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As it happened: WRC Argentina, Indianapolis IndyCar, Pau Euro F3, Spanish GP supports
By Matt Beer, Mark Glendenning, Marcus Simmons, Peter Mills, David Evans, Scott Mitchell and Dan Cross
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Fri 11:49 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live as we kick off another packed weekend of global motorsport action - all of which you can keep abreast of as it happens right here.

The first full day of Rally Argentina commences shortly, and we'll also have updates from qualifying day of IndyCar's debut on the Indianapolis road course, GP2 and GP3 on the Spanish Grand Prix support bill, the latest World Touring Car Championship round in Slovakia, and European Formula 3's visit to the stunning Pau street circuit.

Fri 12:01 WRC - Argentina: We're four rounds into the 2014 WRC season, and reigning champion Sebastien Ogier is starting to assert his authority, with Volkswagen team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala's crash last time out in Portugal a month ago having allowed the reigning champion to make a break in the points.

Championship standings after four of 13 rounds:

1 Sebastien Ogier 91
2 Jari-Matti Latvala 62
3 Mads Ostberg 48
4 Andreas Mikkelsen 36
5 Mikko Hirvonen 36
6 Thierry Neuville 21

(25 points for a win, plus bonuses)

Carlos SainzFri 12:09 WRC - Argentina: One thing is certain in Argentina this week: we will have a new winner. Unless Sebastien Loeb or Carlos Sainz have a made a very, very late entry. Now that would be fever.

Here's a shot of Sainz on the way to winning for Ford in 2002 to underline that.

Fri 12:10 WRC - Argentina: We had a quick superspecial yesterday afternoon to get things underway, and Sebastien Ogier was quickest.

Here's how the order currently looks:

Rally Argentina Thursday report

Fri 12:12 WRC - Argentina: Our first stage of the day is go, and it's the relatively civilised 27 kilometres of Santa Catalina first as a warm-up for the mighty 51km Ascochinga that follows.

Fri 12:13 WRC - Argentina: You've got two ways to follow Rally Argentina on AUTOSPORT this weekend: here on Race Centre Live for text commentary and updates from all around the motorsport world, too, and - for the first time - with radio commentary from the WRC Live team.

Fri 12:16 F1 - Spain: And as well as your Race Centre Live and WRC Live screens, we recommend a third AUTOSPORT tab for our F1 Live coverage, with practice two for the Spanish Grand Prix now on and rolling news updates from the paddock afterwards.

Fri 12:19 WRC - Argentina: The 17-mile Santa Catalina-La Pampa that opens proceedings today is the rally's most northerly stage.

Before arriving at the start earlier, the drivers will have 'enjoyed' a 60-mile road section starting at 0715.

Fri 12:24 WRC - Argentina: Problems already with M-Sport saying that Mikko Hirvonen has gone off the road seven kilometres onto the stage!

Fri 12:25 WRC - Argentina: And now news of drama for Citroen's Mads Ostberg too. He's stopped as well, though no indication yet if it's mechanical trouble or an accident.

Fri 12:26 WRC - Argentina: We expected today to be extremely difficult, here's what the drivers were saying last night about just how bad the Friday stage conditions were:

Drivers fear toughest Rally Argentina

Fri 12:27 WRC - Argentina: M-Sport has confirmed that both Hirvonen and co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen were unhurt in their crash. Word at the stage end is that it was a hefty impact.

Fri 12:28 WRC - Argentina: Ogier completes the stage without problems, and sounding so very chilled you'd almost call it cocky...

"Lots of drama? I didn't see any... For me it was OK. We knew this stage would be a hard one, we saw it on the recce, but it was not as bad as we thought."

Fri 12:29 WRC - Argentina: Confirmation that it's a crash for Ostberg as well. He's lost a wheel from his Citroen.

Fri 12:30 WRC - Argentina: Jari-Matti Latvala completes the stage 2.8s slower than rally-leading VW team-mate Ogier.

Fri 12:31 WRC - Argentina: More detail on the Ostberg incident - he hit a rock after 16kms, taking a wheel off the DS3.

Fri 12:35 WRC - Argentina: Andreas Mikkelsen is third fastest, 4s down on Ogier in what is a VW one-two-three for now...

...and is probably going to be for quite a while unless Kris Meeke or the Hyundai boys can do something special.

Fri 12:38 WRC - Argentina: One Hyundai through safely as Thierry Neuville completes the stage fourth fastest, 8s down on Ogier.

Fri 12:40 WRC - Argentina: Possibility of trouble for the other Hyundai, though, with reports that Dani Sordo is slow on the stage.

Fri 12:41 WRC - Argentina: Very careful pace from Elfyn Evans, who is 47s slower than Ogier's time.

The Welshman did promise pre-rally that he was going to be taking it very easy this weekend.

Fri 12:44 WRC - Argentina: Meeke slots the Citroen into fourth place, between Mikkelsen and Neuville.

Fri 12:46 WRC - Argentina: We're only five minutes away from the next stage starting, and it's the big one.

The Ascochinga-Agua de Oro is the longest stage of the rally – but not the longest of the season so far. At 32.23 miles, it is still 1.13 miles shorter than the Otates monster in Mexico.

Ogier was quickest through that stage at 36m40.1s – how close to the half-hour mark can the stage winner get through this one?

Fri 12:47 WRC - Argentina: Ascochinga is the stage that Kris Meeke has some experience of from his time competing on this event as a round of the 2010 Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

"I did about 10 or 12 miles of Ascochinga in the Peugeot [207 S2000] and it was a great stage, one I really enjoyed," he said.

Despite his limited experience of the stage, Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle made a fresh set of pace notes for this and every Argentina test.

Fri 12:48 WRC - Argentina: Robert Kubica won't be too far behind Sordo's limping Hyundai on the road at the end of this stage.

Fri 12:51 WRC - Argentina: Kubica is the slowest of the healthy cars on that stage, a minute off Ogier's time.

After crashing... a lot... throughout the season so far, Kubica is changing his approach this weekend and just focusing on getting to the finish. So don't expect anything spectacular from the popular Pole for now.

Fri 12:52 WRC - Argentina: Sordo lost three minutes due to whatever is wrong with his Hyundai. He didn't stop to speak to reporters at the end of the stage so we're not yet sure of the nature of his drama.

Fri 12:52 WRC - Argentina: Ascochinga is go, Ogier begins the 51kms.

Fri 12:56 WRC - Argentina - SS2 results:

1 Ogier 18m25.8s
2 Latvala +2.8s
3 Mikkelsen +4.4s
4 Meeke +6.7s
5 Neuville +8.9s
6 Ketomaa +47.4s

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +7.0s
3 Mikkelsen +7.9s
4 Neuville +14.3s
5 Meeke +16.0s
6 Ketomaa +56.9s

Fri 12:57 WRC - Argentina: Yes, that is WRC2 man Jari Ketomaa in sixth overall - thanks to outpacing Evans, Kubica and Prokop's World Rally Cars, and getting through unscathed.

Fri 13:00 WRC - Argentina: Frantic work going on in the refuelling area before SS3 as Sordo tries to fix his Hyundai i20. Doesn't look like it was damage to suspension, judging by where Sordo and co-driver Marc Marti are delving under the bonnet.

DogFri 13:06 WRC - Argentina: These are hard times at M-Sport already, with its lead runner Hirvonen out of action after that shunt into a wall, and Evans and Kubica both in play-safe tip-toe mode.

But at least team members can cheer themselves up by chatting to a dog this weekend.

This is M-Sport's Rally Argentina dog, hard to say if it's the same one as last year, but they always seem to adopt a stray for the week. The dog was pretty relaxed about Robert Kubica's choice of soft tyres for the rally's opening loop.

Fri 13:16 WRC - Argentina: Not for the first time in recent WRC history, we're not getting any split times to allow us to keep you updated on drivers' progress on this monster stage.

Neither are we hearing of any dramas, though, with team radios quiet and the tracking system looking smooth.

Back at the stage start, Sordo is continuing to work on his Hyundai, looks like the turbocharger is the issue.

Fri 13:17 WRC - Argentina: Looks like Sordo and Marti have decided the problem can't be fixed before service. They're putting the i20 back together again and seem resigned to limping through this next stage too.

Fri 13:20 WRC - Argentina: Ott Tanak, who is in WRC2 this weekend, has crashed out on the first stage of the day. Waiting for more details.

Fri 13:25 European F3 - Pau: Pau is one of the most sensational places to watch the planet's young guns in action. The tortuous, narrow twists are a fantastic barometer of who's quick - it's the one place where you don't need live timing to find that out.

AUTOSPORT went to the last chicane leading onto the flat-out swerves to the start-finish line for the first free practice session, and to the fast Parc Beaumont right-hander for the second.

Pau European F3 practice report

Fri 13:26 WRC - Argentina: Reports coming in that Tanak and co-driver Raigo Mulder were unhurt in what is said to have been a pretty monster crash on SS2.

They went off at the same spot where Ostberg had shunted his Citroen.

Fri 13:30 WRC - Argentina: If you're just joining us, cars aren't far from the end of the mega 51km Ascochinga stage, and here are the Friday morning headlines so far...

* Hirvonen and Ostberg both crash out on the opening stage
* Sordo limping through off the pace with suspected turbo problems
* Ogier leads an early VW 1-2-3 with Meeke and Neuville chasing

Fri 13:32 WRC - Argentina: Ogier completes the stage without issues. He does think running first on the road cost him in places though.

"Good drive, good stage. Some sections were OK, still a little bit damp and I didn't lose too much, but some were dry and for sure I'm going to lose time there. But I'm happy with my driving."

Fri 13:32 WRC - Argentina: Ogier was right to be sceptical, Latvala is 10s faster and takes over the rally lead!

Fri 13:33 WRC - Argentina: Latvala says conditions were pretty decent.

"For me it was surprisingly good grip, maybe it was worse for [Ogier] being first on the road."

Fri 13:34 WRC - Argentina: That time is going to put Latvala into the rally lead by 3.3s over Ogier.

Max VerstappenFri 13:37 European F3 - Pau: Take it from us, Max Verstappen is a Formula 1 World Championship star in the making. He'd never been to Pau, and nor even had his team, Van Amersfoort Racing.

As team boss Frits van Amersfoort said: "This place makes Monaco look like a boulevard."

But his unbelievable late-braking commitment into the final chicane made it look like he was a veteran of the place. It was driving to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

Fri 13:38 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen loses 17s to pacesetter Latvala and says he had to do 20kms with "more or less no power steering" after hitting a stone.

Fri 13:39 WRC- Argentina: As we know, Ascochinga isn't quite the longest stage of the season so far, but it is the longest time-wise for a single section. Latvala's fastest time in SS3 today was 1m20s longer than Ogier's run through Otates in Mexico in March.

Fri 13:41 WRC - Argentina: Neuville is in, 24s down on Latvala and 7s off Mikkelsen.

Fri 13:42 WRC - Argentina: Neuville heard some odd noises from his Hyundai and took it easy for a bit in case of a transmission problem. But he says the biggest issue is that the car loses out hugely to its rivals on traction.

"We're still a bit basic on the suspension side," he admits.

Fri 13:45 GP2 - Barcelona: The first qualifying session of GP2's European season commences in 15 minutes now the F1 cars have finished their Friday practice in Spain.

Jolyon Palmer was fastest this morning, and he leads the points after the Sepang opener too:

Championship standings after two of 22 rounds:

1 Jolyon Palmer 38
2 Julian Leal 28
3 Stoffel Vandoorne 25
4 Simon Trummer 18
5 Felipe Nasr 12
6 Stefano Coletti 12

Full 2014 GP2 statistics on FORIX

Fri 13:47 IndyCar - Indianapolis: We're about 15 minutes from the start of today's opening practice session on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. Scott Dixon was quickest in practice yesterday, but the weekend is in the process of throwing its first curveball - there's a greasy drizzle of rain; just enough to make the track slippery; not enough for wet tyres. At least, not yet.

Fri 13:47 WRC - Argentina: Elfyn Evans is 1m22s off the pace on Ascochinga.

He admits that taking it easy on this round means the rally is lacking "the thrill" of the last round in Portugal, when M-Sport told him to just push and have fun after an early shunt, but the Welshman accepts "we're here to do a job, and we've got a lot to learn."

Fri 13:51 WRC - Argentina: Meeke loses a bit of time to Neuville on that stage, the gap between them now 10.1s.

The Citroen driver says the stage was getting "soft and cut up" by the time he was on it, so he took it fairly easy.

Fri 13:52 WRC - Argentina: Kubica comes in with a time just a little faster than team-mate Evans.

Fri 13:53 WRC - Argentina: Kubica says the places where he has to drive one-handed because of his unique system were tough on that stage, and he admits a road like that has "nothing to do with my 23 years of [motorsport] experience". He's just trying to take in as much information as possible this weekend.

Fri 13:55 GP2 - Barcelona: Thirty minutes of qualifying kicks off at the Circuit de Catalunya and of the 27 cars present, most head out straight away.

Fri 13:55 WRC - Argentina: Looks like the struggling Sordo will lose at least another five minutes on this stage.

Fri 14:00 GP2 - Barcelona: First flying laps are underway. As a guidance, Palmer's best this morning was 1m30.448s.

Fri 14:01 GP2 - Barcelona: Stephane Richelmi goes to the top of the timesheets with a 1m29.293s, ahead of Palmer and Felip Nasr.

Fri 14:02 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The session goes green, and Simon Pagenaud leads an intrepid little group out onto the track. Just to prove how tricky the conditions are, Tony Kanaan has a harmless spin on his out lap.

Fri 14:02 WRC - Argentina: Ketomaa was a brilliant sixth overall as well as leading WRC2 after SS2, but he's stopped on SS3.

Nasser Al-Attiyah has just come through when Ketomaa was expected, and reports that the Finn was parked 10km from the end and looked like he had damage on his car.

Fri 14:03 GP2 - Barcelona: The ART cars of Takuya Izawa and Stoffel Vandoorne remain in the pitlane. Looks like they're going to go out when everyone else has finished their first runs...

Fri 14:03 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Rooster tails down the main straight at Indy. That's not something you see often around these parts.

Fri 14:05 GP2 - Barcelona: Ten minutes completed and Richelmi leads the way ahead of DAMS team-mate Palmer. Nasr is third, with Mitch Evans and Alexander Rossi completing the top five.

Fri 14:07 GP2 - Barcelona: And the ART duo have pretty much got the track to themselves at the moment.

Fri 14:08 WRC - Argentina: Ketomaa manages to get to the end of the stage and reports that he had a puncture first of all, then had electrical problems while trying to restart.

Fri 14:08 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Only 10 drivers have ventured out so far, with Pagenaud the current pace-setter. It looks like the rain has stopped, so presumably the bulk of the field are happy to let these guys dry the track a little. Seems smart, although it might end up biting them if they're faced with a wet track for qualifying later today.

Fri 14:08 GP2 - Barcelona: Pressure on McLaren-backed Vandoorne to reap the rewards of a clear track. He's quick in the first two sectors...

Fri 14:09 GP2 - Barcelona: ...and not too shabby in the third. He goes sixth with a 1m29.904s - 0.611s off Richelmi.

Fri 14:10 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Another spin, this time from Bourdais. No harm done, and he rejoins the track and continues on.

Fri 14:11 GP2 - Barcelona: Final lap of this stint for Vandoorne, will he make any improvement?

Fri 14:12 WRC - Argentina: Sordo makes it to the end of SS3, and is so far reluctant to talk to reporters...

Now he's regained his composure and confirms that a turbo issue is what has cost him so many minutes over those two stages.

Fri 14:12 GP2 - Barcelona: The Belgian doesn't improve and remains sixth. The only other car out on the track at the moment is Simon Trummer, who is currently in 22nd position.

Fri 14:13 WRC - Argentina: "I tried to fix it, but everything was very hot and it was just impossible," says Sordo.

Fri 14:13 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Backing up what we said a couple of minutes ago, AUTOSPORT's twitter feed has suddently filled with rooster tail photos taken by baffled Indianapolis natives.

Meanwhile, all but six cars are now out on the track, although Pagenaud remains the benchmark at 1m23.6144s. That's about 13s slower than Dixon went in the dry yesterday afternoon.

Fri 14:15 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Ryan Briscoe is off at Turn 5, and we have a red flag.

Fri 14:16 GP2 - Barcelona: Trummer is running solo at the moment in the final 10 minutes of the session. The Rapax driver is clearly trying too hard and is 0.5s down already through his current lap.

Fri 14:17 GP2 - Barcelona: And here comes the rest of the field with under eight minutes remaining. Will anyone beat Richelmi's time of 1m29.293s?

Fri 14:18 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Actually we lied - Briscoe is off at Turn 6. Looks like he made it all the way through the gravel to the tyre barrier. He's fine, and from what we can see his car has escaped significant damage as well.

Fri 14:20 WRC - Argentina - SS3 results:

Stage times:
1 Latvala 3m00.7s
2 Ogier +10.3s
3 Mikkelsen +17.6s
4 Neuville +25.1s
5 Meeke +33.5s
6 Prokop +1m10.6s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +3.3s
3 Mikkelsen +18.5s
4 Neuville +32.4s
5 Meeke +42.5s
6 Prokop +2m10.9s

Fri 14:20 GP2 - Barcelona: Conor Daly is going like the clappers at the moment. The Lazarus driver currently sits in 26th.

Fri 14:21 GP2 - Barcelona: No improvement by Daly, who appeared to have been impeded by GP2 returnee Tom Dillmann on the last lap.

Fri 14:22 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Back to greens, and most of the drivers head out immediately. Briscoe has returned to the pits, and the Ganassi crew is poking around his car. They don't seem particularly concerned.

Fri 14:22 GP2 - Barcelona: Tio Ellinas moves up to sixth in the final three minutes.

Fri 14:22 GP2 - Barcelona: And here comes Raffaele Marciello, who moves up to fourth, ahead of Nasr.

Fri 14:24 IndyCar - Indianapolis: 20 minutes remain, and the only driver yet to set a time is Graham Rahal. Scott Dixon and Juan Pablo Montoya have just completed their first laps of the morning.

Fri 14:24 GP2 - Barcelona: Still time for just about everybody to have another shot at pole. DAMS duo Richelmi and Palmer have called it a day.

Fri 14:25 GP2 - Barcelona: No improvements yet...

Fri 14:26 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Rookie Jack Hawksworth goes to P1.

Fri 14:26 GP2 - Barcelona: ...and sure enough, Richelmi claims pole ahead of DAMS team-mate Palmer, with Coletti and Marciello occupying the second row of the grid.

Fri 14:27 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Another trip through the grass, this time from Will Power. He rejoins the circuit immediately and presses on.

Esteban OconFri 14:28 European F3 - Pau: If Verstappen is a grand prix star of the future, as we suggested a little earlier, so too must be Esteban Ocon, who aced him in the second free practice session.

These two guys were getting a lovely drift on through Parc Beaumont, which is continuous turning before flicking it into the Foch chicane - a bit like Coram at Snetterton on acid.

The season's other star rookie, Antonio Fuoco, looked pretty glum after free practice. He binned it after just 10 laps, meaning he faces a massive uphill climb to get himself into contention. Track familiarity is vital here, and he'll be starting first qualifying with a very tough task.

Another problem for Fuoco is that he's in the ultra-competitive odd-numbered group, where he'll go up against Felix Rosenqvist, Lucas Auer, Tom Blomqvist, Jordan King, Riccardo Agostini, Felix Serralles, Antonio Giovinazzi and Nicholas Latifi, all of whom were in the top 13 in free practice.

The even numbers will almost certainly be topped by Ocon and Verstappen, with Jake Dennis and Ed Jones likely not too far adrift.

Rosenqvist looked pretty glum about the split before free practice, but if he maintains this morning's form that should guarantee he splits Ocon and Verstappen and earn a place on the front row.

Fri 14:28 GP2 - Barcelona: The top six in qualifying:

1 Richelmi 1m29.293s; 2 Palmer +0.128s; 3 Coletti +0.221s; 4 Marciello +0.357s; 5 Nasr +0.405s; 6 Evans +0.410s.

Fri 14:33 IndyCar - Indianapolis: A couple of teams are tweeting that it is raining again in pitlane, although it looks OK from our safe, warm, dry vantage point in the media centre. We do hope we get to see an onboard of the save that Graham Rahal just made, though - it's rare that you see someone sawing that hard at the wheel on a straight.

Pagenaud is back to P1, by the way.

Fri 14:36 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Sebastian Saavedra overshoots into the escape road. No harm done.

Meanwhile, Power has just done his fastest lap of the morning and jumps up to third behind Hawksworth.

Fri 14:41 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Another spin, this time from Dixon ...

... and just as we're about to hit 'post', Power goes into the grass for the second time. It looks like the rain is starting to pick up again.

Fri 14:43 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Those who subscribe to the idea that spinning is a natural by-product of seeking the limit would find some ammunition in this session - four of the current top six have been off the track at some point this morning.

Fri 14:45 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Aleshin spins and stops in the middle of the back straight. With about 20s left on the clock, this will end the session.

Fri 14:46 IndyCar - Indianapolis: And there it is. Pagenaud holds onto the top spot ahead of Hawksworth, while Hinchcliffe made a late improvement to finish up P3. Power and Carlos Munoz complete the top five.

Fri 14:47 While the Indy marshals head out to retrieve the Russian's Schmidt Dallara-Honda, AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live is going to wind down for the next few hours until the second loop of Rally Argentina stages and IndyCar qualifying.

We'll keep popping the odd update in here from the Argentina service park and beyond, and we'll be back in full flow from 6.30pm UK time.

Jari-Matti LatvalaFri 17:37 Welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live, we've got two more Rally Argentina stages and qualifying for IndyCar's inaugural Indianapolis road course event coming up over the next two-ish hours.

Fri 17:40 WRC - Argentina: Here's a reminder of how the field stands after today's first loop, during which Mads Ostberg and Mikko Hirvonen crashed out:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +3.3s
3 Mikkelsen +18.5s
4 Neuville +32.4s
5 Meeke +42.5s
6 Prokop +2m10.9s
7 Evans +2m15.4s
8 Kubica +2m29.0s

Rally Argentina Friday morning report

Fri 17:40 WRC - Argentina: From what we've seen during the service break, Hirvonen and WRC2 contender Ott Tanak's shunts on SS2 earlier were particularly nasty. Both crews are thankfully OK, though.

Fri 17:41 European F3 - Pau: Another major event this weekend is the European Formula 3 meeting on the streets of Pau in France.

Felix Serralles may have clambered out unscathed from his shunt exiting the Foch chicane in qualifying, but the owner of the house whose wall lay behind the tyres looked pretty animated for a couple of minutes.

His wife and kids were also looking on, more concerned for their property than the Puerto Rican's welfare.

Fri 17:44 European F3 - Pau: Ed Jones was showing no ill-effects in the paddock from his hefty qualifying shunt. "When I was sitting in the car it was really painful," said the Anglo-Emirati. "I was going to wait for them to help me out, but once the shock wore off I was OK. I've hurt my back a bit, and I'll be a bit stiff tomorrow, but I'll be fine."

Fri 17:50 WRC - Argentina: The first cars are onto the Santa Catalina stage, which is gentle in length terms - at 27kms compared to the 52kms of Ascochinga that follows - but is regarded as the toughest surface of the weekend.

The road is tough, tricky, rocky and rutted. Following major storm damage a few weeks ago, this stage is reckoned to have fared the worst.

Fri 17:52 WRC - Argentina: Sebastien Ogier is ready to take a more committed approach to the second run at Santa Catalina.

The Frenchman admitted he was surprised at the speed the VW Polo R WRC could carry across the rain-affected roads.

"It's no problem for the car," he said, "the suspension and the car are fantastic. You can go flat.

"This morning we were not quite there because we were having a look at the road a little bit."

Latvala echoed his team-mate's sentiments. The Finn had pushed on a little bit in the recce, and damaged the sump guard on his Golf recce car.

Matthew BrabhamFri 17:58 IndyCar - Indianapolis: IndyCar qualifying will kick off shortly, and we've just finished watching a close battle for pole for the Lights race that is coming up later this afternoon.

Matthew Brabham came out on top to claim the first pole of his Lights career, but it was a hard-fought thing: the top four were all covered by 0.15s.

Indianapolis Indy Lights qualifying report

Fri 18:02 WRC - Argentina: The first two VWs complete the stage and Ogier is fastest by 3.8s - which means he retakes the rally lead by half a second.

Fri 18:03 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Green flag for the first qualifying group, which consists of Simon Pagenaud, Will Power, Jame Hinchcliffe, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Marco Andretti, Charlie Kimball, Helio Castroneves, Carlos Munoz, Josef Newgarden, Sebastian Saavedra, Franck Montagny and Carlos Huertas.

Fri 18:03 WRC - Argentina: Remember it was on the following long Ascochinga stage where Latvala was able to outpace Ogier earlier on, so there are more twists to come yet.

Fri 18:05 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The track was dry when the cars first ventured out; if that changes then things could get very interesting indeed.

Power currently leads the times. Six of this group will progress to the next round.

Fri 18:06 WRC - Argentina: Third going into the afternoon, Andreas Mikkelsen ruled himself out of a fight for the win.

"Of course I always want to win," he said, "but I need the experience. I would love another podium finish, but it's the finish that's the most important thing for me."

The steering on Mikkelsen's Polo was changed at lunchtime service after the Norwegian was left with only 30 per cent assistance for 12 miles on Ascochinga.

Fri 18:13 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The flag is out for the first group.

Progressing to the next phase will be Pagenaud, Power, Hinchcliffe, Castroneves, Saavedra and Hunter-Reay.

That means that Andretti, Newgarden, Huertas, Munoz, Montagny and Kimball are done for the day. Newgarden in particular will be disappointed; he appeared to have the speed but didn't time his run properly.

Fri 18:14 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Marco Andretti: "I'm not happy. We went out early because we were worried about rain, and the track got better later on."

Fri 18:16 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Group 2 is preparing to head out. Drivers in this group: Scott Dixon, Sebastien Bourdais, Mikhail Aleshin, Graham Rahal, Tony Kanaan, Juan Pablo Montoya, Justin Wilson, Jack Hawksworth, Ryan Briscoe, Takuma Sato, Oriol Servia, Martin Plowman and Mike Conway.

Fri 18:28 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The second group is done, and Montoya, Bourdais, Aleshin, Dixon, Kanaan and Hawksworth will all progress to phase two. That's an especially good result from the two rookies Aleshin and Hawksworth, and it's also the first time that Montoya has topped a session since his IndyCar return.

Those on the outside looking in: Rahal, Sato, Wilson, Plowman, Servia and Conway. Rahal appeared to make the same mistake as Newgarden did earlier - he was quickest with two minutes to go, and then got shuffled out of the top six when others improved on their final runs.

Fri 18:30 WRC - Argentina: The frontrunners have all made it safely through the Santa Catalina stage, with the main change being Kubica coming back at Evans, Prokop dropping back and Sordo's repaired Hyundai being back on the pace.

SS4 times:
1 Ogier 18m10.0s
2 Latvala +3.8s
3 Mikkelsen +5.2s
4 Neuville +7.6s
5 Meeke +9.0s
6 Sordo +15.6s
7 Kubica +35.2s
8 Evans +40.4s

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +0.5s
3 Mikkelsen +20.4s
4 Neuville +36.7s
5 Meeke +48.2s
6 Evans +2m52.5s
7 Kubica +3m00.9s
8 Prokop +3m07.8s

HirvonenFri 18:33 WRC - Argentina: Mikko Hirvonen has explained the SS2 shunt that ruined his Rally Argentina this morning. The Finn spoke to AUTOSPORT soon after arriving back in service in Villa Carlos Paz and admitted he was to blame.

"I missed the corner," he said. "I didn't miss a note, I missed the corner completely. I saw a right coming and thought that was the flat-out corner, but we had already been through that corner. We were then coming to a place where you had to be breaking hard for a slow left.

"I was at least 60km/h too fast and I knew straight away there was no chance. Somehow I got confused. As soon as I knew I thought: 'Fucking hell, I missed the corner... this is not going to end well.'"

The impact with the wall damaged the front and rear right corners of the Fiesta. The M-Sport team is working on the car in an effort to return Hirvonen to the stages tomorrow.

"This kind of mistake can happen," Hirvonen added. "I have to move on from this. It's such a shame for this rally – points and a good result would have been really useful."

Fri 18:34 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Ooooh, high drama. Mikhail Aleshin has been given a penalty for qualifying interference and been docked his two fastest laps. That bundles him out of the top 12, and hands Graham Rahal a ticket to the second qualifying phase.

It's raining.

Fri 18:36 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Following that change, the 12 drivers heading out for the second phase are: Pagenaud, Power, Hinchcliffe, Castroneves, Saavedra, Hunter-Reay, Montoya, Bourdais, Dixon, Kanaan, Hawksworth and Rahal.

Fri 18:39 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The rain in the Indianapolis area appears to be localised entirely above the race track - clearer skies are visible on the horizon in almost every direction.

Fri 18:40 WRC - Argentina: Ascochinga is firmly up and running, and Mikkelsen is the man setting the pace so far on the opening splits.

Fri 18:41 WRC - Argentina: Possible problems for Hyundai, with reports from SS5 that Neuville is running slowly.

Fri 18:41 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Hunter-Reay is the first to be caught out by the conditions. The Andretti driver wobbles onto the grass, but gathers it up again and presses on.

Fri 18:42 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The real impact of the changes of conditions is evident on the stopwatch - the cars are lapping 15s slower than they were when qualifying began.

Fri 18:47 WRC - Argentina: Neuville appears to have let Evans past on the stage as he struggles with a technical problem.

Fri 18:47 IndyCar - Indianapolis: A manic session ends with Hawksworth, Power, Dixon, Hunter-Reay, Saavedra and Pagenaud progressing to the Fast Six.

Bourdais, Montoya, Kanaan, Castroneves, Hinchcliffe and Rahal are all finished for the day.

Fri 18:56 IndyCar - Indianapolis: It's absolutely pouring as the green flag waves for the Fast Six.

Fri 18:58 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Red flag for track conditions - there are a few patches of standing water. The rain appears to have already slowed down, so hopefully the delay will be a short one.

Fri 18:59 WRC - Argentina: Neuville has now had to park his Hyundai on the stage and is out of day one. He had been running fourth.

Fri 19:00 WRC - Argentina: That's the second problem for a Hyundai today, with Sordo having already lost 12 minutes on the opening loop.

Hyundai team principal Michel Nandan told us what happened with the Spaniard's car: "The problem was the connection between the turbo and the intercooler pipe. We have changed all of the parts for this afternoon. This is not a problem we have ever had before, but this is why we are here – to find and fix problems like this."

Fri 19:02 WRC - Argentina: And now Sordo has stopped as well, with engine problems bringing his day to an end.

After that turbo connection issue earlier, he'd showed decent pace on the last stage.

Fri 19:07 WRC - Argentina: And more drama on Ascochinga, with Mikkelsen stopped on the tracking system. That VW one-two-three looks to be in jeopardy.

With problems for Mikkelsen and Neuville, Meeke will potentially move into a podium spot.

Fri 19:09 WRC - Argentina: Ogier finishes the stage, but immediately hops out to check for damage. Turns out it's just that road conditions are poor, and he expects Latvala to move back ahead.

"My rear tyre was moving a lot, but it was just that the grip was terrible for me. I expect to lose a lot of time here."

There's a national rally after the WRC field and that will have disturbed the lines on the stage again since this morning.

Fri 19:09 WRC - Argentina: Sure enough Latvala is 18s faster than Ogier! That puts the Finn into the overnight lead by 17.5s.

Fri 19:11 WRC - Argentina: Latvala is absolutely bursting with excitement after that stage - and he puts it all down to co-driver Miikka Antilla and ex-boss Malcolm Wilson.

"I had a really good feeling with Miikka on this stage, he did an absolutely perfect job. I really enjoyed the driving and that's when these things happen.

"Malcolm Wilson used to say to me 'Jari-Matti, you have to enjoy driving' and he was right."

Fri 19:12 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The rain has stopped, and the cars tiptoe out onto what is still a very wet track.

Fri 19:14 WRC - Argentina: Bit of a gap now as we've lost so many cars already. Technical problems for both Mikkelsen, Neuville and Sordo on this stage add to the shunts for Hirvonen and Ostberg earlier.

Fri 19:17 WRC - Argentina: Evans is through safely, and he's now going to be in a battle for fourth with Kubica and Prokop.

"It's a tough rally and we have to keep that in mind," says M-Sport's sensible rookie.

Fri 19:17 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Three minutes to run, and positions are changing constantly. Currently on provisional pole: Sebastian Saavedra(!).

Fri 19:18 WRC - Argentina: VW hasn't revealed Mikkelsen's problem, but says he'll be able to rejoin tomorrow.

Now with only a five-minute penalty and such high attrition, that means the Norwegian still has a good chance of big points.

Fri 19:19 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Big hit for Ryan Hunter-Reay, who loses the rear coming out of the final corner and backs it heavily into the wall.

Fri 19:21 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Hunter-Reay is out of his car and looks fine, and we're under reds while the track workers mop up his car. If this session isn't restarted, Saavedra will start from pole. Wonder what sort of odds you'd have got on that a few days ago?

Fri 19:21 WRC - Argentina: Meeke comes through just 1.5s slower than Ogier, third-fastest on the stage and now third overall.

Co-driver Paul Nagle says they took it easy once they saw Mikkelsen's VW parked too.

Fri 19:22 WRC - Argentina: Kubica completes the day safely and looks like he'll be very close to team-mate Evans for fourth...

Fri 19:23 IndyCar - Indianapolis: And there's the chequered flag, which means that your front row tomorrow will be Sebastian Saavedra and Jack Hawksworth. Didn't see that coming.

Hunter-Reay had actually topped the times just before his accident but loses his two fastest laps for causing the red. He'll still start from third, with Pagenaud on the front row alongside him. Power and Dixon will start from row three.

Fri 19:25 WRC - Argentina: Yep, Kubica slots in just 0.2s behind Evans in fifth place overall.

Fri 19:40 WRC - Argentina - SS5 results:

1 Latvala 37m57.3s
2 Ogier +18.2s
3 Meeke +19.7s
4 Kubica 47.9s
5 Evans +56.1s
6 Prokop +1m04.9s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +17.7s
3 Meeke +1m07.4s
4 Evans +3m48.1s
5 Kubica +3m48.3s
6 Prokop +4m12.2s

Rally Argentina Friday afternoon report

Fri 19:42 That's it for AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live tonight now that IndyCar and the WRC are done for the day.

Check our news section later tonight for reports from the first Indianapolis Indy Lights race and NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying from Kansas.

F1 Live resumes at 9.30am UK time tomorrow ahead of final practice in Spain, while Race Centre Live returns at 12.15pm ready for more from Argentina, plus World Touring Car Championship qualifying in Slovakia, European F3 from Pau, GP2 and GP3 racing on the F1 support bill and IndyCar's first Indianapolis road course race. See you then.

Sat 11:10 WRC - Argentina: Hello and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live where we begin a busy afternoon of motorsport with another dose of Rally Argentina.

LatvalaSat 11:11 WRC - Argentina: Latvala currently leads VW team-mate Ogier after an action-packed first leg.

The lead changed hands three times yesterday before the Finn trounced his rival in the final stage and begins today with a 17.7s advantage.

Meeke’s more cautious approach is currently paying dividends as he currently sits a comfortable third in the overall classification, ahead of Evans on his Argentine debut.

Kubica has been tiptoeing his way through the event and lies in fifth position, with Prokop rounding off the top six in another Fiesta RS.

button Latvala stretches away from VW team-mate Ogier

Sat 11:12 WRC - Argentina: Here are the leading positions after the first leg:

1 Latvala 1h57m36.3s
2 Ogier +17.7s
3 Meeke +1m07.4s
4 Evans +3m48.1s
5 Kubica +3m48.3s
6 Prokop +4m12.2s

Sat 11:14 WRC - Argentina: And where is everyone else? Well…

On the opening stage Hirvonen misjudged a pace note and crashed into a wall, while Ostberg hit a rock and damaged his front left wheel so badly he was unable to continue.

A turbo pipe came loose in Sordo’s Hyundai i20 which cost him 12 minutes, before he suffered engine problems on the final stage and was forced to retire.

Team-mate Neuville experienced a similar issue and was asked to pull over, rather than risk any further damage.

Mikkelsen had a suspected alternator problem before the day ended and parked up.

Sat 11:18 WRC - Argentina: Robert Kubica says his change of driving style is working as the Polish star starts day two of Rally Argentina in fourth place.

Kubica has dramatically slowed his pace in an effort to stop crashing and find some confidence in his maiden World Rally Championship season at the highest level.

The RK M-Sport driver was encouraged to have made it though day one without any problems given the twisty nature of the stages.

Kubica told AUTOSPORT: “I am happy with the changes I did with the pace notes in the low-speed parts of the stage. I have been trying to cheat my brain and force myself to drive differently in the narrow sections and slower corners.

"Maybe I lose some time in the wide parts of the stage where it’s faster, but at least I’m in less difficulty in the narrow places.

"The priority is the finish for us.”

Sat 11:21 WRC - Argentina: Volkswagen team principal Jost Capito has reiterated to AUTOSPORT this morning that there will be no team orders for Rally Argentina leader Jari-Matti Latvala and team-mate Sebastien Ogier – even though their nearest rival Kris Meeke is more than a minute off the lead.

Capito said: "There are no team orders whatsoever. I just told the boys to go for it.

"They are professionals. If Jari-Matti goes off, he knows the points gap to Seb will be more than 50 points and his championship is most likely gone.

"He knows he has to stay on the road. If Seb goes off and Jari-Matti gets 28 points then they are equal, so he can't afford to go off either.

"For both of them it's better to stay on the road and take second – it's not all or nothing for these guys. We're in for a great fight today – it's going to be very interesting!”

Sat 11:23 WRC - Argentina: Today is the longest day of the event with 164km of action packed into just four stages south of Villa Carlos Paz, which is in the countryside around the village of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

No reports of fog or mist, yet...

Sat 11:26 WRC - Argentina: Villa Carlos Paz's dog population was up early this morning - this fella was keeping an eye on Mads Ostberg's return to action at first service.

Sat 11:30 WRC - Argentina: Sebastien Ogier has warned his Volkswagen team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala he’s not scared of the Finn’s 17-second Rally Argentina lead and he’ll be hunting him down.

The Polo pair traded places throughout yesterday, but it was Latvala who came out on top with a 17.7s advantage after Ogier struggled for grip in the final Friday test.

"I wasn’t surprised to see the time in that last stage yesterday," Ogier told AUTOSPORT, "I couldn’t find any grip with the rear.

"When you have the national rallies passing after us then you have guys on completely the wrong line and this puts a lot of loose gravel on the line.

"It’s almost always like this on the second pass of stages – the second car [Latvala] gets an immediate advantage.

"Today, I don’t open the road and the lead is nothing impossible. I’m really not afraid of this 17 seconds and, for sure, I’m going to push for this.”

Sat 11:34 WRC - Argentina: The pre-dawn drizzle has departed, but there are still plenty of clouds above the service park as the cars ready themselves for the first stage.

SS6 goes goes live in just a couple of minutes.

Sat 11:39 WRC - Argentina: SS6 is underway. It's a 39.99-kilometre test with two fast zones at the beginning ahead of a new section which has plenty of high speed corners.

Sat 11:42 WRC - Argentina: Hyundai team principal Michel Nandan starts the second day of Rally Argentina on just two hours sleep after Thierry Neuville’s i20 WRC was delayed coming back from the final stage last night.

The high numbers of spectators in the second running of Ascochinga meant the Belgian’s broken Hyundai didn’t arrive back in Villa Carlos Paz until almost midnight.

Sat 11:43 WRC - Argentina: And just as we say that, Neuville appears to have an issue already this morning and is coming to a halt...

...and so is Sordo, too!

Sat 11:45 WRC - Argentina: Neuville has passed Sordo in the stage, so the Belgian isn't being hindered by mechanical issues as was originally reported.

Massive disappointment for Sordo, however.

Sat 11:49 WRC - Argentina: Third-placed driver Meeke has just started the San Agustini stage.

He ranked today’s super-quick southern-most stages as the ones he will find most challenging.

Meeke said: "I found it quite difficult to make the notes for today's stages.

"Some of the straights are 500 or 600 metres long, where you're on the limiter in sixth gear and then the road just disappears around with trees and bushes either side of the road – it's really hard to judge those places."

Sat 11:51 WRC - Argentina: No further split times from Sordo and Prokop has passed him in the stage.

Sat 11:53 WRC - Argentina: Sordo on the move. Again...

Sat 11:55 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen is currently quickest so far after the third split. He's seventh overall at the moment having rejoined under Rally 2 rules.

Sat 11:57 WRC - Argentina: First car is through and it's Hirvonen who posts a time of 23m02.3s.

Sat 11:58 WTCC - Slovakia: Qualifying at the Slovakia-Ring is about to begin, and Citroen's championship leader Jose Maria Lopez upstaged team-mate and title favourite Yvan Muller again in practice.

WTCC Slovakia practice report

Sat 11:58 WRC - Argentina: Hirvonen suggests he's not in the best form this morning: "Car feels OK, there's no problem with it. I'm not so OK, however."

Sat 12:00 WRC - Argentina: A steady start by Ostberg, who finishes 4.9 seconds ahead of Hirvonen.

Sat 12:01 WTCC - Slovakia: James Thompson's Lada remains being worked on in the pits as cars take to the track for the 20 minute Q1 session.

Sat 12:05 WTCC - Slovakia: A strong contingent of Hungarian fans traditionally make the short trip to the Slovakia-Ring to support 'Norbi' Michelisz.

After his disappointment at suffering a suspension breakage in qualifying at his home round last weekend, Michelisz is keen to show well. The Zengo driver is currently P1.

Sat 12:06 WRC - Argentina: Good run from Mikkelsen through the opening stage. He beats Neuville's provisional quickest time by 15.7 seconds with a 22m34.9s.

Sat 12:08 WTCC - Slovakia: Rene Munnich's Cruze is being carefully looked over by his team. The Munnich team boss has returned to the pits after spearing off the road on a flying lap.

Sat 12:10 WRC - Argentina: Kubica completes the first stage of the day with a time of 23m19.7s. Just 0.2s separated him and Evans for fourth overnight, so it'll be interesting to see what the Welshman can muster.

Sat 12:12 WTCC - Slovakia: Entering the final 10 minutes of Q1, Gabriele Tarquini has moved into fourth.

The session will determine the top 12 fastest drivers to progress into Q2. Tarquini's fellow Honda driver Mehdi Bennani, who would be expected to make the cut, is down in 18th.

Sat 12:14 WRC - Argentina: And Evans posts a slower time than his Polish rival! The M-Sport driver's time in the end was 23m31.6s.

Sat 12:17 WRC - Argentina: Meeke posts a time of 23m15.4s while Ogier fails to beat Mikkelsen's best. The reigning champion's time in the end was 22m40.4s.

Sat 12:17 WTCC - Slovakia: Rob Huff becomes the only Lada driver in the top 12 by moving into P11. Huff is 0.303s ahead of Sebastien Loeb, whose place in Q2 is conceivably under threat unless he takes to the track in the final three minutes.

Sat 12:18 WRC - Argentina: And here comes rally leader Latvala, who goes 0.3 seconds quicker than Ogier to extend his overall advantage.

Sat 12:18 WTCC - Slovakia: Loeb indeed is out on track. Problems for Bennani who has vacated his Civic and is unlikely to progress from Q1.

Sat 12:20 WRC - Argentina: Results from this morning's first stage:

SS6: 1 Mikkelsen 22m34.9s; 2 Latvala +4.8s; 3 Ogier +5.1s; 4 Neuville +15.7s; 5 Ostberg + 22.5s; 6 Hirvonen +27.4s.

Overall: 1 Latvala 2h20m16.0s; 2 Ogier +18.0s; 3 Meeke +1m43.1s; 4 Kubica +4m28.3s; 5 Evans +4m40.0s; 6 Prokop +5m01.7s.

Sat 12:21 WTCC - Slovakia: Loeb moves into safety by moving up to sixth. Michelisz is still fastest on 2m05.014s. The Zengo driver is 0.017s ahead of Hugo Valente in the Campos Chevy. Muller is third and Coronel and Tarquini fourth and fifth.

Sat 12:26 WTCC - Slovakia: The opening Q1 segment of qualifying comes to a close, with Bennani the shock absentee from the top 12 fastest drivers who progress into Q2. The Moroccan appeared to suffer a technical issue.

Q2 drivers: Michelisz, Valente, Muller, Coronel, Tarquini, Loeb, Lopez, Chilton, Monteiro, Morbidelli, Borkovic and Huff.

Sat 12:28 WTCC - Slovakia: WRC maestro Loeb is the only man not out on track as Q2 goes green. Citroen says it is changing a fuel pump on his car.

Sat 12:30 WTCC - Slovakia: A reprieve for Loeb as the session is stopped. Tarquini parks to refit the bonnet of his Civic, having been one of three cars to run off track.

Sat 12:31 WRC - Argentina: The second and final stage of this morning's loop gets underway in just over 10 minutes.

Sat 12:32 WTCC - Slovakia: Tarquini has restarted and is driving slowly back to the pits.

Sat 12:35 WTCC - Slovakia: The Q2 session restarts; championship leader Lopez is the first man out. No one had recorded a time before the stoppage.

Sat 12:38 WRC - Argentina: Hyundai confirms that Sordo has retired:

"Unfortunately @DaniSordo has been forced to retire on the road section to SS7. Car to be recovered. More news soon."

Sat 12:40 WTCC - Slovakia: The session had been tremendously tight at the top, with Michelisz 0.048s faster than Loeb, and 0.077s faster than third-placed Muller. However, Lopez has just moved into top spot by a clear six tenths...

Sat 12:42 WRC - Argentina: SS7 is live. The road surface on Amboy is generally smooth and in good condition, so there should be lots of sideways action.

Sat 12:44 WTCC - Slovakia: The top five to progress into the Q3 single-lap 'Superpole' session are Lopez, Michelisz, Loeb, Muller and Morbidelli.

A great effort by Michelisz to squeeze in ahead of two of this year's dominant Citroen C-Elysees, and also the best qualifying effort of 2014 by Hungaroring winner Morbidelli.

Sat 12:48 European F3 - Pau: Esteban Ocon was chuffed with his win in the first race, which keeps his run of winning at least once on each race weekend this year, and extends his championship lead.

"I missed a bit the start so I had to close the door on Lucas [Auer]," he said.

"I had to push a little bit to get a space. We were expecting a lot of safety cars as it's really easy to crash here - that was always in our strategy."

Sat 12:50 European F3 - Pau: Meanwhile, Lucas Auer enjoyed his fight with Max Verstappen for second.

Talking of the moment where he put two wheels on the footpath into Parc Beaumont in order to fight off the Dutchman, he said: "I had to make a decision to crash or not - I think it was the right decision!"

Sat 12:51 European F3 - Pau: Another Prema driver, Antonio Fuoco, loomed down the order as he plays catch-up following his free practice shunt.

But at least the Italian set the sixth fastest lap, on old tyres, suggesting he will be a contender in this afternoon's second qualifying.

Sat 12:52 WTCC - Slovakia: The final part of WTCC qualifying in Slovakia has commenced. Yvan Muller is on a hot lap, aiming to beat Morbidelli's time of 2m04.931s.

Sat 12:54 WRC - Argentina: Ostberg is 3.2s quicker than Hirvonen at the second split.

Sat 12:58 WTCC - Slovakia: Loeb holds provisional pole on 2m04.284s, 0.257s ahead of Muller. Morbidelli is third, but Q2 pacesetters Michelisz and Lopez have yet to run.

Sat 12:58 WRC - Argentina: It's drizzling at the end of the stage. It's that fine rain that gets you wet, as 'comedian' Peter Kay might say.

Sat 13:01 WTCC - Slovakia: Michelisz appears to take too much inside kerb at the final corner, kicking up grass and dust and sending his Civic into a twitch.

The Hungarian completes his lap third fastest, as the final Q3 runner Lopez begins his flier. Championship leader Lopez has been quickest in every test and practice session this weekend, will it continue in the one that counts?

Sat 13:02 WTCC - Slovakia: Yes. Lopez takes pole by 0.372s.

Sat 13:05 WRC - Argentina: First man through is Hirvonen with a time of 23m04.8s.

Sat 13:06 WTCC - Slovakia: Q3 result: 1st Lopez 2m03.912s; 2nd Loeb 2m04.284s; 3rd Muller 2m04.541s; 4th Michelisz 2m04.903s and 5th Morbidelli 2m04.931s.

Sat 13:09 WRC - Argentina: Ostberg completes SS7 18.2s quicker than Hirvonen.

Sat 13:11 WRC - Argentina: No Sordo, so next to finish is Neuville who does so with a time of 23m02.3s to go second quickest.

Sat 13:14 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen goes quickest of all with 22m45.2s. A great recovery drive by the Norwegian this morning.

Sat 13:17 WRC - Argentina: Next up is Prokop who finishes 54.1s off the ultimate pace.

Sat 13:19 WRC - Argentina: Kubica is safely through the stage with a time 52.8s slower than Mikkelsen.

"It's all OK," says Kubica at the finish. "Today's stages are a bit normal, but my pace notes were a bit slow."

Sat 13:23 WRC - Argentina: Evans is slower than Kubica and the gap between them in the overall classification is now 16.5s, whereas it was just 0.2s at the start of the day.

Mikkelsen has claimed fourth, however, after his great run this morning.

Sat 13:26 WRC - Argentina: And Latvala has managed to extend his rally lead by a further 3.2s after blitzing SS7 with a time of 22m40.5s.

Sat 13:29 WRC - Argentina: The results after today's first loop of stages:

SS7: 1 Latvala 22m40.5s; 2 Ogier +3.2s; 3 Mikkelsen +5.7s; 4 Ostberg +6.1s; 5 Neuville +21.8s; 6 Hirvonen +24.3s.

Overall: 1 Latvala 2h42m56.5s; 2 Ogier +21.2s; 3 Meeke +2m29.9s; 4 Mikkelsen +5m20.8s; 5 Kubica +5m26.8s; 6 Evans 5m43.3s.

Sat 13:46 GP2 - Barcelona: The next focus for RCL is the first GP2 race in Spain. There's been a slight delay to the start after red flags in the Formula 1 qualifying session (topped by Lewis Hamilton incidentally) but we're getting ready to get things underway.

Sat 13:49 GP2 - Barcelona: This is the top 10 for this race:

1. Stephane Richelmi
2. Jolyon Palmer
3. Stefano Coletti
4. Raffaele Marciello
5. Felipe Nasr
6. Mitch Evans
7. Julian Leal
8. Alexander Rossi
9. Tio Ellinas
10. Stoffel Vandoorne

Sat 13:50 GP2 - Barcelona: The mechanics scuttle away from their cars and we're ready for the formation lap. Off we go, the DAMS duo at the front of the field leads the grid away.

Sat 13:53 GP2 - Barcelona: Ready to go as the final cars slot into place.

Sat 13:56 GP2 - Barcelona: Oh, that was a bit of a farce. A yellow flag appears mid-pack to denote Vandoorne stalling and right at the last minute an aborted start was called.

Bit of confusion as some cars move, some cars don't - and Richelmi stalls. Richelmi is now into the pits and changes tyres.


Sat 13:57 WRC - Argentina: Here's the full round-up of events in Argentina this morning, as Latvala starts to take control of this weekend's rally - but it's still very, very close.

Rally Argentina Saturday morning report

Sat 13:57 GP2 - Barcelona: That means Palmer is effectively on pole, though obviously starts P2. Ready to try again...

Sat 13:58 GP2 - Barcelona: Terrible start from Marciello but Coletti gets away well and he, Palmer and Evans run side-by-side into Turn 1.

Coletti tries to swipe across Palmer and they touch. Something flies off a wing (Palmer's front?) and Coletti spins out. Palmer leads, though, and Nasr slots into second place!

Sat 14:00 GP2 - Barcelona: Contact further down the field and it is Marciello and Abt locked together on the exit of Turn 10. That means a safety car.

Coletti got a right-rear puncture after that Turn 1 contact by the way.

Sat 14:01 GP2 - Barcelona: Looked like an awful pitstop for Coletti as well. Delayed, then they fitted the wrong tyres it seems. Such a strange start to this race.

Sat 14:03 GP2 - Barcelona: So the order is Palmer; Nasr; Leal; Haryanto; Rossi; Cecotto; Ellinas; Binder and Sato.

Evans pit from fourth. Replays show Coletti was way, way too optimistic into Turn 1.

Sat 14:06 GP2 - Barcelona: Racing again, with four of 36 laps completed. Palmer leads them away. Huge lock up from Sato further back as he defends from Dillmann.

Sat 14:07 GP2 - Barcelona: Berthon pits with brake issues with his car. Palmer has eked a few tenths clear of Nasr on this first flying lap.

Time to get your breath back.

Sat 14:09 GP2 - Barcelona: Immediately into the pits come Palmer and Nasr as the pit window opens on lap six of 36. Sato is also in.

Sat 14:11 GP2 - Barcelona: Leal pits from the lead after an aggressive in-lap. His switch to the hard tyre is slow, though, and he's behind Palmer and Nasr - and just in front of Coletti.

Sat 14:13 GP2 - Barcelona: Haryanto pits from the lead now, so Cecotto takes over from the front. Haryanto emerges just behind Leal.

A good move from Dillmann on Binder at Turn 1 nets fifth for the MP stand-in.

Sat 14:16 GP2 - Barcelona: The first-corner incident, plus Maricello and Abt's tangle, are under investigation by the stewards.

Rossi and Ellinas pit that last lap - the latter with a slowish stop - and the top five is now Cecotto, Dillmann, Markelov, Binder and Quaife-Hobbs.

Quaife-Hobbs is up from P22, but then pits. That promotes Daly, up from 26th, to fifth! And a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pitlane for Sato.

We're only 10 laps into this one.

Sat 14:21 GP2 - Barcelona: The incident between Marciello and Abt - which also involved Regalia, who is out of the race - will be investigated after the chequered flag now.

Back on track, Cecotto leads Dillmann by 4 seconds. Evans is ahead of Palmer but his stop came before the window, so the DAMS man is the real leader of those with a pitstop to their name. He is 3s clear of Nasr, who has been told to look after his tyres and attack at the end.

Sat 14:21 GP2 - Barcelona: Of those whose races started poorly, Richelmi is up to eighth and Vandoorne back to ninth.

Coletti has made his proper stop, which has dropped him to 21st.

Sat 14:23 GP2 - Barcelona: No further action on that Turn 1 incident, the stewards have declared.

Sat 14:27 GP2 - Barcelona: Rossi is all over Caterham team-mate Haryanto for 15th, or fourth of those to have stopped. Palmer is 12th (effectively first) and 2.7s ahead of Nasr but looks to be being caught, with Leal a further second back.

At the front, Cecotto's lead over Dillmann is up to 4.9s. Cecotto's pace is very impressive at the moment.

Sat 14:28 GP2 - Barcelona: Nasr gets a hurry-up from his Carlin team. Cecotto and Dillmann could feature in this lead battle when they do make their stop.

We're at the halfway mark, 18 laps of 36 ticked off.

Sat 14:30 GP2 - Barcelona: Dillmann's engine cover has popped up a little bit. That can't be helping in a straight line.

Rossi is stopped on the exit of Turn 10!

Sat 14:31 WTCC - Slovakia: It's another all-Citroen top three in qualifying, but this year isn't turning out to be the Muller steamroller many predicted.

PETER MILLS has been getting the inside story from the drivers.

Slovakia WTCC qualifying report

Sat 14:31 GP2 - Barcelona: "The engine blew up guys," moans Rossi on the team radio. That's dramatic, and race-ending. A shame as the Caterham man was looking strong.

Sat 14:33 GP2 - Barcelona: There's still a way to go, but this looks like it's boiling down to Cecotto versus Palmer. The former is comfortably leading Dillmann while Palmer is edging clear of Nasr and Leal.

Sat 14:38 GP2 - Barcelona: A bakers' dozen laps remaining and Dillmann has taken a second out of Cecotto's lead at the front. In the other 'lead' battle, Palmer has 2.6s in hand over Nasr with Leal 1.6s back from the Brazilian.

Sat 14:40 GP2 - Barcelona: Dillmann gets a mechanical failure flag for the flapping engine cover. That'll force MP's hand - and he pits immediately.

Some duct tape and screws go on and that secures the cover...but it's slow and he's lost a fair bit of time there.

Sat 14:42 GP2 - Barcelona: Dillmann's forced switch onto soft tyres has sparked stops for other long-run drivers. Vandoorne's in, so too is de Jong just ahead of him.

Sat 14:42 WTCC - Slovakia: Alessandro Mariani, MD of Honda's car builder JAS, has confirmed it was a loose bonnet that caused Gabriele Tarquini to run wide in Turn 2 in qualifying.

The incident also caused team-mate Tiago Monteiro to go off in avoidance and damage his undertray.

Sat 14:43 GP2 - Barcelona: Cecotto pits from the lead. Where will he emerge...

Sat 14:44 WTCC - Slovakia: "It was like having my eyes closed," said Tarquini of his Q2 incident. "I only had side-vision. I tried to lift off, but when you lift off in that corner you get big oversteer."

Sat 14:44 GP2 - Barcelona: Cecotto emerges behind Palmer but ahead of Nasr! The Trident man now has nine laps to overhaul the DAMS car in front of him, and he has a much better set of tyres with which to do it.

Sat 14:45 GP2 - Barcelona: Ooh, de Jong's lost a wheel at Turn 11. The left rear wasn't on properly.

Sat 14:45 GP2 - Barcelona: Cecotto takes 0.7s out of Palmer's 2.5s lead in the first sector of his first full flying lap...

Sat 14:46 WTCC - Slovakia: Proteam driver Mehdi Bennani believes it was a waste-gate or turbo-related problem that sidelined him in qualifying.

A similar issue also ruled the Moroccan out of qualifying in Hungary last weekend.

Sat 14:46 GP2 - Barcelona: Cecotto is a full second faster than Palmer in the middle sector and he is right behind the Briton already!

He dives up the inside of Palmer into the chicane and, amazingly, Cecotto leads already! Seven laps to go.

That took no time at all...

Sat 14:47 "This is the most stupid thing!" yells Palmer down the radio. He's absolutely fuming.

Sat 14:50 WTCC - Slovakia: After being an aggrieved innocent party of team-mate Tarquini's qualifying bonnet failure, Tiago Monteiro has picked up a welcome reversed-grid pole position.

Monteiro's Civic suffered damage in an off-track excursion avoiding his team-mate's slowing car.

Sat 14:51 GP2 - Barcelona: Mega battle for fifth in the closing stages. Haryanto, Pic, Ellinas, Binder and Dillmann are separated by less than 2s.

Nasr has closed up on Palmer now and is attacking for second. Leal's still keeping a watching brief, too.

Sat 14:52 WTCC - Slovakia: "The car had a really good balance on new tyres at the start of qualifying," said Monteiro.

"When I damaged the undertray that balance just wasn't there anymore. We have pole by finishing 10th, but this time we didn't plan it that way."

Sat 14:52 GP2 - Barcelona: Palmer was actually quicker than Cecotto on that last lap - he's 2.8s behind the leader. What chance of another twist?

Meanwhile, Binder is to be investigated post-race for overtaking under a yellow flag.

Sat 14:52 European F3 - Pau: It's not just the main event AUTOSPORT is paying attention to in France today. One step further down the ladder from F3, the Formula Renault ALPS boys have had their qualifying session, with McLaren junior Nyck de Vries claiming pole - a satisfying bounceback after the likeable Dutchman binned it at Parc Beaumont in free practice.

Russian Matevos Isaakyan joins him on the front row for his Renault ALPS debut - he had to miss the Imola opening round because he hadn't yet turned 16!

Brits George Russell and Ben Barnicoat qualified fifth and seventh respectively.

Sat 14:55 GP2 - Barcelona: Amazing battling throughout the field. What was almost a 13-car train for fifth has split into three factions. Haryanto still holds fifth but Quaife-Hobbs has dropped back in tenth under pressure from Coletti and Markelov.

Richelmi forces his way past Vandoorne for 14th.

Sat 14:55 GP2 - Barcelona: Now Cecotto's lead looks healthier at 3.5s. Palmer definitely needs to work hard to keep Nasr behind him.

Sat 14:57 GP2 - Barcelona: Final lap. Cecotto's in the clear while Palmer, having locked up into the chicane, holds off Nasr into Turn 1.

Sat 14:58 GP2 - Barcelona: Cecotto wins and Palmer keeps a sliding Nasr behind him as they complete the podium.

Leal nets fourth ahead of Haryanto, Pic, Binder, Ellinas (who gets reverse grid pole), Dillmann and Quaife-Hobbs.

Sat 15:31 GP3 - Barcelona: From one F1 feeder series to another - it's GP3 time.

Briton Alex Lynn is on pole for his first race as a Red Bull junior.

Sat 15:43 GP3 - Barcelona: After another botched start, we're underway for GP3. Lynn leads having fought off the attentions of Kirchoffer and Stanaway into Turn 1.

A hectic first lap has eliminated another Briton, Emil Birnstorff, after he outbraked himself into Turn 5. De Beer is also out, while Carbone and Jorda also failed to make it beyond the opening tour.

Sat 15:45 GP3 - Barcelona: Four laps in, though, and Lynn leads Jimmy Eriksson by 1.6s after setting a new fastest lap of the race.

Stanaway is third ahead of Kujala, with Kirchoffer fifth having ran wide at Turn 1 on the opening lap when he attacked Lynn for the lead.

Dean Stoneman's up to seventh having started 13th.

Sat 15:50 GP3 - Barcelona: Another new fastest lap for Lynn on lap seven and he's 1.8s clear of Eriksson as they approach the halfway stage.

That's the second biggest gap in the top 10. It's close, but there's no jaw-dropping action to savour just yet.

Sat 15:57 GP3 - Barcelona: Lynn's lead is the biggest it's been so far at 2.5s. Eriksson is well clear of Stanaway though, 5.1s in fact. He has Kujala just 1.3s behind him.

All very quiet, to be honest.

Sat 16:02 GP3 - Barcelona: Last lap, and Lynn leads by 3.6s. Dominant drive by the new Red Bull junior.

Sat 16:05 GP3 - Barcelona: Crushing. Pole, victory and fastest lap for Alex Lynn, who also leads every lap. It's been some time (the 2012 finale) since there was a change for the lead in a GP3 race...

Eriksson nets second from fourth, ahead of Stanaway, Kujala and Kirchhofer. Zamparelli and Stoneman finish sixth and seventh, with Tuscher, Yelloly and Niederhauser completing the top 10.

Sat 16:36 It's gone quiet here, but fear not - AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live will resume with the latest from Rally Argentina at 6.45pm BST.

We've then got IndyCar's Indianapolis Road Course race to come at 8.45 BST. It's a busy evening, so make sure you're back for that.

In the meantime, relive Alex Lynn's perfect GP3 debut with our Barcelona race report.

Sat 17:37 Welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live. It's evening in Europe but still afternoon in the Americas and that means time for more Rally Argentina action and then IndyCar's first race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course

Sat 17:47 WRC - Argentina: This is how we stand after seven stages. Yep, that's right, just seven in a day and a half so far, because a lot of them are monsters of 40-50kms.

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +21.2s
3 Meeke +2m29.9s
4 Mikkelsen +5m20.8s
5 Kubica +5m26.8s
6 Evans +5m43.3s

IMSSat 17:56 IndyCar - Indianapolis: In around two hours' time, the inaugural 'Grand Prix of Indy' Indianapolis Motor Speedway IndyCar road course race will begin.

And this morning the final piece fell into place in the entry list for this month's main event, the Indy 500.

As AUTOSPORT reported earlier this week, James Davison will drive a fourth KV car, which brings us up to 33 entries:

Full 2014 Indianapolis 500 entry list

Even before KV confirmed Davison's deal, there was a bit of a hint at the track this morning, as pictured...

Sat 17:59 WRC - Argentina: We're about to resume for today's final three stages. Two big ones first: San Augustin and Amboy, both just under 40kms, then a return to the superspecial to close out the evening.

Sat 18:00 WRC - Argentina: Running order this afternoon begins with the drivers returning after Friday problems, so it's Mikko Hirvonen, Mads Ostberg and Thierry Neuville first up.

Sat 18:02 WRC - Argentina: The biggest news from lunchtime in Villa Carlos Paz is that Sebastien Ogier has considered finishing a rally in second place.

For the first time in a very long time, Ogier has actually thought about the potential for him not winning – and he says it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Ogier was slower than team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala on both the morning's stages and now trails the Finn by by 21.2s.

"It's not too bad," Ogier told AUTOSPORT, "we are in second place and if the rally ends like that then it will not be a big drama – it would be another good result for us.

"But that doesn't mean that I will give up. I will still drive as fast as I can, 20 seconds is not time to give up.

"Jari did a good job this morning and if he continues then it can be hard."

Sat 18:05 WRC - Argentina: Typically, Latvala was on hand to offer a deeper analysis of the situation.

"Ogier is always very strong on the hard gravel rallies – look at him in Mexico, Portugal, Australia, these kind of rallies, but normally I have been good in the soft, sandy stages like Sardinia and this one. These roads seem to suit my style more."

UmbrellasSat 18:07 WRC - Argentina: And in further analysis of the VW battle, we can report that the display of umbrellas over the world champion during the wet lunchtime service was a bit disappointing.

Sat 18:11 WRC - Argentina: Of the Rally 2 men who are coming through first, Neuville and Mikkelsen are comfortably back into the points in eighth and fourth respectively.

SS2 shunters Ostberg and Hirvonen have more to do to reach the points. They're 13th and 15th, but by the end of tomorrow those will be top 10 positions if they maintain their pace.

Sat 18:16 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen is the pacesetter on the SS8 splits so far.

VW's hopes of a podium sweep looked to be over when his alternator broke at the end of the Friday, but he only had to take five minutes of penalties and with the high attrition, he's firmly back in contention.

He shot past Prokop, Evans and Kubica to progress to fourth this morning. Now there's a 2m50.9s gap to Meeke. That's big, but looks like he's having a crack at it.

Sat 18:21 WRC - Argentina: Ogier beats Mikkelsen's early splits, but Latvala is going quicker still.

Looking good for the Finn, but really we're only just halfway through this rally.

Sat 18:24 WRC - Argentina: Hirvonen is first through. His time is a 22m44.7s, and he's a fair bit happier with the Fiesta's set-up this afternoon.

Sat 18:25 WRC - Argentina: Has Latvala had a problem? He's now behind Ogier on split times further into the stage. The difference is only 4s, but that was Latvala's advantage on the opening sector.

Sat 18:27 WRC - Argentina: Seems like it could've been a one-off moment for Latvala as the time gap at the next split remains roughly the same - 5s slower than Ogier.

Sat 18:28 WRC - Argentina: Neuville reports a spin on that stage after a muddier than expected watersplash, but it only costs him 10s, he reckons.

Sat 18:30 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen comes through quickest so far. Doesn't look like he'll take more than a few seconds out of Meeke's advantage, and he's being realistic.

"We'll try to keep some pressure on, but he's too far ahead unless anything happens."

Sat 18:30 WRC - Argentina: Now the splits turn again and Latvala is a couple of seconds faster than Ogier, so has the world champion made a small mistake?

Sat 18:33 WRC - Argentina: And between splits four and five, the VW pair set exactly the same time to the tenth of a second.

Sat 18:35 WRC - Argentina: Bit of a scare for Kubica on that stage as his Ford gets tipped up on two wheels briefly when surprised by a rut. But he got it back on the ground and continued intact.

Sat 18:38 WRC - Argentina: Meeke loses 16s to Mikkelsen but remains 2m34s ahead. The Citroen man says it's amazing how much more settled he is on the second run through a stage like this as his experience base builds.

Sat 18:38 WRC - Argentina: Ogier arrives at the end of the stage with damage on the front left of his VW and a puncture!

Sat 18:40 WRC - Argentina: Ogier says the tyre blew about 1.5km from the end of the stage.

He had a puncture on this stage in 2013 too, but says this is very different.

"Twelve months ago I knew what happened: I hit a rock. This time, nothing. Just on the straight, the tyre went. It must be a problem with the manufacturing."

Sat 18:40 WRC - Argentina: Ogier also reveals that he had a quick spin at the stage's watersplash.

Sat 18:41 WRC - Argentina: Latvala comes through and wins the stage by three seconds over Ogier, taking his lead up to 24s.

Sat 18:41 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Still counting down to the start of the first IndyCar race on the IMS road course, but in the meantime we've just seen Luiz Razia win an entertaining Indy Lights battle. It is the maiden series win for the Brazilian, who had to withstand sustained pressure from Brit Jack Harvey to secure the victory.

Sat 18:42 WRC - Argentina: Latvala says he had two incidents of his own on the stage.

"Five kilometres into the stage, I spun. The car stuck into the corner too much. We lost maybe 5-6s over there.

"Then coming onto one of the bridges, I stalled the engine.

"It was not relaxed driving, this was a hard stage for me."

Sat 18:46 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Here's the full story of Razia and Harvey's battle in that great Indy Lights race:

Indianapolis Indy Lights race two report

Sat 18:48 WRC - Argentina - SS8 results:

1 Latvala 22m30.8s
2 Mikkelsen +2.7s
3 Ogier +3.0s
4 Ostberg +13.3s
5 Hirvonen +13.9s
6 Neuville +18.7s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +24.2s
3 Meeke +2m49.5s
4 Mikkelsen +5m23.5s
5 Kubica +6m07.1s
6 Evans +6m27.6s

Sat 18:49 WRC - Argentina: Ogier has parked after the stage and is having a thorough inspection of his VW to make sure the tyre delamination didn't cause any other issues.

Sat 18:49 WRC - Argentina: Not long until the next stage. The second pass of Amboy is about a quarter of an hour away, and it's another 40kms.

Elfyn EvansSat 18:53 WRC - Argentina: Slightly overshadowed by this incredibly tense VW battle for the lead is the M-Sport battle for fifth, although to an extent that one's taking place in slow motion as both Kubica and Evans know they have to reach the finish above all else. They're now 20s apart, with Kubica edging away.

Evans enjoyed the faster stages this morning, but the Welshman remains deeply frustrated in his desire to drive faster.

"I'm here to do a job," he said.

In an effort to cheer him up, AUTOSPORT's David Evans offered the following analogy: "My editor told me to write words here, whether I want to draw pictures or not is irrelevant."

That did the trick. Cheered him up no end.

Sat 19:05 WRC - Argentina: Just a couple of minutes before battle resumes on Amboy.

The surface – especially on the stages around Santa Rosa de Calamuchita – demands a much more aggressive style of driving. The cars have a tendency to bog down in the sand (Ogier: "It kills the speed....") and carrying more speed into the corner is the way to overcome this. But, it's a fine line...

And when you're battling flat-out for victory against someone in the same car...

Sat 19:12 WRC - Argentina: Delay at the start of this stage. No information back as to why yet, but drivers are still waiting to go in.

Sat 19:23 WRC - Argentina: The stage is now beginning 13 minutes late. Seems the delay was due to one of the course cars breaking a wheel! It's rough...

Sat 19:28 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Not long now until the first Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course IndyCar race begins.

Here's the top of the grid lines up:

1 Sebastian Saavedra
2 Jack Hawksworth
3 Ryan Hunter-Reay
4 Simon Pagenaud
5 Will Power
6 Scott Dixon
7 Sebastien Bourdais
8 Juan Pablo Montoya
9 Tony Kanaan
10 Helio Castroneves

Yes, that's right, a Saavedra/Hawksworth front row...

Here's how that happened:

Indianapolis IndyCar qualifying report

Sat 19:30 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The points table is a little more as expected...

Championship standings after three of 18 rounds:

1 Will Power 125
2 Ryan Hunter-Reay 107
3 Simon Pagenaud 92
4 Scott Dixon 87
5 Mike Conway 82
6 Marco Andretti 73

(50 points for a win plus bonuses)

Full 2014 season statistics on FORIX

Sat 19:31 WRC - Argentina: News from Hyundai is that Sordo is now out for the weekend after an inspection of his car.

After all that pushing to ensure he got a seat for Argentina, Sordo's rally barely even got going due to the technical problems he had early on both days.

IndySat 19:33 IndyCar - Indianapolis: A lot of Brickyard history in one image: three-time Indy 500 winners Helio Castroneves and Johnny Rutherford and four-time winner Rick Mears at the launch of Castroneves' special Pennzoil Indy livery yesterday.

Sat 19:41 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The cars are lined up on the dummy grid, and we're about five minutes away from the command to start engines.

The sun is out - in stark contrast to yesterday - and it looks like an encouragingly strong crowd of Indianapolis natives have turned up to to get a taste of road course racing. There aren't all that many people in the stand along the main straight, but the grandstand at both the first and final corners and the spectator mounds at Turns 4/5 and 7 are absolutely packed. IndyCar and IMS will be very pleased indeed.

Sat 19:43 WRC - Argentina: Early splits on SS9 suggest Ogier is trimming a couple of seconds out of Latvala's lead.

Long way to go yet though and remember how many twists there were on the previous stage.

Sat 19:44 WRC - Argentina: Hirvonen is through in 22m48.6s to open the second run of Amboy.

He reports that the level of fog is "not so bad", with one section where there was a lot, some with none at all, and some with an amount "that's fine, it doesn't really disturb you at all."

Sat 19:45 WRC - Argentina: Kris Meeke has tempered his pace notes for this stage after bank-slapping moment this morning.

"We had six-left over crest and the car went a lot more over than I thought and just touched the bank on the outside, that sent the car back into the road. We've changed that note to a four..."

Sat 19:46 WRC - Argentina: Ostberg gets to the end of the stage and is in pain. He said he hurt his right hand a lot when there was a big kick-back in the steering.

Sat 19:48 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Mari Hulman-George gives the command to start engines.

Sat 19:49 WRC - Argentina Split three, Ogier and Latvala identical time. Latvala remains +2.6s to the Frenchman.

Sat 19:50 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen completes the stage and is only fourth fastest so far.

Sat 19:51 WRC - Argentina: "I took it very carefully," says Mikkelsen. "It's so rough in there and I'm in the middle of nowhere [in the order] now. I tried to manage the risk."

Sat 19:52 WRC - Argentina Latvala takes two seconds out in split four. Just 0.6s between the two Polos.

Sat 19:53 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The cars are just completing their second installation lap, and are forming up for the standing start.

Sat 19:53 WRC - Argentina: Hirvonen remains fastest on the stage so far. He was back up to 13th in the overall standings as this one began.

Sat 19:56 WRC - Argentina: Whopping split from Latvala, 4.2s in the lead!

Sat 19:57 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Huge shunt at the start. Saavedra stalls on pole, and most of the field manages to get around before Munoz hits him and bounces to the outside, and moments later Aleshin runs straight into the back of him. Further back, Montoya appears to have stalled as well.

All drivers are already out of their cars and appear to be OK. That's good news for Saavedra and Aleshin in particular - that was a huge hit.

Sat 19:58 WRC - Argentina: Kubica treads carefully through that one too and is absolutely delighted to have reached the end of a second full day of rallying without any problems.

Hopefully he hasn't jinxed himself there with the superspecial still to come.

Sat 19:58 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Saavedra: "We followed the [start protocol for the car, and as soon as we released the clutch it went from 11,000rpm to zero."

Sat 19:59 WRC - Argentina: Is Ogier losing time? He didn't take as much time through split six as he had in the previous ones. And there's damage reported on the Polo...

Sat 20:00 IndyCar - Indianapolis: We're under yellows while all the shrapnel on the main straight is mopped up. The current top 10:

1. Hunter-Reay
2. Power
3. Pagenaud
4. Hawksworth
5. Dixon
6. Castroneves
7. Hinchcliffe
8. Rahal
9. Bourdais
10. Andretti

Sat 20:00 WRC - Argentina: Ogier completes the stage, the car looks battered but mostly in cosmetic ways - and the Frenchman's not concerned.

Sat 20:00 WRC - Argentina: Latvala took more time in the final split - 5.9s up coming into the final section of the stage.

Sat 20:01 WRC - Argentina: Ogier says the bumper that's now missing was probably loosened by the tyre blow on the previous stage, and that the air intake is blocked as a consequence too, costing him engine power.

Sat 20:01 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The Aleshin/Saavedra part of that accident looks nastier with every replay. We're still no closer to working out what Montoya's problem was, though.

Sat 20:02 WRC - Argentina: Latvala wins the stage and is 5.7s faster than Ogier, so he's just a tad under 30s in the lead after Saturday's final full-length stage.

Sat 20:04 IndyCar - Indianapolis: More from Saavedra: "To not even get a chance because of a fricking electrical thing pisses me off."

Sat 20:05 WRC - Argentina: "This is one of my best days," says Latvala, who - as he did earlier in the weekend - then heaps praise on co-driver Miikka Antilla's reading of the notes in the most fog-laded sections.

Our rally leader is a happy man. You can tell because he's being bubbly and analytical all at once.

"Sometimes you get these days... it's a great feeling. And you have to use it in the right way.

"On the previous stage I started to over-drive, and if I'd carried on I would've started to lose time. I knew I had to calm down."

IndianapolisSat 20:06 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Here's a shot from our LAT photographers of the Aleshin/Saavedra part of that violent incident.

Sat 20:07 IndyCar - Indianapolis: It looks like Montoya did indeed simply stall - he has been restarted, and is now running around in the middle of the pack. Less fortunate is Mike Conway, who his currently in the pits for repairs. It hasn't been a great weekend for the ECR driver so far. We're still under yellows.

Sat 20:11 IndyCar - Indianapolis: We've just heard from ECR team owner Ed Carpenter. Conway managed to avoid the stricken cars in front of him, but in doing so he clipped pitwall and tore off his right-rear corner. Oriol Servia's car has also sustained damage from debris.

Sat 20:12 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Now we're hearing from Munoz - he tried to move left to avoid Saavedra's car, but simply didn't have enough space.

Sat 20:13 WRC - Argentina - SS9 results:

1 Latvala 22m48.3s
2 Hirvonen +0.3s
3 Ogier +5.7s
4 Ostberg +6.7s
5 Neuville +14.3s
6 Mikkelsen +18.8s

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +29.9s
3 Meeke +3m41.2s
4 Mikkelsen +5m42.3s
5 Neuville +6m41.9s
6 Kubica +7m05.3s

Sat 20:15 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Green flag! Everyone navigates the first few corners safely.

Sat 20:17 WRC - Argentina: Couple of things to note from that stage that were a bit lost amid the Ogier drama...

Neuville's recovery drive is flying along too, he's jumped past M-Sport's cautious duo Evans and Kubica into fifth now. Kubica's still on course though, and he's a good safe distance ahead of Evans and Prokop.

Meeke was very cautious in the fog there. He felt he had time to be, but that gap to Mikkelsen has come down from 2m50s to 2m01s pretty rapidly. Eighty km to go tonight and tomorrow...

Sat 20:18 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Hawksworth makes a great move on Hunter-Reay at Turn 1 to take the lead, and Pagenaud also sneaks through to move into second. Hunter-Reay's life isn't getting any easier -he now has Dixon bobbing around in his mirrors.

Sat 20:20 WRC - Argentina: Bit of a break now as the drivers head back to the superspecial to conclude today's action. That takes place in a little under two hours.

Sat 20:23 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Montoya is making excellent progress after his earlier problem, and has just passed Rahal for ninth.

Up at the front, Hawksworth isn't looking remotely intimidated by the fact that he's leading his fourth-ever IndyCar start. He is now 2.3s ahead of Pagenaud, and lapping 0.3s per lap quicker. It will be interesting to see how long his tyres last at this rate.

Meanwhile, Franck Montagny has been issued a drive-through penalty for jumping the restart.

Sat 20:25 WRC - Argentina: One last note from Amboy - thanks to their pace and some attrition among the midfielders, Ostberg and Hirvonen are now up to 10th and 11th.

Drivers' points are on the cards for both as they should be able to despatch Nasser Al-Attiyah's WRC2 Ford tomorrow.

Sat 20:29 GP2 - Barcelona: The stewards have been busy at Barcelona. Despite the shunts over the opening laps, no penalties for rough driving, but several for ignoring yellows.

Rene Binder, Conor Daly and Stefano Coletti have all had 20s added to their race times, the first two for failing to slow for yellows, and Coletti for going off course under double waved yellows.

The significant one here is Binder - he was seventh so would've been on the front row tomorrow. The penalty dumps him to 15th and brings his temporary Arden team-mate Tom Dillmann up to eighth and reverse grid pole.

That pole was previously destined to Tio Ellinas on his first weekend in GP2. He'll be second on the grid next to Dillmann tomorrow morning now. Still pretty decent for a debut!

Sat 20:31 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Montoya is on an absolute mission here - having just passed his team-mate Castroneves for eighth, he's now reeling Bourdais in. What was a 5.1s gap is already down to 3.6s, and JPM is taking 0.6s out of the Frenchman's advantage each time around. Castroneves, for his part, pits to ditch his harder compound tyres in favour of a set of new reds.

Up at the front, Hawksworth still looks comfortable with a 2.5s lead over Pagenaud.

Sat 20:31 GP2 - Barcelona: One more post-race penalty to report, and you might've seen this one coming.

Daniel de Jong gets a 10-place 'unsafe release' grid drop for tomorrow due to being sent out from the MP with a loose wheel, which fell off soon after.

Because he retired, there are only five places he can actually drop, so he'll have to start from the pitlane tomorrow.

Sat 20:32 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Montoya pits for scuffed reds. He was asking an awful lot of his previous set over the past few laps.

IndyCar crashSat 20:32 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Here's another view from LAT Photographic of how messy that Aleshin/Saavedra impact was at the start.

Sat 20:41 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Most of the lead group has pitted over the past couple of laps, including Hawksworth. The current leader is Justin Wilson, although Hawksworth will cycle back into the lead once the stops are completed.

Meanwhile, Ryan Briscoe has just served a drive-through for a pitlane safety violation. We hear that he ran over an air hose.

Sat 20:44 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Wilson and Huertas pit, and Hawksworth reclaims the lead ahead of Pagenaud. The gap is pretty stable at 2.3s.

1. Hawksworth
2. Pagenaud
3. Hunter-Reay
4. Dixon
5. Power

Sat 20:49 IndyCar - Indianapolis: That 'stable' gap between Hawksworth and Pagenaud has blown out to 4.1s; Hunter-Reay is another 6.0s behind. Both Dixon and Power have the Andretti car just about within their sights.

Sat 20:58 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Power dived down the inside of Dixon at Turn 1 for P4, and Dixon tried to reclaim the place a couple of corners later. He moved to the inside of the Penske, Power turned into the corner, and the resultant contact has left Dixon stranded in the gravel.

Meanwhile, Montoya has pitted complaining of suspension problems. After some work by the Penske crew, he heads back out.

Sat 20:59 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Dixon's car has been rescued from the gravel trap, but he's now stuck back in 21st.

Sat 21:02 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The pits open, and Hawksworth, Pagenaud and Power take advantage to put under caution. Hunter-Reay has stayed out, and will be shown as the leader next time around.

Meanwhile, IndyCar has confirmed that Saavedra, Aleshin and Munoz have all been checked and cleared by the medical centre.

Sat 21:05 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Still under yellows. Here is the current top five:

1. Hunter-Reay
2. Hinchcliffe
3. Wilson
4. Huertas
5. Castroneves

Pagenaud managed to leapfrog Hawksworth during that stop - they are P8 and P9 respectively.

Sat 21:08 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Restart. Hunter-Reay keeps the lead, and Wilson passes Hinchcliffe for P2 at the exit of Turn 1.

It looks like Power ran over an air hose during his stop, so expect a penalty to be announced for that shortly.

Sat 21:08 IndyCar - Indianapolis: And just as we hit 'post', Power's penalty is confirmed.

Sat 21:11 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Two drivers are making cameos this weekend - Montagny and Plowman - and they've just collided. Plowman ran into the back of the Frenchman's car and was launched skyward, rotating though 360 degrees before landing again. Both are fine, but we're under full-course caution.

Sat 21:13 IndyCar - Indianapolis: While all that was going on, Huertas managed to get ahead of Hinchcliffe for third. We're still under caution.

Sat 21:18 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Restart. There was contact on the front straight that has ended with Rahal getting out of his broken car. Looks like he was punted by Montoya.

The yellows are back out, but while the race was still green, Wilson pulled a great move on Hunter-Reay to take the lead.

Sat 21:20 IndyCar - Indianapolis: It wasn't just Wilson who got past Hunter-Reay there - Huertas has also passed him and is in P2.

Elsewhere, Montoya has a broken front wing from his contact with Rahal.

Sat 21:22 IndyCar - Indianapolis: In other news, that Plowman/Montagny crash could have some impact on Kurt Busch's preparations for the Indy 500, which are scheduled to get underway tomorrow. Montagny's car is the same one earmarked for the NASCAR star, but the amount of running time he gets tomorrow will now depend upon how badly the car is damaged.

Sat 21:25 IndyCar - Indianapolis: A lot of the leaders, including Wilson, Hunter-Reay, Huertas and Pagenaud have pitted. Castroneves stayed out, and will be the new leader.

Wilson won the race off pitlane and is currently seventh. There are 28 laps still to run, and it's marginal as to whether anyone can make it to the end under greens without stopping again.

Sat 21:27 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Restart. This time it's clean.

Sat 21:29 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Hinchcliffe is off at Turn 7, but they should be able to clear that under a local yellow.

Meanwhile, Montoya has been issued a drive-through for jumping the restart and causing contact. His team-mate Castroneves leads, but is under huge pressure from Kimball and Hawksworth.

Sat 21:34 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Hawksworth pits from P3.

Sat 21:36 IndyCar - Indianapolis: It looks like Hinchcliffe's problem was physical rather than an issue with the car - he has been taken to the medical centre. We'll update you when we hear more.

Indy LightsSat 21:40 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Quick check on how this weekend's Indy Lights results have closed up the title battle in IndyCar's feeder series.

Maiden wins for former GP2 title contender/F1 aspirant Luiz Razia and Matthew 'grandson of Jack' Brabham coupled with tough times for Zach Veach and Gabby Chaves have resulted in this tantalising points balance:

Championship standings after six of 14 rounds:

1 Zach Veach 229
2 Luiz Razia 224
3 Gabby Chaves 214
4 Jack Harvey 207
5 Matthew Brabham 190
6 Alex Baron 183

(50 points for a win)

Full 2014 Indy Lights statistics on FORIX

Sat 21:45 IndyCar - Indianapolis: The caution that Castroneves was hoping for hasn't come, and he pits from the lead.

Sat 21:47 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Bourdais and Briscoe pit, and Oriol Servia moves into the lead. He, Pagenaud (P2) and Hunter-Reay (P3) are all on the same strategy, and if the race stays green they'll almost certainly have to stop for a splash of fuel.

Sat 21:53 IndyCar - Indianapolis: There's much speculation over whether Servia has enough fuel to go to the finish. He's certainly not driving like someone who is trying to save fuel, so it looks like RLL is betting the farm on another yellow. The Spaniard now leads Pagenaud by 9.8s.

Hunter-Reay is in P3 and on the same fuel load as Servia and Pagenaud, but right behind him is Castroneves, who is most definitely fuelled to the finish.

Sat 21:55 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Servia pits from the lead. Just to rub salt into the wound, he is slow getting away from the stop.

Pagenaud is now P1, 2.1s ahead of Hunter-Reay, who in turn has Castroneves lurking behind him.

Sat 21:57 IndyCar - Indianapolis: One lap to go ... and Pagenaud and Hunter-Reay both stay out.

Sat 22:00 IndyCar - Indianapolis: Their gamble pays off! Running on fumes, Pagenaud crosses the line to win the first IndyCar race on the IMS road course ahead of Hunter-Reay and Castroneves. The Schmidt and Andretti number-crunchers have earned their money today.

Sat 22:09 That nerve-wracking IndyCar finish brings AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live to a close for Saturday night.

Coming up in our news section later will be the full Indianapolis IndyCar race report, our Saturday afternoon round-up from Rally Argentina, and a report from the Kansas NASCAR Sprint Cup night race.

Our F1 Live coverage resumes for the Spanish Grand Prix race day build-up from 11.30am UK time tomorrow, with Race Centre Live back on from 12.15pm ready for the final leg of Rally Argentina, the Slovakia World Touring Car Championship races and Formula 3 in Pau. See you then.

Sun 11:03 Hello and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live!

It's like we've never been away - although there has been a NASCAR, GP3 and GP2 race since we left.

More on that in a minute though. First, we'll tell you what's coming up today...

Jeff Gordon, NASCAR

Sun 11:07 We've got WTCC from Slovakia shortly, with the resumption of Rally Argentina to follow at 1pm BST.

Then the third European F3 race from Pau follows SS11 in Argentina, before the WRC action resumes.

The second WTCC encounter will see us out later on.

Sun 11:09 WTCC - Slovakia: After two glorious days of practice, it is raining in Slovakia on race morning. That's just what many of the dominant Citroen team's rivals desired.

Sun 11:10 NASCAR - Kansas: Jeff Gordon claimed his first NASCAR Sprint Cup victory of the season last night by overcoming Kevin Harvick at Kansas Speedway.

Gordon scores first win of 2014

Sun 11:11 WTCC - Slovakia: The three C-Elysee cars occupy the first three positions on the grid for this afternoon's race, which gets underway in ten minutes.

The Honda drivers, of whom Norbert Michelisz is the highest-starting in fourth, have praised their Civic WTCC's balance in wet conditions.

Sun 11:15 WTCC - Slovakia: The rain has eased off somewhat from this morning's early deluge, although a light drizzle persists and umbrellas remain up in the grandstands.

Sun 11:22 WTCC - Slovakia: Front-row starter Loeb has got the jump on polesitter Lopez to take the lead. Norbert Michelisz passed Yvan Muller for third away from the line. Muller received a tiny nudge from fifth-placed Tom Chilton on exit of Turn 1.

Sun 11:24 WTCC - Slovakia: Muller has been called in for a drive-through from fourth for a jump-start.

Sun 11:27 WTCC - Slovakia: Mehdi Bennani had been making strong progress from the last row, after suffering a turbo problem in qualifying.

The Moroccan was up to P13 on lap three before suffering a huge slide behind Dusan Borkovic when the Serbian found the gravel. Both have continued.

Sun 11:31 WRC - Argentina: This is the state of play heading into the final day of Rally Argentina.

Jari-Matti Latvala opened a half-minute lead over Volkswagen team-mate Sebastien Ogier by the end of day two, while Kris Meeke is a lonely third.

Day two report is right here.

Sun 11:32 WTCC - Slovakia: Tom Coronel has moved ahead of ROAL team-mate Tom Chilton into fourth. Loeb leads Lopez by 0.9s, having conceded a tenth on the last two laps.

Muller is up to 10th, after dropping to 14th because of his drive-through.

Sun 11:43 GP2/GP3 - Barcelona: We've seen some Formula 1 supports this morning already.

Cancer survivor Dean Stoneman scored his first victory in the GP3 Series in race two at Barcelona after a tense duel with Jenzer's Matheo Tuscher.

Then, after that, Felipe Nasr won in GP2 for the first time after 50 starts - but Britain's Jolyon Palmer's got a healthy points lead.

European F3 Pau Tom Blomqvist Esteban Ocon Jake DennisSun 11:46 Euro F3 - Pau: Tom Blomqvist denied Esteban Ocon in a thrilling second Formula 3 European Championship race at Pau.

The chaotic encounter also involved Racing Steps-backed Briton Jake Dennis score his first F3 podium in third.

Read MARCUS SIMMONS' full report here.

Sun 11:52 WTCC - Slovakia: Apologies for the break in RCL coverage from Slovakia, we have had a few technical troubles.

The race has been red-flagged with Sebastien Loeb declared the winner owing to worsening conditions.

Sun 11:55 WTCC - Slovakia: The safety car appeared on lap seven as several cars were aquaplaning at various parts of the track.

With no sign of the rain abating, a result has been declared after nine laps.

Sun 11:56 WRC - Argentina: Right, let's go. SS11 - the 22.07km Mina Clavero stage - is well underway.

Mikko Hirvonen heads the running order today and he, along with several drivers, are into the stage. We've not got split times yet though.

Sun 11:57 WTCC - Slovakia - results: 1 Loeb; 2 Lopez; 3 Michelisz; 4 Coronel; 5 Chilton; 6 Morbidelli; 7 Monteiro; 8 Tarquini; 9 Huff; 10 Muller.

Sun 12:00 WRC - Argentina: Splits are such a luxury when following the WRC...

What we do know is Ostberg - who has a minor injury - is struggling, and significantly slower than Hirvonen.

Ostberg dogSun 12:02 WRC - Argentina: More on that Ostberg injury for those not in the know. It's his thumb, it’s not broken, but it is twisted.

The Manchester United-supporting Norwegian has gone out with a bandage around his hand and some pills in his pocket.

Sun 12:03 WRC - Argentina: DAVID EVANS reported huge sympathy for Ostberg from much of Citroen, save for his team-mates, where there was much more a feeling that he should man up a bit…

Sun 12:03 WRC - Argentina: Hirvonen is through in 18m28.1s.

Sun 12:05 WRC - Argentina: As we await some more times, let's look at the situation at the top of the times.

DAVID EVANS sensed real emotion around Volkswagen this morning as Jari-Matti Latvala departed service for the final time – don’t forget the cars head west and stay west until they’ve completed the last loop of four stages.

He and his co-driver are hugely popular figures in the team and a win like this one would do the pair the world of good.

Sun 12:07 WRC - Argentina: Ostberg comes through 1m11.5s slower than Hirvonen. He's manned up and got on with it, but at a price.

Sun 12:08 WRC - Argentina: Opening splits from Latvala and Ogier...and Latvala's 7.2s quicker!

Sun 12:10 WRC - Argentina: Ogier cannot afford to lose anytime to his team-mate here.

Jost Capito reiterated that the drivers are doing their own thing on the final day, but even Ogier admitted half a minute might be asking a lot.

Sun 12:11 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen, who was the only man other than Latvala faster Hirvonen through the first split, has dropped time halfway through the stage.

Sun 12:15 WRC - Argentina: Hmm. Mikkelsen actually hasn't lost as much time as those ahead of him, though has dropped 26-odd seconds on Hirvonen. That's bizarre. Seems there was an issue for most drivers - unless Hirvonen's just blitzed it.

Sun 12:16 WRC - Argentina: That said, some times are in.

Evans completed the stage in 19m35.3s, 21s quicker than Kubica but more than a minute slower than Hirvonen.

Prokop is last, eight seconds slower than Ostberg.

Sun 12:18 WRC - Argentina: Neuville and Mikkelsen are in.

The Hyundai man's time is 19m42.1s, while Mikkelsen is much faster. He's actually second quickest of anyone, but is still some way off Hirvonen - 36.4s in fact, with an 19m04.5s run.

Sun 12:20 WRC - Argentina: Meeke's through in 19m34.6s.

"That's perfect. We can afford to lose [time]. Third or fourth place is no matter [right now], when I come back in three or four years time with that experience I don't want to be battling for third or fourth place."

Sun 12:26 WRC - Argentina: Ogier and Latvala come through. Ogier does it in 19m28.5s, while Latvala boosts his lead by 16.4s...that could be that for Ogier's hope of winning Rally Argentina for the first time.

Sun 12:28 WRC - Argentina: But that does mean SS11 victory for Mikko Hirvonen with an untouchable time:

Overall standings:
1 Latvala 3h52m31.2s
2 Ogier +47.6s
3 Meeke +4m09.5s
4 Mikkelsen +5m35.4s
5 Neuville +7m10.9s

SS11 results:
1 Hirvonen 18m28.1s
2 Mikkelsen +36.4s
3 Latvala +44.0s
4 Ogier +1m00.4s
5 Meeke +1m06.5s

Sun 12:33 WRC - Argentina: The next stage starts in about half an hour. Ogier will need to do something special to overhaul Latvala now.

Sun 12:34 Euro F3 - Pau: It's amazing what a paddock trawl can do, and plenty of information has come to light on the various incidents in this morning's second race.

The late fight for sixth place ended when Mitch Gilbert tried to cover an attack from Jordan King, and ended up running into Nicholas Latifi, putting the Canadian out of the race.

Gilbert got away with a missing wing, but King stalled, restarted, booted it, spun and stalled terminally. Antonio Fuoco tried to select reverse to avoid the traffic jam, but his gearbox wouldn't play ball, stranding him too.

Sun 12:42 Euro F3 - Pau: Anyone thinking Tom Blomqvist lucked into his win because of the safety car would be wrong.

After Esteban Ocon made contact with Felix Rosenqvist, the gap was 17 seconds. But Blomqvist slashed that to six seconds within four laps, at which point the safety car appeared.

Had it not been for the safety car there would have been five more laps of racing and, with Blomqvist six seconds behind and three seconds per lap quicker, it would have been an easy job.

"The safety car actually made my job harder," said Tom.

Sun 12:46 WRC - Argentina: Ogier has hung up the towel, it seems.

"I never push here. It's a lottery and I prefer to just get through. It's okay, you cannot win all the time and this proves you have to fight to win. I have no problem with that. Jari-Matti deserves it."

Of course, more fool the VW team-mate who believes that and backs off...

Sun 12:52 Euro F3 - Pau: Tom Blomqvist and Esteban Ocon differed in opinions on the lengthy safety car start in race two.

Earlier on, the Formula Renault ALPS race - in identical conditions - started with two laps under caution, but the F3s got five, and they're one rung up the ladder! "I don't know why it stayed out for so long, because the track was fine straight away," said Blomqvist.

Ocon countered: "It was safer to have a few more laps to warm up the tyres, and I was giving information over the radio for the race director."

Sun 12:57 WTCC - Slovakia: Here's how World Touring Car Championship rookie Sebastien Loeb claimed his second victory of the season, and his maiden feature race success, in a rain-curtailed race at the Slovakia-Ring.

Loeb wins rain-affected WTCC opener in Slovakia

Sun 13:02 WRC - Argentina: Almost ready for SS12. Just to keep you in the loop, Evans closed to just 16s behind Kubica in the battle for sixth on that last stage. Hirvonen jumped Ostberg into 10th with his stage win.

Sun 13:04 Euro F3 - Pau: Cars are pouring on to the circuit ahead of the third and final race of the weekend here at Pau.

Sun 13:08 WRC - Argentina: The second stage today – which doubles as the powerstage – is El Condor. And this is one of the absolute beauties of the WRC, it's a real gem from a backdrop point of view, but hugely twisty and technical to drive.

Fog, mist and rain are going to be a real issue in today’s stages, which run at the highest altitude.

Sun 13:10 WRC - Argentina: SS12 is, we are told, underway. Take it away, Mikko.

Sun 13:12 Euro F3 - Pau: The top 10 on the grid for this afternoon's (much drier) race:

1 Esteban Ocon
2 Felix Rosenqvist
3 Max Verstappen
4 Tom Blomqvist
5 Jake Dennis
6 Mitch Gilbert
7 Dennis van de Laar
8 Lucas Auer
9 John Bryant-Meisner
10 Antonio Giovinazzi

Sun 13:18 WRC - Argentina: Hirvonen comes through the first split and Ostberg is 10.7s slower. Mads still struggling with his injury it seems.

Sun 13:18 Euro F3 - Pau: The grid is cleared and the drivers set off on their formation lap.

Sun 13:21 Euro F3 - Pau: Lights out and a good start by Rosenqvist, who leads Ocon into the first corner. Game over for Spike Goddard who has pulled off.

Sun 13:22 WRC - Argentina: Prokop and Evans flash through the first split and both are slower than Ostberg, let alone Hirvonen.

Sun 13:23 Euro F3 - Pau: Yellow flags at Turn 1 for Goddard's car as we begin lap two. Blomqvist is fending off Dennis for third, while Verstappen is trying to find a way past Gilbert for fifth.

Sun 13:24 Euro F3 - Pau: And Verstappen is in the tyre wall! His second retirement of the day.

Sun 13:25 Euro F3 - Pau: The order as we start lap three:

1 Rosenqvist
2 Ocon
3 Blomqvist
4 Dennis
5 Gilbert
6 Auer

Sun 13:25 Euro F3 - Pau: Rosenqvist is extending his advantage at the front of the field. Ocon currently trails him by 1.769s.

Sun 13:28 WRC - Argentina: First couple of times in. Hirvonen is quickest on a 14m57.8s - "I like it," he says - with Ostberg much slower, completing SS12 in 15m46.8s.

Kubica is quicker than Evans through the splits in their battle for sixth place.

Sun 13:29 Euro F3 - Pau: Rosenqvist has just set the fastest lap of the race, while Ocon has been warned about his kerb-hopping antics.

Sun 13:29 WRC - Argentina: Evans is through in 15m45.1s, so that's a fraction quicker than Ostberg.

Prokop was through just before him, in 16m02.1s.

Sun 13:30 Euro F3 - Pau: Closest battle at the moment is for fifth, with Gilbert having to fend off Auer. The gap between the duo is just 0.570s at present.

Sun 13:32 Euro F3 - Pau: Lap 10 of 29 and the order is:

1 Rosenqvist
2 Ocon +1.068s
3 Blomqvist +3.723s
4 Dennis +5.146s
5 Gilbert +6.919s
6 Auer +7.697s

Sun 13:33 WRC - Argentina: Ostberg, by the way, might be out of the rally.

He says his hand is "terrible" and it's "impossible" to do anything other than drive about at a leisurely pace.

"We'll think about whether we do the repeat loop."

Sun 13:34 WRC - Argentina: Big finish to that stage from Evans, by the way, as Kubica has just completed his run five seconds slower than his M-Sport team-mate.

The battle is properly on for sixth.

Sun 13:34 Euro F3 - Pau: Hairy moment for Auer who almost loses his Mucke Dallara in his pursuit of Gilbert.

Sun 13:35 Euro F3 - Pau: Auer didn't lose much time, however, and remains 0.729s behind Gilbert.

Sun 13:36 WRC - Argentina: Neuville comes through in 15m11.6s. The conditions are not popular right now:

"Horrible. Horrible. I tried to drive smooth a clean but I think the conditions will get worse and worse. I do not think all the cars will get through this stage."

Before him, Kubica fumed:

"It's undriveable. So much mud I have no control. With no experience in these condition, it's so dangerous. The car was out for control."

Sun 13:36 Euro F3 - Pau: Rosenqvist, meanwhile, is 0.995s ahead of Ocon, with Blomqvist 2.832s behind in third as the 13th lap begins.

Sun 13:38 WTCC - Slovakia: Lada's new recruit Rob Huff, who after qualifying 12th had wished for rain in today opening race, admitted the race one conditions hadn't been exactly what he had in mind.

"I didn't want quite that much rain," said Huff. "At the beginning it helped me catch up with Gabriele [Tarquini], but then things got really bad. Just before the safety-car came out, the conditions were awful."

Sun 13:39 Euro F3 - Pau: Agostini is the latest retirement. He was running in 15th place before crashing out.

Sun 13:39 WRC - Argentina: Mikkelsen completes the stage in 15m21.7s, a bit quicker than Meeke's 15m24.1s

15m27.5s for Ogier, meanwhile. This is all about second for the champion.

Sun 13:41 Euro F3 - Pau: Mid-race distance and Rosenqvist and Ocon continue to trade fastest lap times at the front of the field. Things are fairly settled at the moment.

Sun 13:42 WTCC - Slovakia: Dusan Borkovic has reported damage on his Chevrolet Cruze that will test his Campos team's ability to complete repairs before race two.

Sun 13:43 WRC - Argentina: More condition-based concern, from Meeke this time.

"We're driving though 1ft deep thick black mud. It's all about survival. This is probably the most difficult stage I've ever driven. Completely crazy."

Sun 13:43 Euro F3 - Pau: Latifi pits from 12th, but all eyes are on the battle for the lead... Or maybe not, as the safety car is deployed after Michele Beretta has had argument with a wall.

Sun 13:44 WRC - Argentina: Latvala finishes his run in 15m07.6s, 20s quicker than Ogier.

That means another stage win for Hirvonen. Impressive stuff.

Sun 13:45 Euro F3 - Pau: The order as the field follows the safety car on lap 19 of 29:

1 Rosenqvist
2 Ocon
3 Blomqvist
4 Dennis
5 Gilbert
6 Auer

Sun 13:46 Euro F3 - Pau: Back to racing and Ocon is right on Rosenqvist's tail!

Sun 13:46 WTCC - Slovakia: "At the beginning of the race I was hit by somebody, and then during the race I made three or four mistakes," said Borkovic.

"I am happy with the strong start to the season I've had, but it's only the second time I've driven the car in the wet. I damaged the front splitter, and also have damage in several other places on the car."

Sun 13:47 Euro F3 - Pau: Rosenqvist manages to retain his command of the race, but only just as Ocon is pressuring the Lotus F1 junior.

Sun 13:47 WRC - Argentina - SS12:

Overall standings:
1 Latvala 4h07m38.8s
2 Ogier +1m07.5s
3 Meeke +4m26.0s
4 Mikkelsen +5m49.5s
5 Neuville +7m14.9s

SS12 results:
1 Hirvonen 14m57.8s
2 Latvala +9.8s
3 Neuville +13.8s
4 Mikkelsen +23.9s
5 Meeke +26.3s

Sun 13:49 Euro F3 - Pau: Rosenqvist continues to lead and has pulled out a gap of 0.853s within two laps of the restart. Ocon, Blomqvist complete the current top three.

Sun 13:49 WTCC - Slovakia: Borkovic also questioned if race two could go ahead if conditions remain unchanged:

"For me, I am not sure if it is safe to continue like this, as there was so much aquaplaning. You know, I am not afraid, though. I am Serbian. I am never afraid. I would be happy to drive the car on the roof."

Sun 13:52 Euro F3 - Pau: Five laps to go and Rosenqvist looks poised to claim his first win of the season. Ocon is comfortably second at present.

Sun 13:57 Euro F3 - Pau: And Rosenqvist takes the chequered flag to claim his first win since last October when he dominated at Hockenheim.

Ocon follows him across the finish line, ahead of Blomqvist.

Sun 13:59 Euro F3 - Pau: Here's how the top six stacked up in that race:

1 Rosenqvist 36m01.050s; 2 Ocon +0.829s; 3 Blomqvist +3.401s; 4 Dennis +5.865s; 5 Gilbert 7.001s; 6 Auer +7.697s.

Sun 14:05 WRC - Argentina: We're getting ready for the conclusive stage in Argentina. It's very, very much Latvala's to lose. But there's still a battle for sixth to resolve.

Sun 14:07 WRC - Argentina: We say conclusive, but after Mina Clavero there is still a power stage to come.

Sun 14:18 WRC - Argentina: Visibility problems seem to be the order of the day on SS13, which has started.

Sun 14:28 WRC - Argentina: A few split times filtering through, but nothing significant for us to bring you just yet.

Sun 14:30 WRC - Argentina: We're definitely without Ostberg though, that we can confirm. The Citroen driver's rally has reached a premature end after struggling with that injury.

Sun 14:45 WRC - Argentina: Lots of concern over the fog on that stage, but no bother to Hirvonen. He's quickest of the five drivers to have completed their run.

Evans has taken 6s out of Kubica, while Mikkelsen has come through 11s slower than Hirvonen. Good effort.

Sun 14:51 WTCC - Slovakia: Damning statement from Tom Coronel on the likelihood of race two actually running:

@TomCoronel: "Raining worse than race 1. Will they start the race? For me impossible"

Sun 14:51 WRC - Argentina: Meeke's easing towards that podium after dropping just 20s to Mikkelsen on that run.

Sun 14:54 WRC - Argentina: That's the closest anyone's come to beating Hirvonen today.

Ogier comes through in 19m36.1s, slower than Mikkelsen and Neuville, but Latvala is revelling in the tricky conditions and stops the clock at 19m06.1s.

Sun 14:56 WRC - Argentina - SS13:

1 Latvala 4h26m44.9s
2 Ogier +1m37.5s
3 Meeke +5m03.3s
4 Mikkelsen +5m54.5s
5 Neuville +7m32.1s

1 Hirvonen 19m00.2s
2 Latvala +5.9s
3 Mikkelsen +10.9s
4 Neuville +23.1s
5 Ogier +35.9s

Sun 15:03 WTCC - Slovakia: Championship leader Jose Maria Lopez made it clear he will not be taking any risks in race two, as rain continues to pelt down in Slovakia. "If it keeps raining it will be impossible to race," said Lopez.

"Of course, coming through from the back [10th] it will be much more difficult [than race one], as there is much less visibility. The objective will still be the same, try not to do mistakes or desperate moves, try to finish the race and bring the car back to the workshop safely."

Sun 15:11 WRC - Argentina: Getting ready for the proper conclusion to Rally Argentina now. Just five seconds between Kubica and Evans. The fight for sixth is the only proper one left.

Sun 15:16 WTCC - Slovakia: AUTOSPORT just grabbed a word with former grand prix winner Olivier Panis before he went on air for French Eurosport.

Did he think it was possible to go ahead with race two in currrent conditions? "No," was the immediate response.

Sun 15:18 WTCC - Slovakia: ROAL Motorsport's Tom Chilton also had doubts about the viability of attempting to run the second race.

"I am trying to get the race cancelled," said Chilton. "Even behind the safety-car we were aquaplaning. We had to tell Bruno [Correia] to slow down! It has been raining hard for five hours and this track retains the water because it is so flat."

Sun 15:23 WTCC - Slovakia: One driver who definitely won't be starting race two is Mikhail Kozlovskiy. After being hit by a turbo failure in qualifying, the Lada driver revealed it was engine failure that had prevented him from taking the race one grid.

"We had oil getting into the cylinders," said Kozlovskiy. "There's no way I can start race two as the engine is out of the car."

Sun 15:23 WRC - Argentina: The powerstage is actually about 40 minutes away. AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live isn't going to point fingers, but somebody forgot to put SS14 on the schedule...

Sun 15:37 WTCC - Slovakia: News from Citroen on Twitter. It's not good...

@CitroenRacing: "#WTCC Race 2 is officially cancelled"

Sun 15:42 WTCC - Slovakia: An FIA spokesman has confirmed the news to the media centre that race two has been cancelled because of the weather conditions.

Sun 15:50 WTCC - Slovakia: The decision means WTCC points leader Jose Maria Lopez leaves Slovakia having extended his advantage in the points fight from 10 entering the weekend to 25.

Sun 15:57 WRC - Argentina: Here's the (significant bit of the) running order for the powerstage:

Hirvonen; Prokop; Evans; Kubica; Neuville; Mikkelsen; Ogier; Latvala.

Sun 16:03 WRC - Argentina: Almost ready to begin the powerstage. Latvala needs to not shunt, so too Meeke. Evans has five seconds to make up on Kubica to steal sixth.

Sun 16:05 WTCC - Slovakia: Here's the confirmation that the second race of the World Touring Car Championship at the Slovakia-Ring has been cancelled due to persistent rain which has been judged to have made track conditions unsafe.

Sun 16:06 WTCC - Slovakia: Remember, if being robbed of your WTCC fix has left you feeling down, you can watch video highlights on the AUTOSPORT WTCC page.

Sun 16:14 WRC - Argentina: Powerstage is underway. We're just waiting for the WRC2 runners to finish and the big boys to get involved.

Sun 16:15 WRC - Argentina: And there goes Hirvonen to kick things off.

Sun 16:29 WRC - Argentina: We have our time to beat from Mikko Hirvonen, it's 14m39.8s.

Sun 16:31 WRC - Argentina: Kubica is much quicker than Meeke at the first split.

Sun 16:31 WRC - Argentina: Prokop is 1m04.9s slower than Hirvonen.

Sun 16:31 WRC - Argentina: Meeke is onto the stage. Ogier and Latvala will join him soon.

Sun 16:34 WRC - Argentina: Evans is in, a calm run on a rally several other drivers have hit trouble.

He's finished Rally Argentina though, but he's slower than Kubica. That said, the Welshman isn't bothered: "We said at the beginning of the weekend we would do our own thing to finish and I wasn't going to change that halfway through."

Sun 16:35 WRC - Argentina: Ogier has joined Meeke on the stage and now Latvala is on the powerstage as well.

Sun 16:36 WRC - Argentina: Robert Kubica confirms he will finish sixth, assuming there are no late incidents for those still to come.

That's a big improvement for the beleaguered Pole, and he knows it.

"Yeah, very pleased. The rally was very difficult and we knew after the recce the Sunday would be the worst day. Conditions were extreme but we managed it without any problems."

Sun 16:41 WRC - Argentina: Neuville finishes the powerstage in 15m33.6s. Mikkelsen then comes through, completing it in 15m03.7s to clinch fourth.

Sun 16:42 WRC - Argentina: So as it stands the powerstage points will go to Hirvonen, Mikkelsen and Kubica.

We are, though, still waiting for Meeke, Ogier and Latvala.

Sun 16:44 WRC - Argentina: There we go! Meeke is on the podium! He finishes in 15m31.3s to confirm he has beaten Mikkelsen.

Sun 16:48 WRC - Argentina: Ogier is in. He's quickest! Powerstage points could be crucial...

"I was a bit too careful at the end so I lost a bit of time. The grip was much better than this morning but the end was still slippery. I needed to catch some points, so it will not be a bad weekend for my championship."

Sun 16:48 WRC - Argentina: Ogier's time was 14m.29.3s.

Sun 16:49 WRC - Argentina: Latvala finishes! He's third on the powerstage but...


Sun 16:51 WRC - Argentina: "It's been a fantastic weekend," says Latvala. "This rally has not been easy for me in the past but I could not dream to win this. It's something special."

Sun 17:00 WRC - Argentina - results:
1 Jari-Matti Latvala 4h41m24.8s
2 Sebastien Ogier +1m26.9s
3 Kris Meeke +5m54.7s
4 Andreas Mikkelsen +6m18.3s
5 Thierry Neuville +8m25.8s
6 Robert Kubica +10m08.0s

Leading powerstage times:
1 Ogier 14m29.3s
2 Mikko Hirvonen +10.5s
3 Latvala +10.6s

Sun 17:08 Here's our full report from this year's Rally Argentina, with Latvala claiming his second win of the season ahead of Volkswagen team-mate Ogier:

button Latvala claims second win of 2014

Sun 17:11 Thanks for joining us this weekend.

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