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As it happened: Sunday - British Grand Prix
By Pablo Elizalde, Matt Beer, Jonathan Noble, Edd Straw, Ben Anderson and Scott Mitchell
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
10:30 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT's coverage of the British Grand Prix, the ninth round of the 2014 Formula 1 season.

10:30 It's a cold morning at Silverstone, but at the moment it looks like the race will be dry. But this is Silverstone, so you never know...

10:32 Before we really start to ramp up the build-up to the race, which will kick off at 13:00 BST (midday GMT), you can get yourself up to speed with what happened in yesterday's qualifying session with our report:

Rosberg on pole, Hamilton sixth

Lewis Hamilton, British Grand Prix practice, Mercedes10:35 The main talking point after qualifying on Saturday was Lewis Hamilton's mistake in backing off on his final lap – just as the track got quick enough to allow rivals to knock him off what was then the top spot.

Irrespective of that error, it means Hamilton will have his work cut out to make a good enough recovery to stop his team-mate Nico Rosberg extending a 29-points advantage in the title chase.

But while Hamilton did brilliantly to recover from ninth spot in Austria a fortnight ago – thanks in part to a brilliant opening lap – he is not so optimistic this time around.

When asked on Saturday whether or not what he did in Austria off the line gave him confidence for today, he said: "Not really. Because I have 100 or so grands prix, and that was probably one of three very good first laps for me. But what it did show is it is possible."

He added: "I feel it is going to be damage limitation again. We [Mercedes] have around 1000 people here tomorrow, and hopefully they will energise me.

"I have got a lot of Mercedes cars ahead which will be very hard to overtake, and it won’t be as easy at the last race."

10:38 One factor that Hamilton feels will be in his favour this weekend is the support he gets from the British fans.

When asked what message he had for them, he said: "I try to send out as much positive energy to the fans, because they have been so many of them here, even on Thursday.

"It is quite incredible – the support we have this weekend is like I have never seen before. It means a huge amount. I will give a huge amount tomorrow and they will help me for the race for sure."

1992 world champion Nigel Mansell has also encouraged the Brit to channel that support into a good performance.

10:41 A good indication of how fine the margins are in F1 - Nico Rosberg revealed after qualifying that he and Mercedes came very close to not bothering with a final run.

The points leader then only narrowly made it across the line to start his flying lap...and the rest is (very recent) history.

Mercedes nearly didn't attempt Rosberg pole run

10:46 Away from the Mercedes drivers and the title fight, this weekend is a very poignant one for Jenson Button.

Donning a commemorative pink helmet in honour of his father, the late John Button, the 2009 world champion delivered his best qualifying performance in a year and a half to net third on the grid in the hectic end to Q3 yesterday.

pink for papa 10:51 Button has also got a fresh wave of team and fan support today, many of whom have donned the "Pink for Papa" shirts he has arranged this weekend to honour his dad and raise money for charity.

The Briton tweeted this picture earlier today.

A podium would, of course, cap an emotional weekend for Button perfectly. But he is realistic about his chances.

"I want to be optimistic and positive about fighting for a podium [and] if it is like today with these conditions it is possible," he said after qualifying. "But in a standard dry race it is very tricky."

10:54 Changing conditions caught out Canadian Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo in the closing stages of yesterday’s qualifying session.

The Red Bull driver was fourth on the provisional grid when he elected to sit out a final run and head for the driver weighbridge.

He emerged to find himself bumped to eighth by a sequence of unexpected late improvements and, having labelled the move a "rookie error" said he was "gobsmacked" by how quickly the track had changed.

Team-mate Sebastian Vettel starts second and Ricciardo is hopeful of making progress in the race.

"I would have liked to start further up the grid, but it is what it is," he said. "We’ll try to race hard and move forward. There are some cars in front if us that I think we’re quicker than."

10:59 While Ricciardo was gutted to be down in eighth, the Ferrari and Williams teams were devastated with their qualifying result having been knocked out in Q1.

EDD STRAW and BEN ANDERSON got the lowdown from each team. We'll start with the Scuderia...

11:01 Ferrari delivered comfortably its worst qualifying performance of the season yesterday, as Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen failed to escape Q1.

While Raikkonen was quick to rubbish suggestions it had been risky with its tyre strategy, putting the blame firmly on the weather, Alonso was more critical.

He suggested the team needed to revise its decision-making process and ensure better (and faster) communication in the future.

11:03 So what can Ferrari achieve during the race? Alonso is hoping for a "chaotic" grand prix to help him salvage some decent points for the Italian squad.

"A chaotic race will be better," he told BEN ANDERSON. "When you start 19th there is nothing to lose, so we'll see what type of race we have.

"I think mixed conditions will help. If it's a multiple-pitstop race with many changes that will help, because in one lap you can gain 30 seconds if you have the right tyre in that moment.

"It's a circuit where if you have the pace you can overtake, because there are some corners where you can gain a lot of time and take the slipstream.

"Our biggest problem this year is our lack of speed. We are not too high on power and we don't have a massive straightline speed, so sometimes we are stuck in the races. That's our biggest concern.

"We just need to keep pushing all the way because there are some teams at the front like McLaren, Red Bull and Force India, and we need to finish in front of them."

11:07 Williams also found its drivers dumped out in Q1, after failing to react quickly enough to changing track conditions and get Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas out on dry tyres at the right moment to set competitive laptimes.

Head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley shouldered blame for the bad call, but remains confident Williams has a quick-enough car to make strong progress in today’s race.

"We have a very good car in race trim, and the way it uses its tyres I think that can help us," Smedley told BEN ANDERSON. "We have a car that can overtake, and touch wood, we've been doing good starts, so all of that can definitely play into our favour.

"By the end of the first lap we could be in the points and the game’s completely changed."

11:10 Williams took a conservative approach to the last race in Austria, choosing to guarantee third and fourth placed finishes rather than fight with Mercedes to convert a front-row lockout of the grid into a possible victory.

Felipe Massa had pole for that race, but will start 15th today after yesterday's nightmare.

For the Brazilian, who is celebrating 200 grands prix, it will be all about aggression: "When you start in the back you cannot have a conservative approach,” BEN ANDERSON heard from the 2008 runner-up. "We have to do our damage limitation. We need to risk everything we can to score points."

Team-mate Valtteri Bottas was also in a fairly philosophical mood: "We are still the same team, we are a strong team. We made a mistake but we will learn from it. With the car we have we can still score some strong points.

"The Ferraris are behind us, Button is quite far away, but we know McLaren’s race pace is not so good, so maybe he will hold some people up and that could be our opportunity.

"I've started from the back a couple of times this year, and both times it’s been quite good, so with the top speeds we have it should be possible to overtake."

11:13 For those unsure of how the grid will line up, by the way, there are a few tweaks to the qualifying order after pre-existing penalties and Pastor Maldonado's exclusion were applied.

We'll run through it again here before the start of the race, but you can see the final starting grid here.

11:15 That exclusion was particularly sour for Maldonado, who had targeted points this weekend after what he called "a more clean race for us" in Austria last time out.

"We were able to do the qually and the race without any big problems, it's encouraging," he said. "We need to work very hard to try to exploit 100 per cent from the car, from the team, from myself. If we do that, it's possible to fight for the points."

It is still very much possible for the Venezuelan to register his first points finish for his new team, but starting from 20th doesn't make a tough job any easier.

11:16 Three-quarters of an hour until the start of the British Grand Prix, why not send us some predictions?

Tweet us @autosport or with #autosport and let us know who you think will win, star, struggle and the rest of it.

11:22 Hamilton and Ricciardo were not the only men disappointed about being bumped down the order in the closing seconds of qualifying – because Sergio Perez dropped from third to seventh.

The Mexican had run off the track on his final outlap – which led to his tyre temperatures dropping and forcing him to let Mercedes duo Hamilton and Nico Rosberg past.

Unluckily for him, by backing off he missed getting across the start line before the chequered flag came out – costing him any chance of holding on to a top grid slot.

"I was a bit disappointed in that," said the Mexican. "In a way I am optimistic with the result but in another way very disappointed in how things ended up.

"We were third before the last lap. It was really wet and when I was warming my tyres up I ran wide in Turn 11 so while coming back I lost a lot of temperature and I had to let the Mercedes through.

"I lost the moment to do any better and then I had the chequered flag – so didn't have the opportunity to go quicker which was a big shame.

"But at the end of the day we are P7 and we have big hopes for the race. My race pace is very strong and I am confident with what I have to do – so I can’t see why I can’t move forward."

11:28 Further down the grid there was a bizarre situation for Sauber, which had both drivers crash out yet still registered its best qualifying performance of the season.

The team has endured a nightmare 2014, struggling to make the C33 balanced and its Ferrari engine deliver smooth power.

It's making life hard for Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez (13th and 19th respectively), but Gutierrez - who picked up a grid penalty - is at least maintaining a sense of humour about things.

When asked by BEN ANDERSON whether the Sauber had any strengths, the Mexican replied: "It's very strong, so when I crash into the wall it didn't break the chassis, so the wishbones are really good quality!"

11:31 Speaking of best qualifying performances, Marussia's Jules Bianchi starts this race a career-best 12th.

EDD STRAW caught up with the Frenchman after qualifying.

"I think we did the maximum we could do," said Bianchi. "We did the perfect strategy, the team made a great call for the slicks in Q1 and then they asked me and I made the right call for slicks in Q2 and we did well, especially with the big boys [Williams and Ferrari] behind us.

"I will have to try not to lose too much time in the race dealing with them. Basically, I won't give up positions because I am a racer but if I see some cars that are massively quicker like the Williams and the Ferrari I won't try to do anything because there's no point in fighting them and losing time for nothing.

"But if I can fight with the other cars, I will."

11:33 Bianchi spoke of the likes of Ferrari and Williams having to climb back up the order, and it will be interesting to see what strategies they adopt to do so.

EDD STRAW has given the matter some consideration.

"Thanks to various grid penalties, Bottas, Massa and Alonso start 14th-16th, with Raikkonen down in 18th. Their races will be, to an extent, defined by the start.

"Both cars are good off the line, Williams especially, and a risky strategy, perhaps even an attempt at a one-stop, could pay off if they are mired in the midfield.

"If the cars complete the first lap in positions in the top 10, or just on the periphery, both will have the pace to do well with a more straightforward race now."

11:36 What of the generic tyre strategies? Over to EDD STRAW again:

"It looks like a choice between a one or a two-stop race. The risk with a one-stop is that given the high lateral loads here, if the tyres are pushed beyond their limit there's a risk of falling off the proverbial cliff.

"So probably a two-stop would be the more sensible option, but considering Pirelli was thinking on Friday that high track temperatures could even lead to a three-stopper, that's a good indication of the levels of degradation that will be seen – or not – this afternoon.

"The medium will be the tyre of choice, and getting temperature into the fronts will be the main challenge if track temperatures are low."

11:39 Barely 20 minutes until the start of the 2014 British Grand Prix and the grid, set with the backdrop of the Silverstone Wing, is beginning to fill up nicely.

11:41 There was a bizzare incident, if it can so be called, concerning Sergio Perez and Susie Wolff earlier in the weekend.

Wolff's grand prix weekend debut yesterday was an achievement that's a dream to the vast majority for budding F1 drivers, so it was a shame (if not unsurprising) that much of the focus was on the Williams test driver's gender.

Force India driver Perez made a small joke about women and kitchens, and came under fire in some circles for it.

Wolff herself requested people "gave him a break", though the Mexican has since moved to make it very clear that it was only meant to be a comment made in jest.

"I recognise that my comment, even though it was intended as a joke, was absolutely out of place," he said in a statement on his website. "I believe and I am truly convinced in gender equality.

"With Susie Wolff I hold a very close friendship and I admire her greatly for her determination; I wish her the best of luck as person and as a professional driver."

11:43 A bit of a sweep up of the support races.

Felipe Nasr won the GP2 Series sprint race, his third victory of 2014, to close the gap on Jolyon Palmer.

Earlier, Richie Stanaway headed a GP3 1-2 for local team Status.

Poleman Clemens Schmid capped a perfect Porsche Supercup weekend with victory.

11:46 The British national anthem rings Hamilton reports a brake temperature problem. Drama before the race even begins?

11:47 "Please check the right-rear brake, there was a lot of smoke coming out of it," Hamilton reported to Mercedes.

The Briton's fearful it might be "a small fire".

11:49 Mercedes dismisses the Hamilton brake problem as nothing significant. Hopefully there will be no repeat of the problem that forced his Canadian Grand Prix retirement.

11:51 JONATHAN NOBLE: "Just back from a quick grid walk. Red Bull boss Christian Horner thinks the start will be critical to Sebastian Vettel's chances of causing an upset.

"He hopes that a good getaway can get Vettel in front, and from then on hopefully cause Nico Rosberg a bit of trouble from the cars behind."

11:52 Here's a full run-through of the starting grid:

1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault
3. Jenson Button McLaren-Mercedes
4. Nico Hulkenberg Force India-Mercedes
5. Kevin Magnussen McLaren-Mercedes
6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
7. Sergio Perez Force India-Mercedes
8. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-Renault
9. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso-Renault
10. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso-Renault
11. Romain Grosjean Lotus-Renault
12. Jules Bianchi Marussia-Ferrari
13. Adrian Sutil Sauber-Ferrari
14. Valtteri Bottas Williams-Mercedes
15. Felipe Massa Williams-Mercedes
16. Fernando Alonso Ferrari
17. Max Chilton Marussia-Ferrari**
18. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari
19. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber-Ferrari*
20. Pastor Maldonado Lotus-Renault***
21. Marcus Ericsson Caterham-Renault****
22. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham-Renault****

*10-place grid penalty
**5-place grid penalty
***Excluded from qualifying
****Allowed to start after failing to make 107 per cent cutoff

11:53 JONATHAN NOBLE: "One dark horse for a good result here could be Force India. The team knows its race pace is good - especially if there is high tyre degradation elsewhere.

"So with Nico Hulkenberg fourth on the grid, there is a very good chance of the team having a strong afternoon if the temperatures stay high."

11:56 Another potential challenger for good points could be Toro Rosso.

The squad looked in good shape in qualifying, but its drivers slumped to the bottom end of the top 10 after electing not to run in the final part of Q3.

Jean-Eric Vergne told BEN ANDERSON that the team wanted to sacrifice higher grid positions in favour of fresher tyres for today’s race.

"We wanted to gamble and save some new tyres for the race," he said. "We're in a good position to score points and this may give us an advantage. We're aiming to beat the two Force Indias and at least one of the McLarens."

11:58 You'll hear this race being trumpeted as the 50th British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Strictly speaking, it's the circuit's 50th grand prix. A subtle but significant difference for fans of statdom.

11:58 EDD STRAW: "Seems that only Alonso and Raikkonen are starting on the hard-compound Pirellis."

11:59 A random British GP fact to savour: Some British drivers were lucky enough to record their first grand prix victory at their home race.

They include Stirling Moss driving a Mercedes in 1955, Tony Brooks racing a Vanwall in 1957 (shared with Stirling Moss) and Johnny Herbert in 1995 when handling a Benetton.

It's probably a stretch to add Max Chilton in a Marussia to that list this weekend. But what a race it would be if we did.

12:00 Dashboard angst for Maldonado: "The light on the screen is very poor, I can't see the numbers."

12:00 The grid is clear now. Tyre warmers are off. We're away for the formation lap.

12:00 BEN ANDERSON: "Eyes will be on Ferrari and Williams to see what progress they can make from lowly grid positions.

"Their cause has already been aided by a grid penalty for Esteban Gutierrez and qualifying exclusion for Pastor Maldonado.

"The power of the Mercedes engines in the Williamses means they have a good chance of making decent progress on this track."

12:00 Rain watch - it's dry for now, with a 30 per cent chance of rain during the race.

12:01 Hulkenberg reports "too little" initial torque, which Force India almost hears as "too much". The German probably wouldn't be delighted if he had even less to start with, so he reiterates his point more clearly.

12:02 EDD STRAW: "Will be interesting to see how the Force Indias are on race pace. Looked poor on Friday, but the team reckons that was down to the wind level.

"So those at Force India are optimistic of having the usual strong race pace today. With Hulkenberg fourth on the grid and Perez seventh, could be a big points haul on offer if the team is right about the improvement in speed."

12:02 Rosberg says the clutch was "under engaged" but Vettel is told by Red Bull that everything looks fine on his car.

Nerves rising as they make their way round. The start, as ever, is so important.

12:03 Rosberg takes his place at the head of the field and waits for the other 21 cars to join him in position.

12:03 Everyone is in place. We're ready to go.

12:03 Lights out and away we go for the British Grand Prix!

12:04 Rosberg gets a very good start to lead as Button jumps Vettel for second.

12:04 Looks like Massa has been left on the grid.

12:04 Magnussen has also passed Vettel, while Hamilton is up to fourth already ahead of the Red Bull.

12:04 Raikkonen has a big shunt on the Wellington Straight coming under the bridge and collects Massa.

12:05 That's brought out an immediate safety car.

12:05 Massa, after being collected by Raikkonen, is limping around with a shredded rear tyre.

12:05 Raikkonen is slowly getting out of a destroyed Ferrari.

12:06 The red flag has now come out.

12:06 Raikkonen has been picked up by the medical car.

12:06 Without a lap completed, that should require a full restart.

12:07 A replay shows that Raikkonen ran wide onto the run-off out of the Loop, lost control on the grass as he tried to rejoin and slammed into the barriers under the bridge.

12:07 As the shattered Ferrari spun back across the track, it collected Massa's Williams.

12:07 Rosberg led Button, Magnussen, Hamilton, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Kvyat, Bottas and Chilton after that manic first lap...

Safe to say the McLarens, Hamilton, Bottas and Marussia will be frustrated. All to do again.

12:08 Vergne is asked if he has damage on the front wing. The Frenchman isn't sure but Toro Rosso tells him to pit.

12:09 Chilton - who had got up to 10th - came into the pitlane under that red flag and looks like he'll now have to take the restart from there.

12:10 EDD STRAW: "Good efforts by both Massa and Kobayashi to avoid t-boning Raikkonen's Ferrari. Yes, Massa still clipped him with the left-rear wheel, but could have been significantly worse."

12:10 That couldn't have been a worse opening 30 seconds for Massa.

12:11 Hamilton got ahead of Vettel as the German ran wide through Abbey and had to back off slightly as they ran through Farm towards Village. Not that it counts for anything now.

12:11 A small moment to reflect on how nice it is to be at Silverstone, with proper corner names instead of numbers.

12:12 Amid all the mayhem, Vergne and Perez had made contact on the straight between Abbey and the infield complex, firing the Force India off.

12:12 Hamilton and Vettel banged wheels as they swept out of Village and into The Loop.

Vettel asks Red Bull to check the front-left corner as a result. "I don't think it's damaged but have a good look," he adds.

12:13 Plenty more replays of the Raikkonen incident show that Massa spun his Williams on the straight in a bid to avoid the Ferrari, but was still clipped by it as it pirouetted down the track.

12:13 Hulkenberg is told that the race will be "restarted behind the safety car".

12:13 Debris is being cleared from the Wellington Straight still, and there's a big dent in the barrier where Raikkonen hit.

12:14 Massa's car has now been pushed off the grid back into the pits.

12:15 Drivers are out of their cars and most are without helmet, balaclavas and with their suits tied round their waist.

Clearly a restart is not imminent.

12:16 Remember, just because it is an unusual place for there to be a crash does not mean evaluating barrier damage can be fast-tracked.

It's damaged because a car has hit it, so obviously it can happen again.

12:16 EDD STRAW: "There were some big winners on that start. McLaren turned third and fifth on the grid to second and third with Button and Magnussen. And while it was bad for one Williams, Bottas jumped from 14th up to ninth."

12:17 There's the confirmation. "Guardrail repair is necessary, next update in 15 minutes" says race control.

12:17 JONATHAN NOBLE: "The FIA regulations on restarts from red flags are clear that it will resume behind the safety car.

"However, it is still to be clarified whether the order will be how they started, or how they were when the race was red flagged.

"Article 41.3 of F1's Sporting Regulations states: 'In all cases the order will be taken at the last point at which it was possible to determine the
position of all cars. All such cars will then be permitted to resume the race.'

"That is normally taken at the start of the lap when the red flag came out."

12:19 Kobayashi has been asking Caterham to check his car thoroughly for damage, he had a wild bounce over the grass too as he dodged Raikkonen.

12:23 Massa is back in the paddock talking to TV crews, confirming both that he's OK and his race is over.

12:24 Back on the grid, Vergne is letting Toro Rosso know that both he and Kvyat had "****" starts.

12:26 Caterham tweets: "Next update on race restart time should be within six to eight minutes."

12:28 The remains of Raikkonen's Ferrari are back in the paddock, being craned off a truck.

12:30 Chilton is being investigated for coming into the pitlane illegally during the red flag. Marussia says he was already coming in for a nose change when the track went red.

12:32 Ferrari says Raikkonen is basically OK after that big impact. The initial concern was pain in one of his ankles.

12:33 A TV replay suggests red flags were waving at the pit entry as Chilton came into the pitlane.

12:34 The incident between Vergne and Perez at Abbey is also under investigation.

12:35 Work continues on the barrier repair just before the bridge. There's a JCB-style vehicle is attendance and fresh sections to replace those buckled by Raikkonen's Ferrari.

12:36 A few teams switching tyres on the grid. Appears that Alonso has ditched his hard tyres for mediums, while Grosjean, Vergne and Perez have done the opposite.

12:37 Chilton gets a drive-through penalty for coming into the pitlane under the red flags.

12:38 The stewards have also ruled on Vergne and Perez's tangle, and won't be taking any action.

12:42 So this looks to be the top 10 when we get going again:

1 Rosberg
2 Button
3 Magnussen
4 Hamilton
5 Vettel
6 Hulkenberg
7 Ricciardo
8 Kvyat
9 Bottas
10 Bianchi

12:43 Marussia confirms that Chilton was hit by some hefty debris from that shunt: "He was very lucky after being hit by a flying wheel, sustaining quite a bit of front end car damage."

12:43 Bianchi wolfs down a banana on the grid as he prepares to hold off his rivals for 51 laps to claim a second points finish for Marussia.

12:45 For those wondering about time limits for the race, the race time cannot exceed four hours and this red flag will be incorporated into that.

The race got underway at 13:03 BST.

12:46 An update is due in about four minutes.

12:49 A wave from Lewis Hamilton as he strolls down the grid prompts plenty of noise from the crowd.

12:50 Latest update from race control is that... there will be another update in five minutes.

12:52 And now some good news: the race will be resumed at 2.05pm local time - that's 13 minutes away.

12:54 Work on the barriers is over and the scene has been cleared. Drivers are zipping their overalls up again, let's have another go.

12:55 Ricciardo saunters down the grid to his Red Bull. There's a brisk pace to his walk as we get closer to the drivers getting going again.

12:56 That delay has been a bit too long for European F3 frontrunner Felix Rosenqvist's liking: "What are they doing? No wonder F1s TV numbers are going down... #hurrythef***up"

12:59 Hamilton's enquiring about wind direction, Mercedes answers that it's changed slightly to yesterday but nothing to worry about.

13:00 Hamilton's "down half a turn" on the front wing and is told that engine settings are the same for now.

13:03 We've given you the top 10, but here's a full run-through:

1 Rosberg
2 Button
3 Magnussen
4 Hamilton
5 Vettel
6 Hulkenberg
7 Ricciardo
8 Kvyat
9 Bottas
10 Bianchi
11 Sutil
12 Gutierrez
13 Alonso
14 Maldonado
15 Ericsson
16 Grosjean
17 Vernge
18 Perez
19 Kobayashi
20 Chilton (starting from pitlane)

Not taking the restart, as we knew already, are Massa and Raikkonen.

13:03 Ricciardo requests "all the information I need" when they get ready to go again. We're on the brink of the restart.

13:04 The grid clears and off come the tyre warmers again.

13:05 Here we go. The safety car leads the field away.

13:07 The train of cars snakes through Maggots, Becketts and Chapel and onto the Hangar Straight.

13:07 Rosberg backs the field up and now goes for it as they round Stowe.

13:07 Rosberg has a good lead as they cross the line, more than a second clear of Button. It's as you were behind.

13:08 Bottas attacks Kvyat and takes the place at Brooklands.

Hamilton is attacking Magnussen for third.

13:08 Alonso is attacking Gutierrez for 12th onto the Wellington straight.

13:08 Hamilton switches underneath Magnussen through Woodcote and shows his nose at Copse, which becomes an easy move as the McLaren driver runs wide.

13:09 Chilton is going to immediately take his penalty.

13:09 Bottas now sweeps past Ricciardo down the Hangar Straight, and moves up to seventh. Brilliant start for the Finn.

13:09 Alonso successfully made it past Gutierrez and is now on the other Sauber of Sutil, who is just behind 10th-placed Bianchi.

13:10 At the end of lap three (the first flying lap after the restart) Rosberg leads Button by 4.6s already...and Hamilton attacks Button into Brooklands.

Job done, easy pickings.

13:10 Vettel is now onto the tail of Magnussen for fourth now, with Bottas harrying Hulkenberg for sixth.

13:10 Alonso slices past Sutil into Brooklands. Next target is Bianchi.

13:11 Bottas eases ahead of Hulkenberg through Stowe, and takes sixth.

13:11 Alonso is past Bianchi and into the top 10. Bianchi is still holding off the Saubers and Lotuses.

13:11 Rosberg has a 5.8s over team-mate Hamilton now - it's game on for the lead between the two Mercedes.

13:12 Button is 2s clear of Magnussen behind, who has Vettel and Bottas closing in quickly.

Ricciardo and Kvyat are reeling in Hulkenberg.

13:12 Vergne is making progress from the back too, now past Ericsson into 16th and chasing Grosjean.

13:13 Ricciardo is all over the back of Hulkenberg for seventh now, with Kvyat and Alonso close behind.

13:13 Vettel's within DRS range of Magnussen but is the Renault-powered Red Bull going to have the legs of the Mercedes in the back of the McLaren?

13:13 Chilton's engineer is telling the Briton how much faster than Bianchi is - though Max hasn't got the hassle of fending off five faster cars!

13:13 Hamilton took half a second out of Rosberg on that last lap is told to brake later at Brooklands to gain more time.

13:14 Alonso takes to the outside of Kvyat at Luffield, forces the Toro Rosso in tight and then goes inside out of Woodcote and takes ninth.

13:14 Kvyat had a bit of a look back at Alonso into Copse, but the move wasn't on.

13:14 Rosberg responds to the pressure from Hamilton with a purple final sector and the gap stagnates at 5.5s.

13:15 Button has already dropped 6s behind Hamilton but with Magnussen just 0.6s clear of Vettel the two McLarens are still a couple of seconds apart.

13:15 Ricciardo tries to pass Hulkenberg at Stowe, it doesn't work and that gives Alonso a chance to pounce on the outside into Vale.

13:15 That was a stunning move by Alonso, who capitalised on the Red Bull's loss of momentum to put himself in just the right place and steal eighth.

13:16 Alonso kicks up plenty of dust out of Becketts as he tries everything t get on Hulkenberg.

13:16 Alonso now tries the outside at Vale again, this time on Hulkenberg, doesn't work this time.

13:16 It's a three-car scrap for fourth now as Bottas joins Vettel in harrying Magnussen.

Williams, while gutted for Massa, must be delighted with this.

13:17 Alonso is being investigated for starting out of position on the original start. Pictures suggest he started too far forward.

13:17 The two Mercs are three seconds faster than the two McLarens behind and now 15s clear of Button.

13:17 As that news is announced, Alonso dives past Hulkenberg into Brooklands and takes seventh on the road.

13:17 JONATHAN NOBLE: "Video images from the original start show that Fernando Alonso stopped slightly in front of his grid slot.

"That is what the FIA stewards are now investigating - and he could face a stop-go penalty."

13:17 Ricciardo and Kvyat are now queuing up behind Hulkenberg for eighth, with plenty of moves tried by the Red Bull.

13:18 Sutil makes it past Bianchi for 11th.

13:18 Bianchi now has Gutierrez, Maldonado, Grosjean and Vergne on his tail, with Perez catching up too.

13:19 Ricciardo tries the 'go outside at Luffield and force your rival into Woodcote too tight' trick on Hulkenberg, but the Force India is too fast onto the straight.

13:19 Ricciardo finally makes it past Hulkenberg into Stowe. Kvyat will be on him next.

13:19 A personal best lap for Magnussen as he bids to hold on to fourth. Vettel's almost out of DRS range of the McLaren as Bottas ramps up the pressure behind.

13:20 Looks like Maldonado and Gutierrez might've just tangled.

13:20 Gutierrez has rear-end damage and puls off into the gravel.

13:20 That wasn't actually Maldonado's fault!

13:21 Gutierrez tried to look down the inside of the Lotus at Brooklands when Maldonado was already trying to pass Bianchi.

13:21 Great middle sector for Hamilton but Rosberg's gap is still 5.2s as the Mercs trade sector blows.

13:21 Contact between the Sauber and Lotus sent Maldonado up into the air this time, though not upside down like Gutierrez ended up in their Bahrain clash.

13:22 That Lotus/Sauber tangle allowed Vergne to make up several places. He's now 13th and at the head of queue behind Bianchi.

13:22 Vettel pits, releasing Bottas to attack Magnussen.

13:22 Rosberg's lead is now less than 5s as Hamilton ramps up the pressure.

13:23 Sixth-placed Alonso is lapping quicker than all the cars ahead bar the Mercedes.

13:23 Ericsson's Caterham is limping around slowly, with the driver reporting front suspension problems.

13:23 Alonso is reeling in that battle for fourth. The Ferrari is the fastest non-Mercedes at the moment, and is about 2s behind Bottas - who is now 0.7s behind Magnussen.

13:24 The Lotus verdict on the Gutierrez/Maldonado bash: "Touring cars anyone? Looks like the E22 is pretty robust."

13:24 Ericsson has made it back into the pits, where it looks like he'll be retiring.

13:25 Alonso gets a five-second stop-go penalty for being out of position at the original start.

13:25 Vergne and Grosjean have both made it past Bianchi into 12th and 13th.

13:25 Hamilton cuts Rosberg's lead down a little more, just 4.2s between them now.

13:25 Now Bianchi is holding off Maldonado and Perez. Maldonado seemed to escape that little flight without damage.

13:25 Magnussen has also closed in on Button...but Bottas attacks, and Magnussen drops to 2.4s behind his team-mate.

Bottas is attacking again.

13:26 And Bottas sweeps around the outside of Magnussen at Stowe - that was easy. Next up: Button.

13:26 Replays suggest that Lotus really is strong - Maldonado bounced very heavily as his car landed.

13:27 Hulkenberg has had a warning to adhere to track limits more at Copse.

13:27 Alonso may be about to be dumped out of contention, but he's still pressing on for now. He's less than a second behind Magnussen now.

13:27 Asked what he wants to do with the front wing at his pitstop, Hulkenberg replies: "I don't know, we've got much bigger issues."

13:27 Rosberg ups the ante - but Hamilton is relentless. A personal best lap cuts the gap to 3.9s.

13:28 Hulkenberg adds to Force India that "the high-speed understeer is killing us". He's still holding off Kvyat for eighth, with Vettel catching them after his early pitstop.

13:28 Meanwhile, Bottas is only 1.5s behind Button now for third - by they are almost half a minute behind the Mercedes.

13:28 Kvyat pits at the end of lap 14.

13:29 Alonso can take that stop-go penalty during his pitstop, so he's not going to tumble out of the points with that. But it's not ideal and puts a podium further out of reach.

13:29 Perez manages to pass both Maldonado and Bianchi to move into 14th.

13:29 Speak of the devil, Alonso dives down the inside of Magnussen at Stowe to take fifth.

13:29 Ricciardo makes his first pitstop.

13:29 Vettel overtakes Hulkenberg for eighth into Stowe.

13:29 Hamilton just 3.5s behind Rosberg now - fascinating duel at the front, who will blink first in the pits?

13:30 The Gutierrez/Maldonado collision will be investigated after the race.

13:30 Bottas within DRS range of Button now, 0.7s away from a podium position from 14th on the grid.

13:30 Ricciardo rejoins just behind the yet-to-stop Sutil in 10th.

13:31 A new fastest lap for Hamilton - 1m38.554s - gets the gap to 3.1s.

13:31 BOTTAS. Round the outside of Button at Stowe.

13:31 "Vettel ahead is on a two-stop anyway Nico, so let's settle down and try to make this one work," is Force India's message to Hulkenberg - who is presumably one-stopping then.

13:32 That was so easy for Bottas - he cruises up to the back of the McLaren down the Hangar Straight, Button defends, so Bottas just moves to the outside and sweeps around the outside.

That's a move he's practiced to perfection.

13:32 "Push hard now, Nico" - "You're the fastest man on track, Lewis".

Game on at Mercedes.

13:32 Maldonado finally makes it past Bianchi for 15th. Just Kobayashi and Chilton behind Bianchi now.

13:32 Ricciardo slips past Sutil for ninth into Stowe.

13:32 And the gap is just 2.7s between the leaders as Hamilton takes another chunk of time out of his team-mate's advantage.

13:33 Alonso immediately closing in on Button now the Brit has dropped to fourth, 1.6s between them.

13:34 Rosberg pits - "it's hammer time," Merc tells Hamilton.

13:34 The gap was about 2.7s before Rosberg stopped.

13:35 Alonso is already within DRS range of Button. Stellar pace from the Ferrari by comparison.

13:35 Kobayashi makes a pitstop from a lonely 17th.

13:35 Purple middle sector for Hamilton - he's pushing, but will he get closer to Rosberg or drop back as his team-mate pushes on with newer rubber?

13:37 "Gearbox problem on the downshift," reports Rosberg...

13:38 Alonso is attacking Button. The Brit defends into Vale, then Brooklands on the next lap. This time round the Spaniard is further back courtesy of a lock up at Brooklands, but there's nothing between them really.

13:38 Ricciardo is back up behind Hulkenberg again, lapping 2s faster, and told by Red Bull he needs to pass as the German is one-stopping.

13:38 "We're continuing to look at the problem Nico, no information at the moment." Get on with, Rosberg is told.

He is, the gap to Hamilton is reducing and surely the leader needs to pit.

13:39 Ricciardo pops onto the DRS and flies past Hulkenberg into Brooklands to regain eighth.

13:39 New fastest lap from Rosberg - 1m38.309s. That's 0.4s quicker than Hamilton.

Behind, Bottas and Button set personal bests. Though they're some way off...

13:40 "Pace is much better," Marussia tells Bianchi - seems the team wants another go back at Maldonado for 15th.

13:40 Red Bull thinks this is working out well for Ricciardo strategy-wise: "You've now jumped a lot of cars ahead, nice job mate."

13:41 Vettel is taking 1.5s per lap out of Magnussen and is now only 2.1s behind for sixth.

13:41 Still Button is holding off Alonso - when the Ferrari drops back with its penalty, the Briton will get a breather.

13:42 Rosberg is now 14.7s behind Hamilton - remember the gap stood at 2.7s the other way when he stopped.

13:42 The Toro Rossos are on different strategies, but the outcome at the moment is they're both stuck behind a Sauber. Sutil leads them in 10th-12th.

13:42 Hamilton reports that "the tyres are starting the drop off". He's eking out a few fewer laps on the harder tyre all the while - and is only dropping a few tenths a lap. It's good work.

13:42 Alonso shows his nose into Stowe but Button slams the door.

13:43 Bottas is on his own in third - 19.4s behind Rosberg and 10s clear of the battle for fourth.

Magnussen is about 2.8s behind that fight, with Vettel on his tail.

13:43 Vettel's closed in admirably on the McLaren but his pace his hardly prodigious. Just 1.1s separates that duo.

13:43 Sutil makes his first pitstop and releases the Toro Rossos, which have swapped places - two-stopping Kvyat now ahead of Vergne.

13:43 Mercedes mechanics ready themselves for Hamilton - who pits.

13:44 Slow stop for Hamilton, who loses 1.4s in the stops to Rosberg. Hard tyres for the Brit - he's going for something different.

13:45 Tardy on the left-rear, Mercedes. The gap's going to be around 6s.

13:45 Button: "The last two laps, Alonso's gone off the circuit at Copse."

"Get him - get him for track limits", that translates as.

13:46 Vettel nails Magnussen on the exit of Luffield, setting him up through Brooklands and the first part of Luffield.

13:46 Hamilton: "Don't worry about the pitstop guys, but let's get a good one next time OK?"

That's better radio chat from Hamilton. He needs to keep calm - there's a great chance to win this race still.

13:47 Purple first sector from Hamilton - 5.3s the gap.

13:47 Alonso pits from fifth.

13:47 Mega lap from Hamilton - stunning. On the hard tyre, he does a 1m37.176s.

13:48 That slashes the gap to 4.7s - Rosberg won't like that one bit.

13:48 He then takes another 0.35s out of Rosberg in the opening sector. The medium tyres can't live with Hamilton's compound at the moment - fresher, harder tyres making life good for the Brit at the moment.

13:49 Back in the midfield, one-stoppers Perez and Maldonado pit from 13th and 14th.

13:49 Rosberg's lead is just 4.1s now, as Hamilton completes another very quick lap that's 0.9s quicker than his team-mate.

13:49 Alonso has rejoined behind Hulkenberg and is all over the Force India.

13:49 Alonso makes the move stick through Copse.

13:49 Vettel has closed to 1.2s behind Button now.

13:50 In comes Magnussen from sixth, and he switches to the hard tyre.

13:50 Vergne makes his sole pitstop from 11th place.

13:50 Hamilton is less than 2s behind Rosberg now!

13:51 Rosberg is slowing!

13:51 Rosberg has "a problem on the upshift" and it looks like he's stuck in fifth gear.

13:51 Button stops from fourth.

13:52 Rosberg was lapping a Marussia at Village and realised he couldn't downshift from fifth. He's toured right the way down to Becketts and gone off track. He's pleading with Mercedes for advice. The team is doing its best...

13:53 Yellow flags as Rosberg stops!

13:53 Hulkenberg makes what will be his only planned stop from eighth place.

13:54 Bianchi is also pitting and is still in a bit of a battle with Maldonado.

13:54 Rosberg's not turned the car off - he's still flicking furiously at the paddles...

And now he switches it off. The marshals are rocking the car...

The championship leader is out!

13:55 That is the first DNF of the season for the man who held a 29-point lead heading into the weekend.

Hamilton can cut that to four here...

13:55 Grosjean had moved up to 10th as others pitted, now he makes his stop.

13:56 Bottas finally stops from second.

13:57 With Rosberg out and a few different strategies being employed, the top 10 is a bit jumbled.

As it stands though:

1 Hamilton
2 Vettel
3 Bottas
4 Ricciardo
5 Button
6 Alonso
7 Magnussen
8 Kvyat
9 Hulkenberg
10 Vergne

13:58 Of that top 10, looks like one-stop strategies for Bottas, Button and Hulkenberg.

At best, that could net them second, fourth and eighth respectively.

13:59 Button has a small margin over Alonso and Magnussen for fifth, with that battle getting a bit closer with every lap.

13:59 In the aftermath of Rosberg's woes, Hamilton was urged to look after the car.

With a 42-second lead over Vettel, that's probably sensible.

13:59 Hulkenberg is told that with 20 laps left his tyres are fine to push to the end. He's down to ninth, 16.3s behind Kvyat, who has a stop to go.

13:59 Bottas is tucked right underneath Vettel...and drives past him on the Hangar Straight.

P2 for Bottas. Who needs a one-stop strategy?

13:59 Vettel pits immediately.

13:59 Hulkenberg is also under a little pressure from behind, with fellow one-stopper Vergne 2.3s back and lapping slightly quicker.

14:01 Vettel rejoins ahead of Alonso, who is trying a lot of ideas to pass the Red Bull.

14:01 Alonso eventually makes it around the outside of Vettel at Copse. Another astonishing move from the Ferrari.

14:01 Ricciardo is running third now, 7.6s behind Bottas and 10.2s clear of Button.

The Aussie needs to edge further clear of the Briton to make his two-stop strategy work.

14:02 Magnussen had been hoping to benefit from all the open doors Alonso had been leaving, but instead he just got to watch an amazing overtaking move.

14:02 Now we'll see if Alonso can chase down Button for fourth.

14:02 Outside the top 10, Perez has caught Sutil for 11th. If he can clear the Sauber, Vergne is 9.4s ahead.

14:03 Vettel isn't being dropped by Alonso. Now his tyres are up to temperature, he's right back on the Ferrari.

14:04 Kvyat makes his second and final pitstop.

14:04 Force India urged Perez to pass Sutil quickly. Perez makes a "he's all over the track limits, he should get a penalty" radio call.

14:05 Button's edging clear of that scrap behind him and keeping around 10s away from Ricciardo. If the McLaren is one-stopping, it's looking good for fourth (at least) at this stage.

14:05 Chilton and Marussia have been talking about his chances of catching Kobayashi for 16th. The gap is 1m05.6s, but Chilton just lapped 3s faster...

14:05 Vettel is now all over the back of Alonso...

14:06 Vettel makes the move around the outside at Brooklands but Alonso muscles back through immediately.

14:06 "He can't do that - I would've crashed into him," Vettel complains over the radio.

14:07 Red Bull isn't too fussed by Vettel's complaints: "You've got plenty of laps, just do it again."

14:07 Sutil is complaining of more problems with the Sauber's brakes. He's been passed by Perez for 11th.

14:08 Hamilton's 41-second lead still well in tact. Bottas isn't letting it get any bigger but he's not a victory threat unless the Mercedes suffers technical grief.

Mega drive from the Finn nonetheless.

14:08 "How can I race?" complains Sutil to Sauber as he grapples with the brake issues.

14:09 After Kvyat's second stop, he got out ahead of one-stopping team-mate Vergne. They run ninth and 10th.

14:09 It's Alonso's turn to complain about Vettel over the radio - he thinks the German's taking liberties with track limits.

14:10 Button now actually starting to catch Ricciardo, just 9.4s behind now.

14:10 There's a bit more daylight between Alonso and Vettel now, and they've dropped Magnussen by 1.7s.

14:10 "These tyres are pretty good," reports Hamilton, "there's a lot of life left in them."

14:10 Sutil's misery might continue - both the Lotus drivers are catching him for 12th place.

14:11 Unsurprising that Ricciardo is beginning to lose pace, his tyres are quite a bit older than Button's.

14:12 "We think Ricciardo may try to go to the end," McLaren tells Button. Go get him, is the follow-up.

14:12 Despite Hamilton enjoying those tyres, Mercedes calls him in. He pits, more hard tyres go on and he's back out again.

14:13 "The pace is good, you're doing a very good job," Red Bull tells Ricciardo.

14:14 Vettel is still tracking Alonso and taking the odd look. They're very, very close through Luffield.

14:14 Vettel tries the outside at Copse as Alonso did to him earlier. No success.

14:14 Vettel puts in another complaint about track limits, then about Alonso not giving him room.

14:15 "He didn't leave space! I could've easily given him a puncture," howls Vettel. "Stay patient," replies Rocky, "you're clearly quicker."

14:15 Now Ferrari tells Alonso it's reporting Vettel to race control for track limits naughtiness.

14:16 That stop for Hamilton dropped his lead to less than 20s over Bottas but on fresh rubber the gap is going up again.

14:16 Button, meanwhile, has cut Ricciardo's gap to 7.8s. Can the Briton make it a first home podium in 15 attempts?

14:16 A little battle brewing among the minor points - Kvyat is 4.4s behind eighth-placed Hulkenberg and closing in.

14:17 Grosjean passes Sutil for 12th. The Sauber should stay clear of Maldonado, though.

14:17 McLaren tells Magnussen the tyres are good and he should close in on the Alonso/Vettel battle.

14:18 Just because he can, Hamilton goes purple in sector one. This is reminiscent of Vettel in years gone by.

14:19 Vettel tries the outside of Alonso at Luffield but is held out wide and can't get a run onto the straight.

14:19 Rosberg has finally put on a brave face for the media in the paddock. He says he hoped to get back going and salvage some points, but that Mercedes couldn't do anything remotely to save the gearbox.

14:20 Button takes half a second out of Ricciardo on that lap but the Aussie's engineer tells him that at this pace he will not be caught.

14:20 Alonso is very carefully keeping Vettel back during the slow sections while rebuilding charge, and then nailing the corner exits.

14:22 Magnussen isn't managing to do as McLaren asked and catch the Alonso/Vettel battle yet, losing a little that on that lap. He's 2.4s off.

14:23 Vettel again goes to the outside into Brooklands, Alonso again manages to brake later still and retake the place, but then Vettel gets alongside onto the pits straight and finally makes it past into Copse.

14:24 Button's got the gap to Ricciardo down to 5.9s with four laps remaining. Unless the Red Bull's tyres wreck themselves the podium's probably out of reach.

14:24 That's battle over for fifth it seems, Vettel is quickly pulling clear of Alonso.

14:25 Hamilton has boosted his advantage to 25s now.

14:26 Alonso thinks Vettel got more DRS than he should have due to running off the track. There's quite a long rant going on now.

14:26 Button much faster than Ricciardo that lap - 0.8s in fact. The gap is now 4.3s.

14:26 Seems like the miscellaneous things Alonso and Vettel are moaning about each other for will rumble on after the race.

14:26 "Jenson this is really good, we're currently more than a second quicker than Ricciardo."

Here we go...

14:27 Alonso might get a bit of late pressure from Magnussen, who is 1.1s behind with three laps left.

14:27 Kvyat is now within DRS range of Hulkenberg for eighth.

14:27 "Pick up the pace a little bit," Ricciardo is urged...

14:28 "Check the brakes becaue I can smell something burning," says Vettel to Red Bull.

14:28 Button is 2.7s behind - 1.3s faster on that lap. Amazing finish.

14:28 Maldonado is in trouble, parking a smoking Lotus.

14:29 Hulkenberg puts in his fastest lap of the race so far as he tries to stay clear of Kvyat.

14:29 "Caution at Turn 1, there may be some oil down," Hamilton is warned. He is careful - and past the point of potential danger. Last lap, he's on course for victory.

14:29 And with a lap to go Button has got the gap down to just 1.6s!

14:30 Huge cheers from the crowd for Hamilton...


14:31 Bottas will clinch second, but what about P3?

14:31 Lotus suggests that Maldonado just parked so he could watch the finish. Lotus is joking.

14:31 It's Ricciardo! He holds on and denies Button an emotional first home podium.

14:31 Vettel didn't give up on catching the podium battle either - he does his best lap of the day on the last lap but is 6s adrift.

14:32 Alonso takes sixth, with Magnussen 2.6s behind him at the flag.

14:32 Hulkenberg manages to hold off Kvyat for eighth by six tenths of a second.

14:32 "Lap it up boy," Hamilton is told.

"ENGLAND!" he yells in response.

14:32 The final point goes to Vergne, with Perez, Grosjean, Sutil, Bianchi, Kobayashi and Chilton completing the field.

14:33 Hamilton is loving this - thumbs up and waves for the crowd, and he goes onto the Becketts run-off just to get a little closer to the grandstands.

14:34 Magnificent effort from Bottas to haul the Williams to second after the disastrous qualifying yesterday.

Button's attempt to get third resulted in a personal best lap on the final tour, but Ricciardo responded with an impressive 1m38.9s on ragged tyres to hold on.

14:34 This may have escaped your attention earlier: Raikkonen escaped serious injury from that huge opening lap crash.

14:35 Hamilton and Bottas both throw themselves at their teams after bringing their cars in.

14:35 Less of an outburst from Ricciardo but he's clenched his fist and given a mini pump to show that he's chuffed with that.

14:37 The drivers make their way into the holding room before the podium presentation.

There are a few smiles.

14:39 Fans are swarming onto the circuit now for the podium presentation.

Hamilton, Bottas and Ricciardo make their way out onto the rostrum.

14:40 Out rings the British national anthem as Hamilton stands atop the podium. All smiles chaps, all smiles.

14:41 And now the German equivalent in honour of Mercedes.

14:42 John Owen, Mercedes' chief designer takes the constructors' trophy.

14:42 Here comes the champagne!

14:44 Now the drivers pose together on the top step, along with Owen.

14:45 David Coulthard joins them to administer the podium interviews.

14:45 Hamilton: "It's very mixed at the moment but just to see the support we have here, I could see it throughout the race. It's you guys who spurred me on, thank you so much."

14:46 "You never want to see your team-mate to [retire] but at the end of the day I really needed this result," Hamilton adds.

14:47 Bottas says "the plan was to come up as high as possible", but it's safe to say this result was above expectations.

14:48 Hamilton finishes with: "I think this weekend really just showed that you never give up."

14:50 Ricciardo reckons another lap and he'd have lost third.

"I think one more lap would have been tough," he admitted. "Jenson was coming, but I'm really happy with the podium."

14:53 That's 27 victories now for Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1, moving him equal 7th in the all-time list with Sir Jackie Stewart.

The only British driver with more wins in Nigel Mansell on 31.

15:00 Relive a breathless British Grand Prix with our full race report:

Hamilton wins as Rosberg retires

15:02 Here's what it means for the drrivers' championship:
1. Nico Rosberg 165
2. Lewis Hamilton 161
3. Daniel Ricciardo 98
4. Fernando Alonso 87
5. Valtteri Bottas 73
6. Sebastian Vettel 70
7. Nico Hulkenberg 63
8. Jenson Button 55
9. Kevin Magnussen 35
10. Felipe Massa 30
11. Sergio Perez 28
12. Kimi Raikkonen 19
13. Jean-Eric Vergne 9
14. Romain Grosjean 8
15. Daniil Kvyat 6
16. Jules Bianchi 2

15:02 And the constructors' championship:

1. Mercedes 326
2. Red Bull-Renault 168
3. Ferrari 106
4. Williams-Mercedes 103
5. Force India-Mercedes 91
6. McLaren-Mercedes 90
7. Toro Rosso-Renault 15
8. Lotus-Renault 8
9. Marussia-Ferrari 2
10. Sauber-Ferrari 0
11. Caterham-Renault 0

15:08 More from the top three in the post-race presser, starting with the winner:

"Yesterday was a really difficult day, you never think situations like that would come out the way they did, and I went away feeling terrible for the fans. I feel I let them down the team and myself.

"Coming back today, turning that serious emptiness and negativity into a positive today, was my priority. You never want a team-mate to fall away and win like that – looking forward to a wheel-to-wheel battle but sure we will get more in the future."

15:11 Bottas on his stunning charge:

"We knew that this race could be good fun, we knew that we had a quick car. Maybe it was a bit surprisingly quick today.

"Of course sometimes it needed a bit of risk because it is really important to get through quickly and not get stuck. I'm really happy with what we were doing as a team, race pace shows that we are doing the right thing and I feel happy to be a part of this."

15:13 Finally, a delighted Daniel Ricciardo:

"I didn't intend on doing a one-stop [strategy] when I started on that tyre. The team asked [if I could do] 15-20 laps, I said I think we can, [so] we stayed out and just held on in the end.

"It was awesome, all three of us had a bit of redemption on our plate today. We were pretty happy, and this is one of my best podiums this year."

15:26 There was a bit of humour on the podium as Hamilton demanded the proper, golden Silverstone trophy - and the one he was presented with began to fall apart.

"This one [gold one] is a lot nicer," he said. "I grew up watching F1, you see trophies like this, real trophies. My one fell to pieces, it is plastic, must cost £10 – it is so bad!"

15:30 New Caterham CEO Christjian Albers has given his verdict on the first race of his new ownership.

"We're obviously not happy with where we finished today, but for my first weekend with the team I have to say it's been good," he said.

"We're not even a week into this new chapter in the team's life but we've already seen just how hard everyone at the track and at the factory is prepared to work to push us forwards, and how determined we all are to achieve our targets this year.

"We obviously have a lot of work to do but we're prepared for the challenges ahead and we have another chance in two weeks time to make progress in Germany, so we'll aim to do just that and, little by little, keep improving."

15:34 Fernando Alonso has Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen on his mind after the Finn's shunt.

"First of all, good news, it seems that kimi is ok!! Wishing him to be 100% in the next days!"

Now, second of all...

15:39 Hamilton's just compared his British Grand Prix weekend (and current situation in general) to the plot of hit animated film Monsters Inc.

We're not going to explain that. It's more entertaining to leave it out there like that.

15:49 As Lewis Hamilton declares that his British Grand Prix victory has thrust him back on terms with Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, AUTOSPORT Live will leave its weekend coverage there.

Thanks for joining us, we'll return our Race Centre Live for next weekend's MotoGP.

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