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As it happened: WRC Germany, GP2 Spa, IndyCar Pocono
By Mark Glendenning, Scott Mitchell , AUTOSPORT staff and Jack Benyon
The live commentary has ended. No further updates will be posted.
Fri 06:32 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live from Rally Germany - with GP2 and GP3 at Spa, IndyCar at Pocono and a bit of British Touring Car Championship at Knockhill and World Rallycross at Hell coming your way over the next three days too.

Sebastien Ogier, VW, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 06:34 WRC - Germany: The Volkswagens of Sebastien Ogier and Jari-Matti Latvala are already onto our opening stage.

It's the 9.22-mile Sauertal, and this is what Kris Meeke's co-driver Paul Nagle makes of it:

"Around 80 per cent of this stage is run in the opposite direction to last year, so we've made new notes here.

"This is a typical countryside stage, out in the middle of nowhere. The roads are not completely dissimilar to those found at home in Ireland, but they've nothing like the number of bumps in them – they're much smoother roads.

"This first stage is the closest one to the service park in Trier – half an hour after leaving the team, it's helmet on and head down."

Fri 06:35 WRC - Germany: Weather forecast from DAVID EVANS:

"It's hot and hotter for the first two days, before the big rain's expected on Sunday."

Fri 06:35 WRC - Germany: Strong start from Ogier, he's 2.5s quicker than Latvala at the first split.

Fri 06:39 WRC - Germany: After being 2.5s down on Ogier at split one, Latvala's been a fair bit quicker than his team-mate on the next section and closed the gap to seven tenths.

Ogier is at the stage finish, his time a 7m58.4s.

Mads Ostberg has started in the first of the Citroens but is 6s off the pace at split one. Rapid starts to rallies aren't Ostberg's strong point these days, though.

Fri 06:41 WRC - Germany: Latvala is at the finish 1.4s behind Ogier. That's a reasonable outcome given that he was 2.5s slower after one third of the stage.

Ogier reports a minor brush with a hay bale on the stage but no real dramas.

Fri 06:43 WRC - Germany: A surge of pace from Andreas Mikkelsen in the third VW, he was 1.7s slower than Ogier at the first split but 5s quicker than his team-mate in the next section, which means by split two he's the stage pacesetter by 3.2s.

Will he lead at the end of this?

Fri 06:44 WRC - Germany: Meanwhile Ostberg comes in 13s off the pace. He took it carefully, expect his pace to increase through the day as has been the case over recent rounds. This man has a bit of a knack of hanging on in the lower top 10 on a Friday morning then somehow appearing on the podium on Sunday.

Fri 06:45 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen finishes and he's only third fastest, 3s down at the end. So after gaining 5s from split one to split two, he lost 6s from split two to the finish.

Fri 06:46 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen reports a few minor scrapes that particularly affected his corner exit speeds - finding himself on gravel rather than asphalt out of turns in places - which explains why his pace was rather up and down there.

So with all the VWs through, our early leaderboard looks like:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.4s
3 Mikkelsen +3.6s

Fri 06:48 WRC - Germany: Last year's winner Thierry Neuville comes in next. He's 8s off Ogier, which places him fourth, 5s clear of Ostberg, and reports "very slippery" conditions.

Hard to say how good that is until we see the likes of Kris Meeke and the M-Sport Fords. Meeke is a few seconds quicker than Neuville on the splits.

Fri 06:49 WRC - Germany: Round-up of driver feedback from Volkswagen:

"Roads seem to be very slippery this morning. Many places are still very damp, especially under the trees."

Fri 06:51 WRC - Germany: Meeke is 6.3s slower than Ogier, and that's going to make him 'best of the rest' by the look of like, clear of the Hyundais and M-Sport Fords so far. But he's already thinking the VWs are out of reach this weekend.

"I'm happy," he says, not very happily, "but they've got something I haven't."

Fri 06:51 WRC - Germany: Possible problem for Ott Tanak on the stage, he lost 15s by the first split. He only dropped another second on the next part so that may well have been an early mistake rather than an ongoing issue.

Fri 06:53 WRC - Germany: Robert Kubica is among the latest onto the stage, but we can already predict he'll be last in the order.

The luckless Pole had an engine problem in his RK Ford last night and had to walk over the ramp at the official start while it was replaced. That means a five-minute time penalty before he even starts.

Fri 06:54 WRC - Germany: Tanak comes to the stage finish with clear damage on his Ford Fiesta, he's 19.4s off the pace.

"Just in the beginning of the stage, braking for the corner was full gravel and I understeered into the field," he reports.

There's bodywork damage but he says the car is handling fine.

Fri 06:55 WRC - Germany: Meeke remains closest to the VWs so far, Hayden Paddon's Hyundai has just arrived 3s slower than the Citroen, which pops him just behind team-mate Neuville in sixth overall, and ahead of Elfyn Evans and Ostberg.

Fri 06:57 WRC - Germany: Paddon has the full-spec Hyundai for the first time this weekend (yep, those startling performances in recent months were achieved in lesser kit than Neuville and Dani Sordo), but road conditions made that a fairly mediocre start to his debut in the car:

"I didn't really enjoy it so much. It's quite different to shakedown and a lot of the braking points were already covered in gravel. I was driving like a blouse..."

Fri 06:59 WRC - Germany: To explain why the likes of Paddon are reporting a lot of gravel on braking areas on what are ostensibly asphalt roads...

On the gravel events, running first on the road is a clear handicap as the more cars that come through, the more loose dust is cleared.

On asphalt events, the first person in has the clean road but with every car through, a little more of the dust, dirt and gravel to the edge of the road is dragged onto the course as people run wide, make minor errors or just try to disrupt their rivals.

So gravel roads get ever cleaner, asphalt roads get ever dirtier.

Fri 07:00 WRC - Germany: The stage will be paused after the World Rally Cars to retrieve a horse.

Fri 07:02 WRC - Germany: A meeting between a stray horse and a rally car would be very bad news for both parties, so organisers are right to be cautious and shut everything down for a moment when animals are reported.

We weren't quite right to say it was being paused after the WRC runners - there's actually one more to go still waiting on the startline. Hyundai has four cars this weekend with Kevin Abbring back out, and he's being held until the horse is safely back in his or her field.

Fri 07:05 WRC - Germany: So with 12 of our 13 top-class field through, here's a recap on the order so far:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.4s
3 Mikkelsen +3.6s
4 Meeke +6.3s
5 Sordo +8.1s
6 Neuville +8.8s
7 Paddon +9.5s
8 Evans +10.1s
9 Ostberg +13.1s
10 Prokop +13.5s
11 Tanak +19.4s
12 Kubica +5m13.5s (inc penalty)

Fri 07:15 V8 Supercars - Eastern Creek: Practice for the latest V8 round at what is now called Sydney Motorsport Park took place earlier today, and featured a very, very unusual incident for James Courtney:

Courtney hospitalised after freak helicopter-related incident

Chaz Mostert was fastest, as Prodrive Australia's march continues. The team won all three races at Queensland Raceway last time out and Mark Winterbottom looks in great shape to end Jamie Whincup's title run this year.

Chaz Mostert, Prodrive Australia Ford, Eastern Creek V8 Supercars 2015

Fri 07:17 WRC - Germany: Meanwhile Rally Germany is back under way now the horses have been safely retrieved. Turns out there might have been three rather than one. Abbring comes through 19s off the pace.

Fri 07:19 WRC - Germany - SS1 summary:

* Ogier takes narrow early lead ahead of VW team-mates Latvala and Mikkelsen

* Tanak goes off the road, visits a field, clips a barrier and loses 19s

* Meeke is best of the rest so far, ahead of some closely-matched Hyundais

* Kubica begins the day with a five-minute penalty for an engine change last night

* Stray horses force a 16-minute delay

Fri 07:27 WRC - Germany: We owe Stephane Lefebvre an apology, forgot that he is making his World Rally Car debut this weekend and went onto auto-pilot and saw him as the first WRC2 on the list.

Last year's Junior champion and a Citroen protege, Lefebvre has been promoted to a DS3 WRC for Germany and has made a very, very good start - he's ninth overall already.

Stephane Lefebvre, Citroen, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 07:28 WRC - Germany:

Order so far with just over 15 minutes until the next stage:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.4s
3 Mikkelsen +3.6s
4 Meeke +6.3s
5 Sordo +8.1s
6 Neuville +8.8s
7 Paddon +9.5s
8 Evans +10.1s
9 Lefebvre +12.4s
10 Ostberg +13.1s

Fri 07:44 WRC - Germany: Next up is the 10.19-mile Waxweiler stage.

It's Meeke's co-driver Nagle's turn to describe the stages for us, here's his verdict on this one:

"This is the same nature of stage as the first one, but we're further from service this time, north of Bitburg.

"There's always a huge amount of cutting goes on in here. This was the place where Ogier was able to make big gains in the wet, cutting the corner and pulling the mud onto the line.

"But, with the weather expected to stay dry, the cuts will make the road quite dirty and dusty, but it shouldn't be too much of a bother for us.

"Again, like Sauertal, there are lots of junctions in here, linking some really fast roads with some narrower more trickier ones."

Ogier is onto the stage now.

Fri 07:47 WRC - Germany: All the factory crews have new Michelin tyres for this event, says DAVID EVANS.

The French firm has been busy creating a new tread pattern, compound and construction for its asphalt covers and this week is the first time we'll see them in competition.

The wet weather performance has been the main focus of the development, but with much of the testing being done in the dry, a wet Sunday will be of particular interest.

"We've made a big, big step in terms of wet conditions," director of Michelin Motorsport Pascal Couasnon told AUTOSPORT, "but we didn't really get the chance to see this yet – nobody has tested in the very wet conditions."

Couasnon added that making a tyre which worked on rallies as diverse as Corsica, Catalunya and Germany wasn't easy.

"With Corsica coming back, we had a big focus on this rally with the hard tyre, but we are ready for this now," said Couasnon.

"It can be tough there, it's twisty and there's not much straight [to cool the tyre] and then we go to Spain where it's higher speed and Germany where it can be colder.

"We have to find the solution for all of those, and we believe we have done that."

Fri 07:51 WRC - Germany: Once again, Ogier is quicker out of the blocks than Latvala, he's gained a second at the first split.

Fri 07:55 WRC - Germany: But once again, Latvala pulls some time back later on the stage to finish just 0.4s down. That puts Ogier's overall lead at 1.8s after SS2.

At present, it looks like those two are going to be sneaking away from Mikkelsen, he's a couple of seconds off their pace on the splits.

Fri 08:00 WRC - Germany: Behind the VWs, this could be a pretty epic fight between a horde of Hyundais and Meeke. Neuville is taking a little time back out of the fourth-placed Citroen on the SS2 splits at present.

Ostberg isn't in that fight, he's coming through at a steady pace again and is already 25s off the lead.

Fri 08:00 WRC - Germany: Latvala isn't losing much to Ogier right now, but it's enough to prompt a little frustration. He's unhappy with his driving and an understeering Polo.

Fri 08:02 WRC - Germany: Advantage swinging back Meeke's way behind the VWs, he's up on Neuville near the end of the stage.

Fri 08:03 WRC - Germany: Our lead battle was a three-way VW fight earlier, but now it's distilling into Ogier versus Latvala. Mikkelsen was 6s slower than his team-mates on SS2 and that's dropped him nearly 10s adrift overall.

"I was way too careful," Mikkelsen admits.

Fri 08:06 WRC - Germany: Neuville feels a set-up change has helped for this stage, but it doesn't quite show in his time. He loses a couple of seconds to Meeke in the chase for fourth overall, and is jumped by Evans in the overall order too.

We'll need the next two Hyundais of Sordo and Paddon to come in to see precisely where Meeke/Evans/Neuville slot in overall.

Fri 08:11 WRC - Germany: Meeke, Evans and Neuville have stepped up a gear on this stage, their pace is a few seconds better than Paddon and Sordo, while the delayed Tanak is running at a similar speed to the latter pair too.

Fri 08:15 WRC - Germany: Part of the problem for that group losing a little time is the worsening road conditions.

With every car ahead cutting to the inside of a corner, more dirt and gravel gets dragged on and that hampers the likes of Paddon who are finding a much dirtier road than those onto the stage earlier.

Fri 08:17 WRC - Germany: From afar it might seem like there's a lot of hanging around on a World Rally Championship event given the gaps between stages, but more than not every minute of those is taken up with a road section journey for the drivers as they get from one stage to the next.

That means that a delay such as the one caused by stray horses on SS1 can take time to recoup. Hyundai's fourth man Abbring had to wait 16 minutes on the SS1 startline while the horses were rounded up and there won't be a chance to catch that 16-minute gap in the running order up until the midday break.

So Kubica (who is way down the order with a five-minute penalty for an engine change last night) has just come through, but now there's a long wait for spectators before Abbring appears.

Fri 08:23 WRC - Germany: There will be three more WRC runners to come when the stage resumes. Yes, three, not two. Or one. AUTOSPORT Live has been a bit rubbish at forgetting extra World Rally Cars this morning.

So as well as Hyundai's extra man Abbring and Citroen protege Lefebvre making his top-class debut, there's also a 15th World Rally Car in the form of Slovakian privateer Jaroslav Melicharek in a Melico-entered Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

He made three appearances as team-mate to Martin Prokop last year, and kept things sensible to finish an impressive eighth in Monte Carlo. Don't expect anything similar in his first WRC outing of 2015, he's a fair way off the pace so far.

But here's a look at his car anyway:

Jaroslav Melicharek, Melico Ford, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 08:28 WRC - Germany: While Abbring and Melicharek won't trouble the frontrunners too much, Lefebvre might. So we can't do a definitive top 10 order after SS2 just yet, but so far it looks like this:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.8s
3 Mikkelsen +9.5s
4 Meeke +14.5s
5 Evans +19.0s
6 Neuville +19.7s
7 Sordo +20.7s
8 Paddon +25.6s
9 Ostberg +27.1s
10 Prokop +32.4s

And after his SS1 spill, Tanak is back within 0.3s of nipping ahead of Prokop.

Poor Kubica is currently 55th and last of the cars through SS1 so far with his five-minute penalty.

Fri 08:37 V8 Supercars - Eastern Creek: We've had more news through on the injuries James Courtney sustained in the freak incident in the V8s pitlane earlier today.

He was struck by a piece of pitlane equipment sent flying by the downdraft from a helicopter taking part in a display.

The 2010 champion and ex-jaguar Formula 1 tester has sustained two fractured ribs and a pneumothorax. Here's the full updated story:

Courtney hurt in freak pit incident

James Courtney

Fri 08:39 WRC - Germany: Lefebvre continues to show great form on his World Rally Car debut, he's eighth quickest on the stage and that brings him ahead of Paddon for eighth overall.

Fri 08:41 WRC - Germany - SS2 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 9m33.1s
2 Latvala +0.4s
3 Mikkelsen +5.9s
4 Meeke +8.2s
5 Evans +8.9s
6 Neuville +10.9s
7 Kubica +11.7s
8 Lefebvre +12.5s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +1.8s
3 Mikkelsen +9.5s
4 Meeke +14.5s
5 Evans +19.0s
6 Neuville +19.7s
7 Sordo +20.7s
8 Lefebvre +24.9s
9 Paddon +25.6s
10 Ostberg +27.1s

Fri 08:42 WRC - Germany - SS2 summary:

* Ogier is slightly quicker than Latvala to increase his lead to 1.8s

* Frustrated Latvala rues understeer

* Mikkelsen falls away from his team-mates in third

* Evans jumps up to fifth behind Meeke

* Top-class debutant Lefebvre still shining in eighth

Fri 08:50 WRC - Germany: We've got the R-GT cars here this weekend too, part of the FIA's push to encourage more sportscars to go rallying (a push spectators and AUTOSPORT and anyone who likes 911s going sideways is keen on).

There are only two entries, but that doesn't matter too much as they're both Tuthill Porsches and one's driven by four-time WRC rally winner Francois Delecour and the other by 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours winner and factory Porsche LMP1 driver Romain Dumas.

All of which is cool.

But we do need them to keep running as there are only two of them, and Dumas is complaining of a potential diff problem and Delecour just lost 40s going off the road and collecting some German scenery, which means his car no longer looks quite like this:

Francois Delecour, Tuthill Porsche, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 08:52 WRC - Germany: Bit of an upset in WRC2 - Esapekka Lappi has been the man to beat of late but he's stopped on SS2 and following drivers are reporting that he's crashed his Skoda.

He had been running third behind fellow Fabia men Jan Kopecky and Armin Kremer.

Fri 08:55 WRC - Germany: One World Rally Car we haven't forgotten this morning, it's just not here: Ford privateer Lorenzo Bertelli won't be able to follow up his breakthrough Finland performance just yet as he was taken ill during the recce so is sitting the weekend out.

Fri 08:59 WRC - Germany: After championship leader Lappi's exit, WRC2 is still led by a factory Skoda driver in Kopecky, who is 8s clear of local favourite Kremer - driving another of the new Fabias entered by Raimund Baumschlager's team.

Craig Breen is third in the works Peugeot now, but it'll be a while before we can get a truly accurate WRC2 picture this weekend as it's a big field and the likes of title contender Yuriy Protasov and 2011 Monte Carlo Rally winner Bryan Bouffier are quite late in the start order.

Fri 09:01 WRC - Germany: Meanwhile, back at the front, we're into the vineyards.

Here's the stage description for SS3, which is about to begin, from Meeke's co-driver Nagle:

SS3 Moselland (14.44 miles)

This is our first taste of the vineyards and this is where the job of the co-driver steps up a notch.

It’s hairpin after hairpin in here, but in the middle of that there are loads of hidden junctions and corners on or just over crests.

All the work for this stage is done in the recce – you have to be so focused on those two practice runs to get everything absolutely spot on.

Much of this stage is the same as last year, except for around five kilometres (three miles) which is new.

Fri 09:03 WRC - Germany: DAVID EVANS: Sebastien Ogier will be glad to see the back of Friday: the first vineyard stage of the event, Moselland, was where he had the first of his two big shunts 12 months ago.

One stage later comes Mittelmosel, the scene of the steering-damaging accident that ruled him out of the event 24 months ago.

Fri 09:08 WRC - Germany: Both Ogier and Latvala have begun Moselland.

Fri 09:14 WRC - Germany: Superb start from Latvala, he's 1.4s up on Ogier at the first split of this longer stage.

He went into it 1.8s behind his team-mate, so this bodes well...

Fri 09:16 WRC - Germany: And now Latvala is effectively in the lead, he's 1.9s faster than Ogier at split two so leading the rally by a tenth!

Still just over half the stage to go.

Fri 09:21 WRC - Germany: Better for Ogier heading into the second half, with Latvala's advantage at split three down to 0.5s.

Ogier is at the finish, so that's one shunt-free vineyard stage ticked off for the champion.

"So it's close, eh?" says Ogier. "Last year I went off on this one and I thought I drove well but on some corners I didn't have the perfect speed, a little too cautious. Nothing too bad.

"I'm not driving perfectly. A good drive, for sure - no mistakes, no big dramas - but I'm looking for perfection."

Fri 09:21 WRC - Germany: Latvala takes the lead! He's 2.3s faster at the stage end and hits the front by 0.5s.

Fri 09:24 WRC - Germany: Despite overhauling his champion team-mate for the rally lead, Latvala's not totally happy with how he's driving still, ruing a few mistakes under braking.

Half a second between Latvala and Ogier, on a rally (its home rally) that VW has still never won (because its drivers keep shunting here). This is going to be fun.

Fri 09:30 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen isn't able to keep up with lead-jousting VW team-mates Latvala and Ogier at that pace, he loses a couple more seconds on that stage and is now just over 10s behind. But he's still clear of the rest of the pack.

Fri 09:30 WRC - Germany: Trouble for Meeke, although he's only lost 2s to the leading VWs, he's smacked a rear wheel hard near the end of that stage and there's damage.

Fri 09:31 WRC - Germany: Meeke isn't sure if that's just a broken wheel he can easily change or if there's further suspension damage. He's still within 5.5s of Mikkelsen for third overall!

Fri 09:44 GP2 - Spa: Bonjour and welcome to live coverage of the opening GP2 practice session of the weekend here at, what is for the moment, a sunny Spa-Francorchamps.

Fri 09:46 GP2 - Spa: This is of course championship leader Stoffel Vandoorne's home race and from what we've seen around the circuit so far he is quite a popular guy, understandably.

Stoffel Vandoorne

Fri 09:46 WRC - Germany: Evans lost a bit of time and ground to the Hyundais on that stage as he had to reset his M-Sport Ford's handbrake system, a problem that's happened a few times to the new car this year.

Fri 09:49 WRC - Germany: We're going to hold off on a full rundown until the flying Lefebvre, who was among those affected by the horse delay earlier, comes in, but for the now the lead pack overall looks like this:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +0.5s
3 Mikkelsen +12.2s
4 Meeke +17.7s
5 Neuville +25.6s
6 Sordo +28.2s
7 Evans +31.9s
8 Paddon +36.8s

But will Meeke even make it onto the next stage with that damage he just sustained...?

Fri 09:52 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne will be hoping he can return to winning ways this weekend.

ART team-mate Nobuharu Matsushita picked up his maiden win in Hungary while Williams F1 development driver Alex Lynn claimed his second win of the season in the feature race after a great strategy call by his DAMS team.

Fri 09:52 WRC - Germany: We'll find out very soon about Meeke as the next stage is just about to begin already.

Right now Paul Nagle is busily engaged helping Kris sort the car, but yesterday he talked us through this weekend's stages:

SS4 Mittelmosel (8.49 miles)

Some of this stage was used in 2011 and some of it was used in 2007, so it's new to Kris and I – we have new notes for this one.

But it's more of the same that we had in the last stage; lots of hairpins.

These tight corners will bring the average speed down for the stages, but when you're between those hairpins, trust me, we're really not hanging around.

It's flat-out down some of the tightest, narrowest and bumpiest Tarmac stages of the season. A real challenge.

Fri 09:56 WRC - Germany: Ogier, Latvala and Ostberg are onto SS4.

Back on SS3, Lefebvre's near the end and looks good for holding on to a top 10 place.

Fri 09:56 GP2 - Spa: Formula Renault 3.5 championship leader Oliver Rowland also returns to GP2 this weekend.

He had a strong run with MP Motorsport at Silverstone, where he picked up points, and will be hoping he can put in another good performance here at Spa, where he clinched a win in FR3.5 this year.

Fri 09:57 WRC - Germany: And R-GT class latest from Tuthill Porsche:

"Francois [Delecour] had a spin in sector 1, lost half a minute. Plenty of beer in the hotel if we need it."

Fri 09:58 WRC - Germany: Ogier is looking good to retake the lead on this one, he's a full 3s quicker than Latvala at the first split.

Latvala regains a bit of ground on the next section, gapping the gap down to 1.9s. But that would still cost him the rally lead as his advantage over Ogier was just half a second.

Fri 10:00 WRC - Germany: "On this stage I felt a bit more happy with the set-up," says Ogier as he finishes SS4 with an 8m06.9s time that is likely to bring him back past Latvala for the rally lead.

Fri 10:00 GP2 - Spa: Track temperature is 29 degrees at the moment but as you will probably know that can change very quickly at Spa. Not a cloud in the sky at the moment though, perfect weather to blast around this beautiful circuit.

Fri 10:00 WRC - Germany: Ooooooh! Latvala is 0.4s slower than Ogier on SS4 so he still leads, but only by 0.1s!

Fri 10:01 GP2 - Spa: And there it is we have some noise at Spa. The majority of the field are on their install laps.

Fri 10:02 WRC - Germany: Back on SS3, Lefebvre ends up a few seconds slower than ideal, and falls just outside the overall top 10 thanks in part to Ostberg and Tanak picking up pace.

Fri 10:03 WRC - Germany: Latvala, our rally leader over Ogier by just 0.1s after four stages, is cautiously contented:

"It's getting better. It's all about getting the braking right, that's so important in this rally. It was more difficult this morning than I thought."

Fri 10:04 Formula E: Meanwhile, the now DS-partnered Virgin team has just unveiled its new Formula E livery for the 2015/16 season. Here's what it looks like:

Virgin Formula E livery

Fri 10:06 WRC - Germany: Third-placed Mikkelsen comes in 4s off the pace, so his deficit to VW team-mates Latvala and Ogier builds to 15s.

"I want to be up there fighting with Jari and Seb, but I need a little bit more time to get the rhythm in the car," he admits. "I braked way too early in so many places."

Fri 10:08 WRC - Germany: Despite that wheel-mangling brush with a solid object on the last stage, Meeke's Citroen is in good health and onto SS4, and flying - he's only half a second off Mikkelsen on the splits.

Fri 10:09 GP2 - Spa: Sergey Sirotkin is the first man to set a competitive time but Alexander Rossi goes top with a 1m58.091s

Fri 10:10 WRC - Germany: Meeke equals Mikkelsen's pace at the stage finish, keeping him just 5.5s behind the VW in fourth overall, and based on the Hyundais' pace, that's going to pull him a long way clear of everyone from fifth back.

There was no suspension damage it turns out, he just needed to change the wheel.

"We just touched the rim but it wasn't a big drama. Here, it was a good run. My target is just to keep in front of everyone else. Mikkelsen, we can race with. With the other VWs, it's impossible."

Fri 10:13 GP2 - Spa: Who else but Vandoorne. The Belgian goes fastest with a 1m57.499s.

Fri 10:15 GP2 - Spa: The seemingly luckless Mitch Evans is currently second ahead of Rossi, Lynn and Rowland.

Fri 10:19 WRC - Germany: When Neuville came through a little while ago, he really wasn't happy with his time and performance on that stage. He might not even make the top 10 in stage times, but in the overall standings he's only lost one position so far - fifth to Hyundai team-mate Sordo. But Evans and Paddon have closed in too.

Fri 10:20 GP2 - Spa: Swedish driver Gustav Malja brings out the yellow flags after losing the back end of his Trident car and beaching it at the Bus Stop chicane.

Fri 10:21 WRC - Germany: Meanwhile Tanak's recovery is continuing. He lost 16s when he slid through a field and clouted a barrier on today's opener but he's been clawing his way back towards the scorers and is now within a second of Ostberg, who is probably going to be ninth depending on what Lefebvre does.

Fri 10:22 GP2 - Spa: Malja, by the way, is replacing Rene Binder for the weekend while he recovers from a bacterial infection.

Fri 10:23 GP2 - Spa: And just like that the sun has gone bye bye over the paddock. Hello there Mr cloud, was wondering when you would join us here.

Fri 10:25 GP2 - Spa: No real change to the top of the order. It's still currently Vandoorne who leads Evans by 0.154s.

Fri 10:32 GP2 - Spa: Matsushita is having a tough session so far. The Hungary sprint race winner is currently down in 21st.

Fri 10:38 WRC - Germany: Hyundai's extra man Abbring is likely to stay 13th at the end of this stage but thinks he has a differential problem, and admits that's not good for his confidence in a car and event he's still learning.

Lefebvre also seems to have had a troubled stage.

Fri 10:40 WRC - Germany: No big drama for Lefebvre, just his inexperience telling with pace notes not being quite right for the vineyard stages.

That has meant he's dropped back from eighth after SS2 to 12th behind Prokop now, though.

Fri 10:49 GP2 - Spa: Arthur Pic has found the barrier on the run down to Pouhon, not sure how at the moment.

Rowland in the meantime has stopped on the entry to the Bus Stop.

Fri 10:50 WRC - Germany: We're keeping an eye on the R-GT class this weekend because it's Francois Delecour versus Romain Dumas in a pair of Porsche 911s (and that's ace).

It's all going Dumas' way for now, Delecour's lost a minute on this stage and is ruing choosing excessively soft tyres. They wore so much on that stage it seemed he had a puncture, but it was just an extreme lack of rubber.

Dumas had the soft tyres too but seemed to handle it better as his rubber is still in one piece. With Delecour having had some oft-course adventures on SS2 and SS3 too, Dumas is two minutes ahead.

So let's have a picture of his Porsche this time.

Romain Dumas, Tuthill Porsche, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 10:51 GP2 - Spa: And with that late drama the session has come to an end, here are the results:

1 Vandoorne 1m57.486s
2 Evans +0.154s
3 Rossi +0.245s
4 Lynn +0.347s
5 Rowland +0.355s
6 Gasly +0.385s

Fri 10:52 WRC - Germany: If you want a full recap of what's happened so far in Germany today, here's our morning report:

Latvala leads Ogier by just 0.1s

Fri 10:56 WRC - Germany: We've been talking about the damage Tanak sustained when he ran off the road on today's opener. M-Sport has just tweeted this picture of his temporary fix for it:

Ott Tanak, M-Sport Ford, danger, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 11:00 WRC - Germany: Plain sailing in WRC2 for leader Kopecky, his works Skoda now holds a 21.2s lead over BRR man Kremer's example, with Breen's Peugeot 40s off in third for now.

Fri 11:05 WRC - Germany - SS4 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 8m06.9s
2 Latvala +0.4s
3 Mikkelsen +4.1s
= Meeke +4.1s
5 Sordo +6.1s
6 Paddon +7.6s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala
2 Ogier +0.1s
3 Mikkelsen +15.9s
4 Meeke +21.4s
5 Sordo +33.9s
6 Neuville +36.8s
7 Evans +41.6s
8 Paddon +44.0s
9 Ostberg +50.8s
10 Tanak +51.8s

Fri 11:07 WRC - Germany - SS4 summary:

* Ogier fastest but not by enough to retake lead from Latvala, who stays just 0.1s ahead

* Meeke's damage is limited to a wheel and he matches Mikkelsen's pace to stay on the VW's tail for third

* Sordo takes fifth from slow Neuville

* Recovering Tanak arrives on Ostberg's tail for ninth

* Rookie star Lefebvre falls back to 12th

We're taking a break on AUTOSPORT Live now while the cars are in service. We'll resume ahead of SS5 at 1.40pm UK time.

Fri 12:38 Welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live, where on Rally Germany there is just 0.1s between Latvala and Ogier in first and second.

Behind them, Meeke is hounding Mikkelsen for third, and pretty much everyone else (except a penalised Kubica) has a shot at fifth.

Fri 12:39 We'll have updates from Spa through the afternoon too as GP2 and GP3 return to the track.

Fri 12:40 WRC - Germany: The afternoon is a repeat of the morning, so we start with Sauertal. Here's a stage description from Meeke's co-driver Nagle:

SS1 Sauertal (9.22 miles)

Around 80 per cent of this stage is run in the opposite direction to last year, so we’ve made new notes here.

This is a typical countryside stage, out in the middle of nowhere. The roads are not completely dissimilar to those found at home in Ireland, but they've nothing like the number of bumps in them – they're much smoother roads.

This first stage is the closest one to the service park in Trier – half an hour after leaving the team, it's helmet on and head down.

Fri 12:44 WRC - Germany: We have a very slight delay to the stage start as everyone is shuffled a little to allow the field to get back together after this morning's horse delay.

Three horses found their way onto a stage after Kubica, forcing Abbring Lefebvre, Melicharek and the WRC2 field to wait for 16 minutes.

With no possibility to make up that delay during the quick-fire SS1-4, that meant a big gap between cars for the morning, but they're now all running in a group again.

Fri 12:45 WRC - Germany: Now we're up and running, Ogier is onto the stage.

Fri 12:49 WRC - Germany: Volkswagen men Sebastien Ogier and Jari-Matti Latvala both admitted to AUTOSPORT their poor Rally Germany performances in the last couple of years had been at the forefront of their mind on the opening morning of the Trier-based event.

Ogier said: "I'm just trying to focus on what I'm doing. OK, it's looking like a bit of a fight between Jari-Matti and me already, but I'm not thinking about him – just about the job I have to do on this rally. I don't want to make a mistake."

Latvala added: "When it's comfortable then I am pushing a little bit, but when we spoke with Jost [Capito] he reminded Seb and I what we said in the debrief from this event last year – when we told him we would do better this time.

"That's what we want to do. It's about keeping the control right now."

Ogier has crashed three times in two years here, which is probably (we're yet to do the maths) over half his total crashes from his VW seasons. Latvala was set to pick up the win last year only to have a costly shunt of his own.

Fri 12:51 WRC - Germany: A provisional change of lead after split one - Ogier is 0.4s faster than Latvala and that puts him ahead by 0.3s provisionally.

But there's a long way to go.

Fri 12:53 WRC - Germany: By split two, Ogier's advantage is 1.7s.

This was the one stage where he was clearly on top this morning, before Latvala started getting up to speed.

Fri 12:55 WRC - Germany: Through to the finish and Latvala is 2.5s down on Ogier, so he loses the rally lead to his team-mate and is 2.4s behind.

Fri 12:57 WRC - Germany: Latvala's verdict:

"I think I'm losing in the cutting places. I think that's where Sebastien is doing a better job. I think that's where the difference is coming."

Ogier felt he was too cautious in places because the road was cleaner that the information from his gravel crew had suggested.

Fri 13:00 WRC - Germany: Good stuff from Mikkelsen so far on this stage. After trailing this morning, he's very close to Latvala's pace on this one and looks like he might escape from Meeke a touch.

Mikkelsen finishes the stage just 0.4s slower than Latvala's pace.

Fri 13:05 WRC - Germany: Meeke comes in 1.9s slower than Mikkelsen, so the third-placed VW is now 7s clear of the fourth-placed Citroen.

"I'm enjoying it, I had a good rhythm," says Meeke. "I could've found a second, but OK."

Fri 13:05 WRC - Germany: The second Citroen of Ostberg came through with a slower time, the Norwegian complaining that an alarm went off that he hadn't encountered before and it cost him focus.

Fri 13:09 WRC - Germany: Tanak's progress continues, he's got ahead of Ostberg for what will become ninth after this stage and is back within 6s of M-Sport team-mate Evans.

Fri 13:11 WRC - Germany: It remains very close in the group stretching from fifth to 10th. We need Sordo to come in to put it all into context, but it looks like Neuville might've regained a bit of ground on his team-mate here.

Fri 13:13 WRC - Germany: Not quite, Neuville had the edge on Sordo on the early splits but it's the Spaniard who is the Hyundai pacesetter - by 0.6s - at the finish.

So the battle for the minor points now looks like:

5 Sordo +42.7s
6 Neuville +46.2s
7 Evans +53.4s
8 Paddon +54.4s
9 Tanak +1m00.0s
10 Ostberg +1m01.2s

That time from Sordo came despite a big moment when he hit a kerb hard. He reckons he's a bit lucky to still be in the rally after that.

Fri 13:17 WRC - Germany: Kubica's 'what might have been' rally continues. He's eighth quickest on the stage, but thanks to the five-minute engine-change penalty he started the afternoon 32nd overall.

Fri 13:18 WRC - Germany: Robert Kubica declined the opportunity to go into the detail of the engine fault – and subsequent engine change – which forced him to take a five-minute penalty today.

The RK World Rally Team star told AUTOSPORT's DAVID EVAN: "If we had started, it would have risked the performance and durability of the engine. Now, we have the chance to test the car some more.

"To be honest, coming into the rally, I wasn't so happy with the balance: we have a lot of understeer in the car which we didn't have with the old one, so we want to find out why – that's what we will try to do for the rest of this rally."

Robert Kubica, RK Ford, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 13:21 WRC - Germany: Citroen's rising star Lefebvre is back in business - he's just gone an excellent sixth fastest on this stage as he starts the second loop of his World Rally Car debut.

After a very fast first two stages this morning, he lost a bit of ground in the vineyards but is now back up to 11th, 13s behind 10th-placed Ostberg.

Fri 13:23 WRC - Germany - SS5 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 7m56.4s
2 Latvala +2.5s
3 Mikkelsen +2.9s
4 Meeke +4.8s
5 Tanak +8.3s
6 Lefebvre +8.4s
7 Sordo +8.9s
8 Neuville +9.5s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +2.4s
3 Mikkelsen +18.7s
4 Meeke +26.1s
5 Sordo +42.7s
6 Neuville +46.2s
7 Evans +53.4s
8 Paddon +54.4s
9 Tanak +1m00.0s
10 Ostberg +1m01.2s

Fri 13:25 WRC - Germany - SS5 summary:

* Ogier quickest and retakes rally lead from Latvala by 2.4s

* Mikkelsen closer to team-mates' pace and gets away from Meeke a little

* Lefebvre flies to sixth-quickest time and is now back to 11th overall

* Tanak takes ninth from Ostberg

Fri 13:33 WRC - Germany: Nasser Al-Attiyah is first of the WRC2 pack today in his new Skoda Fabia, but he's right back in 13th in the class in the standings right now after an eventful morning that started with a three-minute loss on the opening stage.

"We came to a corner maybe one or two kilometres into the first stage, ran wide and hit a tree," he explained to DAVID EVANS.

The Dakar winner remained typically philosophical about his debut in one of the Czech machines, adding: "Sometimes, this is life…

"We were actually quite lucky, it didn't hit the radiator, but we had to be careful turning the car because the tyre was catching on the chassis in some corners."

Nasser Al-Attiyah, damage, WRC Germany 2015

Fri 13:52 GP2 - Spa: Welcome back to a sunny Spa for live coverage of GP2 qualifying.

Stoffel Vandoorne set the pace in practice on home soil ahead of Mitch Evans.

Formula Renault 3.5 championship leader told us after practice that he is targeting pole position and is confident he can pull it off, let's find out then shall we.

Fri 13:55 GP2 - Spa: Huge crowd sticking around here for the GP2, is it down to the sun? Who knows, this lot love their motorsport and I think they're in for a real treat here this afternoon.

Fri 13:55 GP2 - Spa: Here we go then, everyone is on the yellow striped soft tyre.

Fri 13:57 GP2 - Spa: Straight away traffic is a big problem as the entire field jostle for track position.

Fri 13:58 WRC - Germany: Onto SS5, here's the description from Meeke's co-driver Nagle:

SS6 Waxweiler (10.19 miles)

This is the same nature of stage as the first one, but we're further from service this time, north of Bitburg. There's always a huge amount of cutting goes on in here.

This was the place where Ogier was able to make big gains in the wet, cutting the corner and pulling the mud onto the line.

But, with the weather expected to stay dry, the cuts will make the road quite dirty and dusty, but it shouldn't be too much of a bother for us.

Again, like Sauertal, there are lots of junctions in here, linking some really fast roads with some narrower more trickier ones.

Fri 13:58 GP2 - Spa: Track temperature by the way is 40 degrees. Scorching.

Fri 14:02 WRC - Germany: Ogier and Latvala are onto Waxweiler. They're 2.4s apart after Ogier's sprint on the last stage, so time for Latvala to strike back.

The pattern this morning was that Ogier had a big cushion on the first stage, a much smaller one on the second, and then Latvala turned the tables.

Fri 14:04 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne goes fastest with a 1m56.518s while Rowland jumps into second, 0.419s off the current polesitter.

Fri 14:04 WRC - Germany: It's Ogier fastest so far again, he adds another 1.5s to his lead over Latvala at split one.

Fri 14:07 GP2 - Spa: Jordan King gets himself up there, he goes fifth 0.557s behind Vandoorne.

Fri 14:08 WRC - Germany: Again Mikkelsen is matching Latvala now, he's only a tenth off his Finnish team-mate's pace at split one.

Mikkelsen was the one VW that Meeke thought he might have a shot at, but it's looking tough now.

Fri 14:10 WRC - Germany: Ogier sets a 9m38.5s benchmark, and declares that it's more fun now as he's happier with the set-up after service.

At the final split, Latvala was 1.6s down, so he's stayed in touch.

Fri 14:10 WRC - Germany: Latvala is through and he's lost 2.3s to Ogier, so the overall deficit to his rally-leading team-mate is up to 4.7s.

He can't afford that to keep happening... but we are about to go to the stages where he was stronger this morning.

Fri 14:12 GP2 - Spa: Nick Yelloly is up into the top 10 behind Rossi.

2014 Spa winner Raffaele Marciello is having a tough session and is down in 22nd.

Fri 14:13 WRC - Germany: Latvala says Ogier is simply managing better when the road is dirty from cars cutting the corners, though he thinks the remaining two stages won't be so bad.

"I don't have the confidence. I can't go better when it's dirty. I do the best I can do, but I like the Tarmac more when it's cleaner. It just seems to be that I'm not confident in the dirty places."

"These first two ones are probably the more difficult in that sense."

Fri 14:14 GP2 - Spa: The majority of the field come in for their mid-session tyre change but Vandoorne is still out on track and he is being very, very aggressive, he really wants pole position here!

Fri 14:14 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen is through within three tenths of Latvala's pace, but Meeke is only 0.3s off his Norwegian rival at split one.

Fri 14:16 GP2 - Spa: Wow, Vandoorne improves with a 1m56.278s! Mega lap from the Belgian in clean air.

Fri 14:16 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen says he's getting in the swing of this now, which bodes well for his battle with Meeke for third.

"We've got a good rhythm but we're not flat-out. It's a long time since I've been on Tarmac. It's going in the right direction."

And while Ogier was a bit scathing about his gravel crew's information, Mikkelsen is pleased with his:

"They're doing an incredible job - thumbs up to them."

Fri 14:18 WRC - Germany: Either a rogue split or a problem for Meeke - he's lost over a minute in the middle of the stage...

Fri 14:19 WRC - Germany: Meeke is through and he's lost 1m40s by the end of the stage. Waiting to hear from him...

That's going to drop him outside the top 10.

Fri 14:20 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne comes into the pitlane and is out of the car, all he can do now is sit and cross his fingers. It's a tough time to beat though.

Fri 14:21 WRC - Germany: Meeke has damage to the front left of his Citroen.

He admits that was a mistake, and he fears there are consequences for his DS3.

"I got caught out on a bit of gravel, slipped off into a field and had to get out.

"The car was fine but then something went and now I've got a problem."

Fri 14:23 WRC - Germany: That's left Meeke 2m05s off the lead, but the bigger concern is whether there's deeper damage to the car that's going to really spoil his day.

Fri 14:23 GP2 - Spa: Here they all come now! No one can beat Vandoorne's time but Rowland closes the gap to just 0.147s

Fri 14:25 WRC - Germany: Very little to choose between the M-Sport Fords and Neuville's pace on that stage, while Paddon is a bit slower.

And that means Tanak has got ahead of Paddon, and with Meeke delayed the Estonian has gained two places - ninth to seventh.

Fri 14:25 GP2 - Spa: Sirotkin, who is currently third, decides not to go again but Rossi does as do Nato and Gasly.

Fri 14:26 WRC - Germany: Paddon, who will remain eighth subject to Sordo's pace, admits Waxweiler just isn't a great place for him.

"I don't know that it is about this stage. I don't enjoy it. It doesn't flow for me. It's particularly dirty, and that's where I struggle for confidence. We'll wipe this one off the board and start again."

Fri 14:26 GP2 - Spa: Marciello on that last run improved to jump up to ninth place.

Fri 14:28 WRC - Germany: It's closing up between the other Hyundais - Neuville was 2.1s faster than Sordo so the Spaniard is now only 1.4s ahead, and they're up to fourth and fifth thanks to Meeke's adventure.

Remember how those i20s just crept up and up the order last year as everyone else lost the plot...

Fri 14:29 GP2 - Spa:

Qualifying results:

1 Vandoorne 1m56.278s
2 Rowland +0.147s
3 Sirotkin +0.235
4 King +0.347s
5 Matsushita +0.381s
6 Evans +0.383s

Fri 14:33 WRC - Germany: Kubica is having a really strong run, sixth-fastest on this stage means he's seventh overall... in the alternative world in which he doesn't have a five-minute engine-change penalty.

Instead he's 20-something overall (it'll be a long while before enough cars are through for us to judge where Kubica actually is).

Fri 14:34 WRC - Germany: Ford privateer Prokop has had a trip through a field, so that's dropped him behind Abbring in the fourth Hyundai, which is now working fine after differential repairs in service. They're 12th and 13th.

Fri 14:36 WRC - Germany: Not quite so rapid for Lefebvre this time, but 10th-fastest on the stage coupled with Meeke going off means he's back into the top 10 overall. He's within 14s of massively-more-experienced Citroen team-mate Ostberg too.

Fri 14:37 WRC - Germany - SS6 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 9m38.5s
2 Latvala +2.3s
3 Mikkelsen +2.8s
4 Neuville +6.8s
5 Evans +7.5s
6 Kubica +7.7s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +4.7s
3 Mikkelsen +21.5s
4 Sordo +51.6s
5 Neuville +53.0s
6 Evans +1m00.9s
7 Tanak +1m08.2s
8 Paddon +1m09.3s
9 Ostberg +1m11.6s
10 Lefebvre +1m25.7s

Fri 14:39 WRC - Germany - SS6 summary:

* Ogier extends lead over Latvala to 4.7s

* Meeke goes off and drops from fourth to 11th

* Neuville closes on Sordo for what is now fourth

* Tanak up from ninth to seventh

* WRC debutant Lefebvre back into top 10

Fri 14:43 WRC - Germany: Here's another reason to love the R-GT class. Delecour has made a bit of a mess of his Porsche with various incidents this morning and needed a new rear wing, so team boss Richard Tuthill popped to the Nurburgring to borrow one from works Porsche GT team Manthey Racing.

Dumas now leads Delecour by 2m28s in the class as differential problems hamper the latter, though even though Dumas' car is functioning better he said it's becoming a bit excitable as more gravel gets pulled onto the road.

Tuthill Porsche wing

Fri 14:52 GP3 - Spa: We're under way here at Spa for GP3 practice. Trident driver Luca Ghiotto currently leads the championship.

Following the summer break there will still be scores to settle between Emil Bernstorff and Ferrari Protege Antonio Fuoco after their Hungary incident we're sure.

Fri 14:56 GP3 - Spa: Jann Mardenborough has set the early pace which is good to see following his and Carlin's struggles in the series so far this year.

Fri 15:02 GP2 - Spa: While the GP3 cars are on track, pole celebrations are under way in the GP2 part of the paddock - led by Vandoorne and Rowland:

Spa GP2 qualifying report: Vandoorne resists Rowland

Stoffel Vandoorne takes Spa GP2 pole 2015

Fri 15:04 GP3 - Spa: Huge moment for Mardenborough as he goes over the sausage kerbs at Eau Rouge, launching him briefly in the air. Could have been much worse that.

Fri 15:05 GP3 - Spa: Prior to Mardenborough's incident Artur Janosz dropped the back end of his Trident car on the entry to the Bus Stop chicane and spun.

Fri 15:06 WRC - Germany: The WRC2 field is huge but spreading out at the front now.

Home driver Armin Kremer had been keeping up with Jan Kopecky's works Skoda in his BRR-run Fabia but it hit technical problems on the way to the last stage and is out.

That elevated Craig Breen to second, but he had a high-speed spin and is now 1m06.8s off the lead.

That'll do for Breen and Peugeot for now though. Here's how he summed up his day so far to DAVID EVANS at service:

"I'm not being sarcastic, it really is good to get here. We've been taking our time this morning, this is the first time I've been here in a big car – the last time I was in the Academy (Fiesta R2), so we've just been having a look.

"There's more time to come from me, but at the same time it's really important that we get through this event.

"It's all been a bit stop-start recently, we need prolonged seat time."

Fri 15:11 WRC - Germany: Two more stages to go today, starting in 10 minutes. Both are in the vineyards, and this was where Latvala was able to really attack Ogier this morning. It's also where things have gone very wrong for both of them in the past.

With Meeke down the order now, Mikkelsen can pretty much sit tight for the weekend and fine-tune his asphalt style in third. His chances of catching Ogier and Latvala are slender and with a half-minute cushion back to fourth there's no point risking squandering a podium.

Behind, there's loads to play for: from Sordo in fourth to Ostberg in ninth is a mere 20s spread, with Lefebvre and Meeke giving chase, though Meeke has nearly a minute to make up to join that pack.

Fri 15:11 GP3 - Spa: Ghiotto is looking pretty dominant here so far. It may only be practice but he leads Fuoco by 0.569s and a five tenth gap is a five tenth gap no matter what session it is.

Fri 15:13 GP3 - Spa: Another big moment as Alex Fontana sticks a wheel out on the astro turf at Blanchimont and pays the price with a huge spin, he kept it well clear of the barrier though and rejoined.

Fri 15:15 WRC - Germany: DAVID EVANS has been chasing the latest on Kris Meeke's damage.

The incident on the last stage broke a compression strut on the Citroen's front suspension. Meeke and Nagle have done their best to effect a repair for the last two stages, but a team source said "we cross our fingers and wait..."

Fri 15:16 WRC - Germany: At a quieter moment yesterday, Nagle talked us through the stages.

Here's his description of SS7, which is just about to begin and is very closely followed by SS8:

SS7 Moselland (14.44 miles)

This is our first taste of the vineyards and this is where the job of the co-driver steps up a notch. It's hairpin after hairpin in here, but in the middle of that there are loads of hidden junctions and corners on or just over crests.

All the work for this stage is done in the recce – you have to be so focused on those two practice runs to get everything absolutely spot on.

Much of this stage is the same as last year, except for around five kilometres [three miles] which is new.

Fri 15:20 WRC - Germany: Ogier heads onto the stage. Can Latvala keep this lead fight alive?

Fri 15:24 GP3 - Spa: Late improvements aplenty here, we've went from a Trident one-two-three to a Jenzer Motorsport one-two-three, led by Pal Varhaug.

Fri 15:26 GP3 - Spa: Ghiotto returns to top spot again, 0.423s ahead of Varhaug with a time of 2m06.538s.

Fri 15:28 WRC - Germany: This is not what Latvala hoped for on this stage, he's lost 3.3s to Ogier at the first split.

Ogier is really starting to take charge now.

Fri 15:28 GP3 - Spa: Adderly Fong now does a Mardenborough and ruins the underside of his car by bouncing over the Eau Rouge sausage kerbs.

Fri 15:34 WRC - Germany: Latvala is continuing to drop small but crucial amounts of time to Ogier, the gap now rising to 4.8s by the final split. That's going to mean an overall lead up to around 10s.

Fri 15:36 WRC - Germany: Ogier is through in 13m54.2s, that could be the performance that breaks Latvala's challenge.

"Better than this morning," Ogier declares. "I struggled quite a bit this morning but now I have a better set-up on the car and I drove better."

Fri 15:37 WRC - Germany: Latvala finishes the stage 4.7s down on Ogier, so the gap between them rises to 9.4s overall in the champion's favour.

Fri 15:37 WRC - Germany: "I can't go any faster at the moment," admits a frustrated Latvala as he watches his team-mate getting away.

Fri 15:43 WRC - Germany: Meeke's temporary fix isn't going too well - he's lost 2m50s by the middle of the stage.

The key is to keep going with a loss of less than the five minutes he'd get per stage as a Rally2 penalty if he parked.

Fri 15:47 WRC - Germany: Both Mikkelsen and Neuville had scary moments on that stage but got to the end unscathed.

Good time from Neuville, he's faster than Evans among the pack behind him and taking a few more tenths out of fourth-placed team-mate Sordo ahead.

Fri 15:53 WRC - Germany: Meeke loses 4m50s limping to the end.

"We're trying to get it through," he says, but that leaves him nearly seven minutes off the lead now, so he'll be somewhere in the 20s overall and likely to lose yet more time on the day's final stage.

Fri 15:54 WRC - Germany: Sordo says he was doing "maximum attack" all the way, but admits Neuville's time is "very good" and the Hyundais swap places.

Neuville is now fourth overall, just 0.7s ahead of Sordo.

Fri 15:56 WRC - Germany: Trouble for Kubica on this stage, he's stopped in the final section.

Fri 16:02 WRC - Germany: Tanak closes to within 2s of sixth-placed M-Sport team-mate Evans on that stage, and Lefebvre hangs on to his top-10 place overall.

Fri 16:03 WRC - Germany: Kubica gets to the end of the stage minus the windscreen on his Ford, having been right through the vineyards.

"We went off, I had massive understeer. Then we had to stop to deal with the windscreen as I couldn't see anything."

That cost Kubica five minutes to add to the five-minute penalty he was already carrying from his Thursday engine change.

Fri 16:11 WRC - Germany: The day's final stage has begun, and it's more good news from Mittelmosel for Ogier as he outpaces Latvala by 1.8s at the first split.

He's on course to end the day with a lead in double digits.

Fri 16:12 WRC - Germany: Meeke won't be going through this stage very fast with his broken Citroen, but this is how his co-driver Nagle rates Mittelmosel in normal circumstances:

SS4 Mittelmosel (8.49 miles)

Some of this stage was used in 2011 and some of it was used in 2007, so it's new to Kris and I – we have new notes for this one. But it's more of the same that we had in the last stage; lots of hairpins.

These tight corners will bring the average speed down for the stages, but when you're between those hairpins, trust me, we're really not hanging around. It's flat out down some of the tightest, narrowest and bumpiest Tarmac stages of the season. A real challenge.

Fri 16:12 WRC - Germany: Latvala strikes back a touch between splits one and two, getting the deficit down to 0.6s.

Fri 16:15 WRC - Germany: Ogier has completed day one of Rally Germany and he's going to go to bed with a decent lead tonight.

"I had a great afternoon, I really had fun. It's a long time since I pushed on Tarmac as in Spain last year I was just cruising and in France I had my problem. Here last year I was pushing but it didn't last very long..."

Fri 16:16 WRC - Germany: Very decent end to the stage from Latvala, he completes the stage just 0.1s down on Ogier.

But the damage has been done on the preceding three stages and he is now 9.5s behind overall.

Fri 16:17 WRC - Germany: After getting to within a tenth of his team-mate this morning, it's a much more muted Latvala at the end of this loop:

"Seb has been driving very well, that's it."

Fri 16:18 WRC - Germany: Decent run from Ostberg, he's within 6.4s of Ogier's pace. Is this the point where he starts moving up the points-scorers?

Fri 16:20 WRC - Germany: Meeke's misery continues, he's lost a minute to the leaders at the first split.

Fri 16:23 WRC - Germany: And by split two, Meeke has lost two minutes.

No dramas for Mikkelsen, he remains very comfortable in third.

Neuville is in, and a bit perturbed, saying the Hyundai was bottoming out unexpectedly and his downshifts were awkward. He's in a very tight battle with team-mate Sordo for fourth.

Fri 16:32 WRC - Germany: Great time from Evans to end his day, he breaks the VW symmetry and goes third quickest. That helps him fend off team-mate Tanak in the M-Sport battle for sixth too.

Fri 16:34 WRC - Germany: While one Brit flies, the other is sadly limping. Meeke's final time loss on SS8 was three minutes and that puts him 10 minutes off the lead overnight.

Fri 16:36 WRC - Germany: The Hyundai battle swings again - Sordo outpaces not only Neuville, but pinches that third spot in the stage results from Evans. That means he edges ahead of Neuville for fourth overall by 1.9s.

Fri 16:59 WRC - Germany: We're down to one R-GT car for now as Delecour's Porsche has stopped before today's final stage with a water leak, but he'll be back out to at least challenge Dumas for pace tomorrow.

In WRC2, Kopecky continues to hold a comfortable 1m22s lead over Breen, with ORECA Ford-driving Toyota protege Eric Camilli close to Breen's tail in third.

Fri 17:01 NASCAR - Bristol: First practice for the Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR Sprint Cup round has just finished, with Kyle Larson fastest for Ganassi.

Qualifying is later tonight UK time, with the race overnight on Saturday into Sunday. Keep an eye on our news section for full reports.

Fri 17:12 WRC - Germany - SS8 results:

Stage times:

1 Ogier 8m02.6s
2 Latvala +0.1s
3 Sordo +5.3s
4 Evans +5.7s
5 Mikkelsen +6.0s
6 Ostberg +6.4s

Overall leaderboard:

1 Ogier
2 Latvala +9.5s
3 Mikkelsen +34.9s
4 Sordo +1m06.8s
5 Neuville +1m08.7s
6 Evans +1m22.1s
7 Tanak +1m27.8s
8 Paddon +1m31.4s
9 Ostberg +1m35.4s
10 Lefebvre +2m27.3s

Fri 17:14 WRC - Germany - SS8 summary:

* Latvala only a tenth slower than Ogier, but the gap is now 9.5s

* Meeke limps through but is now 10 minutes off the lead

* Sordo gets back ahead of Neuville for fourth

* Evans fends off Tanak for sixth

Fri 17:15 That rounds off AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live's Rally Germany coverage for today.

Keep an eye on our news section in the morning for any major updates out of SS9 and SS10, and join us for full live coverage again from SS11 at 9.30am UK time.

We'll also have all you need to know about GP2 and GP3 at Spa, plus updates from NASCAR at Bristol, IndyCar at Pocono and World Rallycross at Hell.

Sat 08:20 Good morning and welcome to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live in what promises to be a fantastic day of action.

We’ll be bringing you updates from Rally Germany, GP2 at Spa and IndyCar from the ‘tricky triangle’ (Pocono, in English) as well as BTCC Knockhill updates and much, much more.

Sat 08:23 WRC - Germany The battle for Rally Germany honours is well on the way. After two stages this morning, here’s the overall order:

1 Ogier 1h39m15.3s
2 Latvala +9s
3 Mikkelsen +44.9s
4 Neuville +1m16.2s
5 Sordo +1m18s
6 Evans +1m26.9s
7 Tanak +1m41.5s
8 Paddon +1m46.6s
9 Ostberg +1m50.1s
10 Lefebvre +2m57.1s

Ogier/Rally Germany/2015

Sat 08:25 WRC - Germany: Ogier and Latvala took a stage a piece this morning with Latvala reducing the gap to leader Ogier on the second Bosenborg test.

The surprise of the first stage – with no disrespect intended - was Elfyn Evans, who was only 0.7s slower than Ogier’s fastest stage time.

Being unfamiliar with Bosenborg, the M-Sport driver was a little more cautious on the second test managing sixth.

Evans/Rally Germany/2015

Sat 08:27 WRC - Germany: In WRC2, Jan Kopecky has won every single stage so far in a truly dominant return after a very short absence from the WRC.

His last round was Sardinia in the Skoda Fabia R5 and yesterday he did a brilliant job of beating hot property Esapekka Lappi before he went off and ended his rally prematurely.

There’s plenty to get excited about behind Kopecky, as the ever improving Peugeot works driver Craig Breen continues to impress in second.

The Irishman hasn’t visited the German round of the WRC since 2011 in a Ford Fiesta R2.

Kopecky/Rally Germany/2015

Sat 08:30 WRC - Germany: We start our coverage this morning in a couple of minutes with what is essentially a warm-up for the afternoon.

It’s two runs through the 1.78 mile Arena Panzerplatte. British co-driver Seb Marshall – who sits alongside Hyundai driver Kevin Abbring – takes us through the test.

"This is really just the warm up for the monster that follows. It’s really for the spectators, but it’s got a lot of junctions on an incredibly hard, rough, concrete surface.

"It’s not long, but it gets you into the swing of things and shouldn’t really provide too many problems."

Carefull Seb, those are famous last words!

Sat 08:32 WRC - Germany: The reason we refer to Arena Panzerplatte as a warm-up, is because of the monster that follows.

SS13 and 15 – Panzerplatte Long – is a shade over 28 miles and a gruelling test for the crews. Junctions, jumps and a forest section (still on asphalt) make this a very easy place to lose time, and your rally.

Sat 08:34 WRC - Germany: Ogier is the first man through the stage, prepare for updates to come thick and fast here.

The Frenchman managed the test in just 1m46.5s.

Sat 08:37 WRC - Germany: That's a very significant drop from Latvala, he loses 1.6s to Ogier there.

That may sound pedantic, but over a short test like that, 1.6s is a huge drop in terms of the lead battle. 1m48.1s is the Finn's time.

Sat 08:38 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is through now, and he's 1.8s down on Ogier.

Perhaps we've been quick to judge Latvala and instead, it's a rapid time from Ogier. Only time will tell.

Sat 08:40 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen is the next man through the short test, he completes in 1m47.7s.

That's 1.2s behind Ogier and second overall.

Sat 08:43 WRC - Germany: Just to reiterate the importance of Ogier's time compared to Latvala on this stage, the Frenchman extends his lead from 9s to 10.6s. Not bad going over a 1.78 mile test!

If Ogier can average a second a mile over this afternoon's 28 mile Panzerplatte Long, he'll be doing alright.

Sat 08:45 WRC - Germany: Neuville and Meeke are in. Neuville goes second 0.7s behind Ogier, Meeke is some way down, 1.7s behind Ogier and fifth.

Sat 08:46 WRC - Germany: Next up: Evans, Tanak, Paddon and Sordo.

Sat 08:47 WRC - Germany: Evans is 2.3s down on Ogier's benchmark and slowest through so far. Not how the Welshman wanted to build on his morning form.

Sat 08:49 WRC - Germany: Some crossover now as the times for the early runners on SS11 begin to come in for SS12.

Ogier has improved on his SS11 time, 1m45.6s.

Sat 08:50 WRC - Germany: Tanak comes through SS11 sixth, but more importantly takes 0.5s out of team-mate Evans who sits just ahead in fifth.

Sat 08:51 WRC - Germany: In SS12, Latvala is in and 1.1s lost to Ogier. That's another bitter blow over a short test, that's a total of 2.7s lost in the two 1.78 mile tests.

Sat 08:52 WRC - Germany: It's like a yo-yo here with WRC drivers still completing SS11, with the early starters completing SS12.

Sordo has just jumped into second on SS11, only 0.4s off Ogier's quickest time.

Sat 08:53 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen goes second quickest through SS12 as we turn our attention to this running of the stage now.

The Norwegian is 0.9s slower than Ogier through that run.

Sat 08:56 WRC - Germany: Just to keep everything in perspective, the Panzerplatte long test - SS13 - begins in 10 minutes.

We'll keep you abreast of the splits as well as SS11 and 12 times as RCL pushes the overdrive button.

Sat 08:57 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen and Latvala both improved there Arena Panzerplatte times in SS12, more so than Neuville.

He goes 0.2s quicker than his previous time but sits fourth, instead of second where he eneded the previou run.

Sat 08:58 WRC - Germany: Meeke is another driver to really improve on the second run of that stage, he manages the fourth fastest time so far, and jumps Neuville in the process.

Sat 08:59 WRC - Germany: Neuville could be in trouble here as he holds fourth overall, but only by 1.5s over Sordo.

That lead could be coming down drastically if Sordo improves on his second place stage time on the previous run.

Sat 09:03 WRC - Germany: Tanak manages sixth quickest, as we eagerly await Sordo to come through. However, we have to wait for the man who is replacing him in Australia - Hayden Paddon - to come through first.

Sat 09:04 WRC - Germany: Paddon really struggled on those two Arena Panzerplatte runs, 3.1s down on Ogier in the second.

Can Sordo rescue the honours for Hyundai?

Sat 09:07 WRC - Germany: Sordo is likely the last threat to Ogier's quickest time on SS12.

The Frenchman gets going into the gruelling Panzerplatte Long test. We've drafted in Seb Marshall to give us the low-down with a stage description as long as the stage itself. Bravo Seb.

SS13/15 Panzerplatte Long (28.34 miles)

"It’s a bit of a monster really, isn’t it? Having said that, it’s not actually as many pages of notes as you might thing – it’s 44 pages for me, which correlates to a page per kilometre. And there are a couple of places in there where I’ll be able to sneak a drink; a 400-metre straight gives you around three seconds to have a pull on the drinking tube before it’s time to call the next note.

"There are some famous parts of this stage, like the big jump and all the junctions around that place, but the roads which have been used to link this stage up and make it the long one are not really what people might associate with Panzerplatte.

"There are a lot of sections in the forests which are a bit more flowing, but it still comes with this strange surface which is hard on the tyres. The tyres are definitely going to be well used by the end of this one."

Sat 09:08 WRC - Germany: Sordo manages second again on SS12, 0.9s down on Ogier.

Now we wait for SS13 split times to come in with Ogier first.

Sat 09:10 WRC - Germany: Sordo's second fastest time on SS12 brought the gap to Neuville in fourth to 1s. Game on.

Sat 09:10 WRC - Germany: Ogier is through the first split, 4m23.5s.

Sat 09:14 WRC - Germany: Excellent update to bring you from SS12. While we turned our attention to the next stage, Stephane Lefebvre popped up into second, 0.5s off Ogier's benchmark!

The French youngster is making his debut in a WRC car here this weekend.

Sat 09:16 WRC - Germany: First comparative split is in and Latvala is 0.6s down on Ogier. Ostberg follows 2.6s down, and Mikkelsen is 1.6s adrift.

Sat 09:17 WRC - Germany: Second split for Latvala is 2.1s adrift of Ogier, and it looks like the German has turned up the wick this afternoon.

Sat 09:19 WRC - Germany: Third split is in, Latvala loses another 0.7s to Ogier, 2.8s overall.

Sat 09:22 WRC - Germany: It's dull reading from the timing screens as red, red, red indicates Mr Ogier is unbeaten at any stint so far.

This could really be a turning point in the lead battle if Ogier continues to extend the lead over Latvala.

Sat 09:23 WRC - Germany: Neuville has lost 13.4s to Ogier in the second split and that gap of 1s to Sordo could well dissipate.

What's happening to last year's heroic Rally Germany winner?

Sat 09:26 BTCC - Knockhill: One man is very happy to be in Scotland this morning, some way away from our Rally Germany action.

Scott Mitchell makes some old statements about the Knockhill Circuit, although it's difficult to disagree:

"Best round of the season bar none. There's nothing about the Knockhill
weekend I dislike - and it's easily the best track to go trackside at
(eclipsing the GP loop at Brands Hatch)."


Sat 09:28 WRC - Germany: Through the fourth of six splits, Ogier is again quicker than rival Latvala. The gap is 3.4s.

Further back into the stage, the first split time of Sordo and Neuville is exactly the same. Perhaps it isn't a lack of pace from Neuville after all.

Sat 09:30 WRC - Germany: Final split is in and the gap is 5.4s in Ogier's favour over Latvala.

Sat 09:32 WRC - Germany: Ogier completes the stage in 25m39.1s, difficult to see that being beaten.

Sat 09:34 WRC - Germany: Latvala drops 6.8s to Ogier. That increases the lead gap to over 18s overall.

Sat 09:36 WRC - Germany: Latvala is really dejected at the stage end and not his usual self. Citing issues with the car.

"This time the car was not what I was expecting it to be. In testing it was fine but the car was not working in these conditions."

Sat 09:37 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is in and had a big impact over the stages infamous big jump. He said he was OK but like Latvala, didn't sound the happiest. The Norwegian is 24.5s down on Ogier.

Sat 09:39 WRC - Germany: Another Norwegian, Mikkelsen, has completed the stage. He's 20s down on Ogier and a safe third overall at the minute.

However, that could change depending on how quick Sordo's time is.

Sat 09:40 WRC - Germany: Neuville is 31s down on Ogier, a far cry from last year's rally.

With team-mate Sordo only a second behind overall and quicker through the splits on this stage, he could well be ceding that position.

Sordo is currently 32.3s down on Mikkelsen, can he fight for the final podium spot?

Sat 09:42 WRC - Germany: Neuville is in and struggling.

"I struggled a lot with the car on this stage, understeering everywhere and all over the place."

If anyone could challenge Ogier on this rally it's Neuville, but the Belgian is clearly in all sorts of trouble with the i20.

Sat 09:43 WRC - Germany: Meeke completes the stage in third, 19.6s down on Ogier.

"One junction I out-braked myself and we lost around a second, but apart from that it was OK."

Sat 09:45 WRC - Germany: Evans is the next in and 29.8s down on the leader.

Robert Kubica has stopped on the stage.

Sat 09:48 WRC - Germany: Tanak is in 32.8s slower than Ogier and slowest through the stage so far. The Estonian just doesn't seem to have the pace of team-mate Elfyn Evans this weekend.

Sat 09:49 WRC - Germany: Hayden Paddon is well off the pace and over a minute down on the fastest stage time.

"I don't have much good to say at the minute, probably better if I say nothing. The car is fine."

Sat 09:51 WRC - Germany: Sordo is fifth fastest on the stage and takes fourth overall.

However, he's still slower than Mikkelsen in third and won't make any inroads into that gap on this stage.

The Spaniard is pleased with the condition if the tyres ending this test.

Sat 09:55 WRC - Germany: Martin Prokop has lost over 2 minutes to Ogier as he has massive damage to one of his rear wheels. A flatspot could be the issue reports Prokop.

Sat 09:59 WRC - Germany: Stephane Lefebvre is in and 43.1s down on Ogier. That's 10th fastest on the stage.

Sat 10:11 WRC - Germany: With the WRC runners through SS13 - Panzerplatte Long - let's catchup on some stage times.

With the crossovver of stage times earlier, we didn't get a chance to give you the SS11 and 12 times:

1 Ogier 1m46.5s
2 Sordo +0.4s
3 Neuville +0.7s
4 Mikkelsen +1.2s
5 Latvala +1.6s
6 Meeke +1.7s

1 Ogier 1m45.6s
2 Lefebvre +0.5s
3 Sordo +0.9s
3 Mikkelsen +0.9s
5 Latvala +1.1s
6 Meeke +1.3s

Sat 10:14 WRC - Germany: And here is the SS13 times and the overall order heading into the afternoon:

1 Ogier 25m39.1s
2 Latvala +6.8s
3 Meeke +19.6s
4 Mikkelsen +20s
5 Sordo 23.3s
6 Ostberg 24.5s

1 Ogier 1h41m01.8s
2 Latvala +10.6s
3 Mikkelsen +46.1s
4 Neuville +1m16.9s
5 Sordo +1m18.4s
6 Evans +1m29.2s

Sat 10:17 BTCC - Knockhill: Scott Mitchell has been keeping an eye on the BTCC action at Knockhill, here's some musings from FP1.

"The Hondas looked the best through the chicane in FP1 and it is reflected in the times - Shedden quickest from Neal, 0.005s between the Civic Type-Rs.

"Mat Jackson was third for Motorbase, ahead of Adam Morgan's Ciceley Mercedes and Sam Tordoff's WSR BMW. The spectacular Andrew Jordan completed the top six in his MG.

"There were no representative times for the Team BMR Volkswagen CCs."

Sat 10:24 Belgian GP: Not a million miles away from Germany, A brit has gone quite fast in something.

To be more specific, Lewis Hamilton topped FP3, predictably ahead of Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Belgian GP 2015, Spa
Sat 10:26 WRC - Germany: In an Ogier-like display of dominance, Jan Kopecky managed the Panzerplatte Long stage 26.3s quicker than his WRC2 rivals.

Craig Breen was the man behind, but the Skoda driver remains a class apart and leads by over 2 minutes, also ahead of Breen.

Sat 10:33 GP3 - Spa: An excellent GP3 battle is shaping up with championship leader Luca Ghiotto taking first blood in qualifying. He heads Mercedes protege and 2014 European F3 champion Esteban Ocon.

Ghiotto beats Ocon to Spa GP3 pole

Ghiotto, GP3, Spa

Sat 10:38 WRC - Germany: Here's our comprehensive morning report from Rally Germany.

Ogier pulls away from Latvala

Next stage is Grafschaft at 14:31 BST. See you then.

Ogier/Rally Germany/2015

Sat 13:21 WRC - Germany: Good afternoon, welcome back to Race Centre Live.

Plenty of action remaining today, including another afternoon of rallying containing a stage of over 28 miles on harsh and unforgiving asphalt. More on that later.

Sat 13:22 WRC - Germany: First up this afternoon we have Grafschaft in around 10 minutes time, which Ogier was quickest through this morning.

Just behind him was Elfyn Evans who delivered a fantastic time. He knows the stage and will be hoping for a similar time through this run.

To guide us through this test, here is Hyundai co-driver Seb Marshall:

SS9/14 Grafschaft (11.40 miles)

"The middle section of this stage is in farmland, linking the two sets of vineyards. This one was used as the powerstage last year and the second half of the stages is really quite tricky with lots of little dips and compressions."

Sat 13:24 WRC - Germany: To give you a flavour of the afternoon, following Grafschaft (we’re going to use that as any times as possible because it sounds fantastic said out loud) we have the third running of the short Arena Panzerplatte test, before the big daddy. Panzerplatte Long.

Bosenborg then concludes the action, the only stage today not won by Ogier so far. Jari-Matti Latvala was quickest through that run, the second stage of the day.

Sat 13:28 WRC - Germany: We’re hoping for a little more action this afternoon, after a bit of an Ogier-fest this morning. Something like last year’s event would be nice.

A dramatic final day gave us three different leaders, with Latvala and Kris Meeke both crashing out after Ogier had also shunted earlier in the rally.

That left Thierry Neuville to give Hyundai its first win since its return to top-level rallying. It was also Neuville’s first WRC victory.

You can read up on our report of last year’s rally HERE.

Sat 13:30 WRC - Germany: The R-GT class is in action on Rally Germany for the first time since Monte Carlo, containing the beautiful Porsche 997 R-GT.

We lost the legendary Francois Delecour to a radiator leak yesterday and under Super Rally he’s had more problems today.

Le Mans Winner Romain Dumas is the only other car in class, therefore leading overall.

Before the radiator leak, Delecour took a chunk out of the rear spoiler of the 997 (see picture), with team boss and head of Tuthill Porsche, Richard Tuthill, travelling all the way to the Nurburgring to collect a new one to attach to the car. Now that is commitment!

Delecour/Rally Germany/2015

Sat 13:32 WRC - Germany: Ogier is into the stage and the afternoon commences.

Sat 13:34 GP2 - Spa: Hello and welcome to live coverage of the GP2 feature race here at Spa and let me tell you something, it is even hotter than yesterday!

Sat 13:34 WRC - Germany: An update on the Tuthill Porsche driven by Delecour via twitter.

@Tuthill_Porsche: Loving this #rallyedeutschland for drama. R-GT had an off in Panzerplatte due to a wrongly-called note. Car is fine. The rest is interesting

Sat 13:35 WRC - Germany: Ogier hits the first split - not literally - in 3m40.4s.

Latvala and Ostberg are also into the stage.

Sat 13:36 GP2 - Spa: Williams Formula 1 development driver Alex Lynn won the last feature race in Hungary thanks to a smart tyre call by his DAMS team, the Brit starts down in ninth today.

Sat 13:38 WRC - Germany: Finally a green split, Latvala is quicker than Ogier by 0.4s through the first split.

Sat 13:38 GP2 - Spa: McLaren protege Stoffel Vandoorne starts from pole on home soil but don't rule out Formula Renault 3.5 championship leader Oliver Rowland who is starting alongside him on the front row.

Sat 13:39 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is through the first split, only 0.3s down on Latvala's benchmark.

Ogier is through the final split and will arrive and the stage end shortly.

Sat 13:41 GP2 - Spa: They're off on their installation laps and will line up on the grid very shortly. It always gets tasty into La Source here so watch this space!

Sat 13:42 WRC - Germany: Ogier completes the stage in 10m42.5s.

At the last split, Latvala is 1s up on the Frenchman.

Sat 13:44 WRC - Germany: Ogier is happy with his run through the 14th stage of the rally.

"I'm happy with the stage, it's OK it was a clean stage for me."

Sat 13:45 WRC - Germany: Latvala takes 1.3s out of Ogier at the end of the stage, that reduces the lead gap to 17.2s.

Latvala has a dent in his right front wheel though.

"I don't remember the impact," says Latvala. It can't be that bad then.

Sat 13:48 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is the next car through, 6s down on Latvala.

That's a very competitive time for Ostberg, who makes no secret of his preference of gravel over asphalt events.

"Not so bad, I tried to push a bit more. I had to be careful on the gravel, there was a lot of it in parts."

Sat 13:49 GP2 - Spa: They're off and what a start by Sirotkin, he jumps into the lead but runs deeps and Vandoorne retains it instantly but carnage ensues behind.

Rowland cuts off a move by Matsushita and the pair collide, giving Rowland a puncture and he's out of the race.

Sat 13:50 WRC - Germany: We'll keep an eye on Ostberg's time, as he's only 0.5s behind Ott Tanak in seventh.

Mikkelsen is through, he's 12.5s down on Latvala.

"We changed the diff and it takes time to get used to."

The Norwegian is using his favourable position - a safe third overall - to test diff settings with Corsica in mind later in the year.

Sat 13:51 GP2 - Spa: Lynn and King go side by side up Eau Rouge! But King takes his at Les Combes. What bravery and brilliant race craft by both drivers.

Sat 13:51 WRC - Germany: Neuville is the next in and that's a decent time, 5.6s down on Latvala.

He started the stage 6.7s behind Sordo.

Sat 13:52 GP2 - Spa: The incident between Rowland and Matsushita is under investigation.

Sat 13:54 WRC - Germany: Meeke almost immediately replaces Neuville, taking third on the stage. He's only 0.2s behind Ogier and 1.5s behind Latvala.

"It will take time to shake off yesterday," says Meeke. That time is yet more evidence of another demonstration of pace wasted for the Ulsterman.

Sat 13:56 WRC - Germany: That's a big disappointment as Elfyn Evans can only manage sixth on this stage after finishing second on this test this morning.

"It felt pretty good to be honest. We need to have another think. I think we may have been too aggresive in places."

Sat 13:56 GP2 - Spa: Huge shunt as De Jong and Gasly run side by side at Blanchimont but Gasly gives him no room and they collide leaving De Jong in the barrier, safety car deployed.

Sat 13:57 GP2 - Spa: Race leader Vandoorne takes advantage of the safety car and pits. Rossi and Evans stay out.

Sat 13:58 WRC - Germany: Tanak has completed the stage and slots in fourth. Panic avoided as Ostberg had shown pace earlier. Tanak extends his hold of seventh to 1.8s.

Sat 14:00 WRC - Germany: Paddon is really struggling today, the Kiwi is slowest through so far in what is now likely a reconnaissance mission to improve his asphalt pace.

"It felt better but I'm quite lost at the moment. I'm competitive and I don't like being beaten, there is hard work to do."

Sat 14:01 GP2 - Spa: According to TV crews De Jong is ok which is great news because that was a huge accident.

Sat 14:01 WRC - Germany: That's Sordo through and he's fifth fastest, 0.4s quicker than Neuville. That extends his hold of fourth to 7.1s.

Sat 14:03 GP2 - Spa: The race has been red flagged following De Jong's enormous accident. The early word is that he is ok but we are still waiting to confirm that.

Sat 14:04 WRC - Germany: Sordo continues to suffer from an issue with his gearbox.

Coming down the gears the car is fine from fifth to second, but second to first is delayed and is costing the Spaniard. Great job to go quicker than Neuville despite the problem.

Sat 14:05 WRC - Germany: RCL won't make the mistake of giving stage times too quickly this afternoon.

Stephane Lefebvre popped up into second on one of the Arena Panzerplatte tests this morning, and with him running further down the order we'll hold on for him.

Sat 14:06 WRC - Germany: Interestingly, Lefebvre's first stint is third quickest so far...

Sat 14:08 WRC - Germany: We've got a bit of a discrepancy in the timing for Lefebvre, so we'll bring you that as soon as possible.

Sat 14:09 WRC - Germany: Lefebvre slots in ninth, another good time from the youngster making his debut in a WR car.

Sat 14:12 BTCC - Knockhill: It's been threatening rain all day, and a few drops were falling prior to qualifying - but everyone's on slick in the early stages of the 30-minute session.

The times are coming down, too. Priaulx's just gone top on a 52.254s. Expect pole to be a 51s effort in ideal conditions.

Sat 14:12 WRC - Germany: Lets have an update of the stage times now that Lefebvre can't pop in late and ruin the order for us (not that we don't want the Frenchman to do well):

1 Latvala 10m41.2s
2 Ogier +1.3s
3 Meeke +1.5s
4 Tanak +4.8s
5 Sordo +5.2s
6 Neuville +5.6s

1 Ogier 2h19m9s
2 Latvala +17.2s
3 Mikkelsen +1m18.2s
4 Sordo +1m46.5s
5 Neuville +1m53.6s
6 Evans +2m06.9s

Sat 14:14 BTCC - Knockhill: All change. Mat Jackson is quickest on a 51.839s. Priaulx improves to a 51.9s and goes back up to P2 after the Hondas of Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden got ahead of him.

Green sectors everywhere. And 20 minutes remaining. Probably best to let this settle down...

Sat 14:16 BTCC - Knockhill: Here's the provisional top 10: Jackson; Priaulx; Neal; Collard; Shedden; Turkington; Smith; Morgan; Austin; Jordan.

Championship leader Plato is down in 17th.

Sat 14:18 BRDC F4 - Snetterton: First blood in BRDC F4 goes the way of Will Palmer, making a perfect start to the weekend after grabbing pole earlier today.

Palmer was quick enough in qualifying to sit out the last few minutes to conserve tyres and he continued that pace into the race.

The HHC Motorsport racer ended up around 8 seconds clear of Harri Newey in second. Tom Jackson finished third.

Sat 14:19 IndyCar - Pocono: Opening practice is underway in Pocono, kicking off a weekend that is going to have a huge influence on the championship fight. Currently, Takuma Sato and Marco Andretti have Honda on top, although there's still more than an hour to go.

Earlier, Sage Karam, Stefano Coletti and Gabby Chaves had the circuit to themselves for a brief rookie session, with Karam going fastest at just over 219.3mph. At the moment, that lap has him fifth overall on the timesheets.

Sat 14:19 BTCC - Knockhill: Red flag - a Eurotech Honda Civic has binned it.

It's Jeff Smith. The 'hero' of FP2, having gone second quickest, is off in the gravel at Scotsman. His team was predicting big things, but he's only 11th. He has at least got back going.

Dan Welch, driving in the lone Proton this weekend, was not so lucky. His right-front suspension broke as he approached Duffus Dip and he skated off the track.

Sat 14:22 BTCC - Knockhill: The session's back under way. There are just over 17 minutes left on the clock.

Those with work to do: Jordan (10th); Goff (13th); Ingram (14th); Plato (17th) and Tordoff (24th).

Sat 14:27 BTCC - Knockhill: Mat Jackson smashes the BTCC lap record with a 51.659s – then loses it for exceeding track limits.

The circuit giveth, and the circuit taketh away...

Sat 14:28 IndyCar - Pocono: And Karam's just gone back to P1 at 220.788mph. This is the Ganassi youngster's home track, and he told this week's issue of AUTOSPORT that winning here would be second only to winning at Indy. With Marco Andretti still in P3, there's a lot for the local fans to be excited about at the moment.

It's been a quiet start for the main title protagonists: Juan Pablo Montoya has just moved up to P5; Graham Rahal is down in P22. There are 38 minutes remaining.

Sat 14:29 BTCC - Knockhill: Some improvements: Tordoff is now P3, Ingram P7.

Jordan is still P10, albeit with a quicker time. Plato's 16th - despite only being 0.6s off the pace in a car with 75kgs of ballast.

Sat 14:31 BTCC - Knockhill: Priaulx's improved but stays P2 - although he's now just 0.034s behind Jackson.

Sat 14:31 GP2 - Spa: The safety car leads the cars back onto the track from the pitlane and we should be back racing shortly.

Sat 14:32 BTCC - Knockhill: Plato's fallen to 19th now. Seven minutes remaining. If it stays like this, surely it'll be a case of Croft all over again - start from the pitlane, avoid the chaos, pump in a quick time and get a good grid slot for race two?

Sat 14:34 GP2 - Spa: We're back racing as Rossi leads.

Sat 14:36 BTCC - Knockhill: Red flag. Neal's spun into the gravel exiting Duffas Dip. He's got going again on the outside of Leslie's, but too late to avoid a stoppage.

Less than four minutes on the clock. Plato was just back on track for a late effort to haul himself up from 19th.

Sat 14:40 BTCC - Knockhill: Session resumes, a bit of time's been added on. There'll be three and a half minutes to go when the flying laps begin.

Here's the top 10: Jackson; Priaulx; Tordoff; Neal; Shedden; Collard; Austin; Turkington; Ingram; Moffat.

Sat 14:41 GP2 - Spa: Yelloly is out after contact with Matsushita on the restart.

Sat 14:42 BTCC - Knockhill: Tordoff goes quickest! 51.823s.

Sat 14:43 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne is looking very racey and chasing down Marciello in sixth, he's right on Marciello's tail.

Sat 14:43 BTCC - Knockhill: Priaulx on provisional pole now! With less than a minute to go, on a 51.671s.

Sat 14:45 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne is through and takes sixth.

Up front, Rossi leads Evans, Sirotkin, King and Lynn.

Sat 14:45 BTCC - Knockhill: Priaulx takes pole, ahead of Tordoff - with Jackson third and Collard fourth.

Shedden, Austin, Neal, Jordan, Turkington and Morgan complete the top 10.

Plato ends up 22nd...

Sat 14:47 GP2 - Spa: While the Spa GP2 race rages on, here's an update on De Jong, who was involved in an incident earlier.

De Jong escapes huge crash

Daniel de Jong

Sat 14:48 GP2 - Spa: Mitch Evans takes over the lead as Rossi pits. More option tyres for Rossi. Can he make them last?

Sat 14:50 GP2 - Spa: Evans is told to box this lap and responds to Rossi.

Sat 14:51 GP2 - Spa: Russian time service Evans as Jordan King is also in from fourth.

Sat 14:51 GP2 - Spa: After leading early before running wide, Sirotkin retakes the lead as others make their mandatory stops.

Sat 14:54 GP2 - Spa: Sirotkin is told to pit now as the strategy battle intensifies.

Sat 14:55 GP2 - Spa: Evans is through at Blanchimont and takes 13th.

Jordan King sets the fastest lap of the race so far.

Sat 14:58 GP2 - Spa: Rossi passes Negrao for eighth place on his charge towards the front on the soft tyres.

Sat 14:59 GP2 - Spa: Haryanto is the latest to ppit and will take his 10s stop/go penalty. Negrao also has to serve the same penalty.

Sat 15:00 GP2 - Spa: Rossi is closing on Berthon for fifth with a couple of laps to go.

Sat 15:00 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne continues to lead ahead of Arthur Pic.

Rossi is up into fifth on lap 23.

Sat 15:03 GP2 - Spa: It's looking like Lynn's race has been ruined by taking the harder tyre, rather than the softs, for the second stint. He's currently 12th.

Sat 15:04 GP2 - Spa: King takes eighth from Stockinger and that will give King pole for tomorrow's race if he can hold on. Great move by King.

Sat 15:05 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne embarks on the last lap.

Sat 15:05 GP2 - Spa: Leal is very close to Markolov for third, can he make a move on the last lap?

Sat 15:06 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne takes a home victory!

Sat 15:07 GP2 - Spa: Evans and Rossi make contact at the last corner, Evans stole third but that one could well go on to the stewards.

Markolov takes a first GP2 podium in third.

Sat 15:10 GP2 - Spa: Here's the finishing order:

1 Vandoorne
2 Pic +9.979s
3 Markolov
4 Leal
5 Evans
6 Rossi

Sat 15:13 WRC - Germany: Arena Panzerplatte is well underway in Germany with Ogier and Latvala already through.

Latvala is 0.2s quicker than Ogier but that won't dent his lead margin too much. It's down to 17s.

Sat 15:14 IndyCar - Pocono: Stefano Coletti provides some late excitement by brushing the wall and bringing out the yellows, but the session was pretty much finished anyway. Charlie Kimball ended up on top at 221.373mph ahead of Sage Karam and Simon Pagenaud. Juan Pablo Montoya and Graham Rahal finished in P4 and P11 respectively.

Sat 15:14 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is the next through but he's 1.1s down on Latvala. Mikkelsen will be the next car through.

Sat 15:15 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen is slowest through 1.6s behind team-mate Latvala.

Sat 15:16 WRC - Germany: Neuville appears to be back! He's just 0.1s slower than Latvala, second on the stage.

The Belgian is 7.1s behind Sordo in fourth overall.

Sat 15:18 WRC - Germany: Kris Meeke matches Ogier's time, 0.2s behind Latvala. Decent time by the Citroen man there.

Sat 15:20 WRC - Germany: Eight minutes to go before Ogier gets SS16 underway. It's that Panzerplatte Long again!

Evans is slowest through SS15 now, 1.8s adrift of Latvala.

Sat 15:23 WRC - Germany: Tanak is next through and slots in fifth, taking some time out of team-mate Evans in the process.

It looked like Tanak was going to breeze back past Evans at one point yesterday but a couple of impressive stages have allowed Evans to build up 13.7s in sixth.

Sat 15:25 WRC - Germany: Another poor stag time from Paddon as he is 2.2s slower than the next worse stage time set by Evans. Paddon is 4s down on Latvala's benchmark through this test.

Sat 15:26 WRC - Germany: Sordo takes fourth fastest overall and only loses 0.3s on this test to Neuville. Not a bad time by the Spaniard.

Sat 15:27 WRC - Germany: That time from Sordo is exactly the same as Ogier and Meeke, so technically he's equal third fastest.

Sat 15:29 WRC - Germany: So we immediately launch into the Panzerplatte Long test. Here's Seb Marshall with a preview of the stage, if you missed it earlier:

SS13/15 Panzerplatte Long (28.34 miles)
"It’s a bit of a monster really, isn’t it? Having said that, it’s not actually as many pages of notes as you might thing – it’s 44 pages for me, which correlates to a page per kilometre. And there are a couple of places in there where I’ll be able to sneak a drink; a 400-metre straight gives you around three seconds to have a pull on the drinking tube before it’s time to call the next note.

"There are some famous parts of this stage, like the big jump and all the junctions around that place, but the roads which have been used to link this stage up and make it the long one are not really what people might associate with Panzerplatte.

"There are a lot of sections in the forests which are a bit more flowing, but it still comes with this strange surface which is hard on the tyres. The tyres are definitely going to be well used by the end of this one."

Sat 15:32 WRC - Germany: While we wait for comparable splits, we have an update from the AUTOSPORT's man on the ground in Germany, DAVID EVANS:

Following speculation that team orders had been implemented at Volkswagen, AUTOSPORT sought out team principal Jost Capito. He wasted no time in dispelling such talk.
“It’s [rubbish]. If you go 45 kilometres and finish six seconds apart without any split times – how can this be team orders? I told the guys: “You have to bring the car home. Within that, you do what you want.” I told them I don’t care who wins, who is faster, whatever – I just want the cars to come home.”

Capito admitted the weight of expectation was weighing slightly heavier than usual.

“It’s a bit more special than a normal rally, but I don’t feel a lot and I sleep less and worse. It’s a big event for us and after the first two days, a lot more is expected here than anywhere else.”

Sat 15:33 WRC - Germany: Evans also provides an update on Jari-Matti Latvala:

Volkswagen has admitted Latvala’s car did have a problem in Panzerplatte. The diff temperature reading was 172 degrees at the finish and the Finn is believed to have had warning lights in the middle of the stage.

Latvala complained about understeer during the stage, which could be related to a differential issue – the team has worked on a solution to get more air around the transmission for the afternoon.

Sat 15:35 WRC - Germany: First splits are in for Panzerplatte Long, Latvala is a TiTanak (sorry, we couldn't resist) 4.8s down on Ogier IN THE FIRST SPLIT ALONE!

Sat 15:37 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is 3.5s behind at the first split, so he's quicker than Latvala. Poor split for the Finn by the looks of it.

Sat 15:37 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen gets the closest to Ogier throuh the first split so far. 2.1s is the gap.

Sat 15:39 BTCC - Knockhill: Andy Priaulx is your pole-man with an excellent lap on his first visit to Knockhill in quite some time...

Priaulx takes frantic Knockhill pole

Andy Priaulx takes Knockhill BTCC pole 2015

Sat 15:41 WRC - Germany: Latvala pulled back 0.2s through the second split, but loses 0.5s in the third.

However, an alarmingly brilliant split has just come in, and it's Meeke!

He's the first man quicker than Ogier on this stage so far today. It's only 0.4s, but still, beating Ogier through any split on this stage has proved impossible thus far.

Sat 15:44 IndyCar - Pocono: Charlie Kimball topped an interesting practice session in Pennsylvania earlier on.

Kimball leads Pocono practice

Charlie Kimball

Sat 15:45 WRC - Germany: Latvala has dropped 3.2s in the latest split to come through, making the net loss 8.3s on the stage so far. Only one split remaining.

Sat 15:46 WRC - Germany: The only person in the same postcode as Sebastien Ogier at the minute is Kris Meeke, but we only have his first split so far.

Sat 15:47 WRC - Germany: Scratch that, Ogier can have his own postcode back. Meeke is 6.4s down in the second split having been 0.4s UP in the first split.

Sat 15:47 GP3 - Spa: We're under way here for race one. Ghiotto has had a terrible start from pole and is instantly jumped by Ocon who leads.

Bernstorff is currently second.

Sat 15:48 WRC - Germany: Not much information, but reports from the stage is that Tanak is off. He and Raigo Molder are OK.

Sat 15:49 WRC - Germany: Tanak is back moving again so hopefully the shunt isn't too bad.

Sat 15:50 WRC - Germany: Latvala is 12.7s down on Ogier at the latest split, and this is turning out to be an incredible stage by Ogier. Get ready to wallow in excellence when we get the final stage times in.

Sat 15:51 GP3 - Spa: The virtual safety car has been deployed as Mardenborough loses the backend at the top of Eau Rouge and is fired off into the barrier on the outside.

He is out of the car and he is ok which is good because that was a big shunt.

Sat 15:52 WRC - Germany: Ogier completes the stage in 25m34s. He's found 5.1s from his morning effort.

Sat 15:54 WRC - Germany: Ogier is over the moon and rightly so. That may be one of his best performances of the year so far and may make everybody else want to give up and go home!

"I had a really good stage. I found a nice setup, tyres. Even at the end of the stage I could still push."

Sat 15:56 WRC - Germany: Latvala ends up 15.3s adrift of Ogier and that nearly doubles the deficit between the two overall. 32.3s is the new gap.

Latvala is understandably bewildered as he thought he had a really good run through there and he's still some way off Ogier's effort.

"I'm surprised with that time, I thought we had a good run. I have no answers."

Sat 15:57 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is 25.1s slower than Ogier. Get ready for some big deficits as it's difficult to underplay how good that time was from Ogier.

Ostberg reckons he tried to hard and braked to late a few times on that test.

Sat 15:59 GP3 - Spa: Virtual safety car has come to an end and there is no change in the top three.

The collision between Ghiotto and Ceccon at the Bus Stop chicane is currently under investigation.

Ghiotto made contact with the back of Ceccon, which resulted in a slow puncture for Ceccon.

Sat 15:59 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen slots in ahead of Ostberg 17.5s off Ogier. That's good enough for third so far.

Sat 16:00 GP3 - Spa: Five-second penalty for Ghiotto for causing a collision.

Sat 16:00 WRC - Germany: Back to the splits and Meeke may challenge Latvala for the second fastest time. The two are tied for second at the final split.

Sat 16:01 WRC - Germany: Neuville slots in fourth ahead of Ostberg, with Meeke next through. Can the Citroen driver jump Latvala for second?

Sat 16:02 WRC - Germany: Neuville is happier with his second run through Panzerplatte Long.

"This run was much better, less understeer. I'm quite pleased with my time."

Sat 16:03 WRC - Germany: Heartbreak for Craig Breen as he is stopped on the stage with a problem, he was second in WRC2

Sat 16:04 WRC - Germany: Meeke takes the third fastest time, 16s behind Ogier. He claims he had a nice rhythm through the stage and a small moment which cost him a few seconds.

Craig Breen is back moving again after his stoppage. More on that when we get it.

Sat 16:07 WRC - Germany: Evans is through slowest so far but is safe in sixth, FOR NOW.

Ostberg is only 7.2s down the road, as Tanak is out of the equation with his stoppage on this test.

Sat 16:09 GP3 - Spa: Morris corrects his Status car through Eau Rouge and is forced to run wide and bounce over the white kerbs on the inside.

This left the door open for Varhaug to attack down the Kemmel straight, which he did, but the pair collided at Les Combes.

Sat 16:10 WRC - Germany: Tanak has lost seventh with his trouble on that stage. It seems it was caused by a faulty starter motor. The off didn't cause that much time loss, but not being able to start the car did.

"We went off near the beginning of the stage. We got back on the road but we had a problem with the starter motor."

Sat 16:11 British GT - Snetterton: As racing comes to a close here at Snetterton, we have our pole sitters for tomorrow's two races.

GT3 featured Andrew Jarman taking TF Sport's first GT3 pole in GT3 Am's running before team-mate Jody Fannin crashed their Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in the GT3 Pro session as Alexander Sims strengthened Ecurie Ecosse's title hopes with race two pole.

Sat 16:12 GP3 - Spa: The virtual safety car has been deployed again because Visser is parked up near the tyre wall at Blanchimont.

Sat 16:12 WRC - Germany: Paddon is reporting a turbo error at the end of the stage, and he reckons it has been there since this morning and has got worse through the day.

That's nice to know, as Paddon is clearly quicker than the times he's put in so far today.

He lost 1m6.4s on that stage to Ogier.

Sat 16:12 British GT - Snetterton: In GT4, ISSY Racing dominated.

GT4 title hopefuls Gavin Kershaw and Oz Yusuf took a double pole in both the GT4 Pro and GT4 Am sessions in their ISSY Racing Lotus Evora.

Sat 16:12 WRC - Germany: Sordo is in fifth fastest, and extends his gap in fourth over Neuville.

Sat 16:20 WRC - Germany: With most of the WRC runners in for that test, here's an updated order for SS15 plus the result of SS16:

1 Latvala 1m45.7s
2 Neuville +0.1s
3 Ogier +0.2s
3 Sordo +0.2s
3 Meeke +0.2s
6 Tanak +1.1s

1 Ogier 25m34s
2 Latvala +15.3s
3 Meeke +16s
4 Mikkelsen +17.5s
5 Sordo +20.1s
6 Neuville +23.6s


1 Ogier 2h46m28.9s
2 Latvala +32.3s
3 Mikkelsen +1m37.1s
4 Sordo +2m6.6s
5 Neuville +2m17.1s
6 Evans +2m41.8s

Sat 16:21 GP3 - Spa: All sorts of drama here. The Virtual safety car period ended but Ocon goes too early, the stewards will be looking at that.

Before we can go racing though Tuscher makes contact with Stuvik, both cars are ruined and Stuvik ends up on his side.

Have a guess what has been deployed again, yes, the virtual safety car.

Sat 16:21 WRC - Germany: We have just over half an hour to wait before the day's concluding stage - Bosenberg.

Sat 16:24 BTCC - Knockhill More news from Knockhill; Jason Plato is considering starting from the pitlane for the first race tomorrow after an awful qualifying result.

Plato plans pit start after worst result

Jason Plato

Sat 16:29 WRC - Germany: Craig Breen's problem was a puncture, and he lost over 3 minutes in that test.

You have to admire the Irishman's positivity, despite all his recent bad luck including retiring from Rally Finland with engine trouble last time out.

Sat 16:29 GP3 - Spa: Ocon holds off Bernstorff to win race one at Spa, expect the order to change drastically when the stewards have gone through all the incidents today.

Sat 16:35 GP2 - Spa: With the hectic GP3 race at an end, was it s crazy as the earlier GP2 race? Stoffel Vandoorne won the race delayed by a huge crash.

Vandoorne wins dramatic Spa GP2 race

De Jong escapes huge GP2 crash

Sat 16:40 World Rallycross - Norway: By far the best name of any RX round on the calendar, this week's round comes straight from Hell. Literally (it's a place in Norway).

Hal Ridge delivers today's update:

Timmy Hansen set the fastest time in the second heat in Hell, round eight of the World Rallycross Championship to lead at the end of day one ahead of Peugoet-Hansen team mate Davy Jeanney.

Championship leader Petter Solberg was fastest in heat one but lost out in a first corner fight with Timur Timerzyanov in the last Supercar race of the day. Also slowed by a problem, Solberg was only 23rd quickest and is seventh overnight.

End of day one:

1 Timmy Hansen
2 Davy Jeanney
3 Timur Timerzyanov
4 Johan Kristoffersson
5 Anton Marklund
6 Reinis Nitiss
7 Petter Solberg
8 Henning Solberg

Sat 16:44 WRC - Germany: We're only a few minutes from our concluding stage of the day, Bosenberg.

As well as sounding like a sausage, here is some usefull information on the stage from Hyundai co-driver Seb Marshall.

SS10/17 Bosenberg (10.64 miles)

"This one hasn’t been used in this direction since 2007, but you do recognise parts of it from running the other way in 2008 and 2011.

"It has different characteristics to the other stages, it’s more open and has faster farmland roads. It’s relatively straightforward, if that’s possible for a Rally Germany stage.

"But in among the fields, there’s room for lots and lots of big cuts – the organisers have put some bales out, but there’s still opportunity to cut. In some parts there will be a lot of dust on the road."

Sat 16:47 WRC - Germany: Ogier fires into the final stage of the day after almost doubling his overall lead on the last test.

Sat 16:48 WRC - Germany: There are two splits in this 10 mile test, fastest time this morning was 9m14.9s set by Latvala.

Sat 16:49 WRC - Germany: Speaking of Latvala, he sets of into the stage.

Sat 16:53 WRC - Germany: Latvala is 0.4s quicker than Ogier in the first split, but with the lead over 30s that seems inconsequential now.

Sat 16:56 WRC - Germany: Latvala makes it to the second split 0.8s quicker than Ogier.

Ostberg is also through the first split, albeit 1.7s down on Latvala's split.

Sat 16:59 WRC - Germany: Ogier finishes the stage in 9m13.6s, fractionally quicker than Latvala's morning time.

Sat 17:00 WRC - Germany: Latvala is SLOWER than Ogier despite being quicker through both splits.

He's 1.5s slower than the Frenchman.

Sat 17:01 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is in 7.7s down on Ogier's time.

Sat 17:03 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen arrives just over 10s down on Ogier after a steady run in the Volkswagen.

Sat 17:05 WRC - Germany: Neuville is the next to finish, and that's third fastest so far for the Belgian. He gives up 6.7s to the best time set by Ogier.

Sat 17:07 WRC - Germany: Neuville doesn't last long in the third fastest mantle. Kris Meeke is there to take it away, 4.4s off Ogier.

It looks like the Frenchman is safe with this stage time.

Sat 17:09 WRC - Germany: Strong words from Meeke who knows his future is at stake with his 2015 performances.

"We know [the pace is good], we need to get it together. I know my future is on the line so we'll continue to give it our best. That's what we have to do."

Sat 17:10 WRC - Germany: Evans is through and slowest of the runners so far. That's 11.7s off Ogier.

Sat 17:12 WRC - Germany: Tanak is to seconds slower than Evans after his off on the last stage. He's over a minute behind Ostberg now for seventh.

Sat 17:13 WRC - Germany: Tanak rues his error on the previous stage at the end of this test.

"I was struggling a lot with setup in the morning and we made changes at lunch time. It's unfortunate I made the mistake but it's done now."

Sat 17:14 WRC - Germany: Paddon is 19.1s down on Ogier's stage time. The Kiwi reported a turbo issue on the last stage.

"We're sitting ducks, there's not much we can do."

Sat 17:28 WRC - Germany: Here is the order from the final stage of the day, and the order:

1 Ogier 9m13.6s
2 Latvala +1.5s
3 Meeke +4.4s
4 Neuville +6.7s
5 Sordo +7.7s
6 Ostberg +7.7s

1 Ogier 2h55.42.5s
2 Latvala +33.8s
3 Mikkelsen +1m47.5s
4 Sordo +2m14.3s
5 Neuville +2m23.8s
6 Evans +2m53.5s

Sat 17:48 WRC - Germany: Despite Ogier pulling away this afternoon, we're still in for a rare treat tomorrow, instead of two short stages to finish the rally, we have four fairly meaty stages.

If you followed Rally Germany last year, you'll know anything can happen.

Sat 17:50 WRC - Germany: A quick update on the WRC2 situation, Breen has dropped to sixth in the class overall after losting over three minutes earlier with a puncture.

Jan Kopecky continues to hold a huge lead, now 4m1.5s, ahead of Eric Camilli and Quentin Giordano.

Sat 17:55 WRC - Germany: Here's our afternoon/evening report following all of today's action.

Ogier pace leaves Latvala puzzled

Join us tomorrow at 9:30 BST for the concluding stages. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to bringing you action from the GP2 and GP3 tomorrow, with a bit of BTCC and various other elements sprinkled in. Don't miss it!

Ogier/Rally Germany/2015

Sun 08:00 Welcome back to AUTOSPORT Race Centre Live for Sunday August 23.

Coming up this morning, we'll have as-it-happens commentary on the Spa GP2 sprint race, the deciding stages of Rally Germany and what is sure to be a frenetic Knockhill BTCC opener.

We then take a pause in this section for the Belgian Grand Prix, which you can follow on our live Formula 1 service.

But we're back from 7.30pm UK time this evening in American mode, with full coverage of the penultimate round of an increasingly tense IndyCar title chase at Pocono plus updates from the GT-led United SportsCar round at Virginia International Raceway.

Sun 08:18 WRC - Germany: After two stages earlier this morning, a steady run by Ogier leaves him 22.6s clear of Latvala in the lead of the rally.

Here are this morning's stage times and overall order heading into our final two stages.

1 Evans 10m48s
2 Latvala +0.6s
3 Sordo +2.4s
4 Ogier +2.8s
5 Mikkelsen +3.1s
6 Ostberg +4.1s

1 Latvala 9m10.5s
2 Sordo +2.5s
3 Evans +5.6s
4 Neuville +6.4s
5 Meeke +6.5s
6 Paddon +6.8s

1 Ogier 3h15m52.8s
2 Latvala +22.6s
3 Mikkelsen +1m53.9s
4 Sordo +2m7.4s
5 Neuville +2m26.1s
6 Evans +2m47.3s

Sun 08:20 WRC - Germany: Up in just over 10 minutes, we have a repeat of SS18, Stein & Wein.

Here's Kevin Abbring's co-driver Seb Marshall to deliver a preview of what to expect from the stage.

SS18/20 Stein & Wein (12.17 miles)

"The start of this stage is the same as last year: uphill and quite narrow and including a couple of corners that, in the wet, are incredibly dangerous. Thierry and Mads have crashed there before – it seems like there’s a dusty film on the surface.

"Anyway, that won’t be an issue because it’s going to stay dry – think positive! Then you go up the hillclimb section of the stage and come down the other side before going back into the vineyards for a while.

"The last mile or so is really interesting – it’s all limiter stuff. We have flat-right, flat-right, 100 flat-right, flat-right tightens… hairpin left. We need to get the braking point right for that one!"

Sun 08:23 WRC - Germany: Elfyn Evans will be hoping for a repeat of this morning's run. He became the first non-Volkswagen to lead a stage of this year's event, after showing some brilliant pace yesterday.

The Welshman has struggled with just about everything on his Fiesta at some point this weekend, but pulled it all together for this morning's speedy run.

Evans/Rally Germany/2015

Sun 08:27 WRC - Germany: Another driver worth highlighting from this morning's run is Dani Sordo.

He's fired up this morning, closing in on Andreas Mikkelsen in third, hoping to ruin a perfect rally for the German's. And by the way, if you saw last year's event, Hyundai is quite good at ruining Volkswagen's day in western Germany...

Sordo was 26.8s down on the Norwegian at the end of the day yesterday, and has closed that to 13.5s with two runs to go.

Sun 08:31 WRC - Germany: Here we go, Kubica gets our penultimate stage underway.

Sun 08:32 WRC - Germany: With Rally2 rules affecting the line-up, here is the running order:


Sun 08:36 GP2 - Spa: While we wait for some meaningful splits, lets get you up to date with the latest on Daniel De Jong from yesterday.

De Jong has back surgery after crash

Daniel de Jong, MP, Spa GP2 crash

Sun 08:37 WRC - Germany: Kubica has cleared the first two splits, with the first comparison coming from Meeke in the first. He's 0.5s up on Kubica.

Sun 08:40 WRC - Germany: Meeke is a further 1.1s up on Kubica in the second split, while Abbring and Lefebvre were slower through the first split.

Sun 08:41 GP2 - Spa: Polesitter King leads into La Source but team-mate Rossi jumps straight up to second and takes the lead as King runs wide at Les Combes!

Sun 08:42 GP2 - Spa: No big changes at the top of the field but home favourite Vandoorne is up to fifth from eighth already.

Sun 08:43 WRC - Germany: Kubica is through and finishes the stage in 10m49.2s.

That's over four seconds quicker than his comparative time this morning.

Sun 08:43 GP2 - Spa: DRS has been enabled.

Sun 08:45 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne instantly takes advantage of DRS and breezes past Leal. Evans now on the back of the Carlin driver as well.

Sun 08:45 WRC - Germany: Meeke arrives 2.1s up on Kubica, but after his offs on Friday, he was 13th before this stage overall.

"We'll see what we can do from here on in," Meeke said in a much more positive mood than yesterday.

Sun 08:46 GP2 - Spa: Evans passes Leal at Les Combes. Vandoorne in fourth is now after Berthon.

Sun 08:48 GP2 - Spa: Leal falls back another place as Markelov passes him on the Kemmel straight.

Sun 08:49 WRC - Germany: Abbring and Lefebvre are in, both slower than Meeke.

Evans is a tenth slower than Meeke through the first split, ao that's a pretty good marker that Meeke's time is a good one. Evans won this stage earlier today

Sun 08:50 BTCC Supports - Knockhill: Dan Cammish took the opening win of the day in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB after pole man Josh Webster spun off having been caught out by a puddle on the drying track.

Sun 08:50 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is pushing hard! The Norwegian was quite a way off Meeke's first split, but in the second he's only 0.9s slower.

Sun 08:51 GP2 - Spa: Lynn hassling Canamasas now, the Spaniard is clearly struggling for grip.

Sun 08:52 WRC - Germany: After his turbo problem yesterday, Paddon is only 5s off Meeke and that margin is much better than some of his deficits yesterday.

Sun 08:52 GP2 - Spa: Great racing here, the top three are separated by only three seconds!

Sun 08:53 WRC - Germany: Looking at the splits, the cars coming through are making Kubica's time look very impressive. He's currently second fastest and there aren't many drivers going quicker.

Sun 08:54 WRC - Germany: Ostberg's time is 1.2s slower than Meeke and good enough for second on the stage so far.

Sun 08:55 GP2 - Spa: Leal loses another place, Canamasas is now through Lynn is up next in 10th.

Sun 08:56 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen's first split is in and he's turned up the wick in light of an impending Dani Sordo charge.

The Norwegian is 1.1s up on Sordo there as the gap before the stage was 13.5s

Sun 08:56 GP2 - Spa: The gap between Rossi and King is just 0.7s.

Sun 08:57 GP2 - Spa: Lynn passes Leal down the Kemmel straight, his fall back has been spectacular here.

Sun 08:58 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen blasts through the second stint 2.4s up on Meeke.

It won't be another fastest time for Evans as he comes through 2.4s behind Meeke. Crucially he loses time to Ostberg, the gap between sixth and seventh will be 11s going into the power stage.

Sun 08:58 GP2 - Spa: Evans is lining championship leader Vandoorne up for a pass now. The Belgian is trying his best to get past Berthon.

Sun 08:58 WRC - Germany: Latvala and Ogier are slower than Mikkelsen's pace-setting first split. Ogier is 1.2s up on Latvala.

Sun 09:00 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen has lost time in the third stint, but is still on course to in the stage and defend his third position from charging Sordo.

Sun 09:01 WRC - Germany: Sordo goes fourth fastest on the stage, 2.4s down on Meeke.

Sun 09:01 GP2 - Spa: Vandoorne passes Berthon at Les Combes, Evans is now desperate to pass the Frenchman.

Sun 09:02 GP2 - Spa: Rossi and King, who have been on their own almost the whole race, are under pressure from Vandoorne.

Meanwhile Evans takes Berthon at Les Combes.

Sun 09:04 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen is 0.9s up on Meeke, taking the fastest stage time.

The Norwegian perhaps showing how much pace Volkswagen have in the bag there.

"I stepped up the pace a bit as Dani [Sordo] was closing in and we took some time back."

The gap between Mikkelsen and Sordo rises to 16.8s overall there.

Sun 09:05 GP2 - Spa: Lynn still can't find a way past Canamasas for eighth after running wide at Les Combes.

Sun 09:05 WRC - Germany: Latvala is 3.5s down on Mikkelsen and that's only good enough for seventh on this test.

"I'm still quite happy with the time," said Jari-Matti.

Sun 09:06 GP2 - Spa: The virtual safety car has been deployed so Pic can be retrieved from the gravel trap at Stavelot.

Sun 09:07 GP2 - Spa: It looks, on first glance, that Pic dropped it there himself.

Sun 09:08 WRC - Germany: No such nonsense from Ogier, who pops up FIRST! Where did that come from?

Ogier is 0.5s up on Mikkelsen despite the Norwegian pushing to fend off Sordo.

"I just want to finish," he says. You're not fooling anyone Seb, another rapid time fro the Frenchman who wants to assert his dominance even more.

Sun 09:09 GP2 - Spa: We're back racing here and Evans was caught napping.

But Vandoorne locks up at the Bus Stop chicane which gives Evans the chance to possibly get on the podium.

Sun 09:11 WRC - Germany: So the penultimate stage finishes like this:

1 Ogier 10m45.7s
2 Mikkelsen +0.5s
3 Meeke +1.4s
4 Ostberg +2.6s
5 Kubica +3.5s
6 Sordo +3.8s

1 Ogier 3h26m38.5s
2 Latvala +26.6s
3 Mikkelsen +1m54.4s
4 Sordo +2m11.2s
5 Neuville +2m32.3s
6 Evans +2m51.1s

Sun 09:12 GP2 - Spa: Evans is only 0.6s behind Vandoorne after his incident at the Bus Stop chicane.

Sun 09:14 WRC - Germany: And a quick update:

OGIER delivers a spectacular stage win,beating team-mate Mikkelsen who pushed to hold off Sordo for third. The Frenchman should be taking it easy in the lead!

LATVALA can only manage seventh overall despite closing down the lead gap earlier this morning.

KUBICA pops in a brilliant fifth fastest, one of his best stages of the weekend.

MEEKE was top for most of the stage before the Volkswagens stole it late. He is 1.5s behind WRC2 leader Jan Kopecky in 12th.

Sun 09:15 GP2 - Spa: Evans has DRS down the Kemmel straight but can't quite make it past Vandoorne.

Markelov passes Berthon for fifth.

Sun 09:15 WRC - Germany: The power stage is next up, in around 50 minutes.

Sun 09:16 GP2 - Spa: Evans finally makes the move past Vandoorne stick with the help of DRS down the Kemmel straight.

Sun 09:17 GP2 - Spa: Rossi crosses the line for his first win! King is second and Evans is third.

Sun 09:18 World RX - Norway: We have a very welcome update from Hell (place in Norway) from HAL RIDGE:

Overnight leader at the World Rallycross Championship in Hell, Timmy Hansen set the fastest time of heat three to remain top at the Intermediate Classification with one heat to run.

Mattias Ekstrom won an earlier heat three race and was fastest until Hansen beat his time towards the end. Ekstrom was second in the heat three times to bring himself into the semi-final positions in 12th.

Ekstrom's EKS team mate Anton Marklund was third fastest with Petter Solberg fourth, the championship leader fighting back from a poor heat two time yesterday.

Timur Timerzyanov continues his best event of the year with fifth and is third overall, while PG Andersson was sixth fastest but remains out of the semi-final places.

Sun 09:18 BTCC Supports - Knockhill: Tom Oliphant has taken his second lights-to-flag Ginetta GT4 Supercup win of the weekend in Scotland, as the championship leader's great run of form continued.

It was a miserable race for title rival Carl Breeze who was tipped into a spin at the hairpin and could only recover to ninth in a damaged car.

Sun 09:18 GP2 - Spa:

Sprint race results:

1 Rossi
2 King
3 Evans
4 Vandoorne
5 Markelov
6 Sirotkin
7 Berthon
8 Lynn

Sun 09:28 NASCAR - Bristol: You'd be forgiven for thinking that this year's Daytona 500 winner Joey Logano had multiple race wins this year, but he had to wait until last night to add to his tally.

The Penske driver held off 'Mr Where did he come from' Kevin Harvick to take a win under the lights in Tennessee.

Logano resists Harvick at Bristol

Joey Logano wins Bristol NASCAR 2015

Sun 09:31 WRC - Germany: Time for a retro pic to brighten up the lull in action.

It's easy to find some brilliant pictures of Rally Germany through the years, but the event has only been a round of the WRC since 2002.

Was this really 13 years ago? Sebastien Loeb won the first WRC running of the event in a car synonymous with his early success.

Loeb/ Rally Germany/2002

Sun 09:36 GP3 - Spa: We've had some excellent GP3 action so far this weekend with a race yesterday and today. For anyone following yesterday, there was predictably quite a few penalties dished out after the race...

Ocon penalised, Bernstoff gets win

This morning, championship leader Luca Ghiotto stole the show

Ghiotto rebounds to beat Ocon at Spa

Luca Ghiotto wins Spa GP3 2015

Sun 09:41 IndyCar - Pocono: Coming up later, we'll be bringing you live action from the IndyCar race at Pocono.

In the meantime, here is a flavour of what to expect after an intriguing qualifying session.

Castroneves on pole, Montoya 19th

Helio Castroneves takes Pocono IndyCar pole 2015

Sun 09:56 Belgian GP: Not long until the Belgian Grand Prix, which you can follow live through our dedicated F1 service.

One team struggling - more than usual - is McLaren. Grand Prix editor BEN ANDERSON investigates the McLaren engine upgrade, which was supposed to align the marque with Ferrari.

Why Honda's new engine is letdown

Jenson Button, McLaren, Belgian GP 2015, Spa

Sun 09:57 Belgian GP: Just in case you missed it yesterday, Lewis Hamilton took yet another pole, extending his streak further.

Hamilton extends pole streak at Spa

Lewis Hamilton takes Belgian GP pole 2015

Sun 09:58 WRC - Germany: Just under 10 minutes to go until the Rally Germany decider and power stage.

Ogier leads by 26.6s.

Sun 10:02 WRC - Germany: We've had the benfit and priveledge of stage previews from Seb Marshall over the course of this rally. Thanks Seb!

Here's the final installment from the Hyundai co-driver, on the re-run of the SS19 Dhrontal.

SS19/21 Dhrontal (8.74 miles)

"A great way to end the rally and a classic Germany stage. It’s very similar in its layout to last year, just a couple of sections have been chopped out.

"The grip’s pretty consistent throughout this stage – if you look on a map it just goes up and down the hillside through the vineyards. It’s a tough one though and it needs respect – don’t forget, it claimed Jari-Matti last year."

Sun 10:06 WRC - Germany: As Marshall points out, this is the stage that claimed Jari-Matti Latvala last year. Let's hope a different fate awaits the Finn.

Latvala/ 2014 Germany crash

Sun 10:11 WRC - Germany: Kubica is into the stage, here is a reminder of the running order:


Sun 10:12 WRC - Germany: It's only an eight mile test through Dhrontal, so expect the times to come thick and fast.

Sun 10:15 WRC - Germany:The twists and turns through the vineyards lined with huge grey stoned walls is a stunning backdrop. Plenty of spectators too.

Lefebvre is 0.7s down on Kubica though the split. Kris Meeke will be the next through.

Sun 10:17 WRC - Germany: Kubica is properly on it here, and his time is a 9m10.9s.

Sun 10:18 WRC - Germany: Meeke is 1.5s up on Kubica's benchmark at the first split.

Sun 10:20 WRC - Germany: Kubica reports at stage end he won't do Rally Australia.

Sun 10:22 WRC - Germany: Lefebvre comes in only 0.5s down on Kubica, what an event for the World Rally Car debutant.

"It's been incredible for us. I'm very happy."

Sun 10:24 WRC - Germany: Meeke betters Kubica by 2.5s, but is that a Volkswagen-beating time?

Sun 10:26 WRC - Germany: Meeke is pretty downcast at the end of the stage.

"We had a clean run. I did something stupid on day one so you don't want to do anything stupid on the last.

"I'm very disappointed but you just have to get on with it."

Sun 10:26 WRC - Germany: Reports from the stage indicate Ostberg has had a spin, somewhere in the first part of the stage.

Sun 10:29 WRC - Germany: Looks like some dust or gravel flicked onto the stage caused Ostberg's spin.

Tanak is the latest to complete the stage, he goes second but still 2.3s off Meeke.

Sun 10:30 WRC - Germany: We could get Ostberg or Evans next, depending on how much time the Norwegian lost.

Sun 10:31 WRC - Germany: It is Ostberg who will complete first, but without a hope of any power stage points. He has over a minute in hand over Tanak overall.

Sun 10:32 WRC - Germany: Ostberg's spin only costs him 12.8s relative to his team-mate's benchmark time.

Sun 10:35 WRC - Germany: Ostberg is pleased with his learning curve on asphalt.

"I'm happy with our progress and I'm starting to enjoy it. There are a few more tarmac events left so hopefully I can get better and better."

Sun 10:35 WRC - Germany: Evans finishes fifth so far, 3.4s down on Meeke.

That should guarantee the Welshman sixth overall.

Sun 10:37 WRC - Germany: Neuville, Sordo and Mikkelsen will be the next lot through, in that order.

Evans reflects on a very successful display of pace this weekend.

"When the feeling is right and the feeling is right we can be right up there."

Sun 10:38 WRC - Germany: That's a shock, Neuville's time only good enough for sixth so far. It will be interesting to hear the reason for that at stage end.

Sun 10:40 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen is quite a way off Meeke's first split, so that's one Volkswagen that probably won't trouble Meeke.

Now only two others to worry about!

Sun 10:42 WRC - Germany: Sordo goes second and that secures him fourth overall, his best finish of the season. That also adds to a nice points haul for Hyundai.

Sun 10:44 WRC - Germany: First split in for Latvala and he's 1.1s down on Meeke's split. There's hope for Meeke yet, depending on how Ogier is feeling.

He will likely want to add those three points to his already stupidly brilliant points tally this year.

Sun 10:45 BTCC - Knockhill: Hello from Scotland. Race one gets under way shortly. The grid is: Priaulx; Tordoff; Jackson; Collard; Shedden; Austin; Neal; Jordan; Turkington; Morgan.

All of those except Tordoff/Morgan are starting on softs. That's probably a legacy of the unpredictable Scottish weather - rain was predicted today, which meant it may not be worth saving the softs for races two or three.

With the race-two grid slot being decided by fastest laps in race one, that meant the big advantage would go to those who opted to run softs in race one. But as you can use the softs a maximum of three times in one race throughout the year, some don't have that option.

Sun 10:45 BTCC - Knockhill: Anyway, it could all end up hurting Jason Plato. He's down in 22nd but might not start the race properly in a bid to set a quick laptime on soft tyres.

With the majority of the frontrunners also on softs, that plan might not work out as well as he'd like with 75kg.

The green flag lap has started. And it's dry, by the way, despite overnight rain.

Sun 10:45 WRC - Germany: Mikkelsen can only manage ninth.

Perhaps the Norwegian was playing it safe.

Wow, Latvala nearly had an off there. He went off on this stage last year, although it was a stage or two earlier.

Sun 10:46 WRC - Germany: Ogier is some way off Meeke in the first split, so Meeke has a real chance of three points here.


A great final split gave him a 1.2s margin at the end, now the only question remains where Ogier will end this stage.

Sun 10:50 WRC - Germany: From the splits, it looks like Ogier has backed off.

Surely that's the first time he hasn't gone for a power stage win this year?

Sun 10:51 WRC - Germany: Ogier slots in sixth on the stage 3.6s off Latvala.


Sun 10:52 BTCC - Knockhill: Priaulx leads the field away as Tordoff slips behind Jackson.

Jackson then dives by Priaulx into the hairpin to take the lead at the end of lap one in the Motorbase Ford.

Plato started at the back of the field and had a very, very cruise-like opening lap.

Sun 10:54 WRC - Germany: The drivers celebrate together at the stage end as it's a very different Rally Germany finish to last year for Volkswagen.

Ogier is the man who gives Volkswagen its first home win since its return to the the WRC in 2012.

"The pressure was on for sure, everyone expected us to win and we made it with a 1-2-3. I'm si close to my third title now.

"It's been a really nice rally, nice weather. Well done to everybody."

Sun 10:55 BTCC - Knockhill: Jackson's not hanging about, three laps in and he's got the fastest lap in his pocket and a 2.7s lead over Priaulx.

Shedden's up to fourth, muscling past Tordoff who is now down in sixth.

Sun 10:57 BTCC - Knockhill: We have a safety car - Jackson's lead goes from 2.3s to nothing.

Also, on the second lap we lost Moffat, who was turned round by Goff's MG rather unceremoniously heading up to the chicane.

The safety car's straight back in. Jackson's lead is 1.1s.

Sun 10:57 WRC - Rally Germany:

Power stage times:
1 Latvala 9m07.4s (3 pts)
2 Meeke +1.2s (2 pts)
3 Sordo +1.7s (1 pt)
4 Tanak +3.5s
5 Kubica +3.5s
6 Ogier +3.6s

And the provisional rally result:
1 Ogier 3h35m49.5s
2 Latvala +23s
3 Mikkelsen +1m56.6s
4 Sordo +2m09.3s
5 Neuville +2m33.8s
6 Evans +2m52.1s

Sun 11:03 BTCC - Knockhill: Into the second half of the race and Jackson's lead is just half a second, with Priaulx and Collard in close attendnace.

Shedden and Austin are having a ding-dong for fourth.

Sun 11:06 BTCC - Knockhill: The leaders are nose-to-tail and two seconds back Shedden and Austin are nose-to-tail as well.

Then it's Neal and Tordoff, nose-to-tail. Very, very exciting finish in store. Seven laps left.

Sun 11:08 BTCC - Knockhill: Change for second - Priaulx is bumped wide by Jackson exiting the hairpin and Collard gets ahead of his team-mate.

Tordoff's back ahead of Neal.

Sun 11:10 BTCC - Knockhill: Great move from Tordoff! He passes Austin down the back straight and drives round the outside of Shedden for fourth.

Looks like the BMW's hard tyres are working much nicer than its rivals' softs.

Sun 11:12 BTCC - Knockhill: Last lap. Collard's got this one. Can Priaulx get second?

Sun 11:13 BTCC - Knockhill: Collard wins, Jackson just holds second from Priaulx with Tordoff quickly catching those battlers in fourth.

Shedden holds fifth, while Neal pips Austin on the final lap for sixth.

Looks like it'll be Jackson and Austin on the front row for race two.

Sun 11:27 WRC - Germany: Here's our end of rally report, with an excellent day for Volkswagen and Sebastien Ogier.

Ogier gives VW first Rally Germany win

Sebastien Ogier, VW, WRC Germany 2015

Switch over to our dedicated F1 Live service now, with the Belgian GP from Spa starting in just over 30 minutes. With the new starting rules, it's sure to be a cracker.

Get yourself back over to RCL for some 'tricky triangle' action at 1930 BST, IndyCar from Pocono.

Sun 18:08 IndyCar - Pocono: Not far away from the green flag for what promises to be an intriguing encounter at the 'Tricky Triangle'.

Juan Pablo Montoya has led the entire championship up until this point, but a couple of bad weekends (a mechanical failure at Iowa and a unluckily-timed yellow at Mid-Ohio) have allowed Graham Rahal to close to within just nine points.

To make the Colombian's job harder, he has qualified back in 19th, while Rahal will start from fifth. Scott Dixon, who is third in the points, will start from mid-pack.

On the other hand, Montoya's three team-mates are starting from grid positions 1, 2 and 3, so right from the green, Rahal is going to have three hostile Penskes to deal with.

All in, there are 10 drivers still in mathematical contention for the title, although today's race could well whittle that number down before the double-point finale at Sonoma.

Sun 18:26 United SportsCar - Virginia: It's an all-GT USC race at Virginia, and we're almost exactly halfway through the 2 hours 40 minute encounter.

Le Mans 24 Hours winner Nick Tandy led from pole position in his #911 Porsche 911 before handing over to co-driver Patrick Pilet at the first pitstops.

Pilet has opened up a 15-second lead over the Ferrari of Pierre Kaffer and Giancarlo Fisichella, with Lucas Luhr third in his BMW.

Nick Tandy, Patrick Pilet Porsche 911

Sun 18:31 IndyCar - Pocono: It's also worth noting that two of those Penske driverss that are starting up front - Helio Castroneves and Will Power - are still championship contenders themselves.

Championship battle aside, it's also going to be interesting to watch a few people trying to come through the pack: Charlie Kimball was fast in practice but crashed in qualifying, so will start in a spare car on the back row alongside Stefano Coletti (who crashed in practice and failed to make a qualifying run).

Both of the hometown heroes are also starting from deep on the grid: Marco Andretti is in P22; Sage Karam is sharing the 10th row with Montoya in P20. Also in that mix is oval specialist Ed Carpenter, whose awful 2015 season continued when he qualified 21st.

Sun 18:40 United SportsCar - Virginia: The BMW team is trying a bit of an alternative strategy with the #24 Z4.

Luhr pitted just 20 minutes in - that was 10 minutes before the competition - and stayed in the car.

He's since been in again and handed over to co-driver John Edwards. That's dropped the car from third to eighth and last in GTLM.

Sun 18:47 IndyCar - Pocono: The first start is quite rightly waved off - Castroneves took off at Turn 3.

Sun 18:49 IndyCar - Pocono: And the second start is waved off for the same reason. Not sure what Castroneves is trying to do here.

Sun 18:50 IndyCar - Pocono: Finally! And this time Castroneves is swamped at the start. Newgarden has jumped into the lead from fourth.

Sun 18:53 IndyCar - Pocono: It has been a conservative start from Rahal, who has dropped a couple of places to seventh and is currently trying not to be taken out by Carlos Munoz. Montoya has made some early progress and has climbed to 16th.

Sun 18:54 IndyCar - Pocono: The current order is Newgarden, Pagenaud, Castroneves, Wilson and Power.

Sun 18:56 IndyCar - Pocono: Looks like we might have our first DNF: Pippa Mann's Coyne car is crawling along with smoke coming out of its rear.

Sun 18:59 IndyCar - Pocono: Or maybe we spoke too soon - it sounds like she actually had a gearbox problem that may have resolved itself.

Sun 19:03 United SportsCar - Virginia: The rest of the GTLM cars have now made their second pitstops.

Tandy is back in the leading #911 Porsche, but the out-of-sequence BMW of Edwards has jumped up to second.

Tandy's Le Mans-winning team-mate Earl Bamber stayed in the #912 in that last stop and has just made a rather forceful move on the Fisichella Ferrari, which is now in the hands of Kaffer and been shoved down to fourth.

Sun 19:03 IndyCar - Pocono:Mann is back in the pits, where she is joined by Stefano Coletti, who is stationary in his box while the KV crew stand around with their hands on their hips looking at his car.

Montoya is still making progress, and is now in P15, just behind Karam. Up front, it's still Newgarden leading from Pagenaud.

Josef Newgarden, Pocono

Sun 19:08 IndyCar - Pocono: Rahal, meanwhile, is creeping backwards: he has fallen to ninth.

Newgarden is pitting from the lead; Pagenaud moves into P1.

Sun 19:09 IndyCar - Pocono: A bunch of other cars follow suit ... and we have a caution!

Sun 19:11 IndyCar - Pocono: Jack Hawksworth's left-rear wheel has fallen off, and that's not good news for the drivers that hadn't yet pitted: Pagenaud, Power, Castroneves, Karam and Montoya.

Sun 19:15 United SportsCar - Virginia: With more than two hours done and less than 40 minutes to go, we're into the final quarter of this race.

Edwards has brought the #24 BMW in for its third pitstop, increasing Tandy's margin to 26 seconds with his mate Bamber now making it a Porsche 1-2.

Behind the Ferrari and the #24 BMW is the other Z4 of Dirk Werner. It has shed its rear bumper and now has the two Corvettes for company.

Sun 19:16 IndyCar - Pocono: (It goes without saying that the missing wheel is also bad news for Hawskworth)

Sun 19:20 IndyCar - Pocono: And now we've lost Bourdais, whose rear snapped out and sent him up into the wall. That was weird.

Sun 19:22 IndyCar - Pocono: So the current order is Newgarden leading from Wilson, Munoz, Kanaan and Dixon. Rahal is in P8, Pagenaud in P11, Power in P13, and Montoya in P14.

Meanwhile, replays of Hawksworth's stop suggest that he was released before his left-rear guy had finished fitting the wheel.

Sun 19:26 IndyCar - Pocono: Word on the street is that it was an equipment failure during Hawksworth's stop, rather than human error. Still, they shouldn't have released him in the first place.

Sun 19:26 United SportsCar - Virginia: The GTD class also features in this race, and the category win had been a race-long scrap between the Ferrari of Townsend Bell and Bill Sweedler and the Audi of Christopher Haase and Dion von Moltke.

But reliable Audi driver Haase has just gone off into the grass and had to pit to have his radiator cleared, dropping him down the order.

Sun 19:26 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart

Sun 19:31 IndyCar - Pocono: Montoya is now right behind Rahal, who is running in seventh.

Sun 19:38 IndyCar - Pocono: That Montoya/Rahal battle didn't amount to anything, but there's been a bit of action up ahead of them: Kanaan has taken the lead.

Sun 19:43 IndyCar - Pocono: Kanaan and Newgarden pit from P1 and P2, leaving Ryan Hunter-Reay to take the lead ahead of team-mate Munoz and Wilson.

Sun 19:44 IndyCar - Pocono: The Andretti trio pit next time around, along with a cluster of others, including Rahal - who has a problem! The RLL team had a glitch with the fuel nozzle, and he was stationary for almost 30s.

Sun 19:46 IndyCar - Pocono: Pagenaud currently leads a Penske 1-2-3-4 .. and then pits. Castroneves inherits P1 ahead of Power.

Sun 19:48 IndyCar - Pocono: Castroneves, Sato and Vautier are the last to stop, and Pagenaud cycles back into the lead ahead of Hunter-Reay and Kanaan.

Sun 19:49 IndyCar - Pocono: So after all of that, Montoya is now running fourth, and Rahal's slow stop plunged him back to 20th.

Sun 19:53 United SportsCar - Virginia: Tandy crosses the line to take his and Pilet's third straight win in the GTLM class, and a dominant outright victory here.

Kaffer closed back up to Bamber on the very last lap but the Kiwi held on to claim second in a Porsche one-two.

Bell takes the GTD win in his Ferrari.

Sun 20:00 IndyCar - Pocono: Contact between Hawksworth and Kimball. Hawksworth was low, got loose, and then spun in front of Kimball, who punched into the side of him. The pair were waving angrily at each other before their cars had finished sliding.

That prompts a massive rush on the pits as soon as pitlane opens. There could be a chance here for Rahal to make up some lost ground.

Sun 20:01 IndyCar - Pocono: Will Power has spun in the pits!

Sun 20:02 IndyCar - Pocono: Power had to take a sharp angle out of the pits to avoid Dixon's crew directly ahead of him, and was caught out by the slippery concrete. He is rescued by the Penske crew and gets restarted without losing a lap.

Sun 20:07 IndyCar - Pocono: So after all that hilarity, Castroneves leads under caution from Pagenaud and Karam. Montoya is fifth, Dixon tenth, and Rahal 16th.

Sun 20:09 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart ... and Rahal has been taken out by Tristan Vautier!

Sun 20:09 IndyCar - Pocono: That was a big shunt. Rahal is out of his car and is marching over to Vautier's wreckage. The safety crew is trying to keep them apart.

Sun 20:10 IndyCar - Pocono: Rahal shouts at the Frenchman for a solid 30s, and the pair are led away.

Sun 20:12 IndyCar - Pocono: Rahal was side by side with Wilson in Turn 3; Vautier decided to stick his car in underneath and make it three-wide. That was never going to work. Rahal would have had no idea Vautier was there until he made contact with the Coyne car. That was a big impact, and could have a huge bearing on the championship.

Sun 20:15 IndyCar - Pocono: That was an all-Honda shunt, too. Wilson appears to have escaped without damage, and is currently showing in 15th.

Sun 20:20 IndyCar - Pocono: Graham Rahal: "Wilson and I were going thorugh Turn 2 and Justin lost momentum so I stuck in inside of him, so we ran down to Turn 3 together and Vautier decided to join the party at the last minute.

"He says I turned in on him but there’s no space [to do that]. He’s not the sharpest one around here and that’s fine. Disappointed; we’re down but not out.

"The shame of today is that when we were ahead of Montoya our car was better. They couldn’t keep up. Next thing you know we couldn’t fuel and fell back, and as they say, when you’re back with the squirrels, you’re bound to get your nuts cracked."

Sun 20:26 IndyCar - Pocono: Tristan Vautier:

"It’s a tough one. I thought I had a run, I was almost alongside. We were three wide and I don’t think Wilson knew that. I didn’t get any room and I thought I deserved to get some room. I feel bad; [Rahal] was a the championship contender and a Honda, so I am always going to look like the bad guy."

Sun 20:26 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart. Pagenaud leads from Karam and Kanaan.

Sun 20:26 IndyCar - Pocono: And Karam takes the lead!

Sun 20:33 IndyCar - Pocono: Contact between Carpenter and Jakes ... and then almost a pitlane shunt when Kanaan is released into the path of Montoya. JPM was lucky there.

Sun 20:36 IndyCar - Pocono: Chaves currently leads, but the BHA rookie is off-sequence. Behind him are Wilson and Power, who have about 10 laps more fuel, and then Karam ahead of Pagenaud as the leader of the 'conventional strategy' group.

Sun 20:38 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart, and Power soars around the outside and into the lead.

Sun 20:43 IndyCar - Pocono: Nobody really wants to lead at the moment - Castroneves spent a couple of laps up front, and has now relinquished the position back to Chaves. Castroneves is second ahead of Karam, Kanaan and Power.

Sun 20:52 IndyCar - Pocono: Kanaan has crashed out.

Sun 20:55 IndyCar - Pocono: Power intially won the race off pit road but then bogged down and was swamped. Kimball is the current leader, but he's off-sequence. Chaves and Pagenaud are just behind.

Sun 20:59 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart

Sun 21:00 IndyCar - Pocono: And another crash. This time it's Marco Andretti.

Sun 21:03 IndyCar - Pocono: He's out of the car but is limping. A replay shows that the rear snapped all by itself - something must have broken on the car, because it started to rotate before he reached the corner. It looked like a hard impact

Sun 21:13 IndyCar - Pocono: Andretti reports that he is fine aside from a bang to the outside of his right knee.

Sun 21:15 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart. In keeping with the flavour of the day its chaotic but somehow everybody keeps it clean.

Sun 21:16 IndyCar - Pocono: Hunter-Reay takes the lead from Pagenaud; Karam is third.

Sun 21:24 IndyCar - Pocono: There's a fox on the track. A FOX.

Sun 21:26 IndyCar - Pocono: Hunter-Reay leads the pack into the pits, and wins the race back out onto the track. Question is, will they have to stop once more?

Sun 21:29 IndyCar - Pocono: The fox is fine, by the way. Anyhow, here's the restart. The mid-pack is seven-wide!

Sun 21:29 IndyCar - Pocono: And Castroneves is in the wall.

Sun 21:32 IndyCar - Pocono: This is the tenth caution. The top three took off at that restart, but for some reason everybody behind them fanned out rather than charging forward. Castroneves just got too high and spun. He's fine, but that was quite literally the strangest restart I've ever seen.

A lot of cars are pitting again for a top-up, including Montoya and Power. With 32 laps to go, that little group won't have to worry about fuel saving from here on. Up front, an off-sequence Wilson leads from Hunter-Reay and Sato.

Sun 21:34 IndyCar - Pocono: I've already worked up a draft of the race report for

XXXX won. A lot of weird things happened. There was a fox.

I'll fill in the gap at the end. Job done.

Sun 21:37 IndyCar - Pocono: It sounds like a lot of the teams weren't aware that the race was going green at that last restart. We can confirm that the cars were seven-wide.

Sun 21:37 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart. This one's a bit more conventional.

Sun 21:39 IndyCar - Pocono: Sato's just taken the lead, with Newgarden and Karam behind him. Montoya passes Newgarden for fifth.

Sun 21:40 IndyCar - Pocono: Now Karam's in the lead, and Sato loses another place to Chaves. Montoya is up to fourth.

Sun 21:43 IndyCar - Pocono: Karam crashes out of the lead! That was a big, big impact, and Justin Wilson has been swept up in it as well.

Sun 21:46 IndyCar - Pocono: Both drivers require assistance, although Karam is now climbing out of his cockpit. He's in some discomfort, but he's walking unaided - albeit with a light limp. Safety crews are concentrating their efforts on Wilson's car.

Sun 21:53 IndyCar - Pocono: We're now hearing that Wilson is out of his car. Replays show that Karam's car broke loose and snapped up into the wall nose-first. Wilson was running high to avoid the Ganassi, and it looks like he struck Karam's airborne nosecone. He may have been knocked unconscious, because the Andretti car just veered straight down into the inside wall.

Sun 21:55 IndyCar - Pocono: Still under caution with 14 laps to go, and Chaves is the leader ahead of Sato and Montoya. There has been no update regarding Wilson's condition, although we're seeing the medical chopper being prepared for an airlift.

Sun 22:05 IndyCar - Pocono:

@IndyCar: Justin Wilson is being airlifted to Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest Hospital. No additional information is available at this time.

Sun 22:05 IndyCar - Pocono: Restart.

Sun 22:07 IndyCar - Pocono: Big move from Hunter-Reay to take the lead with five laps to go; Newgarden is second, Montoya is P3.

Sun 22:08 IndyCar - Pocono: Problems for Chaves - it looks like he's blown his engine.

Sun 22:12 IndyCar - Pocono: The race finishes under yellow, and Hunter-Reay secures the win ahead of Newgarden and Montoya, who has nicely restocked his points lead ahead of the Sonoma finale.

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