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As it happened: Silverstone WEC, Austin MotoGP
By Matt Beer, Mark Glendenning, Edd Straw, Alex Kalinauckas and Mitchell Adam
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
10:36 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for a busy Sunday of motorsport that of course started with the Chinese Grand Prix.

10:37 What's coming up today? The short answer is 'lots'.

10:40 The start of the new World Endurance Championship season at Silverstone will get us underway at 12:00 BST.

Porsche's Mark Webber and Brendon Hartley on pole

10:41 We'll also have Blancpain Endurance Series action from Monza from 13:30 BST.

10:43 And two-wheel-coverage from Austin's MotoGP round. Moto3 gets us underway at 17:00 BST, followed by Moto2 at 18:20 BST and finally MotoGP itself at 20:00 BST.

Marc Marquez on pole after sprint for spare Honda

10:44 Last but certainly not least, we'll have IndyCar's NOLA race from 20:30 BST.

Juan Pablo Montoya on pole as storm stops qualifying

10:46 So settle in, we're looking forward to bringing you all of the action. Make sure you let us know what you're thinking about each race on Twitter - we're @AUTOSPORT - or on our Facebook page.

10:49 So, we're not far off the start of the opening round of the World Endurance Championship at Silverstone. Here's the starting drivers in the LMP1 entries:

1 Webber (#17 Porsche)
2 Dumas (#18 Porsche)
3 Di Grassi (#8 Audi)
4 Buemi (#1 Toyota)
5 Treluyer (#7 Audi)
6 Wurz (#2 Toyota)
7 Liuzzi (#4 CLM)

10:51 In LMP2:

1 Derani (#28 Ligier)
2 Bird (#26 Ligier)
3 Tandy (#47 ORECA)
4 Chatin (#36 ORECA)
5 Dalziel (#30 HPD)
6 Watts (#42 Dome)
7 Nicolet (#35 Ligier)
8 Fogarty (#31 HPD)

10:53 IN GTE Pro:

1 Thiim (#95 Aston)
2 Stanaway (#99 Aston)
3 Turner (#97 Aston)
4 Lietz (#91 Porsche)
5 Bruni (#51 Ferrari)
6 Pilet (#92 Porsche)
7 Calado (#71 Ferrari)

10:54 And the green-flag lap gets underway with Webber and Dumas leading the way in the Porsches. The race is due to start on the stroke of midday here at Silverstone.

10:57 In GTE Am, the starters are:

1 Lamy (#98 Aston)
2 Ruberti (#50 Chevrolet)
3 Bachler (#88 Porsche)
4 Collard (#83 Ferrari)
5 Shaitar (#72 Ferrari)
6 Hall (#96 Aston)
7 Long (377 Porsche)

11:02 WEC - Silverstone: Webber holds onto the lead at the start ahead of Porsche team-mate Dumas. Buemi has moved up to third in the #1 Toyota ahead of di Grassi's 38 Audi - although those positions switched again late in the lap at Vale.

Watts in the #42 Dome has ended up in the gravel at Turn 1 - but eventually rejoined.

11:03 WEC - Silverstone: Mega first lap from Tandy in the #47 ORECA. He's leading LMP2.

11:04 WEC - Silverstone: Battle for second raging with di Grassi trying to get around the Dumas Porsche.

11:05 WEC - Silverstone: But di Grassi's attempts to take second have backfired, allowing Buemi in the #1 Toyota to move up to third ahead of him.

11:06 WEC - Silverstone: The ByKolles #4 CLM, started by Liuzzi, has been wheeled into the garage, seemingly with damage to the floor.

11:07 WEC - Silverstone: As expected, Porsche, Toyota and Audi looked well-matched up front. Here's the top six after four laps.

1 #17 Porsche (Webber)
2 #18 Porsche (Dumas)
3 #1 Toyota (Buemi)
4 #8 Audi (Di Grassi)
5 #2 Toyota (Wurz)
6 37 Audi (Treluyer)

11:09 WEC - Silverstone: Wurz in the #2 Toyota has lost fifth place to Treluyer's #7 Audi after running wide.

11:11 WEC - Silverstone: Tandy (#47 ORECA) has lost the LMP2 lead to Bird (#26 Ligier).

11:12 WEC - Silverstone: The leaders are already working through traffic, which has proved costly for Di Grassi, who has been jumped by both Treluyer's #7 Audi and Wurz's #2 Toyota after running wide while lapping cars.

11:13 WEC - Silverstone: In GTE Pro, Thiim (#95 Aston) leads Turner #97 Aston), while in GTE Am, it's Ruberti up front in the #50 Chevrolet.

11:16 WEC - Silverstone: Webber's lead is up to 2.148s over Porsche team-mate Dumas. Buemi is third in the #1 Toyota, but now seven seconds off the lead.

11:16 WEC - Silverstone: Derani moves up into second in LMP2 ahead of Tandy.

11:17 WEC - Silverstone: Things still going very nicely for Porsche, with Webber and Dumas first and second. Buemi under serious pressure from Treluyer for third place.

11:22 WEC - Silverstone: Replays show that Treluyer had a dreadful start - car just didn't seem to pull and he plummeted down the order. But he's recovered to fourth and is setting a good pace.

11:22 WEC - Silverstone: Webber had extended his lead to over four seconds, but has just lost a couple of seconds in traffic.

11:24 WEC - Silverstone: The battle for fourth, fifth and sixth is getting fraught in traffic. Treluyer currently holds fourth ahead of di Grassi and Wurz, the latter pair having swapped places.

11:26 WEC - Silverstone: The #35 Ligier started by Nicolet has been pushed into the garage.

11:28 WEC - Silverstone: Webber's lead is back up to 3.693s over Dumas. Buemi in the #1 Toyota is 10 seconds back.

11:36 WEC - Silverstone: Di Grassi is back up to fourth in the #8 Audi and right on the back of Buemi's Toyota. In LMP2, Bird has a lead of close to seven seconds.

OAK Ligier, Silverstone WEC 2015

11:37 WEC - Silverstone: AUTOSPORT's Marcus Simmons has been watching trackside at Becketts and confirms that it's very windy.

11:38 WEC - Silverstone: Webber now has a handy lead of eight seconds over Dumas. Down in sixth place, Wurz has lost contact with the top five.

11:39 WEC - Silverstone: Bachler now leads in GTE Am in the #88 Porsche.

11:40 WEC - Silverstone: Someone has gone off heavily at Copse. Looks like the driver is out of the car...

11:40 WEC - Silverstone: It's Chatin in the #36 ORECA. That's that car out of the race.

11:41 WEC - Silverstone: As there's a full-course yellow, Buemi has brought the #1 Toyota into the pits from third place for fuel and tyres.

11:42 WEC - Silverstone: Looks like Chatin's crash might have been caused by the wheel coming loose. Not completely clear though.

11:43 WEC - Silverstone: Plenty of pitstops being made - most of the LMP2 field is in including leader Bird and second-placed Derani.

11:44 WEC - Silverstone: Webber brings the leading Porsche in.

11:44 WEC - Silverstone: Followed by Dumas in the second Porsche.

11:45 WEC - Silverstone: Dumas out of the #18 Porsche with Lieb getting in. Webber is staying in the sister car. Both Porsches have also taken tyres.

11:46 WEC - Silverstone: The two Audis and the #2 Toyota are now in as the green flag is thrown.

11:47 WEC - Silverstone: AUTOSPORT's Marcus Simmons reports that the left-rear of the #36 ORECA that Chatin crashedhas been heavily damaged. Chatin got out of the car and boarded an ambulance under his own power.

11:50 WEC - Silverstone: So, here's how things stand after the yellow-flag period and a round of pitstops:

1 #17 Porsche (Webber)
2 #18 Porsche (Lieb), +9.036s
3 #1 Toyota (Buemi), +18.895s
4 #7 Audi (Treluyer), +35,930s
5 #8 Audi (Di Grassi), +41.204s
6 #2 Toyota (Wurz), +57.684s

11:51 WEC - Silverstone: Treluyer sets the fastest lap in the #7 Audi. He's pushing on.

11:51 In GTE Pro, Thiim leads in the #95 Aston. In GTE Am, Ruberti is back in first place in the #50 Chevrolet.

Aston Martin, Silverstone WEC 2015

11:53 WEC - Silverstone: G-Drive still has control of LMP2, with Bird leading Derani. Early leader Tandy holds third in the #47 ORECA.

11:53 WEC - Silverstone: Ruberti brings the GTE Am-leading Chevrolet into the pits, handing the lead to the #96 Aston Martin of Hall.

11:56 WEC - Silverstone: There has only been one driver change so far among the leading cars, with Dumas handing the #18 Porsche over to Lieb.

11:59 Hall brings the GTE Am-leading #96 Aston Martin into the pits and hands over to Goethe

12:00 WEC - Silverstone: Lietz brings the third-placed GTE Pro Porsche into the pits. He hands over to Christensen.

12:01 WEC - Silverstone: The team manager of #18 has been called to race control. That's the second-placed Porsche of Lieb. No indication what's that about but you rarely get called to race control for positive reasons!

12:01 WEC - Silverstone: Webber's lead, meanwhile, has increased to 16.311s. Buemi is third, 28.284s down.

12:03 WEC - Silverstone: The CLM has rejoined the fray at the back, with Liuzzi still at the wheel. This follows repairs to the floor.

12:06 WEC - Silverstone: So, after the first round of stops in the GTE Pro class, the #92 Porsche (Lietz) leads from the #51 Ferrari (Bruni).

12:06 WEC - Silverstone: A full-course yellow has been thrown to allow barrier repairs at Copse.

12:17 Racing is back underway.

12:18 WEC - Silverstone: Given that the first stint didn't play out the way it would have done, it still remains to be seen how the pace of the leading cars ebbs and flows over a stint. Di Grassi in third place is starting to chip away at the Porsches.

12:19 WEC - Silverstone: Webber leads Lieb by eight seconds. Di Grassi is now 17.327s behind - having lost a couple of seconds on the last lap.

12:20 WEC - Silverstone: The #88 Porsche driven by Bachler is in command in GTE AM now that the first round of pitstops has played out. He's in among the Pro cars and well ahead of the #98 Aston of Dalla Lana.

12:20 WEC - Silverstone: Dalziel has moved up to third in the LMP2 class in the #30 HPD ahead of Tandy's ORECA. Bird still leads Derani in a G-Drive Ligier one-two.

12:22 WEC - Silverstone: Very bad news for the Webber Porsche. It's being wheeled back into the garage. Webber is getting out but it's not clear yet what the problem is.

12:24 WEC - Silverstone: So that hands the lead to the Lieb #18 Porsche. The rear bodywork is off the Webber Porsche and it doesn't look like it's going to be back out quickly.

12:25 WEC - Silverstone: Both of the Audi's have had off track moments while battling in traffic at the first corner. But didn't lose much thanks to the runoff area.

12:25 BES - Monza: We're five minutes from the start of the first round of this season's Blancpain Endurance Series.

Norbert Siedler put the #333 Rinaldi Racing Ferrari on pole, with Pierre Kaffer in the #66 Black Pearl Racing Ferrari in second. Fabio Babini is third on the grid in the GRT Grasser Lamborghini - he also secured the Pro Cup pole.

Rinaldi Ferrari, Monza BES 2015

12:26 WEC - Silverstone: So with the #17 Porsche in the garage, Lieb now leads by five seconds from Treluyer's Audi, with di Grassi third. Buemi, in the lead Toyota, is 19 seconds back.

12:26 BES - Monza: The cars are off on their formation lap.

12:27 WEC - Silverstone: Whatever the problem is with the #17 Porsche, it's clearly serious. At a guess, it's an engine or gearbox-related problem.

12:28 WEC - Silverstone: Treluyer has had another off-track moment at the first corner.

12:29 Bachler has brought the #88 GTE Am-leading Porsche into the pits to hand over to Ried.

12:30 Porsche's official Twitter account reports an "issue with the rear drive train" on the #17 car that led the first part of the race.

12:31 Di Grassi is in the garage in the #8 Audi. He came in with damage to the left-rear bodywork. It shouldn't take too long to repair.

12:32 Duval has taken over from di Grassi in the #8 Audi, which has been repaired and is being wheeled back out of the garage to rejoin.

12:34 BES - Monza: We're underway at Monza. Pierre Kaffer seized the lead at Turn 1 and despite the field making it through the first chicane unscathed Leo Matchitski and Eric Dermont are in the barriers and gravel trap respectively at Curva Grande and the safety car is out.

12:35 WEC - Silverstone: Treluyer is now just a second behind leader Lieb.

12:35 WEC - Silverstone: Buemi brings the #1 Toyota into the pits and hads over to Davidson.

12:36 BES - Monza The safety only stays out for one lap and Matchitski has made back to the pits for repairs

12:36 WEC - Silverstone: Lieb gets held up by Watts in the Dome and Treluyer pounces to take the lead. But Lieb blasts back past into first place on the straight.

12:37 WEC - Silverstone: Treluyer pits. Fassler takes over the #7 Audi.

12:38 WEC - Silverstone: Race leader Marc Lieb brings the #17 Porsche into the pits.

12:38 WEC - Silverstone: A dicey moment there for Wurz in the #2 Toyota - had to put the left side of his car on the grass on Hangar Straight while passing GT cars.

12:39 WEC - Silverstone: Lieb out of the #17 Porsche, with Jani taking over.

12:41 WEC - Silverstone: Wurz now leads thanks to making that stop for fuel under the yellows. Jani is now second with Fassler right behind.

12:41 BES - Monza: Kaffer leads the Rinaldi Ferrari of Salikhov by 3.5s after ten minutes. Eric Dermont has got going again after his lap 1 incident.

12:42 WEC - Silverstone: In LMP2, it's still G-Drive Ligiers at the front, with Rusinov leading in the #26 car ahead of Derani in the #28.

12:43 WEC - Silverstone: Although it turns out that it's now Gonzalez in the #28 car - took a few minutes for the timing screen to update!

12:44 WEC - Silverstone: Rigon currently leads GTE Pro in the #71 Ferrari. But that car has yet to stop for the second time, unlike the Makowiecki Porsche that is just over a second behind.

12:45 BES - Monza: Salikhov out-brakes himself at the first chicane on lap 7 and Babini slips by in the GRT Grasser Lamborghini to move into second place overall.

12:45 WEC - Silverstone: The #47 KCMG ORECA that led LMP2 early on in the hands of Tandy is now in the pits with a problem and plummeting down the timesheets.

KCMG ORECA, Silverstone WEC 2015

12:48 BES - Monza: The #14 Emil Frey Jaguar of Gabriele Gardel as stopped in the pits with smoke pouring from under the bonnet.

12:49 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler passes Jani for second place...but the Porsche blasts straight back past on the straight. What this race is showing is that it's just about impossible to overtake a Porsche, and if you do it just drives past again!

12:50 Fassler back past again and desperately tried to defend on the national straight, but couldn't stay ahead of Lieb.

12:51 BES - Monza: After 20 minutes at Monza, Kaffer still leads in the Black Pearl Ferrari by just two seconds from Babini in the Lamborghini as they fight their way through the backmarkers. Polesitter Rinat Salikhov has fallen six seconds further back in third place.

12:51 WEC - Silverstone: Makowiecki trying to find a way past Rigon for the lead in GTE Pro.

12:52 WEC - Silverstone: And Rigon brings the #71 Ferrari in for its expected second pitstop. That puts Makowiecki into the GTE Pro lead.

12:53 WEC - Silverstone: Calado takes over the #71 Ferrari.

12:55 WEC - Silverstone: Wurz's lead is now at 10.586s over Jani and Fassler, who are disputing second place.

13:00 WEC - Silverstone: The #17 Porsche has now been officially retired with a gearbox problem.

13:00 BES - Monza: With 30 minutes gone at Monza the top five looks like this:

1: Kaffer
2: Babini +4.042s
3:Salikhov + 15.542s
4:Broniszewski +18.704s
5:Smith +22.698s

13:01 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler again passes Jani and attempts to keep the position by boxing him in behind a GT car. But Jani finds his way back past into what is now the lead, thanks to Wurz pitting and handing the #2 Toyota over to Conway.

13:03 WEC - Silverstone: Again Fassler gets past Jani, and again Jani repasses him.

13:05 WEC - Silverstone: No matter what Fassler does, he can't make a passing move stick on the Jani Porsche, such is its straightline speed advantage.

13:06 BES - Monza: Pierre Kaffer stops from the lead and hands over to Steven Parrow meaning Babini inherits the lead of the race.

The #15 BMW of Olivier Grotz has got stuck in the gravel trap at the Ascari chicane, bringing out waved yellow flags in that section.

13:12 WEC - Silverstone: Here's how it stands up front:

1 #18 Porsche (Jani)
2 #2 Audi (Fassler), +0.3683
3 #1 Toyota (Davidson), +11.325s
4 #2 Toyota (Conway), +58.714s
5 #8 Audi (Duval), +1 lap

13:12 European F3 - Silverstone: Antonio Giovinazzi's reward for his consistency in the F3 European Championship (and we didn't say that very often in his early days in the series!) is the points lead, thanks to two second places and a third.

The Italian reckons Silverstone isn't one of his better tracks, and can't wait for Hockenheim round two, where he's been quick in the past.

The points are Antonio Giovinazzi 51, Charles Leclerc 43, George Russell 39, Felix Rosenqvist 31, Jake Dennis, 30, Alex Albon 28.

Antonio Giovinazzi, Carlin, Silverstone European F3 2015

13:16 WEC - Silverstone: Duval, in the #8 Audi, has unlapped himself on Fassler and is now working on getting onto the lead lap by passing Lieb.

13:18 WEC - Silverstone: In LMP2, there are only four cars left in contention. The two G-Drive Ligier cars lead with #26 (Rusinov) leading #28 (Gonzalez). In third is the #30 HPD (Heinemeier-Hansson), with the #42 Dome fourth.

13:20 WEC - Silverstone: And the Audi has passed Jani and made it stick! Only trouble is, it's the #8 Audi of Duval unlapping himself on Jani. Fassler is still there in second though. Meanwhile, Davidson has pulled the #1 Toyota to within five seconds of the lead.

13:20 BES - Monza: Fabio Babini still leads the Ferrari of Salikhov by 20s at the head of the race.

There's currently a close fight over fifth place, which is currently held by Jean-Karl Vernay in the WRT Audi, as the six cars chasing him are covered by just six seconds.

Meanwhile, three cars, including Giovanni Venturini and Maro Engel, have been given drive-through penalties for jumping the start.

13:21 WEC - Silverstone: Duval brings the #8 Audi into the pits for fuel and, presumably, tyres.

13:24 BES - Monza: The #33 of Miguel Toril has spun into the gravel trap between the two Lesmos and shortly after that the #21 Mercedes of Yelmer Buurman was punted into a spin at the first chicane. Both have since got going again.

13:25 WEC - Silverstone: Davidson closes onto the rear of the lead scrap, but brings the #1 Toyota into the pits for fuel but doesn't take tyres.

Toyota, Silverstone WEC 2015

13:26 BES - Monza: The #333 Ferrari of Salikhov has pitted from second place and Norbert Siedler has taken over.

13:27 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler brings the second-placed #7 Audi into the pits. Lotterer takes over.

13:28 BES - Monza: With one hour gone at Monza, the top five overall currently looks like this:

1 Babini
2 Broniszewski
3 Smith
4 Vernay
5 Reip

13:28 WEC - Silverstone: Conway has just had a moment passing the GTE Am Chevrolet driven by Roda, collecting a marker post.

13:29 WEC - Silverstone: Davidson passes the sister Toyota of Conway to retake second place.

13:29 WEC - Silverstone: Jani brings the leading #18 Porsche into the pits for its third stop.

13:30 WEC - Silverstone: Dumas gets back into the #17 Porsche having started the race in it.

13:31 WEC - Silverstone: This is Lotterer's chance to jump the Porsche. He's pushing on in the #7 Audi.

13:31 WEC - Silverstone: But it hasn't quite worked for the #7 Audi, as Dumas has come out of the pits still right in front of it.

13:33 WEC - Silverstone: Dumas runs wide and Lotterer has taken the lead - he's got enough of a break to stay ahead on the straight.

13:33 BES - Monza: Fabio Babini in the GRT Grasser Lamborghini pits from the lead of the race as the majority of field have now made their first stops for fuel and driver changes.

13:36 WEC - Silverstone: Here is how it stands with 3hr25m remaining. The #1 Toyota has taken the lead thanks to double-stinting its tyres, while the out-of synch Conway in second will have to make his fourth pitstop earlier than the rest.

1 #1 Toyota (Davidson)
2 #2 Toyota (Conway), +7.559s
3 #7 Audi (Lotterer), +9.566s
4 #18 Porsche (Dumas), +11.606s
5 #8 Audi (Duval). +1 lap

13:37 WEC - Silverstone: In LMP2, Rusinov leads in the #26 Ligier, 51.482s ahead of the sister G-Drive car driven by Gonzalez.

13:38 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer has passed Conway to take second place.

13:39 WEC - Silverstone: A one-minute stop/go penalty for the #50 Larbre Chevrolet for speeding in the pits. That car as been in the mix in GTE Am although is currently down in fifth place in the hands of Roda.

13:40 WEC - Silverstone: The CLM, which has spent a while in the garage, is back out again in the hands of ex-Formula Master racer Simon Trummer.

13:41 WEC - Silverstone: Pilet leads GTE Pro in the #92 Porsche. There's a good battle for second raging between the two AF Corse Ferraris, with Calado chasing Bruni.

13:41 BES - Monza: As the field settles down after the first round of pitstops, the #19 Lamborghini, now driven by Andrew Palmer, is still ahead of #333 Ferrari of Norbert Siedler at the head of the field. The gap is currently 23.689s but is starting to fall.

GRT Lamborghini, Monza BES 2015

13:42 WEC - Silverstone: Davidson, on older tyres than his pursuer, now leads by 5.663s from Lotterer.

13:43 WEC - Silverstone: The #2 Toyota of Conway, which is out of synch after making an early second stop under the full-course yellow, heads into the pits. He's got a marker post wedged under his splitter. That's been there for a while, and won't have been helping matters.

13:45 WEC - Silverstone: AUTOSPORT's barbeque peanut window opens in just under 16 minutes. Mid-race snack always necessary in a six-hour event!

13:46 WEC - Silverstone: Lauda (no, not that one) leads GTE Am in the #98 Aston Martin ahead of Aguas in the #98 machine.

13:47 WEC - Silverstone: Rusinov has spun at Brooklands in the LMP2-class leading #26 Ligier. He has enough of a lead to rejoin and still be well ahead of the sister #28 machine of Gonzalez.

13:48 WEC - Silverstone: The #2 Toyota in the hands of Conway is now in fourth place. The car didn't take fresh rubber at that last stop.

13:50 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer is now just two seconds behind Davidson, But has some traffic to work through.

13:52 WEC - Silverstone: Davidson now has two Audis on his tail, although one of them is the lapped #8 car of Duval.

13:52 BES - Monza: The gap at the front of the field has stabilised at around 21s, as Palmer still leads in the #19 Lamborghini ahead of Siedler in the #333 Ferrari.

The Mercedes cars were able to run longer than the others during the first stint but they don't appear to have the pace to keep up with the other manufacturers and so will have to rely on the safety car staying in the pitlane for that advantage to pay off.

13:54 WEC - Silverstone: And Lotterer takes the lead into Village. The #7 Audi is now in first place ahead of the #1 Toyota.

13:54 WEC - Silverstone: And just to annoy Davidson, Duval has now unlapped himself on the Toyota in the #8 car.

13:59 WEC - Silverstone: Conway now under investigation for the clash with the #50 car earlier

13:59 BES - Monza: As we approach the halfway point at Monza the top five looks like this:

1: #19 Palmer (GRT Grasser Lamborghini)
2: #333 Siedler (Rinaldi Ferrari)
3: # 11 Lyons (Kessel Ferrari)
4 # 51 Griffin (AF Corse Ferrari)
5: #1 Frijns (WRT Audi)

14:00 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer has extended his lead to five seconds over Davidson.

14:01 MotoGP - Austin: Could be an eventful weather afternoon ahead for MotoGP's Grand Prix of the Americas.

Rain is expected and the Moto3 warm-up is currently being delayed by very thick fog.

Plenty of umbrellas required at the new NOLA track - scene of today's IndyCar race - too right now...

Assuming neither is rained off, you can follow both races with AUTOSPORT Live during the UK evening - MotoGP supports start from 5pm with the main event at 8pm, and IndyCar is due to get going around 8.30pm.

14:02 WEC - Silverstone: Brief off-track moment for Pilet in the GTE Pro class-leading Porsche. He's got enough of a lead for that not to make a big difference.

Porsche, Silverstone WEC 2015

14:05 WEC - Silverstone: Pilet heads in for what seems to be a normal pitstop, but he's then wheeled into the garage. That hands the lead in GTE Pro to the #51 Ferrari of Bruni.

14:06 BES - Monza: Andrew Palmer's lead over the #333 Ferrari of Siedler at the head of the race has been cut to 16.246s as he battles to lap a gaggle of slower cars.

14:07 WEC - Silverstone: We are now into the second half of the race. And the top three cars - the #7 Audi, the #1 Toota and the #18 Porsche are separated by just 14.450s.

14:08 WEC - Silverstone: Duval brings the fifth-placed #8 Audi into the pits.

14:12 WEC - Silverstone: Bruni brings in the GTE Pro class-leading Ferrari into the pits for fuel and tyres.

14:13 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer's lead is up to 8.392s over Davidson. Dumas is now 20 seconds back in the sole remaining Porsche.

14:16 WEC - Silverstone: Davidson heads for the pits in the #1 Toyota. Nakajima jumps in and has fresh tyres at his disposal.

14:17 WEC - Silverstone: And Lotterer has also made his stop.

14:17 BES - Monza: A full course yellow flag has come out as marshals retrieve some debris on the pit straight.

14:18 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer is double-stinting this set of tyres, so has an increased lead over Nakajima's Toyota.

14:19 WEC - Silverstone: Dumas now leads on the road, but the #18 Porsche has yet to stop and is due in very shortly. Lotterer has a a 30-second advantage over Nakajima.

14:20 BES - Monza: The green flag has come out and we're racing again at Monza.

Katsumasa Chiyo in the #23 Nissan in sixth place got caught out by the sudden switch back to full-speed racing and lost a lot of ground to the #1 Audi of Frijns and is now under severe pressure from the #7 Bentley of Andy Meyrick.

14:21 WEC - Silverstone: In LMP2, the #26 Ligier continues to lead, as it has for the vast majority of the race, with Canal at the wheel. Yacaman is second in the sister #28 machine.

OAK Ligier, Silverstone WEC 2015

14:21 WEC - Silverstone: In GTE Pro, Vilander leads in the #51 Ferrari with the #71 Ferrari of Rigon right behind.

14:22 WEC - Silverstone: And in GTE Am, Dalla Lana leads in the #98 Aston Martin ahead of the #83 Ferrari of Collard. The Aston has a very comfortable lead.

14:24 WEC - Silverstone: As expected, Dumas brings the #18 Porsche into the pits. As always, it takes fresh rubber. That hands the lead back to Lotterer in the #7 Audi.

14:24 European F3 - Silverstone: McLaren AUTOSPORT BRDC Award winner George Russell was happy to take good European F3 points for fifth in the final race after his stunning two performances earlier in the weekend.

Explaning his lack of pace early in the finale, he put it down to the change in direction of the strong wind, which meant he struggled to get the tyres working.

14:25 MotoGP - Austin: Organisers have cancelled some of the walkabouts and parades scheduled for this morning in an effort to get the schedule back on time for MotoGP after the early fog delay.

14:25 BES - Monza: The top two, Palmer in the #19 Lamborghini and Siedler in the #333 Ferrari, have come in to make their final stops.

14:27 WEC - Silverstone: Here's how things stand up front with all of the top five having made four stops (although remember the #2 Toyota is out of synch).

1 #7 Audi (Lotterer)
2 #1 Toyota (Nakajima), +30.778s
3 #18 Porsche (Lieb), +45.602s
4 #2 Toyota (Conway), +48.326s
5 #8 Audi (Duval), +1 lap

14:28 WEC - Silverstone: Big moment for Lieb at the exit of Stowe - the car snaps on him on the rumble strip. He gathers it up and there wasn't any significant time loss.

14:29 WEC - Silverstone: Although second-placed Nakajima has fresher rubber, he isn't really closing on Lotterer. Was four-tenths faster last time round, but the gap is still 30.168s.

14:31 WEC - Silverstone: Nakajima takes another three tenths out of Lotterer

14:31 WEC - Silverstone: But more importantly, Conway has taken third place from the #17 Porsche of Lieb.

14:32 WEC - Silverstone: We've also got the #8 Audi in the garage. The front bodywork is coming off.

14:34 WEC - Silverstone: Conway brings the #2 Toyota into the pits for its fifth stop. He is being relieved by Sarrazin. After that double stint, the car also gets fresh rubber.

14:35 WEC - Silverstone: The GTE Pro battle is still raging between the #51 Ferrari of Vilander and the #71 example of Rigon. Both are run by AF Corse and the gap between the two is just one second and closing.

14:36 WEC - Silverstone: The front bodywork is being re-attached to the #8 Audi, so we might well see that car back out imminently.

14:37 WEC - Silverstone: And sure enough, out heads Jarvis for his first race stint as a full-time Audi LMP1 driver.

14:39 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer is actually extending his lead at the front. He is now 33.568s ahead, although did lost time on the last lap completed.

14:41 WEC - Silverstone: Christensen in the #91 Porsche is in third place in GTE Pro and closing the gap to the class-leading AF Corse Ferraris. He's now 20.686s down.

14:43 BES - Monza: With 45 minutes remaining and the final pit stops completed at Monza the top five looks like this:

1: #19 Mul (GRT Grasser Lamborghini)
2: #333 Salikhov (Rinaldi Ferrari)
3: # 11 Bonacini (Kessel Ferrari)
4: #51 Cameron (AF Corse Ferrari)
5: # 71 Asmer (GT Russia Mercedes)

14:44 WEC - Silverstone: Yacaman in the #28 Ligier is trying to make a fight of it in LMP2. He just took 3.7s out of class leader Canal, and is now 50 seconds behind.

14:45 BES - Monza: Huge crash for the #54 McLaren of Ronnie Valori at the Parabolica and the safety car is out.

14:45 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer's lead is holding firm - he's 35.617s ahead of Nakajima. Lieb is third, 51 seconds off first, in the remaining Porsche.

14:49 BES - Monza: There's debris all over the track at Parabolica as replays show that Valori appeared to drop his McLaren under braking as he battled the the #84 Bentley of Mike Parisy and he struck the barriers at full speed very close to a marshal post.

It also looks like there's significant damage to the barrier and the safety car will be out for some time.

14:54 WEC - Silverstone: Rigon has taken the GTE Pro-class lead from team-mate Vilander.

14:55 BES - Monza: There's bizarre scenes under safety car conditions as the #56 Porsche of Dimitrios Konstantinou travelled extremely slowly and backed roughly 18 other cars up so much that the safety car, leading the #19 Lamborghini and the frontrunners, almost caught them.

14:57 WEC - Silverstone: Things looking good fr the #7 Audi, with Lotterer now 38.783s ahead of the #1 Toyota of Nakajima. The #17 Porsche, driven by Lieb, is now 57s off the lead.

14:58 BES - Monza: The safety car is in after 15 minutes on-track.

15:01 WEC - Silverstone: Rigon brings the GTE Pro class-leading Ferrari into the pits. He hands over to Calado.

15:02 BES - Monza: With less than 30 minutes to go and green flag conditions once again, here is the current top five:

1: #19 Mul (GRT Grasser Lamborghini)
2: #333 Salikhov (Rinaldi Ferrari)
3: #11 Bonacini (Kessel Ferrari)
4: #51 Cameron (AF Corse Ferrari)
5: #1 Vanthoor (WRT Audi)

15:02 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer continues to press on up front. With just under two hours remaining, he is 42.738s to the good - things looking excellent for the #7 Audi.

15:04 BES - Monza: The #1 Audi of Laurens Vanthoor passes the #51 Ferrari of Duncan Cameron around the outside at Turn 1 to claim fourth place overall.

15:05 WEC - Silverstone: The #1 Toyota of Nakajima pits from second place. Takes on fuel but no tyres.

15:05 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer pits in the #7 Audi. He's staying in the car for a triple stint. And he gets a fresh set of tyres after double-stinting the previous set.

Audi, Silverstone WEC 2015

15:07 BES - Monza: Salikhov in the #333 Rinaldi Ferrari is coming under huge pressure from Bonacini in the #11 Kessel Ferrari in the battle for second overall and ProAm honours. They're both trying to get through plenty of traffic at the same time.

15:08 WEC - Silverstone: The #18 Porsche is in the lead temporarily. Lieb will drop back when he pits shortly.

15:09 WEC - Silverstone: Christensen pits in the #91 Porsche, which is gradually working its way into the lead battle in the class. He hands over to LIetz.

15:10 WEC - Silverstone: The #50 Larbre Chevrolet is in the gravel at the end of the Becketts complex.

15:11 Turns out that it's the result of a class with the #8 Audi driven by Jarvis. Poulsen, in the Chevy, appeared to turn in on him while being lapped.

15:11 BES - Monza: The battle for second place overall appears to be over for now as Bonacini in the #11 Ferrari has dropped back by over six seconds from Salikhov .

15:11 And the #50 Chevy is back underway. Albeit very slowly.

15:13 WEC - Silverstone: Lieb's lead is down to seven seconds over Lotterer. And he still has another stop to make to be on level terms strategically.

15:14 BES - Monza: Bonacini has now lost third place to Vanthoor in the #1 Audi and he continues to tumble down the order as Cameron in the #51 Ferrari goes past as well, pushing the #11 Ferrari down to fifth place overall.

15:16 WEC - Silverstone: Lieb comes into the pits in the #18 Porsche.

15:17 WEC - Silverstone: The #18 Porsche is taking fuel and tyres and Jani takes over. As throughout the race, the Porsche is taking fresh rubber at every stop, meaning that it can't match the double stints of its rivals.

15:18 IndyCar - NOLA: Wet weather has caused the warm-up to be called off, and it didn't even get as far as Saturday's truncated qualifying session.

15:18 WEC - Silverstone: Jarvis spins the #8 Audi into the gravel coming onto the national straight and recovers.

15:21 WEC - Silverstone: With 1h40m remaining, here's how they stand up front:

1 #7 Audi (Lotterer)
2 #1 Toyota (Nakajima), +32.767s
3 # 2 Toyota (Sarrazin), +74.973s
4 #18 Porsche (Jani), +76.156s
5 #8 Audi (Jarvis), +1 lap

15:22 European F3 - Silverstone: Alex Albon, one of the stars of the weekend on Signature's return to European F3, came up with a new addition to the 'Why I Made A Bad Start' tome, after lining up fourth for race two and dropping to ninth.

Due to the shadow cast by a peak in the grandstand roof, a tiny patch of the start-finish straight was still wet from the morning's rain - exactly where Albon was sitting.

"I just sat there with the wheels spinning!" he grinned.

Alexander Albon, Signature, Silverstone European F3 2015

15:22 WEC - Silverstone: The AF Corse Ferraris are at it again in GTE Pro. Bruni has just tried to take the lead from Calado at Brooklands, but can't quite make it stick. The #91 Porsche of Lietz is now only 10 seconds down though.

15:23 WEC - Silverstone: Sarrazin brings the #2 Toyota into the pits. He should take fuel only and stay in the car.

15:23 BES - Monza: With just over five minutes left to run at Monza here's the current top five:

1 #19 Mul (GRT Grasser Lamborghini)
2 #333 Salikhov (Rinaldi Ferrari)
3 #1 Vanthoor (WRT Audi)
4 #51 Cameron (AF Corse Ferrari)
5 # Kane (M-Sport Bentley)

15:26 WEC - Silverstone: The #8 Audi is in with Jarvis at the wheel. Down in fifth place without a great deal to play for unless one of the cars ahead hits trouble.

15:28 WEC - Silverstone: In GTE Am, Lauda still leads in the #98 Aston, with Perrodo in the #83 Ferrari 16 seconds behind. So there's still a fight in that class.

15:29 BES - Monza: Final lap for Mul in the #19 Lamborghini and he has a lead of 34s over the #333 Ferrari of Salikhov.

15:31 BES - Monza Jeroen Mul takes the chequered flag to win the Monza round of the Blancpain Endurance series!

15:33 BES - Monza: The #333 Rinaldi Ferrari comes home second overall and also takes the ProAm class honours. The #1 WRT Audi completes the podium.

15:34 MotoGP - Austin: Marc Marquez was on top in an almost-dry warm-up at Austin just now, with Cal Crutchlow his main rival again.

15:34 WEC - Silverstone: Things are pretty stable up front. Lotterer leads by 33.866s from Nakajima.

15:36 BES- Monza: The final top five at Monza were:

1: #19 Mul (GRT Grasser Lamborghini)
2: #333 Salikhov (Rinaldi Ferrari)
3: #1 Vanthoor (WRT Audi)
4: # Cameron (AF Corse Ferrari)
5: # Kane (M-Sport Bentley)

15:36 WEC - Silverstone: Yacaman brings the #28 Ligier that is second in LMP2 into the pits. Derani, who started the race, takes over the car.

15:44 WEC - Silverstone: The #47 KCMG ORECA that led the early laps in LMP2 is having a troubled race. It's down in 24th overall and has just been hit with a one-minute penalty for a pitstop infringement. Earlier in the race, the team had a water pipe cracked by a stone, which had to be repaired.

15:50 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer continues to lead in the #7 Audi, 37 seconds clear of the #1 Toyota. Lieb is third in the #18 Porsche - but things are relatively static at the front.

15:51 WEC - Silverstone: The #2 Toyota has been reported to the stewards for a potential pitstop infringement. Could lead to a penalty.

15:52 WEC - Silverstone: Canal brings the LMP2-class leading #26 Ligier into the pits. Fuel, tres and a tyre change and Bird jumps in.

15:55 WEC - Silverstone: The #1 Toyota is in, driven by Nakajima. Takes fuel and tyres, with Buemi jumping in. Lotterer in the #7 Audi is also in - that means that both cars will likely need to make a splash-and-dash late on, whereas the #18 Porsche should be able to avoid that.

15:56 WEC - Silverstone: Lotterer is out of the #7 Audi and Fassler jumps in.

15:56 Moto3 - Austin: We're about five minutes away from the start of two-wheel action from Austin.

15:57 WEC - Silverstone: The LMP2 battle is nice and close. Bird leads in the #26 Ligier by just 12.330s from the #28 Ligier, driven by Derani.

15:57 Moto3 - Austin: Moto3 will get us underway, with Brit Danny Kent on pole.

15:58 WEC - Silverstone: The battle in GTE Pro is very close. Bruni in the #51 Ferrari currently has a lead of almost five seconds over the #71 sister car of Calado, with Lietz third and right with Calado in the #91 Porsche.

15:58 Moto3 - Austin: It's overcast in Austin - bleak if you will - and rain is a matter of 'when' not 'if' there today.

16:00 WEC - Silverstone: Perrodo leads GTE Am in the #83 Ferrari.

16:02 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler leads in the #7 Audi by 1.188s from Jani's Porsche. Expect the #18 Porsche to stay out for a few more laps before pitting to run to the end.

16:03 WEC - Silverstone: The #81 GTE Pro Porsche makes its final stop, with Lietz handing over to Christensen.

16:04 WEC - Silverstone: We've also seen the #71 Ferrari, the #95 Aston Martin and the #99 Aston, all in GTE Pro, make their final stops.

16:06 Moto3 - Austin: Clean start to the race and, unsurprisingly, we've already had several different leaders on the opening lap.

Niccolo Antonelli was ahead at its conclusion, pole-sitter Kent has dropped down to sixth.

The circuit is mostly dry, but there are a few wet patches around the surface. Rain is forecast, and two-thirds distance for this 19-lapper would be lap 12 for it to count as a full race.

16:07 WEC - Silverstone: Jani just came very close to taking the lead from the #7 Audi of Fassler...and has made the move effortlessly on the national straight thanks to the power advantage.

16:07 WEC - Silverstone: But Fassler comes back at the Porsche and retakes the lead into Copse.

16:08 WEC - Silverstone: Lieb continues to look very threatening in the #18 Porsche in second place...but he is due to peel into the pits in the not-too-distant future.

16:09 WEC - Silverstone: And Jani is now into the lead ahead of Fassler. But has dived into the pits.

16:11 WEC - Silverstone: This will be the last stop for the #18 Porsche of Jani, whereas the #7 Audi will have to stop for a splash and dash. This could bring the Porsche into contention, but it depends how well it treats its Michlins. Just the left side was changed by the looks of it. Audi still looking in great shape though - should have enough of a lead to make the splash easily.

16:12 Moto3 - Austin: After his sluggish opening lap, Kent has worked his way back to the front of the pack, and just jumped from third to first in one foul swoop, at the end of the long back straight.

He leads Oliveira and Antonelli - the riders he passed - as they start lap 5.

16:13 WEC - Silverstone: Sarrazin brings the #2 Toyota in for its final stop from fourth place. He gets a fresh set of tyres for the final stint. Wurz takes over.

16:15 WEC - Silverstone: Bird has everything under control in the lead of the LMP2 class in the #26 Ligier. He has extended his lead over the #28 Ligier of Derani to almost 23 seconds.

16:17 Moto3 - Austin: After taking the lead, Kent is pulling away from the six-rider pack behind him, which is playing into his hands by fighting among themselves.

Starting lap 7, he's 1.5 seconds clear - an age in Moto3 terms.

16:17 WEC - Silverstone: Bruni brings the GTE Pro-leading #51 AF Corse Ferrari into the pits for its final stop. He re-emerges still in the lead, with an advantage of 15 seconds over the second-placed #91 Porsche of Christensen.

16:19 WEC - Silverstone: AUTOSPORT's Marcus Simmons is trackside at the final corner and reports that Fassler in the #7 Audi was a nearly taken out by the KCMG ORECA when the LMP2 was heading into the pits.

16:20 Moto3 - Austin: One rider who's out of that pack fighting for second is Antonelli has fallen, having lost the front.

The Italian, who is still looking for his maiden Moto3 podium, fell at Qatar after qualifying third. He eventually recovered to eighth, but after qualifying second in Austin, he's limped back to the pits to have a bent clutch lever repaired.

Meanwhile, Kent is now four seconds clear on lap 10.

16:20 WEC - Silverstone: The ByKolles CLM was still circulating, but Klien has ground to a halt. That car is down in 27th place. Sounds better if you say sixth place in LMP1...

16:20 WEC - Silverstone: Lamy has GTE Pro under control in the #98 Aston Martin. He leads Aguas in the #83 Ferrari by almost 40 seconds.

16:22 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler is 35.703s clear of second-placed Buemi's Toyota. Jani, who remember doesn't have to stop again, is 67.855s off the lead. But while he shouldn't be able to do anything about first place, second place is still on the cards given Buemi will have to stop for a splash and is only 35s clear.

16:27 Moto3 - Austin: In carbon copies of Antonelli's fall a couple of laps earlier, Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Navarro have fallen at the end of the back straight, where there are some damp patches on the surface.

They were in the middle of that fight for second, which has now spread out a little.

And now doesn't include Oliveira, either! He's fallen too.

16:31 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler holds a comfortable 39.429s lead over the #1 Toyota of Buemi. Both of the top two will have to make a splash-and-dash in the closing stages. Jani, in third in the #18 Porsche, can run to the end and might be able to get ahead of the Toyota.

16:32 Moto3 - Austin: So who is in the fight behind Kent?

Qatar winner Alexis Masbou is second, with a comfortable margin over the pack of Fabio Quartararo (one of two 15-year-olds in the field), Efren Vazquez (the oldest rider in Moto3 at 28), Enea Bastianini and John McPhee.

With six laps remaining, Kent leads by 7.5 seconds.

16:32 WEC - Silverstone: This could be interesting...the #7 Audi is under investigation for overtaking of the #18 Porsche and the #95 Aston Martin at Club. Can't afford a penalty.

16:37 Moto3 - Austin: If you're new to the name Danny Kent, here's what you need to know about the Brit.

He's 21 and has two Moto3 victories to his name. They both came in 2012, when he was fourth in the standings. After a troubled 2013 in Moto2, he returned to Moto3 last year and was eighth, and started his 2015 campaign with third in Qatar.

Importantly, with three laps to go in Austin, he leads by nine seconds in what at the moment would be one of the largest dry winning margins in Moto3 history.

16:40 Moto3 - Austin: Behind Kent, four riders are fighting over the two remaining podium positions.

Masbou's buffer is gone, and he's just relinquished second again to Quartararo again, while Vazquez and Bastianini are in the mix as well. And with two laps remaining, Brad Binder has joined the fun.

16:40 WEC - Silverstone: Buemi brings the #2 Toyota into the pits for a final splash.

16:41 WEC - Silverstone: So that means that the #18 Porsche driven by Jani is up into second place ahead of the #1 Toyota of Buemi.

16:42 WEC - Silverstone: MASSIVE NEWS: With 18 minutes remaining, the race-leading #7 Audi has to make a stop/go penalty for abusing track limits exiting Club Corner when overtaking.

16:42 Moto3 - Austin: Kent starts the final lap, he's on track for a dominant victory.

About 10 seconds behind, Masbou starts the final tour in second place, ahead of Quartararo, Vazquez, Bastianini and Binder. You could throw a sheet over them.

16:43 WEC - Silverstone: The #18 Porsche has a four-second advantage over third-placed Buemi's Toyota.

16:44 Moto3 - Austin: All action at the end of the back straight, Quartararo and Vazquez have passed Masbou, who drops to fifth.

16:44 WEC - Silverstone: So, we now have the #7 Audi of Fassler coming into the pits for his splash and go. Remember, he still has to stop for his penalty.

16:45 Moto3 - Austin: Danny Kent wins by 8.2 seconds. Massive win.

16:46 Moto3 - Austin: Behind him, there was drama. Masbou fell at the final corner and momentarily ran to alongside his bike in an attempt to push it across the line.

The bike washed away underneath him, all on his own.

16:46 WEC - Silverstone: So this is very dramatic. Fassler leads in the #7 Audi. His lead over the #18 Porsche of Jani stands at 37.876s with a stop/go to serve with just 14 minutes remaining.

16:47 WEC - Silverstone: Here's Fassler in for his stop/go penalty in the #7 Audi. He has enough of a lead to come out in front.

16:47 Moto3 - Austin: Second place went to Quartararo, who is still just 15, but pieced together a cool final lap, while Vazquez completed the podium.

16:48 WEC - Silverstone: So Fassler in the #7 Audi has it won - he is now 12 seconds ahead of the #18 Porsche of Jani, who is himself seven seconds clear of the #1 Toyota of Buemi.

16:48 WEC - Silverstone: After almost two hours of racing, the top three are covered by just 17.433s.

16:49 WEC - Silverstone: Jani has now closed to within 10 seconds of the lead.

16:50 Moto3 - Austin: Here's the full top 10.

1. Kent
2. Quartararo
3. Vazquez
4. Bastianini
5. Binder
6. McPhee
7. Locatelli
8. Fenati
9. Vinales
10. Hanika

With the result and Masbou's fall - the Qatar winner was classified 16th - Kent moves to the top of the Moto3 points.

16:50 WEC - Silverstone: Jani continuing to chip away. Gap to the leader now 8.652s.

16:52 WEC - Silverstone: With eight minutes remaining, Fassler's lead over Jani is 7.777s. Buemi is too far back in third to do anything about the #18 Porsche.

16:53 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler has responded and has stabilised the gap. Should have this in hand, but there's still a fair bit of traffic about so needs to be careful not to lose time.

16:54 WEC - Silverstone: The #26 Ligier of Bird has the LMP2 class won, barring disaster.

16:54 Moto3 - Austin: Kent had a slow start, but was ultimately unstoppable in taking his third grand prix victory.

Kent, Moto3, Austin

"We've been strong all weekend," he said. "With these conditions, my plan was to sit behind a few riders [early] to get a feel for where the wet patches were, then make my move."

Bastianini is now second in the standings, ahead of Quartararo.

"It's incredible," Quartararo surmised. "It's perfect, I had a really good rhythm."

Next up from Austin is Moto2 at 18:20 BST.

16:54 WEC - Silverstone: Bruni in the #51 Ferrari is well set for GTE Pro victory, even though the #91 Porsche isn't too far behind.

16:55 WEC - Silverstone: And in GTE Am, it's still Lamy up front in the #98 Aston Martin.

16:55 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler extends his lead to just over nine seconds. He has got this in hand. Buemi starting to come back at Jani, although the Porsche lost a little time in traffic last lap.

16:58 WEC - Silverstone: Lamy brings the GTE Am class-leading #98 Aston Martin into the pits for a splash of fuel, but had enough of a gap to keep the #83 Ferrari behind.

16:58 WEC - Silverstone: Jani still chipping away. The gap is down to 6.973s with two laps remaining. Fassler under pressure but should have enough of a margin.

16:59 WEC - Silverstone: Fassler carries an advantage of 5.774s into the final lap.

17:00 WEC - Silverstone: And Fassler crosses the line to win the Silverstone 6 Hours in the #7 Audi with a winning margin of 4.610s over the #18 Porsche of Jani.

17:02 WEC - Silverstone: Final results:

1 #7 Audi (Treluyer/Fassler/Lotterer)
2 #18 Porsche (Jani/Dumas/Lieb)
3 #1 Toyota (Buemi/Davidson/Nakajima)
4 #2 Toyota (Wurz/Conway/Sarrazin)
5 #8 Audi (Di Grassi/Duval/Jarvis)

LMP2 winner: #26 Ligier (Bird/Rusinov/Canal)
GTE Pro winner: #51 Ferrari (Bruni/Vilander)
GTE AM: #98 Aston Martin (Lamy/Lauda/Dalla Lana)

17:14 European F3 - Silverstone First-race winner Felix Rosenqvist obviously hit a setback with his exclusion from second qualifying for the European F3 round, but he's only 20 points adrift of the championship lead.

"I feel quite confident, the way we are going," said the Swede, ominously.

17:19 Moto2 - Austin: We're a couple of minutes away from the start of Moto2. It's still dry in Texas, but the threat of rain looms large.

Xavier Simeon will start the 19-lap racd on pole, he shares the front row of the grid with Sam Lowes and Tito Rabat.

Qatar winner Jonas Folger will start way down in 19th.

17:23 Moto2 - Austin: We're away for Moto2. Zarco leads Lowes and Rabat, while Simeon has fallen to fourth.

17:28 Moto2 - Austin: Three laps completed now, Zarco still leads the way over Lowes.

Simeon leads a big chain of bikes about 1.7 seconds further behind, with Morbidelli and world champion Rabat his closest challengers.

17:29 Moto2 - Austin: The rain flag is out. However it's more of a 'wet wind', by all accounts, rather than meaningful moisture.

17:33 Moto2 - Austin: On lap 5, Zarco leads Lowes by 0.6s, while Simeon is a further 1.8s behind.

Simeon has Rins (a big mover in recent laps), Morbidelli, Syahrin, Aegerter, Rabat and Kallio keeping him company.

Folger, meanwhile, is still down in 21st.

17:35 Moto2 - Austin: Lowes has closed in on Zarco, and we've got a scrap for the lead. Lowes was momentarily ahead, but Zarco regained top spot almost immediately.

In a reverse of Kent's Moto3 ride, their scrap plays into the hands of the chasing pack.

17:37 Moto2 - Austin: Meanwhile, the rain hasn't really materialised into anything meaningful.

Aegerter has crashed from fifth at Turn 12, but has just rejoined.

17:40 Moto2 - Austin: On Lap 9, the margin Zarco and Lows held over the chasing pack is all-but gone.

Zarco leads Lowes by 0.279s, with Simeon now just 0.311s behind Lowes, having set the fastest lap of the race. Rins is fourth, ahead of Rabat, Morbidelli, Kallio and Syahrin.

17:47 Moto2 - Austin: Lap 11 now in the books, and a fastest lap from Zarco opens up the biggest lead of the race. He's now 0.5s ahead of Lowes.

Simeon remains second, ahead of Rins, while Rabat, Morbidelli and Kallio are a further five seconds behind.

17:50 Moto2 - Austin: Big effort this by Lowes, after a heavy crash in practice. He's looking for his maiden Moto2 podium.

17:52 Moto2 - Austin: Lowes is now right behind Zarco, who is looking for his first Moto2 victory, with five laps remaining. Simeon is right behind them. Rins is about a second adrift of the top three.

17:52 Moto2 - Austin: Lowes takes the lead at the end of the back straight. Zarco looks to fight back, as he did earlier in the race, but Lowes makes it stick.

17:54 Moto2 - Austin: Bit of a moment from Lowes but he holds on. Rins, meanwhile, had made it a four-rider group.

17:56 Moto2 - Austin: Contact at the front of the field at Turn 3. Simeon is down after clashing with Zarco. Simeon is down.

17:56 Moto2 - Austin: That plays into the hands of Lowes, who is now 1.1s ahead of Zarco with four laps remaining. Rins is third, Rabat inherits fourth place.

17:59 Moto2 - Austin: With two laps remaining, Lowes' advantage is up to 1.3s. After Kent won in Moto3, it could be a British double at Austin.

18:00 Moto2 - Austin: Simeon is back in the pits, thanks to a scooter. A podium finish would've given him the Moto2 points lead.

18:02 Moto2 - Austin: Final lap for Lowes, he leads by 2.1 seconds. Zarco is still second while Rins is third, which would move him into the points lead.

18:03 Moto2 - Austin: Sam Lowes takes his first Moto2 (and grand prix) victory! Zarco and Rins complete the podium, having spread out in the closing laps.

18:06 Moto2 - Austin: Here's how the top 10 ended up:
1. Lowes
2. Zarco
3. Rins
4. Rabat
5. Morbidelli
6. Syahrin
7. West
8. Kallio
9. Simon
10. Nakagami

Qatar winner Folger was 16th, just outside of the points.

18:14 Moto2 - Austin: Lowes, who was 13th last year in his maiden Moto2 campaign, had a weekend that started with a practice crash and ended with victory.

"It's incredible," he said. "[In] the first few laps I had some pain, but afterwards it was gone. Johann set a good pace, I followed him, got past and got the win."

Zarco spoke briefly about his clash with Simeon: "When I changed direction, we touched, but I was in front of him."

Next up from Austin is MotoGP from 20:00 BST.

18:16 WEC - Silverstone: If you followed the race this afternoon, here's GARY WATKINS' full report.

Audi holds out Porsche to win season opener

18:25 MotoGP - Austin: We're just over half an hour away from the MotoGP start and it's still dry in Austin. Will the 21-lap race be as dramatic as qualifying?

Marc Marquez on pole after sprint for spare Honda

18:30 MotoGP - Austin: Here's what the two-time MotoGP champion had to say about his qualifying adventure. He'll also be pleased to know it's still dry!

“It was rather different to what we are used to, because when I crossed the line for the first time with the second tyre I saw a warning light on the bike," he said.

"When that happens, we are normally advised to shut off the engine. I was able to get out again on the second bike and cross the line right at the cut-off point to put in a final lap, which worked out well for us.

"It's important, because tomorrow we are expecting an eventful race with the unstable weather conditions. If the race is dry, then I'm ready.

"If it's wet, then we will have to see how things go in the moment!”

18:41 MotoGP - Austin: Pole-sitter in Qatar and second to Valentino Rossi in a dramatic finale, Andrea Dovizioso will start second.

“When we get these results, it means that we have certainly been working well," he said.

"We managed to improve the feeling a bit in FP4, and this allowed me to be aggressive in qualifying and record a really good time.

"Here in Texas we’ve had a bit more difficulty than in Qatar, because the Austin track is very unusual and the weather conditions have certainly not helped."

18:47 MotoGP - Austin: Jorge Lorenzo completes the front row, here's the first four rows:

1. Marquez
2. Dovizioso
3. Lorenzo
4. Rossi
5. Crutchlow
6. Redding
7. Iannone
8. Aleix Espargaro
9. Pol Espargaro
10. Smith
11. Petrucci
12. Vinales

18:47 MotoGP - Austin: We're about 15 minutes away from the start, riders are starting to line up on the grid.

18:48 MotoGP - Austin: In his 200th grand prix, the only local in the field, Nicky Hayden will start 22nd.

18:56 MotoGP - Austin: It definitely looks a bit sunnier now than it did for the earlier Moto3 and Moto2 races.

18:59 MotoGP - Austin: On the hard option front tyre, we have Marquez, Rossi, Crutchlow, Redding, Hernandez, Vinales and De Meglio. Everyone else is on the medium hard.

Only Bautista, on the soft, isn't on the medium rear tyre.

18:59 MotoGP - Austin: We're a couple of minutes away from race start, as the grid starts to empty.

19:01 MotoGP - Austin: The start has been delayed, no reason or duration yet. Seems water is dripping onto the circuit from an overpass bridge.

19:01 IndyCar - NOLA: We're a couple of minutes late in telling you this due to a brief internet outage, but the race is underway at NOLA. The track is still damp, and for now, everyone is still on wets. Montoya leads from Power, and the only real excitement up front has been Kanaan running wide while trying to pass Power, and falling back from third to sixth.

19:03 IndyCar - NOLA: Kanaan's mishap has allowed the two lead Penskes to open a significant gap. After just seven laps Power trails Montoya by 0.7s, but Castroneves is almost 5.0s further down the road in third.

19:03 MotoGP - Austin: Bikes and riders are returning to their garages. Turn 3 is the problematic part of the track.

19:06 MotoGP - Austin: MotoGP is no stranger to delays this weekend... Practice on Friday was delayed by 50 minutes due to an insufficient number of officials being on site, and then a dog found its way onto the track, which brought out the red flag for 20 minutes.

19:11 IndyCar - NOLA: Here we go. Lap 11, and Kanaan and Hunter-Reay have pitted from sixth and seventh to swap their wets for stickered reds. Hunter-Reay beat Kanaan out of the pits, too.

19:14 MotoGP - Austin: Getting ready for his 200th grand prix, Nicky Hayden told commentators that the water caught his attention on the way to the grid.

"I saw that water on the sighting lap and made a note that I needed to pay attention to it on the warm-up lap," he said.

19:14 IndyCar - NOLA: Power has closed back up to Montoya, who has told the team that it's too early to change to slicks yet. Just to prove his point, Kanaan skates off the track and into a muddly puddle.

19:15 MotoGP - Austin: We have an update! The race will start at 14:37 local time, which is 20:37 BST. So in about 25 minutes.

The 21-lap duration has not changed.

19:15 IndyCar - NOLA: And in the time it took us to write that, Montoya, Power and Pagenaud all pit. Castroneves will be in next time around, as will Scott Dixon. The Ganassis have been fast in the dry all weekend, so it will be interesting to see what he can do with his second stint.

19:17 IndyCar - NOLA: Castroneves makes his stop for slicks, and Montoya cycles back into the lead. Elsewhere, Gabby Chaves has fallen off the track and is doing donuts in the mud as he struggles to return to tarmac.

19:18 IndyCar - NOLA: That was odd. Chaves was stuck on the edge of the kerbing, and a rotund man in slacks ran through the mud to push him back onto the track. It worked - until Chaves stopped again at the next corner.

19:21 IndyCar - NOLA: It's going to take more than a rotund man in slacks to rescue the BHA car this time. Up front, Montoya currently leads a Penske 1-2-3-4.

19:23 MotoGP - Austin: With the new start time now 15 minutes away, pitlane has reopened and riders are heading back to the grid.

19:27 MotoGP - Austin: Cal Crutchlow will start fifth when the race finally gets underway in just under 10 minutes. He's on a new chassis this weekend, and is expecting that to be a challenge in the race.

"The race is going to be quite difficult because we don't understand the package enough at the moment to make changes and we don't really know what way to go," he said.

"The new chassis is better but I haven't had enough time on it. Anyway we've definitely improved and our pace is not too bad because in FP4 I did my fastest lap with 17 laps on the tyre, so that's a positive thing and I think a lot of the other guys were on new tyres.

"It's a good step to go into [the race] confident but we need to work for the start of the race and we need to be there on the first eight laps of the race because I think at the moment we might lose some time, but then gain it back at the end of the race."

19:32 IndyCar - NOLA:Restart ... but Hawksworth and Jakes managed to hit each other as they were coming through the final corner. Hawksworth car has borne the brunt of the damage from the incident, which was triggered by Jakes spinning and Hawksworth hitting the barriers while trying to avoid him.

It took a while for race control to throw that second yellow, which allowed enough time for some Turn 1 shenanigans. The upshot of that was that Castroneves has damaged his front wing in a misjudged move on the lapped car of Dracone. The DCR car appears to have sustained a cut tyre.

19:36 IndyCar - NOLA: Still under caution, and it's still Montoya leading a Penske train. There are only three Penskes up at the front now though, with Castroneves having dropped back to 10th after that scrape with Dracone. Bourdais has moved up to fourth ahead of Rahal - where did he come from? -Hunter-Reay, and Filippi. de Silvestro, Newgarden and Hinchcliffe round out the top 10.

19:36 European F3 - Silverstone: No action was taken regarding any of the collisions during the European F3 weekend.

One of those in race two featured the oldest driver in the field - 24-year-old Markus Pommer - punting the youngest: 16-year-old Callum Ilott. Both scored points in the remaining races, with Pommer taking a fine fifth in race one for the returning Motopark team.

19:36 MotoGP - Austin: Riders are away on their warm-up lap. We're about to go racing!

19:38 MotoGP - Austin: Dovizioso leads Marquez and Rossi.

19:39 MotoGP - Austin: Lorenzo got a good initial launch, but has dropped to fifth, while Smith has jumped from 10th to fourth.

19:40 MotoGP - Austin: Redding and Pol Espargaro are down, they've clashed at Turn 10. Redding has resumed, but he's a distant last.

19:41 MotoGP - Austin: End of the first lap, Dovizioso leads Marquez, Rossi, Smith, Lorenzo, Aleix Espargaro, Iannone, Crutchlow, Hernandez and Petrucci.

19:44 MotoGP - Austin: Dovizioso has skipped away by half a second, but there's nothing between Marquez, Rossi and Smith behind him.

19:45 MotoGP - Austin: Iannone has taken sixth from the remaining Espargaro in the race.

19:45 MotoGP - Austin: Bradl has crashed at Turn 1, reportedly OK.

19:46 IndyCar - NOLA: One of Dracone's crew members is down in pitlane. Not sure what happened there, but safety personnel are on the scene.

19:48 MotoGP - Austin: Order at the end of Lap 4:
1. Dovizioso
2. Marquez
3. Rossi
4. Smith
5. Lorenzo
6. Iannone
7. A Espargaro
8. Crutchlow
9. Petruccci
10. Hernandez

19:48 IndyCar - NOLA: The injured crew member is Dracone's chief mechanic Todd Phillips. He's conscious, but is still receiving treatment. We haven't seen a replay yet, but it sounds like he was hit as the Italian was leaving the pits.

19:48 IndyCar - NOLA: Restart, and Pagenaud is all over Power ...

19:48 MotoGP - Austin: Dovizioso has been caught by the Marquez-led pack. The Spaniard now leads, having swapped the leads with Dovizioso twice in the space of several corners.

19:49 MotoGP - Austin: Rossi wants to get past the Ducati as well.

19:51 IndyCar - NOLA: ... and we're back under caution because Stefano Coletti aquaplaned on the straight, snapped across the track, and slammed into the inside wall. That was a big hit although his car is still running, albeit with a screwy rear wing.

19:51 MotoGP - Austin: Marquez sets a new fastest lap of the race, 2m04.653s, he leads by 0.582s at the end of Lap 6.

19:52 MotoGP - Austin: Iannone's charge continues, passing Lorenzo at Turn 1 to take fifth.

19:52 MotoGP - Austin: Meanwhile, having started sixth, Redding has retired from the race after his opening lap incidents.

19:53 MotoGP - Austin: Marquez is out to 1.2s clear, Rossi got up the inside of Dovizioso into Turn 11, but didn't have the power on the back straight to make it stick.

Ditto at Turn 20, Rossi gets past, but the Ducati powers clear again down the main straight.

19:53 IndyCar - NOLA: That yellow prevented Pagenaud from taking a swing at Power, so it's still Montoya, Power and Pagenaud occupying the top three. Right behind them, Bourdais was jumped by Rahal and Hunter-Reay.

Coletti is back in the pits, where the KV team suspects that the damage to his car is worse than it looks.

19:54 MotoGP - Austin: Hernandez has crashed out of the race at the final corner.

19:54 MotoGP - Austin: Rossi is past Dovizioso for second. Marquez is now 1.8s up the road.

19:55 MotoGP - Austin: Iannone has now passed Smith, at the back of a four-bike pack Rossi leads.

19:56 IndyCar - NOLA: A lot of the cars toward the back - including Kanaan and Castroneves - have taken advantage of the caution to stop for fresh rubber. This will likely be a timed race, so they'll be hoping not to have to stop again.

19:57 MotoGP - Austin: Marquez is now 2.2s clear, at the end of Lap 9. Rossi still leads Dovizioso, Iannone, Smith and Lorenzo.

20:00 IndyCar - NOLA: Restart. Rahal was caught out by a puddle and almost walled it, but managed to escape with nothing worse than the loss of a position to Hunter-Reay.

20:00 IndyCar - NOLA: Another yellow. Karam has spun into a gravel trap.

20:01 MotoGP - Austin: Lorenzo has moved past smith to take fifth, Crutchlow is now up to seventh after getting past the Suzuki or Espargaro.

20:02 MotoGP - Austin: The order with 10 laps to go:
1. Marquez, by 2.45s
2. Rossi
3. Dovizioso
4. Iannone
5. Lorenzo
6. Smith
7. Crutchlow
8. Espargaro
9. Petrucci
10. Vinales

20:04 MotoGP - Austin: Marquez's lead is now out to 3.2s. He's controlling the show, a third-straight MotoGP victory in Austin looks nine laps away...

20:06 IndyCar - NOLA: Still under caution, and most of the leaders pit for new tyres. No change of position among the leaders as they all rejoin. Hinchcliffe and Huertas were on the same strategy as the leaders and have elected to stay out, while Castroneves sits in third as the leader of the early-stoppers. Montoya has slotted back into seventh.

20:07 MotoGP - Austin: Still nothing between Rossi and Dovizioso, Iannone is in the mix as well right behind his Ducati team-mate.

20:10 MotoGP - Austin: Dovizioso is past Rossi, he made the move stick down the inside of Turn 3, after getting a great run out of Turn 2. There's six laps remaining.

20:13 MotoGP - Austin: With five laps to go, Marquez is 4.1s clear. Dovizioso, Rossi and Iannone have been joined in their scrap by Lorenzo.

20:13 IndyCar - NOLA: We were about to go green ... and then Huertas spun off at the last corner.

20:14 MotoGP - Austin: Four laps remaining in this fight for second, primarily between Dovizioso and Rossi after their Qatar epic.

20:16 MotoGP - Austin: Iannone has fallen away from the Dovizioso and Rossi battle, he's now set on defending fourth from Lorenzo with three laps to go.

20:17 MotoGP - Austin: But that proves too great a task, Lorenzo takes the position from Iannone.

20:19 MotoGP - Austin: Two laps remaining for Marquez, who's set to complete an Austin hat-trick.

20:20 MotoGP - Austin: Final lap for Marquez. Dovizioso still ahead of Rossi.

20:21 IndyCar - NOLA: Restart. Hinchcliffe leads the pack away, and miraculously, everyone has covered the first few corners without hitting anything. Oh, and it's raining again.

20:22 MotoGP - Austin: Marc Marquez wins in Austin.

20:22 IndyCar - NOLA: Karam's off again.

20:23 MotoGP - Austin: Dovizioso holds on for second, with Rossi third to maintain the championship lead. Lorenzo and Iannone took fourth and fifth, ahead of Brits Bradley Smith and Cal Crutchlow.

20:25 The top 10:
1. Marquez
2. Dovizioso
3. Rossi
4. Lorenzo
5. Iannone
6. Smith
7. Crutchlow
8. A Espargaro
9. Vinales
10. Petrucci

20:25 IndyCar - NOLA: There are 13 minutes left in the race, and every lap undr yellow will be welcomed by Hinchcliffe, who pitted 28 laps ago and is aiming to run to the end. Castroneves is second ahead of Jakes, de Silvestro, Kanaan and Montoya.

20:29 IndyCar - NOLA: Restart. Great getaway by Hinchcliffe.

20:29 IndyCar - NOLA: Pagenaud, Hunter-Reay, Bourdais. Chaos.

20:31 IndyCar - NOLA: Pagenaud is shouting rude French words at Bourdais ... and now he's gone over to Hunter-Reay's car to shout at him, too. The Andretti driver might yet be able to rejoin; it doesn't look like he has much damage. This is all great news for Hinchcliffe, who gets more laps under yellow.

20:34 IndyCar - NOLA: Those three tried to go three-wide on a damp track. Pagenaud was on the outside, Hunter-Reay in the middle. Pagenaud ran out of track, spun into the Andretti car, and Bourdais was caught up in the mess.

Three minutes to go. Hinchcliffe is looking good here.

20:38 IndyCar - NOLA: White flag. Hinchcliffe has this in the bag, unless he spears off behind the pace car. Castroneves is second ahead of Jakes.

20:40 IndyCar - NOLA: And there it is. HInchcliffe's gamble rewards him with his fourth career win. Castroneves is second, Jakes third, de Silvestro fourth, Montoya fifth.

Sunday 12 Apr Start GMT
 Silverstone WEC, Austin MotoGP 10:00