the record, Miller (in the #48) hit Hedlun (in the #11) as they ran side-by-side.

Sat 16:15 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Oh, that's unfortunate. Kyle Marcelli had charged up to LMPC leader Negri, but as one of the Corvettes got involved, it looked like Negri was tagged heading into the Turn 2/3/4 complex and ran wide. Marcelli now leads the PC class.

Sat 16:16 NASCAR - Talladega: If qualifying is cancelled, the starting line-up would be based off the first practice speeds, so Almirola would lead the field to green, ahead of Burton, Ambrose and Truex Jr.

Sat 16:17 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: A TV replay has cleared up the LMPC lead change incident - Negri moved over on the Corvette he was passing into Turn 2, tagged the front and caused himself to run wide and skate over the grass. All his own doing after a minuscule misjudgment.

Sat 16:23 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The lead LMPC cars have been in for their driver changes, while in LMP2 it's all a little bit sparse. Not so in GT, however, where Gavin has pegged Farnbacher back to just a second.

Sat 16:26 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The gap at the front is ebbing and flowing, but Jani looks to have a little extra in the car. A new fastest lap nudges his lead up to 23.5s. And the GT leaders are in the pits!

Sat 16:27 NASCAR - Talladega: Reckon we will get a definite answer on whether qualifying is cancelled in the next 10 minutes or so. If the session doesn't start soon, it could have a knock on effect on the Truck Series race when it does.

Sat 16:27 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Farnbacher, it seems, had a flat tyre, but disaster for Gavin and the #4 Corvette as the team addresses an alternator problem. What a nightmare, and that ruins that fascinating battle that was developing. For now, at least...

Sat 16:31 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Just as we were about to post a one-hour update, and there's drama at Road Atlanta - Jani is in the pits with damage to the front of the Rebellion car.

Sat 16:32 NASCAR - Talladega: Well, the rain appears to have stopped and it wasn't too heavy. We now sit and wait for the jet driers to (slowly) make their way around the 2.66-mile circuit.

Sat 16:35 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The Jani incident was a fair old hit, and now he's serving a stop-go penalty for it. He tried to dive past the DeltaWing and made contact with an LMP2 car coming out of the pits right at the top of the hill after Turn 1.

Sat 16:36 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Here's a prototype classes update as we pass our first milestone - the one-hour mark - and our first major update:

LMP1: 1 Pickett (Luhr/Graf/Dumas); 2 Rebellion (Jani/Heidfeld/Prost); 3 Dyson (Dyson/Burgess/McMurry).

LMP2: 1 Level 5 (Cosmo/Kane/Dumbreck; 2 Extreme Speed (Sharp/Lazzaro/Brabham); 3 Level 5 (Tucker/Briscoe/Franchitti).

LMPC: 1 Cumming/Marcelli/Johansson; 2 Rayhall/Negri; 3 Junqueira/Ende/Menezes

Sat 16:37 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: A mistake from the #93 Viper, which skates over the grass at Turn 10 and requires a bit of a clean-up in the pits. When these stops shake out we'll update you on the GT orders.

Sat 16:40 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Jani's dramas mean Luhr now has a sizeable advantage out front, though the Rebellion car remains second in class in front of the Dyson entry, albeit down in fifth.

Sat 16:48 NASCAR - Talladega: The jet driers are embarking upon their second lap...

Sat 16:48 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: A real shame as the #4 Corvette returns to the pits, with the battery change made in its last stop not rectifying its ongoing electrical problems. Frantic work goes on in the car, but Tommy Milner looks forlorn as he exits the box after a lengthy delay.

Sat 16:49 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Reports of rain falling on track...that should mix things up a bit. Meanwhile, the #4 Corvette is back in. The replaced alternator belt didn't do the trick either.

Sat 16:55 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Some of these onboards have a fair few spots of rain on them. If it gets any heavier, it will cause a genuine dilemma for teams.

Sat 16:57 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The #4 Corvette is back on track. Here's hoping it stays out for longer than a lap this time. Farnbacher continues to hold a strong GT lead, while Edwards and Garcia are chasing in second and third.

Sat 16:59 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The Pickett car is in, and wets are going on. The rain has increased in intensity, which means a flurry of stops is imminent.

Sat 17:01 NASCAR - Talladega: Nearly an hour of track drying and still no sign of qualifying getting underway. The outside lane is extremely wet, so there's still quite a bit of work to go.

Sat 17:03 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: There is debris on the circuit, and a full-course caution is required to deal with it. The pits are closed, just after a few cars have made their stops. We'll update you on the order shortly.

Sat 17:05 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The #7 PC car, driven by Rusty Mitchell, looks to have been the cause of that debris. He skated over the Turn 10 gravel as conditions worsened.

Sat 17:07 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: So, this is the top three: 1 Graf (Pickett); 2 Jani (Rebellion) and 3 Cosmo (Level 5). Marc Goossens leads GT in the #91 SRT Viper; Sean Rayhall is the LMPC leader and Nicolas Armindo heads the GTC category.

Sat 17:10 NASCAR - Talladega: Confirmation that today's qualifying session has been cancelled and that the order for tomorrow's race is based on the opening practice times.

So, Almirola shares the front row with Burton, ahead of Ambrose and Truex Jr, with Kenseth and Johnson back on the sixth row and Harvick way back in 34th!

Order: 1 Almirola; 2 Burton; 3 Ambrose; 4 Truex Jr; 5 Edwards; 6 Biffle; 7 Ragan; 8 Earnhardt Jr; 9 McMurray; 10 Mears.

Sat 17:12 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The pits are now open for the prototypes, as the field continues to circulate under the safety car.

Sat 17:16 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: We are racing again at Road Atlanta!

Sat 17:18 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Slick tyres! Both Corvettes are in and onto dry tyres. Interesting move.

Sat 17:20 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: There's a definite dry line on the circuit, but it's a brave move nonetheless. Graf has a two-lap advantage over Jani in LMP1; Cosmo leads LMP2; Holzer is now the GT leader after the pitstops and full-course yellow sorted the order out; Rayhall and Armindo continue to head PC and GTC respectively.

Sat 17:22 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The #62 Risi Ferrari is in, and that damage from the brush with Magnussen earlier on means the 458 looks a little patchwork quilt at the moment! A host of cars are pitting now, presumably for slick tyres.

Sat 17:23 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Slick stop for the #93 Viper but problems for the DeltaWing - looks like that will be wheeled into the garage. At best, it's a lengthy stop.

Sat 17:26 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Drama in GT! Holzer is stopped in the penalty box, but it's because of a mechanical problem apparently. Bizarre.

Sat 17:27 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The #48 Porsche is out of the penalty box - but that's because it's being towed away. Oh dear.

Sat 17:29 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: There's a stonking battle going on for the GT lead now, with Goossens in the #91 Viper all over the #56 RLL BMW of Dirk Muller. Nothing between them, fantastic!

Johnny Mowlem (two laps down) was briefly between them, but Goossens swiftly through. Let battle recommence!

Pickett Racing, ALMSSat 17:36 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Here's your two-hour update:

LMP1: 1 Pickett (Luhr/Graf/Dumas); 2 Rebellion (Jani/Heidfeld/Prost); 3 Dyson (Dyson/Burgess/McMurry).

LMP2: 1 Level 5 (Cosmo/Kane/Dumbreck); 2 Extreme Speed (Sharp/Lazzaro/Brabham); 3 Level 5 (Tucker/Briscoe/Franchitti).

LMPC: 1 Nunez/Shears; 2 Kimber-Smith/Wilkins/Bennett; 3 Rayhall/Smith/Negri

GT: 1 SRT Viper (Farnbacher/Goossens/Dalziel); 2 RLL BMW (Edwards/Muller/Auberlen); 3 Corvette (Garcia/Magnussen/Taylor)

GTC: 1 Faulkner/Stanton/Keating 2 Pumpelly/Snow/Canache; 3 Bleekemolen/Bleekemolen/MacNeil

Sat 17:37 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: That full-course caution period, and the pitstop melee that has since ensued, has done little to the P1/P2 and GT orders, but the GTC and PC leaders have changed drastically.

Sat 17:44 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: A penalty for the #551, driven by Scott Tucker, but that car will maintain third place in LMP2. Tucker's a lap and a half behind the lead Level 5 car and its Extreme Speed equivalent. 30s separates those cars.

Sat 17:47 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Jani brings the Rebellion car into the pits. He's changing from wets to slicks, that's a late change. Looks like Jani's vacating the car for Prost, too.

Sat 17:49 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Following suit is the leader, and Graf brings the Pickett HPD to a stop. No driver change here, just another late switch to slick tyres.

Sat 17:51 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: 100 LAPS! Give yourselves a hearty pat on the back for making it this far - but not too hearty. This is just over quarter-distance. Thanks for sticking with us, but we're not done yet!

Sat 17:53 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The worst thing about the weather so far is that it's rained enough to warrant a change of tyres, then dried up fairly swiftly afterwards. That's not to see we'd welcome a massive deluge - just a bit of consistency...

Sat 17:56 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: How has Prost fared since stepping into the Rebellion? Rather well, as it happens. He's lapping quickly, and has taken a few seconds out of Graf on the last few tours. He's still over a lap behind, but it's encouraging, especially as there is such a long way to go in this race.

Sat 17:58 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And how about that epic GT battle? It's less epic, now. Goossens has put more than 7s between himself and Muller's BMW. There's a good battle between Beretta and Jorg Muller though, for fourth.

Sat 18:01 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Remember the #8 LMPC? Let's refresh the old memory. It led the class for a grand period of time, but spun exiting the pits on cold slicks just before the two-hour mark and dropped down the order.

To Cumming's credit, he's fighting back and if fourth in class and ninth overall.

Sat 18:02 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: We just realised the last three posts began with a question. That will stop now. It's quietening down a bit (mid-class GT battles aside), but Prost is still pounding round a good 2/3s faster than Graf. This is shaping up rather nicely for later on.

Sat 18:15 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Kimber-Smith has hit the front of LMPC in the car he's sharing with Bennet and Wilkins. In GT, Jorg Muller has finally got the better of Olivier Beretta, who ran wide and allowed the BMW to nip into fourth.

Sat 18:16 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Blimey, what a tussle! Beretta drives straight past Muller on the straight down into Turn 10, but overcooks it and the BMW gets him back when they plant the throttle on the exit.

Sat 18:18 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Now Beretta is back in front again! Superb move under braking for Turn 10, and makes it stick this time. Nice battle this. The other Muller in the other BMW, meanwhile, has pit from second.

Sat 18:19 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Big, big, big call from the GT leaders. The #91 SRT Viper pits, but doesn't take on wets despite more rain falling. He's out and slithering around...will this lose him the lead?

Sat 18:20 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: One car that has lost the lead is the #1 Extreme Speed LMP2. The #552 Level 5 machine now leads in the hands of Peter Dumbreck after Brabham took over the Extreme Speed car, which has made an extra stop.

Sat 18:23 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: It looks as though the #56 BMW stayed on slicks, too, because there's nothing in the laptimes of the erstwhile GT leaders. The Risi Ferrari and #55 BMW are now squabbling over the lead, but they're a pitstop behind.

Sat 18:25 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: It all gets a bit hectic at Turn 10. Mowlem runs wide as he gets lapped by the GT leader, who in turn is just ahead of a squabbling Jorg Muller and Goossens. Goossens passes the BMW, but then has to give way to the Rebellion LMP1. Phew!

Sat 18:26 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: A spinner on the exit of Turn 1, and it's the #18 LMPC of Charlie Shears. He was fourth in class, and that's a shame. He looks stuck...A full-course caution required.

Sat 18:27 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The rain continues to fall intermittently, but there's no change to wets for the Jorg Muller BMW...brave, stupid, or forced? We'll soon see. Pits are closed now.

Sat 18:30 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Three hours completed and here's how things currently stand:

LMP1: 1 Pickett (Graf/Luhr/Dumas); 2 Rebellion (Heidfeld/Jani/Prost); 3 Dyson (Burgess/Dyson/McMurry).

LMP2: 1 Level 5 (Dumbreck/Kane/Cosmo); 2 Extreme Speed (Brabham/Lazzaro/Sharp); 3 Level 5 (Tucker/Briscoe/Tucker)

LMPC: 1 RSR (Ende/Junqueira); 2 BAR1 (Marcelli/Cumming/Johansson); 3 CORE autosport (Bennett/Kimber-Smith/Wilkins).

GT: 1 Risi (Beretta/Malucelli/Liddell); 2 SRT (Goossens/Dalziel/Farnbacher).

GTC: 1 Flying Lizards (Pumpell/Snow/Canache Jr); 2 TRG (Stanton/Faulkner/Keating); 3 AJR (MacNeil/Bleekemolen/Bleekemolen).

Sat 18:34 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Entire GTC field has been allowed to pass around and rejoin the back of the safety car train, so hopefully we'll be back under way soon.

Sat 18:41 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Pits open for prototypes and Graf brings the leading Pickett in for what is a lengthy stop as the crew replace the rear wing. No tyre change.

Sat 18:43 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Interestingly, Prost hasn't followed suit for Rebellion. The majority of the GT field are now in the pits and some are gambling on slicks as drizzle begins to fall.

Sat 18:46 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And just as Prost gets on the lead lap he's in the pits... and so is Graf again! Intermediates go on the Pickett.

Sat 18:48 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And we're back up and running, on lap 138 of 394. Conditions are very difficult at the moment, but Graf is putting enormous pressure on Prost on the restart through backmarkers!

Sat 18:49 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Top driving by Graf who filters his way through traffic to pass the Rebellion.

Sat 18:53 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: The #55 BMW RLL of Martin serves a stop and go penalty for a late pit entry. He is running fifth in class at the moment and it hasn't done much to change that.

Sat 18:54 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And Bennett in the #05 Core autosport serves a stop go penalty for the same infringement. In the meantime, Ende has a moment coming over the top of the hill and comes to brief halt on the grass.

Sat 18:56 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Doesn't look like Ende came away from that unscathed as he's limping his way back to the pits at the moment.

Sat 19:01 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Magnussen makes a stop from second in the GT class. He loses a place to Liddell in doing so.

Sat 19:03 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Ende's problem is of the gearbox variety, which has brought his Oreca to a halt and resulted in another caution period.

Sat 19:07 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: In other LMPC news, did we mention what a great job Negri is doing today?

The Grand-Am veteran, who makes his ALMS debut this weekend, has been the star of the class this afternoon. He had 15.4s advantage in the category before the yellows came out.

Sat 19:11 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Prost is the first to take advantage of the pitlane opening for the prototypes. Fuel-only stop for Rebellion.

Sat 19:14 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Marcelli spins his Oreca while under yellows. Slightly embarrassing...

He remains second in LMPC.

Sat 19:17 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And we're off again, on lap 154 of 394, as Graf puts the hammer down and sprints away from the chasing field in the Pickett HPD.

Sat 19:22 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Dumbreck is going like the clappers at the moment in the #552 Level 5 HPD. He's extending his lead in LMP2 with every passing lap, with Brabham appearing to have nothing to offer in return.

The gap between the two is currently 31.18s.

Sat 19:26 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Bit of a moment as Tandy turned in on Bell on entering Turn 10. No major damage, but a good example that mirrors are sometimes a driver's best friend.

Sat 19:28 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Magnussen in for slick tyres as a dry line begins to appear. He was 3.6s behind Liddell who leads the GT class at the moment.

Sat 19:30 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And Briscoe becomes the first of the prototypes to make the switch back on to slicks. The pitlane is about to get very hectic, we reckon.

Sat 19:32 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: So, another hour completed and, to be honest, not the most exciting 60 minutes of racing we have ever seen. Hopefully the next six hours will be relatively caution-free...

Sat 19:35 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: In weather news, it looks like the worst of the rain has been and gone and we're set for a dry conclusion to this, the ALMS finale.

DeltawingSat 19:42 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: DeltaWing fans (yes, you) will be keen to know that their experimental racer is currently 30th overall, having made up four places after it's first hour problems.

Meyrick is behind the wheel at the moment and making his way through the GTC field, albeit 27 laps down on the leading Pickett.

Sat 19:45 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Brabham's just deposed Dumbreck for the LMP2 lead. It's been a good day for the Aussie, who hasn't raced since the start of the year.

Sat 19:48 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Moment as Wittmer goes into the back of Cheng. Wittmer has ended up in the Turn 10 gravel as a result and needs to be retrieved.

Sat 19:49 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And with that, we have our fourth caution period of the day.

Sat 19:51 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Driver change for the #01 Extreme Speed as Brabham exchanges places with Sharp.

Sat 19:58 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Second driver change for Pickett, who pit under safety car conditions. Graf makes way for Dumas and another set of slicks bolted on to the HPD.

Sat 19:59 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Incredibly busy pitlane now as the majority of the GT field come in to make their driver and/or tyre changes.

Bleekemolen and Stanton came in together from the GTC lead, but positions remained the same on their departure.

Sat 20:01 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Prost in for the Rebellion. He's still a lap down on the leading Pickett, now in the hands of Dumas.

Sat 20:03 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And we're off again, on lap 183 of 394. There's a gaggle of GT cars for the prototypes to filter their way through on the restart, so the next couple of laps could be interesting...

Sat 20:08 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Stanton now leads the GTC class by 1.76s over Canache Jr, who has MacNeil more or less on his bumper.

Elsewhere, things appear to have settled down...

Sat 20:10 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: ...until the GT mob got a wriggle on. Magnussen continues to lead ahead of Liddell, who has both Dalziel and Auberlen hot on his tail and only 1.5s adrift.

Sat 20:12 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: All change in GT: Dalziel's SRT Viper is now second in class behind Magnussen, with Auberlen third.

Sat 20:19 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Bell is crawling his way around the circuit at the moment in the #02 Extreme Speed HPD. He appeared to lose it coming over the hill and it looks like he's sustained suspension damage.

Sat 20:21 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Bell's finally made his way back to the pits. Meanwhile, Dalziel walloped into the side of a prototype and ricocheted into the tyre wall.

Nothing terminal, but the #91 SRT Viper was running second in GT at the time.

Sat 20:24 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Dalziel's in the pits for checks. Looks like he's got away with mild bodywork damage. Nothing that a bit of industrial strength tape won't fix, anyway.

Sat 20:26 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Engine cover coming off the leading Pickett. Team personnel are having a good look around at the moment. Possible temperature issue?

Sat 20:29 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Sounding like ignition issues with the Pickett. Heidfeld is behind the wheel of the Rebellion at the moment and takes the lead of the race!

Sat 20:32 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Heidfeld is scything his way through the field at the moment in an effort to build a cushion over rivals Pickett who, four laps later, are still in the pitlane.

Sat 20:33 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: And the Pickett HPD has gone behind the wall for further checks.

Sat 20:38 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Closest lead battles can be found in both GT categories at the moment.

Tandy is 6.98s up on Auberlen in the GT class, while Canache Jr is 9.19s ahead of Stanton in GTC.

Sat 20:40 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Last in GTC is Sandberg, who has just beached his Porsche 911 into the grave at Turn 6, resulting in the fifth caution period of the day.

Sat 20:43 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Sandberg is back out of the gravel trap, so hopefully we'll soon be back to racing.

Sat 20:44 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: No chance for Pickett to notch up their ninth consecutive ALMS victory today as they've been forced to retire with an overheating issue.

Sat 20:46 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Drama as Marciello is penalised!

Don't worry though, it won't affect his title. The new champion has been fined €5000 for undoing his seatbelts before reaching Parc Ferme at the end of race two.

Sat 20:47 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: A bigger penalty for Felix Serralles though. He's been disqualified from race two for the incident with Kevin Korjus and will start race three from the back too.

Sat 20:49 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Heidfeld enters the pits from his now very comfortable lead. Sharp follows suit from the lead of LMP2 and loses a place to Dumbreck, thanks to a swift stop by the Level 5 crew.

Sat 20:55 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Sellers now leads the GT class now that the pit stops have played out. The Falken Porsche driver is ahead of CORE autosport's Christensen and Taylor in the #3 Corvette.

Sat 20:58 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Of we go, back to green, on lap 217 of 394 as Dalziel leads the field, for some strange reason.

Sat 21:00 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Heidfeld has a five-lap advantage at the front at the moment, ahead of the #552 Level 5 HPD of Kane and the #01 Extreme Speed HPD of Sharp, both of which are fighting for class honours in LMP2.

Sat 21:05 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Taylor has hauled the #3 Corvette into second now, and is three seconds behind Sellers.

Sat 21:07 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Less than a second covers this epic dice for the LMP2 lead, now headed by Sharp. Great perseverance from Extreme Speed.

Sat 21:13 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: Sharp's put a few seconds between himself and Kane now, so that's a bit of breathing space for Extreme Speed.

Elsewhere, there's a beautiful train of GTs circulating together. Sellers has almost 2s advantage now over Taylor, who has Edwards and Malucelli for close company.

Sat 21:26 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: A new fastest lap of the race for Nick Heidfeld, who continues to lead by five laps. Sharp still leads in LMP2, ditto Sellers in GT. Rayhall and Canache remain the lead drivers in LMPC and GTC respectively.

Sat 21:31 ALMS - Petit Le Mans: We're about to close up shop here, and there are no changes to the class leaders. But just to recollect, these are the teams (sans drivers) leading the way.

LMP1: Rebellion Racing (#12)

LMP2: Extreme Speed (#1)

LMPC: 8Star FLM (#25)

GT: Falken Porsche (#17)

GTC: Flying Lizard Porsche (#45)

Sat 21:32 If you're just joining us, or if you've been with us all along, it's goodnight from AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live. We leave you with the Petit Le Mans mid-race report, the last-ever race in the American Le Mans Series.

Granted, the order has changed somewhat at Road Atlanta since then, but that should give you a good idea of how the race has developed.

Be sure to check AUTOSPORT in the early hours (BST) for a full, final, definitive report. Thanks again for tuning in.

Rebellion takes big lead after trouble for Pickett

Sun 17:40 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live's Sunday evening installment, where we will be bringing you live updates from the latest round of the NASCAR Sprint Cup from Talladega.

Sun 17:45 NASCAR - Talladega: 'Dega has history when it comes to eventful races, but there is a fine line between action-packed and dangerous. Here's hoping today's race (or tonight's race, if you're following this across Europe) is devoid of any incident with too serious a consequence.

Aric Almirola will start from pole position after qualifying was rained off on Saturday afternoon. Does any else feel a sense of deja vu?

Sun 17:50 DTM - Hockenheim: Before we get into the finer details of tonight's entertaiment, let's take a trip from the States to Europe - starting at the DTM's Hockenheim finale.

In a rain-affected race, ex-F1 star Timo Glock came through to claim a sensation maiden win in the championship. His biggest rival for the win in the latter stages? The man who started on the back row of the grid...

Glock takes first DTM win in epic finale

Sun 17:52 Euro F3 - Hockenheim: Of course, the DTM was not the only series in action at the Hock; and there was a title to be decided in European Formula 3.

It went the way of Raffaele Marciello despite the best efforts of championship rival Felix Rosenqvist, who won both races on Saturday but could not deny the Ferrari protege the crown.

Marciello capped off a superb campaign with a win in a soaking wet third race, his 13th triumph of the season.

Sun 17:53 Formula Renault 3.5 - Barcelona: Speaking of single-seater titles, another Formula 1 junior clinched a prestigious championship at the weekend.

Kevin Magnussen has been supreme this season, and won the title in typically cool fashion by fending off Will Stevens for the win in the opener.

The McLaren youngster rounded off his 2013 campaign in style with another win in the finale having fought off early pressure from Arthur Pic and Stoffel Vandoorne.

Sun 17:58 NASCAR - Talladega: Right, back to America now please. Thank you. Here's the Chase situation: Matt Kenseth leads Jimmie Johnson by just four points, a margin that nudged up ever so slightly last time out at Charlotte.

That race was won by outgoing champion Brad Keselowski.

Sun 18:02 NASCAR - Talladega: We're just about ready for the start, but if statistics are your thing - don't forget you can find a full rundown of NASCAR season statistics on FORIX.

Sun 18:05 NASCAR - Talladega: Stand for the Star-Spangled Banner. Or sit glued to your teleboxes or AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live. Whichever suits you.

Now would be a good time to immerse yourself in the glory of FORIX's in-depth stats. In a new tab, of course.

Sun 18:07 NASCAR - Talladega: For those of you desperate to know who delivered that rendition of the national anthem, it was American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. You know, the platinum recording artist and Alabama native?

Sun 18:11 NASCAR - Talladega: The drivers get the call to start their engines. We're almost ready to go racing at Talladega!

Sun 18:15 NASCAR - Talladega: This is the #43 car of Aric Almirola that will head the field across the line to start the first of 188 laps. Not a bad looking thing, is it?

Sun 18:18 NASCAR - Talladega: Winding up to the green flag now, as the first of three formation-esque laps take place.

Sun 18:25 NASCAR - Talladega: Will there be a repeat of last year's 25-car pile-up? Now's the time to find out. The Big One is underway!

Sun 18:26 NASCAR - Talladega: Aric Almirola holds the lead from pole on the first lap, with a good push from Petty team-mate Marcos Ambrose.

Greg Biffle shot around the outside at the first corner but lost momentum. Now it's Jeff Burton in the middle lane trying to inch in front of Almirola.

Sun 18:27 NASCAR - Talladega: Yellow already on lap three. Backmarker Tony Raines' Chevrolet is pouring smoke out.

Sun 18:31 NASCAR - Talladega: Quite a few mid-pack cars are popping in for fuel top-ups and adjustments, among them Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kyle Busch, and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Expect to see a fair few big names hang back in the first part of the race to let things settle and stay out of trouble before moving forward when it really, really matters.

Out on track, the oil trail from Raines's blown engine is still being cleared.

Sun 18:36 NASCAR - Talladega: The very thorough track workers have laid quick-dry right into the paddock/garage area...

Sun 18:39 NASCAR - Talladega: Back to green on lap eight. Burton moves in front this time as the midfield goes four-wide.

Sun 18:41 NASCAR - Talladega: The Petty cars have slipped back into the top 10 pack as first Burton, then Matt Kenseth lead.

It was Brad Keselowski giving Burton a handy shove, before Kenseth hooked up with Kurt Busch and surged clearly ahead.

And JJ Yeley is up to sixth for Tommy Baldwin Racing!

Remember the last Talladega Cup race ended with David Ragan and David Gilliland in a Front Row one-two. This is a race where midfielders can put themselves in the right place at the right time.

Sun 18:44 NASCAR - Talladega: Up front, two parallel lines are forming, each with a Roush Fenway car at the head of them as Kenseth and Greg Biffle alternate in the lead.

Sun 18:47 NASCAR - Talladega: Now it's Joey Logano's turn to lead. Biffle and Kenseth are in line on the inside, while Logano - with Austin Dillon and Brad Keselowski behind him - inches in front from the middle lane.

Sun 18:51 NASCAR - Talladega: We currently have 40 cars within 4.6s... and then a three-second gap to Kasey Kahne, who has lost the draft and is looking lonely.

Sun 18:54 NASCAR - Talladega: Kenseth is back in the lead and lapping Joe Nemechek.

Sun 18:57 NASCAR - Talladega: A few team updates via Twitter, Earnhardt Ganassi reports that Montoya reckons his Chevrolet has "a bit of a wiggle", Wood Brothers says Trevor Bayne is finding mid-pack "too crazy" and has dropped back, and Petty says poleman Aric Almirola's slide outside the top 20 is because he got caught behind people doing what Bayne's doing.

Meanwhile Jeff Gordon is advised by Hendrick to "think about starting to slice through"as the racing calms a bit up front.

Sun 18:59 NASCAR - Talladega: The top dozen, led by Kenseth and Logano, have slotted into single file and made a slight break from those behind.

Sun 19:04 NASCAR - Talladega: Green flag pitstops are beginning.

Sun 19:08 NASCAR - Talladega: Smooth stops for most except Kyle Busch, who managed to miss his pitbox while side by side with Jamie McMurray and has to come in again.

Around 80 per cent of the radio conversation Busch is now having with his crew is swearing.

Sun 19:08 NASCAR - Talladega: Pitlane speeding penalty for Brad Keselowski. That's likely to drop him out of the drafting pack. Bad news.

Sun 19:11 NASCAR - Talladega: Those stops shuffled things pretty throughly, it's now Earnhardt leading Ambrose, Biffle and Johnson.

Sun 19:13 NASCAR - Talladega: Johnson inches to the front.

Further back, Bobby Labonte sped in the pitlane while serving a pitlane speeding penalty.

Sun 19:14 NASCAR - Talladega: Gordon was the last frontrunner to pit and jumped everyone to lead, but was then passed by basically everyone as they came upon him while he was still building up pace. He told his crew he'd rather drop back again at this stage anyway.

Sun 19:17 NASCAR - Talladega: Earnhardt, Johnson and Kenseth are swapping the line. The latter two might be the title combatants, but it's Earnhardt who's getting the cheers every time his car edges ahead.

Sun 19:21 NASCAR - Talladega: Ouch. Last week's winner Brad Keselowski is being lapped. That pitlane speeding penalty dropped him away from the pack and when you're not drafting at Talladega, you're going nowhere.

Sun 19:24 NASCAR - Talladega: Now it's Kyle Busch getting nervous as the pack bears down on him. But Keselowski will be wanting a yellow now while he stands to get the 'lucky dog' bonus. Once Busch is a lap down too he'll have to battle to be top dog among the lapped cars, whereas right now he's set for a lifeline as soon as there's a yellow.

Sun 19:26 NASCAR - Talladega: As the leaders lap Busch, his team-mate Denny Hamlin dives down to join him to try to ensure he stays in the lead group and ahead of rival lucky dog aspirant Keselowski.

Lead order now Kenseth, Johnson, Menard, Hamlin, Earnhardt.

Sun 19:29 NASCAR - Talladega: Kenseth now drops back into the crowd as Johnson moves into the lead on lap 69.

Sun 19:34 NASCAR - Talladega: Apparently it's a bit unruly down around 24th place, where Jeff Gordon says those around him are "playing bumper cars".

Sun 19:35 NASCAR - Talladega: First crash, relatively mild. Ambrose gets into a spin, Montoya collects him, both continue. We have a yellow.

Sun 19:36 NASCAR - Talladega: Ambrose lost it by himself as he tried to move up into the top lane and spun down into Montoya. The Colombian came off worse for damage there and has parked on track.

Sun 19:37 NASCAR - Talladega: Montoya is circling his car to see how broken it is. Pretty thoroughly.

Sun 19:40 NASCAR - Talladega: Leaders dive for the pits and it's Johnson out first, followed by Kenseth and Earnhardt.

Sun 19:48 NASCAR - Talladega: Back to green on lap 84 and Kenseth hits the front for half a lap before Johnson reclaims it.

Great run there from Dillon too, he jumps to third but then gets a slide and tumbles back.

Kenseth is now down to fourth behind Earnhardt and Logano.

Sun 19:49 NASCAR - Talladega: Ah, that slide from Dillon came courtesy of a rearward thump from Menard. He caught that well.

Sun 19:56 NASCAR - Talladega: As we reach the halfway point on lap 94, Clint Bowyer gets some momentum down the inside and surges from nowhere to first.

Johnson, Earnhadt, Almirola, Logano, Kurt Busch, Trevor Bayne, Kenseth complete the top eight.

Sun 20:03 NASCAR - Talladega: Jeff Gordon tells his team his Hendrick Chevy's water pressure gauge is flashing, but he just plans to ignore it as temperatures look good.

Sun 20:04 NASCAR - Talladega: Now it's back to Johnson and Earnhardt swapping the lead, while Kenseth has lost pace on this stint and is down in 26th.

Sun 20:07 NASCAR - Talladega: Ricky Stenhouse Jr has been around the top 10 a lot today and now he's getting between the leading Hendrick duo.

Sun 20:12 NASCAR - Talladega: Johnson is leading Stenhouse, while Keselowski and Kahne are right in the middle of the front pack just behind the leaders, but are a lap down and are dicing for lucky dog chances.

Sun 20:16 NASCAR - Talladega: David Reutimann's BK Toyota slows, but no yellow required as it pulls off.

Sun 20:17 NASCAR - Talladega: The third round of pitstops are beginning on lap 121, with leader Johnson in first.

Sun 20:21 NASCAR - Talladega: Pitlane speeding penalty for Kahne, just to underline that he is having a rubbish day.

Sun 20:25 NASCAR - Talladega: We had Almirola leading immediately after the pitstops, but he's now slipping back and it's Earnhardt up front again.

Pitting first didn't do Johnson many favours, but he's already regained several positions and is into the top six group once more.

Meanwhile Kenseth is ninth but very, very unhappy with his Roush Fenway Ford's handling.

Sun 20:26 NASCAR - Talladega: Johnson gets a run on the inside line and retakes the lead on lap 132 of 188.

Sun 20:32 NASCAR - Talladega: Is Keselowski bored with waiting for a lucky dog? He keeps unlapping himself and getting to the front of the lead pack. A caution would be a godsend for last year's champion and last week's race winner.

Sun 20:35 NASCAR - Talladega: Denny Hamlin slows with an apparent mechanical problem. His luck this year is abysmal.

No yellow it seems.

Sun 20:38 NASCAR - Talladega: Kyle Busch is now hassling Earnhardt for the lead. That shows how a lucky dog can turn a round around.

Sun 20:39 NASCAR - Talladega: Kyle Busch now bursts through to the lead, with Stenhouse and Earnhardt side by side for second.

Kyle BuschSun 20:41 NASCAR - Talladega: And just to make Busch's recovery drive even more impressive, this is how he ended yesterday's Truck race after a pivotal role in the massive last-lap crash.

Sun 20:45 NASCAR - Talladega: After deliberately staying out of the wild groups for the first portion of the race, Jeff Gordon is moving forwards. He's risen all the way to second behind team-mate Earnhardt.

Sun 20:50 NASCAR - Talladega: 28 laps to go and final pitstops imminent. Earnhardt leads Gordon and Johnson in an all-Hendrick top three.

Sun 20:51 NASCAR - Talladega: Danica Patrick picks up a pitlane speeding penalty after spending plenty of the race in the top 10.

Sun 20:54 NASCAR - Talladega: Here we go then, final stops done, 23 laps left and it's Kyle Busch, Biffle, Gordon, Edwards, McMurray, Bowyer, Blaney, Johnson, Dillon and Newman forming the top 10.

Sun 20:58 NASCAR - Talladega: Into the final 18 laps and after a quiet race Carl Edwards is side by side for the lead with Kyle Busch.

Sun 21:01 NASCAR - Talladega: It's getting very intense... with 14 laps to Jamie McMurray and Stenhouse shoot around the outside into first and second.

Sun 21:03 NASCAR - Talladega: Can we please have this four-abreast unpredictable racing to the finish without a massive shunt?

Sun 21:05 NASCAR - Talladega: McMurray has hung on for six laps in the lead now, with nine to go.

Sun 21:06 NASCAR - Talladega: Remember Front Row's shock one-two here five months ago? David Ragan and David Gilliland have just appeared in the top eight!

Sun 21:07 NASCAR - Talladega: Seven laps left and the leaders are in single file but very, very, very close.

Sun 21:10 NASCAR - Talladega: The drivers who have dropped to the inside trying to form a second group to get drafting momentum aren't succeeding yet. Three laps left!

Sun 21:11 NASCAR - Talladega: Onto the final lap, McMurray leading Earnhardt and Dillon.

Sun 21:12 NASCAR - Talladega: Dillon gets spun and goes up in the air as Casey Mears hits him.

Sun 21:13 NASCAR - Talladega: Yellow comes out and McMurray wins from Earnhardt, Menard, Kyle Busch and Stenhouse.

Sun 21:14 NASCAR - Talladega: Johnson is 13th, Kenseth 20th, so Johnson now has a four-point championship lead.

Sun 21:15 NASCAR - Talladega: That was a nasty hit between Dillon and Mears but seems both are OK. Replays suggest Dillon spun by himself in front of Stenhouse, slid back towards the pack and was hit hard by Mears.

Sun 21:38 That's it for AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live's coverage of what was a surprisingly tame race (for Talladega), with a pleasing lack of wild carnage.

We will leave you with the race report, and a reminder to join us again on Friday evening for the starting night stages of Rally Spain. See you then, and goodnight.

McMurray takes first Sprint Cup win in three years

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