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As it happened: Friday - Practice
By Pablo Elizalde, Matt Beer, Edd Straw, Glenn Freeman, Charles Bradley and Ben Anderson
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:27 Good morning and welcome to the British Grand Prix weekend on AUTOSPORT Live.

Friday morning practice at Silverstone is just over half an hour away.

08:33 It's not that Lewis Hamilton has to win this weekend's grand prix - double points for Abu Dhabi give him some breathing space in his attempts to get back on terms with Nico Rosberg - but with a large and generally patriotic crowd already on hand, a first win for the #44 Mercedes since Spain in May would certainly go down well.

08:35 But while the fans' focus on the preview day yesterday was on Hamilton, it was the 2007 Silverstone winner Kimi Raikkonen who grabbed the headlines.

The Finn's casual declaration that he'd probably call it a day in F1 after his current Ferrari contract expires at he end of next year was an early grenade thrown into the 2016 silly season.

We'll have more updates on the driver market during the break between practice sessions later this morning.

Lewis Hamilton08:43 Home broadcaster Sky Sports F1 broadcast a live show from the pits straight last night, which included a World Cup-inspired segment in which a variety of F1 racers took penalties against long-time Wolverhampton Wanderers goalkeeper Matt Murray. Wonder if Sky were expecting England to still be in World Cup contention when they planned that segment...

Here's Hamilton taking his shot.

08:51 Four test drivers get outings in practice this morning: Giedo van der Garde at Sauber, Robin Frijns at Caterham, Daniel Juncadella at Force India and perhaps the most attention-grabbing, Susie Wolff at Williams.

Wolff becomes the first female driver to take part in a grand prix session in 22 years - and she has AUTOSPORT's sympathy for the patronising tone of some of the coverage that achievement is getting.

09:00 Green lights are on. The session is underway.

09:00 Kamui Kobayashi is the man stepping aside for Frijns at Caterham in this session. As this picture from the team suggests, he's keeping a very close eye on what the Dutchman's up to in his car.

09:00 EDD STRAW: "Here at Silverstone it's a bit overcast, although seems less likely to rain than it did an hour or two ago. Air temp is 17C and track temp is 17C. The fluttering flags reveal that there's a bit of a breeze. According to the FIA information screen, the wind speed is 7.9. Presume that's in km/h!"

09:01 Kevin Magnussen is the first man to leave the pits in the McLaren. The Dane is followed by several other drivers ready to complete their installation laps.

09:03 Massa, Hamilton and Wolff are yet to leave the garage. The rest of the drivers are out or back in the pits.

09:05 Wolff now takes to the track, making a bit of F1 history.

09:06 No times have been set yet.

09:07 All drivers have now completed their installation laps.

09:09 Lewis Hamilton tells Mercedes that his steering isn't straight.

09:11 After 10 minutes, there are no cars on track, and no times set.

09:11 TV cameras catch Dr Helmut Marko drinking a red bull in the Red Bull garage. He's sipping it a bit timidly, like it's not exactly what he wanted at 10am.

09:14 Ferrari sums things up pretty neatly: "No track activity for the moment."

09:15 Pastor Maldonado has been ordered to switch the Lotus off at the end of the pitlane. His crew are now pushing him back.

09:15 A small queue of cars initially built up behind Maldonado as other drivers thought he was just taking his time getting around to a practice start rather than his Lotus having broken.

09:16 Button and Wolff have taken to the track, avoiding Maldonado's stopped car.

09:16 Caterham warns Ericsson that his tyres "are at the bottom of the window."

09:17 Twitter wit amid minor adversity from Lotus: "Pastor's stopped at the end of the pitlane - we're sure it's no parking there. We could get clamped..."

09:17 Ericsson sets the first time of the day: a 1m50.811s.

09:19 Toro Rosso tells Kvyat the plan for his first run, and emphasises that keeping the Sauber of van der Garde - who is behind him on the road - behind is important.

09:19 Wolff takes first place with a 1m44.212s.

09:19 Wolff had a bit of a lock-up into the first part of Club on that lap.

09:20 Button jumps up to first place with a 1m38.412s.

09:20 Perez isn't happy with the feeling of his steering, which he says is too light.

09:20 Wolff has parked her Williams on the run-off at Club.

09:21 Wolff reports that she lost oil pressure.

09:22 Just before the Williams came to a halt, we were going to tell you that Perez was going to make the best of it with his steering: "I'll drive it like this, but it's not the same as the last few races."

09:22 Raikkonen is now P2, albeit nearly a second off Button's pace. The yellow flags are still out on track while Wolff's car is recovered.

09:22 Replays show Nico Rosberg having a little visit to the run-off area in the Loop section.

09:24 Hamilton completes his first timed lap and goes second quickest. He did his lap while the yellows were still out.

09:25 And in reference to this video, we must admit that Wolff's accent does sound a bit German when heard over team radio...

Wolff's session is likely to be over as her car has been pushed to the outside of the track at Club.

09:25 Vergne takes P1 now ahead of Toro Rosso team-mate Kvyat. A 1m38.020s for the Frenchman.

09:25 Another Friday driver in trouble is Robin Frijns, Caterham says a technical issue means the floor is coming off his car.

09:26 Bianchi, Maldonado, Frijns and Vettel are the only drivers who have not set a time yet.

09:26 Massa has crashed his Williams.

09:27 Massa's accident has brought out the red flags.

09:27 Rosberg put Mercedes on top with a 1m36.058s right before the red flag.

09:27 Massa says (with a bit of swearing) that he's OK after what was quite a big crash.

09:28 Massa ran slightly wide out of Stowe and lost it on the exit kerb, spinning back across the track into the opposite wall.

09:29 That impact caused a lot of damage to the Williams, as it flicked around and hit the wall with both ends.

09:30 That means Williams's Friday morning is already over after less than half an hour, with one car parked with a technical problem and the other badly damaged.

09:31 The clock is still ticking, and we have entered the final hour of running with the red flag still out.

09:33 Later today, GARY ANDERSON and EDD STRAW's analysis of British GP practice form will be available free to all readers.

09:34 Every grand prix Friday, grand prix winning designer Anderson and AUTOSPORT grand prix editor Straw delve into the data from the practice sessions to analyse potential form for the rest of the F1 weekend.

It's part of our Plus content for subscribers, but there's a chance to read it for free as part of the Silverstone weekend.

09:34 Massa gets cheers and applause from the crowd as he walks back into the pits.

09:34 Williams might at least get a chance to see if it can get one car going again, with Wolff's machine returned on a truck during this stoppage.

09:35 Felipe Massa says he's "100 per cent" OK after his crash.

09:35 Massa's crash was big enough that other teams were having to advise their drivers on how to navigate the partially-blocked pitlane entry as they came in after the red flag.

09:36 BEN ANDERSON: "It will be interesting to see whether Massa makes it out for the second session after that crash.

"In pre-season, plenty of teams struggled to effect rapid repairs because of how complex the cars have become.

"Formula 1 moves forward at a great pace, though, so we'll see how efficient the Williams mechanics have become over the first part of the year."

09:37 In the Sauber pits, Esteban Gutierrez is giving his mechanics some information with a bit of a mime. Our interpretation of what he's doing is that his car is handling like a Thunderbirds puppet.

09:37 Massa's mangled Williams has arrived back in the pitlane.

09:38 That's a sad sight: two trucks parked outside the Williams garage, each with a broken car on them.

09:39 Massa says the wind caused him to go wide and onto the Turf.

09:39 Fifty minutes left. Red flag still out.

Williams motorhome09:41 Massa is now back in the Williams motorhome, which is a new one for this weekend, and looks like this.

There was a lot of attention on Williams this weekend after its star performance in Austria, even without considering that its the home race for such a well-loved time, and that it was giving Wolff an outing. This is a really unfortuante way for its weekend to begin.

09:41 Chilton says his Marussia is a bit too stiff and has "a huge amount of high-speed understeer."

09:42 Chilton adds that he has oversteer on traction too, and that it's even worse than the problems he can see other cars having.

09:42 Chilton's list of handling complaints was so thorough, his engineer kept thinking he had finished talking and trying to cut in with responses, but the Briton still had more points to make.

09:42 The session will restart at 10:43.

09:43 The green flag is back out with 47 minutes remaining.

09:44 Ferrari wasn't impressed with the length of that stoppage: The cleaning of the track is taking a lot of time. Teams for sure will not be happy..."

09:44 Kvyat heads out in the Toro Rosso.

09:46 At the halfway point, the top 10 is as follows:

1. Nico Rosberg
2. Fernando Alonso
3. Daniel Ricciardo
4. Max Chilton
5. Kevin Magnussen
6. Jean-Eric Vergne
7. Daniil Kvyat
8. Jenson Button
9. Lewis Hamilton
10. Esteban Gutierrez

09:47 Despite the long stoppage, there doesn't seem to be a huge rush, and there are just three drivers on track.

09:47 Kvyat has improved to move up a position.

09:47 Blunt encouragement for Caterham test driver Frijns from his sometime GP2 rival Conor Daly:

"I know it's just FP1 @RFrijns but I expect to see something historically epic from you. As you do from me. #OppositeLockWithPurpleSector"

09:48 Juncadella is trying to make the best of his first official session, the Spaniard now in 14th position after his 10th lap.

09:49 Vettel is on track. His only registered lap was over 21 minutes long.

09:49 Now the German is in ninth, over two seconds off the pace.

09:51 Marussia's turn to bombard Chilton down the radio, this time with the list of set-up changes his engineers have made to try to address the various problems he reported on that first run.

09:52 Frijns and Maldonado sit at the bottom of the timesheet without a timed lap completed. The Lotus at least looks like it will not be running anymore, as it's in pieces in the garage.

09:52 Juncadella tells Force India he's backing off because Raikkonen's ahead of him, but he's reminded not to let tyre temperatures drop too much as they're in the ideal spot for now.

09:54 Button tells McLaren his tyres are overheating. He just had a minor trip over the run-off following a lock-up in the Loop session.

09:54 Rosberg is told there is a problem with his ERS.

09:54 Confirmation that Wolff's session is over as she carries out TV interviews.

09:55 Van der Garde has moments at both Club and Abbey, the second involving a rapid trip over the run-off.

09:56 Purple at sector 1 for Hamilton, who looks set to jump up in the timesheet.

09:57 Mercedes tells Rosberg the ERS worry is gone and he's free to crack on.

09:57 Indeed Hamilton improves, but to second position. Rosberg remains on top.

09:57 The German has just set the quickest S1 and S2 times.

09:58 A 1m35.424.s for Rosberg. He's seven tenths quicker than Hamilton.

09:59 Alonso is the quickest non-Mercedes driver in third, but nearly a second down on Rosberg.

09:59 It's only Friday morning, and Hamilton is already asking Mercedes where he's slower than Rosberg.

10:00 Another purple S1 for Hamilton.

10:00 Ericsson is off on the grass at Becketts.

10:00 Ericsson is asking marshals to push his Caterham, which looks beached.

10:00 That seems to have ruined Hamilton's lap.

10:01 In the pits, Ericsson's team-mate Kobayashi seems to be finding it pretty amusing.

10:01 Replays show Ericsson had a spin in the middle of Becketts and bounced onto the grass. He says he now can't engage first gear.

10:02 Wolff says she's "very disappointed, but that's F1 sometimes." She will be back in the cockpit in practice for the German Grand Prix.

10:04 Twenty-six minutes left. The yellow flags are still out because of Ericsson's incident.

10:05 Track now cleared. Hamilton sharing the track with Kvyat and Button.

10:08 Perez improves and jumps ahead of Juncadella in the other Force India. P11 and P13 respectively.

10:09 Button is also running, but the McLaren driver is not improving his times.

10:10 Chilton tells Marussia that "in the high speed you can see I've got more understeer than Jules. If I went into Turn 1 [Abbey] that quick, I'd just go off."

10:10 And yes, AUTOSPORT Live will be stubbornly making clear that the corners are called Abbey, Woodcote, Copse, Becketts etc this weekend rather than using Turn 1/2/3 etc. It's good to know that F1 drivers can count, but we reckon they're also bright enough to memorise a few evocative names.

10:11 Less than 20 minutes left, but not a lot of action on track.

10:12 Ferrari has replaced Alonso's rear wing, and has now fitted one without a 'monkey seat'.

10:13 Pacesetter Rosberg is out on track.

10:14 Here's how the speed trap figures look. The main speed trap is located on the Hangar Straight, 140 metres before Stowe Corner.

1 Magnussen, 322km/h
2 Perez, 319km/h
3 Van der Garde, 315km/h
4 Juncadella, 315km/h
5 Rosberg, 315km/h
6 Vergne, 313km/h

10:15 Juncadella has been the busiest man so far with 20 laps completed.

10:16 McLaren asks Magnussen for "white hotel 12 position two". Probably our favourite cryptic F1 radio message of the morning so far as it sounds a bit Poirot.

10:16 Ricciardo is heading back to the pits with a gearbox problem.

10:17 "Something funny's going on," was Ricciardo's first report back, adding "I think we're gonna hurt the gearbox."

10:19 Vettel is the only driver to have made a significant improvement - to P6 -after the red flag, but the rest of the top positions remain mostly unchanged.

10:20 Frijns has registered his first time of the day after a very long stay in the pits.

10:20 He will have 10 minutes to try to do anything significant in the session.

10:21 That will leave Maldonado as the only driver without a time.

10:21 Ferrari gives Raikkonen a setting instruction. He replies "yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, but I want to try it."

"OK, no problem" is the reply.

10:22 Back in the Caterham pits, Ericsson has been chatting through his spin with new team boss Christijan Albers.

10:23 Frijns has a big lock-up into Vale and runs wide on the way into Club.

10:23 Frijns, meanwhile, has managed to jump ahead of Wolff in P20.

10:25 Five minutes left on the clock. Now several drivers on track.

10:26 Ricciardo is back on track following his earlier gearbox-related scare.

10:28 Both Rosberg and Hamilton - P1 and P2 - are on track, but it doesn't look like there will be improvements as we enter the final 1.5 minutes.

10:29 Alonso has got caught up behind Perez through the Copse/Becketts section when on a quicker lap than the Force India.

10:29 Force India points out to Perez that Alonso is "obviously upset as he's on low fuel" and suggests the Mexican gives him a gap now.

10:29 Vettel runs very wide and clatters over the rough kerbs and dirt at Abbey.

10:30 The chequered flag is out.

10:30 Caterham tells Frijns that it's on corner exits that he's losing most time to Ericsson.

10:31 It will Rosberg topping the session from Hamilton, with Alonso in third. A perfect start to the weekend for favourite Mercedes.

10:31 Grosjean runs wide off the road and over the dirt at the Loop.

10:31 "The rear end is doing whatever it wants," Grosjean tells Lotus.

10:32 Top 10:

1. Nico Rosberg
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Fernando Alonso
4. Daniel Ricciardo
5. Kimi Raikkonen
6. Sebastian Vettel
7. Jenson Button
8. Daniil Kvyat
9. Jean-Eric Vergne
10. Kevin Magnussen

10:36 EDD STRAW: "While FP1 seems a relatively unimportant session, for Williams, which logged a grand total of 11 laps before Wolff's car stopped and Massa crashed, will have been put on the back foot by getting little work done. While it can adapt its programme to make for some of the lost time, it does not get to carry over the tyres it would have used. Both of the sets of the hard tyre it would have used on each car this session have to be returned to Pirelli before the second session."

10:52 Here's the full report from that session, plus the complete results rundown, from STUART CODLING:

British GP Friday practice one full report

Giovanna Amati10:59 Wolff may have had a frustrating and brief morning, but just by leaving the pits, she did do enough to become the first woman in the 21st century to drive an F1 car in an official session.

The last grand prix session featuring a female driver was final qualifying for the 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix on April 4 that year, when Giovanna Amati's three-race stint with Brabham ended with a third non-qualification, as she could only go 30th fastest, 10.5s off the pace.

She was replaced for the next event in Spain by future world champion Damon Hill - who was also 30th in qualifying, but was only 7.5s off the pace at least.

Hill eventually got the car into the field at the sixth attempt, here at Silverstone.

11:05 GP2 cars are out on track now. Next year will something called TC3 feature on the Silverstone F1 programme?

It's new touring car series that AUTOSPORT understands is the brainchild of ex-World Touring Car Championship promoter Marcello Lotti.

PETER MILLS has been investigating.

11:16 Of more interest to most grand prix spectators is who is going to be in which F1 cockpit next year.

AUTOSPORT isn't anticipating huge movement in the driver market, with Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari all expected to keep their current line-ups.

Much of the focus is on what Romain Grosjean is going to do.

Asked by AUTOSPORT yesterday if getting back into a frontrunning car after Lotus's struggles so far this year was crucial for his career, he replied: "I need to get back there. I miss fighting for podiums and I miss drinking champagne on Sunday afternoons.

"That's what I want. That's what all of us want. When you've tasted it once, you want to taste it for a long time.

"You always think about your future. I've been here for a little bit and I've done very well, but I want to win races as well."

But Grosjean wasn't giving anything away about where he might end up. When it was pointed out to him that his former mentor Eric Boullier was now at a McLaren team that's yet to commit to either of its drivers for next year, Grosjean insisted Boullier's presence wasn't an open door for him in Woking.

11:16 After 15 minutes of GP2 free practice, times are still tumbling. Raffaelle Marciello is quickest so far, just ahead of Racing Engineering team-mate Stefano Coletti. Alexander Rossi is third, ahead of points leader Jolyon Palmer.

11:19 While Raikkonen has been hinting at his 2016 plans (and how they won't involve F1), and Grosjean has been dodging questions about 2015, for Kamui Kobayashi the focus was on 2014 and what Caterham's change of ownership meant for him.

The popular Japanese driver told reporters yesterday that he'd been assured his 2014 contract would be honoured and he'd see out the year with Caterham.

There are still plenty of unanswered questions over Caterham's new shape, but hopefully we can uncover some answers for you - JONATHAN NOBLE is off to track down Christijan Albers and Colin Kolles now.

11:30 In GP2 practice, we are two-thirds of the way through the session. Marciello is still the fastest on a 1m41.167s, 0.094s quicker than Coletti, who has just been off at Club.

Third-fastest Rossi had a big spin at Becketts, but managed not to hit anything despite the high-speed nature of the moment.

Palmer is still fourth fastest but has also suffered a high-speed off at Abbey but continued.

11:34 Marciello has gone even faster in GP2, but only fractionally. He's lowered the fastest time to 1m41.127s, now 0.134s ahead of Coletti. Impressive stuff from the Ferrari protege.

Jenson Button pink helmet11:40 Jenson Button has also been in the spotlight this weekend, responding pretty firmly to McLaren chief Ron Dennis's recent suggestion that he should try harder.

But with the weekend underway, Button is keen to put that to one side and focus on getting his special 'Pink for Papa' helmet as high up the grid as possible.

It's all a tribute to his often-pink-shirted late father John 'Papa Smurf' Button, and as well as Jenson's helmet design, McLaren is selling limited edition pink for papa merchandise, with all proceeds going to the Henry Surtees Foundation, and encouraging fans to wear pink on Sunday.

11:45 Lots of laps recorded in the closing moments of GP2 practice, but no improvements among the frontrunners. Marciello finished the session on top with his 1m41.127s, recording two laps good enough for the P1 spot, ahead of Coletti, Rossi, Palmer, Cecotto, Nasr, Richelmi and Vandoorne.

11:55 Red Bull had a very poor race at its 'home' grand prix in Austria last time out, and admitted that the extent of its struggles had come as a shock.

But yesterday Daniel Ricciardo revealed that the team had made a bit of a breakthrough in figuring out what had gone wrong, as BEN ANDERSON heard:

"We have gone through a few things. We think we found some answers.

"We had some issues getting the tyres turned on and getting them in the right working range. Not only in qualifying but in the race as well, we were out with a few things.

"There are a few things we think we know the answer for but we'll put it on track this weekend and see if it works. Whether the tyres are behaving the same here, it's hard to say. We think we found the answer on that data. We think we've seen something."

12:07 Ferrari first, Caterham third, Williams sixth, McLaren eighth, Force India 16th, Lotus 19th and Honda 24th... at least that was how the F1 organisations' proteges lined up in GP2 practice.

Here's CHARLES BRADLEY's full report.

AUTOSPORT magazine12:13 With Lewis Hamilton the centre of attention at home this weekend, this week's AUTOSPORT magazine (which you can find in shops, online and on iTunes and Google Play) leads on Britain's 2014 F1 title hope and the challenge awaiting him at Silverstone.

As well as hearing from Hamilton, we spoke to a host of British former F1 drivers and a sports psychologist to get their verdicts on the chances of Lewis winning at home for the second time in his grand prix career.

12:42 Twenty minutes to go until the F1 action resumes at Silverstone with the second Friday practice session.

If you missed this morning's session, it was a Mercedes one-two, with Nico Rosberg upstaging the home hero Lewis Hamilton to set the pace by 0.731s.

Fernando Alonso was best of the rest in his Ferrari, but the team that had chased Mercedes in Austria - Williams - had a painful morning. Felipe Massa crashed heavily at Stowe, and Susie Wolff's run in Valtteri Bottas's car lasted just a few laps before an engine problem.

12:50 Work is still going on in the Williams garage to get its cars back out for some meaningful running this afternoon.

12:52 @Lotus_F1Team: "After a busy lunchtime there's a new Power Unit ensemble bolted to the back of @Pastormaldo's E22. Bring on #FP2"

12:58 Maldonado is in the car and ready to go at Lotus, with a couple of minutes until the session starts.

13:00 Chilton is told on the radio that the "wind is still gusting". He's also informed that there is a headwind down the Hangar Straight.

13:00 The green light is on and 90 minutes of practice begins.

13:00 No immediate rush to get on track, with the pitlane quiet for now.

13:01 Now Max Chilton sets off and has the circuit to himself.

13:01 Valtteri Bottas also leaves the pits in the Williams.

13:02 Track now getting busier as Nico Hulkenberg, Adrian Sutil, the Toro Rossos and Kamui Kobayashi set out.

13:02 After his problems this morning, good for Lotus to see Pastor Maldonado leaving the pits early too.

13:03 The McLarens and Caterham's Marcus Ericsson hit the track.

13:03 Williams is still working flat-out to repair Massa's crashed car after his off this morning.

13:04 Bottas is the first to set a time with a 1m39.032s.

13:05 Chilton does a lap precisely 3.0s slower than Bottas in second place.

13:05 Kvyat deposes Bottas, a 1m38.075s a second faster than the Williams.

13:05 Lots of work going on in the Red Bull garage, with Vettel's car up on its stands and not looking like it's heading out any time soon.

13:06 Hulkenberg, Sutil and Kobayashi slot into fourth, fifth and sixth with gentle first laps.

13:06 A change of Toro Rosso on top - Vergne does a 1m37.773s to beat Kvyat by three tenths.

13:06 Now Button is fastest for McLaren with a 1m37.608s.

13:06 Magnussen puts the other McLaren fourth, 0.6s down on Button, the pair split by the Toro Rossos.

13:07 We get a replay of Sutil's Sauber having a huge slide coming out of Luffield. That's pretty standard behaviour for that car this year, unfortunately.

13:08 Order as first runs continue: 1 Button, 2 Vergne, 3 Kvyat, 4 Magnussen, 5 Bottas, 6 Hulkenberg, 7 Sutil, 8 Chilton, 9 Bianchi, 10 Kobayashi.

13:08 Magnussen gets ahead of Kvyat for third. Bottas was on a very strong lap but backed off in the final sector.

13:08 @WilliamsRacing: "All four corners of Felipe's car have been fixed and car is now being set-up - so the boys have been busy.... We aim to be out soon! #FP2"

13:09 Air temperature: 22C
Track temperature: 35C

13:09 Kvyat was only fourth for a moment, he now reclaims third from Magnussen.

13:09 Only cars yet to run: the Red Bulls, Massa, Gutierrez and Hamilton.

13:10 Button improves the benchmark time to a 1m37.414s.

13:10 Perez is advised on the radio: "We have too much traffic - you can let all of these cars go."

13:10 Button is now 0.359s ahead of second-placed Vergne.

13:10 Sutil does his best lap so far and goes up to sixth.

13:11 Hulkenberg on the radio: "Very oversteery. The wind is affecting it a lot. Super oversteer."

13:11 Grosjean now puts the Lotus sixth.

13:11 Maldonado also improves in the other Lotus, taking eighth.

13:11 Bottas has a minor lock-up at Club, and misses the apex for the first left-hand part.

13:11 Good news for Williams: Bottas is fastest on a 1m37.363s.

13:12 Now Alonso blows everyone away with a 1m36.024s, 1.3s faster than Bottas.

13:13 Grosjean has a moment at the tight Village right-hander. He locks up, and then wrestles the car to try to keep it in a straight line, running wide.

13:13 Magnussen improves to second, but is still 1.2s down on Alonso.

13:13 @WilliamsRacing: "Run plans adjusted and we are trying to get through as much aero and mechanical work as we can now, as well as tyre runs #FP2"

13:13 Neither Mercedes has done a full flying lap yet.

13:14 Hamilton has a bigger moment at the same place as Grosjean. The Mercedes locks up, and Hamilton takes to the run off rather than fighting to keep the car between the white lines.

13:14 Button on the radio: "We are damaging the rear tyres way too much in the last sector. Really hurting the rears with the traction."

13:15 EDD STRAW: "In this session, each driver will use two sets of tyres, one of each compound. As is traditional, everyone is starting off on the prime tyre, in this case the hard, and will switch onto the option (medium) later on."

13:15 Rosberg does his first proper lap but it's only good for second, 0.198s slower than Alonso.

13:15 Rosberg was quickest of everyone in sector one, then lost time further round.

13:16 Hamilton's first lap puts him third, 0.6s off Alonso and 0.4s behind Rosberg.

13:17 A quick reminder for you - this evening after free practice's regular analysis of F1's Friday running - carried out by GARY ANDERSON and EDD STRAW - will be available as a FREE feature on our website.

Look out for it around 6pm tonight, and enjoy!

13:18 Alonso improves his time in sector one, but the middle sector is down.

13:19 Rosberg goes fastest of all with a 1m35.645s, 0.379s faster than Alonso.

13:19 Williams says that Massa is getting ready to head out.

13:19 Now Hamilton beats Rosberg to the top spot, lapping in 1m35.424s.

13:19 There's 0.221s between the two Mercedes in first and second.

13:20 The Red Bulls have now emerged from the garage for the first time this afternoon.

13:20 Grosjean on the radio: "It's really bad, really really bad."

He's asked if he's talking about the consistency of the car, and replies: "Everything."

13:22 Vettel goes into seventh with his first lap.

13:23 Ricciardo jumps straight up to fourth place.

13:23 Quiet session for Raikkonen so far - he's 13th, 2.3s behind third-placed team-mate Alonso.

13:24 Raikkonen was wrestling the rear of his car on traction at Club on that lap, too.

13:24 Vettel improves on his second lap and is now just behind Ricciardo in fifth, albeit 0.279s slower.

13:24 Ricciardo improves very slightly, bringing the gap up to 0.372s between the Red Bulls.

13:25 Vettel gets a nasty snap of oversteer as he clouts a kerb in Becketts. Ricciardo joins in the fun too, kicking up the dust through the middle left-hander of the super-fast sequence.

13:26 With everyone bar Massa having done some flying laps now, this is the current order:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Alonso
4 Ricciardo
5 Vettel
6 Magnussen
7 Bottas
8 Button
9 Vergne
10 Gutierrez
11 Kvyat
12 Grosjean
13 Raikkonen
14 Perez
15 Hulkenberg
16 Sutil
17 Maldonado
18 Chilton
19 Kobayashi
20 Ericsson
21 Bianchi

13:27 Kvyat comes so close to 'doing a Massa'. He runs slightly wide early in the corner at Stowe, then - like Massa did this morning - keeps his foot in on the astroturf run-off.

He doesn't get spun into the barrier on the inside like Massa did, but he has what bike racers know as a tank-slapper, and somehow holds onto the Toro Rosso. A close call.

13:28 Well done Williams, Massa's repaired car is out on track.

13:28 Big slide for Ricciardo as he put the power down exiting Club.

13:28 Ricciardo splits the Mercedes and goes second, 0.087s slower than Hamilton.

13:28 Raikkonen brings himself into the top 10 with a 1m37.244s for seventh.

13:28 More difficulties for Raikkonen - he runs slightly wide at Abbey and kicks up the dust on the exit.

13:29 EDD STRAW: "We're seeing the first drivers to head out on the medium-compound Pirellis now. Both Gutierrez and Ericsson are now out on the faster tyres."

13:29 @Marussia_F1Team: "Jules is out of the car while we investigate a battery issue."

13:31 Massa goes up to seventh place. That's a tenth faster than team-mate Bottas, who is now down to ninth.

13:31 Ericsson's first attempt at Stowe on those softer tyres results in him missing the apex by a long way, and then having to tip-toe around the outside, picking up dirt on those white-marked Pirelli mediums.

13:32 The medium tyres bring Gutierrez up to seventh place.

13:33 Gutierrez was around 0.9s faster on the medium Pirellis compared to on the hards.

13:33 Gutierrez was clearly pushing on that lap. He had a bit of a slide in the middle of Brooklands, which sent him wide for the next right-hander at Luffield.

13:34 Gutierrez improves again next time around and is up to sixth.

13:34 Massa makes another gain and goes sixth now.

13:34 We now have Alonso, Magnussen and both Force Indias on the mediums, as well as Ericsson and Gutierrez.

13:34 Massa has a twitch through Stowe - the corner where he crashed this morning. He keeps himself off the astroturf this time.

13:35 Grosjean's misery continues - he's had a huge moment at Luffield, getting an armful of oversteer that sends him into the gravel on the outside.

He keeps the car moving, and when asked on the radio of he's OK he sighs ""

13:35 Perez only goes up to 13th on mediums.

13:37 Work is going on at the rear of Ricciardo's car, including the removal of the flow-vis paint on the rear wing.

13:37 Only a muted improvement on mediums for the other Force India too, as Hulkenberg creeps up to 12th.

13:38 EDD STRAW: "Hamilton's now out on the mediums, so all things being equal he should improve. Time gain on the medium compared to the hards so far has been in the 0.9-1.1s bracket, so potentially Hamilton will end up somewhere just under 1m34.500s. Rosberg is also on the mediums and on a lap so will be looking for a similar time."

13:39 Rosberg looks set to hit the front straight away on mediums.

13:39 Hamilton's first sector time is not as fast as his team-mate's.

13:39 Rosberg goes fastest by seven tenths as he does a 1m34.736s on the softer tyre.

13:40 That was a pretty tidy lap for Rosberg, with his main drama being some wheelspin coming out of Luffield, which he just about kept under control.

13:40 Hamilton is quicker than Rosberg in the middle of the lap.

13:40 EDD STRAW: "Only a 1m34.736s. Watching that lap onboard, it was a but scruffy. Not always precise on the apex of corners and had a few wobbles. Would expect to see Hamilton going faster despite a so-so first sector."

13:40 Hamilton pips Rosberg, his 1m34.508s effort is 0.228s faster than his title rival.

13:41 Chilton on the radio: "The rears just completely give up in the second half of the lap."

13:41 Perez has now moved into the top 10, going ninth in the medium-shod Force India.

13:42 Hamilton is not the only guilty party here, but he did take liberties with the track limits exiting Club on that P1 lap.

13:42 Kvyat improves to put Toro Rosso seventh.

13:43 We're about to see what Alonso's Ferrari - currently fourth - can do on medium tyres.

13:43 Bit of a mix-up between Bottas and Kvyat at Brooklands. The Williams looks to the inside at the end of the Wellington Straight, but he hesitates, and his suspicion that the Russian hadn't seen him proved correct.

13:44 Alonso goes third, 0.7s slower than Hamilton in first.

13:45 Ferrari says that Alonso had "some traffic" on that lap.

13:46 Bottas takes fifth from Vettel, but Vettel is on a fast lap at the same time and swiftly reclaims it.

13:46 Hamilton is out again and sets a new sector-one benchmark.

13:48 Hamilton chose not to finish that lap...

13:49 Ricciardo says on the radio that his tyres are "taking a while to come in" and he feels the car is "front limited". But overall, he's pretty happy with the balance.

13:49 Mercedes had been hinting at the Austrian GP that its drivers were abandoning flying laps in practice so that they didn't reveal their full hand before qualifying.

13:50 With 40 minutes left and most having run on mediums, here's the top order:

1 Hamilton; 2 Rosberg; 3 Alonso; 4 Ricciardo; 5 Vettel; 6 Bottas

13:52 Button reminds his team that if they talk to him while he's getting the 'beep' to notify him to use DRS, he can't hear what he's being told.

13:53 Behind the top six, it's 7 Button; 8 Magnussen; 9 Raikkonen; 10 Vergne; 11 Massa; 12 Kvyat; 13 Gutierrez; 14 Maldonado; 15 Grosjean.

13:55 We have a Lotus going off at Village again - this time it's Maldonado having a big lock-up and going straight on.

14:01 Hulkenberg reports that he has understeer, and he thinks he's hurting the left-front.

14:03 As usual, few changes in the order in this part of the session as drivers focus on race preparation and long runs, but Kobayashi just moved himself to the head of the tail-end pack in 19th, two tenths ahead of Chilton.

14:04 Hamilton stops just a couple of corners after leaving the pits. He reports "no shifting" and "engine killed", and walks away as his car is pushed up to the barriers.

14:05 Ericsson pulls into the old pits at Woodcote, reporting that his engine has "blown up".

14:05 EDD STRAW: "Although Hamilton's car problem won't hurt his overall position on the timesheets, as he will end up fastest, it will prove costly in terms of understanding tyre behaviour over the long runs. So that's a big setback."

14:10 @WilliamsRacing: "The wind has picked up this afternoon as well making life tricky out on track #FP2"

14:11 Hamilton - still wearing his helmet - is walking back into the paddock. At least he didn't have too far to walk from The Loop.

14:12 Highest lap count for the afternoon so far is Bottas, who has now done 28 laps.

14:15 Big lock-up for Gutierrez into Club. He has a nasty flat-spot on his front-left, but he just about makes the corner without going off.

14:16 Rosberg is lapping in the 1m39s and 1m40s on his long run at the moment, 5-6s off the low-fuel pace.

14:16 Huge slide for Raikkonen coming out of Luffield.

14:17 Vergne has come to a stop just before Village, early in the lap. His left-front wheel is loose.

14:18 That was a scary one for Vergne. The wheel started to work loose as he turned in to the seriously-quick Abbey right-hander (Turn 1). That could have had far worse consequences.

14:22 Mercedes reports that investigations are underway into Hamilton's engine problem.

14:22 Raikkonen on the radio: "I cannot get the car going in a straight line out of the corners, I don't understand it."

14:23 Bottas is pushed into the garage with a piece of his engine cover missing.

Replays show the bodywork shedding itself on the Hangar Straight. Not something you see very often in F1.

14:24 Bottas had got on the radio just before that to tell the team that the engine cover was "coming off".

14:26 Our magazine Editor CHARLES BRADLEY has just seen Ericsson's Caterham in the GP2 paddock:

"The broken down Caterham just went past on a flatbed with a gaping hole in its engine cover, like something inside had exploded, or it had struck an iceberg - very weird!"

14:28 Magnussen is told to drop back to find some clear space "if you can't pass Kobayashi".

14:28 Vettel runs wide in the last part of Becketts, smashing into the kerb and kicking up the dust.

14:30 The chequered flag comes out to end the session.

14:30 Hamilton may not have managed all the laps he wanted thanks to that failure, but he ends the day on top of the times.

14:31 Button's engineer tells him "that was a tidy little run, we've learned quite a lot there".

14:33 Here's the complete order at the end of that session:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Alonso
4 Ricciardo
5 Vettel
6 Bottas
7 Button
8 Magnussen
9 Raikkonen
10 Vergne
11 Massa
12 Kvyat
13 Gutierrez
14 Maldonado
15 Grosjean
16 Perez
17 Hulkenberg
18 Sutil
19 Bianchi
20 Kobayashi
21 Chilton
22 Ericsson

14:35 Now the action is finished for the day, remember that in just over two hours our detailed analysis of today's running with Gary Anderson and Edd Straw will be available as a FREE feature on

14:36 EDD STRAW has the top speeds from that session, logged on the Hangar Straight:

Bottas, 320km/h
Magnussen, 320km/h
Perez, 319km/h
Button, 317km/h
Hulkenberg, 317 km/h
Rosberg, 316km/h

14:43 Here's the full report and results from a session that ended with our fastest man walking back to the pits:

British GP practice two full report

14:43 Another replay of Vergne's stoppage due to a loose wheel shows that the nut left the car just before it came to a stop.

14:53 There was a scare for championship leader Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo earlier when they were investigated for overtaking during the red flag caused by Felipe Massa's morning accident.

Both have escaped any punishment, and JONATHAN NOBLE has the full explanation:

No sanction for Rosberg or Ricciardo

Susie Wolff14:56 After its breakthrough, Mercedes-threatening, performance in Austria, it all went very wrong for Williams this morning when Felipe Massa had a massive crash and Susie Wolff had an engine failure, all within the first half hour of opening practice.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams admitted to AUTOSPORT that there was a bit of irony.

"It's a bit Williams-esque to do that. It's like winning a race and having a garage fire [as Williams did at Barcelona in 2012].

"But that's F1. You have your ups and downs. We like a challenge at Williams, we've been given one today and we're ready for it.

"We'll wait and see what we can do in qually and the race. As always the goal is to get into Q3, score points and a podium in our home race would be fantastic.

"But there's no expectation there for that, there's just hope."

15:01 GP2 cars are now on track for the 30-minute qualifying session at Silverstone. Raffaele Marciello was fastest in practice.

15:01 JONATHAN NOBLE tells us from the paddock that the feeling at Red Bull is that the team is back on form after its difficulties on 'home' soil (for its owner, at least) last time out in Austria.

15:03 Three drivers in the 1m40.4s bracket so far, Marciello heading Palmer by 0.027s and Mitch Evans by 0.033s. Close stuff early on.

15:04 Caterham reserve @RFrijns on his running today: "Bit of unlucky FP1. Electronic problem. Still drove 10 laps thanks to the hard work of the team! There was still a lot to come :)"

15:10 Four drivers are now within 0.039s of each other in GP2 qualifying: Fourth-placed Leal joins the 1m40.4s club along with Marciello, Palmer and Evans.

Cars have pitted for their second set of tyres now.

15:13 Vettel believes Red Bull "still need to improve", before going on to describe the team's day as "OK" and "decent".

15:15 These GP2 qualifying times are seven-tenths of a second quicker than were set in free practice. Someone who hasn't made the jump in time so far is Alexander Rossi, who is down in 16th.

Rossi was third quickest this morning, but is 0.2s slower now. He needs a big second run.

Robin Frijns15:20 Robin Frijns has been speaking to the media about his brief appearance for Caterham in practice one this morning, but as it was curtailed by electronic problems, he ended up having to fend off questions about how frustrating it was instead.

"I'm not laughing about it. Of course it's not fun. It's part of the job and it's motorsport. Things break down. It happens."

He had little time for any suggestion that the problems has scuppered his chances of impressing Caterham's new management:

"They know what's going on. Some people see me sitting in the car and doing some laps. I still had some problems in the end. The people who should know, know."

15:24 The track appears to be getting slower, as although there are a few personal bests being set, there are no purple sectors - and a lot of traffic.

15:29 Marciello scores his first-ever GP2 pole, his 1m40.445s from the early stages of the session holding out as the top time. Palmer, who was frustrated by traffic on his second run, will start second ahead of Evans.

Leal starts fourth ahead of Vandoorne and Nasr, who went off at Village after locking up.

Newcomer Marco Sorensen grabbed a superb seventh at the end of the session for his GP2 debut with MP Motorsport. He beat Richelmi, Cecotto and Abt - a considerable achievement.

15:31 The no-nonsense Frijns was also unimpressed by questions over whether the presence of fellow Dutchman Christijan Albers as Caterham's new boss would be a boost for him.

"It's not like I'm drinking coffee with him every week."

15:35 Red Bull is back on the pace this weekend, according to Ricciardo, though Vettel hasn't sounded so sure. JONATHAN NOBLE has been hearing from both.

15:36 And Ricciardo also gave his response to escaping a penalty for overtaking Alonso during the red flag for Massa's crash this morning:

"It is nice to not get a penalty. We sent to the stewards and analysed it, it was not dangerous - it was very far away from the accident itself.

"It was just a question of closing speeds and what not, but nice to not receive anything – and I won't do anything again."

15:48 Rosberg was also cleared for overtaking Kvyat under red flags, and here's what he had to say:

"For me he was pulling off the track. He went offline and slowed right down to 38kph, which for an F1 car is near-enough stopping, so for me he had a problem.

"If someone has a problem you are allowed to slowly continue on and that's what I did."

15:50 Rosberg is also one of several drivers to have commented on the windy conditions at Silverstone today:

"It's difficult because of the wind – it's such a strong wind – and you can't imagine the effect of the wind on these racing cars.

"Some of the corners I'm going in with 110kph in the slow corners and I have 40kph of wind from behind. For the car, it thinks I'm doing 70kph in the air speed, which is a totally different grip than if there was no wind.

"Going into the corner it's sliding all over the place, the car is back to front, going crazy, then I turn round the corner and it's pushing me from the side, then I get out the corner and I have wind from the front, which gives me monster grip all of a sudden on the exit as I get on power.

"It just transforms the car! And every corner is the same, more or less, it's very complicated."

15:53 As for Rosberg's Mercedes team-mate (and championship rival) Hamilton, he predicts that his stoppage in today's afternoon session will result in some plans changing for his programme tomorrow morning:

"My car keeps stopping but we'll learn from these experiences. Whatever issue we had today will be rectified.

"The issue for me is that I lost the long run part of the session, so I lost a good 20 laps to find how the car feels on heavy fuel loads.

"But I can probably compromise and switch around some of my running tomorrow. I need to change around my run plan to get some understanding of the car."

16:03 Mixed mood at Sauber, where Esteban Gutierrez says some "aggressive" set-up changes have been tried to see if anything can help the team out of its woes.

He's relatively upbeat today, but team-mate Adrian Sutil was gloomy. He had to hand his car to test driver Giedo van der Garde in the morning, then it failed to respond to set-up changes later on.

16:26 Pirelli has announced that it is going to test an 18-inch tyre at Silverstone next week - that's five inches bigger than the current F1 spec.

JONATHAN NOBLE has just been getting the full inside line on the idea from Pirelli's chiefs, watch out for a story in our news section shortly.

16:29 Daniel Juncadella has been talking about his first taste of an official F1 session in practice today, when he had a run with Force India.

The Mercedes DTM driver and 2012 European F3 champion was asked how much today had been a chance to put himself in the F1 shop window for 2015.

"I am not really focusing a lot on that. Obviously our drivers are doing a very good job this year and for me, it's too early to think about what's going on next year or whatever.

"I have to make sure I do a good job, that I don't do any mistakes so I don't crash the car. That is the main thing - that they see that maturity in myself. It's what I'm trying to show: that I can do the job, that I can do everything well and give proper feedback.

"What's done today is probably going to give me chances in the future."

16:31 That's it from AUTOSPORT Live's British Grand Prix Friday practice coverage. We'll be back at 9.30am UK time tomorrow morning for final practice and qualifying.

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