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As it happened: Sunday - Hungarian Grand Prix
By Matt Beer, Edd Straw, Glenn Freeman, Ben Anderson and Scott Mitchell
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
11:30 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Live's as-it-happens coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

11:31 EDD STRAW: "We had a heavy downpour here not long ago, which soaked the track and sent everyone in the paddock diving for shelter! The rain has now eased, but the track is pretty wet.

"The air temperature is 20C and the track is at 27C, so will be starting to dry the track but we are a long way off it being dry right now."

11:32 We have Nico Rosberg starting from pole after a dominant qualifying performance yesterday, but Lewis Hamilton will start from the pitlane after a dramatic Q1 fire.

Fearing a dull race? That downpour should ease those worries.

11:36 Drivers heading out for exploration laps in the wet - including Sebastian Vettel, who has trialled both the wet and intermediate Pirellis.

11:37 BEN ANDERSON: "Kevin Magnussen will also start from pitlane after shunting his McLaren heavily at Turn 1 in the wet in Q3.

"The Dane hit his head on the barrier in the impact and left the track with a bit of a headache, but he said last night that he was otherwise ok."

11:37 Pastor Maldonado has already exceeded the limits of grip and then the track itself on one of his exploratory laps.

The Lotus driver skates across the gravel - not sure where - and has a bit of a bumpy ride.

11:39 Does rain give the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and Fernando Alonso - maybe Kimi Raikkonen or Jenson Button - a better shot at victory?

Mercedes recent reliability concerns had already prompted criticism from Toto Wolff and an admission from Rosberg that he might opt to play it safe in the race, especially with Hamilton so far back at the start.

With the race likely to start in greasy conditions (at best), perhaps the German will be even more tentative in the opening laps.

11:46 It's a track that can dry very quickly and the temperatures suggest the surface will not remain wet for long. Looks like an intermediate start though.

The Hungarian national anthem is about to play out in the paddock - a slight delay.

11:51 Minor increases in both track (to 28C) and air temperature (to 21C), while the wind isn't as strong as it was during qualifying yesterday.

11:52 Humidity, though, is 82% - much higher than at any point on Sunday.

11:55 Don't get too caught out if you see parts of the track being bone dry - as Kevin Magnussen found out to his cost yesterday, the final corner can be bone dry but the first corner could still be quite damp indeed.

The McLaren driver will start just ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the pitlane after his crash yesterday.

11:57 This is how they line up then:

1. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)
2. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Renault)
3. Valtteri Bottas (Williams-Mercedes)
4. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull-Renault)
5. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)
6. Felipe Massa (Williams-Mercedes)
7. Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes)
8. Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso-Renault)
9. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India-Mercedes)
10. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Renault)
11. Adrian Sutil (Sauber-Ferrari)
12. Sergio Perez (Force India-Mercedes)
13. Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber-Ferrari)
14. Romain Grosjean (Lotus-Renault)
15. Jules Bianchi (Marussia-Ferrari)
16. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)
17. Kamui Kobayashi (Caterham-Renault)
18. Max Chilton (Marussia-Ferrari)
19. Marcus Ericsson (Caterham-Renault)
20. Pastor Maldonado (Lotus-Renault)
21. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren-Mercedes)
22. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

11:59 Grid being cleared now ahead of the formation lap. Hamilton's in the Mercedes garage.

12:01 Rosberg leads the field away - but Kvyat doesn't leave the grid.

"No engine," he reports. That means a pitlane start.

12:02 It's a shorter lap, so Rosberg's already lining up his Mercedes on the grid.

The rest follow, as Magnussen heads Hamilton and Kvyat at the end of the pitlane.

12:03 Everyone's in position. We await the lights.

12:03 The lights go out, and the Hungarian Grand Prix begins!

12:03 Rosberg gets away cleanly with Vettel battling Bottas into Turn 1.

12:03 Bottas goes around the outside of Vettel for second into Turn 1.

12:03 Alonso takes Vettel around the outside into Turn 2 to move into third.

12:04 Hamilton is off the road!

12:04 Hamilton is rejoining off the grass at Turn 2.

12:04 Rosberg has a small lead over Bottas but behind there's a queue including Vettel (who has repassed Alonso) and Button, up to fifth.

12:05 "You got any damage, let us know," asks Mercedes. Hamilton says his front left and wing hit the wall, adding "the brakes gave up".

12:05 Out of the final corner and Rosberg's lead is already 2.7s.

Bottas runs deep into Turn 1 but holds Vettel behind as Alonso runs too wide and almost loses a place to Button.

12:05 Bottas came very close to going off at T13. Took the wide line like the rest, but got out of shape and squirmed wide onto the runoff area. Just managed to maintain position.

12:05 Hamilton's engineer says the brake issue is most likely to be just cold brakes from a pitlane start.

12:06 Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Massa, Vergne and Perez completed the top 10 at the end of the first lap.

12:06 Alonso goes off at Turn 13 and manages to cut back on in front of Button.

12:07 Vettel is harrying Bottas for second now as Rosberg breaks clear, with Ricciardo closing in on Button and Alonso.

12:07 Outside the top 10: 11 Gutierrez; 12 Sutil; 13 Raikkonen; 14 Grosjean; 15 Bianchi; 16 Kobayashi; 17 Chilton; 18 Maldonado; 19 Ericsson; 20 Magnussen; 21 Hamilton; 22 Kvyat.

12:07 Hamilton continues to insist over the radio that his brakes have a problem, Mercedes continues to reply that they just need to warm up.

12:07 Rosberg's lead up to 4s at the end of the second lap.

12:08 Replays of the start show the top three getting away very evenly indeed, and Bottas was able to use a wider line on the outside of the first corner to brake later and pass Vettel.

12:08 Hamilton was 22s behind leader Rosberg at the end of lap two.

12:09 Rosberg sets another fastest lap to boost his lead to 5.7s as Vettel ramps up the pressure on Bottas.

12:09 Hamilton had a go at passing Maldonado at Turn 13, but had to pull out of it. Almost made it stick.

12:10 Alonso has dropped to 1.6s behind the battle for second but has a bigger advantage over Button.

There's just over a second separating Button from Ricciardo and then similar gaps from Hulkenberg to Massa to Vergne in the second half of the top 10.

12:10 Hamilton says he "still has a vibration somewhere" and is told it might be due to his front wing endplate damage. He's up to 18th.

12:11 Another fastest lap from Rosberg (1m44.232s) and he is 6.7s of Bottas who cannot shake off Vettel.

Alonso's just edging closer to that scrap again.

12:11 Hamilton passes Chilton and Kobayashi in quick succession to get up to 16th.

12:11 Raikkonen remains 13th, pressuring the Saubers of Gutierrez and Sutil.

12:11 Magnussen is only up to 20th so far, ahead of Maldonado and Ericsson.

12:12 Alonso again running wide off the track at Turn 13 onto the green painted area of the runoff.

12:12 Rosberg's times are tumbling at the front, that last lap 0.7s quicker than the previous best.

He's 7.7s clear as Vettel, with DRS, attacks Bottas for second.

12:12 Hamilton passes Bianchi to take 15th. Next target is Grosjean.

12:13 Hamilton had a wild moment that sent him off the road briefly at Turn 4 just before passing the Marussia.

12:13 Now Hamilton is asking whether he has a differential problem. Mercedes says he's achieving good sector times and to be ready for more rain.

12:14 Alonso's fallen back again from Vettel, and his pace is very similar to Button and Ricciardo behind - although he's 4s clear.

12:14 Great move from Hamilton, passing Grosjean on the inside of the final corner for 14th.

12:14 Rosberg has a moment at Turn 1, running wide in the middle of the corner just after setting a new fastest lap yet again (1m43.046s).

His lead is 8s.

12:15 Mercedes says Hamilton's wing damage is "only very minor, less significant than in Germany."

12:15 Close battles for second and fifth - Bottas is 0.4s clear of Vettel; Button has a similar advantage over the second Red Bull of Ricciardo.

12:15 Toro Rosso asks Kvyat how many laps before he thinks it will be dry. The reply: "Three or four maximum".

12:16 That off at Turn 1 means it's not a new fastest lap for Rosberg but he stretches his lead nevertheless to 8.9s.

12:16 Mercedes has to reassure Hamilton about his wing again, as Lewis radios "I think another bit of my wing just fell off."

12:16 Hamilton dives up the inside of Raikkonen at Turn 13. Can't get the power down so Raikkonen gets back ahead, but Hamilton gets alongside into the last corner and carries good speed onto the straight. Should pass him for 13th now.

12:16 Hamilton now passes Raikkonen for 13th into Turn 1.

12:17 "Checo, use shorter gears at all apexes please, and too slow on the throttle down to Turn 2 too. Nico far more aggressive on the throttle," is Force India's bulletin to Perez.

12:17 Purple middle sector for Rosberg as his lead borders double-digits now.

12:17 Big crash for Ericsson.

12:17 Ericsson's crash brings out the safety car.

12:17 Some good calls to pit there. Button, Ricicardo and Hulkenberg all peeled in just as the safety car was called.

12:18 The Caterham has gone off heavily at the fast downhill kink at Turn 3.

12:18 Rosberg had just set the new fastest lap (1m42.447s) and there were personal bests for Bottas and Vettel behind. It's drying, but is it dry enough?

12:18 The majority of the midfield dives for the pits. Only Bianchi and Magnussen stay out among the middle-to-rear pack.

12:18 Perez and Gutierrez have a wild battle down the pit exit as they rejoin on slicks. Perez makes it out in front.

12:19 Button was the only one of those that pit not to take on slick tyres it seems.

12:19 Replays show Ericsson lost it as he accelerated onto the back straight, had a wild twitch but ploughed head-on into the tyre wall.

12:19 EDD STRAW: "The front four will pit this lap, which will allow Ricciardo to pick up the lead with Button second."

12:20 Now Rosberg, Bottas, Vettel and Alonso pit.

12:20 Ericsson's crash caused very heavy damage to the Caterham, but he was able to walk away.

12:21 So that means Ricciardo leads Button, Massa, Magnussen, Rosberg, Vergne, Vettel, Alonso, Hulkenberg.

12:22 Seems the majority is on slicks now (softs). Magnussen hasn't pit of course so remains on inters, like his team-mate.

Bottas fell to 11th in all that.

12:22 Hamilton didn't make any gains there, he stays 13th ahead of Raikkonen and Grosjean.

12:23 Grosjean has crashed behind the safety car!

12:23 Grosjean's accident is in a similar place to Ericsson's, but on the opposite side of the track.

12:24 Smoke from Rosberg's Mercedes?

12:25 "Just move it [brake bias] forward but don't use the brakes at the moment," Rosberg is told.

That's trouble with the rear brakes, then...

12:25 EDD STRAW: "Very big gamble from McLaren to put Button onto another set of intermediates. Considering he is up to second on the road, not sure that it was worth the risk. But if rain does come imminently, it will pay off. Big if though."

12:25 Lotus asks Grosjean if he is OK. He replies "I'm OK but we speak too much on the radio."

12:26 Very strange crash from Grosjean, quite a long way onto the straight before his Lotus slewed right on acceleration and into the wall.

12:27 "How does it look the weather?" asks Button. "If we think it's going to rain, we're in the right place, but..."

12:28 McLaren thinks there will be rain with seven or eight minutes and asks Button if he can make the tyres last until then. He sounds doubtful.

12:28 Though he didn't vault up the order, this is good for Hamilton. He's 13th and the field is bunched up again - and with slicks on a tricky surface, there is a better opportunity to make more ground.

12:28 Safety car in.

12:29 Bone dry on the straight as Button goes with Ricciardo and nails him on the exit of Turn 1 to take the lead!

12:29 "Rain looking less likely so we should push," Button is told by McLaren.

12:30 Magnussen passed Rosberg as well to take fourth at the restart.

12:30 Hamilton flies through from 13th to ninth in the first half-lap.

12:30 Alonso has passed Vettel for seventh. Big train of cars behind Magnussen in fourth.

12:30 "We need your feedback, let us know when they are dead," McLaren tells Button.

"One more lap," he warns...

12:31 It's all very busy at Turns 1 and 2. Rosberg attempts to pass Magnussen but gets pushed wide and Vergne passes the championship leader.

Alonso also passes Rosberg, who is down to seventh and only just ahead of Hamilton in ninth!

12:31 "You need to tell me to do something, the car is not discharging the battery," reports Vettel.

12:31 Button's under pressure from Ricciardo again for the lead.

12:32 Button pits - bad call from McLaren earlier. Ricciardo leads.

12:32 Rosberg comes back again at Vergne - he tries to get by at Turn 1, they both lock up and as Rosberg runs wide Vergne gets back past.

12:33 Hulkenberg is out of the race. Stopped on the run out of Turn 14.

12:33 Magnussen also pit at the end of that last lap.

12:33 Hulkenberg has parked his Force India at the last corner.

12:33 That all means Ricciardo leads Massa by 3.9s, with Alonso a further 3s back.

Behind, Vergne's an incredible fourth ahead of Rosberg, Vettel and Hamilton.

12:33 Looks like Hulkenberg crashed, there's damage on the Forice India as it's craned away.

12:34 New fastest lap from Alonso in third (1m32.838s).

12:34 Replays show Hulkenberg was trying to pass team-mate Perez into the final turn, clipped the sister car then slid into the wall.

12:34 Perez's battered car is continuing in eighth, ahead of Bottas, Gutierrez, Raikkonen, Sutil and Kvyat.

12:34 Alonso is closing rapidly on Felipe Massa. He'll be on the Williams before too long.

12:35 Button and Magnussen have rejoined back in 18th and 19th after their stops.

12:35 Vergne is still keeping Rosberg at bay as Hamilton swarms all over Vettel for eighth.

12:35 Hulkenberg's Force India is nearly clear of the track now so the yellows should be in soon at the final corner.

12:35 Another new fastest lap for Alonso (1m30.977s) and he's just 1.3s behind Massa.

12:36 Bottas's race hasn't come back to life yet, he's currently losing time to Perez ahead and holding up the Saubers and Raikkonen.

12:36 Maldonado collides with Bianchi at Turn 1, spinning his Lotus. Both have to pit for repairs.

12:36 Bianchi and Maldonado rejoin nose to tail again after their repair stops, with the Marussia then nearly going straight off at Turn 1.

12:37 Maldonado was trying to pass Bianchi from a long way back and just slid into him and spun.

12:37 Has something happened between Massa and Alonso? Very slow middle sector from the Spaniard who has dropped time.

He's only a second behind again now though. And it's another new fastest lap anyway! (1m30.643s).

12:38 Button has passed Chilton for 15th and is now closing on Kobayashi.

12:38 Ricciardo's lead is up to 4.8s as Massa has Alonso with DRS range behind him.

12:38 Fastest lap for Ricciardo (1m30.053s) as further back his team-mate is fending off Hamilton for sixth.

12:39 We're not even at one-third distance yet. Onto lap 21 now and so much has happened already.

If Rosberg wins this, it will be hard-earned. He's now 10s behind Ricciardo though.

12:39 "Targeting around eight more laps so increase the pace if you can," Williams tells Bottas.

12:40 Vettel and Hamilton are falling back from Rosberg as Massa pulls out of DRS range of Alonso further ahead.

12:40 Hamilton attacks into Turn 1 and gets a good run out of the corner but Vettel holds him off through Turn 2.

12:40 Button has passed Kobayashi for 14th but now has a 9.6s gap to Sutil and Kvyat ahead.

12:40 Magnussen is ahead of Chilton for 16th now and pushing Kobayashi.

12:41 DRS was briefly disabled there due to double-waved yellows but they disappeared pretty swiftly so DRS is again enabled.

12:41 That's good news for Rosberg, who is just 0.6s behind Vergne.

Vettel is not quite onto the back of Rosberg again, but Hamilton is still very close behind.

12:41 Despite Williams's encouragement to get going, Bottas is still unable to catch Perez for eighth.

12:42 Raikkonen continues to pass Gutierrez hard for 10th with no sign of progress. He's spent the whole race looking at Saubers.

12:42 Massa's starting to cut into Ricciardo's lead now. It's down to 5.2s on this lap.

12:43 Big crash for Perez out of the final corner. This will be a safety car.

12:43 Perez's Force India spun across the pits straight and slammed into the pitwall. He gets out of the car.

12:44 Massa had just taken 0.8s out of Ricciardo on that lap...the Williams getting in on the act at the front.

Alonso wasn't too far behind either. Will this trigger more pitstops?

12:44 Huge amount of debris on the pits straight from Perez's crash.

12:44 Ricciardo and Massa pit from the lead.

12:45 Perez appeared to run slightly wide out of the last corner and then spun back across the track and hit the wall hard with his left front.

12:45 However, Alonso, Vergne, Rosberg, Vettel and Hamilton stay out.

12:45 Bottas is another man to pit.

12:46 Just before the safety car, Williams had ordered Massa to make a brake balance adjustment to help temperatures. The Brazilian was surprised as it was the second such request in very quick succession, but his engineer confirmed he needed to change again.

12:46 Despite not needing to run both types of tyre, seems that both Williams took on medium-compound Pirellis in that stop.

Ricciardo is on a new set of soft tyres.

12:47 "Tell Charlie he needs to check if people were lifting coming onto the straight after the accident," says Rosberg on the radio.

He wants Vergne in particular to be investigated. That's one way of getting your rivals out of the way.

12:48 So, this is the top 10:

1 Alonso
2 Vergne
3 Rosberg
4 Vettel
5 Hamilton
6 Ricciardo
7 Massa
8 Gutierrez
9 Raikkonen
10 Sutil

12:49 Button's up to 12th now, one place ahead of Bottas who is in a McLaren sandwich.

12:50 Kobayashi is the latest retirement, he's parked at the trackside during this caution.

12:50 Safety car in this lap.

12:51 Professionalism aside, I think it would be well received if Vergne nailed Alonso at Turn 1.

12:51 Ricciardo to Red Bull: "We can win this."

12:51 Racing resumes with 26 laps completed. Alonso gaps Vergne and the status quo is resumed behind.

12:52 Vergne goes with Alonso through the first sector but Rosberg is now attacking him as the Ferrari breaks clear.

12:52 Hamilton looking keen behind Vettel.

"Is anyone on new tyres behind me?" he asks. He's told Ricciardo is.

12:53 Rosberg tucked up behind Vergne over the line but he STILL can't do anything about the unflappable Frenchman.

12:54 Alonso's lead is 1.5s over Vergne but Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton and Ricciardo are all within a second of the respective car in front.

When DRS becomes available again, this order could change quickly.

12:54 Progress for McLaren: Button passes Kvyat for 11th, Magnussen gets Bottas for 13th.

12:54 And there it is - DRS enabled. Alonso's set the new fastest lap (1m29.081s). He leads by 1.7s.

12:54 Bianchi is still holding off Maldonado for 15th after their earlier collision.

12:55 Caterham confirms Kobayashi had a mechanical problem rather than becoming the latest person to shunt under yellow.

12:55 Caterham also reports that Ericsson's crash was a 20g impact.

12:56 With DRS Rosberg crosses the line a tenth behind Vergne but even so he can't get past the Toro Rosso.

Vettel's not quite on the back of that battle as Hamilton ramps up the pressure.

12:56 EDD STRAW: "Looking over the track towards Turn 4, it is getting gloomier. Looks like there's a chance the rain will return in a while."

12:56 Ricciardo joins that fight, and it's basically a five-car train for second now.

12:57 Raikkonen asks Ferrari if he has a left-rear puncture. He's told the data says he doesn't. He's convinced something is wrong at that end.

12:57 Despite that worry, Raikkonen passes Gutierrez for eighth.

12:57 Alonso's edging further clear - his lead is over 3s now with two fastest laps in a row (the latest being a 1m28.439s).

12:57 Kvyat pits, having reported that his front left was "destroyed".

12:58 A couple of lock-ups from Vergne into Turn 2 but still Rosberg is stuck behind him.

Ricciardo is told: "When these cars ahead pit, we need to be quick at that point. Think about how you use the tyres."

12:58 Button has passed Gutierrez for ninth now too.

12:58 Big lock up for Vergne at Turn 13.

12:59 Gutierrez is tumbling backwards, team-mate Sutil and Magnussen overtake him too. He's now 12th and about to lose out to Bottas.

12:59 Purple final sector from Alonso as the Spaniard extends his lead to 3.6s. It's as you were behind.

Massa, by the way, is seventh but not making any serious inroads into the group ahead.

12:59 Button radios McLaren to say he has a bit too much engine braking effect at the rear.

12:59 Maldonado has now passed Bianchi for 14th place. Kvyat has rejoined 17th and last.

13:00 Mercedes mechanics in the garage and Rosberg pits.

13:00 Ooh! Vettel is a lucky, lucky boy. He spins exiting the final corner.

13:01 The world champion narrowly avoids clouting the wall a la Perez but loses places to Hamilton, Ricciardo and Massa.

Seems as though he might have touched the wall lightly with the right-rear.

13:01 Vettel is asked "did you hit anything?"

"Negative, but I flat-spotted the tyres".

13:01 Gutierrez has now retired his Sauber in the pits.

13:02 That releases Hamilton onto the back of Vergne. The Mercedes driver sets a new fastest lap (1m28.423s).

Vergne has to defend into Turn 1 and then does a brilliant job into Turn 2 to hold him off.

But Hamilton snatches the place around the outside of Turn 4. Amazing.

13:02 "Need to start passing cars now," is Mercedes' instruction to Rosberg.

13:03 Vergne now pits from third.

13:03 Alonso's lead is 6.5s ahead of Hamilton who is 2s clear of Ricciardo.

13:04 Hamilton says part of his seat is getting quite hot. That'll worry him.

13:05 With a few stops being made, the current order is:

1 Alonso
2 Hamilton (new fastest lap, 1m27.540s)
3 Ricciardo (pips the new fastest lap, 1m27.355s)
4 Massa
5 Raikkonen
6 Button
7 Sutil
8 Magnussen
9 Bottas
10 Rosberg

13:05 The stops have moved Sutil up to seventh, with Magnussen, Bottas and Rosberg chasing him.

13:05 Alonso's lead has already been cut to 4.6s.

Can Hamilton win this?

13:05 Vergne and Vettel are back in 12th and 13th after their stops.

13:05 We're past the halfway point and onto lap 36. A belter of a race so far.

13:06 "Lewis is in front of you if he stops now," Rosberg is told. "So what do we do? Push like crazy?" Rosberg replies. That's the plan.

13:06 Hamilton takes more time out of Alonso and the gap is just 3.4s now.

13:06 Rosberg is now challenging Bottas hard for ninth.

13:06 Raikkonen's closing on Massa for fourth, and running comfortably clear of Button in sixth.

13:07 Hamilton is told "one more lap".

13:07 Button pits from sixth.

13:08 Rosberg gets down the inside of Bottas at Turn 1 and takes ninth.

13:08 Hamilton's set to rejoin ahead of Rosberg - he is 25s clear of his team-mate. Topsy-turvy.

13:09 Hamilton reckons he can "eke out another lap or two at this pace" and is told "to go for it".

13:09 Alonso pits, as Hamilton takes the lead.

13:09 With Button's stop, Sutil is now sixth, ahead of Magnussen and Rosberg.

13:10 Hamilton leads Ricciardo by 1.9s at the front with Massa 11s off the lead. Raikkonen's not closing on him anymore as Alonso rejoins in fifth.

13:10 One more lap from Hamilton, who pits.

13:10 Vettel is warned that Button has rejoined behind him on fresh tyres. They're 12th and 13th.

13:10 It's a slightly slow pitstop from Hamilton, who takes on medium tyres.

13:11 Sutil and Magnussen pit, clearing some space for Rosberg.

13:12 That means Ricciardo leads once again, 11s clear of Massa at the end of lap 40.

13:12 "The front's suffering a bit in the long corners but the rears are going to be the deciding factor. Left rear's showing some signs of going," says Ricciardo.

13:12 Vettel passes Vergne for ninth place.

13:13 Mercedes tells Hamilton he will not be pitting again and to keep within 10s of Alonso.

13:13 With Hamilton having successfully jumped Rosberg in that pit sequence, the title rivals are fifth and sixth, 2.9s apart.

13:14 Raikkonen pits from third and rejoins just ahead of Vettel, who makes huge efforts to pass him through the first few corners.

13:15 That was very muscular - but fair - stuff from Raikkonen as he kept Vettel out on the kerbs and behind him.

13:17 Maldonado locks up and runs wide, allowing Raikkonen to sweep past into seventh. Maldonado then pits.

13:17 Here's how it stands:

1 Ricciardo (soft)
2 Massa (medium)
3 Alonso (soft)
4 Hamilton (medium)
5 Rosberg (soft)
6 Bottas (medium)
7 Raikkonen (soft)
8 Maldonado (soft)
9 Vettel (medium)
10 Vergne (medium)

13:17 Can Ricciardo go the distance? There are 26 laps to go, so it's a big ask.

A pitstop would drop him to fifth, just behind Rosberg.

13:18 The Aussie also reported "surging" down the straight on the previous lap. He's pulling clear of Massa though, who will soon have Alonso, Hamilton and Rosberg for company.

13:18 Bottas is now back up to sixth, 7s ahead of Raikkonen, who is closing on him.

13:19 Vettel, Vergne and Button complete the top 10 for now, with Sutil and Magnussen 11th and 12th.

13:19 Maldonado rejoined 14th after his stop, just behind Kvyat, and ahead of the Marussias.

13:19 Hamilton is still complaining about his warm seat and is going to have Rosberg on his case before long as well.

Massa pits from second, releasing the train behind.

13:20 Ricciardo's lead over Alonso is 16s now, and only Rosberg is quicker than the Aussie at the moment.

13:20 Chilton pits from 15th, he's in quite a close battle with Marussia team-mate Bianchi today. The team had to reassure the Brit both cars were being given the same fuel strategy a while ago in case of paranoia.

13:21 Hamilton team radio: "OK Lewis, the gap to Nico is 1s. He has one more stop so don't hold him up."

13:21 Vergne declares his Toro Rosso "undriveable". The team replies brake temperatures are now looking better. He's ninth.

13:21 Massa rejoined from his stop 4.4s behind Bottas in sixth place, and just ahead of Raikkonen.

13:22 Tyre info: Ricciardo's soft tyres are 23 laps old, Alonso's have done half that distance.

Hamilton's seven laps into this stint on mediums while Rosberg's softs are twice as old.

13:23 Bottas is told he'll be running 10 more laps before his final pitstop.

13:23 Alonso's just starting to cut into Ricciardo's lead now by a couple of tenths a lap.

Hamilton reckons his tyres will not last the final 22 laps. Mercedes reassures him that "it shouldn't be an issue".

13:24 In case you're following the Marussia battle, Chilton rejoined behind Bianchi but is now catching his team-mate on fresh tyres.

13:24 Rosberg's right behind Hamilton but the Briton is not moving over just yet.

13:25 Raikkonen has rapidly caught Massa for sixth place and they're pulling away from eighth-placed Vettel.

13:26 After its earlier tyre strategy misery, McLaren is 10th and 12th with Button and Magnussen, both chasing Vergne with Sutil between them.

13:27 Ricciardo's lead is cut to 15.1s and is reassured he's doing a good job.

Rosberg complains Hamilton is not letting him through and Mercedes urges Hamilton to oblige.

13:29 Raikkonen is getting very, very close to the back of Massa but can't make it past, even when the Williams locks up at Turn 2.

13:29 Alonso cuts another half a second out of Ricciardo, and is 14.5s behind now.

Hamilton's 16.8s behind Ricciardo, 2.2s behind Alonso, and a second clear of Rosberg and not moving aside just yet.

13:30 "Why is he not letting me through?!" Rosberg rages.

"He's had the message Nico," Mercedes insists.

He has, Nico. Seriously.

13:31 Ricciardo asks "what's the plan" and intimates he is struggling with his rears.

Alonso's cut his lead to 13.6s.

13:31 "I'm not sure how much longer the rears can hang on," was Ricciardo's message.

13:32 Williams asks for more tyre feedback from Bottas. "Really small drop-off now," he replies. He remains a solid fifth.

13:32 Hamilton's advantage over Rosberg is up to 1.3s now.

AUTOSPORT Live declares that if Nico wants the place, he should take it. Team-mates they may be, but right now they are title rivals first.

13:32 Ricciardo pits from the lead.

13:32 He'll probably emerge about 6s behind the Mercedes.

Alonso leads.

13:33 Vettel is now a lonely eighth. "If our lonely chance to beat them is staying out, then we have nothing to lose," he says.

13:34 V8 Supercars star Jason Bright sums up everyone's feelings: "Going to be a good finish here I reckon!"

13:34 Unless the Mercedes/Ferrari can eke out 15 more laps from tyres that have already done 19 (Alonso) and 25 (Rosberg) respectively, surely they will be pitting before long as well.

13:34 Hamilton's dropped to 3.8s behind Alonso now, but still Rosberg is out of DRS range behind him.

13:35 Red Bull asks Vettel if his tyres will make it to the end. He replies that they're feeling pretty consistent but it depends who they're racing. They agree to try staying out.

13:35 Rosberg pits from third.

13:36 Vettel is told the worst-case scenario is that the likes of Bottas pit and appear behind him on new tyres. Vettel thinks he can live with that.

13:37 A much better lap from Hamilton that time around and he is 3.5s behind Alonso.

Ricciardo's 4.2s back but half a second faster.

13:37 Rosberg is back out in seventh behind Bottas, Massa and Raikkonen. He's told he has 13 laps to go and must do "quali laps every lap."

13:38 Rosberg immediately sets the best second and third sectors of the race so far on his out-lap as he closes straight in on the Massa/Raikkonen battle.

13:38 Fastest lap of the race from Ricciardo (1m26.783s) as Hamilton ups the ante himself and closes to 2.7s behind Alonso!

Just 5.5s covers the top three!

13:38 Williams encourages Massa to use his overtake mode in defence as Rakkonen and Rosberg prepare to gang up on him.

13:39 Massa, Raikkonen and Rosberg are also inching up on Bottas for fifth. Bottas is debating whether to pit again or not.

13:39 Another fastest lap from Ricciardo (1m26.608s).

Alonso leads by 2.5s, Hamilton is 2.2s clear of the Red Bull.

13:39 Massa locks up at Turn 1 but no space for Raikkonen or Rosberg. They're right together for fifth.

13:40 Sauber note: Sutil is right behind Button for 10th place as they challenge Vergne, and Magnussen can't catch them.

13:40 Rosberg takes a look at Raikkonen into the Turn 12 chicane but there's no space.

13:40 Alonso leads Hamilton by 1.5s, with a similar gap back to Ricciardo...

13:40 Bottas pits from fourth place, elevating Massa, Raikkonen and Rosberg.

13:41 Rosberg dives down the inside of Raikkonen and makes it into fifth at Turn 1.

13:41 Ricciardo within DRS range of Hamilton, who is 1.3s behind Alonso.

10 laps to go.

13:42 Rosberg is now pushing Massa very hard with fourth with 10 laps left.

13:42 Rosberg passes Massa for fourth into Turn 1. Easy move.

13:42 Now just 1.5s covers the top three as Hamilton moves within DRS range of Alonso.

13:43 Chilton appears to be hinting that Marussia should move Bianchi aside for him. "I lose too much downforce sat behind him." They're 15th and 16th.

13:43 Alonso leads by 0.5s over Hamilton who has a similar advantage over Ricciardo. Will it still be that way in a lap's time?

13:43 Rosberg sets a fastest lap of the race 2s quicker than anyone else is doing. He's 21.9s behind the lead battle.

13:44 Magnussen is complaining his McLaren is impossible to drive. The team tells him to stay out while it's safe.

13:44 "Higher RPM, shorter gears," Hamilton is told. "We're just going to manage it like this..."

13:45 Rosberg takes another 2s out of the leaders. He's 20.1s behind third-placed Ricciardo with eight laps left.

13:45 Ricciardo closes up on Hamilton under braking for Turn 1, but the Mercedesgets right up behind Alonso through the rest of the first sector.

13:45 Raikkonen continues to queue up behind Massa as they run fifth and sixth.

13:45 Alonso cuts the chicane! His advantage increases ever so slightly. Just barely though.

13:46 Bottas is eighth after his stop, 8.3s behind Vettel and 7.7s ahead of Vergne. He's catching the Red Bull fast.

13:46 The Spaniard understeered wide of the apex and took to the run-off. He's got Hamilton and Ricciardo underneath his rear wing again.

"Fernando gained an advantage," insists Hamilton.

13:46 Hamilton shows his nose into Turn 1 but locks up. Still as you were...

13:46 Another new fastest lap from Rosberg - a 1m26.019s that's 2.7s faster than the leaders. Now 17.5s from him to Ricciardo.

13:48 Barely half a second covers the top three over the line and Ricciardo is right behind Hamilton into Turn 2! He tries it round the outside but runs wide and Hamilton holds on.

13:48 Rosberg bangs in yet another fastest lap - 1m25.724s. Gap to Ricciardo now 14.2s.

13:48 "Just keep this pace up, you'll catch the top three at the end," Rosberg is told.

13:49 Five laps to go. Alonso STILL leads, Hamilton STILL just behind and Ricciardo STILL trying make the most of his fresher rubber.

13:49 Rosberg is now within 11.5s of Ricciardo with five laps left.

13:49 Big lock-up from Hamilton into Turn 2 and Ricciardo gets right behind him on the run out of Turn 3.

13:50 Rosberg takes 3.3s out of the leaders on lap 66 of 70. The gap to Ricciardo is 8.2s.

13:51 Ricciardo gets a great run out of Turn 1 and locks up attacking Hamilton around the outside of Turn 2.

Ricciardo hangs on and nails him as they flick right through Turn 3!

13:51 So Alonso leads by half a second still, but it's the fresher tyre-shod Ricciardo attacking. And he's right underneath the Ferrari's rear wing...

13:52 Three laps to go, and here comes Ricciardo!

13:52 Ricciardo nails Alonso into Turn 1 and takes the lead!

13:52 Rosberg is now within five seconds of Hamilton with three laps left.

13:52 A great move under braking from the Aussie. He got a good run in the final part of the straight and Alonso tried to cover him but Ricciardo was having none of it, sticking it up the inside regardless.

13:53 Hamilton's now attacking Alonso for second. The Spaniard's really struggling, they are already 2.6s behind Ricciardo.

13:53 Rosberg can now see Hamilton ahead of him again.

13:53 Rosberg's in this fight now. Two laps to go and as Hamilton attacks Alonso Rosberg is just a second behind!

13:54 Alonso keeps Hamilton behind into Turn 1 as Ricciardo streaks into a 3.5s lead.

Hamilton tries again into Turn 2 but is rebuffed. Rosberg's almost on them.

13:54 Bottas has caught Vettel for seventh and Red Bull tells its world champion there's no point pitting now.

13:54 It's three for second place as Hamilton crawls all over Alonso and Rosberg lies in wait in fourth.

13:55 Ricciardo starts the final lap 5s clear of this amazing fight for second.

13:55 Alonso holds on into Turn 1 and Hamilton gets a poor exit - Rosberg attacks, but Hamilton forces him wide between Turns 2 and 3.

13:55 Has that handed Alonso second?


13:56 Fernando Alonso holds onto second in his Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton bounces back from a pitlane start and a first-lap off to hold on to third!

13:57 Massa claims fifth place by 1.6s over Raikkonen.

13:57 Vettel hangs on to seventh by 0.3s over Bottas.

13:57 Sometime second-place runner Vergne claims ninth, as Button only just beats Sutil to 10th.


Ricciardo's happy.

"Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Sensational." The superlatives roll in from the team...

13:57 Magnussen, Maldonado, Kvyat, Bianchi and Chilton are the final five finishers.

13:59 Ricciardo's lapping this up and now makes his way back to the pits.

Alonso and Hamilton will be almost as delighted - Rosberg though will be frustrated beyond belief, surely.

14:00 Hamilton is told: "Nice work Lewis. One hell of a recovery."

It really was - and means he closes to 11 points behind team-mate Rosberg in the title fight.

14:03 Ricciardo's all-smiles (even more so than usual) and there's a bit of disbelief about just how he managed to make that win happen.

14:03 The fans swarm onto the start-finish straight to await what is bound to be a very happy podium trio.

14:04 Out they come, Hamilton first and then Alonso who gives the crowd below a thumbs up.

Ricciardo out now to a huge cheer. The Aussie national anthem plays out.

14:05 Seems Lewis reported to Mercedes during that race: "I'm not slowing down for Nico. If he gets close enough he can overtake."

14:07 Trophy time. Ricciardo gets his first-place pot and lifts it aloft in jubilation.

Red Bull chief engineer Paul Monaghan receives the constructors' trophy.

14:08 Alonso and Hamilton get their respective (and hard-earned) pieces of silverware.

And now, the champaaaaaaaaagne.

14:14 AUTOSPORT Live can be a difficult mistress when a race is that action-packed, but we wouldn't envy anyone attempting to co-ordinate so much drama into a coherent and informative account of a sensational 70-lap grand prix.

Fortunately, our F1 Assistant Editor BEN ANDERSON has done a superb job at doing just that. Relive a spectacular Hungarian Grand Prix here:

Ricciardo charges to dramatic victory

14:16 "It feels as good as the first, it really does," Ricciardo says.

"We're definitely going to celebrate tonight and party for a few days I think and enjoy a bit of time off. To get two victories is phenomenal, I have a few mates here as well so we will party hard tonight."

14:19 Alonso was almost as happy on the podium.

"It has been a tough weekend, a tough season in general, so to get a podium is a nice surprise. We took a gamble, we risk[ed it] today just trying to get the victory.

"We got close, extremely close, [I'm] proud of team and proud of the job we did today and I am very happy."

14:20 Formula Renault 3.5 points leader Carlos Sainz: "Congratulations @danielricciardo !! What a race...! What a season!!"

Support from within the Red Bull family for the Hungarian Grand Prix winner.

14:27 Hamilton said "it's been a pretty crazy weekend" but ruled out his charge to third as one of his best drivers.

14:29 BEN ANDERSON: "Just had a chat with Grosjean. He was trying to warm-up the tyres when he caught the white line and crashed behind the safety car. 'It wasn't non-slip paint!' he quipped..."

14:31 The drivers' championship after the Hungarian Grand Prix:

1. Nico Rosberg 202
2. Lewis Hamilton 191
3. Daniel Ricciardo 131
4. Fernando Alonso 115
5. Valtteri Bottas 95
6. Sebastian Vettel 88
7. Nico Hulkenberg 69
8. Jenson Button 60
9. Felipe Massa 40
10. Kevin Magnussen 37
11. Sergio Perez 29
12. Kimi Raikkonen 27
13. Jean-Eric Vergne 11
14. Romain Grosjean 8
15. Daniil Kvyat 6
16. Jules Bianchi 2
17. Adrian Sutil 0
18. Marcus Ericsson 0
19. Pastor Maldonado 0
20. Esteban Gutierrez 0
21. Max Chilton 0
22. Kamui Kobayashi 0

14:44 Nico Hulkenberg has apologised to Force India team-mate Sergio Perez for their collision in the race:

"The previous lap he had taken a much wider line so I tried to overtake on the inside, but he took a tighter line and I couldn't back out of the move," Hulkenberg said of their clash at the final corner.

"I made contact with his car, lost my front wing and went straight on into the barrier. It was my mistake and I've apologised to the team. It's especially frustrating because there was a lot of potential in this race, but I guess it was one of those days when things didn't go our way.”

15:05 The constructors' championship:

1. Mercedes 393
2. Red Bull-Renault 219
3. Ferrari 142
4. Williams-Mercedes 135
5. Force India-Mercedes 98
6. McLaren-Mercedes 97
7. Toro Rosso-Renault 17
8. Lotus-Renault 8
9. Marussia-Ferrari 2
10. Sauber-Ferrari 0

15:07 Hungarian Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo has revealed he feared he would retire in the middle of the race.

Read the full story here.

15:19 After ignoring orders from Mercedes during the race to let Nico Rosberg past, Lewis Hamilton has admitted he was "very, very shocked" to hear the call over the radio.

Hamilton shocked by team orders

15:31 Victory means Daniel Ricciardo joins the likes of Wolfgang von Trips, Jose Froilan Gonzalez and Jean-Pierre Jabouille on two wins.

It also boosts Red Bull to 49 and is the 167th for a Renault-powered car, moving the French manufacturer to just eight behind Ford's second place in the all-time list.

15:44 Kevin Magnussen on a disappointing race, and defending the decision by McLaren to stick with inters when everyone changed to slicks:

"I don’t think we were particularly unlucky… well, it was unlucky it didn't rain when everyone else was on dry tyres and me and Jenson were on inters behind the Safety Car. But that’s racing.

"For me I didn't really lose anything doing that, maybe a little bit [of time], I was last [at the start] anyway; Jenson lost a bit more. It was the right choice to go for it; I don’t think we had much chance anyway."

15:48 Sauber and Esteban Gutierrez may have scored their first point(s) of the season had it not been for an energy recovery problem.

Still, the Mexican was upbeat having run eighth before the problem with the ERS issue struck.

"Everything was going in the right direction. During the safety car period I came in for the pit stop, everything was right on target. After the restart, I was fighting with Kimi (Raikkonen) and trying to keep him behind.

"The pace was good and I was also able to keep up with the drivers in front of me. It was an unfortunate ending, but there are a lot of positives we can take from the weekend."

15:56 Jenson Button was disappointed with McLaren's decision not to switch to slicks in the belief that more rain was coming early in the Hungarian Grand Prix:

"The opening laps in the rain were great: I got up into fifth – which wasn't a bad position for us – but it went downhill from there. As the track started to dry, we thought it was going to rain again – unfortunately, however, we were the only ones thinking that.

"I feel like I did everything right, and in every track condition, which is why it's tough – but we win as a team and we lose as a team, and we'll quickly put this behind us and move on."

16:32 As Nico Rosberg denies requesting team orders from Mercedes, AUTOSPORT Live will call it a day there.

Be sure to keep an eye on for the latest news and reaction from the paddock. Thanks again for joining us.

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