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As it happened: WRC Finland, IndyCar, DTM, WTCC, Euro F3, BTCC
By Matt Beer, Mark Glendenning, Andrew van Leeuwen, Kevin Turner, Marcus Simmons, Peter Mills, David Evans and Dan Cross
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Thu 12:58 Hello and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live as we begin a weekend of high-flying World Rally Championship drama, globe-trotting tin-top racing and American motorsport action.

Coming up between now and Sunday night will be as-it-happens coverage and paddock insight from Rally Finland, Mid-Ohio IndyCar, Red Bull Ring DTM and European Formula 3, Snetterton BTCC, Termas de Rio Hondo WTCC, and Pocono NASCAR.

The focus this afternoon is what we used to call the 1000 Lakes, and sometimes still call the Finnish Grand Prix: it's Finland's round of the 2014 World Rally Championship, and the first of today's opening four stages is 10 minutes away.

CloudsThu 13:02 WRC - Finland: The weather here in Jyvaskyla is ready to go properly mental.

AUTOSPORT arrived in Finland on Helsinki's hottest day of the year, with the city baking in 35 degrees. And it's not much cooler a couple of hundred miles north in Jyvaskyla.

The sunshine has disappeared for the moment, with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon. The thunder went for a dress rehearsal at two o'clock this morning and was in fine voice...

And now the first spots of rain have arrived in service.

Thu 13:08 WRC - Finland: The opening Rally Finland stage – Lankamaa – is one of the absolute classic 1000 Lakes tests.

It's also the one that made Tommi Makinen. In 1994, Makinen was handed a one-off drive with the factory Ford squad and he won Lankamaa and went on to win the event.

Makinen's cause was helped in no small amount when two of his main rivals – Juha Kankkunen and Ari Vatanen – crashed on Lankamaa that year.

Thu 13:09 WRC - Finland: The 23km of SS1 has begun as championship leader Sebastien Ogier starts the first stage of the second half of WRC 2014.

Tommi Makinen and Akyo ToyodaThu 13:12 WRC - Finland: Speaking of Tommi Makinen a moment ago, he's involved in a very, very big news story that AUTOSPORT's rally ace DAVID EVANS has just revealed:

Toyota Japan starts new WRC project

The picture features Makinen showing Toyota president Akio Toyoda around the Finland service park.

Thu 13:19 WRC - Finland: There's now plenty of rain both on the stage and on the service park. That's going to take away some of the loose gravel problem for first-man-in Ogier, but he's also going to be the first to discover how slippery and wet the stage is.

Jari-Matti Latvala - who was fastest on this morning's shakedown - is topping the splits on the stage so far, although information from Ogier's VW has been sporadic.

Thu 13:21 WRC - Finland: Ogier completes the stage in 11m20.4s.

"For sure I didn't take full risks and I could've been faster, but when it's raining like that in some places there is standing water. So I was not flat-out," he says.

But he admits that standing water is preferable to loose, dry gravel, so he's happy enough with the rain.

Thu 13:23 WRC - Finland: A very decent start for Latvala, he's 3.1s faster than team-mate Ogier.

"In the first two corners it was a bit slippery, but after that it was good. In many places I think I was able to go a little bit faster, but you never know when it's raining like that."

AwningsThu 13:25 WRC - Finland: Meanwhile, back at HQ, the service park is busy tying itself down as the storm moves in. Bit late for these fellas though...

Thu 13:26 WRC - Finland: Andreas Mikkelsen sounds perky enough at the end of that stage, but he's surprisingly 13s behind rally-leading VW team-mate Latvala already.

Thu 13:28 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg is first Citroen in, he slots into third place, 1.5s ahead of Mikkelsen and admits it was hard to figure out grip levels with the colour of the gravel varying in the rain.

Thu 13:29 WRC - Finland: Mikko Hirvonen now goes into third, 7.7s down on Latvala and feeling very bullish.

"Pretty good, pretty good. It was a bit slippery at the end, so Jari-Matti pulled away a bit there. But we are there in the fight."

Thu 13:32 WRC - Finland: The ever-excellent WRC timing service has just suggested Elfyn Evans has completed this 23km stage in around three minutes, putting him in the rally lead by seven minutes...

...and unsurprisingly, that time has now been delayed. Evans is still mid-stage.

Thu 13:34 WRC - Finland: Outstanding start to this rally from Kris Meeke - his time is 2.6s down on Latvala and that pops him into second, ahead of Ogier.

"The rain before the start of the stage was something else, it was difficult to see the road section. Any advantage we would've got from the starting position has obviously disappeared, but what a fantastic stage to drive a rally car on," says Meeke.

Citroen, incidentally, has told Meeke and Ostberg they've got three rallies to prove themselves as it considers its 2015 options. Meeke has certainly started in the right fashion...

Thu 13:36 WRC - Finland: We've also had Thierry Neuville's Hyundai in, but the Belgian was slowest so far, 17s off the lead.

"I didn't have the perfect one - especially in the beginning, I was too slow. But I got better. We'll try to improve, but definitely not the perfect start."

Thu 13:37 WRC - Finland: Elfyn Evans - a man with a lot of learning to do here - now brings up the rear, around half a minute adrift of Latvala.

Current order is Latvala-Meeke-Ogier-Hirvonen-Ostberg-Mikkelsen.

BibendumThu 13:39 WRC - Finland: Back in the storm-lashed service park, realising his is not the most aerodynamic of profiles, Bibendum sought refuge - with a cheery wave - in the press office.

Thu 13:40 WRC - Finland: Very rapid split times from Juho Hanninen in the Hyundai through now...

Thu 13:42 WRC - Finland: Hanninen puts the Hyundai into an excellent fourth, 0.9s behind Ogier, and four seconds off leader Latvala.

"A reasonable start..." reckons Hanninen.

Thu 13:48 WRC - Finland: Robert Kubica comes through in 10th place.

"It wasn't easy," he says. "Quite a good stage to warm up actually! A smooth stage. I was not risking things. We had some heavy rain near the end, but all OK."

Thu 13:50 WRC - Finland: Lots of intrigue about how M-Sport's guest star Jarkko Nikara is going to fare on his return to World Rally Car action this weekend. He's running the still-developing Pirelli tyres and is optimistic of a top six finish - but he's only 12th on SS1.

"In the beginning it was OK, but after the middle of the stage it was so, so slippery - a lot of water in those ruts."

Thu 13:53 WRC - Finland - SS1 results:

1 Latvala 11m17.3s
2 Meeke +2.6s
3 Ogier +3.1s
4 Hanninen +4.6s
5 Hirvonen +7.7s
6 Ostberg +11.7s
7 Mikkelsen +13.2s
8 Neuville +16.7s
9 Solberg +18.0s
10 Kubica +21.3s

Thu 13:54 WRC - Finland: So to summarise SS1...

* Latvala takes immediate lead
* Ogier only third behind flying Meeke - and only just ahead of Hanninen
* Low-key start for Mikkelsen in seventh

Thu 13:56 WRC - Finland: The leaders are now off to Jouhtikyla, a 6.437-mile stage that begins in just over 20 minutes.

In the meantime the WRC2 field are completing SS1, and it's going to be a huge head-to-head between Autotek team-mates Ott Tanak and Jari Ketomaa this weekend.

Thu 14:11 WRC - Finland: Ketomaa takes the early honours in the WRC2 field, 2.4s up on Tanak.

Karl Kruuda and Citroen's next star-in-waiting Sebastien Chardonnet are 15s behind in third and fourth.

Thu 14:21 WRC - Finland: We're back in business in Finland - Ogier is about to take to Jouhtikyla, the second of today's four curtain-raising stages.

Service parkThu 14:23 WRC - Finland: The sun has returned to the service park. If local forecasters are on the money, that should be the last we see of the rain for the rest of the rally.

Thu 14:28 WRC - Finland: Still wet on the stages though, and as Ogier completes SS2 he's very pleased about that, saying this was one of the parts he thought would be particularly bad for loose gravel in the day.

"For sure I was happy to see that [rain]," he admits.

His time is a 5m04.7s.

Thu 14:29 WRC - Finland: Latvala comes through and he beats Ogier by 2.2s, extending his early lead over his team-mate to over 5s after two stages.

"A good start. Very, very, very good grip on the road at the moment," reports Latvala.

"I can see that [the rain] is not so good for the spectators, but for the driving it's a good feeling."

Thu 14:32 WRC - Finland: This muted start for Mikkelsen continues - he's nearly 6s slower than Latvala.

"I'm still a little too cautious," admits VW's third man, "but I'm building step by step."

He was only seventh after SS1, though. There's a long way to go, but dropping too far behind the podium battle on the opening afternoon wouldn't be good.

Thu 14:35 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen is still a second faster than a very unhappy Ostberg.

"I don't really understand it," says Ostberg. "It's going well, I cannot say anything more, but the times are s**t."

Thu 14:36 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is on exactly the same pace as Ostberg. He's more chilled about it, though he admits the times Latvala and Ogier are setting are "unbelievable".

Thu 14:39 WRC - Finland: Neuville continues to lack pace in the Hyundai, which does have some engine upgrades this weekend. He thinks the problem is in the cockpit.

"My pace notes are too slow, which means I'm having to overdrive a bit, and that's not good for my confidence," he says.

"I think it will be fine - we'll work a bit more. I took the pace notes too carefully but the grip is better in the wet now"

Thu 14:44 WRC - Finland: Meeke is slightly slower than Ogier on that stage, and that drops him behind the world champion from second to third overall.

Lead order is now Latvala-Ogier-Meeke and we're a few cars away from fourth-placed Hanninen coming in.

Thu 14:49 WRC - Finland: Hanninen is having a superb home rally so far - he's only a second slower than Ogier and that's going to bring him right onto Meeke's tail for third overall. He thinks there's a lot more to come too...

Thu 14:50 WRC - Finland: Kubica is ninth of the 12 drivers past the stage finish so far, 8s down on pacesetter Latvala. He was 10th overall after SS1.

"You cannot compare against the top drivers on this kind of road - we know that," says the Pole.

"We are trying to drive consistently - not too fast, not too slow.

"There are a few things that need to be changed, but we know this. No dramas."

Thu 14:54 WRC - Finland: WRC returnee Craig Breen was a very cautious 14th, nearly a minute off the pace, on SS1, but he's brought the gap down now, 16s slower than Latvala on SS2.

"The first stage was exceptionally tough - we got caught in a really big rainstorm," he says. "Now it's coming. You can carry so much more speed than you think."

Thu 14:59 WRC - Finland - SS2 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 5m02.5s
2 Ogier +2.2s
3 Hanninen +3.2s
4 Meeke +5.0s
5 Mikkelsen +5.6s
6 Solberg +6.4s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +5.3s
3 Meeke +7.6s
4 Hanninen +7.8s
5 Hirvonen +14.9s
6 Mikkelsen +18.8s
7 Ostberg +18.9s
8 Solberg +24.4s
9 Neuville +25.7s
10 Kubica +28.8s

Thu 15:01 WRC - Finland: SS2 summary:

* Latvala extends his rally lead to 5.3s with another stage win
* Ogier takes second from Meeke
* Hanninen is third-quickest in the Hyundai and now within 2s of Meeke's third place
* Mikkelsen moves past unhappy Ostberg for sixth, Henning Solberg takes eighth from Neuville.

Thu 15:16 WRC - Finland: We've had a change at the top in WRC2, as Tanak outpaces Ketomaa on SS2 to take the class lead by 3.6s.

The quality of the entries in the feeder series can be a bit variable, but a Tanak/Ketomaa head-to-head in the DMACK-shod Autotek Fords tends to be a bit of a treat (though frankly both ought to be in top-class cars for this rally in an ideal world).

Kruuda and 2013 WRC3 champion Chardonnet continue to fight for third.

Thu 15:45 WRC - Finland: The field is now preparing for another run at the Lankamaa stage that began the rally earlier this afternoon, and that gets under way in about 20 minutes.

Service park ridesThu 15:49 WRC - Finland: As usual, Rally Finland organisers have gone to extraordinary lengths to improve the spectator experience – and that includes welcoming families to the Paviljonki service park.

Part of the family experience is the chance for young Finns to get their hands on a battery-powered cars. It has to be said, the racing wasn't always the cleanest and some of the lines taken were… enthusiastic.

And because the WRC drivers are a if-it's-got-a-wheel-we'll-drive-it bunch, a few of them have had a go too. We'll have some pictures of that later as well.

Thu 15:56 WRC - Finland: Rally Finland has been won by a Finn on 32 of its 40 runnings, and it's looking good for the locals so far with Latvala inching away from Ogier and Hanninen being heroic in fourth.

That will please Finland's last WRC champion Marcus Gronholm, who earlier this week told AUTOSPORT he was worried that Ogier was going to blitz the home heroes again this weekend.

"Ogier is so confident at the moment. I think the Finnish drivers will have a problem this week, they will have a problem with Ogier," said Gronholm.

"Mikko just isn't confident at the moment and maybe Jari-Matti has too much pressure.

"The Finnish drivers have to win at home, if they are not doing this then the home fans don't really push you so high.

"The Finns really want the Finn to win, but Sebastien is so strong and this is not good for us."

So far, though, so good for the Finns.

Marcus GronholmThu 16:03 WRC - Finland: Gronholm's been doing a bit of winning himself recently.

Last weekend Rally Finland sponsor Neste celebrated its 20th anniversary in that role by running the 'Helsinki Battle' - a non-championship street stage shootout that pitted some of the 2014 regulars against legendary past champions, all driving current machinery.

Gronholm defeated fellow veterans Markku Alen, Juha Kankkunen and Tommi Makinen in their section, and did so at the wheel of a Hyundai i20 too. He was pipped by Ostberg in the grand final, but it was a close-run thing.

See more of the Helsinki action in AUTOSPORT's news gallery from last week.

Shame AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live wasn't around in Gronholm's WRC heyday actually... he would've been very good value.

Thu 16:05 WRC - Finland: Just a few minutes to go before Rally Finland resumes with SS3. Here's a reminder of the lead order:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +5.3s
3 Meeke +7.6s
4 Hanninen +7.8s
5 Hirvonen +14.9s
6 Mikkelsen +18.8s
7 Ostberg +18.9s
8 Solberg +24.4s
9 Neuville +25.7s
10 Kubica +28.8s
11 Nikara +37.5s
12 Prokop +41.9s
13 Paddon +42.6s
14 Evans +44.2s
15 Breen +1m10.8s

Thu 16:20 WRC - Finland: Ogier is approaching the end of SS3 and after good early pace from Latvala, it's the world champion who's slightly faster on the splits at present. But it was right at the end of this stage where Latvala really flew earlier.

Thu 16:21 WRC - Finland: Ogier completes the stage in 11m11.2s.

"Quite a bit more slippery, more mud, more ruts, but not too bad," he summarises.

He confesses to a slight mistake on the last corner.

"I had an impact on the front and for sure I lost a bit of time there."

Thu 16:23 WRC - Finland: Latvala is slower than Ogier for the first time on this rally, but only by one tenth. His lead is 5.2s.

"Everything is OK. We were one second slower, so I actually got the gap back at the end. I was struggling with understeer."

Thu 16:25 WRC - Finland: The timing system has refreshed itself and now it reckons Ogier and Latvala were exactly equal to the tenth on that stage!

Thu 16:26 WRC - Finland: Meanwhile Mikkelsen has come through 7s down on his VW team-mates, which is a big improvement on his over-cautious pace earlier.

He said it was so slippery early on that he wondered if he'd punctured both rear tyres.

Thu 16:29 WRC - Finland: Ostberg went onto this stage just a tenth behind Mikkelsen in their battle for sixth, but he was four seconds slower than his countryman.

The Citroen driver plans substantial set-up changes for Friday because he's really not enjoying himself at the moment.

Thu 16:30 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen completes the stage fourth quickest, two seconds down on Mikkelsen and 9.5s off pacesetters Ogier and Latvala.

Hirvonen admits that he thought he'd be closer to the VWs than this. That time should keep him fifth overall at present if Meeke and Hanninen continue to fly.

Thu 16:34 WRC - Finland: Meeke is still hanging in with the lead battle, his time on this stage keeping him within 3s of second-placed Ogier.

Hanninen's split times don't look so great, so Meeke could come out of this one with a more comfortable gap behind him.

Thu 16:40 WRC - Finland: Henning Solberg had been having a pretty strong run so far, taking eight from Neuville on the last stage. But he struck a rock and wrecked a tyre halfway through this one and that's cost him a fair chunk of time.

Thu 16:42 WRC - Finland: Big time loss for Hanninen on that stage too - he's fallen 16s behind Meeke and is only just ahead of Hirvonen in fourth now.

The Hyundai driver says the stage is now developing large ruts for those further down the order and he lost confidence in them.

So the overall order remains Latvala-Ogier-Meeke-Hanninen-Hirvonen, but the front pack is now a three-man group rather than four.

Thu 16:44 WRC - Finland: Kubica is continuing his quietly consistent run, with another ninth fastest time. He'll gain a place from Solberg's problem too.

Thu 16:47 WRC - Finland: Jarkko Nikara has gone off the road on this stage, he's out for the day.

Thu 16:48 WRC - Finland: M-Sport says Nikara and co-driver Jarkko Kalliolepo are both absolutely fine but their Fiesta can't continue.

That's a sadly early end (Rally2 excepted) to Nikara's WRC return.

Thu 16:53 WRC - Finland: Trouble in the WRC2 lead battle too, Tanak has lost over a minute to rival Ketomaa on this stage so far.

Thu 16:53 WRC - Finland: That will come as a relief to Ketomaa who describes his driving on that one as "absolutely completely flat-out" as he tried to beat his team-mate.

Thu 16:54 WRC - Finland - SS3 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 11m11.2s
= Latvala +0.0s
3 Meeke +1.2s
4 Mikkelsen +7.0s
5 Hirvonen +9.5s
6 Ostberg +10.8s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +5.3s
3 Meeke +8.8s
4 Hanninen +24.0s
5 Hirvonen +24.4s
6 Mikkelsen +25.8s
7 Ostberg +29.7s
8 Neuville +37.3s
9 Kubica +48.4s
10 Paddon +1m00.7s

Thu 16:57 WRC - Finland - SS3 summary:

* Latvala and Ogier set identical times, sharing the stage win and keeping J-ML 5.3s ahead
* Hanninen struggles in the ruts and falls away from third-placed Meeke towards the clutches of Hirvonen
* Solberg damages a tyre on a big rock and drops from eighth to 12th
* WRC returnee Nikara crashes out of 11th place

One more stage to go tonight before day one is done - Harju starts in half an hour.

Thu 17:08 WRC - Finland: Tanak lost four minutes on that stage in the end, having damaged his Ford on a rock - initially losing power steering and then eventually stopping to change a wheel.

That puts new WRC2 leader Ketomaa half a minute clear of a battle for second between Karl Kruuda and Eyvind Brynildsen.

Thu 17:09 WRC - Finland: We're 20 minutes away from the day's final stage - a short blast around Harju.

To celebrate the return of the Harju stage, AUTOSPORT's Finnish correspondent Esa Illoinen has put together a line-up of classic rally cars to run through the Jyvaskyla city centre test ahead of the main WRC field this evening.

Harju hasn't been used on the Rally Finland route since 1998, but prior to that it had a long history in the event and will feature competitively on Thursday and Friday night this year.

Cars expected on the asphalt stage include a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, Lancia Delta Integrale, Audi Quattro E2, Sunbeam Lotus, Renault 8 Gordini, Ford Cortina GT, Mini Cooper, Mercedes 220 and a Saab 96 driven by former event winner Simo Lampinen.

Martin KociThu 17:19 WRC - Finland: The Junior WRC is part of this event too. Stephane Lefebvre - a man aiming to become the first French star not called Sebastien since Didier Auriol (while current WRC3 champion Sebastien Chardonnet aims to keep the Sebs' run up) - has won both rounds so far this season, but Slovakia's Martin Koci is leaving all his rivals standing in Finland at present.

Thu 17:29 WRC - Finland: As Harju is just under a mile and a half in length, it's not going to shake things up in the lead battle too much unless someone makes a mistake - but there's potential for change in the fight for fourth, where only 1.8s covers Hanninen, Hirvonen and Mikkelsen at the moment.

Thu 17:37 WRC - Finland: Ogier is on Harju now. Right in the middle of town, it starts and ends on asphalt, with a bit of a forest blast in between, and a very large crowd on hand.

Thu 17:39 WRC - Finland: Ogier sets the benchmark with a 1m46.1s.

Thu 17:42 WRC - Finland: Latvala loses time to Ogier for the first time on this event, the world champion is 0.8s quicker and Latvala will start day two of his home really with a 4.5s cushion.

There was a little bit of damage to Latvala's VW at the end of Harju from a brush with a hay bale.

Thu 17:43 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen completes the stage 2.2s down on Ogier's mark.

Thu 17:44 WRC - Finland: "A little bit too sideways here and there," reckons Mikkelsen, "not a good stage. Well it's a good stage, but not for me."

Thu 17:49 WRC - Finland: Ostberg, who hasn't been happy with much about his opening day, is third quickest so far, two tenths faster than Mikkelsen.

Latvala damageThu 17:52 WRC - Finland: It was only a little brush with a hay bale, but this is what it did to the front of rally leader Latvala's VW - as photographed by DAVID EVANS.

Thu 17:54 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is the slowest of the first five drivers on the stage, though the margins are close and he doesn't lose too much to pursuers Mikkelsen and Ostberg, who end the day 0.8s and 4.5s behind him respectively.

We'll find out exactly where Hirvonen finishes the day when Hanninen comes through later, but he's 26.4s off overall leader Latvala - and that's a bit worse than the M-Sport man expected, though he's still bullish.

"Could be better, but we're still in the game and there are still three days to go," says Hirvonen.

Thu 17:56 WRC - Finland: Meeke is third fastest so far, 1.2s behind Ogier, and that cements his overnight third place.

Thu 17:57 WRC - Finland: Here's Meeke's summary of his very encouraging first day in Finland, number one of the three rallies on which he and team-mate Ostberg have to prove themselves to Citroen:

"Really good, but I have to keep it at this level. I'm delighted to be here. I've always said you need to get experience to find your feet, and this is my first event that I also did last year.

"But it's only been a short day. There are three long days to go. It's going to be interesting..."

Thu 18:07 WRC - Finland: This short, partly asphalt, stage was a bit of a leveller for Neuville in the Hyundai. The Belgian nipped ahead of Hirvonen on the stage times to sixth quickest, which will keep him in touch with the group fighting for fourth overall.

Midfielders Elfyn Evans and Martin Prokop are also through safely.

Thu 18:09 WRC - Finland: Not a great stage for Hanninen again, and he drops behind Hirvonen to fifth in the overall standings. The Hyundai man's pretty frustrated with that.

Thu 18:13 WRC - Finland: Kubica completes his first day of Rally Finland in a World Rally Car four seconds off the Harju pace. He reckons his Ford is developing a bit of a misfire.

Thu 18:21 WRC - Finland - SS4 results:

SS4 times:

1 Ogier 1m46.1s
2 Latvala +0.8s
3 Meeke +1.2s
4 Ostberg +2.0s
5 Mikkelsen +2.2s
6 Neuville +2.3s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +4.5s
3 Meeke +9.2s
4 Hirvonen +26.4s
5 Hanninen +27.1s
6 Mikkelsen +27.2s
7 Ostberg +30.9s
8 Neuville +38.8s
9 Kubica +52.1s
10 Paddon +1m06.0s

Solberg, Evans and Breen run 12th, 13th and 14th.

Thu 18:24 WRC - Finland - SS4 summary:

* Ogier trims 0.8s out of Latvala's overall lead. The Finn is 4.5s in front going into Friday
* Hanninen loses fourth to Hirvonen
* Just eight tenths of a second cover Hirvonen, Hanninen and Mikkelsen in fourth to sixth overall

Thu 18:30 That's the lot from day one of Rally Finland, but there is a lot more to come between now and the winner claiming his trophy on Sunday lunchtime.

There are nine stages on Friday, starting from 7.18am UK time, and AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live will be running throughout - so you can liven up your Friday morning commute by following the Latvala/Ogier lead battle on your mobile device (if you're bus or train commuting, don't do it when driving...)

The WRC remains our lead feature on Friday, but the rest of the motorsport world will start to ramp up too, so we'll also bring you updates from practice and qualifying for European Formula 3 at the Red Bull Ring, IndyCar practice at Mid-Ohio, and the pre-event World Touring Car Championship test at Argentina's Termas de Rio Hondo.

See you tomorrow morning, we'll leave you with this picture of Thierry Neuville taking a 'selfie' while co-driving for a child.

Thierry Neuville

Fri 06:31 WRC - Finland: Good morning and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for the second day (and first full one) of Rally Finland.

Beautiful morning in Finland, not a cloud in the sky as the cars headed out of service this morning.

AUTOSPORT's Finnish might not be quite up to scratch but the uniform use of bright yellow on this morning's weather forecast certainly indicated an end to the rain and thunderstorms.

Fri 06:32 WRC - Finland: The first two stages of today are new for all the crews. Run out towards Jamsa, south-west of Jyvasklya, the Pihlajakoski and Paijala tests are classic Finland: wide, fast and full of jumps. As SS2 did last night, these two will provide a level playing field for everybody as the crews go through them for the first time.

Pihlajakoski has been used on the 1000 Lakes previously, but not for 27 years.

The last time it was on the schedule was 1987, when Markku Alen won the first pass through the stage and his Lancia team-mate Juha Kankkunen the second. Alen led the rally from start to finish in his Delta in 1987.

Fri 06:33 WRC - Finland: In running order terms, this is still a continuation of day one - which means Sebastien Ogier and his Volkswagen team-mates Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen are first on the road.

Ogier started making inroads into Latvala's lead yesterday evening, but as the Polos complete SS5, it's home hero Latvala who's fastest by 1.2 seconds, bringing his lead back up to 5.7s.

Fri 06:35 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen lost another 9s to his team-mates, while Mads Ostberg was a further 3s slower.

That prompts more frustration from the Citroen driver. He ended Thursday seventh and very unhappy with his pace, so was banking on major set-up changes. He's made them, he thinks they've worked, but he's still off the pace...

"I need to remember how to drive the car," reckons Ostberg.

Fri 06:36 WRC - Finland: Mikko Hirvonen is third fastest so far in our first M-Sport Ford, 4.1s off Latvala.

He's a bit "pissed off" with that, though, as he had been equal with the VWs on the opening splits.

Fri 06:38 WRC - Finland: Thierry Neuville completes the stage with damage to the back of his Hyundai, including a missing spoiler. He's only 8s off the pace, though.

"I went slightly wide on a very tight corner and I hit something with the rear," he explains.

"But the car is still driving OK so we're fine. We've lost a bit of downforce but we're going to continue like this."

That shouldn't put his eighth place in any jeopardy.

Fri 06:40 WRC - Finland: Kris Meeke was the only man who could get close to Latvala and Ogier yesterday and he's started Friday in the same fashion, coming through third fastest for now, despite getting "a little bit lost" with where he was in the pace notes mid-stage.

That time puts him 12.1s behind leader Latvala and 6.4s behind Ogier, with an 18s cushion back to Hirvonen.

Fri 06:43 WRC - Finland: Robert Kubica has stopped on the stage according to the tracking system.

Fri 06:45 WRC - Finland: Kubica's Ford is shown as stopped just under a mile into this nine-mile stage. No news from the M-Sport team or the crews in the stage yet.

Fri 06:45 WRC - Finland: Juho Hanninen comes through second fastest in the Hyundai!

Fri 06:47 WRC - Finland: Hanninen's time is just 0.4s slower than rally leader Latvala.

The i20 man was flying on yesterday's first two stages then lost ground in the SS3 ruts and fell from fourth to fifth.

This time will pull him back past Hirvonen into fourth, and back into range of Meeke's third place.

"OK, that's quite good," says Hanninen. "Jari-Matti was a bit better, but OK, no problem."

Is this the strongest performance from the Hyundai so far? Possibly...

Fri 06:48 WRC - Finland: Kubica remains static on the tracking system. He'd been running ninth yesterday after a careful and consistent start to this most daunting of WRC events.

Fri 06:48 WRC - Finland: M-Sport confirms that Kubica has gone off the road. He's going to retire the car for the day.

Fri 06:50 WRC - Finland: Hayden Paddon will move up to ninth in the third Hyundai with Kubica's crash. Slight concern for the Kiwi as he has oil on both his windscreen and his brakes...

Hayden PaddonFri 06:52 WRC - Finland: Despite those worries, Paddon is a very impressive fourth fastest on that stage, only 2.6s slower than Latvala. Great time.

Fri 06:54 WRC - Finland: Hanninen and Paddon are obviously driving well this morning, but their road position is also going to be in their favour.

Yesterday's rain let those starting first off the hook as it helped compact the loose gravel down.

Today is going to be tougher for the VWs as they sweep the roads clean for the opposition, and drivers like Hanninen and Paddon in 11th and 13th on the startlist will definitely get better roads on their first pass.

Fri 06:56 WRC - Finland: Craig Breen and Michal Solowow make it through smoothly to complete the World Rally Car field for this stage.

Fri 06:59 WRC - Finland - SS5 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 6m45.9s
2 Hanninen +0.4s
3 Ogier +1.2s
4 Paddon +2.6s
5 Meeke +2.9s
6 Hirvonen +4.1s
7 Neuville +7.8s
8 Evans +8.7s
9 Mikkelsen +9.7s
10 Ostberg +11.6s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +5.7s
3 Meeke +12.1s
4 Hanninen +27.5s
5 Hirvonen +30.5s
6 Mikkelsen +36.9s
7 Ostberg +42.5s
8 Neuville +46.6s
9 Paddon +1m08.6s
10 Evans +1m23.5s

Fri 07:00 WRC - Finland - SS5 summary:

* Latvala brings his lead back to 5.7s over Ogier with a stage win
* Flying Hanninen is second quickest in the Hyundai and passes Hirvonen for fourth
* Kubica crashes out of ninth
* Paddon sets fourth-fastest time for Hyundai

Fri 07:22 WRC - Finland: Five minutes to go until SS6, Paijala, which is our longest of the day at 14.528 miles, and is the second of this morning's four-stage loop.

Scott McLaughlinFri 07:30 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Among the huge array of international motorsport taking place this weekend is a V8 Supercars triple-header at Queensland Raceway.

Three practice sessions took place today and it was the Volvo of Scott McLaughlin that emerged fastest (even quicker than that helicopter behind him).

The V8s have two races tomorrow then a longer finale on Sunday.

Fri 07:34 WRC - Finland: If you're just joining us, the main news from this morning is that Robert Kubica has retired from Rally Finland after a crash a mile into the Friday opener.

But though you'll be missing him on the stages today, there will be some rather special Kubica content elsewhere on AUTOSPORT later on...

Fri 07:37 WRC - Finland: Ogier is not far from the end of SS6. Hard to compare pace as we're not getting any split times back from Latvala, who is still running fine.

Fri 07:38 WRC - Finland: Ogier sets the benchmark at 10m52.7s.

"A really fast stage, but really nice. A lot of fun to drive. The end is a new part so you always leave a small margin, but it was not a bad time, I think. I really enjoyed it."

Fri 07:39 WRC - Finland: Latvala beats Ogier by four tenths of a second, bringing his overall lead up to 6.1s.

Fri 07:42 WRC - Finland: Latvala is in confident, serene mode this morning rather than uncertain, despondent mode (see day one in Poland for an example of that) and it's good to hear.

"I was enjoying the stage. In some places the notes were not exactly right. I was a little bit scruffy with the recce notes, but now it's sorted out and we know what needs to be changed. You can always be a bit quicker."

Latvala also reckons the road is still damp enough that Ogier isn't losing out at all from being first in the order.

"At the moment Seb is not suffering at all because it is a bit damp and humid so it's giving more grip and it's not cleaning at all."

Fri 07:43 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen loses another 9s to his rally-leading team-mates. He says that's "a comfortable pace."

Fri 07:45 WRC - Finland: Ostberg comes through 6s down on Latvala and Ogier, but 3s quicker than Mikkelsen, who he's fighting with for sixth.

"I'm trying to rebuild my confidence after I destroyed it yesterday and then made it worse on the first stage this morning," says the very honest Ostberg, who couldn't understand his lack of pace on the opening stages. "I've forced myself to push."

Fri 07:47 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is fourth so far, a second slower than Ostberg but quicker than Mikkelsen - all of which is going to tighten the battle around fifth overall.

Fri 07:47 WRC - Finland: Meeke is flying on the splits - he's up on Latvala at the final one.

Fri 07:50 WRC - Finland: Neuville is slowest through so far by a big margin, 19s down on Latvala.

The damage to the rear of his i20 from the last stage is really hurting.

"With no aerodynamics on the rear, I completely lose grip on the rear. Especially on the fast parts, I have to be very careful."

He also admits he's a bit "lost" with his pace notes.

Fri 07:51 WRC - Finland: No stage win for Meeke as he comes through third, 2s down on Latvala and Ogier, having made a small error.

"I just slid wide on a long right-hander. Got it gathered up, but that's the margin at this level.

"I'm delighted. What a beautiful stage. We dropped little on the last stage and we made a mistake here, so we're not perfect, but we'll continue."

That's going to keep Meeke solidly in third in perhaps his best drive of the year so far, but he also says what we're all thinking...

"This can't be a flash in the pan, I've got to keep this up all rally."

You have, Kris.

Fri 07:53 WRC - Finland: The WRC's other Brit, Elfyn Evans, is next through, 14s off the lead pace.

He's now up to 10th after M-Sport team-mate Kubica's crash, but the Welshman is in a tight battle with fellow Fiesta runners Martin Prokop and Henning Solberg.

You'd expect Solberg to fly on a stage like this as he tends to thrive on the quick ones, but his splits aren't great so far.

Fri 07:56 WRC - Finland: Evans doesn't have to worry about Prokop for a bit now, the Czech driver lost 10s to the Welshman with a wild trip off the road.

"I thought I was going to roll," says Prokop, although he's only 24s off the pace on the stage despite exploring the foliage.

Fri 07:57 WRC - Finland: Solberg is half a minute off the pace, no particular issues but that's our slowest time so far.

Evans is no longer in a close battle for 10th, he's now miles clear of his rivals there.

Fri 07:58 WRC - Finland: Hanninen was fastest of all at the first split but he's 8.7s off the pace by the middle of the stage. Bit of a misadventure for the flyign i20?

Fri 07:59 WRC - Finland: Hanninen has indeed had a drama, it looks like the Hyundai has rolled and he's lost over a minute.

Fri 08:00 WRC - Finland: That's going to drop Hanninen from that brilliant fourth place to the bottom of the top 10.

He explains what happened:

"I had a small puncture and then on a right I spun and had a roll."

The Hyundai is a bit of a mess in cosmetic terms, but he should be able to continue through the next two stages back to service.

Fri 08:01 WRC - Finland: There's still a Hyundai going quickly on the stage though, Paddon is fourth fastest again - only beaten by Latvala, Ogier and Meeke.

Fri 08:03 WRC - Finland: Paddon got a hint that team-mate Hanninen had a bit of a problem on that stage:

"I saw a few bits and pieces of Hyundai laying around."

Fri 08:08 WRC - Finland - SS6 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 10m52.3s
2 Ogier +0.4s
3 Meeke +2.1s
4 Paddon +4.7s
5 Ostberg +6.0s
6 Hirvonen +7.1s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +6.1s
3 Meeke +14.2s
4 Hirvonen +37.6s
5 Mikkelsen +46.5s
6 Ostberg +48.5s
7 Neuville +1m05.9s
8 Paddon +1m13.3s
9 Hanninen +1m36.9s
10 Evans +1m37.5s

Fri 08:10 WRC - Finland - SS6 summary:

* Hanninen rolls and drops from fourth to ninth
* Latvala adds another four tenths to his lead over Ogier
* Neuville falls away from top five fight due to damage from SS5
* Paddon flies again with another fourth-fastest time

Fri 08:11 WRC - Finland: The third stage of the day is Kakaristo, which is the second half of the classic Ouninpohja stage, starting just back from the junction where Craig Breen rolled his Fiesta S2000 in 2012. This one gets under way in just over 10 minutes.

Harri Rovanpera, damageFri 08:13 WRC - Finland: Talking of Ouninpohja, AUTOSPORT bumped into Harri Rovanpera in a restaurant last night.

Finland's friendliest Finn is a big fan of that stage – never more so than in 2002, when he moved into the lead of the rally with fastest time in his Peugeot 206 WRC.

Unfortunately, he retired after the next stage in Moksi having removed the left-front wheel - as this picture from the LAT archive shows.

Fri 08:20 WRC - Finland: If the best rally on the WRC calendar wasn't providing enough excitement, there's also major news breaking in the service park this week.

Toyota's potential return is a very hot topic, and yesterday AUTOSPORT's DAVID EVANS broke news of a second project involving four-time WRC champion Tommi Makinen, and with the blessing of Toyota's headquarters in Japan.

Toyota Japan starts new WRC project

Fri 08:23 WRC - Finland: On an entirely different note, Mikko Hirvonen turned 34 yesterday.

"Because we have a bit of time, I want to thank you so, so much for all your very kind messages for my birthday #kiitos" he just tweeted.

Fri 08:26 WRC - Finland: Back to business, Ogier is onto SS7, the 12.744 miles of Kakaristo.

Fri 08:30 WRC - Finland: Good start from Latvala, he's one second faster than Ogier at the first split.

Fri 08:32 WRC - Finland: Better still for Latvala, he's 4s up on Ogier at the next split. This could get his overall lead over 10s for the first time.

Fri 08:36 WRC - Finland: Ogier says he had no problems, he's through in 10m41.4s.

Fri 08:38 WRC - Finland: Ogier got a little time back, but overall Latvala is 3.2s faster on that stage.

"Yeah, it was a good stage," says Latvala. "We were 4s faster and I started to attack even more, but then I started to lose some time. I'm happy overall."

Fri 08:40 WRC - Finland: A better time from Mikkelsen - he's 1.8s slower than Latvala and therefore faster than Ogier.

Fri 08:40 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen is still relatively inexperienced, and VW doesn't want him to be rolling too many cars taking unnecessary risks, but even so the pace gap to his rally-leading team-mates had been a bit too much early on, so that's an encouraging time from the Norwegian.

Fri 08:43 WRC - Finland: Ostberg matches Mikkelsen's pace, pushing Ogier down another spot in the stage rankings.

Hirvonen was fastest of all at the first split but isn't quite on Latvala's pace further on.

Fri 08:43 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen comes through fastest!

That's the first non-VW stage win of the rally so far.

Fri 08:47 WRC - Finland: Meeke might spoil Hirvonen's party yet, there's not a lot behind them on the closing splits.

Neuville has just limped through in the slightly less battered of the two battered Hyundais running this morning. He says it's "undriveable" after his impact on today's opener.

Fri 08:48 WRC - Finland: Meeke does indeed take the stage win - 0.9s faster than Hirvonen and a second up on rally leader Latvala.

"OK this was the stage on the rally up to now with the most amount of cleaning and the hardest for the guys at the top of the standings," Meeke admits.

"I just want to keep progressing, but I'm comfortable where I am."

That's also brought his gap to second-placed Ogier down to 3.7s.

Fri 08:55 WRC - Finland: Smooth runs through for Evans and Prokop, but a puncture costs Solberg a few more seconds.

Hanninen is, unsurprisingly, losing a lot of time in a car mangled by his SS6 roll.

Fri 08:57 WRC - Finland: Hanninen loses another 40s on that stage, which is going to drop him outside the top 10 now.

They're wearing sunglasses in their open-face helmets as they've had to completely remove the smashed windscreen following that crash.

And the dashboard fell off on that stage too...

"I think it's a little bit broken now... but it was not that bad," says Hanninen.

If you're just joining us, Hanninen flew this morning in both a time sense and a rolling-his-car sense.

Fri 09:00 WRC - Finland: Hanninen's co-driver Tomi Tuominen admits it was tricky turning the pages on the pace notes with the wind from the lack of windscreen...

They've got one more stage to get through without anything else falling off the car before they can get some repairs at service.

Fri 09:01 WRC - Finland: Meanwhile in the only Hyundai still in one piece, the team's rookie driver Paddon has just taken team-mate Neuville's seventh place thanks to another decent time on this stage.

Craig BreenFri 09:03 WRC - Finland: Breen completes the stage. He's running 13th overall on his WRC return and admits to "really, really struggling". It's not clicking for the ERC title contender in Finland so far.

Fri 09:28 WRC - Finland - SS7 results:

Stage times:

1 Meeke 10m37.0s
2 Hirvonen +0.9s
3 Latvala +1.2s
4 Mikkelsen +3.0s
5 Ostberg +3.4s
6 Ogier +4.4s


1 Latvala
2 Ogier +9.3s
3 Meeke +13.0s
4 Hirvonen +37.3s
5 Mikkelsen +48.3s
6 Ostberg +50.7s
7 Paddon +1m25.3s
8 Neuville +1m26.5s
9 Evans +1m47.4s
10 Prokop +2m09.6s

Hanninen now 11th, 10.4s behind Prokop

Fri 09:30 WRC - Finland - SS7 summary:

* Meeke takes first non-VW stage win of the rally and closes to within 3.7s of Ogier for second
* Latvala extends lead to 9.3s
* Paddon takes seventh from Neuville
* Hanninen struggles through with no windscreen and falls to 11th

Fri 09:31 WRC - Finland: The Tommi Makinen Racing-built four-wheel drive Toyota GT86 that AUTOSPORT revealed the existence of yesterday has made its first public appearance today.

The car was driven through the first half of the seventh stage of the event, Kakaristo.

Dispensation was given by the rally organisers and the FIA for the car to drive at competitive speeds before the course cars.

The car passed a hospitality area where Toyota guests were waiting and is reported to have pulled off the road at a junction soon after.

Fri 09:37 WRC - Finland: Just over five minutes until we begin the final stage of the morning loop - the 4.785 miles of Painaa.

Fri 09:47 WRC - Finland: Ogier was faster than Latvala on the mid-stage split, and he completes Painaa in 3m51.3s.

Fri 09:48 WRC - Finland: Ogier's big time loss to Latvala today came on the previous stage, and he puts it down to running first on the road... and J-ML being quick...

"At the beginning of the day the conditions were OK, but on the third stag the conditions were impossible and we had no chance. This one was not so bad.

"Tomorrow, if we can stay in the battle, we'll have the same conditions.

"But he's also doing a really good job, I don't want to take anything from that. But sometimes it's frustrating when you can't do anything."

Fri 09:49 WRC - Finland: Latvala loses 0.9s to Ogier, so he'll head for service with an 8.4s overall lead.

Fri 09:50 WRC - Finland: Latvala says he was a bit over-ambitious with a corner or two on that stage, but he knows where he went wrong and can sort it for this afternoon's repeat run.

Fri 09:55 WRC - Finland: Ogier's looking good for the stage win on this one. Both Mikkelsen and Hirvonen are 3s slower, while the improving Ostberg slots into third on the stage, just behind Latvala.

Fri 10:02 WRC - Finland: No repeat of the SS7 stage win for Meeke, and he's slightly frustrated with that. But he only loses a second to Ogier so remains within 5s of the second-placed world champion.

Fri 10:07 WRC - Finland: Hanninen completes SS8. He can now go and get a windscreen, some more bodywork etc.

Busy service ahead for Hyundai when both Neuville and Hanninen deliver mangled cars back to the mechanics.

Hanninen admits this won't be much fun for the crew...

Fri 10:25 WRC - Finland - SS8 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 3m51.3s
2 Latvala +0.9s
3 Meeke +1.0s
4 Ostberg +1.3s
5 Hirvonen +2.7s
6 Mikkelsen +2.9s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +8.4s
3 Meeke +13.1s
4 Hirvonen +39.1s
5 Mikkelsen +50.3s
6 Ostberg +51.1s

Fri 10:27 WRC - Finland - SS8 summary:

* Ogier fights back and gets Latvala's lead down to 8.4s
* Meeke stays in touch with leaders with third-fastest time
* Ostberg closes to within 0.8s of Mikkelsen in fifth-place battle

Fri 10:31 WRC - Finland: Time for midday service now, which means lunch for drivers, some massive rebuilds for Hyundai mechanics and another hunt for GT86 pictures, Tommi Makinen or both for DAVID EVANS.

Here's our full round-up of the morning's action.

The next stage commences at 1.56pm UK time, so AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live updates will ease off for a couple of hours now before ramping up again when the Latvala/Ogier/Meeke battle resumes this afternoon.

Fri 11:56 WRC - Finland: If you want to have a peek at what the Toyota GT86 'WRC project' looks like, here's a big picture and more details about the car courtesy of DAVID EVANS:

Toyota GT86 runs on Rally Finland

Fri 12:48 WRC - Finland: Welcome back to Rally Finland for the next loop of five stages.

Here's what to watch out for this afternoon...

* Can Latvala pull further away from Ogier?
* Can Meeke keep the VWs under pressure?
* Will Hirvonen, Ostberg or Mikkelsen join the podium battle?
* Can Hanninen mount a recovery charge in his repaired car?
* Will any more secret Toyotas turn up?

Fri 12:49 WRC - Finland: Looks like we're only going to have two Hyundais this afternoon.

You'd have thought Hanninen's roll would've been the more damaging incident to befall an i20 this morning, but it was the #7 i20 of Neuville stopped by the FIA technical delegate in service due to rollcage damage sustained when the Belgian clouted a large stone this morning.

Neuville's absence is set to bring Hanninen's patched-up car back into the top 10, while impressive rookie Paddon remains Hyundai's top man in seventh.

Fri 12:55 WRC - Finland: So with Neuville missing, our WRC field now looks like this:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +8.4s
3 Meeke +13.1s
4 Hirvonen +39.1s
5 Mikkelsen +50.3s
6 Ostberg +51.1s
7 Paddon +1m30.6s
8 Evans +1m52.8s
9 Prokop +2m16.6s
10 Hanninen +2m23.5s
11 Solberg +2m24.0s
12 Breen +3m45.9s
(18 Solowow +7m42.5s)

Out: Neuville, Kubica, Nikara

Jari Ketomaa leads WRC2 by 39.4s over Karl Kruuda, Martin Koci leads the Juniors by 1m42.4s over Quentin Giordano after championship leader Sebastien Lefebvre crashed out of second.

Up to speed? Excellent. SS9 begins in one minute.

Fri 13:03 WRC - Finland: Ogier currently leads Latvala in the championship by an ample 50 points. There are only five rallies left after this one. Two-and-a-half of those are on asphalt.

Add those factors up, and you'd think Ogier can chill and finish second to Latvala here.

But the world champion does not want to be beaten on this absolute classic rally, one that he loves. He's going to give this a proper go - and he's nine tenths faster than Latvala on the first split of this one.

Fri 13:04 WRC - Finland: Ogier completes the stage in 6m39.2s.

He says running first on the road isn't great, but reckons it will be those a long way back who benefit, rather than his main rival.

"I'm very happy with my drive, but the road's not in as good a condition as this morning. A lot of loose gravel. The grip will get better for the other cars - though maybe not so much for Jari!"

Fri 13:06 WRC - Finland: Latvala is 0.6s slower than Ogier at the finish. His lead is down to 7.8s.

Fri 13:06 WRC - Finland: Latvala says he had one little mistake where his car went off-line a little bit.

"It woke me up. We need to keep focus now. This rally is so fast, as soon as you don't keep it on the line, you lose time."

Fri 13:09 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen completes the stage 5s down on Ogier, but says he's getting into a better rhythm now.

Fri 13:10 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is fastest of all at the first split at the moment. He's a little too far back to go for a podium in a straight fight right now, but he can pull further clear of Ostberg and Mikkelsen.

Kris MeekeFri 13:11 WRC - Finland: Third-placed man Kris Meeke told DAVID EVANS he won't be drawn into a fight with the Volkswagen drivers through this afternoon's repeated stages south-west of Jyvaskyla. Going out of service, the Citroen star is just 4.7s behind Sebastien Ogier, but Meeke is focused on the finish.

"I want to just keep the rhythm we have now," he said. "We ran a wee bit wide in one junction at the start of the last stage, but that's the only thing. Otherwise it's been good. This is not my time to go fighting, so why push like hell and take the risk?"

Meeke added that he was a little concerned at the potential appearance of ruts in the re-run stages; history has shown the DS3 WRC is not at its most comfortable when the going gets rough.

Fri 13:12 WRC - Finland: Ostberg is third quickest so far, and that's going to pop him ahead of Mikkelsen into fifth overall.

Fri 13:15 WRC - Finland: After that great pace on the splits, Hirvonen is 2s off the VWs at the end of the stage.

That's not the first time this weekend that he's started a stage looking good to win it, then dropped time.

"I don't understand how they find so much time at the end," he ponders.

Fri 13:17 WRC - Finland: Brilliant stuff from Meeke, he's only one tenth slower than Ogier and second fastest on the stage.

"I was a bit apprehensive about how we'd do on the second pass, I wasn't sure if Ogier and Latvala would find another gear. But I'll give them a tenth! That's not so bad..."

Fri 13:19 WRC - Finland: Hanninen is back on the pace, he's just matched Ogier at the first split.

Fri 13:24 WRC - Finland: Bit of a misadventure for Solberg, who overshot a junction, stalled and had to turn round. It only cost him a few seconds, and he was still quick enough to close right in on Prokop for ninth.

Fri 13:25 WRC - Finland: Hanninen is indeed back on form, fourth fastest and only 1.6s slower than Ogier.

Fri 13:25 WRC - Finland: That time from Hanninen immediately brings him past Prokop and back up to ninth place. Next target is Evans.

Fri 13:27 WRC - Finland: Straightforward run for Paddon, he's 5s off the lead pace and consolidates his seventh spot.

Fri 13:35 WRC - Finland - SS9 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 6m39.8s
2 Meeke +0.1s
3 Latvala +0.6s
4 Hanninen +1.6s
5 Hirvonen +2.1s
6 Ostberg +2.6s
7 Mikkelsen +4.2s
8 Paddon +4.3s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +7.8s
3 Meeke +12.6s
4 Hirvonen +40.6s
5 Ostberg +53.1s
6 Mikkelsen +53.9s
7 Paddon +1m34.3s
8 Evans +1m57.9s
9 Hanninen +2m24.5s
10 Prokop +2m39.4s

Fri 13:37 WRC - Finland - SS9 summary:

* Ogier trims Latvala's lead to 7.8s
* Meeke misses stage win by just a tenth and stays within 4.8s of Ogier
* Ostberg takes fifth from Mikkelsen
* Hanninen jumps to ninth as he begins his comeback

Fri 13:39 WRC - Finland: Ten seconds is the big number as far as Jari-Matti Latvala and Sebastien Ogier are concerned.

Latvala wants his lead north of that number and Ogier is determined to keep it below.

Ten is, apparently, the pivotal point in terms of a gap.

Ogier told AUTOSPORT: "When you start to get over 10 seconds it's not easy to catch it. It's not easy to make that back on these roads and the target is definitely to try to stay below 10s."

Fri 13:40 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio/NASCAR - Pocono: Good morning America. The US motorsport weekend is beginning to kick off now too.

IndyCar's first practice session at Mid-Ohio begins in 20 minutes, while the Pocono NASCAR event has just commenced with the Truck Series taking to the track for practice.

Fri 13:45 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Good afternoon from Austria, where Antonio Giovinazzi has just gone fastest in free practice from championship leader Esteban Ocon. You can catch our report very soon.

Fri 13:46 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's our F3 man's first visit here since 1992, when it was called the Osterreichring and was a bit longer and faster, so he's been reorientating himself, and trying not to call the corners Hella-Licht, Boschkurve etc

Fri 13:49 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Some fantastic viewing trackside, with a host of different lines and approaches through 'Boschkurve', and some unbelievable commitment at what is still, after all these years, called the Jochen Rindt Kurve (the first of the two right-handers at the end of the lap).

Fri 13:50 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: One thing is clear - it's hard to tell visually who's quick on the stopwatch. Giovinazzi is not the smoothest by a long way - but he's one of the most committed.

Fri 13:58 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Sunny and dry conditions have been a rarity in IndyCar lately, but that's what greeted the IndyCar drivers when they arrived at Mid-Ohio this morning. They'll head out for their first practice session in about five minutes.

Fri 14:00 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: And away we go.

Fri 14:01 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Here is that full report and results rundown from the two back-to-back practice sessions.

Red Bull Ring European F3 practice

Fri 14:07 WRC - Finland: Back under way in Finland, Ogier and Latvala have begun SS10.

Fri 14:12 WRC - Finland: At 14.528 miles, Paijala is the longest stage of this quick-fire day. On the first run this morning there was only 0.4s between Ogier and Latvala's pace.

Fri 14:13 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Very low-key start to the weekend so far, with just a handful of cars having ventured out in the first 12 minutes of practice. Ohio native Graham Rahal is the only driver doing anything resembling extended running at the moment.

Fri 14:15 WRC - Finland: Ogier is struggling here, Latvala is nearly 5s up on the mid-stage splits, while Ostberg is so far fastest of all at split one.

Fri 14:15 WRC - Finland: Ogier completes the stage in 10m42.3s.

Fri 14:16 WRC - Finland: Ogier is convinced that this is the road-cleaning effect having an impact now.

"It's dried out now and though there's not much loose, there's enough. We'll still give it our best."

Fri 14:17 WRC - Finland: Latvala finishes and he's 4s faster than Ogier, so his lead grows to 11s - over that magic 10s mark for the first time.

Fri 14:19 WRC - Finland: And Latvala is sounding quietly confident and happy again.

"We really pushed. We're trying to keep the car in the clean lines, but I pushed quite hard. To be honest that was a really, really good stage for us.

"I knew I really needed to focus, really needed to concentrate, keep the car in the lines and not attack too much. That really seemed to help."

Fri 14:20 WRC - Finland: Very slow middle split from Hirvonen, who's lost 9s to the pacesetters.

Fri 14:21 WRC - Finland: Norway's heroes are through and Ostberg has pulled another 5s clear of Mikkelsen in their fight for fifth - and they're going to catch the troubled Hirvonen for fourth.

Fri 14:23 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: There has been a change at the top of the order, with Ganassi's Ryan Briscoe now the pacesetter at 1m08.3199s. There are still more cars that haven't been out than cars that have though.

Fri 14:24 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen completes the stage having lost 16s to the pacesetting Latvala.

Fri 14:24 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen explains he had a quick spin on that stage.

"We were lucky we didn't lose a wheel, but everything is OK now."

Fri 14:25 WRC - Finland: That spin has dropped Hirvonen back to fifth, between Ostberg and Mikkelsen.

Fri 14:26 WRC - Finland: Meeke is flying, he's nearly 4s quicker than Ogier on the late splits and the gap between them was a little under 5s in their second-place fight before this stage.

Fri 14:28 WRC - Finland: Meeke lost a little ground at the end of the stage but the gap to Ogier's second place is now down to just 2s.

"I'm really enjoying it," says Meeke. "This was probably one of the best stages I've experienced in Finland. My car has been fantastic.

"I'm just keeping the concentration and enjoying it."

Fri 14:30 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Toronto winner Sebastien Bourdais moves into P1 at 1m07.9288s. Meanwhile, Juan Pablo Montoya tried to liven the session up with a little wiggle as he came out of the final kink, but he caught it and continued on. With 15 minutes left on the clock, we're starting to see the remaining drivers venture out for the first time.

Fri 14:30 WRC - Finland: Solberg is shown as having lost three minutes at the first split. Rogue timing system glitch or a problem for the WRC's remaining Solberg sibling?

Fri 14:32 WRC - Finland: Surprisingly mediocre split times from Hanninen at present. Nothing dramatic, only a handful of seconds slower than the lead pack, but given his pace every stage he's had a healthy car this weekend, that's a surprise.

Fri 14:32 WRC - Finland: Confirmation that Solberg has had to stop on the stage to change a damaged wheel and tyre.

Fri 14:37 WRC - Finland: Hanninen completes the stage and he did indeed have a little problem, with his power steering starting to fade in and out.

"It's a bit disturbing," he admits.

He still took a couple of seconds out of the gap to Evans in eighth ahead.

Fri 14:38 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Briscoe back to P1 at 1m06.9410s. Everyone but Scott Dixon has now completed at least an installation lap ... and just as we type that, we see the #9 Ganassi car heading out.

We've heard a whisper that the lack of laps is the result of Firestone only bringing five sets of tyres for each car instead of six, as is the norm for weekends that have three practice sessions.

Fri 14:39 WRC - Finland: Solberg lost about three minutes when he had to change that puncture. He denies he hit anything... apart from some stones...

That time loss won't drop Solberg too far back as the field is quite spread out behind the top-class cars, so he'll probably still find himself around 14th, among the WRC2 leaders.

Fri 14:40 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Simon Pagenaud goes to P1 at 1m06.6731s.

Fri 14:43 WRC - Finland: As the regular game of WRC timing system bingo unfolds, we can let you know that Hanninen took 6s out of the gap to Evans on that one.

Full results in just a moment...

Fri 14:48 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Ryan Hunter-Reay goes to the top right at the end with a 1m06.5316s, and the chequered flag brings the morning to a close. If every session is going to be like that, we're going to need a lot more coffee.

Fri 15:04 WRC - Finland - SS10 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 10m38.3s
2 Meeke +2.0s
3 Ostberg +2.4s
4 Ogier +4.0s
5 Mikkelsen +6.7s
6 Hanninen +8.2s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +11.8s
3 Meeke +14.6s
4 Ostberg +55.5s
5 Hirvonen +57.1s
6 Mikkelsen +1m00.6s

Fri 15:06 WRC - Finland - SS10 summary:

* Latvala brings overall lead up to 11.8s
* Meeke closes to within 2.8s of Ogier for second
* Hirvonen spins and drops to fifth behind Ostberg
* Hanninen has power steering worries but still closes on Evans for eighth

And SS11 is beginning right now...

Fri 15:09 WRC - Finland: Kakaristo is the stage where Latvala did the most damage in his battle with Ogier during the morning, and he's made a superb start again - outpacing his team-mate by 3.5s at the first split.

Fri 15:12 WRC - Finland: Three quarters of the way through the stage and Latvala is now 6.6s up on Ogier - this could take his lead to nearly 20s...

Fri 15:15 WRC - Finland: The top two VWs finish the stage and Latvala is a massive 8.3s faster, taking his lead up to 20.1s.

"What can I do?" asks Ogier, who is adamant that time loss comes from him running first on the road.

Fri 15:17 WRC - Finland: Latvala doesn't agree with his team-mate's view...

"OK in some places, for sure he's losing out [due to road position]. But also it can be a mental thing - if you think it's because you're first on the road then you lose even more.

"For sure we were pushing really hard. I can't take that many risks on every stage, but it was a good one.

"I'm just thinking about my driving, and now it's working."

Fri 15:19 WRC - Finland: Early splits suggest Meeke might take second from Ogier on this stage too.

Fri 15:21 WRC - Finland: Ostberg is eight seconds down on Latvala, which is a similar pace to Ogier, but the Citroen driver is pretty underwhelmed, feeling his ride-height was too low for that stage.

Fri 15:23 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen is currently second fastest, and that could gain him two places with Hirvonen slightly off the pace and Ostberg having his set-up issues.

Hirvonen and Ostberg are actually tied on identical times for fifth place now, while Mikkelsen has vaulted them into fourth.

Fri 15:25 WRC - Finland: Back in service, M-Sport has completed repairs to Kubica's Ford after his crash this morning. He will rejoin under Rally2 tomorrow...

...but he will have about 45 minutes of penalties so is unlikely to even be in the top 50 overall.

Fri 15:25 WRC - Finland: Meeke completes the stage and he's taken second place!

Fri 15:27 WRC - Finland: Meeke is now 1.8s ahead of Ogier... and quite surprised.

"It's a little bit crazy! I didn't expect it.

"I'm starting to understand this car and it's working really well. Last year my first event in this car and I didn't have much experience. This year I'm making it work."

Is he benefiting from running a long way down the start order?

"I don't think there's much road cleaning at all. I just have to take the road position I've got and make best use of it."

Fri 15:28 WRC - Finland: Prokop has stopped on the stage. He'd been running at the tail end of the points-scorers.

That could elevate Breen into the top 10.

Fri 15:32 WRC - Finland: Kubica has been explaining his crash this morning, and as usual it's a pretty thoughtful and interesting description, so here it is in full:

"On a quick section one and a half kilometres into the stage [SS5] there was a wrong pacenote. It said 'six-left-plus-long-over-crest' so I went in at full throttle and high speed. Unfortunately one piece of information was missing - that it unloads the car – so it [the car] took off the road and I went too wide.

"I went onto the grass. Nothing would have happened if there was a bit of a straight afterwards. Unfortunately the road went right, and we were deeply on the inside of the corner. We were thrown to the outside and we hit something with the left front. The car did a full spin in the air and we landed on the other side of the road. Luckily the damage wasn't too severe, but it was too much to continue.

"The biggest problem in that situation was an unloaded car because of the crest. I hadn't noticed that during recce; I only noticed when we were there at full speed. It is very difficult to foresee these things as I am not experienced enough to know for sure which crests will unload the car. But on the other hand If you want to drive with good pace it would be difficult to slow down before every sixth-gear corner because there are so many of them here.

"I regret all the mileage I lost today. Yesterday we were taking no risks and we were driving very well. Today, while doing the same, we finished far too early. Tomorrow we just have to continue with the same attitude."

Fri 15:36 WRC - Finland: Hanninen's power steering worries are getting a bit worse and his pace isn't as startling as it was straight out of service. He still took another 5s out of the gap to Evans in eighth, though.

Fri 15:41 WRC - Finland - SS11 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 10m22.1s
2 Mikkelsen +1.0s
3 Meeke +3.7s
4 Hirvonen +6.8s
5 Ogier +8.3s
6 Ostberg +8.4s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +18.3s
3 Ogier +20.1s
4 Mikkelsen +1m01.6s
5 Ostberg +1m03.9s
= Hirvonen +1m03.9s

Fri 15:44 WRC - Finland - SS11 summary:

* Ogier struggles on the loose gravel and falls to third behind Meeke
* Latvala establishes 18.3s lead
* Mikkelsen jumps past Ostberg and Hirvonen into fourth
* Prokop retires, elevating Breen into the points in 10th

Fri 16:19 WRC - Finland: Two more stages to go this evening, first up is today's second visit to Painaa, which is moments away from beginning.

Fri 16:23 NASCAR - Pocono: Opening practice for the Sprint Cup's second Pocono visit of the year has just finished, and Kurt Busch set the pace ahead of Penske pair Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano, then rookie sensation Kyle Larson.

Qualifying for Sunday's race takes place later today.

Fri 16:26 WRC - Finland: Ogier comes through Painaa with a time of 3m50.0s.

He doesn't think road conditions have been too bad for him on this one, and he's defiant about his performance today.

"It's been a frustrating afternoon for me, but I'm still happy with what I've done - it's been quite a good job."

Fri 16:29 WRC - Finland: Even though this stage is just 4.785 miles, Latvala still adds another second and a half to his advantage over Ogier.

Fri 16:30 WRC - Finland: A little mistake for Mikkelsen that he reckons cost him a second. He's 2.4s down on Latvala at the end.

That shouldn't be too costly but he's only narrowly ahead of Ostberg and Hirvonen in that very close fight for fourth.

Fri 16:31 WRC - Finland: And Ostberg does take a little under two seconds out of the gap to Mikkelsen ahead.

Fri 16:34 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is third quickest with a 3m49.4s, four tenths down on Ostberg. He reckons that is the "absolute maximum" the Ford is capable of.

Fri 16:37 WRC - Finland: Meeke only fourth quickest, but that still adds four tenths to his gap over Ogier, which is now 2.2s

"I'd quite like to go back round to the startline and have another go at it..." reckons the Citroen man.

Fri 16:45 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: We've just had an absolutely thrilling qualifying session at the Red Bull Ring, with Esteban Ocon pipping Max Verstappen, Tom Blomqvist and Antonio Giovinazzi after a four-way fight. Stay tuned for our story...

Fri 16:46 WRC - Finland: A smooth stage for Evans, a very tentative stage for Solberg as he's had so many punctures today he barely has any tyres left, and now Hanninen comes through 4s off the pace with his intermittent power steering troubles continuing.

Fri 16:50 WRC - Finland: Breen is now up to 10th, and though he's a long way off the pace, he's staying out of trouble.

"I cannot explain how much faster and tougher this is," he says of the experience of being both back in a World Rally Car, and being in one in Finland.

Fri 16:58 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Here's the full story of that exceptional battle for race one pole, plus the complete grid line-up:

Red Bull Ring European F3 qualifying report

Fri 17:01 WRC - Finland - SS12 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 3m48.5s
2 Ostberg +0.5s
3 Hirvonen +0.9s
4 Meeke +1.1s
5 Ogier +1.5s
6 Mikkelsen +2.4s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +19.4s
3 Ogier +21.6s
4 Mikkelsen +1m04.0s
5 Ostberg +1m04.4s
6 Hirvonen +1m04.8s

Fri 17:03 WRC - Finland - SS12 summary:

* Latvala and Meeke inch a little further away from Ogier
* Battle for fourth closes up: just 0.8s covers three cars

Fri 17:04 WRC - Finland: One more stage to go tonight, the repeat of last night's visit to the city street/bit of forest mix of Harju, which begins at 6.30pm UK time.

We'll bring you live coverage of that, and also updates from the second Friday practice session of the Mid-Ohio IndyCar event.

GalantFri 17:06 WRC - Finland: Meanwhile DAVID EVANS has been exploring...

Incredible what you see left in the car park in Finland… here's the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Kenneth Eriksson used to finish third on this event in 1990.

Fri 17:31 WRC - Finland: We're onto Friday's final stage, the crowd-friendly bit-of-street, bit-of-woodland mile-long blast of Harju.

Running order won't make any difference at all on this one, but it's another chance for Latvala and Meeke to add to their overnight confidence.

Latvala needs to take a bit more care tonight than last night though, as he ripped a fair chunk off his VW's front bodywork on Thursday evening and let Ogier take a second off him.

Fri 17:39 WRC - Finland: Ogier completes Harju in 1m46.3s. He's said tomorrow will be a "new rally" for him with the road positions reversed, but how much ground is he going to have to make up...?

Fri 17:42 WRC - Finland: Latvala loses three tenths to Ogier so when the chase begins tomorrow they will be 21.3s apart.

"He has not given up," says Latvala of Ogier. "We need to be prepared for that."

In a few cars' time we'll know where Meeke fits into all this too.

Fri 17:43 WRC - Finland: Next up we'll be settling who starts Saturday fourth, fifth and sixth, with just eight tenths blanketing Mikkelsen, Ostberg and Hirvonen at the moment.

Fri 17:44 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen pops in 1m46.8s, third fastest so far and half a second off Ogier.

Fri 17:47 WRC - Finland: Not great for Ostberg, a 1m47.6s increases the gap to Mikkelsen and leaves him vulnerable to Hirvonen.

He's happy overall, though, have gained pace throughout Friday.

"For sure it's getting better and better. There's been good development through the day. We're getting in a good way with the car and with the driving now. We need to continue with that.

"Even with the start we had and all these difficulties, we're still with them."

Fri 17:50 WRC - Finland: In fact these times are spreading the fourth place battle right out - Hirvonen finishes now and he's lost a couple of seconds.

He's pretty calm about it.

"There are still one and a half days to go so we can have a good fight."

Fri 17:53 WRC - Finland: Meeke has some damage to the front of his Citroen, but he's only lost six tenths to Ogier in their fight for second. That makes his advantage 1.6s.

Fri 17:55 WRC - Finland: Meeke seems slightly in awe of what he's done today.

"It's been fascinating, to start the day 7-8s behind the world champion, and last year's rally winner, and end the day in front... Jari's had another level, but our times have been good."

Fri 17:56 WRC - Finland: In the fourth place fight, Mikkelsen is now 1.2s ahead of Ostberg and 3.1s clear of Hirvonen. Still pretty close.

Fri 18:04 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The second practice session is under way, and the track is already a lot busier than it was this morning. The early pacesetter is Jack Hawksworth.

Fri 18:06 WRC - Finland: The final few WRC runners are coming through now, with no dramas for the likes of Solberg, Hanninen and Paddon.

Fri 18:10 WRC - Finland - SS13 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 1m46.3s
2 Latvala +0.3s
3 Mikkelsen +0.5s
4 Meeke +0.6s
5 Ostberg +1.3s
6 Hirvonen +2.8s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +19.7s
3 Ogier +21.3s
4 Mikkelsen +1m04.2s
5 Ostberg +1m05.4s
6 Hirvonen +1m07.3s

Jari Ketomaa and Martin Koci are going to finish the day with comfortable leads in WRC2 and Junior WRC respectively.

Fri 18:12 WRC - Finland: This is a long way from being over yet. Tomorrow the crews face 10 more stages spread across 12 hours. And running order shouldn't be an issue with the WRC field reversed.

So will Ogier come back at Latvala? Can Meeke hang on? Who will win this super-close three-way fight for fourth? Will Hanninen regain more ground?

We'll be revealing all over the next two days...

Fri 18:14 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Justin Wilson takes his place at the top of the screens ahead of Ryan Briscoe.

OrangeFri 18:14 WRC - Finland: ...We're less certain that we'll be able to reveal why this orange is wandering around the service park.

He (or she) did try and come into the media centre but discovered she (or he) was too wide.

Fri 18:21 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Takuma Sato moves to the top of the screens with a 1m07.3215s lap. Honda occupies eight of the top 10 places at the moment.

Fri 18:26 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Simon Pagenaud has spun and beached himself in the gravel trap at Turn 4. The Frenchman is currently sixth-fastest. We hope this doesn't put him in a bad mood; we're meant to be joining him for an SPM team BBQ later.

Fri 18:27 WRC - Finland: Here's our comprehensive report from the second loop of Friday's stages in Finland:

Latvala builds lead, Meeke grabs second from Ogier

Fri 18:30 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The stricken Schmidt car has been rescued from the gravel and is able to drive back to the pits without any apparent damage. A clutch of cars respond immediately to the green flag.

Fri 18:37 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Ryan Briscoe moves to P1. The Australian also led the session a little earlier, but was bumped back by Wilson before we had the chance to tell you about it.

And in fact, he's just been bumped back now - both Bourdais and Carlos Munoz have gone faster. Bourdais' time was 1m06.8271s.

Fri 18:46 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Carlos Huertas spins at the entry to the final sequence of corners, and with only a minute or so left on the clock, the session is ended. Bourdais finishes the day on top.

Fri 18:49 And that brings Friday's AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live to a close.

MARK GLENDENNING's IndyCar practice report will be on AUTOSPORT later this evening, along with our NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying report from Pocono.

We will be back tomorrow morning from 08.45am UK time ready for more from Rally Finland, along with commentary on the following scheduled:

09.25: Snetterton BTCC practice one
10.10: Red Bull Ring Euro F3 race one
11.00: Red Bull Ring DTM practice one
12.00: Snetterton BTCC practice two
12.45: Rio Hondo WTCC practice one
13.10: Red Bull Ring DTM practice two
14.00: Mid-Ohio Indy Lights qualifying
15.00: Rio Hondo WTCC practice two
15.00: Mid-Ohio IndyCar practice three
15.20: Snetterton BTCC qualifying
16.25: Red Bull Ring Euro F3 qualifying two
17.10: Red Bull Ring DTM qualifying
19.00: Rio Hondo WTCC qualifying
19.00: Mid-Ohio IndyCar qualifying

See you then.

Sat 07:47 Good morning and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live as we begin a packed Saturday bringing you all the action from Finland, Mid-Ohio, Austria, Argentina and Norfolk.

Sat 07:50 WRC - Finland: We had the first two Saturday stages in Finland early this morning, and both were won by Jari-Matti Latvala as he extended his lead at home.

But Sebastien Ogier's charge has begun, and he moved ahead of Kris Meeke for second place on Jukojarvi.

The Surkee stage is under way now. Here is how the leaders stand going onto it:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +24.9s
3 Meeke +28.0s
4 Mikkelsen +1m13.0s
5 Ostberg +1m18.1s
6 Hirvonen +1m23.5s
7 Paddon +2m43.6s
8 Evans +3m10.5s
9 Hanninen +3m15.5s
10 Breen +6m29.7s

Sat 08:04 WRC - Finland: First on the road today is Robert Kubica after his crash on yesterday's opening stage.

When all the Rally2 penalties from missing yesterday's stages were added up, Kubica found himself 59th overall, 46 minutes away from the lead. So points are unlikely and today is a case of building more experience.

He's been quicker than Craig Breen and Henning Solberg on every stage today so far, which is respectable given he has the worst of the loose gravel.

Sat 08:07 WRC - Finland: Quickest of the midfield batch through so far is Hayden Paddon, who is having his best rally yet since getting his top-class call-up from Hyundai.

He holds seventh overall right now, a comfortable distance ahead of Elfyn Evans and the second Hyundai of Juho Hanninen.

Hanninen has been making steady progress after his Friday roll (which happened when he was fighting for a podium) and is now within 2.3s of Evans's eighth place.

The Finn had a bit of a scare early this morning when he thought there was something burning in his i20. He later decided he was just being paranoid.

Sat 08:07 WRC - Finland: Mikko Hirvonen now pips Paddon for the current fastest time, but the M-Sport man is not happy. He's falling away from Friday's ultra-close battle with Andreas Mikkelsen and Mads Ostberg for fourth, and can't seem to get up to speed properly this morning.

Sat 08:08 WRC - Finland: Ostberg pulls his gap over Hirvonen up to 8s, but Mikkelsen is looking faster still on the splits.

"Not a bad stage from us, but not so much more I can do," reckons Ostberg.

Sat 08:09 WRC - Finland: We will, incidentally, have more news on the man (or woman) dressed as an orange later this morning.

Sat 08:11 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen is 1.6s faster than Ostberg, making his fourth place look more comfortable still.

After that disappointingly muted start to the event - during which he was drifting away in seventh place - Mikkelsen is now into his stride. The podium is a long way away, though.

Sat 08:11 WRC - Finland: The splits suggest Ogier is pulling further away from Meeke, but still losing time to our leader Latvala.

Sat 08:13 WRC - Finland: Ogier is fastest so far, but only by four tenths over Mikkelsen.

That prompts surprise from the stage-end TV crew, and some banter in response from Ogier:

"Thank you for the compliment... or do you think Andreas is a bad driver...? Maybe I'm getting old..."

Sat 08:14 WRC - Finland: Meeke comes through third fastest. He lost another second to Ogier but is still within 4.5s in the overall standings - and miles ahead of everyone else.

Sat 08:15 WRC - Finland: Meeke has insisted all morning he's not looking at performance relative to Ogier, just at keeping his pace as quick as possible and seeing what happens.

"It was very, very slippery in here. The road is really narrow. You're sliding, but you've no room to slide. It's a different nature of stage.

"I was always very slow in here in the past. But to be a second away from the fastest time so far - though I think Jari-Matti's going to blitz everyone - makes me happy."

Sat 08:17 WRC - Finland: Storming stuff from Latvala, who comes through nearly five seconds quicker than anyone else and brings his lead up to almost half a minute over Ogier.

"I like this stage, it's one of my favourites in this rally."

Sat 08:17 WRC - Finland: Big news in WRC2 as dominant leader Jari Ketomaa stops on the stage. Karl Kruuda is set to inherit the lead.

Sat 08:19 WRC - Finland: The tracking system shows Ketomaa on the move again now. Thrid-placed WRC2 man Sebastien Chardonnet has also stopped.

This is good news for Ott Tanak, who was a distant fourth after punctures, glitches and incidents on Thursday and Friday.

Sat 08:21 WRC - Finland: Kruuda reckons it looked like Ketomaa was changing a puncture when he passed the parked Ford.

Karl KruudaSat 08:27 WRC - Finland: Ketomaa completes the stage having lost three and a half minutes and the WRC2 lead. He confirms he had a puncture, while Citroen says its protege Chardonnet has crashed out of third in class.

That means the WRC's most colourful car now leads WRC2. The order is Kruuda-Ketomaa-Tanak.

Tanak says he had to dodge quite a few spectators in the road who were trying to help get Chardonnet back on the road.

Sat 08:29 WRC - Finland - SS16 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 7m58.9s
2 Ogier +4.1s
3 Mikkelsen +4.5s
4 Meeke +5.5s
5 Ostberg +6.1s
6 Hirvonen +9.6s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +29.0s
3 Meeke +33.5s
4 Mikkelsen +1m17.5s
5 Ostberg +1m24.2s
6 Hirvonen +1m33.1s

Sat 08:34 WRC - Finland - SS16 summary:

* Commanding stage win for Latvala brings his lead up to 29s
* Meeke still tagging on to Ogier for second
* Mikkelsen, Ostberg, Hirvonen spread out
* Ketomaa punctures and loses WRC2 lead to Kruuda

Sat 08:40 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Our first F3 race of the weekend isn't far away in Austria, and it could be a cracker given how close yesterday's qualifying session was.

Here's MARCUS SIMMONS' full report of how Esteban Ocon beat Max Verstappen, Tom Blomqvist and Antonio Giovinazzi to pole:

Red Bull Ring European F3 qualifying one report

Lotus youngster Ocon could actually wrap up the championship this weekend. Here's how the points look:

Championship standings after 21 of 33 rounds:

1 Esteban Ocon 379
2 Max Verstappen 263
3 Lucas Auer 211
4 Tom Blomqvist 208
5 Antonio Fuoco 162
6 Jordan King 134

(25 points for a win)
Full 2014 European F3 data on FORIX

Jamie WhincupSat 08:47 V8 Supercars - Queensland: There was a time not so long ago when it looked like someone other than Jamie Whincup might be winning this year's V8 title as the reigning champion languished in fifth in the points and did odd things like retiring from races and finishing off the podium.

But earlier today he took two more victories at Queensland Raceway and in the process cut Mark Winterbottom's championship lead from 96 to 48 points.

Those wins were Whincup's fifth and sixth in the last eight races. Ominous. Here are the full stories:

Race one: Whincup defeats Lowndes
Race two: Nissan/Volvo collision hands Whincup win

Championship standings after 24 of 37 rounds:

1 Mark Winterbottom 1736
2 Jamie Whincup 1688
3 Craig Lowndes 1490
4 Fabian Coulthard 1463
5 Shane van Gisbergen 1454
6 James Courtney 1448

(50 to 300 points per win depending on race length)

Sat 08:53 DTM - Red Bull Ring: News from the DTM paddock in Austria this morning, the DTM drivers have formed a drivers' association. The DTM Driver Association will be fronted by former driver Manuel Reuter, and, according to the release, will 'improve cooperation between drivers, the organiser of the series, the ITR, and the German Motor Sport Association (DMSB).'

Any DTM drivers are welcome to join the association, with each manufacturer set to have a spokesperson. For Audi, it will be Timo Scheider, for BMW it will be Timo Glock, and for Mercedes it will be Gary Paffett.

Sat 08:56 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Whincup's race two win was assisted by Scott McLaughlin's Volvo and Michael Caruso's Nissan colliding as they battled for the lead with 10 laps left.

The pair are good friends and that probably helped McLaughlin's extremely chilled reaction to basically being punted out of first place. He ended up 19th, with Caruso 24th after a penalty.

Judge the tangle for yourself in the series' official highlights video:

Sat 09:04 WRC - Finland: DAVID EVANS has been tracking down some of the Brits starring in the lower classes in Finland.

"Good chat with Tom Cave and Alastair Fisher this morning. Cave's setting the Drive DMACK Fiesta pace but Fisher has already suffered two punctures and a broken gearbox. When he gets a clean run on the stages, he fastest of the Junior WRC runners."

Slovakia's Martin Koci currently leads the Juniors by a commanding margin.

Sat 09:08 WRC - Finland: Two more stages coming up this morning, back-to-back and quick-fire.

Himos, which is 2.765 miles, is next up in just over five minutes, and then the drivers immediately head to the 6.220-mile Leustu before midday service.

Here's what to watch out for on that little blast:

* Will Latvala continue to pull away?
* Can Meeke come back at Ogier for second?
* Can Ostberg and Hirvonen stop Mikkelsen escaping with fourth?
* Will Hanninen take eighth from Evans?
* Will a man (or woman) dressed as an orange appear in a top-secret Toyota Celica?

Sat 09:08 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's almost go time here for the first F3 race of the weekend. Esteban Ocon will start from pole alongside Max Verstappen.

Sat 09:11 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: The race is go – and Ocon and Verstappen have clashed at the first corner! Both drivers made good starts, and both went for the same bit of road. Ocon spun, but Verstappen managed to keep going. Tom Blomqvist now leads from Antonio Giovinazzi.

Sat 09:14 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Verstappen now running sixth and is the fastest man on track. Ocon is also still running, but right at the back.

Looking at replays of the crash, it's a tough one to call. Verstappen hits Ocon's right-rear, which is never good. Could be that the Dutchman cops some heat for that one.

Sat 09:19 WRC - Finland: Kubica has safely completed SS17. He's not looking at the overall standings of course, but AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live quite likes obscure things so we are, and he's recently moved ahead of Wolfram Dobberer's Opel Corsa. He might soon be back in the top 50.

Sat 09:19 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Five laps done here in hilly Spielberg, and Blomqvist continues to lead from team-mate Giovinazzi. Felix Rosenqvist, who started down in ninth, is third, while Verstappen is fifth, and Ocon is back up to 17th.

Henning SolbergSat 09:22 WRC - Finland: Solberg and Breen are through slightly slower than Kubica again.

Solberg suffered an early morning scare leaving service. Driving down to the out control, the Norwegian felt his Fiesta had a gearshift problem. He reversed the car back to its M-Sport bay, the boys plugged in the laptop and cured the fault in an instant - all in front of AUTOSPORT's camera.

Solberg is the closest threat to Breen's 10th place, but is over a minute behind after his various punctures, so the Irishman's point looks safe for now.

Sat 09:25 WRC - Finland: Hanninen only manages to take six tenths out of Evans in his chase of the Welshman's eighth place on this one. That leaves them 1.7s apart.

"I need to be more patient," reckons Hanninen, after a stage of slides. He's currently the fastest man through.

Sat 09:28 WRC - Finland: Paddon comes through fourth quickest as he maintains seventh in what is still the lead Hyundai.

We lost Thierry Neuville - who finished a brilliant second here for M-Sport in only his second shot at Rally Finland last year - yesterday when what seemed a fairly harmless mistake caused rollcage damage to his i20.

Hyundai team principal Michel Nandan gave AUTOSPORT more detail: "We could have worked on the rollcage, but for me this was a safety issue and when we would have had to repair the sill, then this is not a job to do here. It's a shame, but it's the sensible thing to do.

Sat 09:28 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Half-race distance, and Max Verstappen has just passed both Jake Dennis and Felix Rosenqvist in one go to grab third place.

At the front, Blomqvist is still in P1, and has stretched his lead over Giovinazzi to a second after the pair spent a few laps running nose-to-tail.

Sat 09:33 WRC - Finland: Ostberg is nearly 2.4s faster than Hirvonen, which extends their gap to 11s in the fight for fifth overall.

"In Finland you have to be perfect to be right on with the speed," summarises Ostberg.

This battle behind the podium fight has been changing all rally. On Thursday and Friday morning it was Hirvonen whose confidence was growing and it looked like he'd be hunting down Meeke.

Yesterday's spin changed that, and after their muted/frustrating starts respectively Mikkelsen and Ostberg are now surging away.

Mikkelsen comes through 0.8s faster than Ostberg this time and is our current pacesetter.

Sat 09:34 WRC - Finland: Ogier is a second and a half quicker than Mikkelsen. How's that going to compare to Latvala and Meeke?

Sat 09:35 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Some good racing between Brit Jake Dennis and Felix Rosenqvist, with Dennis outbraking Rosenqvist to move into fourth spot. We're on lap 18 of 24.

Sat 09:35 WRC - Finland: Ogier thinks he let some time slip there.

"I did a really good start but unfortunately I did two small mistakes at the end, which is why I'm complaining at myself a bit, like 'argh, I could've done a bit better!'"

Sat 09:37 WRC - Finland: Meeke made an early start this morning. Getting into service for 7am wasn't early enough for him, so he went for a run and a swim beforehand.

Meeke's boss Marek Nawarecki told AUTOSPORT he wanted more of the same from the Northern Irishman. We think he was talking more about Meeke's performance on the stages yesterday than about his swimming and running this morning.

"He did a fantastic job yesterday," said Nawarecki, "and we want Kris to keep up the pressure on the Volkswagen drivers today."

Meeke admitted he thought the Polo boys might find another gear today, with the stages being more familiar to them.

Sat 09:38 WRC - Finland: A costly mistake from Meeke there - he loses 5s to Ogier as he has a moment on a downhill braking section. The gap to second place is up to 9.2s but Meeke will be relieved to continue.

Sat 09:39 WRC - Finland: Latvala is second fastest, eight tenths slower than Ogier.

"I'm satisfied with that. I can improve for the second run," reckons the leader, who is still 28.2s clear.

Sat 09:44 WRC - Finland - SS17 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 2m37.6s
2 Latvala +0.8s
3 Mikkelsen +1.5s
4 Ostberg +2.3s
5 Meeke +4.7s
6 Hirvonen +4.7s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +28.2s
3 Meeke +37.4s
4 Mikkelsen +1m18.2s
5 Ostberg +1m25.7s
6 Hirvonen +1m37.0s

Sat 09:45 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Victory for Tom Blomqvist! The young Brit does it easy in the end, leading home team-mate Giovinazzi by more than four seconds.

Max Verstappen is third, although his clash with Esteban Ocon at the start is still under investigation. Jake Dennis and Felix Rosenqvist round out the top five, while Ocon missed out on points, finishing just 13th.

Sat 09:45 WRC - Finland - SS17 summary:

* Ogier is fastest but only trims 0.8s from Latvala's lead
* Meeke makes a mistake and drops 9.2s behind Ogier
* Hanninen closes to within a second of Evans

And the next stage, Leustu, is already beginning, with Kubica on his way through.

Sat 10:00 WRC - Finland: Usual pattern from the early cars on Leustu so far: Kubica a bit quicker than Solberg and Breen, now Hanninen becomes the pacesetter. Let's see if this is the stage where he takes eighth from Evans.

Sat 10:02 WRC - Finland: Evans is 2.6s slower than Hanninen so he drops to ninth overall, and the Finn sets off to close the half-minute gap to team-mate Paddon.

Evans is doing exactly what you want from an inexperienced rookie tackling Finland in a World Rally Car for the first time, though. No mistakes, plenty of mileage and plenty of learning.

Sat 10:04 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen comes in fastest so far, but he's a few tenths down on next-man-in Ostberg on the splits again.

Sat 10:06 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is keeping his chin up and plans a thoughtful lunchtime figuring out how to come back at Ostberg.

"We've lost time but we can still try to fight back. We'll go to service now and see what we can do.

"But it's more me than the car..."

Sat 10:06 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Just to recap the first practice session, Moscow winner Maxime Martin was quickest for BMW, ahead of Miguel Molina (Audi) and Robert Wickens). Second practice starts in about half an hour.

Sat 10:07 WRC - Finland: Ostberg adds another 4s to his lead over Hirvonen in fifth, but he had a big scare on that stage, hitting some large rocks and initially believing he'd picked up a puncture.

Sat 10:12 WRC - Finland: Ogier and Mikkelsen set equal times and are joint-fastest so far.

Our champion makes a rare admission that he's not quite on top of things this morning:

"I struggle to brake in the right place. I don't know why. Too early, too late... It's not a drama."

And is Ogier going to settle for second?

"30 seconds to Jari in Finland is quite a lot. I don't have to be crazy. I'll try to keep a good rhythm but it would be stupid to push like mad to try to catch him."

That's not quite admitting defeat is it?

Sat 10:13 WRC - Finland: Meeke is losing touch with Ogier for second now, though, dropping another 4s to the VW on this one. A podium would still be superb for Meeke here.

Sat 10:15 WRC - Finland: Another stage win for Latvala. He's 1.7s faster than Mikkelsen and Ogier and his lead grows to 29.9s.

Sat 10:22 WRC - Finland - SS18 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 5m15.9s
2 Ogier +1.7s
= Mikkelsen +1.7s
4 Ostberg +2.6s
5 Meeke +6.0s
6 Hirvonen +6.5s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +29.9s
3 Meeke +43.4s
4 Mikkelsen +1m19.9s
5 Ostberg +1m28.3s
6 Hirvonen +1m43.5s

Sat 10:29 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: That was a wild start to the F3 weekend with Ocon and Verstappen colliding at the first corner and Blomqvist having to fend off Carlin team-mate Giovinazzi for the win.

Here's the full story of what happened courtesy of MARCUS SIMMONS, plus complete results:

Red Bull Ring European F3 race one report

Sat 10:32 WRC - Finland: The WRC field are heading for the service park now, with stages resuming in a little under two hours, when we'll repeat this morning's quintet of high-speed, high-flying challenges.

In the meantime we'll be bringing you all the news from the service park, plus updates from the practice sessions for this weekend's WTCC, BTCC and DTM events, and probably also WTCC correspondent PETER MILLS's efforts to reach Termas de Rio Hondo from a fog-stricken Buenos Aires airport.

Robert Kubica and Sebastien OgierSat 10:37 WRC - Finland: In the meantime, a highly-recommended feature...

Sebastien Ogier and Robert Kubica recently sat down with a select group of journalists for a joint interview, with AUTOSPORT's DAVID EVANS among those invited.

The subsequent conversation included Ogier's frank views about Kubica's rallying progresson (and how it compares to Kimi Raikkonen's effort) and about Pastor Maldonado, among many other topics.

You might have seen an abridged version in our sister publication Motorsport News recently, but as a treat for AUTOSPORT Plus subscribers, here's the full uncut interview:

Kubica and Ogier quiz each other

Sat 10:51 NASCAR - Pocono: Rookie Kyle Larson claimed his first (proper) NASCAR Sprint Cup pole at Pocono yesterday.

His track-record lap of 49.063s (183.438mph) in the third and final round of Friday's knockout qualifying session edged Joey Logano.

Here's our qualifying report which includes the starting order for Sunday's race, which we will be covering here on Race Centre Live:

Ganassi's rookie Kyle Larson claims pole

Sat 10:58 BTCC - Snetterton: It's been a dramatic morning in Norfolk so far, with reigning champion Andrew Jordan requiring precautionary hospital checks after a crash in first practice.

He's missing the second session and we await further news about his participation in qualifying.

Alain Menu was fastest in the wet first session, leading team-mate Jack Goff in a BMR VW one-two.

OrangeSat 11:13 WRC - Finland: You might remember we brought you exclusive coverage of an orange walking around the service park yesterday.

Well he/she went a bit further last night when he/she joined the Neste Oil mascot (and a well-oiled local) in dancing to the tune of a couple of buskers.

Sat 11:16 BTCC - Snetterton: With the track now dry for FP2, we're seeing some proper times.

Jason Plato has already gone quicker than MG team-mate Sam Tordoff's pole from last year, with a 1m56.197s effort.

The former double champion has already said he needs big points this season to keep his title hopes alive.

Sat 11:22 BTCC - Snetterton: Here's more on what happened to Jordan in the first practice session this morning.

Sat 11:29 MotoGP: No two-wheeled action this weekend as we await the end of MotoGP's summer break at Indianapolis a week from now, but keep an eye on the news pages in the coming days as they might be busy.

German and Italian publications are reporting that Cal Crutchlow has negotiated an exit from his Ducati contract - just days after declaring he was staying put - so he can join LCR Honda.

With the motorcycle world also expecting Jorge Lorenzo to finally tie down a new Yamaha deal and Suzuki to announce its line-up for its 2015 MotoGP return in the coming days, a lot of jigsaw pieces could be in place by the time the bikes hit the track in America.

You can follow the Indy MotoGP race day, plus the Watkins Glen NASCAR Sprint Cup and Road America United SportsCar races, in a US special Race Centre Live next Sunday evening UK time.

But plenty more to come this weekend first.

Sat 11:33 And if you're just joining us on this Saturday lunchtime, here's an overview of the morning's events so far:

* Latvala storms away in the Rally Finland lead
* BTCC champion Jordan hospitalised after practice crash
* Blomqvist wins opening Red Bull Ring European F3 race after Ocon and Verstappen collide
* A Nissan/Volvo lead tangle opens the door for more Whincup success in V8 Supercars

Sat 11:37 WRC - Finland: Mads Ostberg's Citroen is being investigated by the FIA scrutineers for possible rollcage damage after hitting large stones on the last stage, reveals DAVID EVANS.

Sat 11:39 WRC - Finland: If Ostberg, who is currently fifth overall, is prevented from rejoining, that would be the second time in as many days that what initially seemed to be a minor incident has caused sufficient rollcage damage to rule a frontrunner out.

Yesterday it was Theirry Neuville's Hyundai that had to park in midday service - which was ironic because he'd had what seemed a small excursion in the morning whereas team-mate Hanninen had rolled his i20 and done less damage...

Ostberg did report that he'd had an impact with some stones on the final stage before service, but he felt he'd got away with it, despite initially fearing a puncture.

Sat 11:41 MotoGP: We mentioned just now that there are reports that Crutchlow has secured permission to quit Ducati and join LCR Honda.

Or he might, as his Twitter feed this morning suggests, become an author...

"I have never thought to write a book. I think it would be funny though, end of the year. Talk about my passion for the weather and Bananas...

"I wouldn't be too worried about people reading it either! Be good to just read it myself I think…! Sometimes things are a blur."

That's AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live's mum's Christmas present sorted.

Sat 11:46 WRC - Finland: Just over half an hour to go before Rally Finland gets going again for a repeat of the morning's five stages.

With only three stages on the Sunday itinerary, what's coming up next is going to be pretty vital for the drivers still in close battles.

Mads OstbergSat 11:47 WRC - Finland: Citroen confirms that Ostberg is out of the rally. The rollcage of his DS3 was indeed damaged.

Sat 11:49 WRC - Finland: So with Ostberg gone, this is what the lead order will look like when we resume.

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +29.9s
3 Meeke +43.4s
4 Mikkelsen +1m19.9s
5 Hirvonen +1m43.5s
6 Paddon +3m15.5s
7 Hanninen +3m45.7s
8 Evans +3m46.6s
9 Breen +7m26.9s
10 Solberg +8m49.0s

Sat 11:53 BTCC - Snetterton: Jason Plato may have difficulty maintaining his argument that the rear-wheel-drive cars need slowing down if that sort of performance continues - the front-wheel-drive MG man tops FP2 by 1.2s from points leader Colin Turkington.

Sat 12:02 BTCC - Snetterton: Here's the full report from this morning's practice sessions plus complete results from both:

Snetterton BTCC practice round-up

Sat 12:05 V8 Supercars - Queensland: We all felt Scott McLaughlin was being particularly generous and understanding with Michael Caruso after his mate punted him out of the race two lead earlier today.

Now McLaughlin names his price for that forgiveness...

"By the way @michaelcarus0 I like either a Corona or a nice Peroni and if you're gonna get me a spirit it's Greygoose Vodka - Cheers boss #slab"

Sat 12:07 NASCAR - Pocono: The Sprint Cup race isn't until tomorrow as usual, but today some of the field will be busy in either the Truck race at Pocono or the Nationwide event taking place at Iowa, plus there are two Cup practice sessions.

The first one is in an hour, and Dale Earnhardt Jr is not impressed:

"Back at work. Practice in an hour. I'm not awake yet. Don't be racin me till the 11:30 practice."

Mads OstbergSat 12:09 WRC - Finland: Here's the Citroen team inspecting Ostberg's car after it was sidelined from fifth with rollcage damage.

Citrean's deputy team principal Marek Nawarecki told AUTOSPORT: "On the last stage Mads Ostberg hit a rock in a rut - we don't know exactly what - and he felt a strong impact on the car. During the service we saw part of the rollcage was bent and it's not possible to continue in the rally."

The impact was on the front-right of the DS3 WRC's sumpguard and bent one of the bars going off the top of the strut.

Ostberg departed for the hotel immediately. His co-driver Jonas Andersson told AUTOSPORT: "It was something in the rut, a stone or something - but there was no stone. So, now back to the hotel and nothing. We're gutted."

Sat 12:13 WTCC - Rio Hondo: The start of Saturday morning's first practice session in Argentina has been delayed by at least half an hour due to unspecified track issues.

That's good news for AUTOSPORT's PETER MILLS as due to extreme-weather-related airport madness in Buenos Aires in the middle of the night, he's still charging towards the track in a hire car.

Sat 12:19 DTM - Red Bull Ring: The second free practice session is under way, and Jamie Green and Mattias Ekstrom are straight under the quickest time set in FP1.

Sat 12:30 DTM - Red Bull Ring: The session has been stopped 20 minutes in, thanks to Paul di Resta going into the wall. He's out of the car and OK.

Sat 12:33 WRC - Finland: The afternoon loop has begun, and while Kubica and Breen have made it through Mokkipera smoothly, Henning Solberg has picked up his fourth puncture of the event and lost another 40s.

That won't threaten the 10th place he's moved into following Ostberg's exit.

Sat 12:36 WRC - Finland: Hanninen - who's much happier with the stage conditions this afternoon - is quickest by 7s among the early runners. He's now trying to chase down Paddon for what has become sixth.

Sat 12:37 WRC - Finland: Evans comes to the finish with a right-front puncture. That's cost him about 10s.

Kubica had warned that there was a nasty hole in a cut on the stage but Evans says there wasn't any specific information about where to take care.

Sat 12:37 DTM - Red Bull Ring: There's a fair bit of damage to the rear-right of di Resta's Merc. He's lucky qualifying isn't until late.

Meanwhile, there are some dark clouds starting to creep their way over the Red Bull Ring. It could well be pitch dark by the time qualifying (eventually) gets underway...

European F3Sat 12:41 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: MARCUS SIMMONS brings news of a penalty for Max Verstappen...

...but not for that collision with Esteban Ocon at the start this morning, instead for going off-track to pass Antonio Fuoco later in the race.

Verstappen penalised for illegal pass

We'd love to put an image of the Ocon/Verstappen collision in there but haven't received any yet. Instead here's a shot of them on the way to their tangle, so use your imagination from there onwards.

Sat 12:44 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen is making his fourth place even safer. He's fastest so far and has added another 1.6s to the growing gap over Hirvonen, with Ostberg now gone. He says he's in "such a good rhythm" he doesn't feel any need to back off yet.

Sat 12:48 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Halfway through the first practice session and the order at the moment is:

1 Jose Maria Lopez 1m43.915s; 2 Sebastien Loeb +0.670s; 3 Tiago Monteiro +0.804s; 5 Gabriele Tarquini +0.936s; 6 Tom Chilton +1.344s.

Sat 12:54 WRC - Finland: Latvala pips Ogier and Meeke to another stage win, but they all took it easy in the dodgy spot after being warned of the potential for punctures.

Erstwhile WRC2 leader Ketomaa did get a puncture, his second of the day, though he says it happened somewhere either than the much-mentioned hole in a cut.

Sat 13:05 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Session completed and Lopez remains quickest of all, having made a slight improvement during the final few minutes with a time of 1m43.889s.

Citroen team-mate Loeb finished second, having been the quickest in the first sector but unable to carry that speed through an entire lap.

Mehdi Bennani jumped up to third in the Proteam Honda Civic, demoting Muller to fourth.

The top six from that session:

1 Lopez 1m43.889s; 2 Loeb +0.260s; 3 Bennani +0.399s; 4 Muller +0.409s; 5 Tarquini +0.539s; 6 Michelisz +0.786s

Sat 13:07 WRC - Finland - SS19 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 6m40.7s
2 Ogier +1.2s
3 Meeke +1.4s
4 Mikkelsen +4.1s
5 Hirvonen +5.7s
6 Hanninen +8.0s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +31.1s
3 Meeke +44.8s
4 Mikkelsen +1m24.0s
5 Hirvonen +1m49.2s
6 Paddon +3m25.7s
7 Hanninen +3m53.7s
8 Evans +4m11.6s
9 Breen +7m44.1s
10 Solberg +9m42.3s

Sat 13:13 DTM - Red Bull Ring: That's free practice done for the day, with Augusto Farfus going quickest for BMW, ahead of Christian Vietoris (Mercedes) and Miguel Molina (Audi).

VatanenSat 13:16 WRC - Finland: Former World Rally champion Ari Vatanen was on hand at M-Sport to offer Mikko Hirvonen some advice at lunchtime. The pair are pictured with M-Sport team principal Malcolm Wilson.

Vatanen's own son is, of course, competing in Rally Finland 40 years after AV started his first 1000 Lakes. Max Vatanen led the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy early on but slipped down the order yesterday.

Sat 13:29 WRC - Finland: The 13.627-mile Jukojarvi stage is live, and Kubica sets an early benchmark with 10m31.9s.

Sat 13:33 NASCAR - Pocono: Halfway through Saturday's first Cup practice session, Kurt Busch is quickest ahead of Ryan Newman.

Busch led the way in yesterday's practice session too, though he only ended up fourth on the grid.

Sat 13:33 BTCC - Snetterton: Andrew Jordan update. He is back at the circuit and is currently being checked over to see whether he is OK to take part in qualifying. The team is hopeful of getting the Honda Civic out in time after Jordan's FP1 shunt.

Sat 13:34 WRC - Finland: Solberg has come through very cautiously, once again he's running out of tyres having had too many punctures.

On the splits, Paddon is the pacesetter right now - going quick enough to inch away from Hyundai team-mate Hanninen rather than being caught.

Sat 13:45 WRC - Finland: Slight drama for Hirvonen - he's 12s slower than the Hyundais having had an impact in a rut. The Finn thinks he's broken a damper.

There's a comfortable 1m25s cushion back to sixth-placed Paddon so he's safe enough, but that's surely the end of any lingering hopes of chasing Mikkelsen.

Sat 13:49 WRC - Finland: Ogier is fastest by far at the moment, coming in 11s quicker than Mikkelsen.

But while Mikkelsen says he took it very easy and dodged the rocks as the stage was breaking up, Ogier was more gung-ho. He gets the stage-end reporters to check for damage on his VW, but it seems only cosmetic.

Sat 13:50 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Still a few minutes away from the first IndyCar session of the day, but any British fans that happen to have found their way to Mid-Ohio this morning have just been rewarded with the sight of Jack Harvey winning pole position for the Indy Lights race.

Sat 13:50 WRC - Finland: Meeke is 3s down on Ogier and says he had some scares with big impacts on that one too.

On the splits Latvala is 6s slower than Ogier. He may be far ahead right now, but he can't afford to be too careful...

Sat 13:51 WRC - Finland: Latvala loses 11s to Ogier! His lead is down to 20s.

Sat 13:51 WRC - Finland: Keeping a 20s lead is good, losing a third of your lead on one stage is bad.

Sat 13:52 WRC - Finland: Latvala says he hit a "massive, massive hole" and it left his VW with brake damage.

He sounds stressed but is confident the brakes can be fixed on the road section.

Sat 13:52 WRC - Finland: Do we have a lead battle again...?

Sat 13:55 NASCAR - Pocono: Saturday morning practice is done, here's the lead order:

1 Kurt Busch
2 Ryan Newman
3 Brad Keselowski
4 Joey Logano
5 Kevin Harvick
6 Jimmie Johnson
7 Jeff Gordon
8 Carl Edwards
9 Kyle Busch
10 Tony Stewart

Polesitter Kyle Larson was 18th.

Sat 13:58 WRC - Finland - SS20 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 10m09.4s
2 Meeke +3.2s
3 Mikkelsen +10.7s
4 Latvala +11.0s
5 Hanninen +13.4s
6 Paddon +13.4s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +20.1s
3 Meeke +37.0s
4 Mikkelsen +1m23.7s
5 Hirvonen +2m02.9s
6 Paddon +3m28.1s

Sat 14:09 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag for IndyCar practice, and Ryan Hunter-Reay leads a queue of cars out onto the track.

Sat 14:11 BTCC - Snetterton: And it looks like reigning champion Andrew Jordan is not going to be out for qualifying - the medical team did not give him clearance after the crash in free practice.

That could be quite quite a blow for his title hopes. He is currently 28 points behind leader Colin Turkington.

Sat 14:14 WRC - Finland: This is a pretty huge test for Latvala now.

His lead is still ample, but this season has been all about his psychological approach. For every day when he's blown Ogier away, there have been moments like leg one in Poland, where Latvala gave up at getting anywhere near victory within a few stages of the start.

Can he quickly regain his composure and keep that lead safe? Will the brakes be OK? Is Ogier going to be able to pounce?

It's going to be an intriguing final three stages today. SS21 starts in 40 minutes.

Sat 14:19 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Almost 10 minutes of this second practice session completed and local hero Lopez is once again at the top of the timesheets. His best time so far is 1m44.254s.

Sat 14:21 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Tom Coronel has just pitted with smoke bellowing from the rear of his Chevrolet Cruze. Possibly overheated his brakes? The Dutchman did run very wide at the final corner before diving into the pits.

Sat 14:23 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Seems that Coronel doesn't know what caused the fire either.

"To be honest, I don't know what happened," he said. "There was a smell in the car and the guys told me to come in. I felt a small vibration, but that was all."

Sat 14:24 BTCC - Snetterton: Andrew Jordan admits to feeling a bit "groggy" after his accident.

"There was a big hole in my bag of talent," he said of the FP1 crash. "It was a big mistake.

"I'm gutted [to miss qualifying]. I'd have loved to have been out there, but it's what the doctors say.

"I need to be checked again tomorrow, but I'll be fine."

Sat 14:26 WTCC - Rio Hondo: We're at the halfway stage now and the top six are:

1 Lopez 1m44.254s; 2 Loeb +0.110s; 3 Monteiro +0.271s; 4 Muller +0.274s; 5 Michelisz +0.964s; 6 Tarquini +1.013s.

Sat 14:28 BTCC - Snetterton: So, qualifying is now underway without the reigning champion. And the first to set a competitive time is Jason Plato on 1m56.495s. Faster than the 2013 pole, but not as quick as his time in free practice.

Sat 14:29 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Sebastian Saavedra has gone off at Turn 12. The Colombian currently sits third-fastest behind Ryan Hunter-Reay and Will Power.

Sat 14:30 BTCC - Snetterton: The works Hondas are running together. Is Matt Neal going to try and give his title-contending team-mate Gordon Shedden a tow?

Sat 14:31 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: That was sorted out quickly - we're already back to greens. There are 21 minutes remaining.

Sat 14:34 BTCC - Snetterton: Half-way through the session, Plato's advantage is a massive 0.781s. That same gap covers second to ninth!

Plato's MG team-mate Sam Tordoff is currently second, with former champs Matt Neal and Alain Menu next up.

Sat 14:36 MotoGP: And that Crutchlow news we hinted at earlier is official, as Ducati announces that it is splitting with the Brit before next year and that Andrea Iannone will take his place.

The wording of the statement leaves a bit of wriggle room over whether Crutchlow will complete the 2014 season.

CoffeeSat 14:41 WRC - Finland: Is this what Latvala needs to steady himself before the next stage after that Jukojarvi scare?

In case he wasn't busy enough, he's started making his own coffee.

In all honesty, he's not exactly growing the beans himself, but he is marketing and selling his own brand of his favourite drink.

Sat 14:44 BTCC - Snetterton: Championship leader Colin Turkington (WSR BMW) goes second, but is still 0.6s down on Plato's benchmark.

Sat 14:45 WTCC - Rio Hondo: Second session completed and it's Muller who leads the way this time round. The reigning champion's time was 1m44.214s - not quite as quick as Lopez in FP1, who achieved 1m43.889s.

The top six in practice two:

1 Muller 1m44.214s; 2 Lopez +0.040s; 3 Chilton +0.071s; 4 Loeb +0.150s; 5 Tarquini +0.258s; 6 Monteiro +0.311s.

Sat 14:45 BTCC - Snetterton: And now Turkington gets into the 1m56s - 1m56.910s, but Plato's pole looks pretty safe with five minutes to go.

Sat 14:49 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Less than five minutes to go in this morning's practice session, and Hunter-Reay remains on top at 1m05.9011s. Bourdais and Dixon round out the top three. Further back, Penske is having a quiet morning - Power is P7, but Castroneves and Montoya are P19 and P21 respectively.

Sat 14:50 NASCAR - Pocono: Is Kyle Larson going to complete a pole double?

He's doing the Truck Series race too this weekend and halfway through the second qualifying segment he's on top of the charts.

Fellow Cup rookie Austin Dillon is also in the field, and topped first qualifying, but has yet to go for a lap in this session.

Sat 14:50 BTCC - Snetterton: Plato comes in, having not improved, but as the flag comes out it looks unlikely anyone will beat his 1m56.495s effort.

Sat 14:52 BTCC - Snetterton. So that's it. Plato on pole, from Turkington. Then Tordoff, Neal, Menu, Ingram, Smith, Morgan, M Jackson and Goff.

Sat 14:56 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Hunter-Reay improves to a 1m05.7082s with his final lap to confirm his place at the top, with Scott Dixon and Justin Wilson rounding out the top three.

Sat 14:56 WRC - Finland: Kubica will be first onto the next stage any moment now.

He's up to 44th overall, having recently moved ahead of Junior runner Aron Domzala and Sweden's Petri Fromholdt.

It's a long weekend on Rally2.

Sat 15:08 NASCAR - Pocono: That is indeed two poles in one weekend for Kyle Larson, as he beats Austin Dillon in the Truck Series pole shootout at Pocono.

That race takes place later today, a nice warm-up for the main event tomorrow.

Sat 15:14 BTCC - Snetterton: Colin Turkington was pretty happy to split the MGs in that qualifying session.

"I'm really pleased - that was a bit more than we were expecting," said the championship leader.

With main rivals Gordon Shedden (11th) and Andrew Jordan (hospitalised) having bad starts to their weekends, this could be a good chance for Turkington to build a points advantage.

Sat 15:18 WRC - Finland: Sixth-placed Paddon is once again the fastest man among the early runners, adding another 2s to his margin over team-mate Hanninen.

That's Hyundai's WRC rookie beating its Finn in Finland. Impressive stuff.

Sat 15:19 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen doesn't threaten Paddon's time at that stage, he's taking it easy after his damper damage on the previous one.

Sat 15:21 WRC - Finland: Latvala loses another 2.8s to Ogier at the first split.

Sat 15:23 WRC - Finland: And now the deficit is up to 6.1s, Latvala is losing huge chunks of his lead.

Ogier has finished the stage and insists he's still happy with second...

Sat 15:25 WRC - Finland: Meeke is through, and definitely easing his pace now.

"I'm never going to catch Seb now on pure pace, and when you take that fire out of your belly, it's harder in the ruts."

Sat 15:26 WRC - Finland: Latvala loses 7.3s to Ogier and his lead is down to 12.8s - having been half a minute just two stages ago!

Sat 15:27 WRC - Finland: Latvala explains that he is carrying right-front brake damage and it cannot be fixed before service.

He's got to complete two more stages this evening with only three functioning brakes and Ogier bearing down on him rapidly.

Sat 15:29 WRC - Finland: In case you're just joining us, Latvala seemed to have this one firmly in the bag at lunchtime, but he was one of several drivers to have a big impact amid the rough, rocky surface of the Mokkipera stage.

That caused brake damage, he's been limping through two stages as a result, and Ogier is soon going to be right on his tail.

Sat 15:39 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Qualifying is underway for races two and three – at least it was. Red flag is now out as Hector Hurst stops on the start/finish straight.

Giovinazzi currently quickest with eight minutes left to run.

Sat 15:42 NASCAR - Pocono: It's now onto another practice session for the Cup field, and swapping back from his Truck to the 'big' car hasn't gone too well for Austin Dillon, who has just had a shunt.

The car is back in the garage and the Childress crew are getting to work.

Sat 15:52 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: That's it for qualifying, and Antonio Giovinazzi will start race two from pole position from Tom Blomqvist and Lucas Auer. The grid for race three is being very well disguised by the timing system, which is fun.

Sat 15:58 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: So, it's a double pole for Antonio Giovinazzi, with Tom Blomqvist also starting second for race three. Antonio Fuoco will start third.

Sat 16:00 DTM - Red Bull Ring: After what seems like an eternity, we're about to see DTM cars back on track. Qualifying is just 10 minutes away.

It should be a very interesting session, particularly focusing on Mercedes. The C-Coupes looked stronger than they have all season in practice (Norisring excluded), and a good result on a circuit like this might indicate that Mercedes has finally turned a corner.

Sat 16:01 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: After travel delays, AUTOSPORT has finally arrived at Termas de Rio Hondo in north west Argentina.

Zengo Honda racer Norbert Michelisz also had an unanticipated extension to his summer break and missed Friday's test after suffering similar issues.

Sat 16:02 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Another dramatic qualifying session has resulted in a double pole for spectacular Italian Antonio Giovinazzi. We'll bring you a full report as soon as we can!

Sat 16:02 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Honda motorsport manager William de Braeckeleer is believed to hold the unofficial record for journey time at 72 hours...

Sat 16:06 It's been a pretty frantic few hours, and we're here on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for another three hours today yet.

Here are some things that have just happened...

* Ducati announces it's releasing Cal Crutchlow from his MotoGP contract, he'll join LCR Honda for 2015

* Jari-Matti Latvala's Rally Finland lead dropped from 31s to 12s as he damaged a brake. Sebastien Ogier is closing in...

* Jason Plato dominated a Snetterton BTCC qualifying session that was missing champion Andrew Jordan after his practice crash

* Jose Maria Lopez led the way in practice for his home WTCC round

* Jack Harvey claimed his first Indy Lights pole

* AUTOSPORT asks Juan Pablo Montoya if he fancies doing the Indianapolis 500/NASCAR Charlotte 600 double in 2015 and he basically says "yes"

Sat 16:08 And still to come before we close up for the night...

Two more Rally Finland stages - 5.23pm and 5.56pm UK
DTM qualifying from the Red Bull Ring - starting now
IndyCar qualifying from Mid-Ohio - 7pm UK
WTCC qualifying from Termas de Rio Hondo - 7pm UK

TractorSat 16:11 WRC - Finland: Let's catch our breath before resuming the Latvala/Ogier fight... DAVID EVANS has been spotting farmyard machinery.

Finland's famous for lots of things including rallying, drinking and tractors. This is one of the most impressive units (I think that's what they call them) we've seen in a long time. And, courtesy of a young son and Tractor Ted, AUTOSPORT has seen a lot of tractors.

Sat 16:12 DTM - Red Bull Ring: In a smidge under 13 minutes we'll know who will occupy the last five places on the grid.

The good news for British race fans is that Paul di Resta is out on track! Seems the Mercedes crew got his car fixed after that FP2 crash.

Sat 16:14 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Argentina's home hero Jose Maria Lopez has been handed an award by his country's Minister of Tourism Sr. Enrique Meyer in front of a packed press conference half-an-hour ago.

Lopez was honoured for arriving at the Argentinean round in the lead of the drivers' standings and, after being mentioned in the same sentence as football star Lionel Messi, representing his country with distinction on the world stage.

Sat 16:15 DTM - Red Bull Ring: The times have jumped straight into the mid-to-low 1m25s here. Wickens currently quickest.

Sat 16:15 WRC - Finland: Incidentally the WRC's formerly-tractor-sponsored driver's return to the series didn't go well.

Jarkko Nikara (whose Mini outings took place with John Deere backing) rolled his M-Sport Ford in highly destructive style on Thursday afternoon, ending one of the AUTOSPORT newsdesk's enormous optimism that the rarely-seen Finn would do something like Tommi Makinen did here in a private Ford in 1994 and transform his career.

Sat 16:17 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Augusto Farfus is the first man into the 24s for the weekend. Five mins of Q1 to go.

Sat 16:19 WRC - Finland: We've also just remembered that we haven't mentioned Tommi Makinen and secret Toyota WRC projects yet today...

Toyota GT86 'WRC project' runs on Rally Finland

Sat 16:22 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: A lot of speculation on Max Verstappen's future flying around in Austria, and we've had a cosy chat with his old man about things. You'll be able to catch up with what Jos - who's been having a few sleepless nights! - thinks in the coming days...

Rob HuffSat 16:22 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lada is understood to have revised the front suspension geometry and shed 20kg from its Granta 1.6T cars over the summer break.

Rob Huff was the highest-placed Lada driver this morning, in the top 10 in both free practice sessions.

Sat 16:22 WRC - Finland: Enough of tractors and secret Toyotas, back to right now, and the challenge ahead for Latvala.

He's got two more stages to go tonight with three brakes on his VW and a flying Ogier charging after him: the 2.765 miles of Himos and the 6.220 miles of Leustu.

If he can get through that still in the lead, then get his brakes fixed in service, then there are 22.744 more miles across three stages tomorrow morning to conclude the rally.

On the road section before Himos, Latvala and co-driver Miikka Antilla are working on more brake repairs right now.

Sat 16:24 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: We caught up with Tom Blomqvist in the paddock after the first race earlier today. F3 followers will know he was dropped as a Red Bull junior at the end of last season. So guess who stepped up to present Tom's trophy after the race on the company's own track... Yep, Dr Helmut Marko. Tom DEFINITELY saw the funny side!

Sat 16:25 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Q1 is done, and the back of the grid will look like this tomorrow:

19 Paffett (Mercedes)
20 Tambay (Audi)
21 Mortara (Audi)
22 Petrov (Mercedes)
23 Di Resta (Mercedes)

Tough session for two of the Brits. Gary Paffett was hugely unlucky – he actually set exactly the same time as Timo Scheider, who snuck into Q2 by one position. Obviously Scheider set his time first.

Sat 16:28 BTCC - Snetterton: A few comments from the paddock. Gordon Shedden confirmed Matt Neal was giving him some assistance in qualifying.

"He's just trying to help me out," said Shedden, who could only qualify 11th. "The pace just isn't in the car with the ballast and no boost."

Meanwhile, Motorbase confirmed that they were saving tyres on Fabrizio Giovanardi's Ford Focus as he has to start from the back anyway thanks to a penalty.

Rob Collard was hampered by traffic and a spin during his qualifying efforts, while Marc Hynes lost his best lap thanks to a track limits transgression.

Sat 16:30 DTM - Red Bull Ring: The clock is running for Q2. The next 11 minutes will determine positions 9-18, and decide which eight drivers will fight it out for pole in Q3.

Sat 16:33 NASCAR - Pocono: The final Sprint Cup practice session of the weekend and is done, and Brad Keselowski led the way.

1 Brad Keselowski
2 Jeff Gordon
3 Kyle Busch
4 Kevin Harvick
5 Dale Earnhardt Jr
6 Kyle Larson
7 Jimmie Johnson
8 Kurt Busch
9 Denny Hamlin
10 Clint Bowyer

Non-stop for the NASCAR pack today - Larson and Austin Dillon are now hopping into their Trucks as they share the front row for the main support race, which starts shortly. Bowyer's in that one too - he qualified 10th.

Sat 16:34 WRC - Finland: Hanninen and Kubica lead the early stage times on Himos. Paddon is going to be next through.

Sat 16:35 DTM - Red Bull Ring: We have one position decided already; Nico Muller will start 18th, thanks to a power steering issue. He won't be setting a time.

Sat 16:37 WRC - Finland: After a run of stages slower than his team-mate, Hanninen was 1.7s quicker than Paddon on Himos. But the gap from sixth to seventh is now 28s and it's very hard to see that being closed over the final four stages.

"We'll just look after the last stage and that should give us a good margin for tomorrow," says Paddon.

Sat 16:45 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And that's that. Here's positions 9-18:

9 Hand (BMW)
10 Spengler (BMW)
11 Tomczyk (BMW)
12 Juncadella (Mercedes)
13 Da Costa (BMW)
14 Rockenfeller (Audi)
15 Scheider (Audi)
16 Ekstrom (Audi)
17 Molina (Audi)
18 Muller (Audi)

Joey Hand was oh-so-close to a Q1 spot there. He missed out on eighth by 0.017s.

Sat 16:47 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Pole position will now come down to a scrap between the following drivers:

Wittmann (BMW)
Wickens (Mercedes)
Wehrlein (Mercedes)
Farfus (BMW)
Glock (BMW)
Vietoris (Mercedes)
Martin (BMW)
Green (Audi)

Only one Audi in Q3! For all the talk about Mercedes' crisis this season, Audi is the only make to have not won a race so far in 2014...

Sat 16:48 WRC - Finland: Latvala drops 2.9s to Ogier on this stage. The gap is still 9.9s.

Sat 16:49 WRC - Finland: Latvala's efforts even received some praise from his champion team-mate:

"He's driving very well with three brakes," said Ogier.

Sat 16:52 WRC - Finland: Latvala is in very determined mood after minimising the time loss on that one.

"I have to hold it," he says. "There is no other choice.

"I didn't come here to lose this rally. I've worked too hard."

Sat 16:53 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Q1 is underway, and Robert Wickens has had a decent spin at the last corner! He's going again.

Sat 16:55 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Five minutes to go, and Wehrlein is quickest. Can he take Mercedes' first non-Norisring pole of the season?

Sat 17:01 WRC - Finland - SS22 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 2m35.4s
2 Mikkelsen +1.0s
3 Meeke +2.7s
4 Latvala +2.9s
5 Hirvonen +4.1s
6 Hanninen +4.8s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +9.9s
3 Meeke +34.6s
4 Mikkelsen +1m22.0s
5 Hirvonen +2m13.5s
6 Paddon +3m34.6s

Sat 17:02 WRC - Finland: We're already straight onto today's Leustu finale. One more 6.2-mile stage for Latvala to cling on before he can get his VW properly repaired.

Sat 17:03 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And Wickens takes pole – and boy did he leave it late. He pipped Timo Glock after the flag had come out at the end of the session! What a great contest.

So, the top eight looks like this:

1 Wickens (Mercedes)
2 Glock (BMW)
3 Wittmann (BMW)
4 Farfus (BMW)
5 Wehrlein (Mercedes)
6 Green (Audi)
7 Vietoris (Mercedes)
8 Martin (BMW)

Sat 17:10 WRC - Finland: Hanninen is fastest among the first batch again - but again Paddon's splits suggest he'll keep his team-mate at bay.

Sat 17:14 WRC - Finland: Paddon reacts with Antipodean cool to praise of today's performance. He's a second faster than Hanninen as he makes sixth place a little more secure still.

Definitely Paddon's most convincing day in a top-class car so far.

Sat 17:17 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen completes a cautious end to day three (or two-and-a-half). He's been taking it easy since picking up damper damage at the same spot where Latvala went awry, but says the M-Sport Ford "is driveable".

Sat 17:19 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen through the finish with some issues with his brakes too.

Yet to see any splits from Latvala on this stage but Ogier is comfortably faster than everyone else so far.

Sat 17:20 WRC - Finland: Ogier finishes the stage in 5m11.3s, 5.3s quicker than Mikkelsen. We await Latvala...

Sat 17:21 WRC - Finland: As Latvala passes the split 3.1s down on Ogier, the champion is pondering the battle ahead.

"It's bad luck, what happened to him. For sure it will be interesting tomorrow...

"Jari was doing a really good job and he had some bad luck. We were lucky, we had a big hit too.

"Let's first see the gap tonight then see what we can do."

Sat 17:24 WRC - Finland: Latvala is 6.5s slower than Ogier, his lead is now just 3.4s.

Sat 17:24 WRC - Finland: Three stages to go tomorrow, a head-to-head in healthy cars looming, can Latvala respond and cling on to this victory?

Sat 17:25 WRC - Finland: Latvala's verdict:

"It's nothing, but the main thing is we are in the lead. We can get to service, get the car fixed.

"Tomorrow will be very, very risk-taking. I'm looking forward to it. We are in the fight tomorrow.

"I don't care about the championship anymore. Now it's about Rally Finland."

Sat 17:37 WRC - Finland - SS23 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 5m11.3s
2 Meeke +4.3s
3 Mikkelsen +5.3s
4 Latvala +6.5s
5 Hirvonen +7.4s
6 Paddon +8.5s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +3.4s
3 Meeke +32.4s
4 Mikkelsen +1m20.8s
5 Hirvonen +2m14.4s
6 Paddon +3m36.6s
7 Hanninen +4m05.4s
8 Evans +4m47.2s
9 Breen +8m33.1s
10 Solberg +10m49.8s

Sat 17:40 WRC - Finland: Today was pretty dramatic in WRC2 as well. Karl Kruuda has a much healthier lead than Latvala though, with 2m35s over the increasingly close Ketomaa and Tanak battle for second.

Martin Koci continues to dominate the Junior class.

Sat 17:41 WRC - Finland: You can follow the full Rally Finland showdown tomorrow morning on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live - we'll be up and running from 7.30am UK time for SS24.

Sat 17:41 Still to come tonight (in UK time), IndyCar and WTCC qualifying sessions from Ohio and Argentina respectively, both beginning in just under 20 minutes

Sat 18:01 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Qualifying is just about to start here at Mid-Ohio, and a wet track from a downpour an hour ago means that the first group will face a very slippery circuit.

Heading out in Group 1: Simon Pagenaud, Mikhail Aleshin, James Hinchcliffe, Juan Pablo Montoya, Ryan Briscoe, Takuma Sato, Will Power, Justin Wilson, Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan and Mike Conway.

Sat 18:02 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Qualifying is underway. Honda's Gabriele Tarquini stalks Jose Maria Lopez on the out-lap from the pits.

Sat 18:04 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag for qualifying at Mid-Ohio.

Sat 18:07 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Two incidents almost simultaneously prompt the first red flag. James Hinchcliffe spun and recovered at Turn 12, and Ryan Briscoe spun and stalled at Turn 11. Both of those were on out laps, which shows just how tricky the conditions are at the moment.

Sat 18:08 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Tarquini pits before completing a timed lap. Lopez is bumped from P1 by privateer Zengo Honda driver Norbert Michelisz.

The Hungarian's time of 1m45.139s is almost half a second quicker than Lopez. Tom Chilton is third in the ROAL Cruze, but seven drivers in the 19-car field have yet to run.

Sat 18:09 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Briscoe has been restarted, and the session is back underway. The Australian has been charged with causing the red and will lose his two fastest laps.

Sat 18:12 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Sato's turn to spin this time. Nobody has actually managed a flying lap yet.

Sat 18:16 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Sato's car could not be restarted, so he'll watch the rest of the session from behind the barriers. The delays caused by the red flags mean that everyone is going to get just one flying lap on a wet track to set a time ...

Sat 18:18 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Both factory Honda drivers are in the drop-zone from Q1.

There are three minutes left on the clocks and neither Monteiro P17 nor Tarquini P18 have set a representative lap-time.

Sat 18:22 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Up front, Lopez had held a 0.167s advantage over championship rival Yvan Muller.

But early session leader Norbert Michelisz has claimed Q1 honours thanks to a late effort of 1m44.696s.

Sat 18:22 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Everyone got through that last green in one piece, and Montoya, Wilson, Power, Pagenaud, Conway and Kanaan will all progress to the next round. Aleshin, Castroneves, Hinchcliffe, Briscoe and Sato are finished for the day.

The second group will be heading out in a couple of minutes. Taking part in this session will be: Ryan Hunter-Reay, Scott Dixon, Sebastien Bourdais, Marco Andretti, Carlos Munoz, Carlos Huertas, Graham Rahal, Josef Newgarden, Charlie Kimball, Sebastan Saavedra and Jack Hawksworth.

Sat 18:23 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag for the second group.

Sat 18:25 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: After their slow start to the session, both factory Honda drivers successfully progress into Q2 reserved for the 12 fastest Q1 drivers.

Sat 18:26 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Wobbly start for Hawksworth and Hunter-Reay, both of whom ran wide on their out laps, although they were able to get themselves back onto the circuit and continue. Elsewhere, Munoz has served a drive-through for a pitlane speeding violation.

Sat 18:27 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Scott Dixon's turn to spin this time.

Sat 18:29 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: The 12 Q2 men are: Michelisz, Lopez, Muller, Monteiro, Tarquini, Bennani, Chilton, Loeb, Munnich, Coronel, Huff and Valente.

Sat 18:30 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio:Dixon's car is restarted and the Kiwi returns to the pits. He's a four-time winner here, but unless he can recover from losing his two fastest laps he'll be starting tomorrow's race from the rear of the field.

Sat 18:32 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Another drive-through for Munoz, again for a pitlane speed violation. Bourdais is currently fastest.

Sat 18:33 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Loeb leads Muller by 0.066s in the battle for P1 at the midway point of Q2.

The third factory Citroen of Lopez is down in 10th. The Argentine is leaving it late to work his way into the top-five - essential if he is to play a part in the pole-deciding Q3 session.

Sat 18:37 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The session ends without further incident, and Hunter-Reay, Bourdais, Newgarden, Munoz, Rahal and Huertas will all move on to phase two.

Saavedra, Andretti, Hawksworth, Kimball and Dixon have all been eliminated.

Sat 18:38 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: So the complete roster of drivers who move through to the second round is as follows:

Montoya, Wilson, Power, Pagenaud, Conway, Kanaan, Hunter-Reay, Bourdais, Newgarden, Munoz, Rahal and Huertas.

Sat 18:39 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Briscoe is being interviewed and has described his afternoon as a "complete disaster". It hasn't been a great afternoon for the whole Ganassi team so far - Briscoe, Kimball and Dixon are all preparing to start from the back. The team's hopes now rest on Kanaan's shoulders.

Sat 18:40 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lopez surges into P1 in the penultimate Q2 segment of qualifying thanks to a lap of 1m43.813s, and keeps the position at the chequered flag.

It is a Citroen lock-out of the top-three; Loeb finishes second ahead of Muller. Two Civics complete the Q3 line-up, Norbert Michelisz takes fourth in Q2 aboard his Zengo car ahead of Tiago Monteiro.

Sat 18:44 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag for the second segment of qualifying.

Sat 18:46 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lada's Rob Huff will start the reversed-grid race from pole position thanks to qualifying 10th.

Sat 18:47 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Big spin for Munoz at the Carousel, but he manages to keep it off the wall and continue on. We're seeing the first hints of a dry line starting to emerge on the main straight.

Sat 18:48 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Montoya gets onto the power too early as he exits Turn 1 and he spins and stalls in the middle of the track.

Sat 18:50 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Montoya returns to the pits and the session restarts. He'll lose his two fastest laps, and probably doesn't have quite enough time to squeeze in the extra lap that he now needs to get into the Fast Six.

Sat 18:56 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The second segment ends, and Bourdais, Hunter-Reay, Kanaan, Munoz, Newgarden and Power will all move on to the Fast Six.

Rahal missed the cut by just 0.1s. Also eliminated were Wilson, Pagenaud, Huertas, Montoya and Conway.

Sat 18:57 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Muller edges Loeb by 0.116s in the initial battle of the Citroens - now it's up to Lopez.

Sat 18:59 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: It's a home pole for Argentina's WTCC sensation, Lopez beats Muller by 0.4s.

Q3 result:

1 Lopez 1m43.766s
2 Muller +0.428s
3 Loeb +0.544s
4 Michelisz +0.642s
5 Monteiro +1.408s

Sat 19:06 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag for the Fast Six. The track is at that tricky too-dry-for-wets-but-too-wet-for-slicks stage. Everyone has gone out on wets, but they're all having to go off-line through some sections to hunt for a damp surface.

Sat 19:10 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Just under five minutes to go, and the current leader is Bourdais. Elsewhere, we're hearing reports that Hunter-Reay is reporting problems with his engine.

Sat 19:10 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Just as we type all of that, Kanaan moves up to take provisional pole.

Sat 19:12 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Newgarden moves up to P1 with two minutes remaining.

Sat 19:16 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A flurry of changes on that final lap, and Bourdais emerges on top with a fastest lap of 1m24.1610s. Newgarden will line up alongside him on the front row, ahead of Kanaan, Munoz, Hunter-Reay and Power.

Sat 19:28 That's it for tonight on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live, but we'll be back from 7.30am tomorrow UK time for a packed day of racing and rallying, including...

...the final three-stage shootout to decide Rally Finland, DTM and two European Formula 3 races at the Red Bull Ring, the BTCC triple-header at Snetterton, WTCC double-header at Termas de Rio Hondo, and then IndyCar from Mid-Ohio and the NASCAR Sprint Cup from Pocono.

See you then.

Sun 06:29 Welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live on this Sunday morning.

It's Rally Finland showdown time...

Sun 06:31 WRC - Finland: Just when the start to an incredible final day couldn't get even more exciting, Jari-Matti Latvala and Sebastien Ogier's final preparations for the battle of their lives was interrupted by a fire alarm in the hotel shortly before 8am this morning.

And the fire alarm was caused by VW's own Luis Moya - who left his bread in the toaster too long. You couldn't make this stuff up!

Sun 06:40 WRC - Finland: The early cars are coming through the final day's opener, Ruuhimaki, now.

Latvala still leads his home rally, but the comfortable 31-second cushion he had built up with his flawless efforts through the first two days has been slashed to just 3.4s after a big impact in a rut damaged his VW's brakes.

Ogier smelt blood and closed right in, while insisting that second place would be fine for his title bid...

Latvala, however, was very clear in his intentions:

"I did not come here to lose this rally," he promised last night.

"I don't care about the championship now, it's all about Rally Finland."

Sun 06:42 WRC - Finland: Even before the leaders get in, there's plenty of drama among the midfielders.

Craig Breen, who is currently ninth, got out of his Ford in severe pain at the end of Ruuhimaki having jarred his back on one of the jumps. Co-driver Scott Martin isn't sure if they can continue.

And now Hayden Paddon has lost 20s to Hyundai team-mate Juho Hanninen in their battle for sixth place. No explanation from the Kiwi at the end of the stage, but that's brought what had seemed a settled contest back to life.

Sun 06:43 V8 Supercars - Queensland: We are on lap 40 of 65 of the third and final race of Ipswich weekend at Queensland Raceway. The majority of the field have now completed their second stops and should have enough fuel to the finish.

The current order:

1 Shane Van Gisbergen; 2 Russell Ingall; 3 Dale Wood; 4 James Courtney; 5 Craig Lowndes; 6 Chaz Mostert.

The lead trio are still to make their final stops, so Courtney looks good for the win at this point of the race.

Sun 06:44 WRC - Finland: Paddon's problem is failing power steering. His advantge over Hanninen has immediately dwindled to 8.6s, and this was just a 4.219-mile stage.

Sun 06:45 WRC - Finland: The atmosphere in the service park is incredible this morning. And the best thing is the sense of excitement coming from the Volkswagen team management as they head out of the Sokos hotel in the service park. These are the same people who have the most to lose from our final morning's entertainment.

It's going to be to a thriller – or is that underplaying it a bit…?

Ogier and Latvala are both onto this stage.

Sun 06:47 WRC - Finland: Ogier is fastest through so far, but Latvala looks slightly quicker on the mid-stage split.

Sun 06:47 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Big championship implications as Mark Winterbottom suffers a flat left rear tyre on lap 43. He had a 48-point advantage over Jamie Whincup - who is sixth at the moment - heading into today's race.

Winterbottom resumes running in 24th place.

Sun 06:48 WRC - Finland: Ogier thinks he might drop a bit of time here, but the battle won't be over...

"I had a not good start to the stage. I'm not surprised we were slower at the beginning. I hope at the end it will be a bit less, but this stage is a bit flat-out so it's difficult to make a difference. The next one is the main one."

Sun 06:49 WRC - Finland: Latvala completes 1.6s faster, his lead is back up to 5.0s.

Sun 06:51 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Everyone has now done their second stops and it is indeed Courtney who is in control of the race.

1 Courtney; 2 Lowndes +0.360s; 3 Mostert +0.5215s; 4 Moffat +0.5959s; 5 Pye +0.968s; 6 Whincup +10.766s.

Sun 06:51 WRC - Finland: Latvala has certainly laid down a marker there:

"I never drove that like that before, I didn't lift at all, flat out.

"I said to Miikka, now we go for it. I came to this rally to fight for the victory. I want to give something to the Finnish rally fans."

Sun 06:52 WRC - Finland: Breen is receiving medical assistance at the end of the stage. Not clear yet whether he'll have to retire from the rally.

The next round in his European Rally Championship title bid should be Zlin in the Czech Republic in four weeks' time.

Sun 06:54 WRC - Finland: WRC2 leader Karl Kruuda comes through smoothly.

After Jari Ketomaa and Ott Tanak's problems, Kruuda found himself with a massive advantage - and that meant he spent Saturday incredibly paranoid about his car breaking down.

Similar story this morning:

"My appearance may be fine... but I'm not..." he says, deadpan but anxious.

Sun 07:00 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Lap 55 of 65 and Courtney extends his lead to 4.7s. The factory Holden driver is looking good for the win.

Sun 07:02 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Elsewhere, Lee Holdsworth has just set a new lap record. His 1m10.04s beats Russell Ingall's previous best, which was 1m10.08s.

Sun 07:03 WRC - Finland: There was drama in service for runaway Junior leader Martin Koci when repairs under-ran and he ended up getting three minutes of penalties.

Luckily his vast lead was four and a half minutes by then.

Sun 07:05 WRC - Finland - SS24 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 3m16.7s
2 Ogier +1.6s
3 Meeke +4.5s
4 Hanninen +4.8s
5 Mikkelsen +4.9s
6 Evans +8.1s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +5.0s
3 Meeke +36.9s
4 Mikkelsen +1m25.7s
5 Hirvonen +2m23.1s
6 Paddon +4m01.6s

Sun 07:07 WRC - Finland - SS24 summary:

* "Flat-out" Latvala adds 1.6s to his lead over Ogier so is now 5.0s ahead
* Paddon has power steering problems and Hanninen closes to within 8.6s in all-Hyundai fight for sixth
* Breen hurts his back on a heavy landing and may have to retire

Sun 07:09 WRC - Finland: Breen is going to retire from the rally. He had been running ninth.

Sun 07:09 WRC - Finland: Breen explains what happened in Irish fashion:

"I tried to basically go flat on the famous jump... and I'm flat on my back now."

He's receiving pain relief from medics at the end of the stage and is out of the rally.

Sun 07:14 V8 Supercars - Queensland: And sure enough, Courtney takes his second win of the season. Pye moved up to fourth on the final lap after Moffat ran wide while harassing Mostert for what felt like eternity.

Final results:

1 Courtney; 2 Lowndes; 3 Mostert; 4 Pye; 5 Moffat; 6 Whincup.

That should mean Whincup now has a 15-point lead in the championship.

Sun 07:16 WRC - Finland: The battle continues on the Myhinpaa stage in just under half an hour.

That one is 14.304 miles, and both Latvala and Ogier reckon it could be where the rally is decided as there is more scope to gain or lose time than there was on Ruuhimaki.

After that, we head to Ruuhimaki again as it becomes the finale and Powerstage.

But how much do Ogier or Latvala really care about three Powerstage points amid this furious fight for outright victory in the greatest gravel rally of them all?

Sun 07:20 Here's the full schedule for Race Centre Live coverage for the rest of this epic Sunday - all times UK:

08.43: WRC Rally Finland SS25
10.00: Red Bull Ring European F3 race two
11.08: WRC Rally Finland Powerstage
12.00: Snetterton BTCC race one
12.30: Red Bull Ring DTM race
14:35: Red Bull Ring European F3 race three
14:35: Snetterton BTCC race two
16:55: Snetterton BTCC race three
18.00: Pocono NASCAR Sprint Cup race
18:15: Termas de Rio Hondo WTCC race one
19:25: Termas de Rio Hondo WTCC race two
20:50: Mid-Ohio IndyCar race

OmeletteSun 07:25 WRC - Finland: While Latvala and Ogier battle all-out for victory, it's a very big day for Kris Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle too.

In the first of the three rallies in which Meeke must prove to Citroen it should keep him on for 2015, he's produced perhaps his best WRC drive yet to keep the top two VWs in sight for the first half of the event before settling into third place.

Just a few more stages to get through safely to secure that result now.

Here are Meeke and Nagle setting up for their big day with a breakfast omelette.

Sun 07:32 WRC - Finland: If you were with us earlier, you'll have heard that Latvala and Ogier's morning started with them being evacuated from their hotel by a fire scare...

...which was caused by VW team member and double WRC champion co-driver Luis Moya burning some toast.

Moya, who won his titles alongside Carlos Sainz, has been explaining the incident to AUTOSPORT: "I put in my toast and usually it comes up, pops up itself.

"I was talking and then I turned around and saw the room was full of smoke. I said: 'What the hell happened?' And then I remembered my toast!

"It was quite well done..."

So well done, the fire brigade turned up.

Sun 07:34 WRC - Finland: Ten minutes until battle resumes on SS25. This is how our top 10 looks with Breen now out:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +5.0s
3 Meeke +36.9s
4 Mikkelsen +1m25.7s
5 Hirvonen +2m23.1s
6 Paddon +4m01.6s
7 Hanninen +4m10.2s
8 Evans +4m55.3s
9 Solberg +11m04.4s
10 Kruuda +13m18.7s

Sun 07:54 WRC - Finland: Myhinpaa is under way and Kubica will be first man through.

He's running first on the road again today as he continue to use the rally as an experience-building test following his Friday morning crash.

The Pole is only 38th overall, as he had three quarters of an hour of Rally2 penalties, but the important thing yesterday was that he completed all the stages without mistakes and his pace was pretty solid, especially considering he was first on the road.

Sun 08:01 WRC - Finland: Paddon hasn't been able to fix his power steering problem. He's losing a lot of time on this stage and is definitely going to lose sixth to Hanninen. This is going to give Evans a shot at moving up to seventh too.

Sun 08:07 WRC - Finland: Paddon completes the stage and he has indeed fallen from sixth to eighth overall, behind Hanninen and Evans.

Sun 08:08 WRC - Finland: Paddon is pretty sanguine about this problem, and rightly so, as he has definitely impressed this weekend.

"It's built up my arms, that's for sure... We were always going to drop back and with no power steering I wasn't going to take any risks, I'm not going to throw the car away over it.

"It's been a good weekend overall. Hopefully we've been able to prove our point.

"There's a hell of a lot more to come, but I think we've shown good progression."

Sun 08:09 WRC - Finland: First splits from the leaders are in, and Ogier is slightly faster than Latvala.

Sun 08:10 WRC - Finland: Latvala and Ogier are now equal on the middle split.

Sun 08:12 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen, Mikkelsen and Meeke all through smoothly but it's the leaders we want to see.

"I'm sure Seb and Jari-Matti will absolutely kill my times..." says a very chilled Meeke.

Sun 08:12 WRC - Finland: Ogier finishes the stage, 13s faster than previous benchmark Meeke.

Sun 08:12 WRC - Finland: Latvala through the next split two tenths slower than Ogier.

Sun 08:14 WRC - Finland: Ogier says he gave it everything in there but doubts it was enough.

"If we don't do it on this one we'll never make a difference with Jari-Matti. I couldn't do it but I really enjoyed it."

Sun 08:14 WRC - Finland: Latvala is 1.3s slower than Ogier at the finish! His lead is back down to 3.7s with one stage to go.

Sun 08:15 WRC - Finland: Latvala reveals that the intercom system in his car is wilting and he couldn't hear his pace notes as well as he wanted.

"I'm happy with that, my helmet is not right - I'm only hearing one side. It's not very relaxing to drive and you have to focus with that."

Sun 08:17 WRC - Finland: There are just 4.219 miles of this epic rally to go, and the leaders are 3.7s apart.

That should be enough for Latvala to hang on, but it's going to be very, very nerve-wracking.

Sun 08:19 WRC - Finland - SS25 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 10m15.5s
2 Latvala +1.3s
3 Meeke +13.0s
4 Hanninen +15.5s
5 Hirvonen +24.2s
6 Mikkelsen +25.8s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +3.7s
3 Meeke +48.6s
4 Mikkelsen +1m50.2s
5 Hirvonen +2m46.0s
6 Hanninen +4m24.4s

Sun 08:20 WRC - Finland - SS25 summary:

* Ogier is 1.3s faster than Latvala to get the lead down to 3.7s
* Intercom problems leave Latvala struggling to hear pace notes
* Paddon falls from sixth to eighth behind Hanninen and Evans due to broken power steering

Green orangeSun 08:22 WRC - Finland: And just when we thought Rally Finland couldn't take another twist or another turn… the orange has gone green.

Sun 08:29 WRC - Finland: We have a pause of just over an hour and a half now before the deciding stage, during which we'll bring you plenty of build-up, any more news, and further reaction to Luis Moya's toast inferno.

Sun 08:31 WRC - Finland: Thumbs up for Latvala from his mental coach Christoph Treier, the man credited with helping the WRC's fastest Finn calm things down and finally unleash more of that enormous potential this year:

"So important to keep calm for @JariMattiWRC.He's managing that in a fantastic way.He sounds relaxed. #RallyFinland #WRC #motorsport #mental"

Sun 08:36 BTCC - Snetterton: Big news from Norfolk this morning as BTCC champion Andrew Jordan gets medical clearance to race following his practice crash yesterday. He'll start race one from the back.

Full story in our news section soon.

Sun 08:57 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Good morning from Austria! We're just a few minutes away from the first F3 race of the day, with Antonio Giovinazzi and Tom Blomqvist sharing the front row.

It was the Carlin pair that was first and second in yesterday's first race, with Blomqvist taking victory. Will they have it their own way again today? Or will Esteban Ocon (P6) and Max Verstappen (P7) be able to weigh into the fight? Stay tuned to find out.

Sun 08:57 BTCC - Snetterton: SCOTT MITCHELL has been speaking to Andrew Jordan about his crash yesterday, failing the pre-qualifying medical checks, and being cleared to race today:

Jordan cleared to race at Snetterton

Sun 09:00 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: There will be a 15-minute delay for the start of the race.

The trackside crew seem to trying to fix one of the barriers, which was damaged during this morning's Carrera Cup race (a race won in fine ANZAC spirit by New Zealander Earl Bamber).

Sun 09:05 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's tough to pick how the weather is going to pan out in Spielberg today. From one window of the media centre, it looks as if it could rain any moment. From the other, clear blue skies. No rain about yet, so we'll definitely be starting in the dry.

Neste carSun 09:15 WRC - Finland: There's been plenty of talk about the 2017 technical regulations and what the next generation of World Rally Car will look like following AUTOSPORT's story last week.

Well, we think we might have the first image to show you... or maybe this is just a car made out of old bottles of Neste Oil. Which is just as fever!

(One hour till the final stage, by the way)

We also stoked some 2017 fever on Wednesday when we revealed the existence of a secret Toyota Japan-backed GT86 project being constructed by Tommi Makinen - a car that then made a surprise demo appearance on the stages on Friday.

There's also a non-WRC GT86 around and a WRC Yaris... Don't be too confused, though, just take this proliferation of Toyota rally cars as a sign that the Japanese marque will surely be back.

Sun 09:19 WRC - Finland: Plenty of you just joining us in recent minutes as the European Sunday morning begins in earnest, so if you missed this morning's first two Rally Finland stages here's what happened:

Latvala edged his lead up to 5.0s on the opener but then it dropped to 3.7s on the next stage, where an intercom problem left him struggling to hear his pace notes.

The rally-deciding Powerstage is 4.2 miles long, begins at 11.08am UK time and is going to be an absolute flat-out blast between Latvala and Ogier.

Meeke is still heading for third, while further back Paddon fell from sixth to eighth with power steering failure and Breen retired from ninth when he jarred his back over a big jump.

Consider yourselves brought up to speed.

Sun 09:20 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's a tale of two Antonios as the race gets under way. Giovinazzi has made a mega start to lead, while Fuoco charged into second place.

Sun 09:24 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: The safety car is out on lap three, thanks to Jordan King suffering right-front suspension damage after wacking the kerb at Turn 2. His day is done.

The Antonios Giovinazzi and Fuoco continue to lead, from Blomqvist and Ocon. Felix Rosenqvist and Lucas Auer, the only of the frontrunners to start with four brand new tyres for this race, are fifth and sixth.

Sun 09:27 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's lap six, and we're racing again. Giovinazzi has made a solid restart and will easily hold his lead.

Sun 09:33 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Safety car is back on lap 10. Dennis van de Laar spun at Turn 1 while trying to pass Sean Gelael, and wound up stranded.

Sun 09:37 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: That was quick. Lap 11 and we're green. Again, Giovinazzi is too strong at the restart.

And Ocon has spun! He and Rosenqvist were scrapping over fourth on the run to turn one, and there was contact! They were side-by-side on the approach to the turn, and Ocon, looking to get wider for the turn-in, gave Rosenqvist very little space.

It's the second time this weekend that the championship leader has found himself facing the wrong way at Turn 1. Ocon is in the pits, Rosenqvist is out.

Sun 09:45 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Crash! Spike Goddard and Sandro Zeller have had a decent collision at Turn 2.

Looks as if Goddard tagged Roy Nissany in the braking zone, and then, already out of control, clattered into Zeller, who was minding his own business about to turn into the corner. The Aussie apologises to Zeller as they climb over the fence.

Safety car is out.

Jari-Matti LatvalaSun 09:46 WRC - Finland: Half an hour until the final stage begins.

This was how Jari-Matti Latvala began his Sunday: being evacuated from a smoke-filled breakfast room after double WRC champion co-driver Luis Moya set all the hotel fire alarms off by dramatically burning some toast.

Will he end his Sunday with the first home victory on Rally Finland since his own last triumph here in 2010? Nearly time to find out...

Sun 09:48 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's lap 18 of 24, and we're green once again. Giovinazzi makes his third flawless restart and continues to lead, with Fuoco second and Blomqvist third.

Sun 09:49 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: I say flawless restarts, but apparently Giovinazzi is under investigation for something behind the safety car – and he's been given a drive-through! Infringement of safety car rules – although it's not 100 per cent clear what the infringement is.

Sun 09:51 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: The race is now a timed race, with two minutes to go. And we're going to see our first change of the lead when Giovinazzi takes his penalty.

Sun 09:54 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Would seem that Giovinazzi was too far behind the safety car on that last restart. Silly mistake, because he was more than quick enough to win the race.

Hang on, he's stayed out – and is celebrating as if he's won the race. Perhaps the team didn't tell him? He'll find out soon enough that Fuoco is the winner, from Blomqvist and Auer.

Sun 10:09 WRC - Finland: The finale has begun.

A different running order for this last stage, though, as the WRC2 top three come through first.

So we'll have Tanak, Ketomaa then class winner Kruuda onto the stage initially, then the World Rally Car field in reverse order, beginning with Kubica and ending with Ogier and Latvala.

Fire engineSun 10:10 WRC - Finland: Incidentally, if you thought we might be over-hyping Luis Moya burning his toast this morning, here is proof that the fire brigade turned up to deal with it.

Sun 10:12 WRC - Finland: Latvala declared last night that he didn't care about the championship anymore, it was all about Rally Finland.

Well beating Ogier today would keep his title hopes just about alive, as his VW team-mate hasn't totally got this wrapped up yet.

Championship standings after seven of 13 rounds:

1 Ogier 166
2 Latvala 116
3 Mikkelsen 83
4 Ostberg 66
5 Hirvonen 52
6 Neuville 46

(25 points for a win + 3 points for Powerstage)

Sun 10:16 WRC - Finland: Seven-time Rally Finland winner Marcus Gronholm told AUTOSPORT earlier this week that he was worried his countrymen didn't have what it took to win this year, that it was going to be another Ogier win - and that crowds would begin to dwindle unless the Finnish drivers got it sorted.

After decades and decades of Finnish or at least Scandinavian 1000 Lakes success, four of the last six Rally Finlands have been won by Frenchmen called Sebastien - three for Loeb and then one for Ogier last year (when he led home a Belgian in Thierry Neuville).

Latvala knows he's carrying the hopes of the world's most rally-mad nation onto this four-mile stage.

Sun 10:20 WRC - Finland: Karl Kruuda clinches the WRC2 victory.

It wasn't a last-stage thriller like his dramatic Sweden triumph, this time he's been nursing a vast lead since problems for Ketomaa and Tanak, who claim second and third.

The result thrusts Kruuda and Ketomaa back into the title hunt.

The vagaries of the WRC2 entry and scoring system mean Lorenzo Bertelli and Yuriy Protasov were the main contenders coming here, but Bertelli retired and Protasov isn't counting this one for points.

Sun 10:21 WRC - Finland: Last year's WRC2 champion is our first World Rally Car driver to the finish.

Kubica is going to be either 34th or 35th overall after his Friday crash, but the rest of the event has been totally trouble-free. Vital mileage on this ultra-tough rally.

Sun 10:22 WRC - Finland: Well we said 'trouble-free' for Kubica but he did nearly spin and get onto two wheels on that stage.

"All under control," he insists. "No big drama."

Sun 10:24 WRC - Finland: Henning Solberg and Elfyn Evans are on the stage now, then it's going to be the Hyundais of Hanninen and Paddon, Hirvonen's Ford, Mikkelsen's VW and podium man Meeke's Citroen, followed by the battle we're all poised for: Ogier versus Latvala for the win, 3.7s apart on the timing screens.

Sun 10:25 DTM - Red Bull Ring: With around an hour to go until today's DTM race, let's take a run through some of the reaction after qualifying yesterday.

First up, pole-sitter Robert Wickens, who seemed to be trying to break some sort of world record for most cliches used in one interview when asked about Mercedes' progress.

"In the end it's great to see Mercedes making steps forward, but we can't get ahead of ourselves, we have to take it race-by-race. As you saw in Moscow, that wasn't easy. For sure we have to take it one step at a time and try and move forward."

Sun 10:26 WRC - Finland: Solberg comes through to clinch ninth after a rally full of punctures. He'll be off to Trois-Rivieres next week to resume his World Rallycross season alongside brother Petter at the championship's second most historically significant venue after Lydden.

Sun 10:27 WRC - Finland: Evans pips Kubica by 2s to become our Powerstage pacesetter for the time being.

Mikkelsen, incidentally, has been saving tyres massively this morning with a view to nailing it for the Powerstage bonus. Good chance of a VW one-two-three on this stage, we'd suggest.

Sun 10:29 WRC - Finland: Hanninen is on the stage now.

What a huge missed opportunity for Hyundai this weekend. Its Finn was absolutely flying early on, challenging Meeke for podium honours.

Then he flew too literally and rolled the car.

Hanninen's recovery drive will take him from 12th to sixth, equalling his WRC career and season best, but still...

Sun 10:31 WRC - Finland: Hanninen is fastest so far on the Powerstage. Here's his verdict on the weekend:

"I made a mistake and that was the cost. The starting position yesterday was then not that good, but I tried to go fast and do a good result.

"We have to learn from this rally and be more clever in the future."

Sun 10:32 WRC - Finland: Remember Neuville has been Hyundai's only permanent driver this year, with Hanninen, Dani Sordo, Paddon, Bryan Bouffier and Chris Atkinson all making appearances alongside him. Don't expect them all to be kept for 2015...

Sun 10:33 WRC - Finland: Great rally from Paddon, who got up to sixth and had the pace to keep Hanninen at bay yesterday until his power steering failure this morning dropped him to eighth. He's just come through the finish.

Hirvonen is now on the stage. Mikkelsen, Meeke, Ogier and Latvala will follow.

Sun 10:36 WRC - Finland: Hirvonen is nine tenths faster than Hanninen to take Powerstage top spot for now. He'll be fifth overall.

Sun 10:37 WRC - Finland: Saving those tyres seems a good call by Mikkelsen, he's 1.3s up on Hirvonen at the split, despite being the most broadside through the stage so far.

Sun 10:38 WRC - Finland: Mikkelsen fastest so far by 1.4s after a wild drive through the Powerstage. That gives him fourth overall.

Sun 10:40 WRC - Finland: Meeke has started the final stage. Ogier and Latvala are poised at the startline.

Sun 10:43 WRC - Finland: Meeke beats Mikkelsen by three tenths, so he'll get at least one Powerstage point.

Much more importantly, he's claimed a brilliant Rally Finland podium.

Sun 10:43 WRC - Finland: Now for the battle - Ogier begins the stage.

Sun 10:44 WRC - Finland: Meeke is thrilled with that result, while adding that he doesn't want third to be his limit and is determined to win this event one day.

"A podium is pretty special here, it's one of the biggest of them all.

"We're still not perfect - Jari-Matti has been the epitome of perfection in driving a rally car this weekend."

Sun 10:47 WRC - Finland: Ogier is fastest so far, 3m16s is his time, but all we want to know is how Latvala compares.

"Jari is really flying..." Ogier admits.

Sun 10:49 WRC - Finland: Latvala is three tenths up on Ogier at the split. It's looking safe right now...

Sun 10:50 WRC - Finland: Just a few more corners to go for a home win...

Sun 10:50 WRC - Finland: Latvala is a tenth slower than Ogier on the stage but he wins Rally Finland by 3.6s.

Sun 10:50 BTCC - Snetterton: We're almost ready for race one here, with Jason Plato and Colin Turkington starting on the front row.

Reigning champion Andrew Jordan has a lot of work to do after being cleared to start from the back thanks to his crash yesterday.

Sun 10:51 WRC - Finland: Latvala slews the VW sideways, jumps out of the car, jumps around a bit then leaps onto the roof of his Polo with co-driver Miikka Antilla.

Sun 10:51 DTM - Red Bull Ring: After a short break to let the Powerstage in Finland play out, here's a little bit more DTM reaction.

For Timo Glock, it was a mixture of both happiness and disappointment after qualifying yesterday. He was on pole for so long he'd driven back to pit-lane before Wickens pipped him for P1.

"I was already back in pit-lane and I saw on a couple of TV screens that my name was still up there [in P1]. When the radio opened up, you could hear from the first word in the voice that it wasn't enough."

Glock also has an interesting theory on why his weekend is going so well...

"My girlfriend is here this weekend. Every time she is here, it's working out. She was at Hockenheim last year, she was at Hockenheim this year, and she flew in this morning and... first row. So I think I need to bring her to every race."

Sun 10:52 WRC - Finland: Latvala looks exhausted... He's finding the enormity of this one quite hard to take in. A big hug from his Dad now.

Sun 10:54 WRC - Finland: Some words from the winner, Jari-Matti Latvala:

"It was a really, really hard job to get this victory. I had a fantastic feeling with the driving from the beginning of the rally. Everything went really, really well until we had the problem, which put us in a really difficult position.

"We were so close to losing the whole rally. Today was quite a nervous feeling but we managed to hold it.

"Without being nervous I think I would've been able to drive a little bit better on this final Powerstage."

Sun 10:54 DTM - Red Bull Ring: In the Audi camp, Jamie Green was the best of the bunch with sixth, on what was a disappointing day for the crew from Ingolstadt. Here's what the Brit had to say:

"I'm P6, so that's not too bad. From there, you can challenge for the race win. So from my point of view, it's a reasonable result.

"The other Audis, I must say it's a bit strange to see the order, it's not what I expected. But it is incredibly close on lap time, and I missed pole by less than a tenth, and I'm sixth. That's why the positions can look really bad, but when you look at the pace it's really close."

Sun 10:57 DTM - Red Bull Ring: So, with a tad over half an hour until the race starts, here's the starting tyres for the entire field, in grid position order:

Wickens (Mercedes) OPTION
Wittmann (BMW) OPTION
Wehrlein (Mercedes) OPTION
Green (Audi) OPTION

Vietoris (Mercedes) STANDARD
Tomczyk (BMW) OPTION
Juncadella (Mercedes) STANDARD
Rockenfeller (Audi) STANDARD
Scheider (Audi) OPTION
Ekstrom (Audi) STANDARD
Molina (Audi) STANDARD
Muller (Audi) OPTION
Paffett (Mercedes) OPTION
Tambay (Audi) OPTION

Mortara (Audi) STANDARD
Petrov (Mercedes) STANDARD
Di Resta (Mercedes) STANDARD

Sun 11:07 BTCC - Snetterton: Off we go for race one and Plato moves into an early lead.

Jordan has decided to start from the pitlane.

Sun 11:10 BTCC - Snetterton: Tordoff runs wide at Riches, and there is some contact behind, while Plato leads from Turkington and a fast-starting Menu.

Sun 11:11 BTCC - Snetterton: And Jordan was up to 25th at the end of lap one.

Sun 11:14 BTCC - Snetterton: As Plato and Turkington draw away, Neal passes Ingram at Montreal and immediately starts pressing Menu for third.

Sun 11:15 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: We've just received notice of a grid penalty for Esteban Ocon for this afternoon's third race. We thought we'd let you know - now we're working on the story as fast as we can!

Sun 11:18 BTCC - Snetterton: Smith moves over on Menu on the pit straight after the former champion was overtaken by Neal at Murrays. Morgan takes advantage to pass both VWs into Montreal.

So new order is: Plato, Turkington, Neal, Morgan, Neal, Menu, Smith.

Sun 11:20 BTCC - Snetterton: At the end of lap six, Jordan has made it to 20th, so five more spots needed to get into the points.

Sun 11:25 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Here's the story on Ocon being hit with a grid penalty for this afternoon's race:

Ocon handed a 10-place grid penalty

Sun 11:27 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Just a few minutes to go off before the off here in Austria. It's pretty sunny and warm, with a few Styrian clouds around but nothing that looks too threatening.

Sun 11:30 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Off on the parade lap now. Wickens leading Glock and the rest around.

Sun 11:32 BTCC - Snetterton: Plato takes a comfortable win from Turkington, while Neal keeps Morgan at arm's length to complete the podium.

Jordan just missed out on points after his pitlane start, climbing to 16th.

Sun 11:34 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wickens leads Glock at the start, with a scorching getaway putting Farfus third from Wehrlein and Wittmann, who loses two places.

Sun 11:35 DTM - Red Bull Ring: In fact Wittmann has lost out further, with Green and Tomczyk demoting him to seventh. Wickens leads by 1.4s after one lap.

Sun 11:37 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Vietoris is the leading hard-tyred runner in eighth, while Scheider (softs) has just passed Spengler (hards) for ninth at Turn 2.

Sun 11:38 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wehrlein is putting Farfus under some serious pressure for third.

Sun 11:40 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Farfus has now slipped inside Glock for second at Turn 2, with the yellow BMW now defending from Wehrlein.

Sun 11:40 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Meanwhile, Wittmann has slipped back ahead of Tomczyk for sixth, while soft-tyred Scheider has passed hard-shod Vietoris for ninth.

Sun 11:42 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Farfus is carving chunks out of Wickens's lead, which is now down to 1.6s.

Sun 11:44 DTM - Red Bull Ring: A new fastest lap for Farfus as the BMW reduces the gap to the leading Mercedes to 1.2s.

Sun 11:44 DTM - Red Bull Ring: As far as the other Brits are concerned, di Resta and Paffett are heading the tail-end group in 18th and 19th.

Sun 11:45 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Farfus is now moving right onto Wickens's tail...

Sun 11:48 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wickens is now having to defend his lead.

Sun 11:50 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Tambay, who started on softs, has now got into the top 10 by passing Spengler. The only hard-tyred car left to clear for the Frenchman now is that of Vietoris. Meanwhile, da Costa has parked his BMW on the grass out of Turn 3 with what looks like no drive.

Sun 11:52 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Tambay is now ahead of Vietoris into ninth. Up front, Farfus continues to test Wickens's racecraft. He held on around the outside of the Brazilian at Turn 6 before claiming the inside for the next corner!

Sun 11:53 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And Glock and Wehrlein are closing in...

Sun 11:53 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Lap 14 now, so two laps until the pit window opens.

Sun 11:54 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Replays show there was a bit of contact as Wickens brilliantly held on to his lead.

Sun 11:56 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Top eight now are covered by 4.3 seconds! Tambay is a distant ninth, with Muller on soft tyres creeping into the top 10.

Sun 11:58 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Hand, Juncadella and Moscow winner Martin have all just taken drive-through penalties for yellow-flag infringements.

Sun 11:59 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And now so has Muller, promoting Vietoris, the leading hard-tyred runner, to the top 10. Mortara also penalised.

Sun 12:01 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And Farfus has pitted, rejoining in ninth place - ahead of all the hard-tyred runners. They've been around 1.5s per lap slower for much of the race.

Sun 12:02 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Glock now carving into Wickens's advantage, so he's still got a bright BMW in his mirrors, just a different one now.

Sun 12:04 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Top seven now covered by 3.3 seconds - this is close!

Sun 12:05 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And six of them have dived into the pits en masse - with only Green staying out.

Sun 12:06 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Some panel bashing up to Turn 2 as Wickens bids to hold on from Farfus, who's on hot tyres. But the Brazilian gets it done at Turn 3.

Sun 12:07 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Now Green is in.

Sun 12:07 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Green emerges in front!

Sun 12:08 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Replays show Glock having to brush the pit wall as Wickens was released during their pitstop race.

Sun 12:10 DTM - Red Bull Ring: So, Green leads Farfus, Wickens, Glock, Wittmann, Tomczyk and Scheider. Wehrlein lost time somewhere and is now embroiled with Tambay in a battle for eighth.

Sun 12:13 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wehrlein has now pulled into his Merc garage to retire, so Vietoris and Paffett - the leading runners now on soft tyres - complete the top 10. They're half a minute down on the leaders so a safety car would be pretty handy for them...

Sun 12:13 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Ekstrom has now passed Paffett for 10th.

Sun 12:16 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Green leads by just half a second, but he's been given a drive-through for pitting one lap too late, breaking the maximum time limit on the soft tyre.

Sun 12:17 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wittmann has just passed Glock for what will become third into Turn 2.

Sun 12:17 DTM - Red Bull Ring: And now he is third, as the orange Audi takes its drive-through. The crestfallen Monaco-based Broughton Astley man rejoins seventh, in front of Tambay.

Sun 12:19 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wickens has barged his way past Farfus into the lead at Turn 2, but HE'S got a drive-through now, for an unsafe release in the pits.

Sun 12:20 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Farfus looked very undefensive there as Wittmann moved past into second place at Turn 3. But he then had to get pretty feisty to stop Glock following through. That looked like team tactics to protect BMW's series leader. When Wickens serves his penalty it'll be a Munich 1-2-3-4, with only Scheider's Audi in touch.

Sun 12:22 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wickens has now been black-flagged for not serving his penalty. To be honest, along with Audi's Green blunder, this isn't the finest hour for team strategies...

Sun 12:23 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wickens drives into the pits, and into the garage. End of the day for him.

Sun 12:24 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Mercedes has now said it's going to protest the whole race, so if you're one of the massive Red Bull Ring crowd, then tough luck.

Sun 12:25 DTM - Red Bull Ring: So, 12 laps to go, and it's Wittmann from Farfus, Glock, Tomczyk and Scheider in the leading group. Green holding off Tambay for sixth. Then Vietoris, Ekstrom and Spengler, all on soft tyres. They could well catch Green and Tambay by the end.

Sun 12:26 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Tambay has now passed Green for sixth.

Sun 12:31 DTM - Red Bull Ring: It's a bit processional at the front now, but there's a cracking scrap for 15th between Muller, Juncadella and Martin.

Sun 12:36 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Martin won that frenetic scrap we mentioned, and has now sailed past Paffett for 14th at Turn 2.

Sun 12:36 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Vietoris, on his soft tyres, is now just a second behind Green with four laps to go.

Sun 12:38 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Fastest lap of the race for Rockenfeller, who we haven't mentioned at all until now. That's because he's 13th, as he has been for most of the race.

Sun 12:40 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Green squeezes Vietoris out wide at Turn 2, allowing Ekstrom to slip past the Merc into eighth.

Sun 12:40 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Spengler and Molina also right with this scrap.

Sun 12:42 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Wittmann wins it, from Farfus, Glock, Tomczyk, Scheider and Tambay. Green moves over to allow Ekstrom into seventh on the run to the line, while Vietoris and Spengler complete the top 10.

Sun 12:43 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Molina, Hand and Rockenfeller finish pretty close to the points scorers, with the top 13 covered by just 17.7 seconds - that's pretty tight for a 47-lap race without a safety car...

Sun 12:44 DTM - Red Bull Ring: The finishers are completed by Martin, Juncadella, Mortara, Paffett, di Resta, Muller and Petrov.

Sun 13:00 DTM - Red Bull Ring: Here is ANDREW VAN LEEUWEN's comprehensive report of that rather strange race:

Wittmann wins bizarre race

Sun 13:03 BTCC - Snetterton: Almost time for the second race.

Jason Plato, who will start from pole, might have won earlier today, but Colin Turkington's second place moves him into a 15-point lead over Gordon Shedden in the drivers's standings.

Sun 13:11 V8 Supercars - Queensland: Just in case you missed it earlier as you were enjoying a lazy Sunday lie-in...

James Courtney claimed victory in today's 200km race at Ipswich's Queensland Raceway. He led home Triple Eight rival Craig Lowndes by 5.88s after starting second on the grid.

Jamie Whincup came home sixth and snatched the championship lead from Mark Winterbottom with 15 points separating the two.

Read our report to find out how the race unfolded:

Courtney wins with wise strategy

Championship standings after 25 of 37 rounds:

1 Jamie Whincup 1790
2 Mark Winterbottom 1775
3 Craig Lowndes 1628
4 James Courtney 1598
5 Fabian Coulthard 1535
6 Shane van Gisbergen 1532

(50 to 300 points per win depending on race length)
Full season statistics on FORIX

Sun 13:23 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: After the DTM, it's the final turn of the F3 boys in Austria coming up. They've just emerged from the pitlane onto the grid. As well as Esteban Ocon, there's a grid penalty for Jake Dennis - he has been demoted five places for his swerve into Max Verstappen during today's earlier race. That drops him to 11th in the starting line-up.

Sun 13:24 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Hopefully the outbreak of shoddy driving from earlier has been nipped in the bud... A reminder then: it's Giovinazzi on pole with Blomqvist alongside, Fuoco and Auer on the second row, and Verstappen and Rosenqvist on the third. King, Jones, Latifi and Calderon round out the top 10, with the penalised Dennis 11th and Ocon 14th.

Sun 13:40 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Three laps in, Giovinazzi leads Blomqvist, Auer and Fuoco.

Sun 13:40 BTCC - Snetterton: Race two is go and this time Turkington takes the lead.

Sun 13:41 BTCC - Snetterton: And Menu is spat out of the pack and into the barriers at Riches.

Sun 13:42 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Safety car, with Rosenqvist and Toril in the Turn 6 gravel in separate incidents.

Sun 13:42 BTCC - Snetterton: The safety car has been scrambled, with Turkington narrowly leading Plato.

Sun 13:42 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: It's Giovinazzi, Blomqvist, Auer, Fuoco, Latifi, Dennis, King, Verstappen, Calderon and Ocon in top 10.

Sun 13:44 BTCC - Snetterton: Two good first laps from Giovanardi (13th to seventh) and Jordan (16th to 10th).

Sun 13:45 BTCC - Snetterton: Menu's crash was caused when he turned into Riches and clashed with Morgan's Mercedes.

Sun 13:46 BTCC - Snetterton: Jordan is the leading runner on soft tyres, in 10th, while Tordoff has gone from the back to 20th.

Sun 13:50 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Top four same order, but now Dennis fifth from Verstappen, Latifi, King and Ocon

Sun 13:51 BTCC - Snetterton: We're under way again and Turkington and Plato again make a break from Neal in third.

Sun 13:52 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Ocon passes King for eighth.

Sun 13:53 BTCC - Snetterton: Jordan made a move on Collard and endedup going three-wide with the BMW and Jack Goff. The result was Jordan being spat off the circuit at Brundle. it's not a good day for the reigning champion.

Sun 13:55 BTCC - Snetterton: Great move from Shedden around the outside of Morgan into Brundle. That means he is up to fourth and surely Neal will move aside to help his team-mate's title bid.

Sun 13:56 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Great fight between overtaking maestros resolved in favour of Verstappen over Dennis - he's now fifth.

Sun 13:57 BTCC - Snetterton: Plato is really starting to pressure Turkington now. Will the BMW driver think of the title or defend?

Sun 14:00 BTCC - Snetterton: And Plato dives down the inside of Turkington at Montreal to take the lead. A clean move.

Sun 14:02 BTCC - Snetterton: Shedden has also gone by Neal at Montreal so the order is now Plato, Turkington, Shedden, Neal.

Sun 14:02 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Ocon's misery is complete - he's one of a handful to get drive-throughs for non-respect of yellows.

Sun 14:04 BTCC - Snetterton: Turkington is fighting back against Plato. Have the MG's tyres started to go off?

Sun 14:13 BTCC - Snetterton: Plato brings the MG home to make it two wins from two starts, with Turkington picking up more points in second.

The works Hondas are next, from Adam Morgan's Ciceley Mercedes.

Sun 14:13 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Giovinazzi wins it by three seconds from Blomqvist, with Auer third. Verstappen wins fight for fourth with Fuoco, who then has to pit to replace a damaged front wing. So top 10 is completed by Latifi, Dennis, Jones, King, Menezes and Calderon.

Sun 14:14 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Slightly late start here at Mid-Ohio: thick morning fog prevented the medical helicopter from arriving on time, and an internet outage in the media centre prevented us from telling you about it. Both problems appear to have been cleared now, and the IndyCar teams are beginning to set up for their warm-up session.

Sun 14:30 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: The build-up to this afternoon's Argentinean round of the World Touring Car Championship race is underway, with the regular drivers autograph session attracting a good turnout.

Sun 14:33 BTCC - Snetterton: We've just heard that the BTCC medical team has decided not to let Andrew Jordan race in the Snetterton finale. He is reportedly too tired after the second race.

More shortly.

Sun 14:34 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: After an intensive testing programme at Valencia during the summer break, Honda's Alessandro Mariani described qualifying as "a disaster".

Sun 14:36 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Mariani had expected at least one Honda to qualify in the top-three.

Tiago Monteiro demonstrated stunning pace on 200km old tyres in second free practice, but discovered an unexpected change in balance on new tyres. The Portuguese will start this afternoon's opening race from fifth.

Sun 14:39 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Gabriele Tarquini in the second factory Civic was reportedly happy with his car until Saturday morning.

Mariani revealed the team was investigating a potential failure on the car in qualifying that contributed to Tarquini's seventh place qualifying result.

Sun 14:39 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: OK, so it turns out that only one of the problems we mentioned earlier has been fixed, as the internet here is still like something from 1996.

While we've been trying to get the wifi network to wake up, the IndyCar drivers have taken to the track for the morning warm-up. Ryan Hunter-Reay is currently fastest.

Sun 14:43 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Despite qualifying not delivering the anticipated result, Mariani believes the Valencia test was successful.

"[Saturday was] a bad day because something was broken [on Gabriele's car], but it is stupid to cancel everything. In Valencia we found something that could be an advantage. Tiago's balance problem on new tyres was also down to our lack of experience with this new solution."

Sun 14:47 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Hungaroring winner Gianni Morbidelli reported a down on power engine after qualifying 15th yesterday.

Munnich Motorsport are cautiously optimistic that they have found the cause of the problem, which they believe was turbo-related.

Sun 14:52 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: ROAL Motorsport's Tom Chilton, who is getting married in two weeks time, was satisfied to end Saturday as the highest-placed Chevrolet qualifier in sixth.

Chilton put his strong form down to "lighting it up" on his qualifying lap and the adoption of the set-up that has been favoured by team-mate Tom Coronel since the Slovakia round.

Sun 14:53 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Oooh, another internet outage. While we were offline, Bourdais went to P1. There are about two minutes left in the session.

Sun 14:56 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Neither Campos Chevrolet driver admitted to executing a mistake free lap in qualifying.

Hugo Valente starts the reversed-grid race two from the front row, but believes his Cruze is suffering from the addition of 20kg of success ballast for this meeting.

Sun 15:00 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The session ends with Bourdais on top ahead of team-mate Saavedra. Those KV cars are looking strong. Ryan Hunter-Reay was third-fastest, and quickest of the Honda-powered drivers.

Sun 15:01 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Valente's team-mate Dusan Borkovic explained that he had changed the car significantly from practice to qualifying.

"My second lap here on old tyres in testing was quicker than my qualifying lap," said Borkovic who starts 14th. "It is because I am new to the series that I need to change the car from zero to ten just to find out how everything works. We will go in another new direction for the race."

Sun 15:09 BTCC - Snetterton: Here's our report on how Plato out-duelled Turkington to win race two:

Plato tussles with Turkington to take second win

Sun 15:18 BTCC - Snetterton: Following a brief assessment by the BTCC medical crew, it has been confirmed that reigning champion Jordan will not be competing in the final race at Snetterton today.

Sun 15:27 European F3 - Red Bull Ring: Giovinazzi took a superb maiden victory having led every lap of the final race at the Red Bull Ring. Here's how the Italian racer broke his duck:

Giovinazzi scores belated win

Sun 15:40 NASCAR - Pocono: Brad Keselowski achieved his third Nationwide win of the season at Iowa last night.

The 2012 Sprint Cup champion was the only top-tier driver to commute from Pocono, where tonight's race is being held.

Keselowski led 146 of the 250 laps and held off a charging Michael McDowell for victory - his 30th in the series.

He lines up third for tonight's race, which we will be covering on Race Centre Live from 18.00 UK time.

Sun 15:47 BTCC - Snetterton: KEVIN TURNER explains why Jordan isn't participating in the third race at Snetterton:

Jordan to miss Snetterton finale

Sun 16:02 NASCAR - Pocono: Sprint Cup regular Austin Dillon pulled away on the final restart to win the Truck Series race on Saturday at Pocono.

His win came a week after his brother, Ty, won the Nationwide Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Dillon eluded Clint Bowyer and the rest of the field on the final restart of a caution-filled race to become the first non-Toyota winner in 11 truck races this season.

Sun 16:02 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: James Thompson's Lada remained in the ORECA workshop in Magny-Cours over the summer where it was thoroughly worked on, while the sister cars of Rob Huff and Mikhail Kozlovskiy were shipped to Argentina.

Lada then flew Thompson's Lada to Argentina. The Briton reported a big improvement in the car's feel after qualifying, and only missed out on a place in Q2 by a tenth of a second.

Sun 16:12 BTCC - Snetterton: The reversed-grid finale is about to start, with Smith on pole from Giovanardi and Jackson. Double winner Plato starts ninth.

We have no Andrew Jordan after his race-two clash. A terrible weekend for him.

Sun 16:16 BTCC - Snetterton: Smith holds Gio off at the start.

Sun 16:17 BTCC - Snetterton: Shedden has had a bad first few corners and is already behind title rivals Turkington and Plato.

Sun 16:19 BTCC - Snetterton: Neal taps Morgan at Agostini to move to fourth.

Sun 16:20 BTCC - Snetterton: Eurotech's terrible weekend continues as Depper loses it at Riches and collects Foster.

Sun 16:22 BTCC - Snetterton: The top five have a small break - Smith, Gio, Jackson, Neal and Turkington.

Sun 16:24 BTCC - Snetterton: Jackson is pressing Gio. Will Motorbase move the Italian aside to let Jackson attack Smith?

Sun 16:27 BTCC - Snetterton: Possibly not as Gio is the only one of the front guys on the harder tyre, so he may get stronger later.

Sun 16:29 BTCC - Snetterton: Turkington hits Neal under braking for the hairpin at Montreal. Neal was defending hard and it all went wrong.

Turkington has battled back by Morgan, who has now fallen dow the order.

Sun 16:30 BTCC - Snetterton: Jackson has gone by Gio, while the delayed Neal has come through in 10th.

Sun 16:34 BTCC - Snetterton: We've now got the top eight in the lead train. It would be amazing if the order didn't change in the remaining couple of laps. Smith continues to lead.

Sun 16:40 BTCC - Snetterton: Gio runs wide at Bomb Hole, allowing Turkington into third. Gio then spins.

But at the front Smith holds on to win an incredible race, from Jackson and Turkington

Sun 16:52 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Our adventure with the wobbly internet continues here at Mid-Ohio, as does Jack Harvey's adventure in Indy Lights. Barring a late disaster, the Brit is about to complete a clean sweep of wins for the weekend

Sun 16:56 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: The final support race prior to this afternoon's opening World Touring Car Championship race in Argentina has ended.

Asked if he was concerned about the amount of muck brought onto the circuit by the corner cutting Turismo Nacional Class 3 cars, ROAL Motorsport's Tom Coronel quipped: "I have no problem with dust." (Tom's motto is 'Eat my Dust').

Sun 16:58 NASCAR - Pocono: Engines are firing up and the pace laps are imminent at Pocono.

Rookie Kyle Larson is on pole with a pair of Penske Fords on his tail, and the young Ganassi driver is currently one of the drivers sneaking into the Chase pack by virtue of his points score.

We've had 11 different winners so far this year, which means right now there are five spots available for drivers getting in via consistent points.

Sun 17:03 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Race one front row starter Yvan Muller conceded it would be "more complicated" to beat pole man Jose Maria Lopez if he couldn't pass the Argentinean at the start.

But Muller added he would still try to reel in and overtake the local hero even if he entered Turn 1 behind Lopez.

Sun 17:04 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: The pitlane is open and the WTCC field is making its way to the grid.

Sun 17:04 NASCAR - Pocono: Here are the drivers who've already won and are therefore definitely or near-definitely in the Chase:

Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Carl Edwards, Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Aric Almirola, Kurt Busch.

Currently in the Chase because they're the top-scoring non-winners:

Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Clint Bowyer, Kyle Larson, Austin Dillon

Just outside the cut at present:

Kasey Kahne, Paul Menard, Greg Biffle, Brian Vickers, Tony Stewart, Marcos Ambrose, Jamie McMurray

Sun 17:07 NASCAR - Pocono: And here's our top 10 on the grid this afternoon:

1 Kyle Larson
2 Joey Logano
3 Brad Keselowski
4 Kurt Busch
5 Jeff Gordon
6 Kevin Harvick
7 Kyle Busch
8 Jamie McMurray
9 Dale Earnhardt Jr
10 Danica Patrick

Yesterday's Truck race winner Austin Dillon is 11th, top not-quite-in-the-Chase man Kasey Kahne is 12th and reigning champion Jimmie Johnson is 17th.

'Most out of position' drivers are Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards, who were eliminated in first qualifying on Friday and share row 13.

Sun 17:09 NASCAR - Pocono: The green flag waves for lap one of 160 and Logano immediately takes the lead from Larson.

Trouble for the other Penske man though - Keselowski gets wildly sideways after a brush with Kurt Busch.

Sun 17:10 NASCAR - Pocono: That was superb car control from Keselowski. He wasn't just a bit slidey, he was properly broadside mid-corner and still saved it without hitting the wall or causing a yellow. That dropped him to 12th.

He was on the inside of Busch as they went side by side for third when that incident started.

Sun 17:13 NASCAR - Pocono: Patrick grabs eighth from Kyle Busch, but the man they sometimes call 'Rowdy' retaliates on the exit of the corner and Kahne follows him through as they both demote her.

Patrick then gives Kahne a bit of a shove, and now they're both overtaken by Bowyer, with Keselowski trying to do likewise.

Up front, Larson is clinging to Logano as we go onto lap six.

Sun 17:16 NASCAR - Pocono: Johnson is slowing on the track with a right-rear puncture. He was only 17th.

That's also brought out a yellow for debris.

Sun 17:19 NASCAR - Pocono: Bit of variation in tactics here as lots of cars stay out and lots pit.

Both Busch brothers are in from their top 10 positions, Kenseth and Martin Truex Jr are also among the first back out.

Sun 17:22 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: There were no obvious dramas on the grid as AUTOSPORT conducted a swift pit walk.

Engstler mechanics had the bonnet of WTCC debutant Camilo Echevarria's BMW raised and appeared to be conducting unflusterred checks. Echevarria suffered a misfire in qualifying.

Sun 17:22 NASCAR - Pocono: Lead order now under yellow is:

1 Logano; 2 Larson; 3 Gordon; 4 Harvick; 5 McMurray; 6 Earnhardt; 7 Kahne; 8 Bowyer; 9 Keselowski; 10 Hamlin; 11 Patrick; 12 Allgaier (he's having a strong weekend actually in the HScott Motorsport Chevrolet - top underdog so far).

Those who pitted are led by the Busch brothers (KuBu then KyBu in Twitter space-saving parlance) in 21st and 22nd.

Johnson is 43rd and last, a lap down.

Sun 17:23 NASCAR - Pocono: Great restart by Harvick moves him from fourth to second behind Logano, with Larson falling to fourth behind Gordon. It's lap 13 of 160.

Sun 17:25 NASCAR - Pocono: Nice move by Bowyer to pass McMurray and Earnhardt in one move for sixth after a slide from Dale Jr. McMurray immediately strikes back, though.

Kurt Busch has already got back up to 15th.

Sun 17:26 NASCAR - Pocono: Smoke from Patrick's car, looks like she's got bodywork rubbing on a tyre.

Up front it's a three-car break, Logano fending off Harvick and Gordon.

Sun 17:26 NASCAR - Pocono: And now Patrick's smoking tyre gives way and she slides into Turn 2 wall. Caution back out.

Sun 17:27 NASCAR - Pocono: Replays show Patrick caused her issue by brushing the Turn 2 wall. She then crashed there properly on the next lap as the tyre seemed to give way.

That's a shame as she'd been a very competitive 10th.

Sun 17:28 NASCAR - Pocono: Our lucky dog is Johnson, who is already back on the lead lap.

Only a couple of takers for pitstops this time, led by Ricky Stenhouse Jr and Casey Mears.

Sun 17:31 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lopez leads into Turn 1. But the three Citroens have lost their formation at the head of the field.

Sun 17:31 NASCAR - Pocono: We're going to go green on lap 19, with Logano leading Harvick, Gordon, Larson, Kahne and McMurray.

Sun 17:33 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Zengo Motorsport's Norbert Michelisz moved straight into second, after Muller suffered a poor getaway.

Both Muller and the third C-Elysee of Sebastien Loeb dropped behind Tiago Monteiro's Honda, but Citroen straightline speed assisted their progress back into third and fourth before the completion of the opening lap.

Sun 17:33 NASCAR - Pocono: Logano makes the best restart, Harvick still manages to inch ahead into Turn 1, but Logano carries more speed around the outside and is back in the line.

Larson then briefly got second from Harvick before the Stewart-Haas man reclaimed it. Now Gordon is trying to take third back from Larson too.

Sun 17:35 NASCAR - Pocono: Kurt Busch is already back up to ninth, having fallen from third to 21st not long ago on his alternate strategy.

Keselowski is mired back in 11th following his first-lap spat with Busch.

Sun 17:36 NASCAR - Pocono: Now Kyle Busch looks to be in trouble, he's slowed and is losing places.

Gordon is past Larson again for third.

Busch's radio traffic suggests an engine problem. He's reporting smoke in the cockpit and is now pitting.

Sun 17:37 NASCAR - Pocono: Quite a lot of smoke from the back of Busch's Joe Gibbs Toyota now. He thinks the engine's done.

The crew pushes the car to the garage for further investigation.

Sun 17:37 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Rob Huff is enjoying one of his strongest early race performances of the year in seventh, ahead of Gabriele Tarquini's Honda.

Lopez has a comfortable 1.6s lead over Michelisz, and on lap three lapped 0.7s quicker than third-placed Muller.

The top six is completed by Loeb, Monteiro and Chilton.

Sun 17:38 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon passes Harvick for second. Those two and Logano have broken away from the Larson-led next pack again.

Sun 17:40 NASCAR - Pocono: Logano now under big pressure from Gordon for the lead.

Not too far back, first man with a pitstop under his belt Kurt Busch has reached seventh.

Sun 17:41 NASCAR - Pocono: Another yellow after Landon Cassill crashes at Turn 2. This should prompt pitstops from the leaders.

Sun 17:41 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Hugo Valente has pitted for attention to his Campos Cruze. Valente was seen running wide onto the grass on the opening lap, and later sustained a hit from behind by a Lada,

Valente is due to start race two from the front row.

Sun 17:42 NASCAR - Pocono: McMurray and Kahne managed to get pitstops done under green just moments before that yellow came out.

Cassill managed to drag his mangled car to the pit entry, where it's just given up and stopped. Pitlane closed while a truck comes to retrieve the Hillman Chevrolet.

Sun 17:44 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Valente's Campos team-mate Dusan Borkovic has pitted after losing speed.

Mikhail Kozlovskiy has been identified as the Lada driver who made contact with Valente.

Sun 17:46 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: The battle for fourth disputed by Loeb, Monteiro and Chilton is covered by just 1.3s, but as yet there have been few passing opportunities.

Monteiro's Honda team-mate Tarquini continues to harry Huff for P7, but up front Lopez appears in command.

Sun 17:46 NASCAR - Pocono: Kurt Busch didn't pit, pretty much everyone else did.

Brian Vickers and Tony Stewart only changed two tyres, and that's vaulted them right up the order, with Logano and Larson best of those on four fresh Goodyears.

Sun 17:50 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Third-placed Muller is now the fastest man on the circuit and has closed to within a second of Michelisz, but just two laps remain.

Sun 17:50 NASCAR - Pocono: Now we're pretty mixed up, with a bunch of cars who didn't pit at all leading the lap 33 restart.

It's Kurt Busch leading from Martin Truex Jr, Paul Menard and Matt Kenseth up front.

Erstwhile leaders Logano and Gordon are back in 11th and 13th, among those who either didn't pit or only changed two tyres.

Sun 17:53 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lopez raises the decibels on the Argentinean TV commentary team who are audible in the press room by taking a comfortable victory.

Sun 17:55 Indy Lights - Mid-Ohio: Before this weekend, 2012 British F3 champion Jack Harvey hadn't taken any victories in Indy Lights since deciding to switch his career to America.

Now he's notched up two utterly dominant wins and thrust himself right into title contention.

Here's MARK GLENDENNING's full report from race two, plus complete results:

Mid-Ohio Indy Lights race two report

Sun 17:55 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Result of race one: 1 Lopez; 2 Michelisz; 3 Muller; 4 Loeb; 5 Monteiro; 6 Chilton.

Sun 17:59 NASCAR - Pocono: Busch has opened out a massive 5s lead over Truex, while Gordon has put an important pass on Logano to become best of those on a 'normal' strategy. He's up to third outright, having just passed Kenseth.

Now Busch makes his second stop on lap 44 of 160. Truex and Kenseth come in too.

That will mean Gordon leads Logano, McMurray and Kahne.

Sun 18:01 NASCAR - Pocono: Kahne pits too from fourth place, which means he's changed strategy as he had been on the same schedule as our current leaders.

Sun 18:03 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon is storming away up front now, leading the closely-matched Logano and McMurray by 2.3s.

Stewart and Vickers are still in fourth and fifth after only taking two tyres, while Harvick chases them in sixth.

Poleman Larson has slumped to 13th, and that's amazingly only one place ahead of Johnson - who was a lapped 43rd after his early puncture. Great recovery.

Sun 18:05 NASCAR - Pocono: Another yellow, as Joe Nemechek has hung around far enough into this race to crash.

Sun 18:06 NASCAR - Pocono: Replays show Nemechek headed for the wall after a punt from Kahne.

Sun 18:07 NASCAR - Pocono: Kahne on Nemechek: "I don't know who that guy is or what he's thinking. Tell them to park him!"

Sun 18:10 NASCAR - Pocono: Most of the leaders choose to stay out, but pitters include Stewart, Keselowski and Ambrose.

And we highlighted Ambrose there because he somehow arrived in the Richard Petty Motorsports pit pretty much backwards and had his service at 90 degrees to the angle you'd expect.

Sun 18:12 NASCAR - Pocono: Race order now:

1 Gordon; 2 Logano; 3 McMurray; 4 Vickers; 5 Harvick; 6 Earnhardt; 7 Hamlin; 8 Bowyer; 9 Larson; 10 Edwards; 11 Biffle; 12 Kurt Busch; 13 Kahne; 14 Menard; 15 Kenseth.

Strategy-wise, everyone up to Busch-ish is on one set of tactics, everyone else is doing something different.

It's less mixed-up than the average IndyCar street race at least, and it's unlikely that Carlos Huertas will win it on fuel mileage.

Sun 18:13 NASCAR - Pocono: Back to green on lap 56 of 160 and Gordon has no trouble holding his lead.

Sun 18:15 NASCAR - Pocono: Seems Nemechek has promised he'll get revenge on Kahne. Ex-IndyCar/NASCAR star turned Dakar man Robby Gordon scoffs at this:

"Nemechek vows payback on Kahne? We all know what that means: He won't do a damn thing."

Sun 18:17 NASCAR - Pocono: Leader Gordon is inching away from Logano, while McMurray is sliding backwards, going from third to seventh in the last few laps.

Earnhardt is moving in the other direction: he passes Vickers for third.

Sun 18:22 NASCAR - Pocono: Leaders are pitting under green now. This will elevate Busch back to first place.

Sun 18:31 NASCAR - Pocono: The strategies are starting to converge a little more now. Busch stayed out for eight laps in the lead before pitting.

Totally squiffy strategy picture now as AJ Allmendinger appears in the lead.

Sun 18:35 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Hugo Valente's car has been repaired after his race one troubles and the Frenchman lines-up alongside polesitter Rob Huff on the front row of race two.

Sun 18:37 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: After his race one success, Lopez extends his points tally to 285. Team-mate Muller remains second in the drivers' standings on 235 points.

Sun 18:43 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: After a frantic opening lap, Huff leads Bennani, Tarquini and Monteiro.

Valente was passed for fifth by both Lopez and Chilton on lap two, only for Lopez to run wide and lose position to Chilton.

Sun 18:45 NASCAR - Pocono: With all the really, really out-of-sequence cars having pitted, Gordon is now re-established in the lead.

Team-mate Earnhardt is one second behind, having passed Logano, who is now falling away.

Amazingly, it's Johnson who's appeared in fourth. Remember he was last and lapped after an early puncture. He's on a totally different pit schedule to anyone else, but he's also flying.

Early lead contender Harvick now passes Johnson for fourth, and Kurt Busch is gaining too. Busch is the main man on the slightly off-cue strategy.

Polesitter Larson now runs 13th, and we've got 70 laps to go.

Sun 18:48 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Bennani loses his second position on lap five. The Moroccan is initially demoted by the factory Hondas of Tarquini and Monteiro, but is soon swamped by Chilton and Muller. Bennani completes lap six in seventh.

Sun 18:48 NASCAR - Pocono: Earnhardt pits from second place. This should be the penultimate stop for the leaders, all happening under green for now.

Sun 18:51 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon and most of the other leaders have been in. Bad news for Harvick, who was still in lead contention, as he gets a pitlane speeding penalty and immediately returns for a drive-through.

Sun 18:52 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lopez has progressed to second behind the incredible Huff.

The #1 Citroen of Muller has spent two laps rubbing door-handles with Tom Chilton, but succeeds in taking fifth place at Turn 9 on lap seven.

Morbidelli will serve a stop-and-go penalty for causing a collision.

Sun 18:53 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon did well in that round of stops, he's now 4s clear of next man on same strategy Earnhardt.

Busch leads from Kahne and Kenseth, all still with an extra stop to make.

Sun 18:55 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lopez takes the lead from Huff into the Turn 5 hairpin on lap nine.

Sun 18:56 NASCAR - Pocono: Busch pits from the lead on lap 102 of 160. Kenseth will now lead for a bit before Gordon reappears up front.

Sun 18:58 NASCAR - Pocono: Kenseth is still out in the lead, but being overtaken by lapped cars on fresh tyres. Now he pits, which seems wise.

Sun 19:00 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon now leads again with 54 laps left. He's 2.8s ahead of Earnhardt and 5.9s up on Logano.

Busch is fourth, having just passed Johnson, but is 16s behind.

It's the sort of situation where you can imagine people spotting debris quite soon...

Sun 19:01 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Muller grabs second from Gabriele Tarquini into Turn 3 on the last lap, but appears unlikely to bridge the three second gap to second man Huff.

Sun 19:03 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: Lopez completes a brilliant double victory in Argentina from 10th on the race two grid.

1 Lopez; 2 Huff; 3 Muller; 4 Tarquini; 5 Monteiro; 6 Loeb.

Sun 19:05 NASCAR - Pocono: We didn't need debris for a yellow, Johnson just crashed. Looks like another tyre problem.

Sun 19:08 NASCAR - Pocono: A handful of cars pit during this yellow, including Keselowski, Larson and Stewart, but most stay out. With 46 laps left, it's pretty awkward timing fuel-mileage-wise.

Sun 19:12 NASCAR - Pocono: Here's the order as we go green on lap 116 of 160:

1 Gordon; 2 Earnhardt; 3 Logano; 4 Kurt Busch; 5 McMurray; 6 Kahne

Sun 19:12 NASCAR - Pocono: Massive crash taking out multiple cars on the restart.

Sun 19:13 NASCAR - Pocono: Kenseth, Hamlin, Keselowski, Almirola, Menard, Allmendinger among those involved. Lots of damage for all concerned.

Sun 19:14 NASCAR - Pocono: Stewart is also among those out, and his Chevrolet is perched on top of Menard's example so he needs help.

Sun 19:16 NASCAR - Pocono: That started with Hamlin sideways mid-pack after a brush with Bowyer, then contact between Vickers and Kenseth happened in reaction. They then scooped up a big chunk of the field behind them as they bounced back off the wall.

Sun 19:19 NASCAR - Pocono: Harvick and Truex also added to the list of drivers we've spotted caught up in that one. Ambrose is in the pits for repairs too.

Vickers, Menard, Kenseth and Stewart were those left stuck on track, though Menard has been arguing his car is driveable once Stewart's is lifted off it.

Hamlin pretty much got away with it - he ended up having two massive slides and only just tapped the wall. He continues in seventh.

Sun 19:23 NASCAR - Pocono: Official records say that was a 13-car tangle.

As well as Kenseth, Vickers, Stewart and Menard being out, Allmendinger, Almirola and Keselowski are among those who have lost at least one lap getting repairs.

Order among the survivors:

1 Gordon; 2 Earnhardt; 3 Kurt Busch; 4 Logano; 5 Kahne; 6 McMurray; 7 Hamlin; 8 Bowyer; 9 Newman; 10 Larson.

Worth noting Harvick kept going in 14th without losing a lap after multiple stops for speedy repairs.

Sun 19:25 NASCAR - Pocono: Still under yellow and pitlane finally opens with 39 laps left. Gordon stays out, but Earnhardt and Kahne pit from second and fifth. Intriguing...

Sun 19:30 NASCAR - Pocono: So after those stops, the order is:

1 Gordon; 2 Kurt Busch; 3 Logano; 4 McMurray; 5 Newman; 6 Larson; 7 Dillon

then those who have pitted: 8 Bowyer; 9 Earnhardt; 10 Hamlin; 11 Kahne; 12 Biffle.

Still under yellow with 38 laps to go.

And now we're going to get chance to see how Gordon and Busch compare head to head for the first time.

Sun 19:40 NASCAR - Pocono: After that long, long clear-up, we're racing again with 34 laps remaining.

Busch beats Gordon away at the green, but our Indy winner surges back in front by Turn 2.

Sun 19:43 NASCAR - Pocono: McMurray, Bowyer, Kahne and Logano all dive in for splash-and-go pitstops under green.

Pocono's long enough that you can pit under green and not lose a lap, so these drivers are all basically diving for the pits as soon as they know they can make it to the end without stopping again.

Sun 19:44 NASCAR - Pocono: Busch is the first of the lead combatants in with 29 laps left. Earnhardt pits again too.

Gordon is staying out... but only for one more lap.

Sun 19:46 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon and Hendrick went thorough: four fresh tyres as well as fuel.

That means he'll rejoin behind a group of cars that didn't change tyres: Earnhardt, Larson and Bowyer.

Harvick, Biffle, Hamlin and Allgaier are first to fourth but will surely need to pit one more time.

Busch fell back to 14th with his stop.

Sun 19:47 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The command has been given to start engines, and the cars are heading out for their parade laps.

Sun 19:49 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Still on the parade laps, but there are already early problems for points leader Helio Castroneves, who has pulled into the pits. Everyone in the top 10 other than Justin Wilson and Simon Pagenaud will start on the softer tyres.

Sun 19:50 NASCAR - Pocono: Another yellow, Allmendinger has crashed.

Sun 19:50 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Green flag!

Sun 19:53 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: And we're already under yellows. Marco Andretti and Tony Kanaan have crashed - it looks like Kanaan got turned around, possibly by Hunter-Reay, and was hit by Andretti. Both drivers are OK.

Several other drivers ended up going across the grass there, including Will Power. We haven't had a caution here in two years; now we have one in the first lap.

Sun 19:55 NASCAR - Pocono: Allgaier pits from fourth as the pits open under yellow, but fuel-savers Biffle, Harvick and Hamlin stick with it in first, second and third.

They will restart with Earnhardt, Larson, Bowyer, Gordon, Logano and Busch on their tails.

Sun 19:55 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The order under yellows: Bourdais, Newgarden, Hunter-Reay, Rahal, Huertas.

Montoya, Dixon, Sato and Conway have all pulled into the pits. Some of those would be for damage; Montoya and Dixon might be going off strategy. Meanwhile, Castroneves still hasn't left pitlane.

Sun 19:57 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A few drivers did very well out of all of that, particularly James Hinchcliffe - the Canadian has climbed from 17th to sixth.

Sun 19:57 NASCAR - Pocono: We're going to go green with 17 laps to go, and have three-ish different strategies colliding in a way that leaves today's pacesetters with plenty of cars to pass if they want to win. Great stuff!

Sun 19:59 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Lap 5, and we have a restart.

Sun 19:59 NASCAR - Pocono: Biffle holds the lead at the restart, with Earnhardt and Bowyer flying up to second and third.

Further back, Busch passes Gordon.

Sun 20:01 NASCAR - Pocono: Biffle is still ahead of Earnhardt and not looking like he's cruising for fuel too much. Biffle's crew chief Matt Puccia looks somewhere between nervous and awful on the pitwall.

Sun 20:01 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Castroneves has joined the race, albeit five laps down. Out in front it's all single file right now, with Bourdais still leading Newgarden and Hunter-Reay.

Sun 20:02 NASCAR - Pocono: Earnhardt takes the lead with 13 laps left. A lot of screaming from his fanbase in the grandstands. Yes, screaming not cheering - like they've spotted their favourite boy-band member. Passion is good, though.

Sun 20:03 NASCAR - Pocono: As Earnhardt makes his escape, Harvick, Bowyer and Logano are trying to catch Biffle for second.

No progress from Busch and Gordon - they're back in eighth and ninth.

Sun 20:04 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon now passes Busch for eighth. But he's got a lot of ground to make up in 11 laps.

Harvick passes Biffle for second, but Earnhardt is now nearly three seconds clear.

Sun 20:06 NASCAR - Pocono: Biffle is in reverse now, rapidly losing places. Gordon is getting going and will be passing Biffle for fifth in a moment.

Sun 20:07 NASCAR - Pocono: Caution! Busch has hit the wall with a flat rear tyre.

That's a lifeline for Gordon's victory chance.

Sun 20:08 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: More of the cars stuck in the second half of the field are rolling the dice on strategy: we've just seen Hawksworth and Wilson pit, and Dixon has made a second stop. The race is still only 12 laps old.

Sun 20:08 NASCAR - Pocono: Gordon would have needed to pass three cars and erase a six-second deficit to get on terms with Earnhardt in seven laps. That wasn't going to happen. A yellow and restart throws it wide open again.

This also gives the Dale Jr fans another chance to scream, perhaps this time in frustration as their man had a 3.5s lead before the incident.

Sun 20:13 NASCAR - Pocono: Order for the restart:

1 Earnhardt; 2 Harvick; 3 Logano; 4 Bowyer; 5 Gordon; 6 Biffle.

We'll have three laps to go when it goes green.

Sun 20:15 NASCAR - Pocono: Harvick gives it a good go, but Earnhardt flies around the outside at Turn 1 and holds the lead.

No progress from Gordon, he stays fifth.

Sun 20:16 NASCAR - Pocono: Harvick is still pushing Earnhardt as they head onto the final lap.

Gordon somehow managed to lose a place to Biffle.

Sun 20:16 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: A driver to watch at this point is Montoya, who started from near the back, pitted during the caution, and is now running seventh and lapping faster than the leaders.

Sun 20:17 NASCAR - Pocono: Earnhardt fends off a very determined last-lap challenge from Harvick and wins at Pocono for the second time in two months.

Cue screaming.

Logano is third, then Bowyer, Biffle and Gordon.

Sun 20:26 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Bourdais pits from the lead, and hands P1 to Ryan Hunter-Reay ... who makes his own stop next time around, and gets back out of the pits ahead of the Frenchman to take the lead.

Sun 20:27 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Bourdais reclaims the lead at the Keyhole, and Hunter-Reay's misery is compounded with a drive-through for pitlane speeding. He serves his penalty immediately. This could be a disaster for the Andretti driver.

Sun 20:29 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: That penalty has dropped Hunter-Reay to ninth, just ahead of Montoya. The top three now is Bourdais, Newgarden and Munoz.

Sun 20:30 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Saavedra pitted a few minutes ago with some sort of problem. We haven't heard what kind, but it appears to be terminal - the KV team is wheeling the car back to the garage, and they don't appear to be in much of a hurry.

Sun 20:38 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Hunter-Reay's bad luck? It just got worse. He was settling into a three-way battle with Power and Montoya when he spun all by himself at Turn 12 and stalled, bringing out the yellows.

Sun 20:40 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Sato appears to be off the track somewhere, too. Not sure what that's all about, but it explains why we're still under yellows. Hunter-Reay's car was restarted a couple of minutes ago.

Sun 20:41 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The pits open and everybody except Hunter-Reay, Dixon and Castroneves stop all at once.

Sun 20:43 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Still under safety car, but Dixon has moved into the lead by virtue of having stayed out. He made his most recent stop nine laps ago.

Sun 20:44 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Munoz jumped Newgarden during those stops, too. The current top five: Dixon, Bourdais, Munoz, Newgarden and Rahal.

Sun 20:46 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Getting ready for the restart. Hunter-Reay managed to unlap himself during that caution, but he's stuck down in 17th.

Sun 20:48 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Lap 43, and there's the restart.

Sun 20:50 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Dixon's wasting no time up in front - he has already opened a gap of 1.7s. Behind him, Will Power has just moved ahead of Hinchcliffe to claim P6, and Newgarden has just pulled off a great pass to reclaim third from Munoz.

Sun 20:51 NASCAR - Pocono: After some biro scribbling, here's how we reckon the Chase field now looks with four races left before it's set:

Earnhardt: 3 wins
Keselowski: 3 wins
Johnson: 3 wins
Gordon: 2 wins
Logano: 2 wins
Edwards: 2 wins
Harvick: 2 wins
Kyle Busch: 1 win
Hamlin: 1 win
Almirola: 1 win
Kurt Busch: 1 win
Kenseth: 668 points
Newman: 642 points
Bowyer: 617 points
Larson: 595 points
Biffle: 590 points

Currently missing the cut:

Kahne: 589 points
Dillon: 588 points
Menard: 562 points
Ambrose: 541 points
Vickers: 539 points
Stewart: 537 points

Two points to note: That final quartet above were all caught up in today's massive shunt and dropped off the cusp of the Chase pack as a result, and Hamlin, Almirola and Kurt Busch - the final men in the Chase by virtue of having a win - are a long way back in points terms so are definitely benefiting from this year's format revamp.

Sun 20:53 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: All the guys making progress right now - Dixon, Newgarden and Power - are on the red tyres. Dixon's progress is being helped by the fact that he's on a lighter fuel load than those behind him.

All that said, Newgarden is now up to second and is lapping 0.5s faster than Dixon is. What was a 3.0s gap a couple of laps ago is shrinking rapidly.

Sun 21:00 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Carlos Huertas has been issued a drive-through for blocking Justin Wilson. Those two are team-mates.

Sun 21:10 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Dixon pits from the lead, and Newgarden moves into P1.

Sun 21:15 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Newgarden pits to the lead, and there is a problem - it looks like the team couldn't get the car up onto its jacks. They managed eventually, but lost a lot of time in the process.

Sun 21:20 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: The stops have shaken out, and Dixon has moved back into the lead ahead of Bourdais, Hinchcliffe, Munoz and Newgarden. Dixon is 6.7s ahead of the pack.

Sun 21:22 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Newgarden has been issued a drive-through for running over the airhose in the pits. That's got to be the final nail for what would have been a great result for the small Sarah Fisher team. His misfortune promotes Rahal into the top five.

Sun 21:26 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: This is turning into a good weekend for Will Power. He's currently sitting sixth and not making a lot of progress in terms of catching the leaders, but the problems for Castroneves and Hunter-Reay mean that as things stand he'll leave Mid-Ohio as the new championship leader.

Sun 21:28 WRC - Finland: As the IndyCar race rolls into its deciding laps, we'll give you a few end-of-weekend recaps to round off this epic Race Centre Live stint, which began way back on Thursday lunchtime with the start of Rally Finland.

The weekend's headline event featured Jari-Matti Latvala storming away from Sebastien Ogier at home and establishing a 31-second lead, only for brake damage to let Ogier back in again.

The VW duo began the final day only 3.4s apart, and Latvala held on through three extraordinarily tense stages to win by 3.6s.

It was a bigger deal for morale than the title battle though, as Ogier (helped by maximum Powerstage points) remains far ahead.

Note how an excellent third in Finland has boosted Kris Meeke, though.

Championship standings after eight of 13 rounds:

1 Sebastien Ogier 187
2 Jari-Matti Latvala 143
3 Andreas Mikkelsen 95
4 Mads Ostberg 66
5 Mikko Hirvonen 62
6 Kris Meeke 54

(25 points for a win + 3 for Powerstage)

Sun 21:33 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Ten laps to go, and Dixon is still miles out in front. The question is whether he has enough fuel on board to go all the way to the end if the race stays green. He's carrying a couple of laps less fuel than the cars behind him.

Sun 21:37 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: The Campos team has confirmed that brake fading problems caused Hugo Valente's double retirement this weekend.

Valente's team-mate Dusan Borkovic picked up eighth place in race two after sustaining a puncture in race one.

Sun 21:37 DTM - Red Bull Ring: In Austria, there was a potentially decisive swing in the DTM title battle.

A crazy Red Bull Ring race fell to BMW's championship hope Marco Wittmann, whose path to victory was helped by some very obedient team-mates, as has so often been the case in DTM history.

The result effectively doubled his points lead.

Championship standings after six of 10 rounds:

1 Marco Wittmann 95
2 Mattias Ekstrom 56
3 Bruno Spengler 42
4 Edoardo Mortara 41
5 Adrien Tambay 36
6 Mike Rockenfeller 35

(25 points for a win)
Full 2014 DTM data on FORIX

The top Mercedes man is Christian Vietoris in eighth place on 33 points, but the troubled team might've won today but for some very odd occurrences involving poleman Robert Wickens.

Sun 21:39 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Three laps to go, and no-one can accuse Dixon of trying to save fuel here - he's lapping 0.4s faster than the drivers behind him.

Sun 21:40 WTCC - Termas de Rio Hondo: An ecstatic Rob Huff said the timing of Lada's second place finish in race two, the company's first WTCC podium, couldn't be better. Lada is set to unveil its 2015 car at the Moscow motorshow at the end of August.

Sun 21:41 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: If Dixon can hang on, his win from 22nd will be the second-largest recovery in the history of IndyCar/Champ Car road course races. The record-holder is Max Papis, who won from 25th at Laguna Seca in 2001.

Sun 21:45 IndyCar - Mid-Ohio: Scott Dixon runs out of fuel ... after he crosses the line. That is his fifth win at Mid-Ohio in the past eight years, and surely his most remarkable. Bourdais and Hinchcliffe will join him on the podium ahead of Munoz and Rahal, while Power's sixth place moves him into the championship lead.

Sun 21:54 That's also Ganassi's first IndyCar win of the year - which is a particularly remarkable stat given that KV, Dale Coyne and Ed Carpenter Racing all have 2014 victories to their name - three in ECR's case.

It's an appropriate way to round off this brilliant motorsport weekend, and you'll be able to read MARK GLENDENNING's full race report in our news section shortly.

AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live is clocking off for the week now, but live coverage will resume at 4pm next Sunday (August 10) for an American special headlined by MotoGP kicking off its second half of 2014 at Indianapolis, alongside as-it-happens coverage of the Watkins Glen NASCAR Sprint Cup race and United SportsCar from Road America. See you then.

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