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As it happened: Bahrain Grand Prix Weather
By Emlyn Hughes
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Mon 15:00 The fourth round on the 2009 FIA Formula 1 World Championship trail sees the teams moving a little closer to home - to the Sakhir Desert to be precise - for the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Another quick getaway has been required by the teams to leave Shanghai, following yesterday's Chinese Grand Prix. They are in transit to the Kingdom's international airport, with two busy days of work ahead to prepare the cars for scrutineering on Thursday.

After two very wet grands prix, the journey to the Middle East will have given the teams chance to dry out. Surely the sport will enjoy a fair-weather weekend in the land of guaranteed sunshine this weekend? Yes, of course it will ...

In fact, we will move to the other extreme with dry air, low humidity and fierce heat.

Friday is tipped to be the hottest of the three days, with temperatures soaring to around 35 degrees Celsius and wall-to-wall sunshine. Saturday and Sunday could see those values drop slightly to around 33 degrees as conditions turn a little hazy, but there is no chance of rain during the course of the weekend, and we will all get the chance to see a dry race to judge the relative pace of the cars after a month of developments.

We will take a further look at the weather for the weekend on Thursday, but the news is to expect a dry, hot weekend with little chance of that changing.

Bahriain pit laneThu 14:45 Hot and dry conditions have greeted the Formula 1 family this week as they gear up for latest round of the 2009 world championship.

The forecasts have changed little in recent days, with extreme heat and mainly clear skies expected to continue for the next few days, as the Kingdom continues a brief spell of above-average warm weather.

Friday will be the hottest day at the circuit with a maximum of 38 degrees Celsius and just the odd light cloud floating around.

The ever-present wind be a factor and of course leads to concerns of desert sand being blown on to the circuit. A light breeze from the south-east up to 15 mph on Friday will swing around to the north on Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures will decrease just a little on Saturday as a result of the northern airflow - down a few degrees to 34 Celsius - with wind speeds similar to Friday.

Sunday could see a repeat of the inaugural event at the circuit in 2004, when a small sandstorm in the morning produced a slippery track surface in the early laps of the race. The northerly wind will remain on race day, but wind speeds are predicted to rise to 20 mph, gusting to 30 mph at times.

Dust haze will make the sunlight a little less potent than on Friday and Saturday, and in any gusty periods we could see a thin film of sand return to the racing surface. The increasing wind speed will result in another slight drop in temperature to a more pleasant 31 Celsius for the race period.

Tomorrow, the drivers will be out on the circuit once more as they work towards the 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix on a dirty and slippery track surface. Join us for the practice sessions here on AUTOSPORT Live. Our coverage begins on Friday at 06:45 GMT.

Bahrain FridayFri 14:00 Friday at the Bahrain Grand Prix delivered two practice sessions that could be considered highly interesting, or comparatively dull, depending on what you expect from a Formula 1 practice day. There was little in the way of mechanical drama or major spins, but on the other hand there were plenty of subtle improvements and minor trips across the run-off areas, as the drivers continually pushed the limits.

What cannot be debated was the weather - it was perfect, with the air temperature reaching 37 degrees and a track temperature rocketing to 57 Celsius at one stage.

More of the same is predicted for Saturday, with mainly clear skies and an abundance of direct sunlight, again warming up the track considerably.

Latest weather model forecasts suggest that the anticipated change in wind direction to a more northerly airflow will not now occur, and we will hang on to the southerly breeze for another day. This will keep the temperatures high, with 38 degrees expected again for the qualifying session, giving similar track temperatures to those experienced by the teams today.

Wind speeds will also remain the same as today, meaning little chance of any dust or sand storms. This is good news for the race engineers and drivers, as they can expect very similar weather conditions to those they practiced in today.

Tomorrow, final practice will take place followed by the three-tier qualifying session later in the afternoon. Our live coverage will begin at 07:45 GMT. Join us then.

Jarno TrulliSat 15:51 With the sun beating down and temperatures climbing through the roof to almost 40 degrees, Jarno Trulli dazzled his rivals and his Toyota team-mate Timo Glock to grab pole position for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

One aspect of the weather that the drivers can look forward to on Sunday is a drop in temperature. Sunshine is again expected at the 5.412 km Sakhir circuit, but is expected to be slightly less fierce than we have experienced over the last few days.

In such a hot, dry climate, an increase in wind speeds can create 'dust haze', where the dust and sand particles from the desert regions are whipped up into the atmosphere. Tonight, the wind direction will swing round to a northerly, and the breeze will increase in speed, up to 25 mph at times on race morning.

These two factors will peg back the temperatures, with a maximum of 33 degrees Celsius expected. Full-blown sandstorms, such as those earlier this year in winter testing, are unlikely given the forecast, but general visibility will be reduced somewhat.

Track conditions are likely to be quite poor in the early stages of the grand prix tomorrow. Numerous support races are on the schedule, as well as the increased level of sand and dust on the racing surface to create a slippery start to proceedings.

Will Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock be able to raise Toyota's temperature and claim victory in the gulf? Our coverage of the sixth Bahrain Grand Prix will begin at 10:30 GMT.

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