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As it happened: Sunday - Italian Grand Prix
By Pablo Elizalde, Matt Beer, Jonathan Noble, Charles Bradley, Dan Cross and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
11:48 Good afternoon and welcome to our live coverage of the Italian Grand Prix at the Tifosi's cathedral of speed, Monza.

It’s round 13 of the Formula 1 World Championship, and who’s that going to be unlucky for? Points leader Nico Rosberg or the man he hit in Spa, Lewis Hamilton?

11:49 Going into today's race, the gap between the Mercedes drivers is 29 points, in Rosberg’s favour. But Hamilton beat him to pole position here at Monza by 0.274s yesterday.

11:50 The big question today is whether Williams can take the fight to Mercedes today. Bottas and Massa have locked out the second row, and their race pace in Friday simulations was pretty impressive and has Merc worried.

11:52 Niki Lauda has reported that the Mercedes duo “had a good drivers’ meeting this morning” and that they’d been told to “use their head – you cannot crash again”. That kind of spells it out, doesn't it?

11:53 The run to Rettifilo is one of the most spectacular on the F1 calendar. And, at 175mph to not-very-much at the first apex, it's also surely the most dangerous.

11:54 JONATHAN NOBLE: "Just back from the grid and there was some minor drama for Lewis Hamilton as he was pushed on to his grid slot by the team.

"A brake cooler that was mounted on the right front wheel fell off and crunched on the front wing. The team inspected the wing and everything appeared to be okay - but certainly it was not ideal for pre-race preparations."

11:56 Less than five minutes until the warm-up lap now.

11:58 We're expecting a one-stop race today, as tyre durability is strong on both compounds here and the pitlane is a big time loss as it's very long as Monza.

11:59 The top 12 are all starting on the medium tyres, with Hulkenberg, Sutil, Gutierrez, Grosjean, Kvyat and Ericsson starting on hards.

12:00 The formation lap is under way. No dramas like in Spa for Alonso.

12:01 Conditions are perfect, not too hot at 25C air temperature. Track temp is 44C. A weatherman did suggest a rain shower was a possibility today, but no signs of that yet.

12:02 Plenty of red flares from the Tifosi on this warm-up lap, let's see if that can spur Alonso into one of those mega starts...

12:04 And we are go at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix! Hamilton, who lined up right at the extremity of his grid box and angled across at Rosberg, makes a poor start. Rosberg leads and Hamilton is swamped!

12:04 Rosberg leads, Magnussen, Massa, Hamilton, Vettel and Button.

12:04 Ricciardo takes to the run-off through the first chicane, but everybody through unscathed.

12:05 Bottas lost a huge amount of places at that start too, he's down to 10th.

12:05 End of lap one, and Rosberg is well clear of Magnussen, Massa and Hamilton.

12:06 Rosberg's lead was 1.4s at the end of that lap. He'll be hoping that Magnussen and Massa will hold up Hamilton.

12:07 Hamilton is getting conflicting reports from his dashboard to which mode his engine is in, compared to what the pitwall think is going on.

12:07 Lap one order:

1 Rosberg
2 Magnussen
3 Massa
4 Hamilton
5 Vettel
6 Button
7 Alonso
8 Perez
9 Hulkenberg
10 Raikkonen
11 Bottas
12 Ricciardo
13 Vergne
14 Maldonado
15 Sutil
16 Gutierrez
17 Kobayashi
18 Bianchi
19 Chilton
20 Kvyat
21 Grosjean
22 Ericsson

12:07 Magnussen makes a mistake and runs wide at Curva Grande, and Massa almost pounces at Roggia.

12:07 Bottas's poor first lap left him right down in 11th place, just ahead of Ricciardo.

12:08 Massa is cleared to use his overtake button to get past Magnussen.

12:08 Hamilton attacks Massa for third.

12:08 Kvyat was down in 20th on lap one, but he's passed both Marussias to get up to 18th behind Kobayashi.

12:08 Fifth-placed Vettel is 1.3s away from Hamilton and under mild pressure from Button.

12:09 Rosberg leads by 2.632s now. Magnussen has opened the gap to Massa slightly.

12:09 Kvyat has taken Kobayashi and is now on Gutierrez.

12:10 In seventh to 10th, the Ferraris of Alonso and Raikkonen are sandwiching the Force Indias of Perez and Hulkenberg, with Bottas and Ricciardo just behind.

12:10 Massa attacks Magnussen hard at Rettifilo, but the McLaren stays ahead.

12:10 Massa gets the move done at Roggia, however.

And Hamilton passes Magnussen too at the exit.

12:11 Massa got a huge tow through Curva Grande to pull that move, and Magnussen got too much wheelspin on the exit, so Hamilton swept past.

12:11 Raikkonen passes Hulkenberg for ninth, and Bottas tries to follow at the Parabolica but there's no space.

12:12 Bottas does make it past the Force India for 10th at the Rettifilo.

12:12 "Do not use overtake for the minute," Massa is told.

12:12 Chilton is off and in the barriers.

12:12 Massa clearly needs to harvest some energy for his ERS, will that leave him prone to attack from Hamilton?

12:13 Replays show Chilton came into the Roggia too quick, launched himself over the second set of kerbs and flew into the barriers. Race over.

12:13 "I'm OK, just a bit winded," Chilton tells Marussia.

12:14 Kyvat's recovery has now taken him past Gutierrez for 16th.

12:14 Massa sets the fastest lap and is pulling away from Hamilton as a result in second. He is 3.7s behind Rosberg.

12:15 Grosjean is having a horrible race. While Maldonado has got one Lotus up to 14th, the Frenchman is 20th and struggling to catch Bianchi.

12:15 Hamilton responds, and takes 0.3s out of Massa on that lap. He's right on his tail now.

12:15 Rosberg radios in to make sure Charlie Whiting knows he lifted right off for the yellow flags for CHilton's crash.

12:15 Kvyat's overtaking continues as he passes Sutil's Sauber for 15th.

12:16 Hamilton sets a new fastest lap. He's on the attack now.

12:16 Rosberg goes straight on at the Rettifilo!

12:17 Since being passed by Hamilton, Magnussen has fallen away in fourth, but he's keeping safely clear of Vettel, Button and Alonso.

12:17 Rosberg locked his front-left tyre before he went straight on there. He had reported some rear-tyre degradation.

12:18 Hamilton pulls off a brilliant around-the-outside move on Massa at Rettifilo. Superb.

12:18 "Looks like you locked front and rears at the same time," Tony Ross tells Rosberg of his Turn 1 moment of a lap ago.

12:19 After being lauded for that pass, Hamilton is told: "Let's get the strat modes under control" - Merc is clearly worried about tyre life.

12:19 Hamilton responds to that "take it easy" message by setting a new fastest lap and closing the gap to Rosberg to 2.2s.

12:19 Bottas has made it back up to ninth now, ahead of Raikkonen.

12:20 Hamilton was 1.5s quicker than Massa on that lap, and has left him for dead. He's a tenth quicker than Rosberg.

12:20 New fastest middle sector from Hamilton, but Rosberg responds with a new fastest lap overall. Gap is 2.2s.

12:20 Vettel has got to within DRS range of Magnussen for fourth, but it's not doing much good. Button, Alonso and Perez chase them still.

12:21 Vettel tells Red Bull he'd probably be "half a second quicker in clean air".

12:22 Bianchi and Grosjean bang wheels through the Rettifilo as the Lotus tries to get back in the race.

12:22 Hamilton sets a new fastest lap, taking a tenth and a half out of Rosberg's lead. He is 1.1s away from DRS range.

12:22 Grosjean is already 16s behind team-mate Maldonado after 12 laps.

12:23 Massa is still lapping comfortably quicker than those behind, in the high 1m29s. The Mercs are about half a second quicker.

12:23 Ricciardo is making no progress - he's still 11th and has dropped 2.8s off Raikkonen. Hulkenberg is also falling away behind him.

12:23 Rosberg asks: "Do not tell me the gap."

12:23 Bottas has now caught the Alonso/Perez battle for seventh.

12:24 Bottas shoots down the outside of Perez into the first chicane and claims eighth.

12:24 Sorry Nico, but Hamilton is closing on you.

12:24 The gap between the Mercs is now under 2s. Another two tenths quicker from Lewis that time.

12:24 Grosjean now makes it past Bianchi for 19th successfully.

12:25 Rosberg was instructed to take "Earlier apex in Parabolica to avoid tyre scrubbing."

12:25 Kobayashi has kept up his Saturday form - he's 7.6s clear of Bianchi in the backmarker battle. Can he fend off Grosjean?

12:25 Hamilton is into the 1m28s now, three tenths faster than Rosberg. Gap is now 1.6s.

12:26 Hamilton is told: "Nico is taking more speed, entry and apex Turn 11 [Parabolica]" That's fighting talk!

12:26 It's closing up further for fourth - Magnussen, Vettel, Button, Alonso, Bottas and Perez are covered by 4.2s.

12:26 Another 1m28s lap from Hamilton, a bracket that Rosberg just can't (or won't) dip into. The gap is now 1.4s.

12:27 Bottas easily cruises past Alonso for seventh on the pits straight.

12:27 Bottas's progress only gets a grimace from a watching Patrick Head in the Williams garage, though.

12:28 Rosberg raised his game on that lap: 0.003s faster than Hamilton.

12:28 Chilton admits his shunt was entirely driver error - "I was pushing the braking distances trying to keep ahead of Grosjean.

"I just made a slight mistake and you can't turn the car when it's in the air."

He's not wrong.

12:30 Another one for Bottas, he passes Button for sixth in his usual place on the outside approaching the Rettifilo.

12:30 Gutierrez has made an early pitstop, which has dropped him to last, just behind Ericsson.

12:30 Hamilton using 0.07 litres per lap less than Rosberg, according to the FOM graphics. He's reduced his pace somewhat now, which is either his tyres wilting or a more conservative engine mode.

12:30 Grosjean has a bit of barageboard bodywork flapping around on his Lotus.

12:31 "Another great move, you are in the window," Bottas is told.

12:31 Hamilton is back into the 1m28s, a Porsche-tastic 1m28.956s. Lead gap is now 1.3s.

12:31 Vettel is the first frontunner to pit, coming in from fourth at the end of lap 18.

12:32 The gap is closer than ever between the leaders, it's 1.2s. DRS range is tantalisingly close.

12:33 In moves of little significance, Gutierrez passes Ericsson for 20th.

12:33 Perez is next in, and his Force India team-mate Hulkenberg pits too moments later, despite starting on hards.

12:34 Third-placed Massa's laptimes have drifted out of the 1m29s bracket, the Mercs are now lapping a good nine-tenths faster now.

12:34 Vettel's pitstop dropped him right down to 15th, behind Maldonado, who was passed by Kvyat a short time ago.

12:34 Bottas is up to fourth, overtaking Magnussen into the first chicane.

12:35 Hamilton is told he's getting close to DRS. "How close?" he asks VERY quickly. Two-tenths is the answer.

12:35 Raikkonen is the next man to pit. He had a hefty lock-up on the way into the pit-speed limit.

12:35 Now he's up to fourth, Bottas faces a 13s gap to team-mate Massa in third.

12:36 Magnussen and Alonso pit in unison from fifth and seventh.

12:36 Rosberg responds with the fastest final sector. Remember, he's been quicker through Parabolica than Hamilton throughout this race.

12:36 McLaren keeps Magnussen ahead of Alonso, but they rejoin behind Vettel, with Perez between them in front of the Ferrari.

12:37 Magnussen gives Perez a bit of a sniff with a wayward run through the Roggia, but he keeps it together.

12:37 Both Lotuses have also made pitstops. That will drop them from nowhere to nowhere.

12:37 Rosberg and Hamilton laptimes once again just 0.003s apart, the gap 1.4s as pitstop-time approaches.

12:38 Button pits and that wasn't so well-timed. He rejoins behind Vettel, Magnussen and Perez, but ahead of Alonso.

12:38 That Vettel-led group is running from eighth backwards, with Ricciardo, Vergne and Kvyat ahead as they haven't yet pitted.

12:38 Hamilton is marginally faster again on that lap. Rosberg, as leader, should get first call on pitstop.

Massa pits from third. Nice stop.

12:39 "Perfect!" Force India declares to Perez. "Keep on Magnusssen's tail. Really good job mate."

12:39 Hamilton gets his codeword and an engine mode change ahead of the pitstops: "It's hammer time".

12:40 Ricciardo is setting personal bests, but it's hard to see what it's going to gain him having lost so much ground in the first stint.

12:40 Rosberg pits from the lead. A nice 2.8s stop.

12:40 Rosberg spent 24.583s on pitlane. Over to you Lewis...

12:40 Bottas pits from fourth place.

12:40 Hamilton's last lap was actually quite poor, a 1m29.983s.

12:41 That late stop undoes a load of Bottas's hard work - he drops back behind Vettel and Magnussen.

12:41 Leader Hamilton pits.

12:41 A good stop for Lewis, 2.7s.

12:41 Bottas exited the pits side by side with Vettel and was a bit too polite into the Rettifilo, allowing Magnussen to bully his way through too.

12:42 Vergne pits from seventh. That matters a little because the Vettel/Magnussen/Bottas crowd was about to catch him.

12:42 Hamilton's time in the pits was 24.453s. Rosberg retakes the lead, having set a new fastest middle sector time on that lap. Impressive on the hard tyre.

12:42 Bottas also lost out to Perez on his out-lap, but he regains that spot into the Rettifilo next time.

12:42 Rosberg's outlap was a 1m49.114s. What can Lewis do?

12:43 Perez has half a look at repassing Bottas into the Roggia but the Williams is gone.

12:43 Rosberg is told to lift and coast, and is told to harvest some energy after that charging outlap.

12:43 The only frontrunners yet to pit are Ricciardo and Kvyat, who have risen to third and fifth.

12:43 Ricciardo now comes in at the end of lap 25.

12:44 Hamilton's outlap is 1m48.958s, almost two tenths quicker than Rosberg's. Nico is straight into the 1m28s, that's his fastest lap of the race.

12:44 Ricciardo comes out behind the Ferraris of Alonso and Raikkonen. His late stop brought him a little closer, but no more.

12:44 Hamilton is told: "The race will be at the end. We're going to need the tyres at the end."

12:44 Kvyat is still going on his first set of tyres, now up to fourth on lap 27 of 53.

12:45 Rosberg sets a new fastest lap... Then so does Hamilton. And what a lap that is. 1m28.330s. That's miles quicker, four tenths to be precise, than anything else so far in this race.

12:46 Hamilton latches onto Rosberg's tail. He is in DRS range.

12:46 Rosberg cracks! He goes straight on at the Rettifilo for the second time in this race, and Hamilton takes the lead.

12:47 Alonso parks his Ferrari at the Rettifilo - he's out!

12:47 The Tifosi sound the air-horns of sadness over Alonso's retirement from what had been 10th.

12:48 Boom! Hamilton slams in a 1m28.004s. Rosberg's time, including short(long?)cut, is 1m30.928s. The gap is already 2.1s.

12:48 That's Alonso's first retirement of the season. His Ferrari made a pretty horrible noise approaching the first chicane and ground to a halt in the escape road.

12:49 Kvyat still hasn't pitted. He's fourth but being caught by Vettel, Magnussen, Bottas, Perez and Button.

12:49 Hamilton is told: "24 laps to go, just get into the rhythm."

12:50 Bottas tries to pass Magnussen on the outside into the Rettifilo but this time it goes wrong and he has to bounce over the run-off.

12:50 Kvyat finally makes his sole pitstop.

12:50 Kvyat's stop moves Ricciardo back into the points in 10th, and he's catching Raikkonen fast.

12:51 Hamilton has eased his pace back to the mid-1m28s bracket. Rosberg is four-tenths slower. Massa is eight-tenths off Hamilton's pace, but is on course for a podium today. It's been a while since we've said that.

12:51 Button takes a dive at Perez into the Rettifilo but the move doesn't quite come off. No contact, despite them getting very close.

12:52 Bottas is right back up with Magnussen and had a half-look at the Rettifilo.

12:52 Alonso is keeping his helmet on as he walks down the pitlane.

12:53 Magnussen defends from Bottas again into the first corner. Vettel initially got away from this pair as they battled, but they've caught him again.

12:53 Spain 2013 was the last time Massa graced the podium, and that was his only third place of the season for Ferrari.

12:53 Bottas now tries on Magnussen at the Roggia. He remains behind.

12:54 Force India is encouraging Perez to close up on the battle ahead and to keep his driving "clean" so Button doesn't get another shot.

12:54 Ricciardo overtakes Raikkonen for ninth.

12:55 Hamilton is back in the very low 1m28s bracket. He's extended the gap to Rosberg to 3.6s. Massa is almost 1.2s per lap slower now in third.

12:55 That was a great move from Ricciardo - a late but very clean dive past the Ferrari into the Rettifilo.

12:55 The stewards are taking a look at Magnussen and Bottas's minor incident at the chicane a few laps ago.

12:56 Lots of brake dust from Perez's Force India, more than his rivals. He's still got Button on his tail.

12:57 "It's going to get tasty ahead of you, let's get amongst it," Red Bull tells Ricciardo. He's 3.2s behind Magnussen/Bottas/Perez/Button.

12:57 After that very long stint and late pitstop, Kvyat has emerged in 13th, in a lonely spot between Vergne and Maldonado.

12:58 In 18th, Kobayashi holds a comfortable 16s lead over backmarker rival Bianchi, but both are now behind Grosjean.

12:58 Hamilton's fuel weight usage is about a kilo less than Rosberg's, according to the FOM graphics. He leads by 4.6s.

12:58 "Checo, I can't say enough how good a job you're doing - I know I'm asking the impossible," says Perez's engineer.

12:59 Bottas finally makes it successful back past Magnussen, with a return to his easy outside line into Rettifilo move. He's fifth.

12:59 Next target for Bottas is Vettel in fourth again.

12:59 Magnussen is award a 5s stop/go penalty for "forcing Bottas off the track". That's harsh.

13:00 Gutierrez pits again from 15th.

13:00 That penalty is going to ruin Magnussen's race, dropping him outside the points.

13:01 Rosberg is lapping quicker than Hamilton now. Not been often in this race we've been able to say that. Gap is 4.1s.

13:01 Hulkenberg is closing on Raikkonen for 10th, but the gap is still 6.3s. The German is now on the softer tyre having started on hards.

13:02 Button makes it past Perez for seventh down the inside int the Rettifilo.

13:02 Perez retaliates and they go through the Roggia and both Lesmos side by side! The Force India reclaims it.

13:03 Perez did go across the middle of the Roggia chicane in that dice, though he didn't have much choice.

13:03 Bottas sweeps past Vettel (again) and is fourth.

13:03 Ricciardo closed in on Perez and Button as they diced, and now he slices past the McLaren for eighth into the Rettifilo.

13:03 "Did you see what he did to me??" complains Perez of Button. "I saw it, but that was brilliant," replies his engineer, keeping him focused.

13:04 Alonso says an ERS problem was the reason for his first retirement in 29 races.

"We were losing water or something like that."

13:04 "He just cut the chicane," complains Button of Perez.

13:05 Ricciardo has a look at Perez into the Rettifilo. That was a bit optimistic.

13:05 Oh Ricciardo, you're pretty good at this... He gets a great run through the Curva Grande, feints to the outside approaching the Roggia then slices across to the inside and outbrakes Perez for seventh.

13:06 Now Button attacks Perez again and makes it through into the Rettifilo once more.

13:06 Again Button is slower out of the chicane though and Perez fights back.

13:07 Perez forces Button to cut in tight at the Roggia, making the McLaren slow out, and Perez is back ahead by Lesmo 1.

13:07 Fourth placed Bottas is lapping half a second faster than Williams team-mate Massa in third, but is 18.2s in arrears.

13:07 Bottas is closing on Massa, but the gap is 18s with 11 laps left.

13:07 Fifth-placed Vettel has pulled some breathing space over Magnussen, who has his penalty to come and Ricciardo closing on him.

13:08 Raikkonen may get a chance to catch Perez and Button as they dice. Hulkenberg's pursuit of this group has stalled a little.

13:08 Ricciardo is now right with Magnussen and challenging for sixth.

13:09 Ricciardo dives to the inside, locks up, and steals sixth from Magnussen, Next on his list, team-mate Vettel.

13:10 As Magnusssen is unlikely to pit again, his penalty will be added to his race time. Right now, he will still be ninth.

13:10 "You're doing a good job with your tyres and your pace is good," Rocky tells Vettel. But will that be enough with Ricciardo flying behind him?

13:10 One of the reasons that Ricciardo is flying is his straightline speed: he's top of the speed trap figures at 224.972mph. Not bad for a much-maligned Renault engine.

13:11 Kvyat, on the freshest tyres of anyone, is attacking Hulkenberg hard for 11th.

13:11 Vergne is right behind the Hulkenberg/Kvyat battle too.

13:11 Ricciardo takes eight tenths out of Vettel, reducing the gap to 2.5s with nine laps left.

13:12 "Let's get him," is the instruction to Ricciardo regarding Vettel...

13:12 Rosberg sets his fastest lap of the race. He's two tenths quicker than Hamilton on that lap, but 4.2s in arrears. It's game over, unless there are any late reliability issues.

13:12 Ricciardo rips 1.2s out of Vettel's cushion, reducing the gap to 1.3s.

13:13 The Perez/Button battle is still raging, in eighth and ninth. And they'll gain from Magnussen's penalty too.

13:13 McLaren tells Magnussen he needs "good pace right to the end" to beat Raikkonen to ninth on the clock.

13:13 Ricciardo tries the outside at the Rettifilo, Vettel hugs the inside, locks up and stays ahead in fifth.

13:14 The two Red Bulls are side by side through the Curva Grande, and Ricciardo gets it at the Roggia.

13:14 Kvyat has passed Hulkenberg for 11th and is now having a punt at catching Raikkonen for 10th. He might do it...

13:15 "We expect Kvyat will be with us with two laps to the end. You should push if you can," Raikkonen is told.

13:15 "Bottas is 8s ahead, he's pretty quick," Ricciardo is told. Sounded like a subtle 'that's probably you done now' message.

13:16 Considering Ricciardo was an anonymous 11th in the first stint, fifth is a great achievement.

13:17 Magnussen, Perez and Button are closing in on Vettel again for sixth. Remember the #1 Red Bull made its pitstop very early.

13:17 Ricciardo does look like he's chilling in fifth now, he's not gaining on Bottas.

13:18 Rosberg sets a new personal best lap as his fuel load comes down. The Mercs have been lapping within hundredths of a second of each other, and the gap is 4.5s.

13:18 Quite a big lock-up from Hamilton at Rettifilo, however. Not ideal.

13:18 We can only agree with sportscar ace Marino Franchitti: "Watching @danielricciardo racing makes me happy, the man has skills!!"

13:19 Hamilton lost half a second on that lap. Rosberg sets a new fastest final sector time.

13:19 Magnussen is now right on Vettel's tail for sixth on the road, but to actually defeat him he'd need to pass and pull 5s clear.

13:19 Gutierrez is limping around with a puncture.

13:20 Perez and Button are catching Magnussen as the Dane catches Vettel.

13:20 Kvyat is now within 2.8s of Raikkonen for 10th and lapping a second quicker. Three laps left.

13:20 Another good lap from Rosberg, another three tenths gained. Gap is 3.6s.

13:21 Still clouds and clouds of brake smoke from Perez.

13:21 Kvyat catches Raikkonen, brakes too late and shoots down the Rettifilo grass at high speed, clips a polystyrene marker on his way, and regains the track.

13:21 Rosberg takes 0.7s out of Hamilton, gap is 2.9s on this final lap.

13:22 That was a very scary moment from Kvyat.

13:22 Vettel has now got some breathing space over Magnusse, Perez, Button and Raikkonen again.

13:22 Kvyat seems to be in braking trouble, he skips the Roggia too.

13:23 Hamilton wins the Italian Grand Prix! He finishes ahead of Rosberg and Massa.

13:23 "I've got no brakes! Is it the last lap?" says Kvyat.

13:24 Bottas and Ricciardo clinch fourth and fifth places.

13:24 Hamilton’s victory closes the gap to Rosberg to 22 points.

13:24 Vettel makes it home sixth ahead of Magnussen, Perez, Button and Raikkonen.

13:24 Magnussen's penalty drops him from seventh to 10th in the results.

13:24 Hamilton is told: “Beautifully recovered mate.”

13:25 Kvyat made it home 11th in his brake-less car, just ahead of Hulkenberg and Vergne.

13:25 Maldonado, Sutil, Grosjean, Kobayashi, Bianchi, Gutierrez, Ericsson complete the finishers.

13:25 Rosberg says: “Good job on a deserved 1-2. I’m sorry for my side of the garage, a real shame.”

13:28 A huge Ferrari flag turns up on the start/finish straight. That was optimistic.

13:29 "Good job," says Massa to Hamilton.

The race winner keeping a towel on his head for a long time.

13:30 Massa chats to Rosberg in Italian as Hamilton avoids any contact with his team-mate.

13:31 A great day for British motorsport at Monza, with Hamilton winning the grand prix, Jolyon Palmer scoring victory in GP2 and Dean Stoneman in GP3.

13:32 This was the complete finishing order:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Massa
4 Bottas
5 Ricciardo
6 Vettel
7 Perez
8 Button
9 Raikkonen
10 Magnussen
11 Kvyat
12 Hulkenberg
13 Vergne
14 Maldonado
15 Sutil
16 Grosjean
17 Kobayashi
18 Bianchi
19 Gutierrez
20 Ericsson


13:35 Our podium interviewer today is one-time hero of Monza, Jean Alesi. A man who never won here (or most other places), but deserved to twice.

13:35 Rosberg steadfastly refuses to clap Hamilton's first place.

Hamilton happily claps his team-mate who receives a reasonably hostile reception from the Monza crowd.

Massa is straight off the steps to celebrate directly above the fans.

13:36 Both Mercedes drivers paid glowing tribute to the hordes of fans on the straight. But Rosberg gets double points for doing so in Italian.

13:37 Massa then gets triple points for conducting his whole interview in Italian.

13:38 "Are you friends again?" Alesi asks Hamilton. "Of course, we're team-mates and we always will be," replies Hamilton, who vaguely pats Rosberg as the German keeps his arms folded.

13:39 Great podium for noise and emotion, not the most informative set of interviews you'll hear all year.

13:43 EDD STRAW gets confirmation that it was a front-left brake problem for Kvyat.

It didn't fail completely but he couldn't lean on it for last lap.

13:57 Bottas explains that his lap-one plunge from third to 11th was purely a case of too much wheelspin.

"Everything went wrong today at the start really. When I dropped the clutch, I just had a lot of wheelspin immediately.

"I think maybe we were too aggressive with the clutch set-up today. It was also compromised because Lewis had a really slow getaway from the pole."

13:58 Bottas made it back up to fourth, which he regarded as "quite an OK recovery in the end" and he was pleased for podium-earning team-mate Massa too: "Felipe finally got some proper points".

14:03 Here's our comprehensive report of the Italian Grand Prix, with Hamilton beating Mercedes team-mate Rosberg to the top step of the podium. Results included.

Hamilton wins from Rosberg at Monza

14:16 We saw some fantastic racing between former McLaren team-mates Perez and Button today, with the Mexican coming out on top in the end to claim seventh. He seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did.

"It was a really nice fight and I liked it a lot," said Perez.

"Fighting with Jenson reminded me of the old days at McLaren when we had a couple of races with some good fights.

"I knew with Jenson he is someone you can fight with. I also knew Kevin had a penalty to come, so I didn't push so hard in the end."

14:24 Rosberg has described the errors that cost him Italian Grand Prix victory as "very bad".

The German has also spoken about the booing he got again on the podium:

Rosberg kicking himself for errors

14:26 Hamilton has been describing the problems he endured at the start of the race:

"It was a difficult race for whatever reason. [At] the start, the button that you press that engages the launch sequence on formation lap didn’t work and when I got to the grid I put it on and it didn’t work.

"I have never had that happen before, then there is a difference sequence of lights that were not on before. I tried to pull away as quick as possible, rpm all over the place, [and] managed to lose not too many places.

"We never practice without it – so I had no idea."

14:29 Hamilton also decided to go against the advice of his engineer and applied pressure to Rosberg in the hope of forcing him into a mistake. It paid off handsomely.

"At the end they said we should stay back but knowing from experience I knew that wasn't the way forward so I chose another...

"The car felt good, I was the closest I had been at that point. During the previous stint I knew when I was behind Nico when I got closer on the old tyres it was hard to stay with him. [So] I knew the only chance would be at the start of the stint so I took it.

"I was pushing to overtake him, that meant it opens up doors for everything."

14:33 Rosberg explains the trips down the escape road that cost him victory today:

"Lewis was just quick coming from behind so I needed to up my pace [and] as a result I just went into a mistake, it was very bad.

"That lost me the lead in the end, so definitely very disappointing from that point of view, but at the end of the day it is a great day for the team. After [the] recent difficulties it is the first 1-2 for a long time so back [we're] where we need to be.

"Of course I am disappointed right afterwards, [but] still second, still a lot of points so it is not a complete disaster. The team deserves to put all the recent stuff behind us and move forward.

"Monza, it is one of the most difficult tracks for braking because of low downforce and highest speed of the year. It isn’t an excuse, it is what it is. It is one of the challenges here and unfortunately I got it wrong two times in the race."

14:36 Rosberg is philosophical as the championship leaves Europe for the closing races. But the German hopes the boos he received on the podium for the second race running will not follow him:

"Spa is behind me, I put it behind me before the weekend, today’s race just came down to a mistake.Lewis was faster and behind, nothing unusual.

"I am very, very disappointed inside, but there is no point to go into a hanging mouth down, it is still a 1-2 for the team. It is a great day, not a disaster. I need to look at reality, there is worse than that – and I lost 7 points to Lewis.

"[The booing] is not nice, but what can I say. I hope that with time they forgive and forget – that will be great.

"I have apologised, I cannot do anything more than that. That is it."

14:39 Massa describes his delight at finishing on the podium for the first time since Spain 2013:

"I am really happy to be on podium today. We missed a bit earlier this season so amazing to be on the podium here, [with the] amazing people.

"[It is] also a very positive result for us that we passed Ferrari here, which is very important for us, very good for us.

"It is amazing to see how Williams work [since] last year and we are fighting big teams. It is good for the whole team [and] we keep fighting for the whole race. It will be fantastic, it is an amazing place that I really love."

14:46 Massa denies that his delight at passing Ferrari in the championship is a dig at his old team:

"First of all I think it is not a message to anybody. You say I was [a] second driver, I was trying all the time to be first driver.

"Whatever team I was in, I had difficult times, it is part of our life, sometimes you have time that is sometimes difficult, you need to go forward and I always fight, [but] it is not a message.

"We are fighting with Ferrari. That is not a message. We need to do everything we can to be in front of them. I have an incredible heart for Ferrari, as I had [an] incredible time there, but I am in another team.

"We need to fight for everybody, and today we did a fantastic job so we were on the podium and it is a message that we are competitive, that we are there, fighting."

15:00 Daniel Ricciardo is pleased with his recovery from a tough start to the race:

"The start was not planned, but we recovered well,[I] kept a cool head and [at] the end the race really came alive. The overtaking kept me smiling a lot in the car [I’m] still on a high from that.

"It was fun – being out of position at the start meant we knew we had to do something. I figured the Mercedes would be off at the front probably having a pretty boring race. So [I] made it fun."

15:05 Ricciardo smiles away suggestions Red Bull will apply team orders in his favour to try and catch Mercedes but reckons it could be a possibility if the team can be strong over the next few races.

"It’s yet to be discussed to be honest. For now I guess my lead is around 60 points over Seb so we’ll see. I’d love to love to be quicker on merit and not need any team orders to come into play.

"But I think coming up Singapore and Suzuka are strong tracks for us. If it needs to be and we can really fight Mercedes and have a crack at this championship I’m sure something will be applied."

15:07 Sebastian Vettel reckons sixth was the maximum he could have achieved today:

"In terms of strategy we wanted to get the McLarens [and] we went aggressive. With hindsight it is always easy, but all in all it was more or less what we could do today in terms of points."

15:09 Vettel is another driver thinking about the bigger picture as he admits he is not interested in finishing down the F1 pecking order:

"I love what I do but I am here to win. I’m not happy when I finish fourth, fifth, sixth or whatever. The target is to get back at up – at the moment the gap is quite big to the cars in front but we will have to work hard to close it again.

"On my side we had some difficulties we had to go through but in the end I believe they can only make us stronger if we’re able to learn from them."

15:11 Caterham meanwhile have announced that Christijan Albers has resigned from his position as team principal.

In a statement released just after the Italian Grand Prix finish, Albers said his sudden departure was for "private reasons".

He will be replaced by Manfredi Ravetto, who was previously Albers' deputy and general manager.

"Over the past months I have dedicated all my energy to ensure the takeover of the team would go as smoothly as possible and to achieve the best possible result for our investors, sponsors and all the people involved with the Caterham F1 team," said Albers.

"As such I worked tirelessly to reconstruct the team while, at the same time, making technical updates on the car.

"In doing this we created both a better foundation for the team's future and achieved significant improvements on the speed of the car.

"Due to private reasons and in order to be able to spend more time with my family, I will resign from my position as CEO of the Caterham F1 team.

"I wish the team all the best in the future."

15:16 That's all from AUTOSPORT Live at the Italian GP today. The next live coverage will be on Race Centre Live next Saturday and Sunday.

The inaugural Formula E race around the streets of Beijing, MotoGP from Misano, Lausitzring DTM, Formula Renault 3.5 in Hungary and much more besides is on the cards next weekend.

Thank you very much for your company today and make sure to check for all the news emerging from the Monza paddock.

Have a good evening.

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