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As it happened: Saturday - Qualifying
By Matt Beer, Edd Straw, Glenn Freeman, Charles Bradley, Ben Anderson, Scott Mitchell and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
08:45 Hello and welcome to the second day of AUTOSPORT Live's rolling coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

Today's qualifying day, and the battle for the arguably most significant grid positions of the season, but first we have the final practice session.

Hungarian Grand Prix

08:46 Yesterday was your typical Friday in Formula 1 - dominated by Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton led the way in both sessions, and he looked strong on one-lap pace.

That'll be a boost for the Briton, who has failed to beat team-mate and F1 title rival Nico Rosberg in qualifying since the Spanish Grand Prix at the start of May.

Hamilton dominates Friday practice

08:49 That said, Friday wasn't perfect for the title-chasing Briton.

He was critical of the performance of the Pirelli tyres around the dusty Hungaroring, and later brake supplier Brembo said there had not been a single identifiable cause for his qualifying shunt last weekend.

That means knuckling down and getting on with the task at hand today. But as we just mentioned - it's been a while since qualifying went in his favour.

Should we expect a higher-than-average number of low-fuel attempts today, given the added importance of qualifying here? Possibly. Which means FP3 could get quite busy.

08:51 With 10 minutes to go before the start of the session the air temperature is 26 degrees and the track is already at 42 degrees.

08:55 Mercedes' chief pursuers - Williams, Ferrari and Red Bull - were further behind the pace-setting Silver Arrows team-mates than usual yesterday.

That was to the surprise of Merc and Red Bull, while Williams is bracing itself for a potential end to the run of podiums Valtteri Bottas has enjoyed in recent races.

Bottas outpaced team-mate Felipe Massa yesterday but was still 1.5 seconds from Hamilton's benchmark. Work to do in FP3, which starts in about five minutes.

Williams expecting tougher weekend

08:59 Quite a few drivers are already in their cars, including Hamilton and Vettel, ready to hit the track early on in this session.

09:00 Green light at the end of the pitlane - FP3 has begun.

09:00 Toro Rosso drivers Daniil Kvyat and Jean-Eric Vergne are first out on track.

09:02 A number of drivers are taking the opportunity to practice their starts at the end of the pitlane before getting underway, including both Red Bulls.

09:02 Plenty of drivers on track early, more than half the grid.

09:03 Vergne, Kvyat, Maldonado head a line of cars straight back into the pits - Adrian Sutil's Sauber continues round, but pits at the end of what would have been a first flying lap.

09:04 Looks like most cars have opted for the prime tyres at this stage of the session, the teams perhaps saving the options for when the track is more rubbered in.

09:06 Not a great surprise as Kimi Raikkonen heads back into the pitlane after an installation lap. Those behind him do the same, so no times on the board still.

Only Perez, Button and Hulkenberg have yet to emerge.

09:07 Hamilton has had an off at Turn 1, but it wasn't severe enough to bring out the yellow flags.

09:08 Alonso back in the pits, as is Hamilton.

Rosberg continues though - and crosses the line in 1m26.374s.

Magnussen follows him round, going 0.710s slower.

09:08 The two Caterhams had previously got on the board, some way off the pace - Kobayashi and Ericsson lapping in 1m30.267s and 32.616s respectively.

09:09 Kvyat and Hamilton emerge once again.

09:09 Out comes Maldonado's Lotus, while Hulkenberg's brought his Force India on to the circuit for the first time today.

09:09 Ericsson has a lock-up and minor off-track excursion at Turn 12, but continues without too much delay.

09:10 Bianchi back out in the Marussia as Rosberg has a cooling off lap before going purple in the first sector.

09:10 Hamilton goes wide at Turn 1 after locking up, the first corner proving tricky for the Brit this morning.

09:11 No improvement for Rosberg, a minor moment in the final sector costs him too much time.

09:12 Kvyat and Hamilton on the board in third and fourth.

09:12 Another lap chalked up by Rosberg, this time a 1m27.133s.

09:12 Twelve of the 22 drivers are currently circulating.

09:12 "Can't seem to stop the car," Hamilton tells his team over pit radio. Brakes seem to have become something for an issue for him of late.

09:14 Bianchi gets ahead of Hamilton on the timing screen with a 1m29.681s. His Marussia team-mate Max Chilton goes ninth on a 1m30.487s.

Rosberg's latest effort is a 1m26.611s.

09:14 After his travails at Hockenheim, Hamilton will be desperate to avoid further brake trouble this afternoon.

09:14 Hamilton gets back ahead of Bianchi but is only sixth on a 1m28.986s.

09:15 Kobayashi is latest to go off track, running wide at Turn 4.

09:15 Hulkenberg goes third on a 1m27.872s, while Kvyat is currently fourth but on a personal best lap.

09:16 And the Toro Rosso youngster takes back third as Perez gets in between the Russian and Hulkenberg.

09:16 Purple final sector from Rosberg and a 1m26.858s. Consistent long run so far.

09:17 Grosjean and Hulkenberg both show just how little grip there is out there this morning as they sail wide.

09:17 Bottas goes second on a 1m26.949s as Maldonado jumps to sixth, 1.38s off the pace.

09:18 The timing screen is being lit up by green and purple as we approach the 20-minute mark.

Grosjean goes eighth on a personal best lap as Rosberg lowers the bar to a 1m26.292s at the top.

09:19 Vergne has a hairy moment at Turn 12, another corner that has caught more than one driver out so far.

09:19 Vergne goes eighth on a 1m27.433s as Vettel and Massa appear at the sharp end with their first proper laps.

The world champion is second (1m26.362s), just 0.070s behind Rosberg. Massa is third, 0.4s back.

09:20 Bottas removes Rosberg from top spot. The Williams driver goes quickest of all with a time of 1m26.240s - 0.052s faster.

09:20 Grosjean runs wide at Turn 4 after getting an arm full of oversteer.

09:21 The Mercs have been busiest - Rosberg, now in the pits, has racked up 10 laps while Hamilton, still circulating, has a similar number to his name.

09:21 Raikkonen gets into the top six (just) with a 1m26.932s.

09:21 @PirelliSport expects the yellow-marked soft tyre to make an appearance on track soon.

09:22 A good lap from Vettel but he stays third. Green sectors in the first and middle part of the lap but he falls just short on improving.

09:23 Ricciardo moves into top spot now, the first into the 1m25s today - and by the smallest possible margin.

It's a 1m25.999s for the Australian, as Bottas improves to a 1m26.094s.

09:24 AUTOSPORT contributor @adamcooperF1 reports on Twitter that Mercedes have confirmed that they are running Carbone Industrie brakes all round on both cars.

No sign of the Brembos that gave Hamilton so much grief in Germany, then.

09:24 Quite a few cars back in the pits now with the halfway mark approaching.

09:26 As good a time as any to give you a rundown of the top 10:

1 Ricciardo 1m25.999s
2 Bottas +0.095s
3 Rosberg +0.293s
4 Vettel +0.363s
5 Massa +0.695s
6 Raikkonen +0.933s
7 Magnussen +1.085s
8 Kvyat +1.221s
9 Perez +1.380s
10 Vergne +1.434s

09:27 Meanwhile, Raikkonen's cracking on and Rosberg is back on track.

We've yet to see a time from Alonso - he's the only driver without one to his name.

09:30 Alonso returns to the track. He's completed the least laps of anybody so far, with just three to his name.

Leading the way in terms of laps completed is Rosberg, with 13, followed by Kobayashi on 12 and Hamilton on 11.

09:32 Hulkenberg has trouble getting his Force India round Turn 4, as Rosberg runs wide at Turn 13 after an oversteer moment.

09:33 Alonso goes quickest with a 1m25.954s, despite a small moment at Turn 12.

09:34 Most drivers are back on track now, although there is still no sign of the soft tyre.

09:35 Hamilton has jumped to eighth in the times with a 1m26.869s.

09:36 "The tailwind is absolutely terrible," Hulkenberg tells his team over pit radio as he heads into Turn 1.

09:37 Vettel's on the move - he goes green in the first sector.

09:38 Vettel just misses out on improving, lapping 0.03s slower than his best.

Hamilton goes purple in the first sector, green in the second...

09:38 And Hamilton goes top on a 1m25.682s.

09:39 Replays show Vettel running wide at Turn 13 while trying to pass traffic. That might explain why he failed to improve his lap time.

09:39 Massa stays eighth after his latest lap, about three-tenths off his own best. Sutil jumps to 13th, 1.6s behind Hamilton.

Button's been quiet in FP3 - he's down in 15th, one place ahead of Romain Grosjean who has just set a personal best lap.

09:41 Quite a few cars heading back to the pits, as the teams prepare for some soft tyre running in the final third of the session.

09:42 Only eight drivers still running heading towards the final quarter of an hour.

09:44 That number halves - but Maldonado, Sutil, Gutierrez and Chilton continue to pound round.

09:46 And now everybody is in the pitlane. Less than 15 minutes to go now - any late qualifying efforts in the bag? We're some way off the times Hamilton was setting yesterday.

09:46 "Final runs on softs coming up," tweets Force India. They won't be the only ones, rest assured.

09:47 Some rather menacing clouds in the sky above the Hungaroring, but there's no rain expected today.

Tomorrow could be a different matter, however.

09:48 Alonso breaks the silence and emerges in his Ferrari.

09:49 Team-mate Raikkonen follows him out with 11 minutes on the clock.

09:50 The soft compound tyres were worth around 1.5s yesterday in comparison to the mediums - let's see how much time the Ferrari drivers gain this morning.

09:51 Alonso goes purple in the middle sector and his first flying lap on the soft tyres (with a mistake at the final corner) yields a 1m24.769s. Comfortably quickest.

09:52 Raikkonen comes in 0.049s slower than Alonso.

09:52 Just under eight minutes left and the majority of drivers are now on track.

09:52 Bottas and Rosberg among the horde emerging from their garages now.

09:52 Ericsson wrestles his ill-handling Caterham, running wide at Turns 3 and 4.

09:53 Rosberg beats the Ferraris, he's top on a 1m24.501s. There's more in the tank, too.

09:54 Bottas goes second, a fraction quicker than Alonso and 0.184s behind Rosberg.

Button leaps to sixth, a second off the leading pace.

09:54 Rosberg lost some time in the final sector running wide at Turn 12 on that flyer.

09:55 Hamilton's out and purple in the first sector.

09:55 Hamilton's on course for a faster time and there's no repeat of Rosberg's error in the final sector.

09:56 The Briton goes top on a 1m24.048s, almost half a second quicker than Rosberg.

Massa jumps to eighth, Maldonado 11th.

09:56 Vettel splits the Mercedes - 0.4s behind Hamilton.

09:57 Rosberg makes it a Mercedes one-two again with another flying lap.

He backed off for a lap before going at it again, cutting the deficit to Hamilton to 0.229s.

09:58 The fight to get out of Q1 could get messy later.

At present, 0.3s covers Maldonado in 12th and Perez in 18th.

09:58 Ricciardo jumps to fifth, 0.6s behind Hamilton.

09:59 "Nico carrying more speed into Turn 12," Hamilton's race engineer Peter Bonnington tells his charge.

09:59 A smattering of green sectors - any late improvers with less than a minute to go?

09:59 Massa was one of those who could have gone slightly quicker - but he remains 11th.

10:00 Ooh, very close! As Hamilton gets wheeled into the garage, Rosberg cracks on...and misses out on top spot but less than five-hundredths of a second.

Qualifying will be fascinating at this rate.

10:00 A problem for Bianchi has prevented the Frenchman setting any times on the option tyres, tweets Marussia.

10:00 Time's up - chequered flag is out.

10:01 "Be cautious with those brakes on the in-lap," Rosberg is told by race engineer Tony Ross.

10:02 FP3 results:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Vettel
4 Ricciardo
5 Bottas
6 Alonso
7 Raikkonen
8 Magnussen
9 Vergne
10 Kvyat
11 Massa
12 Button
13 Maldonado
14 Grosjean
15 Sutil
16 Gutierrez
17 Hulkenberg
18 Perez
19 Kobayashi
20 Chilton
21 Ericsson
22 Bianchi

10:03 A familiar sight then, as the two Mercedes drivers top the timesheets.

But, with just 0.047s separating Hamilton and Rosberg, the battle for pole position could be closer than yesterday's running suggested.

10:05 Red Bull will be satisfied with the third and fourth best times, Vettel getting the better of Ricciardo by two tenths.

Williams and Ferrari look as if they will also be involved in the battle for best of the rest status.

10:08 Looking further down the order, Toro Rosso look to be in decent shape with both Vergne and Kvyat inside the top ten.

Force India on the other hand could be facing a battle to get out of Q1, Hulkenberg and Perez languishing down in 17th and 18th.

10:09 Then again, with overtaking so tough at the Hungaroring, the Force Indias could put themselves in contention for points by adopting their usual strategy of stretching their tyre life and pitting one less time than their rivals.

10:10 In terms of laps completed, the most industrious driver of the session was Rosberg on 24 laps, with Alonso at the bottom of the pile with just 11 laps completed to his name.

10:14 Although the grandstands weren't full, it was encouraging to see plenty of spectators soaking up the FP3 action after the sight of empty grandstands in Germany.

Plenty of Finnish flags were in evidence, as so often is the case in Hungary, although there also appeared to be a sizeable Danish contingent.

10:20 That's it for regular AUTOSPORT Live updates for a little while - we'll be back in earnest about half an hour before the start of qualifying (so roughly 12.30 BST).

You can read EDD STRAW's report of the final practice session here:

Hamilton edges Rosberg in final practice

11:40 Hello and welcome back. We're 20 minutes from one of the most important qualifying sessions of the season - and set for what looks set to be a stellar battle between the Mercedes team-mates.

11:43 That said, the season's been one continuous battle between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton - this is just the latest chapter.

Rosberg admitted pre-weekend that the rivalry is tough to manage.

11:49 So what should we look out for?

Rosberg's beaten Hamilton in every qualifying session since the Spanish Grand Prix - that's Saturday victories in Monaco, Canada, Austria, Britain and Germany.

Ferrari, Red Bull and Williams look set to resume their battle for best-of-the-rest, with Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas not enjoying their usual advantage over their second-place rivals so far this weekend.

Behind, there's been little to separate a clutch of about six drivers in both the battle for the top 10 and the top 17.

That means the battles to get out of Q1 and Q2 respectively should be incredibly tight.

11:54 The temperatures have crept up since the start of FP3.

Air temperature is 28 degrees now while the track is now 48 degrees.

11:57 Any high-profile knockouts from the first part of qualifying will rue such a result even more here than usual.

Grid position is vital at the Hungaroring, and that's why this session could be so entertaining.

11:59 Each driver gets three sets of the medium and three sets of the soft Pirellis for use across qualifying and the race. The soft is comfortably the faster tyre.

12:00 Qualifying begins. Nobody rushes out.

12:00 BEN ANDERSON: "Clouding over here at the Hungaroring. The track temperature is currently 9C cooler than yesterday."

12:00 Kamui Kobayashi and Jules Bianchi break the very short period of silence at the start of the session.

Marcus Ericsson joins his Japanese Caterham team-mate on track as well.

12:01 Senior McLaren PR personnel poised with smartphone for Twitter pics as Kevin Magnussen inches to the front of the garage then joins the track.

12:01 And now a flurry of cars on track. Both McLarens, both Williams, the two Lotuses and both Saubers as well.

Sergio Perez brings his Force India out too.

12:02 Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniil Kvyat, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg join the fray.

12:02 "OK Marcus - fast, slow, fast," is the instruction from Caterham to Ericsson.

12:02 There's a crawling Lotus - it's Maldonado.

12:02 Yet more Q1 woe for Maldonado - the Lotus pulls off and parks before it's first lap.

12:03 As usual, only slower cars are going out on the softer of the two allocated tyre compounds for the start of Q1. The Caterhams and the Sauber are both on the softs, although Bianchi has gone out on mediums.

12:03 Fifteen drivers cracking on - everyone carries on for a flying lap. No installation efforts in qualifying.

12:03 Just before the car died altogether, Maldonado had locked up into Turn 5. Turns up the problem was more terminal than just a driver error, it seems.

12:04 Alonso, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg and Chilton emerge - while Bianchi has actually returned to the pits without starting a flying lap.

12:04 Button sets the first representative time, a 1m26.913s.

The Caterhams came through just before that - as Felipe Massa usurps Button on a 1m26.771s.

12:05 Hamilton's Mercedes is on fire!

12:05 Hamilton's car is crawling into the pit entry with flames taking hold at the rear and smoke pouring from it.

12:05 Hamilton had yet to set a time, that's going to be the end of his qualifying session and he will start from the back row.

12:06 Bottas, by the way, had just gone quickest - a 1m25.690s, ahead of Esteban Gutierrez's soft tyre-shod Sauber.

12:07 Hamilton's problem became apparent as he came out of Turn 13 on his out-lap. Mercedes talked him through stopping as close as possible to a fire marshal.

12:07 Vettel jumps into second, but is immediately pipped by team-mate Ricciardo by the tiniest of margins - 0.197s covers Bottas and the two Red Bull at the top.

12:07 BEN ANDERSON: "There is a 1.6-1.8s difference in raw pace between the two types of tyre compound available, according to supplier Pirelli. That's a big gap, so expect everyone bar Nico Rosberg and possibly the Red Bulls to need the soft tyre in order to get through to Q2."

12:07 "I've got fire, guys," was Hamilton's shock radio message back to the crew.

12:07 Kevin Magnussen has got into fourth ahead of Gutierrez as Massa slides through the final corner and improves to fifth.

12:07 Hamilton then had trouble stopping the car, possibly due to braking system damage from the fire. Mercedes talked him through the right settings to bring the car to a halt.

12:07 Purple first sector for Rosberg as his team-mate's miserable luck continues.

12:08 Kvyat up to seventh in the Toro Rosso as Rosberg's purple lap continues.

12:08 Just before Hamilton's blaze, Rosberg had outbraked himself into the Turn 6/7 chicane and cut the corner. Hamilton's issue then put that in perspective rather.

12:08 Rosberg goes fastest, a 1m25.353s.

12:09 Hamilton, helmet still on, is trudging mournfully back down the pitlane.

12:09 Behind, Gutierrez has improved to third (thus highlighting the need for a lot of cars to fit the soft tyres before the end of the session).

Sutil is sixth, while at the rear the leading Caterham (Kobayashi) is 16th at the expense of Hamilton and both Lotus drivers.

12:10 Vettel improves to second, 0.309s slower than Rosberg - and then Ricciardo splits them both on a 1m25.495s.

12:10 Replays show Hamilton paused for a long while watching his smouldering car, which continues to billow smoke in the pit entry.

12:10 1980 world champion Alan Jones's verdict on Hamilton's misery:

"Tough one for Lewis and reliability for tomorrow is a question based on massive repair, possible penalty with a chassis change."

12:11 Bianchi's out there, as is Chilton, both on the soft Pirellis. Neither threatening Kobayashi's 16th at the moment though.

Rosberg goes purple in sector one with his Q1 advantage over Ricciardo just 0.142s at the moment.

12:12 Button reports that the padding "to the right of my throttle leg" is loose in the McLaren.

12:12 Several drivers are being told by their engineers that Maldonado and Hamilton are out so getting through Q1 will be pretty straightforward.

12:12 In comes Bianchi, as Rosberg improves to a 1m25.227s.

12:13 Grosjean's back out. He's 19th at present - 0.8s behind Koabyashi.

12:13 Red Bull warns Vettel to "take it easy" in the pit entry in case Hamilton's Mercedes left any mess behind.

12:13 EDD STRAW: "The fact that two cars that would have been quick enough to make Q2 - Maldonado's Lotus and Hamilton's Mercedes - are out should allow more drivers to make it through the first segment of qualifying without having to use softs.

12:14 Kobayashi has less than a tenth of a second over the two Marussias. Grosjean, in theory, should clear that comfortably.

12:14 "Is that enough to get through?" pacesetter Rosberg asks Mercedes. Didn't sound like he was joking either...

12:14 Out stream those in the bottom half of the order at the moment. And unsurprisingly there are a number of green sectors with everyone on the soft tyres.

12:14 Initial update from Mercedes on the Hamilton fire:

"We are analysing the data to understand what happened with @LewisHamilton's car and why! More updates on this to follow"

12:15 Grosjean goes eighth, 1m26.136s - that's 1.3s clear of the drop zone at the moment.

12:15 "OK Kamui, you have space behind but we do not have time for very slow laps," Caterham tells Kobayashi.

12:15 Perez leaps to sixth, he could be safe on a 1m25.910s but is likely to want another lap. He'll get it, and another one as well if he needs it.

12:16 Purple middle sector for Vergne down in 17th - he goes quickest! A 1m24.941s.

12:16 Kvyat goes third in the second Toro Rosso as Kobayashi improves his time to a 1m27.139s - but he's only 17th.

12:16 Kvyat also makes a big jump, going third in the other Toro Rosso.

12:17 Grosjean is reporting issues with braking in the last corners. Lotus says it will get back to him.

12:17 Vergne, Kvyat, Perez and Hulkenberg have all used softs for the first time on this run.

12:17 Ericsson has improved his own time but he's slowest of those with one to his name in 20th.

12:17 "I lost it in the last corner," says Hulkenberg after running wide. "You'll have to do another lap now," he is told.

12:17 Chilton is travelling quite slowly - team-mate Bianchi is cracking on with a flying lap. They are 18th and 19th at present.

12:18 Bianchi goes green in the first sector, and again in the second. This is a decent lap actually.

12:18 All 10 drivers from first to 10th are satisfied that it's 'job done' and are staying in the pits.

12:19 Bianchi goes sixth! And Raikkonen's knocked out!

12:19 Great lap from Bianchi. He hooks up the lap, finishes his strong lap with a fine final sector and edges the Ferrari by less than 0.1s!

12:20 EDD STRAW: "Strategy blunder by Raikkonen. Rightly, Ferrari wanted to get him through to Q2 without using softs so decided not to send him out for a second run. The absence of Maldonado and Hamilton will have influenced this decision because he only had to stay ahead of the Caterhams and the Marussias. But Ferrari underestimated the pace Bianchi had in him."

12:21 We only saw Vergne, Kvyat, Gutierrez, Perez, Sutil, Grosjean, Hulkenberg, Bianchi, Kobayashi, Chilton and Ericsson use softs in that session.

12:21 Bianchi's lap was 0.4s quicker than Kobayashi in the Caterham - having trailed the Japanese all weekend.

That's how good the lap was.

12:22 BEN ANDERSON: "Many drivers taking the risk of Q1 elimination by saving a set of soft tyres. Raikkonen took the hit, but could easily have been Massa or either McLaren. Only a couple of tenths in it.

"In saying that, Alonso well up on Raikkonen, so the Ferrari had more pace in it on the medium tyre."

12:23 So, these are the drivers knocked out:

17 Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)
18 Kamui Kobyashi (Caterham)
19 Max Chilton (Marussia)
20 Marcus Ericsson (Caterham)
21 Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)*
22 Pastor Maldonado (Lotus)*

* No time set

12:24 The speedy end of Q1 looked like this: 1 Vergne; 2 Rosberg; 3 Kvyat; 4 Ricciardo; 5 Vettel; 6 Bottas; 7 Gutierrez; 8 Perez; 9 Sutil; 10 Alonso; 11 Grosjean; 12 Hulkenberg; 13 Magnussen; 14 Bianchi; 15 Button; 16 Bianchi

12:24 Vergne and Kvyat were on soft tyres but to get a 1m24s out of that Toro Rosso was impressive by the Frenchman.

The track's evolving, but it reaffirms the squad's status as Q3 contenders.

12:25 And Q2 begins.

12:25 As Marussia apologises to Chilton for the fuel pressure problem, the Briton asks how Bianchi got on. He probably didn't want to hear that he got into Q2...

12:26 "OK JEV, that was a good lap, good improvement," says Toro Rosso. "Still the pace looks better because many cars didn't go out on the other tyre, but it gave us a good feel for Q2."

12:26 Sergio Perez is first on to the track in his Force India. Team-mate Hulkenberg joins him.

12:27 And out come the Saubers and both Williams cars, plus Bianchi's Marussia and Kvyat's Toro Rosso.

Looks like new softs for everyone (including the Force Indias) but used softs for Bianchi.

12:28 Rosberg and Alonso are the lone survivors for Mercedes and Ferrari, but they're on track now.

12:28 Perez sets the ball rolling with a 1m25.211s.

12:29 Hulkenberg beats his team-mate but falls short of a 1m24s, it's a 1m25.049s for the German.

12:29 Kvyat does even better than JEV in Q1 - a 1m24.706s for the Russian.

12:30 Sutil slots in fourth, and Bianchi fifth.

12:30 Massa then goes P1 - before Bottas nails a 1m24.001s. Great lap from the Finn.

12:31 Alonso goes second, before Rosberg nudges him to third with the fastest lap...

It's a 1m23.310s for the Mercedes. That's fast.

12:31 Everyone is out on fresh softs, except for Bianchi who is doing his first run on a used set.

12:31 Replays show Massa locking up and getting sideways into the Turn 6/7 chicane

12:32 Vettel on a hot lap now, as is Magnussen and Ricciardo.

12:32 Vettel goes purple in the middle sector.

12:32 It's a 1m23.606s for Vettel, 0.296s slower than Rosberg.

12:33 Vergne, Ricciardo and Grosjean about to set their first times of Q2.

12:33 Ricciardo goes third, 0.366s behind Rosberg (so just 0.070s behind Vettel) as Vergne slots in eighth.

That's both Toro Rossos in the top 10, provisionally.

12:34 Grosjean beats Bianchi, but that's all. Fifteenth for the Frenchman.

12:34 So, with five minutes to go this is the drop zone:

11 Hulkenberg
12 Perez
13 Gutierrez
14 Sutil
15 Grosjean
16 Bianchi

12:35 Looks like problems for Perez: he's out of the car in the Force India garage with an apparently hydraulic issue. He's currently 12th.

12:35 Barely a tenth covers Massa in sixth and Kvyat in 10th. There's a small gap to the Force Indias - but only one of those is left in the fight.

12:37 Grosjean has another big lock-up, as he continues to complain about brake system issues.

12:37 Massa's out, so too Hulkenberg. Winding up for what the Williams driver will expect to be a top five laptime and what the Force India man will hope will squeeze him into Q3.

12:38 Out come Bottas, Magnussen, Button, Kvyat, Hulkenberg, Gutierrez, Sutil, Grosjean and Bianchi.

12:38 Alonso and Vergne make it a packed track - but no Rosberg, nor either of the Red Bulls.

12:38 Everyone on fresh softs now.

12:40 Bottas goes purple in the first sector, a fraction quicker than Massa. Magnussen's effort is good but Button is slower than Kvyat and Hulkenberg behind him.

12:40 Massa improves to fifth on a 1m24.030s, as Hulkenberg moves into ninth.

12:40 Encouragement for Hamilton from a man who's overcome a few obstacles in his time to say the least, Alex Zanardi:

"@LewisHamilton keep [at] looking the ground, avoid smiling if you don't feel like, but don't give up. You're the best and you can still make it."

12:40 Bottas can't improve on fourth - 1m23.776s is a better time though.

12:40 Kvyat has gone off at the penultimate corner in the Toro Rosso.

12:40 Button and Magnussen are up to seventh and eighth for McLaren.

12:41 Replays show Kvyat lost it under braking for Turn 12, spinning his Toro Rosso onto the run-off. He's now bailing out.

12:42 So, knocked out in Q2:

11 Kvyat
12 Sutil
13 Perez
14 Gutierrez
15 Grosjean
16 Bianchi

12:43 As Grosjean is told he's out, he replies "so we couldn't even beat Sutil??"

12:43 At the sharp end:

1 Rosberg
2 Vettel
3 Ricciardo
4 Bottas
5 Massa
6 Alonso
7 Button
8 Magnussen
9 Vergne
10 Hulkenberg

12:43 Kvyat tells Toro Rosso about his spin: "OK guys, I ****ed up and now the engine's off."

12:43 Had Kvyat finished the lap he was on, he'd have comfortably made Q3.

12:45 "Well done Jules," says Marussia. "It's a shame we didn't get that last lap in but great job."

12:46 When he'd finished being incredulous that he was slower than Sutil, a calmer Grosjean suggested the increased cloud cover had hurt Lotus.

12:46 Sauber asks Gutierrez if anything changed on the car as he lost form during Q2. He says there was definitely something different on the last run.

12:47 Light rain in the pitlane.

12:47 BEN ANDERSON: "Starting to rain here. Should make Q3 very interesting."

12:48 So, the final part of qualifying is upon us - but yet again there's no shootout between the two title-chasing Mercedes drivers.

Pole looks beyond the Red Bulls and Williams if Rosberg hooks it up. But let's see what the denouement brings - Q3 is under way.

A queue of cars takes to the track, headed by Nico Rosberg.

12:49 Rosberg, Magnussen, Button, Massa, Vettel, Bottas, Alonso looked the initial order of that train.

12:49 Quite famous British GT driver Sir Chris Hoy joins the Hamilton commiserations:

"Just heard about Hamilton's car catching fire in qualifying at Hungary. Poor bloke doesn't seem to have much luck on his side at the moment!"

12:50 Mercedes tells Rosberg to use the overtake button to hold position on his out-lap to keep track position.

12:50 Magnussen crashes the McLaren at the damp Turn 1.

12:50 Rosberg locked up and sailed straight on at Turn 1 too.

12:50 Magnussen's crash has caused a red flag.

12:50 Magnussen has got out of the McLaren under his own steam.

12:51 Rosberg ran very deep, but he managed to keep it on the run-off - whereas Magnussen caught the grass on the left-hand side in the braking zone.

Button almost got caught out as well. Heavy shunt for his team-mate.

12:51 "Are you OK, Kevin?" McLaren asks. "Yeah, I'm good," he replies.

12:52 Behind the crash, the second McLaren of Button also ran off the road, with Jenson reporting the lack of grip was "very scary".

12:52 The McLaren's being recovered - the front-left hanging off and sans front wing. Big impact, but hopefully not too severe for either car or driver.

12:53 Button's first move was to radio McLaren to ask if Magnussen was OK after his impact.

12:54 Marshals are now rebuilding the tyre wall that was deranged by Magnussen's crash.

12:54 Vettel tells Red Bull that the rain is concentrated on the first sector of the track and the rest of the circuit is much better.

12:56 European Formula 3 frontrunner Felix Rosenqvist fears he's become a jinx:

"My favorite drivers always seem to catch fire or crash... :( gogogo Kevin & Lewis!"

12:57 Q3 will resume imminently. Cars fire up again.

12:57 Here's the story on Lewis Hamilton being eliminated in Q1
after his Mercedes dramatically caught fire, and how it has continued a disastrous qualifying run for the Briton.

Hamilton out in Q1 after fire

12:57 And Q3 resumes.

12:58 Nine and a bit minutes on the clock, so plenty of time here. Seems the rain has held off and slicks seem the only option.

Rosberg, Ricciardo, Bottas, Massa and Alonso straight out.

12:58 "So we're planning to do three laps, and we can't back off too much on the middle lap," Mercedes tells Rosberg.

12:58 Rosberg flies down into Turn 1 - and this time he makes it round.

12:59 Button on track now as well, so too is Vettel.

12:59 Ricciardo's quicker than Rosberg in the opening sector.

12:59 Bottas is much quicker! A full second in fact through the first sector.

13:00 Rosberg comes through - 1m26.488s.

Ricciardo eclipses it, 1m25.346s.

13:00 Then Bottas blitzes both on a 1m24.259s.

13:00 Massa splits Ricciardo and Rosberg to go third, Vettel's having a very cautious lap.

13:01 Alonso goes second, 0.6s behind Bottas.

13:01 Button asks McLaren for advice on Turn 1, he's told it looks fine as all cars have got round.

13:01 Ricciardo is green in the first sector and purple in sector two.

Button goes third, a 1m25.263s.

13:01 "Track is dry round the back, it's still a little bit wet at Turn 1," reports Rosberg.

13:01 Ricciardo crosses the line in 1m24.616s to go second, while Vettel goes purple in sector two.

13:02 Massa's engineer instructed him to treat his first run as "a banker lap to protect against the rain, then come back in and we'll go for it".

13:02 Rosberg's lap was a slower one. He's saving up for another effort.

13:02 Vettel demolishes Bottas' benchmark and sets a 1m23.415s. Comfortably provisional pole for the world champion.

13:02 Bottas, Alonso, Massa and Button return to the pits.

13:03 Rosberg is the latest to go quickest of all in the first sector, and it's a personal best in the middle part of the lap as well.

13:03 Rosberg goes quickest! It's a 1m23.236s, so 0.179s quicker than Vettel.

Ricciardo improved his time but remains fourth.

Three and a bit minutes to go.

13:03 "There may be rain coming in, Fernando," says Ferrari.

13:04 Provisional top 10:

1 Rosberg
2 Vettel
3 Bottas
4 Ricciardo
5 Hulkenberg
6 Alonso
7 Button
8 Massa

Magnussen is ninth and Vergne is yet to set a time.

13:05 Vergne goes fifth, the Frenchman lapping in 1m24.811s.

13:05 Personal best for Button in the first sector, he's eighth at the moment.

13:05 "Nico, just confirm front flap is OK?" says Mercedes. "Affirm," says Rosberg. "Struggling a bit with the rear in the last sector."

13:06 'Rocky' warns Vettel that there's more rain at Turn 1 again.

13:06 Bottas also sets a personal best in the first sector, a tenth quicker than team-mate Massa manages.

Alonso matches Massa as Button jumps to fourth on a 1m24.294s.

13:06 Bottas jumps to second on a 1m23.354s, just 0.118s slower than Rosberg and 0.9s than Massa manages to go fourth.

13:07 Button's going even quicker having been dropped to sixth now as Alonso goes ahead of Massa into fourth.

13:07 Vettel's first sector is a personal best and roughly what Bottas set on his effort. Rosberg's though is purple, 0.2s up on Vettel.

13:07 Now a fastest middle sector of the session for Vettel - can he snatch pole?

Button can't improve, and Ricciardo's on a solid but unspectacular lap.

13:08 Vettel takes provisional pole by 0.035s but Rosberg is flying!

13:08 Rosberg takes it back! By 0.486s! 1m22.715s.

13:09 Hungarian Grand Prix top 10:

1 Rosberg
2 Vettel
3 Bottas
4 Ricciardo
5 Alonso
6 Massa
7 Button
8 Vergne
9 Hulkenberg
10 Magnussen

13:09 "Well done, pole position, good effort," says Mercedes.

13:11 Where's Hamilton? Back in 20th, after a dramatic fire ended his qualifying before it had even really begun.

Hamilton out in Q1 after fire

13:12 "You're P1. You're P1. Rosberg's got two purples... OK, sorry mate, you're P2," was Rocky's commentary to Vettel.

13:13 That's the 10th pole position of Nico Rosberg's career.

He joins Jochen Rindt in equal 32nd in the all-time list.

Prior to this season he had just four, and was equal 49th.

13:17 "That was a really good lap," Bottas noted as he finished his last Q3 flier. "We can see that..." replied his engineer.

13:19 Rosberg has also landed Mercedes its 26th pole as a constructor and the 110th for a Mercedes-propelled car.

If he or Hamilton win tomorrow, then Mercedes-powered F1 cars will have 109 wins and 110 poles. So close to symmetry, which would be nice.

13:22 Here's the full report and results from a dramatic qualifying session, and a picture that says a thousand words:

Rosberg on pole, Hamilton out in Q1

13:23 Mercedes-powered cars have 111 fastest laps, incidentally. So the German marque could have 109 wins, 110 poles and 111 fastest laps after tomorrow. Patterns are just as nice as symmetry.

13:34 Rosberg on "nailing" pole:

"Q3 was really a big challenge, the track was changing all the time at the beginning. It was difficult to judge how much risk to take. My last lap I really managed to nail it.

And, of course, on Hamilton's fiery exit and ongoing woes:

"It has been a pity for the team, it's not a good thing definitely and we need to keep on working on that. That is reliability, and also I would prefer to be out there battling with Lewis, that would give me the maximum adrenaline."

13:35 What about Rosberg's chief pursuer?

"I think probably the nature of the track suits us a bit more but historically we have always had a competitive car around here," said Vettel after running Rosberg close - at first.

"It seems we are a little bit closer but Nico's final lap was very good so the gap again was quite big, bigger than we were hoping for.

"It looks like if we get everything perfect and Nico has a bit of a wobble we can have a crack. But it didn't happen. To get second was the optimum."

13:41 Assuming he doesn't start from the pitlane tomorrow, 21st will be the lowest place Hamilton has started a race from since being relegated to the very back of the grid at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix.

It's also the first time he's gone out in Q1 since the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix, where rain caught out Hamilton and the two Ferraris of Alonso and Massa.

13:47 As for Raikkonen, it's his second Q1 exit in the space of three races after Ferrari's tactical blunder at Silverstone. Prior to that, his last Q1 elimination was the 2012 Australian Grand Prix, his first post-comeback race.

Maldonado meanwhile has been no stranger to Q1 exits in recent times. Today was his eighth of the season out of 11 races, and the fourth time he has failed to set a time at all.

13:51 Cars lining up for the Hungaroring GP2 feature race. Nasr starts from pole, ahead of Dillmann. Third-placed Pic is the first man on the soft tyre, with Marciello doing likewise from P7.

The majority are on the medium compound, so expect them to run a long first stint.

13:55 Nasr leads despite a slow start, as Dillmann fends off Palmer and Vandoorne. Marciello is up to fifth, ahead of Pic.

13:56 Palmer passes Dillmann for second at Turn 1 on lap two.

14:04 Five laps in and Nasr leads from Palmer by 2.7s. Leal has just hit Coletti in a battle for 13th, there's a huge train of cars stuck behind Dillmann in third.

14:05 Safety car is out for Richelmi, who is in the wall after contact with Sato. Abt is the highest-placed car to leap into the pits.

Richelmi hit the tyres very hard.

14:06 This safety car is a big break for those starting on the soft tyre. They effectively buy a free pitstop.

14:07 The downside is that they now have to run for a very long stint on fresh medium tyres.

Race order is Nasr, Palmer, Dillmann, Vandoorne, Cecotto, Sorensen and Evans. First of the pitters is Marciello, in 13th.

14:10 We are racing again. Palmer loses time to Nasr having to pass Sato, who is a lap down. Binder, also a lap down, is racing Dillmann and Vandoorne.

14:11 Binder finally gets the message and allows Dillmann and co past.

14:15 Marciello is in the box seat here. He is only 13s behind the leaders, and doesn't have to stop - and they do.

However, he's under investigation for speeding in the pitlane.

14:16 Marciello is given a drivethrough penalty. Gutting for the Ferrari F1 protege, that could be a win that got away.

14:17 Palmer has the gap down to half a second. The title rivals are about to battle it out for victory here.

14:19 Pic is now the 'virtual' leader, so if Nasr pitted now he'd rejoin behind the Frenchman. However, Nasr has clear air and is lapping seven tenths faster than Pic, who will be in traffic soon.

14:23 Dillmann is doing Pic a favour in slowing the likes of Vandoorne, Cecotto, et al. However, Pic is not far off catching that train, so he will get delayed by it too.

Pic needs to be 25s-30s behind the leaders for them to retain the advantage when they pit. He is currently 20s behind.

14:26 Nasr is told he's got 10 laps until his pitstop. He should be clear of Pic by then. The gap between them is 22s.

Nasr has Palmer just 0.4s behind him. Those pitstops are going to be crucial to the outcome of this race.

14:28 Daniel Ricciardo's targeting a strong race tomorrow after being slightly disappointed with netting fourth on the grid for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Australian couldn't match his team-mate Sebastian Vettel and was also beaten by Williams driver Valtteri Bottas.

"When the rain came in Q3 we couldn't get the temperature back in the tyres quick enough for one timed lap so I’m a bit disappointed not to be further up the grid.

"It would be good to be on the front row, but fourth isn't a disaster. It’s hard to overtake around this circuit, so we need to aim to make as few stops tomorrow as possible."

14:29 Pic is told: "We are 23s behind him [Nasr] - we are OK." Pic is lapping at Nasr's pace now, so this is going to be close.

14:31 Palmer is told he "needs to find 10s" over those who started on options. That is looking unlikely.

Pic is lapping quicker than Nasr now.

14:32 Nasr complains: "I've got a lot of oversteer" He's told to keep pushing. He will not retain the lead when he pits, so he'll have to pass people on his fresh soft tyres. Intriguing stuff.

14:34 Palmer momentarily passes Nasr for the lead, but Nasr clings on with some hard defensive driving. This is ruining their strategies, however!

Pic was 23.6s behind Nasr on that lap, but he'll gain time with all that action.

14:36 Nasr pits and has much work to do.

Palmer has stayed out and pits a lap later.

14:37 Palmer rejoined ahead of Nasr, but Nasr - on hot tyres - passes him at Turn 2. Great racing, but they have tumbled down the order.

14:40 Nasr and Palmer pass and repass each other in a thrilling dice. But this is over 12th and 13th! They need to make progress on their new soft rubber.

14:43 Huge crash between Canamasas and Berthon over seventh.

Safety car is out: Vandoorne gets a free pitstop, but it's too late.

14:44 Just as that crash was happening, Palmer muscled his way past Nasr. They are now up to seventh and eighth.

14:45 Of course, Palmer and Nasr are on better tyres than the six cars ahead of him.

Haryanto's wheel has just fallen off behind the safety car - he was second!

14:46 Nasr moans: "Palmer took me off into Turn 1"

Canamasas is still being attended to by the medical crews. He is conscious and talking.

14:48 Canamasas had barged his way past Berthon, who simply drove him off the track. Amazingly, Berthon rejoined after a wild spin, as Canamasas slammed into the barriers.

That looked pretty needless, both could have given more racing room.

14:49 Canamasas appears to have been extracted into the ambulance now as the laps tick down. His car is being craned away.

Looks like we will get a restart after all. This could get wild.

14:51 We're into a timed race, so it'll just be a two-lap race to the finish.

14:52 Pic leads Coletti, Quaife-Hobbs, Izawa, Palmer, Abt and Nasr.

Remember, Palmer and Nasr have fresh, soft tyres.

14:54 Pic wins a crazy race from Coletti, Quaife-Hobbs, Izawa, Palmer, Abt and Nasr. Marciello took reversed-grid pole with eighth.

14:56 A great strategy call from Campos, that first safety car was perfectly-timed for those starting on the soft tyre. Pic, from P3 on the grid, was the first on the softs.

Despite a poor start, he was in the right place at the right time - although Marciello would have won that race without his drivethrough penalty.

15:08 As the GP2 drivers celebrate on the podium, that's it for AUTOSPORT's live coverage from the Saturday of the Hungarian GP.

We'll be back for pre-race Formula 1 build-up tomorrow, and look out for more reaction to qualifying from the paddock on this evening. See you tomorrow.

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