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As it happened: Sunday - Belgian Grand Prix
By Matt Beer, Andrew van Leeuwen, Ben Anderson, Dan Cross and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
11:35 Welcome to Belgian Grand Prix race day on AUTOSPORT Live.

It's dry at Spa (at present) and the start is just under half an hour away.

11:36 Pre-race news breaking as Red Bull's Christian Horner tells JONATHAN NOBLE that Sebastian Vettel is getting a new race engineer for 2015.

11:36 Full story on that Vettel engineer change coming up in our news section soon.

11:40 Usually when it rains in qualifying you might expect shocks and upsets, but yesterday's session gave us a pretty standard-looking grid - with a massive margin of superiority for the Mercedes, 2s clear of row two.

Belgian Grand Prix qualifying full report

Starting order:

1. Nico Rosberg - Mercedes
2. Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes
3. Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull
4. Fernando Alonso - Ferrari
5. Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull
6. Valtteri Bottas - Williams
7. Kevin Magnussen - McLaren
8. Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari
9. Felipe Massa - Williams
10. Jenson Button - McLaren
11. Daniil Kvyat - Toro Rosso
12. Jean-Eric Vergne - Toro Rosso
13. Sergio Perez - Force India
14. Adrian Sutil - Sauber
15. Romain Grosjean - Lotus
16. Jules Bianchi - Marussia
17. Pastor Maldonado - Lotus
18. Nico Hulkenberg - Force India
19. Max Chilton - Marussia
20. Esteban Gutierrez - Sauber
21. Andre Lotterer - Caterham
22. Marcus Ericsson - Caterham

11:41 There are light showers near the circuit, but Red Bull has basically just told Vettel that their strategy will be to not take them too seriously.

11:43 The closest things to an upset that we saw in qualifying were Jules Bianchi rising above the driver-swapping strangeness at Marussia to put the car in Q2, and Nico Hulkenberg failing to get out of Q1 for the first time this year.

While the team suggested Hulkenberg had left a bit of time out there with some mistakes, the unhappy German felt all would have been well if he had been brought in for a fresh set of tyres.

Andre Lotterer11:45 Another German near the back of the grid is three-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner Andre Lotterer.

Anyone in F1 who doubted his credentials (was wrong and should've been paying more attention to the rest of the world, for starters) has been silenced by his strong pace and sensible handling of the weekend.

A one-second margin over team-mate Marcus Ericsson in qualifying was pretty impressive.

Looks like we won't see Lotterer in the Caterham again after today, though. As JONATHAN NOBLE's been uncovering, some speedy young Spaniards are being lined up to take that seat...

Merhi and Sainz linked to Caterham drives

11:47 Quick pause for the Belgian national anthem - and it's also going to be playing over the border in Germany, where Thierry Neuville has just taken his and Hyundai's first World Rally Championship event win after an absolutely incredible rally.

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11:50 BEN ANDERSON: "The first of eight MASSIVE races for Jean-Eric Vergne today. The Frenchman is driving for his F1 future now he knows he will be replaced by Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso next season."

11:56 Just a few minutes now before the grid is cleared. Drivers are being strapped in and final preparations are being made.

The last time a factory Mercedes team won this race was in 1955 with Juan Manuel Fangio.

But let's face it, that's one of those stats that only happens when you have a works team that disappeared for 55 years, then came back, hung around in the upper midfield for a few years, then dominated. So it's not wildly relevant. Good excuse for a Fangio mention at least.

12:00 Mechanics still working on Alonso's car when everyone else has cleared the grid.

12:00 Alonso is still on the grid as everyone else sets off on their formation lap.

12:00 Alonso gets going before the whole field has left, so he'll be able to retake his position, but he will get a penalty for that.

12:01 Stewards already investigating Ferrari for having team personnel on the grid too late.

12:02 "Brakes are looking good so you can cancel the brake warming," Rosberg is told.

12:02 Magnussen is already reporting light rain during the parade lap.

12:03 For the sake of Mercedes equality, Hamilton is also told all his temperatures are looking good.

12:03 The leaders are forming up on the grid. Alonso has got back to his fourth place, but a penalty looms.

12:04 Hamilton went too far forward on the grid and is reversing slightly.

12:04 Hamilton shoots into the lead at La Source, and Rosberg is losing out to a Red Bull too.

12:05 Vettel immediately attacks Hamilton for the lead into Les Combes, but has to go over the run-off.

12:05 Vettel got a great run out of Eau Rouge and tried to take the lead on the outside at the chicane, but is now back to third behind Rosberg.

12:05 Bianchi is limping back to the pits with a puncture.

12:06 Hamilton and Rosberg already have a bit of daylight back to Vettel and Alonso in third and fourth.

12:06 Rosberg had a bit of a look at Hamilton into the Bus Stop as they completed lap one.

12:06 Rosberg closes on Hamilton on the Kemmel Straight, the leader has to defend at Les Combes.

12:06 Positions after lap 1:


12:07 The Mercedes make contact at Les Combes!

12:07 Part of Rosberg's front wing flies off and Hamilton has a puncture!

12:07 "Nico hit me," Hamilton immediately declares over the radio.

12:07 Hamilton is trundling back to the pits with a rear puncture.

12:07 It seems it was Grosjean, who is in the pits, who made contact with Bianchi.

Both are out of the pits and running again.

12:08 Part of Rosberg's front wing also flew into the air as they made contact halfway around Les Combes.

12:08 Rosberg was still trying on the outside halfway through the corner when they touched.

12:08 Rosberg still leads, but he tells Mercedes he might need to pit with wing damage.

12:09 Maldonado has stopped out on the circuit.

12:09 "I've lost a lot of front end," Rosberg tells Mercedes. His engineer says he should "hang it out."

12:09 Lotterer appears to have also stopped - was there contact with Maldonado?

12:10 Rosberg continues to lead but he is only 0.8s ahead of Vettel, with Alonso, Ricciardo, Bottas and Raikkonen chasing too.

12:10 Ricciardo slices past Alonso into third at Les Combes.

12:11 Bottas is the fastest man on the track right now in fifth, setting a fastest lap of 1m56.094s.

12:12 Hamilton is now running 19th, just ahead of Bianchi.

12:13 Replays of the start show Hamilton got away much better than Rosberg, who was also behind Vettel by La Source.

12:13 The replay also shows Bianchi getting his right-rear clipped by Grosjean at La Source, in similar fashion to the Rosberg-Hamilton incident.

12:13 Rosberg still cannot get away from Vettel, Ricciardo, Alonso, Bottas and Raikkonen.

12:14 Hamilton sets a new fastest lap with a 1m55.346s. Grosjean is the next car in the Brit's sights.

12:14 That was a very combative start and first lap from Vettel. If we were being mischievous, we'd say he was racing like his team-mate...

12:14 Ricciardo now gets ahead of Vettel for second.

12:15 Rosberg's lead gets up to 1.1s as the Red Bulls battle.

12:15 Lotterer trudges down the pitlane. A sad end to a solid GP debut up until that point.

12:15 Both Force Indias are on the move - Perez is up to ninth, while Hulkenberg is up to 12th.

12:15 Replays show that was a mistake from Vettel - he ran wide at Pouhon and Ricciardo swept past.

12:16 Ricciardo takes half a second out of Rosberg's lead on lap six of 44.

12:16 Vettel is now another 1.3s back and has Alonso, Bottas and Raikkonen right on him.

12:17 Bottas has a nose at Alonso for fourth approaching the Bus Stop.

12:18 Bottas now lines up Alonso on the Kemmel Straight and shoots through to fourth with DRS.

12:19 Alonso is still likely to get a penalty as Ferrari mechanics were still on the grid after the 'clear-off!' signal (as it's not actually called).

12:19 Ricciardo continues to stalk Rosberg for the lead. They've broken away from Vettel by 1.5s.

12:19 Mercedes pit crew come out with a new front wing for Rosberg.

12:19 Rosberg pits from the lead at the end of lap eight, Ricciardo and Vettel go into first and second.

12:20 Raikkonen pits the Ferrari too.

12:20 Further back, there's an interesting battle brewing for 8th. Massa has Kvyat and Hulkenberg close behind - not where the Brazilian will have wanted to be.

12:20 Slow stop for Rosberg as Mercedes repairs the car, so he falls behind Raikkonen.

12:21 Bottas is putting a lot of pressure on Vettel for what is now second.

12:22 New leader Ricciardo sets a fastest lap fo 1m55.236s, 1.2s quicker than Vettel that time.

12:22 These pitstops have elevated the McLarens of Magnussen and Button to fifth and sixth.

12:23 Still no news of a penalty for Alonso, who continues to chase Vettel and Bottas.

12:23 In come Perez and Massa to the pits. They rejoin 14th and 16th respectively.

12:23 Ricciardo's lead is up to 4.3s as Vettel dives into the pits from second.

12:24 Kvyat and Hulkenberg join a growing list of drivers to have made their first stops.

12:24 Vettel rejoins behind Raikkonen and ahead of Rosberg.

12:25 Raikkonen beats Hamilton's best lap with a 1m54.727s.

12:25 Alonso is given a 5s stop/go penalty to be taken in his pitstop. That's not too bad for Ferrari.

12:25 Ricciardo pits from the lead, so now Bottas will hit the front.

12:26 Magnussen pitted on lap 12 as well.

12:26 So Bottas will lead Alonso by a second, with the Ferrari due a penalty, and Button third. But all due to pit soon.

12:27 Rosberg appears to be struggling with some debris which has somehow attached itself to his Mercedes' aerial.

No doubt the pitcrew will deal with it at the German's next stop.

12:27 Both Bottas and Alonso make their first stops. Button will now move into the lead.

12:28 "You're still catching Grosjean at over a second per lap," assures race engineer Peter Bonnington to Hamilton.

12:28 Alonso comes out alongside Perez after his penalty-lengthened stop. The Force India squeezes ahead by Eau Rouge.

12:29 Alonso is all over Perez and eventually makes it past with a move into the nameless corner after Rivage.

12:29 Button now pits from his brief lead.

12:30 Magnussen finds a way past Vergne for seventh at the Bus Stop chicane.

12:30 So Ricciardo now leads by 2.4s over Raikkonen, with Vettel third, Rosberg fourth and Bottas fifth.

12:32 Vettel in third has fallen 3s behind Raikkonen and has Rosberg and Bottas right on his tail.

12:32 Ricciardo inches a little further away from Raikkonen, bringing his lead up to 2.7s on lap 14 of 44.

12:33 Having now somehow shed the debris that had wrapped itself around his radio aerial, Rosberg is putting heavy pressure on Vettel.

12:33 "So Nico, we probably need to pass Vettel to win," says Mercedes, adding that he's now on the opposite tyre to those around him.

12:33 Ricciardo blasts in another fastest lap of 1m54.226s, that's eight tenths faster than Raikkonen. Lead up to 3.5s.

12:34 Vergne pits from eighth place, becoming the final driver to make a first stop.

12:34 Rosberg suggests Vettel is misbehaving "in Turn 15". In proper language that's Blanchimont...?

12:34 Massa lost out to both Kvyat and Hulkenberg in that round of stops and is now 12th, while team-mate Bottas flies high in fifth.

12:35 Rosberg tries a wild move on the outside of Vettel at the Bus Stop with smoke pouring from his front tyres.

12:35 Perez also managed to jump Button, and is now a solid eighth.

12:36 That was a bit scruffy from Rosberg, who may have spoilt his tyres there.

12:36 Rosberg's loss of momentum also gives Bottas a chance, and the Williams sweeps past on the Kemmel Straight into fourth.

12:36 Big happy growls of "go on!" in the Williams garage as their man passes the championship leader.

12:37 Vettel is told by his engineer to respect track limits at Stavelot (that's what Turn 15 is, apparently).

12:37 Massa is struggling badly for pace. Not only is he now 7.6s down on Hulkenberg, he has Sutil breathing down his neck.

12:37 Hamilton recently lamented to his engineer that he's "got nothing". He's reassured that his pace is still good and points can be salvaged.

12:38 Ricciardo brings his lead up to 4.8s over Raikkonen and 8.8s over Vettel/Bottas/Rosberg.

12:38 In comes Hamilton from P16. On go a fresh set of tyres, after a 14 lap stint on the mediums.

12:39 Rocky back on the radio to Vettel with more track limits warnings, adding "I'm just passing on messages..."

12:39 Alonso is closing the gap to Magnussen in the fight for sixth, the Spaniard just 0.6s behind the Dane at the moment.

12:39 Ricciardo is a class apart up front. His last lap was 1.3s faster than Raikkonen and he now leads by 6.2s.

12:40 Rosberg says he has "vibration on the front tyres." That's not a surprise after that massive lock-up.

12:41 Mercedes tells Rosberg that the tyre vibration level is "on the limit."

12:41 Ricciardo still storming away, bringing his lead up to 6.9s.

12:41 Rosberg pits for another set of tyres after just 12 laps, coming in with 25 laps to go. He'll surely now be three-stopping.

12:42 On his fresh set of boots, Hamilton sets a new fastest lap with 1m53.926s.

12:43 Hamilton asks his engineer whether it's worth saving engine mileage, implying the Brit is ready to throw in the towel...

12:43 Alonso is now right behind Magnussen for what will become fifth with Rosberg's stop, but passing a Mercedes-powered car will be hard.

12:43 Ricciardo's lead grows to 7.7s over Raikkonen. Two laps to half-distance.

12:43 Raikkonen in second is 3.9s clear of the battling Vettel and Bottas.

12:44 Rosberg rejoined in ninth after that stop behind Perez, who is now back behind Button. Kvyat is just behind the German in P10.

12:44 Alonso is having to be creative trying to pass Magnussen, looking around the outside of Pouhon!

12:44 Maldonado's retirement was due to engine trouble. It''s the Venezuelan's fourth DNF of the year.

12:45 The Magnussen/Alonso battle is 3.1s behind the Vettel/Bottas battle.

12:45 Raikkonen pits from second place.

12:45 Massa has debris attached to the side of his Williams, which may explain his poor pace.

12:45 Rosberg now lowers the fastest lap benchmark with a 1m51.898s.

12:45 Alonso looks at Magnussen into La Source, the McLaren defends the inside and stays ahead on the exit as Alonso tries to cut inside.

12:46 Alonso now tries on Magnussen again at Les Combes, and again on the outside at Rivage...

12:46 Massa and Sutil both join Raikkonen in the pits on that lap.

12:46 Magnussen and Alonso are going to be joined b Button and Rosberg at any moment.

12:47 Vettel pits from second. Ricciardo now leads Bottas by 14.1s.

12:47 Perez is also in the pits from what was seventh.

12:48 Rosberg shoots past Button and is now right on the tail of Magnussen and Alonso.

12:48 Rosberg slows down and Button repasses him.

12:48 Hamilton is now right on Grosjean's tail in the battle for P16.

The Brit is still a long way from scoring any points; a safety car is his only chance of a top 10 finish.

12:48 That looked like Rosberg was deliberately giving Button the place back.

12:49 Ricciardo and Bottas stay out in first and second, 14.6s apart.

12:49 Magnussen now pits, releasing Alonso, Button, Rosberg and Raikkonen.

12:50 Rosberg now makes a smooth move to repass Button. Seems his previous pass involved some track limits misbehaviour.

12:51 With Magnussen having pitted, third-placed Alonso is 11.5s behind second-placed Bottas.

12:51 Raikkonen passes Button for fifth into the Bus Stop.

12:51 The top three have only pitted once, Rosberg, Raikkonen and Vettel are the first to have stopped twice.

12:52 Rosberg's Mercedes screams past Alonso into third on the Kemmel Straight. Easy move.

12:52 Kvyat pits from ninth place, dropping to 13th.

12:52 Bottas trims a little from Ricciardo's lead, but they're 14.4s apart.

12:52 Vettel sounds baffled by Red Bull's strategy: "I was pulling away from Bottas, so if that's the car we're racing, I don't get it."

12:52 Hamilton is through on Grosjean. Sutil is the next target, 3.6s up the road.

12:53 Vettel goes around the outside of Button into the Bus Stop into fifth.

12:53 Alonso pits for the second time.

12:53 Mercedes tells Rosberg: "We want to something different. Push as hard as you can to force Ricciardo to box."

12:54 Rosberg is 24.9s behind Ricciardo in third right now. So what could Mercedes be plotting?

12:54 Meanwhile McLaren is planning on the hoof, with Button saying "I think we need to see what we do when these guys have pulled away."

12:55 Rosberg is 1.4s faster than Ricciardo on that lap, so the gap is 23.5s with 18 laps left. The Mercedes has pitted twice, the Red Bull once.

12:55 Magnussen is hounding the yet-to-stop Hulkenberg for seventh, moving ahead at La Source.

12:56 Rosberg is leaving Raikkonen behind now he's third, with the gap to fourth up to 6.4s. Vettel is just behind the Ferrari in fifth.

12:56 Ricciardo pits from the lead at the end of lap 27.

12:57 "Even if I catch the guys ahead, I have no downforce," complains Hamilton.

"If there's a safety car, there's all to fight for," he's reminded.

12:57 Great stop from Red Bull, Ricciardo rejoins still second, between new leader Bottas and Rosberg.

12:58 "Ricciardo in front is P1 and is running to the end. Bottas in front of him has not stopped," Mercedes tells Rosberg.

12:58 Bottas comes in from the lead at the end of lap 28, so Ricciardo is back ahead, with a 3.4s gap to Rosberg.

12:59 Bottas comes back out between Vettel and Button in fifth.

12:59 So among the frontrunners it looks like Ricciardo, Bottas and Button are two-stopping, the rest are three-stoppers.

13:00 Alonso has found his way by Hulkenberg, who is still yet to stop for a second time, for eighth.

13:00 Ricciardo is asking for info on what Rosberg is doing with tyres. Meanwhile Mercedes tells Rosberg he's "safe" for second place now.

13:00 Rosberg takes a tenth out of Ricciardo's lead, so it's 3.3s. Red Bull tells Ricciardo his pursuer is very likely to pit again.

13:01 Button makes his second pitstop from sixth place.

13:02 Vergne is also in the pits from P12, dropping to P16 behind Hamilton.

13:02 "We're still able to win this race, you just need to close the gap to Ricciardo," Mercedes tells Rosberg.

13:02 Ricciardo does his best lap of the race, a 1m53.178s. Rosberg is 0.036s faster. The gap is still 3.3s.

13:03 Raikkonen is 12.6s behind Rosberg in third now, with a 2.8s gap back to the battling Vettel and Bottas.

13:03 Bottas sweeps around the outside of Vettel into Les Combes and takes fourth.

13:03 Vettel presumably has to pit for a third time anyway, as should Raikkonen. So Bottas is on course for third at present.

13:04 Hulkenberg finally pits, slipping to 12th. That promotes Perez, Button and Kvyat to the final three points positions.

13:05 Now freed-up by passing Vettel, Bottas immediately takes eight tenths out of the gap to Raikkonen.

13:05 Button dispatches Perez to move into eighth, taking advantage of his fresher tyres.

13:06 Hamilton is back in the pits, taking a set of mediums for the final 12 laps of the race.

13:06 Ricciardo is 0.6s quicker than Rosberg that time around. He leads by 3.6s with 12 laps left.

13:07 Massa is up to P11 after his earlier travails, but there are still seven seconds between him and the final point, which belongs to Kvyat at the moment.

13:08 "Do you think your tyres will last to the end?" Red Bull asks Vettel. "It's difficult to say," he replies, "they don't feel very good now."

13:09 Little change in the lead gap, still 3.6s behind Ricciardo and Rosberg as they do similar laptimes.

13:09 Raikkonen is keeping Bottas at bay for third. They're 1.9s apart.

13:10 Grosjean retires after being order back to the pits by his team. Another miserable day for Lotus comes to an end.

13:10 Rosberg pits from second place with 10 laps to go.

13:10 Rosberg switches onto soft tyres, he's going to try a late-race charge at Ricciardo.

13:10 Vettel also pits for softs.

13:11 Rosberg rejoins just ahead of Bottas, but the Williams immediately passes the Mercedes into Les Combes.

13:11 More applause at Williams as its Finn passes the championship leader again.

13:11 Vettel now finds himself in eighth, slotting between Button and Perez.

13:12 Rosberg fights back - passing Bottas through Blanchimont to retake third.

13:12 So we have nine laps left, Ricciardo leads Raikkonen by 21.6s, Rosberg is another six tenths behind.

13:12 That was very brave stuff from Rosberg at a super-fast corner.

13:13 Rosberg instantly catches and passes Raikkonen for second on the Kemmel Straight. Now he can properly begin his chase of Ricciardo.

13:13 Massa is back in the pits from P11, rejoining in 13th.

13:14 Rosberg puts in a new fastest lap of 1m50.511s, 3s faster than Ricciardo on that lap.

13:14 The gap from Ricciardo to Rosberg is down to 19.6s with eight laps left.

13:14 Bottas is now coming back at Raikkonen for third, as Ferrari continues to stay out on those now quite-old tyres.

13:15 Only a second separates Perez and Kvyat in the fight for ninth place.

13:16 Rosberg is 1.9s faster than Ricciardo on lap 37. Gap now 17.7s with seven laps left.

13:16 "Stop me and save the engine," grumbles Hamilton, whose heart hasn't been in it since his early contact with Rosberg.

13:16 Still a big speed advantage for Rosberg, but the pace deficit was not as startling for Ricciardo once Rosberg's out-lap burst was done.

13:17 "Need to be as fast as possible to the end now," is Red Bull's message to Ricciardo.

13:17 Mercedes tells Rosberg he's on target to catch Ricciardo right at the end.

13:17 The closest battle on track in the closing stages is for fifth between Magnussen and Alonso, who gesticulated to the Dane after being cut off at Rivage last lap.

13:17 Bottas has got the gap to Raikkonen for third down to eight tenths.

13:18 Rosberg is 2.2s faster than Ricciardo on lap 38, despite going very wide out of Stavelot.

13:18 Gap between the leaders: 15.4s, six laps left. Rosberg 2s per lap faster...

13:18 Bottas attacks Raikkonen on the outside at Les Combes for third.

13:19 "Looks like there's something coming adrift on the car. Box this lap," says Bonnington - Hamilton finally getting his wish to call it an afternoon.

13:19 Rosberg gains 2.3s on Ricciardo on lap 39. Five laps left, gap is 13.1s. At this rate, Ricciardo is going to be OK, but only just...

13:20 Bottas is on Raikkonen again, and the Williams makes it into third on the Kemmel Straight.

13:20 Raikkonen is still on course for his best result of 2014, but it probably won't now be a podium.

13:21 Ricciardo is very consistently in low 1m53s. With four laps left, he leads by 10.8s. He loses 2.4s to Rosberg that time.

13:21 Alonso is still behind Magnussen, but has lost some ground as the laps tick down. He's 1.1s back with four laps left.

13:21 Bottas puts in his best lap of the day as he quickly builds a cushion over Raikkonen to cement his podium place.

13:22 "Any tenth will make the difference," Mercedes tells Rosberg.

13:23 Button and Vettel have closed on Alonso in what looks set to be an exciting duel for fifth place back.

13:23 Slower from Ricciardo on lap 41 of 44. A 1m53.557s is 2.4s slower than Rosberg and the gap is 8.4s with three laps left.

13:23 Ericsson and Chilton are also right together in the battle for 'Class B' honours, but the Marussia driver loses ground after moving out of the way of the four-car battle for fifth.

13:24 Magnussen somehow hangs on to fifth at Les Combes as Alonso and Button go hammer and tongs behind!

13:25 Another 1m53.5s from Ricciardo, a 1m51.3s from Rosberg. The gap is 6.2s and there are two laps left.

13:25 Button briefly nosed ahead of Alonso, but now finds himself demoted to eighth by Vettel.

13:25 Bianchi is out of the race with a gearbox problem.

13:26 Alonso is all over Magnussen on the Kemmel straight in the fight for fifth.

13:26 Ex-F1 racer David Brabham on the fifth-place pack: "This is like watching FFord, loving this."

13:26 Magnussen is weaving all over the road, shoving Alonso aside at Rivage and allowing Vettel through!

13:27 Ricciardo begins his last lap, he's 4.3s ahead of Rosberg...

13:27 Rosberg took 2.9s out of Ricciardo on the penultimate lap. It's looking good for Ricciardo.

13:27 The stewards will investigate Magnussen's driving after the race.

13:28 Vettel and Magnussen go toe-to-toe at La Source as the German goes through.

13:28 Just behind, Button moves ahead of Alonso, who is struggling with front wing damage.

13:28 Ricciardo does his best middle sector of the race on the final lap as he does everything to ensure he stays clear of Rosberg.

13:28 Ricciardo wins the Belgian Grand Prix!

13:29 Rosberg finishes 3.3s behind in second place.

13:29 Bottas clinches third place, a fourth podium for him and Williams.

13:29 Best result of Raikkonen's year in fourth, 8.7s behind Bottas.

13:30 No slowing-down lap at Spa, the leaders turn straight off at La Source into parc ferme, where Ricciardo is parked up. Second win in a row!

13:30 Vettel takes fifth while Magnussen just keeps Button at bay to claim sixth, Alonso trailing behind in his damaged Ferrari to take eighth.

13:31 Perez and Kvyat complete the points scorers, ahead of Hulkenberg, Vergne, Massa, Sutil and Gutierrez.

Chilton ultimately took Ericsson in the battle for Marussia-Caterham pride in P16.

13:31 Ricciardo is coming to terms with winning a grand prix by leading more than just the final lap.

13:31 Bianchi, Hamilton, Grosjean, Maldonado and Lotterer are your non-finishers.

13:31 Mercedes co-chief Niki Lauda has been squarely blaming Rosberg for today's disaster in his initial TV interviews.

13:32 "Fantastic! Unbelievable drive!" says Horner to Ricciardo over the radio. "How did you do that??"

13:32 Replays show Alonso damaging his front wing at La Source after making contact with Vettel, who was lucky not to pick up a puncture.

13:35 Points standings after that thrilling race are as follows:

Drivers: Rosberg 220, Hamilton 191, Ricciardo 156, Alonso 119, Bottas 110, Vettel 98.

Constructors: Mercedes 411, Red Bull 254, Ferrari 158, Williams 150, McLaren 111, Force India 100.

13:36 Final finishing order:

1 Ricciardo
2 Rosberg
3 Bottas
4 Raikkonen
5 Vettel
6 Magnussen
7 Button
8 Alonso
9 Perez
10 Kvyat
11 Hulkenberg
12 Vergne
13 Massa
14 Sutil
15 Gutierrez
16 Chilton
17 Ericsson

13:36 Ricciardo's grins seem to keep getting wider and wider with every win.

13:36 Retirements today: Bianchi, Hamilton, Grosjean, Maldonado, Lotterer

13:37 Hopefully, there will be no dangling environmentalists on the Spa podium this year.

13:38 Rosberg gets a frosty reception from the crowd, who seem to be in no doubt as to who was to blame for the early contretemps between the Mercedes team-mates.

13:39 Ricciardo basks in the glory of 'Advance Australia Fair', followed closely by the now ultra-familiar Austrian anthem.

13:41 Rosberg being booed by the crowd is very much reminiscent of Vettel receiving similar treatment last year...

13:42 Always plenty of comment on Twitter from the rest of the racing driver community when there's an F1 controversy.

Here's the view of occasional IndyCar racer Martin Plowman:

"I looked at the 'incident'. Just a racing incident. Lewis would have known Nico was there so don't put this all on Nico"

13:43 The effervescent Eddie Jordan arrives on the podium to interview the drivers.

"This is nearly as many Australian flags as there were in Melbourne," observes Ricciardo.

13:43 "When you lead the race for that long, it's just about being as consistent as possible," the Australian adds.

13:44 "I got a good run on Lewis and I tried to go around the outside and unfortunately we touched," says Rosberg as he tries to explain his incident with Hamilton to a disapproving crowd.

"I need to look at it on TV and then I can comment afterwards," he adds.

13:45 "It's not fair - he's driven his heart out. He deserves a round of applause," says Jordan as he defends Rosberg.

Good on you, Eddie.

13:46 "I think this season will be difficult, we'll definitely need to be lucky," says Bottas when asked whether he thinks his first win is close.

13:48 Toto Wolff is telling TV crews that his drivers' collision is "absolutely unacceptable". He's utterly furious.

Daniel Ricciardo13:50 Belgian Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo says it was a different sensation leading a race for so long, having snatched his first two in the dying laps in Canada and Hungary.

"It is more about composure and looking at lap times, and being as consistent as possible. Once I came in for third stop, I had to keep the lap times up and keep it clean."

And on this final few laps?

"The first thing is you hope everything holds together. You hope mechanically everything gets you to the finish line, then hitting your marks and keeping it consistent. In the last few laps chequered flag can’t come soon enough."

13:51 There's going to be a meeting with the Mercedes drivers and management in just under an hour. That'll be pretty explosive.

Our reporters in the paddock will be in the thick of it when the Mercedes chiefs speak.

14:00 Valtteri Bottas, meanwhile, says he is enjoying getting to spend some time on the podium this year, but that a win this year will be tough.

"The team has done so good job we are definitely on the right way. It's the fourth [podium] in my career and fourth for me this season, so we are still chasing for the higher step but for now this season if we keep like this that is fine – it is the future that matters.

"This season [a win] is going to be difficult, we need to be lucky to achieve that. Mercedes is really strong and even at tracks like this Red Bull was really, really quick. We still have work to do but we are on the right way."

Lewis Hamilton at the Belgian Grand Prix14:03 No outright rage from Hamilton in his initial post-race interviews, but he makes it clear he "doesn't understand" Rosberg's driving.

14:09 Latest input from a non-F1 racer on Twitter comes from British sportscar ace Alexander Sims:

"Ros/Ham just racing incident. Effectively the same thing between Alo and Vet at La Source at end of race.. Can't blame Ros for what followed"

14:12 Raikkonen just scored his best result of a tough 2014, but you probably wouldn't know it from his post-race demeanour.

He doesn't think Spa marked an amazing transformation, just a rare race when nothing went wrong for him.

14:20 Thanks to Daniel Ricciardo's exclusion from the Australian Grand Prix, the top three in Spa was the first to not feature a world champions since Monaco 2010 (which was Webber, Vettel, Kubica).

14:24 Rosberg continued to resist all attempts to get him to comment in detail about the Hamilton clash in the full post-race press conference.

14:25 But the press pack did get him to open up a little about being booed, potential heat from the Mercedes chiefs, and where him and Hamilton go from here.

Full story coming up in just a moment...

Vettel and Magnussen at Spa.14:26 Magnussen had seven years' worth of F1 world champions in his mirrors towards the end of the race, but even so, the Dane enjoyed the challenge.

"It was tough and those guys are very experienced," he said.

"It was not easy to keep them behind, but I liked it"

"In the end I think P6 wasn't too bad and we've moved up one place in the constructors' championship."

14:28 Vettel is endearingly baffled when told that a) the Mercedes collided and b) Rosberg got booed.

"What for? What did he do? Whose fault was it?"

14:41 If there wasn't such a huge focus on Rosberg and Hamilton hitting each other, we'd be talking even more about the wild fight for fifth involving the McLarens, Vettel and Alonso.

The stewards are looking into Magnussen's driving, but his McLaren team-mate Button has already shrugged it off.

Here's Vettel's view:

"The battle was interesting, it was a little all over the place with people pushing each other off the track, but that's what we do - we race hard."

15:17 Speaking of wild fights, Sergio Perez says he managed to steer clear of them all on his way to ninth place today.

“Somehow I avoided all the crazy battles that took place today because my race was quite straightforward. I went flat out and I think we achieved the most that was possible from the race. I lost a bit of time in the second stint, having to pass the two McLarens and I took a bit too much out of the tyres, which cost me some time later in the stint.

"In the final ten laps I was under a lot of pressure from Kvyat: he was catching me quickly, but I managed to hold him off. In the end, we got some points out of this weekend and that's the important thing.”

His team-mate Nico Hulkenberg put in a decent recovery drive to finish 11th after being knocked out of Q1 yesterday.

“It’s a shame to miss out on points today but I guess I paid the price for the mistakes yesterday [in qualifying] which gave us so much ground to recover in the race."

15:20 Kevin Magnussen has been given a 20s time penalty for squeezing Alonso off the road in their late battle.

15:20 That penalty will drop Magnussen from sixth to 12th (tight pack around there), elevating Button to sixth.

15:21 Full story with stewards' reasoning in our news section shortly, and Alonso and Magnussen's thoughts also to come...

15:27 While TV viewers saw some arm-waving from Alonso, he was relaxed about Magnussen's driving when BEN ANDERSON heard from him after the race:

"Obviously when you are fighting for lower positions, sixth or seventh or whatever, it's a little bit less important.

"You just try to have fun, with safety as well, but it was not a big deal."

15:38 Lotterer's grand prix debut ended disappointingly early on the first lap. He had made steady progress up to 19th before an engine issue forced him to stop.

"I didn't even get the chance to sweat unfortunately," he said.

"I was really looking forward to a good race and I had a good start, but then I went a bit wide at Turn 17 and there was a sudden loss of power.

"It’s a shame, but I am pleased with my race weekend – I made no mistakes and did a reasonably good job."

15:43 Sage wisdom from Alonso on the Mercedes clash:

"It's difficult to talk for another team. They've been racing fantastically well all through the season and we've been saying how good the team was letting them fight - Bahrain for example was a fantastic race and a fantastic fight that everyone enjoyed.

"Now they've touched a little bit today and there will be some talks about this, but it's difficult. If one team lets the drivers fight, until they touch that team is fantastic. When they touch, that team is not good anymore.

"It's a very narrow line to try to make everyone happy.

"They're leading both championships by big margins so they're doing something good. Part of the problem they have is because they're dominating."

16:34 Who would want to be in charge of Mercedes after today's race?

That role belongs to Toto Wolff unfortunately, who has assured Lewis Hamilton that a simple telling off is highly unlikely:

Mercedes warns of 'consequences' for Rosberg after Hamilton clash

And speaking of Hamilton...

The 2008 world champion reckons his team-mate said he deliberately made contact with him. Yes. Deliberately.

Hamilton: Rosberg said Belgian GP collision deliberate

16:37 And that rounds up AUTOSPORT Live this weekend.

We will be back in action next Sunday, bringing you as it happens coverage of MotoGP's supposedly last visit to Silverstone.

We'll see you then.

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