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As it happened: Rally GB, Macau, NASCAR finale
By Matt Beer, Sam Tremayne, Marcus Simmons, Charles Bradley, David Evans, Scott Mitchell and Dan Cross
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Thu 18:43 Good evening and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live where we will be providing as-it-happens coverage of the World Rally Championship finale in Wales, the title-deciding NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Homestead and the main Formula 3 race in Macau this weekend.

Thu 18:46 WRC - Rally GB: We kick things off tonight in Snowdonia where the WRC action begins at 19:05 GMT with the first of three challenging night stages in Snowdonia - Gwydyr, Penmachno and Clocaenog - none of which has featured on the rally route for more than 15 years.

Rally GBThu 18:48 WRC - Rally GB: Yes, there’s been a number of changes to the event this year, not least it being shifted back to its more traditional place on the calendar after its September slot last year, but it has also moved from its long-term Cardiff home to a more northerly base at Deeside in Flintshire in the heart of North Wales.

Thu 18:49 WRC - Rally GB: The drivers have praised the changes to the Rally GB route following the recce for the final round of the season.

M-Sport driver Thierry Neuville spoke to AUTOSPORT soon after arriving back in Deeside following the second of two days of driving the new route.

“It’s very nice,” he said. “The roads are beautiful and in very nice condition and, in some places, very, very fast. I like it a lot.”

Neuville also praised the initiative with the new service park.

“It’s good to see that the organisers are doing things to try and bring more spectators to this rally,” he said, “and the service looks nice.”

BeefyThu 18:51 WRC - Rally GB: Oh, and more Neuville news, albeit from the other side of his Ford Fiesta, as his co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul has won the coveted Michael Park ‘Beef’ Trophy.

Gilsoul received the award from world champion co-driver Robert Reid this evening. The Belgian has finished on the podium six times this season in only his and Neuville’s second full year in the world championship.

After receiving the award, Gilsoul said: “It’s an incredible honour to receive this trophy and really nice after the season I have had – and am having – with Thierry. I want to thank the people for voting for me.”

Thu 18:53 WRC - Rally GB: While this year’s titles may have already been decided, Rally GB still looks set to be a thrilling climax to the 2013 championship as the drivers blast through the legendary Welsh forests.

One battle worth keeping an eye on is the one for second place which remains up for grabs as Thierry Neuville - who is Hyundai-bound for 2014 - is the only man able to stop Jari-Matti Latvala from making Volkwagen’s debut season perfect.

Thu 18:55 WRC - Raly GB: Neuville currently has a 14-point advantage over the Finn, but Latvala hasn’t been beaten on the Welsh event since 2010 and starts his 12th Rally GB as the most experienced.

World Rally Championship standings after 12 of 13 rounds:

1 Sebastien Ogier 265
2 Thierry Neuville 158
3 Jari-Matti Latvala 144
4 Mikko Hirvonen 126
5 Dani Sordo 117
6 Mads Ostberg 89

(25 for a win, 3 for powerstage win)

arrow Full season statistics on available on Forix

Thu 18:57 WRC - Rally GB: Another Finn looking for a good result this weekend is Mikko Hirvonen who is staring down the barrel of his first winless season since 2005.

Problem is, both he and team-mate Dani Sordo were unable to test for Rally GB after the last round in Spain and he hasn’t driven the DS3 WRC in muddy conditions since Argentina back in early May.

Still, with Neuville off to Hyundai, there’s a seat now available with the M-Sport Ford outfit and we’d bet our houses on Hirvonen announcing his return very soon.

arrowMikko Hirvonen set for M-Sport return for 2014 WRC season

Thu 18:59 WRC - Rally GB: And who’ll take Hirvonen’s place at Citroen if he does jump ship? Well Robert Kubica is stepping up from WRC2 to compete in a factory Citroen DS3 WRC for the first time this weekend, so…

We’re just guessing really. But what we do know is that Rally GB will be the toughest test yet for the former Formula 1 driver, who is without regular co-driver Maciek Baran, who assisted him to WRC2 glory this year.

He will be co-driven by Michele Ferrera instead and the notes will be read in Italian rather than Polish, which might prove a little tricky to grasp, even though Kubica speaks near fluent Italian after spending the formative years of his career in Italy.

arrowKubica admits co-driver change will hurt him during Rally GB

OgierThu 19:00 WRC - Rally GB: Sebastien Ogier won what is likely to be the WRC’s last qualifying stage by edging out Thierry Neuville by seven thousandths of a second earlier on today.

The Frenchman was fastest of all through the 3.11km Llandegla test and has elected to run second behind Volkswagen team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala this evening.

The running order for the frontrunners is as follows:

1 Latvala; 2 Ogier; 3 Neuville; 4 Novikov; 5 Ostberg; 6 Hirvonen; 7 Kubica; 8 Sordo; 9 Mikkelsen; 10 Prokop; 11 Solowow.

Thu 19:05 WRC - Rally GB: Tonight's first stage is Gwydyr, which makes its return since the Sixties. It's a 6.95km test that is characterised by fast flowing bends mixed with technical sections.

Thu 19:08 WRC - Rally GB: And we're underway here in Wales as both Latvala and team-mate Ogier are already making their way through the opening stage.

Thu 19:11 WRC - Rally GB: Latvala has set a benchmark time of 4m44.4s. He sounds downcast already, saying he reckons Ogier is likely to better that. We shall see...

Thu 19:13 WRC - Rally GB: Seems Latvala was right as Ogier sets a time of 4m43.1s - 1.3s quicker than his team-mate.

"Very slippery at the beginning," says this year's champion, "but otherwise, OK."

Thu 19:15 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville makes a decent start to his final event for M-Sport, having completed the stage in 4m44.7s.

"Yeah, I'm quite happy," says Neuville at the end. "The last part there was big stones and it was difficult to go fast through it."

Thu 19:18 WRC - Rally GB: Novikov also laments the slippery conditions at the start of the stage. The Russian's time is a rather slow 4m56.4s.

Thu 19:20 WRC - Rally GB: Ostberg's time is 4m51.7s, which is 7.0s off the ultimate pace.

"I have some problems with my gears, it was very hard to change gears," says Ostberg. "The stage wasn't too bad."

Thu 19:25 WRC - Rally GB: Kubica has completed his first top-tier WRC stage in 4m56.5s. He has described it as not being particularly easy.

"First time at night and the first time with the (Italian) pace notes," said the former F1 driver. "It was very slippery out there!"

Thu 19:28 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo faces an uphill struggle to score points this weekend. The Spaniard was hit with a five-minute time penalty after stewards discovered that his Citroen DS3 was built upon the team's ninth chassis of the season - the regulations only allow eight.

He's set a time of 4m56.5s in the first test - 13.4s slower than Ogier.

Thu 19:30 WRC - Rally GB: Great time set by Mikkelsen, who finishes Gwydyr just 5.3s behind Ogier.

Meanwhile, reports are filtering through that Solowow has momentarily stopped in the stage. He appears to be trundling to the finish now, however.

Thu 19:34 WRC - Rally GB - SS1 results:

1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +1.3s; 3 Neuville +1.6s; 4 Mikkelsen +5.3s; 5 Hirvonen +7.0s; 6 Ostberg +8.6s; 7 Novikov +13.3s; 8 Kubica +13.4s; 9 Sordo +13.4s; 10 Prokop +21.6s.

Thu 19:37 WRC - Rally GB: Solowow finally reaches the end suggests he took a trip through a ditch during the stage. Timings are a little bit in the air at the moment as a vital piece of equipment is currently on the fritz.

Hopefully it'll be fixed for the next stage - the 9.28km test through Penmachno - which gets underway very soon.

Thu 19:42 WRC - Rally GB: And Penmachno is live. It's a very fast stage with flowing bends and a tricky section over the mountain and along the bottom road to the finish.

We'd wager some drivers will be complaining about the pesky slippery conditions at the end of it, again...

Thu 19:45 WRC - Rally GB: Latvala's the first man through and has completed the stage in 5m19.8s.

Thu 19:49 WRC - Rally GB: And Ogier's beaten that with a time of 5m18.9s to increase his lead over Latvala to 2.2s.

Thu 19:50 WRC - Rally GB: Third place Neuville sets a time of 5m20.9s - 2.0s slower than Ogier.

Thu 19:53 WRC - Rally GB: Ostberg pops in a time of 5m26.1s. He's currently 1.6s behind Hirvonen in the overall classification in sixth, so we'll wait and see what the Finn can do.

Thu 19:55 WRC - Rally GB: And here is the man in question, whose 5m24.3s is 1.8s quicker than Ostberg's effort.

Thu 19:57 WRC - Rally GB: Ostberg is still being hampered by gear issues it seems.

"It was a good stage," says the Norwegian. "I'm still struggling with the gear changing, which is causing me to lose time."

Thu 20:01 WRC - Rally GB: Kubica's time at the end of Penmachno is 5m35.0s - 16.1s off Ogier's pace.

"It's going OK," says the Pole. "We're taking it very safe as everything is new. There's a lot of work to do, but hopefully we'll have a good rally."

Thu 20:05 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo has completed the stage slower than Citroen team-mate Kubica. The Spaniard's time is a rather slow 5m37.3s.

Gravel isn't his preferred surface of choice, but neither are ill-positioned lights.

"The lights are a little bit down and I can't see much of the road," says Sordo. "It's really tough as they go up and down all the time. The car is OK."

Thu 20:09 WRC - Rally GB - SS2 results:

Stage: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +0.9s; 3 Neuville +2.0s; 4 Hirvonen +5.4s; 5 Ostberg +7.2s; 6 Novikov +16.0s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +2.2s; 3 Neuville +3.6s; 4 Hirvonen +12.4s; 5 Ostberg +15.8s; 6 Mikkelsen +22.2s.

Ogier has increased his overall lead at the end of the second stage and the only noteable change in the order is Mikkelsen, who has dropped to sixth overall.

Thu 20:12 WRC - Rally GB: The third and final of tonight's stages is Clocaenog, which gets underway at 20:38 GMT.

It's not been used on Rally GB in its current configuration for many years and has a reputation for having a smooth road surface and fast flowing bends. It should be a bit of a corker.

Thu 20:28 WRC - Rally GB: Interesting news from the Formula 1 paddock this evening as Sebastian Vettel has hailed Kubica's achievements in the WRC this season.

The four-time world champion has shown a keen interest in rallying in the past, so who knows, we may also see him tackle a special stage in the not too distant future...

arrowSebastian Vettel hails Robert Kubica's WRC achievements

Thu 20:40 WRC - Rally GB: The last of tonight's stages has begun. Latvala is first to tackle the 7.52 kilometres of Clocaenog.

Thu 20:48 WRC - Rally GB: Ogier is already 3.5s up on Latvala at the first split and looks poised to extend his rally lead even further by the end of tonight.

Thu 20:49 WRC - Rally GB: Interestingly, Ogier has never won in Wales. His best result remains the 11th place he scored for Citroen in 2011 after crashing on the opening stage.

Thu 20:51 WRC - Rally GB: Times are coming in now and, as expected Ogier has beaten Latvala by 3.0s.

Thu 20:53 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville, however, has just set the quickest time with a 4m25.9s and has moved up to second overall - behind Ogier - in doing so.

Thu 20:58 WRC - Rally GB: Ostberg is still struggling with his gear woes, but even so, has set a respectable time of 4m35.2s.

Thu 21:03 WRC - Rally GB: Hirvonen's form appears to have returned as the Finn's set the fourth quickest time with a 4m30.1s.

Kubica's set a time 2.1s slower the his Citroen team-mate and has jumped Novikov in the overall standings, moving up to sixth.

Thu 21:06 WRC - Rally GB: Nine drivers through and Sordo's the slowest of the lot with a 4m35.3s. A pretty torrid day for the Spaniard who trails Ogier by 5m40.8s after incurring a five-minute penalty.

Thu 21:11 WRC - Rally GB - SS3 results:

Stage: 1 Neuville; 2 Ogier +0.4s; 3 Latvala +3.4s; 4 Hirvonen +4.2s; 5 Mikkelsen +6.0s; 6 Kubica 6.3s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +3.2s; 3 Latvala +5.2s; 4 Hirvonen +16.2s; 5 Ostberg +24.7s; 6 Mikkelsen +27.8s.

Kubica has moved up to seventh overall thanks to that respectable time in tonight's final stage.

Thu 21:26 WRC - Rally GB: And that, rally fans, is the end of tonight's Rally GB coverage. We'll be back tomorrow morning, ahead of the first test of the day, which is the classic Hafren stage at 09:37 GMT.

In the meantime, here's how Ogier came to lead Rally GB after day one:

arrowSebastien Ogier holds narrow lead over Thierry Neuville

Fri 09:42 WRC - Rally GB: Welcome back to Wales for the first full day of the 2013 World Rally Championship finale.

We've got three classic Welsh stages repeated today, with quick-fire runs through Hafren, Sweet Lamb and Myherin in the morning and afternoon.

Can Thierry Neuville grab the lead from Sebastien Ogier? How will Robert Kubica fare today? We're about to find out, with the top cars onto Hafren now.

Fri 09:48 WRC - Rally GB: Good start to the morning for Ogier. At the first split of Hafren he's added three seconds to his lead over Neuville - which pretty much doubles his advantage.

Fri 09:52 WRC - Rally GB: The timing system isn't picking up Neuville's splits (don't worry, he's running, it's just the timing hamsters that aren't), but we do know that Ogier is so far five seconds quicker than VW team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala on this stage.

The Finn was 5s behind Ogier in third place after last night.

Fri 09:57 WRC - Rally GB: Latvala completes the stage and once again, sounds downcast...

"A clear run, but the time is not going to be good. I like the stages but I can't get the same feeling as I've have on these stages in the past."

But then, he cheers up...

"But we'll see. Let's go forward!"

Fri 09:59 WRC - Rally GB: Bang! Ogier completes with a time 10s faster than Latvala, and 12s quicker than Neuville, who has also now crossed the line.

And Ogier's complaining of understeer and reckons he can go faster.

Fri 10:02 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville admits he lost a bit of time with a mistake.

"I nearly stalled my engine out of a hairpin, but I don't think it was anything much," he says.

Just waiting for his time to pop up to see if he's kept second.

Fri 10:04 WRC - Rally GB: Still waiting for Neuville's stage result, but in the meantime we can let you know that Evgeny Novikov was mildly grumpy at the stage end. Much as he has been for the second half of the 2013 season.

Fri 10:09 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville does indeed keep second. He's now 12.9s behind the flying Ogier, but 5s clear of Latvala.

Everyone else is significantly slower so far. Mikko Hirvonen is in fourth and about half a minute off the lead, while Mads Ostberg's Thursday night gearbox issues are solved, but he's 43s adrift of first place and not over-excited about his pace.

Fri 10:10 WRC - Rally GB: Reports coming through at the stage end that Robert Kubica has rolled on this stage...

More info as soon as we have it.

Fri 10:11 WRC - Rally GB: Kubica's team-mate Dani Sordo comes through. The stage has now been stopped.

"I saw the car off," Sordo reports, but he believes the crew are OK.

Fri 10:14 WRC - Rally GB: Difficult to get information at the moment, but it seems the stage has been stopped following Kubica's accident. Crews who had already started at coming through at reduced pace.

Fri 10:19 WRC - Rally GB: Citroen confirms that Kubica and co-driver Michele Ferrara are unhurt after that crash.

Fri 10:26 WRC - Rally GB: The stages are back-to-back this morning and the quick blast around the spectator-friendly Sweet Lamb is already underway.

The VWs are through, with Ogier 0.9s quicker than Latvala.

Ogier's enjoying himself - pointing out what a great place to spectate it is with so much of the stage visible and jumps and watersplashes.

Fri 10:27 WRC - Rally GB: No information on damage to Kubica's car yet, but Citroen says the main reason he couldn't continue is because his DS3 is stuck in a ditch.

Fri 10:32 WRC - Rally GB: Not a great stage for Neuville there.

He reports no particular problems but loses 4.2s to Ogier in 4.26kms.

That increases Ogier's lead to 17s, with Neuville now just 1s ahead of Latvala.

Fri 10:33 WRC - Rally GB: Just to recap for readers recently arrived - Kubica rolled into a ditch on this morning's first stage when running seventh.

He and co-driver Ferrara are unhurt, but the car is stuck and out of the day. If he can rejoin for Saturday, he will be running with 30 minutes of penalties.

Fri 10:35 WRC - Rally GB: Hirvonen seems to be picking things up. He was fourth quickest, 1.6s down on Ogier on Sweet Lamb. That keeps him fourth, but within a dozen seconds of Neuville and Latvala's battle.

Fri 10:40 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo comes through fastest on Sweet Lamb, 1.2s quicker than Ogier.

That means his deficit to the lead is now a mere 6m05.6s after the pre-rally penalty he got for Citroen exceeding its chassis allowance...

Fri 10:43 WRC - Rally GB - SS5 results:

Stage: 1 Sordo 2m54.7s; 2 Ogier +1.2s; 3 Latvala +2.1s; 4 Novikov +2.4s; 5 Hirvonen +2.8s; 6 Neuville +5.4s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Neuville +17.1s; 3 Latvala +18.1s; 4 Hirvonen +29.9s; 5 Ostberg +47.3s; 6 Mikkelsen +56.2s.

Fri 10:44 WRC - Rally GB: Myherin is now running, and at the first split Ogier has added another second to the gap back to Latvala. Neuville is next on the road behind the VWs.

Fri 10:49 WRC - Rally GB: Back on Sweet Lamb, local hero Elfyn Evans is safely through.

He was leading WRC 2 until the Hafren stoppage, which will mean times have to be reset as the Ford driver was one of those who had to slow after Kubica's crash.

Fri 10:50 WRC - Rally GB: More splits coming in from SS6, and Neuville has dropped five seconds to the VWs.

That is going to cost him second place to Latvala at this rate.

Fri 10:54 WRC - Rally GB: Does Neuville have a problem? He's now 11s down on the SS6 splits.

Timing information is... odd... though. So Belgian and Cumbrian fans, don't panic till the cars reach the flying finish.

Fri 10:57 WRC - Rally GB: Latvala is now 3.7s quicker than Ogier at the final split.

The Finn says he has now woken up and got oj it.

"I really pushed hard now, I didn't have any speed to push harder. It was very slippery in the beginning of the stage, but I managed to get more rhythm towards the end.

"I went a lot bit softer on the set-up, but maybe it was just too early a wake-up call this morning..."

Fri 11:00 WRC - Rally GB: Ogier loses 5s to Latvala but is fairly relaxed.

Neuville won't be, he's lost over 20s to the leaders and Latvala is now comfortably ahead in second.

Fri 11:01 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville says he had no particular problems, he just couldn't find the pace on that stage.

"I had so much wheelspin. I'm staying on the road but I'm not going forward. In the beginning I couldn't understand what was happening, so I slowed the rhythm down a bit and tried to learn the stage."

Fri 11:03 WRC - Rally GB: So the top three is now Ogier leading Latvala by 13s and Neuville by 35s.

Fri 11:05 WRC - Rally GB: Looks like fourth-placed Hirvonen might be stopped on the stage...

Fri 11:06 WRC - Rally GB: Mads Ostberg is safely through and impressed with Latvala's rapid pace and the marks it is leaving on the stage surface.

"I can see some lines, and if those are Jari-Matti's, I can see he's having fun. He's very brave. You have to be a bit crazy to take those lines."

Fri 11:09 WRC - Rally GB: So for the second time this morning, we're waiting for Sordo to come through and tell us what's happened to a missing Citroen team-mate, after first Kubica and now Hirvonen hit trouble.

With Sordo taking a five-minute pre-rally penalty, this is already a rubbish weekend for Citroen.

Fri 11:13 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo reports that team-mate Hirvonen has had a big crash, but he and co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen are OK.

Fri 11:24 WRC - Rally GB: So with the morning loop done, here's how they stand:

Stage: 1 Latvala 18m16.0s; 2 Ogier +4.6s; 3 Ostberg +14.7s; 4 Novikov +15.2s; 5 Sordo +15.9s; 6 Mikkelsen +17.2s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +13.5s; 3 Neuville +35.4s; 4 Ostberg +57.4s; 5 Novikov +1m07.6s; 6 Mikkelsen +1m08.8s.

The cars are now off to service, so AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live will return when the rally resumes for SS7 at 1.40pm UK time.

Fri 13:46 WRC - Rally GB: Right, the cars are heading onto Hafren again and AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live is back for another quick-fire afternoon of rallying in Wales.

Fri 13:47 WRC - Rally GB: Up front, the big questions are whether Latvala's pace at the end of the morning can translate into a surge onto leader Ogier's tail, and whether Neuville can fight back.

Kubica is out, Hirvonen is out, and the rest are falling away.

Fri 13:54 WRC - Rally GB: Little to choose between Latvala and Ogier on the splits so far.

But if he's going to close down his team-mate's 13s lead, Latvala needs to not just match Ogier, but beat him.

Fri 13:59 WRC - Rally GB: Looking good for Latvala now. Three quarters of the way through the stage, he's 1.7s faster than Ogier.

Fri 14:01 WRC - Rally GB: This feels like a two-horse fight now. Neuville is dropping another 10s to the VWs so far, and is actually a little slower than his M-Sport team-mates Ostberg and Novikov.

Fri 14:09 WRC - Rally GB: After that mid-stage surge from Latvala, Ogier pulls it back.

He adds another 1.7s to his rally lead and the gap is now 15s.

Fri 14:10 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville is through and is 13.8s off the pace.

He's pretty baffled by that lack of speed. Is the VW just quicker than the Ford in today's mud?

Fri 14:18 WRC - Rally GB: The closest battle now is for fifth. Andreas Mikkelsen has just gone third fastest on Hafren, and that has closed him to within just 0.1s of Evgeny Novikov.

Andreas MikkelsenFri 14:22 WRC - Rally GB: Mikkelsen's car is carrying a special livery this weekend, plastered with pictures of thousands of VW fans and staff.

See if you can spot yourself as he takes this watersplash earlier today!

Fri 14:24 WRC - Rally GB: No repeat of Dani Sordo's pacesetting star turn from SS5 on this stage. He says conditions are getting worse for cars further down the order as the frontrunners break the mud up.

Sordo went into this afternoon only 16th overall following his five-minute pre-rally penalty for Citroen using a ninth chassis, one more than its season allowance.

Fri 14:29 WRC - Rally GB: The WRC2 battle has just turned in the home team's favour.

With times from the morning reset once the SS4 stoppage was taken into account, Elfyn Evans was narrowly ahead of Jari Ketomaa and Mark Higgins.

But Evans has just blitzed Hafren and pulled half a minute clear of Ketomaa. How will Higgins respond?

Fri 14:32 WRC - Rally GB: Straight onto the short Sweet Lamb stage and Ogier is still flying. In just four kilometres, he goes a couple of seconds quicker than Latvala.

Fri 14:33 WRC - Rally GB: That brings Ogier's lead up to 17.9s, so he's almost rebuilt the lead he had before Latvala flew through Myherin this morning.

Looks like the Finn's going to have to respond on the final stage of the loop again.

Fri 14:35 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville is 4s slower than Ogier as he continues to fall away.

"Without the two Volkswagens in front, we are quite good..." says the Belgian, who can't quite figure out where he's losing the time.

Evgeny NovikovFri 14:38 WRC - Rally GB: Good burst of pace from Novikov (remember him?). He comes through the stage second fastest, and that brings him to within 4.1s of M-Sport team-mate Mads Ostberg.

Fri 14:43 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo pinches that second place on the stage standings from Novikov as he again flies on Sweet Lamb.

He should get into the points this afternoon, as after Hafren he was up to 12th overall.

Fri 14:44 WRC - Rally GB: While the midfielders come through Sweet Lamb, the leaders are cracking into Myherin, today's final stage.

Fri 14:47 WRC - Rally GB - SS8 results:

Stage: 1 Ogier 2m56.8s; 2 Sordo +0.8s; 3 Novikov +1.8s; 4 Latvala +2.7s; 5 Ostberg +3.0s; 6 Mikkelsen +4.0s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +17.9s; 3 Neuville +53.4s; 4 Ostberg +1m19.4s; 5 Novikov +1m23.5s; 6 Mikkelsen +1m25.8s.

Fri 14:49 WRC - Rally GB: So let's summarise...

Ogier is sneaking away in the lead but Latvala is trying to prevent him from escaping.

Neuville is falling away in a puzzled third - he's lonely for now, but he might get reeled in by an outstanding battle for fourth between Ostberg, Novikov and Mikkelsen.

Sordo is scrabbling to get back into the points after his big pre-rally penalty.

Kubica and Hirvonen rolled, Loeb is testing a Citroen WTCC car somewhere (probably).

That's your WRC summary.

Fri 14:58 WRC - Rally GB: Mark Higgins is the WRC2 pacesetter on Sweet Lamb so far. He took second from Ketomaa on the previous stage, despite a late puncture!

Evans now leads the Manxman by 20.8s.

Fri 15:00 WRC - Rally GB: Meanwhile on Myherin, Ogier is looking unstoppable. He's three seconds up on Latvala so far.

Fri 15:07 WRC - Rally GB: Ogier sets the pace on SS9, the day's finale. He's 2.2s quicker than Latvala, who had a big moment, so his lead is up to 20s.

Fri 15:07 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville is 9s down on Ogier on Myherin, so is now a minute adrift of the lead, having started the morning just 3s off Ogier's tail.

Sebastian ChardonnetFri 15:13 WRC - Rally GB: Big news from WRC3 today as title contender Keith Cronin crashed this morning.

That means his rival Sebastien Chardonnet (the latest Frenchman called Sebastien to emerge from Citroen's rally star factory) just has to play it safe all weekend to be champion.

With European Rally Championship ace Bryan Bouffier having retired with gearbox problems, Chardonnet is running a cautious second in class between Quentin Gilbert.

Fri 15:30 WRC - Rally GB: Big crowds out watching on Rally GB today - especially for a Friday. Possibly a few unsolicited early weekends started... Elfyn Evans' gran (or nain as she's known in these parts) was an interested observer, standing with her son Gwyndaf waiting for Elfyn in Newtown.

Fri 15:34 WRC - Rally GB: Still nothing to choose in the battle for fourth place at the end of that stage. Ostberg, Novikov and Mikkelsen are covered by just 4.8s.

Fri 15:35 WRC - Rally GB: Tom Cave has been the WRC2 pacesetter all afternoon, but has ground to make up, so it's Evans who leads by 27s over Higgins and Ketomaa, who are just a second apart.

ChipsFri 15:36 WRC - Rally GB: On the subject of Newtown, the town centre regroup offered a variety of options for those who hadn't planned ahead for lunch. The Ukranian Mini crews in WRC2 went traditional with fish and chips. For info, AUTOSPORT went to the Golden Arches on the outskirts of town.

Fri 15:36 WRC - Rally GB: And as we predicted, Sordo has made it back into the top 10 and ends the day ninth.

Fri 15:40 WRC - Rally GB: Bit of a scare for WRC3 title aspirant Chardonnet as he gets a puncture. But he's still set to be second in class due to the level of attrition, with leader Gilbert having jus lost four minutes in a watersplash.

Fri 15:44 WRC - Rally GB - SS9 results:

So this is how things stand at the end of Friday:

Stage: 1 Ogier 18m27.6s; 2 Latvala +2.2s; 3 Neuville +9.2s; 4 Mikkelsen +9.8s; 5 Novikov +11.0s; 6 Ostberg +11.4s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +20.1s; 3 Neuville +1m02.6s; 4 Ostberg +1m30.8s; 5 Novikov +1m34.5s; 6 Mikkelsen +1m35.6s.

EvansFri 15:51 WRC - Rally GB: And as Elfyn Evans leads WRC2, here's a pic of his co-driver Dan Barritt chatting with Evans' British champion father Gwyndaf and his gran, who does not have any rallying pedigree that we're aware of, in Newtown earlier today.

Fri 15:52 That's it for AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live today, we'll be back for more acton from Wales from 8.30am UK time on Saturday.

Sat 08:20 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live’s continued coverage of a weekend of mud, Macau and NASCAR bumper-bashing.

Sat 08:21 WRC - Rally GB: We start in Wales. The first stage, SS10, is a 14.5km run through Gartheiniog.

Sat 08:22 WRC - Rally GB: Today's running starts with SS10 and will bring us up to SS16.

We will run twice through Gartheinoig, interspersed with two 21.9km Dyfi runs. The first 21km Dyfnant run (SS14) starts just after midday, before back-to-back short blasts through Chirk Castle.

In short: Muddy Welsh thrills, due to kick off in about five minutes. Just enough time to bring you up-to-date.

Sat 08:24 WRC - Rally GB: A clean sweep of Friday afternoon’s stages edged Sebastien Ogier well clear of his Volkswagen team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala.

Ogier had topped qualifying on Thursday, then started the competitive stages by running at first ahead of M-Sport’s Hyunda-bound Belgian ace Thierry Neuville, and then Latvala as Neuville dropped back.

Ogier in control after afternoon sweep

Sat 08:26 WRC - Rally GB: But while the VW boys were having a successful run at the head of the times, the rival Citroen team endured a disastrous day.

Robert Kubica crashed into a ditch on his debut in a top-level DS3 WRC. The ex-F1 star was unsure whether he would rejoin.

Earlier on Friday morning, Mikko Hirvonen suffered a high-speed, sixth-gear crash that ended his rally on the second day of running.

Co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen took the blame for the crash, citing an incomplete pace note. “I thought ‘F***!’,” he said when recalling the moment he made the mistake.

Sat 08:33 WRC - Rally GB: If you're confused as to why Rally GB is only in Wales this year - don't be. It is the first time that's been the case, and AUTOSPORT's David Evans was able to get the inside story on the new-for-2013 route.

As SS10 has only just sparked into life, that probably gives you enough time to have a read:

Rally GB's route uncovered

Sat 08:37 WRC - Rally GB: Good news, Kubica fans - he's back in the rally aboard his DS3. Great stuff, it would have been a shame for the Pole's first rally in a top-tier WRC to end so swiftly.

Sat 08:41 WRC - Rally GB: Kubica's in, and it's 9m04.9s for the ex-F1 star.

Sat 08:44 WRC - Rally GB: Solowow and Sordo are also through, and slot in either side of Kubica.

Sordo beats his Citroen team-mate by 12.7s, while Solowow is 31.2s the other side of the Pole.

Sat 08:47 WRC - Rally GB: The first of the VWs is through, and Andreas Mikkelsen bests the lead Citroen of Sordo out of the water with a time of 8m46.5s for Mikkelsen.

Before that, Prokop was 1.3s slower than Kubica.

Sat 08:50 WRC - Rally GB: Kubica may have been a fair bit down on team-mate Sordo on that run, but he's not dissatisfied.

"It was OK. We took it very easy after yesterday. When you want to drive those cars you have to take it very, very slowly.

"It's better in this kind of rally when you have a lot of uncertain places. Yesterday I was driving normally, having fun but trying to stay on the road and ended in the ditch. It was a bit of unlucky."

Sat 08:52 WRC - Rally GB: The M-Sport Fords of Novikov and Ostberg are about to come in, and both are trailing Mikkelsen's stage benchmark at the moment.

As is the third Fiesta of Neuville, though he's only through the first split.

Sat 08:57 WRC - Rally GB: Novikov and Ostberg are through, but we don't have a time for either.

What we do know is Ostberg's not happy with his co-driver and says there was a problem with the reading of the pace notes.

"Not so bad but no rhythm at all. We lost a lot. The car doesn't feel so bad today. I hope [it will be better], we need to do some practice on the reading."

Sat 08:58 WRC - Rally GB: Ah, we should have typed that sooner. 8m48.8s for Novikov and 8m51.4s for Ostberg.

That would explain why Ostberg's unhappy. Neuville is now in.

Sat 09:02 WRC - Rally GB: 8m50.2s for Neuville, which splits his M-Sport team-mates.

Latvala is in, and Ogier's in...

Mikkelsen wins the stage! Ogier 1.2s back, Latvala 4.3s back.

Sat 09:04 WRC - Rally GB - SS10 results: 1 Mikkelsen 8m46.5s; 2 Ogier +1.2s; 3 Novikov +2.3s; 4 Neuville +3.7s; 5 Latvala +4.3s; 6 Ostberg +4.9s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +23.2s; 3 Neuville +1m05.1s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m34.4s; 5 Ostberg +1m34.5s; 6 Novikov +1m35.6s.

Sat 09:05 WRC - Rally GB: Epic battle for fourth developing now, as Mikkelsen's stellar run on that stage gets him ahead of Ostberg and Novikov.

Meanwhile, Neuville has damage: "Just a small chicane I touched a bale. The doorhandle is damaged but nothing bad. We lost two or three seconds."

Sat 09:07 WRC - Rally GB: No rest for the wicked. We're quickly on SS11, and Robert Kubica has started the 21.9km Dyfi stage.

Sat 09:11 WRC - Rally GB: WRC2 update: Evans increase his lead over Higgins. It's now 43.8s.

Sat 09:11 WRC - Rally GB: We're getting reports that Robert Kubica has stopped on stage. Oh dear.

Sat 09:13 WRC - Rally GB: It sounds like Kubica has indeed gone off, but we're not sure for certain. Novikov is apparently off too. More information as we get it, on both of them.

Both driver and co-driver of the DS3 are OK, we know that.

Sat 09:13 WRC - Rally GB: Citroen confirms that Kubica rolled out of SS11. Disaster for the Pole.

Sat 09:15 WRC - Rally GB: Kubica's second shunt in as many days means Sordo is the only DS3 left running, after Hirvonen's huge crash yesterday.

We'll start having some proper stage times soon, as Solowow and Sordo are in.

Sat 09:17 WRC - Rally GB: Good news that Novikov and his co-driver are OK after their own off, but we don't know for certain what happened there.

Sat 09:20 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo is the fastest through so far, but Mikkelsen will be in very swiftly. And he blitzes it by 14.2s with a 12m51.1s.

Sat 09:21 WRC - Rally GB: This stage looks like it might be very close. Looking at the splits, Ogier is a fraction up on Mikkelsen, Ostberg about a second slower and Neuville identical at mid-distance!

Sat 09:24 WRC - Rally GB: Ostberg is in, 4.3s slower than Mikkelsen. Neuville is about to finish and has lost time, while Ogier is still set to pip his VW team-mate.

Sat 09:25 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville beats Ostberg, but is 1.3s slower than Mikkelsen.

Sat 09:26 WRC - Rally GB: We're not sure who he is talking about, but Neuville exercised caution after seeing somebody off.

Neuville: "Somebody went off in a very dangerous place, so I slowed down. I don't know who."

Sat 09:30 WRC - Rally GB: Strong words from Latvala, who is not happy one little bit. He comes through 3.3s slower than Mikkelsen.

What's worse is that Ogier ends the stage ahead of him, though it's another stage win for Mikkelsen.

"I don't have the feeling," bemoans Latvala. "I don't know what else to say. I don't have the feeling for the driving and it doesn't work."

Sat 09:32 WRC - Rally GB - SS11 results: 1 Mikkelsen; 2 Ogier +0.2s; 3 Neuville +1.3s; 4 Latvala +3.3s; 5 Ostberg +4.3s; 6 Sordo +14.2s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +26.3s; 3 Neuville +1m06.2s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m34.2s; 5 Ostberg +1m38.6s; 6 Prokop +5m36.4s.

Sat 09:42 WRC - Rally GB: We're back to Gartheiniog for SS12, but it will not start for a little while yet.

Sat 09:44 WRC - Rally GB: That gives us another chance to update you on Elfyn Evans' WRC2 progress.

He was quickest in the class for that stage, and now leads Higgins (who struggled to fourth) by 54.3s.

Second in class on SS11 boosts Ketomaa to just 2.5s behind Higgins, while there was a great run for Tom Cave on that last run. He was third fastest, just 6.8s slower than Evans.

Sat 09:59 WRC - Rally GB: Keith Cronin will restart in WRC3, so it's not quite "title on a plate" for Citroen superstar Sebastien Chardonnet.

Cronin picked up a puncture yesterday, but then went off the road later on. It looked as though his rally was over, but he's charging on and was more than 30s quicker than Chardonnet on that run.

Chardonnet is still on the brink of the title, though. The permutations are complex, but Cronin needs to win - and his Friday woes set him back a fair bit in that regard. Juha Korhonen has also just beat his time on that stage.

Sat 10:14 WRC - Rally GB: In case you missed it, the big news from this morning's opening two stages was Robert Kubica's second crash.

Both he and Evgeny Novikov fell foul of SS11. Read more here:

Kubica has second crash

Sat 10:25 WTCC - Macau: While we wait for the start of SS12, let's move far, far away from the mud of Wales right onto the streets of Macau.

Touring cars first. Champion Yvan Muller will line up on pole for the first time after a commanding qualifying effort.

It's been a dramatic opening to the WTCC weekend, with a weekend-ending qualifying shunt for Fredy Barth and even a practice crash for Tom Chilton.

Macau video clips on AUTOSPORT WTCC page

Sat 10:28 Formula 3 - Macau: Of course, there are single-seaters in action too.

Ahead of the crown jewel of F3 racing, British racer Alex Lynn stormed to victory in the qualification race for the Macau Grand Prix.

He passed Felix Rosenqvist twice for the win, with poleman Raffaele Marciello third.

Lynn victorious in qualifying race

That pole lap from Marciello was the subject of AUTOSPORT's Macau blog installment yesterday. You can give that a read here:

Macau blog: Marciello shows his class

Sat 10:33 WRC - Rally GB: Right, back to mud, and back to Gartheiniog. We'll be underway for SS12 imminently.

Sat 10:40 WRC - Rally GB: Running is indeed underway, and Solowow will be the first driver to set a time. He's almost finished the stage.

Sat 10:48 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo is, unsurprisingly, our early pacesetter. He might just be able to get into the top six by the end of the rally at this rate.

Sat 10:49 WRC - Rally GB: The flying Mikkelsen beats Sordo by five seconds, and is on course to extend his advantage over Ostberg in the battle for fourth too.

Next question: does VW's #3 have a shot at catching Neuville and getting on the podium?

Sat 10:55 WRC - Rally GB: Both the remaining M-Sport Fords are slower than Mikkelsen by 4s.

That means the VW man is now 9.1s clear of Ostberg and 23.8s behind Neuville.

Battle is on!

Sat 10:55 WRC - Rally GB: But it's not going to be another stage win for Mikkelsen - Latvala has found some pace and come through 1.9s quicker.

Sat 10:57 WRC - Rally GB: Ogier is 0.7s slower than Latvala, so the Finn gets the stage win and stabilises the gap to the leader at 25s.

Sat 10:59 WRC - Rally GB - SS12 results:

Stage: 1 Latvala 8m47.8s; 2 Ogier +0.7s; 3 Mikkelsen +1.9s; 4 Neuville +6.1s; 5 Ostberg +6.6s; 6 Sordo +7.0s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +25.6s; 3 Neuville +1m11.6s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m35.4s; 5 Ostberg +1m44.5s; 6 Prokop +5m58.2s.

Sat 11:02 WRC - Rally GB: AUTOSPORT joined the drivers for the quick pause in Corris just before the last stage.

Ogier was looking very relaxed, switching the tyres from front to rear and joking about his ability to multi-task as he did an interview with Ralio's Howard Davies.

The leader is just calmly driving to the splits now, although he didn't have any on the last stage.

Jari KetomaaSat 11:03 WRC - Rally GB: We've had a change in the WRC2 battle as Jari Ketomaa sets the SS12 pace and takes second back from Mark Higgins.

Elfyn Evans still has a good lead.

Sat 11:13 WRC - Rally GB: WRC2 leader Elfyn Evans has been mocking AUTOSPORT for not being able to understand the interviews in Welsh..

...and also declared Gartheiniog his favourite stage.

"It was fantastic, especially in this car..."

Sat 11:18 WRC - Rally GB: The first crews are completing the second pass of Dyfi now, with Solowow and Sordo safely through.

Sat 11:21 WRC - Rally GB: Sordo's target is Martin Prokop. The Citroen takes eight seconds out of the Ford privateer on that stage, so the gap is now 1m13.2s.

Sat 11:23 WRC - Rally GB: The flying Mikkelsen comes through 13s quicker than Sordo, but Neuville's splits look faster than Mikkelsen's this time. Is the Ford man fighting back?

Sat 11:26 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville certainly is. He completes the stage fastest so far, 1.4s quicker than Mikkelsen, bringing that gap back up to 25s.

"I drove a bit faster because Andreas is pushing a bit, so I want that gap," says Neuville.

He adds that he's driving without split times, which is apparently strange but enjoyable as he can't measure himself against the VW.

Sat 11:29 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville doesn't keep the stage win for long, as a now much more comfortable Latvala beats him by 1.6s.

Sat 11:29 WRC - Rally GB: Ogier completes as well, but he's slightly slower than Latvala.

Sat 11:42 WRC - Rally GB: Mads Ostberg tweets some advice for rally fans as he heads to the refuelling break before the next stage in an hour.

"Refuel now, SS14 kicks off at 12:45. #RefuelForAll Have a coffee and enjoy your short break!"

The AUTOSPORT newsdesk is putting the kettle on. We hope our rallying editor David Evans has a flask with him.

Sat 11:47 WRC - Rally GB - SS13 results:

Stage: 1 Latvala 12m54.5s; 2 Ogier +0.6s; 3 Neuville +1.6s; 4 Mikkelsen +3.0s; 5 Ostberg +4.1s; 6 Sordo +16.8s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +25.0s; 3 Neuville +1m12.6s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m37.8s; 5 Ostberg +1m48.0s; 6 Prokop +6m22.4s.

Sebastien OgierSat 11:51 WRC - Rally GB: Here's the full round-up of a morning in which VW set its sights on a first-ever podium sweep, and Kubica crashed again:

Rally GB Saturday morning report

Sat 12:00 WRC - Rally GB: Latvala admitted to AUTOSPORT that his problems first thing today came from the recent rain.

"I had too many cautious in my notes," he said. "The rain overnight has washed away some of the mud and now I'm just waiting for the slippery sections.

"The car was fine, but I couldn't find the confidence - there was no spark today."

A bit of a rethink and two stage wins duly reignited that.

Sat 12:13 WRC - Rally GB: Fifth-placed Mads Ostberg and co-driver Jonas Andersson had a moderate spat over pace notes this morning - and specifically the speed with which Andersson was blasting them out.

"I can't remember six or seven corners at a time!" Ostberg said.

Sat 12:26 WRC - Rally GB: AUTOSPORT's movements around Wales today are being hampered by something very promising: massive traffic!

The car park for Dyfi is full, which means six or seven miles of parked cars... The old days are back.

Tony Jardine and Amy WilliamsSat 12:36 WRC - Rally GB: TV pundit Tony Jardine has a good record for bringing celebrities into rallying, and for GB this year he's got Olympic gold medal winning skeleton bob racer Amy Williams MBE as his co-driver.

The pair are currently 23rd overall and Williams seems to be loving the experience.

Sat 12:49 WRC - Rally GB: Right, we're back underway. The afternoon starts with the classic Dyfnant stage, and then we have two runs around the grounds of Chirk Castle.

Andreas MikkelsenSat 12:52 WRC - Rally GB: This is the state of play for those just joining us...

* Ogier has a 25s lead over Latvala and is driving calmly to keep it that way.

* Mikkelsen is flying: two stage wins this morning brought him up from sixth to fourth and to within 25s of Neuville. Can VW take its first podium sweep? That's what Mikkelsen wants to achieve.

* Ostberg is falling away from Mikkelsen and reckons his co-driver is talking too fast. Can he respond this afternoon?

* After his five-minute pre-rally penalty, Sordo has a good chance of getting back into the top six. Prokop is in his sights.

* Elfyn Evans is dominating WRC2, leaving Jari Ketomaa and Mark Higgins to fight for second.

* And Kubica has crashed again.

Sat 13:03 WRC - Rally GB: Drivers are proceeding through the stage with no problems, and Solowow, Sordo and Prokop have crossed the finish, but no times as yet...

Sat 13:12 WRC - Rally GB: No official times through yet, but as seems that Ostberg has taken a few seconds back out of Mikkelsen and reopened the battle for fourth.

"We had to respond. I've been trying very hard all day but the times were not there. I think we were lacking traction because we were losing a second per kilometre when it was uphill and slippery," said Ostberg.

He also reveals that a pep talk from his father (and former team boss) Morten at lunchtime helped a lot.

Sat 13:13 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville remains calm about the pace of Mikkelsen and Ostberg behind him.

When the timing system gives the service park some information, we'll let you know what the gap now is.

Sat 13:24 WRC - Rally GB: At last we have times, and it's very clear why Latvala was so happy at the end of that stage.

He's fastest and reduces Ogier's lead from 25s to 17s.

Sat 13:26 WRC - Rally GB: "He's really fast, but he's only human," says Latvala of his runaway champion and rally-leading team-mate as he ramps up the pressure on Ogier, who can't quite understand why he lost so much time.

Sat 13:33 WRC - Rally GB - SS14 results:

Stage: 1 Latvala 12m21.1s; 2 Ostberg +1.0s; 3 Mikkelsen +6.4s; 4 Ogier +7.9s; 5 Neuville +11.8s; 6 Sordo +19.2s

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +17.1s; 3 Neuville +1m16.5s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m36.3s; 5 Ostberg +1m41.1s; 6 Prokop +6m38.6s.

Sat 13:35 WRC - Rally GB: Are a couple of frontrunners going to rue taking things too easy on that last stage?

Latvala's confidence is back up again after that blistering run on Dyfnant, and a 17.1s gap to Ogier seems like battle joined.

And Neuville can't get complacent about keeping third. Mikkelsen and Ostberg are closing on him as they battle with each other, with the VW less than 20s behind now, and Ostberg over 10s quicker than his team-mate on Dyfnant.

Sat 14:25 WRC - Rally GB: The event organisers have made a huge effort to bring the crowds back this year, and it's definitely paying off.

Chirk Castle is packed for the two asphalt stages that wrap up Saturday's action, and car parks had to be closed a couple of hours ago and spectators turned away as the stage was already packed.

Sat 14:27 WRC - Rally GB: And the stage is now live. It's both SS15 and SS16, with crews making two passes of its two kilometre route.

Sat 14:29 WRC - Rally GB: Let's face it, as much as we like creating drama, this isn't going to decide the rally...

But several drivers have thrown away results with small errors on spectator stages in the past (think Latvala in Poland and Sordo at home a few years ago).

And there's a bit of pride at stake after Dyfnant: Ogier won't want Latvala to trim his lead too much further, and Neuville, Mikkelsen and Ostberg's podium battle is getting tighter.

Sat 14:31 WRC - Rally GB: Dani Sordo is the first frontrunner through and he's not exactly overwhelmed by the return of weekend spectator stages.

"It's much more fun to do a proper stage..." is his verdict.

Sat 14:35 WRC - Rally GB: Mikkelsen says this course is trickier than it looks.

"It's quite slippery in there, quite easy to go off the road. It's not the drivers' favourite, but there are plenty of spectators."

Sat 14:41 WRC - Rally GB: Latvala agrees...

"It was very, very slippery and we nearly spun," he admits. "It was so slippery with the cuts everyone else had done and it surprised me."

Most drivers are reporting that the stage is getting tougher and tougher as cars pull mud onto the road.

Sat 14:42 WRC - Rally GB: That little slip cost Latvala 4s to the best times so far, and we're yet to see Ogier.

Sat 14:48 WRC - Rally GB - SS15 results:

Stage: 1 Sordo 1m31.3s; 2 Mikkelsen +0.3s; 3 Neuville +0.4s; 4 Ogier +1.1s; 5 Ostberg +1.9s; 6 Prokop +3.6s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +19.9s; 3 Neuville +1m15.8s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m35.5s; 5 Ostberg +1m41.9s; 6 Prokop +6m41.1s

Sat 14:49 WRC - Rally GB: Little bit of confusion now as the WRC2 cars and beyond are still doing their first run through the stage whereas the World Rally Cars are onto their second.

So the line-up at the start is a mix of some cars doing this as SS15 and others as SS16.

Sat 14:59 WRC - Rally GB: After a flurry of lower-class cars doing SS15, we're now getting WRC runners on SS16 again, starting with Mikkelsen, who deposes Sordo for the fastest time so far.

Sat 15:03 WRC - Rally GB: Very quiet at the stage end, seems there might have been a stoppage...

Doesn't seem to be a big drama though, possibly spectator congestion.

Sebastien Ogier 2008Sat 15:08 WRC - Rally GB: A bit of recent retro while we're waiting...

As AUTOSPORT mentioned earlier in the weekend, Ogier hasn't scored in Wales before, but that doesn't mean he's always struggled here (even if the end results have been a bit ropey).

Indeed Rally GB was the scene of one of his breakthrough moments in 2008, when he stepped up to a Citroen World Rally Car for the finale after dominating the season's Junior championship for the squad.

As the usual top drivers floundered in the icy conditions that hit that year's event, Ogier took a shock early lead on his WRC debut, ahead of fellow youngster Mads Ostberg in his privateer Subaru.

Sat 15:10 WRC - Rally GB: Both Ogier and Ostberg eventually crashed out of that rally, but they'd made their points.

Sat 15:13 WRC - Rally GB: Confirmation that it is a bit of spectator overcrowding that is holding things. Officials are on the stage shuffling people as necessary to let the cars get back on course.

Expect another batch of WRC2 midfielders doing the first run before we get the leaders through, though.

Sat 15:25 WRC - Rally GB: Ogier's been world champion (provisionally, pending FIA prizegiving etc, etc) for a month now, but there is still a battle for second in the standings - one that's looking closer than expected.

Neuville is currently best of the rest, 14 points clear of Latvala.

Right now, with them second and third, Latvala is only set to gain three points. But with three bonus points up for grabs on the power stage (which, by the way, isn't the final stage tomorrow, but the midday run through Clocaenog), and Mikkelsen and Ostberg starting to challenge Neuville for third, it's not a done deal.

VW would surely love a drivers' championship one-two, while for Neuville to achieve second place in only his second full WRC season and in an effectively privateer car would be truly astonishing. Plus a nice accolade to bring to new employer Hyundai next year...

Sat 15:25 WRC - Rally GB: Yes, we are filling time while the officials work to get spectators in order at Chirk Castle, but we're trying to fill it with useful info.

Sat 15:35 WRC - Rally GB: Right, we're back on again, just another minute to wait and then rally cars will reappear.

Sat 15:43 WRC - Rally GB: First car through is WRC2 competitor Robert Barrable.

In terms of the leaders, we need Ostberg, Neuville, Latvala and Ogier to complete the stage and our Rally GB Saturday is done.

Sat 15:44 WRC - Rally GB: Stage is live again, but timing system yet to acknowledge that. We can tell you, however, that Ostberg completed the day in one piece ready to resume battle with Neuville and Mikkelsen in the morning.

Sat 15:49 WRC - Rally GB: Timing system is having a flap, though in the circumstances of the whole field trying to go through a stage run twice consecutively but stopped for a long time for spectator issues, it can perhaps be forgiven.

It currently believes Barrable has done SS16 but not SS15, so that'll take some sorting out.

Sat 15:53 WRC - Rally GB: Neuville is fastest so far on the second running, and keeps his gap back to Mikkelsen at 20s overall.

Sat 16:27 WRC - Rally GB: With the lead cars all now through, here's how the rally stands at the end of the penultimate day:

SS16: 1 Neuville 1m34.2s; 2 Mikkelsen +0.3s; 3 Sordo +1.1s; 4 Ostberg +1.2s; 5 Ogier +1.4s; 6 Latvala +1.8s.

Overall: 1 Ogier; 2 Latvala +20.3s; 3 Neuville +1m14.4s; 4 Mikkelsen +1m34.4s; 5 Ostberg +1m41.7s; 6 Prokop +6m42.0s.

Sat 16:34 The final leg commences at 9am UK on Sunday morning, but before then, AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live will be providing moment-by-moment commentary on the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix from 7.15am. See you then.

Sun 07:04 Macau GP: Good morning everybody! Welcome to Race Centre Live from Macau, where it's actually a sunny/hazy afternoon.

Sun 07:05 Macau GP: We're into the long preamble for the Macau Grand Prix, with all the cars sitting on the grid. Not much going on unless you're a fan of flamboyant Chinese lion dancing.

Sun 07:06 Macau GP: After his win in yesterday's qualification race, Alex Lynn starts from pole position, with Felix Rosenqvist alongside him. Raffaele Marciello and Antonio Felix da Costa form the second row. It's unbelievably close between this quartet. Nothing to choose and so much depends on the start and the long flat-out, slipstreaming drag to Lisboa.

Sun 07:08 Macau GP: It takes us 20 minutes to briskly walk to our hotel, which is just before Lisboa. That tells you how long it is down there... The F3 cars get up to almost 170mph before getting on the brakes.

Sun 07:09 Macau GP: Further back, Pipo Derani and Alexander Sims are on the third row, Jordan King and Will Buller on the fourth, and Carlos Sainz Jr and Esteban Ocon on the fifth. After retirements in the qually race, we can expect some overtaking from Lucas Auer (22nd), Tom Blomqvist (24th), Kevin Korjus (26th) and Harry Tincknell (27th).

Sun 07:16 Macau GP: Little Pipo Derani looks as though he's about half the size of the grid girls around his car. He's the only one of the leading runners to have no new tyres to use in this race. Most have got two fresh Yokohamas on the left, but Lynn, Marciello, King, Sainz, Ocon and Coletti have four new bags from the original allocation of 14.

Sun 07:21 Macau GP: We're all hoping for a clean 15 laps and no safety cars, but the omens aren't good... We've had two GT pile-ups this morning and also something that resembled the London Rookie Banger Championship, but which apparently is called the WTCC.

Sun 07:23 Macau GP: We've just seen Jean Todt on the TV footage. The FIA president has been enjoying Macau for the past couple of days. Strangely, he doesn't seem to have a lap chart with him.

Sun 07:27 Macau GP: Drivers all doing cheesy thumbs-up to the close-up cameras. Except Katsumasa Chiyo. You can't see because his helmet is on, but his haircut would definitely grace the Beatles' Revolver album sleeve.

Sun 07:30 Macau GP: OK, they're off on the formation lap, so we're getting close to the start!

Sun 07:33 Macau GP: Cars onto the grid, and the start of the 2013 Macau Grand Prix is moments away.

Sun 07:36 Macau GP: Lynn makes the best start and holds onto the lead ahead of Derani, Felix da Costa and Sims.

Looks like we'll have a safety car though after a crash coming through Mandarin.

Sun 07:39 Macau GP: Indeed, the safety car has been called. Lynn holds his advantage and leads across the line, ahead of Derani, Felix da Costa, Marciello, Sims, Coletti, Buller and King.

One of the big losers is Rosenqvist, who started second but is yet to come round. Giovanazzi and Ocon also hit trouble on that opening lap.

Sun 07:42 Macau GP: Seems Rosenqvist tagged the wall exiting Mandarin. He did that of his own volition though, and without catching out anyone else.

Ocon stalled (he is now 23rd), while Auer, Bryant-Meisner and Gelael appear to be the unlucky trio involved in that second, larger accident at Mandarin.

Sun 07:46 Macau GP: The safety car will come in at the end of this third lap.

Sun 07:47 Macau GP: Da Costa gets a run on Derani at the restart, and passes him around the outside under braking from Lisboa - great move. The Red Bull junior is up into second now, although Lynn has escaped slightly at the front.

Sun 07:49 Macau GP: A few moves on that restart, including a neat pass by Sainz Jr around the outside of King going through Lisboa. Jaafar also picked off Wolf to move onto the tail of Latifi, who is running 10th.

Lynn leads da Costa by 1.2s, with Derani - now being hounded by Marciello - a further second down the road.

Sun 07:52 Macau GP: Sainz is flying here. He's picked off Buller and Coletti on the fifth lap alone to go sixth, and then sits side-by-side with Sims heading down into Lisboa. The Briton defends well though and hangs onto fifth for now.

Sun 07:54 Macau GP: Another punishing lap from Lynn - a mid 2m12s, which is comfortably four tenths of a second clear of the rest despite second through to seventh all setting personal bests. He now leads by 2.4s.

Sainz meanwhile has gone backwards, losing out to Coletti and Buller, and is now eighth again.

Sun 07:55 Macau GP: No-one can live with Lynn in the second sector. Da Costa is faster than him in the first and third splits, but once again surrenders more than three tenths of a second overall - Lynn was a full 0.7s quicker in the middle split.

Sun 07:57 Macau GP: Coletti and Buller were fighting for sixth, but they're now out of contention after a coming together. King is the main beneficiary, moving into sixth, with Jaafar, Sainz (who has lost another two places) and Latifi rounding out the top nine. Korjus has also gone missing.

Sun 08:01 Macau GP: Big crash, and it's for Marciello, who was running third...

Sun 08:03 Macau GP: Marciello gets it all crossed up through the final turn, R Bend, and can't stop himself running wide and clouting the wall, which sends him spinning across the track.

He had been keeping da Costa in check until that point, with the gap around 0.7s. Derani reclaims third ahead of Sims, King and Jaafar.

Sun 08:06 Macau GP: Superb work from the marshals to clear Marciello's car, and we're back to green with little fuss.

That's good news for Lynn, who leads da Costa by 1.3s. Derani is five seconds down the road.

Sun 08:07 Macau GP: Cat and mouse up front. Da Costa sets a new personal best of 2m12.079s - comfortably three tenths quicker than those behind him.

The bad news? Lynn can top that, setting a new overall best of 2m11.959s. He's generally slower in sectors one and three, but more than makes up for it in the middle Mountain split.

Sun 08:09 Macau GP: Two laps to go, and aside from a lead battle covered by 1.5s, the fight for third is shaping up nicely.

Derani has a decent 2s lead over Sims, but the Briton has just set a personal best. As he tries to close however he also has King looming large, with the Carlin man coming round in a race-best 2m11.860s.

Sun 08:11 Macau GP: Last lap, and Lynn starts it 1.5s ahead of da Costa.

Sun 08:13 Macau GP: Lynn has a first Macau crown, beating da Costa by just over one second.

Derani completed the podium ahead of Sims and King.

Sun 08:16 Macau GP - Top 10:

1 Lynn; 2 da Costa; 3 Derani; 4 Sims; 5 King; 6 Jaafar; 7 Sainz; 8 Blomqvist; 9 Latifi; 10 Ocon.

Alex LynnSun 08:18 Macau GP: So Alex Lynn adds his name to the record of Macau winners with a stylish victory on the event's 60th anniversary.

Antonio Felix da Costa fought his way up from fourth to second, while Pipo Derani claims his first Macau podium following Raffaele Marciello's mid-race crash.

Behind Alexander Sims in fourth, Jordan King rounded out a top-five finish by setting the race's fastest lap on his final tour.

Sun 08:26 Macau GP: Great stuff from Lynn on the podium, whipping up the crowd with some jubilant celebrations.

Sun 08:57 The final act of this year's Rally GB is soon to get underway. Sebastien Ogier holds a 25s lead over VW team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala. First up is a 13.23-mile thrash through Dyfnant.

Sun 09:03 Latvala took 7.9s out of Ogier on the first run through this stage yesterday and VW boss Jost Capito has promised to let his drivers fight each other for victory. Could be an exciting day...

Sun 09:08 Citroen's remaining Rally GB hope, Dani Sordo, is the first of the top-10 runners through the SS17. He was fractionally up on M-Sport Ford driver Evgeny Novikov at the first split.

Sun 09:13 Some low cloud and fog on the first stage this morning. Could make things that bit trickier for the drivers.

Sun 09:17 Novikov is first back and reports "slippery and very difficult" conditions but no fog.
VW's Andreas Mikkelsen is up on Ford's Thierry Neuville in the early part of the stage as their battle for third hots up.

Sun 09:22 Of the four drivers to have completed the stage so far, Sordo is fastest by 1.4s from Martin Prokop's Ford Fiesta. "It's a little bit more slippery than yesterday but I am calm," he says.

Sun 09:26 Ford driver Mads Ostberg sets the fastest stage time so far, 8.5s up on VW's Andreas Mikkelsen. A costly spin has dented Mikkelsen's chances of beating Neuville to third overall as Ostberg moves up to fourth.

Sun 09:27 Latvala completes SS17 just 0.2s slower than Ostberg. Neuville goes third fastest and says he has to drive "as fast as possible" as he fights for second in the championship.

Sun 09:31 Surprise, surprise, Sebastien Ogier leaps to the top of the stage times, just 0.4s quicker than Ostberg, to maintain his overall lead over team-mate Latvala.

Sun 09:32 Latvala reporting worsening understeer on his VW after making some enforced set-up changes overnight.

Sun 09:37 WRC2 class leader Elfyn Evans has dropped 20s of his 1min lead over Jari Ketomaa according to official timing, though the man himself begs to differ.

Sun 09:45 Timing screens have updated in Evans' favour now. He dropped just 2s to Ketomaa in that stage rather than 20.

Sun 09:53 With the longest stage of the final day over, Jari-Matti Latvala faces an uphill battle in his fight to overhaul VW team-mate Sebastien Ogier for the lead of Rally GB.

Sun 09:55 SS18 Penllyn about to get underway in Wales.

Mads Ostberg Rally GBSun 10:07 Mads Ostberg came within an ace of taking his first fastest stage time on Rally GB through Dyfnant this morning.
Had to give best to world champion Sebastien Ogier by just 0.2s in the end though.
Still enough to put him up on Andreas Mikkelsen in the battle for fourth overall, though.
Mikkelsen reckoned his spin in SS17 cost him about 10s, which could prove crucial in the final reckoning.

Sun 10:10 Evgeny Novikov first back after SS18, reporting "nothing special" from the stage from the cockpit of his mud-caked Ford Fiesta.

Sun 10:14 Mikkelsen drops another seven tenths of a second to Ostberg through Penllyn.

Sun 10:18 No Robert Kubica or Mikko Hirvonen today of course. Both have retired after crashing out. In Kubica's case, twice!

Sun 10:21 Ostberg still leads the way in SS18 so far, from Mikkelsen, Novikov and Thierry Neuville.

Sun 10:22 Neuville reckons he lost "three, four, five seconds" in that stage. "A mistake from the pacenotes so I had to slow down a lot and put the car sideways to take the corner."

Sun 10:24 Latvala goes third fastest through SS18, Ogier only fifth. But just 3s covered the top five so no big changes to the overall order.

Sun 10:27 Latavala on the gap to Ogier: "The pace is now fine but we have too much difference to him. I should have started this rally with better speed. I got the spark too late. I can't catch him now without a mistake, but I will keep going until the end. We can't relax."

Sun 10:30 Elfyn Evans re-asserts himself over Jari Ketomaa in WRC 2, beating the misfire-afflicted Finn by three seconds in SS18.

Sebastien Ogier Rally GB Sun 10:44 Overall top 10 after SS18, Penllyn:
1. Ogier
2. Latvala +19.5s
3. Neuville +1m19.9s
4. Ostberg +1m39.1s
5. Mikkelsen +1m41.0s
6. Prokop +7m11.5s
7. Sordo +8m10.1s
8. Evans +10m29.4s
9. Ketomaa +11m30.5s
10. Higgins +12m26.7s

Sun 10:59 Second run through the Clocaenog Powerstage coming up shortly. Thierry Neuville was fastest through this section on Friday and will be hoping for a repeat.

Sun 11:02 WRC - Rally GB Fans still pouring into Wales for the final day of the event. The organisers are now reporting the Clocaenog car park is full. And has been for sometime.

Best bet is to head up to Llandudno, have some fish and chips by the sea and then walk up the hill and onto the Orme for the final stage.

Sun 11:16 A 12-minute delay to the start of the Powerstage. Organisers double checking the safety of spectators owing to large numbers of fans that have turned out for this one.

Sun 11:29 Powerstage is up and running now. Novikov first home in 4m18.5s.

Sun 11:31 Mikkelsen has dropped a lot of time through the first split. He's 11s down on Novikov's benchmark. Perhaps the slippery conditions have caught out the VW driver?

Sun 11:34 Mikkelsen now 13s down on Novikov through the second split. He's been off and damaged the right side and underside of the car.
"We tried everything. The right rear hit a bank and spun us around in fifth gear. We are lucky to be here."

Sun 11:36 Neuville goes half a second quicker through the Powerstage than Novikov to top the times.

Sun 11:40 Latvala is furious after stalling in the Powerstage and dropping nearly 7s to the leaders. His slim chances of beating Ogier to victory have faded further with that error.

Sun 12:20 Two runs through Kinmel Park bring us to the brink of the end of the 2013 WRC season. Novikov is first through in 1m34.9s in front of throngs of spectators.

Sun 12:23 Dani Sordo's Citroen is 0.3s slower than Novikov in the first run through Kinmel Park.

Sun 12:37 Drivers complaining that Kinmel Park is the slipperiest stage on the entire rally.

Sun 12:39 Ogier pipped Latvala to the fastest time first time through Kinmel by 0.3s. Novikov ended up third fastest.

Sun 12:52 Novikov improved by 2s in his second run through Kinmel. Times are a bit slow coming in, but it seems as though the stage cleaned up a little as the cars went back for seconds.

Sun 13:02 Final stage at Great Orme coming up, though times from Kinmel are still filtering through. Less than 3 miles in total so no real ramifications for the overall standings.

Sun 13:15 The final stage of WRC 2013 is live. Evgeny Novikov is first through in his M-Sport Ford Fiesta.

Sun 13:29 Novikov leads the way on the final stage at the moment, from Ostberg and Sordo.

Sun 13:32 Andreas Mikkelsen comes in third fastest through Great Orme. Doesn't sound too disappointed with his weekend's work, despite the podium challenge crumbling away this morning.

Sun 13:35 Thierry Neuville confirms his runner-up spot in this year's WRC: "I'm really really happy with that. We couldn't imagine that at the beginning of the season - a new car and a new team [for me] but they have such a good job and we've worked so hard to achieve it."

Sun 13:39 Latvala fastest so far through the final stage in 2m38.5s. Disappointed to have failed to achieve a Rally GB hat-trick.

Ogier Rally GBSun 13:43 World champion Sebastien Ogier wins Rally GB from VW team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala: "Once again the car was perfect. I knew this rally wasn't the best for me in the past, but even with that we managed to win. Another great victory for us - a really perfect season."
1. Ogier, 2. Latvala, 3. Neuville,
4. Ostberg, 5. Mikkelsen, 6. Prokop.

Sun 13:46 So Sebastien Ogier finishes his world-championship-winning season with a win for VW. Welshman Elfyn Evans win WRC2 in front of his home fans. We'll be back at 8pm UK time for the NASCAR Sprint Cup title showdown between Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth.

Sun 19:30 NASCAR - Homestead: There’s just under 30 minutes to go before the final race of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup series schedule gets underway in south Florida. At the Homestead-Miami Speedway, to be precise.

Sun 19:31 NASCAR - Homestead: Yes, after 35 races we have reached the end of what has been an entertaining season and one that concludes in a championship duel between five-time champion Jimmie Johnson and 2003 title-winner Matt Kenseth.

title contendersSun 19:33 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson enters today’s finale with a 28-point advantage over Kenseth and is also 34 up on last weekend’s winner Kevin Harvick, who is the only other driver with a mathematical chance for the championship.

Essentially, Johnson can clinch his sixth championship today by finishing 23rd or better, even if Kenseth were to win the race from pole - where he starts after qualifying quickest on Friday - and leads the most laps

Sun 19:35 NASCAR - Homestead: This is how the standings look with just today’s race remaining:

Title contenders after 35 of 36 races:

1. Jimmie Johnson (2384 points)
2. Matt Kenseth (2356 points)
3. Kevin Harvick (2350 points)
4. Kyle Busch (2327 points)
5. Dale Earnhardt Jr (2321 points)
6. Jeff Gordon (2304 points)
7. Greg Biffle (2301 points)
8. Clint Bowyer (2297 points)
9. Joey Logano (2287 points)
10. Kurt Busch (2285 points)

(48 points maximum per race)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 19:40 NASCAR - Homestead: With such an advantage, Johnson - who starts seventh - really only needs to avoid any major incidents to be crowned champion today.

His average finish at Homestead is 15.3, so the omens are looking good for the Hendrick Chevrolet driver.

KensethSun 19:41 NASCAR - Homestead: And what about Kenseth?

Well he’s the only one of the three championship contenders who has ever scored a victory at Homestead, and he certainly needs one of them if he wants any hope of claiming this year’s title.

Sun 19:43 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth has also been one of the strongest drivers all year on the mile-and-a-half tracks and, if we had to place a bet, we reckon he will bounce back from last weekend’s disaster in the desert by putting on a winning performance today.

Sun 19:45 NASCAR - Homestead: Like Kenseth, Harvick needs a minor miracle if he is to claim what will be his first title.

He’s never won at Homestead, but he does enter the finale as the most recent winner in the Chase, so momentum is on his side and, as we know, anything can happen in NASCAR.

Sun 19:47 NASCAR - Homestead: Today’s race is also Harvick's last for Richard Childress Racing, who he has raced with for 13 years, as he goes to Stewart-Haas for 2014.

arrow Ryan Newman loses Stewart-Haas NASCAR seat as Kevin Harvick arrives

Kenseth - homestead poleSun 19:50 NASCAR - Homestead: Here’s the full story of what happened in qualifying on Friday, in which Kenseth claimed his third pole of the season - his first at Homestead and the 11th of his career.

arrow Homestead NASCAR: Matt Kenseth takes pole for decider

Kenseth has won two races out of his previous 10 pole starts.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the starting position is less important at Homestead as only once in the last four events at the speedway did the winner start better than 15th.

Sun 20:04 NASCAR - Homestead: It's national anthem time at Homestead, and that means racing isn't far away.

Sun 20:06 NASCAR - Homestead: Well that was an 'interesting' rendition of the Star Spangled banner by Zendaya...

Sun 20:12 NASCAR - Homestead: Engines roar and the 2013 Sprint Cup finale is about to (finally) get underway!

Sun 20:19 NASCAR - Homestead: Today's race is scheduled for 267 laps (400 miles).

Sun 20:22 NASCAR - Homestead: The green flag flies and we're racing at Homestead! Forty-three cars thunder across the line, led by Kenseth. Will he still be there at the end?

Sun 20:23 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth has a slight lead over Kurt Busch, but it's very early days at the moment. Out going champion Brad Keselowski is running in third with Joey Logano on his bumper.

Sun 20:23 NASCAR - Homestead: Championship leader Johnson is battling with Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr for sixth and comes out on tip into Turn 2.

Sun 20:24 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson's now battling with Harvick for fifth. Kenseth, meanwhile, has a 0.820s advantage at the front of the field.

Sun 20:26 NASCAR - Homestead: Harvick's fallen back to seventh, behind Truex Jr and Hamlin. Has he lost his momentum already?

Sun 20:28 NASCAR - Homestead: Didn't take long for our first caution of the day - on lap 11 - for a necessary clean up of debris on Turn 3.

Sun 20:30 NASCAR - Homestead: Replays show that Travis Kvapil scrubbed the wall in Turn 3, causing the caution. Most of the frontrunners pit.

Sun 20:32 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth was the first to leave pit road, while Johnson took on four tyres, whereas those ahead of him took two, apart from Kurt Busch.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, meanwhile, has jumped 13 places for staying out.

Sun 20:33 NASCAR - Homestead: Back to green once again, as Harvick takes the lead on the restart on lap 15.

Sun 20:34 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth isn't having any of it, though, and reclaims his lead, while Johnson is now running in third.

Sun 20:35 NASCAR - Homestead: And here comes Johnson who, on lap 19 of 267, passes Harvick for second and is closing in on Kenseth. Reigning champion Keselowski is fourth.

Sun 20:37 NASCAR - Homestead: Looks like Johnson's decision to take on four tyres is playing dividends as he's running well in second, having restarted in eighth.

Sun 20:38 NASCAR - Homestead: Another caution and, again, it's thanks to Kvapil who spins but manages to avoid the wall this time.

Sun 20:40 NASCAR - Homestead: And everyone is diving into the pits.

Sun 20:42 NASCAR - Homestead: Harvick leads the way off pit road, followed by Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Almirola, Newman, Johnson, Harvick, Mark Martin, Keselowski, Earnhardt Jr.

The first five took two right-side tires only.

Sun 20:43 NASCAR - Homestead: Back to green again, on lap 28, and it's David Ragan who is in the lead.

Sun 20:44 NASCAR - Homestead: Not for long, though, as Kurt Busch momentarily takes the lead ahead of Kyle, while title-contender Kenseth is in third.

Sun 20:45 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth is certainly determined this afternoon as he overtakes both Buschs with ease to go back into the lead.

Sun 20:46 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson doesn't appear to have adopted a conservative approach this afternoon, either. He's now up to second on lap 33.

Sun 20:48 NASCAR - Homestead: Mathematical championship contender Kevin Harvick is currently sixth and reeling in Kurt Busch, who is falling back after his short stint at the front of the field.

Sun 20:50 NASCAR - Homestead: Further back, IndyCar-bound Juan Pablo Montoya has gained two places on his starting position and is in 25th. While Martin, who is signing off today, is in 16th.

Sun 20:54 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth continues to dominate and has eked out a 1.5 second gap to Johnson. If things finish as it is, Kenseth will still be 22 points short of clinching the title.

Sun 20:55 NASCAR - Homestead: If Kenseth keeps this up he'll soon be claiming a bonus point for leading the most laps today. He's already got 42 in the bag.

Sun 20:57 NASCAR - Homestead: Jeff Gordon and Keselowski are proving the most entertainment at the moment as the pair battle for fourth. Gordon, who is the defending race winner at Homestead, is doing all he can to fend off his Penske rival.

Sun 21:00 NASCAR - Homestead: Lap 58, and if you divide that number by two you will have how many cars are currently on the lead lap.

Sun 21:03 NASCAR - Homestead: Three and a half seconds covers the leading trio at the moment, which is still being led by Kenseth, who is 1.8s ahead of Johnson, with Kyle Busch just about managing to keep up.

Sun 21:04 NASCAR - Homestead: Bit of a torrid afternoon for Kurt Busch so far this afternoon. He started second and has dropped to 16th with handling issues.

Sun 21:05 NASCAR - Homestead: First green flag stops get underway on lap 67, with Jamie McMurray and Marcos Ambrose the first into pit road.

Sun 21:05 NASCAR - Homestead: And, inevitably, there's another caution. This time for debris on Turns 3 and 4.

Sun 21:06 NASCAR - Homestead: Great bit of reactionary driving by Greg Biffle, who was heading for pit road before the caution and changed his mind at the very last moment!

Sun 21:08 NASCAR - Homestead: Frontrunners into the pits and it's Kenseth who leads them back out, ahead of Johnson and Kyle Busch.

Sun 21:10 NASCAR - Homestead: The biggest loser in all that was Harvick, who lost a couple of places and is now running in tenth, behind Carl Edwards.

Sun 21:12 NASCAR - Homestead: Back to green on lap 73 and it's Kenseth, Johnson and Kyle Busch who lead the way once again.

Sun 21:13 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson's looking pretty feisty on the restart as he nearly takes a nibble out of Kenseth's bumper!

KensethSun 21:15 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth's done a good job of fending off the five-time champion and is now beginning to create a sizeable gap.

Sun 21:17 NASCAR - Homestead: Truex Jr is having a good run in what is his last race for Michael Waltrip Racing. He's gained four positions in the first 80 laps and is currently in fourth.

Sun 21:18 NASCAR - Homestead: Well he was, until Earnhardt Jr outmanoeuvred him into Turn 3.

Sun 21:20 NASCAR - Homestead: Martin fans: the veteran is currently running in 15th position on what is 763th race.

That's 763.

Sun 21:20 NASCAR - Homestead: Meanwhile, Kyle Busch and Johnson go side-by-side and the former gains a position on lap 87 of 267.

Sun 21:21 NASCAR - Homestead: Caution flag as Dave Blaney spins at Turn 2, much to the delight of Kenseth as Kyle Busch was beginning to close in on him.

Sun 21:23 NASCAR - Homestead: Danica Patrick is the main beneficiary of Blaney's mishap as she goes back onto the lead lap.

Sun 21:24 NASCAR - Homestead: Leaders into the pits once again and the majority of the frontrunners go for the four-tyre approach. Kenseth just about hangs onto the lead ahead of Kyle Busch out of pit road.

Sun 21:26 NASCAR - Homestead: Well, really Kyle Larson is our leader at the moment, but he took no tyres and gained 17 positions, so that won't last for long...

Sun 21:28 NASCAR - Homestead: Green flag, on lap 94, and Kenseth leads the field after Larson had to (predictably) enter pit road again.

Sun 21:29 NASCAR - Homestead: Not for long, though, as Kyle Busch demotes his team-mate on the restart!

Sun 21:30 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth isn't having any of it as he reclaims his position at the front of the pack.

Sun 21:31 NASCAR - Homestead: Harvick's race is going from bad to worse as last weekend's Phoenix winner is down to 18th on the restart.

Sun 21:31 NASCAR - Homestead: And Hamlin moves ahead of Kyle Busch for second as Joe Gibbs Racing takes command of the top three positions.

Sun 21:34 NASCAR - Homestead: After several attempts of trying to pass on the low-side, Johnson finally demotes Kyle Busch to fourth and is 1.9 seconds behind leader Kenseth.

Sun 21:36 NASCAR - Homestead: And Kyle Busch and Johnson continue to trade third and fourth on an almost lap-by-lap basis. Great stuff!

Sun 21:37 NASCAR - Homestead: It's not halfway distance yet, but here's the top 10 as it stands on lap 111 of 267:

1 Kenseth; 2 Hamlin; 3 Busch; 4 Johnson; 5 Menard; 6 Gordon; 7 Keselowski; 8 Earnhardt Jr; 9 Bowyer; 10 Logano.

Sun 21:39 NASCAR - Homestead: Harvick continues to fall down the order to 25th, behind Patrick who nearly went a lap down before the fourth caution period.

Sun 21:41 NASCAR - Homestead: Bad times for Harvick, who pits from the back of the lead lap. Think we can say goodbye to his fight for the championship, which was meagre at best to begin with today.

Sun 21:46 NASCAR - Homestead: While Kenseth continues to lead, Montoya makes light contact with the wall down at Turns 2 and 3. He's currently in 23rd position.

Sun 21:48 NASCAR - Homestead: And we have a change in the top three as Earnhardt Jr passes Kyle Busch on lap 130.

Sun 21:50 NASCAR - Homestead: Hamlin is now half a second behind team-mate Kenseth, while Earnhardt Jr is right on Hamlin's tail. This could be about to get exciting...

Sun 21:51 NASCAR - Homestead: ...and it does. Sort of. Earnhardt Jr disposes of Hamlin and finds his way into second on lap 136.

Sun 21:54 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth's pace seems to be dropping away as the next round of pits are coming up. And sure enough, Earnhardt Jr is the new leader!

Sun 21:55 NASCAR - Homestead: Before he makes a stop on lap 142, that is. Kenseth therefore retakes the lead, but he'll soon be heading to pit road as well.

Sun 21:56 NASCAR - Homestead: All three Joe Gibbs Racing cars are in and it's Hamlin who comes out trumps as he comes out ahead of Kenseth.

Sun 21:57 NASCAR - Homestead: Small consolation for Kenseth, though, as he has clinched the most laps led for the race and earns himself a bonus point in the process.

Sun 21:59 NASCAR - Homestead: So after that round of the pitstops the order looks like this:

1 Earnhardt Jr; 2 Kenseth; 3 Hamlin; 4 Kyle Busch; 5 Johnson; 6 Gordon; 7 Bowyer; 8 Menard; 9 Keselowski; 10 Logano.

It didn't take Kenseth too long to get by Hamlin. Team orders?

Sun 22:01 NASCAR - Homestead: Caution number five, on lap 153 of 267, for debris on the backstretch.

Sun 22:02 NASCAR - Homestead: Lucky Harvick, for a change, who should be able to get back on the lead lap if the field dive into the pits, having pitted out-of-sync of everyone else earlier on in the race.

Sun 22:04 NASCAR - Homestead: And here comes the leaders as Kenseth wins the race off pit road, ahead of Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch. Johnson is in fifth.

Sun 22:08 NASCAR - Homestead: And we're back to racing again on lap 157 as Kenseth lead the way once again with Earnhardt within sniffing distance.

Sun 22:10 NASCAR - Homestead: Sure enough, that timely caution has allowed Harvick to move up to 13th. He still needs a minor miracle to clinch his first title, however, as Johnson continues to run in the top 10.

Sun 22:11 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson had dropped from fifth to ninth on the restart, but he's slowly gaining ground and is now up to sixth with Gordon in his sights.

Sun 22:13 NASCAR - Homestead: Seven laps after the restart and Johnson's back to fifth as Kenseth holds off team-mate Hamlin at the front. 2012 champion Keselowski is third.

Sun 22:14 NASCAR - Homestead: And, with 100 laps left to run, Hamlin takes the lead away from Kenseth.

Sun 22:18 NASCAR - Homestead: Hamlin is managing to increase his lead with every passing lap and is now a second clear of Kenseth.

Johnson is filtering his way through the field and has passed Keselowski and Earnhardt in quick succession to go fourth.

Sun 22:20 NASCAR - Homestead: And Hamlin is in the double digits now for laps led while his lead advantage is now almost two seconds.

Sun 22:21 NASCAR - Homestead: Kenseth's now down to fourth, the lowest he's been all afternoon, as Gordon and Earnhardt are displaying a good turn of speed.

Sun 22:24 NASCAR - Homestead: Looks like Earnhardt Jr has the quickest car out there at the moment as he closes the gap to Hamlin. It was 1.6s on the last tour and now it's down to 1.2s on this, lap 186 of 267.

Sun 22:26 NASCAR - Homestead: Sixth caution period of the day as Earnhardt Jr was closing in on Hamlin on lap 189. The reason for the caution? Debris on Turn 3. Again.

Sun 22:28 NASCAR - Homestead: Frontrunners head for the pits, with Johnson, Earnhardt and Kenseth taking on four fresh tyres. Johnson lost three positions in all that and drops to eighth.

Sun 22:30 NASCAR - Homestead: The order on lap 192 looks like this:

1 Hamlin; 2 Gordon; 3 Earnhardt; 4 Kenseth; 5 Keselowski; 6 Busch; 7 Bowyer; 8 Johnson; 9 Truex Jr; 10 Menard.

Sun 22:32 NASCAR - Homestead: And we're back to racing once again, on lap 193 of 267, as Johnson appears to have taken damage to front-left fender! He drops from eighth to 23rd!

Sun 22:34 NASCAR - Homestead: Replays show Johnson had a scrap with Kenseth, but it doesn't look like anything major.

Sun 22:35 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson is already up to 21st as he begins his recovery drive. Hamlin currently leads, ahead of Keselowski and Earnhardt.

Sun 22:36 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson's title rival Kenseth is in ninth, so as things stand, Johnson will still win the title.

Sun 22:39 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson has finally found a way past Biffle - the two had their issues at Martinsville earlier in the season - and has moved up to 17th.

Sun 22:39 NASCAR - Homestead: Seventh caution of the day, this time for Menard whose car is emitting smoke from its rear.

Sun 22:41 NASCAR - Homestead: Leaders head to pit road again and while Johnson's speed seems unaffected by his fender damage, the Hendrick crew give it some attention.

Sun 22:46 NASCAR - Homestead: Back to green on lap 212 of 267 as Harvick leads ahead of Hamlin, Truex Jr, Keselowski and Kenseth.

Sun 22:47 NASCAR - Homestead: Question is, with 57 laps still to go, will anyone be able to make it to the end without having to take on more fuel?

Sun 22:48 NASCAR - Homestead: Harvick just about manages to hold on to the lead as Keselowski gains a place.

Sun 22:49 NASCAR - Homestead: There's no stopping Keselowski as he now has a go at leading the field while Harvick begins dropping down the order. Johnson, meanwhile, is up to 14th.

Sun 22:51 NASCAR - Homestead: Great battle going on at the moment for fourth position as Kenseth is forced to fend off Gordon, Harvick and Lango.

Sun 22:54 NASCAR - Homestead: Earnhardt is back to the front once again on lap 224 of 267, with Keselowski and Hamlin in close proximity.

Sun 22:56 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson has re-entered the top 10 after passing Newman low into Turn 3.

Sun 22:57 NASCAR - Homestead: And Menard's right rear appears to have blown again, with sparks flying underneath his car.

Sun 22:58 NASCAR - Homestead: Caution arrives on lap 232 as he enters the pits and his tyre spectacularly explodes.

menardSun 23:00 NASCAR - Homestead: Smoke and fire extinguisher foam is scattered throughout pit road, which is not open for drivers to enter.

Sun 23:06 NASCAR - Homestead: Five laps of this caution period completed and the pit road is finally open for what will be crucial stop for, well, everyone.

Sun 23:07 NASCAR - Homestead: Hamlin and Earnhardt Jr manage to hang on to the top two spots.

Sun 23:10 NASCAR - Homestead: Kurt Busch made the biggest gain in the pits, climbing 20 positions as he was the only one to take on two tyres. He is fourth.

Sun 23:10 NASCAR - Homestead: And back to green on lap 239 of 267. Hamlin leads the way, but Earnhardt Jr quickly overtakes!

Sun 23:12 NASCAR - Homestead: Is Kenseth about to make a late challenge for the lead? He's third at present but is closing quickly on the front two.

Sun 23:14 NASCAR - Homestead: Hamlin has retaken the lead from Earnhardt, while Johnson is 10th and looks likely to claim his sixth title with 23 laps remaining.

Sun 23:15 NASCAR - Homestead: And now Johnson's up to eighth having disposed of team-mate Gordon and Kyle Busch in quick succession.

Sun 23:19 NASCAR - Homestead: Johnson's now battling with Bowyer for sixth while Kenseth is 0.4s behind leader Hamlin with 10 laps to go.

Sun 23:20 NASCAR - Homestead: Earnhardt isn't about to give up, however, as he momentarily takes second before Kenseth holds his nerve and maintains his place.

Sun 23:21 NASCAR - Homestead: This fight for second is allowing Hamlin to head off into the distance, with six laps remaining.

Sun 23:24 NASCAR - Homestead: Final lap and Hamlin looks to have this, his first win of the season, in the bag. Kenseth continues to fend off Earnhardt, while Johnson is running in eighth.

Sun 23:26 NASCAR - Homestead: And Hamlin ends the year with a victory, his first since Loudon in 2012! Kenseth comes home second, ahead of Earnhardt.

Sun 23:26 NASCAR - Homestead: But all eyes are on Johnson who finishes ninth and in doing so claims his sixth title!

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