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As it happened: Friday practice one
By Geoff Creighton and Scott Mitchell
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
04:25 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live as we begin coverage of the 2013 Indian Grand Prix from the Buddh circuit near New Delhi.

Champion-elect Sebastian Vettel needs just a fifth-place finish this weekend to secure his fourth world title and few would bet against the runaway title leader on a circuit where he has never been beaten.

Practice begins in five minutes, with the traditional slow start to proceedings expected on a dusty and under-used circuit.

04:26 Here's how the standings look heading into this potential title decider:
World Championship standings, round 15:                 
Drivers:                    Constructors:              
 1.  Vettel        297        1.  Red Bull-Renault          445 
 2.  Alonso        207        2.  Ferrari                   297 
 3.  Raikkonen     177        3.  Mercedes                  287 
 4.  Hamilton      161        4.  Lotus-Renault             264 
 5.  Webber        148        5.  McLaren-Mercedes           83 
 6.  Rosberg       126        6.  Force India-Mercedes       62 
 7.  Massa          90        7.  Sauber-Ferrari             45 
 8.  Grosjean       87        8.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari         31
04:27 It's a fine day to the south of New Delhi, with little of concern from the dry and sunny weekend forecast.

Temperatures are expected to push towards 30 Celsius, giving ideal conditions for the first day of practice.

04:28 Pirelli's medium and soft tyres are on offer this weekend, with the selection suiting the smooth and flowing nature of this modern circuit.

"For the last two years running we've actually gone for the hard and soft compounds," says Pirelli's Paul Hembery. "Which might have been slightly on the conservative side, so this year we've gone for a softer and slightly more aggressive choice."

04:30 GP2 race winner and Force India reserve driver James Calado is stepping in for Paul di Resta in this morning's session. The Scot is unwell.

0 min: Pits are open in India

2 min: The Williams of Valtteri Bottas is the first car on track. Team-mate Pastor Maldonado is quick to join him.

2 min: Chilton joins the Williams pair on track for the opening minutes.

3 min: Maldonado returns into the pits after his installation lap.

3 min: Conditions are a little hazy around the circuit, with little interest in early running from the teams so far.

3 min: Raikkonen drives out of the pits in his Lotus and begins work checking over his machine.

4 min: Jean-Eric Vergne brings his Toro Rosso out onto the circuit.

4 min: Alonso, Bianchi, Button, Pic and Massa take to the circuit for installation efforts.

5 min: Nicos Hulkenberg and Rosberg are on track for Sauber and Mercedes respectively.

6 min: As is the Buddh circuit's dominant driver - and Red Bull's triple champion - Sebastian Vettel.

7 min: Van der Garde and Grosjean are on the installation tour, with many drivers now back in the pits for car checks.

7 min: Vergne had continued for a second lap, but he'll not set the session's first time as he peels into the pits.

7 min: Lewis Hamilton briefly makes it two Mercedes cars on circuit.

8 min: But Rosberg is back in after his sighting lap, as is Hulkenberg.

8 min: Calado joins the fun in his Force India, as does team-mate Adrian Sutil.

8 min: Raikkonen seems confident his Lotus is ready for action as he begins a third lap of the morning.

9 min: A second lap for Vettel as he opts not to pit immediately - though further behind, Hamilton does.

10 min: Webber makes it two Red Bulls on track, Calado starts a second lap and Sutil pits.

11 min: It's straight through the pits for Sutil, who goes for a second recon lap.

11 min: Webber is back in the garage, and his sighting lap means the only car we've yet to see is Ricciardo's Toro Rosso.

12 min: Sutil is now the only driver on track.

13 min: And now the German duly brings his Force India back into the pits.

14 min: It seems the cause of Ricciardo's delayed start to the session may be a frantic gearbox change.

17 min: This is very much an interlude before cars emerge once more from the garages. Hopefully, the wait will not be too long.

21 min: As ever, only a single set of the harder tyres per driver this morning, with outfits keen to see the track cleaned up before heading out.

23 min: Perez breaks the silence as he drives out of the McLaren garage.

25 min: Medium compound for Perez of course and he's away on a lap against the clock.

27 min: Perez is warned to avoid high-speed graining of his tyres for the morning as he continues around the lap.

27 min: It's a 1m30.953s for Perez to start the timesheet today.

28 min: Almost half an hour of the session gone and finally a time on the board as Perez continues on his initial run.

28 min: The other drivers are not exactly clambering over one another to join Perez on a flying lap.

28 min: 1m29.324s for Perez second time around.

30 min: Radio at McLaren cautions Perez on his demands on the front left tyre already.

31 min: Perez chalks up his fourth tour of the run but the pace has faded to a 1m31.236s.

32 min: There's movement in the Williams garage - but only as the team fiddles with the front wing. No other runners yet.

33 min: Perez raises the bar to 1m28.207s as he continues his solo track cleaning efforts.

35 min: Alonso is comfortable in his chair at the back of the Ferrari garage, with his helmet design here celebrating the all-time points record.

35 min: Might we see Pastor Maldonao soon? We will. He rolls his Williams out of the garage.

35 min: Meanwhile, Perez is back to the attention of the McLaren mechanics in the garage.

35 min: And Ricciardo also emerges for the first time in the session.

36 min: Bottas has brought the second Williams into play as well.

37 min: Pic and van der Garde are also on circuit now.

37 min: Lewis Hamilton isn't going anywhere swiftly. He's surveying his Mercedes with brother Nicolas.

38 min: Bottas, Maldonado and Ricciardi have (hopefully) begun their flying laps.

38 min: Bottas sets a time, and goes second. 1m30.838s.

39 min: Ricciardo slots into third on 1m33.999s, before Maldonado bumps him down with a 1m31.180s.

39 min: Ricciardo's team-mate Vergne is on track as well. It's getting busier.

40 min: And Vergne duly pops up into third, splitting the two Williams. 1m31.045s for the Frenchman.

40 min: Ricciardo improves next time round and gets ahead of everyone bar Perez. He's now second on a 1m30.675s.

41 min: A slower second flier for either Williams but they are quickly back on it now.

41 min: Button joins the order in third fastest as he beings work in the McLaren.

42 min: Vergne takes second from his team-mate with a 1m30.079s, but is bumped down by Bottas and Maldonado.

42 min: The Williams were back on it indeed. Bottas, quickest of anyone in the middle sector, set a 1m28.893s, Maldonado a 1m29.216s.

43 min: Ricciardo is back into the pits after that brief run.

43 min: Rosberg joins in now in his Mercedes.

43 min: Replays show Maldonado pushing a little too hard and locking up the right front.

45 min: Rapid lap from Bottas, but he falls 0.226s short of Perez's benchmark.

45 min: Still, the Finn's 1m28.433s is a good chunk of time (0.7s) quicker than his team-mate's latest effort.

46 min: Hamilton makes it two Mercedes on circuit, as Rosberg slots in at the foot of the times on a 1m33.414s.

46 min: Button tops the order with a new best of 1m27.995s.

47 min: After that effort, Bottas brings his Williams into the pits. Calado goes the other way for Force India.

48 min: Hamilton's first flying lap of the weekend, 1m30.109s, puts him seventh.

48 min: Massa is now on track in his Ferrari.

48 min: Vergne's improved his time. He's fourth, and his best effort is now a 1m28.498s after that run puts him half a second shy of Button.

49 min: Bit of a mistake from Massa on that outlap, spotted by marshals off circuit at Turn 14.

49 min: That's more like it from Rosberg. After a couple of exploratory laps, he goes to the top on a 1m27.937s.

50 min: That takes the shine of Hamilton's improvement, the Brit having just gone fifth (now sixth) on a 1m28.556s.

50 min: Calado props up the timesheet (for those with a time anyway), with a 1m31.597s.

51 min: Having gone quickest, Rosberg then has a bit of a wobble. He's continued.

51 min: Webber and Sutil are now on track.

51 min: Calado improves to a 1m30.248s and is now 13th.

52 min: Vettel's ninth after his initial flier puts him 1m29.251s.

52 min: Rosberg, though, is flying. That wobble has not deterred him, and this will be a new fastest lap.

52 min: 1m27.217s for Rosberg. Purple in all three sectors. Good effort.

54 min: Rosberg reports the car is twitchy and suffering oversteer at high speeds. We saw that for ourselves!

54 min: Webber's first flying lap of the weekend is good enough for 10th. It's a 1m28.803s for the Aussie.

54 min: Alonso clocks the fourth fastest time as he finally gets his morning underway.

55 min: As Webber goes 10th, his team-mate goes purple in the second sector...and now Vettel is atop the times. 1m27.196s.

56 min: But Rosberg, irked by being beaten by 0.021s by Vettel, is now purple in sectors one and two and reclaims top spot on a 1m26.899s.

56 min: Webber's brought the second Red Bull nearer the top, fourth with a 1m27.872s.

57 min: Alonso is cruising in his Ferrari and appears to have a gearbox drama.

57 min: 21 of 22 drivers have set a time, Ricciardo is currently slowest on a 1m30.675s.

57 min: Frantic radio action down at Ferrari and Alonso is heading back to the attention of the crew.

58 min: Incidentally, that lap from Rosberg (who has since backed off) was his 10th of the session. He's FP1's busiest driver on 11.

58 min: Meanwhile in the other Ferrari, Massa is up to third fastest.

58 min: Vettel's not backing off for long, and responds after a slower lap with a new fastest time of 1m26.683s.

59 min: Ricciardo hauls himself up from the foot of the times with a 1m29.268s to go 15th.

59 min: Also back on track is the Williams duo. Bottas' early effort has him 10th at the moment, nice work from the Finn.

60 min: Replays show that gearbox strife for Alonso kicked off with his acceleration out of a slow corner, with the drive failing going up the gears

60 min: Alonso is now back in the Ferrari garage.

61 min: After that back-and-forth for FP1 honours, both Vettel and Rosberg are now back in the pits with just under half an hour to run.

62 min: Sutil's quietly worked his way up to 11th, the Force India driver's latest lap a 1m28.468s.

62 min: Grosjean takes over third fastest as he completes his ninth tour of the morning.

62 min: Ricciardo meanwhile has improved to 14th on a 1m28.600s.

63 min: Perez is back on circuit after a break following his track-cleaning exploits in the early stages.

63 min: A host of drivers have returned to the pits but the Williams and Toro Rosso pairs are among those remaining on circuit.

64 min: Both Force Indias are now settled down in the garage. Sutil's 11th; Calado 18th.

65 min: Perez clocks sixth fastest, pipping team-mate Button.

66 min: Maldonado improves to nip ahead of team-mate Bottas, but then - Bottas goes sxith! 1m27.800s for the impressive rookie.

67 min: Oh, that's not good. Maldonado spins at what looks like the Turn 13/14 chicane.

67 min: The Williams driver continues. He actually lost it at the Turn 6/7 chicane.

68 min: Perez continues to shave his best, now a 1m27.416s, in sixth.

70 min: With 20 minutes remaining, it's worth nothing Vettel's best - 1m26.683s - is a second quicker than his session-topping pace a year ago.

73 min: As Calado runs wide and complains about his car's handling, Vettel and Rosberg are back on track. Is an end of session battle looming?

73 min: Hamilton's improved down in 14th, a 1m28.502s. His team-mate in P2 winds up for another flier.

74 min: Vergne gets ahead of the now pit-bound Alonso, a 1m28.035s for the Toro Rosso driver.

75 min: Vettel leads the times with 15 minutes remaining, two-tenths quicker than Rosberg. Grosjean is third fastest from Webber and Button.

76 min: Meanwhile at Ferrari, that gearbox issue looks terminal for Alonso and his car is being taken apart for a change of rear end.

76 min: A long run to end the session for Vettel - Rocky's on the radio to tell him its 10 timed laps for the German.

76 min: Meanwhile Hamilton's early issues continue as he locks up at Turn 1, runs wide and skates over the gravel and the grass before continuing.

77 min: Then Rosberg hops over one of the Buddh circuit's sausage kerbs. Hairy for the two Mercs.

77 min: Good news di Resta fans: He's feeling a lot better, and confirms he's back for FP2.

78 min: Typical lack of improvement in these closing stages of first practice, with the sole set of harder tyres per driver being well used.

81 min: One driver threatening to improve is Hamilton, but given he's almost two seconds slower than his team-mate, that's to be expected.

81 min: And Hamilton does improve: to eighth. 1m27.774s for the Brit.

82 min: And another British improvement: 1m29.197s for James Calado. He's ploughed on despite not being satisfied with his car's handling.

83 min: Plenty of cars on track at the moment though, with teams taking this opportunity to get a read on the medium compound's degradation.

85 min: Big improvement for Mark Webber who jumps up to second on a 1m28.871s. It's a one-two for Red Bull.

85 min: Calado has a big spin, but continues. He dropped it in some style at Turn 15 after running wide exiting the previous corner.

86 min: Nice late improvement from Hamilton as well, who has now worked his way up to fifth on 1m27.227s.

90 min: Flag out on first practice at Buddh.

06:00 Vettel starts the weekend as he often ends it, on top of the order at the end of first practice.

06:01 Webber completes the opening session second fastest, with Rosberg two tenths down on the Red Bull pair in third.

06:01 It's fourth fastest for Grosjean this morning for Lotus, with Hamilton making a late improvement to fifth in the Mercedes.

06:01 Button and Perez complete the morning in sixth and seventh for McLaren, with Massa eighth in his Ferrari.

06:01 Not a great start to the weekend for Alonso though, with his Ferrari sidelined by a broken gearbox.

06:02 Join us for coverage of second practice from India at 08:25 GMT.

Session length: 90 minutes
Mist clearing High Temp: 26°C / 79°F
Track: Dry
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