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As it happened: Rally Germany, Belgian GP supports
By Matt Beer, Kevin Turner, Gary Watkins, Charles Bradley, David Evans, Dan Cross and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Fri 06:40 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for the weekend of August 22-24.

Formula 1 is back in action, after a break that only seemed to last five minutes, with the Belgian Grand Prix, and you can follow every moment of Spa track action plus news from the paddock as it breaks in our Grand Prix Live service from just before 9am UK time.

But over here in Race Centre Live is where you find the live updates from the rest of the motorsport world - and today that means Rally Germany plus the GP2-led Belgian GP support package.

Thierry Neuville crashFri 06:43 WRC - Germany: Unlike last year, this morning is the first competitive action for the crews – in 2013 the event included two Thursday night stages.

This no doubt comes as a relief to Thierry Neuville and the Hyundai mechanics who worked flat-out to re-prepare his i20 WRC after he crushed a significant number of grapes while rolling six times into the vineyard on yesterday's shakedown..

Neuville later admitted he'd made "a small mistake." He might be right there.

(Picture courtesy of Torstein Eriksen)

Fri 06:45 WRC - Germany: Our first stage of the day, Sauertal, is beginning now. Sebastien Ogier is first up.

Fri 06:48 WRC - Germany: The opening loop of three stages all run north of Trier through the vineyards, but it's only Moselland that runs alongside the famous Mosel river.

Sebastien Ogier will be happy to see the back of these stages this morning – this is where he ran wide and damaged the suspension on his VW Polo, ruining his rally 12 months ago. What's the betting he doesn't do that again.

Fri 06:49 WRC - Germany: Ogier is three tenths quicker than team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala as they pass the first split.

Fri 06:52 WRC - Germany: Latvala's next splits look quicker compared to his team-mate.

And as Ogier finishes the stage in 7m18.9s, he reckons that's because he made a few errors.

"Not the best start for me, I did two mistakes," admits the world champion.

"I was expecting better grip and it was low grip. It did two mistakes at junctions.

"OK not the biggest time loss, but still a bit."

Fri 06:53 WRC - Germany: Latvala ends the stage 0.4s slower than Ogier on a 7m19.3s.

Fri 06:54 WRC - Germany: Latvala says he made a mistake too - and his was more dramatic.

"There was a place in the notes with a bank where I wrote 'you can cut', but I cut too much and the car was on two wheels. We lost a bit on acceleration."

You do tend to lose out on acceleration if you're in the sky.

Unless you're a plane. But Latvala's driving a Polo.

Fri 06:56 WRC - Germany: Careful start for Andreas Mikkelsen in the third VW Polo, he's 5.7s off his team-mates.

Fri 06:59 WRC - Germany: Mads Ostberg slots into third place, ahead of Mikkelsen.

He's 4s behind Ogier but is quite excited about his chances in the Citroen this weekend.

"It's the first time in ages I've enjoyed a stage on Tarmac," says Ostberg. "This car is so fantastic on Tarmac."

Fri 07:00 WRC - Germany: Mikko Hirvonen is slowest through so far in the first of the many M-Sport Fords on this rally.

His 7m26.8s is 8s down on leader Ogier, and is courtesy of a brief trip into a field under braking that has scooped up a lot of grass into his Fiesta.

Fri 07:01 WRC - Germany: Kris Meeke completes the stage with damage at the rear of his Citroen... not a good start for man tipped for something special this weekend...

Fri 07:03 WRC - Germany: "I had a spin at the mid-point of the stage," Meeke explains.

"I came around a tight right and at the edge of the road there was some gravel and I got a rear wheel on it.

"Not the start I wanted, but I was calm everywhere else. It's a long rally.

"The car is running perfectly, it was just a spin. We'll have a look on the road section but it seems OK."

That incident has cost him 8.9s to leader Ogier.

Fri 07:06 WRC - Germany: Last year Neuville ended up in a huge battle for victory with Dani Sordo on this event.

This year he's relieved just to be in the event after yesterday's massive roll at the shakedown.

"I really have to say a big thanks to the whole team," he says.

"I'm so happy to be back in the car. They worked all night.

"Now it's my turn to do the job."

The Belgian is slowest so far, 11.8s off Ogier, but that's partly due to his handbrake only working intermittently.

Fri 07:07 WRC - Germany: Great start from Elfyn Evans, who is fifth fastest so far, putting him between Mikkelsen and Hirvonen.

That makes Evans both top Brit and top M-Sport Ford for now - and he says that was actually a bit of a disappointing time as he was "a bit scrappy".

Fri 07:08 WRC - Germany: Next man in Martin Prokop is a man unlikely to be opening his door too often this morning.

The Czech Republic driver's recce for the rally was interrupted when a wasp flew into his car, rested inside his driving glove and then stung him.

Prokop suffered an allergic reaction and was taken to hospital. Fortunately, he's all fine now and ready to emulate his best ever WRC result when he was fourth here in Germany last year.

He'd prefer that to 2012, when a fire gutted his Fiesta.

Fri 07:09 WRC - Germany: Prokop says he had issues with his brakes on that stage. He slips in just ahead of Neuville.

Fri 07:12 WRC - Germany: Next through is Hyundai's latest newcomer Bryan Bouffier, who has his first WRC outing in the team's third car this weekend after being part of the i20 test programme.

"The stage is completed and I didn't crash it - so it's quite a good start!" he jokes.

He's happy with the car so far, though he says the running order position isn't great as drivers ahead are - as expected - bringing a lot of dirt onto the roads as they cut the corners.

The last time we saw Bouffier on asphalt (well, icy asphalt at least), was in Monte Carlo, when he stunned the service park by leading in an M-Sport Ford and finishing second to Ogier.

Fri 07:13 WRC - Germany: Robert Kubica starts his rally smoothly with the eighth fastest time, just behind spinner Meeke.

Fri 07:17 WRC - Germany: Normally we'd be heading into the stragglers and privateers now so we'd probably be giving you an order rundown, but we're holding off as last year's winner Dani Sordo - back in Hyundai action this weekend - is a long way down the start order and we definitely want to see his pace...

Fri 07:18 WRC - Germany: We were wise to wait - Sordo grabs fourth, which is pretty brilliant considering he's running on filthy roads now, and is in the still-developing Hyundai.

He's 5.3s off the lead.

Fri 07:19 WRC - Germany: Yuriy Protasov has also finished the stage. The WRC2 title contender is out in a World Rally Car for the first time this weekend.

Fri 07:20 WRC - Germany: The reason Sordo is miles down the running order is that cars start in championship order on day one, and the Spaniard is currently on zero points.

This is only his fourth appearance of the year in his part-time Hyundai programme, and he's retired from every rally he's done in 2014 so far.

Fri 07:21 WRC - Germany: Dennis Kuipers is back this weekend - remember him doing a full season in a World Rally Car in 2011 with the FERM Ford?

Since then he's only managed a couple of isolated outings. He's a fair way off the pace on SS1 as you'd expect.

Sam MoffettFri 07:23 WRC - Germany: This is a big morning for debutant Protasov and returnee Kuipers, but it's an even bigger morning for Irishman Sam Moffett.

Sam's doing a proper job of jumping in at the deep end as he starts his first ever WRC round in a World Rally Car.

The 24-year-old could be a dark horse, however, having shown plenty of asphalt pace in his native Ireland. Since he's been running his Ford Fiesta RS WRC, he's tackled four events – won three and finished second on the other.

He's 27s off Ogier on SS1, and that'll do for now:

"It's respectable enough. I know I'm not going to set the world alight, but I want to push hard all the same."

Fri 07:24 WRC - Germany - SS1 results:

1 Ogier 7m18.9s
2 Latvala +0.4s
3 Ostberg +4.0s
4 Sordo +5.3s
5 Mikkelsen +5.7s
6 Evans +6.4s
7 Hirvonen +7.9s
8 Meeke +8.9s
9 Kubica +9.1s
10 Bouffier +10.4s

Fri 07:27 WRC - Germany - SS1 summary:

* Ogier takes narrow early lead over Latvala
* Strong starts for Ostberg and Evans in third and sixth
* Sordo flies despite being miles down the start order - he's fourth on his Hyundai return
* Meeke spins and is only eighth

Fri 07:45 WRC - Germany: The WRC2 pack have been through SS1 now as well, and it's reigning WRC3 champion and Citroen's next tip for the future Sebastien Chardonnet who leads.

The Frenchman is precisely one second ahead of Nasser Al-Attiyah, with leading local Armin Kremer third and Ott Tanak (not an asphalt ace) in fourth.

Fri 08:01 WRC - Germany: We're back under way, the leading VWs have joined the 10.2-mile Waxweiler stage.

Fri 08:03 F1 - Belgium: Also getting going is the second half of the 2014 Formula 1 season.

Friday practice one at Spa has begun, and it's worth popping open another tab to follow AUTOSPORT GP Live to keep track of F1 events too.

Fri 08:09 WRC - Germany: Ogier and Latvala reach the end of SS1, and the Finn has lost 1.7s to his team-mate.

"It's getting quite dirty, there's quite a lot of mud at the beginning and that's where I lost it - on the muddy corners," reckons Latvala.

"After that we were really the same speed."

Fri 08:15 WRC - Germany: The top two Polos are a long way clear of the rest so far. Mikkelsen was 11s off his team-mates, but that's still enough to bring him ahead of Ostberg overall.

Fri 08:16 WRC - Germany: Hirvonen, who's just finished the stage, agrees that Ogier and Latvala are a class apart.

"Look at those two! Bloody hell! Their times are unbelievable."

Fri 08:20 WRC - Germany: Meeke is third quickest, but he's 10s off Ogier's pace and also finding the stage pretty dirty as more mud is dragged onto it by cars ahead cutting corners.

"Tell me Ogier isn't complaining about his road position today!" is Meeke's first comment at the stage end.

He's not, Kris.

Fri 08:21 WRC - Germany: It only took Neuville one stage to get back up to speed in his repaired Hyundai.

After that tentative SS1, he's just blasted through SS2 fourth-quickest so far.

Fri 08:23 WRC - Germany: Moving in the other direction is Evans.

A rapid sixth on SS1, he's slowest so far on SS2 and 10s off the likes of Meeke. He admits he was too cautious in places.

Fri 08:28 WRC - Germany: No problems for Kubica, who slots into the stage times between Meeke and Evans. As everyone else is noting, the further down the start order you are, the more of your rivals' dirt you get.

"There was suddenly one braking area that was full of mud," he says.

Bouffier has also made it through safely.

Fri 08:30 WRC - Germany: Now we're into the lull of midfielders till last year's winner Sordo appears.

Fastest so far on this stage is Ogier by 1.7s over Latvala, which pops his outright lead up to just over 2s.

Meeke, Neuville and Mikkelsen are third, fourth and fifth, but all 10s+ slower than the super-fast leaders.

Fri 08:35 WRC - Germany: Of course if it was muddy for drivers slightly later in the running order, it was always going to be extremely muddy by the time Sordo got there.

He's 14s slower than the leaders, drops to sixth overall and is only eighth quickest on the stage.

A fairly sweary stage-end interview ensues.

Interestingly while some drivers felt it was the leading VWs that were spreading the mud, Sordo reckons having some of the slower drivers in ahead of him made it worse.

Fri 08:39 WRC - Germany - SS2 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 9m39.9s
2 Latvala +1.7s
3 Meeke +9.8s
4 Neuville +11.2s
5 Mikkelsen +11.6s
6 Hirvonen +12.0s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +2.1s
3 Mikkelsen +17.3s
4 Ostberg +17.7s
5 Meeke +18.7s
6 Sordo +19.6s
7 Hirvonen +19.9s
8 Neuville +23.0s
9 Kubica +25.4s
10 Evans +25.6s

Fri 08:41 WRC - Germany - SS2 summary:

* Ogier fastest and inches lead over Latvala up to 2.1s
* Mikkelsen and Meeke regain ground up to third and fifth
* Evans falls back from sixth to 10th

Fri 08:52 WRC - Germany: There's a super-close WRC2 lead battle developing, with top four Chardonnet, Al-Attiyah, Bernando Sousa and Tanak now within 5.9s after Sousa was quickest on that stage.

Fri 08:54 WRC - Germany: This rally is flying along already. The next stage is our last of Friday morning, and it's the 13.1 miles of Moselland.

That's where things went awry for Ogier 12 months ago (more on that in a moment), and he'll be pushing hard to try to extend this advantage over Latvala again.

Sebastien OgierFri 09:12 WRC - Germany: Right now, VW will be very much enjoying holding a top-three sweep on its home rally.

But last year, it was in Germany that everything went horribly wrong for the squad that dominated 2013 (and all of '14 so far).

Rally Germany 2013 report

Both Ogier and Latvala crashed while leading, and Mikkelsen didn't even start when his then co-driver Mikko Markkula was diagnosed with a back injury.

That meant no VWs on the podium, and just a few points for Latvala's Rally 2-assisted seventh.

Instead it was a Citroen win, with Sordo narrowly beating Neuville's M-Sport Ford. That was the last time VW was denied a WRC win...

Citroen has never been defeated on this rally since it joined the WRC calendar in 2002, so the pressure is on Ostberg and Meeke to uphold that honour this weekend.

Fri 09:23 WRC - Germany: No Germans in World Rally Cars this year, and top WRC2 local Kremer has just slipped back to sixth in class but in WRC3 we have a rising home star leading.

Christian Riedemann is on top in the Junior class, 10.2s clear of Stephane Lefebvre, the first promising French driver not called Sebastien since forever.

Fri 09:23 WRC - Germany: Onto the final stage of the morning - Moselland has begun for our leaders.

Fri 09:30 WRC - Germany: Latvala trimmed a couple of tenths back from Ogier at the first split, but now the champion is raising his game - he's another second quicker at split two.

Fri 09:32 WRC - Germany: Further back, more good news for VW as Mikkelsen is a few tenths quicker than next men in Ostberg and Hirvonen.

Fri 09:34 WRC - Germany: Ogier completes the stage sounding nonchalant: "Not bad for us, quite a good drive."

Fri 09:35 WRC - Germany: But Latvala strikes back! He's three tenths quicker than Ogier, so the lead is down to 1.8s.

It looked on the splits like Ogier was going to stretch his legs, but the battle is on.

Fri 09:36 WRC - Germany: Latvala looks and sounds like a man who is pushing very hard in this fight.

"It's a good time, but it's not easy. I feel it's slippier this year than it was last year.

"Some places are very difficult to get a feeling of what the grip is actually like.

"There was some dirt, but it was not as bad as the previous stage."

Fri 09:38 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen completes the stage OK, but with signs of a bit of an impact on one of his rear wheels. He was concerned it might have given him a puncture but it seems fine.

The Norwegian is 14.3s off Latvala's pace up front.

Fri 09:45 WRC - Germany: Kubica has been off the road early on this stage. He seems to have got going again with assistance from spectatrs.

Fri 09:48 WRC - Germany: After that spin on SS1 this morning, Meeke is now making rapid progress. Third quickest on SS3 now, that's brought him ahead of Mikkelsen and Ostberg into third overall.

Fri 09:48 GP2 - Belgium: GP2 is in action this weekend at Spa-Francorchamps. It's the eighth round of the season, and sees the series back after the summer break.

Stoffel Vandoorne won the last race in Hungary for the ART team, and the Belgian driver will be looking to build on his third position in the championship at his home circuit.

Carlin's Felipe Nasr is second, 43 points adrift of championship leader Jolyon Palmer in the DAMS entry.

Fri 09:52 WRC - Germany: That was a superb time from Meeke. On a rally where Ogier and Latvala's rivals have been struggling to get within 10s per stage of them, Meeke was only 5s down.

The only other man in a similar range so far is Neuville, who slotted in fourth quickest in the i20 rebuilt after yesterday's shunt.

Fri 09:52 GP2 - Belgium: Pirelli tyre selection this weekend is hard and medium for what is the longest track layout on the GP2 calendar.

Fri 09:55 WRC - Germany: Kubica's trip off the road has cost him about four minutes. He seems to be running fine now.

Fri 09:56 GP2 - Belgium: The 45 minute practice session will begin shortly as the cars prepare to hit the track.

Fri 09:58 WRC - Germany: Kubica completes the stage with a wobbling front left wheel, just over four minutes off the pace.

"We went off, I was not holding enough steering and I lost the line a bit and by the time I recovered it was too late," he explains.

"We were stuck and fortunately the spectators helped us."

Fri 09:59 WRC - Germany: Waiting for Sordo again now, his pace on the splits is in a similar range to Mikkelsen and Neuville.

Fri 09:59 WRC - Germany: Sordo is fourth quickest, just behind Meeke, and that's where he goes overall as well. Great effort.

Fri 10:01 GP2 - Belgium: Green flag waves and the session begins.

Almost all the drivers go out immediately as they battle to get the best track position for a flying lap.

Fri 10:02 GP2 - Belgium: Jolyon Palmer has won two races so far, and stacked up another six podium finishes to top the championship.

Fri 10:04 GP2 - Belgium: Johnny Cecotto Jr has set a 2m13.980s to go quickest.

Palmer is 0.01s behind in second.

Fri 10:06 WRC - Germany Meeke will also be pretty chuffed to be through Moselland. That's the stage where electrical gremlins ruined his mega, Sebastien Ogier-beating 2008 run in a Clio. Then three years and 200 metres up the road, his Mini was silenced with an electrical problem as well. Not this time though.

Please (please, please) don't let him have any kind of electrical trouble second time through. That would be just too weird.

Fri 10:07 GP2 - Belgium: Stephane Richelmi goes quickest and is the first driver into the 1m58s with a time of 1m58.689s.

Fri 10:08 GP2 - Belgium: Sergio Canamasas jumps to first ahead of Palmer and Nasr.

Fri 10:09 GP2 - Belgium: Nathanael Berthon in the Lazarus entry goes quickest with a 1m58.291s.

Fri 10:11 GP2 - Belgium: Carlin's Julian Leal is the only driver yet to set a competitive time.

Cecotto meanwhile goes quickest by 0.2s.

Fri 10:13 GP2 - Belgium: Leal goes second quickest with his first flying lap, setting a purple sector 3 time.

Fri 10:14 WRC - Germany - SS3 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 12m48.1s
2 Ogier +0.2s
3 Meeke +5.5s
4 Sordo +9.2s
5 Neuville +11.8s
6 Hirvonen +13.2s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.9s
3 Meeke +24.0s
4 Sordo +28.6s
5 Mikkelsen +31.4s
6 Ostberg +31.7s

Fri 10:14 GP2 - Belgium: Artem Markelov is the only driver currently not set a time below two minutes. His team-mate Mitch Evans is ninth, 0.4s off the quickest time.

Fri 10:16 GP2 - Belgium: The top 10 after 15 minutes then is as follows:

1 Cecotto
2 Leal
3 Berthon
4 Vandoorne
5 Canamasas
6 Coletti
7 Raffaele Marciello
8 Richelmi
9 Evans
10 Adrian Quaife-Hobbs

Fri 10:19 GP2 - Belgium: No one on track at the moment is setting an improved time - only 10 cars are on track.

Fri 10:19 WRC - Germany - SS3 summary:

* Latvala pegs Ogier back with a stage win, keeping the lead gap at 1.9s
* Meeke and Sordo jump to third and fourth overall
* Mikkelsen has an impact that damages a wheel but doesn't quite give him a puncture
* Kubica goes off the road and loses four minutes

Fri 10:20 GP2 - Belgium: Jon Lancaster and Takuya Izawa both improve in the second sector.

Fri 10:23 GP2 - Belgium: Championship leader Palmer and challengers Nasr and Vandoorne are in the pits.

Leal meanwhile improves in the first two sectors.

Fri 10:25 GP2 - Belgium: Nasr has won the most races this season with three. Before this year he had never taken a GP2 victory, despite being in title contention for much of 2013.

Vandoorne, Arthur Pic, Palmer, Cecotto, Coletti, Evans and Richelmi have also won this year.

Fri 10:25 GP2 - Belgium: Leal goes top with a 1m57.877s - 0.1s quicker than Cecotto.

Fri 10:27 WRC - Germany: It's going to take a while before all the other classes and local runners are through before we can figure it out properly, but Kubica's mishap is likely to drop from from his previous ninth place to somewhere around 60th or 70th overall.

Not that he'll be looking at overall placings at all now. His focus will be on figuring out why that mistake happened and learning from it.

Fri 10:28 GP2 - Belgium: Conor Daly has set green times in the first two sectors as he looks to improve on 26th position. His Lazarus team-mate Berthon currently lies in third.

Fri 10:30 GP2 - Belgium: Simon Trummer sets a purple sector 1 with a 33.8s sector time... his fastest time is 0.9s off Leal's quickest time.

Fri 10:34 WRC - Germany: Big change in WRC2 on SS3 and a bit of heartbreak for Citroen and France.

Chardonnet has lost over two minutes with a power steering problem, and that puts Sousa into the lead.

Continuing the shake-up, his main rival is now ex-Junior champion Pontus Tidemand (who's been racing in World Rallycross with Mattias Ekstrom's Audi project this year). He's up to second in class now on his WRC return, 2.1s off Rally Azores winner Sousa.

Al-Attiyah and Tanak are third and fourth, a further 5.7s and 11.2s back respectively.

Fri 10:34 GP2 - Belgium: Coletti has a spin and brings out the yellow flags. He goes wide and touches the gravel to spin onto the track.

Fri 10:35 GP2 - Belgium: Red flags are out as Coletti gets out of his stranded Racing Engineering entry.

His session is over, and he currently sits in seventh.

Fri 10:38 GP2 - Belgium: With seven minutes remaining the top 10 are as follows:

1 Leal
2 Cecotto
3 Marciello
4 Berthon
5 Vandoorne
6 Canamasas
7 Coletti
8 Richelmi
9 Evans
10 Quaife-Hobbs

Fri 10:41 GP2 - Belgium: Cars are back out on track with less than four minutes remaining.

Nasr will not go back out and finishes practice no higher than P13.

Fri 10:42 GP2 - Belgium: Almost all cars are out on track, only Nasr, Quaife-Hobbs, Takuya Izawa and Tom Dillmann are not running, as well as the stranded car of Coletti.

Fri 10:43 WRC - Germany: If you're just joining us and need to catch up with the opening loop of Rally Germany stages, here's the full recap:

Rally Germany Friday morning report

Fri 10:45 GP2 - Belgium: Session time has elapsed, and the cars on track set their final times.

Fri 10:46 WRC - Germany: Leader Ogier could be forgiven for not having his mind on the task in hand.

The Sunday after he didn't win Rally Finland, Ogier forgot all about rallying when he married his girlfriend Andrea Kaiser.

From the picture he tweeted, it looks like the ceremony might have taken place where the finish of Rally GB will be on Llandudno seafront.

Fri 10:48 GP2 - Belgium: Leal ends the session quickest with his time of 1m57.877s.

Cecotto finishes second 0.153s behind. Marciello ended 0.3s off Leal's time in third, ahead of Berthon, Daly, Vandoorne, Canamasas, Coletti , Richelmi and Evans.

Palmer finished the session 12th, with Nasr in 14th.

Fri 10:49 GP2 - Belgium: Campos Racing's Kimiya Sato, who won the Auto GP title last weekend, finished the session bottom.

Fri 10:50 GP2 - Belgium: GP2 returns later today at 2:50pm for qualifying.

Fri 10:55 And with the WRC field also taking a break now for service, AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live will be pausing until 1.30pm UK time, when we're back for Rally Germany SS4-SS6 and GP2 qualifying.

Fri 12:47 WRC - Germany: Welcome back, shall we resume some rallying?

This morning Sebastien Ogier and Jari-Matti Latvala blew the rest away, Kris Meeke got back up to a third after a spin, and Robert Kubica lost four minutes off the road.

Here's how they stand ready to begin SS4 in a moment:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.9s
3 Meeke +24.0s
4 Sordo +28.6s
5 Mikkelsen +31.4s
6 Ostberg +31.7s
7 Hirvonen +32.9s
8 Neuville +34.6s
9 Evans +40.5s
10 Bouffier +53.8s

Irish newcomer Sam Moffett is a rather amazing 12th, Bernardo Sousa narrowly leads WRC2 over Pontus Tidemand, local man Christian Riedemann leads WRC3 and Kubica is now 34th.

Yes, our guess that Kubica would be outside the top 60 earlier was frankly appalling maths. Let's never speak of it again.

Fri 12:52 WRC - Germany: The VWs are already on Sauertal, an 8.8-mile stage that kicks us off.

It was SS1 this morning too, and Ogier was fastest then ahead of Latvala.

Fri 12:56 WRC - Germany: Ogier sets a 7m17s benchmark, only a second quicker than he went this morning.

That might be because there's still a lot of dirt on the stage from the first loop.

"It's better - I'm much happier with the set-up. I did a clean stage, but sometimes a bit too cautious where I made mistakes this morning."

Fri 12:57 WRC - Germany: Significantly slower for Latvala - he loses 3.8s to his team-mate.

Fri 12:58 WRC - Germany: No major problem, says Latvala, he was just too careful.

"I took the cuts and gravel places a bit too carefully. We didn't have any splits so I didn't know what his time was going to be. I was a little bit too cautious, that's it."

That raises Ogier's outright lead to 5.7s.

Fri 13:04 WRC - Germany: Slightly muted times and vibes from Mikkelsen and Ostberg as they come through slower than the leaders.

Ostberg notes that the stage is getting pretty dirty, but adds that the main problem is that he's not driving fast enough.

Fri 13:05 WRC - Germany: Another strong run from Meeke, who is third quickest so far, ahead of Mikkelsen and only just behind Latvala.

But that still means 5s lost to leader Ogier.

Fri 13:07 WRC - Germany: Meanwhile Hirvonen has closed to within eight tenths of Ostberg overall.

Amid a pretty lacklustre season, Hirvonen is having to find reasons to be cheerful. This time he chooses: going a second faster than the morning; not crashing; being in a reasonably close battle with the likes of Ostberg.

Fri 13:08 WRC - Germany: And Meeke's reaction to his third-fastest time: "I'm less than a second behind Jari but Seb really pulled one out there."

Fri 13:09 WRC - Germany: A smooth run for Neuville, he creeps a bit closer to Ostberg and Hirvonen.

Fri 13:10 WRC - Germany: Evans was very quick on this stage this morning, and he's repeated that performance - he's fifth quickest so far.

That makes him quicker than Neuville, Hirvonen and Ostberg, and only eight tenths off Mikkelsen's VW.

Wonderful stuff from the Welsh rookie.

Fri 13:12 WRC - Germany: Ogier is still 3.8s faster than anyone else, which is a hefty margin on a stage that doesn't take a lot more than seven minutes to complete.

Latvala's time looked like a relative disaster, but he's still second quickest ahead of Meeke, Mikkelsen and Evans.

Fri 13:17 WRC - Germany: Only mild dramas for Kubica on this stage, he stalls at the start as he gets used to the new clutch fitted in service. He comes through at the same pace as Hirvonen and Ostberg.

Fri 13:19 WRC - Germany: We're now playing another game of 'wait for Sordo' - a game only possible when last year's winner is 11th on the start order but in the top four in the results.

Also playing is long-time British rally star Guy Wilks: "@DaniSordo come on!! Eyes on the prize! #AshphaltLover"

Fri 13:25 WRC - Germany: Fifth fastest for Sordo on that one, which keeps him 2.5s ahead of Mikkelsen in fourth overall.

Fri 13:30 GP2 - Belgium: Welcome back to our GP2 coverage. Qualifying for the feature race begins shortly.

Julian Leal was quickest in practice from Johnny Cecotto Jr.

The championship leaders were further down the order this morning, Jolyon Palmer 0.5s off Leal's time in 12th and Felipe Nasr in 14th.

Fri 13:33 GP2 - Belgium: Black clouds were surrounding the Spa-Francorchamps circuit during the Formula 1 practice session this afternoon, so the potential of rain is a possibility.

Fri 13:36 WRC - Germany - SS4 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 7m17.0s
2 Latvala +3.8s
3 Meeke +5.1s
4 Mikkelsen +5.8s
5 Sordo +6.1s
6 Evans +6.6s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +5.7s
3 Meeke +29.1s
4 Sordo +34.7s
5 Mikkelsen +37.2s
6 Ostberg +40.9s
7 Hirvonen +41.7s
8 Neuville +42.4s
9 Evans +47.1s
10 Bouffier +1m04.9s

Fri 13:37 WRC - Germany - SS4 summary:

* Ogier adds 3.8s to his lead over Latvala
* Battle for fifth closes up: 5.2s now covers Mikkelsen, Ostberg, Hirvonen and Neuville...
* ...and Evans is gaining on that group too.

Fri 13:39 WRC - Germany: It's currently dry on the stages, but the rain icon gets an outing as where DAVID EVANS is standing there are big black clouds in every direction - except directly above our man, where there is sunshine...

The Citroens have taken two spare soft tyres this afternoon in case of rain, a choice spurned by everyone else, with the rest sticking to hards.

Ogier had two spare softs this morning but as it didn't rain he felt he'd just carried pointless extra weight around.

Fri 13:41 GP2 - Belgium: Jolyon Palmer has qualified on pole three times this year, and an impressive run of front rows has helped him score consistent points this season.

Fri 13:51 GP2 - Belgium: Teams will be running the hard and medium Pirelli tyres this weekend, as Spa is the longest circuit on the GP2 calendar.

Fri 13:53 GP2 - Belgium: Stefano Coletti spun out of practice this morning after touching the gravel - he will be hoping to have a cleaner qualifying session.

Fri 13:55 GP2 - Belgium: The green flag waves, and qualifying begins.

Drivers are out on the quicker medium compound tyres for the 30 minute qualifying session.

Johnny Cecotto Jr is out first to gain crucial track position for a first flying lap.

Fri 13:56 WRC - Germany: Battle is going to resume on the 10-mile Waxweiler stage in five minutes.

This was the stage earlier where the problem of leading cars dragging dirt onto the road was worst, with a very dirty line for those further down.

But this time bear in mind that even Ogier will be encountering the mud spread by 70-odd cars on the first running of the stage this morning, so it might be more equal - and Sordo might not be so sweary.

Fri 13:56 GP2 - Belgium: The track temperature is warmer than the morning practice, as the clouds seemed to have disappeared for now.

Fri 13:58 GP2 - Belgium: All cars are out as drivers are weaving across the track to get heat into the tyres.

Fri 14:02 WRC - Germany: In WRC2, Sousa has brought his lead up to 7.1s over Tidemand.

Riedemann still leads WRC3 on the timing screens, but a penalty is looming as he was late out of service due to a gearbox change over-running. That will put WRC debutant Eric Camilli into the class lead.

Fri 14:03 GP2 - Belgium: Drivers start their first flying laps.

Cecotto goes top with a 1m57.601s. Nasr encounters traffic from Tom Dillmann ahead.

Stoffel Vandoorne goes ahead by 0.591s before Palmer goes top.

Fri 14:05 GP2 - Belgium: Takuya Izawa has a moment just going wide into the gravel.

Fri 14:05 WRC - Germany: A quick word for Ireland's WRC newcomer Sam Moffett.

He's 13th overall, only 4.7s down on returnee Kuipers and 21.6s ahead of WRC2 frontrunner Protasov, who's in a WRC Ford this weekend. We think that's a really good effort considering his inexperience.

Fri 14:07 GP2 - Belgium: Dillmann has been on the radio complaining about Cecotto blocking him on a flying lap. He is P15 currently.

Fri 14:07 WRC - Germany: The three VWs have begun Waxweiler and it's looking good for Ogier again, he's nine tenths up on Latvala at split one.

Fri 14:09 GP2 - Belgium: Takuya Izawa will not compete any further this session after spinning out.

Leal goes fifth fastest, 0.562s behind Palmer.

Fri 14:11 GP2 - Belgium: As we reach the halfway stage of qualifying, most drivers are in the pits.

Only Raffaele Marciello, Daniel de Jong and Sergio Canamasas are on track.

Fri 14:12 WRC - Germany: Ogier sets a 9m41.3s for the others to live up to, and on the splits he's almost 3s up on Latvala.

Unsurprisingly he sounds both happy and chilled.

Fri 14:12 GP2 - Belgium: As the track is relatively quiet, here is a reminder of the top 10:

1 Palmer
2 Marciello
3 Cecotto
4 Vandoorne
5 Leal
6 Stephane Richelmi
7 Mitch Evans
8 de Jong
9 Stefano Coletti
10 Nasr

Fri 14:13 WRC - Germany: Wow, another late-stage comeback from Latvala!

He gains 4s on Ogier late on the stage and is a tenth quicker at the finish.

So he keeps his team-mate's lead at 5.6s.

Fri 14:14 GP2 - Belgium: Palmer's gap to Marciello is at 0.380s, but could change as a flurry of on track activity normally characterises the closing minutes of a GP2 qualifying session.

Fri 14:14 WRC - Germany: Latvala explains that effectively he's struggling in the dirty sections then flying where there's less mud.

"I can't go the speed Ogier is going where it's dirty. But in the last kilometres, it's like a racing circuit - and I'm driving it like a racing circuit, using the whole width of the road.

"I can come back at him when it's cleaner."

Fri 14:15 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen come through 8s adrift of his team-mates.

His times always sound a bit depressing when he comes through behind Ogier and Latvala, then as other cars filter in you realise he's actually still quick enough to chase a podium and it's just that his team-mates are a class apart.

Fri 14:16 GP2 - Belgium: Drivers are beginning to come back out on track with fresh medium compound tyres.

Only Marciello, Evans, Arthur Pic, Rio Haryanto, Canamasas and Artem markelov are still in the pits.

Fri 14:17 GP2 - Belgium: Markelov is under investigation for impeding Coletti. No one on track is improving at the moment.

Fri 14:19 WRC - Germany: A slow time for Ostberg for a second straight stage, as he comes through 7s slower than Mikkelsen.

He's going to lose sixth overall to Hirvonen with that one. He puts it down to struggling in the muddy sections.

Fri 14:20 GP2 - Belgium: Five minutes remain and Palmer still leads from Marciello.

Leal improves to fourth but a slow moving Nasr at the Bus Stop chicane prevents him from going any quicker.

Fri 14:22 GP2 - Belgium: Dillmann moves up to ninth, Marco Sorensen improves to sixth, and Simon Trummer sets a time good enough for fifth.

Palmer meanwhile has pitted to end his day.

Vandoorne goes quickest with a 1m56.839s.

Fri 14:22 GP2 - Belgium: Vandoorne's time is just 0.018s quicker than Palmer.

Evans meanwhile goes third ahead of Marciello.

Richard TuthillFri 14:23 WRC - Germany Not sure what sort of symbol we put with this one - rally car or GT car? Maybe go with the GT car this time, just for the novelty value. News is, Richard Tuthill has dropped 3m35s in the first split through SS4. Whatever the problem was, looks to have sorted itself as his second split is representative.

If we were into speculating, we'd say possibly an off rather than a puncture. Granted, the rears on that gorgeous 911 are massive, but 3m35s is quite a while to change a flat.

Fri 14:24 GP2 - Belgium: The top 10 are as follows:

1 Vandoorne
2 Palmer
3 Evans
4 Marciello
5 Cecotto
6 Leal
7 Nathanael Berthon
8 Trummer
9 Sorensen
10 Richelmi

Fri 14:25 GP2 - Belgium: the session time has finished, and the final flying laps are being set.

Fri 14:28 GP2 - Belgium: Vandoorne finishes the session on pole with a 1m56.839s - 0.018s ahead of second placed Palmer.

Vandoorne's pole is his first of the season at his home race.

Fri 14:31 GP2 - Belgium: The final listings are as follows:

1 Vandoorne
2 Palmer
3 Evans
4 Marciello
5 Cecotto
6 Leal
7 Berthon
8 Trummer
9 Sorensen
10 Richelmi
11 Nasr
12 Pic
13 de Jong
14 Dillmann
15 Conor Daly
16 Coletti
17 Rene Binder
18 Daniel Abt
19 Haryanto
20 Andre Negrao
21 Adrian Quaife-Hobbs
22 Kimiya Sato
23 Jon Lancaster
24 Canamasas
25 Markelov
26 Izawa

Fri 14:38 WRC - Germany: Meeke continued to cement his podium bid on that stage - third fastest and keeping himself third overall.

He was 7.9s slower than Latvala though and, like everyone else, can't understand what magic J-ML and Ogier are conjuring up that he can't - though he imagines it'll come with more experience.

Fri 14:39 WRC - Germany: Sordo was only seventh fastest (equal to Evans) on that stage, so he loses fourth overall to Mikkelsen.

Fri 14:44 GP2 - Belgium: Vandoorne's pole means he takes the four points, and will begin tomorrow's feature race ahead of championship leader Palmer.

GP2 returns tomorrow at 2:35pm for the feature race.

Fri 15:05 WRC - Germany - SS5 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 9m41.2s
2 Ogier +0.1s
3 Meeke +8.0s
4 Mikkelsen +8.2s
5 Neuville +9.5s
6 Hirvonen +11.2s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +5.5s
3 Meeke +36.9s
4 Mikkelsen +45.2s
5 Sordo +46.7s
6 Neuville +51.7s
7 Hirvonen +53.4s
8 Ostberg +55.5s
9 Evans +59.1s
10 Bouffier +1m24.2s

Fri 15:07 WRC - Germany - SS5 summary:

* Ogier sets rapid splits but Latvala comes back to pip him by a tenth at the finish
* Mikkelsen takes fourth from Sordo
* Neuville rises to sixth...
* ...Ostberg falls to eighth

Craig BreenFri 15:09 WRC - Germany: Craig Breen's here. Craig Breen's car's here, but unfortunately the Irishman's on two wheels rather than four in Trier today. He's staying in town to fly out to Barum for next week's ERC qualifier.

"I'm trying not to look at all the rally cars going out of service," he told AUTOSPORT.

The Ford Fiesta RS WRC driver was ruled out of starting on medical grounds by Rally Germany stewards following a back injury sustained in Finland earlier this month.

Fri 15:14 NASCAR - Bristol: The American racing weekend is getting going, with NASCAR Sprint Cup Friday morning practice beginning at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Brad Keselowski is fastest so far, though there's an early yellow for debris.

Expect a lot of debris this weekend as the field batter each other aside around this spectacular half-mile track in their final bids to secure Chase places.

It's already been a good week for Keselowski as he won the event's Truck Series round.

This was scheduled for Wednesday night (unusual, but actually quite a cool idea) but due to rain it became a Thursday morning race. That's a timeslot that probably won't catch on.

Keselowski resisted pressure from Darrell Wallace Jr for the win, and remarkably it was the 2012 Cup champion's first Truck victory.

His Truck's rear spoiler was later found to be too high, but as usual in NASCAR, the win wasn't in jeopardy and it'll be dealt with via penalties later.

Fri 15:14 WRC - Germany: Ten minutes to go before the VWs head onto Moselland again for today's final shootout.

CloudsFri 15:16 WRC - Germany: What's the weather going to do? Citroen is most ready for these clouds to deliver - Meeke and Ostberg are the only frontrunners with a couple of soft Michelins in the boot.

Nice picture as well, eh. That's the iPhone for you.

Fri 15:26 WRC - Germany: Got a slight delay to the start of today's finale. No news on why yet.

Fri 15:27 GP2 - Spa: In case you missed it a short time ago, tomorrow's GP2 race has a home hero on pole.

Here's the full story of how McLaren F1 protege Stoffel Vandoorne upstaged championship leader Jolyon Palmer at the last gasp, plus full results:

Spa GP2 qualifying report

Fri 15:36 WRC - Germany: Still no movement at the start of the stage, which was due to begin 13 minutes ago.

Seems the sheer size of the crowd could be the issue.

Fri 15:42 NASCAR - Bristol: Rookie Kyle Larson is now on top in practice.

Larson was looking good to make the Chase via his points tally until last week at Michigan, when a fiery crash made him an early retirement.

That was a big blow to his hopes of making the title shootout, but given his form this year, you wouldn't be totally stunned if he won one of the remaining three 'main season' races on merit.

Toyota GT86Fri 15:49 WRC - Germany: Former Ladies World Rally champion Isolde Holdereid has enjoyed her first full day at the wheel of Toyota's GT86 CS-R3 (that's the Cologne-built car, not the Tommi Makinen-made four-wheel drive version we talked about endlessly on the last round in Finland).

The German star told AUTOSPORT: "It's been a lot of fun today. The car is really nice to drive, it has very good stability. I've had a good time."

Fri 15:51 NASCAR - Bristol: Practice is halted after David Stremme crashes his Chevrolet.

Larson remains on top ahead of Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch.

Fri 15:51 WRC - Germany: And yep, still waiting for SS6 to commence.

Fri 15:57 WRC - Germany: Often in these situations it ends up being a case of sitting around for ages then being told the stage is being canned, but seems like the German organisers are doing their utmost to get everything safely under control so Moselland 2 can run.

We might just see cars onto the stage in the next five minutes.

Fri 15:58 WRC - Germany: That means we can hold off a little longer before running possibly the oddest Race Centre Live picture that DAVID EVANS has submitted yet.

Yes, stranger than The Dancing Orange of Finland.

Fri 16:06 WRC - Germany: Bit later than planned, but SS6 is running. The VWs have set off.

This morning this was another stage where the early splits for Ogier were great but then Latvala fought back.

Fri 16:07 WRC - Germany: Ogier has stopped and is reported to be off the road!

Fri 16:07 WRC - Germany: Ogier is running again, but has he got damage and how much time has he lost?

Fri 16:08 WRC - Germany: Now it looks on the tracking system like Ogier is struggling to get back on the correct road.

He's gone off through the vineyard and found some asphalt, but it's not the stage route he wants...

Fri 16:08 WRC - Germany: Ogier has now come to a halt again.

Fri 16:10 WRC - Germany: This hands a big rally lead to Latvala.

And it's a repeat (albeit a few stages later) of 2013, when Ogier started running away with this rally before going off.

Latvala benfited, but then he crashed as well on Saturday and it became a Sordo vs Neuville shootout.

Fri 16:11 WRC - Germany: Ogier is still stopped, which suggests he's potentially picked up too much damage to continue.

Several cars have now gone past him.

Fri 16:13 WRC - Germany: VW has confirmed that Ogier and Julien Ingrassia were unhurt in their crash. Looks like they're out of today at least.

Fri 16:16 WRC - Germany: Shall we speculate about title battle turnarounds in a really unhelpful fashion that'll probably jinx Latvala...?

Sorry, we can't help it.

Latvala, who finishes the stage safely now, is 44 points behind Ogier right now.

If, if, if Ogier ends up scoring zero this weekend and Latvala can win the rally and the Powerstage, that gap could come down to 16 points with four rallies to go...

Fri 16:17 WRC - Germany: Latvala says hearing about his arch-rival's departure unsettled him a bit.

"We got a message in the car that Ogier had stopped, and then that Ogier was out.

"I saw some lines like somebody had gone straight off, but I couldn't say if it was him or from earlier.

"After that I lost some rhythm - I wasn't sure how hard to push."

Fri 16:19 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen smoothly completes the stage 5.9s off Latvala.

He'll potentially move back up to third now.

Fri 16:20 WRC - Germany: Ogier is moving again, although he's lost so much time it seems he's just heading to the main road to drive back to service.

Fri 16:21 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is 12s off the pace as he completes. He said hanging around on the startline during the delay wasn't great for brake or tyre temperatures - although once he got going, he managed to overheat both elements.

Fri 16:24 WRC - Germany: A fairly pleased Hirvonen is third quickest, pulling another chunk clear of Ostberg.

Fri 16:26 WRC - Germany: Meeke says Ogier "went right over the edge" when he crashed, so is glad to hear the champion is unhurt.

Meeke ends the day second, 37s behind Latvala but in prime position to capitalise if the VW has any dramas.

Fri 16:26 WRC - Germany: Neuville leaps out of his Hyundai at the stage finish, as does co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul, seems to be a problem with the exhaust.

Fri 16:28 WRC - Germany: Neuville and Gilsoul are looking under the i20's bonnet and are now jacking the car up. There was some smoke inside the car and they got out in a hurry.

Fri 16:31 WRC - Germany: The Hyundai gets going again. Neuville says there was "some fire" but is sure it'll get back to service. He's going to be fifth overall with Ogier out.

Fri 16:31 WRC - Germany: Ogier is driving his VW back to service, so it was undamaged in that crash. He had to retire because there was no way to get back to the road, he'd plunged that far down from the stage itself.

Fri 16:35 WRC - Germany: Kubica comes through with a little bit of minor damage, and says he had a small mishap on this stage again. It was the scene of his costly trip off this morning too.

He's a bit cryptic about what happened, but says he's got it figured out:

"It's not something with driving, it's something that is going on in the car."

Fri 16:38 WRC - Germany: Sordo is absolutely flying on the splits, looks certain to be back ahead of Mikkelsen and into third.

Fri 16:40 WRC - Germany: Sordo completes the stage, just 1.4s behind Latvala for second quickest.

Fri 16:41 WRC - Germany: That means Sordo will end the day in third place.

"I'm really happy, I pushed really, really hard in this stage. I really did my best and I enjoyed this stage a lot, a lot. Now we will try to fight for the podium."

Fri 16:56 WRC - Germany: Now the WRC timing system has stopped suggesting that stage was an hour long (lovely Safari Rally memories), we can bring you some results...

Fri 16:58 WRC - Germany - SS6 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 12m45.8s
2 Sordo +1.4s
3 Meeke +5.6s
4 Mikkelsen +5.9s
5 Evans +6.6s
6 Neuville +6.9s
7 Hirvonen +7.1s
8 Ostberg +11.9s
9 Bouffier +16.9s
10 Kubica +20.4s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +37.0s
3 Sordo +42.6s
4 Mikkelsen +45.6s
5 Neuville +53.1s
6 Hirvonen +55.0s
7 Evans +1m00.2s
8 Ostberg +1m01.9s
9 Bouffier +1m35.6s
10 Prokop +2m07.1s

Fri 17:15 WRC - Germany: Here's the full story of that wild turnaround at the end of Friday afternoon and the complete summary of leg one:

Rally Germany Friday afternoon report

AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live will be back in business from 8.45am UK time on Saturday morning, ready for the (in)famous Panzerplatte stages. See you then.

Sat 08:00 WRC - Germany: Good morning and welcome back to what is already a very dramatic second day of Rally Germany.

Sat 08:02 WRC - Germany: Is this the turning point in the 2014 World Rally Championship title battle?

Jari-Matti Latvala went into Saturday with a comfortable lead, while Sebastien Ogier was only 34th after yesterday's accident and facing a battle just to get back into the points.

That mission now looks impossible after Ogier had a massive crash on the second of today's early morning stages.

The Peterberg stage ended up being cancelled due to the barrier damage caused, while Ogier and co-driver Julien Ingrassia headed to hospital for precautionary checks. Both are believed to be absolutely fine.

Sat 08:08 WRC - Germany: So we've only had one actual stage so far today, and while Latvala extended his rally lead over Kris Meeke up to 40 seconds up front, the stage winner was Robert Kubica.

The Pole is way down the overall order after losing four minutes off the road yesterday, and is therefore running first on the road (or at least he is now after Ogier's crash).

Sat 08:11 WRC - Germany: We're now onto the famous Panzerplatte stages on the Baumholder military range, home of the 'hinkelsteins' - the large concrete blocks designed to stop tanks, and therefore not good news for rally cars.

Sat 08:13 WRC - Germany: We're starting off with the relatively gentle 'arena' version of Panzerplatte, which is just 1.9 miles, but it's immediately followed by the 'long' 26.4-mile version.

Kubica is again fastest so far on the Arena.

Sat 08:14 WRC - Germany: This was the order after the stage that did run first thing this morning, Stein & Wein:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +40.2s
3 Sordo +48.3s
4 Mikkelsen +52.0s
5 Neuville +52.2s
6 Hirvonen +1m02.9s
7 Evans +1m03.7s
8 Ostberg +1m14.5s
9 Bouffier +1m44.0s
10 Prokop +2m21.9s
(17 Kubica +5m16.2s)

Sat 08:15 WRC - Germany: Neuville was second quickest to Kubica on SS7, which thrust him right into the battle for the final step on the podium with his Hyundai team-mate Sordo and Mikkelsen's VW.

Sordo, who won here for Citroen last year and flew yesterday, admitted he hadn't had much testing mileage in the damp conditions that Stein & Wein featured, so wasn't surprised to see Neuville looming behind him.

Sat 08:16 WRC - Germany: Neuville has just finished Arena Panzerplatte, deposing Hirvonen, Prokop and Kubica from the top of the stage order.

Sat 08:18 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen now goes fastest by four tenths of a second, which sneaks his advantage over Neuville up to six tenths.

Sat 08:25 WRC - Germany: Sordo held the honours for a bit, but now it's rally leader Latvala who finishes Arena Panzerplatte fastest.

Hyundai men Sordo and Neuville are on hard tyres for this loop, convinced it's the best option for the very long stage they're about to start.

The rest all have softs - which is what you'd want if it rained, and there's a lot of rain in the clouds above Baumholder...

Shane van GisbergenSat 08:27 V8 Supercars - Eastern Creek: One place where there definitely has been rain today is Sydney in Australia.

Shane van Gisbergen cemented his reputation as V8 Supercars' rain-master by winning two increasingly saturated races at Eastern Creek this afternoon.

Race one was pretty dominant, but in the even wetter race two he had a few moments and only just held off Chaz Mostert.

Sat 08:36 WRC - Germany: Kubica is first man through Panzerplatte Lang, with slight wheel damage again.

It sounds like it's been an adventure - he went straight on at a junction after his car bottomed out, and then suffered overheating tyres and smacked a large stone near the stage end.

"I was driving too slowly as I was trying to save the tyres, but I don't think it really helped," says Kubica, who has definitely added a fair bit to his rallying data bank on that one.

Sat 08:38 GP3 - Spa: Amazing scenes in Belgium already this morning too.

It's fair to say that no one was expecting miracles when Trident announced an all-new line-up headed by Luca Ghiotto for this weekend, but the young Italian has just grabbed pole for his series debut...

Spa GP3 qualifying report

You can follow both GP3 races this weekend, and GP2 as well, on Race Centre Live

Sat 08:40 WRC - Germany: Of the early runners on Panzerplatte, Ostberg is by far the fastest on the splits.

But it's the Hyundais we're most interested in at the moment.

If Kubica's tyre wear issues are shared by the others on softs, and the rain stays away, then Sordo and Neuville's hard compounds will be perfect.

Sat 08:41 WRC - Germany: Dani Sordo once again underlined what a thoroughly decent fella he is when asked about his chances of catching Jari-Matti Latvala for the rally lead.

"On driving, there is no chance," Sordo told AUTOSPORT.

"And anyway, I want Jari-Matti to win. He's a nice guy, a good guy and he works very hard in this sport. I like him."

Sat 08:42 WRC - Germany: First sign of trouble on Panzerplatte is in WRC2, where erstwhile leader Sousa has stopped. He'd lost the lead to Tidemand earlier today.

Sat 08:43 WRC - Germany: Ireland's WRC novice Sam Moffett is still running 12th overall, though he's ended Panzerplatte with basically no rubber left on his tyres.

Sat 08:48 WRC - Germany: On the splits, Mikkelsen is now the fastest man, though there's not a lot in it between him and Neuville.

Sat 08:49 BSS - Slovakia Ring: Markus Winkelhock is on top in Q2 for the Phoenix Audi squad on a 1m58.770s. The 11 going through to final qualifying are: Winkelhock, Bleekemolen, Vanthoor, Enge, Gotz, Fumanelli, Zanardi, Rast, Dusseldorp, Stolz and Ebrahim.

Sat 08:50 WRC - Germany: Despite his various adventures, Kubica was still faster than all the midfielders by over half a minute, and on the same pace as Bouffier's hard-shod Hyundai.

Ostberg is the first man through who's quicker, by 21s.

Sat 08:51 BSS - Slovakia Ring: A rare mistake from Bleekemolen – he takes a trip through the gravel on his out-lap in final qualifying.

Sat 08:54 WRC - Germany: M-Sport men Evans and Hirvonen are a bit slower than Ostberg, with the Welsh rookie faster than the Finnish sometime title contender, not for the first time this weekend.

Sat 08:55 WRC - Germany: By the final splits, Neuville is our fastest man so far and it seems his tyre choice is working.

But he's kicking himself at the end of the stage, saying he made too many mistakes.

The times suggest he could gain two places here, though, and jump to third...

Sat 08:56 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen completes the stage 12.9s slower than Neuville!

That's a huge time loss at the end of the stage, and it drops him from fourth to fifth overall behind the flying Hyundai.

Sat 08:57 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen's tyres were extremely worn by the end of that one.

"Phew! Not easy!" says the Norwegian, who is mainly relieved that he got to the end of that one without incident.

Sat 08:59 WRC - Germany: Neuville does gain two places - he jumps both Mikkelsen and Sordo to go from fifth to third on a single stage.

Sordo thinks Neuville was probably the bolder man on the slippery sections, where their hard tyre wasn't so great.

Sordo is still fourth, though, and pulled away from Mikkelsen.

Sat 09:00 F1 - Belgium: We'll continue with our WRC coverage until Panzerplatte is finished, but if you want to pop open another window to see what's happening over the border in Belgium, coverage of Formula 1 practice three at Spa is beginning on AUTOSPORT GP Live now.

Sat 09:01 BSS - Slovakia Ring: Laurens Vanthoor takes pole for the WRT Audi squad. His 1m58.187s edges out Lambo driver Jeroen Bleekemolen by a tenth and a half. Markus Winkelhock is third a further half a second back.

Sat 09:02 WRC - Germany: And after all this talk about how difficult soft tyres were on this stage, Latvala has just beaten Neuville to the stage win - on softs.

And he doesn't even need to push. Extraordinary stuff from Latvala today.

Sat 09:14 WRC - Germany - SS10 results:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 24m40.2s
2 Neuville +0.7s
3 Meeke +5.2s
4 Sordo +6.6s
5 Mikkelsen +13.6s
6 Ostberg +16.2s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +45.8s
3 Neuville +53.8s
4 Sordo +55.1s
5 Mikkelsen +1m06.1s
6 Evans +1m28.6s
7 Hirvonen +1m29.0s
8 Ostberg +1m32.7s
9 Bouffier +2m24.7s
10 Prokop +2m58.5s

Sat 09:16 WRC - Germany: So shall we round up the morning?

* Latvala storms away in rally lead
* Ogier has massive crash
* Neuville jumps from fifth to third, just behind Meeke, ahead of Sordo and Mikkelsen
* Evans, Hirvonen and Ostberg close up in sixth-place battle
* Kubica gets back up to 12th

Sat 09:26 WRC - Germany: Bad stage for Frenchmen in the feeder classes.

Sebastien Chardonnet, who led WRC2 yesterday, and Eric Camilli, who was leading WRC3, have both crashed.

BarSat 09:27 WRC - Germany: The forecast suggests there's going to be more rain for the re-runs of these stages after lunch.

AUTOSPORT is well aware that it rained last night - largely because DAVID EVANS was kept awake by the general revelry of those inside the Zum Augustiner bar in Trier.

There was still a hardcore of boozers (and, alarmingly alsatian dogs) when he left for service this morning. Clearly thirsty work this German rally watching.

Sat 09:29 AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live is now going to head to service for a while until the rally resumes for the afternoon loop.

We'll be back from 1.30pm UK time with full coverage of the afternoon loop of Rally Germany stages, the Spa GP2 and GP3 races, plus updates from the BTCC at Knockhill and Blancpain Sprint Series at the Slovakia Ring.

Sat 12:20 WRC - Germany: Ready for another dose of Rally Germany? The first of this afternoon’s loop of stages gets underway at 1.31pm UK time and it’s Jari-Matti Latvala who currently leads the way, ahead of an in-form Kris Meeke and the Hyundais of Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo.

You can read our recent report by clicking this hyperlink.

Sat 12:22 WRC - Germany: What’s happened to Sebastien Ogier?

Well, the reigning champion crashed his Volkswagen Polo R heavily into a roadside barrier 1.1km into the Peterberg test this morning. Ogier and co-driver Julien Ingrassia were not injured, but both were taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

The impact damaged the barrier and the test was stopped for safety reasons. The barrier, which separates the stage from the motorway, is unable to be repaired for this afternoon, so SS12 has been shortened.

Sat 12:23 WRC - Germany: Here is this afternoon’s schedule (all UK times):

SS11 Stein & Wein 2 - 1.31pm
SS12 Peterberg 2 - 2.31pm
SS13 Arena Panzerplatte 2 - 3.44pm
SS14 Panzerplatted Lange - 3.59pm

Sat 12:27 WRC - Germany: And here is the current top 10:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +45.8s
3 Neuville +53.8s
4 Sordo +55.1s
5 Mikkelsen +1m06.1s
6 Evans +1m28.6s
7 Hirvonen +1m29.0s
8 Ostberg +1m32.7s
9 Bouffier +2m24.7s
10 Prokop +2m58.5s

The closest battle at present is between Evans and Hirvonen as just 0.4s separates them in their fight for sixth.

Sat 12:29 WRC - Germany: We don't have a sun icon here on Race Centre Live, but if we did, we would use it right now as there is no sign of rain at the moment.

Sat 12:32 WRC - Germany: All the frontrunners bar Bouffier and Evans have gone out with five soft compound tyres this afternoon. The aforementioned duo have opted for four softs and two hards instead.

Sat 12:35 WRC - Germany: The second run through Stein & Wein has begun and Kubica is the first to tackle the 17.53km test. He's currently 12th overall at the moment, having lost four minutes when he went off-course during Friday's opening loop of stages.

Sat 12:38 WRC - Germany: How far is 17.53km in miles? Precisely 10.892637. Kubica was the quickest on this stage this morning, completing it in 10m21.8s.

Sat 12:43 WRC - Germany: The former grand prix driver beats his morning time and reaches the finish in 10m15.5s.

"Everything has dried up and we have soft tyres," said Kubica. "There was no mud, just a bit of gravel."

Sat 12:48 WRC - Germany: Next up is WRC2 frontrunner Protasov, who is behind the wheel of a WRC Ford this weekend. His time is 10.29.0s, which is 34.3s quicker than the first time round.

Sat 12:51 BSS - Slovakia Ring: The safety car is out after a monster shunt involving Tomas Enge's Reiter Lambo. The car ended up on the grass after Turn 1 and rolled end over end before ending up perched on the barrier.

Sat 12:52 WRC - Germany: Decent effort by Irish newcomer Moffett, who completes the stage in 10m36.8s. He's currently 16th overall.

Sat 12:52 BSS - Slovakia Ring: Heavy rain now brings out the red flags.

Sat 12:54 WRC - Germany: And here come the frontrunners, starting with Prokop, whose time is the quickest so far - 10m14.1s.

"I'm surprise by the weather," he said. "It's completely dry and this stage was too much for this tyre. It was moving a lot."

He's running on softs this afternoon.

Sat 12:56 WRC - Germany: Bouffier is next up and he's gone quickest of all, with a time of 10m07.7s.

Sat 12:56 BSS - Slovakia Ring: The good news is that Enge extricated himself from the wrecked Lambo unaided. The bad news is that it is absolutely tipping it down.

Sat 12:57 WRC - Germany: Scratch that, because Ostberg has just reached the finish in 10m07.2s.

Sat 13:01 WRC - Germany: Evans can't beat Ostberg and his time is 10m07.6s.

Hirvonen, meanwhile has managed to complete the stage quicker than his Welsh rival with a time of 10m04.4s, moving him up to sixth overall.

Sat 13:01 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The cars are on the grid and being put onto wets. The most amazing sight is Giorgio Pantano's McLaren in fourth place - he started 20th!

Sat 13:03 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The rain has abated, but the barrier repairs – which triggered the safety car – are still on-going. When the race re-starts, and we don't know when, it will be from behind the safety car.

Sat 13:04 WRC - Germany: Fastest time klaxon! Neuville completes the stage in 10m00.8s. Team-mate Sordo was 1.3s behind at the interval, how will he do?

Sat 13:08 WRC - Germany: Sordo loses time to Neuville in their fight for third. The Spaniard finishes SS11 in 10m05.4s.

Sat 13:11 WRC - Germany: Drama for Meeke who said that towards the end of the stage that he "started to feel something strange." Looks like he had a puncture. His time is still a respectable 10m03.7s.

Sat 13:13 WRC - Germany: Latvala extends his lead by taking the stage win with a cracking time of 9m59.1s. The Finn took a brief trip across some grass mid-stage, but said it was "nothing too serious."

Sat 13:14 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The three-minute board has been shown. The order at the front is: Bleekemolen, Winkelhock, Rast, Pantano, Vanthoor and Zanardi.

It's going to be a single-file start, as per the regulations.

Sat 13:16 WRC - Germany:

Stage times:

1 Latvala 9m59.1s
2 Neuvile +1.7s
3 Meeke +4.6s
4 Hirvonen +5.3s
5 Sordo +6.3s
6 Mikkelsen +7.8s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +50.4s
3 Neuville +55.5s
4 Sordo +1m01.4s
5 Mikkelsen +1m13.9s
6 Hirvonen +1m34.3s

Sat 13:17 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The race is back on. it's not raining, but there's a lot of standing water on the quirky Slovakia Ring surface.

Sat 13:26 WRC - Germany: The shortened Peterberg stage gets going at 2.31pm UK time. Its length this afternoon is 5.8 miles compared to 6.8 this morning.

Sat 13:26 BSS – Slovakia Ring: Rast takes the lead from Bleekemolen at the end of lap seven.

Sat 13:29 BSS – Slovakia Ring: Pantano is now down to 10th. The turbocharged McLaren has never been the easiest car to drive in the wet.

Sat 13:31 WRC - Germany: Peterberg is shorter after Ogier smashed into a barrier within the stage.

"The accident happened about a kilometre into the eighth stage," said the reigning champion.

"We were in sixth gear on a long straight. Then there was a slight right turn over a crest.

"The jump [over a bump in the middle of the corner] was a bit further than we thought.

"The rear broke away when we landed and I lost control of the car.

“We smashed into the crash barrier and came to a stop on a slope with smallish trees. The most important thing at that point was that Julien and I realised we were both OK."

No definite word yet on whether they will be back in action tomorrow.

"The Polo R WRC suffered a bit more unfortunately.

"Now we need to wait and see whether the car can be repaired here and whether we can start on Sunday."

Sat 13:34 WRC - Germany: Out comes the rain icon. It's only spitting at the moment, so running on softs shouldn't be too much of a problem...

Sat 13:38 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The safety car is out thanks to move heavy rain. The pit window is open and the cars are beginning to come in for their mandatory stops.

Sat 13:41 WRC - Germany: Kubica is first on the road and first to complete the stage. His time is 5m15.8s.

"It was a bit wet and there was a bit of mud," he observed. "The new part in the forest we took very carefully - nice and steady."

Sat 13:44 WRC - Germany: DAVID EVANS has been talking to Kris Meeke about a road collision he had on the way to Panzerplatte this morning.

The Citroen driver believes it could easily have ended his rally.

Meeke escapes road traffic accident

Sat 13:45 GP2 - Spa: The GP2 feature race is about to begin. Three cars are on slicks: Richelmi, de Jong and Izawa.

Sat 13:46 BSS – Slovakia Ring: Heavy rain results in red flag number two with 28 minutes still left on the clock. Winkelhock is top of the order in his Phoenix Audi. Fumanelli, who has just stopped, is listed as second, with Landmann third.

Of the early stoppers, Ramos is fourth in the Audi he shares with Vanthoor and team-mate Ide fifth.

Sat 13:47 WRC - Germany: Melicharek and Protasov are next to reach the finish and both have complained about the current conditions.

"It's too slippery to brake!" said Protasov, whose time was 5m46.0s.

Sat 13:48 GP2 - Spa: The safety car is out at Spa as Conor Daly crashed out at Stavelot.

Race order is Vandoorne, Evans, Cecotto, Marciello and Berthon.

Sat 13:49 GP2 - Spa: The rain is torrential. Expect a red flag any moment.

Sat 13:50 WRC - Germany: Moffett is another driver unhappy with the current conditions.

"It's lashing with rain!" said the Irishman. "I didn't know what to do. I'm just here to finish."

His time after that ordeal is 6m19.6 - a minute slower than Kubica's benchmark.

Sat 13:51 GP2 - Spa: The big loser so far is points leader Palmer, who made a terrible start from the outside of the front row, ran wide at the first corner, and lost a host of places.

He is now eighth, having been passed by title rival Nasr.

Sat 13:51 GP2 - Spa: Leader Vandoorne says it's "too dangerous" so race stewards throw the red flag.

Sat 13:52 GP2 - Spa: Evans has dropped to sixth from second under the safety car. He is touring, as his engine appears to have lapsed into safety mode.

Sat 13:53 GP2 - Spa: Leal has suffered the same problem. It's an issue GP2 has encountered before - the engine revs are cut when the engine runs below 70-degrees.

Sat 13:54 WRC - Germany: Next through are Prokop and Bouffier. The former completed the stage in 5m33.5s, while the latter was 10.5s quicker.

"It was very heavy rain, sometimes impossible to see the road!" said Prokop.

Bouffier complained of standing water at the start of the stage.

Sat 13:55 GP2 - Spa: Cars return to the grid. Now it's up to the officials to decide whether Evans and Leal can retake their positions, which depends on exactly when the red flag was shown.

Sat 13:55 WRC - Germany: Ogier will not be restarting Rally Germany as his Polo R's rollcage has sustained too much damage. Full story coming soon.

Sat 13:57 GP2 - Spa: Housekeeping note: Our slick starters, Richelmi, de Jong and Izawa all pitted for wets on the opening lap.

Sat 13:58 WRC - Germany: "So much rain and the wipers are not fast enough!" said Ostberg at the end of Peterberg. He finished the stage with a time of 5m26.5s, but Evans beats that by 0.2s.

Sat 13:59 GP2 - Spa: The race will resume at 16:10 local time. Twelve minutes away.

The rain looks to have got into the timing screens, which claim Binder is leading. Codswallop!

Sat 14:01 WRC - Germany: Hirvonen's time is 5m27.3s, so the battle for sixth between him and Evans is now down to 1.8s.

Sat 14:01 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The rain has stopped and there will be a restart. Cars that have yet to stop, including leader Winkelhock, must do so at the end of the first lap.

The #34 ROAL Bimmer, which was in the pits at the time of the red, has been allowed out and is making its way around to join the back of the grid.

Sat 14:04 GP2 - Spa: Points leader Palmer complains: "A lot of aquaplaning - even in first gear. It's too dangerous to race."

...says the man who has the most to lose today. The race will restart behind the safety car in eight minutes or so.

The order is Vandoorne, Cecotto, Marciello, Berthon, Nasr, Trummer, Palmer. The luckless Evans is 17th, Leal 18th.

Sat 14:06 WRC - Germany: Sordo aquaplaned on the stage and finishes with a time of 5m38.5s. He hasn't lost his position in the overall standings (fourth), but it will be interesting to see how Mikkelsen gets on.

Sat 14:06 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The 10-minute board has been shown here in Slovakia.

Sat 14:06 GP2 - Spa: Nasr is told to expect no more rain, so we could have a wets-to-slicks pitstop scenario after the restart.

Three laps have been completed so far, lap four will be under the safety car. And the fun bit should start after that.

Sat 14:09 WRC - Germany: Meeke drops time to Neuville as the Citroen man's time is 4.7s slower than the Belgian's. If our maths is any good, we reckon Neuville is now 0.4s behind overall in third.

Sat 14:10 GP2 - Spa: More timing screen chaos as TV graphics claim Binder is leading from Sorenson. More codswallop!

Evans has been promoted back to sixth, so Leal should also be moved up too.

Sat 14:11 BSS – Slovakia Ring: There's a hare running about in one of the gravel traps - doesn't it know there's a race about to start.

Sat 14:11 WRC - Germany: Latvala's time at the end of that tricky stage is 5m25.8s.

"It was really muddy with really muddy corners," said the rally leader.

"You really need to be focused as it is very slippery. I had to take it with care."

Sat 14:12 GP2 - Spa: Trust us, the order is Vandoorne, Cecotto, Marciello, Berthon, Nasr, Evans, Trummer, Palmer.

Sat 14:12 WRC - Germany: Drivers will now refuel and make tyre changes ahead of the second running of the dreaded Panzerplatte stages.

Sat 14:15 WRC - Germany:

Stage times:

1 Kubica 5m15.8s
2 Bouffier +7.2s
3 Neuville +8.5s
4 Latvala +10.0s
5 Evans +10.5s
5 Ostberg +10.7s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +53.6s
3 Neuville +54.0s
4 Sordo +1m14.1s
5 Mikkelsen +1m19.6s
6 Hirvonen +1m35.8s

Sat 14:16 BSS – Slovakia Ring: The cars are going to do a lap behind the safety car to return them to the grid so they can line up in the correct order. Hope race control knows what that it.

Sat 14:17 GP2 - Spa: The race restarts in wet conditions, with Vandoorne heading Cecotto, Marciello, Berthon, Nasr, Evans, Trummer and Palmer.

Sat 14:17 GP2 - Spa: Cecotto takes the lead from Vandoorne at La Source on lap five.

Sat 14:18 GP2 - Spa: New leader Cecotto goes off at Les Combes! He retains his lead, however.

Ogier damageSat 14:19 WRC - Germany: DAVID EVANS has been getting the VW team's full explanation of the damage that ended Ogier's weekend - and exploded the 2014 WRC title battle back into life:

Ogier will not restart in Germany

Sat 14:20 GP2 - Spa: Cecotto is ordered to led Vandoorne back into the lead! He set the fastest sector time when he straightlined Les Combes.

Sat 14:21 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne leads again from Cecotto and Marciello, who just set fastest lap.

Sat 14:23 GP2 - Spa: Nasr has passed Berthon for fourth at the Bus Stop chicane. Title rival Palmer is still down in eighth.

Sat 14:25 BSS - Slovakia Ring: The cars have done their lap and reformed in race order with Winkelhock leading Colombo in the ROAL BMW. Ide is third, with Proczyk fourth and Ramos fifth.

The clock is now running and the safety car is due in this lap.

Sat 14:28 GP2 - Spa: Marciello pulls a sweet round-the-outside move on Cecotto at Les Combes for second place. He's over 4s back from Vandoorne, but will he kick on and close down the leader?

Sat 14:32 BSS - Slovakia Ring: Ide is managing to hold off Proczyk for the lead and team-mate Ramos is doing likewise with Verdonck in the battle for third.

Sat 14:33 GP2 - Spa: Trummer and Berthon collide in their battle for fifth. Trummer needs a new front wing, but then creates havoc by tooling around with his front wing wedged under the front of his car.

Sat 14:33 WRC - Germany: It's pouring down with rain at the Baumholder military area, so it will probably be full wet tyres for stages 13 and 14.

Michelin has introduced a new rain tyre this weekend, for the exclusive use of the four major teams.

The Michelin Pilot Sport FW features the same deeply-grooved tread pattern as the snow tyres used on Rally Monte Carlo to dispel water and is designed for use only in extremely wet weather where standing water is present.

The FW tyre will only be available for top priority WRC drivers and not for competitors from support categories such as WRC 2.

The introduction of a new wet tyre will delight the drivers, who have long complained that the standard wet weather options were not suitable for extreme weather on safety grounds.

Sat 14:33 WRC - Germany: In other tyre-related news... Michelin has committed to the WRC by extending its official tyre supplier agreement to the end of 2016.

Sat 14:35 GP2 - Spa: Berthon has been given a drive-through penalty for the Trummer shunt. Coletti has crashed out at Les Combes.

Markelov has just pulled off an astounding pass on Dillmann for eighth.

Sat 14:39 BSS - Slovakia Ring: It's a WRT Audi one-two with 11 minutes to go. Ramos has made it past Proczyk for second.

Sat 14:40 WRC - Germany: There are two daunting Panzerplatte stages to come today. The first is a short 1.8-mile test, most of which can be viewed from the main spectator area and is followed by a 26.4-mile challenge which includes everything the tank training roads can throw at the drivers.

Sat 14:43 GP2 - Spa: Markelov is impressing with some nice passing moves today. The young Russian should score some good points today.

At the front, Vandoorne leads Marciello by 4.6s. Palmer has pitted for more wets and is currently seventh.

Sat 14:45 BSS - Slovakia Ring: Ide has just spun out of the lead. Ramos is now in front from Proczyk.

Sat 14:45 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne, Cecotto and Nasr all pit. Marciello stays out and leads.

Sat 14:47 WRC - Germany: SS13 is live and Kubica is once again the first driver to take to the stage.

Sat 14:48 GP2 - Spa: Marciello is pushing flat-out right now up front, beautifully four-wheel drifting around Blanchimont at 180mph. Lovely.

Sat 14:49 WRC - Germany: Kubica's time is 2m10.0s, which is 5s slower than what he achieved this morning.

Sat 14:49 GP2 - Spa: Despite setting fastest laps, Marciello pits. Where will he come out in relation to Vandoorne?

Sat 14:51 GP2 - Spa: Marciello changes all four tyres - to more wets. Vandoorne leads by a reduced margin.

Marciello has a huge slide on cold tyres at Raidillon. Phew, that could have been a massive shunt if he hadn't caught that.

Sat 14:52 WRC - Germany: Conditions at Panzerplatte are damp and slippery at the moment. The rain has finally stopped, however.

Sat 14:54 GP2 - Spa: Marciello has closed the lead gap to 2.6s, but Vandoorne responds with fastest lap. Marciello is told to "push to the end" on tyres that are two laps fresher than his target.

Who will prevail, the local hero McLaren protege, or the Ferrari junior?

Sat 14:55 BSS - Slovakia Ring: Ramos takes a sodden chequered flag 3.6s ahead of Proczyk. Verdonck is third and right on the Lambo's tail as they cross the line.

Stumpf, Colombo and Abril complete the top six.

Sat 14:55 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne makes a porridge of the Bus Stop and Marciello attacks at La Source. The race for victory IS ON.

Sat 14:56 GP2 - Spa: Marciello tries going around the outside at Les Combes... and goes over the run-off. He attacks at Rivage too, still no dice.

Sat 14:57 GP2 - Spa: Two laps remaining and Vandoorne has extended his lead... to two-tenths of a second.

Sat 14:58 GP2 - Spa: Marciello takes the lead at Rivage. Vandoorne could resist him no further.

Sat 14:59 WRC - Germany: Here comes Prokop, who completes this tiny test in 2m10.5s, so 0.5s slower than Kubica's benchmark.

Sat 15:02 WRC - Germany: Bouffier is next to cross the finish line. His time is 2m09.1s, making him the quickest man so far.

Sat 15:04 GP2 - Spa: A great race, with a very deserving winner. Take a bow Raffaele Marciello. That is some way to take your first victory in GP2.

Vandoorne finishes 2s back in second, no shame in that, with Cecotto over 30s behind in third. Wow, the pace was hot up front.

Nasr finishes fourth, ahead of Evans, points leader Palmer, the impressive Markelov, and Abt grabbed reversed-grid pole at the start of the final lap from Negrao.

Sat 15:05 WRC - Germany: Ostberg goes quicker still and completes SS13 in 2m08.5s.

"It was really, really slippery especially with the rear," he said at the finish.

Evans matches his Citroen rival's time.

Sat 15:08 WRC - Germany: Hirvonen goes quickest of all with a time of 2m07.7s.

Sat 15:11 WRC - Germany: New fastest time on the board comes courtesy of Nevuille, with a 2m05.6s.

"The confidence is there," he admits. "It was tricky conditions, but we've got to keep it on the road."

If you could, Neuville. If you could...

Sat 15:12 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen breaks the run of fastest times as he completes the stage in 2m06.1s.

Sat 15:15 WRC - Germany: Sordo beats team-mate Neuville's time with a 2m05.0s and goes quickest overall.

Sat 15:16 WRC - Germany: Top job by Meeke, who takes half a second from Neuville in their fight for second overall. The gap between the duo was 0.4s coming into this stage, but is now 0.8s.

Sat 15:18 WRC - Germany: Latvala shows them how to do it by setting the fastest time - 2m04.7s.

And now on to Panzerplatte proper...

Sat 15:21 GP2 - Spa: Winner Marciello says: "It was a really hard race, and I'm really happy to win. After the pitstop I had more grip, I was faster through Eau Rouge, and that helped a lot."

Vandoorne adds: "It's a bit of a disappointment to finish second, but I can't really complain. I led for the majority of the race, but it's good points."

Third-placed Cecotto questions the race director's call to let Vandoorne back past him on lap five. "I'm a victim where I did nothing wrong. But I don't think I had the chance to win, they had completely different pace."

Sat 15:21 WRC - Germany:

SS13 times:

1 Latvala 2m04.7s
2 Sordo +0.3s
3 Meeke +0.4s
4 Neuville +0.9s
5 Mikkelsen +1.4s
6 Hirvonen +3.0s


1 Latvala
2 Meeke +54.0s
3 Neuville +54.9s
4 Sordo +1m14.4s
5 Mikkelsen +1m21.0s
6 Evans +1m38.8s

Sat 15:25 WRC - Germany: So, what makes Panzerplatte so daunting?


Hinkelsteins are huge kerbstones buried in the ground alongside roads on the Baumholder military area. They are designed to keep errant tanks on the training tracks and if a wayward car decides to take one on there is only going to be one winner.

Few drivers escape an impact with a hinkelstein without suffering immediate retirement.

Sat 15:26 WRC - Germany: Good to see nine-time Rally Germany winner Daniel Elena back and competing again in Trier.

But it was petanque (or boules as it's more commonly known) that was the focus of his attention today.

Competing in either form takes balls...

Sat 15:29 WRC - Germany: Kubica completes the stage unscathed and does so in 25m18.3s. That's 1.3s slower than his morning effort, although that was in much drier conditions.

Sat 15:33 WRC - Germany: Looks like Bouffier has stopped on the stage.

Sat 15:35 WRC - Germany: Hyundai has reported that Bouffier has gone off at approximately 17 miles into the stage. Crew is reported to be OK.

Sat 15:37 WRC - Germany: Meeke is currently 2.4s up on Neuville at the 5.8-mile mark. Will he be able to maintain that pace until the finish and extend his advantage over his Belgian rival?

Sat 15:40 GP3 - Spa: The GP3 pack is on its warm-up lap, with the front row of debutant Luca Ghiotto and Emil Bernstorff starting on wets. Others are on slicks, however.

Current conditions are damp... but drying.

Sat 15:42 GP3 - Spa: Kirchhofer, who was under investigation for changing to slicks too late on the grid, has embedded his ART machine in the wall on the run towards Eau Rouge.

He hit a river of water while weaving. Doh!

Sat 15:43 WRC - Germany: Ostberg goes quickest with 25m01.8s, some 16.5s faster than Kubica's effort.

Sat 15:44 GP3 - Spa: The start is delayed while Kirchhofer's pride is recovered.

Poor lad is sat on the banking with his head in his hands.

Sat 15:44 GP3 - Spa: Poleman Ghiotto has randomly lined-up beyond the startline. Don't know what he was thinking there!

Sat 15:47 GP3 - Spa: We shall be getting a new formation lap, but the teams have now been released back onto the grid.

Anyone fancy a quick tyre change?

Sat 15:47 GP3 - Spa: Trident team asks Ghiotto what the hack he was doing there not lining up in his grid slot. It's his first day at school, lads, give him a break.

Sat 15:48 WRC - Germany: Top effort by Evans whose time is 25m04.5s. Hirvonen posts a quicker time, however - 25m02.2s. That should mean the gap between the pair in their battle for sixth is now 4.9s.

Sat 15:50 WRC - Germany: Neuville is the fastest man through Panzerplatte, his time being 24m53.8s. He spotted team-mate Bouffier on the stage and said: "I saw the car was off and they seemed OK."

Sat 15:51 GP3 - Spa: This delay has allowed the track to dry even more. The wets will be the order of the day in the early stages, but if you can survive the pain on slicks early on, there are riches to be found later.

Niederhauser is the top slick-starter in eighth, although he's been promoted by Kirchhofer's red-faced exit.

Cars are on the green-flag lap now.

Sat 15:55 GP3 - Spa: Poleman Ghiotto doesn't make a great start, so Bernstorff leads. Slick-shod Niederhauser ploughs into Eriksson at La Source. That was just plain daft.

Title contenders Stanaway and Lynn pit, to take slick tyres.

Sat 15:55 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen and Sordo are next to finish the stage and their times are 25m03.8s and 25m00.2s respectively.

Sat 15:57 GP3 - Spa: Bernstorff leads from Ghiotto, Kujala, returnee Ceccon, Mason and Balthasar. But then the leader pits!

Tomas Enge crashSat 15:57 BSS - Slovakia: GARY WATKINS' comprehensive report on the Blancpain Sprint Series qualifying race at the Slovakia Ring is now available.

Worth a read if you need a recap on why it took over two hours and two red flags to complete, and for how Tomas Enge ended up doing this...

Slovakia Ring Blancpain Sprint qualifying race report

Sat 15:57 WRC - Germany: Latvala takes the stage win with 24m47.8s to lead overnight.

Meeke, meanwhile, managed to extend his lead over Neuville in their fight for second to 4.3s

"Neuville was very fast all day," said Meeke. "I'm happy with my time here and the Citroen worked fantastic here in Baumholder.

"If he beats me tomorrow, it's not a big drama."

Sat 16:00 WRC - Germany:

SS14 times:

1 Latvala 24m47.8s
2 Meeke +2.6s
3 Neuville +6.0s
4 Sordo +12.4s
5 Ostberg +14.0s
6 Hirvonen +14.4s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Meeke +56.6s
3 Neuville +1m00.9s
4 Sordo +1m26.8s
5 Mikkelsen +1m37.0s
6 Hirvonen +1m53.2s

Sat 16:01 GP3 - Spa: Ghiotto leads by 5s over Ceccon. But the slick-shod cars are beginning to set some quick times now, so we need to look to Tuscher in P6 as the favourite for victory today.

Sat 16:01 GP3 - Spa: Tuscher passes Urrutia for fifth. Just four more wet-shod cars between him and victory, and nine laps to do it.

Sat 16:03 GP3 - Spa: Tuscher carves his way into the top three. Stoneman is the next-best-placed car on slicks.

Sat 16:04 GP3 - Spa: Visoiu is in the wall at the Bus Stop.

Sat 16:05 GP3 - Spa: The inevitable happens. Ghiotto gives up the lead at Rivage as Tuscher steams past him.

Replays showed that Visoiu attacked the Shell barriers at the Bus Stop with all the venom of a Greenpeace protester.

Sat 16:09 GP3 - Spa: At half distance, Tuscher leads Stoneman by 2.9s.

Zamparelli is third, ahead of Yelloly, Mardenborough, Varhaug and Fontana. They all started on slicks, the first of the pitters is Stanaway in eighth, who got ahead of Lynn somewhere.

Of the early leaders, Bernstorff is 11th, Ghiotto is 14th.

Sat 16:11 GP3 - Spa: Lynn's 29-point lead in the championship could take a battering from Stanaway this weekend. The Kiwi is currently on course to not only beat him today, but take reversed-grid pole for tomorrow, a race that Lynn would start ninth.

Sat 16:11 GP3 - Spa: Leader Tuscher has spun and is sitting in the middle of the track at Raidillon!

Sat 16:13 GP3 - Spa: The safety car is out. Tuscher has thrown away a stick-on victory here - and done Lynn a massive favour too.

He straightlined Eau Rouge, caught the wet patches on the run-off and the car looped around on him. He spun backwards on to the track again, and Stoneman - the new leader - just missed him.

The car stalled, and he is out. Fortunately nobody hit him.

Sat 16:15 GP3 - Spa: Race order is now Stoneman, Zamparelli, Yelloly, Mardenborough, Varhaug, Fontana, Stanaway and Lynn.

Raffaele MarcielloSat 16:15 GP2 - Spa: While the safety car picks up the GP3 field, here's the full report and results from its GP2 big brother's earlier race - in which Ferrari defeated McLaren as Raffaele Marciello overcame Stoffel Vandoorne to earn a spectacular maiden win:

Spa GP2 race one report

Sat 16:17 BTCC - Knockhill: After being denied a sensational pole thanks to a penalty, Colin Turkington has to make some difficult decisions in tomorrow's races from row five.

“I’m not in the position I can cruise round and get points," the championship leader told AUTOSPORT. "Attack-driving but limited risk. It’s my job now to make the most of it."

AUTOSPORT also reckons WSR may take a chance and run the soft Dunlop tyre earlier in the weekend than the normal race three tactic.

“The car is fast enough to win tomorrow, but passing the other top guys is never easy," added Turkington. "The car’s got pace, but you can’t use the pace if you can’t overtake.”

Sat 16:18 GP3 - Spa: The race restarts with two laps remaining, with Stoneman leading Zamparelli, Yelloly and Mardenborough in an all-British top-four. Cool Britannia!

Sat 16:19 BTCC - Knockhill: Also worth noting that Turkington will not get a championship point for being fastest in qualifying. The point goes to the driver who starts from pole position, which should be Sam Tordoff, who was very pleased with the lap that put him ahead of all the Hondas and MG team-mate Jason Plato.

Sat 16:21 GP3 - Spa: Lynn has hit Fontana at La Source and damaged his nosecone. But it looks like Stanaway has taken some damage too. Crucial points at stake here.

And Balthasar and Sa Silva have got together and are sat in the middle of the track at Les Combes.

Sat 16:22 GP3 - Spa: Yikes, there's a tractor on the edge of the track at Les Combes as the field streams past. Not good.

Sat 16:23 BTCC - Snetterton: Motorbase boss David Bartrum was disappointed that Fabrizio Giovanardi failed to see the weighbridge request in qualifying.

The former double champion thus lost all his times up to that point, leaving him just the closing moments to qualify 19th.

Motorbase believe he should have been in the top 10. Gio's team-mate Mat Jackson qualified eighth fastest in his Ford Focus.

Sat 16:23 GP3 - Spa: Stoneman wins, that's his second in GP3, ahead of fellow Brits Zamparelli, Yelloly and Mardenborough.

Sat 16:24 GP3 - Spa: Well we managed to find the chequered flag icon, but the flagman hasn't.

Sat 16:24 GP3 - Spa: He's standing in a chequered flag grave. Meanwhile, the drivers race on.

Sat 16:26 GP3 - Spa: The race ends for a second time, this time by a red flag. Shambles.

Sat 16:29 GP3 - Spa: Ghiotto, who started his first-ever GP3 race from pole, but had to give up the lead by dint of being on the wrong tyres, ends his race in the pits as the entire carcass of his right-rear tyre came off. That was probably from the backmarkergeddon at Les Combes in the late stages.

Stoneman and Yelloly complete a lap of honour. Zamparelli found his way into the pitlane and is now having a lonely wait for the podium ceremony.

Sat 16:42 That rounds off AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for today.

We will be back tomorrow from 8.20am UK time for the final four stages of Rally Germany, along with as-it-happens coverage of the GP3 and GP2 sprint races at Spa-Francorchamps.

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on the website for news and session reports from IndyCar qualifying at Sonoma and the NASCAR Sprint Cup night race at Bristol.

Sun 07:22 Good morning and welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for the Rally Germany finale plus GP3 and GP2 races from the Belgian Grand Prix support bill.

Sun 07:24 GP3 - Spa: Cars are on the grid now, all on slicks, but Agostini has spun on his installation lap, proving that there are damp patches to be found out there.

Sun 07:25 GP3 - Spa: Points leader Lynn is on reversed-grid pole, but he has Tuscher to thank for that, who spun out of the lead yesterday, handing Lynn P8. Otherwise, his title rival Stanaway would be starting from pole, with Lynn in P9 - a very different story.

Sun 07:26 GP3 - Spa: Warm-up lap is underway, and there are some serious damp patches out there. This will be a very difficult race to judge in terms of knowing when to push.

Sun 07:27 WRC - Germany: When you went to bed last night, you were probably expecting to follow a Jari-Matti Latvala run to victory weren't you?

So was everyone else in the service park, but the Finn crashed out on the first of Sunday's two early-morning stages, handing the lead to Kris Meeke...

...who then crashed on the very next stage.

All of which madness means we now have Thierry Neuville (who nearly destroyed his car by rolling it six times through a vineyard during Thursday's shakedown) leading Dani Sordo in a Hyundai one-two.

Here's the full story of an astounding morning of rallying:

Rally Germany Sunday morning report

Sun 07:30 GP3 - Spa: Poleman Lynn leads away from Stanaway and Fontana.

Sun 07:31 GP3 - Spa: Mardenborough is up to fourth after making a great start. No dramas yet, despite the tricky conditions.

Sun 07:32 GP3 - Spa: Lynn leads by 1.4s from Stanaway, Fontana, Mardenborough, Yelloly and Varhaug.

Sun 07:36 GP3 - Spa: Not much action to report so far, but replays show that Bernstorff pulled a gutsy move on Stoneman at Eau Rouge on the opening lap, yesterday's winner having been run wide at La Source by Zamparelli.

Lynn is the fastest man on track again, and now leads by 1.8s on lap two.

Sun 07:37 GP3 - Spa: Lynn has a moment on the downchange at Les Combes, but gets away with a big twitch. Stanaway is now closer as a result, closing the gap back to 1.4s.

Sun 07:39 GP3 - Spa: Stanaway is the fastest man on track again, and closes the lead gap down to 1.2s. Third-placed Fonatana has straightlined Les Combes quite comprehensively, and Mardenborough is now right on his tail.

Sun 07:41 GP3 - Spa: Stoneman has passed Bernstorff at the Bus Stop for eighth place.

At the front, Lynn has set a new fastest lap, and now leads by 1.9s.

Niederhauser has shunted heavily at Les Combes. Quite a big impact that.

Joey LoganoSun 07:43 NASCAR - Bristol: Through the morning we'll also be bringing you up to speed with events from overnight European time, and the most spectacular action last night came from Bristol Motor Speedway.

It was ultimately a pretty calm finish to a wild race as Joey Logano held off Penske team-mate Brad Keselowski and Matt Kenseth to win at one of NASCAR's greatest venues.

Bristol NASCAR Sprint Cup race report

Sun 07:44 GP3 - Spa: Zamparelli is attacking Varhaug hard for sixth place. Stoneman is close behind them too.

Sun 07:46 GP3 - Spa: Stanaway passes Lynn for the lead! Lynn was 1.3s ahead at the startline. Lynn repasses him at Rivage.

Sun 07:47 GP3 - Spa: Lynn had a huge sideways moment at Les Combes, but did brilliantly to recover his position just two corners later.

Sun 07:47 NASCAR - Bristol: At this stage of the season, with just two rounds to go until the Chase cut-off, the second biggest interest after the winner is in the permutations in that bit of the points table where consistency will still get you a title shot even in the new winning-is-everything era.

Here are the men who are now locked into the Chase by virtue of race wins:

Jeff Gordon
Dale Earnhardt Jr
Brad Keselowski
Joey Logano
Jimmie Johnson
Kevin Harvick
Carl Edwards
Kyle Busch
Denny Hamlin
AJ Allmendinger
Kurt Busch
Aric Almirola

Which leaves four spots to be decided at Richmond and Atlanta...

Sun 07:48 GP3 - Spa: Lynn has restored his lead to 1.2s.

Stoneman has lost eighth again to Bernstorff by running wide at Raidillon.

Sun 07:51 GP3 - Spa: Zamparelli moves up to sixth after Varhaug runs wide at La Source. Bernstorff has passed Varhaug too at Les Combes.

Sun 07:51 NASCAR - Bristol: And this is how that final bit of the Chase battle stands, with the list of leading win-less men and their points tallies:

Matt Kenseth 751
Ryan Newman 710
Clint Bowyer 699
Greg Biffle 694
Kyle Larson 668
Kasey Kahne 661
Austin Dillon 654
Paul Menard 649
Jamie McMurray 634

After last week's Michigan crash, Larson did well to come from the back to 12th at Bristol (following a qualifying shunt) to make up some ground, while Kahne and McMurray were both victory contenders last night.

It's going to be an anxious fortnight for everyone just above and below that dotted line of doom.

Sun 07:53 GP3 - Spa: Lynn looks to have this one won, another fastest lap and the gap over Stanaway is 1.8s.

Sun 07:55 GP3 - Spa: Bernstorff has passed Zamparelli on the Kemmel Straight, but spent much of the straight on the grass! Did well to keep his foot in there - brave stuff.

Sun 07:57 GP3 - Spa: Lynn starts the final lap some 3.5s clear of Stanaway. Yelloly has closed up on Mardenborough in fourth.

Sun 07:58 GP3 - Spa: Lynn scores his third GP3 victory of the season, ahead of title rival Stanaway, Fontana (who set fastest lap on the final tour), Mardenborough, Yelloly, Bernstorff and Zamparelli.

Sa Silva had a big crash at Raidillon on the last lap. He seems OK.

Sun 08:05 WRC - Germany: Excitement building ahead of the probable Hyundai one-two.

Here's long-time British rally star Guy Wilks' Sunday morning vibe:

"This could be some story for @thierryneuville ...... #zero to #hero in 4 days!!! Come on, #justdoit"

Wilks knows exactly how good Neuville is, having had a first-hand look at his speed when they were both driving Kronos Peugeots in the young Belgian's breakthrough 2011 Intercontinental Rally Challenge campaign.

Sun 08:06 GP3 - Spa: Lynn is now 34 points clear of Stanaway at the head of the championship table.

Sun 08:07 WRC - Germany: And some wry wisdom from Tomi Tuominen, co-drver to Hyundai man Juho Hanninen (another star of the epic 2011 IRC season...):

"You don't have be fastest. Just stay on the road (we don't count shakedown). Interesting afternoon for @HyundaiWRC"

Rally Germany toiletSun 08:21 WRC - Germany: German efficiency is always very much in evidence at the ninth round of the World Rally Championship.

Rather alarmingly, this now stretches to the gents as well, reveals DAVID EVANS.

In an effort to ensure the paying public don't get access to the media centre (the toilet has a door at either end) a rather sinister looking barrier has been installed.

I was going to say erected, but that felt all wrong when talking about the gents.

And apologies to the inhabitant of trap two who was clearly alarmed at the sound of my iPhone clicking away just outside his door.

Sun 08:28 IndyCar - Sonoma: Bristol wasn't the only US venue where action took place last night.

IndyCar points leader Will Power took pole position in qualifying for the penultimate round of the series at Sonoma, with chief rival and Penske team-mate Helio Castroneves losing his best time for exceeding track limits.

MARK GLENDENNING has the full story of an eventful session:

Power flies to Sonoma pole

Sun 08:35 GP2 - Spa: Cars are all set for their warm-up lap. Despite no rain this morning, the track is taking an age to dry totally, and there are still damp patches.

All cars on slicks, naturally. Abt starts on pole ahead of Markelov and points leader Palmer, who has to fancy his chances today.

Sun 08:37 GP2 - Spa: The field is now on its warm-up lap. Onboard shots show us where the damp patches are - mainly on the Kemmel Straight, with some also on the run to Eau Rouge and Pouhon.

GP3 managed it without too much problems, but how will this lot fare?

Sun 08:40 GP2 - Spa: Poleman Abt makes a decent start, and it's Nasr who comes through to take the lead.

Sun 08:42 GP2 - Spa: Palmer straightines Les Combes after a braking duel with Abt, who then runs wide himself and loses many places.

Nasr is checking out in the lead, well clear of Palmer and Cecotto, who battle hard for second.

Sun 08:44 GP2 - Spa: Cecotto passes Palmer for second at Les Combes. Abt runs fourth, ahead of Negrao.

Sun 08:47 GP2 - Spa: Replays show that yesterday's victor Marciello spun at Les Combes on the opening lap. He is now 24th.

Nasr's start was perilously close to a jump start.

Sun 08:49 GP2 - Spa: Cecotto has closed the gap at the front to Nasr down to 1.4s.

Palmer and Markelov are under investigation for a collision at Turn 5. That doesn't make any sense. Markelov was being passed by Cecotto at about that time, while Palmer was up the road and duelling with Abt.

Sun 08:50 WRC - Germany: Just five minutes until the action resumes in Germany with the second run through the 18km Dhrontal test.

Bryan Bouffier will be first through the stage, but all eyes will be on his Hyundai team-mates Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo as they seek to wrap up a maiden WRC win for the Korean manufacturer.

Sun 08:50 GP2 - Spa: Cecotto takes another tenth out of Nasr's lead, but Palmer is the fastest man on track in third.

Sun 08:52 GP2 - Spa: The stewards now change their mind and say the opening lap collision under investigation was Markelov and Marciello (not Palmer). No action is being taken.

Sun 08:54 GP2 - Spa: The top three positions are concertina-ing somewhat. Cecotto is within 0.6s of Nasr, with Palmer 1.5s further back.

Sun 08:55 GP2 - Spa: Cecotto is now right on Nasr's tail. Game on!

Sun 08:57 GP2 - Spa: Evans has passed Negrao for fifth at the Bus Stop chicane. Vandoorne is now attacking the Brazilian.

Sun 08:57 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne passes Negrao with ease at Les Combes.

Sun 08:59 WRC - Germany: Meeke says that a faulty pace-note for the very first corner of Stage 16 was to blame for his earlier demise, the right-rear of his car making contact with the wall and badly damaging his suspension.

Bouffier is now on Stage 17. He'll be followed by (of the manufacturer entries) Prokop, Ostberg, Evans, Hirvonen, Mikkelsen, Sordo and Neuville.

Sun 09:00 GP2 - Spa: Quaife-Hobbs has been forced to give up eighth place as his front wing appeared to have collapsed after he ran wide at Eau Rouge and took a heavy landing.

Coletti is now into the points, not bad from 24th on the grid!

Sun 09:01 GP2 - Spa: Nasr leads Cecotto by 0.7s with eight laps remaining. Palmer is 1.1s back.

Sun 09:03 GP2 - Spa: A good lap for Nasr that time, two-tenths quicker than Cecotto. The lead is up to 0.9s.

But Cecotto is very swift through sector one.

Sun 09:07 GP2 - Spa: Coletti drives around the outside of Negrao to claim seventh at Les Combes. Tidy.

Sun 09:09 GP2 - Spa: Big lap from Nasr again, he found six tenths over Cecotto and now leads by 1.3s.

Sun 09:09 WRC - Germany: Bouffier completes the stage with a time of 11m59.9s, considerably quicker than his first run through the stage.

Looks like the tricky conditions that caught out Latvala and Meeke this morning have ameliorated, which will be music to the ears of Neuville and Hyundai.

Sun 09:11 GP2 - Spa: Marciello has climbed to 15th from 24th, so add those nine passes to team-mate Coletti's 17, and the two Racing Engineering drivers have passed the entire grid in this race. Including themselves.

Sun 09:11 GP2 - Spa: Marciello has gained another place, which means they've passed more cars than were on the grid.

Sun 09:12 GP2 - Spa: Nasr's lead is a comfortable 2.3s with two laps to go. Unless his tyres hit the cliff, this race is over.

Sun 09:13 WRC - Germany: The non-manufacturer entries of Moffett, Melicharek, Protasov and Kuipers are all in the stage, setting splits well off Bouffier's pace.

Prokop, who runs seventh overall, has also taken to the stage, though he too is some way from Bouffier's first split time.

Sun 09:13 GP2 - Spa: Evans has got to within a second of Abt's fourth place.

Sun 09:14 GP2 - Spa: Last lap now, and Palmer has been caught by Abt, who has raised his pace to keep out of Evans's range.

Sun 09:15 GP2 - Spa: Nasr is lapping in the 1m59s, which will give him the bonus point for fastest lap.

Evans has passed Abt, who made a mistake at Eau Rouge. That's P4 for the Kiwi.

Sun 09:15 WRC - Germany: Mads Ostberg has taken to the stage, beating Bouffier's first split by 2.2s. The Norwegian is only four seconds adrift of Hirvonen in the battle for fifth as things stand.

Sun 09:16 GP2 - Spa: Nasr wins his fourth race of the season, ahead of Cecotto and Palmer.

Evans finished fourth ahead of Abt, who complained of a problem with his car, but held off Vandoorne, the charging Coletti and Negrao.

Sun 09:19 WRC - Germany: Evans goes 3.4s quicker than Ostberg through the second split as he hunts his maiden WRC podium finish.

M-Sport team-mate Hirvonen meanwhile has started the stage, taking 1.5s out of Evans in the first split. Just Mikkelsen, Sordo and Neuville to come now.

Sun 09:21 WRC - Germany: "We are doing what we are supposed to, we just need to get to the end," says Ostberg, who has been strangely off the pace all rally.

He completes the stage in a time of 11m44.4s, but Evans and Hirvonen look set to beat that comfortably.

After Meeke's exit, Citroen's unbeaten record in Rally Germany looks to be in tatters.

Sun 09:25 WRC - Germany: Hirvonen completes the stage 4.7s faster than Evans, gaining some ground in the battle for fourth.

Mikkelsen and Sordo look as if they won't better Hirvonen's time after the middle split, while Neuville is now in the stage but 1.8s down on the Finn at the first split.

Sun 09:27 GP2 - Spa: Nasr picks up his fourth big trophy of the year. Not much talk between him and Palmer in the pre-podium green room, by the way. Frosty stuff!

Sun 09:27 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen reaches the end of the stage 3.3s slower than Hirvonen, but 1.4s quicker than Evans, helping him to cement that podium place.

Sun 09:30 WRC - Germany: Dani Sordo arrives at the end of the stage somewhat off the pace, 6.1s slower than Hirvonen.

He's unlikely to be usurped by Mikkelsen, however, who is still 17 seconds away from second place in the overall standings.

Sun 09:31 GP2 - Spa: Nasr, who beat Palmer twice this weekend, says: "I just showed that nothing is over yet. I'm here to push until the end. We did a good comeback yesterday from 11th, and to win today makes me feel better. There is still many points in the game."

Palmer says: "I can't really complain. We had two tough races, a disappointing weekend but we're still on the podium. Felipe has shown there is still a fight on."

Sun 09:32 WRC - Germany: "It was tricky at the beginning and the tyre overheated a bit, so I tried to be as smooth as possible," says rally leader Neuville, who will take a 37 second advantage into the final stage after posting the fourth best time for the stage.

Sun 09:34 WRC - Germany: With all the WRC cars safely through Dhrontal 2, here's a run-down of the fastest times:

1) Hirvonen 11m36.4s
2) Mikkelsen +3.3s
3) Evans +4.7s
4) Neuville +4.8s
5) Sordo +6.1s
6) Ostberg +8.0s
7) Bouffier +23.5s
8) Prokop +25.2s

Sun 09:36 WRC - Germany: And, here are the overall standings after 17 stages:

1) Neuville 2h55m33.6s
2) Sordo +37.0s
3) Mikkelsen +54.6s
4) Evans +1m04.5s
5) Hirvonen +1m09.4s
6) Ostberg +1m21.2s
7) Prokop +4m36.7s
8) Kuipers +8m41.3s

Sun 09:39 WRC - Germany: There's been drama in WRC2 as overnight leader Julien Maurin suffers a puncture in that stage, losing over two minutes.

He surrenders the lead to Ott Tanak, who now leads the class by just six seconds from Pontus Tidemand and home hero Armin Kremer.

Sun 09:47 WRC - Germany: Meanwhile, in the Juniors, Sebastien Lefebvre will take a lead of 18.9s into the final stage over nearest rival Christian Riedemann after that stage.

Sun 09:53 WRC - Germany: Just 15 minutes to go now until the first cars hit the 19km power stage finale, where bonus points will be on offer for the three quickest drivers.

With both of the main title protagonists out of the reckoning, the championship table is unlikely to change dramatically.

Neuville will move ahead of Meeke into sixth place barring disaster, but the only other notable move would be if Hirvonen can jump Ostberg for fourth.

To do so, he'll have to outscore Ostberg by five points - which would involve jumping Evans for fourth in the rally and taking the maximum three bonus points in the power stage.

Sun 09:57 BTCC - Knockhill: Opinion in the BTCC paddock is split on what impact the new profile and wide entry at the hairpin will have.

Jason Plato said: “It might present a bigger opportunity to overtake, both in and out.”

But Aron Smith told AUTOSPORT: “It’s kind of the same. Even though you can go on the outside there’s no traction so it’s difficult to get a run.”

While Glynn Geddie believes it could create some drama: “I think it’s going to be carnage – five cars fighting for it instead of three."

Sun 09:57 GP2 - Spa: In the meantime, check out our reports from the earlier Belgian Grand Prix support action, brought to you by CHARLES BRADLEY:

Lynn denies Stanaway in race two

Nasr scores fourth victory of 2014

Sun 09:58 BTCC - Knockhill: Favourite for the first race is probably Rob Austin, who will start his rear-wheel-drive Audi A4 from the front row. He is also one of six drivers to have decided to run the soft tyres in the opener.

The other drivers on the soft Dunlop rubber will be Matt Neal, Jack Goff, Adam Morgan, Hunter Abbott and Marc Hynes.

Sun 10:05 "Great to win today! Extremely hard with the conditions, and huge pressure from behind, but a much needed victory today," tweets an exuberant Alex Lynn fresh from his hard-earned GP3 triumph.

Sun 10:08 WRC - Germany: It's nearly time for the final stage of the rally, with Bryan Bouffier once more charged with setting things in motion.

Can Neuville hang on to be the first Belgian WRC winner since Francois Duval in Australia 2005?

Sun 10:11 WRC - Germany: Bouffier has started the stage, but he's in the vines even before reaching the first split.

Nervous times in the Hyundai camp.

Sun 10:15 WRC - Germany: Not only did Bouffier not even make the first split, it seems he didn't even make the first corner!

It's been a bruising rally for the Frenchman, who tangled with one of Germany's infamous hinkelsteins earlier in the event with dire consequences for his Hyundai i20 WRC.

Sun 10:19 WRC - Germany: Melicharek will now be the first man to complete the stage, with Protasov and Kuipers hot on the Slovakian's heels before we move on to the manufacturer runners.

Sun 10:26 WRC - Germany: Prokop and Ostberg on the stage now, as Melicharek arrives at the finish with a time of 12m27.1s.

Credit where it's due - the 36-year-old has made it to the end of one of the toughest rallies anywhere on the planet, while many more illustrious names have failed to...

Sun 10:29 Looks like you could cut the atmosphere in the Hyundai camp with a knife at the moment, as Chris Atkinson reveals in a picture in this tweet.

Sun 10:31 WRC - Germany: Protasov makes the finish on his WRC debut, 1.2s slower than Melicharek through the last stage.

Hirvonen meanwhile has started the stage, 3.3s faster than Ostberg in the first split.

Sun 10:34 WRC - Germany: Kuipers reaches the finish, lowering the benchmark by 3.6s.

Evans is through the first split, but 1.5s down on team-mate Hirvonen. The battle for fourth place is on.

Sun 10:35 WRC - Germany: Prokop lops 21 seconds off Kuipers' effort as he reaches the end, but further back, Evans has responded to Hirvonen by going 0.4s faster through the second split.

Sun 10:37 WRC - Germany: Ostberg does his utmost to sound positive as he crosses the finish 14 seconds faster than Prokop, but he must know he's been well and truly shown up by Citroen stable-mate Meeke this weekend.

Mikkelsen hits the stage, leaving just the top two of Sordo and Neuville.

Sun 10:38 WRC - Germany: Evans has gone two seconds up on Hirvonen at the third split, so it looks as if the Welshman will be equaling his best ever result with fourth.

Sun 10:40 WRC - Germany: Sordo and Hyundai are away as Hirvonen reaches the finish with a time 0.4s quicker than Ostberg.

Sun 10:43 WRC - Germany: Evans cements fourth place, beating Hirvonen's time by two seconds to boot.

"It's been a fantastic weekend, my best in a very long time. The team have given me a faultless car," says Evans at the end of the stage.

"What a boy!" exclaims WRC reporter Colin Clark at the end of the stage, failing to contain his excitement over a bright prospect for British rallying.

Sun 10:46 BTCC - Knockhill: Things about to kick off for race one. Quite a lot of interest in this one, with several cars - most notably points leader Colin Turkington - out of position.

Top 10 on grid:
1. Tordoff
2. Austin
3. Jordan
4. Shedden
5. Neal
6. Plato
7. M Jackson
8. Foster
9. Turkington
10. Geddie

Sun 10:46 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen becomes the only VW driver to reach the finish, going fourth quickest in the stage.

The fact he's failed to take maximum points in the power stage, going 4.3s slower than Evans, means only Ogier or Latvala can now officially win the WRC title.

Mikkelsen seals third place however, behind a likely Hyundai 1-2.

Sun 10:48 WRC - Germany: Sordo goes fifth fastest, understandably taking it easy on the last stage with so much at stake for Hyundai.

Now for Neuville to come through and seal the deal.

Sun 10:49 BTCC - Knockhill: Race one is go and Tordoff makes a good start to lead Austin.

Sun 10:51 WRC - Germany: Thierry Neuville crosses the finish line to win Rally Germany, his first victory in the WRC!

Sun 10:52 WRC - Germany: "The Belgian fans are going bonkers!", bellows Colin Clark.

And so well they might - they've had nearly a decade to wait since Duval's Australian triumph.

Sun 10:53 BTCC - Knockhill: Tordoff leads Austin by 1.2s after three laps, with Jordan, Shedden and Neal making it a Honda 3-4-5. Turkington is now 8th.

Sun 10:54 BTCC - Knockhill: Shedden dives by Jordan into the hairpin to snatch third as Turkington sets a new fastest lap and closes on Mat Jackson.

Sun 10:54 WRC - Germany: "A nice feeling, it's been an unbelievable job by the team. We put the pressure on and it paid off," says the victorious Neuville.

Who'd have guessed he could recover from rolling his Hyundai in shakedown on Thursday to take the win?

Sun 10:56 Mikkelsen tweets: "I'm so, so happy for my mate @thierryneuville taking his first WRC win!!"

Nice to see a driver taking so much pleasure from a seminal moment in his rival's career.

Sun 10:57 BTCC - Knockhill: Austin is closing on leader Tordoff, with Shedden close behind too.

Turkington is really pressing Mat Jackson now.

Sun 10:58 WRC - Germany: Here are the quickest times from the final stage of Rally Germany:

1) Evans 11m45.7s (3pts)
2) Neuville +0.9s (2pts)
3) Hirvonen +2.0s (1pt)
4) Ostberg +2.4s
5) Mikkelsen +4.3s
6) Sordo +4.6s
7) Prokop +17.0s
8) Kuipers +37.7s

Sun 10:59 WRC - Germany: And, the final rally standings:

1) Neuville 3h07m20.2s
2) Sordo +40.7s
3) Mikkelsen +58.0s
4) Evans +1m03.6s
5) Hirvonen +1m10.5s
6) Ostberg +1m22.7s
7) Prokop +4m52.8s
8) Kuipers +9m18.1s

Sun 11:01 BTCC - Knockhill: Austin and Shedden touch so the Audi falls to fifth. Tordoff now has a lead of a second.

Sun 11:02 BTCC - Knockhill: Jordan passes Shedden, only for Sheds to spin and hit Jordan. The Eurotech Honda is out with broken suspension.

Sun 11:04 BTCC - Knockhill: As Tordoff leads, Plato has a huge line of cars behind him, led by Turkington. Is he trying to back the BMW into the pack?

Sun 11:06 BTCC - Knockhill: And it's happened. Turkington gets ahead into the first corner, but is tapped from behind as Plato and Jackson battle behind. The BMW has been deposited into the gravel.

Neal has now overtaken Tordoff into Clark to take the lead.

Sun 11:10 BTCC - Knockhill: Safety car out to retrieve Turkington's BMW.

At the front, Neal on the soft tyre, leads from Tordoff and Austin (also on softs).

Sun 11:11 BTCC - Knockhill: Tordoff pulls off behind the safety car, so Neal leads Austin at the restart.

Sun 11:15 BTCC - Knockhill: Neal keeps his soft tyres together to score his first win of 2014, his first victory in the Civic Tourer estate.

Austin takes second, with Shedden third and Mat Jackson fourth.

Sun 11:33 Time to close up for Sunday on AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live.

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Race Centre Live will be back in business next Sunday for the Silverstone MotoGP race day.

Fri 07:52 WRC - France: Ogier had a half-spin early in the stage. He got the car moving again, but crawled through at around 20mph. He stopped again, got out of the car briefly, but then continued.

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