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As it happened: The Indian Grand Prix
By Geoff Creighton, Charles Bradley and Scott Mitchell
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
09:00 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live's coverage of the 2013 Indian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel is looking to land his fourth consecutive Formula 1 drivers' title. He needs to finish in the top five to do so, and gave himself the best possible chance by topping qualifying.

Vettel flies to Indian Grand Prix pole

Mercedes duo Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will hope to challenge Vettel into Turn 1 from second and third on the grid. Vettel's Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber starts fourth - and his strategy makes him a serious factor in this race. More on that in a moment.

Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg are next up, ahead of the only man that can stop Vettel in the championship: Fernando Alonso.

The Ferrari driver has his work cut out starting eighth, but he is at least on the medium tyre - as are the McLarens of Sergio Perez and Jenson Button, who complete the top 10 on the grid.

09:01 The pitlane is now open for drivers to make reconnaissance laps to the grid.

09:03 Plenty drivers already heading out to get a look at the track conditions.

09:05 Hulkenberg pushes his Sauber on a set of soft tyres as he drives around to take up position on the grid.

09:06 Here's how the standings look, with Vettel on the brink of a fourth world title:
World Championship standings, round 15:                 
Drivers:                    Constructors:              
 1.  Vettel        297        1.  Red Bull-Renault          445 
 2.  Alonso        207        2.  Ferrari                   297 
 3.  Raikkonen     177        3.  Mercedes                  287 
 4.  Hamilton      161        4.  Lotus-Renault             264 
 5.  Webber        148        5.  McLaren-Mercedes           83 
 6.  Rosberg       126        6.  Force India-Mercedes       62 
 7.  Massa          90        7.  Sauber-Ferrari             45 
 8.  Grosjean       87        8.  Toro Rosso-Ferrari         31
09:08 It's another warm day to the south of New Dehli, with temperatures now up to 30 Celsius. There's no credible chance of rain, but a light industrial haze is limiting the sunshine somewhat.

09:10 Track temperature is up at 35 Celsius this afternoon.

09:12 Here's how the unchanged grid will line up today:
Pos Driver                Team
 1. Sebastian Vettel      Red Bull-Renault
 2. Nico Rosberg          Mercedes
 3. Lewis Hamilton        Mercedes
 4. Mark Webber           Red Bull-Renault
 5. Felipe Massa          Ferrari
 6. Kimi Raikkonen        Lotus-Renault
 7. Nico Hulkenberg       Sauber-Ferrari
 8. Fernando Alonso       Ferrari
 9. Sergio Perez          McLaren-Mercedes
10. Jenson Button         McLaren-Mercedes
11. Daniel Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari
12. Paul di Resta         Force India-Mercedes
13. Adrian Sutil          Force India-Mercedes
14. Jean-Eric Vergne      Toro Rosso-Ferrari
15. Valtteri Bottas       Williams-Renault
16. Esteban Gutierrez     Sauber-Ferrari
17. Romain Grosjean       Lotus-Renault
18. Pastor Maldonado      Williams-Renault
19. Jules Bianchi         Marussia-Cosworth
20. Giedo van der Garde   Caterham-Renault
21. Charles Pic           Caterham-Renault
22. Max Chilton           Marussia-Cosworth
09:14 Hamilton, helmet adorned, is milling around the front of his Mercedes. He's very focused.

09:15 The pits are now closed, 15 minutes before the formation lap, with all the cars now on the grid.

09:15 By contrast, Vettel is still doing media interviews with his race suit unzipped. He's in complete control of his own destiny.

09:17 The Indian national anthem is played as the atmosphere builds ahead of this potential title decider.

09:20 Pirelli has brought the medium and soft versions of its tyre to India and there are serious concerns over the durability of the latter. Looking after the delicate rubber will be crucial today.

That led to a split in strategy in qualifying, with six drivers opting for a better grid position and four qualifying on the slower tyre but in knowledge that they will be able to run a longer first stint.

It's the man in fourth who should be watched with keen interest. Mark Webber is the highest placed driver starting on the medium tyre, and is quietly confident of getting the job done if he can make hay in the early stages of the race.

For a frame of reference, check Friday practice: Red Bull struggled with blistering on the soft fronts in FP2, but its long run pace on the medium was ominous.

Mark Hughes' Friday form guide: It's Red Bull vs tyre graining

09:21 Drivers getting ready now as they get a final briefing from race engineers, with the interesting strategy picture adding complexity today.

09:23 Final tyre choice being bolted on to the cars now, with those outside the top 10 having a free choice of rubber - likely to go for mediums.

09:24 Red Bull's Christian Horner shares a laugh with Pirelli's Paul Hembery. Will it still be all smiles once the serious running starts on the softs?

09:25 Five minutes to the formation lap of the Indian Grand Prix.

09:27 Two DRS zones at this circuit, with wing opening opportunities down the pit straight and the long back straight into Turn 4.

09:29 The engines fire with a minute to the formation lap.

09:29 Webber is told: “Just remember which are the important cars on the first lap: Alonso and the McLarens.”

09:30 Green lights on the gantry and the cars head off for the formation tour.

09:30 Vettel heads off with the pack in tow, with all cars away from the grid without drama.

09:31 Hamilton reports his last practice start at the end of the pitlane “bogged down a bit”.

09:31 Through the twisting middle sector now as Vettel leads them back around to the grid.

09:32 Vettel tours in to the grid markings, making final checks on his clutch settings.

09:33 Cars forming up now and we await the lights...

Lap 1: The five red lights go out and we are racing in India

Lap 1: Vettel leads on to the back straight from a fast-starting Hamilton, but it has gone wrong already for Webber!

Lap 1: Contact at the back of the field at Turn 3, looks like Grosjean and Gutierrez. But it's very minor.

Lap 1: Massa challenges the Mercedes and blasts past both into second place. Great move!

Lap 1: Maldonado has made a stunning start, jumping five places to 13th.

Lap 1: Button has gone the other way, and is 14th.

Lap 2: Kimi says: “Got hit by Webber.” He’s told: “Looks OK at the moment.”

Lap 2: Vettel flashes past the pits for the first time with a big 2.4s margin over Massa.

Lap 2: Webber's dropped down to seventh as a result of that.

Lap 2: di Resta and Vergne pit - is that just to escape the soft tyre early?

Lap 2: Rosberg has slipped past Hamilton again on the opening lap to run third, with Hamilton fourth and Hulkenberg a strong fifth.

Lap 2: Button dives past Maldonado as van der Garde complains his suspension is broken and slams Max Chilton.

Lap 2: Raikkonen runs sixth after escaping early strife, with Webber invovled in early drama to run seventh.

Lap 3: Vettel is called to the pit box in a radically early stop.

Lap 3: Alonso pits from 10th as well, and gets a new front wing fitted.

Lap 3: Vettel is down and away on medium rubber after just two laps on the fragile softs.

Lap 3: Button has jumped ahead of Sutil after clearing Maldonado, he's ninth.

Lap 4: Massa leads for Ferrari now, and seems to have decent pace on soft tyres.

Lap 4: Rosberg is 1.2 seconds behind Massa and urged to pass the Ferrari.

Lap 4: Rosberg is told it’s “important to get past Massa.”

Lap 4: Vettel is 17th, di Resta 18th, Vergne 19th and Alonso 20th after those very early stops.

Lap 4: Replays of the start show a good launch for Hamilton, who was making a slight challenge on Vettel before falling into an initial second.

Lap 4: Alonso's hopes of utilising the medium tyre early take a big hit with that stop for a wing change.

Lap 5: That contact behind the leaders involving Webber, Alonso, Raikkonen and Button only really hurt the Ferrari man.

Lap 5: Grosjean's progress has been solid since that near miss on the opening lap. He's up to 11th, having just passed Maldonado.

Lap 5: Webber runs sixth on the road and in the lead of the medium-shod drivers.

Lap 5: Vettel has already dispatched with the two Marussias and is hot on Bottas' Williams for 14th.

Lap 5: Hamilton is told to “put his brake balance forward because his rears are too hot."

Lap 5: Ditto Raikkonen: “Rear calipers are very hot, move the brake balance forwards.”

Lap 6: Just seven seconds cover that many cars up front, with Webber and Perez keeping up with the soft-shod five.

Lap 6: Alonso reports: “I think I damaged something more in the car, the steering is heave in the right-hand corners.”

Lap 6: Hulkenberg now bails out of his soft rubber, taking mediums in the Sauber pit.

Lap 6: Massa is keeping up a 1m32s pace and shows no sign of pitting yet.

Lap 6: Bianchi is in early in his Marussia.

Lap 6: Alonso is reassured: “There maybe something strange on the wheel, but we think it’s OK.”

Lap 7: Webber is past Raikkonen now, putting him up to fourth on the road.

Lap 7: Hulkenberg rejoined 16th, ahead of di Resta and Vergne as you'd expect.

Lap 7: Chilton has a brake issue, and is asked if he can “manage it – it’s your call if you can’t.”

Lap 7: Button, who started on the hard rubber, is in for a short stint on softs. That's unlikely to be planned.

Lap 7: Perez now drives around the outside of Raikkonen to take over fifth place.

Lap 7: Vettel has jumped ahead of Bottas and, with the stops of other drivers, is up to 12th.

Lap 7: Raikkonen looks to be struggling for grip now on his softs, which are paying for the first seven laps on heavy tanks.

Lap 8: Button rejoined behind di Resta and Vergne, but ahead of Alonso.

Lap 8: Massa continues in the lead, heading Hamilton, while Rosberg pits.

Lap 8: Raikkonen makes the sensible choice of making a stop at Lotus.

Lap 8: Vettel up to 10th. Hulkenberg's quick on the medium tyre - that lap the fastest of anyone so far down in 13th.

Lap 8: Not a great stop there for Raikkonen, resuming just ahead of Button.

Lap 8: Button passes Vergne for 17th, and has Raikkonen in his sights after the Lotus driver's stop.

Lap 8: Leader Massa is called to the box by engineer Rob Smedley.

Lap 8: Button tries to force his way around the outside of Raikkonen but fails, and Vergne nips back ahead as a result. Nice work from the Frenchman.

Lap 9: Hulkenberg reports: “Balance is understeery and the downshifts don’t feel smooth.”

Lap 9: Medium tyres go on the Ferrari and he resumes. Hamilton has also been in for his tyre change.

Lap 9: Vettel is now ahead of those recent pit visitors and is up to sixth.

Lap 9: Leader Webber is told: “Press the reverse button once.”

Lap 9: Massa gets ahead of Bottas immediately, so is eighth. Rosberg and Hamilton occupy 10th and 11th.

Lap 10: Webber now leads for Red Bull with his strategy giving him a 14 second margin over team-mate Vettel at the moment.

Lap 10: Button has nailed Vergne for 15th but Raikkonen has bolted and is pressuring di Resta for 13th.

Lap 10: Webber sets the fastest lap at 1m31.828s as he builds a lead over fellow medium-shod starter Perez.

Lap 10: Vergne is now under pressure from the recovering Alonso for 16th.

Lap 10: Ricciardo is third on the road at the moment after also taking medium rubber from the off.

Lap 10: Maldonado's stop dropped him down the order to 19th, in between Chilton and Bianchi's Marussias.

Lap 10: Alonso sets up Vergne at Turn 4, and tries to cut back - but the Toro Rosso driver holds on.

Lap 10: Grosjean started down the order on a new set of softs and is currently fourth, but there won't be much more life in that rubber.

Lap 11: Vettel is told: “Remember you’re not racing the leaders anymore.”

Lap 11: Rosberg makes short work of Bottas for ninth.

Lap 11: Vettel finds the slowing Grosjean and quickly takes over fourth place.

Lap 11: Grosjean is asked if he wants an addition front flap change at his pitstop. He emphatically replies: “No!”

Lap 12: Hamilton is next to try to line up Bottas but the Finn responds to the gap being cut with a personal best second and third sector.

Lap 12: An easy pass for Vettel there, taking Grosjean on DRS into Turn 4.

Lap 12: Raikkonen has worked his way past di Resta and is up to 13th.

Lap 12: Vettel is in clear air now and immediately on it, setting the fastest lap and closing on future team-mate Ricciardo.

Lap 12: Now Alonso finally manages to pass Vergne and he claims 16th place as a result.

Lap 13: Having past Vergne, Alonso is rapidly onto the back of Button's Mclaren for 15th.

Lap 13: Button must have a problem - he dives into the pits.

Lap 13: Gutierrez, running seventh, is now under investigation for a jump start. Those messages rarely appear without subsequent punishment.

Lap 13: Vettel finds his next target, Ricciardo, and breezes by to take over third place.

Lap 13: Still Bottas is fighting off Hamilton to hold onto 10th, and Hulkenberg is starting to home in on that battle.

Lap 14: Vettel is now 13.8 seconds behind Webber on the road as he clocks the fastest lap once more.

Lap 14: Grosjean finally makes his stop after pushing the margins of the soft tyres. He resumes on medium rubber. Could he go to the flag from there?

Lap 14: Grosjean rejoins between Alonso and Vergne, in 15th.

Lap 14: Vettel is now closing on Perez, with just over five seconds between that pair.

Lap 15: Vettel is told: “Only one car between you and Mark, that’s Perez.”

Lap 15: Sutil is up to fifth place for the moment, ahead of Gutierrez and Massa. The Ferrari is giving the Sauber a chase, but not for long...

Lap 15: Drive through for Gutierrez, found guilty of jumping the start.

Lap 15: Hamilton finally makes it past Bottas and moves into ninth.

Lap 16: Rosberg wants his front flap "down 0.4" in the next pitstop.

Lap 16: Replays pick up Gutierrez creeping slightly just before the lights, before stopping again. A costly penalty though and will drop from sixth.

Lap 16: Button's stop dropped him to 19th. He's closing in on Chilton, yet to stop and leading the battle of the backmarkers.

Lap 16: Alonso is warned about Gutierrez's drive-through: "He may end up close to us."

Lap 16: Perez, running second, is 8.7s behind Webber and has Vettel rapidly closing.

Lap 16: 1m31s race pace from the Red Bull pair, with Vettel now 12.4 seconds behind Webber on the road.

Lap 17: Hulkenberg is now on the tail of Bottas for the final point-paying position of 10th. The Finn is one of few drivers yet to stop.

Lap 17: Gutierrez's drive-through drops him to 13th, fractionally ahead of Alonso.

Lap 18: Raikkonen closes in on the Bottas/Hulkenberg scrap and is within striking distance of the top 10.

Lap 18: Vettel is now just over a second behind Perez, who is warned of the incoming Red Bull.

Lap 18: With Gutierrez as an obstacle, Alonso has lost time on the Force India of di Resta he was catching for 12th.

Lap 19: Bianchi is told of the chasing Caterham behind him: “Pic did 34.4s on the last lap, that’s the target.”

Lap 19: Alonso gains 13th from Gutierrez, now his pursuit of di Resta can resume.

Lap 19: Vettel is instructed: “Default map 20, 2-0.”

Lap 20: Vettel, with tyres four laps fresher than Webber's Q3 set, is still edging closer to the leader. The gap is clocked at 12.3 seconds.

Lap 20: Or not, for Alonso. The Ferrari driver dived by at Turn 1, but Gutierrez reclaimed the place at Turn 4. Canny use of DRS.

Lap 20: Vettel is now right with Perez and the McLaren is not likely to be second for much longer.

Lap 20: Grosjean is handily placed to take advantage should this Gutierrez/Alonso scrap hold the latter up any longer.

Lap 21: Vettel's nose is planted up Perez's gearbox and this will surely happen on the back straight DRS.

Lap 21: Hamilton's not been able to make any inroads on Rosberg ahead. That gaps stationary at around 2.5s.

Lap 21: The McLaren is quick down the straight but Vettel eventually gets the DRS boost and takes over second place.

Lap 21: Just two cars currently circulate in the positions they started: di Resta in 12th and Pic in 21st.

Lap 21: That's a remarkable recovery from Vettel's lap two pitstop, now 11.7 seconds behind leader Webber.

Lap 22: Superb move from Alonso to muscle past Gutierrez on the run to Turn 5.

Lap 22: Rosberg is told: “We think these tyres have very little degradation on them. We also think Massa is very slow.”

Lap 22: Meanwhile, Rosberg is giving chase to Massa in the battle of those that did start on soft rubber. They are scrapping over sixth.

Lap 22: Bottas has held the gap back to Hulkenberg at over a second for a while now. The Sauber's mirrors are full of Raikkonen's Lotus.

Lap 22: Hulkenberg, down in P10 now, complains: “Mechanical balance is set wrong, the rear is too loose.”

Lap 23: Vettel tops the final two sectors as he takes a further two tenths out of the lead gap to Webber.

Lap 23: Raikkonen requests “one turn on the front wing” at the next stop.

Lap 23: Alonso has ditched Gutierrez since passing him. He has 2.5s to find to get on terms with di Resta.

Lap 23: Grosjean is now lining up Gutierrez for 14th.

Lap 23: Perez is now a strong third for McLaren, with Ricciardo fourth and Sutil fifth after opportunistic starts on the medium rubber.

Lap 24: Massa heads the early stoppers, Vettel excepted, chased closely by Rosberg and Hamilton.

Lap 24: Raikkonen is told he "needs to start cooling the cars on the straights where possible."

Lap 24: Rosberg has taken a look at Massa on the latest tour, but couldn't make it stick around Turn 4 and the order remains.

Lap 24: Now Hulkenberg starts to pressure Bottas for ninth, with Raikkonen still right under his rear wing.

Lap 25: Alonso, meanwhile, can't live with di Resta. The Scot is 3s clear and lapping in the same high 1m31s bracket as the Ferrari behind.

Lap 25: Hulkenberg and Raikkonen finally nail Bottas and the former is quick to tell his team he did not pass him off the track.

Lap 25: Vettel sets the fastest lap once again, but the gap to Webber up front is still 11.7 seconds.

Lap 26: Bottas locks up as Hulkenberg attacks around the outside at Turn 4, and Hulkenberg takes to the run-off to make the pass.

Lap 26: The question there will be should Hulkenberg have conceded the position, particularly as Raikkonen was so close as well.

Lap 26: Perez is already six second behind Vettel in third on the road, but he does have a solid margin over Ricciardo.

Lap 26: Grosjean is still bottled up behind Gutierrez in 15th, and has lost five seconds to Alonso now.

Lap 27: Both Mercedes right with Massa now but struggling to make progress past the Ferrari.

Lap 27: Blimey. Straight out of Bottas' dirty air, Hulkenberg sets the fastest non-Red Bull lap. Mighty.

Lap 27: Gutierrez and Vergne are the first to blink and make their second stops (excluding Button's bizarre early trip in to the pits).

Lap 27: Rosberg taking another look at Massa on DRS in that scrap over sixth but he still can't get it done.

Lap 28: That's a Mercedes in the pits and it is Rosberg. He takes another set of mediums and will be hoping to jump Massa with that call.

Lap 28: Grosjean, free from Gutierrez, nails the end of the lap and sets a personal best down in 14th.

Lap 28: Rosberg rejoins just in front of the Frenchman's Lotus.

Lap 28: Quite a hike to the flag still, but the medium tyre does look capable of running long today.

Lap 28: Leader Webber comes in for a switch to soft rubber.

Lap 29: Guttierez and Vergne rejoin behind Button, who is 16th.

Lap 29: Perez pits and matches Webber with the choice of soft rubber.

Lap 29: Raikkonen reports: “My tyres are in very good shape. But I can’t get past people.”

Lap 29: That pair will only get about 10 laps before falling into strife with those tyres, needing another set of mediums to make the flag.

Lap 29: Before Gutierrez pit, there was a very close moment between him and Grosjean. A bit of movement from the Sauber irritates the Lotus driver.

Lap 30: Perez has resumed in seventh on the road, behind Hamilton.

Lap 30: Grosjean complains about Gutierrez’s driving: “That’s not fair, come on!”

Lap 30: Vettel leads now and is 11.7 seconds ahead of team-mate Webber, who is now on fresh softs.

Lap 30: Rosberg is flying on fresh mediums. He goes quickest of anyone in the final sector and is closing fast on Bottas, di Resta and Alonso for 10th.

Lap 30: Still Chilton, down in 19th, leads the Marussia/Caterham battle but he's yet to stop and Bianchi's closing in.

Lap 31: Vettel is pushing now as Webber lights up the timing with a 1m29.500s on softs.

Lap 31: Now Chilton pits, and drops behind his team-mate.

Lap 31: Hamilton pits, as does Massa.

Lap 31: Vettel now gets his pit call for tyres to the flag.

Lap 31: Bottas, remarkably, continues to plough on as others pit for a second time and his speed is not unremarkable in eighth.

Lap 31: Massa and Hamilton rejoin in 11th and 12th.

Lap 32: Quick stop for Vettel there, with Webber taking over the lead again but needing a final stop.

Lap 32: Rosberg receives confirmation: “You’ve jumped Massa.”

Lap 32: Such is the Red Bull pace advantage, the pair have made that pit shuffle without involving the rest of the field.

Lap 32: Now Bottas pits, just as Rosberg closed to within a couple of seconds. Grosjean and Massa are ahead of Hamilton.

Lap 32: Ricciardo is up to third now but yet to stop after starting on mediums. Perez is a temporary fourth on soft tyres for now.

Lap 33: Alonso and Button have a brief but entertaining scrap for 13th. It's the Spaniard holding the initiative at the moment.

Lap 33: Webber pits to discard the softs.

Lap 33: Webber resumes and is behind Ricciardo on the road.

Lap 33: That's Webber's final stop and he now needs to clear the future holder of his Red Bull seat.

Lap 33: Fastest lap of the race from Alonso down in 13th - 1m29.459s. He's comfortably clear of di Resta.

Lap 33: Bottas suffers a very slow pitstop, which costs him a place to di Resta, who is told "qualifying laps to the end, Paul."

Lap 33: Hulkenberg and Bottas incident is under investigation from the stewards.

Lap 33: Hulkenberg, fourth, is under investigation for that track limits moment with Bottas earlier on.

Lap 34: Vettel clears the pitting Ricciardo and is now 12.3 seconds ahead of Webber on the road.

Lap 34: After setting the fastest lap, Vettel is reminded: “You need your tyres for the whole stint”

Lap 34: Ricciardo, Perez and Hulkenberg rejoin eighth, 10th and 11th. The Toro Rosso is ahead of Hamilton's Mercedes.

Lap 34: Sutil is still out there after 33 laps on his first set of tyres and runs third.

Lap 34: No further action on the Hulkenberg/Bottas incident. That was quick.

Lap 35: Raikkonen is up to fourth on the road but is 27 laps into the current stint on mediums and is probably going to need more rubber.

Lap 35: Gutierrez, down in P16, is told: “You’re much quicker than Bottas and di Resta, keep pushing.”

Lap 35: Ricciardo holds firm in eighth against Hamilton, who has Perez and Hulkenberg closing in.

Lap 36: Raikkonen is closing on Sutil at the moment, with the Force India man surely finding the limits of his starting rubber now.

Lap 36: Maldonado's been rather stealthy, he's 12th. Bottas rejoined 15th after that mammoth first stint.

Lap 36: Webber is told: “Vettel is plus-12. The next car behind we are racing is 20s behind you. Tyres will be OK until the end, but we can’t go crazy.”

Lap 36: Personal bests for di Resta, Bottas and Gutierrez who run nicely spaced out in 14th, 15th and 16th.

Lap 37: Button's since made a third trip to the pits, and has dropped to 18th.

Lap 37: Vettel leads by 13.4 seconds over Webber, with the latter showing little signs of a fight back for the moment.

Lap 37: Ricciardo, eighth, and Alonso, 13th, are getting the softs out of the way. Saying that, Alonso's in.

Lap 37: Vergne is admonished for his lack of pace: “We are not quick enough at the moment, we must go quicker.”

Lap 37: Raikkonen is on the move, however, using DRS to take third from Sutil into Turn 4.

Lap 38: Ricciardo is flying on the soft tyre - he's now hassling Massa for seventh.

Lap 38: Raikkonen is told: “Sutil has a stop to make. Your threat is Rosberg, who has completed his stops.”

Lap 38: Hamilton brought the gap to Ricciardo down to just over a second and pegged Perez behind at 1.5s.

Lap 38: Double retirement for Caterham - Pic is in the garage. A serious issue, it seems.

Lap 38: Bianchi is told: “Max is 18s ahead, he has to stop again and he has lots of blue flags.”

Lap 38: As their rivals wilt, Marussia plow on - and Bianchi pits. Chilton's back ahead now.

Lap 39: Grosjean is told: "No KERS out of Turn 4." He replies: "OK."

Lap 39: Ricciardo sheds his soft tyres and rejoins 14th, ahead of Alonso.

Lap 39: Sutil continues to put in late 1m31s pace despite still being on his first set of medium tyres. Could he go far enough to take softs to end?

Lap 39: Maldonado also pit for the second time, elevating Alonso to 15th.

Lap 39: Webber is told: “We are losing gearbox synch.”

Lap 40: Gearbox drama at Red Bull and Webber is out!

Lap 40: Disaster for Webber as he pulls over with a total failure of his car.

Lap 40: Webber walks away from the stricken Red Bull, handing second place on the road to Raikkonen.

Lap 41: Webber was told to stop the car by his engineer.

Lap 41: Raikkonen is 25 seconds behind runaway leader Vetttel on the road, with Rosberg a further 9.5s back in third place.

Lap 41: Hulkenberg's race is growing lonelier. He's 3s shy of Hamilton and Perez, who are closing on Massa, but 13s clear of di Resta.

Lap 41: Told of Webber's exit, Vettel says: “I’m aware, I’m aware.”

Lap 42: Raikkonen is likely to need more tyres to get to the end, so Rosberg could be on course for the podium if he can go the distance.

Lap 42: Sutil finally pits his Force India after a massive 42 laps. He takes softs, surely attempting to go to the end here.

Lap 42: Sutil rejoins ninth, ahead of team-mate di Resta.

Lap 42: Cars are much lighter now and there's a chance Sutil can nurse those tyres to the finish. He resumes ninth.

Lap 42: Vettel is told of his last stint: “The rears were quite worn, you need to be aware of that.”

Lap 42: The times are very, very close in the midfield fight. It is nip and tuck just outside of the top 10.

Lap 43: Massa now has Hamilton on his tail. That's a scrap for fifth at the moment but both Lotus cars may need another stop.

Lap 43: Alonso's mired in 14th, with Ricciardo 4.5s ahead of him. He's rallying, though, and was quickest of anyone that time around.

Lap 44: The fight for 10th is on: di Resta, Bottas, Gutierrez and Ricciardo are mighty close to one another.

Lap 44: Sutil is also only a fraction ahead of that group and lapping unspectacularly on the soft tyre.

Lap 44: Webber's Red Bull is craned away as the man himself returns to the paddock. He was told on the radio that the alternator had failed.

Lap 45: Sutil loses a place to team-mate di Resta, who is lapping very quickly and fastest of anyone in sector one.

Lap 45: Di Resta was told: "Use the overtake button, Adrian will be given the message."

Lap 45: Still decent pace from both of the Lotus drivers, who have used softs already so could theoretically go the distance.

Lap 45: Gutierez passes Bottas for 11th at Turn 4.

Lap 46: Now Alonso is about to latch onto the back of this epic fight for 10th, with di Resta having broken clear in ninth.

Lap 47: No further action on that earlier look by the stewards at that incident involving Grosjean and Gutierrez.

Lap 47: Meanwhile, Hamilton continues to harry Massa, with the pair now closing on Grosjean.

Lap 47: 1.8s covers that group, headed by Sutil. He is struggling, and as a result they are the slowest cars on the circuit now.

Lap 47: Raikkonen is told: "Try and save fuel if you can without losing too much pace." Good luck with that!

Lap 48: Raikkonen is now 40 laps into his stint on medium tyres.

Lap 48: Gutierrez aborts his efforts to pass Sutil, and pits. He rejoins 17th, behind Button and Vergne.

Lap 48: All change for 11th. Ricciardo dives by Bottas, who then loses out to an opportunistic Alonso.

Lap 48: Rosberg is closing on Raikkonen and looks like the man to back for best-of-the-rest on the podium.

Lap 49: Maldonado has closed to a second behind team-mate Bottas after that battle.

Lap 49: Rosberg sets the fastest lap as he eyes taking second from Raikkonen.

Lap 50: Perez and Hulkenberg are setting near-identical laptimes and don't look like making any immediate progress from seventh and eighth.

Lap 50: In the final points position, Sutil is told: "Ricciardo and Alonso are catching."

Lap 50: 10 laps to go for Raikkonen, surely he might as well try to get there on his current 42-lap old rubber.

Lap 50: Sutil responds to that pressure with a personal best.

Lap 50: Gutierrez in 16th sets the fastest lap of the race!

Lap 51: Bottas stops, and is now down in 17th.

Lap 52: Rosberg is on the tail of Raikkonen and this is going to be easy... Mercedes takes the tyre-short Lotus on DRS.

Lap 52: Vettel is told: “Stop using the drinks bottle, please.”

Lap 52: Raikkonen falls to third, but is over eight seconds ahead of Grosjean. He could be facing the cliff on that rubber though.

Lap 53: Grosjean is also on a one-stop plan and has 39 laps on the rubber as well.

Lap 53: Alonso cannot get past Ricciardo, who is doing a fine job of holding onto 11th.

Lap 53: The Spaniard is throwing everything at his young rival, but the Toro Rosso remains ahead of the Ferrari.

Lap 53: Massa is still frustrating Hamilton, holding the Mercedes at bay down in fifth and sixth.

Lap 54: Vettel is admonished for his attempts at setting the fastest lap. He already has a huge lead and is on course for title glory.

Lap 54: Messy stop for Hulkenberg and he rejoins 14th. That's disappointing for the German, who had fought admirably.

Lap 55: That elevates the soft tyre-shod Sutil into ninth and Ricciardo into 10th. Can the latter deny Alonso a point?

Lap 55: Hamilton has problems of his own now with Perez on his case.

Lap 55: Five laps remain in the Indian Grand Prix.

Lap 55: Hulkenberg reports: “Brakes went or something. It’s the floor, the skids or something.”

Lap 55: Hulkenberg duly retires from the race.

Lap 56: Grosjean has caught and found Raikkonen. He tries - off track - and is forced to let his team-mate back past.

Lap 56: Raikkonen's tyres look shot now and surely Grosjean will make it past. He demands team orders...

Lap 56: Grosjean is let through and Massa right there, taking Raikkonen too.

Lap 57: Bit of fun there in the Lotus camp, with Grosjean now third as Massa gives chase.

Lap 57: Sutil finds some pace from somewhere, 14 laps into this soft tyre sint. He's edged clear in the battle for ninth.

Lap 57: Hamilton is struggling with his rubber now and has Perez all over his case in the fight for fifth.

Lap 57: Hamilton is right with Raikkonen now and the cliff tumble for the Lotus is about to continue.

Lap 57: Hamilton gets DRS to take Raikkonen but also has to battle Perez.

Lap 58: Perez swoops wide and takes them both. That put his McLaren up to fith, with Hamilton sixth and Raikkonen seventh.

Lap 58: It would be remarkable if di Resta would pass Raikkonen - the Scot is 25s in arrears.

Lap 58: Raikkonen is forced into a late pitstop.

Lap 58: Grosjean is told: “Short-shift everywhere, we really need to short-shift!”

Lap 58: In fact, di Resta might well take the place - because Raikkonen now pits from seventh!

Lap 58: Vettel is a lap away from race and title victory.

Lap 59: Di Resta is told: "You're racing Kimi."

11:04 Bottas has caught Gutierrez for 15th.

Lap 59: Ricciardo still holds 10th, much to Alonso's annoyance. Half a second between the pair.

Lap 60: Raikkonen has two seconds on di Resta as he rejoins.

Lap 60: Vettel has a massive 28 second lead as he heads home.

11:04 Sebastian Vettel wins the Indian Grand Prix and is the 2013 Formula 1 world champion!

11:04 Another brilliant drive from the four-time champion, fighting back brilliantly to the front from a very early pitstop.

11:05 Rosberg scores a fine second place for Mercedes, aiding that outfit's scrap in the standings.

11:05 Grosjean holds on to a one-stop plan, taking the final podium place with a great drive from the back of the field.

11:05 Button reports: “Just missed a gear, went into a false neutral.” He’s told to pit.

11:06 Massa takes fourth with a good drive in his Ferrari, ahead of a fired-up Perez in fifth and Hamilton sixth.

11:06 Button does end the race in the pits - but it is 14th for the Brit.

11:06 Raikkonen ends the race with the fastest lap of the race in seventh, ahead of the Force Indias in the team's home race.

11:07 Red Bull also clinch the constructors' prize with that result, despite Webber's retirement.

11:07 Ricciardo does indeed fend off Alonso for the final point. Good race that from the Red Bull-bound Australian.

11:09 Remarkable scenes of celebration from Vettel as he donuts and then bows to the crowd.

11:09 He runs over to the stands now and launches his gloves into the stands.

11:10 Vettel is mobbed by photographers as he attempts to make his way to parc ferme.

11:10 Before his exit, Vettel said on the slowing-down lap: “Unbelieavable guys, we did it, yes, yes!”

11:10 Horner and Newey embrace their four-time world champion. A remarkable achievement from a driver still so young.

11:11 Marshals are now pushing Vettel's stranded car back to parc ferme.

11:15 The German national anthem rings out as Vettel stands atop the podium.

11:17 Vettel collects the winning trophy as he wraps up the 2013 title with three races remaining.

11:17 Technical genius Adrian Newey is on hand to celebrate for Red Bull as the outfit again claims constructors' glory.

11:17 Rosberg picks up his trophy for second place. That's a welcome return to form for the German.

11:18 Grosjean smiles as he lifts up the prize for a great third place.

11:19 As the champagne flows, it looks like Vettel's achievement is still very much sinking in.

11:19 Stick with AUTOSPORT for all the reaction to today's result, including our special Vettel title content, now live on

11:20 No boos this time for Vettel on the podium, it's all cheers - what a reception he has been given.

11:22 A superb drive to victory from Vettel, he has now won six races in a row. Next up: Abu Dhabi. Thanks for joining us, see you then.

Race length: 60 laps
Hazy High Temp: 30°C / 86°F
Track: Dry
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