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As it happened: Friday - Practice
By Glenn Freeman, Ben Anderson, AUTOSPORT staff and Jack Benyon
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
01:20 Good morning and welcome to the 2015 Formula 1 season. Opening practice for the Australian Grand Prix is not many minutes away.

01:27 It's a clear, bright and sunny day in Melbourne, and Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr are in the Saubers for now - although Giedo van der Garde has been in a Sauber race suit (Ericsson's) this morning.

01:30 The green light is on and F1 2015 has begun.

01:31 The Toro Rossos and Ferraris are the first four cars to hit the circuit.

01:32 Nico Hulkenberg and Daniil Kvyat are next out.

01:34 Ten of the 20 cars have now been on track, with Kevin Magnussen getting the McLaren rolling. No laptimes yet.

01:34 Mercedes sums up the mood perfectly via its twitter feed:

"Green light! That's the sign people! #F1 is officially back in business!! Oh yeah!!! #F1DownUnder @ausgrandprix"

01:36 Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez send sparks flying over the Albert Park circuit.

No sign of any technical problems for either, though, those sparks are the result of this year's minor technical rule tweak involving skidblocks on the cars' undersides.

01:37 Latest on the Sauber situation from EDD STRAW:

"Giedo van der Garde did have a seat fitting this morning in Marcus Ericsson's car, but whatever happened he did not have the requisite superlicence to allow him to participate. So the team has stuck with its regular drivers. But both Sauber and van der Garde are due back in court later today."

Giedo van der Garde

01:39 Rosberg puts in the first laptime of the year, a 1m31.319s, as Hamilton does a 1m32.044s.

01:40 No sign of Manor on track yet, and that might be a theme today:

"The first #FP1 of '15 is underway. We've experienced a few hurdles to get here so we're not expecting our first morning to be plain sailing."

The team's last-minute preparations are such that work is continuing to get the cars ready to go for the first time in the garage here.

01:40 Rosberg improves the benchmark to a 1m29.557s.

01:42 BEN ANDERSON: "According to Williams performance chief Rob Smedley we can expect the balance of the cars to evolve from an initial understeer bias on a 'green' circuit. Once the circuit improves, rear grip will become more of a limiting factor."

01:46 EDD STRAW: "It remains to be seen whether Manor can get on track in this session. In anticipation of the auction of the team's assets, which eventually didn't happen, all of the hard drives possessed by the team were wiped, so it is having to go through the complex process of rebuilding all of the software systems.

"If that sounds straightforward, it isn't. These cars are hugely complex, and this task involves getting software from multiple different companies to talk to each other and to work properly.

"The team is very confident it will get there, but shortly before the session could give no timescale."

Roberto Merhi

01:47 Verstappen is the third man to set a time, with a 1m34.146s behind the two Mercedes.

01:48 We've now had 15 cars out - yet to see Ricciardo, the Saubers and the Manors (the latter unlikely to run this morning).

01:48 Sainz clocks in with a 1m37.197s in fourth.

01:48 So it's Rosberg, Hamilton, Verstappen, Sainz in the order, but many seconds apart as these are all tentative laps.

01:49 Massa's first flying lap is a 1m37.128s, popping into fourth just ahead of Sainz.

01:50 Felipe Massa ran wide slightly on his lap at the exit of Turn 3. Unlikely to have cost him much time, though.

01:51 Hulkenberg and Perez do 1m35s and 1m40s in the Force Indias. Verstappen, Massa and Sainz have improved in fourth to sixth positions.

01:51 Raikkonen goes second for Ferrari with a 1m31.773s, 2.2s off Rosberg's benchmark.

01:51 Bottas's first time is a 1m33.819s, which puts him seventh.

01:52 Vettel goes sixth in the other Ferrari, 3.7s off the pace.

01:52 Order so far: 1 Rosberg, 2 Raikkonen, 3 Hamilton, 4 Massa, 5 Verstappen, 6 Vettel but times nowhere near 'real' yet for most.

01:53 Bottas moves Williams up to third with a 1m31.931s, 2.4s off Rosberg and 0.3s behind Raikkonen in second.

01:53 Maldonado brings the tally of drivers who have done flying laps up to 11 with a 1m33.969s, currently slowest.

01:54 That 1m29.5s lap Rosberg has done is a big step up over the practice one pace last year. Fernando Alonso led that one with a 1m31.840s.

01:55 Sainz goes third for Toro Rosso, a tenth behind Raikkonen and two tenths ahead of Bottas.

01:55 Vettel jumps to second, but he's still 2s down on pacesetter Rosberg. The four-time champion is 0.189s faster than Raikkonen in third.

01:56 Slight improvement from Raikkonen, who stays third but cuts the gap to Vettel to 0.047s.

01:56 Hamilton is now down to seventh. He didn't do as 'full-on' a lap as Rosberg on those early runs and is 2.5s off the pace.

01:58 Order at present: 1 Rosberg, 2 Vettel, 3 Raikkonen, 4 Sainz, 5 Massa, 6 Bottas, 7 Hamilton, 8 Verstappen, 9 Maldonado, 10 Perez.

02:02 The whole field is back in the pitlane now, which is standard as we've reached the end of the half-hour where extra tyres can be used.

02:04 Nico Hulkenberg puts on his hat in the Force India garage, perhaps to begin some discussions with the team, as explained by it on Twitter:

"The morning programme features setup work, which means lots of feedback shared between drivers and engineers. #AusGP."

02:06 "How do the tyre pressures feel from your side, Valtteri?" asks Williams. He replies that as the circuit's still improving with every lap, he wouldn't like to commit to a firm opinion yet.

02:06 Grosjean is back on track for Lotus, ending that quiet period.

02:07 Only briefly, though, as Grosjean is now back in the pits.

02:08 Leading times so far:

1 Rosberg 1m29.557s
2 Vettel 1m31.510s
3 Raikkonen 1m31.557s
4 Sainz 1m31.780s
5 Massa 1m31.836s
6 Bottas 1m31.931s

02:08 First outing on track today by the crowd's hero Ricciardo. He sets off with Red Bull urging him to work the brakes and tyres on his out-lap.

02:10 Plenty of grins from Merhi and Stevens in the Manor pits. They're in the team's new-look red T-shirts rather than the race suits they might've hoped for at this point, but there's clear appreciation of the work going in to trying to get the revived team on track today... or tomorrow.

02:11 Mercedes gives Hamilton a radio update on where wind around the track is most troublesome. Turn 4 and Turn 9 the key spots.

02:11 Some helpful tips from Renault regarding throttle usage around the Albert Park circuit:

"The full throttle time at Albert Park is 55%, i.e. for 55% of the lap teams will be on the fuel flow limit of the FIA #F1 #F1Power."

02:11 Ricciardo's first lap of the day puts him 12th on a 1m33.179s.

02:14 "I'm doing a bad job with the engine management - keep an eye on that and keep pushing me," Rosberg asks his engineer.

02:15 Rosberg sets a new sector three best on his out-lap, but the flying lap doesn't start with the same urgency so he probably won't improve.

02:16 Order as we hit halfway:

1 Rosberg
2 Vettel
3 Raikkonen
4 Sainz
5 Massa
6 Bottas
7 Hamilton
8 Verstappen
9 Maldonado
10 Perez

02:16 Good lap coming in from Hamilton any moment...

02:16 The world champion does a 1m29.586s, second to Rosberg by 0.029s.

02:17 Order further back:

11 Hulkenberg
12 Ricciardo
13 Magnussen
14 Kvyat

02:17 No time yet: Grosjean, Button.

No laps at all yet: Ericsson, Nasr, Stevens, Merhi

02:17 "Currently P2, a couple of hundredths off Nico in P1," is the message to Hamilton.

02:17 The Lotus garage houses two very familiar figures, the 2014 GP2 champion and a new signee:

"While both cars are in, let's welcome the very lovely @JolyonPalmer & @CarmenJorda to the garage!"

02:20 Gap from Rosberg to Hamilton: 0.029s. Gap from Rosberg to fastest non-Mercedes: 1.953s. Early days, but still... ouch.

02:20 Williams asks Bottas what the main limitation of the car is, ignoring the wind. He says it's varying from oversteer to understeer.

02:20 Verstappen tells Toro Rosso: "I went off at Turn 4, that's why that was not good." The reply: "Understood, we saw that."

02:22 A short run over the astro turf for Verstappen and he was back on his way.

Interestingly he ran wide at Turn 2 before, throwing gravel up in his wake.

02:24 Button has now got a time on the board, but is 14th and only ahead of team-mate Magnussen among those who have done flying laps.

02:24 Grosjean is among the drivers still to set a time, and don't expect anything too soon as he's chatting on the Lotus pitwall right now.

02:25 Verstappen goes third fastest, a 1m31.067s putting him 1.5s down on Rosberg and half a second up on Vettel in fourth.

02:27 "Keep pushing for one more lap," is Toro Rosso's request to Verstappen after that flier.

02:27 No spins or trips into the gravel trap for any drivers so far in FP1 in 2015.

Sergio Perez and Daniil Kvyat respectively hold those unwelcome titles from FP1 last year.

02:28 BEN ANDERSON: "Sauber refusing to comment on the reason neither of its cars have turned a wheel so far."

02:28 Sainz now takes over in third place, pipping Toro Rosso team-mate Verstappen by 0.053s.

02:29 In the Sauber pit, both drivers are now out of their cars again and Ericsson's even put a coat on.

02:29 Sainz had a moment at Turn 12 on his last flying lap. He and Verstappen have comfortably been the most rowdy of all drivers so far today.

02:30 Maldonado pops up to fifth for Lotus, four tenths off the Toro Rossos ahead.

02:30 Ricciardo goes for a spin, the first of 2015 so far.

He lost it under braking at Turn 15, but he gets going without any issues.

02:31 Current order:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Sainz
4 Verstappen
5 Maldonado
6 Vettel
7 Raikkonen
8 Massa
9 Bottas
10 Kvyat

02:32 "The driveability is really tricky, it's really aggressive," Ricciardo tells Red Bull after his spin.

02:33 Midfield order:

11 Ricciardo
12 Perez
13 Hulkenberg
14 Button
15 Magnussen
No time: Grosjean
No laps: Sauber and Manor

02:34 Bottas jumps to third for Williams, a 1m30.748s is 1.2s off Rosberg but three tenths quicker than the Toro Rossos.

02:34 Ricciardo improves to ninth, 2s off the pace.

02:35 Got some new slow-motion cameras in the pitlane for this year, but the choice of topics isn't the most thrilling so far. Cars exiting the garage, OK, fair enough. Slow-motion tyre warmer removal and slow-motion Vettel rubbing his forehead... not so keen.

02:36 Button and Magnussen are chatting in the McLaren pits. They've done six and seven laps so far (the Toro Rossos lead the count on 19 each) and are 4.9s and 5.2s off the pace.

02:37 Bottas improves his final-sector time but stays third on a 1m30.748s overall.

02:38 Ron Dennis has now wandered over to join Button and Magnussen's conversation. The two McLarens remain up on stands in the garage.

02:40 Leading laptimes during this quieter moment:

1 Rosberg 1m29.557s
2 Hamilton 1m29.586s
3 Bottas 1m30.748s
4 Sainz 1m31.014s
5 Verstappen 1m31.067s
6 Maldonado 1m31.451s
7 Vettel 1m31.510s
8 Raikkonen 1m31.557s
9 Ricciardo 1m31.570s
10 Massa 1m31.836s

02:40 More expert analysis from Renault via Twitter, as it looks to address driveability issues mentioned by home-favourite Daniel Ricciardo earlier:

"Driveability is related to engine mapping to avoid any lag between the driver putting his foot on the gas and the engine kicking in..."

02:44 The track is quiet with many drivers out of their cars in the pits.

One of those is Romain Grosjean - yet to set a time - chatting to and smiling at his engineers.

02:45 No one on track at the moment, so good time for a lap count:

Sainz 20
Verstappen 19
Perez 14
Maldonado 13
Bottas 12
Hulkenberg 12
Kvyat 12
Rosberg 11
Hamilton 9
Ricciardo 9
Massa 9
Raikkonen 8
Vettel 7
Button 6
Magnussen 7
Grosjean 2
Ericsson/Nasr/Stevens/Merhi: 0

02:45 And as we typed that lap count, its leaders Sainz and Verstappen rejoined the circuit.

02:49 Slow-motion pit camera topic latest: slow-motion Carmen Jorda standing still, slow-motion Nico Rosberg waggles his fingers thoughtfully.

02:50 Hamilton is set to return to the track according to Mercedes:

"We hear a rumble from the @LewisHamilton-mobile... #F1DownUnder #F1."

02:51 Bottas, Maldonado, Massa and Perez are also out again long with the Toro Rossos and Hamilton for a potential late flurry.

02:52 McLaren confirms its session is over:

"We've brought the curtain down early on our #FP1 running to check over a small mechanical issue with a power-unit component. #AusGP."

02:52 Massa improves to sixth, nipping ahead of Maldonado by 0.034s.

02:54 Everyone now out bar Ricciardo, Grosjean, McLaren, Sauber and Manor. That's as busy as the track is likely to get today.

02:54 No one looking like improving at present, though.

02:57 "So Nico, a little bit more fuel-saving than that, please," Mercedes asks. Race-prep mode already for the pacesetter.

02:59 Frantic discussion in the McLaren garage, no doubt trying to solve the mechanical issue with its power-unit which ended its session early.

02:59 After a long hold in the Williams pit (or was it in slow-motion camera...?), Bottas bursts out in sideways, tyre-smoking fashion.

03:00 Late improvements from the Ferraris - Vettel goes fifth, Raikkonen eighth.

03:00 And the chequered flag comes out on this Mercedes-dominated session.

03:01 Lotus managed to get Grosjean's car repaired just in time for him to re-emerge from the pits but he won't set a flying lap.

03:01 "OK Lewis, you've taken the flag so just watch out for the victual safety car," Mercedes tells the champion.

03:03 Couldn't entirely tell what a breathless Verstappen was saying on the radio there, but he wasn't the biggest fan of the set-up Toro Rosso had for its last run, we reckon.

03:08 So the session finished, here's your top 10:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Bottas
4 Sainz Jr
5 Vettel
6 Verstappen
7 Massa
8 Raikkonen
9 Maldonado
10 Ricciardo

03:09 Followed by:

11 Kvyat
12 Perez
13 Hulkenberg
14 Button
15 Magnussen
16 Grosjean

03:13 So an intriguing start to Formula 1 in 2015, here's a quick recap of the session with AUTOSPORT's full report to follow.

- Rosberg tops the session with a 1m29.557s.
- Manor and Sauber fail to do any running during the session.
- McLaren forced to end session early thanks to problems with its power unit.
- Ricciardo is the first driver to spin in 2015, but no trips into the gravel trap for any drivers.
- Brilliant debut for Toro Rosso rookies Sainz Jr and Verstappen, fourth and sixth respectively.

03:15 Here's BEN ANDERSON's full report from that session, plus the complete results rundown:

Rosberg pips Hamilton as Mercedes dominates

We'll be back for full live coverage of practice two in a little under two and a half hours, with the next session due to start at 5.30am UK time. See you then.

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Australian GP 2015, Melbourne

05:21 Ten minutes to go until free practice running resumes in Melbourne.

Earlier today it was a case of two closely-matched and dominant Mercedes a second clear up front, ahead of a pack in which Williams, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Lotus were mixed up.

Red Bull had some troubles, Force India is still making up for lost time, McLaren continues to hit stumbling blocks, Sauber stayed in the garage amid its legal tussle (and LAWRENCE BARRETTO is at the court for us this afternoon) with Garde van der Garde, and Manor is still completing the process of reviving an F1 team that went into administration - which today, on a practical level, means trying to get its software back in gear so it can run its interim car.

05:27 Bad news for Daniel Ricciardo, his Red Bull needs a change of Renault engine.

05:28 More on Ricciardo's situation from Red Bull:

"Not the start we were hoping for with an engine change for Daniel - the Team are doing their best to get him out this session"

05:30 The green light is on and the session begins.

05:30 This time Sauber is running, and Felipe Nasr is first out.

05:31 BEN ANDERSON: "Both McLarens should be out for this session. The team discovered a problem with air intake on the engines in FP1 and have replaced them for FP2.

"But it's unlikely we'll see the Manor/Marussias out today. The team is still working through the electrical software and computing problems that confined its cars to the garage this morning."

05:31 Marcus Ericsson takes to the track too. Just the two Saubers running so far.

05:32 Ericsson reports "a really strange feeling on the brakes" into Turn 1 on his outlap.

05:34 Hulkenberg observes that it "looks pretty gusty out there", and he's told in response that the wind speed is up 5km/h from this morning's session.

05:34 The Saubers are back in the pits,as Kimi Raikkonen brings the Ferrari out.

05:35 Romain Grosjean leaves the pits for Lotus. He lost most of the morning having the floor changed on his car.

05:36 Raikkonen is staying out for another lap, as Pastor Maldonado and Sebastian Vettel leave the pits.

05:39 Raikkonen starts the flying laps with a 1m39.368s, beaten by Grosjean's 1m33.130s.

05:39 Massa won't run in this session:

@WilliamsRacing: "Time for FP2 here in Melbourne, however post FP1 inspection on #Massa's car identified a water leak on the Power Unit.

"This has necessitated the Power Unit to be removed from the chassis to repair, which will result in Felipe missing #FP2 unfortunately"

05:40 Vettel is now fastest for Ferrari with a 1m30.451s, 0.665s up on Raikkonen, who improved to a 1m31.116s.

05:40 Small lock-up for Grosjean into Turn 9, but he gets away with it.

However, on the next lap, the cameras cut to him going off at Turn 3 - a much bigger moment as the front-end fails to co-operate.

05:42 Sergio Perez clocks a gentle 1m41.572s for Force India's first lap of the afternoon.

05:42 Kvyat pops up to third in the only Red Bull running in the session. His 1m31.482s is 1.1s off Vettel's pace.

05:43 Vettel improves the top time to a 1m29.801s, now 0.526s up on Raikkonen.

05:43 "The whole steering is vibrating - it's really bad, the worst I've ever had," says a grumpy Hulkenberg.

New car teething problems? The late debut for the VJM08 meant Force India only got two and a half days of running before shipping the cars off to Australia.

05:43 Verstappen into sixth place with a 1m33.622s, 3.8s off the pace.

05:44 Hamilton and Sainz have both set very tentative first laps, 9s and 16s off the pace respectively.

05:44 More running-wide going on out there - Maldonado has been off at Turn 15, and Perez has scrambled over the artificial grass at Turn 3.

05:44 Now Hamilton's on a proper lap and looking good to grab first place.

05:44 Sainz gets up to speed and goes sixth.

05:45 "DRS does not work, DRS does not work," says Rosberg on the radio.

05:45 Hamilton was fastest in the middle sector, but off Vettel's pace elsewhere. He goes second, 0.295s behind the Ferrari.

05:45 McLaren has a time on the board: Kevin Magnussen goes ninth, 3.4s off the pace.

05:46 The DRS-less Rosberg's first time is 3.6s off the pace in 11th.

05:46 Verstappen jumps to fifth. He's 1.5s behind Vettel and just 0.001s off fourth-placed Grosjean.

05:47 The session has been stopped.

05:47 The cause looks like Magnussen's McLaren stopping in an awkward place.

05:48 Ah not so much stopped as crashed, replays show Magnussen went off at Turn 6.

05:49 Magnussen got out of shape on the way into the corner, and just a tiny step out for the rear was enough to send him into a moment that he couldn't recover.

From there it was a fast trip through the gravel and into the barrier on the outside.

05:51 A close-up replay shows Magnussen was repeatedly hitting the brake pedal while going through the gravel, but as the car was bouncing along that had little effect beyond locking up the front wheels every time he increased the pressure.

05:52 Current order:

1 Vettel
2 Hamilton
3 Raikkonen
4 Grosjean
5 Verstappen
6 Kvyat
7 Maldonado
8 Sainz
9 Perez
10 Magnussen

05:53 Further back:

11 Rosberg
12 Ericsson

No time: Nasr, Hulkenberg

Yet to run: Ricciardo, Massa, Button, Stevens, Bottas, Merhi

05:53 Back to green with 1h06m remaining.

05:53 Bottas is straight back out, followed by Nasr.

05:54 Button also makes his first appearance of the session.

05:57 Bottas's first lap puts him fourth, it's a 1m30.861s, a second off Vettel.

05:57 Button is only 13th on a 1m34.071s, 4.2s down.

05:57 "The shifts are very slow," complains Ericsson.

05:58 Nasr has done a slow lap 7.9s off but is now going faster.

05:59 Raikkonen, who is currently third, sets a new top time in sector one.

05:59 Button says "we seem to have quite a lot of understeer in the car".

That's the opposite of the problem that pitched Magnussen into the wall earlier, as he lost the rear at Turn 6.

05:59 'Purple' again for Raikkonen in sector two.

Kimi Raikkonen, Australian GP 2015

05:59 "I have no information on the gears," Rosberg informs Mercedes.

06:00 Raikkonen jumps to the top on a 1m28.842s on soft tyres, faster than Vettel in second by 0.959s.

06:00 Now it's Vettel's turn - he's beating Raikkonen's times in the first two sectors.

06:01 Vettel retakes first place by 0.430s over Raikkonen with a 1m28.412s.

06:01 "The front is a little bit better now but still not ideal," says Raikkonen.

06:01 Sainz brings Toro Rosso up to fifth, albeit 2.8s off the pace.

06:02 Nasr moves into 12th, ahead of Sauber team-mate Ericsson.

06:02 Rosberg goes third, doing a 1m29.937s.

06:02 Vettel's current benchmark time is already 1.2s better than the best from this session last year.

06:03 "Getting a bit of rear movement under braking, I think it's rear locking," says Button, who is always fascinating to listen to when he's feeding-back to his engineers on the radio.

06:03 Rosberg improves, staying third but bringing the gap down to 0.6s. Vettel is on another fast lap.

06:04 Vettel pits rather than completing that lap, but he'd been fastest of anyone in sector one and did a personal best in sector two.

06:04 @WilliamsRacing: "Felipe Massa may not be on track but he is still following everything closely with the engineers"

06:05 Perez has a Magnussen-like twitch in Turn 6, but unlike the McLaren he keeps it on the black stuff.

06:05 Order now:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen
3 Rosberg
4 Hamilton
5 Bottas
6 Sainz
7 Grosjean
8 Verstappen
9 Kvyat
10 Maldonado

06:05 Perez pops the Force India up to sixth on soft tyres.

06:06 Button is told that - because McLaren lost some time at the start of the session - if he's "got a feel" for the car, then it might be worth coming into the pits for some planned changes and a switch to the soft tyres.

06:06 @MercedesAMGF1: "Still exclusively sporting the white marked @pirellisport mediums thus far today - we'll turn into big softies later... #F1 #AusGP #FP2"

06:07 Smoke coming from the left-rear wheel of Ericsson's Sauber - which is at a strange angle. "Something is broken," he says, speculating that it's a suspension failure.

06:08 Painfully, Ericsson has to a whole lap with that problem to get back to the pits. The cameras picked him up heading into Turn 1, and he's now at the Turn 9/10 chicane.

06:09 Grosjean improves his time and moves up to sixth, ahead of Perez and Sainz.

06:10 On-board replays show that Ericsson suffered the problem as he exited the final corner. It looks like it could have broken on the exit kerb, which isn't particularly aggressive, it's worth saying.

06:10 Sauber informs Ericsson that the tyre is rubbing on the bodywork, and he confirms that he reckons he can make it back to the pits slowly.

06:10 The Sauber trundles into the pits and pulls up outside the garage.

06:11 @ScuderiaFerrari: "#Seb5 team radio: 'i'm quite happy with settings'"

06:12 Order recap:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen
3 Rosberg
4 Hamilton
5 Maldonado
6 Kvyat
7 Sainz
8 Bottas
9 Grosjean
10 Perez

06:13 Midfield:

11 Verstappen
12 Hulkenberg
13 Ericsson
14 Nasr
15 Button
16 Magnussen

Not running: Ricciardo, Massa, Stevens, Merhi

06:13 Time to see what Mercedes can do on softs - fastest first sector yet from Rosberg.

06:14 Sainz jumps to fourth and splits the Mercedes.

06:14 Rosberg is on course to go emphatically fastest again.

06:14 Bottas also makes a leap on softs, going ahead of Verstappen into fourth.

06:15 Rosberg completes his flying lap in 1m27.697s, 0.715s up on the deposed Vettel.

06:15 Hamilton's flying lap on softs isn't as quick as Rosberg's in sector one.

06:15 Maldonado is complaining of "no power" and the Lotus team tells him to come into the pits. As we hear that on the radio, we get a replay of him going off at Turn 9.

06:15 Now Hamilton beats Rosberg's time in sector two.

06:16 Hamilton is precisely one tenth of a second slower than Rosberg around the lap as he goes into second place.

06:17 Bottas improves his sector one time on his next run, but it's not so good in sector two.

06:18 No improvement for Bottas, he stays fifth behind the Mercedes and Ferraris.

06:18 Hulkenberg is getting impatient, but he's told that "we've got a bit of an issue sorting out the front wing, and we'd rather get that right".

06:19 Leading times:

1 Rosberg 1m27.697s
2 Hamilton 1m27.797s
3 Vettel 1m28.412s
4 Raikkonen 1m28.842s
5 Bottas 1m29.265s
6 Kvyat 1m30.016s

06:19 Remember, we won't see Massa in this session due to a water leak.

06:21 Hulkenberg is now the only car on track. Most drivers whose cars are functioning have now tried softs and are likely to move onto long runs.

06:22 Hulkenberg moves up from 12th to 10th place, demoting team-mate Perez, who has outpaced by half a second.

06:22 Button is running again. He's currently down in 16th, 5.3s off the pace.

06:24 Button is now on a flying lap on softs. It's his 11th lap of the session - so the first time a McLaren has reached double figures on a lap count today.

06:25 That pops Button up from 15th to 13th, vaulting the Saubers. He's now 3.7s off the pace.

06:26 Button seemed to be pushing on that lap, kicking up the dust on the exit of Turn 13.

06:26 @ToroRossoSpy: "Carlos drives back to garage, then out again. Meanwhile Max will have to wait while an issue is sorted on his car"

06:27 Magnussen takes the blame for his crash at Turn 6, which caused a red flag earlier:

@KevinMagnussen: "The crash was my mistake. Just lost the rear on the entry and unfortunately hit the wall and damaged the left front. Another day tomorrow!"

06:27 Nasr improves to 11th, between the Force Indias, 3.058s off the pace. Button is improving again.

06:28 Button finds another tenth so nips ahead of the sidelined Verstappen into 13th.

06:31 Nasr goes faster than before in the first two sectors then fails to find any time at the end of the lap, so stays 11th.

06:32 Hulkenberg: "What have you done with the aero balance?" The team responds saying that it should be the same.

06:34 Quick spin for Sainz at the penultimate corner.

06:35 Sainz got his right-rear on the grass at about the same time as he was locking up the left-front.

06:35 Sainz tops the lap count so far on 23. But the problem on Verstappen's car means the sister Toro Rosso is only on four.

06:35 Amusingly, Sainz gets a radio message saying "yellow Turn 15".

"Yeah, it was me," he responds!

"Ah, yes, I can see you."

06:36 Kvyat is told by Red Bull that "we're looking for 1m33s" on this run. He's just started his first flying lap.

06:37 That's very much long-run territory for Kvyat (on softs) - only Magnussen (who crashed) hasn't gone faster than a 1m33s today.

06:39 Rosberg is told that he needs "more fuel saving than that - still above target".

As for Kvyat, he opened this targeted 1m33s run with a 33.8s, and follows it up with a 33.6s.

06:41 Kvyat says "the front is sliding" - just four laps into this stint.

06:42 Raikkonen asks what his pace is like, and he's told "last lap was half a second quicker than Vettel, but he is on the other [slower] tyre."

06:43 More wrestling with the Red Bull for Kvyat, he's hanging on through Turn 1 as the car moves around on him.

06:43 Order:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton
3 Vettel
4 Raikkonen
5 Bottas
6 Kvyat
7 Sainz
8 Maldonado
9 Grosjean
10 Hulkenberg

06:43 Midfield:

11 Nasr
12 Perez
13 Button
14 Verstappen
15 Ericsson
16 Magnussen

Not running: Ricciardo, Massa, Stevens, Merhi

06:45 Going back to the Ferrari laptime comparisons, Vettel is on lap eight of this medium-tyre stint, while Raikkonen's soft-tyre run is no longer half a second quicker than his team-mate. There's barely a tenth between their times at the moment - although we don't have the data on Raikkonen's stint length right now.

06:45 @MercedesAMGF1: "Slightly longer runs underway: 7 laps apiece thus far for @LewisHamilton & @nico_rosberg. Practice pit stops also planned before #FP2 ends."

06:48 "Kimi, update on pace, very similar pace to Bottas [also on softs] at the moment, sometimes faster, sometimes slower."

06:49 Grosjean is being told to "use your energy, use the energy".

06:50 Raikkonen is told that he needs to do some "quite severe fuel saving" as this soft-tyre run continues.

06:51 Lap count for this session so far

Sainz 32
Perez 27
Vettel 26
Raikkonen 26
Grosjean 26
Rosberg 25
Bottas 24
Nasr 24
Hulkenberg 23
Hamilton 21
Kvyat 21
Button 20
Ericsson 14
Maldonado 11
Verstappen 6
Magnussen 4
Massa, Ricciardo, Stevens, Merhi 0

06:52 Fuel-saving going on at McLaren too - Button is told "Orange E10 is the map for lift and coast".

Elsewhere, Williams tells Bottas: "Stop fuel save, stop fuel save."

06:53 Force India tells Perez that "we are closer to Ferrari on long run than on short run".

06:53 Button pits, reporting a "loss of power". The team says it's looking into it.

06:56 A little analysis from Button: "It's quite interesting with other cars on the circuit. I know it's the second-slowest car to us, but the Force India was struggling to keep up through corners."

06:58 @RenaultSportF1: "Track temperature drops towards the end of the session on a sunny day which can help with the management of PU temperatures."

06:59 Rosberg heads out of the garage with less than 60 sec on the clock.

07:00 Vettel - on lap 18 of this medium-tyre stint, is messy on the way into Turn 3, and then has a big snap from the rear to deal with on the exit of Turn 4.

07:00 That's it, the chequered flag is out.

07:02 Hulkenberg wasn't in a good mood for most of that session, but as the day's running comes to the end he reports that he "had a good feeling, stability felt OK for once."

07:05 Final FP2 times:

1 Rosberg
2 Hamilton (+0.1s)
3 Vettel (+0.7s)
4 Raikkonen
5 Bottas
6 Kvyat
7 Sainz
8 Maldonado
9 Grosjean
10 Hulkenberg
11 Nasr
12 Perez
13 Button
14 Verstappen
15 Ericsson
16 Magnussen (crashed)
17 Ricciardo (no time, engine change)
18 Massa (no time, water leak)

07:07 Here's EDD STRAW's full report on all the events of that session, plus the complete results rundown and lap count:

Rosberg beats Hamilton again in practice two

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Australian GP 2015, Melbourne

07:07 @RenaultSportF1: "A middling day for us, but still lots of data and info to study tonight. More to come tomo. Right now...debrief"

The fastest Renault car in the speed traps was Kvyat, who was 10th fastest and seven km/h adrift of the Lotus-Mercedes of Maldonado at the top of the speed charts.

07:35 That's it from AUTOSPORT Live for today. Our reporters in Melbourne are getting the reaction to the day's running from the paddock, and there will be plenty of analysis of what has gone on today over the next few hours on

We'll see you just before 3am UK time on Saturday for FP3, followed by qualifying - when everyone will have to finally show their full hand.

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