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As it happened: Sunday - US Grand Prix
By Glenn Freeman and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
19:41 Welcome to AUTOSPORT's live coverage of the United States Grand Prix.

19:43 We have less than 20 minutes until the start of the race, when 17 cars will make their way towards Turn 1 (with Sebastian Vettel joining them from the pitlane shortly afterwards).

19:48 Here's the starting grid for today's race:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Bottas
4 Massa
5 Ricciardo
6 Alonso
7 Magnussen
8 Raikkonen
9 Sutil
10 Maldonado
11 Perez
12 Button (5-place gearbox penalty)
13 Hulkenberg
14 Vergne
15 Gutierrez
16 Grosjean
17 Kvyat (penalty for using seventh engine of season)
18 Vettel (pitlane start - using sixth power unit of the season)

19:48 The drivers have just been stood at the front of the grid for the US national anthem. Now they can get back to focusing on preparing for the start of the race.

19:56 Rosberg boldly declared after free practice on Friday that he had time in his pocket, and he emphatically delivered on that promise in qualifying to take pole by three tenths of a second.

19:57 Hamilton felt that some of that gap was down to braking problems he was suffering on Saturday, and his main concern overnight was hoping that his team could fix whatever problem was affecting his brake temperatures.

19:58 Williams cemented its position as best of the rest by locking out the second row of the grid with Bottas and Massa, while Ricciardo and Alonso - the latter describing his position as "normal" - share row three.

19:59 Pitlane starter Vettel will be one to watch - he hasn't bothered trying to set a fast low-fuel laptime all weekend because he knew he'd be starting the race from the pits.

Race setup has been the order of the day every time he has taken to the track, and today we'll find out just how much useful work he got through during Friday and Saturday.

19:59 Engines have been fired up, and the grid is being cleared of mechanics for the start of the formation lap.

20:00 17 cars set off for the warm-up lap. Vettel doesn't get a chance to join them - he has to wait in the pits.

20:01 Hulkenberg, Kvyat and Vettel are the only drivers starting the race on the harder medium-compound tyres.

20:02 Vettel is still in the garage, waiting until the last moment to make his way to the end of the pitlane.

20:02 Rosberg asks Mercedes whether the camber on the pits straight is the same as on the grid to help judge his start perfectly.

20:02 Rosberg has strung the field out on this warm-up lap, and now he's having to slow things right down into the final corner.

20:02 Hamilton isn't sure his practice start was ideal, thinks the rpm was too low.

20:03 The US Grand Prix is go!

20:04 Clean starts from the Mercedes, and the Williamses fight into Turn 1 with Bottas taking third.

20:04 Bottas just about holds off Alonso for fourth as the field streams into the twisty first sector.

20:05 Early order:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Massa
4 Bottas
5 Alonso
6 Magnussen
7 Ricciardo
8 Raikkonen
9 Sutil
10 Perez

20:06 Several cars are coming into the pits as the safety car is out.

20:06 Perez and Sutil have collided, that's prompting a safety car.

20:06 That's heartbreaking for Sutil after Sauber's first Q3 appearance of 2014.

20:06 Magnussen, Hulkenberg, Button, Gutierrez and Perez all dive for the pits.

20:07 Perez is doing so with very mangled front suspension, though. His race has to be over.

20:07 Sutil's Sauber is stranded on the track with heavy damage.

20:07 Perez tried a move down the inside of Sutil, slid into the back of Raikkonen, then made heavy contact with the Sauber.

20:09 Vettel makes an additional pitstop for more medium tyres under the safety car.

20:10 The stewards will investigate Perez and Sutil's clash after the race.

20:10 Replays of the start show that a poor getaway from Bottas in third made things very easy for Hamilton to maintain his second place.

20:10 Button asks McLaren if it saw any damage to his car from debris when he pitted. "I didn't get chance to tell you [before pitting]," he says.

20:10 Alonso tried very hard to hang with Bottas through Turn 2, but he eventually had to back out of trying to take fourth from the Finn.

20:11 Ricciardo was another to make a poor start, getting a lot of wheelspin and losing places. Just before the crash that brought the safety car out he was fighting Magnussen to try to regain P6.

20:11 Safety car in at the end of this lap.

20:12 Getting some radio replayed from Sutil:

"Perez just kicked me off the circuit," he says, then makes an awwwgrrrrrr noise we can't spell.

20:12 Force India radio replays suggest Perez was questioning whether he had an issue with his brakes there.

20:13 Rosberg is backing the field up very early.

20:13 Rosberg attacks in the long left hander towards the end of the lap, and we are racing again.

20:13 McLaren tells Button that Vettel "is in the same race as us" after his multiple pitstops under the caution to use both tyre types.

20:13 The Mercedes have got away from a sleeping Massa.

20:14 Ricciardo nails Alonso for fifth into Turn 1.

20:14 Massa has had to fight to keep Bottas behind in the first few corners after the restart.

20:14 Ricciardo is told to get after the Williams drivers.

20:15 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 0.7 at the end of the first racing lap after the safety car.

20:15 Raikkonen has to resist some pressure from Maldonado on the first lap of racing, but is now moving clear of the Lotus for seventh.

20:16 Replays of the restart show that Massa did a better job of defending third than Alonso did for fifth.

20:16 Rosberg is easing away from Hamilton on this lap.

20:17 Vergne takes a big look at Maldonado for eighth into Turn 1 but can't complete the move.

20:17 The McLarens are getting very close for 12th and 13th after their pitstops.

20:17 The gap at the front is 1.1s in Rosberg's favour at the end of lap 6.

20:17 Vettel has passed Gutierrez for 15th. Poor Sauber, its only surviving car is now last.

20:17 Hamilton is working to get himself back into DRS range, and he's had a good first sector to achieve that, it seems.

20:17 Hamilton is told that he is "safe on fuel".

20:18 Toro Rosso lets Kvyat know that the McLarens behind him are on fresh medium tyres.

20:19 Hamilton takes half a second out of Rosberg on that lap, so he's now only 0.6 behind his team-mate. That is well inside DRS range.

20:19 The stewards are investigating whether Button, Maldonado and Gutierrez were speeding behind the safety car.

20:20 Hamilton hints at a move down the backstraight with DRS, but it's more to move around in Rosberg's mirrors at the moment.

20:20 Rosberg is the quicker Mercedes on lap 8 - gap 0.8 seconds now.

20:21 Raikkonen initially kept pace with Ferrari team-mate Alonso in sixth after the restart, but he's now falling away at half a second per lap.

20:21 Ricciardo is asked how the tyres are, he replies talking about degradation on the rears and the left-front.

20:22 Maldonado continues to hang on to eighth place with Vergne and Grosjean on his tail.

20:22 The other close midfield battle is for 11th, where Kvyat is fending off both McLarens, Magnussen leading Button.

20:22 Rosberg is quicker than Hamilton by a tenth that lap, so the gap is 1.0 seconds again. Hamilton will want to respond to maintain access to his DRS.

20:23 Little progress for Vettel so far - he's dropped Gutierrez but isn't scaring Hulkenberg for 14th yet.

20:23 Hamilton took a tighter line into Turn 15 last time around, and he had a small lock-up as he got close to Rosberg.

20:23 Vergne is also under investigation for potential safety car infringements.

20:24 10 laps in the books now, and Rosberg continues to lead by one second.

Massa (third) is 4.1 behind Hamilton.

20:24 Grosjean goes down the outside of Vergne in a move for ninth, but is head to the outside under braking and can't get through.

20:25 Button won't receive a penalty for the safety car period, say the stewards. No news on the other three yet.

20:25 Hamilton closes on Rosberg - the gap is back down to 0.8s at the end of lap 11.

20:26 This is a nail-biter at the front between the Mercedes team-mates at the moment. They are trading blows in laptimes.

20:26 Five-second stop/go penalties for Vergne, Maldonado and Gutierrez for speeding during the safety car period.

20:27 Alonso is told his pace is still good - even though he sits in a distant sixth, already 6.9s behind Ricciardo in fifth.

20:27 Rosberg is marginally faster on lap 12, so the gap goes up to 0.9 to Hamilton.

20:28 Ricciardo is keeping hot on the heels of the two Williams drivers, so it looks like we have a three-way fight for the final podium step at the moment.

20:28 Vergne remains under big pressure from Grosjean for ninth, but the other Toro Rosso of Kvyat has edged clear of the McLarens in 11th.

20:28 Rosberg says his front left "is finished".

20:29 No sign of the leader coming in though, he leads by 1.1 at the end of lap 13. So he's extended his advantage over Hamilton on that lap by two tenths.

20:29 "I feel like we're overheating the rears with the brake bias," Button tells McLaren.

20:30 Ricciardo is faster than both Williamses at the moment, and he's closing on Bottas for fourth. The Finn has dropped back a bit from Massa.

20:30 Bottas locks up into Turn 15, which Ricciardo will like the look of.

Massa and Ricciardo pit from third and fifth.

20:31 Ricciardo takes medium tyres. Massa has gone for another set of softs.

20:31 Hamilton is falling back, and Rosberg's lead is up to two seconds.

20:32 Rosberg pits from the lead.

20:32 The race leader takes mediums.

20:33 Bottas pits as well, and he takes softs.

20:33 Maldonado and Vergne pit together. They both have penalties to take in these stops too.

20:33 Bottas arrives at Turn 1 side by side with Ricciardo, and the Red Bull swoops around the outside to pass the Williams. Let's see how Ricciardo's pace on mediums compare with Massa and Bottas on softs.

20:33 Magnussen and Gutierrez are under investigation for unsafe pit releases, which must've been during their early safety car stops.

20:34 Bottas attacks Ricciardo into Turn 12 with the help of DRS, but Ricciardo fends him off. The Red Bull is defending into Turn 15 now.

20:34 Alonso rose to third as others stopped, and now he comes in too.

20:34 Hamilton pits and also takes mediums, the same as Rosberg.

20:35 Grosjean makes a pitstop from a briefly-held fifth place.

20:35 Rosberg is back in the lead, while Bottas is all over Ricciardo trying to re-take that place.

20:36 Ricciardo doesn't quite have to defend from Bottas in the DRS zone for Turn 12 this time. But the Williams is very close.

20:36 Raikkonen becomes the final frontrunner to pit on lap 17 of 56. He'd momentarily appeared in third.

20:37 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 2.4 seconds now, so his lead increased during the pitstop phase.

20:37 Hulkenberg has parked his Force India, which is now rolling gently down the back straight grass by itself.

20:37 Looks like a mechanical problem for Hulkenberg, who had a bit of a go at stopping the car with his foot as it trundled backwards.

20:38 Their penalties and the fact others cleared pitstops under the caution mean Vergne and Maldonado are now last, which is 14th and 15th.

20:38 At the end of lap 18 of 56, Rosberg's lead is up to 2.5s.

Massa sits 6.2s behind Hamilton in third, with Ricciardo 1.6s behind the leading Williams, and 1.3s ahead of Bottas now.

20:39 Massa - on the softer tyre - was quicker than both Mercedes on the previous lap.

20:39 Alonso passes Vettel for ninth place.

20:40 Hamilton is much faster than Rosberg on that lap, and he closes the lead down to 1.8 seconds.

20:40 Kvyat, who hasn't pitted at all yet, has risen to sixth place. He's got a bit of clear air to the McLarens and the chasing Alonso.

20:40 Massa and Ricciardo were also faster than Rosberg last time around.

20:41 Grosjean muscles past Gutierrez, and Vergne follows him through - taking a look at the Lotus after doing so too.

20:41 That was a bit of a punt from a long way back by Grosjean, but Gutierrez gave him acres of room.

20:41 Hamilton takes more time out of Rosberg. The lead is down to 1.4s.

20:42 Vettel is confused: "We are slow. All weekend we've been doing 1m44s and 1m45s, now I'm struggling to do 1m46s."

20:42 Gutierrez makes a pitstop from what had become last.

20:43 The stewards won't be penalising Magnussen or Gutierrez for those unsafe releases they were investigating.

20:43 Force India advised Hulkenberg to "watch how you jump out of the car" when he parked.

20:43 Rosberg's lead is down to one second now. Hamilton keeps chipping away at him.

20:44 Button and Alonso spend several corners side by side, with the Ferrari trying a variety of outside line moves for eighth. Button holds him.

20:44 Hamilton has got himself into DRS range through the first sector.

20:44 Kvyat has finally pitted from sixth.

20:45 22 laps in the books and Hamilton is 0.7s behind Rosberg. The gap keeps dropping.

20:45 McLaren gives Button a bit more power to use as he continues to have to fight hard to resist Alonso.

20:46 Kvyat's pitstop dropped him from sixth to 14th.

20:46 Hamilton closes right up into Turn 12 with DRS but doesn't quite have a look just yet.

The Mercedes were 2.5s apart five laps ago.

20:47 Hamilton sets the fastest first sector of the race.

20:47 Grosjean and Vergne are flying along, catching Vettel and Raikkonen for ninth and 10th.

20:47 Alonso is alongside Button yet again but still the McLaren holds the Ferrari back.

20:48 Hamilton squeezes down the inside of Rosberg into Turn 12 for the lead of the US Grand Prix.

20:48 Things got very close between the team-mates - Hamilton then gave Rosberg no room on the exit and squeezed him out.

20:48 Alonso flings the Ferrari down Button's inside into Turn 1, locks up a little and finally manages to get past the McLaren for seventh.

20:49 Rosberg tried to defend, but Hamilton forced his way down the inside and they scrapped all the way through the corner.

20:49 Things got very close between the cars - hard to tell if they touched - on the exit of the corner, but for now Hamilton is driving away from his championship rival.

20:50 Hamilton is already 1.3s clear of Rosberg, so he's pushed his team-mate out of DRS range quickly.

20:51 Grosjean tried a move on Vettel for ninth, it didn't quite work and Vergne now has a shot at the Lotus for 10th.

20:51 Massa and Ricciardo are lapping in similar range to Rosberg. The Williams is within seven seconds of the Mercedes at the moment, so Rosberg needs to find something to respond.

20:51 Grosjean does successfully make it past Vettel into ninth with a dive at Turn 1.

20:52 Now Vergne's Toro Rosso overtakes Vettel's off-the-pace Red Bull too.

20:52 Hamilton was slower that lap. While Rosberg closes to 1.2s, Massa and Ricciardo were faster than both of the leaders on lap 26. Interesting.

20:52 Vettel now comes in for his third stop of the race on lap 26 of 56.

20:53 Alonso ticks off another McLaren, passing Magnussen with a neat switchback move at Turn 1 to take sixth.

20:54 Hamilton responds to Rosberg's pace, but Massa and Ricciardo continue to catch them.

20:54 Grosjean overtakes Button, who is due in for a pitstop next time around. For now it's Magnussen pitting at McLaren.

20:54 Lap times last time around:

Hamilton 44.2s
Rosberg 44.4s
Massa 43.9s
Ricciardo 43.8s

20:56 The Mercedes drivers match each other that lap, while Massa and Ricciardo close by another tenth or two. Massa is 5.8s behind P2 Rosberg now.

20:57 Massa, of course, is on the softer tyre at the moment, while the Mercedes drivers and Ricciardo are on the medium.

20:57 Button gets passed by Vergne too, and then does pit, after triple-checking with McLaren that it's sure he really can come in this time.

20:57 Bottas thinks his tyres are about to "drop". He's 4.4s behind Ricciardo at the moment.

20:58 Grosjean pits from seventh place, with eighth man Vergne following him too.

20:58 29 laps in the books, and Hamilton pulls out two tenths on Rosberg. He leads by 1.6s now.

20:58 Massa and Ricciardo continue to close on the two leaders.

20:59 Bottas pits from fifth. Up front, Hamilton leads by 2.0s now.

20:59 Bottas has switched to medium compound tyres.

21:01 Hamilton continues to pull away, leading by 2.3s now. Ricciardo pits from P4 and takes another set of mediums.

21:01 Ricciardo rejoins comfortably ahead of Bottas, as expected. He was a couple of seconds behind Massa before making that stop.

21:01 After their stops, Grosjean got out still ahead of Vettel, while Vergne dropped back behind Button's McLaren.

21:02 McLaren reassures Button, now 13th, that "opportunities will come at the end of the race".

21:02 Hamilton's lead is up to 2.7s as Massa pits from third.

The Brazilian swaps his softs for a set of mediums.

21:03 McLaren tells Magnussen (in 10th) that he's a lot faster than Alonso (in sixth) so should "keep this pace up".

21:03 A 3.7s stop costs Massa, who rejoins behind Ricciardo. The Red Bull is now best of the rest in third.

21:03 Now McLaren tells Magnussen that Alonso "has picked up his pace and is just outside the pit gap". McLaren wants to benefit as others stop.

21:04 Ricciardo was matching Massa's pace in the last stint, when he was on the harder tyre. Let's see how they compare now both are on the mediums.

Hamilton is coming in, being told "we are covering the field" because the chasers are so close.

21:04 It's another set of mediums for Hamilton.

21:04 Rosberg is coming in next time around. Mercedes isn't used to having other cars interfering with its race strategy.

21:05 Talking of interference - Ricciardo has just set the fastest lap.

21:06 "We're catching the guys ahead and we'll need good tyres for the end of the race," Toro Rosso warns Vergne, who is chasing Button for 13th.

21:06 Rosberg pits for another set of mediums. He rejoins behind Hamilton, and Ricciardo is not far behind. Let's see how the Mercedes drivers can compare to the Red Bull's pace.

21:07 Alonso, in sixth, sets a personal best lap as he tries to make sure he has sufficient gap to the midfield cars on a different strategy.

21:07 "Pace is good, keep it up," Sauber tells Gutierrez. That pace is a lot slower than anyone else's.

21:08 Maldonado pits from seventh place for his final stop.

21:08 Hamilton leads Rosberg by 3.6s at the end of lap 35. Rosberg is 3.9 ahead of Ricciardo, who is 1.8 ahead of Massa. Bottas is another six seconds back to complete the top five.

21:09 Button asks McLaren if he has any damage to the diffuser, but is told that everything looks good on the aero loads.

21:10 Rosberg sets the fastest lap of the race - the gap is down to 2.7s to Hamilton. He's taken nearly a full second out of his team-mate there.

21:10 Ricciardo can't match the pace of the Mercedes drivers as they've both upped their pace ahead of him.

21:11 Massa is hanging on to Ricciardo's tail at the moment, so perhaps the Red Bull driver will be watching his mirrors rather than chasing down the leaders.

21:11 Vettel overtakes Grosjean for 10th place.

21:11 Hamilton responds to Rosberg with a new personal best, he extends his lead by a tenth to 2.8s.

21:12 Rosberg notifies Mercedes of a "big hit on the left". He's told that tyre wear looks good at the moment.

21:12 Vettel has now closed right in on Magnussen for ninth.

21:12 The Mercedes are pulling away from Ricciardo by nearly one second per lap at the moment. It's back to a two-horse race, but at least they are going at it at the moment.

21:13 Rosberg is quicker on lap 38/56. The gap shrinks to 2.5s. Hamilton responds with a new best first sector.

21:13 Rosberg goes even quicker in sector one.

21:14 Ricciardo is edging away from Massa now - he's more than two seconds clear of the Williams.

21:14 Maldonado is being investigated for potential pitlane speeding.

21:15 Rosberg finds another tenth on Hamilton that lap - the gap is 2.4s.

21:16 Red Bull lets Vettel know that Magnussen - who he's chasing for ninth - is on the same strategy so will need to be passed on track.

21:16 Fastest lap for Hamilton on lap 40. It's a tenth quicker than Rosberg, so the lead is back up to 2.5s.

21:17 Ricciardo is told that the Mercedes are quicker than him, but he's also reminded that the silver cars had worse tyre degradation in the last stint. Plus: "They could start racing each other and it might get messy."

21:18 Maldonado receives another five-second penalty, this time for pitlane speeding.

21:18 Vettel dives past Magnussen for ninth but runs too wide and hands it back.

21:18 Hamilton is nearly two tenths quicker than Rosberg on lap 41, setting a new fastest lap. His lead is 2.4s.

Ricciardo is nearly 10s behind Rosberg now.

21:18 Gutierrez pits again from 15th and last.

21:19 Kvyat makes his final pitstop.

21:19 Button is all over the back of Grosjean for 11th now.

21:20 Toro Rosso lets Vergne, who has Maldonado right behind him, know that the Lotus has a penalty.

21:20 This time it's Rosberg quicker than Hamilton. He takes two tenths back on lap 42, trimming the lead to 2.4s.

21:20 Bottas - having a lonely race in fifth - sets a personal best lap of the race. He's around 8s behind team-mate Massa at the moment.

21:20 Button does now make it past Grosjean for 11th at Turn 1.

21:21 Raikkonen pits from seventh place with 14 laps to go.

21:22 Vettel makes it past Magnussen for eighth place.

21:22 Alonso makes his final pitstop from sixth.

21:22 No change at the front after lap 43. Hamilton and Rosberg match each other, so the gap stays at 2.4s.

Ricciardo now has a 3s buffer back to Massa in the battle for third.

21:24 "Am I overheating the rears or are they too cold?" Button asks McLaren. It's the latter problem, it turns out.

21:24 Alonso has rejoined behind Vettel, although Red Bull has warned its champion that Alonso has fresh soft tyres.

21:26 Alonso fights back and after a few failed bids, he hit the DRS and gets sixth back from Vettel.

21:26 I'm really struggling with the rears," says Button, "I've tried what we did before but it didn't work."

21:27 Rosberg has taken half a second out of Hamilton's lead on lap 46. The gap is down to 1.9s.

21:27 Button has Grosjean, Vergne and Maldonado pushing him for ninth.

21:27 Hamilton has been warned to be careful of the artificial grass that is ripping up on the exit of the penultimate corner.

21:28 Massa has taken a chunk of time out of Ricciardo to get back to 2.6s behind the Red Bull.

21:29 Hamilton responds to Rosberg to edge the gap back up to 2.0s. There's an overall best for Hamilton in the final sector, and a personal best for Rosberg.

Both have now set personal bests in the first sector as well. They're throwing everything at it right now.

21:29 "Every downshift is locking the rears," complains Button.

21:30 Alonso sets an out-of-the-blue new fastest lap as he pulls clear of Vettel. The Ferrari is 44s behind Bottas in fifth.

21:30 Both Mercedes drivers set personal bests - both 1m41.9s. Rosberg edges it to get the gap back under two seconds.

21:30 Raikkonen ended up on the wrong side of the drivers using alternate strategies there and is back in 13th.

21:31 Ferrari tells Raikkonen that Button "is having the cliff and will slow people up. We can still do something".

21:31 It's tightening up in the battle for third. Bottas is catching Massa, who in turn is catching Ricciardo.

21:31 Vettel comes in for a pitstop from seventh.

21:32 Hamilton bangs in another 1m41.9s, and Rosberg can't match it this time. The German slips back to 2.5s behind the leader.

21:32 Vettel had complained of "quite a lot of vibrations" just before that stop.

21:32 Massa is now just 1.9s behind Ricciardo in the battle for third. Bottas is 5.6s behind his team-mate, so he's not quite part of that fight just yet.

21:33 Massa is told: "Try and close the gap to Ricciardo, he may have an issue".

21:33 Great battle for 12th between Kvyat and Raikkonen, with the Toro Rosso shoving its way back past the Ferrari.

21:34 Vettel's pitstop dropped him to 14th. He's told the McLarens are in the same position as him strategy-wise.

21:34 Rosberg responds to Hamilton, taking back two tenths. The leaders are split by 2.3s.

Massa is now just 1.5s behind Ricciardo.

21:36 Vergne and Grosjean have a bit of a clash as they battle behind Button and the Toro Rosso takes a dive. "What was that??" asks Grosjean.

21:36 Raikkonen slips past Kvyat after an error from the Russian.

21:36 Both Williams drivers continue to catch third-placed Ricciardo on lap 52/56.

21:36 As if that fun further back in the pack needed the heat turned up any further - Hamilton is closing in on them.

21:37 Vettel just set a new fastest lap on his fresh tyres.

21:37 Kvyat pits, looks like he either hit or shed some debris.

21:37 Slow lap for Rosberg - Hamilton's lead up to 3.4s on lap 53/56.

21:38 The Ricciardo/Massa gap has briefly stabilised at 1.5s in the battle for third.

21:38 Vettel passes Raikkonen for 12th and then surges up behind the Button-Maldonado-Grosjean queue.

21:39 Rosberg gets the lead back down to 2.9s with three laps to go.

21:40 Vergne makes it past Button into eighth, but the stewards as going to take a look at Vergne's move on Grosjean.

21:40 Raikkonen makes another pitstop in 13th place.

21:40 Hamilton leads by 2.8s as he continues to close on a queue of backmarkers. Two laps to go.

21:41 Button tumbles out of the points as Maldonado then Vettel pass him.

21:41 Hamilton is calling for blue flags. He's warned that "these guys are all battling".

21:42 Vettel overtakes Maldonado for ninth and sets off after Vergne.

21:42 Prior to that, Vettel was asking why his DRS wasn't working. Red Bull insisted he just wasn't in range.

21:42 Hamilton starts the last lap with his lead cut to just two seconds. Rosberg was eight tenths faster that time around as the leader started to deal with traffic.

21:43 Rosberg is getting held up in the traffic Hamilton had to deal with last time around (Button and Grosjean), so that's any chance he had of challenging for the win gone.

21:43 Lewis Hamilton wins the US Grand Prix!

21:44 Rosberg takes second - 4.3s behind at the flag.

21:44 Vettel takes seventh from Magnussen, and Grosjean passes Button for 11th.

21:44 Sixth-placed Alonso is going to come home over a minute behind Bottas in fifth.

21:44 Ricciardo holds off Massa by 1.3s for third. Bottas comes in fifth.

21:45 Alonso just holds off Vettel for sixth place.

21:46 Magnussen, Maldonado and Vergne complete the top 10, but Maldonado will drop behind Vergne when his penalty is applied.

21:46 "Get in there Lewis!" on the radio. Hamilton thanks the team for "all of the efforts you put in".

21:46 Rosberg on the radio: "Sorry guys. Didn't work out."

21:49 Hamilton - helmet still on - stands on the scales and shares a quick hug and a handshake with Ricciardo, then Rosberg.

21:49 "Why Massa was all of a sudden a problem for us?" Rosberg asks. "All of a sudden, push push..."

21:50 Rosberg doesn't seem very impressed that Mercedes felt the need to tell its drivers to push to protect their margin over Massa earlier in the year.

21:51 A chirpy Ricciardo is the first driver out onto the podium, running down the steps with a beaming smile to greet the fans.

21:51 Rosberg and Hamilton enter without the urgency of Ricciardo, and now it's national anthem time.

21:52 US GP result:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Ricciardo
4 Massa
5 Bottas
6 Alonso
7 Vettel
8 Magnussen
9 Vergne
10 Maldonado

21:52 Button, having limped home 12th, suggests McLaren should've used the same strategy as Vettel.

21:53 Grosjean, Button, Raikkonen and Gutierrez were the other finishers, while Hulkenberg, Perez and Sutil failed to make it to the end.

21:54 Champagne time on the podium for our top three - Hamilton, Rosberg and Ricciardo.

21:55 Red Bull praises Vettel's late overtaking, to which he replies "that first stint was an absolute joke and I don't understand".

21:55 Updated championship points: 1 Hamilton, 316; 2 Rosberg, 292.

21:55 Mario Andretti is performing the podium interviews.

21:57 "That'll be ninth if Maldonado gets a penalty," Toro Rosso tells Vergne. "What do you mean IF he gets a penalty??" is the reply.

21:57 Maldonado did indeed have a pit speeding penalty, so that is ninth for Vergne.

21:57 Hamilton: "A big huge thank you to all the fans here. I've been so fortunate, incredible team and incredible car. I'm really excited."

21:58 Rosberg: "It kind of sucks for me today, but that's the way it is. It took too long for me to find my rhythm. Once Lewis was by I found it, but it was too late."

21:59 Ricciardo: "We're doing what we can. We had a great weekend. Thanks to Red Bull for giving me the package to fight for the podium. This place is great - you can overtake here, there's a lot of opportunities. It wasn't too boring out there."

22:00 Drivers' championship:

1 Hamilton 316
2 Rosberg 292
3 Ricciardo 214
4 Bottas 155
5 Vettel 149
6 Alonso 149

22:00 Thanks to the double points finale we have this year, we are guaranteed a showdown between the Mercedes drivers in the Abu Dhabi GP.

22:19 Lotus's post-race conversation with Maldonado summarised: 1) Slightly peeved to lose ninth to a penalty. 2) Optimistic Vergne might get a penalty too for the Grosjean spat. 3) Very relieved to have been racing anywhere near the points.

22:19 Meanwhile Grosjean's post-race chat was all about the wheel-banging moment with Vergne. "Bumper cars," Grosjean growled.

22:20 In the media pen, Button has been telling TV crews about his day, and expressing his disappointment at how McLaren's form seems to fluctuate depending on the type of track.

22:26 Here's more from Hamilton, who has been speaking in the press conference:

"It has been an incredible run, this whole season has been incredible. Nico was very quick in qualifying, I had a couple of problems and I corrected them today.

"You never know how the race is going to go. Once I was past Nico I was controlling it - it was about trying to maintain the gap.

"It feels great when you have a race like that - you have done it in the best way you can."

22:28 Both Mercedes drivers say that the fact the title battle is guaranteed to go to the double points Abu Dhabi finale won't change their approach in Brazil next weekend.

"We are hunting for those points," says Hamilton. "During the year you have to be balanced in your risk - and I will continue to do the same."

Rosberg adds: "The same approach - full commitment, full attack, try to be on pole and win in Interlagos. There are many points to be had and a lot can happen."

22:30 That's it for AUTOSPORT's live coverage of the US GP this weekend. Our team of F1 journalists have headed out into the paddock to get all of the reaction from the teams and drivers, and you can keep up with all of the latest by checking

We'll see you on Friday for free practice for the Brazilian GP.

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