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As it happened: Test day two
By Edd Straw, Glenn Freeman, Ben Anderson and AUTOSPORT staff
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
07:48 Good morning from Jerez and welcome to AUTOSPORT's live coverage of the first pre-season test of Formula 1 2015.

07:50 Sebastian Vettel set the headline fastest time on his first day in the new Ferrari SF15-T yesterday, but Nico Rosberg also caught the eye by clocking a monstrous 157 laps in the Mercedes W06.

07:53 Vettel will continue driving the Ferrari today, before handing over to Kimi Raikkonen.

The Lotus E23 arrived at the track late yesterday, so might not make its debut until Tuesday, according to the team.

07:56 Here's the full driving line-up for day two in Jerez:
Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton
Red Bull – Daniil Kvyat
Williams – Valtteri Bottas
Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel
McLaren – Jenson Button
Toro Rosso – Max Verstappen
Sauber – Felipe Nasr
Lotus – Romain Grosjean

07:58 Jenson Button will get his first taste of the new McLaren-Honda MP4-30 today. Electronic and control systems problems limited Fernando Alonso to just six laps on day one, but Honda says it has solved those difficulties so Button should hopefully enjoy a cleaner run today.

08:00 Day two at Jerez is up and running.

08:02 Three cars head straight out - Vettel in the Ferrari, Nasr in the Sauber, and reigning world champion Hamilton in the Mercedes.

08:02 Kvyat heads out for his first lap as a Red Bull driver.

08:04 Picking up where team-mate Rosberg left off yesterday, Hamilton stays out while the others head for the pits. We're three minutes into testing today and already Mercedes has covered more mileage than anyone else.

08:05 Hamilton returns to the pits after a two-lap installation run, and the track falls quiet.

08:11 Jenson Button gently eases the McLaren-Honda out of the garage for its seventh lap of pre-season. The engine note is still some way off of 'singing' like its rivals, but it's early days.

08:11 As Button heads round the back of the circuit, the Honda engine is clearly not running cleanly at this first attempt.

08:12 Button brings the car back, and switches the engine off very quickly as he pulls up.

08:13 Williams - late starters yesterday - send Bottas out nice and early today for his first lap.

08:15 Just like its engine supplier's works team did with Hamilton, Williams keeps Bottas out for a second lap on the first run of the day.

08:16 Bottas coasts through the first sector, possibly on a constant-speed run, before opening things up a bit in the second half of the lap.

Felipe Nasr08:16 Former Williams test driver Nasr heads back out in the Sauber for a second lap.

08:19 Yesterday it was a novelty to have three cars on track - 19 minutes into today we have Nasr, Hamilton and Kvyat out there together.

One of them is touring through the first sector, although it's hard to work out which one in the low Jerez sunshine at this time of day!

08:20 Nasr posts the first time of the day in the Sauber - a 1m41.577s.

08:22 Nasr improves to a 1m32.1s on his second lap, but Hamilton is just behind him on track going nearly four seconds quicker with a 1m28.4s.

08:23 More early-morning improvements for both - Hamilton still leads the way and he's down to a 1m26.566s now.

08:24 Max Verstappen heads out for his first run of this test in the Toro Rosso STR10.

08:26 Verstappen's team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr endured a frustrating debut with the car yesterday. The team's plan for this test is to focus on getting its two rookies up to speed, and the priority yesterday with Sainz was to complete some longer runs to get him used to how the tyres drop off.

However, car problems struck every time Sainz attempted a stint of any decent length, and his day was brought to an early end with an engine problem that forced him to stop on track.

Verstappen, who at least got some GP weekend Friday running with Toro Rosso towards the end of last year, will be hoping for better luck than his team-mate had yesterday.

08:27 Hamilton and Nasr are the only two cars on track, and they're running round together at the moment in close proximity. The Mercedes has lowered today's benchmark time to a 1m24.803s so far.

Lewis Hamilton08:30 Mercedes and Sauber call those runs to and end at the same time. Meanwhile, white-helmeted Vettel takes the Ferrari back out.

08:32 Vettel's first timed lap - a 1m26.0s - puts him 1.2s behind Hamilton in second.

08:34 Another improvement for yesterday's pacesetter Vettel, and he moves into the 1m23s on this medium-tyre run.

08:36 Vettel finds another few tenths to get down to a 1m23.0s, while Bottas heads back out in the Williams.

Vettel's time is already quicker than everyone bar the German and Sauber's Marcus Ericsson (on soft tyres) managed yesterday.

08:37 That's a new fastest time in the final sector for Vettel, but the lap is one tenth of a second slower than his current benchmark.

08:39 Button heads back out in the McLaren. If we're being generous we'd say it sounds 'throaty', but some might say it's not running quite right just yet.

08:40 In a classic example of new car (and new engine) precaution, a mechanic stands ready with a fire extinguisher as Button returns to the pits. After a close look under the rear wing as the car is wheeled back into the garage, it's decided that there's no need for the extinguisher just yet.

08:43 Already today we've seen seven of the eight cars that are in Spain for this test. Lotus, which only brought its E23 to Jerez yesterday afternoon, is working hard to build the car up to start running either today or tomorrow.

08:44 We had beautiful clear skies when testing kicked off this morning, but some pretty thick cloud has rolled in quickly.

08:46 Verstappen is alone on track at the moment, and his first time of the day is a 1m32.332s.

08:48 It's a slow build for Verstappen, who over the course of the next two laps has found another four seconds.

08:50 That cloud cover we mentioned earlier has stopped the track temperature from increasing any further for the moment. It was on the rise before that, but now it's stabilised at 7.8C. Air temperature is still gently going up, but it's only 5.9C at the moment.

08:54 Two personal best sectors for Nasr, with an overall best in the middle of the lap, moves him up to second on the unmarked Pirelli tyres.

09:01 As Nasr coasts down the back straight on his latest lap, Vettel and Verstappen head out to join him at a cloudy Jerez.

09:05 Vettel sets the fastest time of this test so far - and by some margin too. He's just banged in a 1m21.926s on medium tyres, which is seven tenths quicker than he went yesterday.

Sebastian Vettel09:06 Vettel goes even quicker on his next lap of this run - shaving a bit more time off with a 1m21.884s.

09:08 The third lap of this run for Vettel is still a quick one. It's not quite the high 1m21s pace he set on those first two laps, but it's still a 1m22.1s.

09:09 Gentle drop off for Vettel as he logs a fourth consecutive lap that is quicker than anyone managed yesterday. This one is a 1m22.338s.

09:09 While Vettel is setting quick lap after quick lap, Bottas is doing regular passes through the pits on a set of unmarked Pirelli tyres.

09:10 Vettel's latest lap is a 1m22.4s - again quicker than his timesheet-topping effort from day one.

09:12 It's taken six flying laps, but Vettel finally posts a time slightly slower than his best from day one. It's still a 1m22.6s though, so quicker than anyone else has managed this week.

09:13 Hamilton joins Vettel in going quicker than anything we saw yesterday. The world champion is up to second with a 1m22.490s, and he's on course to go even quicker on his next lap.

Lewis Hamilton09:15 Hamilton's lap falls away in the final two sectors, so he crosses the line nearly a full second away from Vettel's best after being up in the short first sector.

Vettel has come in, bringing that eye-catching medium-tyre run to a close after seven flying laps.

09:17 Hamilton is lapping comfortably in the mid to high 1m22s on this run, which appears to be taking place on a set of unmarked Pirellis.

09:20 This Hamilton run has settled into the low 1m23s now, with six flying laps on the board so far.

09:21 We have a Lotus on track - Pastor Maldonado leaves the pits in the E23.

09:23 Lotus cautiously predicted that it hoped to get most of its build work complete today so it could do some serious running on day three. So to be on track before 10.30 on day two is a fine effort.

09:23 No surprise that Maldonado is back in the pits at the end of the first lap - time for routine new-car checks.

09:26 Hamilton's pace on the unmarked Pirellis has dropped by one second over 10 laps. He's still going, and Nasr has headed out to join him.

09:27 Hamilton pits, bringing that consistent run to an end.

09:32 Bottas sets his first time of the day - it puts him fourth with a 1m26.068s.

09:35 Bottas improves to a 1m24.923s and then pits.

Lotus E2309:36 Here's a first look at the Lotus E23 on track from that installation lap just carried out by Pastor Maldonado.

09:38 EDD STRAW: "Vettel's fastest lap overall of the test so far - a 1m21.884s - is 1.4s quicker than the best time set in the opening test at Jerez in 2014."

09:45 Vettel heads back out - he's out on the medium rubber and looks set to do another 10 laps. Verstappen is the other driver on track, and is on mediums.

09:45 Vettel improves his fastest time to 1m20.984s

09:48 EDD STRAW: "While it's nice for Ferrari fans to see the team up top on the timesheets, it's important to remember that on day two of testing, the laptimes are of limited value. Certainly, it's not a bad thing, but still need to see much more of the various cars to get any clear evidence of where Ferrari is in the competitive order."

09:50 Nasr has been out and headed straight back into the pits. He's being wheeled back into the Sauber garage.

09:51 We're still yet to see a laptime from Kvyat (Red Bull), Button (McLaren) and Maldonado (Lotus).

09:53 The Red Bull has headed out without a front wing on. Either that, or it's covered with aero paint that makes it invisible...

09:55 And Kvyat has headed back into the pits.

10:00 Hamilton has a tank slapper coming out of the final turn. But keeps it all under control.

10:03 Hamilton's pace is fluctuating between 1m26s-28s at the moment. Verstappen is the only other driver out there, doing low 1m26s in the Toro Rosso.

10:08 Another fire-up in the garage for the McLaren-Honda, while Hamilton and Nasr continue to lap relatively slowly.

Red Bull Jerez10:12 In case you were wondering if our eyes were playing tricks on us, here's the moment the Red Bull appeared at the pit exit to complete a lap without a front wing.

10:16 Silence at Jerez at the moment as the track is empty. The peace and quiet keeps being briefly interrupted by the revving of a Honda engine in the McLaren garage.

10:21 Kvyat heads out for another run without a front wing attached to the RB11.

10:24 Once again the Red Bull comes in at the end of its outlap. Kvyat's middle sector without a front wing was 16 seconds slower than Vettel's fastest time though that section of the lap, if you're interested!

10:30 Cloud cover is preventing the temperature from climbing much at Jerez today - air temp is still only 8.6C. Track temp 12.8C.

10:32 Nasr ends a period of quiet by taking the Sauber back out, and he is followed down the pitlane by Maldonado in the just-built Lotus E23.

10:35 Maldonado stays out this time, so we might be about to see the first laptime from the Lotus.

10:35 Another single lap run for the front wing-less Red Bull. Kvyat is back in the pits.

10:36 Maldonado's first flying lap is a 1m39.488s. Lotus is on the board for the first time at this test.

10:37 Now the Lotus improves to a 1m36.904s - Maldonado is still firmly sixth out of six cars that have set times today.

Lotus E2310:41 Maldonado chips another chunk of time from his best effort, and returns the Lotus E23 to the pits after that short run.

10:47 Here's a recap of the main headlines from today's running so far:

* Vettel comfortably beats his day one time to lead the way
* Lotus E23 makes first appearance with Pastor Maldonado
* Red Bull sends Daniil Kvyat out for single-lap runs without a front wing
* Two laps so far for McLaren-Honda in the hands of Jenson Button

10:49 JONATHAN NOBLE has just been speaking to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner about the RB11 running without a front wing.

Kvyat damaged the only wing Red Bull has here at Jerez, so the team is carrying out very basic work that is can complete without one while a spare is flown out.

There's no guarantee that the new spare will make it to Spain in time to allow the team to do any more proper running today, so everyone at Red Bull is having to cross their fingers.

10:50 Hamilton is back out on track, and his first flying lap of this run is a 1m24.8s.

10:53 As we approach midday in Spain, here's how the lap count is looking so far:

Hamilton (Mercedes) 42
Nasr (Sauber) 33
Vettel (Ferrari) 31
Verstappen (Toro Rosso) 25
Bottas (Williams) 16
Kvyat (Red Bull) 7
Maldonado (Lotus) 6
Button (McLaren) 2

10:55 After sitting in the garage ticking over, the deep engine note of the McLaren-Honda can be heard making its way back out for Button's third lap of the day.

10:57 Verstappen moves above Nasr for third in the standings, as Button trundles past the pits and is clocked at 190km/h over the start/finish line. The fastest speed we've had across the line today is 286km/h from Nasr.

10:58 Button drags a rough-sounding McLaren around again to post its first laptime of the day. A 1m54.655s is 33 seconds off the pace.

11:00 Button pits after setting that first timed lap of the day in the McLaren-Honda.

11:01 Not for the first time today, Button had the engine switched off long before he rolled to a halt outside the McLaren garage.

11:02 Hamilton locks up into Turn 1, missing the apex, and gently running across the exit kerb while trying to keep the car away from the artificial grass and gravel on the other side.

11:08 Hamilton continues to rack up the mileage for Mercedes. He's just finished his 53rd lap. He'll need to clock 105 more to eclipse team-mate Nico Rosberg's tally on day one.

11:11 Maldonado rejoins the action in the Lotus E23. The team will be working hard to make up lost ground after a late start in Jerez.

11:15 And the Venezuelan works down to a better time on the first flying lap of that run. The Lotus has improved to 1m28.193s. That puts it three seconds adrift of the Williams it is targeting beating in 2015.

11:18 Verstappen pulls back into the pits in the Toro Rosso. The team will be hoping for a smoother day today as it seeks to give F1's youngest ever driver enough mileage to get used to the way Pirelli's tyres behave.

11:19 The Williams has just left the pits as Maldonado improves again. Four cars on track currently.

11:21 Having worked his way down into the 1m27s with that short run, Maldonado dives back into the pits in the Lotus.

11:23 The Sauber is in too now as Hamilton continues to pound round. The world champion is lapping in the low 1m27s to late 1m26s at the moment.

11:25 @McLarenF1: "Jenson's run a couple more laps - chasing a recurring problem. Hopefully out again soon. #Jerez #TestingIsTesting"

11:26 Bottas dives for the pits now, leaving Hamilton alone on track. The Williams has clocked 24 laps so far today and Bottas says the team will be solely focused on reliability work at this test.

"I think these days here we're going to use to experience the car and put mileage on it, see about the reliability and learn from it.

"I think we are getting some bits onto the car a bit later at Barcelona.

"I don't think it's time to start focusing on pure performance here yet. I think it's time to focus on the basic things first."

11:34 Hamilton is still going strong and has racked up 70 laps for Mercedes. Pace has dropped into the 1m27s now on a very long run. Paddy Lowe will be delighted...

11:38 Hamilton finally brings his run to an end. His 73 laps is comfortably the largest total of the day so far as quiet descends on the Jerez circuit.

11:42 Verstappen breaks the short silence and heads back out in the Toro Rosso. He's clocked 42 laps and the Dutch teenager is only four shy of matching team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr's tally for the whole of yesterday, so the STR10 is clearly running better than on day one.

11:45 The late start to this test for Lotus means Romain Grosjean will only get one day of running in the new E23. The team has confirmed Maldonado will stay in the car tomorrow and hand over to his Franco-Swiss team-mate for the final day on Wednesday.

11:46 The track goes quiet once more as Verstappen brings his latest run to an abrupt halt and heads back to the pits.

Red Bull11:50 Red Bull has caused much fanfare by unveiling its new RB11 cloaked in a camouflage livery. Our technical expert Craig Scarborough reveals the secrets it's trying to hide.

Technical analysis: The Red Bull RB11

11:56 Felipe Nasr is back out in the Sauber, which is resplendent in the colours of his sponsor: Banco do Brasil.

The change of colour scheme has clearly caught out some members of the paddock.

One rival F1 driver asked yesterday: "Which car is the blue and yellow one with the white wings?"

Well here's your answer...

11:58 As if his ears were burning as we type, Nasr tags out and returns to the pits. Verstappen's Toro Rosso and Maldonado's Lotus take his place.

12:00 Maldonado goes quicker still in the Lotus on the first flier of this latest run - shaving three tenths off his previous best.

12:02 Maldonado is pressing on in the E23 now - he's found another second and is almost within a second of the Williams now.

12:03 Kvyat's front-wingless Red Bull has just headed back out, making it three cars on track now.

12:05 A brief pitstop for Kvyat, who must be kicking himself for that error on his first lap of the morning. Big setback for learning his new surroundings.

12:15 As Maldonado pits, Hamilton joins the action with a practice start from the end of the pitlane.

12:17 Hamilton starts this run with a 1m23.601s - faster than anyone other than the 2014 champion and Vettel today.

12:21 Hamilton's next laps are a 1m23.9s and a 1m24.2s, while Kvyat is out for some more single-lap runs without a front wing.

12:24 That's six timed laps on this run so far for Hamilton, suffering a drop off of 0.9s on a set of medium-compound Pirellis.

12:29 As Hamilton continues to lap in the 1m24s on this run, Bottas is back out in the Williams and on course to improve his time.

Sebastian Vettel12:30 There's no lunch break during testing at Jerez, but for those of you trying to catch up during yours, here's our report on the morning's action:

Vettel fastest on morning of day two

12:32 Bottas moves up to third in the Williams, as Hamilton short shifts down the pit straight and cruises through the first sector.

12:36 That slow lap signals the end of Hamilton's run on the medium tyre. The first two laps were high 1m23s, the next eight were 1m24s, and he finished with two 1m25s

12:41 Hamilton briefly re-appears, but now it's just Bottas out there and he's on a slow lap as he heads out of the first sector (and therefore out of our sight).

12:42 Predictably, Bottas returns to the pits. Vettel and Ferrari take the opportunity to make use of an empty track.

12:43 Red Bull's camouflage testing livery has certainly generated some debate at a time when the samey nature of F1 colour schemes has exasperated fans (and AUTOSPORT magazine editor EDD STRAW).

But this morning at Jerez Christian Horner promised that when Red Bull's definitive 2015 race colours are unveiled, they won't be a disappointment:

Red Bull promises stronger livery for 2015

12:48 It's a pretty quick start to this run for Vettel - three straight laps in the 1m22s.

12:51 Five timed laps in the books for Vettel on this run on mediums, and he's in the low 1m23s now.

12:53 Just Vettel on the track at the moment. He's on his seventh flying lap of the run.

12:54 Looks like Hamilton may have had a problem at the end of his last run.

@MercedesAMGF1: "@LewisHamilton stopped just short of the marks in pit lane (by a few hundred metres...)car back in the garage for inspection #StayTuned"

12:54 Vettel drops into the 1m24s on his seventh timed lap.

12:56 After a slow one (1m32s), Vettel picks up the pace and is back in the mid 1m23s bracket

12:58 And Kvyat heads back out again in his front wingless Red Bull.

13:00 Kvyat's back in the pits, and Vettel just did another plodding lap, dropping down to the 1m38s.

13:04 Hamilton's problem is confirmed by Mercedes:

@MercedesAMGF1: "Minor water system problem the reason for @LewisHamilton switching off in pit lane entry. Expecting to have him back out in a jiffy"

Nico Rosberg13:05 Meanwhile, out on the Mercedes pitwall, whatever has just happened above Hamilton's spectating team-mate Nico Rosberg is clearly brilliant and hilarious.

13:06 Just Bottas on track now in the Williams, as Vettel has returned to the Ferrari garage.

13:07 The Lotus has now done a respectable 25 laps. That said, ideally the car should have been running on Sunday so its still behind the game.

13:08 Nasr returns to the track in the Sauber. He's now on his 50th lap of the day.

13:09 Still getting used to the blue-and-yellow colour scheme of the Sauber. That's the brightest colours the team has carried since it came into F1 in 1993!

Sauber 199313:10 SAUBER FACT: Sauber ran fourth and fifth at the end of its first lap in grand prix racing at Kyalami in 1993.

13:10 So Nasr (Sauber) and Bottas (not Sauber) now out on the track.

13:11 SAUBER ALARM: Nasr improves his time. He's now done a 1m24.218s. Fifth fastest.

13:11 @McLarenF1: "We think we've fixed the issue - hopeful of getting MP4-30 out again before the end of the day."

13:12 SAUBER FACT: The 'C' in the Sauber designation is there in honour of Peter Sauber's wife, Christiane.

13:14 Some very dark clouds have rolled in over Jerez in the last 15 minutes or so.

13:14 Nasr returns to the pits, meaning there is now nobody on track.

13:14 SAUBER FACT: 'Sauber' is German for 'clean'.

13:16 SAUBER FACT: Heinz-Harald Frentzen has started more grands prix for Sauber than anyone else - 64.

13:18 SAUBER FACT: Sergio Perez has more podiums for Sauber than any other driver (3). That's Sauber as a fully-independent team, so excluding the BMW Sauber years.

13:20 Sauber facts will continue until somebody returns to the track.

13:20 It is raining. Great news for Sauber facts. It's only a fine mist in the air, but it's seemingly enough to put anyone off of running.

13:22 While EDD STRAW is killing time with his love of Sauber, we're challenging him to pick his top 5 Sauber F1 drivers of all time.

13:24 EDD STRAW: "I accept the challenge. But does BMW Sauber count for this? Was some common ownership through Peter Sauber."

13:24 We have action: Vettel is on track.

Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz13:26 While the creator of Sauber facts gets to work on his challenge, and the weather is keeping things relatively quiet on track (save for Vettel), here's a collection of successful Spaniards killing time in the paddock. Fernando Alonso flanked by two generations of Carlos Sainz...

13:26 And Vettel returns to the pits.

13:27 EDD STRAW is indeed allowed to include BMW Sauber drivers in his top 5 - surely that means Jacques Villeneuve has just won this contest hands down.

13:28 EDD STRAW: "Just to clarify, this is my five favourite drivers based upon their antics in a Sauber, not five favourite/greatest/best drivers who happened to have raced a Sauber in F1."

13:28 We expect fans of Pedro Diniz will be holding their collective breath over this challenge...

13:29 EDD STRAW: "Number five: Kamui Kobayashi. Effective driver, popular podium in the Japanese GP and once speculated that they might not make bullet-proof vests big enough for me. He was right."

13:31 EDD STRAW: "Number four: JJ Lehto. Simply for points on Sauber's debut at Kyalami. And he made two late-season appearances for Sauber in 1994. I like that kind of thing."

13:32 EDD STRAW: "Number three: Kimi Raikkonen. Before I worked for AUTOSPORT, I thought his promotion to a Sauber drive in 2001 was a mistake. Was very wrong. Sensational rookie season."

13:34 EDD STRAW: "Number two: Nico Hulkenberg. Drove some absurdly good races for the team in 2013. His reward seems to be to bounce around midfield teams indefinitely."

13:35 EDD STRAW: "Before revealing number one, I have to add honourable mentions for Nick Heidfeld and Heinz-Harald Frentzen. And Norberto Fontana."

Robert Kubica13:37 EDD STRAW: "And number one has to be Robert Kubica. Stunning in 2008 in particular, fantastic driver and and a genuinely admirable character. He's all about motorsport."

13:39 Congratulations to Robert Kubica for winning EDD STRAW'S top-five Sauber drivers challenge. But can the founder of SAUBER FACTS name each of the four drivers who have returned to the team for a second stint as a race driver?

13:42 Rules clarification: The driver must have joined another team in between...

13:42 EDD STRAW: "JJ Lehto, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Nick Heidfeld, Felipe Massa."

13:47 SAUBER FACT: "Michael Schumacher, who raced for Sauber in Group C, later tested an F1 car for the team."

13:48 @HondaRacingF1: "Black clouds and drizzle in #Jerez. But we've located the problem. #everycloud"

13:49 SAUBER FACT: "In 2010, Peter Sauber chose the 1993 South African Grand Prix as his 'Race Of My Life' in AUTOSPORT magazine."

13:52 Nasr heads back out onto track in the Sauber. Clearly the team was influenced to put on a show for the hardy souls in the grandstands by AUTOSPORT's spate of Sauber facts.

13:54 Nasr improves his best time to a 1m23.762s. He goes third fastest.

13:56 Vettel is out on track too, but he's running pretty slowly at the moment. No repeat of the rapid runs that he chalked up this morning on his way to going fastest.

13:58 Vettel's just passed through the pits, while Bottas has headed out as well. Nasr is lapping in the 1m24s following on from that personal best 1m23.7s.

14:02 BEN ANDERSON is down in the pits for us. He's watching "lots of activity around the rear of the McLaren-Honda in the garage", and was also on hand to see Kvyat struggle to engage first gear and pull away at the end of the pits.

14:03 Bottas moves up to third with a 1m23.049s, as Kvyat makes another messy getaway in the Red Bull.

Esteban Gutierrez14:09 BEN ANDERSON: "Just spoke to new Ferrari reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez. He says the Scuderia's test programme is running smoothly today and that first impressions of the new car are good.

"Gutierrez is hoping for a limited testing programme with Ferrari. He'll be frustrated not to be racing, but he'll be hoping that being associated with a big team can be good for his longer-term prospects."

14:11 Our man in the pits adds that it's all quiet at Mercedes. The garage doors are still down following the water system problem that halted Hamilton earlier.

14:12 Vettel's started another quick run - the first two laps are a 1m21.8s and a 1m22.2s.

14:15 The Ferrari is quickly into the 1m23s, and it has been joined on track by Maldonado in the Lotus.

14:17 BEN ANDERSON can hear plenty of work going on behind closed doors at the two Red Bull-owned teams: "Spanners clanking at Toro Rosso and fans whirring at Red Bull."

He's also popped along to Lotus, where the team says the E23 is far easier to work on than its troublesome predecessor - both in terms of chassis and engine.

14:18 Maldonado sets a new personal best, trimming two tenths from his time to post a 1m25.802s.

14:22 Here's a recap of today's headlines so far:

* Vettel fastest during a sequence of fast runs in the morning
* Mercedes leads lap count again but Hamilton stops with water system problem
* Five laps for McLaren so far, but the team is working to get out before the end of the day
* Kvyat runs without a front wing due to damaging the only one Red Bull has
* Lotus E23 makes its debut with Maldonado

14:25 Another improvement for Bottas takes him into the 1m22s (just) - 1m22.983s.

14:29 Fans of SAUBER FACTS from earlier will be pleased to hear an update on the team's 2015 test programme so far from BEN ANDERSON:

"Ericsson is much happier with the high speed and braking stability of the C34 compared to last year's car that he drove in Abu Dhabi testing. The team thinks the Ferrari engine has taken a step forward this year as well."

14:36 We have our first red flag of the day. It looks like it's Maldonado stopped on track in the final sector.

14:38 The Lotus is being pushed into the pits by marshals, who appear to have ditched it at the beginning of the pitlane for the mechanics to deal with.

14:40 BEN ANDERSON reports that Maldonado stayed in the Lotus while it was being pushed back to the garage.

14:40 The track is green again, and Vettel heads straight back out in the Ferrari.

14:44 Vettel opens this run with a new fastest time through the first sector, but by the end of the lap he's eight tenths down on his best from this morning.

14:46 BEN ANDERSON tells us that the McLaren MP4-30's bodywork is on stands in the garage, but he reckons the mechanics are getting ready to fire it up soon as they continue to work on the rear of the car.

14:48 Nasr repeats team-mate Ericsson's trick from day one and moves up to second on a set of soft tyres.

Bottas finds six tenths of a second, moving himself up to third.

14:50 Former Williams test driver Nasr moves over for Bottas, who is also on soft tyres at the moment.

Lewis Hamilton15:01 Hamilton isn't going back out today:

@MercedesAMGF1: "That'll be us for today - investigations revealed a water leak from a failed part. The crew are now working hard to get the car ready for a return to action tomorrow."

15:03 We might not see anyone else go out either now - a huge rain storm has just hit the circuit.

15:08 That shower was poorly timed for Toro Rosso in particular - the team had just got Verstappen back on track after a long delay.

15:10 McLaren briefly fires up the Honda engine. The mechanics probably have no idea how much pandemonium that causes in certain over-excitable corners of the media centre every time they do it, as people rush to the window hoping that the MP4-30 is about to hit the track.

15:15 @WilliamsRacing: "It's raining so @ValtteriBottas has jumped out. Must be the @MercedesAMGF1 water leak"

15:17 Lots more blipping of the Honda engine from the McLaren garage at the moment. Button could be one of the few drivers sent out in the wet if the team wants to check that it has fixed the problems that have limited him to just five laps so far.

15:20 @MercedesAMGF1: "@WilliamsRacing @ValtteriBottas We may have underestimated the scale of leakage..."

15:23 Verstappen is the first driver to head out for a lap in the rain. He's got 59 laps to his name today, but the team has spent a lot of the afternoon working on the car in the garage.

15:24 Felipe Nasr must be feeling jealous of Verstappen having the wet track all to himself. The Brazilian's Sauber has just joined the fray for a splash about in the final 35 minutes of the session.

15:29 Verstappen decides he's had enough of the rain and dives into the pits. His 1m42s flying lap was still 12s faster than the recalcitrant McLaren-Honda has been round Jerez today...

15:33 Verstappen heads back out after a brief stop. Nasr's Sauber has come slowly back into the pits.

15:34 Williams technical chief Pat Symonds has just finished a Twitter Q&A on the team's official account. Here's one of the snippets he revealed:

@WilliamsRacing: "The most visual change between now and the first race will be a new rear wing"

15:37 Nasr heads back out again after a short interval in the pits. Can still see spray flying up from the rear of the Sauber as it builds up speed so the track is pretty sodden. Verstappen is lapping in the 1m40s now in the Toro Rosso.

Sebastian Vettel15:39 Our pacesetter seems keen to get back out there again - here's Vettel wandering outside the Ferrari garage to do the time-honoured 'does my hand get wet?' weather conditions check.

15:41 Verstappen pits again as the McLaren-Honda fires up and finally heads back out on track with 19 minutes to run.

15:43 Button is crawling around in the McLaren. Nasr's Sauber has just flown past.

15:44 Unsurprisingly, Button returns to the pits straight away and turns off a harsh-sounding Honda engine.

15:45 Nasr's had enough too now, so the track is silent once again with just 15 minutes remaining.

15:47 Vettel has decided he fancies a bit of wet running and heads back out in the Ferrari. Verstappen and Nasr have done the same in the Toro Rosso and Sauber respectively.

15:48 @Lotus_F1Team: "Drivetrain related issue curtailed @Pastormaldo's last run. Wet conditions now at Jerez so ideal opportunity to work on it ahead of tomorrow"

15:51 Vettel gets straight down into the 1m36s on a track that is drying out slowly. Verstappen's in the 1m38s, Nasr in the 1m39s.

15:53 Vettel pops the Ferrari into the 1m35s as the sun returns to Jerez at last. He's clocked 83 laps now on his second day in the SF15-T.

15:56 Verstappen is back in the pits again, so it's just the two Ferrari-powered cars circulating as we enter the final four minutes of day two's running.

16:02 That's the end of the second day's running here at Jerez. Ferrari power leads the way again with Vettel fastest from Nasr's Sauber.

Mercedes again tops the lap-count, with Lewis Hamilton managing 91 laps before a water leak curtailed his running.

Troubled times continue for McLaren-Honda...

Sebastian Vettel16:14 Here's our full report on today's action. Our reporters are out in the paddock now getting the reaction to the day, so keep an eye on for more of the stories behind what happened on day two.

REPORT: Vettel fastest again before rain hits

That's it from AUTOSPORT Live for today - we'll see you at 7.45 UK time tomorrow morning for day three, and maybe some more SAUBER FACTS.

P Driver Team Time
1  Sebastian VettelFerrari 1m20.984s
2  Felipe NasrSauber 1m21.867s  +0.883
3  Valtteri BottasWilliams 1m22.319s  +1.335
4  Lewis HamiltonMercedes 1m22.490s  +1.506
5  Max VerstappenToro Rosso 1m24.167s  +3.183
6  Pastor MaldonadoLotus 1m25.802s  +4.818
7  Jenson ButtonMcLaren 1m54.655s  +33.671
All timing unofficial. Updated: 14:48 GMT
Rain High Temp: 13°C / 55°F
Track: Wet
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