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As it happened: Sunday - Hungarian GP
By Edd Straw, Glenn Freeman, AUTOSPORT staff and Alex Kalinauckas
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
11:38 Welcome to AUTOSPORT's live coverage of the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton leads Nico Rosberg, F1 2015

11:41 It's almost time for the final race before Formula 1's summer break, so let's hope the field sends us away with a GP to remember.

We're almost certainly set for an all-Mercedes battle for victory, but the scrap behind should be fascinating for the third step on the podium. Ferrari, Red Bull and Williams are all in amongst it, and there should be very little to choose between them.

11:44 It's an emotionally-charged weekend following the death of Jules Bianchi last week, and the drivers are making their way to the front of the grid for a minute's silence to pay their respects to the late Frenchman.

11:50 After forming a circle around their crash helmets (and a replica of Bianchi's) the drivers make their way back to their cars - time to get kitted-up and get ready for the start of the GP.

11:57 Less than five minutes until the start of the formation lap, and the drivers are sat in their cars, with mechanics keeping everything cool until the call comes for the grid to clear.

11:57 EDD STRAW: "We should be looking at a two-stop race. The orthodox strategy will be to go soft/soft/medium and all of the top 10 will have to start on the softs they set their best time in Q2 on. The conditions are a little cooler than the past two days, so it will be interesting to see how the tyres react - although the temperature seems to be rising."

11:59 Ricciardo is told to expect the temperature to increase during the first stint and for the clouds to clear.

11:59 It looks like Maldonado's Lotus is the only car starting on the harder (and much slower) medium-compound tyre.

12:00 Here's how the field lines up on the grid:

1 Hamilton
2 Rosberg
3 Vettel
4 Ricciardo
5 Raikkonen
6 Bottas
7 Kvyat
8 Massa
9 Verstappen
10 Grosjean
11 Hulkenberg
12 Sainz
13 Perez
14 Maldondo
15 Alonso
16 Button
17 Ericsson
18 Nasr
19 Merhi
20 Stevens

12:00 The cars set off on the formation lap.

12:02 Hamilton pulls into pole position, ready for the start.

12:03 Aborted start.

12:03 Time for a second formation lap, then. Let's see what caused that.

12:04 Hmm, everyone got away cleanly, so it doesn't look like we had a stalled car causing that delay.

12:05 Ah, Massa was the offender. Not lined up properly on the grid.

12:05 Massa's engineer informs him: "The reason for that aborted start was that you stopped short."

12:05 Here the field comes again for take two of the start, then.

12:06 "Yeah, I couldn't see the yellow line," said Massa.

12:06 At the second attempt, the Hungarian GP is go!

12:06 Hamilton slow away, he's swamped! Vettel leads!

12:06 It's a Ferrari one-two, Raikkonen into second, Rosberg third.

12:07 Vettel squeezed Hamilton around the outside into Turn 1,

12:07 Hamilton is off at the chicane, through the gravel.

12:07 Disaster for Hamilton, he's tumbled down the order.

12:07 Looks like Hamilton is 10th.

12:08 Ricciardo has dropped to P9 in the first lap chaos.

12:08 The Ferraris have cleared off - Vettel and Raikkonen are way clear of Rosberg.

12:08 What a terrible first lap for Mercedes, and in particular Hamilton.

12:08 Hamilton complains that Rosberg pushed him wide.

12:08 There is gravel all over the track at the chicane where Hamilton went off.

12:09 Kvyat is under huge pressure from Ricciardo.

12:09 1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen
3 Rosberg
4 Bottas
5 Kvyat
6 Hulkenberg
7 Ricciardo
8 Perez
9 Massa
10 Hamilton

12:09 Another fast starter was Alonso - he's up to P12.

12:09 Ricciardo: "I had contact with Bottas, don't know if I have damage."

12:09 Ferrari could not have imagined it would end up one-two in the early stages of this grand prix.

12:10 Hamilton has started to close on Massa.

12:10 To recap the start, Vettel went around the outside of the Mercedes drivers, nearly banging wheels with Hamilton. Rosberg got pinched on the inside, allowing Raikkonen to also steal a march and slot into second through Turn 2.

12:10 Hamilton takes a very wide line through Turn 5 as he hunts Massa.

12:10 Grosjean sounds agitated too. The Lotus driver says he touched with one of the Toro Rosso drivers.

12:10 Vettel leads Raikkonen by 1.5s, with Rosberg 2.1s behind the Finn.

12:11 Mercedes' victory hopes surely rest solely on Rosberg's shoulders now. Hamilton will make progress, but it's going to be tough work around a track like this.

12:11 Ricciardo and Hamilton have a look up the inside of Kvyat and Massa respectively at Turn 1.

12:11 Ricciardo reports that his team-mate Kvyat "is struggling a lot" ahead of him.

12:12 Massa gets a five second penalty at his next pitstop for causing the aborted start.

12:12 Rosberg tried to fight back at Raikkonen on lap one, but he locked up on the outside of Turn 2, so it handed the place to the Finn.

12:13 Credit to the top four drivers for the way they handled the start - it would have been very easy for any of them to make contact in Turns 1 and 2.

12:13 Vettel is now 1.8s clear of Raikkonen, and 4.2s ahead of Rosberg.

12:14 Ricciardo got away slowly at the start and then hit Bottas on the run out of Turn 1.

12:14 EDD STRAW: "This will be interesting strategically. Rosberg is clearly the best shot for Mercedes now, and the team will be looking perhaps to jump one Ferrari at each round of pitstops. But passing on track will be extremely difficult, so by having two cars up front, Ferrari is in a very promising position. Rosberg looks to be hanging back now and looking after his tyres, so we've yet to get a clear view on exactly how the race pace compares."

12:14 Hamilton locked up at the chicane on lap one - Rosberg didn't squeeze him out. A simple mistake.

12:14 Hamilton is all over the back of Massa - he looks to the outside of Turn 2.

12:14 Nothing in it in the laptimes between the Ferraris and Rosberg, they're all in the 1m28.2/3s range right now.

12:15 Ricciardo is asked if Kvyat is holding up, and says he is. Kvyat is then told not to hold his team-mate up.

12:15 Is it 2010-13 again? Vettel is charging out front, his latest fastest lap is a 1m27.976s. He leads by two seconds.

12:15 Hamilton is 19 seconds off the lead after six.

12:16 Kvyat replies to that call by saying he's being held up by Hulkenberg and is trying to get past.

12:16 Lap 7:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen
3 Rosberg
4 Bottas
5 Hulkenberg
6 Kvyat
7 Ricciardo
8 Perez
9 Massa
10 Hamilton

12:16 Massa and Hamilton are closing on Perez as the Red Bull drivers have pulled away from the Force India.

12:17 Bottom half:

11 Sainz
12 Verstappen
13 Alonso
14 Button
15 Grosjean
16 Ericsson
17 Maldonado
18 Nasr
19 Stevens
20 Merhi

12:17 Kvyat's front wing is flapping about to a significant degree as he goes down the pit straight.

12:17 Lead gaps:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen +2.2
3 Rosberg +4.9
4 Bottas +13.6
5 Hulkenberg +15.5

12:17 Ricciardo gets past Kvyat.

12:18 EDD STRAW: "Hamilton's current challenge is to get himself back up to fourth. He'll probably need things to fall his way to do better than that. Right now, he's down in 10th and already 17 seconds behind third-placed Rosberg. But he's losing time every lap in traffic and will know how important it is to make up some places on track soon."

12:18 Merhi reports that he has a problem with his headrest. He's told to pit in order to change it for a new one, and does so.

12:19 Ricciardo is told he's got to make it count after Kvyat let him by.

12:19 Rosberg is sitting 2.8s behind Raikkonen at the moment. The Mercedes driver must be hanging back to stay out of the dirty air and protect his tyres. If so, that's a bit of a shame, we'd much rather see him have a go at racing the Ferraris.

12:19 "Ricciardo is on a different strategy. Let Ricciardo through please." There was a sweary reply from Kvyat, but it seems he obeyed the order.

12:20 Ricciardo is already 1.7s clear of his teammate as he closes on Hulkenberg.

12:20 Hamilton goes around the outside of Massa at Turn 1.

12:21 Ricciardo also got past Hulkenberg at Turn 1.

12:21 Replays show that Hamilton and Massa briefly touched rear tyres.

12:22 Lap 11:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen
3 Rosberg
4 Bottas
5 Ricciardo
6 Hulkenberg
7 Kvyat
8 Perez
9 Hamilton
10 Massa

12:22 Hamilton locks up at Turn 2 as he closes on Perez.

12:22 Vettel's lead is up to 2.3s over Raikkonen. Rosberg is still falling back, now 5.9s off the lead.

12:23 Sainz and Verstappen have closed up on Massa.

12:23 "Nico, unless we can close the gap to Raikkonen..."

"Don't tell me again, I'm trying."

Rosberg cuts his engineer off before he can finish that command.

12:23 EDD STRAW: "Rosberg is now 4.5 seconds behind Raikkonen. That's far more than he needs to be to protect the tyres from being damaged by being in too much turbulence. It could either be that he's taking it very easy and has no worries about closing back up at will, or he's struggling. Seems too big a gap to allow though."

12:23 Hamilton has a big look at Perez going into Turns 1 and 2, trying to get the Mexican driver to make a mistake.

12:24 Alonso is about to join the Massa, Sainz and Verstappen fight.

12:24 Verstappen exclaims that he's "really getting held up now" by his team-mate Sainz, who had said he's lining up for a pass on Massa.

12:25 Hamilton dives down the inside of Perez at Turn 1.

12:25 Hamilton is now up to P8, but he's 30.5s off the lead.

12:25 The gap between the leading Ferraris has stabilised at 2.2s. Vettel and Raikkonen are matching each other's times out front.

12:25 "Carlos will get one more chance," Verstappen is told as they both sit behind Massa.

12:26 Bottas pits, having just been passed for fourth by Ricciardo.

12:26 Kvyat pits too.

12:26 Bottas will be looking to get back ahead of Ricciardo by stopping earlier, but he's exited the pits behind Maldonado. That's surely going to ruin his chances.

12:27 Massa pits - he has to serve his five second penalty.

12:27 Low 1m28s for the Ferraris, and a 1m29.0s for Rosberg. He's falling back at a rapid rate right now.

12:27 Verstappen also comes in.

12:28 Massa and Grosjean go side-by-side in the pitlane and the Lotus driver prevails on the run down to Turn 1.

12:29 Hulkenberg pits ahead of Hamilton.

12:29 Vettel responds to a quick lap from Raikkonen by upping his own pace, extending the gap between the Ferraris to 2.5s.

Rosberg is 8.9s off the lead now.

12:29 Sainz is held in the pits and Alonso goes by him.

12:30 Hamilton has clear track in fifth now, this is his chance to make up some ground and unleash the pace of the Mercedes. He's 30.5s adrift of race leader Vettel.

12:30 EDD STRAW: "Seems that we will be seeing plenty of three-stoppers in this race. Two stops looked, on paper, the stronger, but the way the tyres are behaving many are going for the extra one."

12:30 Another fastest lap for Vettel - 1m27.913s. He leads by 2.7s over Raikkonen.

12:30 Button is now all over the back of Sainz as they fight over P14.

12:30 Perez comes in the pits for his first stop.

12:31 EDD STRAW: "Rosberg is now 6.6s behind second-placed Raikkonen and 9.3s behind Vettel. We still haven't seen the kind of pace expected from that Mercedes. Interestingly, Hamilton last time round was over half-a-second faster than him. But he is over 20 seconds behind."

12:31 Yet to pit out front on lap 17:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen +2.7
3 Rosberg +9.3
4 Ricciardo +23.5
5 Hamilton +30.3

12:31 Kvyat darts out from behind Maldonado and claims P8 at Turn 1.

12:32 Kvyat and Massa have switched to mediums at their stops. Everyone else (to have pitted so far) has stayed on softs.

12:33 Massa is now down in P16 after his pitstop penalty for causing the aborted start.

12:33 Raikkonen has lost a piece of his front wing over the kerbs at the chicane.

12:34 Ah - not the front wing, it's the onboard camera mounting.

12:34 Perez hits Maldonado. He's knocked into the air and spins around at Turn 1.

12:34 Vettel has extended his pre-pitstop lead to 3.2s now over Raikkonen. It's all looking good for the German right now on lap 20.

12:35 Hamilton pits, taking another set of soft tyres.

12:35 Perez tried to go around the outside of Maldonado at Turn 1 and the Lotus hit the rear of the Force India on the run out of the exit.

12:35 Hamilton emerges side by side with Bottas, and he runs the Williams driver wide at Turn 1 to hang on to fifth place. Decent recovery work there while he had clear track.

12:36 EDD STRAW: "Good work from Hamilton to emerge ahead of Bottas - in the context of his race, it was really important to re-emerge from the pits ahead. Was touch-and-go based on the gap before his stop."

12:36 Rosberg pits first of the leading trio.

12:36 It's a set of mediums for Rosberg, who was more than 10s adrift of Vettel before this stop.

12:37 "What is he doing? I gave him enough space," says Perez on the radio about that Maldonado clash.

12:37 If Ferrari puts its drivers on softs now, they will pull away from Rosberg in the next stint of the race. But Vettel and Raikkonen will have to take the slower tyre later on.

12:37 Vettel pits from the lead - he takes softs. 3.2s stop.

12:37 Replays show Maldonado understeered into Perez and the contact sent the Force India up into the air and he spun when it came back down.

12:38 Ricciardo is in as well, as Raikkonen leads out front.

12:38 Fastest lap for Hamilton - 1m27.013s. He's on the tail of Ricciardo as the Red Bull comes out of the pits.

12:38 The Perez and Maldonado clash is under investigation by the stewards.

12:38 Ricciardo is on mediums, so he's not going to be able to fight Hamilton very hard here.

12:39 EDD STRAW: "By stopping when he did, Rosberg gets two laps to attack Raikkonen. But given how big the gap was before and looking at Rosberg's times, he's not going to be able to get ahead of him."

12:39 Raikkonen pits, he also takes softs. No front wing change in the end - Ferrari was considering it when he first suffered that damage.

12:39 Grosjean and Massa are also under investigation for an unsafe release - presumably by Lotus - when the pair ran side-by-side down the pitlane earlier on.

12:40 Hamilton is already all over the back of Ricciardo for fourth.

12:40 Ricciardo is 16s behind Rosberg, so that will be the next gap Hamilton has to make up once he clears the Red Bull.

12:40 Fastest lap for Vettel - 1m26.877s. He leads Raikkonen by 6.1s.

12:41 Grosjean gets a five-second penalty at his next stop for an unsafe release.

12:41 EDD STRAW: "So how do Rosberg and Mercedes attack Ferrari from here? It's very simple - they have to find some more pace. Just like 2014, the Hungarian GP isn't going as planned for the team. Still some work for Ferrari to do to close this out though."

12:41 Ricciardo does a decent job of building a gap through the middle sector of the lap, and despite a noticeably huge difference in straightline speed (aided by DRS), Hamilton can't get through this time.

12:41 Maldonado gets a drive through penalty for running into Perez.

12:41 "If you can keep him behind early on, his tyres might struggle," Ricciardo is told.

12:42 Lap 25:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen +5.6
3 Rosberg +13.9 (M)
4 Ricciardo +28.9 (M)
5 Hamilton +31.5

12:42 EDD STRAW: "It's not a great surprise to see Maldonado getting a penalty for that collision with Perez. The only thing you could say is that, when you are going around the outside of someone, you always know there's a risk of that happening but from the one replay I've seen the Lotus driver was always going to get punished."

12:43 Hamilton has already fallen out of DRS range, despite having a car advantage and a softer tyre than Ricciardo's Red Bull. We apologise to Ricciardo - it's clearly not going to be the formality we predicted!

12:43 Massa's told to manage his tyres "like he did on Friday".

"But it's a different car compared to Friday," is the Brazilian's reply.

12:43 EDD STRAW: "Perez, incidentally, is showing no signs of significant ill-effects from being booted into the air briefly. He's lapping at a reasonable enough pace down in 14th, so if there are any problems they aren't a massive problem."

12:43 Hamilton locked a wheel at Turn 11 (strange place to lock-up - it's a quick corner), and went off track, losing more time.

12:44 The Ferraris (on softs) are lapping in the 1m27s. Medium-shod Rosberg in third is doing low 1m29s - as is Ricciardo in fourth on the same rubber.

12:46 Vettel is pulling away nicely from Raikkonen. He was four tenths faster last time around, and his lead is up to 6.3s.

12:46 EDD STRAW: "Right now, Rosberg is losing time to the Ferraris, but you have to take into account the fact he's on the medium-compound Pirellis with a view to attacking later on the faster tyres. Last time round, he did a 28.072s, which was half-a-second slower than Vettel and just over a tenth off Raikkonen. There's enough there to give Raikkonen something to think about, but Vettel shouldn't be concerned."

12:46 Hamilton has sorted himself out after that minor off - he's back in DRS range of Ricciardo.

12:46 Alonso has crept into P10 for McLaren - he benefited most from the Perez and Maldonado shunt.

12:47 Massa is under severe pressure from Nasr and the other Sauber of Ericsson has just nipped past him.

12:47 Ricciardo defends from Hamilton into Turn 2, just hanging on for another lap.

12:48 The battle for fourth is alive again, but it's costing Hamilton a lot of time. He's now 34 seconds off the lead, and 16s behind P3 Rosberg.

12:48 Nasr moves past Massa - it's all going wrong for the Williams driver today.

12:48 DRS zone looms again. Hamilton prepares another attack.

12:48 EDD STRAW: "Rosberg's pace really isn't where it needs to be. Ricciardo, behind, is also on the mediums and is going quicker than him. Needs to find some more pace and consistency as his laptimes are quite variable."

12:49 Ricciardo fights with all he has, which isn't much when you've got the harder tyre and a Renault engine. Hamilton passes around the outside into Turn 1, and now he's fourth.

12:49 EDD STRAW: "Now Hamilton is up to fourth place behind Rosberg, from a world championship perspective the question now is whether he can challenge his team-mate. The gap between the two is around 16 seconds."

12:49 Ricciardo made sure he contested the apex well, given that Hamilton appeared to be clear before the braking zone. Hamilton was wise to it, leaving room, knowing he would get away on the exit of Turn 1 into the second DRS zone.

12:50 Vettel leads Raikkonen by 7.3s now. He's still edging away.

12:50 Verstappen is closing up on Kvyat - he's just 0.7s behind the Red Bull.

12:50 Lap 30:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen +7.3
3 Rosberg +18.9
4 Hamilton +34.3
5 Ricciardo +36.1
6 Bottas +46.5

12:51 As a recap, Vettel, Raikkonen and Hamilton are on softs, Rosberg and Ricciardo are on mediums.

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

12:52 Kvyat and Verstappen get held up by Merhi as they come by to lap him.

12:52 Hamilton 1.2s faster than Rosberg last time around. He's now 14.2s behind his team-mate, trying to make inroads while he has the faster tyre.

12:52 Verstappen is really having to fight his car through Turn 5.

12:53 Hamilton is now 12.9s behind Rosberg, continuing to charge.

12:54 The gap between Vettel and Raikkonen has stabilised at just over seven seconds now.

12:54 Rosberg is 20s off the lead, and 12.9s behind Raikkonen.

12:54 Maldonado, who has served his drive-through penalty, is now just 1.1s behind Massa in the fight for the lowly P17.

12:55 Medium-shod Ricciardo has not been able to hang with Hamilton since losing fourth. He's 6.6s behind the Mercedes now, sitting fifth.

12:55 Nasr pits from P15 and goes onto the medium tyres.

12:55 Fastest lap for Hamilton - 1m26.801s. He's now 9.7s behind Rosberg.

12:56 Nasr, having just got his fresh tyres, suffers a huge lock up at Turn 2 on his out lap. They'll be rather spoiled then.

12:57 Hamilton takes another 1.2s out of Rosberg on lap 34. He's now 8.6s adrift of his team-mate, with the softer tyre at this stage.

12:58 So, at the next stops, the Ferraris and Hamilton will have to take the slower, harder tyre. Rosberg and Ricciardo's reward for this tough middle stint will be soft tyres for the final stint, and perhaps a chance to repair some of the damage they are suffering at the moment.

12:59 EDD STRAW: "Rosberg's lack of pace is a real surprise. Yes, he's on the medium tyres so will be slower that those on softs, but Ricciardo has been lapping at the same pace and often quicker while also on the mediums."

12:59 Lap 36:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen +8.0
3 Rosberg +22.9
4 Hamilton +30.7
5 Ricciardo +39.7

12:59 Perez, Massa and Maldonado are running very close together as they scrap over P14.

13:00 Rosberg has that three-car battle to negotiate on this lap. Nasty amount of traffic.

13:00 Rosberg suggests that he wants to be on mediums again when he stops, but "the pitwall is not inclined to do that".

13:01 Alonso pits from P9.

13:01 Rosberg has only passed one of those cars on this lap - Maldonado gets out of the way.

13:01 Rosberg is told that he needs to find more pace.

13:01 Rosberg loses two seconds to Hamilton thanks to these backmarkers. He's only 5s ahead of his team-mate now.

13:02 Alonso stopped because he had a rear-right puncture.

13:03 Rosberg is 0.3s faster than Hamilton as the Briton catches the traffic now as well.

13:04 Vettel is still easing away from Raikkonen - his lead is up to 9.1s now.

Rosberg has fallen to 17.5s adrift of Raikkonen.

13:05 Kvyat is all over the back of Hulkenberg in the fight for P7.

13:06 Rosberg is now easing away from Hamilton again as he's clear of the traffic. The gap is up to 6.7s between the Mercedes team-mates.

13:06 Raikkonen's Ferrari doesn't sound well.

13:06 "I think I have some odd sound and I'm losing power," says Raikkonen.

13:06 Hulkenberg is just over 0.8s behind Bottas - who has had a largely anonymous race, other than contact with Ricciardo at the start, so far today.

13:06 EDD STRAW: "Rosberg has got down into the 1m27s bracket for the first time - the last two laps have been down there. He's been quite erratic in this stint, more than the traffic can explain. Needs to continue to string those laps together."

13:06 Raikkonen's problems are illustrated by the fact Alonso's (lapped) McLaren is keeping up with him.

13:07 Raikkonen loses 2.8s to Vettel on that lap, and Alonso passes him into Turn 1.

13:07 "What is this issue?" asks Raikkonen.

"We have an issue with the MGU-K."

13:08 Raikkonen loses another 1.5s in sector 1 to Vettel.

13:08 EDD STRAW: "Raikkonen's laptimes have dropped significantly - last time round he did a 1m30.511s, which is not far off three seconds slower than Vettel. This is a problem that needs to be solved quickly or he's going to be powerless to hold on to second as the race progresses."

13:08 Hulkenberg hits the barrier at Turn 1.

13:09 We have a virtual safety car.

13:09 Rosberg and Hamilton pit, the Ferraris have not.

13:09 Hulkenberg was minus his front wing before he hit the barrier.

13:09 Ricciardo has come in as well.

13:10 Hulkenberg was swiftly out of the car, which is being craned away.

13:10 Rosberg stays on the mediums. Hamilton switches to them because he has to, and Ricciardo moves back to the softs.

13:10 Vettel pits. He takes the mediums for the first time in this race.

13:10 Raikkonen lost 3.9s to Vettel on the last green flag lap before this incident.

13:11 The safety car (proper) is deployed now, so everyone is going to bunch up. Let's see how it shakes out.

13:11 Raikkonen has also pitted for mediums. So we have the Ferraris and the Mercedes drivers on the harder tyre, and Ricciardo's Red Bull in P5 on the softs.

13:11 Replays show Hulkenberg's front wing just failed - spectacularly.

13:12 Kvyat was showered with carbon fibre from Hulkenberg's shattered front wing.

13:13 Rosberg didn't need to take the mediums for this stint, but, as we heard on the radio earlier, he seemed to want to stick with them.

13:13 EDD STRAW: "It will be worth watching out for Ricciardo at the restart. He's on a set of softs, while the four ahead of him are on the mediums. That should allow him to make a nuisance of himself."

13:14 EDD STRAW: "If you were Mercedes and chasing the best-possible result, you would ideally want Hamilton to be ahead of Rosberg. Rosberg's pace has been surprisingly poor throughout the race. First thing will be to get them both past Raikkonen though, which should happen very easily given his problem."

13:14 So, assuming the lapped cars are moved out of the way, we're going to have a full-on fight for this GP victory between Vettel, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Hamilton and Ricciardo.

Raikkonen isn't going to be a factor though, as his MGU-K is still out of action.

13:15 The cars filter through the pitlane behind the safety car to allow marshals to clear the debris from Hulkenberg's front wing failure.

13:17 Hamilton must be licking his lips here. Raikkonen has a power issue, and Rosberg has struggled for pace. If he can clear them quickly, he'll fancy a shot at Vettel, surely.

And what of Ricciardo on the softs in fifth?

13:17 Replays show that Hulkenberg's front wing just came away and went immediately under the front wheels. He hit the brakes but the car went straight across the run-off area and into the barriers at Turn 1.

13:18 Perez is stopping as the cars come through the pitlane. He's given a new nosecone.

13:18 Lapped cars are being let through. There's a lot of them trying to get past the leaders and the safety car.

13:19 So, we are going to have the five lead cars together on track at the restart.

13:19 Rosberg's engineer: "We think there is a chance we can win this. We know Ferrari have a warm up problem and a pace problem on the prime."

13:19 Raikkonen isn't going to be able to put up much of a fight given his MGU-K problem. He's going to fall down the order once we go racing again.

13:19 EDD STRAW: "At the restart, it will be interesting to see what happens with Ferrari. Raikkonen is down on power, so it's fair to assume that will help Vettel get an initial break on everyone. Then it will come down to the pace of the Ferraris on the mediums. We haven't had the chance to see what that is in race conditions as yet but Mercedes clearly think they've got an advantage."

13:21 Top 10:

1 Vettel
2 Raikkonen
3 Rosberg
4 Hamilton
5 Ricciardo (S)
6 Bottas
7 Kvyat (S)
8 Verstappen (S)
9 Sainz
10 Button

13:21 Safety car in this lap.

13:21 Vettel leads the field out of the final corner.

13:22 Rosberg passes Raikkonen into Turn 1. Ricciardo attacks Hamilton, and they make contact!

13:22 Damage for Hamilton, he's slowing.

13:22 Hamilton is falling back, Kvyat and Bottas are through as well.

13:22 Now Bottas has a puncture!

13:23 Right-rear puncture for Bottas, he's touring back.

13:23 Mercedes are in the pits.

13:23 Hamilton defended into Turn 1, locked up, and slid into Ricciardo who was on his outside. It was a pretty big hit.

13:24 Hamilton has front wing damage, but he's staying out for now, it seems.

13:24 Vettel leads Rosberg by 1.2s out front.

13:24 Raikkonen, somehow, is still third, ahead of the two Red Bulls.

13:24 Ricciardo has sidepod/floor damage after that hit from Hamilton.

13:25 Replays show that contact with Verstappen caused Bottas's puncture.

13:25 Ricciardo passes the ailing Raikkonen for third into Turn 1.

13:25 Kvyat will be next to attack Raikkonen.

13:25 Vettel v Rosberg stays at 1.2s for now. Nothing in it on laptimes.

13:26 Alonso is up to P9, just ahead of Button. Both McLarens are in the points.

13:26 Hamilton is slow in sixth, and he's coming in for a new front wing.

13:26 "I just had no front end, just understeered into him," says Hamilton about that Ricciardo contact.

13:26 Sainz is under investigation for speeding behind the safety car.

13:27 Ricciardo/Hamilton clash under investigation.

13:27 Sainz passes Alonso at Turn 1.

13:27 Vettel pulls two tenths on Rosberg, he now leads by 1.4s on lap 52/69.

13:27 Kvyat has breezed past Raikkonen for fourth.

13:28 Hamilton is down to P13 after his pitstop.

13:28 Raikkonen pits.

13:28 That's it for Raikkonen, the engine is switched off. He's not got out of the car yet though.

13:28 Ferrari are restarting the car, and Raikkonen rejoins the race.

13:29 Raikkonen emerges on a set of softs.

Up front, Rosberg is now in DRS range of Vettel.

13:29 Maldonado is under investigation again - this time for speeding in the pitlane.

13:29 Ricciardo - 2.6s behind the top two, is catching them both on the faster tyre.

13:30 Hamilton gets a drive through penalty for causing the collision with Ricciardo.

13:30 Ricciardo will be praying Vettel can keep Rosberg behind. The Red Bull is on the march.

13:30 Alonso and Button are up to P7 and P8.

13:31 Lap 55:

1 Vettel
2 Rosberg +1.0
3 Ricciardo +2.8

13:31 Ricciardo took nearly one second out of Rosberg last time around. He's flying on those softs.

13:31 Kvyat is only another three seconds back in the other Red Bull. Fascinating.

13:31 Massa pits as Hamilton serves his drive-through penalty behind him.

13:32 Lap 56:

1 Vettel
2 Rosberg +1.2
3 Ricciardo +2.2

13:33 Here's the Hamilton/Ricciardo moment from earlier, which earned the Mercedes driver a penalty:

Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo contact, Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

13:33 Lap 57:

1 Vettel
2 Rosberg +1.3
3 Ricciardo +2.1

13:35 Rosberg seems to be falling away from Vettel. Ricciardo is going to have his work cut out to put a move on the Mercedes on the straight, but maybe the DRS can help him through.

13:35 Verstappen has had to come in to serve his drive through penalty for speeding behind the safety car.

13:35 Rosberg is out of DRS range of Vettel at the moment, so crucially he doesn't have it to help him defend from Ricciardo. Lap 58/69.

13:35 Maldonado also gets a drive-through penalty, his second of the race, for speeding in the pitlane.

13:36 Vettel is 1.4s clear of Rosberg. Ricciardo only 0.4s behind the Mercedes.

13:36 Button passes Sainz for P8 on the pit straight. He had so much more speed than the Toro Rosso.

13:36 Kvyat continues to catch the battle ahead of him. He's only 2.1s behind Ricciardo. Red Bull is making good use of the soft tyres at this stage.

13:37 Maldonado breezes past Sainz on the run down to Turn 11.

13:37 EDD STRAW: "Rosberg must be ruing putting on the mediums. He'd probably be in the lead by now had he taken softs for the final stint. Clearly happier on the mediums, but the softs have the pace as Hamilton is highlighting. As it is, Vettel can't shake off Rosberg but isn't under serious threat."

13:37 Even though Ricciardo has DRS, Rosberg has pulled two tenths on him last time around. 0.6s separate them.

13:37 Sainz has now fallen behind Ericsson and is down to P10.

13:38 Hamilton benefits from Maldonado's drive-through penalty and is up to P12.

13:38 Ricciardo throws everything he has at Rosberg in the twisty part of the lap to get close onto the main straight, but even with DRS he can't get onto the Mercedes' tail to launch an attack.

13:39 Maldonado is under investigation yet again - this time for overtaking under the safety car.

13:40 Sainz is told to retire his car.

13:40 Lap 61:

1 Vettel
2 Rosberg +1.2
3 Ricciardo +1.8

13:40 Hamilton passes Nasr on the pit straight to move up to P10.

13:40 Given the Renault engine's power deficit, Ricciardo is going to need an error from Rosberg to get a sniff at second, it seems.

13:41 Sainz does bring his car into the pits and retires. He had been running in P6 after the safety car before his issue dropped him down the order.

13:41 Kvyat is now less than two seconds behind Ricciardo.

13:42 Lap 63:

1 Vettel
2 Rosberg +1.0
3 Ricciardo +1.6
4 Kvyat +3.6

13:43 Hamilton has moved past Ericsson and is all over the back of Button.

13:43 Hamilton passes Button on the pit straight to take P8.

13:43 Vettel responds to Rosberg closing up in traffic with a personal best lap.

13:44 Ricciardo lunges Rosberg at Turn 1!

13:44 Rosberg tries to nip back on the inside as Ricciardo goes wide, there's contact, and Rosberg gets a puncture.

13:44 Ricciardo has front wing damage too. Rosberg can barely keep the car on track.

13:45 Hamilton sets a new fastest lap of the race.

13:45 Ricciardo pits for a new nose. Kvyat is now second.

13:45 Ricciardo takes another set of softs, as Rosberg makes it back to the pits with his limping Mercedes.

13:46 Hamilton is now ahead of Rosberg who has fallen down to P10.

13:46 Kvyat has a penalty for making a pass by going off track earlier - 10 seconds added to his time.

13:47 Vettel leads Kvyat by 5.8s - Ricciardo is 27.5s back in P3. So right now, Kvyat's penalty will make no difference.

13:47 Top 5:

1 Vettel
2 Kvyat
3 Ricciardo
4 Verstappen
5 Alonso

13:48 Hamilton tries to get by Grosjean at Turn 1, but the Lotus driver holds on.

13:48 Rosberg has returned to the action in ninth.

13:48 Ricciardo/Rosberg under investigation for their collision.

13:49 Vettel has more than five seconds over Kvyat, still. Two laps to go.

13:49 Hamilton dives down the inside of Grosjean at Turn 1 and gets by despite the pair locking up. He's up to P6 now.

13:50 Fastest lap for Ricciardo in third - 1m25.016s.

13:50 Maldonado gets a 10-second time penalty added to his race time - his third penalty of the race.

13:50 Here's a look at Ricciardo's pass on Rosberg into Turn 1 earlier:

Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Rosberg, Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

13:51 Final lap for Vettel, he leads Kvyat and Ricciardo comfortably.

13:51 No further action against Ricciardo or Rosberg for their contact on the exit of Turn 1.

13:51 Button has fallen down to P9, but his teammate Fernando Alonso is up in P5 for McLaren.

13:52 Another fastest lap for Ricciardo - 1m24.821s.

13:52 Sebastian Vettel wins a remarkable Hungarian Grand Prix!

13:52 Kvyat takes his first career podium with second place, and it's going to be a Red Bull 2-3 with Ricciardo next up.

13:53 Verstappen fourth - a career best, and Alonso brings home a fifth place for McLaren.

13:53 Hamilton comes home down in P6 and Grosjean holds off Rosberg for P7.

13:53 Hamilton follows Alonso home, and Grosjean keeps Rosberg at bay to take seventh.

Two McLarens in the points, with Button ninth.

13:54 "Yes Sebastian, P1!"

Vettel replies first in Italian, and then switches to some French to dedicate his win to Jules Bianchi.

13:56 Here's the final finishing order:

1 Vettel
2 Kvyat
3 Ricciardo
4 Verstappen
5 Alonso
6 Hamilton
7 Grosjean
8 Rosberg
9 Button
10 Ericsson
11 Nasr
12 Massa
13 Bottas
14 Maldonado
15 Merhi

13:57 Vettel climbs from his car and waves two flags - a Ferrari one and an Italian one - triumphantly.

13:57 Kvyat and Ricciardo embrace in parc ferme.

13:57 Vettel congratulates the Red Bull boys with a hug and a smile.

13:58 Vettel is hugging everyone wearing red on the fringes of parc ferme.

13:59 James Allison will receive the constructors trophy for Ferrari.

14:00 Allison gave a TV interview before he went up to the podium.

He said: "All wins feel special, and that was no exception.

"Very, very sad for Kimi because he was doing a super job, and we’re very sorry the car let him down.

"The start was great. It's a track where overtaking is difficult, but we had the pace to pull away in any case. It was a good result for us."

14:01 As the top three drivers prepare to head out onto the podium they are discussing how to behave in the wake of Bianchi's tragic death.

14:03 Vettel climbs onto the top spot of the podium as the anthems ring out. The podium, incidentally, features no Mercedes drivers for the first time since Brazil 2013, 29 races ago.

14:05 Kvyat hoists his trophy into the air - it's his first F1 podium.

14:06 Ricciardo points to the sky as he receives his third place trophy before the drivers spray the champagne.

14:07 German TV's Kai Ebel is doing the podium interviews today.

14:08 "This one is for Jules," says Vettel.

14:08 "It made it a lot more interesting at the end," Vettels says, understating the safety car chaos.

14:09 Kvyat thanks his Red Bull team and dedicates his podium to Bianchi and his family.

14:10 "It was a crazy race," says Ricciardo.

"I thought the race was over after the contact with Lewis," he adds.

14:11 "I put my heart into everything today and that's what Jules would have wanted," says Ricciardo.

14:13 Vettel thanks the Hungarian fans and the top three gather for a final photograph on top of the podium.

14:18 Here's our report from a crazy race, as F1 heads off into its summer break in style:

Vettel wins eventful Hungarian GP

Hungarian GP 2015

Race length: 69 laps
Mainly cloudy High Temp: 22°C / 72°F
Track: 40
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Friday 24 Jul Start GMT
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