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As it happened: Sunday - Brazilian Grand Prix
By Matt Beer, Glenn Freeman and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
15:40 Welcome to AUTOSPORT's live coverage of the 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix.

15:41 It's hot and sunny at Interlagos at the moment, so rather than worrying about rain, teams' strategies are going to be built around tyre wear in these sweltering conditions.

15:43 The focus - as usual for 2014 - is set to be on the Nico Rosberg/Lewis Hamilton battle for victory at the front of the field.

However, based on qualifying yesterday, there's the potential for Williams to be snapping at the Silver Arrows' heels as Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas lock out the second row.

15:44 After "a disaster" of a Friday, Jenson Button and McLaren turned things around to take the best of the rest award in P5. It was a phenomenal effort from the 2009 world champion, but he warned yesterday evening that he expects his fight to be with the cars behind him, not those ahead.

15:46 It's national anthem time, and that means the drivers have been summoned to the front of the grid - as is the new procedure in F1.

15:51 Here's the starting grid:

1 Nico Rosberg
2 Lewis Hamilton
3 Felipe Massa
4 Valtteri Bottas
5 Jenson Button
6 Sebastian Vettel
7 Kevin Magnussen
8 Fernando Alonso
9 Daniel Ricciardo
10 Kimi Raikkonen
11 Esteban Gutierrez
12 Nico Hulkenberg
13 Adrian Sutil
14 Romain Grosjean
15 Jean-Eric Vergne
16 Pastor Maldonado
17 Daniil Kvyat
18 Sergio Perez

15:57 Temperatures -

Track: 46C
Air: 23C

Don't expect the soft tyres to last very long in the first stint for the frontrunners. It will be interesting to see how many of those outside of the top 10 take the more durable mediums for the start.

15:57 Pit start for Sutil:

@SauberF1Team: "Unfortunately, Adrian has to start from the pitlane as we made a small technical change to the C33"

15:59 Engines are fired up, and mechanics are starting to clear the grid.

16:00 Hamilton has been pushed back slightly in his grid spot, so he can lay some rubber down on the formation lap.

16:00 The cars set up for the warm-up lap.

16:01 McLaren's hot and cold advice for: Magnussen: "Let's warm the brakes to heat the tyres, but cool the engine please."

16:01 Hamilton's start feedback: "It feels slightly under-engaged".

16:02 Rosberg backs the pack up at Juncao, before they head up the hill towards the grid.

16:02 Here we go then. The leaders are forming up on the grid.

16:02 "All systems are good," Red Bull tells Vettel. Which hasn't always been the case this year.

16:03 The Brazilian GP is go!

16:03 Good starts from the top three - Bottas recovers from a slow start to hang on to P4.

16:04 It's as you were at the front for the top four - Rosberg, Hamilton, Massa, Bottas.

16:04 Early order:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Massa
4 Bottas
5 Button
6 Vettel
7 Magnussen
8 Alonso
9 Ricciardo
10 Gutierrez

16:04 The Mercedes have edged away from Massa in the middle sector already.

16:05 Midfield:

11 Hulkenberg
12 Raikkonen
13 Kvyat
14 Grosjean
15 Perez
16 Vergne
17 Maldonado
18 Sutil

16:05 Massa is told "there may be oil down at Turn 2 - track slippery".

16:05 Kimi Raikkonen takes 11th from Nico Hulkenberg as he recovers after that poor first lap.

16:05 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 0.8s on lap two.

16:06 Rosberg pulls out another four tenths on Hamilton to lead by 1.2s at the end of the second lap.

16:06 Vettel was edged during the first lap and dropped from sixth to eighth, behind Magnussen and Alonso, who he's now pressuring.

16:07 "Small rear graining at the moment," says Bottas on the radio.

16:07 Hamilton matches Rosberg on lap three, so the gap stays at 1.2s.

16:07 Very strong start from Button, who is tagging on in fifth behind the Williams and is already twos seconds of the Magnussen-led train behind.

16:08 Ricciardo has half a look at Vettel for eighth into the Senna S as the German remains caught behind Alonso.

16:08 Maldonado brings the Lotus into the pits from the back of the field.

16:08 Rosberg's lead is still 1.2s, very little in it between the top two. Massa is now two seconds behind the lead pair.

16:09 "Nico, try to get brake balance forwards, rear temps hotter than fronts," is the message to Rosberg on the radio.

16:09 That was a scheduled stop for Maldonado it seems, as he gets rid of the softs.

16:09 Raikkonen remains back in 11th, stuck behind Gutierrez, although the Sauber is hanging on fine with Alonso and the Red Bulls right now.

16:09 Button is just one second behind fourth-placed Bottas, so he is keeping Williams very honest.

16:09 Massa pits from third at the end of lap five.

16:10 No surprise - Massa switches to the mediums.

16:10 Perez also comes in from 17th.

16:10 Hamilton takes a tenth out of Rosberg on that lap - lead is 1.1s.

16:11 Bottas and Button pit at the end of lap six, but the Mercedes drivers stay out.

16:11 Replays of the first lap show Vettel's wide moment at Descida do Lago was done all by himself, albeit as Magnussen took a look at him.

16:11 Vettel is also among those in for tyres now.

16:11 Button is all over Bottas's tail as they come in, and the Williams pit crew just keeps the Finn ahead with a 2.4s stop.

16:11 Massa is well clear of Bottas and Button, having pitted first.

16:12 The yet-to-stop Magnussen and Alonso have risen to third and fourth.

16:12 Rosberg pits from the lead - Hamilton stays out.

16:12 Magnussen, Alonso and Ricciardo all now in for tyres at the end of lap seven.

16:12 A three-second stop for Rosberg.

16:13 Hamilton is told: "You know what to do, push push."

16:13 Massa gets a 5-second stop-go penalty for speeding in the pits.

16:13 Hamilton pits.

16:13 Vettel's early stop didn't pay off, Magnussen and Alonso come out still ahead of him on their new tyres.

16:13 Gutierrez had very briefly appeared in a wildly high second, but now pits.

16:14 2.8s stop for Hamilton, slightly faster than Rosberg's.

16:14 Raikkonen comes in too.

16:14 Rosberg - in some traffic - only just rejoins ahead of Hamilton. That was very close.

16:14 Hamilton is told he's doing a long stint on these medium compound tyres.

16:15 Bottas has set the fastest lap.

16:15 Hulkenberg has now emerged in the race lead. He started on the medium tyres so has a while to go before pitting.

16:15 Kvyat is on the same strategy as Hulkenberg and is second, 1.1s behind the Toro Rosso.

16:15 Hamilton is all over Rosberg on the start/finish straight as they deal with Grosjean's Lotus.

16:15 Vergne made a brief appearance in the top three too but now makes his stop.

16:15 Hamilton is well in DRS range now, but Rosberg was protected by having DRS as well that time because of Grosjean.

16:16 Now back in the midfield as the stops shake out, Alonso has lost touch with Magnussen and has the two Red Bulls all over the back of him.

16:16 Fastest lap for Rosberg, two tenths faster than Hamilton. They sit third and fourth at the moment behind yet-to-stop Hulkenberg and Kvyat.

16:17 "We can now gradually increase our pace if you can," Force India tells Perez. He's currently 17th so more pace wouldn't go amiss.

16:18 Rosberg - hunting down Kvyat - is breaking clear of Hamilton, who is told he needs to manage his right rear tyre temperature.

16:18 Rosberg passes Kvyat for second.

16:18 Hamilton is having to follow Kvyat through the middle sector, losing more time. We're on lap 12.

16:18 Massa triple-checks over the radio that his stop/go penalty is to be served in his next scheduled stop, and doesn't require him to come in.

16:19 Massa's confusion is understandable with the rules having changed for this year but the terminology being the same as the old version.

16:19 Kvyat lets Hamilton ease by into Turn 1. Up ahead, Rosberg is now on Hulkenberg's tail for the lead.

16:19 Massa is also a lot calmer about the whole thing than would've been the case if he'd needed to make an extra pitstop.

16:20 Leader Hulkenberg tells Force India he's developing a blister on his front right.

16:20 Rosberg passes Hulkenberg for the lead into Turn 1 at the start of lap 14.

16:20 Temporarily down in 12th and 13th, Ricciardo has fallen a few seconds away from Vettel, who continues to pressure Alonso.

16:21 Bottas finds a way by Grosjean for P6 into Turn 1. Button is next up to attack the Lotus.

16:22 Hamilton is told right rear tyre is now under control, but he's also reporting a vibration.

16:23 With the help of DRS, Hamilton passes Hulkenberg for second into Turn 1 on lap 16. Rosberg's lead is more than two seconds.

16:23 The Alonso/Vettel battle has come up behind the yet-to-stop Sutil, who has been edged down the field.

16:23 Red Bull tells Vettel that Ricciardo has deliberately dropped back to save some tyre life, and recommends he does the same.

16:23 Massa is chasing fourth-placed Kvyat. The Brazilian will want to make short work of the Russian, as he currently has a 2.5 cushion over Bottas and Button.

16:24 Red Bull suggests Ricciardo watches out for Raikkonen behind him, and picks up the pace to get DRS from Vettel if the Ferrari appears.

16:24 Massa passes Kvyat into Turn 1, to the cheers of the Brazilian crowd.

16:24 Alonso passes Sutil for 10th into the Senna S.

16:24 Hulkenberg comes in from third to make his first stop, so that's Massa up to third again.

16:26 Hulkenberg rejoined 15th after that stop.

16:26 Hamilton reports "a blister on the front right." He's told to look after it and watch out for front locking.

Rosberg's not happy either - he's reporting oversteer.

16:26 Vettel follows Alonso past Sutil, who Sauber just asked to "defend as good as you can" on what will be his in-lap.

16:26 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 2.4s on lap 18.

16:27 Kvyat makes his first stop, so the leaders are in peace again at the front.

16:27 Sutil now pits too, leaving Grosjean - currently sixth - as the last man standing among the medium-tyre-starters.

16:27 So much for Button's prediction that he'd be racing the cars behind him today. He's still right on the case of Bottas in their battle for fourth. Right now they are three seconds behind Massa, who has a 5-second penalty to serve.

16:28 Magnussen is rapidly closing in on the out-of-sequence Grosjean for sixth.

16:28 Alonso is now back to eighth, with Vettel, Ricciardo and Raikkonen not far behind.

16:28 The Mercedes drivers are trading blows at the front. Hamilton is faster on lap 18, Rosberg the quicker on lap 19. The gap is back to 2.4s.

A close-up slow-mo replay shows Hamilton's right-front blister clearly.

16:28 Gutierrez lost out to Raikkonen through the pitstop sequence and is just ahead of Hulkenberg in 12th.

16:29 A very slow stop for Sutil with a stuck wheel, leaving him firmly at the back in 18th.

16:29 That long stint didn't do Kvyat much good. The erstwhile second place man is 17th, in a Perez-led train behind Vergne and Maldonado.

16:29 Hamilton takes back another tenth from Rosberg. But right now you get the impression that the Mercedes aren't really racing each other, they're battling to look after their own tyre issues.

16:30 Red Bull to Vettel: "Everything is struggling, so stint life is critical", and it tells Ricciardo tyre wear is worse than expected too.

16:30 Rosberg has a big blister on his right front as well.

16:31 Fastest lap for Hamilton - even with those tyre troubles - so he's now two seconds behind Rosberg.

16:31 Ricciardo tells Red Bull that the tyre situation is "manageable". He says he has understeer, and it didn't go away when he expected.

16:31 Lotus tells Maldonado he's going to be on "plan B".

16:31 Massa is in a bit of no-man's land in third: 6.8s behind Hamilton, 3.2s ahead of Bottas. His race is going to get busier when he serves that five-second penalty at his next pitstop.

16:32 If Grosjean wanted to pit on that lap, he couldn't because Magnussen was alongside him on his left passing him for sixth.

16:32 Hamilton takes another two tenths out of Rosberg, closing the lead to 1.8s.

16:32 The time spent behind Grosjean cost Magnussen a bit, Alonso and the Red Bulls closed in on him.

16:33 Alonso tries the outside of Grosjean into the Senna S but the Lotus stays ahead.

16:34 The Mercedes are lapping in the low 1m15s, while everyone else is well into the 1m16s. Massa is nearly 10 seconds behind the leaders now.

16:34 Alonso does make it stick on the next straight, breezing ahead into seventh before the Descida do Lago.

16:34 Vettel then slips past Grosjean through the corner too. Ricciardo's turn next.

16:34 Another fastest lap for Hamilton. Rosberg's lead is down to 1.2s at the end of lap 24.

16:34 Force India tells Hulkenberg it reckons all the cars ahead are three-stopping except Grosjean.

16:35 Massa is told he is coming in.

16:35 Grosjean makes his first pitstop at the end of lap 24, with Vettel coming in for his second at the same time.

16:35 Massa is only 2.5s ahead of Bottas, so he's going to lose ground with his five-second penalty.

16:35 Rosberg has had a big lock up into Bico de Pato, putting more punishment through that blistered right-front.

16:36 Massa pits, serves his penalty, then the crew get to work.

16:36 Alonso and pursuer Ricciardo are both closing on Magnussen for sixth. All three stay out another lap.

16:36 Perez makes his second pitstop from 14th.

16:36 After the stops have shaken out, Massa should be fifth behind Bottas and Button.

16:36 Hamilton is now one second behind Rosberg, who pits.

16:37 Magnussen makes his second stop at the end of lap 26.

16:37 Bottas has come in as well.

16:37 Vettel on his fresh tyres does a new fastest lap of 1m14.949s.

16:38 Bottas loses a huge chunk of time as one of his mechanics has to reach into the cockpit. It looked like he was having his belts tightened.

These problems for Williams could bring Button into podium contention.

16:38 Hamilton puts in a stunning 1m14.3s fastest lap on old tyres.

16:38 Ricciardo and Gutierrez are the next to stop in the points contenders.

16:38 Button pits from third.

16:38 Hamilton goes off at Turn 4 and spins!

16:39 Rosberg is told "reduce your pushing, the other car has made a mistake."

16:39 Hamilton pits.

16:39 That odd stop for Bottas has dropped him behind Magnussen.

16:39 Alonso now pits, where will he slot in around Magnussen and Bottas?

16:39 It's a quick stop for Hamilton, but Rosberg is now well clear back in the lead.

16:41 "Brake bias too rearwards," says Hamilton of his spin. The team tells him it's OK, and to manage things from here.

16:41 Perez gets a penalty for speeding in the pitlane too.

16:41 Crucially, Massa has stayed ahead of Button, who is stuck behind out of sync Kvyat.

16:42 Rosberg leads Hamilton, then it's Raikkonen and Hulkenberg ahead of Massa, Kvyat, Button.

16:42 Button is all over Kvyat now.

16:42 Vettel managed to jump Magnussen in the stops, but the McLaren is now pushing the Red Bull hard for eighth.

16:42 Alonso remains ahead of Ricciardo, with Bottas behind them after his delay.

16:42 Button passes Kvyat for P6 with the help of DRS into Turn 1.

16:43 We certainly expected Button to be a lot closer to Massa, if not ahead of him, given the Brazilian had to take a 5-second penalty at his stop.

16:43 Rosberg leads Hamilton by 6.7s now things have settled down at the front after their pitstops and Hamilton's spin.

16:43 Hulkenberg - running fourth having only stopped once - sets a personal best.

16:44 Rosberg is told: "Be aware your team-mate is pushing quite hard. Control the gap."

16:44 Could be an ongoing issue for Bottas, he's losing time to Alonso and Ricciardo ahead rather than closing in.

16:44 Hamilton took 0.9s out of Rosberg on that last lap.

16:44 Two-stopper Grosjean is 13th now, 6s behind Bottas.

16:45 Kvyat is now falling back towards Vettel and Magnussen, while Ricciardo has closed right in on Alonso for what is currently 10th.

16:46 Hamilton has settled into a pace that is closer to Rosberg's now. The gap is 5.7s.

16:47 "Next time when you tell me to push, [do it] when I only have one lap left," says Hamilton. Could that be a hint as to why he spun earlier?

16:48 Vettel is about to get in DRS range of Kvyat, while Ricciardo is in the same spot with Alonso. Bottas continues to fall away from them.

16:48 Raikkonen pits from third.

16:49 Raikkonen's front jack drops the car before the right-front is attached, so he loses time.

16:49 Hulkenberg inherits third from Raikkonen, with Massa on his tail.

16:49 That delay means Raikkonen rejoins behind Grosjean in 13th.

16:50 Hulkenberg pits.

16:50 Vettel jinks out and passes Kvyat for what will now be fifth into the Senna S.

16:50 Not much in it between the Mercedes drivers' lap times - Rosberg leads Hamilton by 5.1s.

16:51 Alonso has pulled away from Ricciardo now and moved onto Magnussen's tail as both chase Kvyat.

16:51 Massa and Button are now back in a clear fight for third, and the Williams has a five second advantage over the McLaren.

16:51 Hulkenberg rejoined behind Bottas after his stop, while Raikkonen is now next up having quickly overtaken Grosjean.

16:52 Hamilton picks up the pace again, dipping back into the 1m14s. The gap is down to 4.1s.

16:52 Kvyat makes his second pitstop at the end of lap 38.

16:53 Kvyat coming in releases Magnussen and Alonso, who are 2.6s behind fifth-placed Vettel.

16:53 Ricciardo slows and tells Red Bull that he has a front brake problem.

16:53 That's a very rare mechanical problem for Ricciardo, who is cruising slowly back to the pits.

16:54 Hamilton is back inside four seconds of Rosberg now, on lap 40/71.

16:54 "If you think it's unsafe, stop the car. Otherwise drive back slowly," Red Bull tells Ricciardo.

16:55 Hamilton takes another half a second out of Rosberg - gap 3.4s.

16:55 Red Bull is having a thorough look at Ricciardo's car in the pit area and hasn't yet brought it into the garage.

16:55 Ricciardo tells Red Bull he's "pretty sure it's gone" as the team continues to inspect the car.

16:56 A replay from Ricciardo's in-car camera suggests that was a suspension breakage on the way into the Senna S.

16:56 We get a replay of Rosberg having another lock-up at Bico de Pato. He leads Hamilton by 3.1s now.

16:56 Rosberg did a personal best 1m14.8s that time, but he still lost nearly three tenths to Hamilton.

16:56 Red Bull tells Ricciardo to switch the car off. "I started to feel a wobble on the brakes for about five laps," he explains.

16:56 Massa is pulling away from Button. His extended the gap to 6.3s - it was five seconds not too long ago.

16:57 Hulkenberg takes a lunge at Bottas into the Senna S, with the Williams ending up on the run-off area.

16:57 Bottas then comes under attack from Raikkonen, who he holds to the outside at the Descida do Lago before the Ferrari gets it on the exit.

16:57 Rosberg's lead over Hamilton is down to 2.9s now. And Massa - nearly 16s behind them - out-paces both Mercedes on that lap.

16:58 Ferrari tells Raikkonen "it's close to being a two-stop if we can manage to run long".

16:58 Bottas now makes another pitstop.

16:58 Rosberg finally outpaces Hamilton with another personal best. The gap is back up to three seconds.

16:58 Just before that, Williams asked Bottas "do you think we need to stop? Is this tyre dead?" He felt it was.

16:59 Alonso is putting Magnussen under decent pressure for sixth now. They've dropped 4s behind Vettel.

17:00 Bottas's pitstop wasn't a particularly quick one. It looks like there was a delay with a front wing adjustment.

17:00 Hamilton responds to Rosberg's quick lap, taking the gap back down to 2.7s.

17:00 Kvyat is asking Toro Rosso for team orders to get Vergne out of his way. They're tight in behind Perez in 12th and 13th.

17:00 Massa continues to drive away from Button - he's 7.4s clear in the battle for third.

17:00 Magnussen comes under attack from Alonso on the outside into the Senna S.

17:00 Magnussen fends off Alonso at the first corner so the Ferrari tries again at the Descida do Lago. Magnussen runs wide on the exit.

17:01 Alonso can easily sweep through on the way out of the corner as Magnussen loses momentum.

17:01 Hamilton chips away at Rosberg's lead some more. The gap is down to 2.5s on lap 45/71/

17:01 Massa is told "we need at least six more timed laps from this set".

17:02 After spending the first portion of the race in fourth, Bottas has ended up back in 16th at present, though others ahead have to stop.

17:02 And still the lead decreases. Hamilton is now 2.3s behind Rosberg.

17:02 Either by a pass or with some team help, Kvyat is now ahead of Vergne and attacking Perez for 11th.

17:03 Red Bull asks Vettel for "two hard laps" but adds "your right rear on the limit, I appreciate that."

17:03 Hamilton takes another four tenths out of Rosberg. Gap is 1.9s, and at this rate it won't be long until he's in DRS range.

17:03 Kvyat lives up to his promise to the team and muscles past Perez for 11th.

17:04 Magnussen pits for what he hopes will be his last stop with 24 laps to go.

17:04 Rosberg responds to Hamilton with a personal best 1m14.4s, taking back two tenths.

17:05 Rosberg's last lap included a new overall best time through the middle sector.

17:06 Gutierrez and Perez also make their last stops.

17:06 Hamilton is the quicker Mercedes this time. The leaders are split by two seconds.

17:06 Massa is 21.6s behind the leaders now as they continue to push each other out front.

17:06 Vettel pits from fifth place. Time for Alonso to push to see if he can close in or jump him.

17:07 Rosberg pits from the lead. It's a 2.7s stop at the end of lap 50/71.

17:07 Massa and Button are also in.

17:08 Hamilton pits from the lead.

17:09 Hamilton's stop is 2.5s, but Rosberg sweeps into the lead through Turn 3. There's not a lot in it, but the German holds on for now.

17:09 Replays show Massa pulled into Button's pit bay when they came in together, and he was waved straight through into his Williams pit.

17:10 Just 0.5s between Rosberg and Hamilton out front now.

17:10 Alonso pits from third place.

17:10 The Mercedes drivers are nose-to-tail in the middle sector now.

17:11 Rosberg responds to that pressure from Hamilton with the fastest lap - two tenths faster.

17:11 That's a big statement from Rosberg - who unlike Hamilton didn't have DRS on that lap and still went faster.

17:12 Massa passes Hulkenberg - on a different strategy - for third into Turn 1.

17:12 Running further didn't help Alonso in his chase of Vettel. The Ferrari not only rejoins far behind the Red Bull, but has to pass Kvyat.

17:12 The Brazilian fans don't mind that that pass was inevitable. They still got out of their seats for Massa's pass.

17:12 Hamilton is told to think about protecting the right rear - "it's getting hot."

17:13 Magnussen is 5s behind Alonso in 10th place, with two-stopper Grosjean 11th and the multi-delayed Bottas 12th and still losing time.

17:13 Hamilton takes a tenth back from Rosberg, the lead is 0.6s.

17:13 Bottas is in the unusual position of being under pressure from Gutierrez and Maldonado.

17:13 If Rosberg can keep Hamilton in the dirty air, the Briton is surely going to work his tyres too hard.

17:13 Another fastest lap for Rosberg - the lead goes out by a tenth to 0.7s.

17:14 Rosberg declared earlier this weekend that he had learned from losing out to Hamilton at Austin a week ago. Let's see how much he learned.

17:14 The leaders are catching backmarkers.

17:14 Alonso is having a crack at catching Vettel, a lap 0.6s quicker gets the gap down to 6.2s with 16 laps left. They're seventh and eighth now.

17:15 There's a train of four cars for Rosberg and Hamilton to negotiate, as they are separated by 0.6s.

17:15 Williams tells Bottas he needs to use a lower gear in Turn 9 "for the engine".

17:16 Gutierrez gets out of the way of the leaders in the middle sector.

17:16 Vergne passes Gutierrez for 14th in the group chasing Bottas.

17:16 The gap stays at 0.6s at the end of lap 57/71.

17:16 Bottas, Maldonado and Vergne are next up for Rosberg and Hamilton to lap.

17:17 Alonso continues to chip away at Vettel, who is rapidly catching the yet-to-stop Raikkonen and the done-all-his-pitting Button.

17:17 A personal best for Hamilton, closing to 0.5s behind Rosberg.

17:18 An overall best first sector for Hamilton. He is on Rosberg's gearbox now as they catch the traffic in the middle sector.

17:18 Vergne keeps well out of the way.

17:18 Raikkonen is potentially trying to nurse his tyres to the end in fifth place, now with Button and Vettel all over him, and Alonso gaining.

17:18 The gap is still 0.5s out front.

17:19 Magnussen is quickly gaining on Kvyat for ninth too.

17:19 Maldonado gets out of the way of the leaders between Turns 3 and 4.

17:19 Bottas almost stops on the approach to Bico de Pato to keep out of the way of the leaders. There's more than four seconds to the next backmarker.

17:20 Rosberg is 0.7s clear at the start of lap 61/71.

17:20 Grosjean pits again from 12th.

17:20 Hulkenberg pits from fourth for his final stop.

17:20 Magnussen is told not to worry about Kvyat as he hasn't run softs yet.

17:21 Button has a massive go at Raikkonen at the Senna S and is resisted, so has to do it around the outside at the Descida do Lago.

17:21 Vettel capitalises on Button's move on Raikkonen and passes the Ferrari too.

17:21 Rosberg sets a new fastest lap, but Hamilton is only 0.001 slower!

17:21 Kvyat has also made his final stop from ninth too.

17:22 Alonso is about to catch team-mate Raikkonen for sixth.

17:22 Hulkenberg has come out ninth after his stop, while Kvyat is 12th. Both are now on softs for the first time.

17:22 The Mercedes drivers are trading purple (fastest) sector times at the moment. They are throwing everything at it.

17:22 Kvyat swiftly passes Maldonado for 11th and is now going to attack the troubled Bottas for 10th.

17:22 Fastest lap for Hamilton this time. He takes a tenth back from Rosberg.

17:23 Now they're clear of Raikkonen, Button is inching away from Vettel again.

17:23 Hamilton gets the gap down to 0.4s in the first sector. The challenge is holding on in the dirty air through the twisty middle sector.

17:23 Very rapid laps from Hulkenberg on his new softs, he's poised to attack Magnussen for eighth, and could he then chase the Ferraris?

17:23 Rosberg is nearly three tenths faster that lap, so the gap is up to 0.9s on lap 64/71.

17:24 Grosjean is back in 16th after his last stop but is very rapidly catching those ahead on older rubber.

17:24 Massa is more than half a minute behind the leaders, but more importantly he's 11.5s ahead of Button in the fight for the final podium spot.

17:24 Alonso remains behind team-mate Raikkonen as they run sixth and seventh.

17:25 Hamilton takes some time back, he's back to 0.7s behind Rosberg.

17:25 Alonso is trying a variety of unlikely outside line moves on Raikkonen to no avail.

17:26 McLaren urges Magnussen to hold Hulkenberg off for eighth as it's sure his current tyre advantage won't last and they will "deg off".

17:26 Bottas is still holding Kvyat back for 10th.

17:26 Hamilton has the gap down to 0.5s.

17:26 Grosjean parks the Lotus before his new-tyre charge could really get going. More mechanical problems.

17:27 There's now a lot of smoke coming from Grosjean's Lotus as it's pulled away from the track.

17:27 Lap 67/71 - Rosberg leads Hamilton by 0.6s.

17:27 Alonso continues to try everything to pass Raikkonen for sixth.

17:27 A minor lock-up for Hamilton into Turn 1, but he doesn't run too wide.

17:28 Lotus's advice from Grosjean went from "scenario 11" to "stop near a fire marshal" as its driver pointed out it was definitely race over.

17:28 Raikkonen is keeping Alonso firmly behind him, holding him to the outside at every corner.

17:29 Rosberg increases his lead by a tenth, to 0.7s.

17:29 Button is chipping away at Massa's advantage, but he's still 9.7s behind the third-placed Williams.

17:29 Hulkenberg makes it past Magnussen for eighth. But will McLaren's "deg off" prediction come true?

17:29 Alonso finally makes it past Raikkonen into the Senna S. But Vettel is now 6.6s clear up ahead.

17:29 Hamilton takes that tenth back, so once again the lead is 0.6s.

17:30 Three laps to go. Does Hamilton have anything up his sleeve, or is this simply Rosberg's to lose?

17:31 Now he's past Magnussen, Hulkenberg is rapidly catching Raikkonen, but he's probably not got time. Plus that Ferrari's proved hard to pass.

17:31 Rosberg eases the lead out to 0.8s with two laps to go.

17:31 Bottas is still fending off Kvyat for the final point.

17:32 Hulkenberg is going to be right with Raikkonen by some point on the final lap.

17:32 The gap is still 0.8s between Rosberg and Hamilton as we start the final lap.

17:32 Hamilton has that lead down to 0.6s with a fastest first sector.

17:33 Rosberg holds on - he wins the Brazilian Grand Prix from Hamilton for another one-two.

17:34 Among the lapped cars, Bottas stays clear of Kvyat and denies Toro Rosso the last point.

17:34 To the delight of the crowd, Massa comes home third to complete the podium.

17:34 Raikkonen squeezes over the line just 0.2s ahead of Hulkenberg for seventh.

17:35 "Woohoo, well done Nico, great job in difficult conditions,".

Behind him, Mercedes apologises to Hamilton "for that stop".

17:36 Massa: "Thank you guys, thank you very much. It was a great race, sorry for my mistake [speeding in the pits]."

In the end, that five-second penalty didn't cost Massa in terms of result.

17:36 Rosberg is out of the car, celebrating with his crew before going to get weighed.

17:37 Brazilian GP result:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Massa
4 Button
5 Vettel
6 Alonso
7 Raikkonen
8 Hulkenberg
9 Magnussen
10 Bottas

17:38 Kvyat, Maldonado, Vergne, Gutierrez, Perez and Sutil missed out on the points.

Grosjean and Ricciardo were the only retirements.

17:39 As has become the norm with the title race heating up, there's not much dialogue between the two Mercedes drivers as they wait to go onto the podium.

17:39 The arrival of Massa kick-starts the conversation, as he chirpily chats to both Mercedes drivers.

17:40 "Nice job Jenson!" says McLaren. "Ooof, yeah, not going to do any better than that were we?" replies Button.

17:40 "Really?!" says Massa, as it looks like Hamilton explains his spin to the Brazilian.

17:40 "If we get a step forward with the upgrade at the next race, we might be able to beat both those white [Williams] cars," Button suggests.

17:40 The fanatical Brazilian fans are allowed onto the start finish straight just before the drivers appear on the podium.

17:41 Button's slowing-down lap chat with his engineer includes a check of the top 10 order and his thoughts on how well Raikkonen hung on.

17:41 That extremely lucid, laidback radio conversation is another reminder that F1 would miss Button...

17:41 National anthem time on the podium.

17:44 Huge cheers for Massa as he collects his trophy, and now the champagne is sprayed by the top three as the traditional podium music is replaced by some samba.

17:45 Nelson Piquet appears for podium interview duty as the crowd tries to drown him out with cheers for Massa.

17:45 Rosberg: "I'm very happy with the whole weekend. I was able to attack and control the gap to Lewis." He signs off with a thank you to the fans in Portuguese.

17:46 Piquet tells Hamilton he's jealous of him because of his girlfriend: "Say hello to her!"

He then forgets to ask Hamilton a question!

17:47 Massa: "I'm so happy with the race. So many mistakes in my race - I had the penalty and I stopped in the McLaren box. The car was fantastic, I'm so grateful." Then he - understandably - switches to Portuguese to address his fans.

17:47 Piquet calls Hamilton back to talk about the race. Looks like he had a reminder.

17:49 Hamilton: "It was an amazing race, I had a great time. Big mistake in the mid part of the race, but the team did a good job and congratulations to Nico. And well done to Felipe for being up here. The fans are amazing.

"I'm going to drive the same in Abu Dhabi, hopefully I will improve. I lost some time here, but it's all to play for."

17:51 Here's BEN ANDERSON's full report from that race, plus the complete results rundown and the latest championship standings:

Brazilian Grand Prix race report

17:54 Vettel's first comment to Red Bull as he crossed the line was to ask whether everyone ahead of him two-stopped.

17:54 Vettel is reassured that the best two-stopper was Raikkonen back in seventh. The champion is a bit disgruntled about his car's race pace.

17:55 But Vettel then apologises to Red Bull for running wide at the Descida do Lago on lap one. He admits he has "bad memories" there from 2012.

17:56 Back in 2012, an opening-lap clash with Bruno Senna at that spot nearly cost Vettel the title, so he confesses he was spooked and went wide.

18:06 Bottas says his 10th place was "probably the hardest point so far", putting it down to much worse tyre wear that expected.

18:06 Bottas prefers not to talk about the problems in two of his pitstops, though he confirms that an issue with his seatbelts was one drama.

18:27 AUTOSPORT Live will be covering every moment of track action in the Abu Dhabi title decider in a fortnight, starting from Friday practice.

18:28 Our Race Centre Live service will also be running for Rally GB, the Macau F3 GP, the Bahrain WEC race and the NASCAR finale next weekend.

18:29 Thanks for following the Brazilian GP weekend with us, keep an eye on the AUTOSPORT news pages for all the paddock reaction from Interlagos tonight and into the week.

EDD STRAW's GP analysis and driver ratings will be published on Monday morning, with GARY ANDERSON's verdict to come on Tuesday.

Race length: 71 laps
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